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C: I havent seen you a long time ago! How are you?

N: Im fine, it is nice to see you again! I hope you are ok

C: Yeah Im ok dont worry! Hey Nohelia, have you heard about the good news?
N: Good news? Tell me, what happened? What are the good news about?
C: I heard that a group of people is killing criminals
N: What?! And they are good news for you? How can you be happy for something like that? Those
are terrible news for me!
C: But Nohelialook at it this way, they are doing the right! Dont you think criminals ought to be
N: Yeah! But criminals are people like us, they have rights too. It seems to me that people dont
have to kill criminals because if they do it, they will become criminals too.
C: Yes but this people lost their rights when they committed a crime, against to other people. And I
think this group of people is not criminals because there are doing justice for innocent people.
N: I dont think so! They should way for the real justice and that is the police! Have you thought
about taking the justice by their hands is the wrong way? Because these groups of people can be
arrested too!
C: Yes, but the police dont do a great job because the police sometimes dont catch the criminal
and they dont carry out the law
N: What do you mean with that? Dont you think police do their job?
C: Not really, there are a lot of situations such a bribe to the police to dont pay your fines and also
a bribe should be bribe too
N: Yes, I know about that, but there are good police too. People should believe in the laws too,
they must not bribe the police because this is a crime, People should believe in the authorities
because they are the ones who can judge criminals.
C: Yes, but in reality there are few good police who do their job correctlybut anyway! In one way
or another they dont do their job, for example many criminals have never been caught by them
but actually that group of people are doing the great job that the police a lot of time dont do as
N: I know that the police dont do their job correctly, but we are not able to kill people because I
think that if God give us the life, who are we for take it away from other people?
C: Ok, and what about death penalty? Because authorities are killing criminals too so I dont think
that there are doing something bad like killing murders because they have killed to other people
and rapist because they didnt respect to the other people rights
N: I see your point, but you must think that we are humans and we can commit mistakes and they
are humans too. I know that murders kill criminals but they can be sorry about it and they deserve
another opportunity. I know that they can be arrested for this crime, but after that they can have
another life, they can change their life
C: Maybe, or maybe not because change your mind is something difficult and if you have killed
one time is possible that you can do it again so to prevent that kind of situations and dont see
more people dead somebody else need to do it if the authorities wont do it