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Blend CJC-1295/Ipamorelin

Posted on October 18, 2013 by Maxim Peptide

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he peptide blend CJC-1295/Ipamorelin is a combination of the peptides CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin.
!o" CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin #or$ o%ether
CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin ha&e been combined as a
peptide blend because the' share similar functional
properties that allo" them to "or$ "ell to%ether.
CJC-1295, "hen introduced to animal test sub(ects as part
of a scientific stud', affects the number of secretin% cells
and the amount of secretions the' are able to e)press. It is
chiefl' responsible for pro&idin% a sense of homeostasis in
relation to %ro"th re%ulation. he introduction of this
peptide allo"s for an increase in acti&it' relatin% to a cell*s
abilit' to e)press secretions as "ell as the amount of
e)pressions that the' are able to secrete. CJC-1295 is
primaril' able to perform this function because of its
capabilit' to e)tend its half-life. +cientific stud' based an animal test sub(ects ha&e determined that this half-life
can e)pand from less than se&en minutes to more than se&en da's. Because of this len%thenin%, the functionalit'
of the peptide in turn allo"s for a lon%er period of "hat the secretions can do "ithin an animal test sub(ect*s bod'.
In this case, it is tied to the abilit' to s'nthesi,e proteins at an accelerated rate, "hich "ould then lead to more
efficient bodil' functions related to se&eral endocrine s'stem-related processes, includin%-
.uic$er rate of in(ur' reco&er'
Increase in bone densit'
+tron%er immune s'stem
/ore efficient %ro"th of muscular tissue
he secreta%o%ue a%onist Ipamorelin also stimulates secretions relatin% to %ro"th. +pecificall', it stimulates
secretions produced b' the pituitar' %land0 the pea-si,ed %land located at the base of the brain that is responsible
for controllin% all of an animal test sub(ect*s endocrine-based functionalities. It*s functionalit' is similar to that of the
peptide 1!23-4, in that it suppresses the secretion of somatostatin, "hich is a peptide that bloc$s the release of
the &er' secretions that Ipamorelin promotes. !o"e&er, there is one $e' difference bet"een Ipamorelin and the
other peptide. 5nli$e 1!23-4, "hich inad&ertentl' promotes an increase in the production of the hun%er-
stimulatin% peptide %herlin, Ipamorelin has no such b'-product attached to its e)pression, thus allo"in% animal test
sub(ects to retain a proper le&el of homeostasis in relation to hun%er le&els.
/uch li$e CJC-1295, the secretions that Ipamorelin does promote do specificall' tie into the secretions relatin% to
%ro"th. +cientific stud' based on animal test sub(ects has determined that the peptide*s facilities do enable an
efficient, more accelerated process on se&eral $e' functions t'in% into the endocrine s'stem*s control and
re%ulation of %ro"th and repair. hese include-
+tren%th of bone mass and connecti&e tissue
/ore efficient fat loss
Joint re(u&enation and stren%thenin%
In addition to the functions that Ipamorelin does, the functions that don*t occur as a result of the peptide*s presence
are also "orth' of note. 6or e)ample, Ipamorelin does not si%nificantl' ele&ate the production le&els of cortisol,
"hich is a secretion that ele&ates the le&el of blood su%ar in animal test sub(ects. he lac$ of increase allo"s an
animal test sub(ect*s bod' to retain a le&el of homeostasis "hen it comes to blood su%ar. 7lso, Ipamorelin does not
si%nificantl' boost the production of prolactin0 the secretion that is &ital in re%ulatin% the immune s'stem of animal
test sub(ects. his is $e' to note because this particular peptide pla's a si%nificant role in the lactation process
amon%st female test sub(ects, thus allo"in% that delicate process to maintain a le&el of homeostasis.
Minimal Side Effects
#hen blended to%ether, CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin for%e a stron% alliance in terms of promotin% secretions relatin%
to the %ro"th and repair of se&eral endocrine s'stem-related functions. #hat*s more, scientific stud' based on
animal test sub(ects has determined that side effects that ha&e been associated to the blend ha&e been mild in
nature. he side effects that ha&e been associated "ith the CJC-1295/Ipamorelin blend chiefl' consist of
headaches, li%ht-headedness, fati%ue, "ater retention, and a temporar' numbness of the e)tremities.
For Scientific se !nly
It should be noted that, e&en thou%h there ha&e been se&eral scientific studies on animal test sub(ects that ha&e
'ielded potentiall' positi&e results in relation to the blend of CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin, the peptide combination is
still &er' much in the medical research sta%e. 6urthermore, it should be noted that an' findin%s positi&e and
ne%ati&e relatin% to the blend is still the product on research conducted on animal test sub(ects "ithin a strictl'
controlled en&ironment. Because of this, it needs to be stressed that an' research or stud' relatin% to the CJC-
1295/Ipamorelin blend should onl' be contained to an en&ironment such as a laborator' or a clinical research