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Children and war.

Reference list compiled by Atle Dyregrov PhD, Center for Crisis Psychology, Bergen,
Norway, e-mail address: atle!risepsy!"no

Articles are listed by the name of the first a#thor"
Abd#llatif, $" %" &'(()*" Prevalence of depression among middle+school ,#waiti st#dents
following the %ra-i invasion" Psychological Reports, 77, ./0+./("
Ado!, N, Arias, 1", Castelli, 2", Co#lter, C", C#lver, 2", Denov, 3", et"al" &455.*" 6ra#ma,
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Organization, xxx, '+'/"
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program on conflict-affected children in northern <ganda" Journal of Child
Psychology and Psychiatry, 3ay 4." doi: '5"''''=>"'/.(-?.'5"45''"54/5?"@" A9p#b
ahead of printB"
Ager, A", A!esson, B" 3", 7tar!, 2", 8lo#ri, 9", :!ot, B", 3cCollister, 8", ; Boothby, N" 6he
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(" !)#, '4?'+'4E."
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post-tra#matic stress disorder in ,#rdistanian children and their parents in homeland
and e@ile: An epidemiological approach" *ordic Journal of Psychiatry, +, /)?+/.0"
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in northern <ganda: An analysis of its dynamics and its health conse-#ences" Social
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8ritish Journal of Psychiatry, ".5, /4?+/04"
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a cross-sectional st#dy" 83C Pu/lic 7ealth, 7, '-E"
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st#dy of a 2atin American ref#gee comm#nity" 0nternational Journal of 3ental
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Stress, "), E)(+E.("
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psychological distress of people who s#rvived the $oloca#st as children )) years later"
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cognitive emotion reg#lation in response to war e@periences in Northern <ganda"
Journal of -dolescence, %2, .))+..("
Amone PN:la!, ," &455(*" 6ort#re against children in rebel captivity in Northern <ganda:
physical and psychological effects and implications for clinical practice" Torture4
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".&4*, '54-''?"
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war-e@posed yo#ths with and witho#t Criterion A4 endorsement" Journal of -nxiety
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severe loss of activities of daily living: clinical signs and co#rse d#ring rehabilitation"
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%, 44?+4//"
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s#ffering of the victims of the $oloca#st" Journal of 7u'anistic Psychology, %", ??+
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with openness to reconciliation and feelings of revenge among former <gandan and
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#p" Social Science and 3edicine, +), '45/+'4')"
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10.1111/j.1467-7717.2012.01280.x. [Epub hed o! prin"#
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", '+4"
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