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April 17, 2007

Mr. John P. Clark

Deputy Assistant Secretary
US Immigration and Customs Enforc.ernent
425 I Street NW Room 7000
Washington, DC 2.0536

Dear Un.der Secretary Clark:

I am writing to request participation in the Delegation of Authority Program pursuant to 287

(g) of the Immigration and Naturalization Act. Tills palincrsbip w ;ill enable us to better serve
and meet the needs of the residents in Beoton County Arkansas.

On March 21 , 2007 I was fortunate enough to be in attendance with , b 6), b 7 c , ICE Unit
Ch ief and lQ).(BJ. (til 7 )(.c) Senior Special Agent from your office. Th is meeting was very
enlightening, helpful , and encouraging in making up my decision in participating in the 287
(g) program.

The Benton County Detention Center and Holding Facility for pre-trial felons and
misdemeanors is located in the center of Benton County Arkansas. Our inmate capacity is 505
with our population at tile present time averaging be.t\vee.n 450 and 480. Thirty (30) percent of
thejail population is Hispanic .

It 's my intention to train eight (8) jail deputies (two per sh ift) who will be assigned to the
proce.ssing and the identification of the illegal alien 's who are arrested and booked into this
facility. We have a training facility that wil l accommodate other agencies and surrounding
counties. We also have training equipment that can be utilized by your department or agency
in training officers in this program.

The reason that I am applying for the detention center portion of the 287 (g) program, is
because I can train my deputies in the jail with out hiring extra man power and not occur any
more expenses to my office. At the present time I st ill have reserva tions about t.he patrol
program.. However, this will give me an opportunity to monitor the workings of this program.
I do not have the man power at the present time to delegate a special unit on the patrol division
that eao totally focus thei.r time and effort on monitoring and detecting illegal aliens. I am
looking forward to your response so I can move forward with this program in an effort to
benefit the Citizens in Benton County:

~h Fe ---.::so~~~~~-
Benton County Sheriff

1300 SW 14th Street, BcnlOllville. Arkansas 72712 . Ofllce 479-271-1008 . Fa.x 479-271 -5792 . :::::::::::-(b.-)(Q-)::::::::':::
Office of Detelltion alld Removal Operations
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
425 I Streel, NW
Washi ngton, DC 20536

U.S. Immigration
and Customs

May 3,2007

Sheriff Keith Ferguson

Benton County Sheriff
1300 SW 14th Street
Bentonville, Arkansas 72712

Dear Sheriff Keith Ferguson:

Thank you for your interest in the 287(g) Delegation of Authority progr-am. This letter is to
notify you that the Office of the Assistant Secretary for U.S. Immigration and Customs
Enforcement (lCE) has received your request for 287(g) Delegation of Authority training for
the Benton County Sheriff Office.

On May 3,2007, the Program Manager for 287(g) Delegation of Authority at fCE
Headquarters forwarded your request for participation in the 287(g) program to the Special
Agent in Charge (SAC), and the Field Office Director (FOD) for the New Orleans, Louisiana
area of responsibility. The SAC and FOD, along with a member of your staff will need to
conduct a feasibility assessment study. After completion, the assessment will be reviewed at
TCE Headquarters and a detenn.ination will be made to either accept or deny your request to
participate in the program.

Should you require information conceming the status of yoU( request to participate in the
287(g) program, your local ICE point of contact for New Orleans, Louisiana is Deputy Special
Agent in Charge (DSAC) b (6 blJ7 C . b (b 7 C can be reached at (504) 3 W'~. liXJ)('(fhank
you for your interest in the ICE 287(g) Delegation of Authority Program.


(bX6). (bX7)(C)

287 (g) U;Ut Chjef'

Office of Detention and Removal Operations