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l\pril2, Z007

Assistant Secreuuy Julie Myers

US Immigration and Custo!nS Enforcement
425 I Street N.W. Room 7100
Washi1:1gton, DC 20536

Dear Assistant Secretarv

. Mvers:

I a:th writing this letter to request participation in. the Delegation of Authoriry
pursuant to the 287Cg') of the Immigration and Naturalization Act. The City of
Springd9.le, A.:tbnsas is a neighbor city to Rogets, Arkansas. Sprirtgdale has a
population of over 62;000; 32.8% of which is Hispanic/Latino ethnidty. Springdale:
Police Department currently works with Immigration and Customs Enforcement
(LCE.) agents, assisting in Felony investigations of suspected undocumented
resident~ who have cotrunitted serious felony offenses. In 2006 we assisted in seven
(7) investigations resulting in 38 ar1"ests, To date (2007) we haye assisted in four (4)

The citizens of Springdale :are increasingly looking to the Police Department to

address their concerns with o:ime and the perception of crim.e committed by
undocumt:nted residents. There is a sr.rong' perception among many citizens that rhe
undoCl.llnented resIdents art negatively impacri-og the (lmility oflife and ate
responsible for increasing violent crimes. The fear that this w:iI1 be a C011tinuirlg trend
has also been voiced by many citizens. Attac:h.mcnt H j \ " .reflect.s the arrest
demographks fot the City of Springdale and reflects v--icrim and suspect
demographics from reportS caken during c~lendar year 2006. Wbile our a.r.reSt
.cmograp.hicsatt.mprcseotarivLQ£Ollt papnlaria~asampljng o£w-eHisp.ani<;_ 20'~<-.j:
for Agg:ravated Assa.ult indicates that 50% percent of those attested would appear to
be legal residents. Attachment UBI! shows a further breakdown of criminal charges.

.\'D\ll~~r$TR",l·j'01'i HL'ILDING, 201 ;';OR1"H SPRING STREET, SPRl:.:GD.U£ .\ILT<.\.'-"S.-\S ';n)4

:'1'0) ~.51-4S42

We bdie-qt that participating in 287(gj 'will enhance the opportUnity for the Police
Department to become more effective in remomg those undocumented residents
who do commit felony offenses a.nd therefore reduce citizen feat and concern.

We are proposing the following:

Establish an Identification Screening Officer position in the Springdale Detention

Center who will seek to determine imrnigtation Status of attested individuals who
meet the following criteria:
a. The: arrested party does not possess any documentation to suppon proof of
legal residency.
b. lbere is reasonable suspicion to believe the arrested pa.tty' possesses
documents which are forged or fictitious,
Trnin not more than three (3) officers with a minimum of three years apcri(.>flo~,
who ha\"e passed a security background im'estigation acceptAble to LCE. to conduct
immigration inquit:y upon request once the above criteria has been met.

-\ddirionally, Springdale Police Department ~ill work :in $ cooperative effo.r.t with the
CiD! of Rogers to address issues and assist in investigations which \'\'ill imptoye the
perception. of safety to residents in Northwest Arkansas.

While 287(gj is 110t the total solution to the problems faced in Nonh,vest Arbnsas
and the City of Springdale, it will provide us a means of criminal illegal
immigrants. We look fON"llld to hearing a response to our request and rnov"ing
forward with this endeavor.


·\D.\1C<'TSTR,\TIO:": llt'ILD0.<G, 201 NORTH SPRING STI'...£f?T, $PRI~GD.\LE, .\RK \>~S_-\S ~:t'6..1
(,eq) 75'l·45.:j.2 .


otal Nrests 7172

::30eClar Census

victims were or of Arkansas so no ethnic is coded

A~lac:nn1AI1t B

II .1l0lI0I0 .11'.


.... .'JI"" !.. ,. ;
.. 01..;,-11 ..... I JUUIG1UI
Total yvhite % Hispanjc~ !Black % '",f. ~. % 'UN %
pI n I\:JY~IO;;::
62 459
F3 ~4.9 r-:;J.7l
Ti 1\ .Ji.
-,",IIC:::l~ 7172 3 5 1
Selected An-est

Theft refated ........ ... ~ 6 5

.... 11..
'f 54 15 15

FraU'd-rlJ'Y~ y 1 2
Related 59 31 5 4 1
Burglary Break/Enter 40 3 3 1

Assawf - Battaty 55 35 [) 3 1
Crim - 33 0 10 1
Criminal rV~~~;);~;
~ 25 0 5 1
Drug f!.;~!_.:!
, 3 2 0

OTF Drug Task ForooA.rrest Of LI :3 3 0

10 a 0
Fan to Vacate (RtHiw.j) 5 3 1 0

. F?i! to Apf!ear in Court 19 3 4 I 4

...... ..... ,
Fail to 17 3 9 5
Leaving the scene of an Accident 52 3 3 0
Driving on t
0, __
dad DL (OWl) 3 5 1
Harassment 2 2 0 -

Refusal to subrH;'iltO~~u~ arrestl 3~ 4 10 0

~uu on £,gIi~_ Officer 46 0 7 0
Dwr n::>I<2lCV i. .J oIJjI'
5~ 1 5 1
r- .. 42 2 12 0
ry Conduct

J ~jf'~ 2 .21 1
D "ion aNi RemCJWJJ Office
U.~ ofliomd.lll.nd S~lIrity
4251 Sired., NW

U.S. Immigration
and Customs

April 12, 2007

Chief of Police Kathy 0' Kelley

City of Springdale
20 I North Spring Street
Springdale, Arkansas 72764

Dear Chief O'Kelly:

Thank. you for your interest in the 287(g) Delega.tion of Authority program. This letter is to
notify you that the Office of the Assistant Secretary for U.S. Immigration and Customs
Enforcement (ICE) has received your request for 287(g) Delegation of Authority training for
the City of Springdale Police Department.

On April 12,2007, the Program Manager for 287(g) Delegation of Authority at ICE
Headquarters forwarded your request for participation in the 287(g) program to the Special
Agent in Charge (SAC), and the Field 0 ffice Director (FOD) for the New Orleans, Louisiana
area of responsibility (AOR). The (SAC) and (FOD), along with a member of your staff will
need to conduct a feasibility assessment study. After completio14 the assessment will be
reviewed at ICE Headquarters and a determination will be made to either accept or deny your
request to participate in the program.

Should you require infonnation concerning the status of you I" request to pwticipate in the 287(g)
program, your local ICE point of contact is Special Agent in Charge (A SAC) Roland Jones will oversee
the 287(g) program for the SAC New Orleans office. ASAC Jones can be reached at (504) 310·8800.
Thank you for your interest in the iCE 287(g) Delegation of Authority Program .

(g) Unit Chief
Detention and Removal Headquarters