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36 NorCal Reformer Friday, June 27, 2014

General Conference Education Department Program

Marius Stroia, the General Conference Family & Education
Department Director, is visiting the NCC this coming weekend. He
will be conducting a series of special presentations on Friday and
Saturday concerning the benefits of the Christian family. Here is the
program and location for the meetings:

Friday, June 27 @ Citrus Heights (Romanian) Church
7:30pm - What is Man? - Searching for Our True Identity

Sabbath, June 28 @ Sacramento Church
11:00am - Quest for True Unity in Marriage

Sabbath, June 28 @ Citrus Heights (Romanian) Church
7:30pm - Emotional Needs and Their Importance for Christians

Marius Stroia became the Director of the General Conference
Family & Education Department in 2011. He conducts his work from
Sibiu, Romania, where he lives with his wife and two children.
The Sabbath service in Sacramento will be accessible on the
livestream for our online viewers:


Movie Night in Visalia

Healthful Living Visalia will be hosting a
movie night Tuesday, July 1 at 6:00pm at the
Visalia SDARM Church Office, 1830 S. Mooney
Blvd., Visalia. Call ahead for reservations:
559-331-0172 or 559-713-1888.

Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement Northern California Conference
July 1, 2014
Joy of Juicing Movie
Night in Visalia

July 3-6, 2014
Prophecy seminar at
Moriah Heights Church

August 4-20, 2014
Medical Mission trip to

August 29-31, 2014
Evangelism conference in
Moriah Heights

September 7, 2014
Reorganizational Session
of the NCC

September 21-27, 2014
General Conference
Medical Congress in
Moriah Heights

October 25-26, 2014
Teen Summit in Moriah

October 25-26, 2014
Childrens Conference in
Moriah Heights
36 NorCal Reformer Friday, June 27, 2014
Prophecy Conference Starts Thursday July 3


Thursday, July 3 - The Physical World

3:00 Introduction: Not Your Fathers Prophecy Seminar
3:30 The Rules of Babylon
5:00 Signs in Nature I - Few Men Left
6:30 Signs in Nature II - The Earth is Burned Up
8:00 The Economics of Prophecy

Friday, July 4 - The Nations Are Angry

9:30 Islam in Prophecy
11:00 America in Prophecy
7:00 Israel in Prophecy
8:30 The Sunday Law I - Preparation

Sabbath, July 5 - The Synagogue of Satan

11:00 The Desire of Ages
12:00 LUNCH
2:00 The New World Religion
3:30 The Fallen Church
5:00 The SDA Church in Prophecy
7:00 The Reform Movement in Prophecy
8:30 The Latter Rain & The Loud Cry

Sunday, July 6 - Babylon

9:30 Antichrist
11:00 The Roman Catholic Church in Prophecy
12:30 LUNCH
1:30 Organized Deceit
3:00 The Final Deceptions
4:30 Mind Control
6:00 The Sunday Law II - Implementation & Armageddon

WNAU Events
June 29 - July 6, 2014
Youth Convention in

June 29 - July 27, 2014
LA Evangelistic Outreach

September 8-11, 2014
North American Regional
Workers Meeting (in

External Events
June 22 - July 27, 2014
International youth
mission project in
Kragujevac, Serbia

July 27 - August 3, 2014
International youth
convention in Marusevac,