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VICE DON GORE Reinventing America

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Private corporate Mob Bosses Criminal Public Servants
Reinventing America
Al Gore protects
local corruption?
Vice president's home state
'evil place,' says investigator
By Charles Thompson and Tony Hays
2000 WorldNetDaily.com
A senior FBI official said public corruption in
Tennessee was "too extensive" to successfully prosecute
and that protection for the corrupt officials in the
state came from Vice President Al Gore's office,
according to a career undercover policeman.
In late April, Downie decided to go to Washington and
attempt to bring some political pressure to bear.
According to Downie, he left one session with FBI and
Justice Department officials particularly frustrated and
went to a nearby bar. Minutes later, a senior FBI
official walked in, Downie said.
"We can't help you," he told the undercover officer. The
official explained that the corruption in Tennessee ran
too deep, that it extended from the local scene through
Gore's office. And then the official turned around and
walked out.
Dumbfounded, Black and Downie were determined to
continue fighting. In an effort to take their case
straight to the Justice Department, they hired Charles
Russell Twist, an Arlington, Va., attorney who worked
for Justice for a number of years. Twist began a letter-
writing campaign in early June 1994.
Twist directed his first request to FBI Director Louis
Freeh and Tennessee Attorney General Charles Burson, now
legal counsel for Gore. Along with allegations of
judicial and political corruption, Twist provided Freeh
with a videotape of a drug sale "by an in-law of an
important political figure in Tennessee. Another person
in the video," continued Twist, "is the son of a high-
ranking police officer in Warren County." He detailed
Downie's and Black's attempts to gain cooperation from
the local FBI office.
...Then, something happened. Five days later, without
any attempts on Simonton's part to contact the lawmen,
Tron Brekke, chief of the Public Corruption Division,
wrote Twist and advised him that "the information
contained in your letter and provided during your
appearance at FBI Headquarters does not provide
sufficient information to predicate the initiation of a
corruption investigation." That information had included
a mountain of documentation in the form of statements
and video and audiotapes.
Although Downie had taped his January conversation with
Carter, given the lack of cooperation exhibited by the
FBI to that point, he was hesitant to turn it over to
Twist responded to Brekke's letter a month later, on
July 27. Disputing Brekke's claim that insufficient
evidence existed, Twist noted that "evidence submitted
to the FBI included video and audiotapes of the son-in-
law of an elected public official, and the son of a
high-ranking police officer, selling a controlled
substance to an undercover officer of the Warren County
Sheriff's Department," and "an affidavit of an
individual who alleges that he bribed a judge." And not
a single attempt had yet been made by Justice to talk to
anyone on the local level.
...Downie's and Black's attempts to investigate drug
trafficking and corruption had turned into an all-out
war to discredit them.
Al Gore Do You Feel Safe With This Man?
Salon.com | October 16, 2000
David Horowitz
Virtually every dollar of Al Gores reinventing
government cuts are cuts in the U.S. military. The
current Clinton-Gore defense budget is $300 billion below
the already down-sized defense budget of 1993, which
Clinton and Gore inherited. The navy is half the size it
was in 1993. Americas bombers are older than the men who
fly them. Over all, military spending is at its lowest
level (as a percent of GNP) since before World War II.
Experts fear Russia
to blackmail Gore
VP 'owes his personal fortune
to a fully recruited Soviet agent'
By Charles Thompson and Tony Hays
2000 WorldNetDaily.com
Russian intelligence operatives have fanned out across
America hoping to dig up the same kind of dirt on George
W. Bush and his aides that they have apparently used to
influence President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al
Gore in the past, according to several Russia experts in
the nation's capital.
"The Russians apparently haven't found anything, but it's
their standard operating procedure," said J. Michael
Waller, vice president of the American Foreign Policy
Council. Waller, who is also editor of the Russia Reform
Monitor, an executive editor of Demokratizatsiya: The
Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization and a contributor
to Insight magazine, holds a Ph.D. in international
security affairs from Boston University.
In fact, Waller revealed that a Russian diplomat recently
had lunch with him and asked him probing questions about
Gov. Bush and his closest advisers.
"The Russian wasn't making idle conversation, and I fed
him mostly disinformation," Waller said. "I wasn't
shocked, because I knew that's how the Russians do
According to Waller and other intelligence specialists,
the Russians are primarily interested in defeating Bush,
because they already have a wealth of derogatory
information about Clinton and Gore.
For example, in early 1996, when Clinton was in the midst
of his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, he
warned Lewinsky that they had to use code words when they
engaged in phone sex since foreign embassies, most likely
the Russians, were bugging their conversations. This was
a year before Lewinsky began spilling her secrets to
Linda Tripp, who secretly taped their conversations.
In his book, "Sellout," David Schippers, chief
investigative counsel for the Clinton impeachment, wrote,
"Another issue with possible security implications was
the president's reported phone sex. Almost every phone
line in the White House is totally secure. But as
Lewinsky testified under oath, the president was engaging
in tawdry phone sex, on an unsecure line, opening the
question of whether a foreign power might have
intercepted and recorded these calls which was a chilling
possibility given the potential for blackmail."
A top former CIA intelligence analyst, who has advised
several presidents, including Clinton, told WorldNetDaily
that the Russians were the ones who did the bugging. They
proved they had the capability in 1998 when Russian
diplomat and intelligence office Stanislav Borisovich
Gusev placed a sophisticated bugging and transmission
device in the wooden molding of a wall of a conference
room inside the U.S. State Department. Fifty to 100
meetings were held in the conference room before the
device was discovered. Gusev was expelled.
According to former White House FBI agent Gary Aldrich,
who was assigned to conduct background investigations for
Clinton White House appointees, as late as two years into
the Clinton administration the General Accounting Office
found that only 24 White House employees had been cleared
to handle thousands and thousands of pages of classified
material. The other employees told the FBI that they
could not be bothered with getting a clearance from the
Aldrich notes that his partner, agent Dennis Sculimbrene,
once complained to him that "'I'm having a heck of a time
getting these Clinton people to grant interviews. I call
people up, tell them who I am and what I need to do, and
they tell me they're too busy to talk to the FBI!'"
Kenneth Timmerman, another expert on Russian espionage
methods, said that compared with the State Department,
the White House was packed with amateurs who weren't
interested in security. Timmerman and Waller both pointed
to the case of a woman from the Dominican Republic who
was assigned to the White House by Hillary Clinton, even
though she was a dedicated Cuban intelligence officer.
She rebuffed all attempts at getting her to submit to a
background investigation, saying she was a close friend
of Mrs. Clinton and shouldn't be bothered. She was later
nominated to be ambassador to the Dominican Republic, but
had her nomination blocked by the Senate Foreign
Relations Committee due to her subversive background.
"Bugging the White House wouldn't cause the Russians to
break a sweat," Timmerman said.
In his recent book, "Midnight Diaries," former Russian
president Boris Yeltsin revealed that Russian
intelligence sent him a coded report in 1996 that Clinton
was embroiled in an affair with a young woman and that
the Republican Party was going to use that weakness of
the flesh to destroy the president's reputation. Yeltsin
said he considered giving Clinton a copy of the coded
dispatch, but thought better of it.
Yeltsin amended this account during an Oct. 9 interview
with the The Times of London, after he was asked by
reporter Giles Wittell if he knew the woman in question
was Monica Lewinsky.
"I know," Yeltsin replied.
Why did he not tell Clinton about it?
"He had enough problems already," Yeltsin answered. "But
it was not only because of that. I decided not to mention
it because I didn't fully believe it, and because we are
very sensitive to such issues in Russia. I was also
convinced that he would overcome the problem himself,
which in the end he did."
Waller and Timmerman and other intelligence experts
raised the following questions:
* Did knowledge of Clinton's and Gore's misdeeds and
associations exert extraordinary pressure on our policy
in the years 1996 through 98, especially on the billions
of U.S. dollars that were funneled into Russia?
* If the Russians were able to obtain this kind of
blackmail information, what other sensitive information
did they receive?
* What happened to U.S. counterintelligence
information about the possibility of this exposure,
especially during President Clinton's impeachment
hearing? According to Waller and Timmerman, this was a
terrible failure if the government didn't know -- and a
terrible abuse of power if it knew and did nothing.
If anything, Russian intelligence experts say, Gore's
security problems date back even further and are more
serious than Clinton's. Gore began his relationship with
his father's close friend and employer, Armand Hammer,
when he was a small boy.
Hammer, a Soviet paymaster and super-spy, went into the
bull-breeding business with Gore Sr., placing the
Tennessee senator on his payroll in 1950 when Gore was
still in Congress. In return for Hammer's generosity,
Gore Sr. bailed his mentor, a stock swindler and art
forger, out of his frequent brushes with the law. He also
attempted to convince several U.S presidential
administrations to cut deals that favored Hammer and his
Russian masters.
Hammer further rewarded the senator's efforts with an
insider deal consisting of thousands of shares of Hooker
Chemical Co. stock, which Hammer's Occidental Petroleum
was about to acquire. Hooker made things like fertilizers
and metal-coating chemicals.
One of Hooker's plants was located on Grand Island, N.Y.,
which disposed of its waste and other harmful byproducts
into an adjacent waterway called the "Love Canal."
"Al Gore [who currently controls his late father's stock
in the company] takes credit for helping cure the 'Love
Canal' pollution. He should! He helped cause it!" said
Dan Schaitberger, a former Hooker employee.
Hammer made Gore Sr. executive vice president of
Occidental Petroleum after Bill Brock soundly defeated
Gore in his reelection bid in 1970. And Hammer
subsequently named Gore to a similar position in Island
Creek Coal Co. after Gore managed to get the fuel company
out of a long-term contract with the Tennessee Valley
Authority and to substitute another contract much more
favorable to Island Creek. The former senator also helped
paper over a number of toxic waste spills by the company.
Hammer also showered his favors on Albert Jr., helping
underwrite his successful run for Congress in 1976 as
well as all of his subsequent races. During young Gore's
abortive 1988 presidential bid, Hammer unsuccessfully
attempted to persuade Democrat Sen. Paul Simon of
Illinois to drop out of his home-state's primary in favor
of Gore. Hammer promised Simon a cabinet position in the
Gore administration if he did. Shocked, Simon remained in
the primary and trounced Gore.
Gore accompanied Hammer to Moscow where Hammer received a
peace prize from an international group of anti-nuclear
scientists. Gore later praised Hammer at a reception in
New York for his "patriotism."
But as bad as Gore's compromise with Hammer was, it was
even worse with former Russian premier Viktor
Chernomyrdin. The two served on a joint commission that
was supposed to smooth out relations between the U.S. and
Russia. The commission was also supposed to come to the
assistance of American businessmen who were threatened
with death or beaten by members of the Russian mafia. But
as WorldNetDaily has reported, Gore and his staff largely
ignored pleas of Americans who were subjected to such
brutal treatment.
Between 1993 and 1999, billions of dollars of foreign aid
intended to help ordinary Russians was instead diverted
to the pockets of high-ranking officials who ruled Russia
and members of the Russian mob, or siphoned off and
deposited in offshore bank accounts to be laundered.
It has also recently come to light that, in 1995, Gore
and Chernomyrdin signed a secret deal for Russia to build
a nuclear reactor for Iran. This deal, which has been
widely reported, also specified that Russia could sell a
diesel-powered submarine, T-72 tanks and other arms to
Iran. Arms sent to Iran from Russia since the early 1990s
include advanced Kilo-class submarines, torpedoes, anti-
ship mines, and hundreds of tanks and armored personnel
"How in the world can this country trust a man like Al
Gore who owes his personal fortune to a fully recruited
Soviet agent, Armand Hammer?" Michael Waller asked. "Al
Gore Jr. grew up with a Soviet agent, and if he (Gore)
were to be nominated as an assistant secretary for some
department, he couldn't be nominated, because he is a
security risk," he added.
In her forthcoming book, "The Betrayal of Liberty,"
veteran journalist Anne Williamson recounts an encounter
she had with Moscow's assistant chief of the KGB during
Christmas of 1994. Williamson, an expert on Soviet-
Russian affairs who has written for the Wall Street
Journal and the New York Times, asked the security
official whether it was true the KGB had picked up the
tab for Gore Jr.'s room service orders at the high-toned
Fairfax Hotel in Washington (where he spent his formative
years) and his Harvard tuition.
"After a thoughtful pause, the man responded, 'He's not
our first Harvard graduate, of course, but I do believe
he's our first St. Albans' (a Washington prep school)
boy,'" Williamson wrote.
As bad security risks as Waller and Timmerman believe
Clinton and Gore are, they have another prize candidate,
Strobe Talbott, the State Department's number two man and
Clinton's Oxford roommate. Talbott made his journalistic
bones by tagging along with a well-known KGB agent named
Victor Louis. Louis leaked Nikita Khruschev's diaries and
insisted that Talbott, a young employee in Time's Moscow
bureau, go along with the deal. Talbott thus became a
member of the magazine's inner circle.
Timmerman testified last year to the House International
Relations Committee that Talbott's support of Russia and
Boris Yeltsin was unwavering and uncritical in the face
of mounting evidence of organized corruption. He also
said that Iran's Shahad and Kosar missile programs would
not exist without Talbott. The Shahad-3 missiles are now
deployed in southwestern Iran and are capable of
targeting Israel with nuclear, chemical or biological
The editor of Middle East Defense News, Timmerman said,
"Despite having detailed intelligence on Russia's
involvement with the Iranian missile programs, the U.S.
government failed to press the Russians in any meaningful
or effective way. And the official who played the
greatest role in this disaster was Deputy Secretary of
State Strobe Talbott. If we had intervened with the
Russians when the Israelis first came to us in late 1996,
the Shahab missile would never have been tested
successfully two years later."
Timmerman, Waller and other Russia intelligence experts
interviewed by WND, while not labeling Clinton, Gore and
Talbot out-and-out agents, accused the trio of being
unduly influenced by Russia and her policies.
"It's not a healthy situation, and I hope the country has
enough sense to avoid something like this in the future,"
Waller said.
Charles C. Thompson II, a network news veteran and former
producer of both ABC's "20/20" and CBS's "60 Minutes," is
the author of "A Glimpse of Hell: The Explosion on the
U.S.S. Iowa and Its Cover-Up."
An experienced print journalist, Tony Hays' recent 20-
part series on narcotics trafficking received an award
from the Tennessee Press Association.
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Tuesday, October 24, 2000
Wall Street Journal Fears Vote Fraud
If the presidential election is still neck and neck on
Election Day, the race may be decided by phantom voters,
warns the Wall Street Journals John Fund.
"Many experts think this election could be as close as
the one in 1960, when John F. Kennedy won by less than
one vote per precinct. If so, this year's election could
include similar allegations of vote fraud," Fund wrote in
Tuesdays edition.
"'Just as in 1960, the temptation to steal votes in key
swing states will be enormous,'" political scientist
Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia told the
Journal. "Complacency is so great and enforcement so lax
that the odds are we'll never know how much fraud was
Fund quotes other experts who believe that vote fraud is
anything but a relic of the past. Its different only
because its more sophisticated. It is no longer
necessary for the dead to rise on Election Day and flock
to the polls - there are far easier ways to steal
elections nowadays.
In 1996, for example, Vice President Gore's office used
the massive power of the executive branch to get the
Immigration and Naturalization Service to waive "stupid
rules" on background checks so that hundreds of thousands
of people awaiting citizenship would be "processed in
time" for the 1996 election to cast grateful votes for
their Democrat benefactors.
"It was later learned that 75,000 new citizens had arrest
records when they applied. A spot check of 100 random new
citizens by the House Judiciary Committee found that 20
percent of the sample had been arrested for serious
crimes after they were given citizenship," the Journal
"We have the modern world's sloppiest election systems,"
University of Texas political scientist Walter Dean
Burnham told Fund.
Making fraud easier are laws such as the 1993 federal
Motor Voter law that required states to allow people to
register to vote when they get a driver's license.
Moreover, 47 states don't require any proof of U.S.
residence for enrollment. The Motor Voter law has added
some 8 million people to the rolls, but the bipartisan
polling team of Ed Goeas and Celinda Lake estimates that
fewer than 5 percent of "motor voters" normally go to the
Incredibly, Janet Renos Justice Department has often
blocked states from purging people from the voting rolls
who have died or changed addresses. Purging the rolls is
an important check against fraud, because in most states
nobody is required to show photo identification before
voting and its easy for phantom voters to use other
peoples names to vote.
The Reno Justice Department has also taken the lead in
making accusations of "voter intimidation" when anybody
tries to monitor polling places for incidents of fraud.
Last week, for example, Justice sent investigators to
Fort Worth, Texas, to check on a political activist who
distributed leaflets accusing local Democrats of casting
absentee ballots on behalf of shut-in voters.
Fund recalls that when the Miami Herald won a Pulitzer
Prize for its reporting on the fraud in that city's
mayoral election, the Pulitzer jury noted it had been
subject to "a public campaign accusing the paper of
ethnic bias and attempted intimidation." Local officials
who've tried to purge voter rolls of felons and non-
citizens have been hit with nuisance lawsuits alleging
civil-rights abuse.
In 1960, after JFK edged Nixon out in an election marked
by massive incidents of voter fraud, a South Carolina
Democrat congressman told a Nixon staff member, "You
Republicans had better learn that unless you win big,
well steal it from you."
Nothing seems to have changed all that much.


Veep office used
as campaign HQ
Vendor who supplied donor call lists
says Gore tied up staff in fund-raising
By Paul Sperry
2000 WorldNetDaily.com
WASHINGTON -- Vice President Al Gore's staffers spent
most of their time preparing donor call sheets for him
and maintaining his political database, as well as
coordinating fund-raising for several Senate Democrats,
including California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, says the
vendor who provided campaign services to Gore for 14
One of the vendor's computer specialists who dealt
directly with Gore's staffers estimates that fund-raising
activities, which also included thanking donors attending
White House coffees with Gore, consumed "about 85
percent" of their official time.
"A lot of the activities were also run out of his Senate
chambers," said Pat Anderson, whose former firm, Public
Office Corp., built Gore's donor database and supplied
him with donor call sheets.
She says Gore shared the database with the Democratic
National Committee. Gore's database is separate from the
controversial WHODB (White House Office database) used by
the president and first lady, and contains information on
more than 100,000 donors cultivated from Gore's previous
Senate and presidential campaigns.
Gore also was preoccupied with fund-raising, Anderson
When he wasn't dialing for dollars from the White House,
he would do it from the road -- even while traveling on
official business, Anderson said in an exclusive
interview with WorldNetDaily.
"His staff would call us just before he'd go on an
official trip to New York or Chicago or L.A. and ask us
to produce a list of top contributors in the area, so he
could do some fund-raising while in those cities," said
Anderson, a life-long Democrat, who lives in McLean, Va.
She says staffers in both Gore's White House and Senate
offices spent an inordinate amount of time on fund-
raising between 1993 and 1996, when Gore canceled his
account with POC and took possession of the database.
"Based on our billing records and my knowledge, quite a
number of his official staff hours were devoted to
building his database for political fund-raising,"
Anderson said.
"I don't mean a half-hour here, and a half-hour there,"
she added. "I'm talking many hours a day."
Ellen Rowell, the POC employee who handled the Gore
account and talked with the vice president's staff on a
daily basis, said preparing call lists and updating the
database was "about 85 percent of what they were doing in
his office."
Rowell says she worked closely with Gore staffers Ellen
Laughlin Ochs and Jeff Teague, a former DNC staffer, in
the White House. They would routinely ask her to produce
call sheets with the names, numbers and contribution
histories of donors, categorized by size of donation or
"We'd send them over to his office for Gore to call," she
said in a phone interview.
Rowell, who now works in Atlanta, says she doesn't
remember if Gore used them to solicit hard money for the
Clinton-Gore campaign or soft money for DNC party-
Gore has argued he only dialed for soft money from the
White House, an activity that he claims isn't covered by
the Hatch Act and therefore has "no controlling legal
authority." He raised money by phone from the White House
on at least 46 occasions.
Rowell says she also dealt regularly with Bill Mason, a
former staffer in Gore's Senate chambers. Mason also
spent long hours working on fund-raising matters for the
vice president -- as well as for Democratic senators, she
"Bill Mason did little else than pay attention to this
database," agreed Anderson.
Anderson says that as a Senate employee, Mason was not in
a position to be coordinating fund-raising for the vice
president or other politicians.
"He sat over there and basically raised money," she
claimed. "He's not supposed to do that. He didn't do
government business."
Attempts to reach Mason were unsuccessful. Calls to Ronna
Freiberg, Gore's chief of staff for his Senate operations
(the vice president is also president of the Senate),
were not returned.
Mason and an unidentified DNC lawyer picked up magnetic
tapes storing the entire database in December 1996,
Rowell says.
"They came marching over to our office and demanded the
whole thing on tape, and we gave it to them," Rowell
She's not sure if Mason loaded the tapes onto computers
in Gore's Senate office.
"We gave them a copy, but we don't know what they did
with it," Rowell said. "They became very secretive and
hush-hush at that point."
"But they were a sneaky kind of bunch all along," she
added, "always acting like something was going on."
If Gore installed the database on his Senate or White
House computers, it belongs to the government and is no
longer his personal property. Federal law prohibits
sharing government property with the DNC or any other
political organization.
Calls to Jim Kennedy, spokesman for the vice president's
office, were not returned by deadline.
It's worth noting at this point that none of the e-mail
generated from Gore's office has been electronically
archived in a searchable format, as required by law, and
at least 13 months of his e-mail is permanently lost. So
any electronic messages between Gore's office and the DNC
have not yet been fully reviewed by prosecutors
investigating campaign-finance abuses by the 1996
Clinton-Gore reelection effort.
Anderson says Mason worked alongside Sue Landgarten,
another staffer from Gore's White House office, in
putting together donor lists for other Democrats.
An Oct. 31, 1994, memo from Anderson to former Gore chief
of staff Jack Quinn details a request for computer-
generated lists of donor names for delivery to several
Democrats, including Sens. Feinstein and Paul Sarbanes of
Maryland, former Sen. Jim Sasser of Tennessee, Rep. Tom
Lantos of California and Rep. David Bonior of Michigan.
The memo, a copy of which was obtained by WorldNetDaily,
was prepared after Anderson met with Quinn in the White
House on Oct. 21, 1994.
At the request of Gore's office, Anderson says she
started sharing parts of the database with the DNC in
1995. Magnetic tapes were always "hand-delivered" to DNC
operative Tony Wilson, she and Rowell recall.
The records in the database, stored on a VAX mainframe
computer, include a donor's complete contribution
history, various political interests, addresses, phone
numbers and spouse, among other information.
Besides preparing call sheets, Gore used it to send
donors thank-you notes for attending fund-raisers and
White House coffees (Gore has attended at least 37), as
well as Christmas cards from the Gore family.
The database also includes Asian-American donors. POC
records show that Gore in 1994 sent a fund-raising letter
to dozens of "Asian Business Leaders."
Anderson claims she was told by Gore's staff to destroy
all of her documents. She refused and also still
maintains a copy of Gore's database. She won't release
its contents, however, because she says it would violate
the privacy of the donors listed in it.
Anderson's firm, which she owned with her husband, former
Rep. William Anderson, D-Tenn., billed the DNC an average
of about $3,000 a month to maintain Gore's donor
database, she says. The Andersons, who were friends with
Gore's parents, had a falling out with the White House
over a Federal Election Committee case involving the 1992
Clinton-Gore campaign.
Gore's White House fund-raising activities didn't stop
with dial-a-thons.
According to DNC donor Johnny Chung, Gore in 1995
solicited campaign contributions from him, DNC donor
Charlie Trie and 25 other U.S. businessmen inside Gore's
former office in the Old Executive Office Building. Gore
also took dozens of photos with Chung and other donors in
the White House.
Related stories:
Reno ignored 'Big Brother'
More signs Hillary used illegal donor list
Paul Sperry is Washington bureau chief for WorldNetDaily.
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Palestinian child martyrs train for jihad

Veep office used as campaign HQ

Elections may shake up drug policy
by Alan Bock

The impending Bush mandate
by David Limbaugh

Misguided Arab protests
by Joseph Farah

Based on our billing records and my knowledge, quite a
number of his official staff hours were devoted to
building his database for political fund-raising. I don't
mean a half-hour here, and a half-hour there. I'm talking
many hours a day.

-- Pat Anderson, whose former firm, Public Office Corp.,
built Al Gore's donor database and supplied him with
donor call sheets
Ellen Rowell, ... who handled the Gore account and talked
with the vice president's staff on a daily basis, said
preparing call lists and updating the database was 'about
85 percent of what they were doing in his office.'
Gore has argued he only dialed for soft money from the
White House, an activity that he claims isn't covered by
the Hatch Act and therefore has 'no controlling legal
authority.' He raised money by phone from the White House
on at least 46 occasions.


2000 WorldNetDaily.com, Inc.
Direct corrections and technical inquiries to
Advertiser IndexNovember 3, 2000
Reno sets investigation of aborted drug probe
By Jerry Seper
Attorney General Janet Reno yesterday ordered an
investigation into accusations by five Houston police
detectives who said they were pulled off a yearlong
undercover drug probe after a key suspect in the case met
with Vice President Al Gore.
Top Stories
Bush adds campaign stops
Gore seeks support of blacks, Hispanics
'Drastic cutbacks' hurt Navy readiness
Albright defends N. Korea detente
Clinton calls Gore 'next best' to a third Clinton term
It's deja vu in Virginia
Miss Reno ordered the probe amid accusations of
"political interference" by the Houston detectives,
members of a joint Drug Enforcement Administration/
Houston Police Department task force. The case was shut
down two days after the probe's key target, Houston
rapper James Prince, met with Mr. Gore at a Houston
She also ordered that DEA agents in Houston be
removed from the case and replaced by "a new team of
experienced special agents" from other offices assisted
by FBI agents, who also will be assigned to the
investigation. She said the new team would be in place in
a week.
"The Department of Justice and the DEA administrator
find the DEA reports regarding the status of the Houston
investigation disturbing," Assistant Attorney General
Robert Raben said in a letter last night to the House
Government Reform Committee, which had sought information
on the accusations.
"Further, we take very seriously any allegation that
an investigation has been politicized. For these and
other reasons, the attorney general and the DEA
administrator have asked the Office of Inspector General
to investigate these matters," he said.
On Monday, the Houston detectives told House
investigators that DEA Agent Ernest Howard, head of the
agency's Houston office, said the probe had been shut
down despite more than 20 arrests with others pending.
They said they were told not to conduct further inquiries
or pursue new leads involving Mr. Prince, head of a music
recording firm known as Rap-A-Lot.
One Houston detective told investigators, "It was a
slap in the face to me . . .. The rug was pulled out from
under us." The probe, dubbed "Rap-A-Lot," had netted
several of Mr. Prince's employees.
House investigators want to know if there is a
connection between a March 12 campaign visit by Mr. Gore
with Mr. Prince at a Houston church to which Mr. Prince
had donated $1 million and a decision two days later to
end the probe. They also are looking into accusations
that Mr. Prince offered $1 million to the Gore campaign
prior to the vice president's visit.
Mr. Prince was not available yesterday for comment,
although he told the Dallas Morning News, which first
reported the undercover probe had been shut down, he had
unfairly been targeted because he is wealthy and black.
He has denied any wrongdoing and Federal Election
Commission records show he has not contributed to the
Gore campaign.
James Kennedy, spokesman for Mr. Gore, dismissed the
accusations as "baseless," saying the vice president had
no knowledge of the Houston investigation.
But James C. Wilson, the committee's chief counsel,
took exception to Mr. Kennedy's comment, saying that in
view of the Justice Department investigation, "Mr.
Kennedy's comments are nothing more than meaningless
Committee Chairman Rep. Dan Burton asked DEA
Administrator Donnie R. Marshall in a letter this week
for information on whether "Mr. Prince was promising a
large political contribution to the Gore campaign, the
[Democratic National Convention] or any other political
committee." The Indiana Republican wants the DEA to make
nine agents involved in the probe available for
interviews to determine if political pressure was brought
to bear to end the probe.
Mr. Burton told the DEA that while Mr. Gore's role
in the matter remained "unclear," the Houston detectives
were certain why the probe had ended. He also said Mr.
Howard, when questioned by House investigators, denied
the case had been closed a statement since contradicted
by e-mails Mr. Howard sent to DEA headquarters in
One e-mail, sent two days after Mr. Gore's visit to
Houston, said the undercover probe was closed due to
political pressure. Mr. Howard also noted that Mr. Prince
was present "with the VP at the church" during his March
12 visit and "undoubtedly had a picture session as well."
In another e-mail, Mr. Howard said the situation
involving the probe "has only gotten worse" and he had
decided "that the Houston Division will curtail any
enforcement action against this subject." He also said he
had transferred Agent Jack Schumacher, a veteran DEA
official who headed the Rap-A-Lot probe, to a desk job,
describing the order as "an unfortunate occurrence."
Mr. Howard, in another e-mail, said he had briefed
former DEA Administrator Thomas Constantine on the probe
"because of the potential political pressure associated
with it," but that the investigation had been shut down
"Now we bow down to the political pressure anyway,"
he said. "If I had known this, I would have NEVER brought
Jack into this case, nor would I have pursued it. But it
is over now."
House investigators also have focused on what role
Rep. Maxine Waters, California Democrat, played in the
matter. She had complained in a letter to Attorney
General Janet Reno that Mr. Prince was the victim of
police harassment and was fearful for his life, demanding
that Miss Reno intercede in the "questionable practices
of DEA."
The DEA's Office of Professional Responsibility
later investigated those accusations, interviewing Mr.
Prince in her Washington office along with his attorney
and Mrs. Waters' husband, Sidney Williams, who grew up in
the same Houston neighborhood as did Mr. Prince. OPR
later ruled that the accusations were unfounded.
The site of the Prince interview, however, was
questioned by investigators, who said the use of Mrs.
Waters' office was unprecedented since she had brought
the accusations against the DEA. They said the agency
normally avoided contact with members of Congress until
an internal-affairs probe ended.
Mrs. Waters did not return calls to her office for

The Union-Tribune editors secretary told her fellow employees
she wished Editor Winner would die in a plane crash - one of
Clintons favorite ways to kill people. This same secretary just
happened to move across the street from me and asked me to read
her final copy of a nasty letter to the editor to get my
fingerprints on it.
It should be noted that the Union-Tribune reporter I met with, who
had previously exposed District Attorney, SDPD, and judicial
corruption told me his life was in danger. Keep in mind that
Bersin and LaBella successfully prosecuted three judges who the
District Attorney refused to prosecute and whenever I would post
negative things about the District Attorney on the internet, SDPD
officers would attempt to intimidate me by tailing me, circling
me, and showing a strong presence that they had me in the
crosshairs. I, personally, have known that San Diego is an
organized crime mob city since the 60s with the police, DA, and
judges all being interconnected. Nothing has changed except they
are more dangerous than ever, and they recently married law
enforcement with the medical field which allows law enforcement to
frame people and murder via mind controlled, and/or criminal
medical professionals.
In case you were not aware, my files to a federal judge who had
taken a bribe in a lawsuit ten years ago were being downloaded.
That judge was housed in the San Diego federal building where
Bersin and LaBella formerly worked. If you read Insight Magazines
section called Border Wars you will see the Bersin Grand Jury
investigation into illegal drug running and was an intentionally
bungled investigation. You are aware that the Dishonorable Janet
Reno was feeding the Mob President Bill Clinton all federal grand
jury testimonies, but you may not be aware that names that were
uncovered in San Diegos grand jury provided information that
contributed to the hundreds of violent murders just across the
border in Tijuana which is associated with the Arellano-Felix drug
cartel. Associated with that cartel is Jorge Hank Rhon, smuggler,
money launderer who recently was given a Get out of Jail Free
card via a Janet Reno letter clearing him of wrong doing. He is
as free of wrong doing as Sammie the Bull Gravano.
Another leading Watergate burglar was James McCord, a former top
official of the CIA Office of Security, the agency bureau which is
supposed to maintain contacts with US police agencies in order to
facilitate its basic task of providing security for CIA
installations and personnel. The Office of Security was thus
heavily implicated in the CIA's illegal domestic operations,
including cointelpro operations against political dissidents and
groups, and was the vehicle for such mind-control experiments as
Operations Bluebird, Artichoke, and MK-Ultra. The Office of
Security also utilized male and female prostitutes and other sex
operatives for purposes of compromising and blackmailing public
figures, information gathering, and control. According to Hougan,
the Office of Security maintained a "fag file" of some 300,000 US
citizens, with heavy stress on homosexuals. The Office of Security
also had responsibility for Soviet and other defectors. James
McCord was at one time responsible for the physical security of
all CIA premises in the US. McCord was also a close friend of CIA
Counterintelligence Director James Jesus Angleton. McCord was
anxious to cover the CIA's role; at one point he wrote to his
superior, General Gaynor, urging him to "flood the newspapers with
leaks or anonymous letters" to discredit those who wanted to
establish the responsibility of "the company." [fn 21] But
according to one of McCord's own police contacts, Garey
Bittenbender of the Washington DC police Intelligence Division,
who recognized him after his arrest, McCord had averred to him
that the Watergate break-ins had been "a CIA operation," an
account which McCord heatedly denied later. [fn 22]
Another key member of the Plumbers unit was John Paisley, who
functioned as the official CIA liason to the White House
investigative unit. It was Paisley who assumed responsibility for
the overall "leak analysis," that is to say, for defining the
problem of unauthorized divulging of classified materal which the
Plumbers were supposed to combat. Paisley, along with Howard
Osborne of the Office of Security, met with the Plumbers, led by
Kissinger operative David Young, at CIA Headquarters in Langley,
Virginia on August 9, 1971. Paisley's important place on the
Plumbers' roster is most revealing, since Paisley was later to
become an important appointee of CIA Director George Bush. In the
middle of 1976, Bush decided to authorize a group of experts,
ostensibly from outside of the CIA, to produce an analysis which
would be compared with the CIA's own National Intelligence
Estimates on Soviet capabilities and intentions. The panel of
outside experts was given the designation of "Team B." Bush chose
Paisley to be the CIA's "coordinator" of the three subdivisions of
Team B. Paisley would later disappear while sailing on Chesapeake
Bay in September of 1978.
In a White House memorandum by David Young summarizing the August
9, 1971 meeting between the Plumbers and the official CIA leaders,
we find that Young "met with Howard Osborn and a Mr. Paisley to
review what it was that we wanted CIA to do in connection with
their files on leaks from January, 1969 to the present." There
then follows a fourteen-point list of leaks and their
classification, including the frequency of leaks associated with
certain jourmalists, the gravity of the leaks, the frequency of
the leaks, and so forth. A data base was called for, and "it was
decided that Mr. Paisley would get this done by next Monday,
August 16, 1971." On areas where more clarification was needed,
the memo noted, "the above questions should be reviewed with
Paisley within the next two days." [fn 23]
To some degree, Bush was just hanging there and slowly, slowly
twisting in the wind. The slow-witted Ford soon realized that he
had been inept in summarily firing Colby, since Bush would have to
remain in China for some weeks and then return to face
confirmation hearings. Ford had to ask Colby to stay on in a
caretaker capacity until Bush took office.
....During the early 1960's, after the Bay of Pigs, Theodore
Shackley had been the head of the CIA Miami Station during the
years in which Operation Mongoose was at its peak. This was the
Howard Hunt and Watergate Cubans crowd, circles familiar to Felix
Rodriguez (Max Gomez), who in the 1980's supervised gun-running
and drug-running out of Bush's vice presidential office.
Later, Shackley was reportedly the chief of the CIA station in
Vientiane, Laos, between July 1966 and December 1968. Some time
after that he moved on to become the CIA station chief in Saigon,
where he had directed the implementation of the Civilian
Operations and Rural Development Support (CORDS) progra, better
known as Operation Phoenix, a genocidal crime against humanity
which killed tens of thousands of Vietnamese civilians because
they were suspected of working for the Vietcong, or sometimes
simply because they were able to read and write. As for Shackley,
there are also reports that he worked for a time in the late
1960's in Rome, during the period when the CIA's GLADIO
capabilities were being used to launch a wave of terrorism in that
country. Such was the man that Bush chose to appoint to a position
of reponsibility in the CIA. Later, Shackley will turn up as a
"speech writer" for Bush during the 1979-80 campaign.
...In the meantime, the scuttlebut around Langley and the Pentagon
was, according to a high CIA official, that "the CIA and DOD will
love George Bush and Don Rumsfeld more than they hated or feared
Bill Colby and Jim Schlesinger because neither will make any real
waves." One writer summed up Bush's superficial public profile
during this period as "not altogether incompetent." [fn 32]
...Unlike Colby, who was loyal to the ideal of the CIA rather than
to the people, Bush was committed to both.
One of the most spectacular scandals of Bush's tenure at the CIA
was the assassination in Washington DC of the Chilean exile leader
Orlando Letelier, who had been a minister in the government of
Salvador Allende Gossens, who had been overthrown by Kissinger in
1973. Letelier along with Ronnie Moffitt of the Washington
Institute for Policy Studies died on September 21, 1976 in the
explosion of a car bomb on Sheridan Circle, in the heart of
Washington's Embassy Row district along Massachusetts Avenue.
Relatively few cases of international terrorism have taken place
on the territory of the United States, but this was certainly an
exception. Bush's activities before and after this assassination
amount to one of the most bizarre episodes in the annals of secret
intelligence operations.
One of the assassins of Letelier was unquestionably one Michael
Vernon Townley, a CIA agent who had worked for David Atlee Philips
in Chile. After the overthrow of Allende and the advent of the
Pinochet ditatorship, David Atlee Philips had become the director
of the CIA's western hemipshere operations. In 1975 Phillips
founded AFIO, the Association of Former Intelligence Officers,
which has supported George Bush in every campaign he has ever
waged since that time. Townley, as a "former" CIA agent, had gone
to work for the DINA, the Chilean secret police, and had been
assigned by the DINA as its liaison man with a group called CORU.
CORU was the acronym for Command of United Revolutionary
Organizations, a united front of four anti-Castro Cuban
organizations based primarily in the neighborhood of Miami called
Little Havana. With CORU, we are back in the milieu of Miami anti-
Castro Cubans whose political godfather George Bush had been since
very early in the 1960's. CORU was at that time working together
with the intelligence services of Chile's Pinochet, Paraguay's
Alfredo Stroessner, and Nicaragua's Somoza for operations against
common enemies, including Chilean left-wing emigres and Castro
assets. Soon after the foundation of CORU, bombs began to go off
at the Cuban Mission to the United Nations in New York.
During this period a Miami doctor named Orlando Bosch was
arrested, allegedly because he had been planning to assassinate
Henry Kissinger, and that ostensibly because of Kissinger's
concessions to Castro. During the same period, the Chilean DINA
was mounting its so-called Operation Condor, a plan to assassinate
emigre opponents of the Pinochet dictatorship and its Milton
Friedman, Chicago school economic policies. [fn 45]
...Bush's complicity deepens when we turn to the post-
assassination coverup. The prosecutor in the Letelier-Moffitt
murders was Assistant US Attorney Eugene M. Propper. Nine days
after the assassinations, Propper was trying without success to
get some cooperation from the CIA, since it was obvious enough to
anyone that the Chilean regime was the prime suspect in the
killing of one of its most prominent political opponents. The CIA
had been crudely stonewalling Propper. He had even been unable to
secure the requisite security clearance to see documents in the
case. Then Propper received a telephone call from Stanley
Pottinger, Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Civil
Rights Division of the Justice Department. Pottinger said that he
had been in contact with members of the Institute for Policy
Studies who had argued that the Civil Rights Division ought to
take over the Letelier case because of its clear political
implications. Propper argued that he should keep control of the
case since the Protection of Foreign Officials Act gave him
jurisdiction. Pottinger agreed that Propper was right, and that he
ought to keep the case. When Pottinger offered to be of help in
any possible way, Propper asked if Pottinger could expedite
cooperation with the CIA..
...The liason between Pipes' Team B and Team A, the official CIA,
was provided by John Paisley, who had earlier served as the
liaison between Langley and the McCord-Hunt-Liddy Plumbers. In
this sense Paisley served as the staff director of the Team A-Team
B experiment. Pipes then began choosing the members of Team B.
First he selected from a list provided by the CIA two military
men, Lieutenant General John Vogt and Brigadier General Jasper
Welch, Jr., both of the Air Force. Pipes the added seven
additional members: Paul Nitze, Gen. Daniel Graham, the retiring
head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Professor William van
Cleave of the University of Southern California, former US
Ambassador to Moscow Foy Kohler, Paul Wolfowitz of the Arms
Control and Disarmament Agency, Thomas Wolfe of the RAND
Corporation, and Seymour Weiss, a former top State Department
official. Two other choices by Pipes were rejected by Bush.
...n a grim postlude to the Team B exercise, Bush's hand-picked
staff director for the operation, John Paisley, the Soviet analyst
(Paisley was the former deputy director of the CIA's Office of
Strategic Research) and CIA liaison to the Plumbers, disappeared
on September 24, 1978 while sailing on Chesapeake Bay in his
sloop, the Brillig. Several days later a body was found floating
in the bay in an advanced state of decomposition, and with a gun
shot wound behind the left ear. The corpse was weighed down by two
sets of ponderous diving belts. The body was four inches shorter
than Paisley's own height, and Paisley's wife later asserted that
the body found was not that of her husband. Despite all this, the
body was positively identified as Paisley's, the death summarily
ruled a suicide, and the body quickly cremated at a funeral home
approved by the Office of Security. Paisley had been involved
along with Angleton in the debriefing and managing of Soviet
defectors like Nosenko and Nikolai Artamonov/"Shadrin," and
various aspects of this case show that the Bush-Cherne Team B had
not really ceased its operations after 1976-77, but had continued
to function. Some have attempted to identify Paisley as Deep
Throat. Others have suggested that he was a KGB mole. Either
story, if true, might lead to highly embarrassing consequences for
George Bush. [fn 55]
...During the Schlesinger-Colby period, about 2,000 CIA personnel,
representing about 15% of the CIA manpower complement, were
dismissed. The method of these firings appears to have been
heavily influenced by Shackley and his faction, who argued that
CIA personnel who were in danger of being exposed by Philip Agee
should be pre-emptively terminated. There is therefore much reason
to think that Shackley and Agee were in cahoots. This purge
touched many important posts, which could then be filled by
Shackley loyalists. A description of the process is offered by
retired CIA agent Joseph Burkholder Smith, who served in the
Western Hemisphere division:
It also should be noted that the heir to the Copley fortune, David
Copley (and I need not remind you that the SLA target Patty Hearst
was the heir to the Hearst fortune) had been targeted by mind
controlled, spree killer, Versace killer, Andrew Cunanen, who was
allowed to continue his killing spree because of a bungled FBI
investigation. Books have been written which spell out the FBI
could have apprehended him had they wanted to. Cunanen lived
within blocks of Gary Atwood, who is not only mind controlled, but
a controller himself.
Morning of OKC bombing Hillary testifying in Whitewater? Posted
on internet. Not able to verify.
Clintons selection for CIA Director, a chemist, John Deutch,
who left the CIA to become SAIC Board member is under criminal
investigation from his Pentagon and CIA days for mishandling
thousands of top secret files of which Gary Atwoods and the SLAs
would be among. Presently San Diegos SAIC is working in
conjunction with Stanford Research Institute, which conducted
experiments on the SLA, to conduct experiment,s SRI uses SAIC
(headquartered in San Diego) to carry out its defense projects:
http://www.probable future.com/p37.htm
Mr. Deutch is said to have inflicted "major damage" to the CIA's
espionage branch. Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee said
that Deutch had information on his computer that only the top two
or three people at the Pentagon knew.

FROM: Web Review: National Affairs
"Over the years SAIC's relationship with the government has
had its ups and downs. A quick check of public databases
shows that:
* In 1990 SAIC was indicted by the Justice Department on 10
felony counts for fraud in its management of a Superfund
toxic cleanup site. (SAIC pleaded guilty.)
* In 1993 the Justice Department sued SAIC, accusing it of
civil fraud on an F15 fighter contract.
* In May 1995, the same month SAIC purchased NSI, the
company settled a suit that charged it had lied about
security system tests it conducted for a Treasury Department
currency plant in Fort Worth, TX. (The company paid the
government $125,000 to cover the cost of the investigation
as part of that settlement.)
The NSF was unaware of these cases when it let the SAIC/NSI
merger pass, according to director Strawn. "I can't really
say that we did much in the way of a background check on
SAIC at the time," he said.
But Sue Volnek, an SAIC spokesperson, described the three
cases as isolated events. "SAIC has completed over 5,000
government contracts successfully." She said that the
responsible SAIC employees had broken company rules in each
case and were fired for it."
"Current SAIC government jobs include contracts to re-
engineer the information systems at the Pentagon, track
weapons of mass destruction around the world, study the
spread of ballistic missile technology, integrate and
automate the FBI's computerized fingerprint identification
system, and build a national criminal history information
system." [This sounds like the database for the WHODB
combined with the criminal element to carry out the
neutralization or death of political enemies.]
Crypt Newsletter:
"the Los Angeles Times published a feature a week prior to
Inman's exit showing links to a nation spanning consulting
firm - Science Applications - which seems to exist as a
shadow ruling-class within the Pentagon.
Science Applications International Corporation, of which
Inman is a director, has many members in top spots within
the Pentagon.
The Pentagon, in standard behavior-mode, refused to comment
to the Times on anything concerning Science Applications.
William J. Perry, the current second in command at the
Pentagon and the man who has replaced Inman as nominee, was
a director of Science Applications until he was elevated to
his current position in 1993. Like Inman, Perry is a
military-industrial complex insider, steeped in the
Strangelovian traditions of Cold War secrecy and
superweapons development. (MK Ultra mind control is listed
as a non-lethal military weapon.)
Perry, given the fatuous title "godfather of stealth
technology" by the Washington Post in 1989 when the truth
about the disastrous B-2 bomber began to leak, was Jimmy
Carter's undersecretary for research and engineering in the
late Seventies when stealth projects, among other bizarre
schemes for Doomsday weaponry, began disappearing into the
nascent vortex of SAR (Special Access Required) - or "deep
black" financing." [mind control}
I wrote Director Tenet in March, 1999.
In April, 1999...
Justice, CIA Probe Ex-Chief Deutch
WASHINGTON (AP) -- CIA technicians found 31 secret files
in the unsecured personal computer at the home of the
former Director John Deutch shortly after he stepped
down as the nation's top spy, it was reported Sunday.
The Central Intelligence Agency turned the case over to
the Justice Department, which investigated for a year
before deciding not to file charges, Newsweek magazine
The Justice Department returned the case to the CIA,
which Newsweek said was preparing a critical report and
considering revocation of Deutch's security clearances.
Agency spokesman Bill Harlow said he was familiar with
the Newsweek story but could not comment. The
newsmagazine said Deutch would not comment, and a call
to his Massachusetts home was not returned immediately
Quoting Justice Department sources, the magazine said
Deutch's mishandling of classified material came to
light shortly after he resigned in December 1996. He was
to continue as a consultant.
Agency technicians went to his home for a routine check
to ensure CIA procedures were being followed to protect
secrets, Newsweek said in its issue appearing on
newsstands Monday. They found 31 classified national
security documents on his personal computer, even though
he had a secure agency computer at home, the report
During the Justice Department investigation, Deutch was
reappointed to a federal panel that studies how to
combat proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and
was given top security clearances, Newsweek said.
AP-NY-04-11-99 1556EDT
Mind control is one of those secrets which has slipped out to the
private sector and is being used by criminal in the medical and
legal professions to commit crimes using the non-lethal weaponry
called mind control for commerce reasons and slavery.
By Chris Flash
The internet naming system, known as the "domain name
system," operated by the Internet Network Information
Center (InterNIC) under the guardianship of the National
Science Foundation (NSF), a government organization
funded with tax dollars, has been privatized. InterNIC,
the name registry part of the internet, is now run by
Network Solutions, Inc. (NSI), which now enjoys a highly
profitable monopoly.
InterNIC, administered by NSF, began name service on the
internet for free. In 1993, InterNIC was privatized with
a contract between NSF and NSI, awarding the domain
registration service of the internet to NSI. In March of
1995, NSI was bought by the Scientific Applications
International Corporation (SAIC). In September 1995, NSI
began charging a $100 fee for name registration. Thus,
InterNIC was transfered from the public sector (NSF) to
the private sector (SAIC), with no public hearings or a
competitive bidding process.
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October 19, 2000 URGENT: Read Rep. Bob Barr's Letter
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Links MoneyNews
With Carl Limbacher and NewsMax.com StaffFor the story
behind the story...
Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2000
Hunt for Gertz's Moles at the CIA
NewsMax.com hears from an official at the CIA that the
work of Washington Times reporter Bill Gertz has ignited
several major "mole hunts" at the agency to find leakers.
Gertz is the trailblazing reporter who has uncovered the
Clinton-Gore administration sellout of America's national
security during the past eight years.
Just this month Gertz broke the story of Gore having
worked with the Russians to keep the transfer of nuclear
technology secret from the U.S. Congress.
Gertz's revelations show that the once highly regarded
intelligence agency has been politicized by the
administration at almost every level.
CIA source tells NewsMax.com that only about 10 percent
of the agency staff oppose President Clinton's efforts to
politicize the agency. Internal CIA buzzwords like "team
players" and "team work" mean just one thing: the CIA is
to advocate Clinton-Gore foreign policy no matter what.
Still, some stalwarts at the CIA don't like the drift of
the agency from an independent intelligence and analysis
operation to one that "advocates" foreign policy
CIA source says the agency has made a full-time effort to
find leakers, including inventorying telephone calls of
CIA employees to find a Gertz connection.
Also a new procedure at the agency has employees sign
logs before looking at classified data in hopes of
catching the Gertz moles.
Too bad the same procedure wasn't instituted with the FBI
files taken by the White House in a "bureaucratic snafu."
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October 19, 2000 URGENT: Read Rep. Bob Barr's Letter
With Carl Limbacher and NewsMax.com StaffFor the story
behind the story...
Thursday October 19, 2000; 12:10 AM EDT
Tennessee Teachers Union Muzzles Bush Backer
The Metro Nashville Teachers Association won't be
supporting Texas governor George Bush for president this
year. And they're not particularly tolerant of anybody
who might.
John Yount, an active union member for eight years who
was elected to the MNTA's political action committee,
says that union leaders have tried to silence him because
he supports Bush's White House bid.
Under lax export controls and reckless sharing of
information, Clinton/Gore have armed a new enemy.

By Kenneth R. Timmerman

When Bill Clinton and Al Gore came to power in
January 1993, the United States was at the apex of its
power. The Peoples Republic of China (PRC) was then a
minor player on the worlds stage, both militarily and
diplomatically. The Chinese Communist leadership had
shocked the world by ordering the Peoples Liberation
Army (PLA) to open fire on pro-democracy students in
Tiananmen Square in June 1989 and was still reeling from
the international isolation that followed. President
Bush, harshly criticized by then-Arkansas governor
Clinton for coddling dictators from Baghdad to
Beijing, had in fact issued an executive order cutting
off military sales to Communist China following the
Tiananmen Square massacre, much to the chagrin of major
U.S. defense contractors. The Bush administration also
tightened export controls on dual-use technologies,
which have both civilian and military applications.
Chinas inability to gain free access to advanced
U.S. technologies after 1989 had a direct impact on
Chinas military hardware. When Clinton and Gore came to
power, the PLA had no modern air-defense systems; it
lacked a military communications network; it had no
modern command-and-control systems; it had no imaging or
electronic eavesdropping satellites; its strategic
rockets were unreliable and its theater missiles were at
a nascent stage of development, hampered by technology
bottlenecks. And in all of these areas, there was no
solution on the horizon.
What a difference seven years have made. In this
interval we have seen dramatic changes brought about by
the Clinton/Gore administration in the way the United
States manages its national-security export-control
system. Unbeknownst to voters, or even to most policy
experts, the new administration came to Washington in
January 1993 with a coherent plan for gutting the entire
export-control system, which it called a wasting asset
left over from the Cold War.
The plan was devised by William Perry, Ashton
Carter and Mitchel Wallerstein and published with little
fanfare in 1992 by the National Academy of Sciences.
Perry, Carter and Wallerstein were appointed to the
Defense Department during the first weeks of the new
administration and given responsibility for putting the
plan into action.
Among the critical technologies the Chinese
needed and the administration wanted to give them
were U.S. supercomputers.
Commerce security
under Daley a 'joke'
Gore's campaign chair spent money
for post-Huang upgrades on retreats
By Paul Sperry
2000 WorldNetDaily.com
WASHINGTON -- When Al Gore's campaign chairman, William
Daley, took over the reins at the Commerce Department
more than three years ago, he came under immediate
pressure to tighten security in the wake of reports of
major security lapses, including loose handling of
classified information, at the department.
The problems came to light during congressional
investigations of former Commerce official John Huang, a
convicted Clinton-Gore fund-raiser with close ties to
In 1997, a special security task force recommended
sweeping improvements in the way the department handles
employee security clearances and classified information.
In a July 1997 internal memo, Daley agreed to make the
recommended changes.
But few of the changes have been made, and some of the
money budgeted for fixes has been "wasted" by the
department's security office on employee retreats,
seminars and outside consultants, security officials
told WorldNetDaily.
"Daley agreed to the security improvements, but they
never happened," said a former Commerce security
specialist. "He just paid lip service to the
"Security there is a joke," said another official who
also wished to go unnamed.
Oct 25, 2000
NSA s warning arrived too late to save the Cole; Tardy
transmission at fault
The National Security Agency issued a top-secret intelligence
report on the day the destroyer USS Cole was bombed, warning that
terrorists were planning an attack in the region, The Washington
Times has learned.
The warning was not received until after the ship was attacked.
Intelligence officials say this raises questions about whether the
military could have taken steps to prevent the attack if the alert
had been received earlier.
Despite worldwide instantaneous communications, the agency usually
requires 24 to 48 hours to gather, translate and disseminate the
highly classified reports. The information contained in the report
could have been known before the attack, the officials said.
The final report was not distributed until several hours after the
bombing, which took place in the early morning hours of Oct. 12,
Washington time. The blast killed 17 sailors and wounded 39, and
ripped a 40-foot hole in the hull of the Cole.
The NSA warning stated that terrorists, whom intelligence
officials did not identify, were involved in ``operational
planning'' for an attack on U.S. or Israeli personnel or property
in the Middle East.
One official said the warning was specific to an attack in Yemen,
but other officials said it was more general and referred to the
Persian Gulf region. U.S. intelligence and military officials said
the warning was not disseminated soon enough and was not reported
on the U.S. intelligence community's worldwide computer network
called Intellink, the most widely used intelligence reporting
``There was nothing in the normal intelligence reporting on
this,'' said one official. NSA reports normally are not widely
disseminated within government because of their sensitivity. The
system for reporting terrorist threat alerts is carried out
through separate reporting channels.
NSA reports are sent to the CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency,
State Department intelligence and the intelligence arms of the
military services for inclusion in their reporting. Those reports
then are made available to the policy-makers and military
The NSA reported that members of the group were tracked to Dubai
and Beirut as part of planning for the terrorist operation, said
officials familiar with the report who spoke on condition of
The Pentagon, meanwhile, announced yesterday that it had received
a ``specific threat'' of attack in the past 48 hours that prompted
commanders to order U.S. forces in Qatar and Bahrain to go to
their highest state of alert.
``Given the circumstances, the recent attack on the Cole and the
generally higher level of threat throughout that region, we
thought it was simply the prudent thing to do, to go to that
higher threat condition in those two specific areas,'' Pentagon
spokesman Rear Adm. Craig Quigley told reporters. About 1,100
military personnel are posted in Bahrain where the Fifth Fleet has
a headquarters. About 50 troops are in Qatar to manage a stockpile
of war material that could be called on for a regional conflict.
The issue of specific warnings and the Pentagon's handling of the
Cole incident will be discussed during a House Armed Services
Committee hearing set for today. Defense Intelligence Agency
Director Rear Adm. Thomas Wilson is scheduled to testify.
The terrorist organization identified in the NSA report was
described by the officials as ``a known group,'' but was not
Suspects for the attack have been identified by U.S. officials as
terrorists linked to Saudi expatriate Osama bin Laden and an
associated group, Egyptian Islamic Jihad. In examining
intelligence reports leading up to the bombing, intelligence
officials uncovered several key indicators but no solid
information about the specific attack.
The officials said that in addition to the NSA report, two other
pieces of intelligence are being investigated:
{{}bullet}{nl}A Yemeni national was invited on board one of two
U.S. Navy destroyers that docked in Aden in August. The Yemeni was
invited to a meal in an officers' stateroom but insisted on eating
on the mess deck _ the same area that was hit on the Cole's
midsection as sailors were eating a meal.
Intelligence officials suspect the Yemeni could have been
conducting surveillance of the ship.
On previous Navy ship visits to Aden, no visitors were on the
shoreline. However, when the Cole arrived in port, its docks were
lined with people, an indicator that local residents may have
anticipated some type of attack. Spokesman for the CIA, NSA and
the Pentagon declined to comment on the NSA report, citing a
policy of not commenting on intelligence.
An intelligence official said that ``if such a threat report
existed, you can be sure that it was disseminated widely and
certainly shared with the military.''
A senior military official said since the bombing that
intelligence officials checked the message traffic and found no
specific terrorist threat warnings issued on Oct. 12. ``We have no
traffic that points to a specific threat to Yemen regarding Cole
or a ship visit,'' the official said.
The Navy on Friday revised its account of the bombing. It
initially stated that the suicide bombers had been part of a group
of boats about 21 feet to 25 feet long that were helping the Cole
tie up to a refueling buoy.
The blast initially was said to have occurred at 12:15 p.m. local
time, or 5:15 a.m. EDT, as the ship was being helped by the small
boats in tying up to a refueling buoy. The later account said the
blast occurred at 11:18 a.m. (4:18 a.m. EDT) after the ship had
moored. The revised account is significant because it indicates
the ship was attacked by a lone boat as the ship was in the
process of refueling. It also indicates a possible breakdown in
Defense officials said the latest warning of an attack was
received in the past two days and was specific enough to alert
U.S. forces to increase their defensive posture from Threat
Condition Charlie to Threat Condition Delta _ the highest alert
Adm. Quigley, the Pentagon spokesman, said local military
commanders around the world are apprised of terrorist threat
information and are in charge of taking precautions against
``The information on the threats that was perceived by the
intelligence community against the U.S. forces in those areas is
communicated not only to the local commanders but up and down the
chain of command,'' he said. ``So it was not like it was only
shared with the local commanders.''
He described the warning system as ``a continuous iterative
The threat condition at the time of the Cole bombing was Threat
Condition Charlie, the second to highest alert level.
The warning announced yesterday covers the staff of the U.S. Fifth
Fleet and support activities related to it in Bahrain and Qatar.
The Threat Condition Delta is based on conditions when a terrorist
attack has occurred, ``or intelligence indicates likely terrorist
action against a specific location,'' Adm. Quigley said.


Gore brings back $640 toilet seat
Investigators: VP's 'Reinventing Government'
causing widespread defense purchase abuses
By Charles Thompson
and Tony Hays
2000 WorldNetDaily.com
The military procurement horror tales of the early 1980s --
immortalized by the $435 claw hammer, the $640 toilet seat and
$7,600 coffee makers -- have returned, say investigators, thanks
to Vice President Al Gore's "Reinventing Government" campaign.
When President Ronald Reagan first heard of the outrageous
overcharging on ABC's 20/20, which exposed the labyrinthine
military purchasing bureaucracy that allowed $1,118.26 to be paid
for a spare plastic cap for a navigator's stool on a B-52 bomber
(worth about two cents), he demanded answers from Secretary of
Defense Casper Weinberger.
Weinberger promised Reagan he would determine the malefactors and
punish them, but instead he appeared on Capitol Hill and defended
the shocking prices. Outraged, Washington Post cartoonist Herblock
lampooned Weinberger by drawing a toilet seat around his neck. The
seat remained around his neck as long as Weinberger remained in
Shortly after Gore took office as vice president in 1993, he began
his campaign to "reinvent" government, frequently appearing on the
David Letterman and other television talk shows, smashing ash
trays to show how ludicrous government regulations could be.
Government rules specified how many shards were allowable when the
ashtray disintegrated.
Fed up with bureaucrats and overly burdensome red tape, the public
and the media basically gave Gore a wide berth and accepted what
he said at face value. However, some were worried over Gore's
proposal to pare back auditors and basically pay bills on good
The Pentagon, which faced the bulk of the criticism over shoddy
buying practices and poor fiscal controls, was therefore amenable
to embracing Gore's cuts of oversight, dubbing its new program
"Acquisition Reform."
The Department of Defense inaugurated a system (sometimes called
"Pay and Chase"), in which every bill that came in was paid, no
matter how apparently inflated or otherwise suspicious, and later
chased down if necessary in an attempt to retrieve the
overpayment. The Defense Accounting Finance Service writes $22
billion in checks every month.
Air Force fiscal expert Ernest Fitzgerald and veteran Capitol Hill
investigator Charles Murphy, both working for Sen. Charles
Grassley, R-Iowa, on a study of Air Force billing practices,
recently examined 200 items selected for them by the Air Force.
They discovered that not a single one had been properly invoiced.
This, they say, results in serious fraud:
* Take the case of Mark Krenik, a Pentagon fiscal oversight
officer, who created a phony company and then billed himself
$504,000. He had to repay the money, but was not sentenced to
prison. Probation only, and a $495 fine. He told the federal judge
that he did it because everyone else in his section was doing to
the same, but he was not required to name names.
* Sgt. Robbie Miller, who was stationed at the Wright-Patterson
Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, was convicted and sent to prison
for stealing $1 million in a deal similar to Krenik's. Miller
would not have been caught had he not been involved in two
adulterous affairs with female co-workers in the middle of his
swindle. The second woman didn't entirely trust Miller and
compiled a detailed file, which she turned over to criminal
investigators. Agents say they swooped down on Miller as he was
hauling garbage bags of evidence out of the office to burn it.
Fitzgerald says that even in the "bad old days of the early
1980s," the Air Force would prosecute someone who engaged in a
conspiracy to defraud vendors, made false entries in financial
ledgers or turned in fake accounts. "But now the brass doesn't
think it's worth the trouble," Fitzgerald said. Contractors were
billing $300 a night hotel rooms, private jet flights, meals at
five-star restaurants and bar bills to the government.
Air Force non-commissioned officers like Miller, who handle giant
accounts at Dayton, call any vendor account that is less than
$100,000 "budget dust" and say it's not worth the time or effort
trying to recover. Fitzgerald and Murphy also uncovered many
instances of Pentagon checks being sent to deceased persons.
According to the Project On Government Oversight, the Defense
Criminal Investigative Agency used to get hundreds of criminal
case referrals each year. Now it only gets a handful.
"Drastically cutting oversight personnel blinds the government in
its oversight of tens of billions of dollars of contracts each
year," said Danielle Brian, executive director of POGO.
Another phrase used to describe fraud is "bucket billing." This is
for really big stuff. It means, according to Fitzgerald, that you
have the money, but don't have any particular program to which to
allocate it, so you stick it willy-nilly in places where it's hard
for overworked auditors to discover. "Straight Pay" means you pay
a contractor for doing no work.
"Each time you pull one of these shenanigans, it's a lot of work.
Your boss and his dog have to change their books," Fitzgerald
"Fast Track" -- the Pentagon's favorite phrase for what amounts to
lax fiscal controls -- is part and parcel of the streamlined
government Gore has promoted, but it generally means that no cost
controls are in effect, say investigators. In fact, a Department
of Defense inspector general's report issued in Jan. 1999 stated
that there was between two and three trillion dollars in
"unsupported accounting adjustments" on the books. That doesn't
mean all that money has been stolen or wasted -- it just means
nobody knows for sure where it is.
At a time when both George W. Bush and Al Gore are talking about
beefing up the military, and bemoaning reports that some units are
incapable of being deployed because of a chronic lack of spare
parts, it now appears that some of those spare parts have been
drastically overpaid.
The Pentagon is paying 618 percent more for its spare parts than
it should, according to the inspector general's report, titled
"Commercial Spare Parts Purchased on a Corporate Contract." It
cited a $24.72 spare part that the government bought from Boeing
for $403.39 -- a markup of 1,532 percent. Another contractor
charged $76 for 57-cent screws.
"The problem is that by going so far in reducing oversight, 'the
reformers' have thrown the baby out with the bathwater, resulting
in cases of 618 percent overpricing again," Brian said.
Most responsible for the return to gold-plated military toilet
seats, she said, is "Al Gore and his 'Reinventing Government'
Charles C. Thompson II, a network news veteran and producer of
both ABC's "20/20" and CBS's "60 Minutes," is the author of "A
Glimpse of Hell: The Explosion on the U.S.S. Iowa and Its Cover-
An experienced print journalist, Tony Hays' recent 20-part series
on narcotics trafficking received an award from the Tennessee
Press Association.
2000 WorldNetDaily.com, Inc.
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Please direct news submissions to news@worldnetdaily.com


Report confirms
Army lab charges
Inspector general probe documents
corruption, but no action follows
By David M. Bresnahan
2000 WorldNetDaily.com
The Army Inspector General investigated and reported illegal
activities and security risks at Maryland's Army Research Labs,
but lab officials have taken no action against the offending
The investigation found that government employees committed fraud,
made false statements, received improper promotions, solicited
gratuities from contractors, received those gratuities, and the
contractor involved paid gratuities "in exchange for contracts or
favorable treatment," according to the Army inspector general
report obtained by WorldNetDaily through the Freedom of
Information Act.
"The AIG report is a completed document and will not serve as the
basis for any actions," confirmed Army Research Labs spokesman
David A. Davison.
The only action taken by lab officials was to conduct another
investigation, according to Davison. Although that investigation
was completed in July, the Army lab refused to release it to
WorldNetDaily or reveal its findings.
The Army inspector general report was given to Dr. Robert W.
Whalin, civilian director of the Army labs in November 1999. But
rather than take action against the employees cited in the report,
Whalin asked a long-time friend, retired Gen. Allen Grum, to
conduct a new investigation.
WorldNetDaily obtained a copy of the Army IG report, but not the
completed Grum report, which remains locked in Whalin's office.
However, WND was able to obtain most of the evidence gathered for
both investigations.
"The report completed by General Allen Grum contains internal
advice, recommendations, and subjective evaluations which are
exempt from release under exemption Number 5 of the FOIA. It also
contains personal information relating to government employees
that could result in an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy
and is exempt from release pursuant to Exemption Number 6 and 7 of
the FOIA," said Timothy W. Connolly, FOIA officer at the Army labs
in a letter to WorldNetDaily.
"The Grum report may be used as the basis for possible personnel
actions and, as such, is still in use. Therefore, it is largely
exempt from FOIA release," explained Davison.
Previously, Davison denied any investigation had taken place at
the Army Research Labs and laughed at suggestions that employees
had committed plagiarism when questioned by WorldNetDaily.
Whalin has declined to respond to questions and Grum would confirm
only that he conducted "an informal investigation," not an
official 15-6.
The inspector general report details the evidence used in the
investigation, most of which was provided to the investigators by
a group of concerned employees at the Army Research Labs. Although
the evidence incriminates a number of ARL civilian employees and
management, only one employee, Gloria P. Wren, was forced to
resign, and only after WorldNetDaily broke the story about the
Wren was chief of the propulsion branch at the ballistics and
weapons concepts division of the Army lab. Scientists there
complained about her for many years.
The Army IG report remained hidden from the public and from Army
lab whistleblowers until WND obtained a copy from the Pentagon
through the Freedom of Information Act. The report contradicts
Davison's claims that there was no investigation and no need for
remedial or punitive action to be taken.
Upon learning of the documents obtained by WND, Davison changed
his previous statement, saying the reason for his earlier denial
was that "there was no investigation of the type you asked about."
Wren and Bill Oberle claimed to be co-authors of numerous
technical and scientific papers, but those papers were actually
authored by others, according to the Army inspector general
report. Supervisors of Wren and Oberle were required to review
technically and approve the final papers.
The supervisors included Dr. Ingo May, former director of the Army
Research Labs Weapons and Materials Division; Albert W. Horst, a
division chief; and Walter F. (Rick) Morrison, director of science
and technology integration. All three top-level managers are
highly qualified in the field of interior ballistics.
Although May ostensibly retired from ARL in July -- complete with
a retirement party -- his retirement has been held up pending a
separate investigation into his own involvement, conducted by the
U.S. Office of Special Counsel, according to an investigator who
spoke on the condition of anonymity.
Morrison and Horst are also under investigation, according to the
The Army inspector general's report, dated Nov. 18, 1999, provides
a listing for both substantiated and unsubstantiated charges. The
report states that the unsubstantiated charges are "none."
Army IG report substantiated charges:
* "(Redacted names) improperly solicited and received
contractor gratuities (research papers) to represent as her own
work in violation of 5 CFR sec 2635.202."
* "(Redacted names) improperly solicited and received
contractor gratuities in exchange for contracts or favorable
treatment under a contract in violation of FAR part 3 subpart
3.101-2 and 5 CFR Sec 2635.202."
* "CRAFTech (sic) (Combustion Research and Flow Technology,
Inc.) a government contractor improperly provided non-contractual
work product or gratuities to (redacted names) in exchange for
contracts or favorable treatment under a contract in violation of
FAR part 3 subpart 3.2."
* "(Redacted names) improperly received a promotion based in
part on gratuitous reports received from government contractors in
violation of 5 CFR sec 2635.202."
* "That (redacted names) made False, Fictitious, and Fraudulent
Statements in violation of US Code Title 18 Sec 1001."
Despite the substantiated charges, no action was taken by Army
Research Labs against the employees involved. ARL officials claim
the only thing needed was a revision of the procedures and ethics
of workers.
"Investigations pointed to procedural weaknesses in certain areas.
Areas include ethical responsibilities in the publication and
presentation of technical information, procedures in dealing with
contractual workers, employee training and supervisory
responsibilities. An executive office reviewing official has been
appointed to make appropriate recommendations for modifications in
ARL processes, procedures and regulations to minimize the
probability of a reoccurrence of similar events. It is expected
that recommendations will be implemented by the end of the
calendar year," Davison said.
When asked specifically about Wren, Oberle, Horst, May and
Morrison, he would only say that due to privacy restrictions, "we
cannot comment on any personnel actions."
Oberle and Wren were listed as co-authors of the plagiarized
documents. Despite the fact that the same evidence was a part of
the inspector general report, only Wren was asked to leave. Oberle
has been transferred to a new position with greater
Army records show that Oberle and Wren both worked as teachers in
the Baltimore County School District prior to going to work at ARL
in the mid-1980s. They had adjacent offices from the beginning of
their employment until Wren was forced to resign in July.
The evidence in the Army IG investigation shows that both Wren and
Oberle began to plagiarize documents soon after they began work at
Army research facility. Many of the documents obtained by
WorldNetDaily show that Wren and Oberle were co-authors, while
earlier versions of the same documents do not show their names at
Despite complaints from more than a dozen Army Research Labs
employees about the plagiarism, both Wren and Oberle were promoted
to GS-15 level, each with salary and benefits in excess of
$100,000 per year. Promotions required the approval of Morrison,
Horst and May -- all three of whom had to approve the various
plagiarized documents submitted to qualify for the promotion.
The evidence used in the Army IG investigation shows that Wren and
Oberle did not write the plagiarized documents. Their students, a
government contractor, ARL employees and university professors
Even Oberle's doctoral thesis came under question in the
More than a dozen current and former Army lab civilian employees
provided evidence and information to WND -- many of the same
whistleblowers who provided evidence and testimony to the Army
inspector general.
"The price for telling the truth has been very high," said one of
the employees in a phone interview. "There has been all kinds of
retribution. Every time someone gets moved in a reorganization or
RIFed ('reduction in force') out, the soldiers are the ones who
pay the price because the projects we are working on suffer
greatly. And, of course, the taxpayer is hurt too."
The whistleblowers agreed that the actions of May, Horst, and
Morrison caused many employees to "go along to get along," rather
than complain and risk losing their job.
"They are constantly using intimidation and fear to control,"
explained one of the whistleblowers.
When the results of the Army IG investigation were released
internally to Whalin in November 1999, no action was taken against
Wren or Oberle. The report was quietly filed and a new
investigation was started in December. Wren and Oberle were not
considered to be a security risk, and in fact were given greater
responsibilities. No restrictions were placed on their security
When the first reports of problems at Army Research Labs were
published by WorldNetDaily, it was announced to ARL staff that
Wren had been selected to receive long-term training at a local
university. Employees gathered for a reception to wish her luck.
After additional articles documenting more details of alleged
wrongdoing on Wren's part, however, she was forced to resign.
Within a few weeks, Wren was once again teaching at Perry Hall
High School in the Baltimore County School District.
Oberle has not suffered the same fate as Wren even though the Army
IG report gave significant evidence to show that both Wren and
Oberle conspired to plagiarize documents.
In fact, Oberle now has two offices at ARL, having been promoted
by Horst to the position of director of future combat systems, a
high-profile job with a major program. Oberle must report to the
Army chief of staff -- and the project he now runs deals with
"critical Army forces capabilities and hundreds of millions of
future dollars," said one of the Army lab employees.
One of the whistleblowers acted as a voice for all the others. He
was asked how May, Morrison and Horst could sign off on the many
unethical acts by Wren and Oberle for so many years. The
whistleblowing employees considered the question and provided this
Their quest for personal power far outweighed their sense of
mission, ethics and the welfare of the workforce or the soldiers
they were to support. During the Civil War and other wars past,
they would have been hung as scalawags and profiteers, which they
were and are -- power-hungry, government-employed scalawags and
They had the opportunity and the means to correct the habits of
Gloria and Bill from the very beginning, however, they saw in
Gloria and Bill the necessary 'handles' -- the severe impairment
or total lack of principles, moral compass, honesty, ethics,
morality and/or any other socially redeeming factors that any 'spy
or power master' looks for in 'agents' who will be expected to 'do
anything' and 'sell out anyone' for the money and loyalty only to
the master, not concepts or principles or ideas such as the law,
the Constitution or the Ten Commandments. Just the kind of people
that should never hold a position of public trust, nor ever be
granted any kind of security clearance. Because, in a tight spot,
they will sell out to anyone with more power or dollars.
The Army inspector general investigation contained a vast amount
of evidence. Titles of some of the documents obtained by
WorldNetDaily are cited here to illustrate the way Wren and Oberle
listed themselves as authors of documents they did not actually
The Army IG report on page 37 cites "Preliminary Evaluation of the
Effect of Radiation on Closed Chamber ETC Firings" as evidence.
CRAFT Tech completed the work for Wren, according to the report. A
separate document obtained by WND indicates that a senior
scientist from CRAFT Tech complained that he was tired of writing
papers for Wren. When the paper was actually published, Wren added
Oberle as co-author.
Page 36 of the Army IG report lists as evidence, "Modeling
Ignition and High Loading Solid Propellant Charge Design," which
was the title listed on Wren's factor four (used for promotions)
which left off the word "Novel" from the title. Both Wren and
Oberle's names were added to the finished document after it was
completed and published by CRAFT Tech, according to the report and
Additional examples of plagiarized documents, copies of which WND
obtained, were included in the Army IG report:
* "Electrothermal Chemical Gun Flowfields and Implication for
High Performance Projectile Design"
* "Liquid Propellant Gun Technology"
* "Simulation of ETC Interior Ballistics Using a Coupled Plasma
XKTC Code"
* "Consideration of Pressure Gradients in ETC Guns"
The IG report states: "This work is a verbatim copy of the above
paper," indicating that the document had been copied and the names
of Wren and Oberle were added as co-authors after the document was
first published without their names on it.
"It is clear that May, Morrison, and Horst routinely approved of
this, and initially helped Wren and Oberle pursue this type of
fraud and abuse," said the spokesman for the whistleblowers.
"Horst was there first and knew how to do this. It is clear that
the Army wants to avoid the implication of conspiracy"
He also said that Wren and Oberle could not have continued to
plagiarize documents for so many years without the help of their
superiors who had to approve of each document involved.
"Al Horst was pivotal in both allowing Wren and Oberle to continue
to get away with their fraudulent activities and in fact actively,
but behind the scenes, aided them in many if not all of their
activities," said the employee spokesman. "They could never have
succeeded in publishing any bogus or plagiarized papers except for
his almost singular and his unique personal participation.
Furthermore, ARL scientists had been giving documentary evidence
to Al Horst since at least Feb. 1995 to show Wren and Oberle's
activities. The reward for one scientist was an official letter of
reprimand in his file written by Horst. How low down, evil and
shameful can you get?"
Whistleblowers who were asked to testify, and who provided
evidence to Grum, complained to WorldNetDaily that Grum told them
he was conducting an official Army 15-6 investigation -- similar
to a grand jury. WorldNetDaily previously reported that the
investigation was informal and unofficial.
"There is nothing binding about the investigation and no power
behind it. If they had really conducted a 15-6 like they said,
they would be forced to take action. Now the results stay locked
in a file in Whalin's office," said the whistleblower spokesman.
When Davison was asked why those who testified were told it was a
15-6 investigation, he said they were only told it was conducted
under the format of a 15-6.
"The 15-6 format is often used as a guide in conducting an
administrative investigation. A commander or director has the
option of ordering either a 15-6 or an administrative
investigation. In this instance, the director determined that an
administrative investigation would be the most appropriate," said
Since the Army IG report states that all charges are
substantiated, what does the Grum report state? Will any action be
"New initiatives are scheduled to be completed by the end of the
year. Some are currently being initiated, such as a new ethics
policy and changes in promotion board procedures for S and E's,
others are still being developed or are under review," responded
CRAFT Tech went from a $600,000 contract with ARL to a $2 million
per year contract once Wren took control of the contract. The Army
IG report states that Wren proceeded incorrectly and that CRAFT
Tech was also in the wrong.
According to the Army IG report, employees of CRAFT Tech wrote
scientific reports and then permitted Wren and Oberle to place
their names on those documents as co-authors. Wren took charge of
the CRAFT Tech contract and sidestepped the normal process for
changes to the contract. Under Wren, the CRAFT Tech contract
increased from $600,000 to $2 million.
When employees complained to Horst about the practice, he told
them, "It's ours. We paid for it," according to the spokesman for
the whistleblowers. "He said it more than once to several of us on
different occasions," he added.
Wren also provided her personal computer password for use of a
supercomputer to a foreign national working for CRAFT Tech outside
the U.S.
"CRAFT Tech has unsupervised use of government supercomputers and
advertises the availability of those computers to potential non-
government clients right on their website. They were paid to use
government computers for non-government work," said the employees'
CRAFT Tech conducts research and development in computational
fluid dynamics applications using "cutting edge computational
simulations and advanced software development for both government
and commercial clients," according to the company's website. It
also tells prospective clients that CRAFT Tech has "a dedicated T1
communications line provides connection to varied government
supercomputer systems."
"We have no evidence that CRAFT Tech did anything other than
government work for ARL," said Davison.
Sanford Dash, president of CRAFT Tech, told WorldNetDaily in a
phone interview that his company has never been questioned by
investigators about the stated improprieties and he has never seen
the Army inspector general's report. He was greatly dismayed that
the report was released to WorldNetDaily before he had a chance to
see it.
"CRAFT Tech has never received notification of any improprieties
and we strongly deny that there were any," said Dash.
"The information you are receiving from your sources regarding
CRAFT Tech is distorted, unsubstantiated and entirely untrue. In
the interests of the truth, we would appreciate knowing
specifically who is making these accusations so we can provide an
appropriate response. Our information indicates that your sources
have a conflict of interest in this matter and would gain
advantage by blemishing CRAFT Tech's reputation," said Dash.
CRAFT Tech had a "time and materials contract" for with a maximum
ceiling to be paid of $600,000. That amount was increased by Wren
on July 29, 1998, to $2,000,000. In addition to the change in
payment to CRAFT Tech, the contract was changed to require that
technical papers would be provided.
"The terms and conditions of the contract are that the government
would pay for CRAFT Tech to work as an independent contractor and
not as an agent of the government, to provide technical support to
the government for the design of advanced gun and artillery
charges. The contract stated the contractor was to furnish the
necessary personnel, materials, equipment and facilities to
conduct work on a task order basis. The work product to be
provided and any modifications to the contract were required to be
specified in each task order," the IG report stated.
The report found that "[redacted name] designated herself as the
COTR [Contracting Officer Technical Representative] for the
CRAFTech (sic) contract without the proper authority, which must
be designated in writing. The contract was improperly amended as
it progressed to include requirements to write reports.
"Therefore, this investigation determines that the scientific
requirement and funding for this subcontract is based on
fraudulent task orders and official statements in violation of US
Code Title 18 Sec 1001, False, Fictitious and Fraudulent
Statements or Entries."
The investigation concludes: "Under this procurement contract no
cooperative scientific effort between the subject and the
contractor was authorized."
"That means on this issue alone there was significant waste,
fraud, and abuse. Not only is this a great cost to the taxpayers,
it is also hurting our soldiers. Time and money that should be
used to improve our weapons went to waste," said one of the
whistleblowers about the conclusion in the IG report.
Wren has never responded to WorldNetDaily phone and e-mail
requests for comment. Horst and Oberle were both contacted by
phone at their homes.
"I think by now you know that you have to speak to Dave Davison. I
have no comment," said Horst. Oberle gave a similar response and
slammed down the phone.
Morrison has not responded to phone and e-mail requests for
May has never returned calls to WorldNetDaily, but he did issue a
statement in which he denied corruption charges.
Previous stories:
Army lab division chief resigns
Army lab chief denies corruption charges
Army lab managers accused of plagiarism
Super-snafu in lab security
Feds cover up security breach
David M. Bresnahan is an investigative journalist for
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October 29, 2000 Zogby: Lazio Leads in Poll
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ListedWith Carl Limbacher and NewsMax.com StaffFor the story
behind the story...
Tuesday July 4, 2000; 1:38 PM EDT
Clinton Pentagon Left Troops With Leaky Gas Masks
A day before President Clinton reviewed a Fourth of July armada
assembled in New York from the decks of the aircraft carrier USS
John F. Kennedy, a military publication revealed that a key piece
of equipment in America's war on terrorism has been known to be
defective for six years, leaving the U.S. military woefully
unprepared to defend against biological, chemical and even nuclear
"The Pentagon acknowledges that more than half the protective
masks for chemical and biological warfare it tested flunked
inspections and could kill the troops they're meant to save,"
reported the Marine Corps Times on Monday.
"In a report completed in November but not made public until
congressional hearings June 21, the Defense Department said lives
are at risk because military leaders at every level place too
little emphasis on equipping and training troops for nuclear,
biological and chemical war."
Rep. Christopher Shays, R - Conn., a member of the House
Government Reform and Oversight Committee, briefed the Times on
the gas mask test results last week.
"Experts from all services, supervised by the Pentagon inspector
general, found 10,322 masks with 'critical' defects that could
cause leaks and endanger the wearers. Only 4,898 masks had no
defects," revealed the Times.
"The inspectors looked at the MCU-2/AP series protective mask used
by the Air Force, the M40/42 used by the Army and the Marine Corps
and the MCU-2/P used by the Navy."
Though the Clinton administration has for years acknowledged that
America faces a serious terrorist threat - with Secretary of
Defense William Cohen telling NBC's Tim Russert in May that a
chemical or biological weapons attack is all but inevitable -
Cohen and other senior military officials have apparently done
nothing to correct the gas mask defects even though the problem
was first revealed in 1994.
"Responding to a Defense Department hotline tip, the Pentagon
inspector general in 1994 found widespread problems in chemical
war training and equipment, particularly with the M40/42 series
protective mask," reported the Times.
The results of those earlier tests were classifed because "senior
leaders denied there was a problem, suppressed bad news and argued
over blame."
Shays says he saw the first classifed Pentagon report on the gas
mask defects in 1995 and challenged the Pentagon to either verify
or refute it.
The latest report on the gas mask problem was prepared by 20
military chemical-biological warfare experts in the Joint Service
Integration Group, which answers directly to the Joint Chiefs of
"I am grateful we've gotten beyond questioning the validity of the
findings" of the secret 1994 report, Shays told the Marine Corps

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Rights Reserved NewsMax.com
Here are some facts that a computer would have picked up in my
Since I was buying a house next to bank robber who was an
associate of Patty Hearst, and since another witness to the truth,
Deputy Superintendent Bertha Pendleton, an African-American woman,
also needed to be eliminated because she had been ordered by
Payzant to clean up Freys Integration fund records, the computer
CIA system identified a manner in which both of us could be
eliminated. The SLA had brother and sister teams involved. My
next door neighbor, the former serial bank robber, Deirdre Paces
twin brother was framed by SPPD and prosecuted by DA for rape of
a prostitute at the same time I was being framed. He had never
had a record before. Now he has two strikes like his sister.
It should be noted how many other links, I have with Bersin, La
Bella and Atwood which would be key phrases in a computer system
designing the murder plan for our deaths. I dated a
Superintendent of SDUSD - not Bersin. His birthday was October
14; so was Bersins. Bersin, and LaBella prosecuted corrupt
judges. I confronted illegal activities of corrupt judges. I
challenged Jorge Hank-Rhon, Bersin as Border Czar, encountered
Jorge Hank-Rhon. LaBella, Bersin and I all had contact with FBI
SAC William Gore in some manner. SDPD Capt Mike McCulloch who
covered up the murders, was the former SDPD top drug cop. Drug
cops have ties to the Border Czar, U.S. Attorney and Jorge Hank-
Rhon. I complained about corruption to the school board, the SLA
wrote a communique to the Oakland school board. I was purposely
moved to the classroom next door to Gary Atwood by school
administration. Gary helped orchestrate the assassination of a
Superintendent Marcus Foster was assassinated. Superintendent
Alan Bersin who is married to Lisa Foster was supposed to
assassinated. Superintendent Marcus Foster was shot along with
his friend who moved to California with him. Superintendent Alan
Bersin was supposed to be shot with his friend who moved to
California with him.
I was put into the murder computer program because of the Frey-
Tomblin murders. Frey is pronouced Fray. Hillary Clintons former
associate Fray was called a FJB. Bersin who went to Yale Law
School with Hillary is a Jew.
My sister is named Christine. My across the street neighbor who
was trying to set me up as well and who was the Executive
Secretary for the Union-Tribune Editor was named Christine.
Both went by name of Chris. Chris had a black daschaund named
Barney. I had had a black dachhaund and called my other sister,
Barney. Chris claimed she moved to San Diego to get a job at the
San Diego Zoo. I worked next door to the San Diego Zoo. SLA
targeted the newspaper. Chris worked for the editor of the
newspaper. She was very conservative, but as soon as she got her
newpaper job she cut her hair like a punk-rocker and wore heavy
make-up, and complained about the bourgious corporate world. Her
friend, who was a double for me, was named Marge. My boss who
harassed Gary and me was named Marge. My past four cars have been
Hondas or Jeeps. Marge drove a Honda. Chris drove a Jeep
Cherokee. I drive a Jeep Cherokee.


Reno ignored
'Big Brother'
FBI: Justice dropped ball on
Hillary's secret database
By Paul Sperry
2000 WorldNetDaily.com
WASHINGTON -- The FBI has turned up evidence showing first lady
Hillary Clinton's "White House Office Database," nicknamed WHODB,
may have been illegally commingled with the Democratic National
Committee's database for fund-raising purposes, documents show.
And the evidence was compelling enough for the FBI director in
1997 to urge the attorney general to assign an independent counsel
to investigate. She never did.
"It's news that the FBI gave a lot of credence to what we were
saying at the time and the White House was dismissing," said Chris
Jones, spokesman for Rep. David McIntosh, R-Ind., in an interview
with WorldNetDaily. McIntosh's committee investigated WHODB in
1996 and urged the Justice Department to start a criminal probe.
A task force investigating shady '96 Clinton-Gore fund-raising
initially dug up a number of damaging White House documents,
including a memo to President Clinton's chief of staff stating
that Clinton wanted to "share" the $1.7 million database with the
But by the end of 1997, the task force's aggressive investigation
"faded into the background," said FBI Director Louis Freeh in a
Nov. 24, 1997 report to Attorney General Janet Reno recommending
she turn over the fund-raising probe to an independent counsel.
"WHODB database appears to have been a high priority for the
president and first lady," Freeh wrote in his long-secret memo.
Indeed, internal White House memos show the database, which had
487,440 files on individuals and groups, was created on the orders
of the Clintons. White House aide Marsha Scott, a close confidant
of the Clintons from Arkansas, was put in charge of the project.
Scott assigned career employees of the White House computer office
to convert names of "early supporters" and "top 20" political
donors from the 1992 campaign's computerized PeopleBase. (One of
those employees, Sheryl Hall, refused to participate in the
project and warned Scott that using government resources for
political purposes was against the law. Hall says she was rewarded
with a demotion.)
Known inside the White House as "Big Brother," the giant
electronic Rolodex held names, addresses and phone numbers of
lawmakers, reporters and other private citizens, as well as
Personal data such as employer, political party and organizational
memberships as well as other information were noted in the files.
Some former White House workers have alleged that information from
FBI personnel dossiers was also keyed into WHODB.
Since news of the database broke in 1996, the White House has
maintained it was used for Christmas party invitations and
presidential correspondence.
Federal law clearly prohibits using government property for
campaign purposes. Any White House database is government property
and cannot be given to or used by a campaign entity such as the
DNC -- unless made public and thus available to any campaign
entity, including the Republican National Committee.
But under the heading, "Misuse or Conversion of Government
Property," Freeh wrote: "Despite a January 1994 warning from the
White House Counsel's Office not to use WHODB for political
purposes, the new memo for (former White House Chief of Staff)
Erskine Bowles and (former White House political director and now
Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign adviser) Harold Ickes shows an
intent to do just that."
The memo, written by a former Bowles aide, states: "Harold and
Deborah DeLee want to make sure WHODB is integrated w/DNC database
-- so we can share -- evidently POTUS (President of the United
States) want[sic] this to[o]! Makes sense."
Freeh went on to say that investigators had obtained other WHODB
and related White House documents through subpoenas, and had
developed an "aggressive investigative strategy" to probe how the
White House procured and used the database. But "that
investigation appears to [have] faded into the background in
recent months," he wrote.
Given the evidence gleaned and the fact that senior White House
officials, including the Clintons, were involved in the project,
Freeh concluded that "it is difficult to contend that there is
'insufficient information to investigate' for purposes of the
independent counsel statute."
It's not clear if the DNC has in fact shared the White House
database or is still sharing it in raising money to help Vice
President Al Gore's or Hillary Clinton's campaigns. DNC spokesman
Rick Hess did not return calls for comment on the Freeh report.
Nor did DNC Research Director Doug Kelly.
Arkadelphia, Ark.-based Malone Inc. created the software package
for the '92 Clinton-Gore campaign's donor database. Company
spokesman Fred Harris told WorldNetDaily that it has not consulted
with the White House on its new database. Nor has it worked with
the Gore 2000 campaign, he says.
Insight magazine broke the WHODB story in 1996, triggering the
House probe led by McIntosh, chairman of a House subcommittee.
His investigators turned up a number of White House memos on
WHODB. But most of the key ones were heavily redacted.
For instance, a five-page "Early Supporter Outreach Proposal" from
Scott to Bowles and Ickes was edited down to two sentences.
And nearly four pages were cut out of a six-page memo under the
heading, "The Campaign Database," written by David Watkins,
Clinton's former director of White House management and
Paul Sperry is Washington bureau chief for WorldNetDaily.
E-mail to a friend Printer-friendly version

WHODB database appears to have been a high priority for the
president and first lady.

-- FBI Director Louis Freeh in his just-released 1997 memo to
Attorney General Janet Reno
Known inside the White House as 'Big Brother,' the giant
electronic Rolodex held names, addresses and phone numbers of
lawmakers, reporters and other private citizens, as well as

Despite a January 1994 warning from the White House Counsel's
Office not to use WHODB for political purposes, the new memo for
Erskine Bowles and Harold Ickes shows an intent to do just that.

-- FBI Director Freeh, in 1997 memo


2000 WorldNetDaily.com, Inc.
Direct corrections and technical inquiries to
Please direct news submissions to news@worldnetdaily.com
GOD of Molech...God of child sacrifice...Ron Ottingers
Child at Standley...where he wanted to send me.
In 1944, Illuminati Kingpin William Randolph Hearst (with some
minor help from others) funded the Motion Picture Alliance, and
Walt Disney became a co-founder and its first Vice-President.
In 1935, the mobs illegal drug dealer Joseph Schenck went on to
found 20th Century, Inc. which later merged with Fox in 38 to
form Twentieth Century-Fox, whose board of directors would include
two Illuminati kingpins William Randolph Hearst and Malcolm
MacIntyre. Joseph Schencks brother Nicholas Schenck and Marcus
Loew merged Metro Pictures and Goldwyn Pictures and named Louis B.
Mayer as its head. Meanwhile over the years, MCA, headed up by
Illuminati Kingpin Lew Wasserman gained a monopoly over the
American film industry with the secret backroom deals that they
made with Ronald Reagans Screen Actors Guild and Petrillos
American Fed, of Musicians. (By the way, Lew Wasserman would try
to revive Reagans acting career in the early 60s. Frank Sinatra
and Walt Disney were both friends of Ronald Reagan, and all three
believed in mind-control.) Ronald Reagan and Petrillo in turn
worked with the Mafias NCS Council of 9 (which incl. Anthony
Accardo and Sam Giancana), which at one point divided the U.S.
into 24 mob territories.

Reply 29 - Posted by: Harmony1, 12/16/00 5:37:45 PM
Time to start re-circulating the DEAR HILLARY letter
again..........written back on 11 Nov 1992...........from Marc
The DEAR HILLARY letter explains how the Socialists can change
mission of schools from teaching children academic basics and
This plan was implemented in THREE LAWS passed by Congress and
signed by President Clinton in 1994. GOALS 2000 ACT-------SCHOOL-
These Laws use these mechanisms to restructure public schools:
Bypass Elected Officials on school boards --------Gather
computerized data on children for use by government----------
Cement NATIONAL control of testing, financial aid, and replace
and there's a lot more folks................
Reply 25 - Posted by: drache, 12/19/00 9:35:03 AM
I remember Bob Dornan describing on his radio show an incident
where a Secret Service agent, assigned to the White House, was so
fed up with having to be around Evil Incarnate that he demanded
either to be reassigned or else he would quit and write a book.
The Clintons ordered him reassigned - to Oklahoma City where he
was shortly afterwards killed in McVeigh's attack.
Now, what was the poster saying about Mrs. Bush?
1966 Anton LaVey. Founded the Church of Satan, and was into
Satanism before the 1960s. Good friend of John F. Kennedy. Among
his followers were, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, (was a
participant in LaVeys satanic rituals before LaVey founded his
Church of Satan), Jane Mansfield, (was a high priestess of the
Church of Satan), and Zsa Zsa Gabor(
cleveland lincoln washington Illuminat link
Note. A young Hillary Rodham, Confirmed Shamanism witchcraft.
The_Russell_Bloodline, helped in the legal ground worked that
forced Nixon to resign . The JFK Page Death of John Kennedy So we
see here Clinton has been groomed all along for the Presidency.
1993-1999 William J. Clinton, 42nd. President of the United States
(D) Confirmed Mason. Clinton, A Rhodes Scholar, a CFR member, a
Trilateral Commission member and a Bilderberger participant. He
joined the Council on Foreign Relations in 1989, attended a
Bilderberg meeting in 1991 and was a current member of the
Trilateral Commission at the time of his nomination. Pam Harriman
is the person behind Bill Clinton. She is tied in with the Collins
of the satanic group Hell Fire Club. Wife Hillary is known to
practice Shamanism witchcraft. Vice President Al Gore 1993-1999.
Confirmed Mason. Al_Gore
Bill Clinton has had affairs with the following women.
Jane Doe
Juanita Broaddrick
Gennifer Flowers
Before he became President
Monica Lewinsky
Began in 1995 during his first term.
Ended in 1997 during his second term. Presidents and
their reputed Affairs
I dare point out that all documents have been destroyed showing
William ROCKEFELLER Clinton as the illegitimate great grandson of
the criminal patriarch of the Rockefeller fortune. It is a simple
reason why Clinton, despite his treason and crimes, has not been
The capital of the United States is at Georgetown University, not
the White House.
And if you go into the presidents office at Georgetown, you will
see a picture of Bill Clinton, kneeling at the grave of Timothy
Healy [past president of Georgetown], while the present president,
Donovan, who is on the Walt Disney Board, is standing behind him.
I wanted that picture; I wanted a copy of that picture. Those
people threw me out of that office. They would not let me have a
copy of it. I sent another person, a lady, up there. They would
not give it to her. I want that picture, for my book, of Bill
Clinton kneeling at the grave of these Jesuits. Cant get it. But
if you go in the presidents office, its there.
Georgetown is the capital. They control all Freemasonry. In fact,
if you go to Maryland, theyve got the great big lodge across from
a great big Jesuit institution, in Baltimorea great huge Shriner
Lodge is across the street from a Jesuit University. The Black
Bill Clinton chose Patsy Thomasson - top lieutenant of convicted
cocaine dealer Dan Lasater - to be his White House chief of
personnel. English Reporter Reveals Depth of Media and Government
In September of 1996, President Clinton signed into law, the
Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of
1996. Buried at approximately page 650 of the new national Defense
Bill, also known as Public Law 104-208, Part B, Title IV, the
American public was given a national ID card. With no fanfare, no
publicity and no scrutiny, the bill easily avoided the watchful
eyes of even its most aggressive opponents. National ID Card Is
Now Federal Law and Georgia Wants To Help Lead the Way The
national ID became law in 1996 and will go in effect October 1,
2000, unless Congress repeals Section 656 (b) of the Illegal
Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act. If the law is
not changed, every state must meet certain unfunded federal
mandates requiring the use of Social Security numbers,
fingerprints, DNA, retina scans, and other "biometric" identifying
information on all driver's licenses. Money Withheld for National
I.D. Card
President Clinton and wife Hillary ordered the deaths of the
Branch Dravidians. Waco
President Clinton, is "the most blood thirsty draft dodger in
history." New World Order * Heroes and villains
"By using the LEO satellites," he described, "you can disrupt the
computers. You can stop that electronic ignition. It's all
electronically based. You can interfere with it and stop it dead
in it's tracks." Tomlin is risking legal action by the Pentagon
for revealing top secret information. That's a risk he says he is
willing to take because of the danger he believes has been caused
by an out-of-control president. "The decisions he's making right
now are totally illogical and irresponsible," said Tomlin about
his concerns regarding Clinton. "Looking at the power and
everything he's got at his finger tips. That's a dangerous
situation for a spastic individual." Tomlin has maintained silence
about the top secret program for many years, but now he feels
compelled to speak out.
Clinton's Secret War Games
THE "GOYIM." The Illuminati Protocols
Update Note: A common practice among the top 13 Illuminati
families is to have an important child secretly or quietly without
fanfare, and adopt the child out to another family. The child then
takes on another last name, which hides the genealogy, in the
occult ceremonies, the biological parents will step forward. For
instance, for Mothers of Darkness the biological father must
impregnate the young daughter who is being initiated into the
Mothers of Darkness. The first baby by the girl must come from her
biological father and must be sacrificed by her to Satan. Many of
the Illuminati children are adopted out, (in fact our President
Clinton was).
Update Note: Bill Clinton's chief campaign advisor James Carville
is pictured ( in People's Magazine. p.50 ) wearing a pentagram in
the middle of his forehead. Bill Clinton in his inaugural speech
said, "This ceremony is held in the depth of winter. But, by the
words we speak and the faces we show the world, we force the
spring. Clinton repeated the words "we force the spring" later in
the speech. That expression is a very unusual expression. To
"force the spring" is witchcraft language in witchcraft and
Satanism. Lucifer (Baal) rises from the underworld on May 1st
(also known by the following list of names Beltaine, a major
European holiday, Communism and the Illuminati's chief holiday,
and Walpurgis). The May 1st rising brings forth the season of
fertility, which the witches each year take credit for, by
claiming that their magic rituals "force the spring." The ritual
magic that "forces the spring" is done on 3 Sabbats-the first is
Imbolg (also known by names: Candiemas by the Catholics and Ground
Hog Day by common dupes); the second is the vernal equinox (Mar.
20) in which blood and sex rituals are carried out and the third
is Beltaine (May 1) in which fire festivals are done.
Massacre_of_Innocence This is one of the fire festivals which
people around the United States tell me they have witnessed from a
distance. Witches believe that on May 1st, the female force
completes her takeover from the male force. There are 12 cabinet
members which when they assemble with their head Bill Clinton make
the number 13. Bill Clinton choose "to force the spring" with his
cabinet coven. In true witchcraft tradition, the Cabinet of Bill
Clinton followed the pattern of "forcing the Spring." In order for
the female to overtake the male force, Clinton chose the position
of Attorney General. The title "General" has a male connotation.
All the rest of the cabinet members are called Secretaries which
has a female connotation. The Attorney General position was to be
given to a woman. But in order for the witchcraft ceremony and
timing to be right, the woman couldn't take over until after Feb.
2, or Imbolg and there had to be 3 female candidates, from which
one is traditionally picked by a witchcraft coven. This is why the
selection of the Attorney General was not confirmed until Feb. 2.
And sure enough all three candidates given by Bill Clinton were
women, from which one was selected. Bill Clinton did indeed "force
the spring"! Further, Clinton told us HOW he would "force the
spring" in his inaugural speech. On the 666th word of his
inauguration speech, Clinton launched into a sentence on
sacrifice, "it will not be easy; it will require sacrifice. But it
can be done, and done fairly, not choosing sacrifice for Its own
sake, but for our own sake." Clinton gave the hand signal of
Satanists at the end of his speech. And Newsweek Magazine
headlined its story "New Age President Takes Office." (Jan. 25,
93) That Clinton would consider his Cabinet a coven is not so far
fetched. Most of his cabinet tie in closely with the Illuminati.
The Council on Foreign Relations is an upper level of the visible
arm of the Illuminati. The Jan. 93 newsletter explained that the
CFR was the equivalent of the 4 of the Bavarian Illuminati. Note,
that many of these people do not realize the full Satanic
implications of what they are in. If one reviews the various
levels of the Bavarian Illuminati, you will realize that the
process of corruption was gradual, and that the lower levels had
no idea what they were really involved in, although some probably
suspected what they were into. The basic ingredient of the lower
levels is loyalty to their superiors, because they believe they
are in the elite's organization. Consider, Clinton and his
cabinet: Slick Willie Clinton CFR TC (Trilateral Commission),
Bldrbgr (Bilderberger participant), participant in various
Illuminati front organizations such as DLC, Rhodes Scholar, wife
Hillary is known to practice shamanism witchcraft.
The_Russell_Bloodline * The Clintons attend church where Wiccan
witchcraft rituals are performed
Russell Trust is the legal corporation that is the Order of the
Skull and Bones, financed the creation of host of security co.
under the Wackenhuts, incl. a Security Service called Wackenhut
Corporation. Another part of this is Wackenhut World Technologies,
Inc. or WWT Inc. Wackenhut operates worldwide. Their headquarters
are in Florida. They have branch offices even in places like
Portland, Oregon. Wackenhut handles all Intelligence-related and
Super Secret work-classified ULTRA for the US. worldwide. They are
the ones who guard the UFO bases topside, along with the CIAs
Delta Teams, and various MP units, etc. Their branch in Las Vegas
provides security for the Groom Lake UFO facility. Las Vegas
Review Journal on Fri. 7/26/91, p. A1 & 3A had an article about 3
Wackenhut agents who lost their lives in a helicopter crash near
the Groom Lake. The telephone number to Wackenhut World
Technologies, connects first through the Russell Trust - it is
702-646-4406, and it will be answered by the Russell Trust.
Wackenhuts board of directors are CIA, FBI Div. 5, NSA, ISA, and
NRO officials. The girls who answer the various local Wackenhut
Corporation numbers are not in the know about what Wackenhut Wd.
Tech. are all about. Their 1-800 # is 929-2431. Their San Reme
Ave, Cerel Gabels, FL 33146 # was 305-666-565
Several ex-witches now Christians identified Clintons running
mate Al Gore as a witch. Al Gores book promotes several
witchcraft themes such as Mother Gain worship. Senator Al Gore has
intimately worked with other men who are Illuminati for years. Al
Gore was close friends with Armand Hammer, the Illuminati courier
who shuttled back and forth between Moscow and America on a
regular basis, and had homes in both countries. Hammer bankrolled
both Al Gore, Jr. and his father Al Gore, Sr.
- Al Gore and Bill Clinton raised their hands at the Democratic
National Convention and declared that their administration would
be the "New Covenant." Bill Clintons brother ended up in prison
in connection to the illegal drug trade that I know that Bill
Clinton was also involved with helping while he was Governor of
Arkansas. Readers of this newsletter are aware that the top
Illuminati families are the power behind the drug trade. (See
previous newsletter 3/1/93, p. 19 about some of Bills role in
Arkansas with the drug trade.)
- Bill Clintons chief campaign advisor James Carville is pictured
in Peoples Magazine. p.50 wearing a pentagram in the middle of
his forehead.
- Bill Clinton calls his first press conference as President.
elect according to the astrologically correct full-moon day.
- Bill Clinton in his inaugural speech said, "This ceremony is
held in the depth of winter. But, by the words we speak and the
faces we show the world, we force the spring. Clinton repeated
the words we force the spring later in the speech. That
expression is a very unusual expression. To force the spring" is
witchcraft language. in witchcraft and satanism Lucifer (Baal)
rises from the underworld on May 1st (also known by the following
list of names Beltaine, a major European holiday, Communism and
the Illuminatis chief holiday, and Walpurgis). The May 1st rising
brings forth the season of fertility, which the witches each year
take credit for, by claiming that their magic rituals force the
spring. The ritual magic that forces the spring is done on 3
Sabbats-the first is Imbolg (also known by names: Candiemas by the
Catholics and Ground Hog Day by common dupes); the second is the
vernal equinox (Mar. 20) in which blood and sex rituals are
carried out and the third is Beltaine (May 1) in which fire
festivals are done. This is one of the fire festivals which people
around the United States tell me they have witnessed from a
distance. Witches believe that on May 1st, the female force
completes her takeover from the male force. There are 12 cabinet
members which when they assemble with their head Bill Clinton make
the number 13. Bill Clinton choose to force the spring with his
cabinet coven. In true witchcraft tradition, the Cabinet of Bill
Clinton followed the pattern of forcing the Spring. In order for
the female to overtake the male force, Clinton chose the position
of Attorney General. The title General has a male connotation.
All the rest of the cabinet members are called Secretaries which
has a female connotation. The Attorney General position was to be
given to a woman. But in order for the witchcraft ceremony and
timing to be right, the woman couldnt take over until after Feb.
2, or Imbolg and there had to be 3 female candidates, from which
one is traditionally picked by a witchcraft coven. This is why the
selection of the Attorney General was not confirmed until Feb. 2.
And sure enough all three candidates given by Bill Clinton were
women, from which one was selected. Bill Clinton did indeed force
the spring! Further, Clinton gave told us HOW he would force the
spring in his inaugural speech. On the 666th word of his
inauguration speech, Clinton launched into a sentence on
sacrifice, it will not be easy; it will require sacrifice. But it
can be done, and done fairly, not choosing sacrifice for Its own
sake, but for our own sake. Clinton gave the hand signal of
Satanists at the end of his speech. (See previous newsletters this
year). And Newsweek Magazine headlined its story New Age
President Takes Office. (Jan. 25, 93) That Clinton would
consider his Cabinet a coven is not so far fetched. Most of his
cabinet tie in closely with the Illuminati. The Council on Foreign
Relations is an upper level of the visible arm of the Illuminati.
The Jan. 93 newsletter explained that the CFR was the equivalent
of the 4 of the Bavarian Illuminati. Note, that many of these
people do not realize the full Satanic implications of what they
are in. If one reviews the various levels of the Bavarian
Illuminati, you will realize that the process of corruption was
gradual, and that the lower levels had no idea what they were
really involved in, although some probably suspected what they
were into. The basic ingredient of the lower levels is loyalty to
their superiors, because they believe they are in the elites
organization. Consider, Clinton and his cabinet: Slick Willie
Clinton CFR TC (Trilateral Commission), Bldrbgr (Bilderberger
participant), participant in various Illuminati front
organizations such as DLC, Rhodes Scholar, wife Hillary is known
to practice shamanism witchcraft.
Reply 3 - Posted by: rellimpank, 12/24/00 12:46:48 PM
Am reading an excellent book "The Third Reich" by one Micheal
Burleigh. One of the primary ways the Nazis consolidated power was
by gaining control of judges and using them to bend the law to
achieve the desired results-just another one of the similarities
between the Clinton variety of DemocRAT and Hitler--
http://www.sightings.com/general6/stanley122400.htmSo I dug some
more and found something very interesting: back decades ago, when
the Chicoms were looking to buy a politician for the long haul,
they opened the Worthen Bank and the bank s first loan of $4
Billion to Saddam Hussein to get his chem/bio labs up and running
was shepherded by the young attorney Hillary Rodham.
The incredibly Marxist and police statist Health Care Plan that
actually had prison terms and huge fines if a doctor was used
without the gatekeeper s permission; the fact that the gatekeeper
legally kept any unspent funds at the end of each year, funds that
should have gone for patient tests and care; the closed meeting
that started with a budget of $800,000 and came in at a busting
$13.2 Million with no credible explanation for where that taxpayer
money went all these things defined the woman I first called Evita
way back in the early nineties. I must confess, she didn t let me
down in that moniker, for she was every bit the limousine liberal
that I have seen her expose herself to me. This woman is a
Marxist to the core and insults real women everyday with her
sophomoric nonsense.
If anyone believes she won the NY Senate fair and square, they
have been out in the sun too long. She ran no race; she gave few
interviews, nobody really knew where she stood on any topic other
than the socialistic crap she has fed us for eight years. And now
she is, as was her husband before her, doing everything she
possibly can to insure her run for the White House in 2004. Al
Gore is damaged beyond another run; no one else dare stand in her
way. She and her little black book of blackmail will ensure any
obstacles will be removed. However, it will all be for naught.
The sad life that started with a mother who hated her own life and
marriage and poisoned her daughter likewise; a stingy, stern
father who couldn t part with a kind word; the following years
lusting for power to fill the void created in her childhood home,
all now culminating in the final dash for world power via the
presidency of the sole remaining superpower will be stopped, dead
in its tracks. The Internet will be her undoing as more and more
people awaken from slumber and see what is before their own eyes
the ultimate threat to the American way of life, a life of freedom
and liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The media may be in
bed with the badguys, but we are not and we have the power they
could only dream of & and I will be chronicling just what the Ms.
Rodham, NY s newest junior Senator is up to and I will wager it
proves to be no good for the citizens of this great country. When
she stole the senate race in New York, she effectively put herself
in the spotlight and we all know she has none of the flimflam con
man game of her husband. All the Hollyweird lighting and staging
will not serve her because we can see through the smoke and
mirrors. Make no mistake, this woman is out to dominate the world
and she cares even less than her mate who gets screwed or killed
in the process. This will be her undoing. This lust for power will
continue to allow her to think she is protected from the exposure
of all her dastardly deeds. You can see it now, the result of all
that globe trotting all the women who support her dress now a la
Her Highness, as Arafat has named her: dark jacket, trousers, flat
shoes and a white blouse open at the neck. I d bet if you turned
up the collar it would be Mao all over again. Only thing missing
is the little wire-rimmed glasses and the red book. But Hitlery
has contacts and the text is burned into her brain. The chink in
her armor is her predictability and her vulnerability is the
thinking patriots who own this country.

Robert Novak
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December 30, 2000
During a conference call between AFL-CIO union presidents and
political directors, Teamsters President James Hoffa expressed
intense displeasure with Washington insider Terry McAuliffe
becoming the Democratic Party's next national chairman.
Hoffa told AFL-CIO President John Sweeney that McAuliffe is
unacceptable to the Teamsters. Privately, Hoffa fumes that Sweeney
used labor back-channels to win support for McAuliffe without
Teamster involvement. His union would have preferred Labor
Secretary Alexis Herman or Energy Secretary Bill Richardson.
Hoffa's associates never have forgiven McAuliffe for
participating, according to court papers, in the illegal 1996 swap
of Teamster and Democratic campaign funds in Ron Carey's election,
later voided, against Hoffa as union president. Teamster officials
fear more unfavorable publicity if the new Republican-controlled
Justice Department resumes prosecution of the case.
Reply 13 - Posted by: Cottontop , 12/30/00 1:11:13 PM
Co-Presidents Clinton bailed out Citibank's bad loans by lending
Mexico 50 billion of the taxpayers' money a few years
back...without Congressional approval. Most loans to Mexico wind
up in Swiss bank accounts. It's a tradition.
Has Mexico kept up on their payments? Mexico has never repaid a
loan in its history. None. Zero. Not one.
Reply 1 - Posted by: stevo, 12/31/00 3:09:09 AM
The following 10 states are the reason the senate is 50-50 and not
60-40. There are 20 senators from these states, and 15 of them are
democrats. The common theme among these states is that they are
considered to be among the most republican states in the country.
Yet 75% of their senators are democrats!!
North Dakota
South Dakota
North Carolina
South Carolina
waste & abuse
By Sean Paige
NASA May Have Assisted Russian Bioweapons Research
Waste & abuse has reported before about how U.S. taxpayers money,
ostensibly used by the Department of Energy to keep former Soviet
weapons scientists out of trouble and working on more-peaceful
pursuits, almost certainly was diverted toward more nefarious ends
in particular to researchers engaged in Russias continuing
nuclear-weapons program. Regrettably, were writing again about a
similar scenario; this time the money may have come from NASA and
been diverted to shadowy Russian research institutes linked to
Soviet/Russian biological- and chemical-weapons programs.
While an investigation by NASAs Office of the Inspector
General (IG) could not prove conclusively that NASA research
grants have been used to underwrite Russias bio-chem weapons
programs though indicators strongly point to that possibility
its clear that the space agency exercised minimal oversight
over where its grant money was going despite ample warning that
it may have been going dangerously astray.
The IGs report suggests that the State Department may
share some responsibility for the likely diversions.
The diverted funds were part of a $400 million deal struck
in 1994 in which NASA acquired Russian space technology. About $20
million of the money was earmarked to fund Russian space-oriented
research. But some of that money ended up going to a
quasigovernmental pharmaceutical interest called Biopreparat
which, in spite of its ostensibly civilian appearance, is believed
by U.S. intelligence to have been involved deeply in biological-
weapons work during the Cold War. Despite the big thaw, a handful
of Biopreparat subsidiaries, to which about $1.5 million of the
NASA monies flowed, never have been visited by Western officials
or scientists and are suspected of continuing involvement in
biological- and chemical-weapons research.
In early 1995, NASA officials became concerned that some of
the grant money may have been diverted for bio-chem weapons
research, according to the IGs report, but no action was taken by
the agency even after those suspicions were bolstered by U.S.
intelligence assessments. And in spite of mounting evidence that
something had gone wrong, the State Department did not advise NASA
to sever ties with the suspect institutes and instead advised that
NASA conduct more invasive collaboration to ensure that monies
werent being misdirected.
NASA, however, failed to tighten its controls over the
projects, and no site visits were arranged. The agency seems
deliberately to have maintained its hands-off approach to grant-
giving even after strong suspicions were aired and found credible.
That constituted an extremely serious misstep, concludes the IG.
And, in fact, NASA funded three additional projects at the suspect
institutes even after the warning sirens had been sounded.

U.S. Aid Is Funding Russian Weapons
By J. Michael Waller
Insight has learned that Clinton/Gore administration officials
have ignored warnings that Russia is diverting disarmament aid to
its secret biological/chemical-weapons programs.
The Clinton administration suppressed early warnings from its own
officials and from a top Russian scientist that Moscow was
diverting disarmament aid to fund covert biological-weapons
programs, Insight has learned. This magazine has obtained hundreds
of internal documents from the Energy and State departments
covering a four-year period (1993 to 1997). The documents show how
officials who raised security concerns about this were pushed out
of policy-making and -implementing positions, and how senior
political appointees either ignored or blocked their warnings that
Russia was using U.S. aid to develop new generations of germ
weapons. Health experts say the weapons create deadly forms of
measles with AIDS-like symptoms.
The revelation comes as President-elect George W. Bush
builds his new administration to take over a national-security
apparatus reeling from espionage and security scandals.
Before the Clinton/Gore administration was elected in 1992,
Congress passed the Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) Act known
as the Nunn-Lugar program after its Senate cosponsors, Sam Nunn,
D-Ga., and Richard Lugar, R-Ind. to help Russia and other former
Soviet states dismantle their programs for producing weapons of
mass destruction; prevent proliferation of nuclear, chemical and
biological weapons; and find profitable civilian work for the
large numbers of scientists and engineers formerly involved in
weapons work. Clinton and Gore implemented the program in 1993
with strong bipartisan support.
However, CTR came under immediate criticism from the
General Accounting Office (GAO), the congressional auditing
agency, due to poor executive oversight and a lack of strategic
planning. And, inside the federal bureaucracy, concerned officials
raised early warnings that some of the U.S. aid was being diverted
to subsidize the continued development of advanced classes of
Russian nuclear, chemical and biological weapons (see Loving the
Russian Bomb, Dec. 6, 1999).
The GAO reported in May 2000 that poor oversight of the CTR
program and lax attitudes toward security allowed Moscow to divert
aid directly to Russias ongoing germ-warfare program a program
that is illegal under the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention. The
Clinton/Gore administration spent $20 million on biological-
research projects in Russia between fiscal 1994 and 1999 and
planned to expand it elevenfold to $220 million between fiscal
2000 and 2004.
And that, Russia-watchers say, is an area the new Bush
national-security team should take extra care to uproot.
Insight has learned that the United States was warned as
early as 1996 that its biological-research aid to Russia was being
diverted, but that administration officials chose to do nothing.
Two U.S. officials tell Insight that in 1996 and 1997 Nikolai A.
Plate of the Russian Academy of Sciences, then the Russian
governments senior scientist in charge of nonproliferation
matters, warned the United States of the diversion. But his
admonitions were ignored.
According to an unpublished 1997 House Commerce Committee
study, obtained by Insight, on the adequacy of security and
nonproliferation programs at the Department of Energy (DOE), On
several occasions, Dr. Plate is reported to have stated that he is
appalled by ISTCs [International Science and Technology Centers]
support for work being carried out to develop a biological weapon
in the form of a mutated measles pathogen that will exhibit fast-
acting AIDS-like characteristics.
A U.S. health official was shocked to learn of the State
Department-funded effort. Upon hearing about the measles-pathogen
program, a representative of the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention [CDC] expressed extreme concern about this work because
pathogens almost are impossible to cure and therefore constitute a
frighteningly potent biological weapon, according to the
congressional report. The representative from CDC went on to
remark that there would be a massive outcry if the American public
knew that the ISTC was using taxpayers money to fund this sort of
biological work.
Plate could not be reached for comment.
Russia-watchers have expressed concern about the potential
problem for years. The American Foreign Policy Council, a
nonprofit educational organization, first raised concerns publicly
in early 1995, and the GAO has issued semiannual reports
documenting similar abuses since that time. A May 1995 GAO report
(GAO/ NSIAD/95-7) warned that U.S. nonproliferation and defense-
conversion programs risked helping Russia modernize new classes of
weaponry unless the United States imposed safeguards. Those
safeguards never were imposed adequately, according to subsequent
GAO reports.
The GAO repeatedly singled out the State Department-funded
ISTC program in Russia as a main culprit that paid the salaries of
Russian biological-, chemical- and nuclear-weapons scientists as
they continued to work on weapons-modernization programs. In a
1995 interview with Insight, the State Departments Kim Savit
acknowledged the issue but said that ISTCs goal is to prevent
proliferation, not modernization of weapons of mass destruction
that would remain in Russias arsenal.
For years the State Department, in charge of coordinating
aid to Russia among various federal agencies, tried to shut down
an Initiatives for Proliferation Prevention (IPP) program run by
the DOE due to what a DOE general-counsel official called
personality clashes and interagency rivalries. At the same time,
the State Department and the Pentagon failed to develop a strategy
for combating the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction
from Russia. A draft DOE working paper for a 1996 NATO conference
commented, DOD has no overarching strategy for the long-term
solution to CW/BW proliferation concerns. Without an overarching
USG [U.S. government] strategy, IPP will have difficulty
identifying the most effective way to engage in this area.
So poor were communications that the deputy chief of
mission at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine appeared to be unaware of
the nonproliferation objectives of the IPP program. Several
documents show that State instructed DOE not to speak about
proliferation problems or solutions to them in the former
Soviet Union. The State Departments understanding of IPP
apparently was so poor that DOE had to explain itself in early
1997. Kenneth E. Baker, then acting director of the Office of
Nonproliferation and National Security at DOE, explained to
Ambassador Richard Morningstar, who coordinated U.S. aid to the
former Soviet Union, that IPP and a related DOE project are
national-security, not economic growth/transition, programs.
The New York Times reported in January 2000 that careless
U.S. officials allowed aid to be diverted to Russias biological-
weapons program. According to the report, the Biopreparat the
secretive, now private, organization that was at the heart of
the Soviet germ-warfare program skimmed off U.S. aid intended to
promote space cooperation. Also a commission led by Vice President
Al Gore approved a questionable grant that might have funded
Russias ongoing illegal biological-weapons work.
Biopreparat Director Yuri T. Kalinin, a Soviet general who
has headed the organization since it was created in 1973, shifted
at least 10 percent of several NASA grants intended for biological
research in space to his organization, New York Times
correspondent Judith Miller reported. The Americans are concerned
because of [Biopreparats] continuing secrecy and because it is
led by the same military and intelligence officers who spearheaded
and concealed the Soviet Unions biological-weapons programs
during the Cold War, according to the report. Separately,
Clinton administration officials acknowledged that the United
States had been less than meticulous in the mid-1990s in enforcing
its ban on aid to Biopreparat.
Former Biopreparat first deputy director Ken Alibek tells
Insight that the organization continues to develop advanced
anthrax, plague and smallpox weapons.
U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
officials, according to the New York Times, said they had not
been aware of Biopreparats history and should have checked with
national-security officials before approving aid to a joint
venture that involved the organization.
But according to DOE documents from 1995 which Insight has
obtained, USAID and the State Department, into which USAID later
was merged, conspired to deny DOE security officials access to
disarmament and nonproliferation programs that involved weapons of
mass destruction. Dozens of these DOE documents show how State
Department aid officials denied DOE officials clearances to travel
to Russia, forbade them to speak about nonproliferation issues at
NATO conferences and isolated them from interagency meetings on
how best to deliver nonproliferation aid to the former Soviet
In 1996 Morningstar and the senior Pentagon official
responsible for disarmament aid to Russia, then-assistant
secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, disputed and attacked this
reporters contention that U.S. aid was being diverted for
clandestine military development in Russia.
Yet a classified 1995 annual report obtained by Insight
shows that the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (ACDA), which
Undersecretary of State John D. Holum headed at the time, found
that Moscow continued its covert biological-weapons program. ACDA
omitted that finding in the declassified version. Holum denied it
was suppressed.
In one memorandum, IPP Director John Hnatio cited concerns
about the pathogen work allegedly being conducted under the
auspices of ISTC. DOE general-counsel official Joe Mahaley
referred to a separate memorandum to Morningstar and the National
Security Council (NSC) regarding the concerns about the alleged
ISTC-sponsored pathogens research.
Other DOE memoranda indicate that IPP officials tried to
raise the matter with National Security Adviser Sandy Berger, but
that other NSC officials blocked them. A Jan. 17, 1997, DOE
internal communication expressed frustration that the NSC, at the
urging of the State Department, restricted DOE officials who had
raised security concerns. A May 1997 DOE memorandum stated, In
view of Ambassador Morningstars statement that he intends to
ignore these problems, it is important to assure that Mr. Berger
be made aware of what is going on.
Hnatio sent a memorandum to Berger, through the DOE/NSC
chain of command, explaining serious programmatic and national-
security issues that have resulted from the State Department
actions. Sources say the memorandum never reached Bergers desk.
In a May 2000 audit, the GAO expressed heightened concerns
that Russian military scientists receiving U.S. aid continue to
work on germ weapons. The GAO criticized Moscow for keeping
Soviet-era developers of biological weapons in senior positions of
the germ-warfare complex, including Biopreparat chief Kalinin.
House Armed Services Committee Chairman Floyd D. Spence, R-S.C.,
said the GAO report reinforces my concern that the
administrations plans to increase assistance to Russia could
exacerbate the risk of a renewed Russian offensive-biological-
weapons effort.
But those concerns have gone on for years and Congress has
taken no substantive action beyond commissioning GAO audits.
Indeed, Congress continued funding the programs under the Clinton
administrations new Nunn-Lugar-funded Expanded Threat Reduction
In releasing the May 2000 GAO report Biological Weapons:
Effort to Reduce Former Soviet Threat Offers Benefits, Poses New
Risks, Spence said the U.S.-funded biological-research programs
with Russia may exacerbate or create risks to the United States.
The CTR program was intended to reduce the threat posed by
Russias weapons of mass destruction, including biological
weapons, not increase it, said Spence. Congress must carefully
evaluate the risks and benefits of this program to ensure that it
does not have unintended consequences that could jeopardize the
national security of the United States.
According to the GAO, the program presents key risks to
the United States that include sustaining Russias existing
biological-weapons infrastructure, maintaining or advancing
Russian scientists skills to develop offensive biological weapons
and the potential misuse of U.S. assistance to fund offensive
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