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By Umgestalten
29 April 2007
This story is FICTION. The theories and science written herein do not, to the best of my knowledge, exist. Whether it is even possible for it to
ever exist is unimportant to me or the story. Further, it should be just as unimportant to you as the reader, Just accept it as fact while reading
and then forget about it. That's the way fiction is. It isn't real.
'Oh this is just great!' Missy was thinking. 'Now he's going to get another dog. Just what I need around here as if one doesn't make enough
mess. I don't know why I ever married him,' her thoughts continued to run as she angrily cleaned up the contents of another overturned trash
'Yes I do know why,' her thoughts continued. 'When I met him he said he was going to be a doctor and I loved the idea of being married to a
rich doctor. I'd be Mrs. Craig Wentworth, wife of Dr. Wentworth. There'd be a big house, servants, country clubs, the works. The bastard never
mentioned until later that he was going to be a vet. And, as if that wasn't bad enough, he isn't even a real vet!' she fumed. "He does
independent veterinary research under contract and doesn't get paid shit!" she mumbled aloud as she crawled around on the floor picking up
the shredded paper and other garbage.
Her thoughts continued, 'Now, here I am, an MBA degree and I pick up after a dog! I clean up dog shit in the yard! I live in the middle of
nowhere in a shack. I haven't even had a chance to get out of my nightgown this morning and I'm already picking up after that damn dog. I
swear I'm going to poison its food!' she was thinking as she disgustedly threw the last of the garbage back in the can.
Craig and Missy did not have what could be termed a happy marriage. She was not happy at all and did her best at every opportunity to make
sure Craig was not happy either. She wanted the rich life of a doctor's wife and let him know that she considered him a worthless failure. That
was why he spent most of his waking hours in his lab in the barn out back. He had heard it all and didn't like reruns.
Missy was just about to get up off her hands and knees when she heard the clatter of Sam's nails on the kitchen floor as he approached. He
playfully ran up to her, licked her face, and started to bounce around her. He thought that she was on the floor to play with him. "Get away from
me you damn dog!" Missy yelled at Sam as she took a swing with her right arm.
She missed of course. Sam was way too fast for her and her actions only further convinced him that she wanted to play so he ran around her
and poked her with his snout. She continued to try to smack him away and continued to fail miserably.
Somewhere in Sam's playing and Missy's trying to hit him her attitude changed. He was so happy that she could almost see a smile on his
big hairy snout. He definitely had a sparkle of pure joy in his eyes and Missy's heart softened just a bit. She smiled at him and said, "That's ok,
boy. I'm just not happy with my life. It's not your fault that you act like a dog. You are a dog. A very big German Sheppard dog. A big, fun loving
Missy, worn out from picking up the trash and playing with Sam, was just about to get up when Sam circled around behind her and stuck his
big snout up under her short nightgown. His cold nose pushed into her butt and he gave her a couple of licks with his warm wet tongue.
It sent a shiver all through Missy and she let out a short gasp, "Oh. Oh Sam, don't do that. Sam no! Oh, oh, ooooooo Saaaaaaaaam." Missy
moaned as Sam licked harder and his long tongue went deeper.
'Oh this is so wrong,' Missy was thinking. 'So wrong but it feels so damn good! This is more action than I've gotten out of Craig in over a
month.' and she shivered and her arms buckled. She went down onto her elbows and even further exposed and presented her sex to Sam.
Sam understood the basic move and knew what to do. He withdrew his snout, jumped up on her back and with his forelegs he gripped
Missy's sides as he poked at her with his very rigid penis.
This was definitely further than Missy intended to go and she started to shake him off to get up. Sam was having none of it and he let out a
short snarl as he lightly gripped the back of her neck with his powerful jaws and continued in his quest to enter Missy's sex. Missy froze in her
position as fear gripped her and mixed with her already present feelings of disgust.
Success was achieved moments later and Sam moved his hind paws closer to Missy's rear as he pounded further in and started to
jackhammer into her. Then he slowed down but stroked her more forcefully and each time, Missy felt like he was going to rip her apart. then
suddenly she felt like something very large had just entered her. Then the realization hit, 'Oh shit! His knot! Oh damn I hope we don't get stuck
together. Just what I need. Craig comes home and finds me like this tied to his dog.'
It was all over soon afterwards. Sam shot his load into Missy and he was done. With no need to go further, Sam dismounted by sliding one leg
over her back and dropping his forepaws to the floor.
Missy knew immediately that her fears were justified. They were indeed locked together by Sam's large canine knot. He stood there next to
her and gave her a few loving licks of thanks on the side of her face. Then, in a very slick move, Sam lifted one hind leg over Missy's back and
they were tied to each other but facing in opposite directions.
There they remained so for the next twenty-two minutes and thirty-five seconds according to the wall clock. Missy tried several times to
forcefully pull lose from Sam but that action only elicited a low warning growl and bared teeth from Sam, and a sharp pain in her groin. She
gave up and just waited it out.
When she felt Sam slip out of her, she immediately got up and went to her bedroom, removed her nightgown and went to the bathroom for a
shower. Missy had just finished getting dressed when she heard Craig's car tires crunching on the gravel of the road leading to their house.
She quickly left the bedroom and headed for the kitchen. Sam was laying on the couch in the living room fast asleep as she passed through.
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"Typical male," Missy mumbled aloud. "Knock off a piece of ass and then roll over and go to sleep! Well don't you go thinking it's going to
ever happen again you worthless piece of shit!" she said, but somewhere in the back of her mind she thought, 'At least not right away.'
'That was the most disgusting thing I've ever had happen to me,' Missy thought with a wry smile on her face as she pulled a loaf of bread out to
make Craig a sandwich for lunch.
She was just finishing up as her husband, Dr, Craig Wentworth, came in through the back door cursing under his breath, "You won't believe
what happened," he said. "I drive fifty miles to pick up the new bitch so I can breed Sam and they sold her before I got there. I talked to them
last night and told them I would be there this morning! Those assholes sold the dog an hour before I got there. An hour! Can you believe that?
They said the guy had cash and was willing to pay more than I had offered so they took it.! Bastards! Now what do I do? I injected Sam last
night with the new serum and he's going to be one horny sonofabitch for the next week or so with no relief in sight."
'No shit he's horny,' thought Missy as Craig collapsed in a chair at the kitchen table. She calmly dropped the sandwich and a can of pop in
front of him and said, "Eat your lunch now. You can work it out later. Can't you get another female?" she asked.
As she turned back to the kitchen counter to make herself a sandwich she thought, 'I'll play dumb and supportive. That'll piss him off more.'
"Where the hell would I be able to find another registered female German Sheppard that's in heat and do it in the next few days? I only gave
Sam the injection last night because I knew I had this deal all sewed up. Now I'm royally screwed," Craig said.
'You have no idea what royally screwed is but I can tell you that you aren't the one that's been royally screwed around here,' Missy was thinking
as she cleaned up the mess from making lunch.
Turning to him with a big smile she said, "So, what was this serum that you injected Sam with? Is it going to harm him if you don't find a female
in heat for him to screw in the next week?" Missy asked casually while hoping that it would piss him off more.
Craig swallowed the bite of sandwich he had in his mouth before he answered brusquely, "No. It won't hurt him but if my calculations are
correct he is going to be one very hard up dog for the next week or so. He'll probably be trying to jump the bones of anything that holds still
long enough," he said as he took another bite and chewed.
'No shit!' Missy thought.
Again, she sweetly asked, "You didn't say what it was that this serum was supposed to do. Was it just supposed to make him horny? I didn't
think you needed a serum to do that. I thought all males were just naturally horny when they were anywhere near a female," she said with
double meaning.
Frustrated, Craig answered, "No. The horniness is a side effect of the serum. There are times when breeding that you can't get a prime male
or female dog. You know, one with a very good pedigree. Anyway, the serum makes the injected animal's genes totally dominant. In other
words, any pups that resulted from the mating would be Sam's and not the females. She would just supply the egg and a womb but her DNA
wouldn't be used. Sam's DNA is a combination of all the males and females that have ever been bred down his ancestral line. The pups that
he would produce would be totally Sam's pups but they wouldn't exactly be clones. They could be male or female but all of the genetic
information would come from Sam's side of the mating. Understand?" he explained.
Missy shrugged her shoulders and answered lightly, "No. Not totally but I think I have the basic idea." She answered knowing that anything
less that full understanding would get to him.
Dr. Craig Wentworth let out a deep sigh, "Ok, in layman's terms, Sam's DNA becomes a dominant force in whatever bitch he's bred to. It will
wipe out, take over, and convert the DNA in the egg of the animal that he is bred with and thus will produce only offspring that have his genetic
codes. Got it now?"
Missy hated it when he explained things to her as if she were a kindergartener. 'Yes. I think my simple female brain has finally grasped what
the great animal doctor is saying,' she was thinking but actually said, "Yep. Got it that time, Doc. Thanks."
Missy continued doing her wifely duties for the rest of the day and Craig disappeared out into his lab in the barn. She didn't see him until late
that night when he crawled into bed beside her.
The next morning Missy awoke late and found that Craig had already gone to his lab. A glance at her bedside clock showed that she had
slept in until nine o'clock.
She dragged herself out of bed slowly and started for the bathroom. "Damn. I feel sore all over. What the hell did I do yesterday to make me
so sore?" she asked of no one in particular.
As she started the shower and stepped in, she was deep in thought, 'Damn what a lousy night I had. I couldn't sleep for more than a few
minutes at a time. And this soreness, I feel like I've been beaten all over. It couldn't have been what Sam did, could it? No. As perverted as it
was, it was just sex.'
The water was nice and hot and she just stood there and let it ease the tension and soreness in her muscles before starting to wash herself.
She noticed while washing that the soreness in her muscles was widespread but mostly concentrated in her butt cheeks and legs. 'Hmm,
maybe it was Sam pounding me yesterday.'
Missy got out of the shower, dried off and wrapped the towel around her as she walked towards the bedroom. She had no sooner cleared the
bathroom door than Sam ran up, ripped the towel from around her body and knocking her down in the process.
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"What the hell is the matter with you, you dumb assed dog," Missy yelled as she got onto her hands and knees in the process of standing up
There was no foreplay this time. Sam was mounted on her back, had his front paws wrapped around her sides and his jaws locked on the
back of her neck. He must have been almost completely out of his sheath because moments later Missy felt his hard canine member probing
her sex. She tried to crawl across the floor to get away from him but to no avail.
As fast as she could crawl, Sam could follow on his hind legs until she was headfirst into a corner of the bedroom and blocked from going
further. As soon as she stopped moving, Sam found his target and plunged into her.
It happened as fast as it had the previous day. Sam jackhammered into her until his knot was exposed and then beat at her until they were
locked together. This time though, unlike the day before, Missy felt her body reacting positively to his attentions.
"What the hell is wrong with me? I'm being raped by a dog and my body likes it? This is so screwed!" Missy yelled as she tried again to
shake him off.
A guttural growl and a tightening of his grip on her neck and she remained motionless until he made his last big plunge. His back arched and
his grip on her neck was released as he threw back his head and howled at the ceiling as he released his hot fluids deep into her.
Missy felt her body react with a deep shudder as her own climax passed through from her scalp to her curled up toes and sweat ran from
every pore. She felt a warm glow hit her face like a hot flash and wanted to curl up in a fetal ball. She would have if Sam hadn't been locked
into her.
The closing ceremony was performed much as it had been the day before only this time she did it with her face buried in the corner of the
room and without benefit of a clock to tell how long he was locked into her.
When he slipped from her she fell to the floor and curled up and cried. She wanted to call Craig and tell him what had happened but was too
embarrassed. She just couldn't bring herself to tell him. She was sure he would think she had wanted it. That she was some sicko pervert that
was into bestiality. No, she decided not to tell him but from now on, Sam was locked out of the house.
A great idea but it didn't work. Missy took another long shower and then threw on her bathrobe and went in search of Sam. She wasn't going
to have him sneak up on her again. She wanted him out of the house.
She found him in his usual spot, asleep, sprawled out on the living room couch. She went up to him and grabbed his collar and roughly pulled
him from his slumber. "You are so out of here!" she yelled as she pulled him across the floor. She thought she was the one in control but Sam
had other ideas. He started to run around her with her fingers twisted up in his collar. Soon her feet were wrapped up in themselves and she
was on the floor again and Sam was on her back with his forelegs wrapped around her chest.
This time was a little different though. As soon as Sam mounted her, Missy felt her body start to react and it dragged her mind along with it.
She lowered her shoulders and raised her butt to give him better access and she whimpered as he entered her. He didn't need to grip her
neck this time because she made no attempt to get away.
When Sam was finished, Missy just stood there on her hands and knees in a mindless post climactic bliss. The passage of time waiting for
Sam to completely disengage went by unacknowledged. She just stood there because that was what was supposed to happen afterwards,
And all would have been fine if Craig hadn't walked in looking for his lunch and found his dog locked into his wife standing there butt to butt in
the middle of the living room floor.
"What the fuck are you doing?" he yelled.
"Exactly," Missy answered with a very satisfied sensual tone to her voice.
The good doctor, despite his years of training in the animal sciences, tried to separate them, which brought a growl and a snapping of bared
teeth from Sam and a similar growl from Missy. He backed off and sat down in his easy chair.
"Missy, why?" he asked but she didn't answer. She just stood there and waited with her tongue hanging out a little and sort of panting like a
dog. He could see by the glazed look in her eyes that his questions would not be answered.
A short time later, Sam slipped out of Missy and he trotted over to the couch and jumped up to his favorite spot. After circling three times on
the cushions he plopped down, let out a deep sigh, and fell into a deep, satisfied slumber.
Missy shook her head, looked around and saw Craig sitting there in his chair staring at her. She quickly rose to her feet and pulled her
bathrobe around her naked body. "Do you suppose that now you might be willing to give me an explanation?" Craig asked sarcastically as
their eyes met.
"Oh Craig." Missy wailed. "It's been horrible. That was the third time in two days that he did that to me." She cried as she threw herself to her
knees at his feet and buried her face in his lap sobbing.
Through her sobs she told him all about what had happened and how she couldn't stop him. "He's gone crazy," she said. "Look at the back of
my neck where he bit down on me. Look at his claw marks on my sides," she said as she sat up and drew open her bathrobe.
"I fought him the first two times but this time it was different. It was like I wanted it. I couldn't stop myself. Once he got me down to the floor I just
pulled my bathrobe out of the way and presented my ass to him and waited for him to enter me. What's wrong with me? I didn't want this. It's
disgusting! Perverted! Sck!" she cried.
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Craig just sat there and looked down at his wife. She turned her face up to look at him and shook her head. Something was wrong. It was like
watching an old movie on TV. Everything was in black and white or grey tones.
Craig looked down at her and then into her eyes and was shocked at what he saw. He eyes were almost completely a dark golden brown
color instead of her normal brilliant blue and there were almost no whites showing. She had the eyes of a dog!
"Craig. What's the matter with my eyes? I can't see color."
"Quick! Get up!" he said as he pulled her to her feet and towards the back door. "We need to get out to the lab."
"Craig, what is it? What's the matter with me?"
"I don't know for sure. I need to get some blood samples from you."
Out in the lab he drew several vials of blood into vacuum tubes and put a bandage on the needle puncture. "How do you feel? Can you make
it back up to the house on your own while I run some tests?" he asked.
"Yeah. I can make it. What's wrong with me? Why can't I see color?" she asked him.
"I won't know for sure until I have the test results. You just go back to the house and get into bed. Get some rest. You probably need some
sleep after what you've been through." Craig instructed her.
Missy left for the house while Craig turned his attention back to the blood samples. 'This is going to take some time. I won't have results back
for hours. Some of them not until tomorrow.' He thought to himself as he worked.
Missy stumbled barefoot across the back yard to the house. She was worried because Craig seemed worried and he rarely showed any
emotion other that anger or frustration.
Once back in the house, Missy went upstairs, crawled into bed, and pulled the covers up under her chin. Her last thoughts before she fell into
a deep sleep were, 'I really should have taken a shower before I got into bed,' and she was gone.
Craig spent the rest of the day and the entire night in his lab. Most of the time was spent restlessly pacing the floor while waiting for test
results. He was sure that he knew exactly what they would show so part of the time he spent formulating what he could do to counteract it.
By six in the morning he had all the data he needed. He knew what was happening. Sam's DNA was dominating Missy's. It was changing it
and her. It was just as he had suspected. What he didn't know was just how far the changes would go.
All of his training told him that what had happened so far was impossible. Even if you could change a person's DNA to that of another person
or animal, the body was set. It was like pouring water on concrete. When it was cement mix, it could be formed to whatever shape you wanted
when you added water. Once hardened though, no amount of water added to it would change its shape.
But that was not what the test results showed. Her DNA was altering and he saw for himself that her eyes had changed. How far would it go?
Flesh? Bones? Muscles? Internal organs? His fear was that it would be all four. The experimental chemicals he was using to enhance the
genetic characteristics of the animals that were bred were new to science. They were from plants in the rain forests of South America. No one
had attempted to use them this way before. It was uncharted territory.
Missy's only chance to remain at least partially human was the serum he had formulated while he waited on the test results. It should
counteract the effects of the original serum. But would it reverse them?
All the time that Craig thought about these different aspects of the situation, there was one other thought that kept penetrating through from his
subconscious to his conscious. Did he really want to counteract the original serum. Missy's disappointment in him, his chosen career, and
their lifestyle had made a real bitch out of her. His married life was miserable. Most times he stayed in his lab, not because he needed to but
because he wanted to. It was better than dealing with her bitching.
He looked down at the hypodermic needle in his hand with its orange safety cap and the translucent yellow counteractant serum inside of its
clear plastic barrel. Did he really want to use it? With no decision made, he slipped it into the pocket of his lab coat and headed out the door
of the lab to go check on Missy.
Missy was in a semi-sleep state when he arrived at the bedroom. She lay on the bed covered up with the sheet and blankets and he stood
and watched her. She was twitching and every now and then she would let out a small whimper as if in pain. He noted that her outline under
the bedclothes was not what it should be. Something was wrong.
Craig slowly pulled back the covers and even though he saw more or less what he expected, he was shocked. Missy had gone to bed
completely naked. Her legs were twisted and deformed and her feet were changed to the point that they were more paws than human feet.
She rolled her head over to look up at him and when he saw her eyes he was looking into the big brown and black eyes of a German
Sheppard. She blinked and rubbed the sleep from them and then whined, "I still can't see right. Everything is still in black and white and I hurt
all over. Did you find out what's wrong, what's happening?"
It was at about that point that she became aware of her further changes and glanced down at her exposed legs. She screamed and rolled on
to her back and supported herself on her elbows. That movement caused her reformed legs to point straight up and she screamed again
louder and harder.
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Craig pushed her back down on the pillow and rolled her back to her side so that her legs, which were now at a ninety degree angle to her
body, laid back down on the mattress. "Calm down! Hysterics won't accomplish anything. I need to examine you. Just lay still," he said
forcefully as he stared her straight in her big golden brown eyes.
"You knew as well as I that further changes were likely. Now lay still and let me check you over," Craig said sternly and he started his exam. He
moved his hands over her hips and noted that her pelvis, as well as her upper legs had reformed to a state that was only suitable for
quadrupedal locomotion. He also noticed that her lower spine had extended and that there was the beginning stub of a tail that twitched from
side to side as he examined her.
The exposed toes of her feet had paw pads under them and had grown the curved claws typical for a canine. Her heels had risen to a position
where they would never again touch the floor while walking. As far as he could tell, her legs were pretty much on their way to a complete
change from human to canine. With the exception of the bulk and hair growth, and it appeared that hair was on its way judging from the
increased density of her leg hair and the black color with patches of sandy brown. Her legs still had a lot of the bulk of her human legs but they
were thinning out to become more canine.
As he stood back and took in all of her changes thoughts ran through his mind, 'It's really happening. She's going through a metamorphosis
from human to canine and if I don't do something to prevent it, I'll be married to a dog,' he thought as his fingers wrapped around the
hypodermic needle in his pocket. 'But if I do give her the new serum, I'll still be married to a bitch. I wonder, how far her changes will go? Will
her transformation be complete? Could I breed her to Sam? Should I even be thinking these things?'
His fingers released their grip on the hypodermic needle and he removed his hand from his pocket. "You need to get more rest," he said as
he pulled the covers back up over her deformed body. "You just stay here and sleep. I still have more work to do in the lab if I'm going to stop
these changes." Craig told her.
"Can you stop it?" Missy asked him. "Can you make me normal again?" she whined as she gave him a pleading look.
"I don't know. I spent most of last night working out possible solutions but I don't know if they will work even if I gave them to you. It may already
be too late," he said truthfully. "You just rest now while I work on this problem. I'll be back later," Craig said as he backed out the door and shut
it carefully.
Back out in the lab he went over the reversal formula again and again and came to the conclusion that there was no reason it wouldn't work.
He went over his veterinary medical books on canine physiology to determine just how complete her transformation was so far and he
pondered the ethics and morality of what he wanted to do versus what he should do.
By noon Dr. Craig Wentworth had concluded that his wife's conformations in her lower extremities were definitely on their way to those of a
normal, well formed canine. He had also concluded that morally and ethically he was wrong as hell in what he was doing and he couldn't come
up with a justifiable reason to continue other than he just wanted to. He left the lab to check on Missy's condition, still uncertain what he would
do. The formula still in his pocket.
When he opened the bedroom door, Missy raised her head and looked at him. "I can't sleep any more. I'm not tired and it hurts so bad. I get
muscle cramps and then it feels like my bones and insides are moving around," she said as he moved to the bedside and slowly pulled down
the covers to expose her lower body.
The changes had continued in his absence. Her legs now completely resembled those of a large German Sheppard. The restructuring of her
lower skeleton and muscles looked to be finished. The bulk from her human legs was gone and the much thinner legs of a canine were all that
was left. The coat of hair was also denser and the black and brown colors could be plainly seen.
Missy looked down at her legs and then back up at Craig, "I looked earlier. I've changed more. You can stop it, can't you?" she said in an
almost pleading manner.
Craig ran his hands over her legs, pelvis and buttocks noting the perfect conformations. He also noted that her tail had grown to about eight
inches and was covered with longer bushy hairs than those that covered her legs. He saw that her ribcage had changed too. It was narrower
and pushed forward. More like a dog's. That meant that the changes were going to continue to encompass more of her body.
"I don't know that the formula I've come up with will work. I don't want to do more harm than good. I need to be sure of everything before I use
Missy looked disappointed. "Just use it! I really don't care what happens. Anything is better than being half animal. Please, do something."
Craig heard her words and thought, 'Anything? Anything is better than being half animal? How about completely animal? How about being
completely animal and completely pregnant? How would you like that?'
"Well, ok, but you're not going to like it," Craig started out. He had a plan and she had just given him the perfect opportunity to put it into
action. "First I need for you to get out of bed and start moving around."
"How the hell can I do that?" she asked. "My legs are all deformed. I can't stand up on them like they are."
"I'm sure that you can stand and walk just fine. Maybe not like you are used to but millions of dogs move and walk about just fine on legs like
yours. You just need to try them out and get used to them."
"Don't be so stupid! You expect me to walk around like a dog on all fours? Are you nuts? I can't walk around like that. I'm not an animal," she
screamed at him.
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Craig looked down at his wife and thought, 'Well, turning into a dog hasn't changed her temperament any. At least not yet,'
"I know you don't want to but it's essential for you to get out of bed if this is going to have any chance of working. Here, I'll help you," he said as
he leaned over her and slipped one arm under her arms and the other under her abdomen. He lifted her from the bed and placed her on her
hands and new paws on the floor just as he would any large dog.
She stood there on the floor and looked up at him with emotional pain in her eyes. This was a big step. Would she accept that she could only
walk on all fours now or would she just get back in bed? "Ok, you see? You can stand just fine. Now move slowly and see if you can walk
Craig could tell that she didn't want to but she gave it a try and was able to move awkwardly about the bedroom. Craig kept on her and tried to
encourage her. After about twenty minutes, she pretty much had it down and seemed to have gained a lot of self-confidence. "I hate this! It
feels so strange. It's like I'm on my hands and knees but I'm on my feet. I feel like I'm walking tip-toe but I'm not."
"Essentially you are walking on your toes now. Your heel is higher up your leg. It's called your Tarsus or Hock now. The only time it will ever rest
on the ground or floor is when you sit on your haunches. Why don't you try sitting?"
Missy did sit and then stood up again and walked around the room some more. "You're doing real good, Missy," Craig said to her.
He looked down on her and noticed that her tail was wagging as he complimented her efforts.
"It hurts my hands and wrists to walk like this," she complained.
"That's because they aren't designed to walk on," he answered matter-of-factly. "Now, let's see how you handle stairs. We need to go down to
the living room for the next phase."
"Next phase?" Missy questioned.
"Yes. You said you wanted to try and end this no matter what it entailed or what the results," he said as he looked down on her.
"Is this the part you said I wouldn't like?"
"Almost. We have to get downstairs first. Then the next phase starts," he explained.
Craig left the bedroom ahead of Missy and started down the stairs. He turned around to face her and watch as she descended the stairs. She
did quite well and by the time she reached the bottom. He noted that she walked across the room like she had always walked on all fours.
'She's still a little awkward because she has hands and arms instead of forelegs and paws but her hind legs are functioning normally and if
this works, she will have forelegs soon enough,' he thought to himself.
"Ok. We're down here. Now what is this phase two? Let's get started. Now, Craig!" she demanded.
"Alright. But like I said, you aren't going to like it. Basically we have to replicate the scenario that got you here but in reverse. I have"
"How the hell are you going to unfuck me? That's how you said this happened. It was Sam screwing me that caused it. How the hell do I get
unscrewed?" she interrupted.
'Oh this is going to be soooo sweet.' Craig thought.
"Let me finish what I was saying. I have injected Sam with a reversal formula. You will have intercourse with Sam again as often as possible.
That way, the reversal formula will be introduced in the same way to the same area and absorbed by your systems in the same manner as
before. I want to change as little as possible so the only thing that is different is the formula," he explained.
"You're nuts! You're crazy if you think I'm going to let that dog jump my ass again. That's how I got here," Missy yelled.
"Precisely. And that is how you will receive the new formula," he said as he opened the door to the kitchen and let Sam into the room.
Craig went to his easy chair and sat down to observe. As soon as Sam entered he sniffed the air and his mood changed noticeably. Missy
seemed to be doing much the same thing but Craig could tell she was fighting it. Her mind was saying, "No." but her body was screaming,
"You're going to just sit there and watch? I don't even get some privacy while I'm being screwed by your damn dog?" Missy said through
clenched teeth.
"I need to observe exactly what happens and if there are any effects from the Well, any effects." He calmly answered.
Sam circled Missy several times and licked her face then smelled under her tail. He gave her a couple of licks and Missy shuddered and let
out a soft moan as he licked her. She seemed to be enjoying his attentions but it was short lived. Sam was not into foreplay. He was a stud of
action and he mounted Missy quickly.
His hips pounded her until he had his knot buried deep inside her vagina again and then he stroked her until he let lose his load. The entire
time Missy had her tail laid to the side and her rump raised for him. She backed up to meet his thrusts and Craig could tell by the look on her
face that her mind was thinking of nothing but mating and the pleasures of the moment.
When the two of them had separated some time later, Sam made for his spot on the couch and curled up to go to sleep. Missy walked over
and sat down at Craig's feet and laid her chin on his lap. 'What now?" she asked in a kind of spaced out tone of voice.
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"Now you let Sam rest. Don't worry, he'll let you know when he's ready for more."
"More? I get to I have to do thins again?" she asked
"Yes. You need to do it as many more times as Sam is willing and able to do it. It took three times to get you where you are. I don't know how
many it will take to counteract the original formula and start the change back.
Missy let out a sigh and walked over to the other end of the couch and jumped up. She circled three times and then laid down with her legs to
one side and her arms straight out in front of her and her head down on her arms. She let out another big sigh and closed her eyes.
Craig turned on the TV and settled in for the rest of the afternoon. He alternated between watching TV and watching the changes as they took
place in Missy.
As the hours passed and she slept he noticed that her hands and arms were slowly making the change to forelegs and paws. She didn't
seem to be in much pain at that point. She would twitch and whimper every once in awhile like when her fingernails curled from the sides and
formed into curved claws or when her thumbs shrank almost completely out of sight and they became her dewclaws. She did cry out in
obvious pain when her shoulder blades shifted position and dislocated from her back and moved to her sides.
He noticed Missy's jaws extending and her face push out slightly to begin the formation of a muzzle. Her nostrils had turned up and the end of
her nose was growing darker.
As her jaw extended and her face was pushing out she suddenly opened her eyes and picked up her head and cried out in obvious pain, "Oh
it hurts, Craig. Help me. Make it stop," she cried as her muzzle was forming. Her words began to slur and become impossible to understand
as her tongue became longer.
Then she twitched and opened her mouth. Her upper lip curled back and he could see that her canine teeth were growing out. It also
appeared that her neck was lengthening. She raised her head higher and opened her mouth wider. There was a crack from her jaw hinge and
she howled in pain. Then it appeared that she passed out because her head dropped back down and her eyes closed again.
Sam was roused from his slumber by her howl and got up to check on her. He sniffed her over and licked her several times but must have
decided that all was well with his new mate because he returned to his spot and went back to sleep.
The hair on Missy's body was becoming denser at that point and the typical German Sheppard brown and black pattern was quite plain.
Craig could see that her ears were showing through her long blond hair and some of her hair was dropping to the couch and the floor.
Craig got up and went over to her and gently pulled on a hank of her beautiful long blonde hair and it fell easily from her head. He continued to
pull it out until all that was left was the growing hair of the dog. His other observations showed that Missy was now more dog than she was
He returned to his chair and continued to watch TV for another hour or so. It was shortly before six o'clock in the evening when Sam rose from
his nap, jumped down from the couch, and trotted out the door into the kitchen. Craig could hear the sound of the doggy door as Sam went
outside to relieve himself. When he returned there was the sound of chewing on a few pieces of dry dog food and the lapping up of some
water from his bowl before he returned to the living room.
Sam headed straight for the couch but he didn't hop up to his favorite spot. Instead he stopped where Missy was sleeping and began a gentle
sniffing routine. When he reached the area under her tail, he began to lick her gently at first and then with enthusiasm as she started to wake
Missy's eyes shot open, her head rose, and quickly turned to stare at Sam. It wasn't a harsh stare. It was more surprise at first then it changed
to that look dogs get when they are looking at the person they care for. She rolled further on to her side, lifted her hind leg and moved her tail
to give him unencumbered access. It was then that Craig noticed that Missy's tail appeared to be fully grown and that her breasts were
completely gone, replaced by eight small nipples in two rows down her chest.
Her mouth was partially open and her tongue lolled out the side as she started to breathe more heavily and then pant. After a few minutes of
this, Sam gave her a nudge with his muzzle and she rolled back to her feet, jumped down from the couch, and walked to the center of the
room. There she turned her back to Sam and her tail went straight up then shifted off to the side. It was blatantly clear what she expected and
Sam did not disappoint her.
He moved up behind her and with a slight spring of his forelegs, he was on her. Sam pounded into Missy with a lust and vigor that he had not
displayed before. His knot passed into her and lodged deep inside of Missy's canine vagina. He stroked with enthusiasm until he came and
then he rested on her back.
Just when Craig expected Sam to dismount he noticed Missy gently rocking back and forth on Sam's erect member. She wanted more and
she got it. Sam was revived and started to pump her again. He lasted longer that time before he stiffened and discharged his load into her for
the second time.
It was almost twenty minutes before they were parted. Sam laid down on the floor where he stood, He was obviously exhausted.
As he rolled onto his side, Missy laid down with her face in his groin and started to lick his still partially exposed shaft. As she licked and
cleaned him, Craig could see that her muzzle and tongue were even longer. They were almost fully developed as was the rest of her head and
neck. He could see no sign of the human that she had been. Her transformation was almost complete.
When Missy was satisfied that Sam was sufficiently cleaned up she stood and walked a few paces from him and sat on her haunches. Then
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she rolled her hips slightly, lifted her left hind leg and twisted until her nose was in her own sex where she started to clean herself of Sam's
Craig just stared at her. All of her actions were so completely normal, for a dog. He wondered if any of Missy was left. Was she completely
gone and replaced by the thoughts and instincts of a normal dog?
He didn't have to wonder for long. When she finished she got up and walked over to Craig and sat at his feet and made some very strange
sounds and noises. It took Craig a moment to realize that she was trying to talk. She became frustrated and started to bark at him and then
growl with her teeth bared.
At first, Craig pushed back into his chair afraid that she was going to attack him but then realized that she was angry because she could no
longer speak.
"Missy! Stop it! Quiet! You can't speak so don't try. Your changes continued while you slept. You're almost completely a dog now. Do you
understand me? Bark once for "Yes," or twice for "No."
She looked up at him and barked once. Then she looked down at herself. She lifted her right front paw and looked at it. All she saw was a
dogs leg and paw. She stood up and looked over her shoulder and down her back. All she saw was a dog's body. "NoooOoooOooo," She
Thoughts of panic ran through her head, 'No. It can't be. I can't be a dog. It was supposed to change me back not change me more. I've got to
see what I look like,' she thought as she turned and almost ran to the front door where there was a full-length mirror.
She stopped in front of the mirror and stared at her reflection. All she saw was a large German Sheppard female. There was nothing left of her
human form, nothing at all. She bared her teeth and growled at the image before her and then started barking at it, "No! No! I can't be a dog. I
can't be. I'm a human, not a dog. Craig has to help me. He has to change me back.
Suddenly she saw Craig and Sam's reflection join hers in the mirror and turned to look up at him. She whimpered and whined. He reached
down and scratched the top of her head and then behind her ears and Sam nuzzled her and gave her a few affectionate licks. She soon
calmed down and felt more relaxed.
"That's it Missy. Just calm down and come back into the living room," he said in a soothing voice as he turned and walked to his chair. She
and Sam followed right behind him and sat at his feet after he sat down.
"Now, Missy," he began. "I don't know if it's because the reversal formula didn't work, or if it's because it just hasn't started to work yet and
your changes have continued from the first formula. There's just no way of telling right now. Our only recourse is to continue treatment as we
have been and hope that it works. If it works then you will start to change back. If it doesn't work Well, you won't be much worse off than you
are right now. I'll be able to get some blood samples for testing in a few days and then again in a few weeks and then we will know for sure
what the final answer is. Understand?"
She broke eye contact and lowered her head in a submissive gesture and barked once, softly.
Craig looked at her, smiled and thought, 'In a few days you will be forever locked into your new role in life. You will be my new Breeder Bitch.
You've told everyone in this area how unhappy and miserable you are here so it will be no surprise when I leak out the news that my wife has
left me and run off to parts unknown.'
Then he said, "Why don't I get you and Sam something to eat and then you can lie down and take it easy for the rest of the evening? After that
workout and all the changes you probably need some rest."
Missy barked once, got up and walked towards the kitchen with Sam close behind.
In the kitchen, Craig got out Sam's spare food and water bowls and put them on the counter. Then he picked up Sam's food bowl off the floor,
got out two cans of dog food and opened them. As he was putting the food in the bowls, Sam was bouncing on his front paws, wagging his
tail and spinning around in happy circles in anticipation of the canned dog food. It was his best food of the day ad he loved it.
Missy never could see why all the excitement over the foul smelling can of soupy chunks of meat and she sat off to the side and waited for
Craig to get their dinner ready. She was shocked when he placed a bowl of the canned dog food on the floor in front of her and said, "There
you go Missy, the best food in the house. That kind is Sam's favorite. He's going to be jealous." Then he put Sam's bowl on the floor and
watched Sam devour it.
Missy just sat there and stared at the bowl with the awful smelling slop in it. 'He can't really expect me to eat that and certainly not out of a
dog's bowl on the floor.'
Craig looked back at her and knew exactly what was going through her mind. Now Missy, I know just what you're thinking. You don't want to
eat out of a dog's bowl on the floor but you have to get used to the idea that, for the time being at least, you are a dog and that is all there is to
Missy looked up at him and barked twice.
"Yes Missy, you are. You saw yourself in the mirror. You walked in here on four paws. You have a long tail sticking out from your rear end. You
have a long muzzle and large sharp canine teeth. And, you are sitting on your haunches on the floor. Missy, youre a dog. You have to learn to
eat like a dog, sleep like a dog, and take care of your business in the back yard like a dog until we can find out if the reversal formula is going
to change you back. If it works, fantastic. If it doesn't work then this is your life and you will have to adjust to living it as a dog because there is
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nothing more I can do. Now that is the end of my lecture so eat your dinner. You need the nourishment."
Missy looked up at him and then lowered her head. She whimpered a little and then stuck out her tongue and gave the food in her bowl a lick.
'Hum, its not as bad as it looks and smells,' she thought as she gave it a few more licks and then started to eat it with the same gusto that
Sam had with his meal.
Craig watched as she finished up and licked the bowl clean while holding it in place with one paw. When she had finished, she licked her
muzzle clean with her long tongue and then had some of the water that he had put down for her. She lapped it up out of the bowl as if she had
been doing it all her life.
"Ok you two, outside and take care of your business," Craig instructed.
Sam got up and headed out the doggy door and Missy started to follow but she turned around and looked up at Craig just before the door.
"Go!" Craig said. "You need to go and you can't use the toilet anymore so just follow Sam out and take care of it."
She turned back towards the door and hit the flap with her snout and passed though. As the door swung shut behind her, she heard Craig say,
"Good girl, Missy."
Out in the back yard, Sam had already taken care of his needs. She wandered around taking in all of the smells that she could suddenly pick
up on with the increased size of her nasal passages. She also noticed that she could hear better and more things than ever before. 'This is
amazing. All these smells and sounds. It's hard to believe they have always been here and I was never able to smell or hear them before.'
Missy circled the yard for some time as she investigated everything. It was all new to her. She sniffed at everything. She could smell Sam in
many places and every time she picked up his odor she squatted and left a little of her own scent. 'There,' she thought. 'Now he'll know that he
isn't the only one in this yard. It's mine too.'
The entire time that she was searching and checking the back yard, Sam was laying in the shade of a large tree. Most of the time he was
asleep but every now and then he would lift his head and look around to see where she was. Then he would lay his head back down and sleep
some more.
It was almost an hour before she was satisfied that she had seen and smelled everything that she could reach in the yard and she headed
across the yard towards the back door. That was Sam's signal. He got up and walked over to her and circled around her. He sniffed her and
gave her a lick on the face before moving to her rear and concentrating his efforts there.
By this time, Missy knew the signals and signs and when he came up to her from the rear her tail stiffened and laid to the side as a signal to
Sam that the way was clear. Missy looked back at Sam as he approached and thought, 'If this is what I have to do to change back I can live
with it. This really isn't all that bad. Not as bad as I thought it was the first time but then I wasn't a dog. Craig's right. I am a dog and I can do
dog things like getting fucked in the back yard so why not enjoy it." And enjoy it she did.
Half an hour later the two of them romped around the back yard for a bit and then headed up the back steps and through the doggy door into
the kitchen. Both of them stopped at the bowl of dried food on the floor. Missy wondered what it would taste like so she stuck her nose into it,
sniffed and took some into her mouth. It tasted good and she crunched it up and had some more. After feeling satisfied, she had some of her
water and went into the living room still licking her muzzle clean with her long tongue.
Missy noticed that Craig was still watching TV from his easy chair and walked over and shoved her snout under his hand. He looked down at
her and smiled, "Have a good time out there? You were certainly out there long enough. You take care of everything like a good girl?"
Missy wagged her tail, barked once and walked over to the couch. She hopped up, did the required three circles and laid down. She was
soon fast asleep. Craig sat there and looked at her as she slept and was amazed at the completeness of her transformation, 'It's hard to
believe that the dog laying on the couch was once my wife. And, so far, she seems to have retained her mind for the most part. She has
definitely developed some of the natural instincts of a normal dog but her human mind is still at least partially intact. I'll have to test her in a few
weeks to see how much she retains,' and then he turned back to watching TV.
Later when Craig turned off the TV and the lights, Missy got up and followed him upstairs to the bedroom. As he got into bed and was about
to turn off the light, Missy hopped up onto the bed wagging her tail and was about to get comfortable for the night when Craig said, "Just what
do you think your doing? You ought to know the rule. You made it. No dogs on the bed, ever. It's your rule. Now get down and sleep on the floor
or you can go back to the couch and sleep with Sam."
Missy turned her head to look at Craig and her lips twisted up and she snarled at him and barked twice. She could tell Craig was scared, not
only by the look on his face, but also by a smell in the air that her instincts told her was fear. 'He's scared of me. He's never been scared of me
before. Well if he is scared then I'm staying right here,' she decided.
She scratched at the blanket and sheet with her paws and made a spot to lie down and then dropped onto her stomach with her head on her
forelegs and facing Craig. He was in a bit of a state of shock and didn't know what to do. "Missy, you really need to get down off the bed,
now," he said in a demanding tone.
She raised he head, snarled and bared her teeth more than before and barked twice in a manner that could only be taken as very ferocious.
Then she laid back down again but kept her eyes open and on Craig's every move.
Craig mumbled, "Well I guess, under the circumstances, you can stay here tonight," and he rolled over and turned off the light. The last thing
he heard from Missy was a sound that was completely unlike any canine sound he had ever heard before. It sounded like a snickering giggle
done in a dog's voice.
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When Craig woke in the morning, Missy got up, jumped down off the bed and trotted out of the room and down the stairs. She was out in the
back yard hunting for a spot to relieve herself before she even realized what she was doing. She looked around and saw Sam doing much the
same as she was doing.
'I wonder if he is going to jump me again this morning?' she thought. After they had both finished their business, Sam was headed back
towards the house and Missy looked towards him and gave a quick bark. When he turned to look at her she bounced a couple of times and
then turned her back on him and raised her tail. A clear sign to any healthy male canine.
Craig was observing all of this from the upstairs bedroom window and wondered, 'Is she asking for it because she really wants it or is she just
trying to get back to being human again? Well either way she's just setting her life as a dog further in the concrete.'
After Missy and Sam were finished with their morning activities, they both went back into the house. On the way through the kitchen, Missy
stopped for some dried dog food for her breakfast and never gave it a thought.
When Craig came downstairs he found both of the dogs sound asleep on the couch and that is where they spent most of the day with the
exception of trips outside where Missy learned to romp and play like a dog.
In the afternoon, Craig decided to see just how far Missy had gone when he saw her outside alone. He picked up a ball and called to her,
"Missy. Here girl. Want to play catch?" And he threw the ball. She turned and ran after it and picked it up in her mouth while it was still rolling
and turned back to him.
"Bring it here girl. Come on Missy, bring it here," he yelled to her and she ran over to him and stood there with the ball in her mouth. Craig took
it from her and said, "Good girl Missy," as he stood up and threw it again.
'Hmm, right now she's acting one hundred percent like a dog. She doesn't even seem to mind me calling her "girl." I wonder if Missy is still in
there today?' he thought as he watched her chase after the ball.
Over the next few days, Sam only jumped Missy's bones a few more times and then it stopped altogether and all they did was play together
out in the yard or slept together on the couch. By the end of the first week, Missy was no longer sleeping in the bed with Craig. She stayed
downstairs with Sam.
By the end of another two weeks she was showing no signs of her human side. She used the back yard as her bathroom and spent hours
exploring the yard. She ate and drank from the food bowls on the floor without complaint or hesitation. She even used the toilet when Craig
forgot to refill the water bowls one time and didn't seem the least put off by it.
When Craig came back to the house after a day out in the lab Missy would bounce on her front paws and wag her tail all excited to see him.
There was no appreciable difference between her and Sam in appearance or behavior. However, that was only what Craig observed.
Missy meanwhile was just waiting for her changes back to her human form to start. She tried to interest Sam and did her best to let him know
she was available but he had lost interest. So, as she waited she just went with the flow of things and did her best to enjoy herself and
experience all the sounds, smells, and other things that were new to her in this dog form.
She did find that she reacted to outside stimuli differently. She found that she lived in a state that was more one of automatic responses to
things rather than thinking about them and then responding. It was like when she ate, she just got up, walked to the kitchen and ate something
or got a drink. As a human, she thought about being hungry, then what to eat, what would taste good, how long it would take and so on before
she actually did something about it. Now she would suddenly become aware of the fact that her nose was buried in a bowl of dried dog food
but not how it got there.
Same thing when Craig came home. She had never been particularly happy to see him before the change. Now, when he came in through the
door she would get up, rush to him and act all happy and wag her tail and didn't particularly know why.
And that tail bit was another strange thing. It was like a mood ring on her ass. When she was happy, it wagged back and forth like crazy. The
time she was pissed at Craig and chewed up one of his shoes and he chewed her out it curled down and went between her legs. When she
tried to interest Sam in getting some it stood straight up and flagged her interest to Sam. She wasn't so sure that she liked having her feelings
so easily read.
Missy had decided that moving about on all fours had its distinct advantages. She was far more stable, was able to react quicker, run faster,
jump higher, and was a lot stronger overall. However, the lack of hands and fingers was a real pain. She had to pick up everything in her
mouth which, when she stopped to think about it, was quite often disgusting. And talk about disgusting, she really hated it when she would
suddenly realize that she was licking her ass to clean herself after using the back yard.
Another irritant was the lack of communication ability. The yes and no barking became such a pain that she just quit even trying to answer
Craig's questions. It was easier to just ignore most of what he said to her. She did find that he was becoming more commanding lately. Two
weeks ago he would talk to her much as he always had but now it was different. He used to say things like, "Why don't you get some sleep on
the couch?" but now all he said was, "Missy. Couch. Sleep."
He used to ask her if she felt ok but now, about the only question he asked was, "Eat Missy? Want dinner Missy?" She realized that he was
seeing her more and more as a dog and she was reacting more and more in kind. The more he treated her like a dog, the more she acted
like a dog which, in turn, caused him to treat her even more like a dog.
At first that had irritated her but as it became routine she just seemed to accept it. If she thought about it, it bothered her, but then it seemed to
pass away quickly and she would go eat something, play in the yard or just curl up and go to sleep.
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Three weeks after Missy's transformation, Craig decided to run some tests on her to see just where she was at physically and mentally. He
took her out to the lab where he drew vials of blood for various tests, he ran over her body and checked all of her bone and muscle structure,
he checked her blood pressure, temperature, saliva, stool and urine and even pulled some hairs from various parts of her body. He looked in
her ears and down her throat, checked her eyes and hit her with his little rubber hammer to test her responses.
By the time he was done with her, Missy knew that he had made a very thorough exam. She also realized that during the entire exam, she had
been present. Her dog self, as she had come to think of it, was nowhere to be found. Craig had Missy's undivided attention.
This was also a revelation for Craig. It was easy to spot the change from her normal demeanor of late. She was attentive and answered
questions. She followed directions completely. He decided to let his mental tests go. There was no need for them. Missy was still in there.
When he finished he told her, "Ok Missy. You can hop down from the exam table and go back to the house. I will get to work on these samples
and write up my notes. Some of the tests will take a couple of hours and some will take over a week but I should have a pretty good answer
for all of your questions in a few days."
Missy barked once and hopped down from the table. She headed over to the door and stood there for awhile. When Craig didn't come to
open the door for her, she turned and barked at him until he opened the door. "Sorry about that girl. I forgot," He said as she walked out and
he closed the door behind her.
She noted the "girl" but let it go. He'd been doing that a lot lately and she had started to get used to it. Almost like it was another name.
Thoughts of the tests occupied her mind for a short while and she hoped for positive news about her return to her former life but then she
became distracted.
Once she was outside there was so many other things to occupy her mind. Missy found that her dog self seemed to just flow back into control
as she sniffed about and made several pit stops on her way to the house.
Two days later, Craig took Missy back to the lab. He had her back up on the exam table and looked straight at her. "Missy. I have some of the
early results back from your tests. There were definitely some surprises so just hang in there while I explain. I might as well get the hard part
over with right off. You're a dog. That's all you are. You are a full grown female German Sheppard dog. As far as I can tell, that is all you will
ever be. There is no sign that you are ever going to change back. That's the bad news." He said as clinically as possible while holding his
emotions in check. Standing there looking into her big golden brown eyes, for the first time he felt guilt for what he had done, or to be more
accurate, not done.
Missy looked at him as the full impact of what he said hit her. 'I'm a dog for the rest of my life! There's no going back? I'm stuck like this?" and
she let out a long mournful howl that easily told of the mental anguish she was suffering at that moment.
Craig choked on his words as he continued, "Missy. Hold on there girl. You can handle it. I know you can. I'll take real good care of you, I
promise. But there's more I need to tell you. You're pregnant. I would guess you are about three weeks to a month along. Your going to have a
litter in about four to five weeks. I know these will be pups to be proud of because of the almost perfect genes that you and Sam carry. We
should get better than top dollar when we sell them." He said as he observed her reactions.
Missy immediately registered her shock at being pregnant and her dislike of the idea about selling her puppies. When Craig told her again
that they would have to sell them she growled and made it clear that she objected.
Craig, hardened by her growl, looked hard at her and said, "You're a dog, Missy. An animal. I own you. You have no say in the matter now.
When you have this litter I will sell the pups. Then when your time comes around again I will probably breed you with Sam again. Or more
likely, you will do it yourself from instinct and you will have more puppies and I will sell them. This all started when I wanted a bitch to breed with
Sam and now I have one. You are my new breeder bitch and that is all there is to it. Get used to it. Now get down and go back to the house."
As he let her out the door into the yard she turned and looked up at him and he said, "Think about it, Missy. You're a dog now, and for the rest
of your life. That is a fact and there is nothing that can be done about it. Given that fact, this is the most logical thing I can do. Think about it
and you'll come to the same conclusion. You'll see that I am right."
Missy walked slowly across the yard back towards the house. This time her dog self did not overtake her. As Craig had said, she had a lot to
think about and she felt that this was no time to let her dog self in.
Craig watched from the window of the lab as Missy slowly walked across the yard. He felt a pang of guilt for the first time since this all started.
His thoughts wandered, 'For the first time I'm not sure about my decision. I know it was wrong. I knew it was wrong while I was doing it. I know I
did it for all the wrong reasons. She was a bitch but was it all her fault or was it because I failed to provide her with the life she expected? Now
that there is nothing I can do about it, now that I look back on it, just whose fault was it that she was a bitch?'
By the time Craig returned to the house, Missy had made her decision. She decided that since there was no hope for her to ever be her
former self, the only solution, the only way to survive and be happy was to let her former life go and embrace her new life. So, when Craig
came into the house he was met by Missy, his German Sheppard. Missy his wife was never seen or heard from again. The following day
Craig removed the hypodermic needle from his lab coat pocket and dropped it in the toxic waste trash can.
The End
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