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IES Libertas. Torrevieja.

Departamento de Ingls
used to
1. Complete the interview with Georgia Stump with the following phrases:
used to work used to get you use to work used to go
used to make used to enjoy used to have did you use to get
Interviewer: Where were you born?
Georgia: I was born in west London
Interviewer: Was it a pleasant place to grow up?
Georgia: No, it wasnt. The area _______________ a lot of factories and things, no trees at all.
It has changed a lot since then.
Interviewer: Did you go to school in west London?
Georgia: No, I didnt. I _____________________ to a school about ten kilometres away.
Interviewer: ____________________________ good marks at school?
Georgia: No! I _______________________ mainly D and E grades and I failed all my exams.
Interviewer: What were your best subjects at school?
Georgia: I _____________________ music lessons most! I always liked singing really loudly.
Interviewer: Did ________________________ during the holidays?
Georgia: Yes, I did. I _______________________ at one of the film studios in the area. You
know, just making tea and coffee.
Interviewer: How did you get your first job as a film director?
Georgia: I _________________________ my own short films. I made one called Night. The
screen was just black all the time. Really clever black, Night, see? The studio
bosses thought it was clever too, so they offered me a job.
2. Choose the correct form of the verb to complete the sentences:
When I was a child
a. I used to walk / walking six kilometres to school every day
b. I used to wore / wear an awful uniform at school.
c. we didnt use to watch / watched TV because we didnt have one.
d. I used to play / played the guitar every evening.
e. my grandparents used to lived / live with us.
f. my parents didnt use to have / had a car.
g. my father used to work / works at a factory.
h. we used to spending / spend our holidays at the coast.
3. Rewrite the sentences with the correct form of used to:
She was an astronaut, but she isnt now.
4 E. S. O. 1
IES Libertas. Torrevieja. Departamento de Ingls
She used to be an astronaut.
a. In the past, people travelled to America by ship.

b. They had six cars, but now theyve only got one.

c. He was in the team last year, but he isnt now.

d. Did she have blond hair when she was younger?

e. Did you get good grades when you were at school, Grandma?

4 E. S. O. 2