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Isis declare the Islamic caliphate - hype or a

new reality?
"sama #in $aden%s dream is declared a reality& as the Islamic caliphate is
anno'nced #y the militants o( Isis today& who also demand all other )ihadi *ro'ps
pled*e alle*iance+
Islamist militants in Iraq have declared the completion of their Islamic state,
with a new caliphate under their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Discarding
their previous title of Isis for the simpler IS, the claim that the new state
stretches !from Aleppo to Diala! on the outskirts of Baghdad.
"he have not quite achieved that but their footprint certainl stretches
across the Sria-Iraq border - with "ikrit now a ke battleground with the
Iraqi arm.
But, as #araic $%Brien reports, the battle for hearts and minds is going on
well beond the borders of Iraq.
Object 1
,'ssian )ets arri-e in Ira. as *o-ernment p'shes #ac/
&ussian fighter 'ets are delivered to Iraq but (illiam )ague reiterates it
would be unwise for Britain to become involved in the countr%s internal
Iraq has received the first batch of fighter 'ets ordered from &ussia and
e*pects them to be operational within four das.
Iraqi #rime +inister ,ouri al-+aliki has said the second-hand fighters were
bought from &ussia and Belarus in a deal worth up to -.// million, and will
use them to push back against recent gains made b Isis militants.
I do not think it would be wise to have a British military intervention in
this situationForeign Secretary William Hague
0oreign Secretar (illiam )ague said the fighter deliver was !not an
intervention b &ussia!, adding that !all countries in the world have an
interest in overcoming the threat! from Isis.
Object 2
Cold war-era aircraft Ira. is desperate (or more airpower to (i*ht the Isis ins'r*ency
#'t has #ecome (r'strated with its lon* wait (or US 0-1 (i*hter )ets which are d'e
to arri-e in the a't'mn& accordin* to the 2ashin*ton 3ost+ 4he Ira.i *o-ernment has
resorted to #'yin* less sophisticated second-hand aircra(t s'ch as the recently
recei-ed #atch o( S'/hoi S'-25s (rom ,'ssia and 6elar's& and is e-en ne*otiatin* the
ret'rn o( decades-old planes (rom Iran which were (lown o't o( Ira. #y (leein* Ira.i
pilots d'rin* the 99 7'l( 2ar+ "-er 00 Ira.i (i*hters& incl'din* So-iet-made
S'/hoi #om#ers and 8i7s& were (lown o't o( Ira.+ Iran is reportedly recepti-e to the
demands and is wor/in* on re('r#ishin* an 'ndisclosed n'm#er o( )ets& said the
But he said Britain should not become militaril involved in the conflict,
emphasising that the 12 would not dictate Iraq%s leaders and that the
countr needed to form a strong government to deal with the crisis.
Ira.%s decision
!I do not think it would be wise to have a British militar intervention in this
situation, and if there is an militar intervention then the 1nited States has
the best assets and capabilities to do that,! +r )ague told the BB3%s
Andrew +arr programme.
!3learl, the need a new, more inclusive government, where people have
a sense of genuine partnership in government,! he added.
!It isn%t for us, and it wouldn%t help anone in Iraq, for us to pronounce on
who should be the prime minister of Iraq but there has been a failure in
recent ears to bring together Iraqi leaders and people out of their
sectarian divisions - nobod has succeeded in doing that in Iraq over the
last eight ears or so.!
+r )ague recentl returned from a visit to Iraq, where he met with ,ouri al-
+aliki and 2urdish leaders.
!"he are facing a lethal threat, a mortal threat, in the Iraqi state so I reall
impressed on them the need for everbod to work together and then the
e*tent to which the rest of the world can help them will, largel, be
determined b their determination to do that,! he added.
In recent das government forces have been fighting back against the Isis
rebels, reling on commandos flown in b helicopter to defend the countr%s
biggest oil refiner at Bai'i.
A successful operation to recapture territor inside "ikrit would deliver a
ma'or blow against the insurgenc which has struck into the Sunni
heartland north and west of Baghdad.
Iran has said it is read to help Iraq fight the armed revolt using the same
methods it deploed against opposition forces in Sria.
An Iranian general suggested "ehran is offering to take a larger role in
battling Sunni militias threatening Baghdad, although Iran%s Supreme
4eader Aatollah Ali 2hamanei said on 55 'une that h
e re'ected an intervention b (ashington or an other outside power
against Isis.
Iran has spent billions of dollars propping up its all, Srian #resident
Bashar al-Assad, in what has turned into a sectarian pro* war with Sunni
Arab states.
Rania Abouzeid 6&aniaab
7*pect new recruits from other Islamist groups to Islamic State 8formerl
ISIS9 as its idea of state becomes realit. A: sidelined
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