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The Aquarian Conspiracy

Executive Intelligence Review
In the spring o! "#$%& a boo' appeare( calle( The Aquarian Conspiracy
that put itsel! !orwar( as a ani!esto o! the counterculture. )e!ining
the counterculture as the conscious ebracing o! irrationality ** !ro
roc' an( (rugs to bio!ee(bac'& e(itation& +consciousness*raising&+
yoga& ountain clibing& group therapy& an( psycho(raa. The Aquarian
Conspiracy (eclares that it is now tie !or the ", illion Aericans
involve( in the counterculture to -oin in bringing about a +ra(ical
change in the .nite( /tates.+
0rites author 1arilyn 2erguson3 +0hile outlining a not*yet*title( boo'
about the eerging social alternatives& I thought again about the
peculiar !or o! this oveent4 its atypical lea(ership& the patient
intensity o! its a(herents& their unli'ely successes. It su((enly struc'
e that in their sharing o! strategies& their lin'age& an( their
recognition o! each other by subtle signals& the participants were not
erely cooperating with one another. They were in collusion. It ** this
oveent ** is a conspiracy5+"
2erguson use( a hal!*truth to tell a lie. The counterculture is a
conspiracy ** but not in the hal!*conscious way 2erguson clai ** as she
well 'nows. 2erguson wrote her ani!esto un(er the (irection o! 0illis
6aran& social policy (irector o! the /tan!or( Research Institute& as a
popular version o! a 1ay "#78 policy stu(y on how to trans!or the .nite(
/tates into Al(ous 6uxley9s :rave ;ew 0orl(. The counterculture is a
conspiracy at the top& create( as a etho( o! social control& use( to
(rain the .nite( /tates o! its coitent to scienti!ic an(
technological progress.
That conspiracy goes bac' to the "#<%s& when the :ritish sent Al(ous
6uxley to the .nite( /tates as the case o!!icer !or an operation to
prepare the .nite( /tates !or the ass (isseination o! (rugs. 0e will
ta'e this conspiracy apart step*by*step !ro its sall beginnings with
6uxley in Cali!ornia to the victii=ation o! ", illion Aericans to(ay.
0ith 9The Aquarian Conspiracy9& the :ritish >piu 0ar against the .nite(
/tates has coe out into the open.
The 1o(el
The :ritish ha( a prece(ent !or the counterculture they ipose( upon the
.nite( /tates3 the pagan cult cereonies o! the (eca(ent Egyptian an(
Roan Epires. The !ollowing (escription o! cult cereonies (ating bac'
to the Egyptian Isis priesthoo( o! the thir( illenniu :.C. coul( -ust
as well be a -ournalistic account o! a +hippy be*in+ circa A.). "#?#3
+The acts or gestures that accopany the incantations constitute the
rite @o! IsisA. In these (ances& the beating o! (rus an( the rhyth o!
usic an( repetitive oveents were helpe( by hallucinatory substances
li'e hashish or escal4 these were consue( as a(-uvants to create the
trance an( the hallucinations that were ta'en to he the visitation o! the
go(. The (rugs were sacre(& an( their 'nowle(ge was liite( to the
initiate( . . . Possibly because they have the illusion o! satis!ie(
(esires& an( allowe( the innerost !eelings to escape& these rites
acquire( (uring their execution a !ren=ie( character that is conspicuous
in certain spells3 +Retreat5 Re is piercing thy hea(& slashing thy !ace&
(ivi(ing thy hea(& crushing it in his han(s4 thy bones are shattere(&
thy libs are cut to pieces5+B
The counterculture that was !oiste( on the "#?%s a(olescent youth o!
Aerica is not erely analogous to the ancient cult o! Isis. It is a
literal resurrection o! the cult (own to the populari=ation o! the Isis
cross Cthe +peace sybol+D as the counterculture9s ost !requently use(
The 6igh Priesthoo(
The high priest !or :ritain9s >piu 0ar was Al(ous 6uxley& the gran(son
o! Thoas 6. 6uxley& a !oun(er o! the Rho(es Roun(table group an( a
li!elong collaborator o! Arnol( Toynbee. Toynbee hisel! sat on the RIIA
council !or nearly !i!ty years& hea(e( the Research )ivision o! :ritish
intelligence throughout 0orl( 0ar II& an( serve( as wartie brie!ing
o!!icer o! Prie 1inister 0inston Churchill. Toynbee9s +theory+ o!
history& expoun(e( in his twenty*volue 6istory o! 0estern civili=ation&
was that its (eterining culture has always been the rise an( (ecline o!
gran( iperial (ynasties. At the very point that these (ynasties ** the
+thousan( year Reich+ o! the Egyptian pharaohs& the Roan Epire& an(
the :ritish Epire ** succee( in iposing their rule over the entire
!ace o! the earth& they ten( to (ecline. Toynbee argue( that this
(ecline coul( be abate( i! the ruling oligarchy Cli'e that o! the :ritish
Roun(tableD woul( (evote itsel! to the recruitent an( training o! an
ever*expan(ing priesthoo( (e(icate( to the principles o! iperial rule.<
Traine( at Toynbee9s >x!or(& Al(ous 6uxley was one o! the initiates in
the +Chil(ren o! the /un&+ a )ionysian cult coprise( o! the chil(ren o!
:ritain9s Roun(table elite.8 Aong the other initiates were T./. Eliot&
0.6. Au(en& /ir >swal( 1osley& an( ).6. Lawrence& 6uxley9s hoosexual
lover. It was 6uxley& !urtherore& who woul( launch the legal battle in
the "#,%s to have Lawrence9s pornographic novel La(y Chatterley9s Lover
allowe( into the .nite( /tates on the groun( that it was a isun(erstoo(
+wor' o! art.+,
Al(ous 6uxley& along with his brother Eulian& was tutore( at >x!or( by
6.F. 0ells& the hea( o! :ritish !oreign intelligence (uring 0orl( 0ar I
an( the spiritual gran(!ather o! the Aquarian Conspiracy. 2erguson
accurately sees the counterculture as the reali=ation o! what 0ells
calle( The >pen Conspiracy3 :lue Prints !or a 0orl( Revolution. The +>pen
Conspiracy&+ 0ells wrote& +will appear !irst& I believe& as a conscious
organi=ation o! intelligent an( quite possibly in soe cases& wealthy
en& as a oveent having (istinct social an( political ais&
con!esse(ly ignoring ost o! the existing apparatus o! political
control& or using it only as an inci(ental ipleent in the stages& a
ere oveent o! a nuber o! people in a certain (irection who will
presently (iscover with a sort o! surprise the coon ob-ect towar(
which they are all oving . . . In all sorts o! ways they will be
in!luencing an( controlling the apparatus o! the ostensible
0hat 2erguson le!t out is that 0ells calle( his conspiracy a +one*worl(
brain+ which woul( !unction as +a police o! the in(.+ /uch boo's as the
>pen Conspiracy were !or the priesthoo( itsel!. :ut 0ells9s popular
writings CTie 1achine& The Islan( o! )r. 1oreau& an( so !orthD& an(
those o! his proteges Al(ous 6uxley C:rave ;ew 0orl(D an( Feorge >rwell
C"#$8 an( Anial 2arD& were written as +ass appeal+ organi=ing
(ocuents on behal! o! one*worl( or(er. >nly in the .nite( /tates are
these +science !iction classics+ taught in gra(e school as attac's
against !ascis.
.n(er 0ells9s tutelage& 6uxley was !irst intro(uce( to Aleister Crowley.
Crowley was a pro(uct o! the cultist circle that (evelope( in :ritain
!ro the "$?%s un(er the gui(ing in!luence o! E(war( :ulwer*Lytton **
who& it will be recalle(& was the colonial inister un(er Lor(
Palerston (uring the /econ( >piu 0ar. In "$$?& Crowley& 0illia :utler
Geats& an( several other :ulwer*Lytton proteges !ore( the Isis*.rania
Teple o! 6eretic /tu(ents o! the Fol(en )awn. This Isis Cult was
organi=e( aroun( the "$77 anuscript Isis .nveile( by 1a(ae 6elena
:lavats'y& in which the Russian occultist calle( !or the :ritish
aristocracy to organi=e itsel! into an Isis priesthoo(.7
The subversive Isis .rania >r(er o! the Fol(en )awn is to(ay an
international (rug ring sai( to be controlle( by the Cana(ian
ulti*illionaire& 1aurice /trong& who is also a top operative !or
:ritish Intelligence.
In "#<7& 6uxley was sent to the .nite( /tates& where he reaine(
throughout the perio( o! 0orl( 0ar II. Through a Los Angeles contact&
Eacob Heitlin& 6uxley an( pe(erast Christopher Isherwoo( were eploye(
as script writers !or 1F1& 0arner :rothers& an( 0alt )isney /tu(ios.
6ollywoo( was alrea(y (oinate( by organi=e( crie eleents ban'rolle(
an( controlle( through Lon(on. Eoseph Ienne(y was the !rontan !or a
:ritish consortiu that create( RI> stu(ios& an( +:ugsy+ /iegel& the
0est Coast boss o! the Lans'y syn(icate& was heavily involve( in 0arner
:rothers an( 1F1.
6uxley !oun(e( a nest o! Isis cults in southern Cali!ornia an( in /an
2rancisco& that consiste( exclusively o! several hun(re( (erange(
worshipers o! Isis an( other cult go(s. Isherwoo(& (uring the Cali!ornia
perio(& translate( an( propagate( a nuber o! ancient Hen :u((hist
(ocuents& inspiring Hen*ystical cults along the way.$
In e!!ect& 6uxley an( Isherwoo( C-oine( soon a!terwar(s by Thoas 1ann
an( his (aughter Elisabeth 1ann :orgheseD lai( the !oun(ations (uring
the late "#<%s an( the "#8%s !or the later L/) culture& by recruiting a
core o! +initiates+ into the Isis cults that 6uxley9s entors&
:ulwer*Lytton& :lavats'y& an( Crowley& ha( constitute( while statione( in
L/)3 9Jisitation !ro the Fo(s9
+Ironically&+ writes 2erguson& +the intro(uction o! a-or psyche(elics
li'e L/)& in the "#?%s& was largely attributable to the Central
Intelligence Agency9s investigation into the substances !or possible
ilitary use. Experients on ore than eighty college capuses& un(er
various CIA co(e naes& unintentionally populari=e( L/). Thousan(s o!
gra(uate stu(ents serve( as guinea pigs. /oon they were synthesi=ing
their own 9aci(.9 +#
The CIA operation was co(e nae( 1I*.ltra& its result was not
unintentional& an( it began in "#,B& the year Al(ous 6uxley returne( to
the .nite( /tates.
Lysergic aci( (iethylai(e& or L/)& was (evelope( in "#8< by Albert
6o!!an& a cheist at /an(o= A.:. ** a /wiss pharaceutical house owne(
by /.F. 0arburg. 0hile precise (ocuentation is unavailable as to the
auspices un(er which the L/) research was coissione(& it can be sa!ely
assue( that :ritish intelligence an( its subsi(iary ../. >!!ice o!
/trategic /ervices were (irectly involve(. Allen )ulles& the (irector o!
the CIA when that agency began 1I*.ltra& was the >// station chie! in
:erne& /wit=erlan( throughout the early /an(o= research. >ne o! his >//
assistants was Eaes 0arburg& o! the sae 0arburg !aily& who was
instruental in the "#?< !oun(ing o! the Institute !or Policy /tu(ies&
an( wor'e( with both 6uxley an( Robert 6utchins.+"%
Al(ous 6uxley returne( to the .nite( /tates !ro :ritain& accopanie( by
)r. 6uphrey >son(& the 6uxleys9 private physician. >son( ha( been
part o! a (iscussion group 6uxley ha( organi=e( at the ;ational
6ospital& Kueens /quare& Lon(on. Along with another seinar participant&
E.R. /ythies& >son( wrote /chi=ophrenia3 A ;ew Approach& in which he
asserte( that escaline ** a (erivative o! the escal cactus use( in
ancient Egyptian an( In(ian pagan rites ** pro(uce( a psychotic state
i(entical in all clinical respects to schi=ophrenia. >n this basis&
>son( an( /ythies a(vocate( experientation with hallucinogenic (rugs
as a eans o! (eveloping a +cure+ !or ental (isor(ers.
>son( was brought in by Allen )ulles to play a proinent role in
1I*.ltra. At the sae tie& >son(& 6uxley& an( the .niversity o!
Chicago9s Robert 6utchins hel( a series o! secret planning sessions in
"#,B an( "#,< !or a secon(& private L/) escaline pro-ect un(er 2or(
2oun(ation !un(ing."" 6utchins& it will be recalle(& was the progra
(irector o! the 2or( 2oun(ation (uring this perio(. 6is L/) proposal
incite( such rage in 6enry 2or( II that 6utchins was !ire( !ro the
!oun(ation the !ollowing year.
It was also in "#,< that >sun( gave 6uxley a supply o! escaline !or his
personal consuption. The next year& 6uxley wrote The )oors o!
Perception& the !irst ani!esto o! the psyche(elic (rug cult& which
claie( that hallucinogenic (rugs +expan( consciousness.+ Although the
2or( 2oun(ation re-ecte( the 6utchins*6uxley proposal !or private
!oun(ation sponsorship o! L/)& the proposal was not (roppe(. :eginning
in "#?B& the Ran( Corporation o! /anta 1onica& Cali!ornia began a
!our*year experient in L/)& peyote& an( ari-uana. The Ran( Corporation
was establishe( siultaneously with the reorgani=ation o! the 2or(
2oun(ation (uring "#8#. Ran( was an outgrowth o! the wartie /trategic
:obing /urvey& a +cost analysis+ stu(y o! the psychological e!!ects o!
the bobings o! Feran population centers.
Accor(ing to a "#?B Ran( Abstract& 0.6. 1cFlothlin con(ucte( a
preparatory stu(y on +The Long*Lasting E!!ects o! L/) on Certain
Attitu(es in ;orals3 An Experiental Proposal.+ The !ollowing year&
1cFlothlin con(ucte( a year*long experient on thirty huan guinea pigs&
calle( +/hort*Ter E!!ects o! L/) on Anxiety& Attitu(es an( Per!orance.+
The stu(y conclu(e( that L/) iprove( eotional attitu(es an( resolve(
anxiety probles."B
6uxley At 0or' 6uxley expan(e( his own L/)*escaline pro-ect in
Cali!ornia by recruiting several in(ivi(uals who ha( been initially
(rawn into the cult circles he helpe( establish (uring his earlier stay.
The two ost proinent in(ivi(uals were Alan 0atts an( the late )r.
Fregory :ateson Cthe !orer husban( o! )ae 1argaret 1ea(D. 0atts becae
a sel!*style( +guru+ o! a nationwi(e Hen :u((hist cult built aroun( his
well*publici=e( boo's. :ateson& an anthropologist with the >//& becae
the (irector o! a hallucinogenic (rug experiental clinic at the Palo
Alto Jeterans A(inistration 6ospital. .n(er :ateson9s auspices& the
initiating +ca(re+ o! the L/) cult ** the hippies ** were prograe(."<
0atts at the sae tie !oun(e( the Paci!ica 2oun(ation& which sponsore(
two ra(io station 0I:0 in /an 2rancisco an( 0:1*21 in ;ew Gor' City. The
Paci!ica stations were aong the !irst to push the +Liverpool /oun(+ **
the :ritish*iporte( har( roc' twanging o! the Rolling /tones& the
:eatles& an( the Anials. They woul( later pioneer +aci( roc'+ an(
eventually the sel!*avowe( psychotic +pun' roc'.+
)uring the !all o! "#?%& 6uxley was appointe( visiting pro!essor at the
1assachusetts Institute o! Technology in :oston. Aroun( his stay in that
city& 6uxley create( a circle at 6arvar( parallel to his 0est Coast L/)
tea. The 6arvar( group inclu(e( 6uxley& >sun(& an( 0atts Cbrought in
!ro Cali!orniaD& Tiothy Leary& an( Richar( Alpert.
The ostensible topic o! the 6arvar( seinar was +Religion an( its
/igni!icance in the 1o(ern Age.+ The seinar was actually a planning
session !or the +aci( roc'+ counterculture. 6uxley establishe( contact
(uring this 6arvar( perio( with the presi(ent o! /an(o=& which at the
tie was wor'ing on a CIA contract to pro(uce large quantities o! L/)
an( psilocybin Canother synthetic hallucinogenic (rugD !or 1I*.ltra& the
CIA9s o!!icial cheical war!are experient. Accor(ing to recently
release( CIA (ocuents& Allen )ulles purchase( over "%% illion (oses o!
L/) ** alost all o! which !loo(e( the streets o! the .nite( /tates
(uring the late "#?%s. )uring the sae perio(& Leary began privately
purchasing large quantities o! L/) !ro /an(o= as well."8
2ro the (iscussions o! the 6arvar( seinar& Leary put together the boo'
The Psyche(elic Experience& base( on the ancient cultist Tibetan :oo' o!
the )ea(. It was this boo' that populari=e( >sun(9s previously coine(
ter& +psyche(elic in(*expan(ing.+
The Roots o! the 2lower People
:ac' in Cali!ornia& Fregory :ateson ha( aintaine( the 6uxley operation
out o! the Palo Alto JA hospital. Through L/) experientation on
patients alrea(y hospitali=e( !or psychological probles& :ateson
establishe( a core o! +initiates+ into the +psyche(elic+ Isis Cult.
2oreost aong his Palo Alto recruits was Ien Iesey. In "#,#& :ateson
a(inistere( the !irst (ose o! L/) to Iesey. :y "#?B& Iesey ha( coplete(
a novel& >ne 2lew >ver the Cuc'oo9s ;est& which populari=e( the notion
that society is a prison an( the only truly +!ree+ people are the
Iesey subsequently organi=e( a circle o! L/) initiates calle( +The 1erry
Pran'sters.+ They toure( the country (isseinating L/) Co!ten without
!orewarning the receiving partiesD& buil(ing up local (istribution
connections& an( establishing the pretext !or a high volue o! publicity
on behal! o! the still inuscule +counterculture.+
:y "#?7& the Iesey cult ha( han(e( out such quantities o! L/) that a
si=able (rug population ha( eerge(& centere( in the 6aight*Ashbury
(istrict o! /an 2rancisco. 6ere 6uxley collaborator :ateson set up a
+!ree clinic&+ sta!!e( by )r. )avi( /ith ** later a +e(ical a(viser+
!or the ;ational >rgani=ation !or the Re!or o! 1ari-uana Laws C;>R1LD4
)r. Ernest )ernberg an active*(uty ilitary o!!icer& probably on
assignent through 1I*.Itra4 Roger /ith*a street gang organi=er traine(
by /aul Alins'y. )uring the 2ree Clinic perio(& Roger /ith was the
parole o!!icer o! the cultist ass ur(erer Charles 1anson4 )r. Peter
:ourne ** !orerly Presi(ent Carter9s special assistant on (rug abuse.
:ourne (i( his psychiatric resi(ency at the Clinic. 6e ha( previously
con(ucte( a pro!iling stu(y o! FI heroin a((icts in Jietna.
The 2ree Clinic parallele( a pro-ect at the Tavistoc' Institute& the
psychological war!are agency !or the :ritish /ecret Intelligence /ervice.
Tavistoc'& !oun(e( as a clinic in Lon(on in the "#B%s& ha( becoe the
Psychiatric )ivision o! the :ritish Ary (uring 0orl( 0ar II un(er its
(irector& )r. Eohn Rawlings Rees."?
)uring the "#?%s& the Tavistoc' Clinic !ostere( the notion that no
criteria !or sanity exist an( that psyche(elic +in(*expan(ing+ (rugs
are valuable tools o! psychoanalysis. In "#?7& Tavistoc' sponsore( a
Con!erence on the +)ialectics o! Liberation&+ chaire( by Tavistoc'
psychoanalyst )r. R.). Laing& hisel! a populari=e( author an( a(vocate
o! (rug use. That con!erence (rew a nuber o! people who woul( soon play
a proinent role in !ostering terroris4 Angela )avis an( /to'ely
Carichael were two proinent Aerican (elegates.
Thus& by "#?<& 6uxley ha( recruite( his core o! +initiates.+ All o! the
** Leary& >sun(& 0atts& Iesey& Alpert ** becae the highly publici=e(
prooters o! the early L/) counterculture. :y "#?7& with the cult o!
+2lower People+ in 6aight*Ashbury an( the eergence o! the antiwar
oveent& the .nite( /tates was rea(y !or the inun(ation o! L/)& hashish
an( ari-uana that hit Aerican college capuses in the late "#?%s.
9The :eating o! )rus . . .9
In "#?<& the :eatles arrive( in the .nite( /tates& an( with their
(ecisive airing on the E( /ullivan /how& the +:ritish soun(+ too' o!! in
the ../.A. 2or their achieveent& the !our roc'sters were awar(e( the
>r(er o! the :ritish Epire by 6er 1a-esty the Kueen. The :eatles an(
the Anials& Rolling /tones& an( hoici(al pun' roc' aniacs who
!ollowe( were& o! course& no ore a spontaneous outpouring o! alienate(
youth than was the aci( culture they accopanie(.
The social theory o! roc' was elaborate( by usicologist Theo(or A(orno&
who cae to the .nite( /tates in "#<# to hea( the Princeton .niversity
Ra(io Research Pro-ect."7 A(orno writes3 +In an iaginary but
psychologically eotion*la(en (oain& the listener who reebers a hit
song will turn into the song9s i(eal sub-ect& into the person !or who
the song i(eally spea's. At the sae tie& as one o! any who i(enti!y
with that !ictitious sub-ect& that usical I& he will !eel his isolation
ease as he hisel! !eels integrate( into the counity o! +!ans.+ In
whistling such a song he bows to a ritual o! sociali=ation& although
beyon( this unarticulate( sub-ective stirring o! the oent his
isolation continues unchange( . . . The coparison with a((iction is
inescapable. A((icte( con(uct generally has a social coponent3 it is one
possible reaction to the atoi=ation which& as sociologists have
notice(& parallels the copression o! the social networ'. A((iction to
usic on the part o! a nuber o! entertainent listeners woul( be a
siilar phenoenon.+"$
The hit para(e is organi=e( precisely on the sae principles use( by
Egypt9s Isis priesthoo( an( !or the sae purpose3 the recruitent o!
youth to the (ionysiac counterculture.
In a report prepare( !or the .niversity o! 1ichigan9s Institute !or
/ocial Research& Paul 6irsch (escribe( the pro(uct o! A(orno9s Ra(io
Research Pro-ect."# Accor(ing to 6irsch& the establishent o! postwar
ra(io9s 6it Para(e +trans!ore( the ass e(iu into an agency o!
sub*cultural prograing. Ra(io networ's were converte( into
roun(*the*cloc' recycling achines that repeate( the top !orty hits.+
6irsch (ocuents how all popular culture ** ovies& usic& boo's& an(
!ashion ** is now run on the sae progra o! preselection. To(ay9s ass
culture operates li'e the opiu tra(e3 The supply (eterines the (ean(.
The Jietna 0ar an( the Anti*Jietna 0ar Trap
:ut without the Jietna 0ar an( the +anti*war+ oveent& the Isis cult
woul( have been containe( to a !ringe phenoenon ** no bigger than the
beatni' cult o! the "#,%s that was an outgrowth o! the early 6uxley
ventures in Cali!ornia. The Jietna 0ar create( the cliate o! oral
(espair that opene( Aerica9s youth to (rugs.
.n(er Ienne(y& Aerican ilitary involveent in Jietna ** which ha(
been vetoe( by the Eisenhower a(inistration ** was initiate( on a
liite( scale. .n(er Lyn(on Eohnson& Aerican ilitary presence in
Jietna was assively escalate(& at the sae tie that ../. e!!orts were
restricte( ** the !raewor' o! +liite( war.+ Playing on the Presi(ent9s
pro!ile& the anglophile Eastern Establishent& typi!ie( by top 0hite
6ouse national security ai(e 1cFeorge :un(y an( )e!ense /ecretary Robert
1c;aara& convince( Presi(ent Eohnson that un(er the nuclear +balance o!
terror&+ or the regie o! 1utual an( Assure( )estruction& the .nite(
/tates coul( a!!or( neither a political solution to the con!lict& nor
the coitent to a ilitary victory.
The outcoe o! this (ebacle was a a-or strategic with(rawal !ro Asia by
the .nite( /tates& spelle( out in 6enry Iissinger9s +Fua )octrine&+
a(option o! the spectacular !ailure 'nown as the +China Car(+ strategy
!or containing /oviet in!luence& an( (eorali=ation o! the Aerican
people over the war to the point that the sense o! national pri(e an(
con!i(ence in the !uture progress o! the republic was ba(ly (aage(.
Eust as Al(ous 6uxley began the counterculture subversion o! the .nite(
/tates thirty years be!ore its consequences becae evi(ent to the
public& Lor( :ertran( Russell began laying the !oun(ations !or the
anti*war oveent o! the "#?%s be!ore the "#<%s expire(. Russell9s
+paci!is+ was always relative ** the eans to his ost cherishe( en(&
one*worl( governent on the iperial o(el& that woul( curb the
nation*state an( its persistent ten(ency towar( republicanis an(
technological progress.
Lor( Russell an( Al(ous 6uxley co!oun(e( the Peace Ple(ge .nion in "#<7
capaigning !or peace with 6itler*-ust be!ore both went to the .nite(
/tates !or the (uration o! 0orl( 0ar.B% )uring 0orl( 0ar II& Lor( Russell
oppose( :ritish an( Aerican war!are against the ;a=is. In "#87& when
the .nite( /tates was in possession o! the atoic bob an( Russia was
not& Russell lou(ly a(vocate( that the .nite( /tates or(er the /oviets
to surren(er to a one*worl( governent that woul( en-oy a restrictive
onopoly on nuclear weapons& un(er the threat o! a preeptive 0orl( 0ar
III against the /oviet .nion. 6is "#,%s +:an the :ob+ oveent was
(irecte( to the sae en(*it !unctione( as an anti*technology oveent
against the peace*through*econoic (evelopent potentials represente( by
Presi(ent Eisenhower9s +Atos !or Peace+9 initiative.
2ro the i(*"#,%s onwar(& Russell9s principal assignent was to buil( an
international anti*war an( anti*Aerican oveent. Coinci(ent with the
escalation o! ../. involveent in Jietna un(er :ritish anipulation&
Russell upgra(e( the ol( Peace Ple(ge .nion Cwhich ha( been use( in 0est
Ferany throughout the postwar perio( to proote an anti*capitalist +;ew
le!t+ wing o! the /ocial )eocratic Party& recruiting several !uture
ebers o! the :aa(er*1einho! terrorist gang in the processD into the
:ertran( Russell Peace 2oun(ation.
In the .nite( /tates& the ;ew Gor' ban's provi(e( several hun(re(
thousan( (ollars to establish the Institute !or Policy /tu(ies CIP/D&
e!!ectively the ../. branch o! the Russell Peace 2oun(ation. Aong the
!oun(ing trustees o! the IP/ was Eaes 0arburg& (irectly representing
the !aily9s interests.
IP/ (rew its ost active operatives !ro a variety o! :ritish*(oinate(
institutions. IP/ !oun(ing (irector 1arcus Ras'in was a eber o! the
Ienne(y a(inistration9s ;ational /ecurity Council an( also a !ellow o!
the ;ational Training Labs& a ../. subsi(iary o! the Tavistoc' Institute
!oun(e( by )r. Iurt Lewin.
A!ter its creation by the League !or In(ustrial )eocracy& /tu(ents !or a
)eocratic /ociety C/)/D& the ubrella o! the stu(ent anti*war oveent&
was in turn !inance( an( run through IP/ ** up through an( beyon( its
splintering into a nuber o! terrorist an( 1aoist gangs in the late
"#?%s.B" 1ore broa(ly& the institutions an( outloo' o! the ../. anti*war
oveent were (oinate( by the (irect political (escen(ants o! the
:ritish*(oinate( +socialist oveent+ in the ../.A.& !ostere( by the
6ouse o! 1organ as !ar bac' as the years be!ore 0orl( 0ar5.
This is not to say that the a-ority o! anti*war protesters were pai(&
certi!ie( :ritish agents. >n the contrary& the overwheling a-ority o!
anti*war protesters went into /)/ on the basis o! outrage at the
(evelopents in Jietna. :ut once caught in the environent (e!ine( by
Russell an( the Tavistoc' Institute9s psychological war!are experts& an(
inun(ate( with the essage that he(onistic pleasure*see'ing was a
legitiate alternative to +ioral war&+ their sense o! values an( their
creative potential went up in a clou( o! hashish so'e.
9Changing Iages9
;ow& !i!teen years later& with nearly an entire generation o! Aerican
youth suberge( in the (rugs that !loo(e( the nation9s capuses& the
Aquarian Conspiracy9s 1arilyn 2erguson is able to write3 +There are
legions o! @AquarianA conspirators. They are in corporations&
universities& an( hospitals& on the !aculties o! public schools& in
!actories an( (octors9 o!!ices& in state an( !e(eral agencies& on city
councils& an( the 0hite 6ouse sta!!& in state legislatures& in volunteer
organi=ations& in virtually all arenas o! policy a'ing in the
Li'e the :ritish inun(ation o! China with (rugs in the nineteenth
century& the :ritish counterculture has succee(e( in. subverting the
!abric o! the nation& even up to the top*ost levels o! governent.
In "#?B& 6uxley helpe( !oun( the Esalen Institute in :ig /ur& Cali!ornia&
which becae a ecca !or hun(re(s o! Aericans to engage in wee'en(s o!
T*Froups an( Training Froups o(ele( on behavior group therapy& !or Hen&
6in(u& an( :u((hist transcen(ental e(itation& an( +out o! bo(y+
experiences through siulate( an( actual hallucinogenic (rugs.B<
As (escribe( in the Esalen Institute ;ewsletter3 +Esalen starte( in the
!all o! "#?B as a !oru to bring together a wi(e variety o! approaches
to enhanceent o! the huan potential . . . inclu(ing experiential
sessions involving encounter groups& sensory awa'ening& gestalt
awareness training& relate( (isciplines. >ur latest step is to !an out
into the counity at large& running progras in cooperation with any
(i!!erent institutions& churches& schools& hospitals& an( governent.+B8
Esalen9s noinal !oun(ers were two transcen(ental e(itation stu(ents&
1ichael 1urphy an( Richar( Price& both gra(uates o! /tan!or( .niversity.
Price also participate( in the experients on patients at :ateson9s Palo
Alto Jeterans 6ospital. To(ay Esalen9s catalogue o!!ers3 T*Froups4
Psycho(raa 1arthon4 2ight Training !or Lovers an( Couples4 Religious
Cults4 L/) Experiences an( the Freat Religions o! the 0orl(4 Are Gou
/oun(& a wee'en( wor'shop with Alan 0atts4 Creating ;ew 2ors o! 0orship4
6allucinogenic Psychosis4 an( ;on*)rug Approaches to Psyche(elic
/everal tens o! thousan(s o! Aericans have passe( through Esalen4
illions have passe( through the progras it has sire( throughout the
The next leap in :ritain9s Aquarian Conspiracy against the .nite( /tates
was the 1ay "#78 report that provi(e( the basis !or 2erguson9s wor'. The
report is entitle( +Changing Iages o! 1an&+ Contract ;uber .R6
C8$#LB",>& Policy Research Report ;o. 8"8.78& prepare( by the /tan!or(
Research Institute Center !or the /tu(y o! /ocial Policy& 0illis 6aran&
(irector. The <"#*page ieographe( report was prepare( by a tea o!
!ourteen researchers an( supervise( by a panel o! twenty*three
controllers& inclu(ing anthropologist 1argaret 1ea(& psychologist :.2.
/'inner& Ervin Las=lo o! the .nite( ;ations& /ir Feo!!rey Jic'ers o!
:ritish intelligence.
The ai o! the stu(y& the authors state& is to change the iage o!
an'in( !ro that o! in(ustrial progress to one o! +spiritualis.+ The
stu(y asserts that in our present society& the +iage o! in(ustrial an(
technological an+ is obsolete an( ust be +(iscar(e(+3 +1any o! our
present iages appear to have becoe (angerously obsolete& however . . .
/cience& technology& an( econoics have a(e possible really signi!icant
stri(es towar( achieving such basic huan goals as physical sa!ety an(
security& aterial co!ort an( better health. :ut any o! these successes
have brought with the probles o! being too success!ul ** probles that
theselves see insoluble within the set o! societal value*preises that
le( to their eergence . . . >ur highly (evelope( syste o! technology
lea(s to higher vulnerability an( brea'(owns. In(ee( the range an(
interconnecte( ipact o! societal probles that are now eerging pose a
serious threat to our civili=ation . . . I! our pre(ictions o! the
!uture prove correct& we can expect the association probles o! the tren(
to becoe ore serious& ore universal an( to occur ore rapi(ly.+
There!ore& /RI conclu(es& we ust change the in(ustrial*technological
iage o! an !ast3 +Analysis o! the nature o! conteporary societal
probles lea(s to the conclusion that . . . the iages o! an that
(oinate( the last two centuries will be ina(equate !or the
post*in(ustrial era.+
/ince the writing o! the 6aran report& one Presi(ent o! the .nite(
/tates& Eiy Carter& reporte( sighting .2>s his ;ational /ecurity
A(viser Hbigniew :r=e=ins'i a(e speeches proclaiing the a(vent o! the
;ew Age& the Eoint Chie!s o! /ta!! every orning rea( so*calle(
intelligence reports on the biorhyths an( horoscopes o! the ebers o!
the /oviet Politburo. The 6ouse o! Representatives establishe( a new
congressional coittee& calle( the Congressional Clearinghouse on the
2uture& where the li'es o! 2erguson have coe to lecture up to a hun(re(
0hat began as :ritain9s creation o! the counterculture to open the ar'et
!or its (ope has coe a long way.
The L/) Connection
0ho provi(e( the (rugs that swape( the anti*war oveent an( the college
capuses o! the .nite( /tates in the late "#?%sM The organi=e( crie
in!rastructure which ha( set up the Pe'ing Connection !or the opiu tra(e
in "#B$ ** provi(e( the sae services in the "#?%s an( "#7%s it ha(
provi(e( (uring Prohibition. This was also the sae networ' 6uxley ha(
establishe( contact with in 6ollywoo( (uring the "#<%s. The L/)
connection begins with one 0illia +:illy+ 1ellon 6itchcoc'. 6itchcoc'
was a gra(uate o! the .niversity o! Jienna an( a scion o! the
illionaire 1ellon ban'ing !aily o! Pittsburgh. CAn(rew 1ellon o! the
sae !aily ha( been the ../. Treasury /ecretary throughout
Prohibition.D In "#?<& when Tiothy Leary was thrown out o! 6arvar(&
6itchcoc' rente( a !i!ty*!ive*roo ansion in 1illbroo'& ;ew Gor'& where
the entire Leary*6uxley circle o! initiates was house( until its later
ove bac' to Cali!ornia.B?
6itchcoc' was also a bro'er !or the Lans'y syn(icate an( !or the
2i(uciary Trust Co.& ;assau& Fran( :ahaas *** a wholly owne( subsi(iary
o! Investors >verseas /ervices. 6e was !orally eploye( by )ela!iel(
an( )ela!iel( Investents& where he wor'e( on buying an( selling vast
quantities o! stoc' in the 1ary Carter Paint Co.& soon to becoe Resorts
In "#?7& )r. Richar( Alpert put 6itchcoc' in contact with Augustus >wsley
/tanley III. As >wsley9s agent& 6itchcoc' retaine( the law !ir o!
:abinowit=& :ou(in an( /tan(ar( B7 ** to con(uct a !easibility stu(y o!
several Caribbean countries to (eterine the best location !or the
pro(uction an( (istribution o! L/) an( hashish.
)uring this perio(& 6itchcoc' -oine( Leary an( his circle in Cali!ornia.
Leary ha( establishe( an L/) cult calle( the :rotherhoo( o! Eternal Love
an( several !ront copanies& inclu(ing 1ystics Art 0orl(& Inc. o! Laguna
:each& Cali!ornia. These Cali!ornia*base( entities ran lucrative
tra!!ic'ing in 1exican ari-uana an( L/) brought in !ro /wit=erlan( an(
:ritain. The :ritish connection ha( been establishe( (irectly by
6itchcoc'& who contracte( the Charles :ruce cheical !ir to iport
large quantities o! the cheical coponents o! L/) with !inancing !ro
both 6itchcoc' an( Feorge Frant 6oag& the heir to the E.C. Penney (ry
goo(s !ortune& the :rotherhoo( o! Eternal Love set up L/) an( hashish
pro(uction*ar'eting operations in Costa Rica in "#?$. B$
Towar( the en( o! "#?$& 6itchcoc' expan(e( the L/)*hashish pro(uction
operations in the Caribbean with !un(s provi(e( by the 2i(uciary Trust
Co. CI>/D. In con-unction with E. Jontobel an( Co. o! Hurich& 6itchcoc'
!oun(e( a corporation calle( 8*/tar Anstalt in Liechtenstein. This
copany& eploying +investent !un(s+ Cthat is& (rug receiptsD !ro
2i(uciary Trust& bought up large tracts o! lan( in the Fran( :ahaas as
well as large quantities o! ergotaine tartrate& the basic cheical use(
in the pro(uction o! L/).B#
6itchcoc'9s personal han( in the L/) connection abruptly en(e( several
years later. 6itchcoc' ha( been wor'ing closely with Eohann 2.
Parravacini o! the Parravacini :an' Lt( in :erne& /wit=erlan(. 2ro
"#?$& they ha( together !un(e( even !urther expansion o! the
Caribbean*Cali!ornia L/)*hashish ventures. In the early "#7%s& as the
result o! a /ecurities an( Exchange Coission investigation& both
6itchcoc' an( Parravacini were in(icte( an( convicte( o! a N8% illion
stoc' !rau(. Parravacini ha( registere( a N8% illion sale to 6itchcoc'
!or which 6itchcoc' ha( not put (own a penny o! cash or collateral. This
was one o! the rare instances in which !e(eral investigators succee(e(
in getting insi(e the NB%% billion (rug !un( as it was a'ing its way
aroun( the +o!!shore+ ban'ing syste.
Another channel !or laun(ering (irty (rug oney ** a channel yet to be
coproise( by !e(eral investigative agencies is iportant to note here.
This is the use o! tax*exept !oun(ations to !inance terroris an(
environentalis. >ne ie(iately relevant case a'es the point.
In "#,7& the .niversity o! Chicago9s Robert 1. 6utchins establishe( the
Center !or the /tu(y o! )eocratic Institutions CC/)ID in /anta :arbara&
Cali!ornia. Inight Coan(er 6utchins (rew in Al(ous 6uxley& Elisabeth
1ann :orghese& an( soe Rho(es /cholars who ha( originally been brought
into the .niversity o! Chicago (uring the "#<%s an( "#8%s.
The C/)I was originally !un(e( "#,7 to "#?" through a
several*illion*(ollar !un( that 6utchins anage( to set up be!ore his
untiely (eparture !ro the 2or( 2oun(ation. 2ro "#?" onwar(& the
Center was principally !inance( by organi=e( crie. The two !un(ing
con(uits were the 2un( o! 2un(s& a tax exept !ront !or :ernie Corn!el(9s
l>/& an( the Parvin 2oun(ation& a parallel !ront !or Parvin*)ohnnan Co.
o! ;eva(a. I>/ an( 1arvin*)ooran hel( controlling interests in the
)esert Inn& the Ala((in& an( the )une ** all Las Jegas casinos
associate( with the Lans'y syn(icate. I>/& as alrea(y (ocuente(& was a
con(ucting vehicle !or L/)& hashish& an( ari-uana (istribution
throughout the "#?%s.<% In "#?7 alone& I>/ channele( between N< an( N8
illion to the center. 0herever there is (ope& there is )ope& Inc.
@aA Inclu(e( as Part $& Chapter " o! )ope& Inc. by Executive Intelligence
Review CAvailable through www.LaRouchePub.coD. This copy was obtaine(
!ro the internet.
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Theo(or A(orno was a lea(ing pro!essor o! the 2ran'!urt /chool o! /ocial
Research in Ferany& !oun(e( by the :ritish 2abian /ociety. A
collaborator o! twelve*tone !oralist an( :ritish intelligence operative
Arnol( /choenberg& A(orno was brought to the .nite( /tates in "#<# to
hea( the Princeton Ra(io Research Pro-ect. The ai o! this pro-ect& as
state( in A(orno9s Intro(uction to the /ociology o! 1usic& was to
progra a ass +usical+ culture that woul( stea(ily (egra(e its
consuers. Pun' roc' is& in the ost (irect sense& the ultiate result o!
A(orno9s wor'.
"?D Theo(or A(orno& Intro(uction to the /ociology o! 1usic C;ew Gor'3
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"#D Illinois Crie Coission Report& "#?#. The Institute !or Policy
/tu(ies CIP/D was establishe( in "#?< by 1arcus Ras'in& a !orer
;ational /ecurity A(viser un(er ;/C )irector 1cFeorge :un(y& an( by
Richar( :arnet& a !orer /tate )epartent a(viser on ars control an(
(isaraent. Aong the boar( o! trustees o! IP/ were Thuron( Arnol(&
Eaes 0arburg& Philip /tern& an( 6ans 1orgenthau& with see( oney !ro
the 2or( 2oun(ation Clater to be hea(e( by 1cFeorge :un(yD. IP/ has
!unctione( as the +;ew le!t+ thin' tan' an( control center !or local
counity control& counity health centers& an( (irect terrorist
organi=ations. In its report +The 2irst Ten Gears&+ the Institute lists
aong its lecturers an( !ellows& ebers o! the 0eatheren group& an(
'nown associates o! the Eapanese Re( Ary& the Puerto Rican terrorist
Are( 2orces o! ;ational Liberation C2AL;D& an( the :lac' Liberation
Ary. /ee also Carter an( the Party o! international Terroris& /pecial
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Evi(ence that the 2:I protects /atanis
/ATA;I/13 6>0 1.C6 6A/ ../. LA0 E;2>RCE1E;T :EE; C>1PR>1I/E)M
by Carol 0hite&EIR
6ow (eeply have ../. law en!orceent agencies been in!iltrate( by
opponents o! the Eu(eo*Christian tra(ition on which this nation was
builtM The 2:I9s lea(ing +cult expert&+ Ienneth Lanning& has written
articles !or publications associate( with the witchcra!t* practicing
0iccan Church. 6is articles an( public stateents reveal& at very best&
an ignorant& oral relativis which cannot (istinguish between Christian
liturgy an( the rituali=e( abuse o! huan beings by a /atanic cult.
/iilarly& 0icca9s news service is now circulating two articles by an
2:I*connecte( criinologist& Robert 6ic's& revealing the sae ignorance
Cshall we call itMD.
The 0iccan Church is a pagan occultist +religion&+ whose ebers style
theselves as witches& rather than /atanists. The (eities who witches
clai to worship are personi!ie( natural !orces& which they see' to
control through agic ritual. 0hile any witchcra!t groups (eny the use
o! anial an( huan sacri!ice& historically such sacri!ice has been a
part o! these rituals& as has the use o! rituali=e( group sexual
activity. Typically& these witchcra!t cereonies also inclu(e the use o!
(rugs an( the invocation o! trance*states in participants. They (eny
being /atanic& since the religion which they practice pre(ates
Christianity. >! course& this is nonsense. /atanic evil existe(& long
be!ore Christianity ** !or exaple& in the bloo( sacri!ice o! :aal
against which :iblical prophets poleici=e(.
1ore to the point& +white+ witchcra!t groups are !requently use( as a way
o! pro!iling those in(ivi(uals suitable !or recruitent into +blac'+
witchcra!t an( overtly /atanic cults. The connection o! these groups to
ur(ers& youth suici(e& an( the criinal practices o! (rug an(
pornography rings is well (ocuente(. 0hat a'es such recruitent !ro
+white+ to +blac'+ witchcra!t easy& is the nature o! /atanis itsel!. The
:ritish /atanist& Aleister Crowley& who avowe( hisel! a !requent
engager in bloo( sacri!ice o! chil(ren& sue( it up in his otto3 +)o
0hat Thou 0ilt.+ /atanis elevates the principle o! anialistic passion&
universali=es the principle o! he(onis. :y contrast& Christianity ais
to elevate an above the level o! beastly passions. Get& the 2:I9s
Lanning an( criinologist 6ic's& cannot a'e that (istinction.
0hat 6ic's 6as to /ay
Robert 6ic's wor's with the Law En!orceent /ection o! the )epartent o!
Criinal Eustice /ervices in Richon(& Ja. Criinal Eustice /ervices in
turn uses the !orensic services o! the Institute o! Law& Psychiatry& an(
Public Pollicy o! the .niversity o! Jirginia. Lanning is (irectly
connecte( to the Institute& which allows course cre(its !or classes given
by the 2:I at the Aca(ey in Kuantico& Ja. In the two articles now being
circulate( by 0icca& 6ic's goes so !ar as to (e!en( Crowley9s +)o 0hat
Thou 0ilt&+ as erely a call !or sel!*(evelopent5
>ne article& +/atanic Cults3 A /'eptical Jiew o! the Law En!orceent
Approach&+ is a(apte( !ro a "#$$ speech which 6ic's gave be!ore the
Jirginia )epartent o! Criinal Eustice /ervices. 6e begins in a way
reiniscent o! Ienneth Lanning9s rear' that Christians have 'ille( ore
people than /atanists ever have3 +I wish to alert you to a (angerous cult
that has iplante( itsel! not only in Jirginia but throughout the
country. This group& calle( the Tnevnoc cult& is a 9counal& sectarian
group a!!iliate( with a large an( power!ul international religious
organi=ation.+ +...The cult ais to recruit young woen& either teenagers
or young a(ults& an( (oes so openly at schools an( colleges.
+2ollowing in(octrination into the cult& young woen eventually lose any
power o! will& succubing entirely to the regien o! the cult.+ Cult
ebers ust aban(on their !orer lives& even surren(ering their outsi(e
!rien(ships an( personal possessions. Cult ebers9 activities& then&
involve the cult exclusively. 1ebers ust arise at 83<% in the orning&
wear prayer bea(s attache( to their wrists& engage in long& onotonous
chants an( prayers& an( in one o! the ost bi=arre activities& ebers
consue( !oo( they were tol( represente( the (ea( cult !oun(er9s
bo(y....+ +:ut the ost shoc'ing ritual o! all require( ebers to becoe
bri(es to the (ea( cult lea(er.+
+I hope that I have su!!iciently arouse( your curiosity& i! not your
in(ignation an( anger that such activities coul( happen in the .nite(
/tates. In case you haven9t !igure( it out& Tnevnoc is Convent spelle(
bac'war(s. I have -ust (escribe( the sociali=ation o! young woen into
Christian convents.+ Thus& by puerile ri(icule& he creates the
perception that /atanis an( Christianity are essentially the sae.
Protecting the /atanists
>ne o! 6ic'9s state( intentions is to (ebun' the e!!ort o! law en!orceent
o!!icers an( others& what he calls +cult cops&+ who are trying to cobat
growing in!luence o! /atanis aong chil(ren. Thus he gives the other
article the title& +Ii(s& Cults& an( Coon /ense.+ 6e cites Lanning&
)avi( :roley& an( For(on 1elton& the later two being pro!essors in the
social sciences who are active in a grouping 'nown as The ;ew Religions
Pro-ect& to substantiate his case against what they woul( ter a
witch*hunt against non*Christians.
The +cult cops&+ says 6Ic's& assue that +two or ore 'i(s who hang out
together an( wear upsi(e (own crosses& pentagras& an( >==y >sbourne
buttons ight be cult ebers.+This 'in( o! cult in !orer (ays we
calle( a clique. ;ow& we are to assue that such 'i(s have gotten suc'e(
into a blac' hole o! in( control& anipulation by /atanic recruiters&
all unwarrante( assuptions.+
6ic's lups the racist Aryan ;ation& with other groups Cwhich this author
never hear( o!D ** all o! which call theselves Christian ** with
Christianity. 6e writes& +:ut soe cults we 'now to proote violence. Let
e nae a !ew3 The Covenant& /wor(& an( Ar o! the Lor(4 The Christian
Conservative Church o! Aerica4 the Church o! Christ o! Christian Aryan
;ations Call (escribe( in 1elton "#$?D. /orry though3 I coul(n9t coe up
with any /atanic groups which proote the ilitaris o! these Christian
6ic's an( Lanning have the constitutional right o! !ree speech& but what
they have to say casts severe (oubt& to put it il(ly& over how they are
carrying out their obligations to law en!orceent.
Is /atanis In Gour /chool*Gar(M
Is /atanis in Gour
The ;ew 2e(eralist
/atan is alive an( well in the streets& schoolyar(s& (ay care centers& an(
playgroun(s o! Aerica. In all its varie( an( (iverse !ors& a /atanic
virus is eating away at the very !oun(ations o! our civili=ation. I! we
(on9t wa'e up to this virus right now& we will all be consue( by it& an(
this country as we have 'nown it will cease to exist.
Eust consi(er the !ollowing !acts& which are available to ost people who
watch TJ or rea( a newspaper or a popular aga=ine3 /oe police experts
estiate that as any as ,%&%%% young chil(ren per year (isappear in the
.nite( /tates. 1any o! these chil(ren are lure( into a satanic un(erworl(
where they are sub-ecte( to cruel sa(o*asochistic tortures4 soe are
ritualistically ur(ere(. /o pervasive is the sprea( o! satanic cults
to(ay that (o=ens o! copeting satanic coputer +bulletin boar(s+ exist&
bearing such naes as +0eir(base+ an( +:aphonet.+ I! your son or (aughter
has a personal coputer with access to a telephone line& he or she ay
have alrea(y plugge( into one o! these bulletin boar(s an( becoe part o!
a satanic un(ergroun( that lists locations an( events o! ore than 7,%
(i!!erent satanic covens& boo'stores& ;ew Age centers& etc. servicing
every state an( every e(iu*to*large si=e city an( town in the .nite(
It is getting har( to i(enti!y a place where chil(ren can go to(ay where
they are absolutely protecte( !ro the invasion o! satanic !orces. )ay
care centers& such as the 1c1artin Preschool in Los Angeles County& are
now accuse( o! being havens !or pe(ophiles Cchil( olestersD preying on
the very youngsters they were being pai( to protect an( e(ucate. Even the
(ay care center at the ../. Ary base at the Presi(io near /an 2rancisco
was the scene o! over ,% chil( rapes in a one*year perio(.
Aong the suspects was an active (uty reserve lieutenant colonel who
en-oye( Top /ecret security clearance !ro the Pentagon& although he was
an( still is the 6igh Priest o! a satanic church& the Teple o! /et Cthe
Egyptian nae !or /atanD.
Even the public gra(e schools have been inva(e(. In any schools aroun(
the country& teachers perit an( in soe cases encourage stu(ents to play
the satanic !antasy gae +)ungeons an( )ragons.+ +)O)+ involves real li!e
action that has in ore than one instance le( a chil( to ta'e his or her
own li!e or to 'ill a !rien(. 1any o! the satanic !ronts liste( in the
various ;ew Age coputer bulletin boar(s an( publishe( (irectories& are
theselves creations o! international pe(ophile rings scouting !or
unsuspecting an( vulnerable chil(ren who they can grab up !or their luri(
The ass scale eergence o! /atanis in Aerica over the last hal!*(o=en
years coul( not have been possible without a B,*year capaign by soe o!
the worl(9s ost power!ul an( corrupt !inancial institutions an( worl(
!e(eralists to sprea( in(*(estroying (rugs into every corner o! our
society. To(ay& Aerica is the worl(9s largest ar'et !or illegal
in(*(estroying (rugs. 0ell over hal! the worl(wi(e N,%% billion a year
tra(e in (ope goes on in the .nite( /tates. The target population is
growing younger every year& with the latest& an( ost (evastating !or o!
cocaine& +crac'&+ now targeting chil(ren #*"B years ol(. The vast a-ority
o! inner*city (rug (ealers are teenagers**in ost cases gra(e school
(ropouts recruite( by the proise o! a thousan( (ollars a (ay to -oin
/atan9s Ary an( (estroy our nation9s !uture. )rug*relate( violence has
reache( astonishing proportions in our country9s inner cities. Fangs
bearing such satanic naes as the +:loo(s+an( the +Crypts+ turn their (rug
pro!its into vast arsenals o! heavy (uty weapons.
The roc' usic in(ustry& which was instruental in the launching o! the
(rug*roc' counterculture& in the last several years has pioneere( satanic
roc'& worshiping every !or o! perverse evil. >ne :ritish satanic roc'
group proclais in its latest recor(& +In Forbachov 0e
Trust.+ An Aerican satanic roc' group& ACP)C& was the inspiration !or
Richar( Raire=& the +;ight /tal'er+ who ritualistically rape( an(
ur(ere( (o=ens o! young woen in a year*long rapage in southern
Cali!ornia. Raire= boaste( to his police captors that he worshipe( /atan.
:eginning in the late "#?%s& once illions o! high school an( college age
youth ha( been lure( into the (rug*roc' counterculture**through such ass
e(ia extravagan=as as the :eatles an( Rolling /tones appearances on the
E( /ullivan TJ show& the 0oo(stoc' !estival& the 6aight*Ashbury +suer o!
love&+ the :roa(way sash hit roc' opera +6air+**the social engineers
steering +>peration /atan+ began pe((ling the +sexual revolution+ which
sai( that lesbianis an( hoosexuality were +liberating+ !ors o!
behavior. Put the pieces together. 2irst& the creative capacities o! the
nation9s youth**truly their ost precious possession**are (estroye( by
(rugs. ;ext& the sexual i(entities o! illions o! Aericans are thrown
topsy turvy by a culture that extols the virtues o! hoosexuality.
An( !inally& /atanis& the worship o! Evil& eerges as a new religion. In
the !ace o! this !inal onslaught against the ost basic !aily values that
sustaine( the nation !or its !irst two hun(re( years o!existence& we are
beginning to see a resistance eerge. In any counities aroun( the
.nite( /tates& churches& police (epartents& an( civic groups are
beginning to soun( the alar bells over the growing presence o! satanic
agencies. A nationwi(e outcry is beginning to be hear(. The right
questions are beginning to be as'e(.
In the !ollowing pages& we shall probe the satanic revival. 0e shall
i(enti!y the naes o! soe o! the 'ey !igures who have pe((le( this new
worship o! Evil. /oe o! the are international power bro'ers who (eploy
the satanic legions !ro above. /oe are actual practitioners o! the
satanic rituals that they see' to sprea( throughout society. In the vast
a-ority o! cases& the a(vocates o! /atanis are also enthusiastic bac'ers
o! the new /oviet (ictator Forbachov. Alost all are apostles o! worl(
governent tie( in one way or another to the .nite( ;ations >rgani=ation.
2ar !ro being a naeless an( !aceless eney& the satanic plotters are
'nown& i(enti!ie( an( publicly accessible.
As the Aerican patriot Lyn(on 6. LaRouche Er. put it on nuerous
occasions& the question is not who the eney is or what he is up to. The
question& to(ay ore than ever& !or the Aerican people is3 )o you have
the oral !itness to survive. In this ost challenging case& to survive
the satanic plot to (estroy 0estern Civili=ation once an( !or all.
The Episcopal Cathe(ral o! /t. Eohn the )ivine& near Colubia .niversity
in 1anhattan& is the seat o! the 6igh Anglican Church in Aerica9s upper
crust etropolis. :ishop Paul 1oore& the present hea( o! the ;ew Gor'
Episcopal arch(iocese& is !ro one o! Aerica9s ol(est an( wealthiest blue
bloo( !ailies. The 1ost Jenerable >r(er o! the 6ospital o! /t. Eohn& an
ancient chivalric or(er hea(e( by a eber o! the :ritish Royal 2aily&
the )u'e o! Floucester& is hea(quartere( at the Cathe(ral. )espite **or
aybe because o!** these +oh so social+ cre(entials& the Cathe(ral o! /t.
Eohn the )ivine also happens to be one o! the a-or centers !or the sprea(
o! /atanis an( satanic sexual violence in ;orth Aerica. Consi(er the
:ishop Paul 1oore9s Cathe(ral is the !oral hea(quarters o! the Teple o!
.n(erstan(ing& a .nite( ;ations*a!!iliate( ;ew Age Fnostic religion
pro-ect that pe((les every !or o! neo*pagan an( satanic an( Luci!erian
varieties o! +religion+ available. ;ot surprisingly& the Teple o!
.n(erstan(ing9s political orientation inclu(es its recently sponsoring a
series o! /oviet*Aerican shin(igs& inclu(ing a +2ebruary 2ling+ last year
that honore( "%% proinent /oviet o!!icials then touring the .nite(
The Teple o! .n(erstan(ing& accor(ing to an ai(e to its current (irector&
the Jery Reveren( )ean Eaes 1orton& (ean o! the Cathe(ral& is a closely
a!!iliate( outgrowth o! the Lucis Trust& !orerly calle( the Luci!er
Trust. 2oun(e( between "#B% an( "#BB by Alice :ailey& an Episcopalian who
becae a lea(ing (isciple o! the Russian theosophist 1a(ae 6elena
:lavats'y& the Lucis Trust has been (evote( to a(vancing the Luci!erian
belie!s that& in :lavats'y9s wor(s& +oppose the aterialis o! science an(
every !or o! (ogatic theology& especially the Christian& which the
Chie!s o! the /ociety regar( as particularly pernicious.+ Lucis Trust puts
!orwar( a pagan !or o! theosophical religion that worships an +External
6ierarchy+ o! +Ascen(e( 1asters+ **huan beings living an( (ea(** who say
they carry out the wor' o! a Luci!erian +aster plan+ !or the
establishent o! a peranent +Age o! Aquarius+ CLuci!erD that woul(
replace the centuries ol( +Age o! Pisces+ CChristD. 2or the& the +Age o!
Pisces+ re!ers to the Christian era. In this scenario& Lucis Trust !igures
point to /oviet lea(er 1i'haiI Forbachov& the an with the +1ar' o! the
:east+ on his !orehea(& as one such +Ascen(e( 1aster.+
The Cathe(ral also !orally sponsors Lin(is!arne& a e(ieval ;ew Age
counity on Long Islan( that was !oun(e( by the late )ae 1argaret 1ea(&
a Teple o! .n(erstan(ing lea(er& an( her husban( Fregory :ateson.
Lin(is!arne is a center o! witchcra!t. :oth 1ea( an( :ateson were seinal
!igures in the launching o! the satanic ;ew Age !ro the "#?%s. :ateson
was a a-or !igure in the CIA9s 1I*.LTRA L/)*B, experients that actually
launche( the +aci( roc'+ culture& the ie(iate precursor to to(ay9s
satanic roc' phenoenon.
:ac' in the "#?%s& when he was /ecretary o! )e!ense un(er the Ienne(y an(
Eohnson a(inistrations& Robert /trange 1c;aara was an open eber o! the
Lucis Trust !ront& the Teple o! .n(erstan(ing. Accor(ing
to articles publishe( by investigative writer E(ith Roosevelt in the
1anchester .nion Lea(er in "#?<& 1c;aara practice( Luci!erian rituals
such as +bathing in the !ull oon+ on Roosevelt Islan( along the Potoac
River. Luci!erians& who noinally (istinguish theselves !ro /atanists by
their belie! in +white agic+ as oppose( to +blac' agic+ C+goo(+versus
+evil+D believe in the ystical powers o! the /un& which are so great that
they can only be absorbe( in(irectly **through the practice o!+bathing in
oon beas.+ 6ence 1c;aara9s regular i(night !lings on Roosevelt Islan(
whenever there was a !ull oon.
A!ter leaving the )e!ense )epartent an( with his subsequent appointent
as presi(ent o! the genoci(alist 0orl( :an'& 1c;aara oversaw a systeatic
progra to +(o /atan9s bi((ing+ by (epopuIating the Thir( 0orl( through
ur(erous austerity easures that have claie( illions o! lives. /o uch
!or the (istinction between Luci!er an( /atan.
:ishop 1oore hisel! has a horri( bac'groun(3 Prior to his arrival at the
Cathe(ral o! /t. Eohn the )ivine& :ishop Paul 1oore was a lea(ing patron
o! the notorious Ei Eones in the years lea(ing up to "#?" in
In(ianapolis& In(. 6is People9s Teple was proote( there by 1oore an( the
1etho(ist now :ishop& Eaes Arstrong. Along with Rabbi 1aurice )avis& now
o! 0estchester& ;.G.& they gave Eones his original In(ianapolis teple
site& an( sanctione( his acceptance aong the In(ianapolis clergy as a
+legitiate+ religious lea(er.
>nce in ;ew Gor' City& 1oore intro(uce( the ;ew Age +sexual revolution+
into the church by sanctioning lesbianis aong the Episcopal clergy.
1oore personally bro'e the +sexual barrier+ by or(aining ilitant lesbian
Ellen 1arie :arrett as an Episcopal priest in"#77. :arrett tol( Tie
aga=ine that her lesbian love a!!airs gave her the +strength to serve
In the late "#7%s& several sources reporte( that Canon E(war( 0est& an
ai(e to :ishop 1oore& was a !requent patron o! soe o! ;ew Gor' City9s
see(iest sa(o*asochistic +private clubs&+ where be woul( engage in such
ritualistic practices as having young boys urinate on hi while he lay
na'e( in a cereonial bathtub. >ne such club reporte(ly !requente( by
Canon 0est was the 1inesha!t& a renovate( warehouse in 1anhattan9s
wholesale eat (istrict& run by organi=e( crie interests lin'e( to Eohn
Haccaro& the husban( o! 0alter 1on(ale9s "#$8 vice*presi(ential running
ate& Feral(ine 2erraro. /uch chil(*sex abuses as those allege( to Canon
0est are in(ications o! a practicing /atanist.
2ro the (ar' secrets o! the ;ew Gor' Cathe(ral o! /t. Eohn the )ivine&
the scene now shi!ts across the Atlantic& to Trieste& Italy& a city on the
ltalian*Gugoslav bor(er that the newspaper La /tapa has (escribe( as the
+capital o! the 1asons.+
It is -ust a!ter the ;ew Gear "#$#& an( Alessan(ro 1oncini& wealthy
international businessan& political insi(er& an( repute( lea(ing eber
o! Italy9s (ar'est !reeasonic lo(ge& Propagan(a )ue CP*BD& has returne(
to his +beauti!ul Trieste+ a!ter spen(ing slightly less than three onths
in a Cali!ornia -ail. 1oncini was arreste( 1arch "$& "#$$ on charges o!
having iporte( chil( porn into the ../.A.
6owever& accor(ing to phone tap transcripts an( other evi(ence lea'e( by
!rustrate( ../. law en!orceent o!!icials to the Italian newspaper o!
recor(& La Repubblica& the 1oncini case actually involve( a worl(wi(e
chil( slavery an( chil( ur(er ring servicing an overtly satanic wing o!
the trans*Atlantic aristocratic +-et set.+ At least one o! the phone
tapes was between 1oncini an( Anthony Crowley& a ../. porn 'ing. 1oncini
was overhear( negotiating the purchase o! young girls who were to be
+whippe(&+ +chaine(&+ so(oi=e(& an( eventually ur(ere( in what La
Repubblica (escribe( in an un(erstateent as +a satanic night.+
At the trial& Eu(ge Richar( Lew re!use( to allow the tape recor(ings to be
a(itte( as evi(ence. ;evertheless& 1oncini9s conviction un(er the ../.
Chil( Protection Act carrie( a potential <%*year -ail ter an( a !ine o!
N" illion. Perhaps Eu(ge Lew was swaye( by +character re!erence+ letters
on 1oncini9s behal! !ro nearly 8% proinent ebers o! the Trieste
establishent& inclu(ing !ro the Roan Catholic :ishop o! Trieste an( the
Jice Presi(ent o! the Trieste Region.
.n(aunte( by the slap*on*the*wrist treatent ete( out by the ../. courts&
two top police o!!icials !ro Trieste have reporte(ly travele( to the
.nite( /tates in search o! evi(ence +to prove the existence o! a ost
exclusive club o! international pe(ophiles+ believe( to be protecte( by
secret lo(ges within the upper (egrees o! certain branches o!
international !reeasonry.
Although it woul( be a gross overstateent to equate all asonry with the
practice o! /atanis& there is copelling evi(ence that aong the elite
circles o! !reeasonry there is a satanic core. In(ee(& the European
lan(scape has been staine( in recent years with the bloo( o! proinent
aristocrats& ban'ers& an( politicians who have been ritualistically an(
savagely ur(ere( !or violating their +bloo( vows.+
2or exaple& on Ean. B7& the 2inancial Ties o! Lon(on reporte( that a
1ilan -u(ge ha( -ust rule( that the "#$B (eath o! the (irector o! the
1ilan*base( :anco Abrosiano& Roberto Calvi& was actually ur(ere(. Calvi
ha( been a lea(er o! the 2reeasonic P*B lo(ge that was un(er
investigation !or operations aie( at overthrowing the governent o!
Italy. Calvi was !oun( hanging !ro :lac'!riars :ri(ge in Lon(on in "#$B
shortly a!ter his nae eerge( in the P*B scan(al. Calvi9s (eath ha( all
the earar's o! a ritualistic execution& carrie( out by a /cottish Rite
2reeasonic court. In(ee(& at the tie& Italian o!!icials ha(
characteri=e( the Calvi (eath as a ritualistic ur(er& (espite e!!orts by
a :ritish coroner to sweep the (eath un(er the rug as a suici(e.
The P*B scan(al itsel! erupte( as a (irect outgrowth o! the !aile( attept
to assassinate Pope Eohn Paul II& an attept wi(ely attribute( to both
/oviet bloc secret services an( 0estern Fnostic +anti*Christ un(ergroun(+
circles. The (ecision by the 1ilan court to revive the Calvi ur(er issue
was wi(ely rea( as a signal that the 2reeasonic 0ars have resue(.
In !act& a !ew (ays a!ter the Calvi ruling& on Ean. <"& "#$#& a proinent
eber o! the :ourbon royal !aily o! /pain was assassinate( in Jail&
Colora(o. Prince Al!onso (e :orbon )apierre& a !irst cousin o! Iing Euan
Carlos o! /pain an( the preten(er to the (e!unct throne o! 2rance& was
'ille( on the s'i slopes when a cable was lowere( on hi as he was s'iing
at high spee(. Eyewitnesses (escribe( it as ur(er. An international ars
(ealer& the prince ha( close ties to Argentina an( provi(e( crucial ars
shipents (uring the 1alvinas 0ar against Englan(. Exile( in Italy
throughout the 2ranco perio(& the prince was 'nown to have strong ties to
the Jatican.
>ver the previous several years& a nuber o! proinent European
politicians& inclu(ing two 0est Feran state inister presi(ents& .we
:arschel C"#$7D an( 2ran= Eose! /trauss C"#$$D& (ie( un(er ysterious
circustances that also bore the pawprints o! 2reeasonic ritualistic
executions. In the case o! /trauss& he (ie( at a reote :avarian hunting
lo(ge owne( by the Prince Eohannes von Thurn un( Taxis.
There are other branches o! /atanis. >n Aug. "8& "#$7& the /an 2rancisco
Police stage( a rai( on the Russian 6ills hoe o! Lt. Col. 1ichael Aquino&
an active (uty ../. Ary Reserve o!!icer& an( his wi!e Lilith. The rai(
was in response to allegations that Aquino9s hoe ha( been the scene o! a
brutal chil( rape o! a !our*year*ol( girl. The principal suspect in the
chil( olestation& a :aptist 1inister nae( Fary 6abright& was in(icte(
in /epteber "#$7 on charges that he coitte( +lew( an( lascivious acts+
with six boys an( !our girls ranging in age !ro three to seven years ol(.
At the tie o! the allege( inci(ents Cpolice believe 6abright& was
responsible !or ,$ separate inci(ents o! chil( rape (uring "#$?D&
6abright& was eploye( at a chil(*care center servicing the ../. Ary
base at Presi(io. Accor(ing to an article in the >ct. <%& "#$7 issue o!
the /an 2rancisco Exainer& one o! the victis ha( i(enti!ie( Lt. Col.
Aquino an( his wi!e as participants in the chil( rape.
Accor(ing to the victi& the Aquinos ha( !ile( scenes o! the chil( being
!on(le( by 6abright& in a bathtub at the Aquinos9 Russian 6ills hoe. The
chil(9s (etaile( (escription o! the house in which the inci(ent ha(
occurre( le( police to the Aquino resi(ence& which (ouble( as a satanic
church& where they con!iscate( <$ vi(eotapes& photo negatives an( other
evi(ence that the hoe ha( been the hub o! a pe(ophile ring operating in
an( aroun( the ary base.
2or reasons that still reain clou(y& Aquino an( his wi!e were never
in(icte(. Aquino claie( that he ha( been in 0ashington. ).C. at the tie&
enrolle( in a year*long reserve o!!icers course at the ;ational )e!ense
.niversity. )espite his absence !ro the :ay Area& Aquino ha( aintaine(
his Russian 6ills resi(ence*church ** an( ha( a(e !requent trips bac' to
the 0est Coast.
As the result o! the !lap over the 6abright in(ictent an( the rai( on
the Aquino hoe& Lt. Col. Aquino was trans!erre( !ro the Presi(io& where
he ha( been (eputy (irector o! the reserve trainingprogra& to the ../.
Ary Reserve Personnel Center in /t. Louis& 1o. To this (ay& Lt. Col.
1ichael Aquino C./ARD aintains Top /ecret security clearance. Kuerie( by
the /an 2rancisco Chronicle& a Pentagon public a!!airs o!!icer& 1a-. Freg
Rixon& tol( reporters :ill 0allace an( Eohn 0hitinger +The question is
whether he is trustworthy or can (o the -ob. There is nothing that woul(
in(icate in this case that there is any proble we shoul( be concerne(
1a-or Rixon was not only respon(ing to a question about Aquino9s suspecte(
role in the pe(ophile ring at Presi(io. Also at issue was Aquino9s
position as 6igh Priest o! a satanic cult calle( the Teple o! /et.
2oun(e( in /an 2rancisco as a "#7, split*out o! the (eca(e*ol( Church o!
/atan o! Anton /=an(or LaJey& the Teple o! /et is now hea(quartere( in
/t. Louis an( clais a har(core ebership o! approxiately ,% (isciples&
any o! who are believe( to be active (uty ilitary personnel in the :ay
Area an( Feorgia.
The apparently sall si=e o! the Teple o! /et& i! the publishe(
ebership estiates are accurate& belies a uch larger (egree o!
penetration by Aquino. Aong the pro-ects o! the Teple is a coputer (ata
base an( +bulletin boar(+ calle( +0eir(base.+ Anyone with a personal
coputer an( a telephone interlin' can +plug into+ +0eir(base+an( access a
nationwi(e networ' o! satanic covens& boo'stores& an( ;ew Age service
centers that penetrate into nearly every counity in the .nite( /tates.
Aquino9s +outreach+ exten(s into the illions in the .nite( /tates alone&
an( he is also part o! an international networ' centere( out o! Lee(s&
Englan(9s /orcerers9 Apprentice :oo'store that services an estiate(
8%&%%% /atanists or satanic +!ellow travelers+ @an(A +(abblers+ in ??
countries on every continent. Accor(ing to Aquino9s own publishe(
writings& the Church o! /atan an( the Teple o! /et are (irect outgrowths
o! the late "#th*century satanic revival& sponsore( by 1a(ae :lavats'y&
an( ore speci!ically& by one o! her (isciples& :ritish pervert an(
/atanist Aleister Crowley& the !oun(er o! the Fol(en )awn oveent.
In Aquino9s own wor(s !ro a Teple o! /et recruiting (ocuent3+It was not
until the late "#th century that the so*calle( 9:lac' Arts9 began to be
tolerate(& an( then only in their ost saniti=e( an( pious !or. 2ro
2reeasonry cae a cereonial agical o!!shoot **Rosicrucianis** which
becae increasingly ore sophisticate( in the Rosicrucian /ociety o!
Englan( C/.R.I.A.D an( then in the !aous 6eretic >r(er o! the Fol(en
)awn CF.).D.
+In "#%8 an A(ept o! the F.). nae( Aleister Crowley bro'e away !ro that
(isintegrating bo(y to !or his own >r(er o! the Astriu Argenteu CA.A.D.
To the Rosicrucian cereonial& agical philosophy o! the F.).& Crowley
a((e( !irst a strong ephasis on attainent o! the highest level o! sel!
consciousness C9Inowle(ge an( Conversation o! the 6oly Fuar(ian Angel9D
an( later the 1asonic sexual& agic practices o! Ferany9s >r(er o!
>riental Teplars C>.T.>.D. The latter practices& together with Crowley9s
cavalier li!estyle& brought hi public notoriety. 6is organi=ations
survive( his "#87 (eath only in highly !ragente( an( (octrinarily
(egenerate !actions.+
Then there is Anton /=an(or LaJey.
+In "#?? the /an 2rancisco sorcerer !oun(e( the Church o! /atan as a
e(iu !or the stu(y o! the :lac' Arts an( as an ethical stateent
repu(iating the religious hypocrisy o! conventional society. ...+The
Church su!!ere( perio(ically !ro petty crises an( scan(als aong the
general ebership& an( !inally Anton LaJey lost con!i(ence in its
organi=ational viability. In "#7,& he a(e a (ecision to re(esign it as a
non*!unctional& insincere showcase !or his personal glaori=ation an(
!inancial incoe. This (ecision was ephatically re-ecte( by the a-ority
o! the Priesthoo(& who ie(iately resigne( !ro the Church in protest an(
(enie( its legitiacy as a true Church o! /atan hence !orth. The senior
initiate& 1ichael A. Aquino& invo'e( the Prince o! )ar'ness in quest o! a
new 1an(ate to preserve an( enhance the ore noble concepts which the
Church o! /atan ha( conceive( an( outline(. That 1an(ate was given in the
!or o! The :oo' o! Coing 2orth by ;ight**a stateent by that entity& in
his ost ancient seblance as /et& or(aining the Teple o! /et to succee(
the Church.+
LaJey& a !orer circus lion taer an( /an 2rancisco Police )epartent
crie photographer& !oun(e( the Church o! /atan in "#??. LaJey9s Church o!
/atan thrive( on the (rug*roc' counterculture o! the late "#?%s an(
!oun(e( +grottos+ in ost a-or cities aroun( the .nite( /tates. LaJey is
probably best 'nown !or his appearance in the role o! /atan in the satanic
ovie& +Roseary9s :aby.+ /uch 6ollywoo( celebrities as Eayne 1ans!iel(
Cthe victi o! an autoobile crash that LaJey clais was the result o! a
+curse+ that he cast on 1ans!iel(9s anagerD& an( /ay )avis Er. counte(
theselves aong Lavey9s satanic cohorts.
Another Lavey intiate& ovie*a'er Roan Polans'i& was the husban( o!
actress /haron Tate. Tate was ur(ere( by the Charles 1anson +!aily+ in
one o! the earliest an( ost celebrate( inci(ents o! satanic ritualistic
ur(ers. 1anson ha( been in an( aroun( the :ay Area circles o! LaJey -ust
prior to the ur(er spree& which he (escribe( as the launching o! +6elter
/'elter&+ a ystical string o! brutal ritualistic ur(ers that were to
trigger a race war in the .nite( /tates that woul( bring about the coing
o! the Anti*Christ. Although no one ever explicitly lin'e( LaJey to the
1anson cult ur(ers& in a oent o! can(or& LaJey tol( the 0ashington Post
in 2ebruary "#$?3 +/atanic roc' lyrics& satanic ovies& even the satanic
ur(ers ...all grew !ro the Church o! /atan.+ In !act& Lavey9s /atanic
:ible was&by the early "#7%s& an un(ergroun( bestseller& with an estiate(
,%%&%%% copies sol( in the .nite( /tates alone.
2orer (isciples o! Aquino an( the Teple o! /et charge( in "#$B that the
Ary reserve o!!icer ha( recently steere( the group into a virulently
neo*;a=i (irection& extolling the virtues o! 6itler9s own occult belie!s
an( even staging a cereonial event at the :avarian castle where 6einrich
6iler ha( stage( pagan rituals. In(ee(& Aquino also re!erence( three
pre*;a=i !ascist terrorist groups inclu(ing the in!aous Thule /ociety as
the +o(els+ upon which he ha( establishe( the Teple o! /et.
A T>P*)>0; P6E;>1E;>;
The purpose o! this series o! +snapshots+ o! 'ey locations o! the satanic
lan(scape is to a'e the point that /atanis has not erely eerge( as a
+natural sociological+ outgrowth o! the (rug*roc' culture o! the past
twenty*!ive years. Its proinent eergence as a serious& organi=e( !or o!
social (ecay& has been nuture( **top (own** by power!ul !orces within the
0estern establishent. ;ot coinci(entally& any o! the lea(ing
pro*/atanists an( practitioners are the lea(ing enthusiasts o! /oviet
(ictator 1i'hail Forbachov9s +;ew Age+ o! worl( governent an( Russian
cultural (oination. It will ta'e a boo' to trace the actual evolution o!
this satanic revival. :ut& !or the tie being& it is essential that the
rea(ers o! this paphlet (evelop a clearer picture o! the nature o! the
beast an( the nee( !or urgent action to ste the ti(e o! the cultural
collapse be!ore the Age o! /atan is !ully upon us.
/ATA;I/T/ L>JE F>R:AC6>J& 06> 0EAR/ T6E 1ARI >2 T6E :EA/T >; 6I/ 2>RE6EA)
The theosophical Lucis Trust has e!!usive praise !or /oviet Presi(ent
1i'hail Forbachov& who is viewe( as one o! the hi((en +6ierarchy+ that is
in the process o! buil(ing a +new worl( or(er.+ The Lucis
Trust*a!!iliate(& Feran*language aga=ine B%%%3 1aga=ine !or ;ew
Consciousness labels Forbachov +the path!in(er !or the new consciousness.+
In the sae article& it (etails a prophecy by the ystic E(gar Cayce3
+2ro Russia& coes the hope o! the worl(.+ Li'ewise& Aerican +;ew Age+
guru Chris Frisco is quote( in the aga=ine a!ter his return !ro Russia3
+Forbachov is the an who represents the !uture. 6is li!e is a present to
The aga=ine goes on to note that the "#"7 :olshevi' Revolution was really
an expression o! the ;aro(ni'i C+People9s 0ill&+ the bob*throwing
anarchists& who were part o! the bac'*to*the*lan( oveent o! the (ayD an(
the Ras'olni'i C+>l( :elievers+ o! the Russian >rtho(ox ChurchD. The
aga=ine states3 +The Russian Revolution was& what is o!ten not sai(& a
pro(uct o! spiritual policy. Its ain exponent was the ;aro(ni'i& the
!rien(s o! the people ... who preache( in a ystic a(oration& 1other
Russia& 6oly Russia. :y this& they revive( archaic nature*religion. They
proote( the 91ir&9 the counal society. The ;aro(ni'i thought that& in
the 1ir& there was the heritage o! a !orer Fol(en Age& the heritage o!
the ystic.+
The aga=ine then reports that Jla(iir Lenin ha( been part o! the
/atanist pro-ect in Ascona& /wit=erlan(& where he was !aous !or his
ecstatic (ances. Ascona& where a cult o! Astarte hel( sway& was the
spiritual center !or C.E. Eung& whose Fnostic classes in the "#B%s*<%s
inclu(e( aong his (isciples Alice :ailey& the 1a(ae :lavats'y*traine(
Theosophist who !oun(e( the Lucis Trust un(er the nae Luci!er Trust
in"#B%& when she bro'e !ro Theosophy.
It is also notable that Lenin& together with Lunachars'y an( 1axi For'y&
ierse( theselves in the 1ithra cultis o! the Eperor Tiberius on the
Isle o! Capri& where they stu(ie( the relevance o! paganis an( the Roan
Epire to :olshevis in the grotto o! the eperor9s villa. It was the
Eperor Tiberius in whose reign Christ was cruci!ie(& an( scratching
beneath the sur!ace& one (iscovers that :olshevis is not +go(less
counis&+ but yet another expression o! the :iblical +Freat 0hore o!
:abylon+ cultis. The present love a!!air between the Lucis Trust an(
assorte( +;ew Age+ enterprises in the 0est with 1i'hail Forbachov is
erely a law!ul continuation o! this ancient relationship.
There are several +;ew Age+ groups an( in(ivi(uals involve( in the
East*0est exchange o! /atanis a(e possible by 1i'hail Forbachov9s
glasnost. The Teple o! .n(erstan(ing on April ""*",& l#$$ co*sponsore( a
Flobal Con!erence o! /piritual an( Parliaentary Lea(ers on 6uan /urvival
in >x!or(& Englan(& atten(e( by such notables as Teple presi(ent Eaes
Par' 1orton& who is co*chairan o! the ongoing Flobal 2oru. In atten(ance
was Gevgeni Jeli'hov& vice chairan o! the /oviet Aca(ey o! /ciences&
together with three other /oviet Central Coittee ebers.
The next con!erence will be hel( in l##% in 1oscow& where it is being
sponsore( by the /upree /oviet& the Russian >rtho(ox Church& an( the
Aca(ey o! /ciences. The Flobal 2oru9s steering coittee hel( an >ct.
"7*"$& "#$$ eeting at the publishing house o! the 1oscow Patriarchate o!
the Russian >rtho(ox Church to plan this event. In 2ebruary "#$$& the
Teple o! .n(erstan(ing hoste( a two*wee'*long 2ebruary 2ling at the
Cathe(ral o! /t. Eohn the )ivine in ;ew Gor'& where (o=ens o! /oviets were
!ete( by the Aerican Liberal Establishent.
2ather Louis )olan& a Catholic priest who is on the boar( o! the Teple&
planne( the 2ebruary 2ling. 2ather )olan travels to the .././.R.about
every six wee's& an( he is also on the boar( o! the 0ainwright 6ouse& the
ol(est spiritual (evelopent pro-ect in the ../.& which has ha( extensive
East*0est pro-ects. At 0ainwright 6ouse& 2ather )olan is coor(inator o!
the Institute on Flobal issues Citi=en )iploacy 1issions to the /oviet
.nion4 there are over a (o=en separate +;ew Age+*style trips planne( by
0ainwright 6ouse to the .././.R. in "#$$*$#. 2ather )olan is also on the
boar( o! the Center !or /oviet*Aerican )ialogue CC/A)D& which has
co*sponsore( a Citi=ens9 /uit last hel( at 0ainwright 6ouse. The next
suit& which is to be hel( in 1oscow on >ct."#*B#& "#$#& will be hoste(
by the /oviet Peace Coittee& an o!!icial!ront o! the IF:*connecte(
International )epartent o! the CP/..
>n the boar( o! the C/A) with 2ather )olan are such notable +;ew Age+
/oviet exchange types as :arbara 1arx 6ubbar( o! the /oviet*Aerican
Council !or Eoint Pro-ects an( 0in*0in 0orl(4 0illis 6aran& whose
Institute !or ;oetic /tu(ies will ta'e part in the 1oscow Flobal 2oru
CaboveD an( who is a eber o! 6ubbar(9s /oviet*Aerican Council !or Eoint
Pro-ects4 an(& Eaes A. Farrison& executive (irector o! the
Exchange Progra at the Esalen Institute& which has been trace( to IF:
espionage penetration o! ../. intelligence an( ilitary layers& eploying
/oviet +spoon*ben(ers.+
The Lucis Trust is sen(ing its own +!act*!in(ing ission+ to the /oviet
.nion (uring "#$#. ;ot only is the Lucis Trust connecte( to he +Russian
spirituality+ o! >'hrana agent 1a(ae :lavats'y& who !oun(e( Theosophy to
overturn 0estern Christianity& but Lucis alrea(y operates behin( the East
bloc through its covert +Triangles+ !ront that con(ucts astral e(itation.
Iey Aspects o! Conteporary /atanis
Iey Aspects o! Conteporary /atanis
!ro a speech by 6elga Hepp*LaRouche& "P"#P#<
This tribunal is urgently necessary to begin a process o! re*establishing
truth an( natural law to govern worl( a!!airs. 0e are hol(ing this
tribunal in the tra(ition an( spirit o! the civil rights oveent an( )r.
1artin Luther Iing& in or(er to show& over the course o! two (ays& that it
is not Lyn(on LaRouche who is guilty& who has been convicte( in an
unprece(ente( political show*trial& but exactly those who have harasse(
hi an( his organi=ation an( who are the ones behin( the legal attac'.
Gou will see& that it is a cobination o! :olshevists& Counists& an(
liberal ban'ers in the 0est& an(**which to soe o! you ay coe as a
surprise&!or others not**that actually /atanis as a political !actor in
worl( politics is part o! the proble we are (ealing with.
It is ore than urgent to reverse what coul( be calle( the Heitgeist&the
spirit o! our ties& because it is this Heitgeist that has thrown the
worl( into an apocalyptic crisis& an( the entirety o! huan civili=ation
threatens to go un(er i! these policies are not reverse(. 1an cannot
continuously violate the or(er o! creation. :ehin( this present isery in
the worl(& is at best the in(i!!erence o! the lea(ing institutions& an(
ore o!ten the intent to cause this isery.
* 1oral an( econoic crisis in the 0est *
The worl( has coe to this point because o! a gigantic oral crisis o! the
0est. It is especially since the last B% years that this proble sees to
have gotten totally out o! control.
Toorrow& there will be a new a(inistration& an( they thin' they have the
power& that they are the 'eepers o! the power& that they have the eans to
solve all o! this& but they are sitting in !ront o! the biggest !inancial
crisis& an( since they& up to the present& have re!use( any o! the re!or
proposals we have propose(& this !inancial syste is (e!initely !inishe(.
The ../. ban'ing syste is ban'rupt& an( the (ollar an( the entire 0estern
ban'ing syste have only been aintaine( through the brutal looting o! the
Thir( 0orl( countries an( the support o! Eapan !or the ../. an( the
2e(eral Republic o! Ferany& an( so !orth. /o it will be only a question
o! tie& when the syste coes (own.
6ow insane the present elites have becoe is illustrate(& aong other
things& by an article in the Econoist o! this wee'& which seriously
proposes to rehabilitate certain historical !igures an( perio(s& li'e the
)ar' Ages o! the "8th century& an( to glori!y these perio(s as being
stronger an( ore beauti!ul than the Renaissance.
/o& i! the worl( coes to this point& that we will plunge into a )ar' Age&
either o! the 'in( o! one worl( (ictatorship that soe elites are aiing
at& or a worl( un(er Counist hegeony& then you have to 'now one thing3
All o! this is the result o! a (eliberate policy. It is not a natural
catastrophe4 it is the result o! concrete political acts. It is what the
Pope has calle( +the structures o! sin&+ which exist equally in the East
an( in the 0est. That the worl( is in such a treen(ous isery is the
result o! the acts o! concrete in(ivi(uals.
* >ur !ight !or a new worl( econoic or(er *
I want to tell you a couple o! things about how it coes that our
organi=ation has (evelope( relatively great 'nowle(ge about who is
responsible. It is not soe aca(eic (iscovery& but it is the result o!
the !act that !or ", years& we have been !ighting !or a -ust new worl(
econoic or(er.
Lyn(on LaRouche has (evelope( concrete proposals !or such econoic re!or&
an( when we& beginning relatively naively an( innocently& starte( to
organi=e !or the ipleentation o! these progras& we were hit with an
enorous aount o! counterattac'& an( we !oun( out that there is an
enorous aount o! harassent against countries**countries are being
threatene( with extinction**against in(ivi(uals threatene( with (eath or
torture& or other un!ortunate (evelopents.
:ecause we (i( not give up in all o! this !ight& we learne( a lot about
the nature o! the eney. 0e !oun( out& !or exaple& soething which ay be
a surprise to any people3 that the genoci(e lobby exists in the !or o!
concrete associations an( people.
Then the next a-or step in this (evelopent was that Lyn(on LaRouche in
"#7, (evelope( a concrete proposal !or international onetary re!or&
which he calle( at that tie the International )evelopent :an'& which
becae extreely in!luential in the (iscussions o! the ;on*Aligne(
1oveent an( was intro(uce( by the then*2oreign 1inister o! Fuyana& 2re(
0ills& in !ront o! the Feneral Assebly o! the .nite( ;ations in /epteber
0e have watche( what the I12 con(itionalities have (one in these ", years.
Entire countries have been (isantle( in !ront o! the eyes o! the worl(
public. 2or exaple the beauti!ul nation o! 1exico& which was econoically
struggling "%*", years ago& was literally ta'en apart step by step& with
absolute brutality. The nation o! .gan(a practically no longer exists. I!
you loo' at Lebanon& since "#7,& this nation has been copletely bobe(
out& (estroye(. It (oes not exist any ore.
* The genoci(e lobby *
0e have !oun( out& step by step& who is behin( this. The Club o! Roe& at
a certain point in "#7B& starte( to propagan(i=e their =ero econoic
growth policy o! neo*althusianis& that the worl( (oes not have enough
!oo( !or the nuber o! people. 0e cae upon such institutions as the
0orl(watch Institute& which is supervising a lot o! this. 0e !oun(
in(ivi(uals li'e the /atanist Robert 1c;aara& who has a long list o!
cries. 6e was responsible in Jietna !or the bo(y*count policy. 6e9s a
lunatic& quite literally& because he goes out when there is a !ull 1oon&
to bathe in the oonbeas. This is part o! his belie!*structure. :ut the
other si(e is the genoci(e he coitte( when he was hea( o! the 0orl(
:an'. 0e have hear( circles aroun( Fen. 1axwell Taylor& also o! Jietna
!ae& who sai( quite openly that they want to increase the (eath rate by
natural eans& because birth control is not su!!icient. 0e have !oun(
circles aroun( Feorge :all& who have openly sai( that it is necessary to
re(uce the 1exican population to <% illion people& i.e.& less than hal!.
0e hear( the speech o! Fore Ji(al in /ao Paulo last year& who sai( that
the AI)/ pan(eic is a goo( thing& because it will re(uce the population
to " billion people.
An( we have seen& what was the long*ter (esign o! people li'e )r.
Alexan(er Iing& who was the one responsible in "#?< !or intro(ucing the
so*calle( e(ucation re!or in Europe& which ha( the (eliberate ai o!
eliinating !or pupils any 'nowle(ge o! the high points o! the B&%%% years
o! European culture an( civili=ation. This sae )r. Alexan(er Iing was the
lea(er o! the Club o! Roe& an( is on recor( having sai( that population
growth in the Thir( 0orl( has to stop& because the Anglo*/axon white race
is overrun by the blac'& brown& an( yellow people.
In the course o! this& we !oun(e( the Club o! Li!e& against the evil
activities o! the Club o! Roe& an( as a result o! our organi=ing !or the
sanctity an( sacre(ness o! li!e& we !oun( out even ore about these
people. 0e (iscovere( an incre(ible new euthanasia capaign& an(
propagan(a that health care woul( not be cost*e!!ective. /o we !oun( out
about any ore concrete persons& an( also about the nature o! the eney.
0e !oun( out how the !inancial institutions o! this worl( are responsible&
an( how they are controlle( by certain !ailies& an( that the reason !or
all o! these probles is what you coul( call a plutocracy& a governent o!
a !inancial power elite. This @group hasA an extree Calvinist view& o!
those who thin' that Fo( punishes those who are poor& an( that those who
are rich are alrea(y proven to be correct by the very !act o! their
* The 6oly Alliance an( the Galta policy *
/oon we !oun( out that what otivates these people is& in part& the
political syste o(ele( on the 6oly Alliance conclu(e( at the Congress o!
Jienna o! "$",& where the i(ea o! having Russia as a special policean o!
Europe was copie( !ro. 0e !oun( that the proponents o! this syste li'e(
the i(ea o! balance o! power& crisis anageent& that they are against the
sovereignty o! the nation*state& an( that they want to reintro(uce a
so*calle( /tan(estaat& a class syste& with lower an( higher classes& were
the lower ones have no rights**i.e.& you go bac' be!ore the Prussian
In the B%th century& there is a continuity o! this in the !or o! the
Galta treason& which also has to be loo'e( at as one o! the great cries
o! our tie. In "#8<& there was the (ivision o! Europe& without real nee(.
There was no necessity to give hal! o! Europe to the Russians& to the
Counists. This& as you 'now& was alrea(y (eci(e( in "#8<& an( the
process o! Teheran& Galta& an( Pots(a -ust conclu(e( this agreeent. This
Galta treason was continue( in "#8< by the @/cottish RotA 2reeason Feorge
1arshall& who gave China to 1ao He(ong& at a point that the Iuointang ha(
, illion people un(er ars. It was the -oint action o! 1oscow an(
0ashington to give ainlan( China to the Counists. In "#,<& (uring the
Iorean 0ar& Chiang Iai*she' ha( o!!ere( to sen( hun(re(s o! thousan(s o!
troops to help 1acArthur& an( the Iorean 0ar woul( have en(e( quite
(i!!erently. :ut this was not in the i(ea o! the balance o! power again&
so that 1acArthur a!terwar( went to Taipei to apologi=e.
This Galta policy was continue( in "#7"& when it was Iissinger who
intro(uce( the +China car(+ policy& an( at the sae tie there was
continuous treason against the security o! the 0est& in the !or o! the
Pugwash Con!erence& the ecology oveent& all aie( to un(erine the
security o! the 0est as an in(epen(ent culture& a civili=ation. The peace
oveent was invente(& which has turne( out to be nothing but 1oscow9s
!i!th colun& an( i! you loo' at it to(ay& it is run literally by witches&
an( is the harbor an( the water in which terrorists can swi.
* /atanis an( 2rie(rich ;iet=sche *
In all o! this& the role o! /atanis is not arginal& but& as recent
(iscoveries have shown& the ecology oveent is a /atanic oveent. The
con(ition o! the worl(& all the isery an( all the incre(ible su!!ering&
coul( not be explaine( otherwise& an( the a-or threat to civili=ation
to(ay is nothing but /atanis& which is not calle( /atanis openly& even
though this is becoing ore an( ore public now& but it is generally
calle( the ;ew Age. I thin' the 'ey to un(erstan(ing the threat to an'in(
to(ay& in the !or o! /atanis an( ;ew Age& it is extreely iportant to
un(erstan( both ;iet=sche an( Aleister Crowley.
;iet=sche& who was wor'ing !or the )evil @actually& accor(ing to Ru(ol!
/teiner& essentially ta'ing (ictation !ro /atan at tiesA in the last
century (e!initely& represents a new phase in this& because since his
writings& the open& perverte( a(vertiseent o! /atanis has becoe a phase
shi!t in history. The ost iportant points he a(e are the !ollowing. 6e
(eclare( that Fo( is (ea(& an( later he (evelope( out o! this& that he
hisel! woul( be the Anti*Christ an( he woul( be /atan. 6is ai was to
wipe out Christianity an( all values associate( with it. 6e& because Fo(
is (ea(& (eclare( that an is not the iage o! Fo(& but an has to be an
aesthetic beast.
6e continue( to rewrite history in ephasi=ing& not the classical high
points o! history& the classical Free' or the Renaissance& but rather
)ionysian ecstasy& :acchanalian asses wal'ing& arching (run'en through
the streets& (ope( up. 6e ephasi=e( the !lagellants in the 1i((le Ages&
an( in his ugly boo' Ecce 6oo& he (eclare(3 A I un(erstoo(M It is
)ionysos against the cruci!ie(. 6e (evote( his entire li!e against
Christianity an( (eterine( that he wante( to revalue all values into
their opposite. This is in(ee( the essence o! the /atanic etho(3 to
consciously change values into their opposite in such a way& that people
(on9t reali=e it in the beginning& but in the en( they are in the grip o!
6e (i( not accept the (evelopent o! the universe to ever higher or(ers&
but announce( a cyclical repetition& the eternal return o! the sae& an(
there!ore (estruction !or hi**as well as !or the Freenies to(ay or !or
the ;a=is& which is actually the sae thing**(estruction is (esirable&
because only out o! the (ecay& the strong will coe& in the opinion o!
these people& an( the natural outgrowth o! this is the i(ea o! the aster
race. The will to power is the only value !or these people.
6istorically& ;iet=sche re!ers to )ionysius**:acchus**who was& at a point
o! Free' history& the cult !igure !or a cult which centere( aroun( wil(
usic& rythic (ancing an( orgiastic ecstasy. This is all very iportant&
i! you copare it with the ;ew Age to(ay. The ai o! this I;/A;E EC/TA/G
is the uni!ication with their go(& T> :E P>//E//E)& LITERALLG. @ephasis
a((e(4 /he is in(ee( (escribing a eans o! becoing possesse( by a class
o! satanically*controlle( beings.A The essence o! what is uni!ying the is
their hatre( against Christianity& because they see it as a total negation
o! all earthly pleasures an( passions. An( we !oun( out that one o! the
reasons why they hate( us so uch& is because they always say& you want to
ta'e away our pleasures in this way& because you put up oral stan(ar(s&
an( we (on9t li'e that.
/o& both ;iet=sche an( the !reeasons**which is actually one
tra(ition**re!er to Freece as a (eliberate counterpole against
Christianity& an( it is also this )ionysian !ace o! Free' history which
gave the the arguents !or the +aster race.+ 2or exaple& Theognis o!
1egara alrea(y ha( the i(ea that the aristocratic is goo( an( the plebian
is ba(. I! you rea( Plato9s (ialogues& you !in( with the 1eno& that
Thrasyachos an( Callicles ephasi=e the exercise o! power as the essence
o! all virtues. Thrasyachos says that power!ul evil is ore noble than
wea' goo(ness& an( Cllicles says the stronger ones have the right to
(oinate an( also have property& an( the wea' ones have none. )ionysius
sai(& what is the essence !or hi is rage!ul lust& which is at the sae
tie the !ury o! (estruction @a consequence o! )E1>;IC possession& which
requires the cultivation o! a neutral or positive attitu(e towar( the
physical or spiritual (estruction o! huansA. In(ee( you will !in(& that
rage is the eotion o! /atan& in the sae way that agape& caritas& or love
is the eotion o! Christianity.
The concept o! the eternal return o! the sae& which is a pre*Christian
cult notion& associate( with the earth go((esses @ainly IshtarP+Isis&+
+The Fo((ess+A& other go((esses& is also the groun( !or the i(ea o!
reincarnation& the concept use( (eliberately against the i(ea o!
The ;iet=schean !ascists& the ;ew Age proponents& believe that iortality
or the belie! in iortality is the basic obstacle to real li!e. ;iet=sche
!inally wrote Thus& /pa'e Harathustra& where he (eclare( that all go(s are
(ea(& now lives the superan& (er .berensch. /uperan is the eaning o!
the worl(**no go(& rather aster your own !ate& rather be go( yoursel!.
/o& the i(ea o! /atanis is nothing but sel!*(ei!ication @i.e. li!e has no
eaning& so it9s what you a'e itA& an( !or these people& Christian
ennobleent is only castration.
2or ;iet=sche& Fo( is proven wrong& but not the )evil. In 0ill to Power&
he writes& to be able to bear li!e without Fo( an( orality& he ust !in(
the opposite& the ego which creates its own go(& at whose !eet all en
lie. This go( is nothing but the culination o! power& the liberation o!
all orality& the !ull (epths o! all contra(ictions o! li!e live( out to
the excess. Fo( !or hi is the greatest ioralist& as will to power
without goo(ness an( wis(o. /o& ;iet=sche believe( in superiority o! the
)evil4 quite literally& he was a /atanist. 6e believe( in the >lypus&
i.e.& the power o! an totally (e(icate( to this Earth& but not in the
Cruci!ie(. /o& )ionysius& who ;iet=sche believe( to be !inally he
hisel!& is the go( o! (ar'ness& an( Harathustra a(its that the goo( ones
woul( call his superan the )evil.
/o what we are really (ealing with& is the /atanic religion& in their
hatre( !or Christianity& !or those reasons. All o! this& the ;iet=schean
philosophy& was the ethic o! the inner core o! the // an( the ;a=is&an( it
is exactly the proble to(ay& that the elites thin' they want power only
!or power9s sa'e& an( it is their absolute right to 'eep that power& no
atter what will happen to this poor worl(. It is no question that these
people are un(er the in!luence o! gigantic illusions& an( it is also clear
that they are either part o! /atanist rituals an( circles& or at least
they tolerate it. @1any are in !act satanically possesse(& an( have
becoe& in Ru(ol! /teiner9s wor(s& +the eney o! an'in(9s Earthly
* The Age o! Aquarius *
0e have notice(& that !or the past one or two years& the so*calle( ;ew Age
has been on an aggressive o!!ensive worl(wi(e& an( i! you loo' at the
syptos& you can actually see that it is an attept to win over the worl(
!or goo(& an( to wipe out Christianity once an( !or all. ;orally people
are not accustoe( to loo' at it this way& but i! you start to sharpen
your eyes& you actually see syptos o! it at every point. 2or exaple&
you all 'now that there are har(ly any young people who are not victis o!
roc' usic& an( all a-or roc' ban(s are /atanist. ;ot only (o they have
/atanist texts& not only (o they have subliinal essages an(
light*e!!ects with pictures o! /atan or sybols& but it is having a
serious e!!ect on the brains an( the capability to thin' o! these young
>ne can say that roc' usic is the !irst level o! initiation @any
har(*roc' +usicians+ report !eeling as i! soething else is controlling
the as they a'e their noiseA & an( that then (rugs& pornography& an(
general (isruption o! any oral stan(ar( are the next steps. /o& i! you go
through this an( you (on9t watch it& what coes out are people without
souls @actually& whose souls have been hi-ac'e(A& an( it is ost
horri!ying to see that alea(y in all o! 0estern Europe& $%*$,Q o! all
young people have participate( in occult exercises& which starts li'e a
gae& but then soon it is not a gae any ore. There are any /atanic
churches& not only in Turin& where ,Q o! the people a(it that they are
/atanists. It is the !aous >r(o Tepli >rientis which is (e!initely one
o! the lea(ing instruents. It is a lot o! asonic rites& it is the sprea(
o! pe(ophilia& chil(*pornography rings& vi(eo cassettes o! uniaginable
perversion& an( !inally the ore !requently occurring ritual ur(ers.
0hile ;iet=sche (e!initively is the philosopher !or the power elites&
Aleister Crowley is the one who gives the philosophy !or the (upe( asses.
)o what you want& this is the only law3 that was the philosophy o!
Aleister Crowley& an( this is the poison in the hearts an( in(s o! the
people thin'ing they can ta'e (rugs& they can (o anything -ust as they
>ne has to see that the Age o! Aquarius& the ;ew Age& as it was
propagan(i=e( by 1arilyn 2erguson& is actually the new !or o! this
(isease. The ai is to eliinate any principle& there is no longer any
criterion !or goo( an( evil. An( one has to un(erstan( that the ;ew Age
has a lot o! (i!!erent eleents& li'e hoosexuality& which is an organi=e(
cult. ;obo(y can tell e that ,%Q o! the people in 1anhattan all ha(
(oineering others who give the no other way than to -oin this. It is an
organi=ing tool3 Fet people involve(& an( once they are involve(& they
can9t get out so easily. It is witchcra!t& the ecology oveent& the i(ea
that soe ysterious earth go((ess exists. @Actually& Earth is the
physical ani!estation o! a spiritual being& but 0icca& paganis& an(
2reeasonry are throwbac's to !orer stages o! evolution& an( are thus
Luci!eric& an( they are use( to entice people into becoing /atanists.A It
is (rugs& it is astrology& it is pantheis4 basically all o! the
coponents o! the ;ew Age represent an attac' on rationality& on reason&
on natural science& on the i(ea o! the 'nowability o! the laws o! the
universe @i.e. on the evolution o! consciousnessA.
/o& we have !oun( that one o! the 'ey coor(inating centers o! all o! this
is a thing calle( the Lucis Trust& !orerly the Luci!er organi=ation&
which is a 'in( o! ubrella sponsoring all o! these (i!!erent things.
Associate( with this are the .nite( ;ations& the 0orl( Council o!
Churches& the Club o! Roe& the Trilateral Coission& the Roc'e!eller
2oun(ation& the 0orl( 0il(li!e 2un(& an( any ore.
I! you loo' at this& the big question obviously is& how to reverse itM It
is obviously a sub-ect which is not an easy one& an( any people say it is
(angerous even to tal' about it& but i! we (o not warn our young people&
the next generation an( the any oral people who are -ust in(i!!erent&
who (on9t care& we9ll eventually be ta'en over.
/o there!ore& the !irst step is to a'e a huge capaign to expose what is
really behin( the ;ew Age& an( we will nae the naes o! those who have
put theselves in the service o! /atan& an( we will put on their !orehea(
the 1ar' o! the :east& because it is our obligation to !ight !or the
superiority o! an in the iage o! Fo(.
1a-or Cover*.ps o! /atanis
1a-or Cover*.ps o! /atanis
The !ollowing is the ninth section o! EIR9s /pecial Report entitle(
/atanis3 Crie 0ave o! the #%sM& which can be or(ere( through

IR. Chil( ur(er in Atlanta
In "#7$& Larry 2lint was prosecute( in the /tate o! Feorgia !or violation
o! the pornography laws4 it is here that he was shot& receiving a
crippling in-ury which has con!ine( hi to a wheelchair. Certainly& his
eneies were not the /atanists3 to the contrary& /atanis& (rugs&
pornography !lourishe( in this evil city& an( (o so to this (ay. Atlanta
is soeties calle( a crie capital o! Aerica.
Accor(ing to (rug en!orceent experts& Atlanta becae an iportant center
!or narcotics (istribution with the upgra(ing an( expansion o! /outh
Aerican an( Caribbean (rug tra!!ic'ing into 1iai. The pattern is an
expansion to routes into Feorgia an( 6ouston& Tex. Con-ointly with this&
Atlanta becae ore iportant as a center !or (rug cartel
oney*laun(ering operations. It is certainly a regional capital !or an
international /atanic networ'. 0e shall show that the coverup which
occurre( at the tie o! the Atlanta Chil( 1ur(ers& has allowe( /atanis
to !lourish there virtually unchec'e(.
* The Atlanta Chil( 1ur(ers *
2ro Euly o! "#7# to 1ay o! "#$"& B# blac' a(olescent an( young a(ult
ales were ur(ere( in Atlanta& Fa. The circustances o! their (eath
clearly in(icate( a ritual eleent& an( extensive e(ia play guarantee(
an international spotlight. At the tie& one cre(ible otive !or the
ur(ers appeare( to be political3 to !oent racial tensions. The /atanic
eleent gra(ually un!ol(e(.
The o!!icially recogni=e( victis were ainly a(olescent blac' ales& who
were 'nown to be involve( in (rug running an( in ale prostitution. There
is every in(ication that pornographic photographs& an( perhaps vi(eos as
well& were being pro(uce(. >ne possibility is that the young en an(
woen were ur(ere( (uring the course o! the pro(uction o! +snu!!+ !ils4
another is that the (eaths were part o! soe sacri!icial ritual. >ther
otives suggeste( !or the cries inclu(e( retribution !or violations o!
the criinals9 own internal co(e C!or exaple& that the young people hel(
bac' (rug pro!itsD.
There is a question whether the list o! B# chil(*ur(er victis is
eaning!ul& since other bo(ies& both white an( blac'& ale an( !eale&
were !oun( (uring the sae tie perio(4 an( (eaths occurre( !itting the
pattern o! the Atlanta Chil( 1ur(ers a!ter the iprisonent o! 0ayne
0illias& the an convicte( !or the cries. /ixty*three other people were
ur(ere( in Atlanta between the years "#7# an( "#$B. Twenty*!ive o!
these occurre( a!ter the arrest o! 0illias& the suppose( lone assassin.
In "#7#& Atlanta was 'nown as the ur(er capital o! the ../.& with B<"
hoici(es& accor(ing to 2:I statistics.
The chil(ren were 'nown to !requent the house o! a blac' an nae( To
Terrell& 'nown to the as .ncle To. 6ere& they were pai( N"% or N", to
per!or oral sexual acts. The chil(ren were also so(oi=e(. They were
given ari-uana an( soe other !or o! narcotic which was (aube( on their
!aces. The existence o! .ncle To9s house never cae out in the trial o!
0illias& (espite the availability o! eyewitness testiony.
There was (e!inite evi(ence that soe o! the (ea( chil(ren ha( spent tie
with their captors& perhaps (ays& be!ore they were 'ille(. They were
wearing clothing (i!!erent !ro that in which they were capture(& an(
the reains o! !oo( ta'en !ro their stoachs showe( that they ha( eaten
eals a!ter the tie they were last seen by !rien(s an( !aily.
The chil(ren were apparently sothere( to (eath**one possibility is that
they were sothere( at the oent o! orgas& while per!oring oral sex.
/exual organs were issing on any o! the reains& which ha( been le!t
to ol(er out(oors. The location where one boy9s bo(y was !oun( was the
sae place where& soe years earlier& hoosexuals ha( been shot in a gang
war over control o! the hoosexual entertainent in(ustry. Later& there
was also a spate o! !ire*bobings o! hoosexual an( sexually oriente(
entertainent spots in Atlanta.
The ur(ers too' place against a bac'(rop o! racial*political tension in
the city. 0hen 1aynar( Eac'son becae ayor o! Atlanta in "#7<& he
reorgani=e( the hereto!ore lily*white police !orce. This create(
(issension& which was later re!lecte( in the politics o! the
investigation aroun( the ur(ers. Eac'son hire( Reginal( Eaves to run the
Police )epartent& but he was ultiately !orce( to resign a!ter charges
o! corruption charges were brought against hi& an( Lee P. :rown& who
subsequently relocate( in 6ouston Can( now ;ew Gor'D& too' over the -ob.
:rown ha( receive( a Ph) in police a(inistration& an( ha( serve( in
Portlan(& >re. an( /an Eose& Cali!. be!ore coing to Atlanta.
:rown was in charge at the tie o! the ur(ers. 1any people !elt that the
way that he han(le( the investigations was so incopetent as to suggest
either corruption on his part**involveent in the hoosexual circles who
cae un(er suspicion**an(Por blac'ail. 1aynar( Eac'son also cae in !or
criticis. The situation surroun(ing the investigation o! the 'illings
was so ba(& that soe o! the parents o! issing chil(ren expresse( (oubt
that the reains which were !oun( were actually those o! their own
chil(ren. They !oun( things such as (iscrepancies in (ental wor' between
the reains an( their own chil(ren9s (ental recor(s. In one instance& it
is reporte( that the police theselves tosse( a coin in or(er to (eci(e
to which o! two issing boys& the bo(y be!ore the belonge(. In other
cases& there were reports o! sightings in other cities& o! boys
suppose(ly (ea(.
>ne o! the boys was !oun( with a stab woun( in the stoach& surroun(e( by
!ive cereonial cuts& accor(ing to an ac'nowle(geent by a e(ical
exainer& subsequent to the 0ayne 0illias trial. C;o /atanic
connections were brought out by the 0illias (e!ense.D /everal parents
reporte( to investigators that when they saw their chil(ren9s bo(ies they
ha( crosses carve( on their !orehea(s or chests. ;ewspapers reporte(
three such instances at the tie.
* The occult connection *
Atlanta has long been an occult center. ;ot only ha( the
Process*2oun(ation 2aith cult opene( a chapter there& but there was a
hoe*grown 0icca networ' run by a witch who calle( hersel! La(y /antana&
an( one Lor( 1erlin. La(y /antana was also 'nown as /aantha Leran.
La(y /antana9s Ravenwoo( Church o! 0icca was grante( tax exept status in
the /tate o! Feorgia. There is also another witchcra!t coven operating
openly there& 'nown as The Avalon Center. It is run by a woan styling
hersel! as La(y Fala(riel& 6igh Priestess o! the Frove o! the .nicorn.
The Atlanta 0icca Church change( its nae to the Church o! the >l(
Religion in "#7#& !ollowing the ur(er o! a ",*year*ol( girl.
Eolene Tina /ion was 'ille( at Ravenwoo( 6ouse (uring an open house
ritual. /he was 'ille( shortly be!ore 1ay B#& "#7#& an( a an nae( )avi(
Reese 0illias& a B<*year*ol( uneploye( parae(ic& was subsequently
in(icte( by an Atlanta gran( -ury !or anslaughter. Accor(ing to
accounts& 0illias coolly place( a gun to /ion9s hea( an( pulle( the
trigger& when she tol( hi& +Iill e5+ 0illias clais not to reeber
the inci(ent& an( 0icca ebers who were present testi!ie( that the
ur(er was acci(ental. A eber o! the 0icca Church !ro >hio& who calle(
hersel! La(y Circe& was also reporte( to be present in Atlanta (uring
the tie o! the Chil( 1ur(ers.
An in(epen(ent investigative tea in Atlanta& le( by )r. /on(ra
>9;eillCwho was then teaching literature at Eory College in AtlantaD&
an( inclu(ing Albert Eoiner an( the soetie presence o! Roy Innis& hea(
o! the Congress o! Racial Equality CC>RED& plus investigative -ournalist
Ira Liebowit=& an( a !orer Atlanta chie! o! police& (evelope( any lea(s
in(icating a /atanic aspect to the cries. CThese in(ivi(uals
collaborate( with each other on an in!oral basis but were by no eans
always in agreeent.D 2orer Atlanta police o!!icer Chuc' )ettlinger
publishe( a boo' on the ur(ers& The List& which is o! interest because
it (ocuents a consistent recor( o! police !ailure to !ollow up
investigative lea(s.
)r. >9;eill was brought into the case by Eaes :al(win& who ha( been
coissione( by Playboy aga=ine to write an article on the ur(ers. /he
was alrea(y collaborating with the !aous author on his biography. They
hire( two gra(uate stu(ents !ro the .niversity o! Pennsylvania to assist
the. Later a ;ew Gor' investigator& Falen Ielly& was brought on the
scene by Roy Innis. Ielly Cwho is proinent in Anti*)e!aation League
circles& an( was in(icte( in ;ew Gor' City !or 'i(naping a eber o! a
;ew Eersey cult& purporte(ly to (eprogra the in(ivi(ualD systeatically
ipe(e( >9;eill9s investigations. Ielly has in the past wor'e( closely
with Rabbi 1aurice )avis& as part o! a purporte( anti*cult networ'4
)avis& however& is the in(ivi(ual who originally helpe( sponsor Ei Eones
o! Eonestown !ae.
:ecause o! :al(win9s proinence& any people !ro the local counity
cae !orwar( privately with in!oration. >ne o! these in!orants was
subsequently gunne( (own by police on the !lisy pretext that he showe(
resistance to arrest when they sought to enter his house. >thers were
threatene(. The a-or in!orant was one /hirley 1cFill Cwho subsequently
cae un(er the control o! Innis an( IellyD. 1cFill a(itte( to having
been eploye( as a boo''eeper by a (rug*tra!!ic'ing operation that was
base( in 2lori(a.
In the suer o! "#77 she becae involve( with Parnell Traha& who was
wor'ing as a cab (river in the 1iai area. 6e practice( voo(oo. 6e ha(
serve( in the Jietna 0ar& an( it was apparently in Jietna that he
becae involve( in the (rug tra!!ic. The o(us operan(i o! the operation
was to purchase use( cars in 1iai& which were then loa(e( with (rugs an(
transporte( by rural routes to Atlanta an( to 6ouston.
1cFill was recruite( by Traha to serve as a boo''eeper !or his
operation& an( she was sent to Atlanta. >9;eill (escribe( the (rug
operation as operating in a cell !oration& where in(ivi(uals !ro one
cell (i( not 'now those in other cells. 1cFill was intro(uce( into an
inner circle& who controlle( the various cells. These people were also
In 1arch o! "#$%& she was invite( to a cereonial groun( in Atlanta. /he
was instructe( to wear a long (ress& with a scar! covering her hea(& but
not to wear un(ergarents. An initiation cereony too' place& in which
(ope was so'e( an( there was soe sexual activity. Accor(ing to her
account& 1cFill sought to 'eep her (istance !ro the cult activities.
0hen she (i( atten( ritual cereonies& she woul( volunteer to act as a
guar( on the perieter o! the area. 0hile the ebers o! the (rug networ'
with which she was involve( were blac'& the high priest (uring the occult
cereonies was a white an& an( white an( blac' woul( participate in the
The high priest woul( appear na'e(& wearing goat horns on his hea(& an(
woul( see to appear !ro a clou( o! so'e. A ring o! can(les woul(
create a 'in( o! altar& an( these were place( surroun(ing the statute o!
a short& !at& seate( an. The cereonies which she witnesse( inclu(e(
anial an( huan sacri!ice& which inclu(e( slitting the victi9s throat
an( then (rin'ing his or her bloo( !ro a chalice. The sexual orgy which
woul( !ollow& inclu(e( having sexual relations with anials. A!ter this&
people woul( bathe in a bo(y o! water a(-acent to the cereonial
1cFill i(enti!ie( several out(oor sites where rituals were hel(. 2uneral
hoes were !requently use( to (ispose o! bo(ies& which were place( in
the close( co!!ins o! people who were being burie( !ro the !uneral hoe.
1cFill also pointe( out places !ro which the (rug operations were run.
>ne was a achine shop& another a barn or warehouse& an( there was also
a house.
1cFill relate( three inci(ents which occurre( apart !ro these
cereonies& one o! the in a barn. A blac' an (ragge( what appeare( to
be a (ea( blac' chil( into the barn by a rope tie( aroun( the chil(9s
nec'. Jarious in(ivi(uals trie( to get 1cFill to pull the rope but she
re!use(. The chil(9s bo(y was then place( in the trun' o! a car. >n
another occasion& 1cFill was wor'ing in the achine shop& when two en
brought in a young blac' chil( who was boun(. The boy 'new 1cFill an(
appeale( to her !or help. 6e tol( her that he woul( be 'ille( because he
ha( withhel( oney !ro the sale o! (rugs. Later she witnesse( his
ur(er& when a plastic bag was place( over his hea(. >n another occasion
she saw on the !loor o! the barn a na'e( chil(& who appeare( to be (ea(.
Accor(ing to 1cFill& a young woan nae( EoAnn was also ur(ere( at the
sae tie. >n soe occasions 1cFill intiate( that she ha( been involve(
with this woan in scaing the (rug overlor(s& an( so she !eare( !or
her own li!e& an( that was the reason that she ha( bro'en with the cult
an( sought out )r. >9;eill an( Roy Innis. At other ties& she entione(
!ears !or the sa!ety o! her son& an( she also suspecte( that she ight
be chosen as a sacri!icial victi in cult cereonies.
1cFill reporte( seeing one o! the purporte( victis o! the Atlanta Chil(
1ur(ers alive. The 2:I also interviewe( people who claie( to have seen
this particular boy alive as late as )eceber o! "#$".
0itnesses near the location o! the ab(uction o! one chil( on the o!!icial
victi list& i(enti!ie( Parnell Traha as the (river o! the car use( in
the ab(uction. In none o! the ab(uctions o! the chil(ren& is there any
in(ication that they resiste( capture. This lea(s to the hypothesis that
they 'new their captors**in soe instances& these ay even have been
!aily ebers& or respecte( ebers o! the counity. It is not
cre(ible that all o! the ur(ere( chil(ren ha( been hol(ing bac' oney&
since in that event soe woul( have resiste( capture4 !urtherore& it
shoul( not have ta'en alost <% ur(ers to convince the young people&
ost o! who 'new each other& o! the (angers o! scaing.
* >ther witnesses *
>ver the !our*year perio( in which )r. >9;eill con(ucte( her on*site
investigations& eight witnesses sur!ace( to (escribe what ha( occurre(.
They locate( three ain sites& one in Cobb County. They (escribe( the
sacri!ice o! hun(re(s o! victis& not erely the chil(ren i(enti!ie( in
the Chil( 1ur(er cases. >ne witness was a blac' agic preacher who
operate( !ro the baseent o! his own !ather9s church. In all& !our
(i!!erent witchcra!t covens were i(enti!ie(. These apparently share( two
sites& which were i(enti!ie( by witnesses. Perio(ically& they woul( coe
together !or cereonials. The sites were near bo(ies o! water& an( they
woul( a(e o! boul(ers place( in sei*circular con!igurations. >l(
In(ian burial sites were pre!erre(& an( trees playe( a part in the
Circustantial evi(ence suggests Process*2oun(ation involveent. 6airs o!
Feran shepher( (ogs were !oun( in soe o! the reains o! chil( victis.
/evere( hea(s o! (ogs were also !oun( in the vicinity o! ritual sites. A
volunteer nae( )on La'en& !orerly !ro Pennsylvania& was active in
+assisting+ the police. 6e was 'nown as the +(og an+ because he ran a
'ennel where he traine( a large nuber o! attac' (ogs& ainly #% Feran
shepher(s. La'en a(itte( to a eber o! 0ayne 0illias9s (e!ense
tea**which he claie( to be ai(ing**that he hisel! practice( /atanis.
6e was seen wearing gol( -ewelry& all syboli=ing Feran shepher(s&
inclu(ing a large shepher(9s*hea( pen(ant which he wore aroun( his nec'.
La'en was particularly active with the nubers o! so*calle( psychics who
!loo(e( the police with their o!!ers o! help. It shoul( be note( that
the 2oun(ation 2aith (e!initely incorporate( clairvoyance in its revise(
In Eanuary o! "#$"& an anonyous telephone call alerte( searchers to the
existence o! an unoccupie( house in southwest Atlanta. 6ere neighbors ha(
observe( an unusual pattern o! activity. There was also a sell o!
(ecaye( !lesh aroun( the house.
Two :ibles were !oun( naile( to the wall& one o! these was opene( to the
:oo' o! Isaiah& Chapter ". CThis choice o! passage is reiniscent o! a
siilar essage le!t on the site where Roy Ra(in was !oun( ur(ere( in
"#$<.D In this passage& Fo( chastises 6is chil(ren !or their sin an(
(isobe(ience. Jerse ",rea(s3 +Gour han(s are those o! ur(erers4 they are
covere( with the bloo( o! your innocent victis.+ Jerse "? rea(s& +>h
wash yourselves5 :e clean5+ Jerse B# rea(s& +Gou will blush to thin' o!
all those ties you sacri!ice( to i(ols in your groves o! sacre( oa's.+
Chapter II& Jerse ? states& +The Lor( has re-ecte( you because you
welcoe !oreigners !ro the East who practice agic an( counicate with
evil spirits.+
* 0ayne 0illias *

1ost investigators believe that 0illias was involve( to soe extent in
the ur(ers. 1ost probably he was use( as a pornography photographer. 6e
operate( as a sall*scale talent scout& organi=e( a usical group calle(
Feini& an( ay have entice( soe o! the chil( victis. A!ter his arrest&
the Egyptian :oo' o! the )ea( was !oun( aong his possessions& an( he
hisel! owne( a Feran shepher( nae( /heba. /hirley 1cFill claie( to
'now hi.
Jarious spectators in the courtroo at the 0illias trial appeare( to be
wearing occult sybols. In!oration was a(e available to the (e!ense
tea& naing two police o!!icers who were reporte(ly in 0illias9s
/atanic group. This (i( not sur!ace at the trial4 however& it coheres
with 1cFill9s assertion that the /atanists ha( police protection.
The arrest o! 0ayne 0illias cae a!ter the investigation appeare( to be
(ea(*en(e(& but a!ter then*Jice Presi(ent :ush a(e a trip to Atlanta&
(ean(ing that soe action be ta'en. 0illias hisel! was at !irst
extreely con!i(ent that he woul( be quic'ly release(. The evi(ence that
he was a sole assassin is unconvincing& to say the least. ;o witness
(escriptions o! allege( ab(uctors !it the (escription o! 0illias. In
!act& he was charge( with only two o! the ur(ers. 0illias plea(e( not
guilty& an( nothing in his behavior evi(ence( a criinal
(isposition**other than his privately a(itte( ebership in the /atanic
cult**nor was any otive !or the cries establishe(.
There woul( appear to have been an agreeent between the (e!ense an( the
prosecution& to suppress the /atanic connection. Get& in the case o! stab
woun(s !oun( on the bo(ies& two o! the three victis so !oun(& ha(
woun(s which were in!licte( by a le!t*han(e( person4 0illias is
right*han(e(. 0illias9s own !ather& also believe( to be a eber o! the
cult& is le!t*han(e(. Perhaps 0illias was in(uce( to protect hi.
There were three other suspects hel( by the police& o! who two were
release( an( one was coitte( to a ental institution. All three were
(isisse( as cra=y by the police. The in(ivi(uals ha( !irst contacte( a
inister to who they appeale( !or help in their e!!ort to reveal what
they 'new about /atanic cult activity.
* /atanis in Atlanta to(ay *
Atlanta is currently the hoe o! 2ay Gager& !oun(er o! the /anctuary
1oveent in the .nite( /tates. 1rs. Gager has ta'en upon hersel! the
pain!ul tas' o! organi=ing resources !or parents who are see'ing to
protect their chil(ren !ro chil( abuse by their spouses or !orer
spouses. /he was (rawn into this activity as she hersel!& an( then her
!rien(s& !oun( that the courts not only turne( against the& an( re!use(
protection to their chil(ren& but actively supporte( the abusers.
At !irst& she believe( that the proble was priarily pe(ophiliac chil(
abuse4 only gra(ually (i( she begin to reali=e that three*quarters o! the
chil(ren who cae to her attention !or help& were in !act the victis o!
abuse by practicing /atanists.
0hen her own (aughter was B years ol(& 1rs. Gager !oun( out that her
previous husban(& Roger Eones& was abusing her. /he was unable to prevail
against hi in the courts& an( only two years ago was she vin(icate(&
when he was arreste( !or pornography an( the rape o! another chil(. In
the eantie& he ha( been given custo(y o! their (aughter& who becae
pregnant as a teenager**an( su!!ere( iserably. The lawyer& Robert
2ournoy& who (e!en(e( 1rs. Gager9s husban(& becae a -u(ge& an( in that
capacity has continue( to protect chil( abusers.
Another Atlanta woan who now wor's with 1rs. Gager& Jictoria Iarp& has
!our gran(chil(ren who were given by this -u(ge into the custo(y o! a
!ather who they reporte( to have been /atanically abusive to the three
ol(est. 1rs. Iarp9s (aughter has chosen to hi(e out& rather than to
release the chil(ren. The -u(ge in this case was the sae Robert 2ournoy
who ha( success!ully (e!en(e( 2ay Gager9s !irst husban(.
In the Iarp case& it appears that the !ather was a eber o! a
three*generational witchcra!t !aily& an( woul( be ta'en to the hoe o! a
great*aunt where ritual cereonies too' place. The chil(ren have (rawn
pictures o! people being stabbe( be!ore altars. The other (i( not
reali=e what was happening& until she saw her (aughter Alicia touching
her own an( her !ather9s genitals (uring a church service. >ver tie& the
chil(ren reveale( that they ha( been ta'en to cereonials in which young
babies were ur(ere(. The (aughter hersel! ha( been !ile( per!oring
sexual acts.
Testiony by the chil(ren was re-ecte( by the court on the groun(s that
they were too young to be cre(ible witnesses. At the tie& the girl was
,& an( the two boys < an( ". Alicia has sai( that she saw the parents o!
a little boy han( hi over to be sacri!ice( an( that that ha( really
scare( her. /he sai( that she always believe( that i! soething happene(
to her or her brothers& her 1o woul( coe loo'ing !or her.
This belie! was sha'en when her !ather tol( her that her other 'new
everything. 6e also tol( her that everyone (i( these things& but -ust (i(
not tal' about the. >nce& Alicia got really upset over soething an(
woul(n9t cooperate& insisting that it was tie to go hoe4 but she wante(
to wait !or her younger brother Fary. A!ter a tie& they brought her
pieces o! a little boy with re( hair an( tol( her it was Fary. A!ter she
becae hysterical& the real Fary cae out. Alicia (oesn9t 'now who the
other little boy was.
Fary tol( about going out +hunting+ with his (a( at night. 6e sai( that
ban' achines were goo( hunting groun(s& but that soeties& on a ba(
night& they woul( -ust go out an( !in( street people to use in the
rituals. 6e sai( that soeties& 'i(s were brought in by van an( store(
in houses or warehouses. The <*year*ol( insiste( that his great*aunt ha(
a penis. 6e also sai( the a(ults woul( +(rown+ hi by blin(!ol(ing hi
an( shoving a +hose+ (own his throat**lots o! (i!!erent people woul(
stic' hoses (own his throat an( then shoot liqui( out o! the hoses as
they pushe( the hoses (eeper an( (eeper. All three chil(ren sai( that
balloons were stuc' insi(e the an( blown up.CLater& (uring rai(s
con(ucte( by police on soe o! the sites (escribe( by the chil(ren& the
police (i( !in( heliu tan's. They sai( it was a coon practice use( to
stretch the chil(ren9s vaginal an( anal openings without scarring the&
in preparation !or sexual abuse.D
In all& Alicia reports witnessing an incre(ible 8B ritualistic ur(ers.
/oe o! these were o! a(ults& soe chil(ren& even soe chil(ren who were
turne( over by their own parents to be sacri!ice(. There were also
instances o! babies who were bre( !or sacri!ice right in Cobb County. /he
was able to tell when an( where the ur(ers occurre(. 1any o! the sites
which she (escribe( ha( been previously i(enti!ie( by /hirley 1cFill as
places where she too& ha( witnesse( /atanic cereonies& inclu(ing huan
CIn another instances& another chil( who 1rs. Gager is helping (escribe(
a site where sacri!ices occurre( but he coul( not tell where it was. )r.
>9;eill suggeste( a location !ailiar to her !ro the Chil( 1ur(ers& an(
when the boy was brought to that neighborhoo( he ie(iately locate( the
i(entical buil(ing& a !uneral hoe.D
The Cobb County police trie( to investigate the case4 however& the
(etective who was ost active was ta'en o!! the case& an( is now being
sue( by the cult. The therapist who ha( wor'e( with the chil(ren is also
being sue(. The 2:I claie( that it (i( not have the anpower available
to investigate the chil( abuse4 however& it is now extreely active in
trying to locate 1rs. Iarp9s (aughter& in or(er to return the chil(ren to
the custo(y o! their !ather.
2ay Gager relates nubers o! siilar such cases throughout the country.
* The strange case o! 1ar' )avi( Chapan *
>n )ec. $& "#$%& roc' star Eohn Lennon was gunne( (own in !ront o! the
apartent buil(ing where he live( in ;ew Gor' City by 1ar' )avi( Chapan&
a an with no apparent otive !or the ur(er. Chapan a(itte( his
guilt& an( was interittently repentant. 6e claie( that he ha( been le(
to coit the act because he was possesse( by the )evil. 6e also claie(
to have !oun( (irection in E.:. /alinger9s novel& Catcher in the Rye&
which he ha( in his possession at the tie o! the ur(er.
6e was not 'nown to have been concerne( with the career o! Eohn Lennon&
in the past4 nor& except in the perio( -ust prece(ing the ur(er& ha( he
been seen with the boo'. The apartent buil(ing outsi(e which Lennon
(ie( was& ironically enough& the )a'ota**the scene at which the !il
Roseary9s :aby ha( been !ile(.
Chapan was born in "#,,& in Atlanta. )uring his early teens he was such
a heavy (rug abuser that he was 'nown as a +garbage hea(&+ soeone who
woul( ta'e any (rug in(iscriinately. Chapan re!ore( in "#7"& when he
was +save(+ by a Cali!ornia evangelist nae( Arthur :lesse(. 6e wor'e( as
a suer counselor !or :lesse(9s group& an( he also ha( overseas
assignents !or it. In"#7,& he spent a onth in :eirut& an( in "#7$& he
(i( a worl( tour& staying at G1CA hostels. In "#7, he also wor'e( at a
cap !or Jietnaese re!ugees& run by the G in Ar'ansas.
Chapan was apparently prevente( !ro a'ing a career with the G1CA&
because he was unable to get a college (egree. 6e appears to have ha(
soe sort o! brea'(own while in college. In "#$#& 2enton :resler wrote a
boo' about Chapan& title( 0ho Iille( Eohn Lennon& in which he strongly
hints that Chapan was a bisexual who was heavily involve( in a
hoosexual circle in Atlanta. >ne long*ter !rien( o! Chapan was a
(eputy sheri!! in Feorgia& Fene /cott. It was /cott& in !act& who
provi(e( Chapan with the explosive& hollow*point bullets which he use(
to 'ill Lennon. /cott an( Chapan share( quarters while Chapan was
living in Atlanta.
In "#7?& Chapan (eci(e( to ove to 6awaii. 0hile there& he attepte( to
'ill hisel!. 6e was eploye( at the center where he went !or treatent
a!ter this attept& an( then later wor'e( as a security guar(. It is not
clear how he ight have !un(e( his "#7$ worl( tour& which too' hi to
To'yo& /eoul& 6ong Iong& :ang'o'& )elhi& Israel& Feneva& Lon(on& Paris&
)ublin& Atlanta& an( then bac' to 6awaii& where he arrie( the travel
agent who ha( boo'e( it !or hi. /uppose(ly he !inance( the trip with a
cre(it*union loan.
6is new wi!e& Floria Abe& ha( been involve( in occultist circles& but she
is suppose( to have converte( to Christianity a!ter their roance began.
Atthis tie& Chapan borrowe( oney in or(er to invest in art.
Chapan tol( the police that& ha( he not succee(e( in shooting Lennon&
other possible targets were Eohnny Carson& 0alter Cron'ite& Eacqueline
Ienne(y& or Feorge C. /cott. :resler9s thesis is that Chapan was
brainwashe( by the CIA as part o! the 1I*.ltra pro-ect& because Eohn
Lennon was !elt by conservatives to be a potential new Eohn Ienne(y.
* The Lennon connection *
To our in(& it is !ar ore li'ely that Chapan9s clai to being
(eonically possesse( in(icates that he ha( been (rawn into /atanic
networ's while he was still a young an in Atlanta. The possible
involveent o! soe respecte( in(ivi(uals& whether !ro the G1CA or the
sheri!!9s o!!ice& in these sae networ's& woul( agree with the pattern o!
coverup in the Atlanta Chil( 1ur(ers& which occurre( (uring the sae
perio( as the Lennon ur(er.
Eohn Lennon an( Go'o >no theselves were (eeply involve( in occultis. In
1ay o! "#7#& Lennon an( Go'o >no ran a pai( a(vertiseent in ;ew Gor'&
Lon(on& an( To'yo3 +/ean @their sonA is beauti!ul. The plants are
growing. The cats are purring. 1ore an( ore we are starting to wish an(
pray.... 0ishing is ...e!!ective. It wor's.... 1agic is real. The secret
o! it is to 'now that it is siple& an( not to 'ill it with an elaborate
ritual which is a sign o! insecurity. 0e love you.+ Lennon an( Go'o
contribute( N"%%&%%% at this tie to set up a non*pro!it organi=ation
they calle( the /pirit 2oun(ation.
0hen Chapan shot Lennon he ight have wal'e( away& an( perhaps escape(
arrest& but he stoo( aroun(. This suggests a agical interest in being
present at the oent o! (eath.
0hen Chapan wor'e( as a security guar( an( then aintenance an& his -ob
site was locate( (irectly opposite the /cientology hea(quarters in
6onolulu. It was thought that he was responsible !or a'ing phone( (eath
threats to the /cientologists. 6e also playe( :eatles recor(s lou(ly
enough to (isrupt their activities. Three other en were also involve( in
harassing the /cientologists at the tie. This targeting o! the Church
o! /cientology is suggestive o! the Process Church !eu( with /cientology.
Charles 1anson also (evelope( enity to the Church& who he believe( to
be persecuting hi. It is the case that a /cientologist living near one
o! the 1anson 2aily hangouts helpe( two ebers o! the !aily to !ree
theselves !ro 1anson9s in!luence.
Eohn Lennon was a heavy L/) user& an( he was involve( in Englan( with the
occult circles le( by Ienneth Anger which inclu(e( the Process Church. In
the winter o! "#??& Lennon began stu(ying the writings o! Tiothy Leary&
inclu(ing his version o! the Tibetan :oo' o! the )ea(4 however& it was
Go'o >no who solicite( the services o! Caribbean curan(eros an( eploye(
her own& virtually resi(ent& witch (octors in ;ew Gor' City. CAnger&
perhaps not coinci(entally& is reporte( to have been lecturing in
6onolulu at a tie when Chapan coul( have et with hi.D
Go'o >no got involve( with curan(eros in "#78. /he !irst (eci(e( that her
apartent at the )a'ota was haunte( an( nee(e( to be exorcise(. /he
becae a client o! /anteria practitioner Eohn Freen. /he also !ollowe(
the gui(elines o! a Eapanese occultist Ta'ashi Goshi'awa& whose cult
!ollowers ay have inclu(e( Floria Abe. Chapan an( the Lennons were in
To'yo at the sae tie in "#7$.
Eohn Freen hoo'e( up with a corrupt art (ealer nae( /auel A(as Freen&
Er.& an( the two en wor'e( a sca on Go'o >no& selling her paintings at
excessively high prices. In 1arch o! "#77& Go'o connecte( with a witch
nae( Lena& who /a Freen ha( et in the Caribbean& at /t. Trope=. The
eeting with the witch too' place in Cartagena& an( inclu(e( a pact with
the )evil& an( bloo( sacri!ices.
At the tie o! Lennon9s (eath it was ruore( that he ha( planne( to
separate !ro Go'o >no. Clearly& i! this is so& !ro a !inancial point o!
view at least& she bene!itte( !ro his (eath.
* The 6an( o! )eath *
/erial ur(erers have in general been treate( as lone assassins& (espite
their o!ten open connections to /atanists. 2or exaple& the serial
ur(erer Richar( Raire=& 'nown as the +;ight /tal'er&+ bragge( that he
was in the service o! the )evil. 6enry Lee Lucas is another case in
Lucas operate( across the whole o! the .nite( /tates& coitting rapes
an( ur(ers& apparently wor'ing as an operative !or a /atanic 1ur(er&
Inc. group. 6is attepts to warn the worl( that he ha( operate( as part
o! a /atanic secret society calling itsel! the 6an( o! )eath& have gone
largely unhee(e(.
0ith a bac'groun( siilar to that o! Charles 1anson& an( o! a siilar
age& Lucas was born near :lac'sburg& Ja. on Aug. B<& "#<?. 6is other&
Jiola Lucas& was a hillbilly prostitute who was arrie( to an invali( an(
local oonshiner.C1anson was born two years earlier to a other in
siilar circustances.DLucas9s upbringing& li'e 1anson9s& was brutal& an(
by the tie he was B< years ol( he ha( serve( two ters in prison.
Eventually& Lucas was arreste( an( charge( with the ur(er o! his other&
an( in 1arch o! "#?% sentence( to 8% years in -ail. 6e was& however&
parole( "% years later. Eust three bloc's !ro the prison& he rape( an(
ur(ere( a woan. Although this 1ichigan ur(er never caught up with hi&
Lucas (i( spen( !our o! the next !ive years& !ro "#7%*78& in
Eac'sonville Prison in 2lori(a on a 'i(naping conviction. The prison
syste was rear'ably generous to both Lucas an( 1anson.
)ri!ting aroun( the 1i(*Atlantic area& Lucas woun( up in Carbon(ale&
Penna.& where& on Aug. ?& "#7,& he et up with >tis Toole. Toole& a
hoosexual& was alrea(y a eber o! the /atanic cult. The two en
travele( the country robbing& raping& an( ur(ering. Toole showe(
hisel! to be a cannibal& (uring this tie.
)uring this initial six onths o! association& Lucas an( Toole (i( two
contract 'illings !or pay& both o! which were arrange( through Toole.
A!ter this spree& Toole brought Lucas bac' to his hoe in >rlan(o& 2la.
an( intro(uce( hi to his !aily. :ase( in >rlan(o& Lucas an( Toole a(e
several other trips out o! the area carrying out robberies& rapes& an(
ur(ers. In >rlan(o& they connecte( with a an who o!!ere( the the -ob
o! transporting stolen cars across country. They woul( be given N"&%%%
!or each trip& to (rive cars to Chihuahua in northern 1exico an( then !ly
bac' to /hreveport to pic' up the next car. They re!use( this. This
soun(s very siilar to the operation to transport (rugs& (escribe( by
* The cult *
In >ctober "#7$& Toole in!ore( Lucas that he was wor'ing with the
/atanic 6an( o! )eath cult& an( o!!ere( to intro(uce Lucas into it. In an
autobiographical account o! his li!e& Lucas9s (escription o! his
in(uction to the cult& soun(s li'e a rerun o! the recruitent etho(s o!
Constan=o. That Lucas 'new o! the existence o! /atanic burial sites in
the 1ataoros area**be!ore the police (iscovere( the**suggests that the
siilarity ay not have been !ortuitous.
2irst& accor(ing to Lucas& the initiate is warne( that once one -oins&
there is only one way out**(eath. Toole& who urge( Lucas to -oin& tol(
hi that the /atanic ritual practice( by the 6an(& +Fives us the power to
(o anything we want as long as we obey the aster.+
>nce Lucas agree( to -oin the 6an( o! )eath& he& was (riven (irectly to
the training cap& which was locate( in the Evergla(es area. >n his
arrival& the !irst tas' which he was given was the ur(er o! one o! the
+stu(ents&+ a young blac' hoosexual who ha( betraye( his oath to the
)evil. 6e slit the an9s throat an( later that sae evening& a /atanic
ritual was per!ore( in which the (ea( an9s heart was cut out& his bloo(
(raine(& an( his bo(y (isebere(. All o! the initiate( ebers o! the
6an( (ran' the (ea( an9s bloo( an( ate pieces o! his !lesh. The reains
o! the bo(y were then burne( at an altar.
Accor(ing to Lucas9s account& there were several hun(re( stu(ents at the
6an( o! )eath training cap& coing !ro six (i!!erent countries4 over
hal! o! the were woen. The cap provi(e( unliite( access to all 'in(s
o! (rug*ta'ing& which was encourage( recreational activity. Liquor was
available& an( a!ter evening ritualistic sacri!ices& there woul( be a
(rugPsex orgy involving all the capers.
The (aytie part o! the progra inclu(e( a !ull curriculu o! training
courses in ur(er& rape& car the!t& (rug tra!!ic'ing& an( every other
!or o! organi=e( criinal activity. Each stu(ent ha( alrea(y been
assigne( a partner an( a sponsor& who pai( the cost o! the training.
Lucas9s training laste( !or seven wee's. A!ter leaving the cap he was
assigne( to wor' on 'i(naping operations run by the organi=ation.
6e an( Toole were instructe( to 'i(nap three babies an( (eliver the to a
ranch locate( in the 1exican state o! Chihuahua& which was a !our*hour
(rive !ro Euare=. ;ext they 'i(nape( two young girls& approxiately ""
an( "< years o! age& who were to be use( as porno actresses in a snu!!
ovie. >ver a"%*onth perio(& the Lucas*Toole tea travele( aroun(
!ourteen states in the .nite( /tates.
A!ter "% onths& at his request& Lucas was reassigne( to contract
'illings& an( over the perio( o! one year he participate( in six
pro!essional assassinations& which he clais were o! a /panish Ary
general& a politician in 1exico City& a Cana(ian in Toronto& two 6ouston
illionaires& an( a politician !ro west Texas. In a subsequent
assassination& Lucas an( Toole were (ispatche( to ur(er the +oney an+
at the Chihuahua ranch& who was consi(ering +retiring+ !ro the 'i(naping
an( +'i((y*snu!!+ business.
The 6an( o! )eath is also in league with organi=e( crie in
(rug*tra!!ic'ing operations. In part& the ebers o! the 6an( theselves
are regular (rug users an( there!ore nee( their personal supplies. Lucas
(escribes carrying out (rug (eliveries between 1i(lan( an( /toneburg&
Tex. Cin the north central part o! the stateD.
Lucas clais that he was sent on behal! o! the 6an( to (eliver vials o!
poison to Ei Eones9s People9s Teple shortly be!ore the ass suici(e
there. 6e has (escribe( traveling to Fuyana on a chartere( plane an(
(elivering the poison. 6e also says that he was approache( to carry out
an assassination o! Presi(ent Eiy Carter& a -ob which he (ecline(
although the price tag was obviously very lucrative. 6e also says that
ruors circulate( aong 6an( o! )eath ebers that Lee 6arvey >swal( ha(
been a eber.
Lucas eventually was pic'e( up by the police an( clais to have ha( a
religious conversion. The /heri!! o! 0illiason County& Tex.& Ei
:outwell& began an extensive (ebrie!ingPinterrogation o! Lucas in
August"#$<& which le( Lucas to reveal in!oration about the 6an( o!
)eath. As a result& a Lucas Tas' 2orce was create( involving county
sheri!!s& the Texas Rangers& an( the 2:I.
* The cult resur!ace(M *
An ugly case in Jirginia& which bro'e in August o! "#$#&suggeste( that
the sae networ's are still in operation. At that tie& in a ove which
ay have actually averte( ore iportant revelations !ro sur!acing&
../. Attorney 6enry 6u(son reveale( the existence o! a /atanic pe(ophile
ring which was being trac'e( by Cali!ornia (etectives an( an 2:I tas'
Two en were arreste( an( charge( with being part o! a national
conspiracy to 'i(nap chil(ren in or(er to sexually abuse the. Accor(ing
to 6u(son& "%% 2:I agents ha( been involve( !or six onths in trac'ing
)ean Ashley Labey o! Richon(& Ja. an( )aniel T. )epew o! Alexan(ria&
The two en were charge( with conspiracy to unlaw!ully sei=e& con!ine&
inveigle& (ecoy& 'i(nap& ab(uct& or carry away an( hol( !or ranso an(
rewar( an( otherwise use a person unwillingly transporte( in interstate
an( !oreign coerce. They were caught when they respon(e( to a coputer
bulletin boar( a(vertiseent place( by the /an Eose& Cali!. police& who
preten(e( to a(vertise !or a young boy.
>!!icer Eaes 1elvin Ro(rigues& Er. o! the /an Eose Police )epartent
/exual Assault Investigation began a probe o! coputer bulletin boar(
services in 2ebruary. /oe bulletin boar( services& available to anyone
with a personal coputer& a o(e& an( a telephone line& are use( to
!acilitate contacts aong those intereste( in /atanic practices an(Por
(eviant sexual partners. Ro(rigues poste( a public essage with a
bulletin boar( calle( Chaos& on 2eb. B$3 +2ro3 :obby R. To3 All.
/ub-ect3 Goungsters. Loo'ing !or others intereste(. 6ot an( nee( soeone.
I9ll travel i! we can set soething up. Pics or the real thing better. I
li'e ta'ing photo an( being the star. 6ope soeone is intereste(.+ 6e
receive( an answer the next (ay !ro a )ave Ashley& later i(enti!ie( as
)ean Ashley Labey3 +Gour essage caught y interest. Thin' we ay have
soething in coon but nee( to explore ore. 0ant to Tal'MM P./. I li'e
REAL youngsters55+ In subsequent phone conversations Labey expresse( a
sexual pre!erence !or pre*a(olescent Caucasian ales& ages $ to "<& with
blon( hair an( blue eyes. 6e wante( the real thing but was also
intereste( in pornography. 6e also suggeste( they ight a'e their own
>n 1arch "<& he wrote to >!!icer Ro(rigues3 +0hen I entione( that we
coul( a'e our own& I was only hal! serious. .n!ortunately& I (on9t have
9raw9 aterials nee(e( to pro(uce soething& but I sure wish I (i(.
Although I guess i! I ha( the aterials& I woul(n9t care about any
vi(eos555 )epen(ing on your orals an( such& I guess we coul( go !in( the
necessary ingre(ients& but that woul( be real 'in'y555 >! course& by now
you probably thin' that I9 a real nut case& but what the hey& at least
I9 honest& rightMM+
The schee& as it eerge(& with the encourageent o! the police o!!icer&
was !or Labey to purchase or ab(uct a inor boy& hol( hi in captivity
!or up to two wee's& vi(eotape acts o! sexual olestation an( the
ultiate ur(er o! the chil(& an( therea!ter (ispose o! the bo(y. The
!inancial rewar(s !ro ar'eting the vi(eo were also (iscusse(.
* Again the 2lori(a angle *
Labey a(vise( Ro(rigues that he 'new soeone in 2lori(a in the business
o! selling inors. 6e thought the price to be approxiately N"B&%%% per
chil(& with a N,&%%% re!un( i! the chil( were returne(. 6e claie( to be
in wee'ly phone contact with this chil(*seller. :oth the late*"#7%s
Atlanta Chil( 1ur(ers& an( the recent /atanic 'illings in 1ataoros&
1exico& ha( a 2lori(a angle& as (i( the 6an( o! )eath cult.
In a !ace*to*!ace eeting with un(ercover police !ro /an Eose& Labey
iplicate( )epew in his plans. 6e reporte( )epew to be a sa(o*asochist
who li'e( to sub-ect his victis to +cigarette burns an( cho'ing the
till they pass out. /lap the aroun( when they wa'e up an( starting all
over again. 6anging the real slowly.99 6e also reporte( that )epew ha(
a(itte( to ur(ering a "7*year*ol( runaway a!ter having ha( sexual
intercourse with hi. )epew later et with the policeen hisel!& an(
con!ire( his interest in participating in a'ing a snu!! !il o! a
"B*to*"<*year*ol( boy.
* The case o! )r. Ee!!rey 1ac)onal( *
In "#7#& )r. Ee!!rey 1ac)onal( was convicte( o! the ur(er o! his wi!e
an( two chil(ren& an( sentence( to li!e iprisonent. There are any
in(ications that he (i( not receive a !air trial& but o! interest here is
the !act that& whatever the guilt or innocence o! )r. 1ac)onal(& the
existence o! a /atanic networ'& connecte( to (rug tra!!ic'ing an(
operating on Ary bases was (e!initely establishe(.
The ur(ers occurre( on 2eb. "7& "#7%. The brutal slaughter appeare( to
be a repeat o! the 1anson 2aily atrocities. )r. 1ac)onal( was serving as
a (octor with the Ary /pecial 2orces unit at 2ort :ragg& ;.C. 6e was
sleeping on his living roo couch when& he clais& a ban( o! hippies
inva(e( his house& assaulte( hi& an( then 'ille( his wi!e an( two
chil(ren& who were sleeping upstairs. 6is wi!e an( chil(ren receive(
ultiple stab woun(s& an( the wor( +pig+ was written in bloo( on one o!
the walls. 1ac)onal( reports that he hear( chanting to the e!!ect o!
+Aci( is groovy& 'ill the pigs.+
)r. 1ac)onal(& who hisel! receive( several stab woun(s& survive( the
brutal assault only to be accuse( o! the crie. This& (espite the !act
that 1ac)onal( was able to (escribe the ebers o! the group&
particularly one young woan who ha( long blon( hair an( wore a !loppy
hat. These people were seen in the vicinity o! the 1ac)onal( house at the
tie o! the crie. )espite circustantial evi(ence which supporte( )r.
1ac)onal(9s story& he becae the prie suspect. The search !or a ban( o!
1anson*type 'illers was not pursue(.
The case initially cae un(er the -uris(iction o! the Ary9s Criinal
Investigations )ivision CCI)D. The CI) was ill*equippe( to (eal with
!orensic evi(ence& as was proven when the 2:I !orensic laboratories were
brought into the picture. 1ore stri'ing was the !act that the crie
scene itsel! was tapere( with& when a shoc'e( sol(ier attepte( to
straighten the living roo. The neatness o! the roo seee(& at !irst& to
belie the (octor9s story that he ha( been assaulte(.
>n /ept. "B& "#7%& the case against 1ac)onal( was (roppe( by the Ary&
because o! insu!!icient evi(ence. )espite this& investigation
continue(**still targeting 1ac)onal(. >n Aug. "& "#78& the )epartent o!
Eustice (irecte( the 2:I to investigate the unsolve( ur(ers& an( six
onths later& on Ean. B8&"#7,& 1ac)onal( was in(icte( by a !e(eral gran(
-ury in ;orth Carolina. )espite the !act that the (octor& with reason&
claie( (ouble -eopar(y& the case cae to trial on Euly "?& "#7#. )r.
1ac)onal( was !oun( guilty o! two counts o! secon(*(egree ur(er& against
his wi!e an( one o! his chil(ren& an( one count o! !irst*(egree ur(er&
an( sentence( to three li!e ters& to be serve( consecutively. 6e won an
appeal on the basis o! (enial o! spee(y trial& but this was overturne( by
the ../. /upree Court& an( he is now serving his sentence.
* The /atanic angle *
Evi(ence substantiating the existence o! a /atanic cult in the area&
!itting )r. 1ac)onal(9s (escription& was 'ept !ro the -ury& on the
pretext that this was hearsay. This inclu(e( con!essions by at least
three ebers o! the group that they ha( been involve( in the 'illings.
>ne eber o! what turne( out to be 6elen /toec'ley9s /atanic circle at
2ort :ragg& tol( !rien(s that he ha( been involve( with the ur(er. 6e
(ie( o! an apparent (rug over(ose. C/toec'ley was accurately (escribe(
by 1ac)onal( as wearing a !loppy hat an( having long blon( hair. /he in
!act !requently wore such a blon( wig.D/he tol( any !rien(s that she ha(
been present at the crie scene. /he sai( that she an( soe !ellow (rug
users ha( begun to (abble in /atanis. >n the night o! the crie& they
were all +high+ on (rugs. Accor(ing to her account& they ha( inten(e( to
!righten the 1ac)onal(s but the situation went out o! control.
/toec'ley (escribe( hersel! as a witch to !rien(s an( !aily. /he (ie( in
suspicious circustances o! apparent su((en liver !ailure& a!ter she gave
a tape( con!ession to the (e!ense. /he ha( a young chil(& who she care(
!or care!ully4 yet when she (ie( her chil( was le!t unatten(e(. It is
surprising that she ha( not su!!icient !orewarning that she was seriously
ill& to have provi(e( care !or her chil(. In(ee(& she was in the i(st o!
coo'ing a eal when she apparently collapse(.
/he was& in !act& a police in!orer who ha( been responsible !or over "%%
prosecutions o! (rug o!!en(ers. /he was the chil( o! Ary personnel on
the base& an( was hersel! a (rug a((ict. /he privately a(itte( to her
presence on the crie scene (uring the ur(ers& but requeste( iunity
be!ore she woul( iplicate hersel! !urther. This was (enie( by the
/toec'ley (escribe( how (rugs were being transporte( !ro Jietna to ../.
Ary bases& hi((en in the stoachs o! (ea( sol(iers. >nly a!ter the (rugs
ha( been reove( woul( the sol(iers9 bo(ies be sent hoe to their
!ailies. Accor(ing to /toec'ley& the (rug networ' ha( a high level o!
protection. /he also (escribe( how any ebers o! the networ' were also
involve( in /atanic cult activity. Accor(ing to her& this /atanic cult
operate( covens across the country that ha( been threatening her with
(eath shoul( she tal'.
2ro the tie the ur(er was reporte(& the Ary a(e no attept to
apprehen( the criinals (escribe( by 1ac)onal(. ;ot even the siple step
o! setting up a roa(bloc' was ta'en& although& accor(ing to witness
reports& ha( this been (one& in(ivi(uals !itting 1ac)onal(9s (escription
ight well have been ie(iately apprehen(e(. This raises the question o!
whether a coverup was ie(iately put in place to protect Ary top brass
who were iplicate( in the (rug tra!!ic'ing. It is o! interest that
1ichael Aquino serve( at this base soon a!ter the ur(ers.
Copie( !ro http3PPwww.totse.coPenPreligionPsatanistsPatlanta.htl
Real 6istory o! /atanis
Real 6istory o! /atanisS
by Lyn(on LaRouche
Anglo*Aerican /atanists
The best*organi=e( /atanist !orces operating presently insi(e the .nite(
/tates inclu(e the !ollowing proinent organi=ations3
T6E L.CI/ TR./T3
This is the lea(ing& putatively respectable :ritain*base( /atan cult Cit
worships Luci!erD. The Lucis Trust& which runs the only religious chapel
at the ;ew Gor' .nite( ;ations hea(quarters& The Teple o! .n(erstan(ing&
was originaly !oun(e( as the Luci!er Trust& in Lon(on& in "#B<. The Lucis
Trust associate( with the .;> is the ;ew Gor' a!!iliate o! the :ritish
organi=ation. The nae was change( !ro Luci!er Trust& to Lucis Trust& to
a'e the nature o! the organi=ation less conspicuous.
The Lucis Trust9s lea(ing sponsors inclu(e the !ollowing proinent
6enry Clausen& /upree Fran( Coan(er o! the /upree
Council& <<r( )egree& /outhern )istrict /cottish Rite
;oran Cousins
Eohn ). Roc'e!eller IJ
The Roc'e!eller 2oun(ation
The 1arshall 2iel( !aily
Robert 1c;aara
Thoas 0atson CI:1& !orer ./ Abassa(or to 1oscowD
The .nite( Lo(ge o! Theosophists o! ;ew Gor' City
.. Alexis Eohnson& !orer .n(ersecretary o! /tate
Rabbi 1arc Tannenbau& Aerican Eewish Coittee
Proinent !ront*organi=ations sponsore( by the Lucis Trust& inclu(e the
The Theosophical >r(er o! /ervice C!oun(e( by Annie :esant
The Theosophical /ociety C!oun(e( by 6elena P. :lavats'y
in "$7,D
The .nite( ;ations Association
The 0orl( 0il(li!e 2un( .I
The 2in(horn 2oun(ation
Freenpeace International
Freenpeace ./A
Anesty International
The ;icholas Roerich /ociety Cchie! connection to Russian
ysticis& spiritualityD
The Anthroposophs o! Ru(ol! /teiner
The Ru(ol! /teiner /chool
@these coul( not be genuine !ollowers o! /teinerA
The Aerican 2rien(s /ervice Coittee
This is to(ay9s best*'nown o! the har(*core& :ritish*base( /atanist cults.
Li'e the Lucis Trust& the >T> is a (irect o!!*shoot o! the wor' o!
:ritain9s lea(ing twentieth*century /atanist& Theosophy lea(er Aliester
Crowley. >T> enthusiasts clai this organi=ation is an o!!shoot o! Teplar
!reeasonry& an( hint at very in!luential protection !ro aong Teplars
very high in :ritish !reeasonry.
The 0ICCA cult cae to the sur!ace early (uring the post*war perio(& as a
legali=e( association !or the prootion o! witchcra!t. It is the lea(ing
publicly 'nown international association o! witches in the worl( to(ay.
In the .nite( /tates& 0ICCA9s outstan(ing sponsor is the ;ew Gor' Anglican
CEpiscopalD (iocese& un(er :ishop Paul 1oore. >!!icially& ;ew Gor'9s
Anglican Cathe(ral o! /t. Eohn the )ivine has proote( the sprea( o! 0ICCA
witchery through its Lin(is!arne center. The late Fregory :ateson
con(ucte( such an operation out o! the Lin(is!arne center (uring the
;o later than the "#7%s& an( perhaps still to(ay& the crypt o! the
Cathe(ral o! /t. Eohn the )ivine& is the hea(quarters !or solen
cereonies o! the :ritish CJenerableD >r(er o! 1alta. Iey !igures& such as
Fregory :ateson9s !orer spouse& )ae 1argaret 1ea(& associate( with that
:ritish or(er& have been associate( with pro-ects in support o! the
/atanist +Age o! Aquarius+ cause.
2or obvious reasons& ../. witches have chosen /ale& 1assachusetts& as
their national center. >ne o! the ost iportant operations o! these
witches is their coor(ination o! the har(core o! ../. astrology rac'ets.
T6E AFE >2 AK.ARI./3
The +Age o! Aquarius&+ or +;ew Age&+ is the generic nae a(opte( by the
o(ern /atanist oveent. The best*publici=e( aong the !oun(ers o! the
Age o! Aquarius oveent inclu(e 2yo(or )ostoevs'y& 2rie(rich ;iet=sche&
Alex 1uenthe Co! Capri notorietyD& an( Aleister Crowley. 1ost Aquarians
trace the origins o! o(ern /atanis to ;iet=sche an( Crowley.
Anti*Christ cultist ;iet=sche announce( that the twentieth century woul(
see the en( o! the Age o! Pisces& which Aquarians associate with the
!igures o! /ocrates an( Christ4 ;iet=sche prophesie( that the ;ew Age
woul( be the Age o! Aquarius& which he i(enti!ie( with the /atanic !igure
)ionysos. Crowley announce( hisel! publicly a (evotee o! ;iet=sche9s ;ew
Age cult in his Jienna Theosophy aga=ine& near the beginning o! this
century& an( in(icate( as his pre!erre( choice o! nae !or /atan.
Aong har(*core insi(ers& the ;ew Age o(els its (oga on the 1agis9 cult
o! 1ithra& as ;iet=sche (i(. The cult has notable a!!inities to the
:ulgarian*Cathar :ogoil cultC!ro which the slang ter +buggery+ is
(erive(D. The ;ew Age9s ost celebrate( historical !igure& its choice !or
the original +incarnation+ o! the Anti*Christ& is the Roan Eperor
Tiberius who or(ere( the execution o! Christ. @/oe Roan eperors& ost
notably Caligula& becae possesse( by being initiate( without being
suitably prepare(.A A(ol! 6itler an( 6erann Foering were aong the
notable !igures who !ollowe( this cult.
The best*'nown coor(inating*center !or the Age o! Aquarius pro-ect in the
../.A. to(ay is Palo Alto& Cali!ornia9s /tan!or( Ressearch Institute&
whose 0illis 6aran is the relevant lea(ing personality. /ee 6aran
(isciple 1arilyn 2eruguson9s "#$% Aquarian Conspiracy !or a popular
exposition o! 6aran9s views an( progra !or subversion o! the .nite(
/tates. 2erguson is accurate when she reports that the 2abian /ociety9s
6.F. 0ells C0orl( 0ar I boss o! :ritish intelligenceD is a 'ey !igure o!
the Aquarian Conspiracy. Also 'ey are 0ells9 ally& :ertran( Russell& an(
such Russell cronies as Robert 1. 6utchins CChicago .niversity& 2or(
2oun(ation& 2un( !or the Republic& Aspen Institute& an( the pro-ectD.
:oth 1argaret 1ea( an( her husban( Fregory :ateson were close
collaborators o! Russell an( 6utchins !ro no later than "#<$. The
brothers& Al(ous C6ollywoo(D an( Eulian C.;>D 6uxley were collaborators o!
6. F. 0ells& an( were recruite( to Crowley9s /atanist cult (uring the late
/ince the launching o! the :eatles as an international pro-ect& via TJ9s &
in "#?<& +roc'+ has been the ost in!luential recruiter to /atanis. Roc'
was create(& an( is still coor(inate( by Crowley9s !ollowers an( by the
>T> networ'& in cooperation with 0ICCA. It is& not so inci(entally& also
the /atanist9s biggest oney*a'er& an( believe( to provi(e the chie!
logistical support !or (eployents an( other activities o! the >T>*0ICCA
e!!orts worl(*wi(e.
There is nothing spontaneous or acci(ental about +roc'.+ It is a pro(uct
o! classical stu(ies o! the ancient Phrygian terrorist cult o!
/atan*)ionysos& the o(el !or the Roan :acchic cults o! siilar
characteristics. Crowley9s control o! the +roc' in(ustry+ has been
(ocuente( by a tea o! @privateA investigators& who have also note(& that
in a((ition to the /atanist lyrics& /atanist essages ebe((e( sublially
in roc' recor(ings are a 'ey !eature o! this subversive operation.
The +roc' ryth+ itsel! is copie( !ro the ol( )ionysian*:acchic cults.
Even without the (rugs an( sexual orgies which are characteristic !eatures
o! har(*core roc' a!!airs& repeate(&!requent& hours*long exposure to
constant repetition o! +roc' ryths+ pro(uces lasting& (rug*li'e e!!ects
on the in( o! the victi. Re(ucing sexual practices to the level o!
bestiality&is a crucial !eature o! /atanis in all historical perio(s
stu(ie(& !ro Phrygian Cybele*)ionysos cult*perio( onwar(.
2ro western continental Europe& aong the threats to the ../. !ro this
quarter& the two lea(ing open centers !or har(*core /atanis to(ay& are
Turin& Italy Cwhere actress Eli=abethTaylor9s +Live AI)/+ pro-ect
attepte( to sponsor an aborte( /atan*roc' !estivalD& an( Lausanne&
The /atanist 1in(
/atanists alrea(y have nuerous victis. 1ost o! the sexual an( relate(
atrocities perpetrate( upon +(isappeare(+ in!ants an( other chil(ren& are
(one as part o! the rituals outline( in anuals o! /atanist organi=ations.
A lea(ing police association has receive( expert estiate& that o! all
'nown ur(ers& one in !ive is a ritual ur(er& li'e the ritual Lon(on
assassination o! Italy9s Roberto Calvi& perpetrate( by ebers o! /atanist
cults. The +/on o! /a+ ur(ers in ;ew Gor'& an( the Cobb County*base(
cult operations in the so*calle( +Atlanta chil(*ur(ers&+ !it into this
/atanis is not +-ust another nutty occult !a(.+ The in( o! the /atanist
is pure evil4 the /atanist is a !orer person who has been trans!ore(
into soething no longer huan. It begins li'e (rug*a((iction4 the
prospective recruit to /atanis +gets into soething+ on a play!ul
ipulse& but then !in(s hisel! or hersel! grippe( by copulsions which he
or she can no longer control. )rugs an( other special circustances ay be
signi!icant collateral !eatures o! the initiation& but not necesarily. The
'ey is +letting onesel! go&+ into the (epths o! acting*out ipulses which
cobine sexual ipulses an( rage as a unity& an( expressing this !or o!
+pleasure+ in the !or o! an act which violates an iportant precept o!
one9s own conscience.
;iet=sche9s writings& especially towar( the last perio( o! li!e prece(ing
his ental brea'(own& a((ress these special sorts o! eotions& an( re!er
iplicitly to terrible obscene acts as the prospective !ul!ilent o! such
ipulses. ;iet=sche recogni=e( these ipulses as /atanic **(ionysiac** in
quality. @)ionysiac activity& or wil( aban(on& by itsel! lea(s to
non*(eonic possession. :ecoing (eonically possesse( requires 'illing&
torturing& or torenting soeone with a neutral or positive attitu(e.A
>r(inarily we thin' o! the criinal in( as representing a person whose
goals are base( on +noral huan ipulses&+ but whose choice o! eans is
ioral. )oing soething illegal is not necessarily ioral4 the use!ul
(e!inition o! the criinal in(& is the person incline( to pre!er ioral
eans as short*cuts to soe goal usually not inconsistent with noral
huan ipulses. In the case o! the /atanist& we touch upon soething way
beyon( such a ere criinal in(.
Iagine a criinal in( which has un(ergone a curious trans!oration.
Perhaps& !orerly& this !ellow was an habitual thie!& even o! that sort o!
twiste( in( which (elighte( in occasions he ight have iagine( he ha(
pretext to exert the power o! li!e or (eath over soe chance victi on the
scene o! his crie. Get& up to that point& robbery or 'in(re( results were
always the propting o! his criinal activity.
;ow& he has change(. Crie is no longer otivate( by the ipulse to eploy
cruel eans !or personal gain. Instea(& the pleasure o! the sense o! power
reali=e( in eploying viciously cruel eans& becoes an en( in itsel!.
This !or o! criinal pleasure becoes a blen( o! rage an( sexuality.
Ea(e( appetites create the ental state in that an& that he ust (o
soething ore onstrous than he has (one be!ore& to reali=e the (esire(
level o! orgiastic pleasure !ro the evil (ee(. Evil !or the purpose o!
(oing evil& has becoe !or hi& a goal in an( o! itsel!. This an has
becoe a beast& a virtual /atanist.
That is the state o! in( which /atanis see's to (evelop inits initiates.
It ight begin with an or(inary sexual act per!ore( un(er the in!luence
o! an ugly state o! in(. /oon& soething uch ore (egra(e( becoes a
nee( !or the prospective initiate9s rapi(ly -a(e( appetites. In contrast
to the healthy in(& which see's always to becoe better in what is being
astere(& !or the initiate to /atanis& a sense o! nee( (evelops& to see'
to uster onesel! to (o soething uch worse than one has ever (one
be!ore. /atanic cults organi=e that (egra(e( process o! sel!*(egeneration.
The potential !or en(eic inci(ence o! in(ivi(ual bestiality within
society& is trans!ore( into an organi=e(&institutionali=e( !or o! social
The tra(ition o! the +:lac' 1ass&+ points to the echaniss o! /atanis as
such. ;iet=sche9s instruction is uch to the point. Per!or soe really
onstrous act o! blasphey& an( associate that blaspheous (oing with soe
sort o! (egra(e(&orgiastic pleasure.
Fo bac' to ancient 1esopotaia& whence /atanis was transitte( to western
Europe. The relevant !igure o! /atanis is not a ale& but a !eale
!igure. The ale !igure **/atan& :aal& Luci!er& an( so on**is a
subor(inate !igure4 the !eale principle o! evil is pre*(oinant. 6ence&
/atan9s other& the +0hore o! :abylon&+'nown otherwise as the Chal(ean
Ishtar& the Caananite Astarte&Isis& Jenus& or the Phrygian Cybele. The
ritual o! the priestesses o! Ishtar was an obscene +religious service+
which conclu(e( with the priestesses9 !ornicating with the congregation.
6ence& +0hore o! :abylon&+ an( the associate( position o! Ishtar& Athtar&
Astarte& Isis& an( Jenus as the patron go((ess o! prostitution.
This satanic cult*practice was intro(uce( to 1esopotaia !ro pre*Aryan
In(ia @which was InannaPIshtar9s assigne( (oain * see /itchin9s 0ars o!
Fo(s an( 1enA. The so*calle( +6arrappan+ culture& !eaturing the
Earth*1other an( !ertility go((ess /ha'ti an( her satanic ale !igure
/iva& establishe( a set o! colonies in the 1i((le East. The /uer
establishe( as a colony by what the local seites nae( +the blac'*hea(e(
people+ C)ravi(iansD& was a 6arrapan colony. There& aong the seites&
/ha'ti becae 'nown as Ishtar. In the 6arrapan colony o! /heba*Ethiopia&
/ha'ti becae 'nown as Athtar. In the Caananite C+Phoenician+D o!!shoot o!
6arrapan coloni=ing& she becae 'nown as Astarte. The 6ellenic cults o!
Isis an( >siris& were o!!shoots o! the 6arrapan cult o! /ha'ti*/iva& by
this route. 0hen the sae cult sprea( to an In(o*european people& the
Phrygians& /ha'ti*/iva assue( the In(o*european !ors o! Cybele an(
)ionysos C(ay*nightD. Apollo an( Luci!er are variants o! the nae !or
/atan*>siris*)ionysos. @Ishtar was abitious.A
Aong the Caananites& !or exaple& /atanis expresse( itsel! in such
!ors as the worship o! 1oloch& with the inclu(e( custo o! a'ing a huan
sacri!ice o! the !irst*born o! each arriage. ;otably& that Caananite
tra(ition is !eature( in the o(ern /atanists9 ritual sexual an( hoici(al
rituals upon in!ants an( chil(ren use( as huan sacri!ices.
:y cobining the eans by which en an( woen are (egra(e( into
potentially satanic !ors o! beasts& as rituals associate( with /atanis
practise( as an +anti*religion&+ large*scale /atanic oveents are
(evelope( through systeatic proselyt=ing.
The result o! this initiation& as we have alrea(y stresse(&is no huan
being& but a !orer huan being trans!ore( into soething which is not
1o(ern liberals an( others !rown on reports o! savage witch*hunts !ro
earlier centuries. .sually& the special :ritish C>I;TELPR> operation& run
in /ale 1assachusetts as a covert operation against the in(epen(ence o!
the 1assachusetts :ay Colony& is coonly re!erence(. A better coparison
is the proli!erating o! /atanist oveents (uring the !ourteenth century4
these witches were actually sub*huan& /atanist beasts& who represente(
that sort o! ass threat to the population o! that perio(. /o& the
population& as its only (e!ense against a genuine /atanic !orce o! that
sort& hunte( the (own an( sought to wipe the out. ;ot !or nothing& (oes
the >l( Testaent warn& +Thou shalt not su!!er a witch to live.+ The
witches o! the ol( 1i((le East an( !ourteenth*century Europe were very
real& very evil witches& no longer huan& but ur(erous beasts.
1o(ern 0itchcra!t
The o(ern sprea( o! witchcra!t in English*spea'ing nations& began (uring
the sixteenth century& in the setting o! iporte( cabalist an( rosicrucan
cults built up aroun( >x!or( an( Cabri(ge. 2rancis :acon an( his
secretary Thoas 6obbes were part o! this oveent. The en(eic
inculcation in /atanis which this propte( in seventeenth*century
Englan(& explo(e( a!ter the accession o! Iing Feorge I& in the !or o! the
6ell*!ire Clubs which proli!erate( aong (egenerate English nobility
(uring the long Liberal prie inistry o! 6ugh 0alpole.
)uring the /tuart Restoration perio(& the pro*satanic rosicrucean an(
cabalist cultis aroun( the /tuart court sie=e( upon the case o! Robert
:ruce to reorgani=e the cult in a new!or.
Robert :ruce ha( been the lea(er o! a group o! /atan*worshipping
C:aphoetD Teplars& who ha( !le( to /cotlan(& away !ro the angere(
-ustice o! the Papacy an( the Iing o! 2rance. 0hat they brought with the&
was the Teplars9 exploitation o! the Cathar C:ogoilD tra(ition in the
region o! Toulouse an( Albi& to buil( up the syncretic sort o! /atanic
worship the Teplars ha( acquire( in the 1i((le East. The Papacy ha(
enough o! this& an( the Iing o! 2rance acte( to shut (own Teplars by the
eans custoary in those ties. A group o! Teplars un(er :ruce !le( to
/cotlan(& an( a!ter soe initial (i!!iculties& a(e theselves the lor(s
o! the place.
The character o! the /tuart court is illustrate( by the characteri=ation
o! one /tuart governent o! that perio( as the +Cabal.+ In his history&
1acauley o!!ers an aiable (escription o! the a!!air. )uring this
century& when the chest o! Isaac ;ewton9s laboratory papers was opene( an(
exaine(& the content o! ;ewton9s acutal +scienti!ic wor'+ turne( out to
be a selection o! luri( an( rather insane experietns in +blac' agic.+
The circles aroun( 2rancis :acon an( 6obbes were& as we say to(ay& +a
pri=e collection o! real 'oo's.+
/o& the Teplar ish*ash o! :ogoil Fnosticis blen(e( into 6ashishin
/atanis& cause( :ruce9s Teplar cre(entials to be viewe( as suitable
yth*buil(ing aterial !or the taste o! the /tuart 'oo's o! the perio(.
The Liberal aristocracy o! :ritain becae a principal concentration o!
this !ilthy stu!!. 0hen the Liberals cae to !ull power& un(er 0alpole&
this Liberal stu!! cae out in such !or as the proli!erating 6ell*2ire
Clubs. That tra(ition was cultivate( un(er the /econ( Earl o! /helbourne9s
puppet prie inister& 0illia Pitt the Gounger& with /atanic !igures such
as the power!ul Eerey :entha in the !ore.
/atanis gaine( new groun( un(er the protection o! Liberalis an(
Roanticis (uring the nineteenth century. In Englan(&the ore virulent
new !ors sur!ace( aroun( >x!or( .niversity9sEohn Ru'sin an( the
Pre*Raphaelite :rotherhoo(. >ut o! this cae theosophy& :ritish +guil(+
socialis& the 2abian /ociety& :ertran( Russell& 6. F. 0ells& an( Aleister
Crowley ** /atanists all.
This spille( over into the .nite( /tates& notably in the circles o!
putative +Freat Awa'ening+ evangelist Eohnathan E(war(s& an( his protege&
Princeton 6ell*2ire Club activist Aaron :urr. )uring the late nineteenth
century& the sort o! spoon*ben(ing 'oo'ery associate( with such !igures as
>liver Lo(ge an( A. Conan )oyle spille( generously aong the wealthy
anglophile liberals o! the .nite( /tates.
In short& this sort o! witchery has been en(eic over the centuries. The
(i!!erence is& that what was en(eic has becoe epi(eic.
S;ot the original title& but who else woul( have written thisM
/atanic Inighthoo( in the ../. Ary
A /atanic Inighthoo( in the ../. Ary
+Aquino con(ucte( occult rituals patterne( on cereonies per!ore( by
;a=i lea(er 6einrich 6iler in a Feran castle @0ewelsburgA once use(
by the ;a=i // !or blac' agic cereonies (uring the Thir( Reich. ;a=is
consi(ere( the blac' arts an( satanic worship part o! an ancient Feranic
Aquino& in his boo'& Crystal Tablet o! /et& wrote that he per!ore( the
rituals to recreate an or(er o! Inighthoo( !or !ollowers o! /atan. 6E
EJE; E;C>.RAFE) 6I/ 2>LL>0ER/ T> /T.)G T6E :ELIE2/ >2 T6E ;AHI TERR>RI/T
FR>.P& the Jeh& the Thule Fesselscha!t& an( the Ahnenerbe& two !anatic
rightwing Aryan groups that existe( be!ore an( (uring 6itler9s reign.
0hen the two reporters !ro the Chronicle inquire( about Aquino9s
security clearances& 1a-or Rixon (eclare( that +to the best o! his
'nowle(ge& there was no part o! the liturgy o! his church that cause( any
CsecurityD proble.+ Aquino a(itte( to being involve( in (evil worship
!or BB years. @"A
/an Eose 1ercury ;ews& E.LG B8& "#$$
T6E PARE;T/9 AF>;G& T6E AR1G9/ C>JER.P& T6E PR>/EC.TI>;9/ 2AIL.RE.
0ere chil(ren really being sexually abuse( at the Presi(ioM
The Ary (i(n9t want to believe it.
The prosecution (i(n9t thin' they coul( a'e a -ury believe it.
:ut the parents believe it.
AR1G >2 T6E ;IF6T
:y Lin(a Fol(ston
Even be!ore Eoyce Tobin arrive( at the the )ay Care Center on ;ov. "8&
"#$?& she suspecte( that soething was wrong. 6er neighbor Iaren Thoas
ha( -ust calle( to say that Eoyce9s <yearol( son ha( begge( to go hoe
with her when she pic'e( up her own youngster at the Chil( )evelopent
Center that orning. Eoyce9s son ha( sai( he (i(n9t want to stay !or (ay
care a!ter his preschool class en(e(.
0hen Thoas sai( she coul(n9t ta'e hi with her& the Tobin boy turne( to
his preschool teacher an( as'e( i! he coul( stay with her. :ut she ha( no
choice. Eoyce Tobin was at the (entist across town an( ha( arrange( !or
her son to be ta'en !ro his preschool class at the C)C to hourly care
until she coul( pic' hi up. .ntil the boy starte( preschool two onths
earlier& he ha( been le!t at center once or twice a onth !or two years.
It was only the secon( tie he ha( been le!t in hourly care since
/epteber both ties while his other ha( e(ical appointents
The preschool an( hourly care progras were both run by the ./. Ary at
the Presi(io o! /an 2rancisco& a sprawling copoun( o! turno!thecentury
woo( an( bric' buil(ings& hea(quarters o! the /ixth Ary& the place that
otorists glipse through the pines on their way to the Fol(en Fate
>n that (ay that change( her li!e an( the lives o! her !aily& Eoyce Tobin
arrive( at the Presi(io (ay care center at B3<% p.. 6er son appeare( to
be napping with several other chil(ren& an( the teacher& Fary 6abright&
was sitting at a table in the roo.
0hen Eoyce as'e( how her son ha( been that (ay& 6abright sai( the boy ha(
been upset an( ha( not eaten his lunch. 6e calle( the chil( a +(arling
little boy+ an( suggeste( that she bring hi to the (ay care center every
other (ay so that the boy coul( +get use( to hi.+ A lot o! < an(
8yearol(s ha( trouble coing to his (aycare roo& 6abright tol( her. 6e
suggeste( they were intii(ate( by the ol(er chil(ren in the class
That night& while watching television with his ol(er brother& the
<*year*ol( starte( playing with his penis& pulling it !orwar( with both
han(s an( letting go. +1r. Fary (o it&+ he sai( an( 'ept at it. 6is
brother ran !or their other& who was tal'ing to a neighbor in the !ront
(oorway. Trying to 'eep her voice cal& Eoyce as'e( her son what he was
tal'ing about.
The chil(9s reply was terse an( gri. +6e touche( y penis with his han(&
an( he bit y penis.+ The boy a(e a choping soun( with his outh. As'e(
i! +1r. Fary+ ha( (one anything else& the boy sai(& +6e put a pencil in y
hole in y botto. 6e (o that& he (o that to e. 6e hurt e an( I cry an(
I cry.+
Eoyce Tobin was unsure what to thin'. +It seee( too ipossible an(
horrible to be true&+ she sai( later. +I also thought how aw!ul it woul(
be to accuse soeone o! this i! it were not true.+ /he watche( her young
son bite his nails an( turn his hea( away. 6e seee( nervous an( upset.
0hen her husban(& Capt. 1i'e Tobin& cae hoe& the couple (eci(e( to
observe their son over the wee'en(. They agree( they woul( not question
hi& but woul( wait to see i! he sai( anything ore. At be(tie& Eoyce&
who ha( traine( as a nurse& exaine( the boy9s anus4 it seee( a little
That night& the boy cae to their be(roo crying. 6e sai( he was scare(.
6e sai( he wante( to sleep with the.
)uring the next !ew (ays& what ha( seee( at !irst +too ipossible an(
horrible to be true+ woul( not go away. The boy continue( to tal' about
+1r. Fary+ hurting hi.
The !ollowing Tues(ay& on ;ov. "$& Eoyce Tobin was (riving through the
Presi(io with the boy. 0hen they cae to the intersection where she woul(
have turne( to go to the (ay care center& he raise( hisel! up out o! his
car seat& as i! he were attepting to get out& an( starte( to cry. +Are
you ta'ing e to (ay careM+ 6e as'e(. +I (on9t want to go to (ay care. 1r.
Fary hurt e an( I cry.+ Reassure( that they were not going to the (ay
care center& the boy cale( (own.
The other coul( not. The inci(ent convince( her that she shoul( contact
the (ay care center. >n 0e(nes(ay& she calle( the (irector& )iana Curl an(
as'e( !or an appointent to (iscuss her son9s allegation. )espite the
seriousness o! the coplaint& Curl sai( she coul(n9t see Eoyce until
2ri(ay& two (ays later. 0ithin hal! an hour o! the call& Eoyce was calle(
at hoe by one o! her son9s pre*school teachers wanting to 'now what the
proble was. The (ay care center sta!! ha( been tol( ie(iately about
Eoyce9s call. Authorities (i( not search the center until 2ri(ay.
Eoyce Tobin never got to eet with )iana Curl. The case bro'e be!ore then.
>n Thurs(ay& 1i'e Tobin spo'e with a chaplain at the Presi(io& who
contacte( the Ary9s Criinal Investigation )ivision. >!!icers !ro the
CI) a(e an appointent to interview an( vi(eotape the boy about his
allegations. A!ter the vi(eo tape( interview on the orning o! ;ov. B"&
the Tobins9 son was exaine( at the Chil( A(olescent /exual Abuse Re!erral
Center CCA/ARCD at /an 2rancisco Feneral 6ospital. .
CA/ARC reviews ore than 7%% cases o! suspecte( sexual abuse every year.
Aong other things& the CA/ARC sta!! ha( o!ten hear( chil(ren (escribe
anal rape as having a pencil put in their bottos. 0hen )r. Ievin Coulter
exaine( the Tobins9 son& he observe( that the chil(9s anus (ilate( to
approxiately B% illieters in approxiately !ive secon(s& a uch !aster
an( wi(er (ilation than noral. Coulter ha( con(ucte( ore than <%%
exainations o! chil(ren at CA/ARC. 6is conclusion was that such rapi( an(
wi(e (ilation was cause( by traua to the anus an( rectu& consistent with
penetration. The Tobins9 <*year*ol( son ha( been sexually abuse(& anally
A 2L.RRG >2 1EETI;F/ AT T6E PRE/I)I> !ollowe( the revelation that the
Tobin boy ha( been abuse(. :ut !or all the activity& the Ary seee( in no
hurry to procee( with the case. It too' the Ary "B (ays to !or a
strategy group. An( it too' the Ary alost a onth to noti!y the parents
o! other chil(ren who ha( been in +1r. Fary9s+ class that the inci(ent ha(
ta'en place& that their chil(ren ight be at ris'. ;early a year woul(
pass be!ore ore than ,# other victis chil(ren between the ages o! < an(
7 ha( been i(enti!ie(. An( allegations woul( be a(e by parents that
several ore chil(ren were oleste( even a!ter the investigation ha(
)ay care centers un(er state -uris(iction are routinely close( when an
abuse inci(ent is con!ire(& but the Presi(io center staye( open !or ore
than a year a!ter the Tobin boy sai( +1r. Fary+ ha( hurt hi.
A strategy eeting on )ec. "% set the tone !or the case. The eeting was
atten(e( by all the brass !ro the Presi(io& representatives o! the 2:I
an( the ./ Attorney9s >!!ice an( sta!! !ro the Chil( A(olescent /exual
Abuse Re!erral Center. The CA/ARC wor'ers tol( the Ary to expect ultiple
victis& so any that CA/ARC coul( not o!!er its help. :ut the Ary
+(i(n9t want to believe that&+ says one CA/ARC wor'er who atten(e( the
2ive (ays later& on )ec. ",& letters were aile( to B8B parents whose
chil(ren were in 6abright9s classes. +The Coan(er o! the Presi(io o!
/an 2rancisco& has been apprise( o! a single inci(ent o! allege( chil(
sexual abuse reporte( to have occurre( at the Presi(io Chi( )evelopent
+0e have no reason to believe that other chil(ren have been victii=e(.+
1any parents who receive( the letter too' the Ary at its wor(. 1any o!
the (i(n9t learn until the !ollowing April& a!ter the Tobins an( other
parents !orce( the Ary to sen( out another letter& that their chil(ren
ha( been victis.
>ther parents !oun( out right away. The chil(ren ha( begun to tal'. An(
they 'ept tal'ing. That was the proble. They 'ept saying things that no
one& especially not the Ary& wante( to hear. They 'ept entioning other
people besi(es +1r. Fary&+ other locations besi(es the (ay care center.
Aong the allegations3
/oe o! the chil(ren sai( they were ta'en !ro the (ay care center to
private hoes on the Presi(io where they were sexually abuse(. Two houses
were single( out on the Ary post an( at least one hoe o!!*post& in /an
>ne girl sai( she playe( +poopoo baseball+ at the hoe o! one o! her
!eale teachers. The girl sai( the gae involve( throwing !eces at the
>ther chil(ren tal'e( about playing the+googoo gae+ with +1r. Fary+. It
involve( 6abright having the chil(ren urinate an( (e!ecate on hi. Then
he woul( (o the sae to the. /oeties& the chil(ren sai(& they were
!orce( to (rin' urine an( eat !eces. /oe sai( they ha( bloo( seare( on
their bo(ies.
/oe chil(ren sai( they ha( guns pointe( at the. >thers sai( they were
tol( they or their parents woul( be 'ille( i! they tol( what happene(.
>ne <*year*ol( boy sai( he was sexually abuse( on his !irst visit to the
center. That (ay was also his birth(ay.
A <*year*ol( girl sai( +1r. Fary+ use( special pens& blac'& blue& pin' an(
re( ** to (oo(le on her& starting at her legs an( oving up over her
genitals. The sae chil( sai( she saw one o! her !rien(s at the center cry
when +1r. Fary9s+ !rien(& a woan& pointe( a gun at the !rien(.
There were !ive con!ire( cases o! chlay(ia& a sexually transitte(
(isease& inclu(ing two o! the !our (aughters o! one !aily. A preliinary
test o! one boy !or AI)/ cae bac' positive. 2urther tests reveale( that a
he (i( not have the (isease& but !ear o! AI)/ torente( parents !or
)E/PITE T6E R.1>R/ A;) ALLEFATI>;/& T6E Ary& the 2:I an( the ../.
Attorney9s >!!ice were unite( in wanting a siple pe(ophile case. The Ary
wante( the atter over with. The prosecutors wante( a case they woul( win.
The ore unusual the allegations& they !elt& the har(er it woul( be to win
in court. /o on Ean. ,& "#$7& Fary 0illar( 6abright was arreste(.
6abright& <,& was an or(aine( /outhern :aptist inister without a pulpit.
A!ter oving to the :ay Area in "#77 !ro his hoe in Tacoa& 0ash.& he
wor'e( as a substitute teacher in /an 2rancisco schools be!ore ta'ing the
N7.,# per hour -ob at the (ay care center in "#$,. At his arraignent& he
(escribe( hisel! as +an e(ucator& not a criinal.+ 6is close !rien(
For(on Frover& a beauty salon owner& sai( the thin& pale an with blon(
hair is +probably one o! the ost gentle people you will ever 'now.+
+6e9s always got tie to give 'i(s a hug when they9re crying+ Frover sai(
+6e9s -ust really a 'in( person.+
A!ter the arrest& 6abright too' part*tie -obs cleaning houses an(
washing win(ows. 6e live( with !rien(s an( continue( to be closely
associate( with )olores /treet :aptist Church in /an 2rancisco.
The in(ictent that Assistant ./ Attorney /usan Fray ha( sought !ro the
gran( -ury charge( 6abright with olesting only one chil(. 6e was accuse(
o! so(oy& oral copulation an( coitting a lew( an( lascivious act on a
In 1arch& three onths a!ter 6abright9s arrest& the charges were
(isisse(. ./ )istrict Court Eu(ge 0illia /chwar=er re!use( to allow the
a(ission o! so*calle( hearsay stateents& speci!ically the coents the
Tobin boy a(e to his brother an( other& an( to the nurse an( the (octor
who exaine( hi about the abuse. /everal states allow exceptions to the
hearsay rules in chil( abuse cases& but !e(eral courts an( Cali!ornia
state courts (o not.
/chwar=er re!use( the hearsay evi(ence on 1arch 8 an( rule( that the Tobin
boy woul( not quali!y as a copetent witness because o! his age.
>n 1arch B%& the ./ Attorney9s >!!ice as'e( that the charges be (isisse(
without pre-u(ice& eaning they coul( be re!ile( i! new evi(ence eerge(.
Prosecutor Fray tol( the -u(ge she ha( "B ore chil(ren saying the sae
things as the Tobin boy. Fray ha( counte( on the -u(ge9s allowing the
a(ission o! stateents the Tobin boy a(e to his brother on the (ay he
!irst sai( +1r. Fary+ hurt hi as well as siilar coents a(e to the
nurse an( (octor who exaine( hi. The e(ical evi(ence an( the +per!ect
witness+ parents a(e her even ore con!i(ent. Eoyce Tobin was a nurse.
1i'e Tobin was a 0est Point gra(uate an( a nuclear engineer.
:ut the Ary9s investigation o! the Tobin boy9s allegations ha( gotten o!!
to a sha'y start when Ary Criinal lnvestigative /pecial Agent 1arc
Reson was assigne( to interview the chil(.
Reson ha( never interviewe( a chil( younger than $ years ol(. An( while
Ary regulations require( that the interview be tape(& Reson ha( never
use( vi(eotape in an interview. The regulation was later change(& but the
(aage ha( been (one. The vi(eotape was to be single( out repeate(ly as an
exaple o! how the chil(ren ha( been coache( an( pro((e( to tell their
Eoyce Tobin& accor(ing to court recor(s& sai( that (uring the interview&
+apparently in an attept to establish rapport with y son& Cthe CI)
investigatorD sai( that 1r. Fary was ba( an( shoul( be span'e(. 6e sai(
this nuerous ties. Therea!ter& in the wee' that !ollowe( when @y sonA
spo'e about 1r. Fary& he (escribe( 1r. Fary as ba( an( sai( he shoul( be
+Prior to the CI) interview @y sonA ha( never sai( anything li'e that or
attepte( to a'e any value -u(gent about what ha( happene( to hi. 6e
-ust reporte( what ha( happene( to hi&+ Eoyce Tobin tol( the prosecution.
0IT6 T6E C6ARFE/ )I/1I//E)& FRAG9/ attept at a siple pe(ophile case ha(
!aile(. The court woul( not hear o! the Presi(io again until the en( o!
/epteber "#$7. The Tobins were (isappointe( but not (e!eate(. They ha(
begun calling an( writing congressen& calling an( eeting with Ary
o!!icials at the Presi(io.
:y April& another battle ha( shape( up outsi(e the Courtroo. The Ary
insiste( that the (ay care center was sa!e& that all o! the victis ha(
been i(enti!ie(. Parents !eare( otherwise because their chil(ren ha(
entione( people other than 6abright ** people who still wor'e( at the
(ay care center.
At !irst& it was the Tobins alone who 'ept as'ing3 0as this (oneM )i( you
chec' on thatM 0hat about the other chil(renM :y April& the Tobins ha(
been -oine( by the Runyans the A(as*Thopsons the )orseys& the 2oxes.
1ost ha( not et be!ore. They were to eet any ties in the onths to
Their !irst priority was to get another letter aile( to Parents o! other
chil(ren who ha( atten(e( the (ay care center. The Ary saw no nee( !or
that. +0hy are you (oing thisM+ Lt. Col. 0alter 1eyer& the (irector o!
personnel an( counity activities& as'e( 1i'e Tobin. +:ecause parents
nee( to 'now what9s happening.+ Tobin tol( hi. The letter was (elaye( !or
two wee's while 1eyer argue( over whether the nuber o! victis entione(
in the letter shoul( be <B or <7. 0hen Eoyce Tobin an( :ren(a 2ox went to
his o!!ice to (iscuss the letter& 1eyer sai( he (i(n9t have tie to tal'&
2ox recalls& that he was on his way +to a'e a vi(eotape about the C)C&
about it being a o(el (ay care center. 6e sai(& +(espite what you ay
believe& this is a o(el (ay care center+
+I sat there thin'ing& 9this an has no soul&9+ she says& +0e tol( hi the
nubers were wrong.+ 6e sai(& 9no& they9re not9 . +0e waite( while he
calle( an( !oun( out the nubers were wrong.+
+.n(er the signatures o! Eoyce an( 1i'e Tobin& Fretchen an( )ennis Runyan&
/ue an( To )orsey& 1ichelle an( Larry A(as*Thopson& an( :ren(a an( )on
2ox& the letter& (ate( April B#& "#$7& was aile( to parents. +0e !eel you
shoul( 'now there are now <7 chil(ren i(enti!ie( by the authorities as
suspecte( victis&+ the letter sai( in part& +we are very concerne( that
there ay be ore chil(ren a!!ecte( an( in nee( o! help& yet reain
uni(enti!ie(. +
The core group o! parents consiste( o! pro!essional people (octors& a
(entist& a nuclear scientist. They spo'e out lou( an( o!ten. They sai(
they spo'e !or those who coul( not& the chil(ren an( the enliste( people
who& they sai(& were too a!rai( to ris' their ilitary career to spea'
out. The enliste( people nee(e( their -obs an( the (ay care. The core
group coul( a!!or( (ay care elsewhere.
+0hen it !irst starte(& they ha( the chance to be heroes&+ parent 1elanie
Thopson sai( about the Ary instea(& they -ust (i(n9t want to believe it&
;ow& they9re -ust trying to cover it up li'e a ba( (rea.+ .
;>;E >2 T6E PARE;T/ 06> 0ERE PR>TE/TI;F the Ary9s han(ling o! the case
'new that signs o! trouble ha( sur!ace( at the center at least six years
earlier. An( none o! the 'new that the Ary ha( been (ealing with sex
abuse probles at its (ay care centers !or years be!ore the Presi(io case
The Ary sai( nothing o! prior cases at 0est Point an( 2ort )ix. The Ary
sai( nothing o! an investigation six years be!ore involving Eohn
Funnarson& the Presi(io9s top (ay care o!!icial an( the supervisor o! the
(ay care center (uring the tie 6abright allege(ly oleste( the chil(ren.
In "#$B& Funnarson was chil( support services coor(inator at the center&
responsible !or the training o! the center sta!!& when he was arreste( on
charges o! assaulting an eployee o! the center& Pearl :roa(nax. :roa(nax
ha( been coplaining about con(itions at the center an( treatent o! the
chil(ren. /he say she was bran(e( a troublea'er an( o!ten calle( to tas'
about her -ob per!orance. >n 2eb. <& "#$B& she an( Funnarson argue( over
the use o! scissors by the chil(ren. 6e as'e( her to go into another roo
to continue the (iscussion& but :roa(nax sai( she wante( to reain in the
playroo. +At this tie&+ accor(ing to an investigative report o! the
inci(ent& +Funnarson grabbe( :roa(nax by the le!t ar above her wrist an(
pulle( her towar( hi. /he then tol( Funnarson& +(on9t touch e&+ to which
he replie(& I9 not touching you.9 /he !elt that she was in !ear o! bo(ily
har at this point in the inci(ent.
Funnarson (ecline( to be interviewe( about the inci(ent but respon(e( to
questions through Presi(io spo'esan :ob 1ahoney. +I (i( not grab 1rs.
:roa(nax4 I (i( not assault her& an( I ha( no intention o! haring her&+
he relate( to 1ahoney. +In the course o! our conversation& 1rs. :roa(nax
becae agitate( an( appeare( to be losing control o! hersel!. I attepte(
to cal her by lightly touching her ar to gui(e her out !ro the roo
where we were tal'ing.+
The charge against Funnarson was (isisse( !or lac' o! evi(ence. The
inci(ent coul( possibly be (isisse( as an un!ortunate isun(erstan(ing&
except that investigation at the tie le( to allegations o! physical an(
sexual abuse o! chil(ren at the center& accor(ing to !orer ilitary
police investigator E( Albanos'i& then the chie! o! -uvenile
investigations at the Presi(io.
;ow a (eputy sheri!! in /anta Clara County& Albanos'i calle( a!ter he rea(
one o! y stories about the Presi(io case. +0hen I rea( the paper& I
alost !ell out o! y chair&+ Albanos'i sai( +9I coul(n9t believe
@FunnarsonA was still wor'ing there+ 0hile interviewing :roa(nax at the
(ay care center a!ter she ha( calle( 1Ps about Funnarson& Albanos'i
learne( that :roa(nax was concerne( about ore than the allege( threat o!
har to hersel!. /he also allege( that eployees ha( touche( chil(ren9s
genitals iproperly.
:roa(nax ha( provo'e( an investigation o! the center a year earlier& a!ter
tal'ing to parents who sai( they !elt their chil(ren were (iscriinate(
against because they were inorities. :roa(nax also sai( she ha( seen the
then (irector o! the center hit a chil( in the outh& a'ing hi blee(.
In a telephone interview !ro her hoe in Alabaa& :roa(nax tol( e she
ha( coplaine( any ties about probles at the center (uring the !our
years she wor'e( there +but -ust gave up. ;obo(y seee( to be concerne(. I
en(e( up having a nervous brea'(own over that.+
+Right be!ore I le!t& I saw a woan beat a 'i( until he -ust threw up&+
she sai( +I (i( all I coul( to get soething (one about that. They reove(
her& but she was bac' wor'ing there a!ter I le!t.+
Capt. Robert E. 1eyer was appointe( to loo' into the allegations !or the
coan(er o! the Presi(io in a letter suari=ing his !in(ings& 1eyers
sai(& +at least three o! the Chil( Care Center sta!! have been threatene(
with the loss o! their -obs i! they spea' out an( tell the truth about how
the Chil( Care Center is being anage( an( how the inority chil(ren are
treate(.+ A hearing was hel( at the Presi(io on the allegations in "#$".
The (irector in question was reinstate(.
The next year& when Albanos'i reporte( the sex abuse allegations to
Presi(io o!!icials& he was tol( +to stop any investigation I was tol(
there was nothing to loo' into& that Funnarson woul( be (ealt with through
his coan( channels .+ 1ilitary Police Investigator9s Report ;o
%%"#<*$BP1P"%B?*$B*%87& (ate( 2eb. 8& "#$B& was !ile( on the inci(ent.
Albanos'i hel( on to a copy o! that report. 6e sense( that it ight be
iportant soe (ay.
The Ary (i(n9t ta'e it quite so seriously.
+That particular case was not 'nown to any o! us in the chain o! coan(&+
current Presi(io Coan(er Eoseph J. Ra!!erty sai( last )eceber. +1r.
Funnarson ha( one o! the !inest reputations in the Ary with respect to
running a chil( care center.+
A year a!ter he was arreste(& Funnarson was cite( in an inspection report
by o!!icials !ro the ./ Ary 2orces Coan( !or +(oing an excellent -ob
as the Chil( /upport /ervices Coor(inator. The sta!! training progra he
(evelope( utili=ing the 1ilitary Chil( Care o(ules is o(el !or the
:ut allegations o! abuse at the (ay care center woul( persist.
2orer Ary Capt. Fary :oswell approache( Funnarson in April "#$, a!ter
pic'ing up his (aughter at the (ay care center.
+/he ha( a re( spot on her han(& where she ha( been burne(. /he sai(& 9the
teacher burne( e.9 This girl was ta'ing the 'i(s an( ta'ing a agni!ying
glass an( hol(ing their han(s until they -er'e( their han( away an(
crie(&+ sai( :oswell& who now wor's as a civilian eployee at the
Presi(io. +I went to see Funnarson an( wasn9t terribly please(. 6e sai(
he9( loo' into it. 0e cae bac'& the next (ay an( he sai( he ha( tal'e( to
the person& that there were no eye witnesses an( 9it9s your (aughter9s
wor( against hers& so we can9t (o anything9 we too' our (aughter out o!
the (ay care center a short tie later.+
/ue )orsey contacte( Funnarson in Eune o! "#$? to coplain about an abuse
inci(ent she says she witnesse(.
)orsey& the wi!e o! Ary Capt To )orsey& a physician& sai( she ha( -ust
(roppe( her (aughter o!! at the (ay care center an( was wal'ing out o! the
buil(ing when she notice( +a woan on her han(s an( 'nees& bent over&
putting her han(9s in a little girl9s pants.+ +The woan too' her han(s
out !ro the little girl9s pants an( put the un(er the little girl9s top
an( tic'le( her on both breasts an( then went bac' (own into the pants
into the vaginal area an( tic'le( her there.+
A!ter relating the inci(ent to the assistant (irector o! the center&
)orsey sai( she was tol( that the woan )orsey ha( seen with the little
girl +was -ust playing innocent tic'ling gaes+
)orsey went to Funnarson who& she says& replie( +/o what you9re telling e
is that she tic'le( the little girl on her private parts.+ )orsey returne(
hoe an( calle( Funnarson later in the (ay. +6e sai(& 9I9 going to write
soething up in her personnel !ile9+
2inally& a!ter !urther calls to the captain who supervise( the civilian
eployees at the center& )orsey was tol( that the Ary9s Criinal
Investigation )ivision woul( investigate the case. .
The investigation& Col Ra!!erty was later to say& +prove( that it coul(
not be substantiate( that abuse ha( occurre(... 2ro y un(erstan(ing o!
the actual touching involve(& there was a question o! -ust exactly what
was clearly a tic'ling type o! inci(ent that coul( be interprete( in a
couple o! (i!!erent ways. I suspect the investigators too' the
care*givers9 interpretation o! what that was.
A year later& )orsey learne( that her own (aughter ha( been sexually
abuse( at the center.
)>R/EG A;) T6E >T6ER PARE;T/ 0>.L) also learn that there ha( been sex
abuse cases involving (ay care centers at several other Ary bases. 0est
Point was one o! the ost serious **until the Presi(io. In Euly "#$8& a
<*year*ol( girl was brought to the eergency roo at 0est Point 6ospital
with a lacerate( vagina. The chil( tol( the (octor who exaine( her that a
teacher at the 0est Point (ay care center was the one who hurt her. In
August& another parent cae !orwar(. :y the en( o! the year& ,% chil(ren
ha( been interviewe( by investigators.
Chil(ren at 0est Point tol( stories that woul( becoe horri!yingly
!ailiar. They sai( they ha( been ritually abuse(. They sai( they ha( ha(
excreent seare( on their bo(ies an( been !orce( to eat !eces an( (rin'
urine. They sai( they were ta'en away !ro the (ay care center an(
/oe parents allege( that the Ary trie( to cover up the cases. +The whole
un(erlying thee was that the iage o! 0est Point was ore iportant than
(ealing with the reality o! what happene(&+ sai( )r. 0alter Frote& whose
B*year*ol( (aughter was aong the chil(ren allege(ly abuse( at the center.
Frote is now in private e(ical practice in ;ew Eersey. A !orer Ary
captain& he turne( (own a prootion to a-or in "#$8 to protest the Ary9s
han(ling o! the (ay care case at 0est Point. 6e was well aware that the
proble at the Point ha( starte( long be!ore.
In August "#$<& nearly a year be!ore the sex abuse case bro'e& a BB
onth*ol( chil( ha( been ur(ere( by the other9s boy!rien(& an Ary sta!!
sergeant. A!ter a court artial hearing& the sergeant was given an "$
onth suspen(e( sentence an( (ishonorable (ischarge.
Col. Richar( C Ec'ert& a (octor then in charge o! 0est Point9s Chil(
Protection Case 1anageent Tea& was outrage( at the leniency o! the
sentence. In an Aug. "& "#$<& letter to Lt. Fen. 0illar( /cott& Er.& then
superinten(ent o! 0est Point& Ec'ert wrote& +The counity has receive( a
(evastating essage**0est Point an( the Ary ta'e chil( abuse lightly an(
(o not consi(er it a a-or o!!ense.+
The guy that ur(ere( the BB onth*ol( baby was let o!! scot !ree&+ sai(
)r. Pat Eones& a !orer pe(iatrician at 0est Point now in private practice
in Texas. +They -ust 'ic'e( hi out o! the Ary to prevent any publicity.+
Eones& who believes his ", onth ol( (aughter was sexually abuse( at the
center at 0est Point& was so outrage( he resigne( !ro the Ary. +I trie(
to resign !ro the aluni association I !eel ashae( !or even being !ro
that place.+
;o in(ictents were returne( in the 0est Point cases.
2ort )ix was next in Euly& "#$?& two !eale eployees were accuse( o!
sexually abusing !our <*an(*year*ol( girls. ;o in(ictents were returne(
in the case& an( the woen returne( to wor' at the (ay care center. Then
2ort Leavenworth& Ian. An( 2ort Eac'son& /.C. :y ;oveber& "#$7 the Ary
ha( receive( allegations o! chil( abuse at ", o! its (ay care centers an(
several eleentary schools.
There were also at least two cases in Air 2orce (ay care centers. An( at a
(ay care center run by the ;avy in Phila(elphia& a civilian was sentence(
to three years in prison !or sexually abusing chil(ren.
The )epartent o! )e!ense (eci(e( in April "#$7 to !or special stri'e
teas to investigate sex abuse cases in the ilitary. The goal o! the
teas +is to not let things get any worse&+ says :ob /tein& (irector o!
the 1ilitary 2aily Resource Center at the )epartent o! )e!ense. +0e nee(
to be better prepare( to (eal with the agnitu(e o! the proble. I (on9t
thin' anybo(y was prepare(+ at the Presi(io or 0est Point.
)espite the ilitary9s o!!icial stance o! prepare(ness& a new horror
sur!ace( in Eune "#$$ when a special tea o! experts was sent to Panaa to
help (eterine i! as any as "% chil(ren at a )epartent o! )e!ense
eleentary school ha( been oleste( an( possibly in!ecte( with AI)/ by a
teacher who is (ying o! the (isease.
Although the allegations o! ritual abuse a(e by chil(ren at 0est Point
an( at the Presi(io were siilar& +we ay never totally resolve whether
there is any 'in( o! external organi=ation @o! abusersA or i! -ust a
single pe(ophile+ was involve( in those cases& sai( Col. Ei /chlie&
(eputy (irector o! the 1ilitary 2aily Resource Center.
:ut soe o! the allegations a(e by chil(ren at the Presi(io& that they
were ta'en to houses on * an( o!!*post by en an( woen**le( to
investigation o! the possibility that there was an +external organi=ation+
in /an 2rancisco. I;/I)E A C>;CRETE :.;IER :E6I;) T6E 1ILITARG
Intelligence :uil(ing at the Presi(io& the wor(s +Prince o! )ar'ness+ are
painte( bol(ly in re( on one wall. .se( (eca(es ago to house artillery
guns& the rein!orce( concrete batteries appear to have been converte( to
soething li'e ritual chabers.
Ebla=one( next to the +Prince o! )ar'ness+ is the wor( +)ie&+ an( what
loo's li'e a list o! naes& painte( in re(& that have been crosse( out
with heavy blac' paint. >ne wall is covere( with the nuerals ???& a sign
o! the (evil& an( occult (rawings. A clearing in the center o! the
concrete !loor& where the groun( is expose(& is !ille( with re!use an(
partly burne( logs. >n the !ront wall beneath the win(ow that !aces the
1ilitary Intelligence :uil(ing is a huge pentagra insi(e a circle. In the
rear& where sunlight gives way to (ar'ness& white an( blac' can(le
(rippings sit atop a (oe shape( recession in the wall& apparently a cru(e
altar. Incense stic's lie hal! burne( to the si(e.
At another battery !arther up Lincoln :oulevar(& a large (rawing o! /atan&
with re( eyes an( horns appears on an outsi(e concrete wall. )oors to the
battery are secure( shut4 there are no win(ows to clib though. ;o entry
is possible here. It woul( be easy to (isiss the satanic gra!!iti as the
pran's o! a(olescents& ta'ing a(vantage o! the isolate( bun'ers to play
new versions o! +)ungeons an( )ragons.+ :ut events in the Presi(io case
suggeste( soething ore sinister coul( have been involve(.
/atanic goings*on are not new to the Presi(io. In the early "#$%9s& when
he was an 1P at the Presi(io& Albanos'i recalls& +0e got a call !ro the
Portola 1acArthur housing area. >ne person reporte( a an (resse( in blac'
hol(ing a little girl9s han( running towar( the par'. Another call cae in
saying they hear( screas near the cree'.+
The search le( to a gar(ener9s shac' at Eulius Iahn Par'& a strip o!
city*owne( playgroun( a(-acent to the Presi(io& behin( the housing area.
+0e hear( noises coing !ro insi(e&+ Albanos'i recalls. +0e 'ic'e( the
(oor open an( here9s this nice little be(roo. In a corner was a annequin
with a gun aie( at the (oor. >n the le!t si(e there was a bun' against
the wall. There was a pentagra on the !loor& a huge one. There were
(olls9 hea(s all over the ceiling& -ust o!!*the*wall stu!!.+ 1usic was
blaring !ro a ra(io.
Albanos'i an( another 1P were given approval to set up surveillance o! the
shac'. A!ter a while& the investigation was calle( o!!. +0e were sitting
there& we9ve got a cult on the Presi(io o! /an 2rancisco an( nobo(y cares
about it&+ Albanos'i says. +0e were tol( by the provost arshall to -ust
!orget about it+. Though Albanos'i9s investigation went nowhere& the chil(
abuse cases woul( raise the specter o! satanis again.
Larry an( 1ichelle A(as*Thopson ha( notice( changes in their (aughter9s
behavior a!ter placing her in Fary 6abright9s class !our or !ive ties in
/epteber an( >ctober o! "#$?. The girl& who turne( < in >ctober& ha(
begun having nightares an( woul( wet hersel! when !rightene(. 6er parents
believe( it was -ust +a ba( stage+ she was going through until they hear(
about the Tobin boy in Eanuary. The girl was ta'en to a therapist at
Letteran Ary 1e(ical Center in 2ebruary. In therapy& the girl tal'e(
about being sexually abuse( by 6abright an( by a an nae( +1i'ey+ an( a
woan nae( +/haby+ whose i(entities were un'nown. >n Aug. "B& "#$7& the
A(as*Thopsons were shopping at the PR at the Presi(io. /u((enly the girl
ran to Larry A(as*Thopson an( clutche( his leg. 6e loo'e( up an( saw a
an who he 'new as Lt Col. 1ichael Aquino.
+Ges& that9s 1i'ey&+ the <*year*ol( tol( A(as*Thopson. A!ter being ta'en
outsi(e& the girl a((e(& +he9s a ba( an an( I9 a!rai(.+ As they were
leaving the par'ing lot& the A(as*Thopsons saw Aquino9s wi!e& Lilith.
Larry as'e( the chil( i! she 'new the woan.
+Ges& that9s /haby&+ the girl sai(.
The !aily went hoe an( calle( the 2:I.
0hen interviewe( by authorities the next (ay& the girl i(enti!ie( Fary
6abright !ro a photo lineup an( sai( she ha( been (riven to 1i'ey an(
/haby9s hoe by 6abright. There& she sai(& she was abuse( by 6abright&
1i'ey an( /haby in a roo with blac' walls. /he sai( that she ha( been
photographe(. /he sai( 6abright an( 1i'ey were (resse( in woen9s clothes
an( /haby was (resse( in an9s clothes.
The investigators (rove her to Leavenworth /treet in /an 2rancisco. The
girl was as'e( to i(enti!y any o! the houses that she ha( been to be!ore.
0hile wal'ing past B8<% Leavenworth& the girl i(enti!ie( the house as the
one where she et +1i'ey+ an( +/haby.+ It was the Aquinos9 house.
A search warrant was serve( on the Aquino hoe on Aug. "8. In atten(ance
were agents !ro the 2:I an( the /an 2rancisco Police. :ecause the abuse
allege(ly occurre( on city property& it was to be a city case.
Aong the ites sei=e( were vi(eo tapes& cassette tapes& noteboo's with
naes an( a((resses& two photo albus one paper plate an( two plastic
gloves !ro the 'itchen garbage& !our plastic cases o! negatives an( B#
photos o! costues an( as's. 0ith his wi(ow9s pea' an( arching eyebrows&
Lt Col. 1ichael Aquino loo's ore li'e a pu(gy )racula than a high ran'ing
Ary o!!icer with top security clearance. 6e is the !oun(er an( high
priest o! a satanic church& the Teple o! /et. 6is wi!e& Lilith& a gaunt
woan with long& (ar' hair& is a priestess in the teple9s >r(er o! the
Japyre. The couple re!er to the search as a +rai(+ an( have bran(e( the
investigation a witch hunt.
+The Ary has 'nown about y religion !or the last "$ years an( has no
proble&+ Aquino tol( e in a telephone interview late last year. +;ot one
single person in the ./. Ary& with the exception o! the chaplain& woul(
have the reotest notion that I woul( be involve( in anything li'e this.+
In(ee(& Ary spo'esen at the Pentagon label his ilitary career as
+extraor(inary+ an( say he is entitle( to his religious belie!s. As !or
his top security clearance& they say his openness about being a satanist
a'es hi uch less o! a security ris' than a hoosexual or soeone with
(rug or oney probles woul( be.
The Ary (i( not suspen( his clearance when he -oine( the Church o! /atan&
!oun(e( by Anton LaJey& in "#?#. ;or when Aquino !oun(e( his own satanic
church in "#7,. ;or when Aquino while on a ;AT> tour o! Europe in "#$B
per!ore( a satanic ritual in the 0estphalian castle that ha( been use( as
an occult sanctuary by 6einrich 6iler9s // elite in ;a=i Ferany. ;or
(i( the Ary ove to suspen( Aquino9s top security clearance (uring the
sex abuse investigation. +The nature o! the investigation that propte(
the search o! his house& an( I un(erstan( soe o! his belongings were
ta'en by police& really is a question !or the /an 2rancisco Police
)epartent&+ 1a-. Freg Rixon& spo'esan at the Pentagon sai( Aquino& who
now wor's as a progra analyst at the Ary Reserve Personnel Center in /t
Louis& has veheently (enie( ever eeting or having in his house the young
girl who has allege( he abuse( her. 6e unsuccess!ully trie( to have court
artial procee(ings initiate( against A(as*Thopson.
In a Teple o! /et newsletter sent out two onths a!ter the search o! his
hoe& Aquino accuse( A(as*Thopson& who is an assistant chaplain !or the
Ary& o! truping up the allegations as soe sort o! Christian ven(etta
+Also relevant is his pro!ession as a Christian clergyan4 I certainly
(oubt that he woul( have a(e such an outrageous accusation against any
Lieutenant Colonel who was not 'nown to be a proinent /atanist+
In April& Aquino wrote a !our*page letter to the hea( o! a chil(ren9s
a(vocates group in /outhern Cali!ornia warning that +we (o not inten( to
see a replay o! what happene( in ;a=i Ferany& when the reluctance o! the
Eews to challenge those who systeatically an( !alsely accuse( Eu(ais o!
heinous cries*inclu(ing the sexual abuse an( ritual ur(er o! Christian
chil(ren* le( to violence against the.+
Aquino sai( that the Teple o! /et neither prescribes nor tolerates any
!or o! har& sexual or otherwise& to chil(ren or anials. +It is a(e
clear in our ebership publications that& shoul( we have any reason to
thin' that a eber is engage( in any such activity& he or she will be
ie(iately expelle( an( reporte( to the appropriate law en!orceent or
anial*protection authorities.+
In a 2ebruary appearance on the >prah 0in!rey /how this year& Aquino sai(
that satanists +are not servants o! soe Fo(4 we are our own go(s4 we are
our own (ecision a'ers. An( people naturally !ear this.+ Their belie!s&
he sai(& are +ost closely aligne( to that o! Plato.+
;either Aquino nor his wi!e has been charge( in connection with the case.
/an 2rancisco Police coplete( their investigation o! the Aquinos in Eune
an( subitte( their !in(ings to the /an 2rancisco )istrict Attorney9s
>!!ice. A (ecision on whether any charges woul( be !ile( was pen(ing when
this story went to press.
;ow statione( at another post& the A(as*Thopsons say their (aughter9s
nightares an( be( wetting have stoppe(. An( they say their (aughter has
not given up.
+/he still believes that soe (ay soe -u(ge will hear all the !acts an(
(o right by her&+ 1ichelle A(as*Thopson sai( +A lot o! people were not
as brave as her.+
AT 838, A.1. >; /EPT. BB "#$7& A CALL cae in to the Presi(io 2ire
)epartent. A buil(ing in the coplex o! structures at the Presi(io that
houses the (ay care center was on !ire. :y the tie parents starte(
(ropping their chil(ren o!! at 7 a & the N,%%&%%% bla=e ha( been
extinguishe(. The Ary Counity /ervices :uil(ing a(-acent to the (ay
care center& which house( soe o! the center9s recor(s& ha( been
(eolishe(. Perhaps only coinci(entally& the !ire occurre( on the autunal
equinox& a a-or event on the satanic calen(ar. An investigation o! the
!ire by the Ary blae( the bla=e on a !aulty wire outlet
Three wee's later& !ire struc' again& this tie at the (ay care center
itsel!. The !ire was reporte( at 83<% a. It cause( N,%&%%% (aage to a
(ay care center buil(ing that house( !our classroos& inclu(ing
;ow !ace( with two !ires& the Ary calle( in the :ureau o! Alcohol&
Tobacco an( 2irears !or help. Investigators !oun( that both !ires&
contrary to the Ary9s !in(ing& ha( been arson. They also !oun( cin(ers
un(er a buil(ing& evi(ence o! a thir( attepte( but unsuccess!ul !ire at
the center. The Ary later o!!ere( a N,&%%% rewar( !or in!oration on the
!ires. There have been no ta'ers.
>n /ept. <%& eight (ays a!ter the !irst !ire& an( six onths a!ter the
original charges ha( been (roppe(& Fary 6abright was rein(icte( on
olestation charges involving "% chil(ren. 6e was charge( with "% counts
o! lew( an( lascivious con(uct on a chil( an( two count o! oral
copulation. The in(ictent inclu(e( the Tobin boy but (i( not inclu(e the
original charge o! so(oy.
That (ay there was uch bac'slapping at a press con!erence calle( by ./
Attorney Eoseph Russoniello to announce the charges. A press release sai(
the axiu penalty that ight be ipose( in this case is #? yeas in
prison an( a N< illion !ine.
/urroun(e( by Ary brass !ro the Presi(io an( several 2:I agents&
Russoniello sai( there woul( be no ore arrests4 (espite the chil(ren9s
allegations& there were no other suspects. :ut even Fary 6abright
appeare( to suggest that others ha( been involve(. At a press con!erence
>ct. B a!ter he was arraigne(& 6abright& rea(ing !ro a prepare(
stateent& sai( he was innocent o! all the charges an( a((e(& +I cannot
un(erstan( why these allegations an( !alsehoo(s have been& (irecte( solely
at e.+
Feo!! 6ansen& the assistant !e(eral public (e!en(er who represente(
6abright& re!use( to allow his client to answer any questions& a policy
unbro'en throughout the long onths a!ter the in(ictent 6ansen (enie(&
however& that 6abright was re!erring to anyone else.
The parents ha( any questions about the new in(ictent. 0hy only those
chil(renM 0hy only one chil( on the in(ictent who ha( e(ical evi(enceM
0hy (i( the in(ictent not inclu(e the chil(ren with such e(ical evi(ence
as issing hyens an( rectal lesionsM An( why were the charges so vagueM
Rather than speci!ying the actual cries allege(ly coitte( on the
chil(ren& "% o! the "B charges were coitting lew( an( lascivious acts.
The other two charges& involving the Tobin boy an( the boy who was abuse(
on his birth(ay& were oral copulation. 6abright no longer was charge(
with raping the Tobin boy
The Tobin boy& the only chil( with e(ical evi(ence on the in(ictent& was
inclu(e( because he ha( been exaine( by CA/ARC& by a non*Ary (octor o!!
post. Cooperation between the Ary an( the .. /. Attorney ha( been wea'
!ro the beginning. The cases o! chlay(ia coul( not be use( as evi(ence
because the right 'in( o! culture& ha( not been ta'en at Letteran Ary
1e(ical Center. 0hen one couple calle( the ./ Attorney9s >!!ice to as' i!
they shoul( ta'e their chil(ren !or another culture& the answer was no.
Assistant .. / Attorney Peter Robinson& who ha( been brought in by then to
assist /usan Fray& sai( those "% chil(ren ha( been chosen !ro the ore
than ?% victis because they woul( a'e the best witness.
In 2ebruary& Assistant ./ Attorney Fray& now teae( with Assistant ./
Attorney Eb Luc'el& as'e( that charges involving !our o! the chil(ren be
(isisse( because o! probles with the chil(ren9s testiony. Later in the
onth& Eu(ge /chwar=er (isisse( all but one o! the reaining counts
because the charges were too vague. Fray an( Robinson ha( subitte( a two
page (ocuent listing a series o! (ates on which the abuse allege(ly
occurre( !or each chil( but (i( nothing !urther to spell out the
The only reaining witness on the in(ictent& the Tobin boy& was reove(
!ro the case a short tie later on the a(vice o! the boy9s therapist.
Fary 6abright was a !ree an * again
T6E /TRATEFG 2>R A /I1PLE pe(ophile case ha( !aile( again. Fray& the
(aughter o! a (istrict court -u(ge& ha( never be!ore han(le( a chil(
sexual abuse case. The Presi(io case& in !act& was believe( to be the
!irst such case han(le( by the ./ Attorneys >!!ice in /an 2rancisco. Fray
ha( wor'e( long an( har( on the case but con!ine( her e!!orts to the law
library. ;ether Fray nor anyone else in the .. /. Attorney9s >!!ice saw
the nee( to hire experts on chil( abuse cases until about two onths
be!ore the en(. There ha( been a telephone consultation with )r. Rolan(
/uit& an associate clinical psychiatrist at 6arbor*.CLA 1e(ical Center
an( a consultant in a-or sex abuse cases aroun( the country.
+I reviewe( soe early (ocuents in the case&+ /uit sai( +>n the basis
o! the (ocuents& they (i(n9t want to go to court. There were too any
allegations o! weir(ness an( ritual without enough corroborating evi(ence.
It is that 'in( o! thing so !ar that is !atal to e!!ective prosecution.+
/uit& who has consulte( on a nuber o! ritual abuse cases& sai( the
!ailure in such cases is +a scan(al ... that we have to see soe sort o!
aterial proo! to get any sincere concern to what <%% to ,%% chil(ren have
sworn in the i(st o! terror was real. I! you ha( <%% a(ults in any
circustance& wherever they were asseble(& who woul( (escribe this sae
phenoenon& nobo(y woul( want to believe it& but I (on9t thin' the -ustice
syste coul( possibly be that in(i!!erent.....
+The sart oney !or any attorney is to stay away !ro it an( try to snea'
through by selecting witnesses who (on9t tal' about it. Are you going to
put soebo(y in -ail on the wor( o! a little 'i(M+
2ailure to consult with abuse experts haunte( the case. :y the tie the
chil(ren ha( been in therapy long enough an( !elt co!ortable enough to
tal' about soe o! the ore bi=arre aspects o! the case& Fray was a(aant
that she coul( not ta'e such things be!ore a -ury. +/he sat right here on
that couch an( sai( she coul(n9t ta'e that be!ore a -ury&+ sai( one
Fray has re!use( to (iscuss the case.
6er colleague& Assistant ../. Attorney Luc'el& sai( the case !ell apart at
the en( because +in the !inal analysis& when we reviewe( the cases we ha(
where there was a chil( who was prepare( to go to court an( was prepare(
to tell us what happene( an( (escribe soething that actually occurre( at
the Presi(io& as oppose( to o!!*base& there was not uch to consi(er.+
Accor(ing to Luc'el& the ./. Attorney9s >!!ice ha( (eci(e( that !e(eral
-uris(iction in the case en(e( at the boun(aries o! the Presi(io. That
eant that even though soe o! the allegations involve( chil(ren being
ta'en o!! post by 6abright& they were not to be part o! the !e(eral case.
+0hen we got right (own to it& there were -ust a couple o! possible cases
where !e(eral -uris(iction existe(&+ Luc'el sai(. +>ur (ecision was that
we coul( only prosecute !or acts that occurre( at the Presi(io.+
/ince /an 2rancisco Police concentrate( their e!!orts on investigating
Aquino& that eant that any o! the chil(ren9s allegations !ell through
the legal crac's. 1ore than ?% chil(ren were sexually abuse( but not at
the right location.
/o is the Presi(io case close(M +0e woul( not reopen it absent the
(iscovery o! new evi(ence&+ Luc'el says. The statute o! liitations !or
this case is !ive years.
>; APRIL "#& T6E AR1G 6EL) A; >PE; house !or a new NB.< illion (ay care
center at the Presi(io. That sae (ay& several parents hel( a press
con!erence to protest the closing o! the !e(eral case.
+0e !eel that it is vitally iportant that parents everywhere reali=e
these things really happen.&+ they sai( in a prepare( stateent& +Cases
such as this are being success!ully prosecute( across the country at the
state level. 0hy have 1r. Russoniello an( the entire !e(eral syste !aile(
to learn !ro these successesM+ Re!erring to the victis& the parents
sai(& +All have a(e stateents that they were abuse(& they have
psychological evi(ence o! abuse an( any have (ocuente( e(ical evi(ence
o! sexual abuse& inclu(ing rape& so(oy an( venereal (isease.+
The criinal case is close(& but by Eune& the parents o! B< chil(ren ha(
!ile( N,, illion in clais against the Ary& the !irst step towar( !iling
a civil suit against the governent alleging negligence that le( to the
Last )eceber& the Ary reassigne( several people connecte( with the case&
inclu(ing Lt. Col. 0alter 1eyer& the (irector o! personnel an( counity
activities an( Eohn Funnarson the (irector o! chil( (evelopent services
responsible !or supervising the (ay*to*(ay operations o! the center. )iana
Curl& the (ay care center (irector& resigne(. In late Eune& Fary 6abright
was +still trying to (eci(e where he wants to settle&+ sai( assistant
!e(eral public (e!en(er ;anci Clarence& one o! 6abright9s attorneys
Clarence sai( he is +in an( out+ o! /an 2rancisco.
The case that so any (i( not want to believe is still very uch alive in
the nightares an( sexual acting out that continue !or any chil(ren& in
the -arring stateents that coe su((enly out o! nowhere& such as the 8
year ol( girl who sat at her 'itchen table a !ew onths ago an( tol( her
other she wante( to 'ill hersel! with a 'ni!e. >thers say they hate
theselves. >ne ?*year*ol( girl was playing with o(eling clay at school
one (ay when she su((enly starte( stabbing it. +1r. Fary is ba( an( I9
ba( because I let hi (o it&+ she tol( her teacher.
+People 'eep telling us we9ve got to let it go -ust !orget about it an( go
on&+ sai( parent Fretchen Runyan. Two o! the Runyans9 !our (aughters were
aong the victis& both ha( con!ire( cases o! chlay(ia.
+Three wee's ago& our youngest (aughter was having nightares an( our
other (aughter was closing out the whole worl(& going to her roo an(
sitting there& with no ra(io& no TJ& no nothing. Tell e it9s over.+
@"A !ro The Last Circle :y +Carol 1arshall&+ Chapter ",& Part < at
www.to(avisboo's.coPeboo'sPlastcir clePchpt",pt<.htl
/atanic /ubversion o! the ./ 1ilitary
/atanic /ubversion o! the ../. 1ilitary
by Ee!!rey /teinberg
Executive Intelligence Review
>n 2ebruary ,& "###& in ../. )istrict Court in Lincoln& ;ebras'a& an
extraor(inary hearing occurre( in Paul A. :onacci v. Lawrence E. Iing& a
civil action in which the plainti!! charge( that he ha( been
ritualistically abuse( by the (e!en(ant& as part o! a nationwi(e
pe(ophile ring li'e( to power!ul political !igures in 0ashington an( to
eleents o! the ../. ilitary an( intelligence establishent. Three wee's
later& on 2ebruary B7& Eu(ge 0arren I. .rbo or(ere( Iing& who is
currently in 2e(eral prison& to pay N" illion in (aages to :onacci& in
what :onacci9s attorney Eohn )eCap sai( was a clear signal that +the
evi(ence presente( was cre(ible.+
)uring the 2ebruary , hearing& ;oreen Fosch stunne( the court with sworn
testiony lin'ing ../. Ary Lt. Col. 1ichael Aquino Cret.D to the
nationwi(e pe(ophile ring. 6er son& Eohnny& then "B years ol(& was
'i(nappe( o!! the streets o! 0est )es 1oines& Iowa on /epteber ,& "#$B&
while he was (oing his early*orning newspaper (eliveries. /ince his
'i(napping& she has (evote( all o! her tie an( resources to !in(ing her
son& an( to exposing the (angers that illions o! chil(ren in Aerican
!ace !ro this hi(eous& literally /atanic un(ergroun( o! ritualistic
+0e have investigate(& we have tal'e( to so !ar <, victis o! this sai(
organi=ation that too' y son an( is responsible !or what happene( to
Paul& an( they can veri!y everything that has happene(&+ she tol( the
+0hat this story involves is an elaborate !unction& I will say& that was
an o!!shoot o! a governent progra. The 1I*.ltra progra was (evelope(
in the "#,%s by the CIA. It was use( to help spy on other countries
(uring the Col( 0ar because they !elt that the other countries were
spying on us.
+It was very success!ul. They coul( (o it very well.+ @"A
Then& the Aquino bobshell3 +0ell& then there was a an by the nae o!
1ichael Aquino. 6e was in the ilitary. 6e ha( top Pentagon clearances.
6e was a pe(ophile. 6e was a /atanist. 6e9s !oun(e( the Teple o! /et.
An( he was a close !rien( o! Anton LaJey. The two o! the were very
active in ritualistic sexual abuse. An( they (e!erre( !un(ing !ro this
governent progra to use @inA this experientation on chil(ren.
+0here they (eliberately split o!! the personalities o! these chil(ren
into ultiples& so that when they9re questione( or put un(er oath or
questione( un(er lie (etector& that unless the operator 'nows how to
question a ultiple*personality (isor(er& they turn up with no evi(ence.+
/he continue(3 +They use( these 'i(s to sexually coproise politicians
or anyone else they wish to have control o!. This soun(s so !ar out an(
so bi=arre I ha( trouble accepting it in the beginning ysel! until I
was presente( with the (ata. 0e have the proo!. In blac' an( white.+
.n(er questioning !ro )eCap& Fosch reporte(3 +I 'now that 1ichael
Aquino has been in Iowa. I 'now that 1ichael Aquino has been to >!!utt
Air 2orce :ase @a /trategic Air Coan( base& near >aha& which was
lin'e( to Iing9s activitiesA. I 'now that he has ha( contact with any
o! these chil(ren.+
Paul :onacci& who was siultaneously a victi an( a eber o! the
nationwi(e pe(ophile crie syn(icate& has subsequently i(enti!ie( Aquino
as the an who or(ere( the 'i(napping o! Eohnny Fosch. In his 2ebruary ,
testiony& :onacci re!erre( to the asterin( o! the Fosch ab(uction as
+the Colonel.+ @<A
A secon( witness who testi!ie( at the 2ebruary , hearing& Rusty ;elson&
was Iing9s personal photographer. 6e later (escribe( to EIR another
inci(ent which lin'e( Iing to Aquino& while the Ary special !orces
o!!icer was still on active reserve (uty. /oe tie in the late "#$%s&
;elson was with Iing at a posh hotel in (owntown 1inneapolis& when he
personally saw Iing turn over a suitcase !ull o! cash an( bearer*bon(s to
+the Colonel&+ who he later positively i(enti!ie( as Aquino. Accor(ing
to ;elson& Iing tol( hi that the suitcase o! cash an( bon(s was
earar'e( !or the ;icaraguan Contras& an( that +the Colonel+ was part o!
the covert Contra support apparatus& otherwise associate( with Lt. Col.
>liver ;orth& Jice Presi(ent Feorge :ush& an( the +secret parallel
governent+ that they ran !ro the 0hite 6ouse.
Eust who is Lt. Col. 1ichael Aquino Cret.D& an( what (oes the evi(ence
reveale( in a ;ebras'a court hearing say about the current state o!
a!!airs insi(e the ../. ilitaryM Is the Aquino case soe 'in( o! weir(
aberration that slippe( o!! the Pentagon ra(ar screenM
;ot in the least.
Aquino& /atan an( the ../. ilitary
Throughout uch o! the "#$%s& Aquino was at the center o! a controversy
involving the Pentagon9s acquiescence to outright /atanic practices
insi(e the ilitary services. Aquino was also a prie suspect in a
series o! pe(ophile scan(als involving the sexual abuse o! hun(re(s o!
chil(ren& inclu(ing the chil(ren o! ilitary personnel serving at the
Presi(io ../. Ary station in the /an 2rancisco :ay Area. 2urtherore&
even as Aquino was being investigate( by Ary Criinal Investigation
)ivision o!!icers !or involveent in the pe(ophile cases& he was
retaining highest*level security clearances& an( was involve( in
pioneering wor' in ilitary psychological operations C+psy*ops+D.
>n August "8& "#$7& /an 2rancisco police rai(e( Aquino9s Russian 6ill
hoe& which he share( with his wi!e Lilith. The rai( was in response to
allegations that the house ha( been the scene o! a brutal rape o! a
!our*year*ol( girl. The principal suspect in the rape& a :aptist inister
nae( Fary 6abright& was in(icte( in /epteber "#$7 on charges that he
coitte( +lew( an( lascivious acts+ with six boys an( !our girls&
ranging in age !ro three to seven years& (uring /epteber*>ctober "#$?.
At the tie o! the allege( sex cries& 6abright was eploye( at a chil(
care center on the ../. Ary base at Presi(io. At the tie o!
6abright9s in(ictent& the /an 2rancisco police charge( that he was
involve( in at least ,$ separate inci(ents o! chil( sexual abuse.
Accor(ing to an article in the >ctober <%& "#$7 /an 2rancisco Exainer&
one o! the victis ha( i(enti!ie( Aquino an( his wi!e as participants in
the chil( rape. Accor(ing to the victi& the Aquinos ha( !ile( scenes
o! the chil( being !on(le( by 6abright in a bathtub. The chil(9s
(escription o! the house& which was also the hea(quarters o! Aquino9s
/atanic Teple o! /et& was so (etaile(& that police were able to obtain
a search warrant. )uring the rai(& they con!iscate( <$ vi(eotapes& photo
negatives& an( other evi(ence that the hoe ha( been the hub o! a
pe(ophile ring& operating in an( aroun( ../. ilitary bases.
Aquino an( his wi!e were never in(icte( in the inci(ent. Aquino claie(
that he ha( been in 0ashington at the tie& enrolle( in a year*long
reserve o!!icers course at the ;ational )e!ense .niversity& although he
(i( a(it that he a(e !requent visits bac' to the :ay Area an( to his
churchPhoe. The public !lap over the 6abright in(ictent (i( propt
the ../. Ary to trans!er Aquino !ro the Presi(io& where he was the
(eputy (irector o! reserve training& to the ../. Ary Reserve Personnel
Center in /t. Louis.
>n April "#& "#$$& the ten*count in(ictent against 6abright was
(roppe( by ../. Attorney Eoseph Russoniello& on the groun(s that& while
there was clear evi(ence o! chil( abuse Csix o! the chil(ren contracte(
the venereal (isease& chlay(iaD& there was insu!!icient evi(ence to
lin' 6abright Cor the AquinosD to the cries. Parents o! several o! the
victis charge( that Russoniello9s actions prove( that +the 2e(eral
syste has bro'en (own in not being able to protect the rights o!
citi=ens age three to eight.+
Russoniello woul( later be iplicate( in e!!orts to cover up the lin's
between the ;icaraguan Contras an( /outh Aerican cocaine*tra!!ic'ing
organi=ations& raising (eeper questions about whether the (ecision not
to prosecute 6abright an( Aquino ha( +national security iplications.+
In(ee(& on April BB& "#$#& the ../. Ary sent letters to the parents o!
at least ,? o! the chil(ren believe( to have been oleste( by 6abright&
urging the to have their chil(ren teste( !or the huan iuno(e!iciency
virus C6IJD& because 6abright& a !orer (aycare center wor'er& was
reporte( to be a carrier.
>n 1ay "<& "#$#& the /an Eose 1ercury reporte( that Aquino an( his wi!e
ha( been recently questione( by Ary investigators about charges o!
chil( olestation by the couple in two northern Cali!ornia counties&
/onoa an( 1en(ocino. A #*year*ol( girl in /anta Rosa& Cali!ornia& an(
an ""*year*ol( boy in 2ort :ragg& also in Cali!ornia& separately
i(enti!ie( Aquino as the rapist in a series o! "#$, inci(ents& a!ter
they ha( seen hi on television.
/o!ties on /atan
0hen the /an 2rancisco Chronicle contacte( Ary o!!icials at the Presi(io
to !in( out i! Aquino9s security clearances ha( been li!te( as the
result o! the pe(ophile investigations& the reporters were re!erre( to
the Pentagon& where Ary spo'esan 1a-. Freg Rixon tol( the& +The
question is whether he is trustworthy or can (o the -ob. There is
nothing that woul( in(icate in this case that there is any proble we
shoul( be concerne( about.+
In(ee(& the Pentagon ha( alrea(y given its (e !acto blessings to Aquino9s
long*stan(ing public association with the Church o! /atan an( his own
successor +church&+ the Teple o! /et. This& (espite the !act that
Aquino9s /atanic activities involve( overt support !or neo*;a=i
oveents in the .nite( /tates an( Europe. >n >ctober "%& "#$<& while
traveling in 0est Ferany on +o!!icial ;AT> business&+ Aquino ha( stage(
a /atanic +wor'ing+ at the 0ewelsburg Castle in :avaria. Aquino wrote a
lengthy account o! the ritual& in which he invo'e( ;a=i // chie! 6einrich
6iler3 +As the 0ewelsburg was conceive( by 6einrich 6iler to be the
91ittelpun't (er 0elt9 C91i((le o! the 0orl(9D& an( as the !ocus o! the
6all o! the )ea( was to be the Fate o! that Center& to suon the Powers
o! )ar'ness at their ost power!ul locus.+
As early as April "#7$& the ../. Ary ha( circulate( A 6an(boo' !or
Chaplains +to !acilitate the provision o! religious activities.+ :oth
the Church o! /atan an( the Teple o! /et were liste( aong the +other+
religions to be tolerate( insi(e the ../. ilitary. A section o! the
han(boo' (ealing with /atanis state(& +>!ten con!use( with witchcra!t&
/atanis is the worship o! /atan Calso 'nown as :aphoet or Luci!erD.
Classical /atanis& o!ten involving 9blac' asses&9 huan sacri!ices&
an( other sacrilegious or illegal acts& is now rare. 1o(ern /atanis is
base( on both the 'nowle(ge o! ritual agic' an( the
9anti*establishent9 oo( o! the "#?%s. It is relate( to classical
/atanis ore in iage than substance& an( generally !ocuses on
9rational sel!*interest with ritualistic trappings.9 @8A
;o so !ast5 In "#$B& the Teple o! /et !issure( over the issue o!
Aquino9s ephasis on ;a=is. >ne lea(er& Ronal( I. :arrett& shortly
a!ter his expulsion& wrote that Aquino ha( +ta'en the Teple o! /et in
an explicitly /atanic (irection& with strong overtones o! Feran
;ational /ocialist ;a=i occultis ... >ne !atality has occurre( within
the Teple ebership (uring the perio( covere( 1ay "#$B*Euly "#$<.+
The han(boo' quote( +;ine /atanic /tateents+ !ro the Church o! /atan&
without coent. +/tateent /even&+ as quote( in the han(boo'& rea(&
+/atan represents an as -ust another anial& soeties better& ore
o!ten worse than those that wal' on all !ours& who& because o! his
9(ivine an( intellectual (evelopent9 has becoe the ost vicious anial
o! all.+
2ro 9psy*ops9 to 9in(wars9 @,A
Aquino9s stea(y rise up the hierarchy o! the /atanic worl( closely
parallele( his career a(vances insi(e the ../. ilitary. Accor(ing to an
o!!icial biography circulate( by the Teple o! /et& +)r. Aquino is 6igh
Priest an( chie! executive o!!icer o! the Teple o! /et& the nation9s
principal /atanic church& in which he hol(s the (egree o! Ipissius JI.
6e -oine( the original Church o! /atan in "#?#& becoing one o! its
chie! o!!icials by "#7, when the Teple o! /et was !oun(e(. In his
secular pro!ession he is a Lieutenant Colonel& 1ilitary Intelligence&
../. Ary& an( is quali!ie( as a /pecial*2orces o!!icer& Civil A!!airs
o!!icer& an( )e!ense AttachT. 6e is a gra(uate o! the Coan( an( Feneral
/ta!! College& the ;ational )e!ense .niversity an( the )e!ense
Intelligence College& an( the /tate )epartents9 2oreign /ervice
In(ee(& a ore (etaile( curriculu vitae that Aquino provi(e( to EIR&
(ate( 1arch "#$#& claie( that he ha( gotten his (octorate at the
.niversity o! Cali!ornia at /anta :arbara in "#$%& with his (issertation
on +The ;eutron :ob.+ 6e liste( "? separate ilitary schools that he
atten(e( (uring "#?$*$7& inclu(ing a(vance( courses in +Psychological
>perations+ at the E2I /pecial 0ar!are Center at 2ort :ragg& ;orth
Carolina& an( +/trategic Intelligence+ at the )e!ense Intelligence
College& at :olling Air 2orce :ase in 0ashington& ).C.
Aquino was (eeply involve( in what has been calle( the +revolution in
ilitary a!!airs+ C+R1A+D& the intro(uction o! the ost 'oo'y +Thir(
0ave&+ +;ew Age+ i(eas into ilitary long*range planning& which
intro(uce( such notions as +in!oration war!are+ an( +cyber*war!are+
into the Pentagon9s lexicon.
In the early "#$%s& at the sae tie that 6ei(i an( Alvin To!!ler were
spinning their Tavistoc' +Thir( 0ave+ utopian claptrap to soe top Air
2orce brass& Aquino an( another ../. Ary colonel& Paul Jallely& were
co*authoring an article !or 1ilitary Review. Although the article was
never publishe( in the -ournal& the piece was wi(ely circulate( aong
ilitary planners& an( was (istribute( by Aquino9s Teple o! /et. The
article& title( +2ro P/G>P to 1in(war3 The Psychology o! Jictory&+
en(orse( soe o! the i(eas publishe( in a "#$% 1ilitary Review article by
Lt. Col. Eohn Alexan(er& an a!!iliate o! the /tan!or( Research
Institute& a hotbe( o! Tavistoc' Institute an( 2ran'!urt /chool +;ew
Age+ social engineering.
Aquino an( Jallely calle( !or an explicitly ;iet=schean !or o! war!are&
which they (ubbe( +in(war.+ @?A +Li'e the swor( Excalibur&+ they wrote&
+we have but to reach out an( sei=e this tool4 an( it can trans!or the
worl( !or us i! we have but the courage an( the integrity to gui(e
civili=ation with it. I! we (o not accept Excalibur& then we relinquish
our ability to inspire !oreign cultures with our orality. I! they then
(evise oralities unsatis!actory to us& we have no choice but to !ight
the on a ore brutish level.+
An( what is +in(warM+ +The ter is harsh an( !ear*inspiring&+ Aquino
wrote. +An( it shoul( be3 It is a ter o! attac' an( victory*not one o!
rationali=ation an( coaxing an( conciliation. The eney ay be o!!en(e(
by it4 that is quite all right as long as he is (e!eate( by it. A
(e!inition is o!!ere(3 1in(war is the (eliberate& aggressive convincing
o! all participants in a war that we will win that war.+
2or Aquino& +in(war+ is a peranent state o! strategic psychological
war!are against the populations o! !rien( an( !oe nations ali'e. +In its
strategic context& in(war ust reach out to !rien(s& eneies an(
neutrals ali'e across the globe ... through the e(ia possesse( by the
.nite( /tates which have the capabilities to reach virtually all people
on the !ace o! the Earth. These e(ia are& o! course& the electronic
e(ia*television an( ra(io. /tate o! the art (evelopents in satellite
counication& vi(eo recor(ing techniques& an( laser an( optical
transission o! broa(casts a'e possible a penetration o! the in(s o!
the worl( such as woul( have been inconceivable -ust a !ew years ago.+
Above all else& Aquino argues& in(war ust target the population o! the
.nite( /tates& +by (enying eney propagan(a access to our people& an( by
explaining an( ephasi=ing to our people the rationale !or our national
interest. ... Rather it states a whole truth that& i! it (oes not now
exist& will be !orce( into existence by the will o! the .nite( /tates.+
;otes Cnot in original articleD
@"A Actually& +in( control+ appears to be a cover story !or +classical+
satanis con(ucte( in the nae o! +national security.+ Three notable
aspects support y contention3 "D L/)*pushing by CIA )irector an(
apparent Isis*cultist Allen )ulles was evi(ently inten(e( to help Luci!er
steal the !ree will o! those who consue it4 BD the chil(ren who were
terrori=e( by 1I*.ltra& 1onarch& etc. were controlle( through !ear
although by no eans suitable as intelligence agents& or even as couriers&
-ust as sex*slaves4 an( <D those con(ucting the torent& torture& an(
'illing in the nae o! +national security+ were Cperhaps unwittinglyD
opening theselves up to (eonic possession& assuing they weren9t alrea(y
possesse(& an( possession constitutes a !or o! in( control.
@BA Again& i! you consi(er the e!!ects o! satanic abuse on chil(ren&
which puts soe o! the in ental hospitals !or li!e& the notion that this
+in( control+ activity a'es the use!ul as intelligence couriers is a
cynical -o'e. There are a han(!ul o! people who have written boo's an(
gone on the speech circuit& who clai to have been prograe( in this
anner& an( to have escape( an( to have been (eprograe(& but their
stories are ri((le( with typical Establishent propagan(a.
@<A :onacci is a goo( exaple o! a typical victi o! satanic chil( abuse.
6is in( was shattere(& an( he probably won9t !ully recover in his
@8A This +philosophical+ version o! /atanis is a so'escreen !or the real
thing& which& li'e Aquino9s !orer security clearance& is top*secret.
@,A Aquino was Can( still is as o! this writingD priarily a /atanist. I
suspect that a stateent by Ru(ol! /teiner& !ro page "7% o! his >ccult
1oveent in the "#th Century& she(s ore light on Aquino9s +in(war+ than
he woul( a(it3 +It is Ahrian9s @/atan9sA constant an( !iercest en(eavor
to strangle en9s in(ivi(ual intelligence an( appropriate it !or hisel!&
so that it ay pass into his power an( be use( to serve his own purposes.+
I suspect that Paul :onacci is an exaple o! the +strangling+ e!!ects o!
@?A Ru(ol! /teiner sai( that portions o! ;iet=sche9s Anti*Christ were
essentially (ictate( by /atan.
The Lucis Trust3 /atanis an( the ;0>
The Lucis Trust
/atanis an( the ;ew 0orl( >r(er
by /cott Thopson
Executive Intelligence Review
Rev A @"A
A power!ul wing o! the Anglo*Aerican Establishent is currently un(er
investigation by this news service !or its role in prooting the cults o!
/atanis an( Luci!erianis& !or spawning an entire subculture o!
(rug*in(uce( violence believe( to be behin( the recent pattern o!
hi(eous ritual ur(ers. As )ianne Core& a lea(ing :ritish expert in the
battle against /atanis& put it recently& +0e are in the i((le o!
spiritual war!are& an( the /atanic weapons are all pointe( at the young.+

It is no coinci(ence& that this wing o! the Establishent inclu(es any
o! the lea(ing a(vocates o! a ;ew Galta (eal with 1oscow**top !igures o!
the .nite( ;ations bureaucracy& an( lea(ing elite !ailies. As we
(ocuent below& they even loo' to 1i'hail Forbachov as the preier worl(
cult lea(er in what they call their +Externali=e( 6ierarchy.+

In this article& the !irst o! an ongoing series& we present a (ossier o!
soe o! the principal institutions an( in(ivi(uals behin( this evil +;ew
Age+ oveent. The rea(er will learn& how behin( the oh*so*nice ..;.
brochures an( tal' about +peace&+ soe o! the lea(ing !igures o! this
grouping have been expose( as practicing the ost obscene hoosexual an(
chil( pornography rituals iaginable. Ta'e the notorious case o! Canon
E(war( 0est& the coor(inator o! the Aerican association o! the 1ost
Jenerable >r(er o! /t. Eohn. Eyewitness accounts in(icate that (uring the
"#$%s& he was a !requent participant in obscene sexual rituals at
hoosexual /O1 clubs in 1anhattan& inclu(ing the 1inesha!t an( the
6ell!ire Club Cnae( a!ter an "$th*century English secret /atanic
societyD. 2avorite +entertainent+ at the 1inesha!t inclu(e( having
chil(ren urinate on the patrons. In the i(*"#$%s& the club was shut
(own& !ollowing an investigation by the ;ew Gor' Police )epartent&
which !oun( lin's to organi=e( crie circles& inclu(ing those o! Eohn
Haccaro& the husban( o! "#$8 )eocratic vice presi(ential noinee
Feral(ine 2erraro.
* The evil !rien(s o! :ishop 1oore *
The Cathe(ral o! /t. Eohn the )ivine& the e(ieval teple o! the
Episcopalian Arch(iocese o! ;ew Gor'& has becoe the other institution
o! the ;ew Age oveent in the .nite( /tates& whose goal is to eclipse
the Age o! PiscesCChristianityD with an Age o! Aquarius CLuci!erD. The
presi(ing bishop o! the cathe(ral& :ishop Paul 1oore& whose !aily is
heir to the ;abisco copany !ortune& has been in the !ore!ront o!
creating this /atanic +new worl( or(er&+ since at least the late "#,%s&
when& as a priest in In(ianapolis& In(iana& he gave the +People9s Teple+
cult o! Ei Eones its start.
Later in "#77& :ishop 1oore roc'e( the Christian worl(& when he or(aine(
a ilitant lesbian& Ellen 1arie :arrett& who tol( Tie aga=ine that it
was her lesbian love a!!air that gave her strength to serve Fo(. :ishop
1oore clais that the or(ination o! lesbians& an( his other Fnostic
heresies& are erely part o! the ongoing revelation o! Fo(9s truth to an
by the 6oly /pirit& which ha( been prophesie( by the )isciple Eohn.
0ith this (issebling rationale& :ishop 1oore has trans!ore( the
Cathe(ral o! /t. Eohn the )ivine into a Fnostic stronghol( !or such
organi=ations as3 The Lucis Trust& !oun(e( in "#BB by Alice :ailey& a
(isciple o! Theosophist 1a(ae 6elena :lavats'y. >riginally nae( the
Luci!er Trust& it becae a other institution o! the o(ern ;ew Age
oveent4 The Teple o! .n(erstan(ing& which is hea(quartere( at the
cathe(ral un(er its presi(ent& the Jery Reveren( )ean Eaes Par's 1orton&
(ean o! the cathe(ral. It has turne( the cathe(ral into a harbor !or
Fnostic religions ranging !ro Tibetan :u((his to /u!i 2reeasonry4 The
e(ieval village o! Lin(es!arne& ;ew Gor'& which is to be the o(el !or
a ;ew Age li!estyle& once the Earth has been puri!ie( o! its billions o!
non*white souls4 A special inistry to /u!i 2reeasons who were a
historical (eployent against Ibn /ina an( the Arab Renaissance& an(
whose o(ern*(ay cathe(ral a!!iliates have been lin'e( to the
assassination o! Egyptian Presi(ent Anwar /a(at4 The Hen Center& which
teaches e(itation to the elite o! the Liberal Establishent4 gay an(
lesbian organi=ations& which see' to legitii=e their sin by arguing
that the +belove( (isciple+ Eohn ha( a hoosexual a!!air with Christ& or
else by creating 1other Fo((ess religions in the cathe(ral9s crypts4 a
e(ieval chivalric or(er 'nown as the 1ost Jenerable >r(er o! the
6ospital o! /t. Eohn& which& un(er the (irection o! the )u'e o!
Floucester o! the :ritish Royal 2aily& has inculcate( the +Episcopagan+
Aerican Establishent in such Fnostic evil as the necessity to sprea(
/hi9ite !un(aentalis un(er the Ayatollah Ihoeini in Iran& because the
/hah ha( +sinne(+ by trying to in(ustriali=e his nation.

The serrie( ran's o! the (ea( aong Ei Eones9s +Peoples Teple+ cult&
who ha( consue( cyani(e*lace( Iool*Ai( on or(ers !ro Eones& are erely
the ore public casualties o! the Age o! Aquarius& when those bearing
the +1ar' o! the :east+ C???D are to be unleashe( upon the Earth once
again. Throughout the .nite( /tates& the /atanic ;ew Age oveent has
grown to becoe a a-or threat to the Eu(eo*Christian tra(ition upon
which our republic was !oun(e(. Aong the ore recent signs o! this
upsurge are the Atlanta chil( ur(ers& the case o! ;ew Gor' chil(*beater
Eoel /teinberg& an( the ass ur(er o! school chil(ren in /toc'ton&
Cali!ornia by a (rug a((ict wearing a +/atan+ T*shirt.
* The /oviet connection *
There is a national security (iension to the growth o! the ;ew Age
oveent. /tarting in "#$B& :ishop 1oore returne( !ro the /oviet .nion
to warn that unless the Anglo*Aerican Establishent carrie( out
appeaseent o! the /oviets& the Russians woul( launch a theronuclear
!irst stri'e. 1oore& who entere( the "#7%s +peace oveent+ by visiting
with the Jietcong*controlle(& un(ergroun( peace oveent in Jietna& ha(
by "#$< -oine( with the pro*terrorist Institute !or Policy /tu(ies an(
the ../.A.*Cana(a Institute o! the .././.R. Aca(ey o! /ciences& to
obili=e the Aerican peace oveent to stop the /trategic )e!ense
Initiative. Thirty top /oviet intelligence o!!icers& who were -oine( by
:ishop 1oore& gave arching or(ers to the Aerican peace lea(ership to
this e!!ect in 1inneapolis& 1innesota in "#$<.
Last 2ebruary& the Cathe(ral o! /t. Eohn the )ivine hoste( a +2ebruary
2ling&+ sponsore( by the Teple o! .n(erstan(ing& which brought together
top /oviet o!!icials to eet with their counterparts in the 0est.
Through 2r. Luis )olan& who travels to the .././.R. every six wee's to
get arching or(ers !ro o!!icials o! the CP/. International
)epartent*controlle( /oviet Peace Center& the Teple o! .n(erstan(ing
overlaps the Center !or /oviet*Aerican )ialogue& which is involve( in
extensive exchanges& whose purpose is to reove the +eney iage+ o! the
.././.R. being an +evil epire.+ 2ather )olan also wor's with 0ainwright
6ouse& which has several progras along the sae lines an( which hoste(
a ../.*.././.R. Citi=ens /uit. /po'esen !or the Lucis Trust believe
that 1i'hail Forbachov ay be the preier worl( lea(er in their
+Externali=e( 6ierarchy&+ giving ipetus to a +Plan+ !or a +new worl(
or(er+ o! Luci!erian values an( behavior. The Lucis Trust also carries
out exchanges with the /oviet .nion& where they believe +Triangle
Cells99 pray the +Freat Invocation99 !or the coing Age o! Aquarius.
These Luci!erians welcoe Forbachov& who bears the +1ar' o! the :east99
on his !orehea(.
* Isis priestess o! the Aquarian Age *
The ;ew Age oveent9s enthusias !or Forbachov is really no surprise.
The roots o! this oveent (ate bac' to the "$7%s& when 1a(ae 6elena
Petrovna :lavats'y Cnee Princess 6ahn in "$<" in E'aterinoslav& FeorgiaD
was (eploye( by a cobination o! +:lac' 6un(re(s99 !orces that inclu(e(
the >'hrana CC=arist secret serviceD an( the Russian >rtho(ox Church& to
(estroy Augustinian Christianity in the 0est& through the creation o! a
/atanic i(eology 'nown as Theosophy& which was a syncretis o! Eastern
religions. As one Theosophical /ociety brochure a(e clear& its goal was
+to oppose the aterialis o! science an( every !or o! (ogatic
theology& especially the Christian& which the Chie!s o! the /ociety
regar( as particularly pernicious.+
The (eployent o! 1a(ae :lavats'y into the 0est ha( been part o! the
sae e!!ort**calle( the +)ostoevs'y Pro-ect+ by the
Theosophically*inspire( 2ran'!urt /chool**which le( the >'hrana to
unleash the /cottish 2reeasonic !orces o! the liberal Alexan(er
Ierens'y& then the +(ar' !orces+ o! the :olshevi's Cany o! who&
inclu(ing J.I. Lenin& ha( been traine( on the Isle o! Capri in the cult
belie!s o! the Eperor Tiberius& who ur(ere( ChristD& !or an assault
upon the Petrine state. Aong those principally responsible !or
(eploying the hashish*a((icte( :lavats'y into the 0est were3 Count
Alexan(er Ignatiev& one*tie hea( o! the >'hrana as interior inister&
whose !aily later -oine( with the :olshevi' Revolution4 Iperial Privy
Councilor Prince A'sa'ov& whose correspon(ence with :lavats'y reveals
hi to be a 'ey controller4 2yo(or )ostoevs'y& whose writings have
regaine( popularity un(er Forbachov& because they were a"#th*century
revival o! the Russian >rtho(ox Church9s +bloo(*an(*soil+ (octrine @a
Luci!eric throwbac' to previous evolutionary epochsA that 1oscow woul(
becoe +the Thir( an( 2inal Roe+4 an(& 1i'hail& Jla(iir& an( Jsevelo(
/oloviev& who& !ro such bases as the /t. Petersburg Ecclesiastical
Aca(ey& propoun(e( the (octrines o! /piritualis that are being revive(
in Russia to(ay& an( who pro!ile( :lavats'y as Tentacles o! the :lavats'y
(eployent exten(e( quic'ly through the 0est3
.nite( /tates * In "$7<& :lavats'y travele( to the ../.& where with the
/piritualist Colonel >lcott& she !oun(e( the Aerican Theosophical
/ociety& whose hea(quarters becae Pasa(ena& Cali!ornia. Colonel >lcott
ha( been involve( in seances at this tie on a !ar in Chitten(en&
Jeront& with 1ary :a'er E((y& who !oun(e( Christian /cience as
co*extensive with Theosophy. Later& >lcott accopanie( :lavats'y to
A(yar& In(ia& which becae the spiritual center o! the cult.
Freat :ritain * In "$$<& :lavats'y9s (isciple Annie :esant& who later
assue( :lavats'y9s antle as 6igh Priestess o! Theosophy& was a
co*!oun(er o! the :ritish 2abian /ociety Cpre(ecessor o! the Labour
PartyD together with Fnostic Christians an( /piritualists& inclu(ing the
/piritualist 2ran' Po(ore& later :ritish Prie 1inister E. Rasay
1ac(onal(& /oviet agent Lor( 6al(ane& Lor( an( La(y Pass!iel(& the
2reeason 0illia Clar'e& Earl :ertran( Russell& Jiscount an(
Jiscountess /now(en& Lor( /i(ney >liver& Lor( Thoson& an( others. In the
sae year& /cottish noble )ouglas )unglas 6oe& who ha( sponsore(
:lavats'y as early as "$,$ an( given seances !or the C=ar& returne( to
Freat :ritain& where with support o! the Cecil !aily& he !oun(e( the
/ociety !or Psychical Research& whose ebers inclu(e( Arthur Conan
)oyle& Lor( :al!our& Lor( :ertran( Russell& Eohn )ewey& an( 0illia
Another excrescence o! Theosophy was the explicitly /atanist E(war(
Aleister Crowley9s >r(er o! the Fol(en )awn Cor& /tella 1atutinaD& which
overlappe( the pre(oinantly Anglo*Aerican >r(o Tepli >rientis C>T>D
an( the Thule /ociety in 1unich& which gave birth to the ;a=i Party
through the goo( o!!ices o! 6ouston /tewart Chaberlain& Iarl 6ausho!er&
Ru(ol! 6ess& an( the 0agner Ireis.
Ferany * :lavats'y9s co*controller& Count A'sa'ov& establishe( in
Leip=ig& Ferany a Theosophical aga=ine& Psychische /tu(ien& which was
in!luential upon the careers o! /igun( 2reu( an( especially Carl Eung.
It also in!luence( the schisatic Theosophist Ru(ol! /teiner& who
!oun(e( in "#"< the )ornach& /wit=erlan(*base( Anthroposophy sect& which
has lately been a lea(ing in!luence within 0est Ferany9s 2ree
)eocratic Party& an( also the see(*crystal in southern Ferany o! the
!ascist Freen party. @BA 1eanwhile& in the "#B%s& a :erlin*base(
Theosophist& Fra! von Reventlow& !oun(e( a European networ' o! the
Cointern9s :a'u Con!erence o! +>ppresse( Peoples&99 which sought to
erge 1arxis with /u!is.
/wit=erlan( * The Ascona& /wit=erlan( secret base o! Theosophy**centere(
aroun( a cult o! Astarte**was the spiritual center o! the 2ran'!urt
/chool& which overlappe( the /oviet FR. Cilitary intelligenceD through
such !oun(ers as 6e(e 1assing& Richar( /orge& an( 1ax 6or'heier& who
(evelope( the +Authoritarian Personality99 (oga to target an( (estroy
those who base( their behavior upon natural law. Ascona was also a
spiritual center o! the +Chil(ren o! the /un99 gay an( lesbian networ's&
which overlappe( the Philby& :urgess& 1aclean spy networ' in Freat
:ritain. 2inally& Ascona was the religious center !or the Theosophical
psychiatrist Carl Eung& populari=er o! the Fnostic :ible. Aong Eung9s
(isciple*patients were3 1ary :ancro!t& the istress*secretary o! Allen
)ulles& who was >// chie! in /wit=erlan( (uring 0orl( 0ar II4 an( 1ary
an( Paul 1ellon& who& on their return to the ../. in "#<#& !oun(e( the
:ollingen 2oun(ation to propagate Fnosticis an( a stu(y center on
witchcra!t at Princeton .niversity. Also& Lenin hisel! participate( in
cult (ances on 1onte Jerita in Ascona.
* Alice :ailey an( the Lucis Trust *
Alice La Trobe :atean was the !oun(er in "#B% o! the Luci!er Trust&
which represente( a syncretis o! Fnostic Christianity with :lavats'y9s
Theosophy. :ailey9s Fnostic (octrine trans!ore( Fo( into ;iet=schean
0ill& while Christ is consi(ere( erely a lowly part o! the any
+Ascen(e( 1asters&+ who !or a +6ierarchy&+ that is eventually to be
+externali=e(+ to carry out a +Plan+ !or a +new worl( or(er+ that is
otherwise 'nown to :ailey9s (isciples as the Age o! Aquarius or Age o!
1aitreya. The Lucis Trust& which to(ay has ;on*Fovernental >rgani=ation
C;F>D status at the .nite( ;ations an( has been given legitiacy by the
Cathe(ral o! /t. Eohn the )ivine& has spawne( an array o! ;ew Age
!ronts& inclu(ing the Teple o! .n(erstan(ing.
:orn in :ritain& Alice was raise( an Episcopalian& be!ore separating !ro
her !irst husban(& a (run'en issionary to the .nite( /tates& who beat
her !requently. Relocate( !ro :ritain to the 0est Coast& she was
recruite( into the Paci!ic Frove Lo(ge o! Theosophy in "#",. :y "#B%&
she becae e(itor o! the Aerican Theosophists9 newspaper& The
1essenger. In this sae year she arrie( 2oster :ailey Ca /cottish Rite
2reeason an( Co*1asonD& an( she launche( a !ight with Annie :esant !or
control o! Theosophy& which Alice :ailey lost& when :esant9s an& Louis
Roger& was electe( presi(ent. Ie(iately a!ter the (ust settle(& Alice
an( 2oster :ailey !oun(e( their own Tibetan Lo(ge& then the Luci!er
Trust& whose nae was abri(ge( in "#BB to its present Lucis Trust.
:y the "#<%s& :ailey claie( B%%&%%% ebers& an( her !action o!
Theosophy grew even ore rapi(ly a!ter Irishnaurti in "#<# (enounce(
:esant9s schee to proote hi as the 1essiah. Throughout these years&
:ailey spent her suers in Ascona& /wit=erlan(& where along with 1ary
an( Paul 1ellon& she atten(e( Eung9s Eranos Con!erences. :ailey
establishe( a series o! !ronts& which inclu(e3
The Arcane /chool * 2oun(e( in "#B<& the school gives correspon(ence
courses in e(itation !ro its branches in ;ew Gor'& Feneva& Lon(on& an(
:uenos Aires. A brochure states3 +The presentation o! the teaching
a(apte( to the rapi(ly eerging new civili=ation stresses the training
o! (isciples in group !oration& a technique which will characteri=e the
(iscipleship service in the Aquarian Age.+

0orl( Foo(will * 2oun(e( in "#<B& the organi=ation is recogni=e( by the
.nite( ;ations to(ay as an ;F>. Ever since the (ropping o! the atoic
bob Cwhich is seen by these 'oo's as a spiritual ani!estation o!
Luci!erian lightD& Lucis Trust has sought to give the ..;. a onopoly
over nuclear weapons with which to ipose a +one worl( !e(eralist
epire+ upon sovereign nations. 0orl( Foo(will wor's (irectly with the
+worl( !e(eralists&+ an( is part o! the wor' to +Externali=e the
6ierarchy+ o! +Illuine( 1in(s&+ which will usher in an +Age o!
1aitreya&+ otherwise interprete( by :ailey to be the return o! Christ
prophesie( in the biblical boo' o! Revelations.

Triangles * 2oun(e( in "#<7& Triangles is the nae !or a global networ'
o! cells& whose ebers pray a +Freat Invocation&+ especially on the
night o! the !ull oon& when ebers o! the Triangle can be in!luence(
by the astrological signs o! the =o(iac.
2in(horn * This is the sacre( counity o! the ;ew Age oveent& base( in
Freat :ritain. :ailey (isciple )avi( /pangler& another explicit
Luci!erian& becae co*(irector o! the 2in(horn 2oun(ation& when he
!ore( the Lorian Association. 6e sits on the boar(s o! (irectors o!
Planetary Citi=ens& the secretariat o! Planetary Initiative !or the
0orl( 0e Choose Claunche( at the Cathe(ral o! /t. Eohn in "#$BD& an( is a
contributing e(itor to ;ew Age 1aga=ine.
:ut& Lucis is not liite( to low*level /atanists. 0hen he was /ecretary
o! )e!ense in the early*"#?%s& Robert 1c;aara praye( to the !ull oon
along the Potoac River& accor(ing to -ournalist E(ith Roosevelt. The
Lucis Trust en(orse( 1c;aara9s tenure as hea( o! the 0orl( :an'**which
is har(ly surprising& since Lucis believes in the :lavats'yian +Freat
0hite :rotherhoo(&+ which is consistent with the neo*althusian ai o!
the International 1onetary 2un( to exterinate (ar'er*s'inne( races. @<A
;ot only (oes :ailey explicitly see' to (estroy the nation state& which
she equates with the +i(ealis+ o! the Age o! Pisces& but in her "#,8
wor' E(ucation in the ;ew Age& she also en(orses ;a=i eugenics an( sex
hygiene to puri!y the race. Apart !ro ..;. /ecretary Feneral Eavier
Pare= (e Cuellar& spo'esen !or Lucis view 1i'hail Forbachov as the
greatest worl( lea(er externali=ing their +Plan+ to(ay.
* The Teple o! .n(erstan(ing *
The Lucis Trust in "#?< !oun(e( a ore (istance( !ront group& the Teple
o! .n(erstan(ing& which also has ;F> status an( wor'e( out o! the ..;.
preises (irectly& until in "#$8 it shi!te( hea(quarters to the Cathe(ral
o! /t. Eohn the )ivine. The Lucis Trust an( the Teple reain covertly
entwine( to this (ay.
0hile the chairan o! the Teple is Eu(ith )ic'erson 6ollister& those
involve( with its !oun(ing were3 the late +Isis Priestess+ o!
anthropology& )ae 1argaret 1ea( o! the >r(er o! /t. Eohn4 >r(er o! /t.
Eohn9s Canon E(war( 0est4 ..;. (eputy secretary general Robert 1uellar&
who ha( been involve( as well with the Lucis Trust4 an( one 0ini!re(
1cCulloch& lea(er o! the ;ew Gor'*base( Teilhar( (e Char(in /ociety.
)orant !or several years a!ter a a-or expose by E(ith Roosevelt& the
Teple was revive( at the Cathe(ral o! /t. Eohn the )ivine in "#$8 at a
cereony presi(e( over by :ishop Paul 1oore an( the )alai Laa.
Accor(ing to the past executive (irector& Priscilla Pe(ersen& its
present boar( overlaps that o! )avi( Roc'e!eller9s Trilateral Coission.
Recent activities o! the Teple inclu(e3
Flobal 2oru o! /piritual an( Parliaentary Lea(ers on 6uan /urvival.
6el( in >x!or(& Englan( April ""*",& "#$$& its luinaries inclu(e( the
)alai Laa& the Archbishop o! Canterbury& an( Carl /agan. Co*organi=ers
o! the Flobal 2oru were the Teple o! .n(erstan(ing an( the Flobal
Coittee o! Parliaentarians on Population an( )evelopent& which
latter a(vocates neo*althusian population re(uction as the solution to
the worl(9s ills. Present also at the con!erence were !our /oviet
Counist Party Central Coittee ebers& inclu(ing )r. Evgenii
Jeli'hov& Jice Presi(ent o! the /oviet Aca(ey o! /ciences. At the
Flobal 2oru& Rabbi A(in /teinsalt=& !oun(er*(irector o! the Israel
Institute !or Talu(ic Publications& agree( with Jeli'hov to set up an
institute to gather the Eu(aica o! Russia.
In Eanuary "##%& the >x!or( Flobal 2oru will be !ollowe( by a Teple o!
.n(erstan(ing event in 1oscow& which is being sponsore( by the Russian
>rtho(ox Church& the /upree /oviet& an( the /oviet Aca(ey o! /ciences.
The ain thrust o! the !ollow*on con!erence will be to get worl(
religious an( political lea(ers wor'ing together on such neo*althusian
ecological schees as the +greenhouse e!!ect+ hoax. This is erely a
global replay& which has the bac'ing o! the /oviet .nion& which agree(
to a )artouth Con!erence proposal in the "#?%s to proote ecology in
exchange !or unilateral 0estern ars control (eals.
The ;orth Aerican Inter!aith ;etwor' * It was establishe( last year to
bring together the a-or religions in a theocratic institutional
networ'. Its (irector is Rev. )aniel An(erson& a Lutheran& who was
recently coopte( to be executive (irector o! the Teple& wor'ing out o!
the Cathe(ral o! /t. Eohn.
The 0ichita ;orth Aerican Assisi Con!erence * This con!erence& hel( >ct.
<%*;ov. "& "#$$ in 0ichita& Iansas& was in preparation !or the "##<
celebration o! the centennial o! the launching o! the +;ew Religions+
oveent by Chicago Roun( Tabler 0illia T. /tea(. Li'e the Flobal
2oru& the 0ichita con!erence brought together Aerican In(ians& /i'hs&
/u!is& :u((hists& Islaic !un(aentalists& an( Eews.
2ebruary 2ling * This was a two*wee' celebration at the Cathe(ral o! /t.
Eohn in "#$$& to proote "%% proinent /oviets. It was co*sponsore( by
the Teple o! .n(erstan(ing an( the Center !or /oviet*Aerican )ialogue.
Catholic priest 2r. Luis )olan& who sits on the boar( o! both
institutions& was the organi=er o! the tour. 2ather )olan is hea( o! the
Citi=ens )iploacy Center o! 0ainwright 6ouse& which sponsors a
ultitu(e o! East*0est exchange progras oriente( towar( reoving the
+eney iage99 o! the .././.R. as an +evil epire.+
0ainwright 6ouse9s Institute !or /piritual )evelopent was (irecte( by
Eu(ith 6ollister& the !oun(ing chairan o! the Teple o! .n(erstan(ing.
Through 2ather )olan& 0ainwright 6ouse has ple(ge( to wor' on !our
East*0est pro-ects in "#$# with the Teple. Aong these is a pro-ect on
ecology& !or which 0ainwright 6ouse has receive( !un(ing !ro Lawrence
Roc'e!eller to proote.
Another boar( eber o! the Teple is the Rabbi Arthur /chneier&
sel!*(escribe( as the +Eewish Aran( 6aer.+ Rabbi /chneier controls
the question o! eigration o! Eewish Re!useni's& an( a colleague states
that he has line( up with E(gar :ron!an to call !or repeal o! the
Eac'son*Jani' tra(e aen(ent& because un(er Forbachov& Eewish
eigration !ro the /oviet .nion has increase(.
* Center !or /oviet*Aerican )ialogue *
The Center is a a-or bac' channel between the ;ew Age oveent an( the
.././.R.& an( has been ta'en over by ;ew Age lea(ers inclu(ing3
:arbara 1arx 6ubbar(. /he is a !oun(ing eber an( co*(irector o! the
/oviet*Aerican Council !or Eoint Pro-ects. /he co*!oun(e( 0in*0in*0orl(
an( is Presi(ent o! the 2oun(ation !or Co*Creation. 6er nae was place(
in noination !or the vice presi(ency on the )eocratic tic'et in "#$8.
6ubbar(& who entere( the ;ew Age oveent un(er the in!luence o!
Teilhar( (e Char(in& create( a +huan !ront+ in "#?7 o! those sharing a
belie! in transcen(ent consciousness& which becae the Coittee !or the
2uture. 6ubbar( calle( this transcen(ent consciousness +supra*sex&+ an(
she has an extensive networ' o! congressen involve( in the process o!
0illis 6aran& presi(ent o! the Institute o! ;oetic /ciences an( /enior
/ocial /cientist at the /tan!or( Research Institute International. The
Institute !or ;oetic /ciences has wor'e( closely with the Teple o!
.n(erstan(ing& while /RI has ha( aong its trainees such !igures as
!orer /ecretary o! /tate Feorge /hult=& who believes not only in
global*power sharing +;ew Galta+ arrangeents with the .././.R.& but also
in convergence through a ;ew Age base( upon cybernetics. 6aran is the
brains behin( 1arilyn 2erguson& whose boo' The Aquarian Conspiracy
sought to populari=e Luci!erian Fnosticis. 6aran is also a !oun(ing
eber o! 6ubbar(9s /oviet*Aerican Council !or Eoint Pro-ects& an( he
is chairan o! the In(epen(ent Coission !or a Jiable 2uture. 6aran9s
own "#78 The Changing Iage o! 1an coine( the phrase +para(ig shi!t+ to
(escribe the sought*a!ter trans!oration !ro the Age o! Pisces to the
Age o! Aquarius.
Eaes A. Farrison& executive (irector o! the /oviet*Aerican Exchange
Progra at the Esalen Institute& which has been lin'e( (irectly to
/oviet +psychic espionage+ activities o! the IF: an( FR.& penetrating
the ../. ilitary an( intelligence counities. This is the o(ern wor'
o! the :lavats'y*>'hrana intelligence (eployent& which wor's to(ay
through the li'es o! /oviet +spoonben(er+ Guri Feller.
;otes Cnot in original articleD
@"A Poste( version revise( ""P"$P%". The version previously poste(
containe( errors (ue to the !act that I obtaine( it !ro
http3PPwww.ophalos.netP!ilesPantiPEI R_/AT".htl& which is issing quite
a bit o! in!oration. I (i( the best I coul( at !illing in the issing
in!oration& but I le!t soe o! it blan'& an( soe o! what I !ille( in
turne( out to be wrong.
:y sheer luc'& I (ownloa(e( it again !ro the a!oreentione( source on
ipulse& an( again on ipulse opene( it with Corel 0or(per!ect $.%. To
y aa=eent& the issing in!oration appeare( highlighte( in re(&
although soewhat garble(. 0ith a little wor'& I was able to
reconstruct it.
@BA /teiner bro'e !ro the :lavats'y*:esant*:ailey bran( o! +Theosophy+
because it ha( been +hi-ac'e(+ by various !orces with sel!ish an( evil
agen(as. 6e in(icate( that his ission was to puri!y Theosophy. It
appears to e that his teachings are being isuse( to convey an aura o!
authority on certain oveents which ta'e the out o! context.
@<A The ter +white+ in this case re!ers to a class o! initiates& not
s'in color& although I share Thopson9s istrust o! :ailey9s +gui(es+
an( (oubt that they were ebers o! this benevolent class.
by Lyn(on 6. LaRouche& Er.
)uring a perio( o! approxiately the past two years @written "#$?A& avowe(
satanist cults& such as the >r(o Tepli >rientis C>T>D an( 0icca& have
con(ucte( a vigorous recruiting (rive. Apparently& youth are the stratu
chie!ly targete( !or recruitent.
This is the thir( escalation o! recruitent e!!orts observe( by this
writer (uring the perio( beginning with the launching o! the :eatles an(
ass*proselyti=ing !or L/)*B,& in "#?<. The secon( escalation appeare(
(uring "#?#*"#7%& with encounter*group recruitent to hoosexual an( to
+neo*althusian+ cults. The ost recent recruitent escalation& (uring
approxiately the past two years& is establishing har(*core /atanis as a
ass*base( political !orce in ;orth Aerica an( western Europe.
)uring the ost recent perio(& hun(re(s o! new >T> an( 0icca cells have
coe to the sur!ace insi(e the ../.A. alone. This list (oes not inclu(e
nests which appear to be siply 'nots o! (evotees !or the
>T>P0icca*(irecte( +heavy etal+ variety o! /atanist roc' groups. There
are other syptos. There is an alaring rise in the inci(ence o! certain
'in(s o! social phenoena (irectly associate( with increases in organi=e(
/atanist activities3 (isappearing chil(ren& inci(ents o! pe(ophilia&
ur(ers with cultli'e !eatures& an( suici(es aong teenagers an( younger
/uch phenoena are speci!ic to the +religious+ ritual o! the >T> sect& but
not >T> alone. The question is3 to soe (egree& cries such as pe(ophilia&
an( so on& as well as teenage suici(es& are perpetrate( by persons who are
not involve( with /atanic practices. 0hat portion o! the increase in such
horrors shoul( be attribute( to /atanisM The cult*rituals o! the >T> are
written into their anuals. /oeties& as in the pattern o! the +Atlanta
chil(*ur(ers&+ !eatures o! the crie point to the authorship. In
a((ition& there is a signi!icant aount o! (irect proo!& that the rise in
such statistics is (irectly the result o! >T> an( 'in(re( !ors o!
/atan*cult activity in locales where the statistical pattern points in
such (irections.
There is also an oinous increase in circulation o! literature an( relate(
/atanist propagan(a activities. The sprea( o! /atanist belie!*structure
behavior& such as cabalis& an( the increase o! 0icca*lin'e( astrology
activities& are collateral. A criinologist9s report in(icates that& in
0estern Europe& approxiately one in !ive o! the ur(ers coitte( in
current perio(s is the wor' o! /atanists. It is also estiate( that
approxiately $, percent o! school*age youth in 0est Ferany have been
expose( to /atanist activities.
These an( relate( (evelopents have brightene( the spotlight on the
control over >T>& 0icca& an( +6eavy 1etal+ /atanist roc'*groups exerte(
!ro very high places in society. >ne exaple o! this is the Luci!erPLucis
Trust& an Anglo*Aerican association o! /atan*worshiping theosophists with
the highest possible levels o! participation an( bac'ing in the ;ew Gor'
City area. The Episcopal Cathe(ral o! /t. Eohn the )ivine& whose (iocesan
organi=ation un(er :ishop Paul 1oore is itsel! a national center o!
/atanist organi=ing& is signi!icantly integrate( with the Lucis Trust9s
organi=ation an( activities there.
In the .nite( /tates as a whole& apart !ro that situation in the new Gor'
../. hea(quarters o! the Anglo*Aerican Liberal Establishent& the
entirety o! /atanist activity is coor(inate( un(er the ubrella o! the
in!luence o! 2rie(rich ;iet=sche& Aleister Crowley& an( lea(ing 2abian
/ociety !igures such as 6.F. 0ells an( :ertran( Russell. This ubrella has
the nae given to it by ;iet=sche an( Crowley3 9The Age o! Aquarius.+
1arilyn 2erguson9s "#$% The Aquarian Conspiracy (ocuents her patron&
0illis 6aran o! /tan!or( Research Institute& as one o! the national
coor(inators o! /atan*cultis in the .nite( /tates& an( i(enti!ies the
2abian /ociety9s 6.F. 0ells as a 'ey intellectual in!luence in the wor' o!
this cult. In all essentials& 2erguson9s clais are veri!ie( by
in(epen(ent investigation.
This goes bac' uch earlier than the "#?< launching o! the
ass*recruitent (rive !or the :eatles9 roc' an( L/)*B,. It goes bac'
tithe roles o! such as Fregory :ateson an( Al(ous 6uxley in the
CIA*cosponsore( 1I*.ltra operations o! the "#,%s. It also goes bac' to the
!oun(ing o! the so*calle( +2ran'!urt /chool+ CThe 2ran'!urt Institute !or
/ocial Research& o! such as 1arcuse& 6or'heier& 6aberas. an( A(ornoD.
A(orno9s in!luential wor' on the +authoritarian personality&+is the origin
o! the ;ew Le!t& an( was base( on a proposal by then*Cointern agent Feorg
Lu'acs& to attac' the CChristianD cultural para(ig o! 0estern European
civili=ation& as in(ispensable to preparing the way !or !uture
+:olshevi=ation+ o! 0estern nations. Lu'acs& A(orno&et al. were /atanists
(rawn !ro circles o! /atanists.
It goes bac' uch earlier& to the 6ell*2ire Clubs o! i(*eighteenth
century Liberal Englan(& to e((ling in cabalis& Rosicrucianis& an(
blac' agic by the circles o! 2rancis :acon an( Thoas 6obbes**an( Isaac
;ewton& too. It goes bac' uch !urther.
6owever& it is not the purpose o! this report& to go into organi=e( /atan
cults an( their pe(igrees in !urther (etail. The !oregoing& intro(uctory
observations are supplie( to situate our topic. 0e a((ress a crucial& but
liite( aspect o! the atter o! /atanis. 0hat happens to the huan in(&
to trans!or a person o! certain wea'ness o! character into soething
which is not huan& a /atanistM 0ho are these /atanists& what are they&
an( what ust we expect the to be li'ely to (oM
06G /ATA;I/T/ ARE 0>R/E T6A; CRI1I;AL/
The very ba( criinal is typi!ie( by the thie! prone to brutality against
victis (uring the course o! his the!ts. 6is priary ob-ective is the
the!t. Contrast this wic'e( !ellow with a criinal who engages in thievery
o! the sae sort& but whose priary otive is the orgiastic pleasure o!
sa(is per!ore(& an( the thievery only a secon(ary otive. That latter
!ellow ay not be a pro!essing /atanist& but the (i!!erence un(erline( by
this coparison is 'ey to un(erstan(ing how a /atanist9s in( is
/uppose that a !ellow behaves in the secon( way& but a'es a 'in( o!
religion o! that sort o! behavior. 6e recogni=es that what he (oes is
evil& but he (elights in the !act that he is (oing evil. This !ellow is a
Consi(er another coparison.
Put custoary orality an( law asi(e !or a oent4 consi(er only
psychology. In this view& any person who consorts with prostitutes is
showing a wea'ness o! character. 2orget !or the oent& that this behavior
is ioral . Psychologically& it is a sypto o! a wea'ness in his
character*structure. 6e is not necessarily a criinal type& he is not
necessarily ioral in any other very obvious way.
;ow& let us ta'e another person who consorts with prostitutes& but ten(s
to inclu(e a sa(istic sort o! criinal ipulse in his relationship to the
prostitute. .sually& or erely on soe occasions he is with a prostitute&
he can secure no orgiastic satis!action o! the (egree he requires& unless
he perpetrates nasty in(ignities upon the poor woan& or even soe savage
cruelties& too.
Let us iagine that this sa(ist in sexual a!!airs is the sae sort o!
thie!& beyon( the or(inary sorts o! ba( criinality& we (e!ine( in our
!irst coparison. In this case& when this person& acting ostensibly as a
thie!& torents or 'ills a ale victi& !or exaple& the torent an(
'illing o! that victi has the psychological overtones o! an orgiastic
hoosexual rape.
;ow& exaine& i! you have the stoach !or it& the anuals o! /atanist
Aleister Crowley& or the Crowley !ollowers in the >r(o Tepli >rientis
C>T>D. Crowley an( the >T> are o!!ering to the type we have -ust
i(enti!ie( a +religious+ ritual which pro!!ers liitless possibilities o!
orgiastic (egra(ation& in the sae general psychological (irection we have
in(icate( by cobining the two coparisons.
Consi(er the !ollowing telephone conversation& recor(e( by the ../. 2:I.
The (ialogue is onstrous& but in (ealing with /atanists we are (ealing
with a !oul sub-ect*atter.
The person as'ing the questions is a Trieste in(ustrialist& nae( /an(ro
1oncini& visiting the ../.A. at the tie this recor(ing was a(e. >n >ct.
$& "#$$& 1oncini was sentence( to a year in prison on a charge o!
iporting pornographic aterial. The !ollowing recor(ing was not
intro(uce( in evi(ence in that trial. Eust recently& the sae 1oncini was
release( on +goo( behavior&+ returning& a !ree( an& to Italy& to continue
(oing as he please(.
The sub-ect o! 1oncini9s questioning in the !ollowing is a ten*year*ol(
1exican girl.
K3 C1onciniD 0hat can I (o to this little anialM
A3 Everything.
K3 Can I chain herM
A3 /ure.
K3 0hip herM
A3 Ges.
K3 Can I a'e her eat shitM
A3 I (on9t 'now.
K3 Can I piss in her outhM
A3 I thin' so.
K3 Also stic' nails in her nipplesM
A3 Ges.
K3 An( i! the little anial gets bro'en or hurtM
A3 Eust a'e the traces an( the bo(y (isappear.
K3 0hat will it cost eM
A. N,&%%%.
It is to that entality that /atanis appeals. 1ore iportant& that is the
'in( o! personality which /atanist in(octrination an( rituals pro(uce in
the initiate who becae involve( in the cult erely& initially& out o! a
sense o! naughty play!ulness.
That is what proli!erates& i! we continue to perit /atanist cults such as
0icca an( >T> to recruit a ass*base( oveent in our society.
2ro the stan(point o! Leibni=9s science o! physical econoy& the
characteristic !act which sets an'in( apart !ro an( above the beasts& is
our species9 generation an( assiilation o! scienti!ic an( technological
progress. The !aculty& by eans o! which this !eature o! huan existence
is expresse(& is the huan in(ivi(ual9s (evelopable capacity !or those
rigorous !ors o! creative thin'ing we associate ost rea(ily with vali(
!un(aental scienti!ic (iscoveries.
The existence o! this potentiality in every huan being& even in the
soeties oving expressions o! this by in(ivi(uals o! greatly re(uce(
capacity !ro birth& is the proper !unctional (e!inition o!+huan nature.+
In other wor(s& that which sets being huan apart !ro& an( above the
This intellectual potential is copleente( by the huan in(ivi(ual9s
capacity !or what is variously tere( +sacre( love&+ agape& or caritas. In
those oents we are engage( in ore intense !ors o! pro(uctive creative
ental activity& we experience this !eeling o! sacre( love ore intensely.
0e recogni=e this in the -oy enveloping a chil(9s personality in oents
o! the chil(9s own successes in creative proble*solving. 0e recogni=e it
also in connection with expressions o! love !or Fo(& !or an'in(& !or
truth& an( !or classical !ors o! beauty. 0hen these two capacities&
creative powers an( sacre( love& are e!!iciently -oine( so as to express a
coon purpose& we eet the essence o! a healthy huan nature expresse( in
the (egree o! (evelopent o! the person9s oral an( intellectual
The case o! vali( !un(aental scienti!ic (iscoveries points ost (irectly
to a very special 'in( o! associate( !eature o! huan nature. 0henever an
in(ivi(ual contributes such a (iscovery to society& he or she is acting
(irectly upon that society as a whole& iplicitly increasing the potential
o! the present generation& an( a((ing a new layer o! achieveent upon
which posterity will base its ore a(vance( contributions.
6is or her act reaches through the extent o! the present& an( into the
!uture4 it also reaches e!!iciently into the past. Every contribution by
our ancestors& is essentially an incoplete( action. Its goo( is soething
accoplishe(& but it is also the creation o! a possibility to be reali=e(
by later generations. Inso!ar as we reali=e such possibilities iplicit in
the contributions o! our pre(ecessors& we increase the eaning o! the
whole lives o! all aong those pre(ecessors who contribute( to such
0hat a won(er!ul irony5 In one respect& it appears that each o! us is but
an isolate( in(ivi(ual within that sea o! people which is the society as a
whole. 0e in(ivi(uals are so very ortal& the extent an( brea(th o! our
personal activity so !ragile an( brie! a whisper in the billions o! huan
beings who to(ay constitute a single generation. Get& such a !ragile
in(ivi(uality is capable o! universal e!!iciency& acting (irectly upon the
society as a whole& an( reaching e!!iciently to both !uture an( past
This capacity is not liite( to great scienti!ic (iscoverers. 6ow broa(ly&
an( across how any generations have :ach& 1o=art& an( :eethoven alrea(y
reache( so (irectlyM The greatest classical poets an( (raatists have (one
the sae. Even the parents who see to accoplish nothing ore notable to
the worl( at large than !ostering the (evelopent o! their chil(ren& are
per!oring universal acts in that way.
In !orer ties& about a generation or slightly ore past& it wasn9t
uncoonly our great pleasure to observe the oral insight exhibite( by a
pre*a(olescent chil(& a chil( who ha( alrea(y a choice o! !uture
pro!ession& an( who (escribe( that pro!ession in ters o! the goo( !or
society which coul( be accoplishe( by such eans.
At our best& we reach towar( the possibility o! contributing soething
universal out o! our ortal lives. In such oents& we are (elighte( to be
alive& because we 'now that our ortal li!e as a whole is a goo( to be
respecte( by !uture generations. 0hen it is our e!!icient (esire& that we
live in a society in which every person is (e(icate( to that sense o! the
universality o! the in(ivi(ual& we huans are generally at our best4 we
are in a state o! in( which ost nearly approxiates the goo(ness an(
happiness o! being an in(ivi(ual huan being.
Consi(er a (i!!erent sort o! eber o! our species. 0here we pri=e agape&
that person9s greatest pleasure& an( nee( !or pleasure& is
(estructive rage. 0here we nee( the -oy o! (eveloping ourselves& that one
ta'es orgiastic pleasure in becoing worse. This characteristic o! the
latter person& is the raw aterial o! /atanis.
The in!luence o! pro*satanic !ors o! organi=e( behavior has always been
proote( within civili=e( society& by ai( o! a speci!ic sort o! (ualis.
This (ualis is intro(uce( to a civili=e( culture& by ai( o! insisting& as
)escartes an( Iant (i( so in!luentially& that the existence o!
intelligible !ors o! huan reason is liite( to the !ors o! (e(uctive
logic. >n this account& everything not coensurable with (e(uctive
!oralis is relegate( to the occult (oain& as )escartes (i( with his
(eus ex achina& an( as Iant (enie( the intelligibility o! those
creative*ental processes by eans o! which vali( !un(aental scienti!ic
(iscoveries are e!!ecte(. In both cases& that which is exclu(e( !ro
(e(uctive !oralis& is relegate( to the (oain o! irrational !ors o!
arbitrary assertions& as Iant9s !ollower& Iarl /avigny& pre!igure( A(ol!
6itler9s ;a=is by (eclaring an heretic severance o! ;aturwissenscha!t
Cphysical scienceD !ro the rest& Feisteswissenscha!t.
>nce such a (ualis is establishe( as belie!& the groun( is a(e !ertile
!or the /atanist9s recruiting e!!orts. It is su!!icient to assert the
hostility o! the irrational to reason& an( to a(opt the (estruction o!
reason !or the sa'e o! the absolute !ree(o o! irrationalis. /o& in o(e
Ferany& 1ax 0eber an( 1artin 6ei(igger express the essential ger o!
;a=is& an( through the channels o! such agencies as the 2ran'!urt /chool
o! 6or'heier& A(orno& et al.& the expression o! irrationalis as the
organi=ing o! proto*satanic an( satanic cults.
The proto*/atanist asserts that his irrationalis is !ree(o an( that
reason& by putting liits upon the expression o! irrationalist ipulses&
is authoritarian& the a(versary o! what 6ei(igger i(enti!ie( as the
+!ree(o o! the inner sel!.+ It is su!!icient& that such a !ollower o!
6ei(igger& !or exaple carry this hatre( o! the authoritarian personality
to its natural conclusion& to trans!or a !ollower o! Lu'acs& 6or'heier&
6ei(igger& or A(orno into a personality o! the /atanist type.
Loo' at that chil(& beaing with happiness& who has -ust solve(& !or the
!irst tie& soe conceptual proble o! siple play with bloc's. That
happiness& a'in to the quality o! sacre( love& expresse( in such ters o!
re!erence& is a siple expression o! the essence o! true huan nature.
0hat sort o! person is it& that ight (e!y his or her own essential huan
In each case stu(ie(& such as the pathetic 1ax 0eber& !or exaple& there
is a conspicuous (e!ect in their character. They are characteri=e( by a
pervasive sense o! personal !ailure. The +!ailure+ is not a want o!
wealth& or social status otherwise. It is a sense o! +inner !ailure+ as a
personality. The laents o! a Iier'egaar( or a Eean*Paul /artre typi!y the
case. The anarchist& the existentialist generally& typi!ies the syn(roe.
The hi(eous rantings o! a ;iet=sche are attractive to persons o! such wea'
character& because they o!!er a +sense o! liberation+ !ro those
constraints which reveal one9s own character to be a wea' one.
T6E CA/E >2 T6E R>1A;TIC/
The Roantics generally& are representative o! this. As illustrations o!
the Char(inesque +oega points+ which are the gateway !ro existentialist
irrationalis into /atanis& the Roantics cobine the (ualis o! Iant& as
/avigny (i(& with the sheer irrationalis to which /avigny9s
neo*Iantianis len(s license. The case o! the coposer Richar( 0agner& is
aong the best exaples o! the anner /atanis an( Roanticis are lin'e(.
Richar( 0agner was intro(uce( to /atanis as young Iarl 1arx was& as a
recruit into the orbit o! Fiuseppe 1asan9s +Goung Europe.+ )uring the
perio( o! "$8$*"$8#& 0agner was a 1a==inian bob*thrower& in the circle o!
!ellow*/atanist an( 1a==inian bob*thrower ;i'olai :a'unin. :a'unin later
becae an enthusiastic apologist !or 0agner9s usical stan(point& as one
coitte( to (estroy& especially& the Lu(wig :eethoven 0agner hate(.
A!ter the events o! "$8$*8#& 0agner (evelope( a typically Roantic sexual
obsession towar( the wi!e o! the an who supplie( hi re!uge& an obsession
expresse( in the Fnostic /atanist eroticis o! his Tristan un( Isol(e. 6is
usic*(raas were (evote( to the /atanic yths o! the :ogoil cult& an(
his etho( o! coposition was (evote( to a ra(ical !or o! irrationalis&
the replaceent o! reason CcounterpointD by arbitrary chroatic
progressions o! the sort carrie( to an extree in the Liebesto(
Clove*(eathD (uet o! Tristan. In the en(& in his Ring cycle& an( the
:ogoil ythologies o! his Parsi!al& 0agner becae the overt /atanist who
:ogoil an( /atanist A(ol! 6itler a(ire( so orgiastically. The
signi!icance o! Tristan& is that it echoes a very clear (e!ect in 0agner9s
personal character& the !law in his character out o! which his (evelopent
as a /atanist grew.
>ther Roantics o! talent& such as 6ugo 0ol!& show the sae wea'ness o!
character. 0ol!9s usical accoplishent was his ear !or poetic proso(y4
he ha( great literacy in rea(ing usically the proso(ic score o! a
classical poe. This shows out even (espite the wil(ly irrationalist&
0agnerian chroaticis o! his songs. Foethe9s notorious wea'ness o!
character& that& but !or the perio( o! his collaboration with /chiller&
the alternation o! active an( !allow perio(s was associate( with the
acting out o! sexual !antasies& is the !law which le( the late Foethe into
the 2aust thee& an( the wil( Fnosticis o! 2aust II. Foethe9s 0erther is
his Tristan in this respect.
The progress o! the in!luence o! /atanis is typi!ie( by the coparison o!
0agner with Arnol( /choenberg. /choenberg was a !aile( Roantic*style
coposer& in every way a !aile( personality within hisel!& as well as in
usic. This le( hi into what is tere( to(ay 'in( o! +i(*li!e+ crisis&
out o! which eerge( the ugly stu!! !or which he is presently !aous. That
poor wretch woul( have (ie( in the artistic equivalent o! a pauper9s
grave& but !or the intervention o! the /atanist A(orno on his behal!.
The :eatni's o! the ie(iate post*war perio(& are an exaple o! the
connection between the !aile( personality an( the propensity !or /atanist
recruitent. All o! the roc' groups are exaples o! severely (aage(
personalities& whose appeal is to the sense o! being +(aage(+aong their
The appeal o! /atanis to its recruits is in the !or o! what psychology
ters a +reaction !oration.+ There are three ways to live with onesel!&
un(er the grip o! a pro!oun(& existentialist& wea' sense o! personal
i(entity. >ne is to overcoe the ipulses within one which cause this
con(ition. Another is to accept the con(ition3 +That is the way I a& an(
I will not be change(.+ A thir( is to (estroy everything in society which&
in the !ashion o! a irror& shows one one9s own sense o! ina(equacy3
anarchis& sha(ing into /atanis.
The existentialist9s sense o! personal ina(equacy& that his existence is
intrinsically eaningless& is not liite( to the poor soul ever whipering
within hisel!& li'e soe !rightene(& hungry stray (og. It is associate(
with strong ipulses !or !orbi((en acts& as Iier'egaar(9s account o! a
!antasy*se(uction illustrates the point. Insi(e the whipering exterior&
there is a raging& !eral beast& which believes& or strongly (esires to
believe& that +li!e is eaningless& an( everything shoul( be peritte(.+
This beast is a sa(o*asochist& who requires the perverte( pleasures o!
orgiastic expressions o! sa(o*asochis as an anti(ote to the whipering
bore(o o! oents when such exotic (iversions are not being experience(.
The whole is pereate( with a (egra(e( sexual character.
/atanis a((resses appeals to that perverte( sense o! lust within the
(e!ective personality*type& the whipering existentialist3 Li!e is
eaningless. Everything is peritte(& i! it is (one on behal! o! !ree(o
o! the inner irrationalist sel!. )estroy every !eature o! a culture which
woul( restrain us !ro that +!ree(o&+ an( which& worse& ten(s to irror
to us the worthlessness we sense our existence to be.
T6E 0A;I;F >2 RELIFI>;
2ro the stan(point o! secular society& 0estern Christianity expresses in
a (istille(& concentrate( way& that which is ost natural !or true huan
nature. 1an in the iage o! Christ& as Thoas a Iepis stresses this& the
in(ivi(ual as in the iage o! the living Fo(& is what the Christian church
a!!irs in its counicants. 0hat is celebrate(& an( so a!!ire(& is not
that aspect o! the huan in(ivi(ual which iitates the possibilities o!
the beasts& but rather that which sets the huan in(ivi(ual apart !ro&
an( above the beasts3 the potential o! (evelopent o! the creative powers
o! reason& in con-unction with that quality o! +sacre( love+ which the
original ;ew Testaent text i(enti!ies as agape& in Latin& caritas.
Respecting the atters o! ortal li!e& this essence o! Christianity as
religion& is echoe( in a republic coitte( to those principles o!
Christian natural law which in!ore( our own )eclaration o! In(epen(ence
an( Preable o! our !e(eral Constitution. The utual obligation o! the
society an( the in(ivi(ual& to (evelop the creative potential an( oral
character o! each an( all& to provi(e opportunities !or use!ul expression
o! that which has been so (evelope(& an( to cherish an( nurture the goo(
contribute( to society by each an( all& is the point on which the practice
o! statecra!t coes into e!!icient practical coinci(ence with the
Christian living in the iitation o! Christ& all the way through his own
personal Fethseane& shoul( atters coe to that.
>n both accounts& the churches an( the society have lost these essential
qualities o! coitent& an( in ore or less the sae (egree. This erosion
has not occurre( spontaneously& but the e!!ect on the (evelopent o! the
personal character o! the ebers o! society is the !act o! the atter&
whether this ha( occurre( spontaneously& or as the e!!ect o! calculate(
erosion o! those institutions by hostile agencies.
These two institutions o! our Christian society& the church coitte( to
an in(ivi(ual li!e in iitation o! Christ& an( the society (e(icate( to
the sae principles in practice& have been an essential part o! the
(evelopent o! the personal character o! the in(ivi(ual eber o! society.
To the extent either& or both such institutions have aban(one( their
proper ission& or have been partially (estroye( by hostile in!luences&
the society is (eprive( o! the bene!it o! those institutions. The result
is an increase o! the inci(ence o! persons o! wea' character& an( in the
(egree to which such wea'ness proli!erates.
2ro the beginning o! Christianity& power!ul !orces have been coitte( to
e!!ecting an erosion o! Christianity an( its in!luence. 0ithin Europe an(
the Aericas& this began as an un(erta'ing by the 1agi priests o! the cult
o! 1ithra4 out o! such e!!orts to (estroy Christianity an( society !ro
within there eerge( early the (oga o! Fnosis& a (oga which has assue(
various noinal guises& inclu(ing its in!luence in the guise o! varieties
o! pseu(o*Christian cults. The in!luence o! Fnosticis has not been
liite( to its activities in the guise o! religious belie!. 1o(ern
philosophical Liberalis& such as that o! )avi( 6ue& Eerey :entha an(
Eohn /tuart 1ill& is pure Fnostic cult*(oga intro(uce( in a secular
To the (egree Fnosticis appears in the guise o! pseu(o*Christian
cult*(ogas& it veils the !act that it is a !or o! /atan*worship& by
eans o! a !or o! tric'ery characteristic o! /atanist occultis& by
resort to what is tere( sybolic philosophy. It ebe(s the worship o!
/atan sybolically in the way it purports to represent to the cre(ulous a
true interpretation o! the secrets behin( Christian texts. Fnosticis is
!or o! veile( /atanis. 1o(ern theosophy& an( ;a=is an( :olshevis are
Fnosticis which has (roppe( its veils& to becoe the explicit worship o!
the other o! /atan& /ha'ti*Ishtar*Isis& an( her son&
>ver the centuries& power!ul !ailies bent upon era(icating the 'in( o!
institutional !ors o! society which Christianity an( true huan nature
require& have recogni=e( that the person o! wea' character in society can
be recruite( to a !orce !or evil& a !or o! evil li'e the ancient Phrygian
cult o! Cybele*)ionysos. .ntil now& the ost !aous& large*scale eruption
o! such /atanist ass*organi=ing was the ;ew )ar' age o! the !ourteenth
That ;ew )ar' Age cae to its (epths over approxiately a hun(re( years o!
systeatic erosion o! society un(er the cobine( in!luence o! Lobar(
usury an( Fnostic recruiting an( relate( subversions. /ociety was
overwhele( !ro within& by asse( hor(es o! satanic (egenerates recruite(
!ro aong the wea' personalities o! its own nations.
To(ay& over a perio( o! ore than a hun(re( years since the circles o!
Eohn Rus'in& 2yo(or )ostoevs'y& an( 2rie(rich ;iet=sche populari=e( the
satanic Age o! Aquarius& 0estern European civili=ation has un(ergone an
experience which parallels in essential !eatures the process o!
(egeneration o! Europe lea(ing into the !ourteenth century9s ;ew )ar' Age.
The sprea( o! explicit /atanis& through ai( o! agencies such as A(orno9s
2ran'!urt /chool& an( its (oga o! +the authoritarian personality&+ has
now entere( a phase o! large scale ass organi=ing.
:y attac'ing Christianity with Fnostic subversions& while ero(ing the
state9s coitent to Christian natural law9s right!ul governance o! the
policy*shaping o! nations& the eney has (eprive( uch o! the population
o! its right to a healthy (evelopent o! the in(ivi(ual personality. The
proli!eration o! cruelly (aage(& (e!ective personalities& !ostere( by the
subversion o! church an( state& has !ostere( an abun(ance o! that speci!ic
sort o! eotionally an( orally cripple( personality we eet in the
existentialist. The proli!eration o! such (aage( personalities& un(er
con(itions in which the state has generally aban(one( all Christian
stan(ar(s o! oral accountability in its (oestic an( !oreign policies&
has engen(ere( a pervasive oo( o! cultural pessiis aong all our
nations& a quality o! pessiis which !ostere( the rise o! :olshevis in
Russia& an( :olshevis9s twin& the Feran )ostoevs'ian& A(ol! 6itler. The
present proli!eration o! (e!ective personalities& cobine( with the
circustances o! increasing cultural pessiis& has pro(uce( the optial
precon(itions !or ass*organi=ing by the /atan cults.
T6E TRA;/ITI>; T> T6E ;>;*6.1A;
The shi!t !ro the conscience*stric'en& whipering existentialist& to the
creature coitte( to a li!e o! orgiastic pleasure in (estructive&
irrationalist rage& is a process o! transition !ro the con(ition o! a
(aage( huan personality& to soething which is literally non*huan. It
is !air to (escribe this& as analogous to the trans!oration o! healthy
tissue into a alignantly cancerous growth. The (i!!erence between huan
nature an( the nature o! the /atanist is not a atter o! (egree& but
absolute& (iscrete. The two are as (i!!erent as healthy tissue (i!!ers
!ro its alignantly cancerous !or. To be exact& the (i!!erence is as
great& an( no greater.
2or the case o! the convert to /atanis& +exorcis+ is strictly necessary.
There are two (istinct personalities within the /atanist. >ne is the huan
substrate& the other is the /atanic personality which has been
superipose( upon that substrate& li'e a cancer (oinating the tissue it
has inva(e(. The cancer is a (istinct entity& which ust be reove(. To
reove the cancer& one ust invo'e soething analogous to an iunological
potential still present in the substrate. In e!!ect& the substrate ust be
ipelle( to re-ect the cancer. The result is& quite literally& the casting
out o! a (eon which ha( ta'en over the bo(y an( psychological substrate
o! the victi.
The +(eon+ is very real& an( rea(ily i(enti!ie( in the proper choice o!
encounter. The (eon& cornere(& is pure (estructive !ury& hatre(& an( rage
in their extree. In soe cases& several (istinct+(eons+ ay he sharing
the preises& each the !ruit o! the victi9s con(itioning to playing the
part o! (i!!erent personalities un(er varying circustances& an( this
especially in cases in which techniques o! hypnosis are part o! the
history o! the case.
Thus& the (evotee o! /atanis has a huan substrate& which ight be
activate( to re-ect the superipose( +cancer+ un(er soe circustances.
The possibility that that substrate ight be activate( to such e!!ect& is
the only vestige o! huan nature in that creature. The preises are un(er
the ie(iate control o! soething which is anti*huan& soething properly
(escribe( as a +(eon.+
This (eon is create( within the /atanist initiate& in a way a'in to the
process iplie( in the coparisons we i(enti!ie( at the outset o! this
report. This trans!oration is (escribe( !airly& as the outcoe o! the
e!!ort by the victi9s will to pursue orgiastic (estructive pleasures !or
the sa'e o! going (eeper an( (eeper into such pleasures& an( to a'e this
possible by crushing every vestigial in!luence o! conscience which ight
ten( to (eter such acts& or ipair the sense o! pleasure ta'en !ro the.
The !orce turne( against conscience& is a concentration o! (estructive
!ury& soething beyon( the or(inary notion o! irrationalist rage.
The original huan sel! is virtually 'ille(& or& en(ungeone( to ensure
absolute control over the preises by the (eon o! orgiastic rage.
The point is& that organi=e( /atanis is capable o! anything a (eon is&
an( is incline( to (o so as soon as possible. /uch a !orce ust be
(estroye(. Either that !orce is obliterate(& or civili=ation.