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Name: Vaibhav Bhandari

Institutes name: SDMIMD, Mysore

PGDM no.: 13179
Mobile no.: 09742807288, 08989666661
E-mail id: vaibhav13179@sdmimd.ac.in

Project Proposal

I. Project Proposed

Name of the Organization: IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co Ltd
Title of the project: Role of IT in enhancing customer reach at IDBI Federal
Area of the project: Systems and Marketing

II. Description of the project in brief

IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co. Ltd has built a strong brand in insurance sector by providing
value and convenience to the customer. And people are highly satisfied also because of the after
sales service and due to its direct reach to the customer with the help of IT services. The major
aim of this study is to understand how IT helps the insurance giant to reach the customer.

In India 24 insurance companies are currently operating. This study will help us to identify the
IT strategies of the other giants also from which we can take out the positives and negatives of
the strategies adopted by them and IDBI federal bank. And from this we can also come out with
better strategies for our esteemed organization.

III. Objective of the Project
Our main objective is to selling the child-insurance and life-insurance policies and to learn how
to reach the customer in a better way.
Primary Objective: To study the IT infrastructure and IT strategies adopted by IDBI Federal
Life Insurance Co Ltd.
Secondary Objective: To study the competitors IT strategies and compare it with IDBI
Federals strategy and hence come out with suggestions for it and create a win-win situation for
the customers, agents and IDBI Federal life Insurance Co Ltd

IV. Methodology

Three Steps:

1. Collection of secondary data about the IT infrastructure at IDBI Federal Life Insurance
Co Ltd.
2. On field survey which will employ customers and will try to find their take on services
provided by IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co Ltd. Also will get their feedback about other
giants in this field. With this data, analysis would be done so as to draw out the role of IT
in enhancing customer reach.
3. Compilation and analysis of the findings in the research and suggesting changes in
improving the existing IT strategies and employing new one if required.

V. Schedule

Evaluation Component Date Planned
Project Proposal 15
April, 2014
Interim Project Report 28
April, 2014
Pilot Study 15
May, 2014
Final Project Report End of May

VI. Limitations of the study:

Limited reach to customers.
Studying IT strategies of the close competitors in such a short span of time would be a
tedious task.
Small sample size and the difference in opinions of different people.

Name Mrs Shanthi Yagyanath Dr Srilakshminarayana G
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