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S GD-T .

THI TH I HC NM 2013-2014
Mn thi: TING ANH S 179
Thi gian lm bi: 90 pht
Chn phng n (A hoc B, C, D) cho ng vi t c trng m chnh nhn vo m tit
c v tr khc vi ba t cn li trong mi cu:
1. A. adverb B. advent C. addict D. adventure
2. A. accept B. accent C. accord D. Account
3. A. accuracy B. Canada C. banana D. countryside
4. A. contaminate B. continent C. conquer D. Comfortable
5. A. Civilian B. Citizen C. circular D. citadel
Chn phng n ng (A hoc B, C, D) hon thnh mi cu sau:
6. Im sorry, but I just cant____ your behaviour any longer.
A. go along with B. get on with C. keep up with
D. put up with
7. It is doubtful whether newspapers____ governments to any great degree.
A. draw B. influence C. catch
D. attract
8. Many companies____ to take part in illegal logging.
A. denied B. rejected C. protested D. refused
9. The music____ the composers joy of life.
A. arouses B. appeals C. expresses D. attracts
10. The Grand Canyon is the product of centuries of____
A. erosion B. decay C. crumbling D.
11. The Keep Environment Clean campaign raised far more than the____.
A. target B. object C. goal D. aim.
12. The space shuttle can travel at seven miles____ second.
A. every B. a C. for a D.
13. She lives near me and I often speak to her on my____ to work.
A. route B. road C. street D. way
14. The other day I came____ a really beautiful old house in the back streets of London.
A. over B. down C. by D. across
15. I could tell he was pleased____ the expression on his face.
A. by B. in C. at D. for
16. By the 1300s, the Spanish had learnt that gunpowder could____ propel an object with
incredible force.
A. using it to B. used to C. be used to D. been
used to
17. Tennessee has about 140 newspapers,____ 25 are issued daily.
A. of which about B. which is about C. about which D.
which are about
18. When consumers cannot have everything that they want, they have to choose____ most.
A. they want what B. what they want C. they want it D. that
they want
19. Rodney____ for the company for very long before he was promoted.
A. hadnt been working B. hasnt been working C. didnt used to
work D. didnt work.
20. Do you think Harry will want something to eat after he gets here?
I hope not. Itll probably be after midnight, and we____.
A. be sleeping B. are sleeping C. will be sleeping D.
have been sleeping
21. Mr. Lee was upset by____ him the truth.
A. us not tell B. we didnt tell C. not to tell D.
our not having told.
22. ____ for the fact that he was working abroad, he would have helped win the project.
A. Had it been B. Hadnt it been C. If it hadnt been D. If it had
23. Could you please turn off the stove? The potatoes____ for at least thirty minutes.
A. are boiling B. were boiling C. boiling D.
have been boiling
24. I didnt see anyone but I felt as though I____.
A. am watched B. have been watched C. was being
watched D. be watched
25. Lets leave early, so well be ahead of the rush of commuters. We cant risk____ in heavy
traffic during rush hour.
A. to hold up B. holding up C. having held up D. being
held up
c k on vn sau v chn phng n ng (A hoc B, C, D) cho mi ch trng t
cu 26 n cu 35
Nowadays people are more aware that wildlife all over the world is in (26)___ many
species of animals are threatened, and could easily become (27)___ if we do not make an
effort to (28)___ them. There are many reasons for this. In some cases, animals are (29)___
for their fur or for other valuable parts of their bodies. Some birds, such as parrots, are
caught (30)___, and sold as pets. For many animals and birds, the problem is that their
habitat- the place where they live- is (31)___. More (32)___ is used for farms, for houses
and industry , and there are fewer open spaces than there once were. Farmers use powerful
chemicals to help them grow better (33)___, but these chemicals pollute the environment
and (34)___ wildlife. The most successful animals on earth- human beings- will soon be the
only ones (35)___, unless we can solve this problem.
26. A. problem B. vanishing C. threat D. danger
27. A. empty B. disappeared C. extinct D.
28. A. serve B. protect C. defend D. harm
29. A. game B. extinct C. chased D. hunted
30. A. alive B. for living C. lively D. for life
31. A. departing B. exhausting C. disappearing D.
32. A. land B. area C. soil D. earth
33. A. products B. fields C. crops
D. herbs
34. A. wound B. wrong C. harm D. spoil
35. A. staying B. survived C. over D. left
c k on vn sau v chn phng n ng (A hoc B, C, D) cho mi ch trng t
cu 36 n cu 45
Most people feel that when they dream, they are (36)___ off to another world. On the
(37)___, dreams are often connected to our daily lives. When our whole (38)___ is filled
with something, when we are either very upset (39)___ when we are in good spirit, a dream
will represent this reality in symbols. It is often (40)___ that we benefit from dreams because
they help the spirit to heal itself, when things (41)___ wrong. Dreams are therefore a kind of
escape, almost a holiday from (42)___ life, with its fears and responsibilities. It is, however, a
strange kind of holiday because whether we have a wonderful time or whether it turns
(43)___ to be a nightmare, we quickly forget it. Most dreams disappear forever, (44)___ you
are one of those people disciplined enough to write them down as soon as you (45)___.
36. A. taken B. guided C. brought D. carried
37. A. contrast B. contrary C. other side D.
38. A. spirit B. mind C. brain
D. soul
39. A. unless B. but also C. or else D. or
40. A. said B. spoken C. declared D. started
41. A. become B. go C. turn D. get
42. A. real B. factual C. genuine D. actual
43. A. off B. up C. out D. down
44. A. except that B. therefore C. thus D. unless
45. A. wake up B. arise C. awake
D. rise up
c k on vn sau v chn phng n ng (A hoc B, C, D) cho mi cu t 46
n 50
Chess must be one of the oldest games in the world. An Arab traveler in India in the
year 900 wrote that it was played long , long ago. Chess was probably invented in India,
and it has been played everywhere from Japan to Europe since 1400. The name chess is
interesting. When one player is attacking the others king, he says in English, check. When
the king has been caught and cannot move anywhere, he says check mate. These words
come from Persian. shah mat means the king is dead. That is the game is over, and one
player has won.
Such an old game changes very slowly. The rules have not always been the same as
they are now. For example, at one time the queen could only move one square at a time.
Now she is the strongest piece on the board. It would be interesting to know why this has
happened! Chess takes time and thought, but it is a game for all kinds of people. You dont
have to be champion in order to enjoy it. it is not always played by two people sitting at the
same table.The first time of the Americans beat the Russians was in a match played by
radio. Some of the chess masters are able to play many people at the same time. The
record was when one man played 400 games! It is said that some people play chess by
post. This must make chess the slowest game in the world.
46. Which of the following is known to be true?
A. Chess was played in India long before 900. B. Chess is an old Indian
traveling 900
C. Chess is the oldest game in the world. D. Chess was played in Japan and
Europe before 400
47. One player has won the game when___.
A. he says check to the other player. B. the other players king
cannot move anywhere.
C. he attack the other players king. D. he says some Persian words.
48. Which of the following will you hear when one player has won the game?
A. Check mate B. Shah mat C. The King is dead D. check
49. Which following is NOT correct of the passage?
A. All kinds of people can play chess B. Some people write each other playing
C. The Russian lost the game played by radio. D. Only two people can play
chess sitting at the same table.
50. According to the old rules of the game___.
A. the queen could move no more than one square at a time. B. the king could not
move anywhere.
C. the queen was the strongest piece on the board. D. the king had to be attacked all
the time.
c k on vn sau v chn phng n ng (A hoc B, C, D) cho mi cu t
51n 60
Basic to any understanding of Canada in the 20 years after the Second World War is
the countrys impressive population growth. For every three Canadians in 1945, there were
over five in 1966. In September 1966 Canadas population passed the 20 million mark. Most
of his surging growth ca me from natural increase. The depression of the 1930s and the
war had held back marriages, and the catching-up process began after 1945. The baby
boom continued through the decade of the 1950s, producing a population increase of nearly
fifteen percent in the five years from 1951 to 1956. This rate of increase had been exceeded
only once before settleD. Undoubtedly, the good economic condition of the 1950s supported
a growth in the population, but the expansion also derived from a trend toward earlier
marriages and an increase in the average size of families. In 1957 the Canadian birth rate
stood at 28 per thousand, one of the highest in the world.
After the peak year of 1957, the birth rate in Canada began to decline. It continued
failing until in 1966 it stood at the lowest level in 25 years. Partly this decline reflected the
low level of births during the depression and the war, but it was also caused by changes in
Canadian society. Young people were staying at school longer; more women were working;
young married couples were buying automobiles or houses before starting families; rising
living standards were cutting down the size of families.
It appeared that Canada was once more falling in step with the trend toward smaller
families that had occurred all through the Western world since the time of the Industrial
Although the growth in Canadas population had slowed down by 1966 (the increase
in the first half of the 1960s was only nine percent), another large population wave was
coming over the horizon. It would be composed of the children who were born during the
period of the high birth rate prior to 1957.
51. What does the passage mainly discuss?
A. Educational changes in Canadian society. B. Canada during the
Second World war.
C. Population trends in postwar Canada. D. Standards of living in Canada.
52. According to the passage, when did Canadas baby born begin?
A. In the decade after 1911 B. After 1945 C. During the depression of the
1930s D. In 1966
53. The word five refers to____.
A. Canadians B. years C. decades
D. marriages
54. The word surging is closest in meaning to____.
A. new B. extra C. accelerating
D. surprising
55. The author suggests that in Canada during the 1950s____.
A. the urban population decreased rapidly B. fewer people married.
C. economic conditions were poor. D. the birth rate was very high.
56. The word trend is closest in meaning to____.
A. tendency B. aim C. growth D.
57. The word peak is closest in meaning to____.
A. pointed B. dismal C. mountain D.
58. When was the birth rate in Canada at its lowest population level?
A. 1966 B. 1957 C. 1956
D. 1951
59. The author mentions all of the following as causes of declines in population growth after
1957 EXCEPT____.
A. people being better educated B. people getting married earlier.
C. better standards of living. D. couples buying houses.
60. It can be inferred from the passage that before the Industrial Revolution
A. families were larger B. population statistics were unreliable
C. the population grew steadily. D. economic conditions were bad.
Chn phng n (A hoc B, C, D) ng vi t / cm t c gch chn cn phi sa
cc cu sau tr thnh cu ng:
61. Never having flied (A) before, Mark was very (B) excited as (C) he drove to the
62. If classes had finished (A) sooner(B), I would go (C) to Canada last month(D).
63. The (A) law of that country forbids anyone (B)under (C)eighteen driving (D)a car.
64. The notorious (A) criminal (B) is reported (C) to having surrendered (D) yesterday.
65. The professor had us (A) to read (B) the first half of the (C) book by (D) Monday.
Chn phng n ng (A hoc B, C, D) ng vi cu c ngha gn nht vi mi cu
cho sn sau y:
66. His parents made him study for his exams.
A. he was made study for the exams by his parents. B. he was obliged to
study for the exams by his parents.
C. He is made to study for the exams by his parents. D. He was made to
study for the exams by his parents.
67. Where are you spending your holidays? Janet asked us.
A. Janet asked us that where we were spending our holidays.
B. J anet asked us where we were spending our holidays.
C. Janet asked us that where were we spending our holidays.
D. Janet asked us that where you were spending your holidays.
68. I was not there at the time he said. A. He denied being there at the time. B. He
denied that he was there at the time.
C. He denied not being there at the time. D. He denied that he wasnt there
at the time.
69. Dont forget to phone the office, she told him.
A. She reminded him to phone the office. B. She reminded him not to
forget to phone the office.
C. She reminded him to forget not to phone the office. D. She reminded him
about phoning the office.
70. Will you come to my party? she said to me.
A. She invited that I would come to her party. B. She invited me to
come to her party.
C. She asked me if I would come to her party D. She asked me would I
come to her party.
Chn phng n (A hoc B, C, D) ng vi t / cm t c gch chn cn phi sa
cc cu sau tr thnh cu ng:
71. When too many (A) firms enter competitive(B) markets, their share of profits(C) will fell.
72. No one knows ( A) exactly how many species( B) of animals (C) lives ( D) on earth.
73. The mining (A) of minerals often brings about ( B) the destruction ( C) of landscapes
and wildlife(D) habitants.
74. The term middle class describes ( A) people between ( B) the upper and the below
(C) social ( D) classes.
75. Copper comes from seven types ( A) of ores ( B) that also contain (C) the other (D)
Chn phng n ng (A hoc B, C, D) ng vi cu c ngha gn nht vi mi cu
cho sn sau y:
76. They arrived too late to get good seats.
A. When they arrived, the good seats were already taken. B. They got good
seats some time after they arrive.
C. Although they were late, they found some good seats. D. They had to stand for
the whole show.
77. He started to play the guitar five years ago.
A. He has been playing the guitar since five years. B. he has been playing
the guitar for five years.
C. He has been starting to play the guitar for five years. D. He has started playing
the guitar for 5 years.
78. The switch was too high for him to reach.
A. He wasnt tall enough for reaching the switch. B. He wasnt tall enough to
reach the switch.
C. He wasnt enough tall to reach the switch. D. He wasnt so tall that
he can reach the switch.
79. Its possible to cross the road because of the traffic. A. The traffic makes people be
impossible to cross the road.
B. The traffic makes everyone be impossible to cross the road.
C. The traffic makes it be impossible to cross the road. D. The traffic makes it
impossible to cross the road.
80. I would prefer you not to smoke in here.
A. Id rather you shouldnt some in here. B. Id rather you didnt smoke
in here.
C. Id rather you not to smoke in here. D. Id rather you dont smoke in
--------------------THE END--------------------