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ARTICLE I: User Terms

1. General Terms of Service and Guidelines; Acceptance

IGN Entertainment, Inc. ("IGN") welcomes you. These Terms of Service ("TOS") apply to we sites an! interactive
services owne! or operate! y IGN an! its susi!iaries which inclu!e, ut are not limite! to,,
",, Team$, &,, GameSpy 'rca!e, an! the
entire GameSpy Networ# (e.(. all )lanet sites), *, 's#,, &oun!ers- .lu, an! Insi!er
( in!ivi!ually the "Service"/ to(ether the "Services"). The TOS applies to each visitor to an! user of the Services,
inclu!in( unre(istere! an! re(istere! users an! payin( suscriers (in!ivi!ually "0ser" an! collectively, "0sers").
.ertain a!!itional terms apply to payin( suscriers which are set forth in 'rticle II elow. 1y visitin( or usin( the
Services you are a(reein( to ai!e y the TOS.
IGN may chan(e the TOS at any time an! the chan(es will ecome effective 23 !ays after postin( the revise! TOS
(the "Effective +ate"). 4ou can review the most current version of the TOS at any time at
http566corp.i(n.com6user7a(reement.html. 4ou are responsile for chec#in( perio!ically for chan(es an! your
continue! use of the IGN Services after the Effective +ate in!icates your acceptance of the new TOS.
'!!itional operatin( (ui!elines ("Gui!elines") may e poste! from time to time on a particular Service that will also
apply to use of such Service, an! such Gui!elines are incorporate! y reference into the TOS. IGN may also offer
certain Services (e.(. that are (overne! y !ifferent terms of service an! such !ifferent terms of
service will e poste! an! (overn the use of such Service.
2. IGN Services
A. Service Changes and Discontinuation. Our Services provi!e you with access to a rich collection of online
resources, inclu!in( various communication tools, online forums, personali9e! content an! ran!e! pro(rammin(.
Some Services are presently provi!e! free of char(e an! others re:uire payment. IGN reserves the ri(ht to
chan(e or to !iscontinue temporarily or permanently the Services at any time without notice. 4ou a(ree that IGN
will not e liale to you or any thir! party for any mo!ification or !iscontinuance of the Services.
. Service !imitations. ;e wor# har! to ma#e your e%perience en<oyale. =owever, we cannot always anticipate
technical or other operational !ifficulties which may result in loss of !ata, personali9ation settin(s or other service
interruptions. &or this reason, you a(ree that the Services, inclu!in( the services of our thir!>party service
provi!ers, are provi!e! "'S IS" an! "'S '"'I?'1?E". Neither IGN nor our thir!>party service provi!ers assume
responsiility for the timeliness, !eletion, mis>!elivery or failure to store any !ata, communications or
personali9ation settin(s. )lease refer to Section @ elow for full !etails.
C. "rivac# "olic#. IGN respects your privacy an! has !evelope! a !etaile! )rivacy )olicy that is incorporate! into
the TOS. )lease ta#e the time to rea! our )rivacy )olicy which is availale at http566corp.i(n.com6privacy. 's a
0ser of the Services, you are acceptin( the terms of our )rivacy )olicy.
D. "osting $ser Content; No %ndorsement of $ser Content. 4ou are solely responsile for all 0ser .ontent (as
!efine! in the ne%t sentence) that you uploa!, post, email, transmit or otherwise ma#e availale on or throu(h the
Services (collectively, ")ost"). "0ser .ontent" means 0ser>)oste! content or information of any type or me!ium,
inclu!in( ut not limite! to5 letters, emails or other messa(es/ other forms of communication throu(h the Services/
personal 0ser information/ cheat co!es/ oar! posts/ rea!er reviews/ lo(s, (ame ratin(s, !ata, notes an!
testimonials/ poll votes/ ima(es/ au!io or vi!eo files/ an! software. 4ou may )ost only 0ser .ontent which you
own, have create! or which you have clear permission to )ost. 4ou ac#nowle!(e an! a(ree that IGN !oes not
en!orse any 0ser .ontent an! is not responsile or liale for any 0ser .ontent, even thou(h it may e unlawful,
harassin(, lielous, privacy inva!in(, ausive, threatenin(, harmful, vul(ar, oscene, or otherwise o<ectionale, or
may infrin(e upon the intellectual property or other ri(hts of another. 4ou ac#nowle!(e that IGN !oes not pre>
screen 0ser .ontent, an! has no oli(ation to !o so, ut that IGN an! its !esi(nees will have the ri(ht (ut not the
oli(ation) in their sole !iscretion to refuse, e!it, move or remove any 0ser .ontent that is )oste! on or throu(h
the Service.
%. Third "art# Sites; Advertisers. The Services may provi!e you with opportunities lin#s or other opportunities to
use certain sites, services, pro!ucts, applications or content offere! y or throu(h IGN-s thir!>party provi!ers,
inclu!in( ut not limite! to a!vertisers, content an! ecommerce provi!ers (collectively "Thir!>)arty Services"). 4our
use of any Thir!>)arty Services is su<ect to any terms of service or con!itions of use associate! with the Thir!>
)arty Services. IGN !oes not control Thir!>)arty Services an! is not responsile for any Thir!>)arty Services or for
the contents thereof, inclu!in(, without limitation, any lin#s that may e containe! in or accessile throu(h Thir!>
)arty Services. IGN !oes not en!orse any Thir!>)arty Services or any pro!ucts, content or communications lin#e!
to or accessile from the Services. 4ou a(ree you are wholly responsile for ma#in( your own in!epen!ent
<u!(ment re(ar!in( your user or interaction with Thir!>)arty Services.
&. General 'ules
&or the enefit of the entire IGN community, an! to comply with applicale laws, we have certain (eneral rules,
which IGN will construe in its sole !iscretion. 1ecause violation of these rules may e (roun!s for imme!iate
termination of your ri(ht to use the Services or other actions y IGN, you shoul! carefully rea! an! follow them.
A. "rovide Accurate Information. 4ou a(ree to provi!e true, accurate, current an! complete information aout
yourself as re:ueste! in the Services re(istration forms (the "Ae(istration +ata"). 4ou a(ree to up!ate the
Ae(istration +ata to #eep it current an! accurate.
. Guard (our "ass)ord. 0pon completin( the re(istration process, you will receive an account an! select a
passwor!. 4ou are responsile for maintainin( the confi!entiality of your passwor! an! account, an! you are fully
responsile for all activities that occur un!er your passwor! or account. In the event of any unauthori9e! use of
your passwor! or account or any other reach of security, you must notify IGN imme!iately an! promptly chan(e
your passwor!. )lease visit the Support .enter (http566support.(amespy.com6article.asp%Bi!C2D33@) for
instructions on how to chan(e your passwor! or to contact IGN.
C. *+e# the !a). 4ou a(ree not to use the Services for ille(al purposes or for the transmission of material that is
unlawful, harassin(, lielous (e.(., untrue an! !ama(in( to others), invasive of another-s privacy, ausive,
threatenin(, or oscene, or that infrin(es the copyri(ht (e.(., ri(hts of an owner or authori9e! user of material) or
other intellectual property ri(hts of others.
D. "ermitted $se of Content. The content inclu!e! in the Services, inclu!in( all ;e site !esi(n, te%t, (raphics,
photos, au!io, vi!eo, the selection an! arran(ement thereof, an! all software that are part of the Services
(collectively, the ".ontent") is owne! or license! y IGN an!6or its licensors. 'll .ontent is ma!e availale to you
for your personal, non>commercial use an! may e store! on a computer only for such use. The .ontent is
protecte! y copyri(ht, tra!emar#, service mar#, patent an! other proprietary ri(hts an! laws. )ulication, sale,
re!istriution in any form or me!ium, as well as mo!ification or use of the .ontent, e%cept as e%pressly permitte!,
is prohiite! without the prior written permission of IGN.
%. !imits on $se of the Services. 4ou a(ree not en(a(e in any of the followin(5 (i) use any automate! means,
inclu!in(, without limitation, a(ents, roots, scripts, or spi!ers, to access, monitor, !ata scrape, copy or transfer
any part of the Services or the Ae(istration +ata or other !ata of any 0ser (whether in!ivi!ually or in the
a((re(ate)/ (ii) proe, scan or test the vulneraility of the Services, or reach the security or authentication
measures on the Services/ (iii) reverse loo#>up, trace or see# to trace any information on any other 0ser of the
Services, inclu!in( any IGN account not owne! y you, to its source, or e%ploit the Services in any way where the
purpose is to reveal any information, inclu!in( ut not limite! to personal i!entification or information, other than
your own information as provi!e! for y the Services/ (iv) ta#e any action that imposes an unreasonale or
!isproportionately lar(e loa! on the infrastructure of the Services/ (v) use any !evice, software or routine to
interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper wor#in( or authori9e! uses of the Services or with any other
person-s use of the Services/ (vi) for(e hea!ers or otherwise manipulate i!entifiers in or!er to !is(uise the ori(in of
any messa(e transmittal you sen! on or throu(h the Services/ an! (vii) impersonate any other in!ivi!ual or entity
or misrepresent your i!entity or your affiliation with another in!ivi!ual or entity.
,. *ur Communities
1- Communit# Conduct. 1y usin( an!6or re(isterin( for the community oar!s, user pa(es, lo(s (the "IGN
1lo(s") or other tools or applications for communicatin(, postin(, or creatin( 0ser .ontent (collectively the "0ser
Tools"), you a(ree to use the 0ser Tools only to post 0ser .ontent that is proper an! relate! to the particular
forum. 1y way of e%ample, an! not as a limitation, you a(ree that when usin( the 0ser Tools, you will not5
1. !efame, ause, harass, stal#, threaten or otherwise violate the le(al ri(hts (such as ri(hts of privacy an!
pulicity) of others.
2. )ost any inappropriate, profane, !efamatory, infrin(in(, oscene, in!ecent or unlawful topic, name,
material or information.
3. )ost files that contain software or other material protecte! y intellectual property laws (or y ri(hts of
privacy of pulicity) unless you own or control the ri(hts thereto or have e%pressly receive! all necessary
4. )ost files or content that contain viruses, corrupte! files, or any other similar software or pro(rams that
may !ama(e the operation of another-s computer.
5. a!vertise or offer to sell any (oo!s or services for any commercial purpose.
6. )ost surveys, contests, pyrami! schemes or chain letters.
7. !ownloa! any file poste! y another 0ser of a forum that you #now, or reasonaly shoul! #now, cannot
e le(ally !istriute! in such manner.
8. restrict or inhiit any other 0ser from usin( an! en<oyin( any pulic area of the Services.
9. falsify or !elete any author attriutions, le(al or other proper notices or proprietary !esi(nations or laels
of the ori(in or source of software or other material containe! in a file that is uploa!e!, or impersonate
any person or entity or falsely state or misrepresent your affiliation with any person or entity.
If you choose to use lan(ua(e, such as a user name or (ame name that, in IGN-s sole !iscretion, is oscene,
in!ecent, offensive, or ausive or that mi(ht otherwise e o<ectionale or inappropriate, we reserve the ri(ht
without prior notice to you to !elete or chan(e the offen!in( lan(ua(e inclu!in( your user name or (ame name.
2- $ser Tools. IGN an! its affiliates reserve the ri(ht to terminate your access without refun! to any or all of the
0ser Tools at any time without notice for any reason whatsoever.
&- .onitoring. IGN an! its affiliates have no oli(ation to pre>screen or monitor the 0ser Tools or the content
)oste! on or throu(h any 0ser Tools. =owever, IGN an! its affiliates reserve the ri(ht at all times to e!it or remove
any content or communications, in whole or in part, in IGN -s or any of its affiliates- sole !iscretion an! to !isclose
any information or ta#e any action as necessary to satisfy any applicale law, re(ulation, le(al process or
(overnmental re:uest.
/- $sage. .ontent or communications poste! usin( the 0ser Tools are (enerally pulic, not private,
communications an! others may rea! your communications without your #nowle!(e or consent. 4ou shoul! not
have any e%pectation of privacy relative to your communications throu(h the 0ser Tools. 'lways use caution when
postin( personal information especially when postin( information that coul! personally i!entify you. 4our postin( of
any 0ser .ontent throu(h the 0ser Tools is !one at your own ris#. IGN is not responsile for its theft, copyin( or
placement of that 0ser .ontent on other me!ia or networ#s. IGN an! its affiliates !o not control or en!orse the
content, messa(es or information foun! in any community an!, therefore, IGN an! its affiliates specifically !isclaim
any liaility with re(ar! to the 0ser Tools an! the content therein an! any actions resultin( from your participation
or the participation of others usin( the 0ser Tools. .ommunity mana(ers an! hosts are not authori9e!
spo#espersons of IGN or any of its affiliates, an! their views !o not necessarily reflect those of IGN an! its
affiliates. .ommunity mana(ers an! hosts !o, however, set stan!ar!s on their own community areas. 1y postin(
0ser .ontent throu(h the 0ser Tools you (rant IGN certain ri(hts as !escrie! in Section E' elow.
G. Do)nloads
'ny material or thir! party software !ownloa!e! throu(h or for the use of the Services is !one at your own
!iscretion an! ris#, an! IGN will not e responsile in any way for any !ama(e to your computer system or loss of
!ata that results from the !ownloa! of any such material. No a!vice or information, whether oral or written,
otaine! y you from the Services or our thir! party service provi!ers will create any warranty not e%pressly state!.
/. 'ights (ou Grant to IGN.
A. $ser Content. 1y sumittin( any 0ser .ontent throu(h or to the Services, inclu!in( on any 0ser Tools or 0ser
)a(es, ut e%clu!in( any 0ser .ontent you sumit on IGN 1lo(s, you herey irrevocaly (rant to IGN, its affiliates
an! !istriutors, a worl!wi!e, royalty>free, non>e%clusive, an! fully su>licensale license, to use, repro!uce,
mo!ify, a!apt, translate, pulicly perform, pulicly !isplay, create !erivative wor#s from, transfer, transmit an!
!istriute on the Services, in connection with promotion or elsewhere, such 0ser .ontent (in whole or in part) an!
to incorporate the 0ser .ontent into other wor#s in any format or me!ium now #nown or later !evelope!.
Notwithstan!in( the fore(oin(, when you sumit a (ame &'F, te%t (ui!e, wal#throu(h or ima(e, IGN may mo!ify
the format an! !isplay of such 0ser .ontent, ut not the content. IGN will ta#e reasonale precautions to help you
to #eep your email an! voicemail messa(es private. The fore(oin( (rants shall inclu!e the ri(ht to e%ploit any
proprietary ri(hts in such 0ser .ontent, inclu!in( ut not limite! to ri(hts un!er copyri(ht, tra!emar#, service mar#
or patent laws un!er any relevant <uris!iction. ;ith respect to 0ser .ontent you )ost for inclusion on pulicly
accessile areas of IGN 1lo(s, you (rant IGN the license to use, !istriute, repro!uce, mo!ify, a!apt, pulicly
perform an! pulicly !isplay such 0ser .ontent on the Services or on any me!ia. 4ou a(ree that the fore(oin(
(rant of ri(hts y you to IGN an! its affiliates is provi!e! without any the entitlement of payment of fees or
. Account Access. In or!er to ensure that IGN is ale to provi!e hi(h>:uality services that are responsive to
0sers- nee!s, you a(ree that IGN representatives will have access to your account an! recor!s as reasonaly
nee!e! to investi(ate complaints. 4ou are responsile for provi!in( all personal computer an! communications
e:uipment necessary to (ain access to the Service.
0. Children and .ature Content
The Services are not !irecte! to chil!ren un!er the a(e of 2*. IGN will not #nowin(ly collect personally i!entifiale
information on or throu(h the Services from anyone un!er 2*. )lease e aware that certain areas on the Services
contain mature content an! there may e poste! specific a(e restrictions to access an! view such areas. 4ou may
e e%pose! to .ontent on the Services that you fin! offensive, in!ecent or o<ectionale. 1y usin( the Services
you assume all ris# associate! with its use. ;e encoura(e parents to supervise their chil!ren-s use of the Services
an! maintain open communication re(ar!in( appropriate materials for use an! viewin( y their chil!ren. Note to
)arents. If you have any concerns aout the Services, please contact us via our online form availale at
1. *ther !egal Stuff
A. Disclaimer of 2arranties. 4ou e%pressly un!erstan! an! a(ree that5
(*$' $S% *, T3% S%'4IC%S IS AT (*$' S*!% 'IS5. T3% S%'4IC%S A'% "'*4ID%D *N AN 6AS IS6
AND 6AS A4AI!A!%6 ASIS. IGN7 ITS A,,I!IAT%S7 *,,IC%'S7 DI'%CT*'S7 %."!*(%%S7 AG%NTS7
"A'TN%'S AND !IC%NS*'S 8C*!!%CTI4%!(7 T3% 6IGN "A'TI%S6- %9"'%SS!( DISC!AI. A!!
2A''ANTI%S *, AN( 5IND7 23%T3%' %9"'%SS *' I."!I%D7 INC!$DING7 $T N*T !I.IT%D T*7 T3%
I."!I%D 2A''ANTI%S *, .%'C3ANTAI!IT(7 ,ITN%SS ,*' A "A'TIC$!A' "$'"*S% AND N*N:
T3% IGN "A'TI%S .A5% N* 2A''ANT( T3AT 8I- T3% S%'4IC%S 2I!! .%%T (*$' '%;$I'%.%NTS7 8II-
T3% S%'4IC%S 2I!! % $NINT%''$"T%D7 TI.%!(7 S%C$'%7 *' %''*':,'%%7 8III- T3% '%S$!TS T3AT
.A( % *TAIN%D ,'*. T3% $S% *, T3% S%'4IC%S 2I!! % ACC$'AT% *' '%!IA!%7 8I4- T3%
;$A!IT( *, AN( "'*D$CTS7 S%'4IC%S7 IN,*'.ATI*N7 *' *T3%' .AT%'IA! "$'C3AS%D *'
*TAIN%D ( (*$ T3'*$G3 T3% S%'4IC%S 2I!! .%%T (*$' %9"%CTATI*NS7 84- T3AT (*$'
.%SSAG%S7 DATA *' IN,*'.ATI*N7 IN 23AT%4%' ,*'. *' .%DI$.7 2I!! N*T % !*ST7 AND 84I-
AN( %''*'S 2I!! % C*''%CT%D. AN( .AT%'IA! D*2N!*AD%D *' *T3%'2IS% *TAIN%D
T3'*$G3 T3% S%'4IC%S IS D*N% AT (*$' *2N DISC'%TI*N AND 'IS57 AND (*$ 2I!! % S*!%!(
'%S"*NSI!% ,*' AN( DA.AG% T* (*$' C*."$T%' S(ST%. *' !*SS *, DATA T3AT '%S$!TS
,'*. T3% D*2N!*AD *, AN( S$C3 .AT%'IA!. N* AD4IC% *' IN,*'.ATI*N7 23%T3%' *'A! *'
2'ITT%N7 *TAIN%D ( (*$ ,'*. AN( IGN "A'T(7 *' T3'*$G3 *' ,'*. T3% S%'4IC%S 2I!!
C'%AT% AN( 2A''ANT( N*T %9"'%SS!( STAT%D IN T3% T*S.
A S.A!! N$.%' *, $S%'S .A( %9"%'I%NC% %"I!%"TIC S%I<$'%S 23%N %9"*S%D T* C%'TAIN
!IG3T "ATT%'NS *' AC5G'*$NDS *N A C*."$T%' SC'%%N *' 23I!% $SING T3% S%'4IC%S.
C%'TAIN C*NDITI*NS .A( IND$C% "'%4I*$S!( $ND%T%CT%D %"I!%"TIC S(."T*.S %4%N IN $S%'S
2IT3 N* 3IST*'( *, S$C3 S(."T*.S. C*NS$!T (*$' "3(SICIAN "'I*' T* $S% *, T3% S%'4IC%S
I, (*$ 3A4% 3AD AN( *, T3%S% S(."T*.S AND DISC*NTIN$% $S% *, T3% S%'4IC%S I..%DIAT%!(
I, (*$ %9"%'I%NC% DI<<IN%SS7 A!T%'%D 4ISI*N7 %(% *' .$SC!% T2ITC3%S7 !*SS *, A2A'%N%SS7
DIS*'I%NTATI*N *' IN4*!$NTA'( .*4%.%NTS *' C*N4$!SI*NS.
S*.% =$'ISDICTI*NS D* N*T A!!*2 T3% %9C!$SI*N *, C%'TAIN 2A''ANTI%S *' T3% !I.ITATI*N
*' %9C!$SI*N *, !IAI!IT( ,*' INCID%NTA! *' C*NS%;$%NTIA! DA.AG%S. IN S$C3
=$'ISDICTI*NS7 !IAI!IT( *, T3% IGN "A'TI%S 2I!! % !I.IT%D T* T3% G'%AT%ST %9T%NT
"%'.ITT%D ( !A2. To the e%tent that any part of this section is not consistent with any other part of the TOS,
then this +isclaimer of ;arranties will overri!e it.
C. !imitation of !ia+ilit#. (*$ AG'%% T3AT T3% IGN "A'TI%S 2I!! N*T % !IA!% T* (*$ ,*' AN(
DI'%CT7 INDI'%CT7 INCID%NTA!7 S"%CIA!7 C*NS%;$%NTIA! *' %9%."!A'( DA.AG%S7 INC!$DING
$T N*T !I.IT%D T*7 DA.AG%S ,*' !*SS *, "'*,ITS7 G**D2I!!7 $S%7 DATA *' *T3%'
INTANGI!% !*SS%S 8%4%N I, T3% IGN "A'TI%S 3A4% %%N AD4IS%D *, T3% "*SSII!IT( *, S$C3
DA.AG%S-7 '%S$!TING ,'*.> 8I- T3% $S% *' INAI!IT( T* $S% T3% S%'4IC%S; 8II- T3% C*ST *,
IN,*'.ATI*N *' S%'4IC%S "$'C3AS%D *' *TAIN%D *' .%SSAG%S '%C%I4%D *'
T'ANSACTI*NS %NT%'%D INT* T3'*$G3 *' ,'*. T3% S%'4IC%S; 8III- $NA$T3*'I<%D ACC%SS T*
*' A!T%'ATI*N *, (*$' T'ANS.ISSI*NS *' DATA; 8I4- STAT%.%NTS *' C*ND$CT *, AN(*N% *N
T3% S%'4IC%S; *' 84- AN( *T3%' .ATT%' '%!ATING T* T3% S%'4IC%S. I,7 N*T2IT3STANDING T3%
*T3%' "'*4ISI*NS *, T3IS AG'%%.%NT7 AN( IGN "A'T( IS ,*$ND T* % !IA!% T* (*$ ,*' AN(
DA.AG% *' !*SS 23IC3 A'IS%S *$T *, *' IS AN( 2A( C*NN%CT%D T* (*$' $S% *, T3%
S%'4IC%S7 !IAI!IT( *, T3% IGN "A'TI%S S3A!! IN N* %4%NT %9C%%D T3% G'%AT%' *, 8I- T3%
T*TA! *, AN( S$SC'I"TI*N *' SI.I!A' ,%%S 2IT3 '%S"%CT T* AN( S%'4IC% *' ,%AT$'% *,
T3% S%'4IC%S "AID IN T3% SI9 .*NT3S "'I*' T* T3% DAT% *, T3% INITIA! C!AI. .AD% AGAINST
IGN7 *' 8II- $S?1@@.@@.
D. Indemnification. 4ou a(ree to protect an! fully compensate the IGN )arties from any an! all thir!>party claims,
liaility, !ama(es, e%penses an! costs (inclu!in(, ut not limite! to, reasonale attorneys- fees) arisin( from your
use of the Services, or violation of the TOS y you or any other user of your account (whether or not authori9e!).
%. Cop#right Infringement. If you elieve that content you own has een use! on the Services in a way that
violates your copyri(ht or other intellectual property ri(hts, please provi!e IGN-s .opyri(ht '(ent the followin(
1. an electronic or physical si(nature of the person authori9e! to act on ehalf of the owner of the copyri(ht
or other intellectual property interest/
2. a !escription of the copyri(hte! wor# or other intellectual property that you claim has een infrin(e!/
3. a !escription of where the material that you claim is infrin(in( is locate! on the site/
4. your a!!ress, telephone numer, an! email a!!ress/
5. a statement y you that you have a (oo! faith elief that the !ispute! use is not authori9e! y the
copyri(ht or intellectual property owner, its a(ent, or the law/ an!
6. a statement y you, ma!e un!er penalty of per<ury, that the aove information in your Notice is accurate
an! that you are the copyri(ht or intellectual property owner or authori9e! to act on the copyri(ht or
intellectual property owner-s ehalf.
IGN-s +esi(nate! '(ent for Notice of claims of copyri(ht or other intellectual property infrin(ement can e reache!
as follows5
# mail>
+esi(nate! '(ent
'ttention ?e(al +epartment
GDDD ,arina 1lv!.,Eth &loor
1risane, .' HEDD3
# "hone>
# ,acsimile>
# email>
,. .iscellaneous. IGN-s ri(hts un!er the TOS may not e waive! unless IGN a(rees to such chan(e in writin(.
The TOS an! your account on the Services are personal to you an! may not e transferre! or assi(ne!. The TOS
is (overne! y 0.S. &e!eral law an! the laws of the State of .alifornia, 0.S.'., without re(ar! to its conflicts of law
provisions/ an! you herey consent to the e%clusive <uris!iction of an! venue in the fe!eral an! state courts
locate! in San &rancisco .ounty, .alifornia, 0.S.'. in all !isputes arisin( out of or relatin( to the Services. 0se of
the Services is unauthori9e! in any <uris!iction that !oes not (ive effect to all provisions of these terms an!
con!itions, inclu!in( without limitation this Section. IGN-s performance of the TOS is su<ect to e%istin( laws an!
le(al process, an! nothin( containe! in the TOS is in !ero(ation of our ri(ht to comply with (overnmental, court
an! law enforcement re:uests or re:uirements relatin( to your use of the Services or information provi!e! to or
(athere! y IGN with respect to such use. If any part of the TOS is !etermine! to e invali! or unenforceale
pursuant to applicale law inclu!in(, ut not limite! to, the warranty !isclaimers an! liaility limitations set forth
aove, then the invali! or unenforceale provision will e !eeme! superse!e! y a vali!, enforceale provision
that most closely matches the intent of the ori(inal provision an! the remain!er of the TOS shall continue in effect.
The TOS, to(ether with any a!!itional terms an! con!itions or policies referre! to an! incorporate! herein
(inclu!in( a!!itional terms applicale to various parts of the Services an! the )rivacy )olicy), constitutes the entire
un!erstan!in( etween you an! IGN re(ar!in( the Services. ' printe! version of the TOS an! any notice (iven in
electronic form shall e a!missile in <u!icial or a!ministrative procee!in(s ase! upon or relatin( to the TOS to
the same e%tent an! su<ect to the same con!itions as other usiness !ocuments an! recor!s ori(inally (enerate!
an! maintaine! in printe! form. The parties have a(ree! that the TOS shall e written in En(lish.
G. Notices. IGN may (ive you notice of certain events from time to time an! may e re:uire! y state or fe!eral
law to notify you of certain events. 4ou herey ac#nowle!(e an! consent that such notices will e effective upon
our postin( them on our Services or !eliverin( them to you throu(h email if you have provi!e! IGN with your
accurate email a!!ress.
+irect :uestions or notices to IGN as follows5
IGN %ntertainment7 Inc.
'ttn5 .ustomer Service
*DJD 1ristol Street, 8n! &loor
.osta ,esa, .' H8@8@
ARTICLE II. Subscription Terms of Service
.ertain Services provi!e! y IGN re:uire re(istration an! payment (such Services are referre! to as the ")remium
Services"). The terms an! con!itions containe! in this 'rticle II (the "Suscrier TOS") apply to each suscrier to
a )remium Service, inclu!in( ut not limite! to 'rca!e, &ile)lanet, '!>&ree Networ#, &oun!ers- .lu, an! Insi!er.
1E 1O0N+ 14 T=E TEA,S 'N+ .ON+ITIONS O& T=E S01S.AI1EA TOS 'S ;E?? 'S '?? OT=EA
&or :uestions aout your IGN suscription, please visit our &'F at http566support.i(n( 'll :uestions
that cannot e answere! via the &'F shoul! e sent usin( our online form, availale at
http566support.i(n( )lease inclu!e your name an! username in all correspon!ence.
1. "a#ment *+ligation and Credit Card AuthoriAation. 4ou are responsile for payin( any an! all char(es
relatin( to your )remium Service account, inclu!in( without limitation, perio!ic suscription fees (the initial fee an!
automatic renewals). 4ou (rant IGN permission to char(e your cre!it car! (or other approve! facility) to pay for all
such char(es. The suscription fee will e ille! at the e(innin( of your suscription an! on each annual,
:uarterly or monthly renewal thereafter, !epen!ant on the ori(inal suscription term selecte! at re(istration, unless
you cancel at least 2D !ays prior to the renewal !ate pursuant to the process set forth elow.
2. 'ene)al and Cancellation of (our Su+scription. 4ou (rant IGN permission to automatically renew your
suscription an! char(e your account up to five (3) !ays prior to the !ay on which your suscription is sche!ule! to
en!. =owever, you may "opt out" of this automatic renewal y visitin( The Support .enter
(http566support.(amespy.com6article.asp%Bi!C2D333) an! cancelin( on your own or y usin( our online form to
notify IGN. IGN will cancel your account upon receipt of such notification from you. 'll fees, char(es an! sales are
final. Once char(e! to your cre!it car!, the payments are nonrefun!ale, e%cept in cases of !emonstrate! frau!,
which will e !etermine! at IGN-s sole !iscretion. 4ou ac#nowle!(e that cancelin( your suscription will not
imme!iately terminate access to the )remium Services. 4our suscription will remain open until the pai! perio!
e%pires. 4ou ac#nowle!(e an! a(ree that the authori9ation to char(e your cre!it car! or other payment mechanism
for the )remium Services shall automatically transfer to any successors or assi(ns of the )remium Service for
sustantially similar services at the same wesite. 4ou may not assi(n or transfer your suscription to any other
person or entity. 4ou must e at least 2G years ol! (or have the permission of a cre!it car! hol!er who is) to
suscrie for )remium Services.
)ayment must e ma!e y a ma<or cre!it car! accepte! y IGN, chec#, )ay)al, or money or!er (0.S. !ollars
only). If IGN !oes not receive payment from the cre!it car! issuer or its a(ent, you a(ree to pay all amounts !ue
upon our !eman!. 4our car! issuer a(reement (overns your use of your !esi(nate! car! in connection with the
)remium Service, an! you must refer to that a(reement an! not the TOS to !etermine your ri(hts an! liailities as
a car!hol!er. 4O0, 'N+ NOT IGN, 'AE AES)ONSI1?E &OA )'4ING 'N4 ',O0NTS 1I??E+ TO 4O0A
.AE+IT .'A+ 14 ' T=IA+ )'AT4 E"EN I& T=E4 ;EAE NOT '0T=OAIKE+ 14 4O0.
)AO"I+E+ 14 IGN, E&&E.TI"E T=IAT4 (*D) +'4S '&TEA 'N ON?INE )OSTING 'T IGN. IGN ,'4
'++ITION'??4 )AO"I+E NOTI.E O& 1I??ING .='NGES "I' E,'I?. If any such chan(e is unacceptale to
you, you may cancel your Suscription Service y visitin( The Support .enter
(http566support.(amespy.com6article.asp%Bi!C2D333). =owever, cancelin( will not imme!iately terminate access to
your )remium Service account an! IGN will not refun! the remainin( portion of your suscription. The suscription
will remain open until the pai! perio! e%pires. 4O0A .ONTIN0E+ 0SE O& T=E )AE,I0, SEA"I.E
&O??O;ING T=E E&&E.TI"E +'TE O& ' .='NGE TO S0.= &EES 'N+ 1I??ING ,ET=O+S S='??
;E1 SITE. 4O0 'GAEE 'N+ '.LNO;?E+GE T='T IGN S='?? NOT 1E AE)ONSI1?E &OA 'N4
T=AO0G= T=E S0))OAT .ENTEA ;IT=IN @D +'4S O& S0.= O..0A'N.E OA ?'.L T=EAEO&.
There shall e no refun!s, e%cept in !emonstrate! cases of cre!it car! frau! (as !etermine! y IGN at its sole
!iscretion) or un!er the terms a(ree! to when purchasin( a pro!uct or service as a(ree! to !urin( the payment
process. 4ou un!erstan! an! a(ree that as a result of processin( a refun! IGN incurs certain a!ministrative costs,
an! that the fees elow are a fair an! accurate assessment of those costs. Shoul! a refun! e permitte!, all
refun!s (e%cept those !ue to !emonstrate! instances of cre!it car! frau!) are su<ect to a "restoc#in(" fee (which
also applies to !i(ital pro!ucts), currently as follows5
Suscriptions5 N3 per char(e refun!e!
+i(ital Aetail5 2DO of the purchase price
&. Termination of (our Su+scription. 4ou ac#nowle!(e that IGN, in its sole !iscretion, may terminate your I+,
passwor!, account (or any part thereof) or use of the )remium Service for a variety of reasons, inclu!in(, without
limitation, if IGN elieves that you have violate! or acte! inconsistently with the letter or spirit of the TOS or any
other a(reement referre! to in the TOS. IGN may also, in its sole !iscretion, at any time !iscontinue provi!in( the
)remium Service, or any part thereof, with or without notice. 4ou a(ree that any termination of your access to the
)remium Service un!er any provision of the TOS may e effecte! without prior notice, an! ac#nowle!(e an!
a(ree that IGN may imme!iately !eactivate or !elete your account an!6or ar any further access to the )remium
Service. If your account is terminate! y IGN, it will not e automatically renewe! an! access will e terminate!,
without refun!. &urther, you a(ree that IGN shall not e liale to you or any thir!>party for termination of your
access to the )remium Service. 4O0 'GAEE 'N+ '.LNO;?E+GE T='T IGN S='?? NOT AE)ONSI1?E &OA
'N4 '+M0ST,ENTS, AE&0N+S OA '..O0NT O"EASIG=TS )'ST T=E @Dth +'4 O& S0.= O..0A'N.E
OA ?'.L T=EAEO&.
/. Trial .em+erships. IGN occasionally offers promotional trial memerships to its )remium Services at special
!iscounte! prices. If you si(n up for a trial memership, you will e automatically renewe! at the normal
suscription rate for the )remium Service at the en! of the trial perio!, unless you cancel at least 8E hours efore
the en! of the trial. 4ou must cancel prior to the en! of your trial to avoi! char(es to your cre!it car!. ;e will
continue to ill your cre!it car! for the )remium Service at the stan!ar! )remium Service rate an! renewal term
thereafter, !epen!ant on the ori(inal suscription term selecte! at re(istration, until you cancel. &or information
aout cancelin( your suscription, visit the Support .enter (http566support.(amespy.com6article.asp%Bi!C2D333).
0. Su+scri+er Information. 4ou a(ree to provi!e an! maintain true, accurate, current an! complete information
aout yourself as prompte! y the )remium Service re(istration process. 4ou must promptly inform IGN of any of
the followin(5 chan(es in the e%piration !ate of any cre!it car! use! in connection with the )remium Service/
chan(es in home or illin( a!!ress/ an! apparent reaches of security, such as loss, theft, or unauthori9e!
!isclosure or use of an I+ or passwor!. 4ou a(ree to notify IGN imme!iately upon learnin( of any potential reach
of your )remium Service account.
1. $se 'estriction. The material on the Services is for the private, non>commercial en<oyment of Suscriers only.
'ny other use is strictly prohiite!. IGN spen!s a (reat !eal of time an! money to otain the information appearin(
on our sites. 4ou a(ree that you will not copy, pulish, or in any way ma#e availale pulicly any news, pictures,
interviews, features, or any other information, content or materials from the Services, without e%press written
permission from IGN. 4ou a(ree that if you !o so, IGN reserves the ri(ht to cancel your suscription imme!iately
without refun!. '!!itionally, reuse of copyri(hte! information (inclu!in( ut not limite! to pictures, interviews,
features, vi!eos, au!io, etc.) will e prosecute! to the fullest e%tent of the law.