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How To Buy Gold : The Regal Assets Review

Regal Assets presently the only real gold and silver firm in the industry that holds a A+ rating using the Better Business Bureau
along with a AAA rating using the Business Consumer Alliance, with simply 1 complaint that is over 24 months old.
e have over 4!" # from five star verified client reviews with $rust%in&. 'urthermore we(ve )een featured in main guides
including *mart +oney, 'or)es and ,nc. +aga-ine. Regal Assets continues to )e ran&ed .2" in the united states for financial
services )y Corporation. +aga-ine and it has )een featured within the 2"1/ ,nvestment 0uide for 'or)es maga-ine.
'or those precious metal purchase including retirement accounts we(ve among the 1uic&est shipping processes and fre1uently
get gold and silver within the client2s possession within ! wor&ing days from the account funding. +ost rivals within the gold
and silver )usiness dominate thirty days to delivery so that as lengthy as / months for retirement accounts.
hen we miss the ! wor&ing day deadline for shipping metals we give a free 1 o-. *ilver American Bald eagle towards the
clients order totally free. hen products ship the customer is informed and gets to )e a monitoring num)er to ensure that they
are a)le to trac& the gold and silver to their door. All gold and silver sent are sent discreetly and therefore are fully insured.
Regal Assets ta&es full responsi)ility for gold and silver until they(re signed and received through the client.
,f this involves gold and silver retirement accounts we(re a )usiness leader supplying the very )est storage and fee structure
along with the fastest processing time. ,f this involves storage of rare metal retirement accounts we use Brin&s and all sorts of
storage is segregated.
e(re the only real gold and silver company which has segregated storage with Brin&s for a set amount of 31#"."" each year
the ma4ority of our rivals start at 322#."" each year for segregated storage and fre1uently don(t offer it. 'urthermore our
administration costs for that year on all retirement accounts really are a flat 31""."".
$he ma4ority of our rivals in the mar&et possess a scaling administration fee schedule which cost the clients more )ecause the
account value increases. 5ur rivals also have a similar scaling fee agenda for storage costing the customer more )ecause the
account increases. 5ur typical competitor offers comingled storage for rare metal retirement accounts plus some are more
e6pensive than segregated storage around.
,f this involves processing occasions we are among the only rare metal )usinesses that does everything digitally, meaning the
customer doesn(t have to hands sign documents. Conducting )usiness digitally removes many pro)lems that our rivals
encounter and reduces the length of the transfer process.
'or 0old ,RA account , )ecause we try everything digitally we are a)le to open a )rand new ,RA account within 24 )usiness
hrs of getting a signed application. 5ur typical competitor occupies to five to! wor&ing days to spread out a )rand new ,RA
,f this involves moving as&ed for funds from the custodian we typically ta&e action within 47 )usiness hrs. 5ur average
competitor occupies to thirty days as longs as / months to accomplish the change in funds. e cover all new)ie dues for
client2s retirement accounts including the setup costs, administration costs, storage costs and delivery of metals.
$his can )e a savings of well over 3!""."" which the ma4ority of our rivals result in the client pay.

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