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North Twin Cities Edition June, 2014

Ron Schara and Raven
Straw Bale Gardening
Fathers Day
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Losing my Glabs - pg. 13
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Elk River Golf
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There are the simple pleasures of life, like fresh cut grass
and a ball, sitting under the shade tree in the back yard.
Sometimes is just fun to watch the neighbor kids play,
sometimes its fun to watch the chipmunk do his tree
thing. These things can be enjoyed by dog and man.
But for us humans, its time for Spring/Summer cleaning. And I specifcally want to
discuss my purse. And for you guys, think about cleaning out that wallet also.
In my youth, I would leave the house with $20 in my pocket and be good to go - gas
up the car and still have enough money to enjoy a beer at the local pub with friends.
But Im older and now I need to pack the purse. Got the credit card? Got the
almighty cell phone? Got tissues for my allergies? Got the Kindle just in case I might
want to read? Got snacks just in case my blood sugar gets low? Got water? Geez, I
need to pack a bag just to go to the grocery store. I might need any of these items at
a moments notice.
I thought about that today while watching the
dog take all his favorite and necessary items
from the house into the yard just in case he
may need them.
Who knows, there could be an impromptu
game of tug-on-the-sock. Someone might
accidentally throw a Frisbee, and the chewy
Christmas present he received needs to be close just in case he feels the urge to
chew, or toss.
So, maybe I shouldnt clean out my purse. Maybe I should
just enjoy the sunshine and fresh cut grass.
And if anyone comments on how big and full your purse is,
just stick your tongue out at them...just like our dog did to me
when I asked him about why he carried so much stuff with him,
as he enjoyed the grass and sunshine.
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Fathers Day
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I usually think of
Grandparents praying for
the child or the
Grandchilds spiritual
welfare, but this day
was different.
It was a warm, sunny day when fve-
and-a-half year old Nathan came bound-
ing up the sidewalk.
As usual, he was loaded with energy,
enthusiasm and love, and his big smile
greeted me when I opened the door.
He brought his stuffed animal and other
treasures into the house and then joined
Grandpa Wally out in the yard. But, soon
he was back in the kitchen to announce,
Grandma, Im SO hungry.
When we sat down at the table to one
of his favorite menus, my husband said,
Nathan, would you like to pray?
Sure, came his quick reply. And then he
added, Lets hold hands. So we did.
Dear Lord, he began, Thank you that
we love one another. Thank you that
I can come Grandma and Grandpas
house. Please help Grandpa Wally
and Grandma Donna to love the Lord
our God with all their hearts, and all
their soul, their mind and with all their
strength. And love their neighbor as
their self.
Next, his thinking jumped to our Pastor
Gary, for whom he simply asked the
Lord to give wisdom, strength and
power. And then he abruptly ended with
He never did get around to
praying about the food. But,
the macaroni and cheese
tasted better than ever
because of Nathans prayer.
I am thankful that
my Grandson is
Scripture and that
his parents discuss
the meaning of
this with him.
I realize that one cannot be sure how
much understanding any fve year
old connects with his words in such a
prayer, but even a simple understand-
ing, combined with his heartfelt concern,
must please The Heavenly Father.
Yes, I usually think of a Grandparent
praying for the Grandchilds welfare, but
this day was different.
And we will never forget about Nathans
Article proudly submitted by Grandmother
Donna Medin of Anoka.
Live Frogs and Other Amphibians
June 7th from 11 AM to 12 PM
Wild River State Park
Get an up-close look at Minnesotas
native frogs, toads, and salamanders
with a local amphibian enthusiast.
Hell share stories of
their unique charac-
teristics, fun facts, and
guarantee a fun-flled
time for all ages with
this literally hopping
hour of excitement!
Meet at the Visitor Center. A Minnesota
State park vehicle permit is required
which can be purchased at the park en-
trance offce for $5/day. More Informa-
tion: Call (651) 583-2125.
Kayaking for Women
June 11 from 5 PM to 8 PM
Coon Rapids Dam, Mississippi River
This is an introductory course on
fat water kayaking. Start out with
instruction and then spend the rest
of the evening kayaking and explor-
ing this gem of lakes and river in the
northern metro area.
Limit to 12 participants. Cost: $25
plus tax.
Register by calling Anoka County
Parks at 651-429-8007 or go online
at www.anokacountyparks.com
Geology on the Rocks: Volcanic
Rock and Minerals
June 14, 10 AM to 11 AM
Interstate State Park
Intrigued by geology? Walk through
the park with a geology expert.
Join UW-River Falls Professor Bill
Cordua for an explorative walk
through the parks lava fows.
Learn to recognize local rocks and
minerals and learn what they tell us
about the parks fascinating geologi-
cal history.
The walk is less than one mile in
length, but will have some rough,
rocky terrain and stairs. Wear sturdy
shoes and bring a sense of adven-
ture. Meet at the Visitor Center.
Call 651-465-5711 x 225 to make a
reservation or to learn more about
specifc topics.
With summer fnally arriving, the
Minnesota Department of Natural
Resources has daily activities. Bring
a friend, the kids, the Grandkids.
Check out their website for a full
agenda. www.dnr.state.mn.us
Barbra Walters is known
for her interviews and
the question If you were
a tree, what type of tree
would you be?
Im nowhere close to the talent of
Barbra when it comes to interviews, so I
had to design my own method.
And since this months interview (which
I only do a few times a year) was with a
local, loved celebrity, Ron Schara, I had
to ask a similar type of question...
...Ron, what is your
philosophy of fshing?
In his typical story-telling, calming voice
he responded;
Its an eternal pursuit. No matter when
you start the frst day of joy, theres a
mystery involved. You never will have all
the answers. Its a curse and a blessing
because you cannot fsh memories.
Its rare to go back to a spot from last
year or last week and fnd the same -
things change.
A few weeks ago I had one of my best
walleye openers in years, then last
week on a different lake - nothing. Im
saying to myself REALLY?!
I asked Ron about his thoughts when
ABOUT Ron Schara...fsh, family & fun!
622 East Main Street, Anoka
Family Owned & Operated
Drug-free solution for insomnia Menopause
hot fashes and chemotherapy night sweats solution.
90 day money back guarantee.
90% of couples sleep best
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www.SeasonsAndGenerations.com (612) 804-3160 Minneapolis, MN 7 6 www.SeasonsAndGenerations.com (612) 804-3160 Minneapolis, MN
he frst became a Grandfather, which is
now ten years ago since his Grandson
Jake was born. I wasnt expecting his wit
and almost spit coffee out of my nose
with his response...
At frst I though Im not sure if I want to
sleep with a Grandmother.
Ron has two daughters and I suspect
there will be more Grandchildren over
time. He told me...
I was present when he caught his frst
fsh. I never realized how rewarding it
would be, to be a Grandfather.
I hope to live long enough to see him
with a family of his own.
The younger generation keeps us
younger and reminds us to refect
Now I know what all those other people
(grandparents) were talking about.
He also shared that many people have
asked him about having daughters, not
boys. He wisely responded, Ive always
told my girls they can do anything a boy
can do and the fsh doesnt know if its
a boy or a girl on the other end of the
fshing pole.
Ron basically learned story-telling, and
much of his sense of humor from his
Grandfather, Clate Dickens.
Ron feels blessed by having known both
his Grandfather and Grandmother, and
the way they used to tease each other.
As a child, when they came for a visit,
Grandpa would say something like
Dont bring that watermelon out until
they leave. And Grandma would re-
spond with Go fy a kite.
Story telling is a skill Ron learned as a
boy sitting on the lap of his Grandfather.
But, the family would not be complete
without discussing the Black Lab named
Raven - his companion. You can tell
how much she loves and respects Ron
whenever you watch them on the TV
show Minnesota Bound.
Actually, this is his third Raven. He
chose to continue the name because
Black Labs are bird dogs and the Raven
is black, and is also one of the smartest
birds...hence the name. The current
Raven is now seven years young.
After all of us Minnesotans survived
such a harsh winter, I asked Ron about
his thoughts on making the most of this
summer. He had some good advice.
Remember that we have a limited
amount of time, in life, and with summer.
If you procrastinate, itll be gone.
I generally dont let the weather forecast
change my plans. I just plan to enjoy.
When I frst called to schedule this inter-
view, Rons assistant, Kelly told me he
was up North and he doesnt get cell
phone reception up there.
I choose to believe that when hes up
North, he turns the darn cell phone off,
or maybe just throws it in the lake so he
can truly enjoy the lake and its bounty.
After all, why head to the lake, the
woods or just have a visit with family
and friends if youre on your computer or
cell phone.
Enjoy the people youre with. Remem-
ber to embrace the generations of the
family, and of course, pet that dog.
You can watch Ron and Raven
Sunday nights at 10:35 and
Saturdays at 6:30 PM on KARE 11.
My niece is
getting married this
month. Im happy for
Kara and her soon-to-be
husband, Nick.
In recognition of the big day, heres a
partial reprtint of an article by Charles
Marshall about marriage.
Getting married is like getting a free
memory upgrade. As a man, your
hard drive was flled up long ago with
important stuff like sports scores and
movie trivia, but women have tons of
extra storage capacity that is yours for
the asking.
As a married man, you may feel free
to store stuff on her hard drive that you
think you might need later, but dont re-
member yourself. Wow, this is a great
hamburger. Remind me to order this the
next time were here.
This is a tremendous resource that you
will learn to thoroughly exploit. You will
fnd yourself frequently asking her such
questions as, Honey, whats the name
of that song that I like? or Whatre the
names of those people that were friends
with? or Whats my middle name?
Wives are also frightfully good at
remembering superfuous information
like the names of your children and the
dates of their births.
All you will need to do is show up for
your kids birthday party and act like you
know whats in the present hes opening.
When you get married, you will develop
non-communication skills. God made
women so they use about three times
the number of words as a man daily.

How is a guy supposed to interact with
such a creature? In short, youre not.
Even attempting such a thing could
almost instantaneously institutional-
ize you, or worse, turn you into a girl.
Instead, you must develop the skill of
tuning out your wife by converting the
sound of her voice into white noise that
you can easily ignore.

There is no way to instruct a young
groom-to-be in this valuable art, but
dont worry, it will just happen. Its a
wondrous, mystical thing like falling in
love, discovering a new kind of power
tool, or getting a bite on your hook.
You must relax and let it come to you.
Rest assured, though, that one day you
will be able to ignore your wife with the
best of us.
All kidding aside, Charles
is a happily married man.
Im happy for my niece.
And all of us are fans
of the bond of marriage.
Give yourself a break. Let
your loved one become part of our
family for a day, a week or more.
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Yo-Yo Day June 6th
Yo-Yo day is here...hooray! Not that you
need an excuse to play with your Yo-Yo.
Wherever you are today, get out your
Yo-Yo and impress your friends, family,
and co-workers with your Yo-Yo skills.
If you dont think
its appropriate,
remember that
three U.S. presidents
(Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon) showed
off their Yo-Yo expertise while in offce!
Over the centuries the Yo-Yo has had
its ups and downs (tee,hee).
The Yo-Yo was made wildly popular
in America by businessman Donald
Duncan He manufactured the Duncan
Yo-Yo in the early 1900s.
Celebrate the Yo-Yo today by walking
the dog or shooting the moon, the
most popular Yo-Yo tricks.
Donald Duck Day June 9th
Happy Birthday,
Donald. We hope
that Daisy Duck
bakes you your
favorite cake!
Donald frst appeared in The Wise
Hen on June 9, 1934. While Donald
is now 80 years old, he doesnt act
a day over 20. Donald is one of
Disneys most famous and popular
Did you know. Donald F. Ducks
middle name is Fauntleroy.
Fathers Day June 15th
Enjoy special dad tributes through-
out this edition.
Summer Begins June 21st
Beauticians Day June 26th
Beauticians Day is your chance
to show your appreciation to
those who make you look
Beauticians include your hair
stylist, as well as manicurists.
Their talents and training trans-
forms the everyday you into the
beautiful woman you always
knew was inside of you.
They make you glow, and feel
better about yourself. The guys
appreciate your beautician, too.
Proof positive is when they turn
to watch as you go by.
The CRASH of 2014
I agree its no comparison to the stock
market crash of 1929.
But it was MY computer that crashed.
Heres a good analogy. Unemployment
in Minnesota is lower than the national
average at 4-6%. However, if YOU or
your spouse is unemployed, the unem-
ployment rate in your world is 50-100%.
So, back to my computer, and my world
that came crashing down earlier this
Computers arent like cars
that are kind enough to
give you warning signs.
You know what Im saying. If your
brakes are getting a little worn, theyll
start making noise, eventually nagging
you at every stop sign. Time to get em
fxed. And you responsibly schedule an
appointment to do so and then every-
thing in your world is fne again.
Computers however, hum along just fne
until that bolt of karmic lightening strikes,
and it usually happens on the day you
need it most.
Wake up, turn the computer on.
Response. No.
Try again after checking electrical cords,
and Internet connection.
Response. No.
Try again after saying a prayer and
jiggeling all electrical cords.
Response. No.
Start tearing up and hoping for the best
because youve lived an ethical life.
Response. No.
If I had long hair, this would have been
what I looked like earlier this month.
Eventually I had to admit defeat.
I pull out the credit card to buy a new
computer. Pull out the checkbook to pay
the technical guy to install the new com-
puter. Pull out any pride left in learning
the new software from some teenager.
But, you know what? Im no longer
pulling out my hair. Im embracing the
new technology and the new software
and the continued publication of this
Our forefathers survived the Great
Depression and stock market crash -
I should be strong enough to survive a
computer crash. ---Laure, S&G
Bacon has been Rogers nickname since elementary school. He learned to cook and bake
at an early age from his mom, Eleanor who made the best pies in Morrison County.

Roger aka Bacon
Is it really true, summer is here? If it really is here now is the time to make more frequent use of our
barbecue grills. One of the tastiest and inexpensive meals that can be made on the grill is chicken.
Chicken with barbecue sauce is probably the most common method, but for a very good variation
that incorporates a taste of Asia an excellent change is Teriyaki Chicken with Pineapple.
I believe a good argument can be made for which tastes better the chicken or the pineapple.
Happy Fathers Day to all the dads. Enjoy.
A different way to GARDEN
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In 1493 Christopher Columbus
found pineapples on Guadeloupe
Island in the Caribbean.
American colonists regarded pine-
apples as a luxurious treat because
of their rarity and cost.
A pineapple is the result of many
fowers whose fruitlets have joined
around the core.
Pineapples contain bromelain, an
enzyme that may help arthritis pain
by easing infammation. They are
also a good source of vitamin C,
which helps your immune system.
Historically, Hawaii was the worlds
largest pineapple producer and
source for U.S. pineapples.
When purchasing, pass over
bruised pineapples. Fruit from
Hawaii or Central America tends to
be freshest.
To make your pineapple softer and
juicier, keep it at room temperature
for 1 or 2 days before cutting.
One cup of pineapple has only
70 to 85 calories.
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken with Pineapple
2 chicken breasts
1 pineapple cored and sliced into
serving sized pieces
1/2 cup of Soy sauce (low sodium)
2 tablespoons of cooking oil
1 tablespoon of honey
1 tablespoon of molasses
2 teaspoons of dry mustard
1 teaspoon of ground ginger
1 clove of garlic crushed
1/4 cup of water
Combine all of the ingredients in a medium bowl. Reserve 1/3 cup of liquids for basting chicken and pineapple.
Marinate the chicken breasts in 2/3 cup of the prepared sauce for 1-3 hours. Place chicken over medium hot coals.
Grill for approximately 6-8 minutes per side.
Place pineapple slices on grill. Baste with the reserved marinating sauce. Grill until heated thoroughly, basting often.
A salad or steamed rice is an excellent side dish.
You can put together
a straw bale garden on
your lawn, your driveway
or anywhere that gets
at least six to
eight hours of sun.
The bales heat up much quicker than
soil, stimulating root growth.
Purchase straw bales from your local
garden center, or direct from the farm.
Before you set up your bales, lay down
landscape fabric to prevent weeds from
growing up through the bales.
Arrange the bales side by side in rows,
with their cut sides up. The strings that
bind the bales should run across the
sides, not across the planting surface.
The strings will help keep the shape
of the bales as they start to soften and
Two weeks before you plant, you have
to get the bales cooking. This means
wetting and fertilizing the bales for
roughly 10 days to start composting the
inner straw.
For the frst six days, put down 3 cups
of organic fertilizer per bale every other
day, and water the bales to push the
fertilizer down and thoroughly saturate
the straw. On the off days,
simply water the bales.
Days 7 through 9, lay
down 1.5 cups of organic
fertilizer each day and
water. Day 10 put down 3
cups with phosphorus and
potassium (bone or fsh meal mixed with
50% wood ash works like a charm).
If you stick your fnger into your bales,
theyll be hot and moist. Youll start to
see some peppering black soil-like
clumps that signal the beginning of the
composting that will continue through
the growing season. If mushrooms
sprout up, rejoice they wont harm
your plants; it means the straw is de-
composing as it should.
If youre planting seedlings, use your
trowel to separate the straw in the shape
of a hole and add some sterile planting
mix to help cover the exposed roots.
If youre planting seeds, cover the bales
with a two-inch layer of planting mix and
sew into the seedbed.
As the seeds germinate, theyll grow
roots down into the bale.
While youre at it, plant some annual
fowers into the sides of the bales, or
some herbs its otherwise underuti-
lized growing space, and will make the
garden a whole lot lovelier.
If you lay a soaker hose over your bales,
youve pretty much eliminated all your
work until harvest. Thats because your
soil doesnt contain weed seeds.
If your bales start to sprout what looks
like grass, you can beat back the Chia
pet effect by washing the sprouts with
diluted vinegar.
If you dont mind the look, the grass
shouldnt harm your plants, and will
likely die off from the heat produced by
the bales decomposition.
If you have arthritis, or a touchy back or
bad knees, this type of gardening will
be much easier for you to weed and
At S&G were already looking forward to
the early enjoyment of our cold weather
vegetables of radish and lettuce. There
will also be rhubard crisp pie in the
house soon.
SNICKERS - this months theme _________
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household and we offer many affordable
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youre converting your existing tub to a
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Losing my GLUBS DADS
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Dont tell your mother
we did this.
Dont say that word again and dont tell
your mother where you heard it.
Lately all my friends
are worried that theyre turning
into their fathers.
Im worried that Im not.
Dan Zevin
As overheard during
a father-son talk.
Your mother and I foud out
youve been blogging and texting.
We dont know what that means,
but wed like you to stop.
Baseball player Jimmy Piersall, as
quoted on how to diaper a baby, in 1968.
Spread the diaper in the position of the diamond
with you at bat. Then, fold second base down to
home and set the baby on the pitchers mound. Put
frst base and third together, bring up home plate and
pin the three together.
Of course, in case of rain, you gotta call the game
and start all over again.
I stood by my fathers bedside as he
took his last breath. He died at the age
of 95 with no regrets about the way he
carried out his role as a Father, Grand-
father and Great Grandfather.
Afterwards, while flling out hospital
forms, I hesitated at the question about
his occupation, and left it blank.
As a child I remember his going off
to work but I never knew what this
work was. I have since learned that he
worked as a caretaker, painter, farmer
and factory worker. During the 1930s
he drove a bullock team.
We lived a simple life and I dont recall
ever having any more than we needed.
I also remember that we never wanted
any more than we had.
I should not have left the space blank
on the form next to the heading
Occupation. There is a word that well
describes his job, that word is Father.
--Roland Foster
Its now offcially summertime and I
know this because Im feeling the
primordial tug to lose weight.
Its not that Im trying to
be more attractive,
because Im already
married and therefore
dont really have to look
good anymore.
Since I initially received this revelation,
Ive embarked upon a year-long pursuit
of slovenly behavior and physical
neglect that has led me to the point
at which I now amthat of not being
able to button up my pants. Thus, I am
implementing the following weight-loss

1. Cutting out every food that makes life
interesting, and

2. Doing something called exercise,
which Ive come to learn is a fancy way
of saying manual labor.

Why is it that a guy will pay good money
to have someone to do his yard work for
him and then turn around and fork over
more cash for a health club member-

Want a workout program? Heres an
idea. Join Charles Fitness Club! I have
advanced exercise machines that you
can push around my yard while beneft-
ing from a thorough aerobic workout.
Dont worry about buying any expensive
workout togs either. Just wear some
old worn-out clothes like the kind youd
wear, say, to do yard work.

How much weight am I trying to lose?
About one glub. The word glub is
derived from the Latin word glubus
which, when translated, literally means
disgusting roll of fat.
It is that portion of your
belly that you grab when
you look in the mirror and
say, Sheesh, I need to
lose weight.
If you need both hands to grab it, thats
what you call two glubs. If you have your
wife come in and grab the third glub,
thats what you call a strange relation-
ship that is in need of counseling.
Forget about pounds and inches. What
we all want to lose is our glubs.
Why not just say it?

Sometimes people scoff when I tell them
Im trying to lose weight because they
think Im too skinny to have to worry
about it.
They believe this because I dont adver-
tise my glubs. Glubs should never, and
I mean never, be seen. They should be
locked away like The Idiots Guide to
Nuclear Bomb Construction.

So how are my glub-reducing efforts go-
ing? Thus far, my attempts have been
typical, by which I mean Ive gained
about fve or six pounds, or one-half

Which reminds meI am now accepting
applications for my ftness club. Ill have
your exercise equipment standing by.
Charles Marshall is a
nationally known
comedian and author.
Please visit his
you can also purchase
his books on Amazon.com
NOT actual photo of Charles
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QUILTING with Hattie
www.SeasonsAndGenerations.com (612) 804-3160 Minneapolis, MN 15 14 www.SeasonsAndGenerations.com (612) 804-3160 Minneapolis, MN
If I could have a day
with a quilter it would be
with my Grandma Hattie.
She passed away at the age of 90,
leaving six hand-pieced quilt tops for my
siblings and me.

As a little girl, I remember seeing my
grandmothers quilts when I visited her
and Grandpa. She showed me how to
use her treadle sewing machine.
Regretfully, I never asked about her
colorful quilts.
If I were to have a day to quilt with her,
I would ask, Why do you quilt, Grand-
ma? She might say, I make quilts so
each of my
children will
be warm at
I quilt for
the sheer
joy of it.
As we sit, we would make templates
for each triangle, rectangle and square
described in patterns found in the news-
Then we would trace the templates onto
the chosen material. Together we would
carefully cut each piece along the traced
lines with scissors.
Next, I would watch Grandmas strong
hands sew each piece to another, blend-
ing the fabrics into magical works of art.

Today I use an electric sewing machine.

Once her blocks were sewn together,
Grandma and I would take time to enjoy
a light meal, topped off with a glass of
milk and, fresh from the oven, chocolate
chip cookies.

Later, using her Brownie camera, I
would photograph Grandma Hattie hold-
ing her quilt top. And you know what It
could be the one I would receive many
years later.
Article submitted by Shirley J.
Christenson of Anoka, MN who is
currently 76 years young.
Grandparents in 1954
As Minnesotans, we
know the June Bug.
Those creepy,
yard light-bombing
beetles that
make assaults on screens,
front steps and to the
distracted, our face and
even worse, hair. Ugh.
A variety of June Bugs are found all over
North America. They hide in trees during
the day. As adult beetles, they swarm in
great numbers in early summer, usually
at dark and are strongly attracted to
The June bug is classifed as a scarab
beetle, a family that includes more than
one hundred species ranging in size
from a half-inch to fve-eighths of an inch
The June bug has three life stages
when developing: grub, pupa, and
adult beetle.
Despite their name, June bugs initiate
their egg-laying process as early as
April. Females burrow two to fve inches
into the soil to lay their eggs. Within
three to four weeks the eggs will hatch
into grubs that feature brown heads and
creamy white bodies. The grubs are
C-shaped larvae.
Grubs will remain in the soil through-
out springtime, and they can cause
signifcant damage to a yard or garden
because these grubs feed on the roots
of plants, shrubs, and grass, causing the
grass to turn yellow and die. Severely
damaged grass will appear to look like
rolled-up carpet. Seek the advice of a
lawn specialist if these irregular charac-
teristics appear in your lawn.
Adults are normally less than one inch in
length, dark
brown to
in color, they have a hard casing, six
legs and wings.
Their total lifespan is
long-lived for a bug
...up to four years.
since Minnesota
summers are so
its best to
just maintain a good
sense of humor about
them and stay away
from the light.
SUMMER thoughts
Summer afternoonsummer afternoon;
to me those have always been the two
most beautiful words in the English
language. Henry James
What good is the warmth of summer,
without the cold of winter to give it
sweetness. John Steinbeck
Us Minnesotans know the 4 seasons...
winter, still winter, not winter, and almost
winter. Soooo, lets enjoy our brief sum-
mer and road construction.
IN THE SUMMER - hair gets lighter, skin
gets darker, music gets louder, nights
get longer, life gets better.
was written by
George Gershwine
Famously sung by Ella Fitzgerald
Summertime and the livin is easy
Fish are jumpin
and the cotton is high
Your daddys rich
and your ma is good lookin
So hush, little baby,
dont you cry
I almost wish we were butterfies and
livd but three summer days - three
such days with you I could fll with more
delight than ffty common years could
ever contain.
John Keats, Bright Star:
Love Letters and Poems of
John Keats to Fanny Brawne
Bees do have a smell, you know,
and if they dont
they should,
for their feet are dusted with spices
from a million fowers.
Ray Bradbury,
Dandelion Wine
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This months theme: Flowers
16 www.SeasonsAndGenerations.com (612) 804-3160 Minneapolis, MN
Everyone knows about birthstones: the special stone assigned
to each month. Each of them has a meaning behind it. Every
month also has birth fowers.
Junes birth fower is the rose, which has more meanings than
one can count! A pink rose means perfect happiness,
while a red rose means I love you. A white rose
signifes innocence and purity.
A bouquet of roses means sincere gratitude, whereas
a single rose amplifes the meaning of the color (a single red
rose means I really love you). The other June fower is honey-
suckle, which is a symbol for the everlasting bonds of love.
As Minnesotans we also cherish the tree (or bush) of the Lilac.
To me, it means that Summer has truly arrived, along with the
bees, the bugs and the mosquitoes.
But Im not going to dwell on our bugs. Im just
happy there isnt snow on the ground.
The famous inspirational reminder has been to
Stop to smell the roses, but I think we
should embrace the phrase of Stop to
smell the Lilacs.
They are only with us for a short time, and
I hope youll cut a few for your kitchen table, maybe even
arrange them in a Mason canning jar.

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