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- Redefining Air Conditioning

About our Company

The name of our company is derived from the person who discovered the ‘change of state’ of
matter which is the backbone for any Air Conditioning technology. BERNOULLI was started with
four highly experienced Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) professionals, who
rendered their valued services in Saudi Arabia. Some of the esteemed companies which used
their services were Saudi Aramco (Marine Division), Hadeed steel, Saudi Oger, Al - Zamil etc. We
are well experienced in handling different kinds of Air Conditioning Systems manufactured by
International Companies, such as:- Trane, Carrier, York, Daikin and McQuay. We provide
expertise solutions and services to all kinds of Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC), Indoor Air
Quality, HVAC installation, maintenance and service for both residential and commercial HVAC
markets. Our Service Experts are highly qualified and experienced. Our experience in Work
o o
Environmental Temperature varies from 0 C to 60 C.

About our work

It is commonly found that due to varying temperature in any work situations the environment
becomes unsuitable for work. Bernoulli Service Expert and qualified technicians are standing by,
to keep your company/office comfortable. Air Conditioning service and maintenance tune-ups are
available at our service location. We sell and install new energy-efficient air conditioners and
heating systems. Our specialty is that, unlike other HVAC contractors and A/C service
companies, Bernoulli offers 24/7 Emergency Service & Live Customer Service. Bernoulli
service ensures that there is someone to assist you and answer your questions whenever you

Our Priority

Central air conditioners and heat pumps can be a potential hazard without routine professional
care. So just keeping your Company / Office cool isn’t the most important part of our job. Your
Company / Office’s safety comes first, and Bernoulli give it utmost priority without any
compromise. That’s why we provide professional solutions and advice about your air conditioning
system with our A/C Performance Inspection. We check the entire air conditioning system to see
if there is any risk to your Company / Office, and then provide the expert advice you need. Find
out more about what our Performance Inspection can do for you in an affordable and reliable
Our Quality Service on every visit

At Bernoulli are committed to uphold the highest level of service and installation in the industry,
all backed by our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. From our 24/7 emergency services
to routine care, you can always depend on us to answer your call personally and our technicians
to arrive promptly. Our professional technicians are licensed by the Board of technical education
which certifies them to solve all problems of comfort equipment for different brands. We
believe in maintaining respect for You & Your Company / Office and treat your company/office as
if they are our own. We always listen closely, communicate clearly and value your opinions. We
ensure that it will be Always Easy to Work with us. Whether it's flexible payment options,
convenient scheduling or personalized customer service, we guarantee our commitment.

High-quality HVAC Service.

Any problems in your HVAC machine cannot be noticed or detected easily. The problem would
be evident only when the system breaks down, thus affecting your work. Fortunately, Bernoulli
offers reliable Air Conditioning and Heating system service for all makes and models of
HVAC equipment.

Comfort (HVAC) systems are complicated pieces of machinery. They can be thought of as the
engine that drives your company/office. Without routine maintenance tune-ups, breakdowns are
more likely to occur. Our certified technicians are backed by a 100% customer Satisfaction
Guarantee to make your Company/office suit your needs.

Knowing what to expect from a quality service visit is important for your peace of mind.
Unlike many contractors, we are always up-front about what our services include, so you know
and understand the high value of your service or service plan. We ensure that there are no
hidden costs and keep the transaction transparent. So, finding Bernoulli Service would ensure
your year round comfort and air quality.
Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning
Are you interested in heating and cooling service, maintenance or
installation for your buildings?
You've come to the right place!
Preventive Maintenance
Our mission is to do "Whatever It Takes" to provide the best possible HVAC service through our
comprehensive preventative system maintenance and replacement program. This industry-
changing program provides our commercial customers with lower operating costs, reduced
service calls, and helps to extend the life of the equipment. It's a worry-free planned replacement
program that ensures the heating and cooling in your building is always reliable and energy-

Why Bernoulli Service Experts for your

Company / Office Comfort Services?
Your company/office is the one place you should breathe easy and feel most comfortable, no
matter what the conditions are. Your heating, cooling and air quality equipments are what
ensures your comfort, every day.

We offer complete, custom home comfort services specifically designed for you and your

 Heating systems inspection, maintenance, equipment installation, warranties and service


 Air Conditioning and cooling systems inspection, maintenance, equipment installation,

warranties and service plans

 Full line of Indoor Air Quality solutions, filters, products and services

 Commercial and New building Construction heating and cooling maintenance and
installation service

Our Standards of Excellence set us apart from any other service company. No other HVAC
company has more home comfort experience than Bernoulli.
Indoor Humidity - Moisture in the Conditioned
when your conditioned area’s air is too hot or cold it makes you uncomfortable. The amount of
moisture in your conditioned area’s air also has an impact on the way you feel, this can have a
major effect on your health.

Too Much Moisture

High moisture levels can make your company/office feel stuffy and create a breeding ground for
mold, mildew, dust mites and bacteria. Recent studies have shown that mold can cause or
worsen asthma, as well as hay fever and other allergies*.

Not Enough Moisture

Dry air makes furniture shrink, warp and crack. It also causes skin irritation and respiratory
problems,** not to mention annoying static shocks.

Optimal Humidity Range for Ideal Comfort and Indoor Air Quality

National studies and indoor air quality experts, indicate, that, for optimal comfort and health, your home's relative humidity levels

should range between 35 and 50 percent.

For optimal comfort and health, studies show that moisture levels should be in the range of 35%
to 50%. You can track your home's humidity with a hygrometer, available at hardware and home
improvement stores. Or, you can contact your local Bernoulli Service Experts professional for in-
home consultation.

Hence, Bernoulli is the solution for all your Air Conditioning needs.

Bernoulli Contacts for any Inquiry

Mr. K.V.Prasad

Chief Information Officer

#86,6 cross, B-sector,
Amruthnagar, SahakarNagar
Mobile: +91 80 9535327298
Office: +91 80 22744348