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zmh30@hw.ac.uk zaid.hamed@gmail.

To pursue a career at your company in order to gain and develop scientific and practical experience, as
well as contribute effectively to your company with my technical skills, academic knowledge and project
management experience.

Heriot Watt University (Scotland), Vestfold University College (Norway), Budapest University of
Technology and Economics (Hungary)
Masters of Science in Smart Systems Integration
Expected to graduate: August 2015
The American University in Cairo (AUC)
Major: Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering
Minor: Computer Science
GPA: 3.74/4.0
Graduated: June 2011
Friends School (Ramallah, Palestine)
International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) Grade: 37/42 (2004-2006)
ELV Engineer, Turner International Middle East-Qatar, MDD Project (December 2011- August 2013)
Msheireb Downtown Doha is the worlds first sustainable downtown regeneration project. Five billion dollars
project to redevelop, regenerate and conserve the historical downtown of Doha.
My Responsibilities included:
Managing ELV/Electrical site wide works by establishing responsibility matrices, tracking sheets,
Interface matrices and other management tools. Coordinating meetings with contractors and
consultants to resolve outstanding submittals, design reviews and site problems.
Supervising the following systems: CCTV, Digital Addressable Fire Alarm, Access Control, Intruder
detection, Telecommunication Network, Lighting, Control, irrigation control, digital signage,
integrated reception system, Automatic Waste Collection System, Smart Home System and Building
Management System.

Summer Intern, Ramallah, Palestine (June 2010 July 2010)
At the Palestinian Cellular Communications Company JAWWAL.

Participant, United States Particle Accelerator School, San Francisco, CA, USA (Winter 2009)
Fundamentals of Accelerator Physics and Technology with Simulations and Measurements Lab.
Topics covered: linear accelerators, synchrotrons, storage rings, accelerator design, particle beam
optics, particle sources, synchrotron radiation, beam diagnostics, superconductivity in accelerators.

Summer Intern, San Diego, CA, USA (June 2009 - August 2009)
With Engineer Rick Capella, Chief Tooling/Robotics Designer for IOS Technologies Inc., Lead System-Level
Mechanical Designer for Ionizing Radiation Imaging Systems Inc. (IRIS).
Project Title: Building a modular PIC-based network for distributed input/output and automation.
Configured Microchip 12F683 using MPLAB Development Environment for: digital Input/output, pulse
width modulation, internal clock and timers. Used C language to write functions for serial communication
between different chips. Searched for appropriate electrical components to the design. Designed a PCB
layout using Eagle Layout Editor. Constructed spread sheets using Microsoft excel with timing and error

Erasmus Mundus Full Scholarship (Fall 2013- Summer 2015)
Zaid Mazen Hamed Page 2 zaid.hamed@gmail.com

Full Scholarship at the American University in Cairo (Fall 2006 Spring 2011)
Certificates of Academic Excellence (Spring 2009, Spring 2010)
Physics grant in Accelerator Physics at the United States Particle Accelerator School (USPAS).
(Winter 2010)
Postgraduate: Manufacturing Processes for Smart Systems (Currently), Micro & Nano Biological Systems
(Currently), Measurements & Characterization (Currently), Advanced Packaging and Integration, Sensors and
Actuators, Fundamentals of Smart Systems Integration, Advanced Writing Skills and Research Preparation,
Stochastic Processes for Engineers.
Undergraduate: Digital Signal Processing, Software Engineering, Programming in Java, Digital Wireless
Communication & Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile Communication Systems, Fundamentals of Communication
I & II, Computer Communication Networks, Signals and Systems, Electromagnetic Waves, Microcontroller
System Design, Power and Machines, Electronics I & II, Basic Organization of Computer Systems (Assembly),
Automatic Control, Electromagnetic Theory, Data Structures and Algorithms, Business Communication.


Microfabrication Projects:
Design and fabrication of a titration on chip system. Mask design using L-edit and system
fabrication using UV-lithography and PDMS casting in the cleanroom.
Design and fabrication of free cantilever beams using lithography and metal evaporation.
Simulation and Design of an H-filter and thermocouple using Comsol.

Senior Project: Cognitive Radio in TV Band
Researched, in a team of six members, spectrum sharing and cognitive radio applications.
Simulated the physical layer of the IEEE 802.22 standard using MATLAB.
LDPC channel coding, Modulation, Subcarrier allocation, channel estimation, frequency and time
synchronization and spectrum sensing. Evaluated the overall performance of the integrated
Coordinated weekly presentations and group meetings.

Electronics Projects:
Designed and implemented a microcontroller based IC-tester, consisting of LCD, microcontroller
and a keypad.
Designed and implemented an FM radio receiver. Simulation using MultiSim and PCB
Designed a data network for a hotel.

Software Projects:
Programmed, using Python, wireless sensor nodes (temperature, force, pressure and servo
motor) in a master slave topology to report to a central node for data acquisition and control.
Developed documents using Unified Modeling Language (UML) for an electronic voting system:
Requirements, Design and User manual documents. Part of the system was implemented using
Developed several programs in JAVA including file encoding/decoding, GUI based game,
networking, multithreading and mobile application.
Developed several C++ programs to sort large portions of data using different sorting
algorithms such as quick, merge, bubble, insertion sorting and others. Developed a 9x9 Sudoku
solver using backtracking.
Developed several MATLAB programs for: FIR and IIR filters, random processes and statistical
properties, cellular mobile communications network design, echo generation/cancellation system
and a digital communication system with bit error rate.
Zaid Mazen Hamed Page 3 zaid.hamed@gmail.com

Fluency in written and spoken Arabic and English.
Strong presentation and communication skills.
Proficient user of Microsoft Office applications: Word, Excel and Power Point.
Proficient knowledge in JAVA, C++, MATLAB and MultiSim.
Moderate Knowledge in Assembly, Python and C languages, Eagle Layout Editor, Microchip MPLAB
Development Environment, L-edit and Comsol.