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Tell My Story Mahesh Hirpara


Hello, Im Mahesh Hirpara pursuing B.E in Computer
Engineering at L.D. Collage of Engineering, Ahmedabad.

This is my story with Microsoft.
Im 20 and from the moment I remember Microsoft was
always with me through out my journey till date. Microsoft had its
first consideration to me when I was in 5 standard. And at that age
the only picture which used to grab my eye balls is Windows XP
logo and Microsoft Office. I have first product to be used for
Windows XP Operating System in office and a used for Paint. The
days where I used to play pin ball, summer days where I worked
first time on Microsoft Office for project work. Microsoft is so user
friendly which helped me understand those in mid days of my
school itself.
In short when I was around 13, I got my own Personal
computer packed with Windows XP operating system. I should say
this brought me the enormous interest on computers. Where I just
wanted to know every single thing about it. This made me stick to
computer like a glue for many long straight hours. The knowledge I
grabbed from doing that helped me in some or other way. This
made a great impact on my career. This interest over computers
only led me to opt Computer Engineering in B.E.
Microsoft office is provided much better functionality for do
improvement learning schema for in our study. like as an our
faculties are most of they used learn such new thing related to
subject by throw to the PowerPoint Presentation, Word
Documents ,Excel sit using them.


And Also I have a used a SQL Server Management Studio it is amazing for database collect
and Storing.

Microsoft has changed our world and still continuing in doing it. The same way Microsoft
also changed my life. My passion for technology grew when I started my engineering and
Microsoft . It made me to think what is that product which is something beneficial and
innovative? I would say the answer is always Microsoft. It provided me with various services
where I can work offline or online compatible on different devices. It always encouraged me by
introducing new products and services which fascinated me a lot. Which includes Windows
8.1,Windows 8,Windows phone Operating System ,Microsoft office 2013 , Bing, Xbox, Skype,
visual studio and many. It is not really easy to explain the importance and contribution of each

The moment when I got to know the initiatives taken by Microsoft for supporting
students. Thanks to Microsoft Corporation because that can support student for improvement
their technical knowledge and make them out Technological Friendly like as, Microsoft support
various aspect such as a Microsoft provided the facilities as provided free tools to developing their
thing out for world, they provided account "Dreamspark" for free developing tools. And it most
used full software are for student it free downloading. My passion for Microsoft became so
stronger. The dreamspark program provided virtual academy, Windows 8 Apps development


seminar organized by recent MSP in my college and this is made me much closer with to
Microsoft. It helped to bring out my technical knowledge for making practical application for
Windows 8 Application development. This type of valuable resources offered by Microsoft helped
me excel in my field and it increased my passion for working with Microsoft and ultimately to be
an tech-geek. Microsoft has been changing itself every moment in order to give the best and
affordable services to the users. Microsoft has been a true inspiration and had a major impact on
me. Microsoft done changes on their various service such as, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1

I have and Every student to be Motivations from the leaders like "Bill gates" and new CEO "Satya
nadella" are always boosting to achieve our dreams.

How I plan to bring a change to the society being a Microsoft Student Associate?
As an MSA, First my aim is to bring out all students participate in Microsoft initiatives and
event taken to support students. Increasing awareness among students about Dreamspark,
Virtual academy, Imagine cup through regular meet ups, every ware up to date info share to be
every student of passion of Microsoft I have as Sharing information on Blogs, Social media etc.
I wish to form a group of MSA students in my college including the energetic, interested,
enthusiastic technocrats which helps me to gather technology aspirants which in turn helps in
sharing ideas and learning new things for mutual benefits. At the same time being an MSA will
give me an opportunity to get more familiar with technology, access latest Microsoft initiatives,
and increase my skills. I plan to organize various sessions, activities, workshops in my college on
Microsoft technologies and its latest advancements. I like to encourage my fellow students to
work on Microsoft products by illustrating their importance over other products.
If I will be MSA, then i will help to those students and classmates who will not have good
financial or economical condition, I will help them to give knowledge of Microsoft Products which
help them in their work and bring out their technical potential.
Finally, I would like to express my passion to contribute to Microsoft progress and
associate with it for social benefits. Thank you. Please Like, share and leave comments to extend
you support.