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Skin diMka WA (WertVRV and Andron66) for 480x234, 480x272, 800x480

(for Primo 1.1).

The current version of P 1.1.0
Do not forget to say thank you to:
Andron66 - author of all the skin images (for 800_480 completely drawn almost all the pictures in high
dima8389 - author of the original skin di / \ / \ ka for iGO8.3, many of whom moved to the skin for Primo.
--- Additional features and changes ------------------------------------------- ------------

1. Cabin-style 8.3:
- Right menu buttons in the style 8.x (button 2D/3D - switching 2D/3D, in browse mode - the output of the
review; long press of a button 2D/3D - transition in the card settings, long press on the "Quick Menu" - go to
the settings in this menu, the Menu button opens the menu once in the cab, long press on the menu - the
main menu);
- 4 data fields on the left with logic folding Primo;
- Speed display with color change in excess, the appearance of icons limits the ability to display the
substrate (in the style of 8.3);
- The field for signs of maneuvers in the style of 8.3 (click - go to the main menu of the route);
- Sign the ban maneuver (the settings in the "Visual guidance");
- House numbers (settings in "Map settings");
- Map and compass direction to the finish line in the style of 8.3 (the settings in the Preferences card ");
- Automatically reduce the transparency of buttons and substrates (different day / night settings for buttons,
left the substrates and substrates field current and the next street) (setting in "Options Card);
- When viewing a map in the cabin of available actions immediately displayed on the screen automatically
returns to navigation mode after about 30 seconds. after last action in view;
- The volume buttons and the inclusion of track record, long press - go to the appropriate settings:
- The control panel buttons are added simulation decrease / increase the simulation speed and return to
normal speed, the simulation;

2. Quick Favorites button (4 pcs. - Home, work, ......) in the main search menu (position, you can choose from history,
search by address, map, POI, etc.) (setting - at the click of the button unconfigured or a long press-minded (with the
selected position), button):

3. Dimmer in a cabin in the night mode (color filter) (set in "Options Card):

4. As possible (where invoked by pressing one / two courses of action) button "More" is replaced by a direct action
button + the "Search Maps" available actions immediately displayed on the screen:

5. Manage user data (backup and restore tools Primo) in the style of 8.3:

6. Settings screenshoter (execution snapshot gesture down the right side of the screen or in simulation mode - a
separate button in the cockpit) (audio with a choice of sound and volume settings and visual indication of captured

7. Customize the display of billboards and strip:
- The inclusion of independent boards and display the intersection (Junction), selection of standard
indicators of bands sound predeprezhdenie with a choice of sound and volume settings:

- While the display settings in the intersection (Junction), and if such a map is available, tap on the standard
indicators show bands Junction, reverse tap - hide, etc. The inclusion of setting Junction - the intersection will
immediately display on the screen in the cockpit , and then you can tapom minimize and restore as well as at off;

- Display panels can be similarly controlled from the cab (minimization, shutdown, inclusion, restoration of maps) in
the style of 8.3:
8. In the screen skins added to "reset" button to avoid the appearance of errors associated with the lack of pictures
in the other skin:

9. The choice of sounds for the voice acting of different events in the style of 8.3 (with the original to scan folders
AUDIO) (sounds can be removed from the list in the menu) (to be played only the sound of which lie at the root
AUDIO) (a list can be edited and outside Primo - file \ save \ userlists \ user_sound_list.txt):

10. Voice start / exit with a choice of sound and volume settings:

11. Voice event with a battery and external power supply with a choice of sound and volume settings:

12. Voice a warning sign (Driver Alert) with a choice of sound and volume settings:

13. Additions to the "Manage groups POI":
- Set up different groups for the visibility distance in the style of 8.3, delete the group (if it has already
created user):

- choose an icon for the group in the style of 8.3:

- Added ability to manage groups, user-created (in the default skins off) (for the group "Favorites" is left
only the possibility to change the icon, because it's technical team for the storage of selected items):

14. Create / Edit your groups and elements of the POI:
- Creating groups (group name can be entered only in Latin, translation should make their own groups in the
language file):

- Creation of

- Change (you can change the name, phone number, an
icon) and delete

15. The action "Add POI in the position of GPS" (right button menu):
- 2 press can add POI in the position of GPS:

- A name created by POI will contain the name of the subgroup and the creation date, in addition to
information about the item will prescribe the time of creation:

16. If possible enter numeric values changed version of the slider on the keyboard (easier input values with a wide
range) (for negative values of the input button is available "+/-" bottom of the screen):

17. User preferences zoom and tilt:

18. Screensaver in the style of 8.3:
- Settings in the Settings card "or a long push to the top of the screen saver:

- Manual (pressing a cabin in the scope of the cursor in the navigation mode) or automatic (the distance to
maneuver) Include:

- The ability to display the sign next maneuver, camera warning signage Driver Alerts, panels and bands with similar
self-contained settings for both the cabin:

- Possibility to include a digital font (the corresponding item in the menu will appear, if at the root of the program
will \ font \ digital.ttf)
- The ability to display the data fields at the bottom of the screen in the style of 8.3 (click on the field - Select field,
long press to hide the data fields):

19. Kartomenyatel (external tool and its settings are identical to strip off GJA (thanks Gurjon & Arkoko)) (run through
the "Quick Menu"):

20. Add-in Options warnings about speed:
- An additional visual warning of excess (animation larger sign with a restriction + red text in the intro) in the style of

- Advanced Settings audible warning (select voice / sound (when choosing the type of warning with the sound of a
free choice between the sound and volume settings), mode of recurrence with adjustable pause between repetitions
of sound) in the style of 8.3:

- Setting the admission of the excess (percentage / fixed value, separately for human settlements) in the style of 8.3:

21. Add-in Options camera warning ":
- A list of types of cells in the default notice skins added advanced types of 8.3 (only 8 pieces. Because
"Zhd.pereezd" and "dangerous ground" is in the default List) (charset-default types remained unchanged):

Type the code in the *. spud
"Speed Camera" 0
"Mobile Speed Camera" 1
"Built-in Speed Camera" 2
"Average Speed Camera" 3
"Red Light Camera" 4
"Railroad Crossing" 6
"Bus Lane Camera" 7
"High Accident Zone" 8
"School Zone" 9
"Town Entry Point" 10
"Red Light and Speed Camera" 11
"Toll Booth" 12
"Hospital, Ambulance" 13
"Fire Station" 14
"Congestion Charge Zone" 15
"Give Way" 16 new
"FixMobil" 17 new
"Speed Breaker" 18 new
"Children" 19 new
"Dangerous turn" 20 new
"Tunnel" 21 new
"POI" 22 new
"RPS Post" 23 new
"Dangerous Area" 31
- Profiles of camera settings (4 pcs.) Style 8.3 (change of name, profile selection from the menu or sequential switch
in the cockpit through a quick menu):

- Independently for each type of visual display in the style of 8.3:

- Two types ozvuki camera (Ozvuka Primo and Ozvuka Ultra iGO8.3):

- Just type "Postproduction Primo" available options "Audible Warning" (only enable / disable playing
sounds registered in sys.txt) (control of sensing distance at these sounds does not apply):

- Independently for each type of sensing distance visual and audible warning (for some types of speed
control of such adjustment will not) (type "Postproduction Primo" setting the sensing distance of sound
extends only to the sounds of excess) in the style of 8.3:

- Independent settings for each type of Voice over-speed camera (available for cameras that support the
speed control) (on / off, the choice of Delta exceeded, sound and volume) in the style of 8.3:

- Just type "Postproduction Ultra iGO8.3" available to independent settings for each type of voice warning "(only on /
off, or voice only at excessive speed cameras) in the style of 8.3:

- Just type "Postproduction Ultra iGO8.3" is available to choose the type of language and voice alerts (for
language structure of the subfolders with the sounds shown in the screenshot Speedcam_Example.jpg skin in
the game, the location of the subfolders displayed in the language selection menu, when used in locales
miles the file name of the second sentence should contain _mph instead _kph (eg

- Just type "Postproduction Ultra iGO8.3" in the case of selection as a voice warning option "sounds an alarm, you
can configure for each type of individual sound menu in the style of 8.3:

- Just type "Postproduction Ultra iGO8.3" in the case of selection as a voice warning language versions are
available, independent for each type of setting (start / stop, pause) The second sentence (the speed limit) (in
the same screen available test voice warning):

22. Changes to the screen to create / edit the camera on the map (right map direction, depending on the rotation of
the cards before entering the state of editing, choice of speed cameras in the style of 8.3):

23. Action-Add to the camera-in GPS position in the list right menu:
- Creation of a maximum of four cameras clicking:

- Speed, style and direction adjustable (go to settings on the long-pressing the Add Cam-);

- Two modes of the type of camera settings (preset, manual) (in the first mode by pressing the button will be
created with certain camera in the settings, the second - will appear a window for selecting the camera type):

- Two modes of setting the direction of the camera (pre-, hand) (for the second - will appear a window for selecting
the camera direction), while if the camera has only one type of direction, then the corresponding window will not
appear (even in manual mode) (in manual mode, the arrow directions will be displayed based imaging relative to the
direction of the road, with a particular in order to avoid incorrect identification of areas of unidirectional cameras
may choose only two-and four-way):

- Two modes of setting speed camera (certain, manual) (in the second - a window will appear select the speed
cameras), while if the camera does not have the speed, the corresponding window will not appear (even in manual

- Enable / disable the opacity (attenuation) for the button-Dobav.kameru-(right menu):

- The ability to configure options for selecting the list of types of cells ("All cameras" or "Only from iGO8.3") when
creating the camera (setting applies to edit / create a camera on the map)

--- Voice voice --------------------------------------------- --------------------------
Full Time (ready to use) (unzip to a folder with the program - should have ___ \ ui_igo9
\ audio \ ....) AUDIO folder for Russian and Ukrainian language c Voice voice of the main camera, advanced camera
(without the additional of Primo), voice events with battery, a few extra sounds (red.09.11.2010):