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42, Orange St, Stella Maris Subd, Pasig City, Philippines, 1607 • +63 915 866 7047 • l.faugere@gmail.

com • French march 12, 1984

Louis Faugère, International Agro-

development Engineer ISTOM

To manage projects targeting poverty reduction in developing countries


From 10/10/2007 to present Anxa Limited – www.aujourdhui.com Alabang, Philippines

Community Director
 Project manager developing social network aujourdhui.com
 Number one female social network related to well being in Europe: 250 000 members, 1M UV /week
 Launching of the English version Philippines based www.belletoday.com

From 25/06/2006 to 25/12/2006 French Ministry of Economic Affairs, Finance and Industry - Manila, Philippines
Economic Department of Manila
Commercial Assistant
 Objective: To assist vice-chief of the Economic Department of Manila
 Achievement: Authored industries analysis sheets, drafted press articles on the agribusiness sector, co-managed the French
pavilion participation to the local agricultural exhibition AGRILINK, wrote a perspective analysis on the Agrarian Reform
 Wrote thesis entitled New stakes for Agrarian Reform in the Philippines

From 30/05/2005 to 30/09/2005 Micro Finance Institution - Unité Régionale des Caisses Antsirabe, Madagascar
d’Epargne et de Crédit Agricole Mutuels du Vakinankaratra
 Topic: To provide access for Micro-credit and Rural Development
 Achievement: Authored a handbook about operational and strategic decision-making for farmer network members
 Wrote a report entitled Access to micro credit and rural development: URCECAM Vakinankaratra, a financial mutualist
network for a sustainable rural development

From 28/07/2004 to 21/09/2004 N.G.O. Ramilamina Antsirabe, Madagascar

Impact assessment officer
 Objective: To reinforce the Organizational Capacities of stockbreeders
 Achievement: Accomplished an impact study on the project beneficiary stockbreeders for the N.G.O.
 Wrote a report entitled Rural development of Vakinankaratra: the N.G.O. Ramilamina


2002 - 2007 ISTOM Engineering School in International Agro-Development Cergy-Pontoise, France

– www.istom.net
International Agro-Development Engineering Degree (CTI)
 Development Financing

 English: Solid schooling and fluent in an English-speaking working environment (TOEIC 885/990pts)
 Spanish: Basic speaking and understanding
 Excellent computer skills: Windows, Internet-based research, Microsoft Office Applications
 Development of a business plan on a patchouli essential oil production project in Burundi.
 Creation & execution of a communication plan on the ISTOM’s inheritance valorization

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