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Andronicus Entertainment Unveils Two Series Mixed Martial Arts Competition

Andronicus Entertainment Agency, Inc. (AEAI), is emerging as a promotions leader in the

entertainment industry.
Honolulu, Hawaii, June 25, 20! "" Andronicus Entertainment Agency, Inc. (AEAI), is emerging
as a promotions leader in the entertainment industry. AEAI is a multi-faceted, multi-media company
promoting athletic events, music concerts, comedy acts and special events. With over 30 years of
eperience in the mied martial arts and music industry, AEAI is proud to unveil their flagship
concept! "#E $I%E&" WA''I(' )**A +(*,A" +#A%%E&-E./ a t0o series *ied *artial
Arts competition. #onolulu, #a0aii 0as selected to host the first of t0o series at the &eal $.
,laisdell Arena.
"#E )$I%E&" WA''I('. **A +om1at +hallenge 0as created to sho0case the finest from
America2s *ilitary to the 0orld from an athletic point of vie0. AEAI intends to introduce the talent
and capa1ilities of our soldiers in the octagon. "hese soldiers train meticulously for )live or die.
missions in their line of 0or3 on a daily 1asis. "hey eemplify tremendous heart and courage and
0e are proud to translate those attri1utes in this 3 event series for the 0orld to 0itness.
"he first event in $E'IE$ I, 0ill 1e held on $eptem1er 45, 5046. AEAI pits the &avy $eals against
the Army2s $pecial 7orces to 1e 1attled live on 8A9-8E'-:IEW and ;-$"'EA* to over 4<0
million households. (n (cto1er 44, 5046, the second installment 0ill match the *arines 7orce
'econ 0ith the Air 7orce 8ararescuers live on 8A9-8E'-:IEW and ;-$"'EA*. (n &ovem1er
55, 5046, closing out the final event for $E'IE$ I, the 0inners from the previous t0o events 0ill
compete in the )$I%E&" WA''I('. $#(W=(W&.
Eight 0inners from the sho0do0n 0ill move on to $E'IE$ II as "EA* ;.$.A. In $E'IE$ II,
"EA* ;.$.A. 0ill compete against the 0orld 0ith such opponents as the ,ritish $A$, Australian
+ommandos and every country that is 0illing to compete 0ith our 0arriors. We intend to 1uild
momentum for our World 7inale, a 3 day event live on 8A9-8E'-:IEW 1eginning >une 504? for
the Andronicus +up.
(n >uly 5<, 5046 at the ,laisdell +oncert #all, +omedian 'alphie *ay 3ic3s off our inaugural
event 0ith a performance and introduction of the first athletes to compete in the $ilent Warrior
)**A +om1at +hallenge..
7or more information on this event, or to schedule an intervie0, please contact the promoter 'o1ert
,eene2 at @0@-A34-04A@ or email scriptoffourByahoo.com
+ody ,eene
Andronicus Entertainment A$enc%, &nc
30C & 3rd $treet
Atchison, Dansas <<005

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