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1. Australia Day is celebrated as a national holiday in memory of ________.
a) the Ianding of the British in 1788
b) the discovery of the AustraIian continent by the first
c) the hoisting of the British fIag
d) the arrivaI of captain Cook
2. How does AustraIia compare with other continents in terms
of territory?
a) it is the Iargest c) it is the smaIIest
b) the second largest d) the third largest
3. The AustraIian ParIiament consists of ____________.
a) The House oI Lords and House oI Commons
b) the Senate and House oI Commons
c) the Senate and House oI Lords
d) the Senate and House oI Representatives
4. The capital oI Canada is ____________.
a) Toronto c) MontreaI
b) Ottawa d) Vancouver
5. The largest city oI Canada is _____________.
a) Ottawa c) Montreal
b) Vancouver d) Toronto
. The national symbol oI Canada is ____________.
a) the shamrock c) the maple leaI
b) the daIIodil d) the thistle
7. The second officiaI Ianguage in Canada is ___________.
a) French c) Spanish
b) Italian d) Dutch
!. Under the Constitution the head oI state is _____________.
a)the Prime Minister c) the President
b)the British monarch d) the Governor General
". Canadian Parliament consists oI ____________.
a) the House of Lords and the House of Commons
b) the Senate and the House of Commons
c) the Senate and the House of Lords
d) the Senate and the House oI Representatives
10. The Republic oI Ireland is separated Irom Great Britain by ___________.
a)the Atlantic Ocean c) the Irish Sea
b) the North Sea d) the English Channel
11. Ireland has Iew mineral deposits, apart Irom Europe's largest deposits of
a)zinc and lead c) coal
b)timber d) gas
12. What kind oI state is Ireland?
a)a parliamentary monarchy c) a parliamentary democracy
b)a constitutional monarchy d) a Iederal republic
13. The Parliament oI Ireland consists oI ____________.
a)the Senate and the House oI Representatives
b) House oI Lords and the House oI Commons
c)the Senate and the House oI Commons
d) the Senate and the House oI Lords
14. The majority reIigion in the RepubIic of IreIand is
a)Roman Catholic c) Anglican
b) Judaism d) Protestant
15. The capitaI of IreIand is _____________.
a)Tr ) DubIin
b) BelIast d) Limerick
1. What is the officiaI Ianguage in IreIand?
a)Irish c) English
b) both Irish and Englishd) English and French
1#. What is the capital oI New Zealand?
a)Wellington c) CardiII
b) Portsmouth d) Plymouth
1!. This bird you can find in New ZeaIand onIy. It has been put
on the nationaI embIem of New ZeaIand.
a)ostrich c) kiwi
b)eagle d) humming-bird
1". New Zealand was granted selI-government in ____________.
a) 1956 c) 1852
b)2001 d)1907
20. The territory oI New Zealand, consisting oI two main islands and a number
oI smaller ones, was explored by ____________.
a) Christopher Columbus c) Vasco da Gama
b) Captain James Cook d) Hernan Cortes
21. The Queen is represented by ___________ and the Cabinet is
responsibIe to a unicameraI ParIiament.
a) a President c) a Prime Minister
b) a State Secretary d) a Governor-General
22. Outstanding British political Iigure during the Second World War
a) Margaret Thatcher c) Winston Churchill
b) Theodore Roosevelt d) Tony Blair
23. Britain's Iirst woman Prime Minister ____________.
a) Margaret Thatcher c) Madeleine Albright
b) Barbara Windsor d) Diana Spencer
24. "Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma." Who do these words
belong to?
a) Winston Churchill c) William Shakespeare
b) Theodore Roosevelt d) Alexander Pushkin
25. A. A. Milne is a Iamous English writer, the author oI ___________.
a) Alice's Adventure in Wonderland c) Winnie-the-Pooh
b) Webster's Dictionary d) The
JungIe Book
2. The novel "Nicholas Nickleby" was written by ___________.
a) Charles Dickens c) Lewis Carroll
b) Daniel DeI d) Mark Twain
2#. Lewis Carroll is the author oI ___________.
a) Death on the Nile c) Martin Eden
b) The Last LeaI d) Alice in Wonderland
2!. The book about the wonderIul adventures oI Doctor Dolittle was written by the
Iamous English writer ___________.
a) R. Kipling c) Hugh Lofting
b)L. CarroII d) D. Defoe
2". The noveI "Quentin Durward" was written by
a) Walter Scott c) A. A. Milne
b) Ch. Dickens d) A Christie
30. The Olympic Games were renewed in 1896. The idea to bring back the
Olympic Games belonged to ___________.
a)Pierre de Coubertin c) John Tavener
b)Henry Purcell d) Ala Sillitoe
31. A well-known musical "Jesus Christ Superstar" was written by
a)Andrew Lloyd Webber c) Tim Ryce
b) Paul McCartney d) Bob Wooler
32. Victoria Addams (Aadams) and Emma Lee Burton are the names oI the
two girl-singers known as ___________.
a)The Spice Girls c) Boyzone
b) U-2 d) Abba
33. One oI the modern prominent composers oI classical music in Britain, the
author oI The Whale, Hymn to the Mother of God, The Last Sleep o f the Virgin and
others _____________.
a)Paul McCartney c) John Tavener
b) Henry Purcell d) John Dowland
34. Who is the author of the Canterbury Tales? He is
accIaimed today as "the father of the EngIish
a)Charles Dickens c) William Shakespeare
b) GeoIIrey Chaucer d) John Milton
35. Which one of these famous pIays wasn't
written by Shakespeare?
a)Romeo and Juliet c) Pygmalion
b) Much Ado About Nothing d) King Lear
36. One of the most popuIar pIays of
Bernard Shaw _______.
a)Pygmalion c) Major Barbara
b) Hamlet d) Caesar and Cleopatra
37. The author of "Vanity Fair" is _____________.
a)Ch. Dickens c) W. Golding
b) W. Thackeray d) M.
38. St Paul's Cathedral was designed by .
a) Christopher Wren c)
Jonathan Swift
b) Horatio NeIson d)
Robert Burns
3". John GriIIith is the real name oI ___________.
a) Jack London c) F.
b) Mark Twain d) E.
40. O'Henry is the pen name of __________.
a) J. Keats c) WiIIiam
Sydney Porter
b) O'NeiI d) Robert
41. W. Shakespeare was one oI the Iounders oI __________.
a)The Globe Theater c) the National Theater
b)The Covent Garden d) Drama Theater
42. The animal that you'll Iind nowhere else but in Australia is ________.
a) crocodile c) kangaroo
b) camel d) elephant
43. The capital oI Australia is __________.
a) Sydney c) Canberra
b) Brisbane d) Melbourne
44. Which oI the Iollowing countries is not a member oI the British Com-
a) Canada c) Australia
b) New Zealand d) Ireland
45. The Iirst Europeans to land in Australia were ____________.
a) the English c) the French
b) the Dutch d) the Spanish
4. What is considered to be a better bargain: buying Manhattan Irom
American Indians or Alaska Irom tsarist Russia?
a) Manhattan c) Alaska
b) equally cheap d) neither oI them
4#. Which oI these cities is known as "the Paris oI the West" and "Gateway
to the Orient"?
a) San Francisco c) Los Angeles
b) New York d) Philadelphia
4!. The Republican Party is traditionally represented by an eIephant.
What animaI represents the Democratic
a) monkey c) tiger
b) donkey d) eagle
4". The Democratic Party is traditionally represented by a donkey.
What animaI represents the RepubIican
a) lion c) eagle
b) monkey d) elephant
50. Which oI these cities has the nickname "the Big Apple"?
a) San Francisco c) Los Angeles
b) New York d) Washington
51. The Flag oI the United States is called "Stars and Stripes". What do the
stripes represent?
a) the original states c) the unity oI states
b) diversity d) the national emblem
52. The American Congress consists of the Senate and the
House of _______.
a) Lords c) Representatives
b) Commons d) Assembly
53. In the United States oI America the legislative power is vested in
a) the Senate c) the Congress
b)the House of Representatives d) the
54. The national emblem oI the United States oI America is
a) the turkey c) the bald eagle
b) the Statue oI Liberty d) the Flag
55. DiIIerent names have been given to the U.S. national Ilag. Which one
does not refer to the American fIag?
a) Starry Flag c) Old Glory
b) the Star-Spangled Banner d) the Union Jack
5. What magniIicent bird became the emblem and symbol oI the U.S. aIter
the Revolutionary war?
a) the turkey c) the bald eagle
b) the hawk d) the dove
5#. It has become the symbol oI liberty for the miIIions of peopIe
a) the Liberty Bell c) the Declaration oI Independence
b)the Statue oI Liberty d) the bald eagle
5!. Where does the President oI the United States live and work?
a) in the Congress c) in the White House
b)in the Pentagon d) in the House oI Representatives
5". Which is the biggest state in the USA?
a) Texas c) CaliIornia
b)Alaska d) New York
0. When did the American Civil War end?
a) 1789 c) 1865
b) 1776 d)1765
1. When was "the Stars and Stripes" adopted as the national Ilag?
a) 1774 c)1777
b) 1865 d)1767
2. The author oI American Declaration oI Independence was _________.
a)George Washington c) Abraham Lincoln
b)Thomas JeIIerson d) James Madison
3. The most popular sport in the USA is ________.
a)cricket c) soccer
b)baseball d) tennis
4. The World's largest library is ________.
a) the British Museum Library
b) the U.S. Library of Congress
c) the Beijing Library in China
d) the State Public Library in Moscow
5. Which oI these holidays is not celebrated in the USA?
a)Thanksgiving c) Labor Day
b)Veterans' Day d) Boxing Day
. According to the Constitution the U.S. President is eIected for
a) a Iour year term c) a six year term
b)a Iive year term d) a two year term
#. The name oI the ship that sailed Irom Plymouth to the new world is
a)Titanic c) Albion
b)MayIlower d) Saint Mary
!. The Fourth oI July is celebrated as __________.
a) the U.S. Constitution Day c) Mother's Day
b)Presidents' Day d) Independence Day
". The last continent to be discovered was __________.
a)Australia c) Antarctica
b)Asia d) America
#0. How many parts are there in the United Kingdom oI Great Britain and
Northern Ireland?
a) three c)Iour
b) two d) Iive
#1. Who is the head oI state in the UK?
a) the President c) the King or the Queen
b) the Prime Minister d) Lord ChanceIIor
72. The officiaI London residence of the
Sovereign is __________.
a) 10, Downing Street ) 221B, Baker Street
b)Buckingham PaIace d) AIbert HaII
73. EIizabeth II succeeded to the throne in
a) 1948 c) 1952
b) 1914 d)1900
74. The FIag of the United Kingdom is caIIed
a) the Union Jack c) the Stars and Stripes
b) the Star Spangled banner d) the Big Apple
#5. Everybody knows that London is the capital oI the UK and the capital oI
England. What is the capital oI Northern Ireland?
a) Edinburgh c) Dublin
b) Bristol d) BelIast
#. Shamrock is the symbol oI Ireland. What is the symbol oI Scotland?
a) a thistle c) a rose
b) a daIIodil d) a leek
##. What is the symbol oI England?
a) tartan cloth c) a daIIodil
b) a rose d) a shamrock
78. Northern IreIand historicaIIy is caIIed
a) Beatle c) Ulster
b) Newland d) Montana
#". Northern Ireland has no governor or Parliament oI its own since
a) 1873 c) 2003
b) 1975 d)1995
80. The biggest city of ScotIand, Iying on the
River CIyde is ___________.
a) Aberdeen c) Edinburgh
b) Glasgow d) Newcastle
!1. GIasgow is especiaIIy famous for
a) heavy machinery c) architecture
b) textile industry d) shipbuilding
!2. At what age can a person vote in Great Britain?
a) at the age oI 21 c) at the age oI 25
b) at the age oI 18 d) at the age of 16
!3. The Trooping oI the Color is __________.
a) a traditional ceremony to celebrate the Queen's oIIicial birthday
b) a ceremony oI the State Opening oI Parliament
c) a tradition to celebrate Remembrance Day
d) a ceremony oI traveling in a gold carriage
!4. Which oI these holidays is not celebrated in Great Britain?
a) May Day c) St. David's Day
b) Guy Fawkes Day d) Thanksgiving
!5. 10, Downing Street is home address of _________.
a) the Prime Minister c) the Queen oI England
b) Sherlock Holmes d) Paul McCartney
!. One oI the chieI Iinancial and commercial centers oI the western world
is ________.
a) the City oI London c) the Bank oI England
b) the Stock Exchange d) Whitehall
!#. The highest peak in the Highlands and in all Britain is
a) Everest c) Ben Nevis
b) Mount Snowdon d) the Cotsworld
!!. Wimbledon, south London, is a Iamous place, where the annual
_________ is heId.
a) rowing contest c) horse race
b) lawn tennis championship d) the Cup Final
!". A world-famous schooI for boys, founded in
1440 by Henry VI at Windsor is ____________.
a) Eton c) Cambridge
b) Trinity College d) King's College
"0. Situated in central London, Covent Garden is ___________.
a) Royal Park c) the Royal Opera House
b) a Iamous museum d) the Queen's residence
"1. The British ParIiament consists of
a) the House oI Lords and the House oI Commons
b) the Congress and the House oI Representatives
c) the Senate and the House oI Commons
d) the Royal Court and the House oI Lords
"2. What river does London stand on?
a) the Thames c) the Clyde
b) the Severn d) the Trent
"3. What party did Prime Minister Tony BIair beIong
a) Conservative c) Liberal
b) Labour d) Liberal-Democratic
"4. Who is the heir to the British throne?
a) Prince Edward c) Prince Charles
b) Prince Henry d) Prince Andrew
"5. The wax models oI famous peopIe are exhibited at
a) Big Ben c) the National Gallery
b) the Tower London d) Madame Tussaud's
". Many Iamous people oI Great Britain are buried in Poets' Corner situated
in ___________.
a) St. Paul's Cathedral c) Westminster Palace
b) Buckingham Palace d) Westminster Abbey
"#. OxIord Street in London is famous for its
a) theaters and museums c) picture galleries and exhibitions
b) banks and oIIices d) shops and department stores
"!. What is the most geographically widespread language oI the world?
a) Mandarin Chinese c) English
b) Esperanto d) Russian
"". He traveled to the West Indies and South America and discovered the
mouth oI the Amazon. Americas are named aIter him. What is the name
oI the person?
a) Christopher Columbus c) Amerigo Vespucci
b) Vasco da Gamma d) Hernan Cortes
100. The United States is a Iederal union oI ___________.
a) 51 states c) 50 states
b) 55 districts d) 49 districts
1-$ 2-% 3-& 4-' 5-& -% #-$ !-' "-'
10-% 11-$ 12-% 13-$ 14-$ 15-% 1-' 1#-$ 1!-%
1"-& 20-' 21-& 22-% 23-$ 24-$ 25-% 2-$ 2#-&
2!-% 2"-$ 30-$ 31-$ 32-$ 33-% 34-' 35-% 3-$
3#-' 3!-$ 3"-$ 40-% 41-$ 42-% 43-$ 44-& 45-'
4-$ 4#-$ 4!-' 4"-& 50-' 51-% 52-% 53-% 54-%
55-& 5-% 5#-' 5!-% 5"-' 0-% 1-% 2-' 3-'
4-% 5-& -$ #-' !-& "-$ #0-% #1-% #2-'
#3-% #4-$ #5-& #-$ ##-' #!-% #"-' !0-' !1-&
!2-' !3-$ !4-& !5-$ !-$ !#-% !!-' !"-$ "0-%
"1-$ "2-$ "3-' "4-% "5-& "-& "#-& "!-% ""-%
)"* ")%&(-$+0 %"#$.'#-./
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