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Complete Phrasal Verbs List

Meaning Example
Abide by Accept or follow a decision or rule.
We have to ABIDE B what the court
Account for "o e#plain.
"he! had to ACC$%&" '$( all the
mone! that had )one missin).
Ache for Want somethin) or someone a lot.
*! partner+s been awa! for a fortni)ht, I
am AC-I&. '$( her.
Act on
"o ta/e action because of somethin) li/e
information received.
"he police were AC"I&. $& a tip from
an informer and cau)ht the )an) red,
Act on Affect.
"he medicine onl! AC"0 $& infected
Act out
Perform somethin) with actions and
"he! AC"ED $%" the stor! on sta)e.
Act out E#press an emotion in !our behaviour.
"heir an)er is AC"ED $%" in their
antisocial behaviour.
Act up Behave badl! or stran)el!.
*! computer+s AC"I&. %P1 I thin/ I
mi)ht have a virus.
Act upon
"o ta/e action because of somethin) li/e
information received.
"he police were AC"I&. %P$& a tip,
Act upon Affect.
"he en2!me AC"0 %P$& certain
Add on Include in a calculation.
ou have to ADD the VA" $& to the
price the! )ive.
Add up "o ma/e a mathematical total.
We ADDED %P the bill to chec/ it was
Add up
Be a satisfactor! e#planantion for
0he e#plained wh! the wor/ wasn+t read!3
but her stor! doesn+t ADD %P.
Add up to -ave a certain result.
"rains dela!s are )ettin) worse and with
the hi)h fares3 it all ADD0 %P "$ miser!
for the commuters.
Add up to Come to a certain amount or fi)ure.
"he total costs ADD %P "$ several
million euros.
Agree with
Affect, usuall! used in the ne)ative to
show that somethin) has had a ne)ative
effect3 especiall! is it ma/es !ou feel bad.
I feel terrible, that food didn+t A.(EE
WI"- m! stomach.
Aim at "o tar)et. "he ma)a2ine is AI*ED A" teena)ers.
Aim at Intend to achieve.
"he!+re AI*I&. A" reducin) costs b!
ten percent.
Allow for Include somethin) in a plan or calculation.
ou should ALL$W '$( dela!s when
plannin) a 4ourne!.
Allow of *a/e possible3 permit.
"he rules don+t ALL$W $' an!
Angle for
"r! to )et somethin) indirectl!3 b! hintin)
or su))estin).
-e+s been A&.LI&. '$( an invitation3
but I don+t want him to come.
Answer "o repl! rudel! to someone in authorit!. -er mother was shoc/ed when she started
A&0WE(I&. her BAC5 and refusin) to
Answer for Be held responsible for a problem.
"he )overnment should be made to
A&0WE( '$( their failure to sort out
the problem.
Answer for
0pea/ on behalf of someone or from
/nowin) them.
I can A&0WE( '$( m! partner because
I /now her position on this issue.
Argue down
Beat someone in a debate3 discussion or
"he teacher tried to A(.%E the )irl
D$W&3 but she couldn+t.
Argue down
Persuade someone to drop the price of
somethin) the!+re sellin).
0he A(.%ED him D$W& ten percent.
Argue down
"r! to persuade people not to accept a
proposition3 motion3 etc.
"he! tried to A(.%E D$W& the
Argue out Ar)ue about a problem to find a solution.
If we can+t A(.%E our differences $%"3
we+ll have to ta/e them to court.
Ask about
As/ how someone is doin)3 especiall!
professionall! and in terms of health.
-e A05ED AB$%" m! father.
Ask after
En6uire about someone+s health3 how life
is )oin).
7enn! ran) earlier and A05ED A'"E(
!ou3 so I told her !ou were fine.
Ask around
As/ a number of people for information of
I have no idea3 but I+ll A05 A($%&D at
wor/ and see if an!one can help.
Ask around Invite someone. We A05ED them A($%&D for dinner.
Ask for "o provo/e a ne)ative reaction. ou+re A05I&. '$( trouble.
Ask for (e6uest to have or be )iven. I A05ED '$( the menu.
Ask in "o invite somebod! into !our house. +7on+s at the door.+ +A05 him I&.+
Ask out "o invite someone for a date.
-e wanted to A05 her $%" but was too
Ask over Invite.
"he! have A05ED us $VE( for drin/s
on 'rida!.
Ask round Invite someone. We A05ED 7ohn ($%&D for diner.
Auction off 0ell somethin) in an auction.
"he! A%C"I$&ED $'' their propert!
as the! were heavil! in debt.
Back away (etreat or )o bac/wards.
"he crowd BAC5ED AWA when the
man pulled a /nife.
Back down
(etract or withdraw !our position or
proposal in an ar)ument.
0he refused to BAC5 D$W& and was
Back into Enter a par/in) area in reverse )ear.
-e prefers to BAC5 his car I&"$ the
Back off (etreat.
"he police told the protesters to BAC5
Back out 'ail to /eep an arran)ement or promise.
-e BAC5ED $%" two da!s before the
holida! so we )ave the tic/et to his sister
Back out of 'ail to /eep an a)reement3 arran)ement.
0he BAC5ED $%" $' the a)reement at
the last minute.
Back out of E#it a par/in) area in reverse )ear.
0he BAC5ED the (olls $%" $' its
par/in) space.
Back up *a/e a cop! of computer data. ou should alwa!s BAC5 %P important
files and documents so that !ou won+t
lose all !our wor/ if somethin) )oes
wron) with the hardware.
Back up 0upport.
"he rest of the staff BAC5ED her %P
when she complained about wor/in)
Back up Drive a vehicle bac/wards.
"om BAC5ED %P without loo/in) and
ran over his laptop.
Bag out Criticise.
Don+t ba) out BA. $%" Australian
Bail out 0ave3 rescue.
"he )overnment had to BAIL $%" the
airline because it was losin) so much
Bail out
(emove water from somethin) that is
"he boat was lea/in) so the! had to
BAIL it $%".
Bail out
7ump out of a plane because it is )oin) to
"he pilot BAILED $%" when he saw
that the en)ines had failed.
Bail out of Pa! a bond to release someone from 4ail.
I must BAIL m! drun/en brother $%"
$' 4ail.
Bail out on
0top supportin) someone when the! are in
Ever!bod! BAILED $%" $& him when
the scandal bro/e.
Bail up "al/ to someone and dela! them.
I was late because he BAILED me %P on
the phone and wouldn+t shut up.
Bail up (ob someone at )unpoint.
-e was BAILED %P b! a couple of
mu))ers as he came out of the ban/.
Ball up Confuse or ma/e thin)s complicated.
"he new pro4ect has BALLED me %P, I
have no idea what to do.
Ball up (oll or form into a round shape.
-e BALLED %P his nap/in when he had
finished eatin).
Balls up 0poil3 ruin. -e BALL0ED the presentation %P.
Bang about *ove in a place ma/in) a lot of noise. -e+s BA&.I&. AB$%" in the /itchen.
*ove in a place ma/in) a lot of noise.
I can hear him BA&.I&. AB$%"
Bang on "al/ at )reat len)th.
-e BA&.ED $& for half an hour but no
one was listenin).
Bang on
5eep tal/in) about somethin).
-e+s alwa!s BA&.I&. $& AB$%"
Bang out Pla! a musical instrument loudl!.
0he BA&.ED the tune $%" on the
Bang up Put someone in prison.
"he 4ud)e BA&.ED him %P for ei)ht
Bang up Dama)e badl!. -e BA&.ED his car %P last ni)ht.
Bank on Count or rel! on.
I+m BA&5I&. $& !our help1 I can+t do
it alone.
Persuade someone to drop the price of
somethin) the!+re sellin).
I BA(.AI&ED her D$W& to half what
she ori)inall! wanted.
Bargain for E#pect somethin) to happen 8usuall! I hadn+t BA(.AI&ED '$( so man!
ne)ative9. people comin).
Bargain on
E#pect somethin) to happen 8usuall!
I hadn+t BA(.AI&ED $& him comin).
Barge in Enter a place and interrupt.
-e /eeps BA(.I&. I& and as/in)
stupid 6uestions when I+m tr!in) to wor/.
Barge into Enter a place and interrupt people rudel!.
"he! BA(.ED I&"$ m! office without
/noc/in) and started tal/in) even thou)h
I was on the phone.
Bash about *istreat ph!sicall!.
If !ou BA0- !our monitor AB$%" li/e
that3 it won+t last lon).
Bash in Brea/3 dama)e or in4ure b! hittin).
"he bur)lars BA0-ED the door I& to
enter the house.
Bash out
Write somethin) 6uic/l! without much
I BA0-ED the essa! $%" the ni)ht
before I had to hand it in.
Bash up Brea/3 dama)e or hurt b! hittin).
"he! BA0-ED him %P in the fi)ht in the
pub last wee/ and he had to )o to
Bawl out 0cold3 shout at someone.
0he BAWLED me $%" for comin) home
Bawl out 0cold.
0he BAWLED (a4 $%" for )ettin) there
Bawl out 0in) or shout unpleasantl! loudl!.
-e BAWLED $%" our names at the top
of his voice.
Be after "r! to find or )et.
"he police A(E A'"E( him because of
the theft.
Be along Arrive.
"he ne#t bus should BE AL$&. in the
ne#t 6uarter of an hour or so.
Be away Be elsewhere1 on holida!3 etc.. 0he+s AWA on business for three wee/s.
Be cut out
Be suitable3 have the necessar! 6ualities.
0he+s not C%" $%" '$( this /ind of
Be cut up Be upset.
0he was ver! C%" %P about comin)
second as she thou)ht she deserved to
Be down Be depressed.
-e+s BEE& D$W& since his partner left
Be down Be reduced or less.
"he firm+s profits A(E D$W& b! ten
percent this 6uarter.
Be down on -ave ne)ative feelin)s toward someone.
After the ar)ument3 7ames is D$W& $&
his boss.
Be down
Be ill.
.ul is D$W& WI"- some bu) and is off
wor/ toda!.
Be fed up Be bored3 upset or sic/ of somethin). I A* 'ED %P of his complaints.
Be in Be at home or at wor/.
"he! A(E never I&1 I alwa!s )et their
Be in Be submitted3 arrive.
"he application form must BE I& b! :pm
on 'rida!.
Be in on Be involved in. 0usan was the onl! one who WA0&+" I&
$& the plan.
Be not on Be unacceptable. "he wa! he+s behavin) I0 4ust &$" $&.
Be off Be bad 8of food9.
"his !o)hurt must BE $''1 it smells
Be off Depart3 leave. I+m $'' home1 it+s five o+cloc/.
Be on Be functionin) 8of machines9. "he computer I0 $&.
Be on "a/e place.
"he show I0 $& for the ne#t three
Be on
"a/e medication or dru)s3 especiall! when
the! affect the person badl!.
-e I0 $& anti,depressants and has
become ver! difficult to please.
Be on
Be at the top of one;s )ame3 performin)
ver! well.
-e I0 reall! $& ri)ht now, three )oals in
five minutes<
Be on about *ean3 tr! to sa!.
I couldn+t understand what he WA0 $&
AB$%", it made no sense.
Be onto Pursue3 be aware of someone+s true nature.
-e+s bein) ver! careful because he thin/s
the police A(E $&"$ him.
Be out Be absent from a place. 0he I0 $%" on a visit for the da!.
Be out of -ave no more left.
We+re $%" $' coffee so I+ll have to )o
and )et some.
Be out to Attempt.
0he I0 $%" "$ )et him sac/ed because
she hates him.
Be snowed
-ave too much wor/.
We+re completel! 0&$WED %&DE( at
wor/ because it+s the end of the ta# !ear.
Be taken
Be shoc/ed or surprised.
I WA0 "A5E& ABAC5 when I saw him
because he+s lost all his hair.
Be taken
Li/e somethin).
I WA0 ver! "A5E& WI"- the
performance, it was superb.
Be up Be out of bed. 0he+s not %P !et.
Be up -ave increased or risen.
"he compan!+s profits A(E %P b! fifteen
Be up
When the time for somethin) finishes or
"ime+s %P3 please finish !our drin/s and
Be up for Be enthusiastic about an upcomin) event.
A(E !ou %P '$( the climb of *t.
Be up to Be )ood enou)h.
-e+s not %P "$ the 4ob1 )et someone
Be up to Doin) somethin) nau)ht! or wron). What are those /ids %P "$=
Bear down
*ove towards.
0he spotted him on the other side of the
room and B$(E D$W& $& him.
Bear on Influence3 affect.
"he 4ud)e+s character ma! well BEA(
$& the final decision.
Bear out Confirm that somethin) is correct.
0tatistics BEA( $%" the )overnment+s
positions on the issue.
Bear up (esist pressure.
-ow are !ou BEA(I&. %P under the
Bear up
Cope with somethin) difficult or stressful.
-e+s BEA(I&. %P %&DE( the
Bear with Be patient.
Please BEA( WI"- me a moment while
I finish this email.
Beat down 0tron) sunshine.
"he sun WA0 reall! BEA"I&. D$W&
and we couldn+t sta! outdoors.
Beat down
.et someone to lower the price of
I mana)ed to BEA" him D$W& to fift!
Beat out &arrowl! win in competition.
"he marathon runner barel! BEA" $%"
his rival at the tape.
Beat up Attac/ violentl!.
"he mu))er BEA" him %P and stole his
Wor/ hard.
0he+s BEAVE(I&. AWA before her
away at
Wor/ hard doin) somethin).
I have to BEAVE( AWA A" it or else I
will fail the course.
Bed down
0leep somewhere less comfortable than
We had to BED D$W& on the floor for
the ni)ht.
Bed down
Become established or successful over
"he new )overnment has found it hard to
BED D$W& and become accepted.
Bed out *ove a plant outside.
I BEDDED the plants $%" when the
weather warmed up.
Beef up *a/e somethin) stron)er or more solid.
"he compan! BEE'ED %P their case
when the! saw that the public wouldn+t
accept their first e#planation of the
Belong to Be a member. -e BEL$&.0 "$ a secret societ!.
Belong to
Be connected to a time3 place3 belief3
thin)3 etc.
"heir ideas BEL$&. "$ the nineteenth
centur! and seem old,fashioned now.
Belong with
Be in the correct or appropriate location
with other items.
Does this disc BEL$&. WI"- those on
the shelf=
Belt out 0in) somethin) loudl!.
"he! BEL"ED $%" the national anthems
before the )ame.
Belt up Be 6uiet.
0he told the students to BEL" %P because
the! were ma/in) so much noise.
Belt up 'asten !our seatbelt.
I told the /ids to BEL" %P before I
started the car.
Bend down Lower the top half of !our bod!. I BE&" D$W& to pic/ it up off the floor.
Bend over Lower the top part of !our bod!. I BE&" $VE( to do m! shoes up.
Bend over
Do a lot to tr! to help or please someone.
I BE&" $VE( BAC5WA(D0 for them
and the! didn+t even than/ me.
Big up E#a))erate the importance. -e BI.0 himself %P all the time.
Big up Increase the si2e of muscles b! e#ercise.
"he! wor/ out a lot to BI. themselves
Bitch up 0poil or ruin somethin). I BI"C-ED %P the interview.
Black out 'all unconscious.
-e BLAC5ED $%" and collapsed on the
Black out Lose li)ht.
Ever!thin) BLAC5ED $%" when the
power suppl! failed.
Blank out Censor te#t so that words cannot be read.
"he email addresses were BLA&5ED
$%" in the documents shown to the
Blank out -ave a temporar! memor! failure.
I was so nervous in the interview that I
4ust BLA&5ED $%" and couldn+t
answer their 6uestions properl!.
Blare out A loud sound or music.
"he music was BLA(I&. $%" and I
couldn+t )et to sleep.
Blast off Leave the )round, spaceship or roc/et.
"he space shuttle BLA0"ED $'' on
schedule !esterda!.
Blaze away 'ire a )un repeatedl!.
"he shooters BLA>ED AWA at the
Bleed out
Cause sufficient blood loss to result in
"he! BLED $%" their calves.
Bliss out Be e#tremel! rela#ed and happ!. I BLI00ED $%" on the beach all wee/.
Block in Par/ a car and obstruct another car.
I couldn+t drive here this mornin) because
someone had BL$C5ED me I&.
Block in 0hade or fill in.
-e BL$C5ED I& the events in his
Block off
$bstruct an e#it to prevent people from
"he police BL$C5ED $'' the road
after the murder.
Block out 0top li)ht from enterin) or leavin).
"he trees BL$C5 the sun $%" most of
the da!.
Block out
"r! not thin/ about or feel somethin)
because it is upsettin) or painful.
It was so unpleasant that I tr! to BL$C5
it $%", otherwise3 I+d 4ust be an)r! all
the time.
Block up 'ill a space so that nothin) can pass.
"he pipe+s BL$C5ED %P and no water
)ets throu)h.
Blow away 5ill.
-e )rabbed a )un and BLEW the police
officer AWA.
Blow away
Beat rivals or competitors b! a lar)e
"heir new product has BL$W& all the
others AWA.
Blow away Impress )reatl!. -er first novel BLEW me AWA.
Blow away
When the wind moves somethin) from a
"he fla) BLEW AWA in the storm1 we+ll
have to bu! a new one.
Blow down When the wind forces somethin) to fall. A tree was BL$W& D$W& in the storm.
Blow in
Arrive3 sometimes suddenl! or
-e BLEW I& from "oronto earl! this
Blow off &ot /eep an appointment.
We were )oin) to meet last ni)ht3 but she
BLEW me $'' at the last minute.
Blow off I)nore3 not do somethin).
I BLEW the homewor/ $'' and did
Blow off E#pel )as from the anus. -e BLEW $'' in front of ever!bod!.
Blow out E#tin)uish candles3 matches3 etc..
0he BLEW the candles $%" on her
birthda! ca/e.
Blow out Defeat decisivel!.
"he Broncos BLEW $%" the (aiders ??,
Blow over When a scandal )ets for)otten.
"he scandal BLEW $VE( within a
fortni)ht when the press found someone
else to attac/.
Blow up E#plode.
"he bomb BLEW %P without an!
Blow up Inflate.
"he pressure was low3 so I BLEW the
t!re %P.
Blow up Enlar)e 8e.).3 photo)raph9..
BL$W %P that photo so we can see his
Blow up "he be)innin) of a storm.
A storm BLEW %P while we were out
Blow up Lose !our temper3 become an)r!.
"he! BLEW %P when the! heard what I
had done wron).
Blurt out
0a! somethin) 6uic/l! without thin/in)3
especiall! if !ou shouldn+t.
I was reall! an)r! when he BL%("ED
$%" the secret.
Board out
Arran)e for pets to sta! somewhere while
!ou+re awa!.
We B$A(D our do) $%" with friends
when we )o abroad.
Board up
Cover windows or doors with wood3
metal3 etc..
"he! B$A(DED %P all the windows to
stop people )ettin) into the empt! houses.
Bog down 0low ma/e pro)ress.
asini )ot B$..ED D$W& in his
research and didn+t finish the pro4ect in
Bog in Eat enthusiasticall!.
We were starvin) and B$..ED I& when
the food was served.
Bog into Eat somethin) enthusiasticall!. "he! B$..ED I&"$ the lunch.
Bog off .et lost.
-e lost his temper and told her to B$.
Boil down 0implif!3 reduce to the essentials.
"he report+s so lon)3 I B$ILED it D$W&
into a two,pa)e summar!.
Boil down
Amount to.
It all B$IL0 D$W& "$ mone! at the
end of the da!.
Boil over When a hot li6uid spills out of a container.
I left the mil/ on the coo/er and it
Boil over
When people lose their tempers and thin)s
)et nast!.
"he tension had been buildin) up and it
B$ILED $VE( in the meetin).
Boil up 'eel a ne)ative emotion stron)l!.
"he an)er B$ILED %P in me when I saw
what the! had done.
Boil up Coo/ or heat somethin) to boilin) point.
I B$ILED %P some water for a cup of
Bolster up .ive support3 reinforce3 stren)then.
We were all scared but she B$L0"E(ED
%P our coura)e.
Bone up 0tud! hard for a reason.
I will have to B$&E %P to )et a )ood
Bone up on 0tud! hard for a )oal or reason.
I need to B$&E %P $& m! 'rench
)rammar for the test.
Book in *a/e a reservation in advance. I+ll B$$5 us I& at the Intercontinental.
Book in Chec/ in at a hotel.
WE too/ a ta#i from the airport to the
hotel and B$$5ED I&.
Book into *a/e a reservation in advance.
I+ve B$$5ED us I&"$ a hotel in the
centre of town for three ni)hts.
Book into Chec/ in at a hotel.
We B$$5ED I&"$ the first hotel we
could find.
Book out Leave a place in a hurr!.
I don+t li/e the loo/ of the people
arrivin), let+s B$$5 $%".
Book up (eserve.
"he fli)ht+s full! B$$5ED %P1 I+ll have
to )o the followin) da!.
Boot up 0tart a computer.
-e B$$"ED %P the computer and
started wor/.
Border on Be located ne#t to a place. Portu)al B$(DE(0 $& 0pain.
Border on Be ver! nearl! somethin).
What he did was B$(DE(I&. $&
Boss about %se e#cessive authorit! to control people. 0he B$00E0 ever!one AB$%".
Boss around %se e#cessive authorit! to control people. -e B$00E0 ever!one A($%&D.
Botch up (uin or spoil somethin).
I B$"C-ED %P the whole pro4ect and it
had to be cancelled.
Bottle away 0tore up. -e /ept his feelin)s B$""LED AWA.
Bottle out Lac/ coura)e to do somethin).
0he was )oin) to tell her boss e#actl!
what she thou)ht3 but B$""LED $%" in
the end.
Bottle up &ot e#press !our feelin)s.
0he B$""LED %P her feelin)s even
thou)h she was furious with them and
/ept 6uiet.
Bottom out Pass the lowest point and start risin).
"he recession B$""$*ED $%" and the
econom! is recoverin) well.
Bounce into 'orce someone.
"he! have B$%&CED the )overnment
I&"$ callin) an earl! election.
"he econom! is B$%&CI&. BAC5
from the recession.
Bounce off "est ideas.
"he! B$%&CED ideas $'' each other
in a brainstormin) session.
Bowl out
-it someone+s wic/et in cric/et with the
-e B$WLED the pla!er $%" first ball.
Bowl over 0urprise someone )reatl!. I was B$WLED $VE( b! the news.
Bowl over 5noc/ someone to the )round.
-e was B$WLED $VE( b! the crowd
rushin) out.
Box in
Prevent somethin) from movin)3
especiall! vehicles.
I was B$AED I& b! the bus and couldn+t
chan)e lane.
Box up Pac/ thin)s in bo#es to move them.
At the end of term3 I B$AED m! boo/s
%P and sent them home.
Brace up
'eel more confident or optimistic about
ou should B(ACE %P and stop
Branch out
*ove into a different area of business3
"he supermar/ets have B(A&C-ED
$%" into ban/in).
Break away
Leave an or)anisation3 usuall! to form a
new one.
"he 0DP B($5E AWA from the
Labour Part!.
Break down End ne)otiations unsuccessfull!.
"he tal/s between mana)ement and the
unions B($5E D$W& acrimoniousl!.
Break down 0tart cr!in). -e B($5E D$W& in tears.
Break down 0top wor/in).
*! car+s B($5E& D$W&3 so I came b!
Break down (emove a barrier or obstacle.
-e had to B(EA5 D$W& their
opposition to his ideas.
Break in .o into a buildin) to steal somethin).
"he bur)lars B($5E I& and stole the "V
and video.
Break in Interrupt somethin).
I+m sorr! to B(EA5 I& on !our
conversation3 but there+s a problem.
Break in "rain a horse to be ridden. It too/ a)es to B(EA5 the horse I&.
Break in
Carefull! use new products until the! are
full! functional..
I must watch m! speed until I B(EA5 I&
m! new Volvo.
Break off Brea/ a piece from somethin).
0he B($5E $'' a s6uare of chocolate
and )ave it to her do).
Break off End a relationship.
0he B($5E $'' their en)a)ement when
she found out that he+d been unfaithful.
Break out 0tart 8war3 conflict9.
"he!+re worried that war will B(EA5
Break out in
0weat heavil!3 develop s/in sores or
"he measles caused me to B(EA5 $%"
I& a rash.
Break out of Escape.
"hree dan)erous Cate)or! A prisoners
B($5E $%" $' Wandsworth Prison
last ni)ht.
Pass a barrier or obstacle.
"he crowd B($5E "-($%.- the
police barriers and attac/ed the hunters.
Break up Brea/ into man! pieces.
"he plate B($5E %P when he dropped it
on the floor.
Break up
Close an educational institution for the
0chools B(EA5 %P at the end of 7une
for the summer holida!s.
Break up 'inish a relationship.
"he! had been )oin) out for a couple of
!ears before the! B($5E %P.
Break up
Become inaudible over the telephone
because of interference.
ou+re B(EA5I&. %P1 I+ll call !ou bac/
in a minute and see if we )et a better
*ove easil! and 6uic/l!.
"he film B(EE>E0 AL$&. for the first
hour3 then becomes rather dull and slow.
Breeze in Enter a place 6uic/l!.
-e B(EE>ED I& and started shoutin) at
Breeze into Enter a place 6uic/l!.
-e B(EE>ED I&"$ the room and
switched the "V on.
Pass easil!3 succeed. 0he B(EE>ED "-($%.- her e#ams.
Brick in Close or fill a space with bric/s. We B(IC5ED I& the side window.
Brick up Close or fill a space with bric/s. We B(IC5ED the bac/ entrance %P.
Brighten up Improve 8weather9.
"he da! started cloud! but
B(I.-"E&ED %P in the afternoon.
Brighten up Become happier.
-e B(I.-"E&ED %P when he heard the
Brighten up
*a/e somethin) more attractive or
We tried to B(I.-"E& the place %P b!
paintin) it.
Bring about *a/e somethin) happen.
"he chan)es to the law were B($%.-"
AB$%" b! the )overnment because so
man! people were i)norin) the old one.
Bring along
Brin) someone or somethin) to certain
ou can B(I&. !our friends AL$&. if
!ou li/e.
Bring along -elp someone improve.
-er coach has B($%.-" her AL$&. a
lot in the last si# months.
Persuade or convince someone.
It too/ me a)es to B(I&. him A($%&D
to m! point of view.
Brin) somethin) with !ou when !ou visit.
-e B($%.-" some boo/s A($%&D
when he came last ni)ht.
.et someone tal/in) about somethin).
-e didn+t want to discuss the details3 but I
mana)ed to B(I&. him A($%&D and
he told me ever!thin).
Bring back Cause someone to remember.
Visitin) m! old school B($%.-"
BAC5 memories of when I was a pupil
Bring back (eturn.
-e too/ the calculator home !esterda!
and hasn+t B($%.-" it BAC5 !et.
Bring down *a/e a )overnment fall.
"he vote of no,confidence B($%.-"
the )overnment D$W&.
Bring down *a/e somethin) cheaper.
"he improvements in technolo)! have
B($%.-" the prices of computers
D$W& considerabl! in recent months.
Bring forth
Produce somethin)3 ma/e it /nown or
"he prosecution B($%.-" '$("- a
lot of evidence a)ainst him.
Bring forth Produce.
0he B($%.-" '$("- a surprisin)
Bring forth *a/e somethin) happen.
"he report has B($%.-" '$("- a lot
of criticism of the polic!.
Bring forth
(emove somethin) from where it is /ept
or hidden.
0he B($%.-" '$("- the diar! and
showed it to us.
*a/e somethin) happen earlier than
ori)inall! planned.
"he meetin) has been B($%.-"
'$(WA(D to this 'rida! instead of ne#t
wee/ because some people couldn+t ma/e
it then.
Bring in Earn.
"he 4ob B(I&.0 I& two thousand
dollars a month.
Bring off 0ucceed with somethin) difficult.
&o one thou)ht she+d mana)e to do it3 but
she B($%.-" it $'' in the end.
Bring on Cause somethin) to happen or speed up .ettin) wet in the rain !esterda!
the process. B($%.-" $& m! cold.
Bring on *a/e somethin) appear. B(I&. $& the dancers<
Bring out (elease or publish.
"he band are B(I&.I&. $%" a new
CD in the autumn.
Bring out Elicit a response. 0u2ie B(I&.0 $%" the best in him.
Bring out in Cause a health problem or reaction.
It was the lobster that B($%.-" me
$%" in this rash all over m! bod!.
Bring round
*a/e someone wa/e up from
unconsciousness or an anaesthetic.
"he doctors B($%.-" him ($%&D a
few hours after the operation.
Bring up *ention.
"he! didn+t B(I&. the sub4ect %P at the
Bring up (aise a child. *! parents B($%.-" me %P strictl!.
Bring up Be officiall! char)ed with a crime.
-e was B($%.-" %P on char)es of
public into#ication.
Bring !p *ention.
"he! didn+t B(I&. the sub4ect %P at the
Bring !p (aise a child. *! parents B($%.-" me %P strictl!.
Bring !p Be officiall! char)ed with a crime.
-e was B($%.-" %P on char)es of
public into#ication.
Brush off I)nore3 pa! little attention.
"he minister B(%0-ED $'' the
Brush up Improve a s/ill 6uic/l!.
0he too/ a two,wee/ course to B(%0-
%P her 0panish before she went travellin)
around 0outh and Central America.
Bubble over Become ver! e#cited.
0he B%BBLED $VE( with 4o! when
she heard her e#am results.
Buck up -urr! 8either transitive or refle#ive9. +B%C5 %P , the ta#i+s waitin).+
Buck up 0marten up3 improve.
ou had better B%C5 !our ideas %P3 or
!ou+ll fail the course.
(ain heavil!.
"a/e an umbrella1 it+s B%C5E"I&.
0tart wor/in) hard3 appl! !ourself.
We had to B%C5LE D$W& and stud!
for the e#am.
Accept somethin) under pressure3 a)ainst
!our will.
"he! didn+t li/e the ideas3 but had to
B%C5LE %&DE( or face the sac/.
Buckle up 'asten a seatbelt.
We were told to B%C5LE %P before
Budge up *ove to ma/e space for someone.
We had to B%D.E %P to let the fourth
person in the bac/ of the car.
Buff up Clear3 clean or ma/e somethin) shine.
"he silver candlestic/ loo/ed lovel! after
I B%''ED it %P.
Buff up Improve.
After the scandal3 the politician tried to
B%'' %P his public ima)e.
Buff up on Improve !our /nowled)e 6uic/l!.
I B%''ED %P $& m! )rammar before
the test.
Bug off .o awa!.
I told her to bu) off because she was
anno!in) me.
Bug out $pen !our e!es wide in surprise. -e B%..ED $%" when she turned up.
Bug out Leave somewhere in a hurr!.
"he! B%..ED $%" when the police
Build up Develop a compan!.
0he B%IL" the business %P from nothin)
into a mar/et leader in less than a decade.
Build up Increase.
"ension has been B%ILDI&. %P ever
since the )overnment passed the
unpopular law.
Bulk out *a/e somethin) bi))er or thic/er.
I B%L5ED the essa! $%" with a few
6uotes to reach the number of word
Bulk up .ain wei)ht3 develop bi))er muscles.
-e+s B%L5ED %P a lot since he )ot
those steroids.
Bump into *eet b! chance.
I B%*PED I&"$ -elen on the
under)round the other da!.
Bump off 5ill.
"he dru) dealer was B%*PED $'' b! a
rival )an).
Bump up Increase.
"he! B%*P %P the prices in the hi)h
Bundle off 0end someone somewhere. -e B%&DLED the /ids $'' to bed.
Bundle out E#pel.
"he barman B%&DLED the drun/ $%"
because he was anno!in) the other
Bundle up Put on warm clothin).
We B%&DLED %P before )oin) out as it
was snowin).
Bundle up Wrap or tie thin)s to)ether.
I B%&DLED %P m! newspapers and
dropped them in the rec!clin) bin.
Bunk off &ot )o to school when !ou should.
I used to B%&5 $'' school and )o into
Buoy up *a/e someone feel more positive.
After so much criticism3 the positive
review B%$ED him %P.
Buoy up 5eep afloat.
"he life4ac/et B%$ED me %P till the
boat arrived.
Burn down Burn completel!.
"he! had to completel! rebuild the
museum after the old one B%(&ED
Burn off (emove b! burnin) or similar process. I B%(& $'' a lot of calories in the )!m.
Burn out
Lose enthusiasm and ener)! to continue in
a demandin) 4ob.
7ennie B%(&" $%" after ten !ears
wor/in) as a futures bro/er and went to
live in the countr!.
Burn up Destro! completel! b! fire.
All his possessions were B%(&ED %P in
the fire.
Burn up Drive at hi)h speed.
"he ban/ robbers B%(&ED %P the roads
but were soon captured.
Burn up "o be or cause to be hi)hl! anno!ed.
-is undeserved win in the election reall!
B%(&0 me %P.
Burst into Catch fire ver! 6uic/l!. "he car B%(0" I&"$ flames and the
driver died as he didn+t have time to )et
Burst into Lau)h3 cr! or clap loudl!.
0he B%(0" I&"$ lau)hter when she
heard the 4o/e.
Bust up
End a relationship3 usuall! an)ril! or after
"he! B%0" %P after a row last ni)ht.
Butt in Interrupt.
I hope !ou don+t mind me B%""I&. I&
on !our conversation3 but I couldn+t help
hearin) what !ou said...
Butt out &ot be involved in other people+s business.
"his is none of !our business3 so 4ust
B%"" $%"<
Butter up Praise or flatter someone e#cessivel!.
I tried B%""E(I&. m! tutor %P but she
still wouldnB+t let me hand it in late.
Buy in
'orce a CD or record into the charts b!
bu!in) lots of copies.
7oe *ee/+s last hit3 +0in)in+ the Blues+3
was probabl! B$%.-" I& at number C@3
but failed to )o an! hi)her.
Buy into Accept an idea.
I never B$%.-" I&"$ the idea of a
federalist Euopean %nion.
Buy off Pa! someone to stop them causin) trouble.
-e B$%.-" the newspaper $'' b!
placin) a lot of adverts.
Buy out Bu! somebod!+s share in a compan!.
-is business partners B$%.-" him
$%" to )et rid of him.
Buy up Bu! all of somethin).
We B$%.-" %P all the shop had before
the price went up.
*ove 6uic/l! around a place.
(eporters were B%>>I&. A($%&D the
scene of the accident.
Buzz off Leave somewhere.
I+m B%>>I&. $'' now, I have to meet
some people.
Buzz off .o awa! 8imperative9.
-e told them to B%>> $'' because the!
were anno!in) him.
"all after &ame someone after somebod! else.
0he was CALLED (ose A'"E( her late
"all around Visit. I CALLED A($%&D but she wasn+t in.
"all back (eturn a phonecall.
I must CALL her BAC5 when we )et to
the office.
"all for Demand.
"he $pposition part! CALLED '$( the
minister+s resi)nation after the scandal
"all for .o to collect somethin).
"he courier CALLED '$( !our parcel3
but I told him it wasn+t read! !et.
"all for "elephone for somethin). I+ll CALL '$( a cab ri)ht awa!.
"all for .o and collect someone to ta/e them out.
I+ll CALL '$( !ou at seven3 so be read!
because the film starts at half past.
"all for (e6uire.
An emer)enc! li/e this CALL0 '$(
some prett! drastic action.
"all forth *a/e somethin) happen.
"he protests CALLED '$("- a stron)
reaction from the police.
"all in .et someone to come and do a 4ob. We had to CALL I& a plumber because
the sin/ was lea/in) and I had no idea
how to fi# it.
"all in 0top and visit.
I CALLED I& on 7enn! on m! wa! home
because she+s not ver! well at the moment
and I wanted to see if she needed
"all off Cancel.
"he concert had to be CALLED $''
because the sin)er went down with a bad
case of flu.
"all off $rder someone to stop attac/in).
CALL $'' !our law!ers1 we can wor/
somethin) out.
"all on As/ for help.
"he President CALLED $& the wealth!
countries for financial aid after the floods
destro!ed much of the countr!+s
"all on Visit.
As we were in the area3 we CALLED $&
m! sister,in,law.
"all on Challen)e.
-e CALLED the spea/er $& several
mis,statements of fact.
"all on
As/ someone to do somethin)3 especiall!
to spea/ in public. 8'ormal9.
I now CALL $& the other part! to )ive
their account of what happened.
"all out
E#pose or accuse someone of wron)doin)
or incompetence.
-e CALLED them $%" over awardin)
contracts to famil! members.
"all round Visit.
I CALLED ($%&D on m! wa! home
but no one was in.
"all up 0ummon someone for militar! service.
"he arm! CALLED %P the reserve
soldiers when the war bro/e out.
"all up "elephone.
I CALLED him %P as soon as I )ot to a
phone to tell him the news.
"alm down 0top bein) an)r! or emotionall! e#cited.
When I lose m! temper3 it ta/es a)es for
me to CAL* D$W& a)ain.
"ancel out
-ave an opposite effect on somethin) that
has happened3 ta/in) thin)s bac/ to the
"he airport ta#es CA&CELLED $%" the
savin)s we had made on the fli)ht tic/ets.
"ap off
'inish or complete3 often with some
decisive action.
0he CAPPED $'' the meetin) with a
radical proposal.
"are for Li/e.
I don+t CA(E '$( fi22! drin/s1 I prefer
.et so emotional that !ou lose control.
"he team )ot CA((IED AWA when
the! won the championship and started
shoutin) and throwin) thin)s around.
Include a fi)ure in a later calculation.
"he! CA((IED '$(WA(D their losses
to the ne#t financial !ear.
*a/e somethin) pro)ress.
"he! hope the new mana)ement will be
able to CA(( the pro4ect '$(WA(D.
"arry off Win3 succeed.
0he CA((IED $'' the first pri2e in the
"arry off Die of a disease. Cancer CA((IED him $'' a couple of
!ears a)o.
"arry on Continue.
CA(( $& 6uietl! with !our wor/ until
the substitute teacher arrives.
"arry on Behave badl!.
"he children anno!ed me b! CA((I&.
$& all mornin).
"arry on
-ave an affair.
-e+s been CA((I&. $& WI"-
someone at wor/ for !ears.
"arry out Perform a tas/.
"he )overnment is CA((I&. $%" test
on )rowin) )eneticall! modified crops.
"arry out
'ood bou)ht from a restaurant to ta/e
I+m too tired to coo/, let+s )et a CA((,
"arry over Continue past a certain point.
"he meetin) CA((IED $VE( into the
afternoon because there was so much to
tal/ about.
Complete successfull!.
"he! CA((IED the reforms "-($%.-
despite the opposition.
"art off
"a/e someone awa!3 usuall! under arrest
or to prison.
"he police CA("ED them $'' to
6uestion them.
"art off
"a/e somethin) awa!3 especiall! if
stealin) or without permission.
"he thieves CA("ED $'' all the tic/et
"arve out
Create or )et a area where !ou can be
special or successful.
0he+s CA(VED $%" a career in
"arve up Divide into smaller pieces.
"he! CA(VED the compan! %P and sold
a lot off.
"arve up
$verta/e someone and then pull directl!
in front of a car.
"he idiot CA(VED us %P and forced me
to bra/e hard.
"ash in
Convert shares3 bonds3 casino chips3 etc3
into mone!.
"he! CA0-ED I& their bonds and spent
the mone! on a holida!.
"ash in on
Benefit or ma/e mone! on somethin)3
especiall! if done unfairl!.
"he opposition part! are CA0-I&. I&
$& the )overnment+s unpopularit!.
"ash out
Ille)all! access a ban/ account or credit
card and steal mone!.
A hac/er )ot m! credit card details from
m! computer and CA0-ED $%" a lot of
"ash out
E#chan)e somethin) for mone!3 collect
After winnin)3 she CA0-ED $%" her
"ash up
Count all the mone! ta/en in a shop or
business at the end of the da!.
After the shop closed3 the! have to CA0-
%P before the! can )o home.
"ast about
"r! to find somethin).
"he!+re CA0"I&. AB$%" '$(
"ast around
"r! to find somethin).
0he was CA0"I&. A($%&D '$(
people to help her.
"ast aside
Dispose3 )et rid of3 i)nore because !ou no
lon)er li/e somethin) or someone.
-e CA0" her A0IDE.
"ast off Dispose3 )et rid of.
"he! CA0" $'' an! semblance of
politeness and attac/ed us viciousl!.
"ast off %ntie a boat so it+s free to sail. "he! CA0" $'' and headed out to sea.
"ast out E#pel3 re4ect. "he! CA0" him $%" because of his
"ast round
"r! to find somethin).
-e CA0" ($%&D '$( an! si)n of his
"ast up Be left on the shore b! the sea. "he rubbish was CA0" %P b! the tide.
"atch at "a/e or )rab hold of somethin).
0he CA%.-" A" m! sleeve as I was
leavin) and said she needed to tal/ to me.
"atch on Become popular.
*an! critics were shoc/ed when techno
CA%.-" $& in the clubs.
"atch on 'inall! understand what is )oin) on.
Ever!one else realised what was
happenin)3 but it too/ -enr! a)es to
CA"C- $&.
"atch out "ric/.
"he e#am is desi)ned to CA"C- !ou
"atch out Discover or prove that someone is l!in).
-e CA%.-" me $%" when he chec/ed
m! stor! with m! previous emplo!er.
"atch out
Put someone in an une#pected and
difficult situation 8often passive9.
We were CA%.-" $%" in the storm.
"atch up .et wor/3 etc3 up to date..
I was ill for a fortni)ht and now I+ve )ot
to CA"C- %P on the wor/ I missed.
"atch up (each someone who was ahead of !ou.
-e started well3 but I CA%.-" him %P
on the third lap.
"atch up in Become involved3 often a)ainst one;s will.
"he tourists were CA%.-" %P I& the
violence of the revolution.
"atch up on
Do somethin) that should have been done
I+m )oin) home to CA"C- %P $& m!
"atch up on
(eminisce with an old friend after not
seein) them for a while.
I hadn+t seen her for !ears3 so we spent
the afternoon CA"C-I&. %P $& old
"atch up
Do somethin) that should have been done
I+m )oin) home to CA"C- %P WI"- m!
"atch up
*eet someone after a period of time and
find out what the! have been doin).
I CA%.-" %P WI"- her at the
"atch up
When somethin) ne)ative starts to have an
-is criminal behaviour is startin) to
CA"C- %P WI"- him.
"atch up
Punish someone after the! have been
doin) somethin) wron) for a lon) time.
"he ta# authorities CA%.-" %P WI"-
me for not submittin) m! ta# returns.
"atch up
Learn somethin) new that man! people
alread! understand.
*! mother+s tr!in) to CA"C- %P WI"-
"ater for "o provide what is necessar!.
"he colle)e CA"E(0 '$( students of all
"ater to
"o provide what is needed3 often seen
"he film CA"E(0 "$ the audience+s
worst instincts.
"ave in Collapse.
"he roof CAVED I& because of the
wei)ht of the snow.
"ave in 0top resistin) or refusin).
"he )overnment has refused to CAVE I&
despite the protests and demonstrations.
"halk out "o cut a line of cocaine. -e went into the toilets to C-AL5 a line
"halk up "o achieve somethin) )ood.
"he compan! has C-AL5ED %P its
hi)hest ever profits.
"halk up to E#plain the reason for a problem.
"he! C-AL5ED the poor sales %P "$
the lower numbers of tourists visitin) this
'ind somethin) b! accident.
I C-A&CED %P$& a ver! rare boo/ in
car boot sale and bou)ht it for D?p.
Chan)e a s!stem.
"he Irish C-A&.ED $VE( to usin)
/ilometres in E@@?.
"harge up Put electricit! into a batter!.
I need to C-A(.E m! phone %P, the
batter!+s dead.
"harge with Accuse somebod! of a crime.
0he was arrested in customs last ni)ht
and has been C-A(.ED WI"-
"hase down "r! hard to find or )et somethin).
"he press C-A0ED us D$W& when the
stor! bro/e.
"hase off 'orce a person to leave or )o awa!. "he do) C-A0ED he postal wor/er $''.
"hase up
Ensure that someone remembers to do
"he librarian is C-A0I&. me %P about
m! overdue boo/s.
"hase up "r! to )et someone to pa! a bill3 debt3 etc.
I C-A0ED her %P as she hadn+t paid for
several months.
"hase up
"r! to )et more information about the
pro)ress of somethin).
I didn+t )et a repl! so I have been
C-A0I&. them %P.
"hat up
"al/ to someone !ou are se#uall!
interested in to )et them interested in !ou.
-e spent the whole ni)ht C-A""I&. her
"heat on Be se#uall! unfaithful. 0he C-EA"ED $& me with m! friend.
"heat on
Deceive or betra!3 often in a se#ual andFor
emotional conte#t.
0he thou)ht he had alwa!s been faithful
to her3 but he had been C-EA"I&. $&
her ever since their weddin) da! 8with
one of the bridesmaids9.
"heat out of
.et mone! from someone under false
I hate him, he C-EA"ED me $%" $'
"heck by Visit a place to chec/ somethin).
We C-EC5ED B the office to see if the
stuff was read!.
"heck in
(e)ister on arrivin) at a hotel or at the
"he! C-EC5ED I& at the (it2
"heck into
(e)ister on arrivin) at a hotel or at the
"he! C-EC5ED I&"$ the (it2
"heck off *ar/ somethin) on a list as done.
0he C-EC5ED $'' the candidates+
names as the! arrived.
"heck out Pa! the bill when leavin) a hotel.
0he C-EC5ED $%" and too/ a cab to
the airport.
"heck out Die.
0he C-EC5ED $%" last wee/1 the
funeral+s tomorrow.
"heck out
.et information about or inspect
somethin) to see if it+s satisfactor!.
I C-EC5ED the new restaurant $%" as
soon as it opened.
"heck out
0ettle up and pa! before leavin) a hotel.
.uests have to C-EC5 $%" $' the
hotel before midda!.
"heck over Chec/ somethin) ver! carefull!.
We C-EC5ED the contract $VE(
before si)nin) it.
"heer on Encoura)e.
"heir C-EE(ED their team $&
throu)hout the match.
"heer up Be less unhapp!.
Come on3 C-EE( %P1 it isn+t all bad3 !ou
"hew off (emove b! bitin). "he do) C-EWED $'' the man+s face.
"hew on
"hin/s about somethin) carefull! before
I+ll C-EW $& it for a da! or two and let
!ou /now what I thin/.
"hew out Critici2e someone an)ril!. "he! C-EWED him $%" for bein) late.
"hew over "hin/ about an issue.
-e as/ed for a few da!s to C-EW the
matter $VE( before he made a final
"hew up Cut into small pieces with !our teeth. "he pupp! C-EWED %P the newspaper.
"hew up Dama)e somethin) inside a machine. "he video C-EWED m! tape %P.
"hicken out Be too afraid to do somethin).
I C-IC5E&ED $%" of the bun)ee
4umpin) when I saw how hi)h it was.
"hill out (ela#.
I+m sta!in) at home and C-ILLI&. $%"
this evenin).
"hime in Contribute to a discussion.
If it+s $53 I+d li/e to C-I*E I& because I
thin/ it+s a )ood idea.
"hip away
.raduall! reduce somethin) to ma/e it
less powerful3 effective3 etc.
"he! have been C-IPPI&. AWA A"
his reputation ever since he too/ office.
"hip in Contribute some mone!. Ever!bod! C-IPPED I& to pa! the bill.
"hip in Contribute to a discussion.
If I could C-IP I&3 there are a couple of
issues I+d li/e to raise.
"hoke off 0top or restrict.
"hese )uerilla attac/s are C-$5I&.
$'' our food shipments.
"hoke out Clo) or overwhelm.
Water h!acinth is C-$5I&. $%" the
native ve)etation in our rivers.
"hoke up Become tearfull! emotional.
7eff C-$5ED %P durin) his retirement
"hoke up
.rip a handle farther from the end for
better control.
-e C-$5ED %P on the bat and hit the
ball better.
"hoose up 'orm )roups or teams. We C-$0E %P to pla! the )ame.
"hop down 'ell or cut down a tree.
"he! C-$PPED D$W& most of the
forest and now it loo/s li/e a desert.
"hop up Cut into small pieces.
I C-$PPED %P the ve)etables for the
"how down Eat. Dinner+s read!, C-$W D$W&<.
"how down
Eat somethin).
We+re )oin) to C-$W D$W& $& that
barbecued por/.
"huck away
Dispose of somethin) !ou no lon)er need
or want.
I C-%C5ED AWA all m! old records
!ears a)o when CDs came out.
"huck in Iuit somethin). I C-%C5ED m! 4ob I& to )o travellin).
"huck in *a/e a comment.
I C-%C5ED I& a few points at the end
of the discussion.
"huck out
Dispose of somethin) !ou no lon)er need
or want.
I C-%C5ED $%" some stuff I found in
the frid)e that had )one bad.
"huck up Vomit3 be sic/.
-e )ot ridiculousl! drun/ and
C-%C5ED %P in the bac/ of the
minicab on the wa! home.
"huck up Iuit somethin).
0he didn+t li/e the course3 so she
C-%C5ED it %P after a few wee/s.
"hurn out
Produce3 usuall! 6uic/l! or in lar)e
amounts without much re)ard to 6ualit!.
"he )overnment C-%(&0 $%"
educational policies ever! few months.
"lag up *a/e somethin) stic/!.
-is arteries are CLA..ED %P because
he eats so much saturated fat.
"lam up Be 6uiet3 refuse to spea/.
Ever!bod! CLA**ED %P when the
Principal entered.
down on
(estrict or tr! to stop somethin).
"he )overnment are CLA*PI&.
D$W& $& antisocial behaviour.
"law back .et mone! bac/.
"he new ta# will CLAW BAC5 what the
)overnment has )iven out in )rants.
"law back (eta/e possession with difficult!.
"he opposition parties are tr!in) to
CLAW BAC5 the voters the! lost in the
last election.
"law back (e)ain possession with difficult!.
"he! are CLAWI&. BAC5 their mar/et
share from their competitors.
"lean off (emove dirt or somethin) dirt!. After dinner3 I CLEA&ED $'' the table.
"lean out
"id! up thorou)hl! and throw awa!
unwanted thin)s..
I reall! must CLEA& the stud! $%"1
there+s stuff all over the floor and piles of
paper ever!where.
"lean out Cause someone to spend all their mone!.
"he holida! CLEA&ED me $%", I+m
bro/e till the end of the month.
"lean up "id! and clean. CLEA& this bedroom %P1 it+s a dis)race.
"lean up Profit3 sometimes suddenl!.
At the horse races !esterda! we reall!
"lear away Leave a place.
We were told to CLEA( AWA from the
scene of the accident.
"lear away (emove or tid!.
After dinner3 I CLEA(ED AWA the
plates and dishes.
"lear off Leave somewhere 6uic/l!.
As soon as the trouble started3 we
CLEA(ED $''.
"lear out
"id! up thorou)hl! and throw awa!
unwanted stuff..
I spent the whole wee/end CLEA(I&.
$%" the attic as it was full of papers and
other 4un/.
"lear out Leave somewhere.
I told them to CLEA( $%" because the!
were ma/in) so much noise.
"lear up Cure or recover from an infection.
I too/ the antihistamines and the rash
CLEA(ED %P ri)ht awa!.
"lear up "id! up.
I+d better CLEA( AWA the mess before
"lear up E#plain.
Could !ou CLEA( these points %P
before we )o an! further=
"lear up Improve 8weather9.
"he s/ies CLEA(ED %P and the sun
came out.
$pen an advertisement on the Internet.
$nl! a tin! fraction of users ever bother
CLIC5I&. "-($%.- the banner
"limb down
Accept that !ou are wron) and chan)e
!our position.
"he Prime *inister had to CLI*B
D$W& over his ta# proposals because
there was so much opposition from the
members of his own part!.
"ling on -old ti)ht.
-e told me to CLI&. $& as the
motorbi/e accelerated.
"ling on to "r! to /eep somethin).
"he! CL%&. $& "$ power despite the
"ling to "r! to maintain beliefs3 hopes3 etc..
"he! CLI&. "$ their old wa! of
"log up Bloc/3 slow movement ri)ht down.
"he traffic+s so bad the roads )et
CL$..ED %P at rush hour.
"lose down
Close a shop3 branch or business
"he ban/s have CL$0ED D$W& a lot of
branches in villa)es over the last few
"lose down 0top an opponent bein) a challen)e.
-e CL$0ED the pla!er D$W& and
stopped him bein) a threat.
"lose in 0urround3 envelop.
"he fo) CL$0ED I& and we couldn+t see
two !ards in front of us.
"lose in Approach3 )et near.
"he police were CL$0I&. I& so the!
decided to tr! to ma/e a brea/.
"lose in on .et near someone.
"he police were CL$0I&. I& $& the
"lose in
.et near someone.
"he police were CL$0I&. I& %P$& the
"lose off Bloc/ a place to stop people enterin).
"he police CL$0ED the road $'' after
the e#plosion.
"lose on .et nearer.
0he is CL$0I&. $& the leader of the
"lose out Brin) somethin) to an end.
We CL$0ED $%" the meetin) earl! and
went home.
"lose out Close or stop usin).
0he CL$0ED $%" the account and
chan)ed to another ban/.
"lose out I)nore3 e#clude.
"he! alwa!s CL$0E me $%" of their
"lose up Completel! close somethin).
"he! CL$0E %P the buildin) after
ever!one has left.
"lose up 7oin to)ether. "he leaves CL$0E %P when it rains.
"lose up *ove closer to)ether.
"he! CL$0ED %P when the! saw the
)an) comin) towards them.
"loud over .et ver! cloud!. "he mornin) started bri)ht and warm3 but
it CL$%DED $VE( around midda! and
poured with rain.
Behave stupidl! or waste time.
"he students were CL$W&I&. AB$%"
all lesson.
Behave stupidl! or waste time.
I couldn+t concentrate because the! were
CL$W&I&. A($%&D all afternoon.
"oast along
Do somethin) without ma/in) much effort
or tr!in) to improve.
0he+s been C$A0"I&. AL$&. all !ear
and hasn+t made a lot of pro)ress.
*a/e3 assemble or produce somethin)
6uic/l!3 without much care.
"he! C$BBLED a few pa)es
"$.E"-E( and submitted it.
"ock up (uin or spoil somethin).
It was so eas!3 but he mana)ed to C$C5
ever!thin) %P.
#"olor$ up
-e C$L$%(ED 8C$L$(ED9 %P when
he was cau)ht stealin) from the till.
"ome about -appen3 occur.
"he meetin) CA*E AB$%" because
both sides were sic/ of fi)htin).
"ome about 0hift direction 8nautical9.
"he !acht CA*E AB$%" to a headin)
of EC@ de)rees.
'ind b! accident.
I CA*E AC($00 m! old school reports
when I was clearin) out m! des/.
A)ree to have se# with someone.
I was surprised when she CA*E
AC($00 on the first ni)ht.
"he wa! other people see !ou.
-e CA*E AC($00 as sh! because he
spo/e so 6uietl!.
"ome along Accompan!.
*a! I C$*E AL$&. on !our trip
"ome along *ove faster or /eep up.
C$*E AL$&.3 we;ll never )et there if
!ou don;t /eep up with us.
"ome apart Brea/ into pieces.
It CA*E APA(" when I tried to lift it off
the floor and I had to )lue it bac/
(ecover consciousness.
It too/ several hours after the operation
before he CA*E A($%&D.
around to
A)ree with or accept somethin) !ou had
previousl! disapproved of or disli/ed..
"he! have started C$*I&. A($%&D
"$ our wa! of thin/in) and are less
"ome back (eturn.
I left wor/ and CA*E BAC5 home
Appear in court char)ed with a crime or
-e CA*E BE'$(E the court on char)es
of speedin).
"ome by Visit.
I+ll C$*E B after wor/ and see if !ou
need an! help.
"ome by Ac6uire. -ow did !ou C$*E B that (ole#=
"ome down (ain.
7ust loo/ at the rain C$*I&. D$W&<
I+m not )oin) out in that.
"ome down "ravel.
When !ou+re ne#t in London3 C$*E
D$W& and see us.
"ome down
Criticise heavil!.
"he mana)ement reall! CA*E D$W&
$& him for losin) the contract.
"ome down
Criticise3 reprimand severel!.
"he! will C$*E D$W& %P$& us if we
are late.
"ome down
'all ill. 0he CA*E D$W& WI"- a virus.
"ome forth Appear.
"he draft proposal CA*E '$("- in
"ome forth
Provide information.
&one of the witnesses CA*E '$("-
WI"- an accurate description of the
"ome from Countr! or town where !ou were born. 0he C$*E0 '($* 0omalia.
"ome in Arrive for fli)hts.
"he plane CA*E I& at two,thirt! in the
"ome in Place or ran/in) in a competition3 etc..
I did m! best but CA*E I& last but one
in the race.
"ome in (eceive news.
(eports are 4ust C$*I&. I& of an
assassination attempt on the President.
"ome in for (eceive 8criticism or praise9.
7ac/B+s C$*E I& '$( 6uite a lot of
criticism of late.
"ome into Be important or relevant.
*one! doesn+t C$*E I&"$ it1 I simpl!
will not do it under an! circumstances.
"ome into Inherit.
0he CA*E I&"$ a lot of mone! when
her )randmother died.
"ome into
0tart bein) used.
"he computerised s!stem CA*E I&"$
%0E at the end of last !ear.
"ome off When somethin) brea/s off.
I pic/ed it up and the handle CA*E $''
in m! hand.
"ome off Be successful.
I was surprised when the plan CA*E
$'' so easil!.
"ome off it
I don+t believe what !ou+re sa!in)1 used as
an imperative.
C$*E $'' I"1 tell me the truth for
)oodness+ sa/e.
"ome on Encoura)ement.
C$*E $&1 don+t )ive up now when
!ou+re so close to finishin).
"ome on 0tart an illness.
I+ve )ot a bit of a headache. I hope it
doesn+t mean I+ve )ot flu C$*I&. $&.
"ome on 0tart functionin) 8machines3 etc9.
"he central heatin) C$*E0 $&
automaticall! an hour before I have to )et
"ome out A secret is revealed.
"he details of the scandal CA*E $%" in
the press and she had to resi)n.
"ome out
Be published or otherwise available to the
"he band+s new CD is C$*I&. $%" in
"ome out Disappear when washed.
"he red wine I spilt 4ust will not C$*E
$%" of the carpet no matter what I tr! to
clean it with.
"ome out Let people /now that !ou are lesbian or
0he CA*E $%" at universit! and has
been livin) with her partner3 7ane3 for the
last couple of !ears.
"ome out When the sun appears.
It started cloud!3 but then the sun CA*E
$%" and we all went to the par/.
"ome out in -ave a rash or similar s/in problem.
0he CA*E $%" I& a nast! rash after
touchin) the poisonous plant b! mista/e.
"ome out of (ecover consciousness.
After three !ears3 he CA*E $%" $' the
"ome out
*a/e somethin) available.
"he! have 4ust C$*E $%" WI"- a new
"ome out
0a! somethin) publicl! and une#pectedl!.
0he CA*E $%" WI"- the answer when
ever!one was e#pectin) it to remain
"ome over 'eel stran)e.
I CA*E $VE( all faint and wea/
because m! su)ar level was too low.
"ome over
Affect mentall! in such a wa! as to chan)e
behaviour 8possibl! related to +overcome+9.
I+m sorr! about last ni)ht , I don+t /now
what CA*E $VE( me.
Become conscious3 wa/e up from
0he CA*E ($%&D and learned that the
operation had been a complete success.
Chan)e !our opinion.
At first she didn+t li/e the idea3 but she
CA*E ($%&D to our wa! of thin/in)
in the end.
Arrive 8messa)es and information9.
&ews is C$*I&. "-($%.- of a
ma4or accident on the *E?3 where
free2in) fo) has been ma/in) drivin)
conditions e#tremel! dan)erous.
Communicate an emotion. "he an)er she felt C$*E0 "-($%.-.
Produce a result.
"he! promised the!+d do it3 but the!
haven+t C$*E "-($%.- !et.
Provide somethin) needed.
-e didn+t C$*E "-($%.- WI"- the
mone! and the! went bust.
"ome to
Become conscious3 wa/e up from
0he CA*E "$ an hour after the
"ome to (esult in.
"he two men started ar)uin) but the!
soon CA*E "$ blows and started
fi)htin) in earnest.
"ome up Appear.
I+ll be late home toni)ht because
somethin)+s C$*E %P at wor/ has to be
read! for tomorrow mornin).
"ome up (ise 8the sun9.
"he sun CA*E %P 4ust as we reached the
outs/irts of the town.
"ome up
Encounter problems or difficulties.
"he! CA*E %P A.AI&0" a lot of
opposition to their plans for an out,of,
town supermar/et development.
"ome up
"hin/ of a solution3 e#cuse3 etc..
&obod! could C$*E %P WI"- a
satisfactor! e#planation for the accident.
"ome upon 'ind b! chance.
I CA*E %P$& the boo/ in a little
second,hand boo/shop in Dorset.
"on%ure up
Create a picture or memor! in someone+s
It C$&7%(E0 %P memories of m!
school da!s.
"on%ure up Create somethin) without man! resources.
I had to C$&7%(E %P a full wee/end+s
entertainment for the visitors with no
notice at all.
"onk out 'all fast asleep.
I was e#hausted and C$&5ED $%" on
the sofa.
"onk out 0uddenl! brea/down or stop wor/in).
"he printer C$&5ED $%" so I couldn+t
)et a hard cop!.
"ontract in
Become involved or committed to
0ince it started3 man! companies have
C$&"(AC"ED I& to lend their support.
.ive a contract for a service outside the
compan! !ou wor/ for.
"he! have C$&"(AC"ED $%" their
caterin) services to save mone!.
out of
'ormall! leave and a)reement.
I C$&"(AC"ED $%" $' the deal !ears
"ool down .et cooler.
I left the tea for a minute until it had
C$$LED D$W& enou)h to drin/.
"ool down Become calm.
It too/ me a)es to C$$L D$W& after
the ar)ument.
"ool off Become calmer.
We;ll tal/ to 'red once he C$$L0 $''
and can tal/ rationall!.
"oop up Confine in a small area.
"he! C$$PED the do) %P in a tin!
"op it .et into trouble.
"he! reall! C$PPED I" when the! )ot
cau)ht shopliftin).
"op off Leave wor/ or school earl!.
We C$PPED $'' earl! on 'rida!
because there was nothin) to do.
"op off 5iss3 pet or have se# with someone.
0he C$PPED $'' with Damian at the
end,of,term part!.
"op out Choose an eas! alternative.
0he was )oin) to ta/e a *aster+s de)ree
but C$PPED $%" and chose the
Diploma course instead.
"ost up
Calculate how e#pensive some wor/ is
)oin) to be.
"he decorators are )oin) to C$0" %P the
wor/ tomorrow.
"otton on "o wor/ out the truth.
It too/ me a)es to C$""$& $& to what
the! were plannin).
"ough up
Lose possession of a ball3 etc. in a contact
-e was chec/ed so hard he C$%.-ED
%P the puc/ in front of his own )oal.
"ough up
E#pel somethin) from !our lun)s or throat
b! cou)hin).
-e )ave up smo/in) after he C$%.-ED
%P some blood.
"ould do
&eed or want somethin). I C$%LD reall! D$ WI"- a cup of tea.
Affect ne)ativel!3 ma/e less li/el! to
&ot havin) a universit! de)ree will
C$%&" A.AI&0" her.
Include someone or somethin) in a )roup3
cate)or!3 etc.
I C$%&" her A*$&. m! closest
"ount down
Wait impatientl! or e#citedl! for
somethin) to happen.
I+m C$%&"I&. D$W& the da!s till
the! leave.
"ount for
Be reco)nised as important3 worthwhile or
E#perience C$%&"0 '$( a lot in
decision ma/in).
"ount in Include or involve.
If !ou+re )oin) on that s/iin) holida!3 !ou
can C$%&" me I&1 I+d love to )o.
"ount off 0a! numbers aloud in a se6uence.
"he! C$%&"ED the students $'' as
the! arrived.
"ount on Depend3 rel!.
ou can C$%&" $& them1 if the! have
promised to do somethin)3 the!+ll do it.
"ount on
E#pect somethin) to happen and base
plans on it.
I was C$%&"I&. $& the pa!ment
arrivin) last wee/ and was reall! an)r!
when it didn+t arrive as I didn+t have
enou)h mone! to pa! for ever!thin).
"ount out E#clude.
I don+t want to )o, !ou can C$%&" me
"ount out Count a certain amount of mone!. -e C$%&"ED $%" GE?@ and paid me.
Be a part needed to complete somethin).
"he coursewor/ C$%&"0 "$WA(D0
the final )rade.
"ount up Add.
C$%&" %P the number of tic/ets sold3
"ount upon
E#pect somethin) to happen and base
plans on it.
I was C$%&"I&. %P$& their support
and lost because the! didn+t vote m! wa!.
"ount upon Depend3 rel!. I C$%&" %P$& them to help me.
"over for Provide an e#cuse or alibi.
0he as/ed me to C$VE( '$( her if
an!one as/ed where she+d )one.
"over for
Do someone+s wor/ while the! are
temporaril! absent.
I C$VE(ED '$( her while she was off
"over up Conceal3 tr! to stop people findin) out.
"he! tried to C$VE( %P the incident but
it )ot into the newspapers.
"ozy up *a/e !ourself comfortable. It was cold and I C$>IED %P b! the fire.
"ozy up to *a/e !ourself popular with someone.
-e+s been C$>I&. %P "$ our boss
because he wants a pa! rise.
"rack down
%se more authorit! than usual.
"he police alwa!s C(AC5 D$W& $&
drin/,drivin) offences over the Christmas
"rack on Continue doin) somethin) with ener)!.
We had to C(AC5 $& to )et ever!thin)
finished on time.
"rack up -ave a nervous brea/down.
-e C(AC5ED %P after his son died and
had to ta/e a couple of months off wor/.
"rack up -ave bad reception on a mobile phone.
ou+ll have to tal/ louder, !ou+re
C(AC5I&. %P.
"rack up Burst out lau)hin).
Ever!bod! C(AC5ED %P when he told
the 4o/e.
"rack up Dama)e a car badl!.
-e C(AC5ED his car %P last ni)ht
when he came off the road.
"rank out Produce a lot of somethin) fast.
*! boss /eeps C(A&5I&. $%" stupid
"rank up In4ect non,medical dru)s.
-e+s been C(A&5I&. %P heroin for
"rank up 0tart a machine3 ori)inall! with a handle. -e C(A&5ED the saw %P.
"rank up Increase3 ma/e somethin) bi))er.
I C(A&5ED the volume %P as hi)h as it
would )o.
"rash out
0leep at someone+s house because !ou are
too tired3 drun/3 etc. to leave.
Dave C(A0-ED $%" at a friend+s flat
after the end,of,term part!.
"rash out 'all asleep.
I C(A0-ED $%" in front of the "V last
"ream off
0eparate the best or most talented people
so that the! can receive special or different
"he private schools C(EA* $'' man!
of the best pupils.
"ream off
"a/e mone! or divert funds3 usuall!
wron)full! or unfairl!.
"his means smaller ban/s can C(EA*
$'' e#cess profits durin) lendin) booms.
"reep in 0tart to be noticeable.
-e tried to sta! calm3 but !ou could hear
the an)er C(EEPI&. I&.
"reep in
.et included despite attempts to /eep it or
them out.
Errors C(EP" I& as the te#t )ot lon)er.
"reep into Become noticeable in somethin). An an)r! tone C(EP" I&"$ her voice.
"reep out ma/e someone feel worried or uneas!.
-e C(EEP0 me $%" when he )ets
"reep out
"o do the same activit! for a ver! lon)
-e+s been C(EEPI&. $%" $& that
computer )ame all da!.
"reep over 0tart to have a ne)ative feelin).
'ear C(EP" $VE( me as I wal/ed
throu)h the )rave!ard.
"reep up on Approach without someone realisin).
"he! C(EP" %P $& their rivals and
overtoo/ them.
"rop up Appear une#pectedl!.
I+m )oin) to be late toni)ht as somethin)
has 4ust C($PPED %P at wor/.
"ross off Delete3 remove from a list.
0he C($00ED him $'' her Christmas
card list after the! ar)ued.
"ross out
Put as line throu)h some writin) to show it
is wron).
0he C($00ED $%" her mista/es and
wrote the correct answers above them.
"ross up Confuse3 deceive.
"he treasure map was deliberatel! drawn
to C($00 us %P.
Pass or succeed easil!. -e C(%I0ED "-($%.- the e#am.
Clear a table in a restaurant.
"he waiter C(%*BED D$W& before
the coffee was served.
"ry off "o cancel an arran)ement.
I+ve )ot to wor/ toni)ht1 can I C( $''
)oin) out for dinner=
"ry out 0hout because !ou are in pain.
-e C(IED $%" when he dropped the
bo# on his toes.
"ut across
.o across a place rather than around it to
ma/e the 4ourne! 6uic/er.
It+ll be 6uic/er if we C%" AC($00 the
"ut across
Affect people of different )roups3 classes3
"he issue C%"0 AC($00 social
bac/)rounds as it affects us all e6uall!.
"ut back (educe.
"he firm C%" BAC5 production because
sales were slu))ish.
"ut back
(emove branches from a plant or tree to
encoura)e future )rowth.
We C%" the tree BAC5 ever! winter.
"ut back on (educe e#penditure.
"he )overnment has decided to C%"
BAC5 $& spendin) on the armed forces.
"ut down Consume less.
I+m tr!in) to C%" D$W& the amount of
coffee I drin/ durin) the da!.
"ut down 0hoot.
A lot of soldiers were C%" D$W& b!
enem! fire as the! stormed the airport.
"ut down
(educe a vertical thin) to )round level b!
"he lo))er C%" the tree D$W&.
"ut down Cut somethin) from a hi)h position.
After Christmas he didn+t carefull! detach
all the decorations3 he 4ust C%" them all
"ut down
Doctors advised her to C%" D$W& $&
the amount of saturated fats in her diet.
"ut in 0tart functionin).
"he fans C%" I& when the en)ine starts
)ettin) too hot.
"ut in
Drive in front of another vehicle without
A car C%" I& and nearl! caused an
"ut in Interrupt.
We were havin) a conversation when he
came up and C%" I&.
"ut in
Include someone in a deal that ma/es
We had to C%" the police I& on the deal
to avoid trouble.
"ut in *i# fat and flour until the combine. C%" the butter I& with the flour.
"ut it out
0top !our unfair or unreasonable
Will !ou two idiots C%" I" $%" and
/eep 6uiet.
"ut off Disconnect.
"he telephone+s been C%" $'' because
we didn+t pa! the bill.
"ut off Isolate or ma/e inaccessible.
"he heav! snow has bloc/ed man! roads
and C%" $'' a number of villa)es.
"ut out E#clude. I+m C%""I&. $%" salt from m! diet.
"ut out When an en)ine or motor stops.
"he car C%" $%" at the traffic li)hts 4ust
as the! went )reen.
"ut out
Cut a picture or similar from a ma)a2ine3
I C%" some pictures $%" to use as
visual aids.
"ut out Leave 6uic/l!.
We;d better C%" $%"3 the securit! men
are on the wa!.
"ut out 0eparate livestoc/ from a )roup.
"he! C%" $%" three prime bulls from
the herd.
"ut out on Let down3 snub.
Althou)h he+d promised to help3 the star
C%" $%" $& the charit! when offered
more mone!.
"ut up Cut into smaller pieces.
After cuttin) the tree down3 the lo))er
C%" it %P into lo)s.
"ut up
Drive into a nei)hbourin) lane3 directl! in
front of another vehicle.
I was 4ust drivin) onto the motorwa! slip,
road3 when a red *ini C%" me %P and I
had to bra/e suddenl! to avoid an
"ut up %pset. -er reaction reall! C%" me %P.
"ut up -ave a lot of small in4uries.
I C%" m! hand %P when I bro/e the
&amp down Calm or reduce feelin)s3 emotions.
"he! tried to DA*P D$W& the an)er
over the announcement.
&amp down *a/e a fire burn less.
"he! tried to DA*P D$W& the flames
before the fire spread.
&amp off
When there is too much moisture and a
plant is affected b! fun)al parasites.
"he seedlin)s DA*P $'' in the sprin) if
it+s ver! wet.
&ash down Write somethin) 6uic/l!.
-e DA0-ED D$W& a memo and sent it
to ever!bod!.
&ash off Leave somewhere 6uic/l!. It+s late, I+m )oin) to DA0- $'' home.
&ash off Do somethin) 6uic/l!3 especiall! writin).
-e DA0-ED $'' the report in a couple
of hours.
&awn on 'inall! realise or understand somethin).
"he truth onl! DAW&ED $& me much
&ecide on Choose3 select.
"revor spent a lon) time loo/in) at flats
before he bou)ht one3 but eventuall!
DECIDED $& one near his wor/.
&ecide upon Choose3 select.
7ane spent a lon) time loo/in) at houses
before she bou)ht one3 but eventuall!
DECIDED %P$& one near her office.
&ie away Become 6uieter or inaudible 8of a sound9.
"he last notes DIED AWA and the
audience burst into applause.
&ie back
When the parts of a plant above )round
die3 but the roots remain alive.
"he plant DIE0 BAC5 in the winter.
&ie down Decrease or become 6uieter.
It was on the front pa)es of all the papers
for a few da!s3 but the interest )raduall!
&ie for Want somethin) a lot.
I+m DI&. '$( the wee/end, this
wee/+s been so hard.
&ie off Become e#tinct.
*ost of the elm trees in the %5 DIED
$'' when Dutch elm disease arrived.
&ie out Become e#tinct or disappear.
0ome scientists sa! that the dinosaurs
DIED $%" when a comet hit the earth
and caused a nuclear winter.
&ig in 0tart eatin) )reedil!.
We were starvin) so we reall! D%. I&
when the food finall! did arrive.
&ig in E#cavate a protective shelter 8militar!9.
Anticipatin) an artiller! barra)e3 we
6uic/l! D%. I&.
&ig into (each inside to )et somethin).
0he D%. I&"$ her handba) and pulled
out a bunch of /e!s.
&ig out
'ind somethin) !ou haven+t used3 seen3
etc3 for a lon) time.
I D%. $%" m! old universit! essa!s.
&ig out Di) to remove somethin) or someone.
"he! had to DI. the survivors of the
earth6ua/e $%" from the ruins.
&ig up
'ind somethin) that is supposed to be
"he reporters eventuall! D%. %P the
truth about the affair.
&ig up (emove somethin) from the )round. "he police D%. %P a bod!.
&ig up *a/e a hole in a road3 the )round3 etc. "he council have D%. the road %P.
&ine out -ave dinner outside !our home.
We DI&ED $%" because we couldn+t be
bothered to coo/.
&ine out on
"ell a stor! repeatedl! that is well
I+ve DI&ED $%" $& the stor! of his
&ip in Put somethin) in a li6uid for a short time.
I DIPPED the brush I& the paint and
be)an paintin) the wall.
&ip into (ead parts of a boo/3 but not all.
I+ve been DIPPI&. I&"$ the boo/3 but
haven+t read it properl!.
&ip into "a/e mone! out of !our savin)s.
I+ve had to DIP I&"$ m! savin)s account
to pa! for the wor/s on m! house.
&ip out Leave a place without tellin) an!one. "he part! was so dull I DIPPED $%".
*a/e someone feel sic/ or ill.
I feel dreadful1 the prawns I had for lunch
are DI0A.(EEI&. WI"- me.
&ish out 0erve food. I DI0-ED $%" the dinner.
&ish out
.ive somethin)3 usuall! when !ou
Doctors have been DI0-I&. $%" via)ra
to an!one who as/s for it.
&ish out
Criticise3 when !ou can+t ta/e criticism in
-e DI0-E0 it $%"3 but )ets all hurt
when an!one responds.
&ish up 0erve food.
-e DI0-ED %P a )reat dinner when we
)ot bac/.
&ive in
0tart doin) somethin)3 usuall! without
When we saw what was happenin)3 we
all DIVED I& to help.
&ive in 0tart eatin). Dinner+s on the table3 so DIVE I&.
&ive into (each inside somethin) 6uic/l!.
0he DIVED I&"$ her ba) and pulled out
a li)hter.
&ivide up 0hare. "he! divided up the profits.
&ivvy out Divide3 share.
"he waiters and waitresses DIVV $%"
the tips at the end of the ni)ht.
&ivvy up Divide3 share. We DIVVIED %P the mone! e6uall!.
&o away
Abolish3 )et rid of.
"he %nited 5in)dom DID AWA WI"-
the death penalt! in HJD?.
&o in 5ill.
After he reported the )an)3 he feared the!
would D$ him I&.
&o out of
Cheat somebod! out of somethin) that is
ri)htfull! theirs.
"he! lied on the reference and DID me
$%" $' an! chance of )ettin) the 4ob.
&o up Close or fasten clothes3 etc..
ou must D$ %P !our safet! belt in the
bac/ of cars and ta#is now.
&o up (epair and renovate.
It too/ them si# months to D$ %P the
house before the! could actuall! move in.
&o with
Wish for or as/ for 8usuall! after can or
I could D$ WI"- a cold beer about now.
&o without *ana)e without somethin).
"here+s no su)ar3 so !ou+ll have to D$
&ob in
(eport someone to teachers3 authorities3
-e D$BBED me I& to the teacher.
&ob in Contribute mone!.
Ever!one D$BBED I& some cash to
&ob in Pressure someone into doin) somethin).
-e needed some help3 so D$BBED us
&ole out .ive out3 distribute.
"he! were D$LI&. $%" leaflets in
front of the station.
&oss about
0pend time doin) ver! little or bein)
I couldn+t )et down to m! wor/ and
D$00ED AB$%" all ni)ht.
0pend time doin) ver! little or bein)
I spent the afternoon D$00I&.
&oss down
0leep somewhere temporaril! because !ou
don+t )o home.
I was feelin) reall! tired3 so I D$00ED
D$W& on his sofa for the ni)ht.
&ouble as -ave a second function or purpose.
*! stud! D$%BLE0 A0 a spare
bedroom when we have visitors.
.o bac/ the wa! !ou were comin).
When he saw the police3 he D$%BLED
BAC5 and went home.
&ouble over Bend over at the waist.
0he D$%BLED $VE( in pain after
bein) hit in the stomach.
&ouble up Bend over at the waist.
-e D$%BLED %P in pain after bein) hit
in the stomach.
&ouble up
0hare accommodation because there are
too man! people.
We had to D$%BLE %P because we
hadn+t boo/ed enou)h rooms.
&ouble up
-ave a second function or purpose.
"he displa! screen D$%BLE0 %P A0 a
solar panel.
&oze off 'all asleep.
"he movie was a bit borin) and I
D$>ED $'' halfwa! throu)h.
&rag on Be unnecessaril! lon).
"he meetin) D(A..ED $& for two and
a half hours.
&raw back (etreat3 move bac/wards. -e D(EW BAC5 when the do) bar/ed.
&raw down (educe levels.
"he administration want to D(AW
D$W& troop numbers as soon as the!
&raw down .et fundin).
"he colle)e wants to D(AW D$W&
e#tra fundin) for I" provision.
&raw down
"o deplete b! consumption or heav!
.as reserves were D(AW& D$W& in
the recent cold spell.
&raw even E6uali2e one;s competitive position.
"he e#hausted horse D(EW EVE& at the
finish line.
&raw in .et dar/ earlier.
"he ni)hts are D(AWI&. I& now it+s
&raw in Arrive at a station 8for trains9. "he train D(EW I& and we )ot off.
&raw into .et involved in somethin) unpleasant.
I didn+t want to ta/e sides because I didn+t
want to )et D(AW& I&"$ their
&raw on Pass slowl! 8time9.
As the lesson D(EW $&3 the students
started to )et bored.
&raw on Inhale smo/e from a ci)arette3 ci)ar3 etc. -e D(EW $& his ci)arette and cou)hed.
&raw out
*a/e somethin) continue lon)er than
"he director D(EW the meetin) $%"
with a len)th! speech.
&raw out *a/e a sh! person more out)oin).
-e was so 6uiet at first3 but the teacher
mana)ed to D(AW him $%" and )et
him to participate.
&raw up Prepare a contract.
"he contract was D(AW& %P b! our
&raw up When a vehicle stops.
"he police car D(EW %P alon)side him
at the red li)hts and as/ed him to pull
&ream of &ot thin/ or consider.
I wouldn+t even D(EA* $' tellin) her
&ream up Invent somethin)3 have an idea.
"he! D(EA*ED %P the scheme for the
improvements and it was accepted b! the
&redge up Discover thin)s about someone+s past.
"he newspapers D(ED.ED %P the
details of his affair with his research
&ress down Dress casuall!.
"he staff are allowed to D(E00 D$W&
on 'rida!s.
&ress down 0cold.
0he D(E00ED me D$W& for bein)
&ress up Dress ver! smartl!.
It+s an informal part! so there+s no need to
D(E00 %P.
&rift apart
0lowl! cease to be close to or friends with
We were )reat friends at school but
D(I'"ED APA(" when we went to
different universities.
&rift off 0tart to fall asleep.
I was D(I'"I&. $'' when the noise
disturbed me.
&rill down
0earch throu)h la!ers of information on a
I reall! had to D(ILL D$W& to )et the
answers from the database.
&rill down
.et to the bottom of somethin)3 )et
detailed data.
"he! D(ILLED D$W& "-($%.- the
information to find the truth.
&rill into
(epeat somethin) man! times to ma/e
someone learn it.
"he teacher D(ILLED the rules I&"$
the students.
&rink up 'inish a drin/. D(I&5 %P3 please1 it+s closin) time.
&rive away
'orce an animal or someone to leave a
"heir unfriendliness D(IVE0 customers
&rive back (epulse3 force bac/.
"he police D($VE the crowd BAC5 to
)ive the rescue wor/ers more space.
&rive by Do somethin) out of a car. -e was /illed in a D(IVE,B shootin).
&rive off Drive awa! from a place.
0he slammed the car door shut and
D($VE $'' without sa!in) a word.
&rive out 'orce someone to leave a place.
"he soldiers D($VE them $%" of their
&rive up *a/e somethin) increase.
"he mar/et uncertaint! has D(IVE&
prices %P.
&rive up Arrive in a vehicle.
"he! D($VE %P 4ust as we were about
to leave.
&rone on "al/ borin)l! for a lon) time.
"he minister D($&ED $& for an hour
and the audience loo/ed increasin)l!
Visit someone3 often without ma/in) an
We D($PPED A($%&D to collect the
stuff we+d left there last wee/.
I D($PPED A($%&D the thin)s the!
&rop away Become smaller, amount3 numbers.
"he numbers of people attendin) be)an
the D($P AWA after a few months.
&rop back *ove towards the bac/ of a )roup.
-e stared at the front3 but )ot tired and
D($PPED BAC5 as the race went on.
&rop by Pa! a brief visit.
-e D($PPED B on his wa! home from
&rop in Visit without havin) made arran)ements.
I was in the area so I D($PPED I& at the
office to see her.
&rop off
"a/e somethin) or someone to a place and
leave it or them there..
I D($PPED the /ids $'' at school on
m! wa! to wor/.
&rop off 'all asleep.
I D($PPED $'' durin) the pla! and
wo/e up when it ended.
&rop off Decrease in number or amount.
0ales have D($PPED $'' in the last
few months.
&rop out Iuit a course.
0he D($PPED $%" of colle)e and went
strai)ht into a )ood 4ob.
&rop over Visit for a short time. I+ll D($P $VE( on m! wa! bac/.
&rop round
Visit someone3 often without ma/in) an
We D($PPED ($%&D their house on
our wa!.
&rop round Deliver.
I D($PPED the papers ($%&D so she
could read them before the meetin).
someone in
.et someone into trouble.
I reall! D($PPED him I& I" when I told
them what he+d done.
Come to nothin)3 produce no results.
"he bi) scheme he was tal/in) about
seems to have D($PPED "-($%.-.
&rown in Cover e#cessivel!. "he! D($W& the food I& sauce.
&rown out
Be so loud that another sound cannot be
"he music D($W&ED $%" the sound
of the phone rin)in).
&rum into
"o ma/e someone learn or believe
somethin) b! constant repetition.
"he! D(%* all the traps I&"$ !ou
before the test3 so !ou can+t )o wron).
&rum out 'orce someone out of their 4ob or position. "he! D(%**ED the minister $%"
when she was cau)ht l!in)."he minister
was D(%**ED $%" of her post for
l!in). 8"he passive form with $' is more
&rum up Increase support or interest.
"he! are tr!in) to D(%* %P support for
the referendum.
&ry off Dr! somethin) 6uic/l!3 or dr! the surface. I had a shower and D(IED m!self $''.
&ry out
0top drin/in) or ta/in) dru)s when
-e chec/ed into a clinic to D( $%"
after bein) arrested for drin/,drivin).
&ry out Dr! somethin) full!. "he! D(IED the fruit $%" in the sun.
&ry up
Lose all the water from a river3 la/e3
source3 etc.
"he la/e D(IED %P because of the water
e#traction for cotton farmin).
&ry up 0top bein) supplied with somethin).
-is income D(IED %P when cheaper
options became available.
&ry up Be unable to spea/. 0he D(IED %P in the press conference.
&ry up
Dr! plates3 dishes3 cutler!3 etc3 after
washin) them up.
I washed and D(IED %P.
&uck out of Avoid doin) somethin).
-e D%C5ED $%" $' helpin) us last
&uff up Beat or hit someone repeatedl!.
-e was D%''ED %P in a ni)ht club last
&umb down
(educe the intellectual level of somethin)
in search of popularit!.
"elevision has been D%*BI&. D$W&
the news for !ears.
&ump on "reat someone badl!.
-er boss D%*P0 $& ever!one when
thin)s )o wron).
&ump on Critici2e heavil!3 often unfairl!. 0he D%*P0 $& her famil! a lot.
&ump on "ell someone !our problems.
When he+1s depressed3 he needs someone
to D%*P $&.
&well on 0pend a lot of time on somethin).
"he pro)ramme DWELLED $& little
other than the scandal.
&well upon 0pend a lot of time on somethin).
0he DWEL" %P$& the economic
situation in her speech.
Ease off (educe pressure.
0he EA0ED $'' the accelerator to let
the car slow down.
Ease up (ela#3 calm down.
0he as/ed her teacher to EA0E %P
because she was feelin) ver! stressed.
Eat away Destro! slowl!. "he disease EA"0 the liver AWA.
Eat in Eat at home.
We didn+t feel li/e )oin) to a restaurant so
we A"E I&.
Eat into
%se somethin) valuable when !ou don+t
want to.
We+ve had to EA" I&"$ our savin)s
since I lost m! 4ob.
Eat out Eat in a restaurant.
We couldn+t be bothered to coo/ so we
A"E $%" last ni)ht.
Eat up Eat all of somethin).
If !ou don+t EA" %P !our )reens3 !ou
won+t )et an! dessert.
Eat up Consume. "his car EA"0 %P petrol.
Eat up Consume somethin) !ou don+t want to be "he )raphics EA" %P our bandwidth,
consumed. the!+re costin) us a fortune.
Ebb away Disappear )raduall!.
-is life was EBBED AWA as the illness
Edge out
.raduall! push someone or somethin) out
of their position.
"he shareholders ED.ED the CE$ out
because results were )ettin) worse.
Edge up Approach slowl!.
0he ED.ED %P behind the bus at the red
Egg on Encoura)e.
"he other students E..ED him $&
when he started ar)uin) with the teacher.
Eke out
*a/e somethin) li/e mone! last as lon)
as possible.
*ost students have to E5E $%" their
income because the! have so little mone!
to live on.
Embark on 0tart a pro4ect or venture.
Piere E*BA(5ED $& an *BA at
Insead last autumn.
0tart a pro4ect or venture.
'ernanda has 4ust E*BA(5ED %P$& a
new professional challen)e.
Empty out Empt! somethin) completel!.
I must E*P" $%" the rubbish before I
leave for wor/.
Empty out
(emove some thin)s or ever!thin) from a
I E*P"IED some of the coffee $%" so I
could pour more mil/ in.
End in 'inish a certain wa!. It+ll E&D I& tears.
End up Become or do somethin) unplanned.
We couldn+t )et tic/ets for E)!pt so we
E&DED %P )oin) to "ur/e! instead.
End up with .et as a result of somethin).
-e tried hard but E&DED %P WI"- a
poor )rade.
Enter for 7oin or enter a competition.
"he! E&"E(ED '$( the national
championship but weren+t )ood enou)h.
Enter into Become involved in or accept.
"he! E&"E(ED I&"$ an a)reement
with their rivals.
Eye up Loo/ carefull! at someone.
"he )u! EED the other man %P because
he was behavin) suspiciousl!.
'ace off Confront.
"he compan! 'ACED $'' the
'ace up to Accept an unpleasant truth.
*an! people find it hard to 'ACE %P "$
the fact that the! are )ettin) old.
'aff about Behave indecisivel!.
-e told her to stop 'A''I&. AB$%"
and ma/e her mind up.
'aff around Behave indecisivel!.
0he told him to stop 'A''I&. A($%&D
and ma/e his mind up.
'all about Lau)h a lot.
We 'ELL AB$%" when we heard what
she+d done.
'all apart Brea/ into pieces.
"he bo# 'ELL APA(" when I pic/ed it
'all apart
Become emotionall! disturbed and unable
to behave normall!.
-e 'ELL APA(" when the! sac/ed him.
'all back (etreat.
"he arm! 'ELL BAC5 after losin) the
'all back on Be able to use in an emer)enc!.
It was )ood to have some mone! in the
ban/ to 'ALL BAC5 $& when I lost m!
'all behind *a/e less pro)ress.
I was ill for a wee/ and 'ELL BE-I&D
with m! wor/.
'all down 'all on the )round. I slipped on the ice and 'ELL D$W&.
'all down -ave a wea/ point.
"he ar)ument 'ALL0 D$W& when !ou
loo/ at how much it+ll cost.
'all for Be attracted to somebod!3 fall in love.
-e 'ELL '$( her the moment their e!es
'all for Believe a lie or a piece of deception.
-e 'ELL '$( m! stor! and allowed me
!et another e#tension for the submission
of m! thesis.
'all in Collapse.
"he ceilin) 'ELL I& hurtin) a lot of
'all into 0tart doin) somethin) unplanned.
I 4ust 'ELL I&"$ m! 4ob when an
opportunit! came up.
'all off Decrease.
"he membership 'ELL $'' dramaticall!
when the chairperson resi)ned.
'all out Ar)ue and be on bad terms with someone.
"he! 'ELL $%" over the decision and
hardl! spea/ to each other an! more.
'all out Lose hair.
-e+s started )ettin) worried about
baldness because his hair is 'ALLI&.
$%" rather 6uic/l!.
'all over 'all on the )round. I slipped on the ice and 'ELL $VE(.
Be unsuccessful.
"he plans 'ELL "-($%.- when
plannin) permission was refused.
'all under Become controlled.
At first he was independent3 but then he
'ELL %&DE( their influence.
'arm out .ive or contract wor/ to someone else.
"he compan! wants to 'A(* $%" their
'art about Waste time doin) sill! thin)s.
"he mana)er was an)r! because the staff
were 'A("I&. AB$%".
'art around Waste time doin) pointless thin)s.
We were reall! bored in the lecture so we
started 'A("I&. A($%&D.
"ie somethin) so that it doesn+t move.
We 'A0"E&ED it D$W& to /eep the
wind from blowin) it awa!.
'asten on
.ive attention to somethin) that confirms
!our beliefs.
"he! have 'A0"E&ED $& the speech as
a source of inspiration.
'asten onto
'ollow someone closel!3 normall! when
the! don+t want !our compan!.
-e 'A0"E&ED $&"$ the minister on
his visit and as/ed him repeatedl! about
the scandal.
'asten onto
.ive attention to somethin) that confirms
!our beliefs.
"he! 'A0"E& $&"$ an! fi)ures that
the! thin/ can support their case.
'asten up Close3 attach. 'A0"E& %P !our seatbelts.
'athom out %nderstand somethin).
I couldn+t 'A"-$* $%" what she
wanted from me.
'atten up .ive an animal a lot to eat to ma/e it fat.
"he! 'A""E& the cows %P before
slau)hterin) them.
'awn on
Praise someone in an e#cessive wa! to )et
their favour or somethin) from them.
-e+s alwa!s 'AW&I&. $& his boss to
tr! to )et promoted.
'awn over
Praise someone in an e#cessive wa! to )et
their favour or somethin) from them.
0he 'AW&ED $VE( the inspectors in
the hope that the! would )ive her a )ood
'eed off Eat a food as part of an animals diet.
"he )ec/o 'EED0 $'' mos6uitoes and
other insects.
'eed off %se somethin) to !our advanta)e.
-e 'EED0 $'' people+s fear of crime to
)et them to support his proposals.
'eed on .row stron)er.
"he opposition part!+s 'EEDI&. $& the
)overnment+s wea/nesses.
'eed on Consume in an animal+s diet. "he bats 'EED $& insects.
'eed on .ive someone a particular food. -e 'EED0 his cat $& dr! food.
'eed up
.ive someone a lot of food to restore their
health3 ma/e them bi))er3 etc.
0he+s been ill for a fortni)ht so we+re
'EEDI&. her %P.
'eel up "ouch se#uall!3 )rope.
0omeone 'EL" me %P in the club as I
was tr!in) to )et to the bar.
'eel up to 'eel capable of doin) somethin).
I+m so tired. I don+t thin/ I 'EEL %P "$
)oin) out toni)ht.
'ence in Enclose an area. "he! 'E&CED the whole )arden I&.
'ence off
Enclose an area to /eep animals or people
"he! 'E&CED $'' one side of the par/
to /eep do)s out.
'end for
"a/e care of !ourself or someone with
help from other people.
"he children had to 'E&D '$(
themselves after their parents died.
'end off (esist somethin) successfull!.
-e mana)ed to 'E&D $'' the criticism
in the press.
'end off Push an attac/er awa!.
0he 'E&DED $'' the do) when it
attac/ed her.
'erret out 0earch and discover somethin).
"he investi)ation finall! mana)ed to
'E((E" $%" the truth.
'ess up Confess3 admit somethin) reluctantl!.
"he compan! 'E00ED %P after the!
were e#posed in the newspapers.
'ess up .ive. 'E00 %P !our share of the bill.
'ess up to Confess3 admit reluctantl! to somethin). "he! 'E00ED %P "$ the crime.
Waste time doin) sill! thin)s3 or doin)
thin)s unsuccessfull!.
We spent the whole afternoon
'IDDLI&. AB$%" with the computer
but couldn+t )et it to wor/.
Waste time doin) sill! thin)s3 or
unsuccessful thin)s.
I 'IDDLED A($%&D with the phone
but couldn+t )et an! si)nal.
*a/e small movements with !our hands.
-e 'IDDLED A($%&D for somethin)
in his poc/ets.
'iddle away Waste time. -e 'IDDLED AWA the afternoon.
'ight back Defend !ourself3 resist an attac/.
"he arm! attac/ed the town and the
inhabitants '$%.-" BAC5 fiercel!.
'ight back "r! to control and emotion and /eep it -e tried to 'I.-" BAC5 the tears when
hidden. he heard the news of her death.
'ight it out
0tru))le to see who wins3 both b! ar)uin)
or fi)htin).
"heir 'I.-"I&. I" $%" to see who
will become the ne#t CE$.
'ight off 'i)ht an attac/er and force them bac/.
"he old lad! mana)ed to 'I.-" the
mu))ers $'' and the! didn+t )et her
'ight off (esist an illness or emotion. I+m 'I.-"I&. $'' a cold.
'igure on Plan3 e#pect.
What 4ob do !ou 'I.%(E $& doin)
when !ou )raduate=
'igure out 'ind the answer to a problem.
"he police couldn+t 'I.%(E $%" how
the bur)lars had )ot into the warehouse.
'ile away
Put a document in the correct place for
stora)e in a filin) s!stem.
I 'ILED a cop! of the letter AWA for
m! records.
'ile for
Appl! for somethin) le)all!3 li/e divorce
or ban/ruptc!.
"he! 'ILED '$( divorce after two !ears
of marria)e.
'ill in Complete a form.
I 'ILLED I& the application form and
posted it off.
'ill in 0ubstitute someone at wor/.
0he+s 4ust had a bab!3 so we have hired
someone to 'ILL I& for her.
'ill in for 0ubstitute.
I was awa! for a few da!s3 so the! had to
)et someone to 'ILL I& '$( me.
'ill in on .ive someone information.
I+m sorr! I missed the meetin)1 could !ou
'ILL me I& $& what happened.
'ill out Complete a form.
I 'ILLED $%" the application form and
mailed it.
'ill up 'ill somethin) completel!.
I stopped at the )ara)e and 'ILLED %P
with petrol.
'ilter in
*ove into a lane of traffic without ma/in)
other cars stop.
"he slip lane allows traffic to 'IL"E( I&
at the 4unction.
'ilter out (emove somethin) unwanted.
It 'IL"E(0 $%" all the impurities and
chemicals in tap water so that it tastes
'ind out Discover.
I went to the librar! to 'I&D $%" all I
could about the life and wor/ of 7oe
'inish off 'inish completel!.
"he! 'I&I0-ED $'' all the chocolates
and had to )o to the all,ni)ht )ara)e to
bu! some more.
'inish off
5ill a person or animal3 often when the!
have alread! been hurt.
"he animal was badl! hurt3 so the!
'I&I0-ED it $'' to end its sufferin).
'inish off Beat3 ma/e victor! certain in sport. "he second )oal 'I&I0-ED them $''.
'inish off Consume all.
We 'I&I0-ED $'' the coffee and had to
)et some more.
'inish up
'inall! )et somewhere3 usuall! without
plannin) to )o there.
We went out for diner and 'I&I0-ED %P
in a club.
'inish up
-ave or do somethin) at the end or as the
last of somethin).
We attended some wor/shops and
'I&I0-ED %P WI"- the /e!note
'inish with End a relationship.
0he 'I&I0-ED WI"- him a few months
'inish with 0top dealin) with someone.
-e wanted to leave but I was furious and
hadn+t 'I&I0-ED WI"- him.
'inish with 'inish usin) or re6uirin).
Can I read the paper when !ou+ve
'I&I0-ED WI"- it.
'ink on .ive awa! secrets about someone. -e 'I&5ED $& her to the authorities.
'ink out 'ail to /eep a promise3 arran)ement3 etc.
-e said he+d come with us then 'I&5ED
$%" at the last minute.
'ire away As/ 6uestions.
What do !ou want to /now= 'I(E AWA
and I+ll tell !ou.
'ire off
0end 6uic/l!3 an)ril! or man! 8letter3
emails3 etc9.
-e 'I(ED $'' an email complainin)
about the report.
'ire off 0hoot3 fire a )un 8usuall! repeatedl!9.
"he police 'I(ED $'' several rounds
and /illed the man.
'ire up 0tart a computer.
0he 'I(ED %P the computer and printed
out a hard cop! of the files.
'ire up E#cite3 become e#cited.
Ever!one was 'I(ED %P and desperate
to )et it finished in time.
'irm up
*a/e thin)s clearer in a ne)otiation or
We need to 'I(* %P some aspects of the
contract before we si)n it.
'irm up
E#ercise to ma/e muscles harder and
remove fat.
I )o swimmin) ever! da! to 'I(* %P
m! bod!.
'ish for
"r! to )et some information or to )et
someone to sa! somethin).
-e+s alwa!s 'I0-I&. '$( compliments.
'ish out
(emove somethin) from a ba)3 poc/et3
0he reached into her handba) and
'I0-ED some coins $%".
'ish out
(emove from water3 such as the sea3
rivers3 etc.
It+s fallen in the pool, I+ll have to 'I0- it
'it in .et on in a )roup of people.
I didn+t 'I" I& with the other people
wor/in) there so I left and found another
'it in -ave enou)h time or space for somethin).
I didn+t have time to 'I" I& another
'it in with Be convenient or occur convenientl!.
"he!+re not arrivin) until "hursda!3
which 'I"0 I& WI"- m! schedule for
the wee/.
'it in with
$ccur or happen in a wa! that shows that
plans or ideas have not chan)ed.
-is rudeness !esterda! 'I"0 I& WI"-
what I have alwa!s thou)ht of his
'it into Become part of. "heir ideas didn+t 'I" I&"$ our plans.
'it out Provide with necessar! e6uipment. "he! 'I""ED $%" the boat for the race.
'it out with
Provide someone with necessar!
"he! didn+t 'I" the troops $%" WI"-
the necessar! protective )ear.
'it up
'rame someone, ma/e them loo/ )uilt! of
somethin) the! haven+t done.
"he police 'I""ED him %P for dealin)
'it up Provide e6uipment. "he! 'I""ED us %P with the latest I".
'ix up *a/e an arran)ement.
-e 'IAED %P an appointment for me to
see a specialist.
'izzle out End in an unsuccessful wa!.
"he campai)n started well3 but 'I>>LED
$%" when the! ran out of mone!.
'lag down 0i)nal at a vehicle to )et it to stop.
"he police officer 'LA..ED the car
D$W& because it didn+t have its
headli)hts on.
'lag up (aise an issue3 or hi)hli)ht its importance.
We should 'LA. %P wor/in) conditions
at the meetin).
'lake out 'all asleep from e#haustion.
I wor/ed till midni)ht then 'LA5ED
'lame out 'ail.
"he compan! 'LA*ED $%" in the
'lame up Burn bri)htl!. "he wood 'LA*ED %P in the fire.
'lare out .et an)r! suddenl!.
-e 'LA(ED $%" when he saw the
dreadful report.
'lare up When trouble suddenl! appears.
"he ar)ument 'LA(ED %P when he was
rude to them.
'lesh out Add more details or information.
"he recent )overnment report 'LE0-ED
$%" the draft proposals.
'lick over Chan)e "V channels 6uic/l!.
0he 'LIC5ED $VE( to see if the news
had started.
Chan)e "V channels repeatedl!.
I 'LIC5ED "-($%.- the channels to
see if there was an!thin) worth watchin).
Loo/ throu)h somethin) 6uic/l!.
I 'LIC5ED "-($%.- the ma)a2ine
and decided to bu! it.
'lip off
E#tend !our middle fin)er as a )esture of
When the police were wal/in) awa!3 he
'LIPPED them $''.
'lip out Become ver! e#cited and lose control.
-e 'LIPPED $%" when he won the
Loo/ 6uic/l! throu)h a ma)a2ine3 boo/3
I 'LIPPED "-($%.- the latest issue of
the ma)a2ine in the shop and decided to
bu! it.
'log off 0ell somethin) cheapl! to )et rid of it.
"he council 'L$..ED $'' the land
cheapl! to a developer who had close
lin/s to a few of the councillors.
'loor it Drive a vehicle as fast as possible.
0he 'L$$(ED I" when the police
'lounce off
Leave a place or wal/ awa! from someone
-e 'L$%&CED $'' when the! lau)hed
at him.
'lounce out Leave a place an)ril!.
-e 'L$%&CED $%" when the press
started criticisin) him.
'luff out
0ha/e or pat a cushion so that it fills with
0he 'L%''ED $%" the sofa cushions.
'luff up
0ha/e or pat a cushion so that it fills with
-e 'L%''ED %P the pillow before )oin)
to bed.
'ly about Circulate 8rumours3 etc9.
"he rumour has been 'LI&. AB$%"
for the past wee/3 but no one has
confirmed it.
'ly around Circulate 8rumours3 etc9.
"here are a lot of stories 'LI&.
A($%&D about her past.
'ly at Attac/.
"he do) 'LEW A" the cat when it came
into the )arden.
'ly at Criticise or shout an)ril!.
-e 'LEW A" them for not tr!in) hard
'ly by When time appears to move 6uic/l!. As I )et older3 the !ears 4ust 'L B.
'ly into Chan)e emotion 6uic/l!. -e 'LEW I&"$ a ra)e.
'ob off
*a/e or persuade someone to accept
I '$BBED it $'' Paul.
'ob off Lie or deceive someone.
-e '$BBED us $'' with a reall! stupid
'ob off on
*a/e or persuade someone to accept
somethin) !ou don+t want.
I '$BBED the wor/ $& the others.
'ob off onto
*a/e or persuade someone to accept
somethin) !ou don+t want.
I '$BBED the fa/e note $&"$ a
'ob off with
*a/e or persuade someone to accept
somethin) of lower 6ualit! than the!
-e '$BBED her $'' WI"- some fa/e
'ocus on Concentrate.
"he report '$C%0E0 $& the compan!+s
wea/ points.
'old up *a/e a sheet of paper smaller.
Darren '$LDED %P the letter and put it
in an envelope.
'ollow on
Leave to meet someone after the! have
left the place !ou+re at.
-e left an hour a)o and I+ll be
'$LL$WI&. $& soon.
'ollow on
In cric/et3 if the second team to bat doesn+t
score enou)h runs3 it has to bat a)ain.
"he! were over E@@ runs behind and had
to '$LL$W $&.
'ollow on
Be the part of somethin).
"he film '$LL$W0 $& from the
Do what is necessar! to complete
somethin) or ma/e it successful.
"he pro4ect went wron) when the staff
failed to '$LL$W "-($%.-.
Continue movin) limbs after hittin) a ball.
ou need to '$LL$W "-($%.-
smoothl! when pla!in) )olf.
'ollow up
Do somethin) to chec/ or improve an
earlier action.
-e '$LL$WED %P the meetin) with a
'ollow up 'ind our about a problem and act.
"he police didn+t '$LL$W %P the
'ool about &ot be serious.
"he! were '$$LI&. AB$%" and
wouldn+t settle down.
'ool about Be unfaithful.
"heir marria)e bro/e down because he
/ept '$$LI&. AB$%".
'ool around &ot be serious.
"he teacher was an)r! because the class
were '$$LI&. A($%&D.
'ool around Be unfaithful. 0he suspects her husband is '$$LI&.
A($%&D with one of her friends.
'ool with Pla! with somethin) dan)erous. Don+t '$$L WI"- that, it could e#plode.
'orge ahead *a/e a lot of pro)ress in a short time.
We+ve been '$(.I&. A-EAD with the
wor/ and should be finished well before
the deadline.
'orge ahead *ove forwards ver! 6uic/l!.
0he '$(.ED A-EAD of the other
runners and won.
'reak out Become ver! disturbed or an)r!.
0he '(EA5ED $%" completel! when
she didn+t )et the )rades to )et into
'ree up
*a/e mone! or time available b! not
usin) it elsewhere.
If we )et the wor/ done toni)ht3 it will
'(EE %P the wee/end to )o awa!.
'ree up
Do wor/ or a tas/ for someone to ma/e
them available for somethin).
If !ou proofread this te#t3 it will '(EE
me %P to )et on with the ne#t part.
'reeze out
0hut out or e#clude b! unfriendl!
"he! tried to '(EE>E me $%" of the
'reeze out
'orce to retire or withdraw from
membership3 a 4ob3 etc.
After 7im was '($>E& $%" of the case3
the! hired a new law!er.
'reeze over
Become covered with ice 8la/e3 river3
pond3 etc9.
"he winter was ver! severe and the la/e
'($>E $VE(.
'reeze up Be bloc/ed with ice.
"he pipes all '($>E %P so no water
came throu)h.
'reeze up
0top wor/in) because the parts of a
machine won+t move.
"he )ears had '($>E& %P.
'reeze up When a computer stops wor/in).
"he computer '($>E %P1 it showed me
the blue screen of death and I couldn+t
'reeze up Be paral!sed with fear.
WE '($>E %P when we heard the
window brea/.
'reshen up Wash 6uic/l! and improve appearance.
I+m )oin) to the bathroom to '(E0-E&
%P before the! arrive.
'reshen up
Add more alcohol to a )lass before it is
-ere3 let me '(E0-E& %P !our drin/.
'reshen up
Iuic/l! improve the appearance of
"he ma)a2ine )ives !ou tips on how to
'(E0-E& %P !our home cheapl!.
0care someone so much that the! )o awa!.
"he noise '(I.-"E&ED the birds
0care or worr! someone enou)h to stop
them doin) somethin) the! had planned.
"he stri/es '(I.-"E&ED man! visitors
'righten off 0care someone so much that the! )o awa!.
"he do) '(I.-"E&ED the bur)lars
'righten off
0care or worr! someone enou)h to stop
them doin) somethin) the! had planned.
"he crash in share prices '(I.-"E&ED
investors $''.
'ront for
(epresent someone3 especiall! when
coverin) ille)al or wron)ful activities.
"he solicitor '($&"0 '$( a number of
criminal )an)s.
'ront off
Confront someone and let them /now !ou
are prepared to fi)ht.
"he two )u!s '($&"ED each other
$''3 but someone mana)ed to calm them
down before it )ot out of hand.
'ront onto 'ace 8of a buildin)9.
*! house '($&"0 $&"$ the main
'ront out 'ace up to someone3 withstand criticism.
-e accused her of l!in)3 but she
'($&"ED him $%"
'ront up Appear somewhere for a short time.
I hate these occasions3 but I+ll '($&" %P
for the first half.
'ront up Advance cash for somethin).
0he '($&"ED %P the mone! we
'rown on Disapprove.
-e '($W&0 $& people ma/in)
personal calls at wor/.
'uel up Put petrol or other fuel into a vehicle.
We stopped to '%EL %P before the car
ran out.
(ad about Visit a lot of different places for pleasure.
I spent the afternoon .ADDI&. AB$%"
in the West End.
(ad around Visit different places for pleasure.
I spent the afternoon .ADDI&.
A($%&D loo/in) for some boo/s.
(ag for Want somethin) a lot. I+m .A..I&. '$( a drin/.
(ang up
'orm a )roup a)ainst somethin) or
"he! .A&.ED %P to tr! to stop the new
(ang up
-arass3 bull! 8in a )roup9.
"he! .A&.ED %P A.AI&0" me
because I wouldn+t accept their ideas.
(ang up on -arass3 bull!.
"he! .A&.ED %P $& him because of
the wa! he spo/e.
(ear to
$r)anise or arran)e somethin) for a
particular purpose3 audience3 etc. 8$ften
It+s not .EA(ED "$ non,specialists.
$r)anise or arran)e somethin) for a
particular purpose3 audience3 etc.
"he pro4ect is .EA(ED "$WA(D0
older people.
(ear up .et read! for a bus! period.
"he shops are .EA(I&. %P for the &ew
ear sales.
(eek out "al/ at len)th about computin).
-enr! alwa!s .EE50 $%" at parties and
bores all the people who don+t /now
much about computers.
(et about Visit man! places.
I .E" AB$%" a lot with m! 4ob, last
!ears I visited eleven countries.
(et about Become /nown.
It didn+t ta/e lon) for the news to .E"
AB$%", ever!one+s tal/in) about it.
(et about Wal/ or visit places.
0he can+t .E" AB$%" much3 but she is
in her ei)hties.
(et about
-ave personal or se#ual relationships with
man! people.
0he .E"0 AB$%" a bit1 she+s alwa!s
with some new )u!.
(et above
Behave as if !ou are better or more
important than others.
0he+s been .E""I&. AB$VE
-E(0EL' since she )ot promoted.8"his
is normall! used in pro)ressive forms and
followed b! a refle#ive pronoun3 thou)h
+)et above !our station+ is also used.9
(et across Communicate successfull!.
I 4ust couldn+t .E" m! messa)e
AC($00 at the meetin).
(et across .o from one side to the other.
It+s impossible to .E" AC($00 the road
with all this traffic.
(et across
*ove somethin) from one side to the
-ow are we )oin) to .E" these ba)s
AC($00 the river=
(et across
Be convincin) or ma/e a )ood impression.
-ow can I .E" AC($00 "$ m!
(et after &a) or e#hort someone.
ou should .E" A'"E( them to finish
the wor/.
(et after Chase.
.E" A'"E( her and )ive her the
messa)e before she leaves the buildin).
(et ahead Pro)ress.
&owada!s3 !ou need I" s/ills if !ou want
to .E" A-EAD.
(et ahead
*ove in front of.
I wor/ at home in the evenin) to .E"
A-EAD $' schedule.
(et along -ave a )ood relationship.
Wh! don+t !ou two .E" AL$&.= ou+re
alwa!s ar)uin).
(et along Leave. It+s late1 we must be .E""I&. AL$&..
(et along Pro)ess.
-ow+s the homewor/ .E""I&.
(et along in Pro)ress.
-ow are !ou .E""I&. AL$&. I& the
(et along
-ave a )ood relationship with someone.
I don+t .E" AL$&. WI"- m! sister, we
have nothin) in common.
(et along
Deal with3 handle.
-ow are !ou .E""I&. AL$&. WI"-
the trainin) course=
(et around Become /nown.
It didn+t ta/e lon) for the news to .E"
A($%&D once it )ot into the
(et around Visit man! different places.
-e .E"0 A($%&D a lot, he+s alwa!s
fl!in) somewhere different.
(et around Wal/ or )o to places.
-e+s findin) it hard to .E" A($%&D
since the operation and spends most of
his time at home.
(et around Avoid a problem.
It+ll be tric/!3 but we will find a wa! to
.E" A($%&D the re)ulations.
(et around Persuade3 convince.
0he didn+t want to accept m! application
because it was late3 but I mana)ed to
.E" A($%&D her.
(et around
-ave personal or se#ual relationships with
man! people.
-e .E"0 A($%&D a bit1 he+s alwa!s
with some new )irlfriend.
(et around
'inall! mana)e to do somethin)3 ma/e the
effort to do somethin).
It alwa!s ta/es me a)es to .E"
A($%&D to repl!in) to letters.
(et at Criticise.
-is boss is alwa!s .E""I&. A" him for
arrivin) late.
(et at *ean.
What do !ou thin/ she+s .E""I&. A"=
I+ve no idea what she wants.
(et at Be able to reach3 find3 access. It+s on the top shelf and I can+t .E" A" it.
(et at
%se threats3 pa!ments3 bribes3 etc3 to affect
someone+s testimon! or decision.
"he )an)sters .$" A" the 4ur!3 who
found them not )uilt! of all char)es
despite the evidence presented in court.
(et away Escape.
"he robbers .$" AWA in a stolen car3
which the police later found abandoned.
(et away .o on holida! or for a short brea/.
We love to .E" AWA from ever!thin)
and rela# in the countr!.
(et away *ove3 leave somewhere.
-e didn+t come because he was stuc/ at
wor/ and couldn+t .E" AWA.
(et away
.o somewhere different or do somethin)
Wor/+s )ettin) on top of me1 I need to
.E" AWA '($* it.
(et away
0tart to tal/ about somethin) that is not
relevant to the discussion.
I thin/ we+re .E""I&. AWA '($*
the point here, we need to concentrate on
the main ideas.
(et away
&ot )et cau)ht3 criticised or punished for
doin) somethin) wron).
"hieves .$" AWA WI"- two
Picassos3 which were never found.
(et away
Achieve somethin)3 despite not doin) it
correctl! or properl!.
Do !ou thin/ we could .E" AWA
WI"- usin) the cheaper product=
(et away An e#pression of disbelief.
KI passed.K K.E" AWA< ou couldn+t
have passed.K
(et back (eturn.
"he train was held up so we didn+t .E"
BAC5 home until midni)ht.
(et back (eturn somethin).
Don+t lend him an! mone!1 !ou+ll never
.E" it BAC5.
(et back (even)e.
-e was rude and embarrassed me3 but I+ll
.E" him BAC5.
(et back *ove awa!.
"he police told the crowd to .E" BAC5
to allow the ambulance throu)h.
(et back at "a/e reven)e.
I+ll .E" BAC5 A" her for landin) me in
(et back
0tart doin) somethin) after stoppin) for
some time.
I am .E""I&. BAC5 I&"$ m! 5hmer
lessons after the summer brea/.
(et back
'ind a new enthusiasm for somethin).
I lost interest for a while3 but I+m
.E""I&. BAC5 I&"$ it.
(et back to (espond to a contact.
I+ll .E" BAC5 "$ !ou as soon as I hear
an! news.
(et back to (espond when !ou /now the answer.
I don+t /now at the moment3 but I will
.E" BAC5 "$ !ou as soon as I have the
(et back to
0tart doin) somethin) a)ain after an
It too/ me a)es to .E" BAC5 "$ sleep
after the phone ran).
(et back
(estart a relationship.
We split up a few months a)o but .$"
BAC5 "$.E"-E( last wee/.
(et behind 0upport.
All the students .$" BE-I&D the
(et behind
Be late pa!in) instalments for somethin)..
If !ou .E" BE-I&D WI"- mort)a)e
pa!ments3 !ou mi)ht lose !our home.
(et by -ave 4ust enou)h mone! to live on. "he!+re findin) it increasin)l! difficult to
.E" B since their dau)hter was born.
(et by &ot be noticed 8problems3 errors3 etc9.
I had chec/ed it3 but there still were a few
mista/es that didn+t .E" B the editor.
(et by on *ana)e on a certain amount of mone!. It+s hard to .E" B $& m! salar!.
(et by with -ave enou)h of somethin) to do the 4ob.
We should be able to .E" B WI"-
three PCs3 but four would be better.
(et down
*a/e someone depressed3 unhapp!3
e#hausted3 etc..
"he miserable weather in winter reall!
.E"0 me D$W&.
(et down Write3 record.
I couldn+t .E" D$W& ever!thin) he
(et down *ana)e to swallow.
"he medicine tasted horrible and it was
difficult to .E" it D$W&.
(et down Descend3 leave a vehicle.
"he trained pulled in and we .$"
(et down Leave the table after eatin).
When the! had finished dinner3 the
children as/ed if the! could .E"
(et down (educe.
"he doctor sa!s I m! .E" m! cholesterol
levels D$W&.
(et down -ave an affair or se#ual relations. "he! .$" D$W& at the part! last wee/.
(et down
*! mother used to .E" D$W& $& us
for not doin) enou)h homewor/.
(et down to 0tart wor/in) seriousl!.
I find it e#tremel! difficult to .E"
D$W& "$ doin) an! revision for
(et down to En4o! somethin) a lot.
People were .E""I&. D$W& "$ the
(et in
Arran)e for someone to do a 4ob in !our
home3 wor/place3 etc.
"he air conditionin) has bro/en down1
we+ll have to .E" a technician I& to fi#
(et in Arrive 8train3 plane3 etc.9. -er plane .E"0 I& at Eam our time.
(et in Arrive home.
0he didn+t .E" I& till well after twelve
o+cloc/ because she+d been out for a few
drin/s with her mates.
(et in Enter a car or ta#i. "he ta#i pulled up and we .$" I&.
(et in Bu! or obtain supplies3 li/e food.
We need to .E" some coffee I&1 we+re
completel! out.
(et in Arrive at wor/3 school3 home.
I .$" I& late toda! because the train
bro/e down.
(et in Enter a buildin) or place. I borrowed her pass to .E" I&.
(et in Be elected.
"he )overnment .$" I& with a ver!
small ma4orit!.
(et in *ana)e to sa! or do.
I couldn+t .E" a word I& throu)hout the
(et in Be admitted to a universit!3 club3 etc.
-e did badl! in the entrance e#am and
didn+t .E" I&.
(et in Brin) inside a place. It+s rainin)1 I+d better .E" the washin)
(et in 0ubmit3 appl!.
We have to .E" the forms I& b! the end
of this wee/.
(et in Pa! for drin/s. -e .$" the drin/s I&.
(et in on Become involved.
"he compan! tried to .E" I& $& our
(et in with Become friendl! with3 in)ratiate with.
I tried to .E" I& WI"- them as I
thou)ht it would help me at wor/.
(et into Become involved or interested.
0he+s been .E""I&. I&"$ dance music
(et into
Become involved in somethin) bad or
-e .$" I&"$ dru)s when he was at
(et into Be accepted or admitted.
0he did well and .$" I&"$ Cambrid)e
(et into Become or be accepted as a member. -e .$" I&"$ the first team for football.
(et into 0tart a habit or wa! of actin) or behavin).
It too/ me a)es to .E" I&"$ drivin) on
the left.
(et into Be small enou)h to wear somethin).
I couldn+t .E" I&"$ the boots1 the!
were too ti)ht.
(et into Criticise. -e .$" I&"$ me for doin) it badl!.
(et it Be punished or scolded.
If !ou don+t stop that ri)ht now3 !ou+ll
reall! .E" I"<
(et it off -ave se#. "he! .$" I" $'' at the part!.
(et it off
-ave se# with.
0he .$" I" $'' WI"- her friend+s
(et it on Become interested or e#cited.
"he tal/ was dull and nobod! .$" I"
(et it on -ave se#. Did !ou two .E" I" $&=
(et it on
-ave se# with. Did !ou .E" I" $& WI"- him=
(et it
Control thin)s in !our life to achieve !our
If I don+t .E" I" "$.E"-E(3 I will
never reach m! tar)ets.
(et it
Be)in a relationship.
"he! onl! .E" I" "$.E"-E( at the
ver! end of the film.
(et it up Become aroused 8of a man9.
-e couldn+t .E" I" %P and felt ver!
(et off Escape punishment.
-e .$" $'' on a technicalit! and left
the court a free man.
(et off Leave a bus3 train3 etc..
We .$" $'' the bus and wal/ed to m!
(et off 'inish3 leave wor/. I li/e to .E" $'' earl! on 'rida!s.
(et off 0tart a 4ourne!.
We need to .E" $'' earl! to avoid the
rush hour traffic.
(et off -elp a bab! or child sleep.
I can+t .E" the /ids $'' because of the
noise from ne#t door.
(et off $r)asm3 have se#. We .$" $'' last ni)ht.
(et off *ana)e to fire a )un. 0he .$" $'' a few shots before she was
(et off 0top tal/in) on the phone.
Let me /now when he .E"0 $'' the
phone as I need to ma/e a call.
(et off Write or send letters3 messa)es3 etc.
I .$" three emails $'' before the
(et off 0a! or write somethin) funn!.
0he .$" $'' some 4o/es at the start of
her presentation.
(et off it
A wa! of e#pressin) disbelief3 or tellin)
someone that the!+re wron) or have an
incorrect opinion.
I /new he was l!in) so I told him to .E"
$'' I".
(et off on En4o! a dru).
-e .E"0 $'' $& cr!stal meth ever!
(et off on Become e#cited b!. 0he .E"0 $'' $& her power over us.
(et off with -ave casual se# with. -e .$" $'' WI"- her at the part!.
(et off Don+t touch3 leave alone.
If he bothers !ou3 4ust tell him where to
.E" $''.
(et on Continue doin) somethin).
"he teacher as/ed the pupils to .E" $&
with some wor/ 6uietl! as she had to
leave the classroom.
(et on Enter a bus3 train3 plane3 etc..
We .$" $& the train at Pl!mouth and
went up to London.
(et on
*a/e pro)ress3 deal with somethin) with
a reasonable de)ree of success.
-ow are !ou .E""I&. $& with !our
0panish lessons=
(et on -ave a )ood relationship. We have alwa!s .$" $& well.
(et on Become old3 a)e.
-e+s .E""I&. $& now and doesn+t
wor/ so hard.
(et on Be late or near an arran)ed time. I must )et home now1 it+s .E""I&. $&.
(et on Wear3 fit.
I have put so much wei)ht on that I
couldn+t .E" m! old suits $&.
(et on Leave.
I must be .E""I&. $&1 I have other
thin)s to do this evenin).
(et on at Criticise unfairl!.
-e+s alwa!s .E""I&. $& A" me when
I haven+t done an!thin) wron).
(et on for Be near a time. It+s .E""I&. $& '$( midni)ht.
(et on to 0tart to suspect.
It too/ the authorities a lon) time to .E"
$& "$ the )an).
(et on with -ave a )ood relationship. 'ortunatel!3 I .E" $& WI"- m! boss.
(et on with Continue or start doin) somethin). 0he told us to .E" $& WI"- our wor/.
(et onto 0tart discussin) a topic.
We didn+t .E" $&"$ the third item on
the a)enda.
(et onto Be elected3 appointed. -e didn+t .E" $&"$ the committee.
(et onto Appear on the radio or "V.
-e .$" $&"$ ever! ma4or channel
after the accident.
(et onto
Contact someone because !ou need or
want them to do somethin).
We+d better .E" $&"$ someone to fi#
(et onto Enter a plane3 train3 etc.
0he .$" $&"$ the plane 4ust before it
too/ off.
(et out
Leave the house to visit place and
0he doesn+t .E" $%" much now she has
her bab!.
(et out
Become /nown when people want it to
remain secret.
"he truth .$" $%" despite the
in4unction on reportin) the case.
(et out Leave a place3 escape.
"he do) .$" $%" because I left the
door open.
(et out
(emove somethin) from where it is stored
to use it.
I .$" the car $%" so that we could load
up the suitcases.
(et out (emove dirt or somethin) unwanted.
I spilled some red wine on m! carpet and
can+t .E" the stains $%".
(et out
Publish3 ma/e available for the public to
see or bu!.
We have to .E" the report $%" b! the
end of the month.
(et out 0a! what !ou want when it is difficult.
-e was so upset he couldn+t .E" the
words $%".
(et out of Avoid doin) somethin) !ou disli/e.
I said I wasn+t feelin) well and .$" $%"
$' the e#tra wor/.
(et out of Leave a car3 van3 etc..
We .$" $%" $' the ta#i and paid the
(et out of 0top a re)ular activit! or habit.
If !ou .E" $%" $' a routine3 it can be
hard to start a)ain.
(et out of *a/e someone confess or tell the truth.
"he police couldn+t .E" an! information
$%" $' him.
(et out of *a/e someone )ive somethin) to !ou.
Did !ou .E" a refund $%" $' the travel
(et out of
Derive pleasure or benefit from
0he+s .E""I&. a lot $%" $' her
universit! course.
(et out of -elp someone avoid doin) somethin).
I .$" him $%" $' havin) to wor/ at
the wee/end.
(et out E#pression of disbelief. +I )ot H@@L on the test.++.et out<+
(et over (ecover from somethin)3 feel better.
It too/ me a)es to .E" $VE( the bout
of flu.
(et over 0olve3 find a solution.
It too/ us a lon) time to .E" $VE( the
problems with the computer s!stem.
(et over Communicate3 ma/e people understand.
-e ma/es 4o/es to help .E" his messa)e
(et over
Be shoc/ed or surprised that somethin) if
real or true.
I couldn+t .E" $VE( how much wei)ht
he had put on.
(et over .et to the other side.
We couldn+t .E" $VE( the river
because of the floods.
(et over Come somewhere.
-e said he needed help and as/ me to
.E" $VE( as soon as I could.
(et over
Do somethin) unpleasant that has to be
done rather than dela!in) it an! more.
I .$" the test $VE( WI"- rather than
have to worr! about it an! lon)er.
(et round Become /nown.
I don+t want this to .E" ($%&D3 so
please /eep it to !ourself.
(et round 'ind a solution. We+re nearl! read!3 but there are few little
problems we have to .E" ($%&D
before we finish.
(et round
#around$ to
'inall! mana)e to do somethin).
It alwa!s ta/es me a)es to .E" ($%&D
to writin) letters. 8In American En)lish
+around+ is used9
(et round
#or around$
Persuade someone.
0he didn+t want to let me do it3 but I
succeeded in .E""I&. ($%&D her. 8In
American En)lish +around+ is used9
(et through Contact.
I tried callin) her mobile phone3 but I
couldn+t .E" "-($%.-.
(et through Consume.
-e .E"0 "-($%.- two bottles of
wine a da!.
(et through 'inish.
I+m )oin) to ta/e some wor/ home
because I haven+t mana)ed to .E"
"-($%.- it all toda!.
(et through 0ucceed in an e#am or test.
*! car didn+t .E" "-($%.- its
(et through
-elp someone or somethin) succeed or
pass a test or e#am.
*! teacher .$" me "-($%.- the
(et through Endure or deal with a difficult e#perience.
We will have to be careful with our
mone! to .E" "-($%.- the month.
(et through
Be accepted or passed 8laws3 proposals3
If the proposal .E"0 "-($%.-3 it+ll
ma/e thin)s much better for us.
(et through *ana)e to pass.
"he water .$" "-($%.- the roof and
dama)ed the carpets.
(et through Arrive. "he messa)e didn+t .E" "-($%.-.
(et through
*a/e someone understand.
I e#plained it carefull!3 but I 4ust couldn+t
.E" "-($%.- "$ him.
(et through
Contact3 especiall! b! phone.
I ran) but couldn+t .E" "-($%.- "$
(et through
(each a sta)e in a competition.
If the! win3 the!+ll .E" "-($%.- "$
the 6uarter finals.
(et to Anno!3 irritate.
Don+t let her .E" "$ !ou1 she+s 4ust in a
bad mood.
(et to Arrive.
When I .E" "$ it3 I+ll loo/ at the matter
(et to 0tart discussin) a topic.
We as/ed him to .E" "$ the point3 but
he 4ust waffled awa!.
(et to -ave the opportunit! to do somethin). Last 7une I .$" "$ visit 0tonehen)e.
*eet sociall!.
We .$" "$.E"-E( in the pub for a
(et up .et out of bed.
I .E" %P at seven o+cloc/ on wee/da!s3
but lie in till noon at the wee/end.
(et up $r)anise.
"he! .$" %P a list of two hundred
people who were opposed to the local
council+s plans.
(et up to Do somethin) wron) or nau)ht!.
"he children are alwa!s .E""I&. %P
"$ some trouble or other.
(host away (emove someone secretl! of discreetl!.
"he! .-$0"ED him AWA to a secret
location before he could be arrested.
(in up Boost3 increase or e#a))erate.
"he candidates tried to .I& %P support at
the straw poll b! transportin) their
supporters for free.
(inger up *a/e more livel!.
"he! tried to .I&.E( %P the part! to
stop people leavin).
(ive away
Entrust !our dau)hter to her husband
throu)h the marria)e ceremon!.
-e .AVE his dau)hter AWA and told
the )room to loo/ after her.
(ive away "ell a secret3 often unintentionall!.
0he didn+t .IVE an!thin) AWA about
the part! so it came as a complete
surprise to me.
(ive away Distribute somethin) for free.
In this issue of the ma)a2ine3 the! are
)ivin) awa! a free DVD.
(ive away
.ive without as/in) for or e#pectin)
-e decided to .IVE his new album
AWA in a ma)a2ine.
(ive away
.ive an advanta)e to !our opponent in a
sport b! ma/in) a mista/e3 pla!in) badl!3
"he! .AVE AWA two )oals in the first
(ive away
.ive an unwanted bab! to people to brin)
0he had to .IVE her bab! AWA as she
couldn+t afford to brin) it up.
(ive away Betra!3 report to authorities. "he )an) .AVE him AWA to the police.
(ive away
.ive a wei)ht advanta)e to an opponent in
-e is .IVI&. AWA thirt! pounds to
the challen)er.
(ive back (eturn somethin) !ou+ve borrowed.
I .AVE the mone! BAC5 that she+d lent
to me.
(ive back (eturn somethin) that someone has lost.
&othin) could .IVE me BAC5 the wa! I
felt before the scandal.
(ive in
0top doin) somethin) because it+s too hard
or re6uires too much ener)!.
I couldn+t finish the crossword pu22le and
had to .IVE I& and loo/ at the answers.
(ive in 0ubmit homewor/3 etc..
"he pro4ects have to be .IVE& I& three
wee/s before we brea/ up for the end of
(ive in 0urrender3 accept defeat.
"he! .AVE I& when the police
surrounded the buildin).
(ive in $ffer or submit for 4ud)ement3 approval.
"he! .AVE I& their complaint to the
(ive in to A)ree to somethin) !ou don+t li/e.
"he )overnment sa!s it will not .IVE I&
"$ terrorists.
(ive in to Allow a feelin) or desire to control !ou.
Eventuall!3 I .AVE I& "$ m! an)er and
screamed at them.
(ive it to
Criticise harshl! or punish someone for
"he! reall! .AVE I" "$ me for
for)ettin) to turn up.
(ive it up
Applaud. Please .IVE I" %P '$( our ne#t )uest.
(ive it up to Applaud. Please .IVE I" %P "$ our ne#t )uest.
(ive of
Contribute without e#pectin) an!thin) in
return3 usuall! time or mone!.
-e .IVE $' his free time to help the
(ive off
Emit pollution or somethin) else
"he police stopped the van because it was
.IVI&. $'' a lot of blac/ smo/e.
(ive off
Behave in a wa! that ma/es people thin/
of !ou in a certain wa!.
0he .IVE0 $'' an air of nobilit!.
(ive off E#pand.
"he compan! is .IVI&. $'' all over
the countr!.
(ive off
'ollow or ta/e one of E or more branches
8instructions3 in machine code9 in writin)
a computer pro)ram 8usin) s!stem
software for a pro)rammin) lan)ua)e9.
A particular application of a processin)
code can be .IVE& $'' while re6uirin)
minimal run,time support.
(ive onto $pen into a place3 for a door or window.
"he 'rench windows .IVE $&"$ the
(ive out Distribute.
0omebod! was .IVI&. leaflets $%" in
front of the under)round station.
(ive out 0top wor/in)3 throu)h a)e or overuse.
I+d been havin) trouble with m! laptop
and it finall! .AVE $%" at the wee/end.
(ive out -ave no more of a suppl!.
"he water .AVE $%" after a wee/ in the
(ive out *a/e public.
"he! .AVE the names of the winners
$%" last ni)ht.
(ive out Emit. "he factor! .IVE0 $%" a lot of fumes.
(ive out End or finish somewhere.
"he path .IVE0 $%" halfwa! around
the la/e.
(ive out *a/e a sound or noise. 0he .AVE $%" a moan.
(ive out
(ead the wordin)s of a h!mn or psalm
aloud for con)re)ational sin)in).
-e .AVE $%" the psalm.
(ive over 0top doin) somethin) bad or anno!in).
"he! were ma/in) a lot of noise so I told
them to .IVE $VE(.
(ive over Entrust3 pass on responsibilit!.
We+ve .IVE& the premises $VE( to the
new compan!.
(ive over 0top an activit!.
"he police told the rioters to .IVE
(ive over to Dedicate3 devote.
-e .AVE himself $VE( "$ findin) his
(ive over to "ransfer responsibilit!.
After her death3 the! .AVE control of the
estate $VE( "$ her niece.
(ive over An e#pression of disbelief.
"he!+ve doubled !our salar!, .IVE
(ive up
0top doin) somethin) that has been a
I .AVE %P ta/in) su)ar in tea and coffee
to lose wei)ht.
(ive up 0top bein) friendl!3 end relationships.
0he .AVE %P all her school friends
when she went to universit!.
(ive up 0top doin) somethin). I have .IVE& %P tr!in) to help them.
(ive up 0urrender3 stop tr!in). I can+t thin/ of the answer1 I .IVE %P.
(ive up
0acrifice or dedicate time3 etc3 to
I .AVE %P all m! free time to the
(ive up
Allow someone to sit in !our chair3 ta/e
!our place3 etc.
I .AVE %P m! seat to a pre)nant
(ive up
Allow or )ive awa! a run while pitchin)
-e has .IVE& %P HC earned runs in HC
(ive up on
Lose faith in or stop believin) in
somethin) or someone.
I .AVE %P $& them when I heard what
the! were sa!in) about me behind m!
(ive up on 0top feelin) hope.
I have .IVE& %P $& them1 the! never
do what the! promise.
(ive up to Denounce3 report to authorities.
-e .AVE his accomplices %P "$ the
(ive way 0top to allow vehicles to pass. ou must .IVE WA at this 4unction.
(ive way Collapse3 brea/.
"he dam .AVE WA when the floods
(ive way to ield3 surrender3 retreat.
Don+t .IVE WA "$ !our worst fears
about this.
(ive way to (elin6uish position or ascendanc!. &i)ht .IVE0 WA "$ da!.
(ive way to
Be replaced b! somethin) better3 cheaper3
more modern3 etc.
Cotta)e industries .AVE WA "$ the
bi) companies.
(ive way to Allow a vehicle to pass in front.
ou must .IVE WA "$ oncomin)
(ive way to 0urrender to stron) emotions.
-e .AVE WA "$ his an)er and started
screamin) at them.
yourself up
0urrender to the police or authorities.
"he )an) .AVE "-E*0ELVE0 %P last
yourself up
Dedicate time3 ener)!3 etc3 to somethin). -e .AVE himself %P "$ his 4ob.
(loss over
"r! to minimise the importance of
"he *inister tried to .L$00 $VE( the
report that was critical of her department.
(naw at "rouble3 worr! or anno! someone.
I /now it was wron) and )uilt has
.&AWED A" me ever since I did it.
(naw at -arm )raduall!.
"he )overnment+s dishonest! has
.&AWED A" people+s trust in
(naw away
-arm )raduall!.
"heir behaviour .&AWED AWA A"
our trust in them.
(o about Deal with somethin).
-ow should I .$ AB$%" tellin) her the
bad news=
(o about Circulate.
A rumour is .$I&. AB$%" involvin)
the Attorne! .eneral.
(o across *ove to another side or place. -e WE&" AC($00 to the opposition.
(o after Chase3 tr! to )et.
"he cat WE&" A'"E( the pi)eon3 but it
flew awa!.
(o against Lose a decision or a verdict of a court.
If the decision .$E0 A.AI&0" me3 I+ll
)o ban/rupt.
(o ahead Proceed. "he construction of the b!pass WE&"
A-EAD despite the protests from
(o ahead
We now intend to .$ A-EAD WI"- the
final sta)e of the pro4ect.
(o along
Accept a decision or su))estion.
I didn+t reall! a)ree3 but I WE&"
AL$&. WI"- the decision because I
was in the minorit!.
(o along
I plan to .$ AL$&. WI"- them as far
as Los An)eles.
(o around Circulate.
A rumour is .$I&. A($%&D about the
Attorne! .eneral.
(o around Be or have enou)h of somethin).
"here aren+t enou)h 4obs to .$
A($%&D for the numbers of people
)raduatin) nowada!s.
(o around Visit.
I WE&" A($%&D for dinner at their
(o at Attac/ or approach somethin) with vi)our.
0he WE&" A" her dinner li/e she hadn+t
eaten for da!s.
(o away Leave a place or disappear.
"his dru) should ma/e the pain .$
(o back -ave a lon) histor!.
-e and I .$ BAC5 a lon) wa!, we were
at school to)ether.
(o back (eturn to3 start doin) somethin) a)ain.
We WE&" BAC5 to wor/ after the
(o back on Brea/ a promise.
"he )overnment have .$&E BAC5 $&
their promise not to raise ta#es.
(o before Precede.
We canMt i)nore what has .$&E
BE'$(E and pretend that ever!thin) has
been $5.
(o below Leave the top dec/ of a ship.
"he captain told the passen)ers to .$
BEL$W when the storm started.
(o by "he passin) of time.
"en !ears WE&" B before we saw each
other a)ain.
(o by "rust or depend on for correct information.
Don+t .$ B m! watch1 it+s usuall! a bit
(o by Pa! a short visit3 call.
&obod! was at home when I WE&" B
(o down Decrease3 )et smaller.
"he price of scanners has .$&E D$W&
(o down 0in/.
"he "itanic WE&" D$W& after it hit an
iceber) on its maiden vo!a)e.
(o down 0unset. "he sun WE&" D$W& at seven o+cloc/.
(o down Be sent to to prison.
-e WE&" D$W& for ten !ears for
armed robber!.
(o down Become recorded as or /nown as.
It WE&" D$W& as the worst da! in the
histor! of the compan!.
(o down Be eaten or swallowed. "he medicine WE&" D$W& easil!.
(o down 'all to the )round.
"he bo#er WE&" D$W& in the second
(o down -appen3 ta/e place.
"he police thou)ht that a bi) crime was
.$I&. D$W& that ni)ht.
(o down 0top wor/in)3 especiall! computers.
"he computer s!stem WE&" D$W& for
an hour last ni)ht.
(o down Become dimmer.
"he li)hts WE&" D$W& and the
audience stopped tal/in).
(o down
Be received b! people3 in terms of their
*! 4o/e WE&" D$W& ver! badl!.
(o down on Perform oral se#. -e WE&" D$W& $& her.
(o down to Be defeated.
Chelsea WE&" D$W& "$ Arsenal in a
thrillin) )ame.
(o down
'all ill. 0he WE&" D$W& WI"- a virus.
(o down
'ind acceptance.
Do !ou thin/ the scheme will .$ D$W&
WI"- the farmers in the area=
(o for Attac/.
"he nei)hbour+s do) WE&" '$( the
postman and bit him.
(o for Be attracted to. 0he tends to .$ '$( )u!s li/e him.
(o for Choose3 select.
I+ll .$ '$( the soup of the da!3 followed
b! the duc/.
(o for "r! to )et.
"he pla!er WE&" '$( the ball but
(o for -ave somethin) favourable.
"he pla! didn+t have much .$I&. '$(
I" and we left halfwa! throu)h.
(o for Pass for or serve as. It+s a couch that also .$E0 '$( a bed.
(o for it
Be assertive and read! to initiate action.
8(elated to the meanin) +attac/+9.
-e was not alwa!s successful3 but
whatever he tried to do he would alwa!s
.$ '$( I".
(o forth Leave a place.
-e WE&" '$("- and found a wife in
another cit!.
(o forth "ravel abroad3 leave a place.
"he! WE&" '$("- to spread the word
of the new reli)ion.
(o forward *ove cloc/s ahead.
"he cloc/s *$VE '$(WA(D an hour
on 0unda!.
(o forward Pro)ress.
"he top three teams .$ '$(WA(D to
the ne#t round.
(o in .o to hospital for treatment3 sur)er!3 etc..
-e WE&" I& for a triple b!pass
operation two da!s a)o.
(o in 'it. "he cable .$E0 I& here.
(o in Disappear3 become obscured b! a cloud. "he sun has .$&E I&.
(o in Attac/. "he troops WE&" I& at dawn.
(o in for Enter a competition or sit an e#am.
-e WE&" I& '$( the photo)raph!
pri2e3 but didn+t win.
(o in for 0upport3 advocate.
I don+t .$ I& '$( the claims bein)
made about blo))in).
(o in for Li/e3 have an interest in. -e .$E0 I& '$( classical music.
(o in for *a/e a career choice.
-ave !ou thou)ht about .$I&. I& '$(
(o in with 'orm a union or alliance.
"he!+re )oin) to .$ I& WI"- the 0ocial
(o in with 7oin3 enter.
As/ the other to .$ I& WI"- them on
the plan
(o into Discuss in some detail.
"he! refused to .$ I&"$ e#actl! what
was wron).
(o into Enter a profession3 hospital3 trade3 mar/et.
0he WE&" I&"$ ban/in) after she+d
finished universit!.
(o into Be)in a speech or description.
-e WE&" I&"$ a lon) attac/ on the
wa! press had handled the issue.
(o into Be dedicated or devoted.
A lot of time and effort WE&" I&"$ this
(o into Be contained in a lar)er number. 'ive .$E0 I&"$ si#t! HE times
(o it Behave in a rec/less wa!.
0houtin) at the boss li/e that is .$I&.
(o it *ove or drive ver! fast.
After the traffic 4am3 he reall! WE&" I"
to ma/e up time.
(o it alone Do somethin) without help.
-e prefers to .$ I" AL$&E rather then
wor/in) with the team.
(o off E#plode 8bomb93 start rin)in) 8alarm9.
"he fire alarm WE&" $'' because
someone was smo/in) in the toilets.
(o off .o bad.
"he mil/ WE&" $'' because I for)ot to
put it in the frid)e.
(o off 0tart to disli/e. I WE&" $'' her when she lied to me.
(o off Leave a place.
Please don+t .$ $'' until we have sorted
this out.
(o off "a/e place3 follow a plan or pattern. "he part! WE&" $'' well.
(o off
0top wor/in) 8electricFelectronic
"he li)hts .$ $'' automaticall! when
the office is empt!.
(o off with Elope3 run awa! with someone.
0he WE&" $'' WI"- her friend+s
(o off with 0teal. -e WE&" $'' WI"- m! credit cards.
(o on Continue.
-e WE&" $& and $& tal/in) and I was
so bored.
(o on -appen.
"here are loads of people out in the street1
what+s .$I&. $&=
(o on 0tart doin) or ta/in) somethin).
0he WE&" $& the pill when she met
(o on Be )uided.
"he investi)ators have no clues to .$
(o on Be nearl! a certain period of time. It+s .$I&. $& ten !ears since we met.
(o on Pro)ress.
"he! as/ed me how the pro4ect was
.$I&. $&.
(o on 0pend mone!.
*ost of m! salar! .$E0 $& m!
mort)a)e repa!ments.
(o on
0tart wor/in) 8electricFelectronic
"he alarm .$E0 $& when !ou close the
front door.
(o on about "al/ too much.
-e+s alwa!s .$I&. $& AB$%" his
(o on at
Pester3 tr! to ma/e someone do somethin)
b! repeatedl! as/in) or su))estin).
-e WE&" $& A" his parents until the!
bou)ht him the )ame.
(o on to Proceed.
We had dinner and WE&" $& "$ a few
(o on with Continue doin). Please .$ $& WI"- !our wor/.
(o one A wa! of encoura)in) someone. .$ $&3 appl! for the 4ob.
(o out 0top burnin)3 be e#tin)uished.
"he candle WE&" $%" and left us in
(o out Leave a place. -e WE&" $%" last ni)ht.
(o out .o on stri/e.
"he wor/ers WE&" $%" for more
(o out Become infashionable. "hat sort of tie WE&" $%" last !ear.
(o out *ove bac/wards3 of a tide. "he tide .$E0 $%" in the evenin).
(o out Be eliminated in a competition.
En)land WE&" $%" in the second
(o out Be transmitted.
"he item WE&" $%" on the news
(o out Be sent. "he newsletter WE&" $%" last ni)ht.
(o out Intend. I didn+t .$ $%" to offend them.
(o out for Become a candidate3 appl! for somethin).
0he WE&" $%" '$( a place on the
(o out to 'eel s!mpath! with someone.
$ur condolences .$ $%" "$ all the
families who have lost people in this
tra)ic accident.
(o out with -ave a relationship with.
-e+s been .$I&. $%" WI"- his
)irlfriend for around si# months now.
(o over Loo/ at somethin)3 revise.
We WE&" $VE( our notes before the
(o over Visit.
I hadn+t seen her for a while3 so I WE&"
$VE( on 'rida! ni)ht.
(o over Be approved or accepted. *! plans WE&" $VE( well.
(o over (epeat or e#plain.
Could !ou .$ $VE( that point a)ain3
(o over Clean.
I WE&" $VE( the livin) room with the
vacuum cleaner before the! arrived.
(o over to .o on a 4ourne!.
I+m .$I&. $VE( "$ -on) 5on) ne#t
(o over to Become converted.
0he WE&" $VE( "$ Islam when she
was livin) in the *iddle East.
(o over to Chan)e to somethin) different.
I used to drin/ beer but I have .$&E
$VE( "$ wine.
(o past Pass without stoppin).
0he WE&" PA0" me without sa!in)
(o round Be or have enou)h of somethin).
"here aren+t enou)h 4obs to .$ ($%&D
for the numbers of people )raduatin)
(o round Circulate.
"here+s a nast! rumour .$I&. ($%&D
about them.
(o round Visit. I WE&" ($%&D last ni)ht to see them.
(o through E#perience.
ou wouldn+t believe what I WE&"
"-($%.- when I was ill<
(o through (ead a)ain.
I WE&" "-($%.- m! notes before the
(o through E#amine3 search.
I WE&" "-($%.- m! des/ loo/in)
for the letter.
(o through
Do somethin) in a certain wa! or
followin) certain procedures.
ou must .$ "-($%.- the proper
channels to )et the approval.
(o through E#plain.
-e WE&" "-($%.- his ideas twice
but I couldn+t reall! understand them.
(o through Be approved formall! or sanctioned.
*! divorce WE&" "-($%.- last
(o through Enter.
"he! said I could .$ "-($%.- the
e#am room.
(o through Consume or spend.
We WE&" "-($%.- a fortune on our
(o through Perform or carr! somethin) out.
I WE&" "-($%.- m! wor/ in a da2e
after I heard the news.
(o through
Do or complete somethin) !ou+ve a)reed
-e did promise3 but I doubt that he+ll .$
"-($%.- WI"- it.
(o to Allocate mone!.
About half of m! income .$E0 "$ pa!
the mort)a)e.
(o together -armoni2e or be compatible.
Drin/in) and drivin) don+t .$
(o towards Contibute.
"he mone! WE&" "$WA(D0 m!
universit! fees.
(o under .o ban/rupt.
*an! small shops are .$I&. %&DE(
because the! cannot compete with the
(o under Lose consciousness.
0he WE&" %&DE( a few minutes after
the! administered the anaesthetic.
(o under 0in/.
"he ship WE&" %&DE( in a heav!
(o up (ise or climb.
"he price of petrol has .$&E %P sharpl!
because of the increase in dut! in the
.overnment+s bud)et.
(o up Approach.
We WE&" %P and as/ed them for some
information about the courses.
(o up Be built.
0/!scrapers are .$I&. %P ever!where
in the cit! centre.
(o up Be heard.
A hu)e cheer WE&" %P when the
president arrived.
(o up Be promoted.
"he top three teams .$ %P at the end of
the season.
(o up to Approach.
0he WE&" %P "$ him and as/ed him if
he wanted a drin/.
(o up to Attend a universit!.
0he WE&" %P "$ Cambrid)e after she
finished secondar! school.
(o up to (each.
"he boo/ onl! .$E0 %P "$ the start of
the 0econd World War.
(o with Combine nicel!. Does this tie .$ WI"- m! shirt=
(o with Accompan!. A lot of benefits .$ WI"- the 4ob.
(o with Accept3 a)ree to.
We+re .$I&. WI"- our ori)inal plan in
the end.
(o with Date3 have a relationship with.
0he+s been .$I&. WI"- him since she
was at universit!.
(o without &ot have.
I had to .$ WI"-$%" lunch toda!
because I didn+t have an! time.
(o without Cope without havin) somethin).
"he!+re not comin)3 so we+ll have to .$
WI"-$%" their help.
'ool around3 not be serious.
We spent the wee/end .$$'I&.
(oof off Avoid or leave wor/.
We .$$'ED $'' for the afternoon to
watch the match.
(oof up *ess3 spoil. "he! .$$'ED %P our plans.
(rasp at "r! to ta/e hold of somethin) 6uic/l!. -e .(A0PED A" the rail when he fell.
(rasp at "a/e an opportunit! without hesitation.
"he! .(A0PED A" the chance to spea/
to her.
(rass on (eport someone to a person in authorit!.
-e .(A00ED $& us and )ot us into a
lot of trouble.
(rass up (eport someone to a person in authorit!.
0he didn+t to .(A00 them %P3 even
thou)h the!+d been bull!in) her badl!.
(rey out
Disable a function in a computer pro)ram3
leavin) it visible but not wor/in).
"he! .(EED $%" the print button to
stop people usin) it.8In American
En)lish3 +)ra!+ would be used.9
(rind away 5eep wor/in) at somethin).
Althou)h I hated it3 I .($%&D AWA
until I had finished.
(rind down (educe or destro! someone+s enthusiasm. "heir ne)ativit! .(I&D0 me D$W&
(rind into
Press or twist somethin) hard into
somethin) else.
0he .($%&D her ci)arette I&"$ the
(rind on Proceed relentlessl!. "he war .($%&D $& for !ears.
(rind on "al/ endlessl!.
-e was still .(I&DI&. $& about
football when we left.
(rind out Produce somethin) with )reat difficult!.
I find it ver! hard to .(I&D $%" an
ori)inal essa! ever! wee/.
(rind up (educe to small pieces.
0he .($%&D the beans %P and made
some coffee.
(row apart
Become distant3 stop havin) a close
relationship because time3 distance3
interests3 etc3 have chan)ed.
We used to be )ood friends at school but
have since .($W& APA(".
(row away
Become less friendl! with.
I have .($W& AWA '($* man! of
the people I )rew up with.
(row back .row a)ain.
&ails .($W BAC5 6uic/l! after !ou
cut them.
(row from (esult from a process. A lot .(EW '($* the peace tal/s.
(row into .row to fit lar)e clothes.
"he 4ac/et+s a bit bi)3 but she+ll .($W
I&"$ it.
(row into *ature or chan)e into.
0he+s has .($W& I&"$ a lovel!
(row into
Develop or chan)e over time to fit
It ma! seem difficult at first3 but !ou will
.($W I&"$ the 4ob.
(row on Li/e somethin) that !ou didn+t li/e at first.
"he paintin) has .($W& $& me1 I used
to ate it.
(row on
-ave a )reater influence or de)ree of
"he plans sounded stran)e at first3 but
the! have .($W& $& me.
(row on Become )raduall! more evident.
A feelin) of distrust of them .(EW $&
(row out
Let hair3 etc3 with d!es3 perms )row to )et
rid of the st!le.
I+m lettin) the perm .($W $%".
(row out of .row too lar)e for clothes.
-e .(EW $%" $' those shoes in no
time at all.
(row out of
Lose interest as !ou )row older or become
more mature.
-e was obsessed with computer )ames
but the he .(EW $%" $' them.
(row out of (esult or develop from.
"he idea for the film .(EW $%" $' an
accident that happened to the director.
(row to Eventuall! do somethin). We .(EW "$ li/e the nei)hbourhood.
.raduall! become attached3 united or
We .(EW "$.E"-E( while we were
wor/in) on the same pro4ect.
(row up *ature3 become adult. -e .(EW %P in the West Countr!.
(row up Arise3 emer)e. "he industr! .(EW %P ver! 6uic/l!.
(row up
Develop in a place or for a reason 8cit!3
town3 etc9.
"he town .(EW %P as a tradin) post.
(row up on
Do or have somethin) when !ou are a
We .(EW %P $& cartoons.
(row upon Li/e somethin) that !ou didn+t li/e at first.
"he boo/ started slowl! and was a bit
dull3 but it has .($W& %P$& me.
(row upon
-ave a )reater influence or de)ree of
As we )ot nearer the date of the meetin)3
their idea .(EW %P$& me.
(row upon Become )raduall! more evident.
A feelin) of distrust of them .(EW
%P$& me.
(un for "r! to destro! an opponent. -e+s .%&&I&. '$( his rivals at wor/.
(ussy up
Dress smartl! or improve the appearance
of somethin).
"he! spent a fortune .%00I&. %P the
)ack Waste time. I+ve been -AC5I&. A($%&D all
mornin) because I can+t )et down to
doin) an! revision.
)ack into Brea/ into a computer s!stem.
-e -AC5ED I&"$ the )overnment
database and stole a lot of data.
)ack off Anno!.
-e -AC50 me $'' with his endless
)ack up Chop or cut into small pieces. "he! -AC5ED the table %P and burnt it.
)ack up E#pel b! cou)hin).
I -AC5ED %P a lot of phle)m while I
was ill.
)am up
Perform or act in an e#cessive wa! to
attract attention or amuse people.
-e -A**ED the part %P to )et the
audience to lau)h.
away at
Wor/ relentlessl!.
0he -A**E(ED AWA A" her PC all
ni)ht and finished the pro4ect.
(epeat somethin) over a period of time to
ma/e someone remember it.
-e -A**E(ED the rules I&"$ me.
&e)otiate and reach an a)reement.
"he! -A**E(ED $%" their
differences and )ot the contract si)ned.
)and back (eturn.
"he police officer chec/ed m! licence3
then -A&DED it BAC5.
)and down Pass on to the ne#t )eneration.
"he 4eweller! has been -A&DED
D$W& in m! famil! for )enerations.
)and down .ive a formal decision.
"he court -A&DED D$W& its rulin)
)and in 0ubmit wor/ for appraisal.
I -A&DED m! homewor/ I& late as
)and on .ive to someone else. I -A&DED the 4ob $& to a collea)ue.
)and on
"ransmit /nowled)e to the ne#t
"he secrets have been -A&DED $&
from )eneration to )eneration.
)and out Distribute.
"he teacher -A&DED $%" the
wor/sheet to the class.
)and over .ive.
"he robbers told the cler/ to -A&D
$VE( all the mone!.
)ang about 0pend time somewhere not doin) much.
"he! -A&. AB$%" the station most of
the da!.
0top what !ou+re doin) and pa! attention
to me.
-A&. AB$%"< We+re not allowed to do
0ta! in a place.
"he! -A&. A($%&D the station most
of the da!.
)ang back
&ot move forwards to avoid doin)
When the! raced towards the entrance3 I
-%&. BAC5 till it was less crowded.
)ang back
Dela! or avoid doin) somethin).
"he! were -A&.I&. BAC5 '($*
ma/in) the final decision.
)ang in
Persevere3 not )ive up.
Were were doin) badl!3 but we -%&. I&
"-E(E till we finished.
)ang it up (etire3 6uit.
I;m )ettin) too old for this, I;m )oin) to
-A&. I" %P startin) ne#t month.
)ang on Wait. Could !ou -A&. $& for a moment till
she+s free.
)ang on -old ti)htl!.
"he driver told the passen)ers to -A&.
$& as the bus pulled off.
)ang onto 5eep.
I -%&. $&"$ m! old records even
thou)h I never pla!ed them.
)ang out 0pend time sociall!.
-e -A&.0 $%" in the pub "he
*onarch1 he+s there most ni)hts.
)ang out
Wait or refuse to do somethin) until !ou
)et what !ou want.
0he+s -A&.I&. $%" '$( a bi) raise.
)ang over Worr! or trouble.
I have a lot of financial problem
-A&.I&. $VE( m! head.
Wor/ to)ether when thin)s are difficult.
We have to -A&. "$.E"-E( if we+re
)oin) to finish this pro4ect.
)ang up End a phone call. I lost m! temper and -%&. %P.
)ang up on End a phone call with someone.
A telesales person called3 so I said
somethin) rude and -%&. %P $& them.
)ang with 0pend time with.
-e has been -A&.I&. WI"- them for
a few months.
Want somethin) a lot3 especiall! if !ou
shouldn+t want it or can+t have it.
I+m supposed to be on a diet and I can+t
stop -A&5E(I&. A'"E( some
)anker for
Want somethin) a lot3 especiall! if !ou
shouldn+t want it or can+t have it.
I have alwa!s -A&5E(ED '$( a soft,
top car.
)arp on "al/ repeatedl! about somethin).
I was late twice last wee/ and m! boss
/eeps -A(PI&. $& about it.
)ate on
Be 4ealous3 abuse or have an active hatred
of someone.
0he -A"E0 $& people who disa)ree
with her ideas.
Disli/e3 disa)ree or hold a )rud)e
8%suall! ne)ative9.
I -AVE nothin) A.AI&0" their
Entertain someone in !our home.
I -AD the nei)hbours A($%&D for
dinner last ni)ht.
)ave down
"hin/ of someone or somethin) in a
particular wa!.
I -AD her D$W& A0 a liberal3 but I was
ver! wron).
)ave in
-ave a suppl! of somethin) in a particular
Do we -AVE an! beer I&=
)ave in .et someone to do some wor/. We -AD the decorators I& last wee/.
)ave in Entertain people in !our home. We -AD them I& last ni)ht for dinner.
)ave it
-ave se# with someone3 especiall! casual
0he -AD I" AWA with him last 'rida!.
)ave it in
-old a )rud)e.
-e has -AD I" I& '$( me since I beat
him last !ear.
)ave it off -ave se#. "he! -AD I" $'' after the part!.
)ave it out
Discuss or ar)ue an issue to improve a
I+d been worried for a)es3 so I decided to
-AVE I" $%" WI"- them.
)ave off "a/e time off wor/.
I -AD a couple of da!s $'' last wee/ to
)ave on Be wearin). What did 7ennie -AVE $& at the part!=
)ave on -ave an electronic device switched on. I -AVE m! computer $& all the time.
)ave on -ave an arran)ement. I -AVE a lot of meetin)s $& ne#t wee/.
)ave on "ease3 deceive.
"he! said the!+d failed3 but the! were
-AVI&. me $&.
)ave on Be in possession at a particular time.
I -AVE&+" an! mone! $& me3 but I can
)et some from the A"*.
)ave on
5now somethin) about someone that
could harm them.
I -AVE a lot $& him because we used to
wor/ to)ether.
)ave over (eceive a )uest. 0hall we -AVE them $VE( for dinner=
)ave round Entertain someone in !our home. I -AD a few friends ($%&D !esterda!.
)ave up *a/e someone appear in court. "he! -AD him %P for armed robber!.
)ead for *ove or travel towards.
It+s )ettin) late, I+m -EADI&. '$(
)ead off
0top someone or force them to chan)e
"he sheriff and his men -EADED the
bandits $'' at the pass.
)ead off Prevent somethin) bad happenin).
"he compan! made a better offer to
-EAD $'' the moves for a stri/e.
)ead off Leave somewhere to )o to another place.
After wor/3 we all -EADED $'' to the
)ead out .o out.
We+re -EADI&. $%" at seven3 so don+t
be late.
)ead up Be in char)e.
-e+s -EADI&. %P the steerin)
)ear about .et to /now some information.
-ave !ou -EA(D AB$%" the compan!
)ear from
(eceive a phone call3 email3 letter or other
communication from someone.
I haven+t -EA(D '($* them since we
left universit!.
)ear of
5now of somethin) or someone+s
I+ve -EA(D $' the band3 but don+t /now
their music.
)ear of
(eceive news3 updates or information
about someone.
I have -EA(D nothin) $' them since
the! moved house.
)ear of
In the ne)ative3 this can mean that
someone refuse to accept3 allow or
ac/nowled)e somethin).
I said it would be a positive step3 but she
wouldn+t -EA( $' it.
)ear out Listen to ever!thin) someone has to sa!.
I -EA(D them $%" before I
)eat up *a/e food hot.
-e -EA"ED the soup %P in the
)elp out .ive assistance.
0he reall! -ELPED me $%" when I was
)oin) throu)h m! divorce.
)ide away
Put somethin) in a place where it won+t be
"he! -ID the mone! AWA in secret
ban/ accounts.
)ide away
.o or sta! somewhere where !ou won+t be
found or awa! from people.
I+m rentin) a cotta)e where I can -IDE
AWA for the summer.
)ide out
.o or sta! somewhere to avoid bein)
cau)ht or found.
"he police thin/ he+s -IDI&. $%" in
the woods.
)inge on Depend ver! much or completel!. Ever!thin) -I&.E0 $& the results of
the ne)otiations1 if the! )o badl!3 we+ll be
in real trouble.
)inge on
Be an essential point for the development
of a stor!.
"he film -I&.E0 $& his not bein)
reco)nised when he+s in dis)uise.
)inge upon Depend ver! much or completel!.
Ever!thin) -I&.E0 %P$& the results of
the ne)otiations1 if the! )o badl!3 we+ll be
in real trouble.
)it back Attac/ or criticise.
"he president -I" BAC5 at her critics in
a speech last ni)ht.
)it for .et someone to pa! or donate mone!.
"he! -I" the sponsors '$( a lot of
)it it off
-ave a )ood relationship from the first
time !ou meet a person.
We -I" I" $'' immediatel! and became
firm friends.
)it it off
Li/e someone from the first time !ou meet
I -I" I" $'' WI"- her immediatel!.
)it on -ave an idea. I suddenl! -I" $& the solution
)it on
"al/ to someone to tr! to attract them
0he -I" $& him at the part! and the!
went bac/ to her house.
)it on As/ for mone!.
A be))ar -I" $& me when I left the
)it out at (espond an)ril! to criticism.
"he )overnment -I" $%" A" the media
for their ne)ativit!.
)it up In4ect dru)s. 0he+s been -I""I&. %P for !ears.
)it up As/ someone for some mone!.
-e alwa!s tries to -I" me %P for mone!
when we meet.
)it up on In4ect dru)s.
-e+s been -I""I&. %P $& heroin for
)it upon -ave an idea. It too/ us a)es to -I" %P$& a solution.
)it upon "r! to attract someone se#uall!. -e tried to -I" %P$& her at the pub.
)it with
0urprise someone with some information
or news.
-e -I" me WI"- the details of their
)ive off
0eparate part of a compan! or service3
often b! sellin) it.
"he! -IVED $'' the retail operations.
-ave a )rud)e a)ainst someone3 or little
-e was ver! rude3 but I won+t -$LD it
A.AI&0" him.
)old back &ot show emotion.
It was reall! hard to -$LD BAC5 the
)old back
Prevent somethin) movin) forwards or
Lac/ of fundin) -ELD the pro4ect
)old back
&ot disclose information or ma/e it
"he )overnment -ELD BAC5 the
findin)s of the report for fear of
alienatin) voters.
)old back
&ot allow !ourself to do somethin).
I had to -$LD BAC5 '($* losin) m!
temper with them.
)old down 5eep a 4ob.
-e+s so unreliable that he can never
-$LD D$W& a 4ob for more than a
couple of months.
)old down 0top someone or somethin) from movin).
It too/ four of us to -$LD him D$W&
and stop the fi)ht.
)old forth
0tate !our opinions about somethin)3
especiall! when tal/in) for a lon) time
and borin)l!.
"he mana)er -ELD '$("- on the topic
for about twent! minutes.
)old off When bad weather doesn+t appear.
"he rain -ELD $'' until we+d )ot bac/
)old off
0top someone from attac/in) or beatin)
Chelsea couldn+t -$LD their opponents
$'' and lost the )ame.
)old on Wait.
Could !ou -$LD $& for a minute1 she+ll
be free in a moment.
)old on "o hold ti)htl!. We -ELD $& as the bus started to move.
)old on to -old ti)htl!.
I -ELD $& "$ m! lu))a)e while I was
waitin) fr the ta#i so that it didn+t )et
)old onto 5eep as lon) as possible.
It tried to -$LD $&"$ m! cash durin)
the holida! so I could bu! some dut! free
stuff on the wa! bac/.
)old onto -old ti)htl!.
"he mother -ELD $&"$ her dau)hter+s
hand to /eep to)ether in the crowd.
)old out (esist.
When the enem! attac/ed3 the! -ELD
$%" for si# wee/s.
)old out -old in front of !ou.
I -ELD $%" m! hand when she wal/ed
)old out
"r! to re4ect.
"he staff are -$LDI&. $%" A.AI&0"
the plans to reduce the wor/force.
)old out for
Wait for somethin) better or refuse
somethin) now for somethin) better in the
We are -$LDI&. $%" '$( a much
better deal than the one offered.
)old out on
&ot pa! someone or )ive them
-e+s been -$LDI&. $%" $& me for
wee/s and I reall! need the mone!.
)old over Dela!.
"he meetin) has been -ELD $VE( till
)old over
"o continue somethin) for lon)er than
It has been so successful that the! have
-ELD it $VE( for another fortni)ht.
&ot brea/ up.
"he societ! mana)ed to -$LD
"$.E"-E( despite the crisis.
)old up Dela! when travellin).
I was -ELD %P b! the terrible traffic and
arrived half an hour late for m!
)old up (ob with violence or threats thereof.
"wo armed men -ELD %P the ban/ in
-i)h 0treet this mornin) and )ot awa!
with GN?3@@@.
)old with Accept 8usuall! ne)ative9. I don+t -$LD WI"- their plans.
)ole up
-ide to avoid detection or an unpleasant
"he! -$LED %P in a remote cotta)e
while the police were searchin) for them.
)ome in on "ar)et.
"he )overnment is -$*I&. I& $&
benefit fraud.
)one in on "ar)et3 focus.
"he compan! -$&ED I& $& its rival
and tried to ta/e it over.80ome consider
this verb to be wron) and that is confused
with +home in on.9
)ook into
Persuade someone to do somethin) the!
don+t want to do.
0he -$$5ED them I&"$ comin) after
)ook up *eet someone. We -$$5ED %P at the conference.
)ook up to Connect to a machine.
-e+s -$$5ED %P "$ a ventilator in the
Act in a dan)erous or rec/less wa!3
especiall! when drivin) fast.
-e was -$$&I&. A($%&D in his new
car last ni)ht and the police pulled him.
&ot be serious.
"he class were -$(0I&. A($%&D
when the teacher came in and told them
to sit down.
)ose down
%se a hose to wet3 clean or wash
"he! -$0ED the patio D$W&.
)ose down
Invest heavil! in or throw a lot of mone!
at somethin).
"he! have -$0ED D$W& an obscure
start,up up with capital.
)ound out
'orce someone out of a place3 4ob3
position3 etc..
"he press -$%&DED the minister $%"
after the scandal bro/e.
*ove about a place.
0he was -$VE(I&. A($%&D to see
what we were tal/in) about.
0ettle in a place as comfortabl! as possible
to sta! there.
"he troops -%&5E(ED D$W& in the
)unt down 0earch for someone to punish or /ill them. "he police -%&"ED the /iller D$W&.
)unt out 0earch until !ou find somethin).
It too/ me a)es to -%&" $%" the
)unt up 0earch for and mana)e to find somethin).
-e -%&"ED %P a cop! the boo/ in the
British librar!.
)ush up
"r! to /eep somethin) bad from becomin)
widel! /nown.
"he compan! tried to -%0- %P the
scandal3 but it still )ot into the
*ron out (emove small problems or irre)ularities.
"he mana)ement team I($&ED $%"
the ta# problems before the! )ave the
pro4ect the $5.
*ssue forth Come out of a place.
&ew initiatives I00%E '$("- from the
)overnment on a dail! basis.
"al/ fast or incomprehensibl!.
"he! started 7ABBE(I&. AWA about
file s!stems and lost me completel!.
*a/e trouble for someone3 fail to /eep
Don+t listen to him, he alwa!s 7AC50
people A($%&D.
+ack in Iuit3 )ive up.
I 7AC5ED m! 4ob I& because m! boss
refused to )ive me a raise.
+ack up
(aise a car to be able to do mechanical
We 7AC5ED the car %P and chan)ed the
+ack up Increase sharpl!.
"he! have 7AC5ED %P the price of oil
this month.
+am on Appl! or operate somethin) forcefull!.
7ac/ 7A**ED $& the bra/es when the
rabbit ran in front of his car.
+aw away
"al/ 4ust for the point of tal/in) rather
than havin) an!thin) to sa!.
"hat shows that !our interest is not in
helpin) the student3 but in 7AWI&.
+azz up
*a/e somethin) more interestin) or
"he show was )ettin) stale so the!
7A>>ED it %P with some new scenes.
+erk around
Cause someone trouble3 treat someone
-e was 7E(5I&. us A($%&D and
wouldn+t )ive us the facts.
+erk around Behave stupidl!.
"he! were 7E(5I&. A($%&D durin)
the lecture.
+erk off Waste time doin) unimportant thin)s.
ou should )et !our wor/ done and stop
7E(5I&. $''.
Be funn!3 or tr! to. -e+s alwa!s 7$5I&. A($%&D in class.
+ot down *a/e a 6uic/ note.
I 7$""ED D$W& her number on a scrap
of paper and I can+t find it now.
+uice up
*a/e somethin) more e#citin) or perform
I need to bu! some memor! to 7%ICE m!
computer %P.
+ump at Accept ea)erl!.
I+d 7%*P A" the chance to )o and live in
+ump in Enter a conversation.
-e 7%*PED I& and told them e#actl!
what he thou)ht.
+ump off 0tart 6uic/l!3 often well. "he IP$ 7%*PED $'' on the first da!.
+ump on Critici2e3 attac/.
Ever!one 7%*PED $& me when I raised
the issue.
,eel over "urn upside down.
"he boat 5EELED $VE( in the storm
and the crew drowned.
,eel over 0urrender3 )ive in.
-e was )oin) to confront his boss3 but
5EELED $VE( and didn+t mention the
,eel over 'all to the )round.
"he drun/ 5EELED $VE( when tr!in)
to leave the pub.
5eep somethin) near !ou.
I 5EEP a dictionar! A($%&D when I+m
doin) m! homewor/.
,eep at Continue with somethin) difficult.
0he found the course hard but she 5EP"
A" it and completed it successfull!.
,eep away Don+t allow someone near somethin).
*edicines should alwa!s be 5EP"
AWA from children.
,eep back *aintain a safe distance.
"he police told the crowd to 5EEP
BAC5 from the fire.
,eep down &ot vomit.
"he food was so horrible that I stru))led
to 5EEP it D$W&.
,eep from Control !ourself3 refrain. I couldn+t 5EEP '($* ar)uin) with her.
,eep in &ot allow someone out.
"he teacher 5EP" the students I& after
school because the! had misbehaved.
,eep off &ot tal/ about. 0he 5EP" $'' the sub4ect of her
,eep off &ot tread on somethin). 5EEP $'' the )rass in the par/3 please.
,eep on Continue.
-e 5EP" $& tr!in) and succeeded in the
,eep out &ot allow someone to enter.
"he police 5EP" the demonstrators $%"
of the buildin).
,eep to 0ta! within limits. Please 5EEP "$ the path.
,eep up &ot let someone )o to bed.
*! nei)hbours 5EP" me %P till after C
am with their loud music last ni)ht.
,eep up *aintain a continuous action3 persist.
'irst I phoned !ou and left a messa)e that
!ou should phone me1 then !ou phoned
and I was out3 so !ou left a messa)e1
then...< -ow lon) can we 5EEP this %P
without ever spea/in) to each other
,eep up at Continue3 not 6uit.
Learnin) a lan)ua)e is difficult3 but if
!ou 5EEP %P A" it3 !ou+ll succeed in the
,eep up
*ove at the same rate.
-e wal/s too fast and it+s reall! hard to
5EEP %P WI"- him.
,eep up
0ta! up to date.
It+s hard to 5EEP %P WI"- all the latest
improvements and brea/throu)hs in
technolo)! nowada!s.
,ey down (ela#3 unwind. I need to 5E D$W& before I )o to bed.
,ey in
Enter numbers or information into a
computer or electronic s!stem.
It too/ me a)es to 5E I& all the
information into the database.
,ey in on 'ocus attention on3 sin)le out.
"he! 5EED I& $& the person the!
believed had done it.
,ey on "ar)et3 focus on 8sport9.
We will 5E $& the opposin) team+s
lac/ of s/ills on defense.
,ey to
Plan thin)s to fit or suit people or
Promotions are 5EED "$ people+s
,ey up *a/e someone e#cited or nervous. "he noise )ot us 5EED %P.
,ick about Discuss.
We 5IC5ED the idea AB$%" at the
Discuss. We 5IC5ED the idea A($%&D.
around with
0pend time with.
I used to 5IC5 A($%&D WI"- them3
but haven+t seen them for a while.
,ick back Pa! someone ille)all! as part of the price.
I had to 5IC5 ten percent BAC5 to the
)overnment official to )et the contract.
,ick back (esist.
"he! 5IC5ED BAC5 when we
su))ested downsi2in).
,ick back (ela#.
(ather than )o out toni)ht3 we plan to
5IC5 BAC5 and watch television.
,ick down Brea/ somethin) with !our feet. "he police 5IC5ED the door D$W&.
,ick in When a dru) starts to ta/e effect. -er ha!fever didn+t feel half as bad once
the antihistamines had 5IC5ED I&.
,ick in Brea/ somethin) with !our feet. "he! 5IC5ED his head I&.
,ick in Contribute mone!.
I;ll 5IC5 I& for some of the beer if !ou
will bu! the pi22a.
,ick in 0tart havin) an effect.
"he bud)et cuts are startin) to 5IC5 I&
and people are stru))lin).
,ick off 0tart a )ame of football. "he match 5IC50 $'' at three o+cloc/.
,ick off Die.
-e 5IC5ED $'' last month when he
had a massive heart attac/.
,ick off When trouble starts.
"he fi)ht 5IC5ED $'' when he insulted
the )u!+s )irlfriend.
,ick off Ar)ue3 protest and refuse to co,operate.
-e started 5IC5I&. $'' bi) time when
the police tried to arrest him.
,ick out E#pel.
"he famil! 5IC5ED the au pair $%"
when the! found out that she was
plannin) to move to wor/ for another
,ick up Cause trouble or pain. *! bac/ 5IC50 %P when it )ets cold.
,ill off
(educe or e#terminate a population b!
huntin)3 pollution3 development3 etc..
"here used to be a lot of wolves around
here3 but most of them have been
5ILLED $''.
,ip down
0leep awa! from !our home3 often without
plannin) to.
It+s too late to )et the train3 so can I 5IP
D$W& here toni)ht=
,ip down
0leep on somethin) other than a bed.
"here were so man! of us that we had to
5IP D$W& $& the floor.
,iss off %sed to tell someone to )o awa!.
-e was bu))in) us3 so we told him to
5I00 $''.
,iss off
Consider somethin) to be unimportant or
-e 5I00ED the criticism $''.
,iss up to "r! to )et into someone+s favour.
-e+s a creep and is alwa!s 5I00I&. %P
"$ the director.
Beat someone.
-e 5&$C5ED his brother AB$%" after
the! ar)ued.
Discuss casuall!.
We 5&$C5ED the idea A($%&D a bit3
but decided not to bother.
,nock back Cost someone a lot of mone!.
our holida! must have 5&$C5ED !ou
BAC5 a bit.
,nock back
'inish a drin/ 6uic/l!3 drin/ a lot of
"he pub was closin) so we 5&$C5ED
our drin/s BAC5 and left.
,nock back 0hoc/.
It reall! 5&$C5ED me BAC5 when I
heard the! had been /illed.
"he! 5&$C5ED D$W& the old church
and built a bloc/ of flats in its place.
-it and in4ure someone.
"he car 5&$C5ED her D$W& and she
bro/e her arm.
,nock it
0top doin) somethin) anno!in).
"he were ma/in) too much noise3 so I
told them to 5&$C5 I" $''.
,nock off 'inish wor/ for the da!.
We 5&$C5ED $'' earl! on 'rida! to
avoid the rush hour 6ueues.
,nock off (educe the price of somethin).
"he! 5&$C5ED ten pounds $'' when
I as/ed for a discount.
,nock off (educe the time re6uired to do somethin).
"he new road 5&$C50 an hour $'' the
,nock off 0teal. -e 5&$C5ED it $'' and sold it.
,nock off Produce or create somethin) 6uic/l!. I 5&$C5ED the essa! $'' in an hour.
,nock out -it and ma/e somebod! unconscious.
"he rei)nin) middlewei)ht champion
5&$C5ED $%" the challen)er in the
fourth round of the fi)ht.
,nock out 0ell3 distribute.
"he!+re 5&$C5I&. hundreds $%" a
da! in the sales.
7oin houses that had been separate.
"he! 5&$C5ED "$.E"-E( two
outbuildin) and turned them into a home.
,nock up Become or )et someone pre)nant..
0he )ot 5&$C5ED %P when she was on
,nock up Pla! a bit before a match to )et read!.
"he teams 5&$C5ED %P for a few
minutes before the final.
,nock up Produce or create somethin) 6uic/l!.
"he! 5&$C5ED a model %P over the
*a/e a )reat effort.
I+ve )ot m! e#ams ne#t wee/ and I
haven+t done much wor/3 so I+d better
5&%C5LE D$W&.
0ubmit to authorit!.
"he teacher made the students
5&%C5LE %&DE( and hand their
pro4ects in on time.
-and in .et someone into trouble.
-e LA&DED *E I& it when he told
them what I had done wron).
-and up in
Arrive3 end a 4ourne! in a place3 often
without plannin).
We set out for *anchester3 but LA&DED
%P I& Liverpool.
-and with Create a problem for someone.
-e LA&DED *E WI"- the 4ob of
proofreadin) the whole thin).
-ap up Appreciate somethin). -e LAPPED %P their praise.
-arge it up -ave a )ood time when into#icated. "he! were LA(.I&. I" %P in the rave.
-ark about Behave in a sill! wa!.
"he children made me an)r! because the!
were LA(5I&. AB$%".
Behave in a sill! wa!.
"he students wouldn+t stop LA(5I&.
-ark it up En4o! !ourself noisil! and e#uberantl!.
After the! won3 the! went to a bar to L
A(5 I" %P.
-ash down 'all heavil! 8rain9.
"he rain was LA0-I&. D$W& all da!
and the roads were flooded.
-ash down 0ecure somethin) with ropes or cords.
We LA0-ED the tarpaulin D$W& to
stop the wind blowin) it awa!.
-ash into Criticise someone stron)l!.
-e LA0-ED I&"$ them for messin)
thins up.
-ash out 0uddenl! become violent.
-e LA0-ED $%" and bro/e the man+s
-ash out (eact an)ril!.
-e LA0-E0 $%" when thin)s don+t )o
his wa!.
-ash out 0pend a lot of mone! on lu#uries. I LA0-ED $%" in the sales last wee/.
-ash out
Criticise somethin) stron)l!.
"he press has LA0-ED $%" A.AI&0"
the polic!.
-ash out at
-it someone suddenl!3 usuall! without
warnin)3 or tr! to hit them.
-e LA0-ED $%" A" me when I
lau)hed at him.
-ash out at Criticise someone or shout at them.
0he LA0-ED $%" A" her collea)ues
when she was sac/ed.
-ash out on 0pend a lot of mone! bu!in) somethin). I LA0-ED $%" a lot $& a new car.
-atch on %nderstand3 often after a lon) time.
"he! were l!in)3 but it too/ her a)es to
LA"C- $&.
-atch on to
%nderstand somethin)3 often after a lon)
"he police didn+t LA"C- $& "$ what
the croo/s were doin) for !ears.
-atch onto Connect to somethin). "he )ec/o LA"C-ED $&"$ the ceilin).
-atch onto
Decide or realise that somethin) is )ood or
$il companies have LA"C-ED $&"$
environmental ideas.
-augh off
Pretend somethin) 8an in4ur!3 news3 etc.9
isn;t important.
-e LA%.-ED $'' the sprained fin)er
but it obviousl! affected his )olf )ame.
-ay down Establish rules or procedures.
"he rules of the sport were LAID D$W&
earl! in the nineteenth centur!.
-ay down 5ill3 murder.
-e )ot LAID D$W& in a turf war about
suppl!in) dru)s.
-ay into Criticise an)ril!.
-is partner LAID I&"$ him when he
arrived two hours late..
-ay off *a/e an emplo!ee redundant.
"he hotel LAID $'' twent! staff
because tourist numbers were down.
-ay on $r)anise3 suppl!.
"he! LAID $& a buffet lunch at the
-ay out 0pend mone!.
"he! LAID $%" thousands of pounds on
their weddin) reception.
-ead on 'alsel! or cruell! raise hopes.
0he LED -I* $& about her desire to )et
-ead to (esult in.
"he investi)ation LED "$ the arrest of a
number of suspects.
-eak out Become public /nowled)e.
"he compan!+s plans to close the factor!
LEA5ED $%" and the! were ver!
-ean on
Put pressure on someone to )et them to do
what !ou want.
"he )overnment has denied LEA&I&.
$& the Attorne! .eneral to )et his
approval of the war.
-eap at "a/e an opportunit! enthusiasticall!. -e LEAPED A" the chance to visit.
-eap on
0how interest in or tr! to use somethin) to
!our advanta)e.
"he! have LEAP" $& the bandwa)on to
increase sales.
-eap out at Be ver! noticeable. -er face LEAP" $%" A" me the second
I saw the photo.
-eap upon
0how interest in or tr! to use somethin) to
!our advanta)e.
"he! have LEAP" %P$& a couple of
errors in the document and want to
invalidate the a)reement.
-eave on &ot turn off.
LEAVE the "V $&1 I want to hear the
football results.
-eave out &ot include.
-e was LE'" $%" of the side because
he hasn+t been pla!in) too well latel!.
-et down Disappoint3 fail to /eep an arran)ement.
0he failed to turn up and I felt badl! LE"
-et down *a/e clothes lon)er.
-e+s )rown so much3 we+ll have to LE"
his trousers D$W&.
-et in Allow someone to enter.
"he doorstaff didn+t LE" him I& the
ni)htclub because he was wearin) 4eans.
-et off &ot punish.
"he 4ud)e LE" him $'' with a fine
rather than a prison sentence since it was
his first offence.
-et on "ell a secret.
I didn+t mean to LE" $& about the part!1
I 4ust said it without thin/in).
-et out Allow to leave or )o out.
"he convict was LE" $%" of prison after
servin) five !ears of an ei)ht,!ear
-et out *a/e a sound.
-e LE" $%" a hu)e si)h of relief when
he heard the results.
-et out *a/e clothes bi))er.
I+ve put on so much wei)ht that I+m )oin)
to have to LE" m! suits $%".
-evel off 0tabili2e the altitude of an airplane.
"he pilot LEVELED $'' at ?3@@@
-evel out 0tabili2e the altitude of an airplane.
"he pilot LEVELED $%" at ?3@@@
-ie around Act in a la2! or unproductive wa!.
*ost da!s he would usuall! 4ust LIE
A($%&D the house.
-ie down (est.
I+m )oin) to LIE D$W& for a few
minutes before we have to )o out.
-ie with -ave the ri)ht to ma/e a decision.
"he decision about the contract LIE0
WI"- the courts.
-ift off Leave the )round, roc/et or spaceship. ?,C,:,E,H, we have LI'",$''<
-ight out Leave suddenl!.
When >e/e found out the! were comin)
for him he LI" $%" for the border.
-ight up Li)ht or start smo/in) a ci)arette.
Asif LI" %P as soon as he )ot out of the
-ight up Illuminate.
"he! LI.-" %P the streets at Christmas
-ighten up Be less serious.
I told them to LI.-"E& %P but the!
continued complainin) about it.
-imber up
Do some e#ercises to warm up before
pla!in) a sport or other ph!sical activit!.
"he team LI*BE(ED %P for a few
minutes before the )ame started.
-imber up
Prepare for somethin) that will re6uire a
)reat effort.
"he! are LI*BE(I&. %P '$( the end
of the financial !ear.
-ine up Arran)e in a line.
"he police )ot them to LI&E %P a)ainst
the wall.
-ine up Arran)e somethin) in a line.
-e LI&ED the bottles %P a)ainst the
-ine up Arran)e events for someone.
We have LI&ED %P a lot of meetin)s for
-ink up Connect3 4oin. "he train LI&50 %P the cities.
-ink up
Connect with someone or contact them.
We LI&5ED %P WI"- the firm over the
-isten out
Listen for a particular noise or sound.
"he! put their coats on and LI0"E&ED
$%" '$( the minicab.
-isten up Pa! attention 8often used as a command9.
LI0"E& %P3 men< -ere are !our new
-ive by
'ollow a belief s!stem to )uide !our
-e tries hard to LIVE B the Bible.
-ive down 0top bein) embarrassed about somethin).
If I fail the test and ever!one else passes3
I+ll never be able to LIVE it D$W&.
-ive for Believe somethin) is e#tremel! important. -e LIVE0 '$( football.
-ive in
Live in the place where !ou wor/ or
"he universit! has a residential halls
where students can LIVE I&.
-ive it up
-ave a )ood time b! spendin) a lot of
0he+s been LIVI&. I" %P li/e cra2!
since she won the lotter!.
-ive off %se mone! earned.
"he! find it hard to LIVE $'' the mone!
the! ma/e.
-ive off Be financiall! supported.
-e;s C@ and he still LIVE0 $'' his
-ive on %se mone! for basic necessities. "he! have to LIVE $& OE@@ a wee/.
-ive on &ot be for)otten.
-e+s been dead for man! !ears3 but his
name LIVE0 $&.
-ive out 0ta! somewhere until !ou die.
0he LIVED $%" her final !ears in a
nursin) home.
-ive out 'ulfill an ambition or fantas!.
*an! parents tr! to LIVE $%" their
dreams throu)h their children.
-ive out
&ot live at the place where !ou stud! or
In m! final !ear at universit! I LIVED
$%" with some friends in a flat we
E#perience different times.
It was hard to LIVE "-($%.- the
recession3 but we mana)ed it.
-ave a relationship and live in the same
place without marr!in).
We LIVED "$.E"-E( for a few !ears
before we )ot married.
-ive up to *eet e#pectations or standards.
"he concert didn+t LIVE %P "$ m!
-ive with Accept somethin) unpleasant.
It+s hard to LIVE WI"- the pain of a
serious illness.
-ive with -ave a relationship and live in the same I LIVED WI"- her for a couple of !ears
place without marr!in). before the relationship went sour.
-oad down Burden.
I was L$ADED D$W& with all the stuff
I had to ta/e there.
-oad up "a/e ille)al dru)s. -e+s been L$ADI&. %P for !ears.
-oad up 'ill a machine or vehicle.
We L$ADED the car %P and left for our
-oad up on
Consume a lot of somethin) for a
particular purpose.
"he athletes L$ADED %P $&
carboh!drates before the race.
-ock away Loc/ in a safe place. -e L$C5ED the )un AWA in a drawer.
-ock away
Put someone in prison or a mental hospital
for a ver! lon) time.
"he! L$C5ED him AWA for life after
the murders.
-ock down *a/e ver! secure.
If !ou loc/ down !our computer properl!3
it is ver! difficult for people to access it.
-ock in Loc/ a place to stop someone leavin).
"he! L$C5ED him I& the room until he
had calmed down.
-ock in
Commit someone in such a wa! that the!
cannot leave.
"he! are L$C5ED I& now that the!
have paid their subscription.
-ock onto 'ind a tar)et and head for it.
"he missile L$C5ED $&"$ the plane
and blew it out of the s/!.
-ock out
Close a wor/place to stop wor/ers
"he mana)ement L$C5ED the staff
$%" because the! had turned down the
pa! offer.
-ock out Loc/ a place to stop someone )ettin) in. I lost m! /e! and L$C5ED m!self $%".
-ock up Close all doors3 windows3 etc..
0he L$C5ED %P after ever!one had left
and went home.
-ock up Loc/ somethin) in a safe place. I L$C5ED m! mone! %P in the safe.
-ock up Put in prison or a mental hospital. "he! L$C5ED him %P for bur)lar!.
.o somewhere awa! from people to stud!
or wor/.
I L$C5 *0EL' AWA for a few
wee/s before e#ams.
-og in
Enter a restricted area on a computer
I had for)otten m! password and couldn+t
L$. I&.
-og into
Enter a restricted area of a computer
I L$..ED I&"$ the staff intranet to
chec/ m! email.
-og off E#it a computer s!stem.
When she+d finished wor/in) on the
spreadsheet3 she L$..ED $'' and left
the office.
-og on Enter a computer s!stem.
-e entered his password for the colle)e
intranet and L$..ED $&.
-og out E#it a computer s!stem.
Dann! closed the pro)rams and
L$..ED $%" when it was time to )o
-ook after "a/e care.
"heir auntie L$$5ED A'"E( them
while their mother was in hospital.
-ook back "hin/ about the past.
$ld people often L$$5 BAC5 on over
their lives.
-ook down -ave a low opinion of. -e L$$50 D$W& $& his collea)ues
because he thin/s he+s better than the!
-ook for "r! to find.
I+ve been L$$5I&. '$( all their
hidden files3 but I can+t find them
forward to
Wait for or anticipate somethin) pleasant.
I+m L$$5I&. '$(WA(D "$ meetin)
-ook in *a/e a 6uic/ visit. I+ll L$$5 I& on m! wa! home.
-ook in on Visit briefl! to see if ever!thin)+s all ri)ht.
I+m )oin) to L$$5 I& $& )rannie on the
wa! home toni)ht as she+s been a bit
unwell recentl!.
-ook into (esearch3 investi)ate.
We+ll L$$5 I&"$ the problem and come
bac/ to !ou when we have the
-ook on
Watch somethin) li/e a crime without
"he crowd 4ust L$$5ED $& as the old
lad! was mu))ed.
-ook on as Consider3 re)ard. I L$$5 $& her A0 a close friend.
-ook out Be careful. L$$5 $%"1 !ou+re )oin) to drop that<
-ook out
"a/e care of someone3 ma/e sure someone
is cared for.
0he L$$5ED $%" '$( her sister when
she started school.
-ook out
5eep alert and tr! to see.
We we told to L$$5 $%" '$( an!
suspicious behaviour.
-ook over Inspect.
"he! came to L$$5 the house $VE(
with a view to bu!in) it.
-ook round Inspect a house.
We L$$5ED ($%&D the house and
decided that we didn+t li/e it enou)h to
bu! it.
(ead 6uic/l!. I L$$5ED "-($%.- the article.
-ook to E#pect3 hope.
"he compan! is L$$5I&. "$ increase
its sales in Asia.
-ook up
Consult a reference wor/ 8dictionar!3
phoneboo/3 etc.9 for a specific piece of
I didn+t /now the correct spellin) so I had
to L$$5 it %P in the dictionar!.
-ook up Improve. "he econom! is L$$5I&. %P.
-ook up 'ind3 trace an old friend.
I L$$5ED him %P when I went bac/ to
-ook up to (espect. 0he+s L$$50 %P "$ her mother.
-ook upon
Consider3 re)ard. I L$$5 %P$& him A0 a close friend.
-oosen up Become more rela#ed or comfortable.
-e was ver! sh! at first but has
L$$0E&ED %P and is more tal/ative
-ord it over Behave in a superior manner.
0he loves to L$(D I" $VE( her
-ose out Be at a disadvanta)e.
*an! people L$0" $%" when the new
re)ulations were enforced.
-ose out on &ot )ain or have somethin) advanta)eous.
Because I left the compan!3 I L$0" $%"
$& m! bonus.
-ose out to Be less successful.
People without I" s/ills often L$0E
$%" "$ those with the s/ills.
-uck into .et somethin) b! chance. We L%C5ED I&"$ )ettin) the answer.
-uck out Be ver! luc/!.
I reall! L%C5ED $%" when I met m!
-ust after Be attracted se#uall!.
-e secretl! L%0"0 A'"E( his friend;s
-ust after Want somethin) ver! much. -e L%0"0 A'"E( a (ole#.
Magic away *a/e somethin) disappear 6uic/l!.
-e *A.IC5ED the bill AWA and paid
for us all before I could )et m! wallet
Make after Chase. "he police *ADE A'"E( the stolen car.
Make away
"he thieves *ADE AWA WI"- the
Make do
Accept somethin) less satisfactor!
because there+s no alternative.
"here+s no coffee3 so we+ll have to *A5E
D$ WI"- tea.
Make for -ead in a certain direction.
We *ADE '$( home when it started
Make for Produce a result or situation.
"he low 6ualit! of the service *ADE
'$( a lot of dissatisfaction.
Make into Chan)e somethin) into somethin) else.
*an! churches have been *ADE I&"$
flats in recent !ears.
Make it Arrive or )et a result.
I thou)ht !ou weren+t comin)3 so I was
reall! pleased !ou *ADE I".
Make it up
"r! to compensate for doin) somethin)
-e tried to *A5E I" %P "$ her3 but she
wouldn+t spea/ to him.
Make of %nderstand or have an opinion. What do !ou *A5E $' !our new boss=
Make off Leave somewhere in a hurr!.
"he! *ADE $'' when the! heard the
police siren.
Make off
"hieves *ADE $'' WI"- over a
million dollars in the robber!.
Make out *a/e a che6ue pa!able to somebod!.
Please *A5E the che6ue $%" to (.*
Productions Ltd.
Make out Pretend.
-e *ADE $%" that he was ill so that he
didn+t have to )o to school.
Make out Pro)ress.
-ow are !our children *A5I&. $%" at
the new school=
Make out 5iss and pet.
"he! were *A5I&. $%" at the part!
last ni)ht.
Make out Discern a small detail.
I can 4ust *A5E $%" the outline of a
fl!in) saucer in this photo.
Make out Be able to see or hear somethin). Can !ou *A5E $%" what she+s sa!in)=
Make out
%nderstand someone+s nature or
-e+s stran)e1 I can+t *A5E him $%".
Make over Chan)e appearance.
"he beaut! salon )ave her a
*A5E$VE( before the part!.
Make over
.ive mone! or possessions to someone in
a le)al wa!.
0he *ADE $VE( her propert! to her
-ead in the direction. We *ADE "$WA(D0 the centre.
Make up 0top bein) an)r! with someone.
"he! are alwa!s ar)uin)3 but the! *A5E
%P a)ain ver! 6uic/l!.
Make up Put on cosmetics.
0he went to the bathroom to *A5E her
face %P.
Make up Invent a stor!. "he! *ADE %P an e#cuse for bein) late.
Make up for Compensate.
I sent her a present to tr! to *A5E %P
'$( m! appallin) behaviour.
Make up to Increase a sum received to a hi)her fi)ure.
"he charit! collected GEC3?HN.?N3 and the
anon!mous donor *ADE the total %P
"$ GE?3@@@+
Make with .ive 8usuall! used as an imperative9. *A5E WI"- the mone! !ou owe me.
Man down Behave without coura)e or conviction.
-e *A&&ED D$W& and didn+t come
with us.
Man up Behave with coura)e or conviction.
0he told her anon!mous critics to *A&
%P and spea/ publicl!.
Mark down
.ive a student a lower )rade for a
particular reason.
0tudents who )ave obviousl! rehearsed
answers were *A(5ED D$W&3 while
those who spo/e naturall! were rewarded
Mark down (educe the price of somethin).
I+ll bu! a lot more if !ou *A(5 them
D$W& a bit.
Mark down
Consider someone or somethin) to be of a
certain )roup3 t!pe3 etc..
I *A(5ED them D$W& A0
conservatives3 but the!+re ver! liberal.
Mark off
"ic/3 cross out or otherwise mar/
somethin) to show that it has been dealt
I *A(5ED $'' the items on the list as I
finished them.
Mark out Draw lines to enclose an area. "he! *A(5ED $%" the pitch.
Mark out
0how promise for the future.
-is dedication *A(5ED him $%" '$(
)reat thin)s.
Mark out
0tand out because of certain 6ualities.
-er speed *A(50 her $%" '($* the
rest of the )roup.
Mark up Increase the price of somethin).
"he! *A(5 the )oods %P b! E?L
before the! sell them.
Marry in
*arr! someone of the same ethnicit!3
reli)ion3 etc.
*an! reli)ions encoura)e their followers
to *A(( I&.
Marry out
*arr! someone of a different ethnicit!3
reli)ion3 etc.
-er parents disowned her and refused to
spea/ to her when she *A((IED $%".
Mash up Crush somethin) until it becomes a paste.
-e *A0-ED %P some bananas for the
Mash up
*i# sources of audio3 video or other
computer sources..
0he *A0-ED %P the son)s into a sin)le
Mash up Brea/ or dama)e.
-e *A0-ED %P m! *P: pla!er and
lost m! files.
Max out "a/e somethin) to the limit3 reach a limit. 0he *AAED $%" her credit cards.
Evaluate or 4ud)e b! comparison.
"he wor/ doesn+t loo/ )ood if !ou
*EA0%(E it A.AI&0" what our
competitors have done.
Measure off
*easure somethin) and mar/ the point
where it ends or will be cut.
"he tailor *EA0%(ED $'' the material
for m! suit.
Measure off *ar/ a len)th on somethin) to cut it. -e *EA0%(ED $'' a metre of the sil/.
*easure or wei)h the amount needed.
-e *EA0%(ED $%" the flour for the
Wei)h or measure an e#act amount.
0he *EA0%(ED $%" a hundred
)rammes of the powder.
Measure up 'ind the si2e of somethin).
"he estate a)ent *EA0%(ED %P all the
Measure up
Be )ood enou)h3 meet the re6uired
0he didn+t *EA0%(E %P in her
probationar! period3 so we didn+t e#tend
her contract.
Measure up Be )ood enou)h.
"he! made her a director3 but she didn+t
*EA0%(E %P.
Measure up 'ind out the si2e of somethin). "he! *EA0%(ED %P the room.
Measure up
Be )ood enou)h or worth! of somethin).
I hope to *EA0%(E %P "$ the
confidence !ou have in me.
Meet with -ave somethin) happen to !ou.
"he! *E" WI"- some problems the!
hadn+t anticipated.
Melt down
-eat somethin) solid3 especiall! metal3
until it becomes li6uid.
"he! *EL"ED the )old statue D$W&
and turned it into )old bars.
Mess about
&ot be serious3 not use somethin)
"he children were *E00I&. AB$%"
with the "V remote control and bro/e it.
Mess about "reat someone badl!.
-e is alwa!s *E00I&. me AB$%" and
never does what he promises.
Mess about
-ave a se#ual relationship outside
marria)e or a permanent relationship.
-e+s not faithful, he+s been *E00I&.
AB$%" since the! were married.
Mess about
-ave a se#ual relationship outside
marria)e or a permanent relationship.
0he+s been *E00I&. AB$%" WI"-
another )u! she /nows from wor/.
Mess about
"r! to improve somethin)3 usuall! ma/in)
thin)s worse.
"he computer was wor/in) fine until he
started *E00I&. AB$%" WI"- it.
&ot be serious3 pla! with somethin).
I was *E00I&. A($%&D on the
internet because I couldn+t be bothered to
do an! wor/.
"reat someone badl!.
0he is alwa!s *E00I&. me A($%&D
and never does what she promises.
-ave a se#ual relationship outside
marria)e or a permanent relationship.
0he+s not faithful, she+s been *E00I&.
AB$%" since the! )ot married.
around with
-ave a se#ual relationship outside
marria)e or a permanent relationship.
-e+s been *E00I&. AB$%" WI"- a
woman he wor/s with.
around with
"r! to improve somethin)3 usuall! ma/in)
thin)s worse.
"he computer was wor/in) fine until the!
started *E00I&. AB$%" WI"- it.
Mess over "reat someone badl!.
"he! *E00ED her $VE( when she
applied for the 4ob.
Mess up 0poil or ruin.
"he! *E00ED %P the discussions and
the contract fell throu)h.
Mess up *a/e somethin) untid! or dirt!.
"he! *E00ED %P the room and left
stuff all over the place.
Mess up
Cause mental3 ph!sical or emotional
-e too/ a lot of L0D and it reall!
*E00ED him %P.
Mess with
Become involved in somethin) dama)in)
or dan)erous.
-e+s been *E00I&. WI"- cocaine.
Mess with Anno!3 bother.
Don+t *E00 WI"- me or there will be
Mess with Associate 8ne)ative9.
-e+s been *E00I&. WI"- some
dan)erous people.
Mess with
"r! to repair or improve3 usuall!
0he+s been *E00I&. WI"- it for hours
and it still doesn+t wor/.
Mete out
.ive people harsh punishments or
"he! *E"ED $%" sava)e penalties to
an!one who bro/e the law.
Mill around Wal/ around without )oin) an!where.
"here were a lot of people *ILLI&.
A($%&D waitin) for the bus.
Miss out &ot do somethin) en4o!able or rewardin).
It+ll be )reat1 !ou+ll be *I00I&. $%" if
!ou don+t come.
Miss out &ot include.
*a/e sure !ou don+t *I00 an!one $%"
when !ou call their names.
Miss out on Lose a chance3 fail to achieve. "rud! *I00ED $%" $& the promotion.
Mix up Confuse.
I alwa!s *IA those two sisters %P
because the! loo/ so li/e each other.
Mix up *a/e somethin) livel!.
"he D7 *IAED %P the ni)ht with some
hard techno.
Mock up
*a/e a model of somethin) to show or
test it.
"he! *$C5ED %P an e#ample to show
us what the! would loo/ li/e.
Moggy off Leave 8+mo))ie off+ is also used.9. We *$..IED $'' earl!.
&ot be serious.
"he police officer told the drun/s to stop
*$&5EI&. A($%&D and )o home
0pend time doin) little or nothin).
I *$$C-ED AB$%" the whole
afternoon because I didn+t feel li/e
0pend time doin) little or nothin).
I *$$C-ED A($%&D the house all
Mop up (esolve a problem.
-e was left to *$P %P the mess after
the! resi)ned.
Mop up
5ill or capture the last few enem! soldiers
after a victor!..
After the battle3 it too/ them a couple of
wee/s to *$P %P the remainin) rebels.
Mop up Eat a sauce with bread to finish it. "he sauce was so delicious that I ordered
some bread to *$P it %P.
Mop up (emove a li6uid that has been spilt.
I used a cloth to *$P %P the coffee I had
/noc/ed over.
Mope about *ove around bein) miserable.
0he didn+t )et the 4ob and has been
*$PI&. AB$%" all afternoon.
*ove around bein) miserable.
-e+s been *$PI&. A($%&D since his
)irlfriend left him.
Mount up Increase over time.
*! debts *$%&"ED %P while I was at
Mouth off 0pea/ an)ril! about somethin).
I alwa!s )et an)r! and start *$%"-I&.
$'' when the news is on "V.
Move ahead
*a/e pro)ress3 often after a pause or
"he construction can *$VE A-EAD
now that permisson has been )ranted.
Move along "ell someone to move from a place.
"he police told the people watchin) to
*$VE AL$&..
Move along
Develop or pro)ress in a reasonable or
satisfactor! manner.
"he pro4ect+s *$VI&. AL$&. and
ever!thin) should be read! on time.
Move away
Leave the area where !ou have been
I *$VED AWA when the factor! shut
Move away
0top doin) or usin) somethin) to chan)e
to somethin) different.
"he!+re *$VI&. AWA '($*
Windows and are usin) Linu#.
Move down *ove a student to a lower level.
-e was findin) the course too difficult so
the! *$VED him D$W&.
Move in 0tart livin) in a place.
"he house was empt! for a)es3 but some
new tenants *$VED I& a few wee/s
Move in on Approach3 often stealthil!.
As he watched3 the h!enas be)an to
*$VE I& $& the hapless wildebeest.
Move into 0tart livin) in a place.
"he! *$VED I&"$ the house as soon
as it was read!.
Move on Chan)e the sub4ect or !our 4ob.
0he *$VED $& to another compan!
where the salar! was considerabl! better.
Move on *a/e people move from a place.
"he police *$VED the crowd $&
because the! were holdin) up the traffic.
Move out Leave a place !ou live or wor/ in.
0he+s tired of livin) there and is
*$VI&. $%".
Move out (emove.
"he president said the! would *$VE the
troops $%" ne#t !ear.
Move out Chan)e lane or position to pass a vehicle. I *$VED $%" to overta/e the bus.
*a/e preparations for somethin).
"he )overnment are *$VI&.
"$WA(D0 free elections.
Move up *ove to ma/e space.
Could !ou *$VE %P and let me sit
Move up *ove to a hi)her level.
"he! *$VED her %P to senior
Continue without a clear aim or plan.
If !ou+re ambitious3 !ou cannot
*%DDLE AL$&..
Do or achieve somethin) without /nowin)
what is re6uired or havin) a plan.
We didn+t /now what to e#pect and 4ust
*%DDLED "-($%.-.
Muddle up
"a/e thin)s that are ordered or se6uenced
and mess them up.
*! cleaner *%DDLED %P m! boo/s
and I can+t find an!thin).
Muddle up
*ista/e a person or thin) for someone or
somethin) else because the! loo/ similar.
I *%DDLE her and her sister %P.
Mug up 0tud! 6uic/l!3 revise. I have to *%. %P before the e#am.
Mug up on 0tud! somethin) 6uic/l!3 revise.
I need to *%. %P $& m! histor! for the
Mull over "hin/ about an issue or problem.
0he said that she+d had to *%LL I"
$VE( before decidin) what was
Muscle in
Become involved in somethin) when !our
involvement is not wanted.
We tried to e#clude him of the committee3
but he *%0CLED I&.
Muscle in
Become involved in somethin) despite
opposition to !our involvement.
0he *%0CLED I& $& the deal even
thou)h we wanted to do it without her.
Muscle into
Become involved even thou)h there is
opposition to !our involvement.
"he! are *%0CLI&. I&"$ our mar/et
and there is ver! little we can do to stop
Muscle out
%se power3 contacts3 etc3 to force someone
"he! used their contacts in local
)overnment to *%0CLE the competitors
.aff off .et lost3 )o awa! 8used as imperative9.
-e was ma/in) a fuss3 so I told him to
&A'' $''.
.ag at (epeatedl! criticise someone verball!.
*! boss is alwa!s &A..I&. A" me
about m! arrivin) a few minutes late for
.ail down 0ucceed in )ettin)3 achieve.
"he! are havin) trouble &AILI&.
D$W& the contract.
.ail down %nderstand full!.
I can+t &AIL D$W& what+s wron) with
their idea3 but I+m sure it won+t wor/.
.ail down .et full information from someone.
I can+t &AIL them D$W& about when
the!+re )oin) to finish the pro4ect.
.ail down 0ucceed or achieve somethin).
I &AILED the 4ob D$W& in the first
.ame after
.ive someone a name to remember
another person.
I was &A*ED A'"E( m! uncle who
died in the war.
(emove less important options to ma/e it
easier to choose.
I am not sure which universit! to appl!
to3 but I have &A(($WED m! list
D$W& to three.
.erd out Pla! safe and avoid ta/in) a ris/.
I+m )oin) to &E(D $%" and not )o on
the river trip.
.erd out Discuss somethin) in )reat detail.
I had to &E(D $%" when the! as/ed
about conditionals and deontic modalit!.
.ip off .o somewhere 6uic/l!. I+m &IPPI&. $'' to )et some mil/.
.ip out .o somewhere 6uic/l!.
0he+ll be bac/ in a minute, she+s 4ust
&IPPED $%" to the shops.
.od off 'all asleep. I &$DDED $'' durin) the speech.
Pass a law3 re)ulation3 etc3 without
considerin) or debatin) it seriousl!.
Parliament &$DDED the bill
.ose about Loo/ for somethin) hidden or secret.
"he police are &$0I&. AB$%" to see if
the! can find an!thin) a)ainst the )an).
Loo/ around for evidence.
"he boss /eeps &$0I&. A($%&D our
office when we are out at lunch.
.ose out
'ind out3 discover, usuall! information3
secrets3 etc.
-e &$0ED $%" their plans.
.ose out &arrowl! beat someone.
"he other candidate &$0ED him $%" b!
a few votes.
.ote down
Write somethin) short li/e a phone
number for future reference..
0he &$"ED D$W& m! fa# number so
that she could send me the documents
when she )ot to the office.
.ut out 'ind an answer to a problem.
"he mana)ement and unions had a
meetin) to &%" thin)s $%".
/ccur to Enter one+s mind.
Didn+t it $CC%( "$ !ou to help me
when !ou saw how much trouble I was
/pen up 0tart to tal/ freel! about somethin).
0he hates to $PE& %P and discuss her
/pen up $pen a shop or business for the da!. "he! $PE& %P at seven in the mornin).
/pen up Allow )oods into a mar/et.
Before the! 4oined the W"$3 the! had to
$PE& %P their mar/ets.
/perate on Perform sur)er!. 0he was $PE(A"ED $& for ei)ht hours.
/pt for Choose.
I $P"ED '$( an endowment mort)a)e
and lost a lot of mone!.
/pt in
Choose to be part or a member of
If !ou want them to notif! !ou of
updates3 !ou have to $P" I&.
/pt into
Choose to be a member or part of
I $P"ED I&"$ the scheme.
/pt out Choose not to be part of somethin).
"he %5 $P"ED $%" of a lot of E%
le)islation on wor/in) hours and
/we to Be the reason for somethin).
0he $WE0 her success "$ hard wor/
and determination.
/wn up Confess.
&obod! $W&ED %P to brea/in) the
Pack away Put somethin) where it belon)s.
I PAC5ED AWA the suitcases in the
loft after we had emptied them.
Pack in 0top doin) somethin). I+m tr!in) to PAC5 I& smo/in).
Pack in End a relationship. 0he PAC5ED her bo!friend I&.
Pack in 'ill a venue.
"he! reall! PAC5 them I& at the club, it
was so crowded it was impossible to
Pack in Brea/ down3 stop wor/in). "he photocopier has PAC5ED I& a)ain.
Pack it in
0top doin) somethin) 8used as an
"he /ids were ma/in) a fuss3 so I told
them to PAC5 I" I&.
Pack off 0end someone awa!.
-is boss PAC5ED him $'' to a re)ional
Pack out 'ill a venue. "he stadium was PAC5ED $%".
Pack up 0top doin) somethin). ou should PAC5 %P smo/in).
Pack up 'inish wor/.
We had nothin) left to do3 so we
PAC5ED %P earl!.
Pack up Brea/ down3 stop wor/in).
*! printer PAC5ED %P last ni)ht, I+ll
have to )et a new one.
Pack up
Collect thin)s and put them where !ou
/eep them.
At the end of the presentation3 I PAC5ED
%P m! laptop.
Pad down 0leep somewhere for the ni)ht.
I+m too tired to come home1 can I PAD
D$W& here toni)ht=
Pad out
*a/e a te#t lon)er b! includin) e#tra
content3 often content that isn+t particularl!
I couldn+t thin/ of much to write3 so I
PADDED the essa! $%" with a few
len)th! 6uotes.
Pair off Be)in a romantic relationship.
"he! PAI(ED $'' shortl! after startin)
Pair off
Introduce people3 hopin) the! will start a
I tried to PAI( him $'' with m! sister.
Pair off 'orm pairs.
"he class PAI(ED $'' to practise the
e#am interviews.
Pair off
'orm a pair with someone. I PAI(ED $'' WI"- "rish for the test.
Pair up 'orm a pair. We PAI(ED %P for the last activit!
Pal about Be friendl! and spend time with someone.
We used to PAL AB$%" when we were
at school.
Pal around Be friendl! and spend time with someone. We PALLED A($%&D at universit!.
Pal up Become friends.
We PALLED %P when I started wor/in)
with her.
Palm off
.et someone to accept somethin) that isn+t
-e tried to PAL* me $'' with a
pathetic e#cuse.
Palm off
Pretend somethin) is better than it is in
order to sell it.
-e tried to PAL* his computer $'' as
the latest model.
Pan out "he wa! a situation develops.
I don+t /now how thin)s will PA& $%"
now the compan!+s been ta/en over.
Paper over
"r! to conceal a problem without reall!
fi#in) it.
"he )overnment tried to PAPE( $VE(
the problems in the proposal3 but the
press were ver! critical.
Pare back
If !ou pare somethin) bac/3 !ou reduce
the si2e or numbers..
"he! have had to PA(E BAC5 the
services the! offer as their fundin) was
Pare down (educe3 decrease.
"he! have PA(ED D$W& the number of
emplo!ees as the! haven+t been doin)
Part with
.ive somethin) awa!3 especiall! when
!ou don+t want to.
I found it ver! hard to PA(" WI"- m!
old CDs when I di)iti2ed m! collection.
Pass around .ive out to ever!bod! there. "he teacher PA00ED the handout
Pass as Be believed to be somethin).
Althou)h not 6ualified3 he mana)ed to
PA00 A0 a doctor for !ears.
Pass away Die.
0adl!3 .eor)ia+s uncle PA00ED AWA
!esterda! after a short illness.
Pass back (eturn.
I felt awful when the teacher started to
PA00 BAC5 the e#am papers.
Pass by .o past without stoppin).
I was 4ust PA00I&. B when I saw the
Pass by Visit briefl!.
I was PA00I&. B her house the other
da! when I heard about it.
Pass by *iss an opportunit!.
"he chance for promotion PA00ED me
Pass down
"ransmit information or )ive propert! to
!oun)er )enerations.
"he tales were PA00ED D$W& for
centuries without chan)in) a! of the
Pass for
Be accepted as somethin)3 usuall! when
ou+d be surprised at what PA00E0 '$(
)ood coo/in) in man! restaurants.
Pass off
Convince somethin) that somethin) is
I mana)ed to PA00 $'' the fa/e mone!
in the mar/et.
Pass off -appen in a certain wa!.
"he demonstration PA00ED $''
Pass on .ive a messa)e to someone.
I+ll PA00 the messa)e $& when she )ets
Pass on Decline an invitation or opportunit!.
I thin/ I+ll PA00 $& dinner toni)ht, I+m
not hun)r!.
Pass on Die. -er husband PA00ED $& last !ear.
Pass on to Chan)e topic or sub4ect.
Let+s PA00 $& "$ the ne#t item on the
Pass out 'aint3 lose consciousness. -e )ot so drun/ that he PA00ED $%".
Pass out Distribute.
"he protesters PA00ED $%" leaflets to
the )rowin) crowd.
Pass over
I)nore someone and )ive a 4ob3 reward3
etc3 to someone more 4unior.
"he! PA00ED him $VE( and made his
assistant the new director.
Pass over I)nore3 refuse to discuss.
Let+s PA00 $VE( what the! said and )et
Pass round Distribute3 )ive to people present.
"he! PA00ED ($%&D copies of the
Visit a place without stoppin) or onl!
stoppin) briefl!.
I didn+t see much as I was onl! PA00I&.
"-($%.- the town.
Pass to
.ive ownership or responsibilit! to
"he shares PA00ED "$ his dau)hter
when he died.
Pass to
Become owner of or responsible for
"he propert! will PA00 "$ her when
the! die.
Pass up Decline a chance.
0he PA00ED %P the opportunit! to )o to
universit! because she+d been offered a
Pat down 0earch or fris/ someone.
"he police PA""ED them D$W& for
weapons but found nothin).
Create or assemble somethin) 6uic/l!
without much plannin).
"he! PA"C-ED "$.E"-E( a coalition
after the election.
Patch up 'i# or ma/e thin)s better.
I tried to PA"C- thin)s %P after the
ar)ument3 but the! wouldn+t spea/ to me.
Patch up
.ive an in4ured person basic medical
After the accident3 the! PA"C-ED her
%P and sent her to hospital.
Pay back (epa! mone! borrowed.
I PAID BAC5 the twent! pounds I+d
Pay back "a/e reven)e on.
I+m )oin) to PA him BAC5 for that
Pay down Pa! a debt over time.
"he British )overnment can+t PA
D$W& the national debt.
Pay for Purchase. I PAID twent! pounds '$( the boo/.
Pay into Deposit mone!. I PAID the cash I&"$ m! account.
Pay off Completel! repa! a debt.
"he mort)a)e will be PAID $'' in
twent!,five !ears.
Pay off Produce a profitable or successful result.
"heir patience PAID $'' when he finall!
showed up and si)ned the contract.
Peck at Eat ver! small amounts.
"he food wasn+t ver! nice3 so I PEC5ED
A" it to loo/ polite.
Peel away
Leave a )roup b! movin) in a different
0ome of the crowd PEELED AWA to
)et out of the crush.
Peel away
Leave a )roup b! movin) in a different
"he! PEELED AWA '($* the crowd
and went down a side road.
Peel off
Leave a )roup b! movin) in a different
When the police bloc/ed the road3 a few
protesters PEELED $'' and left the
Peel off
Leave a )roup b! movin) in a different
"he! PEELED $'' '($* the
demonstration when the police arrived.
Peel out Accelerate rapidl! from stationar!.
'earin) the police3 he PEELED $%" in a
cloud of tire smo/e.
Peg away 5eep wor/in) at somethin).
I PE..ED AWA for wee/s before m!
Peg down 'asten somethin) to the )round.
We PE..ED the tent D$W& to stop the
wind blowin) it about.
Peg it Die.
After a lon) illness3 she finall! PE..ED
I" !esterda!.
Peg out Put washin) outside to dr!.
I PE..ED the washin) $%" after it
stopped rainin).
Peg out Die.
-e PE..ED $%" last ni)ht from a heart
Pencil in *a/e a provisional appointment.
I+ll PE&CIL "hursda! ni)ht I&3 but if
an!thin) comes up3 )ive me a rin)..
Pep up *a/e somethin) more interestin). ou need to PEP !our writin) %P.
Pep up *a/e someone more enthusiastic3 -er tal/ PEPPED us %P.
ener)etic or interested.
Perk up
'eel better or happier3 ma/e someone feel
better or happier.
0he was ill in bed with flu3 but she
PE(5ED %P a bit when some friends
dropped b!.
Peter out Lose impetus and stop.
Ever!one was /een at first3 but the
enthusiasm PE"E(ED $%" when the!
saw how lon) it would ta/e.
Phase in Introduce )raduall!.
"he! are P-A0I&. I& the reforms over
the ne#t two !ears.
Phase out (emove )raduall!.
"he! have introduced a compact edition
of the newspaper and are P-A0I&. $%"
the broadsheet edition over the ne#t few
Pick at Eat unwillin)l!.
I wasn+t ver! hun)r! so I 4ust PIC5ED
A" m! food.
Pick at Criticise.
"here were a few problems that could be
PIC5ED A"3 but it was )enerall! )ood.
Pick off "ar)et individuals to chan)e a )roup.
"here were man! rebels a)ainst the
polic!3 but the )overnment PIC5ED $''
the leaders.
Pick on
Bother3 anno!3 critici2e or ma/e fun of
*! friends alwa!s PIC5 $& me because
I don+t sin) well.
Pick out Choose.
0he PIC5ED $%" the ones she wanted
to ta/e and left the rest.
Pick out Identif! from a picture.
"he victim couldn+t PIC5 $%" her
attac/er from the photos the police
showed her.
0earch somethin) that is disordered for
"he police have been PIC5I&.
"-($%.- the wrec/a)e for clues.
Pick up Improve.
0ales PIC5ED %P a bit durin) the
Christmas period.
Pick up Learn 6uic/l!. 0he PIC5ED %P 0panish in si# months.
Pick up Collect.
While !ou+re in town3 can !ou PIC5 %P
m! trousers from the Dr! Cleaner=
Pick up (eceive 8a broadcast9.
When we rent a holida! cotta)e in
Cornwall3 we can+t PIC5 %P Channel ?.
Pick up
Collect 8a person9. "his differs from the
+collect a thin)+ meanin) , as that means
+collect and brin) bac/+ whereas this
means either 8i9 +collect and drop off on
!our wa!+ or 8ii9 +collect and brin) to the
same destination+..
i9 Can !ou PIC5 me %P and ta/e me to
"he .eor)e when !ou )o to the part!=ii9
Can !ou PIC5 %P some friends of mine
on !our wa! to the part!= "he!+re )oin)
Pick up
"id! a mess someone else has made.
I alwa!s have to PIC5 %P A'"E( him
because he leaves thin)s all over the
Pick up on
Correct someone when the! sa! somethin)
*! teacher PIC50 %P $& an! mista/e I
ma/e and corrects me.
Pick up on &otice somethin) that most people don+t. -e+s ver! 6uic/ to PIC5 %P $& new
Pick up on (eact to somethin).
"he )overnment has PIC5ED %P $& the
reports in the media.
Pick up on
Comment on somethin) said earlier in a
I+d li/e to PIC5 %P $& the point that 7ill
yourself up
(ecover from a fall or problem.
It too/ him a lon) time to PIC5
-I*0EL' %P after his wife left him.
Pig off
%sed to tell someone to )et lost or leave
!ou alone.
-e told them to PI. $'' and leave him
in peace.
Pig out Eat a lot.
"he food was )reat3 so I reall! PI..ED
Pile in
Enter a place 6uic/l!3 in a disor)anised
"he coach stopped and we all PILED I&.
Pile into
Enter a place 6uic/l!3 in a disor)anised
We PILED I&"$ the shop when it
Pile on Add or )ive more or somethin).
Wor/+s cra2!, the! /eep PILI&. $& the
Pile on
E#a))erate or tal/ in a wa! to affect
someone+s feelin)s.
It wasn+t ver! serious3 but the! PILED
$& the )uilt.
Pile out
Leave a place 6uic/l!3 in a disor)anised
"he train eventuall! arrived and we all
PILED $%".
Pile up Accumulate.
Wor/ 4ust /eeps on PILI&. %P and I
reall! can+t mana)e to )et it all done.
Pile up Accumulate in a pile or heap.
"he ironin)+s PILI&. %P as I hate doin)
Pin down
.et a fi#ed idea3 opinion3 etc3 from
I+ve as/ed him to set a date3 but he+s a
hard man to PI& D$W& and won+t )ive a
definite answer.
Pin down Discover e#act details about somethin).
"he )overnment can+t PI& D$W& where
the lea/ came from.
Pin on Attach the blame to someone.
"he police tried to PI& the crime $&
Pin up
'i# somethin) to a wall3 or other vertical
surface3 with a pin.
I PI&&ED the notice %P on the board
Pine away
0uffer ph!sicall! because of )rief3 stress3
worr!3 etc.
-e+s been PI&I&. AWA since his wife
died and is a shadow of his former self.
Pipe down Be 6uiet 8often as an imperative9.
"he lecturer as/ed the students to PIPE
D$W& and pa! attention.
Pipe up "o spea/3 raise !our voice.
At first3 no one answered3 then finall!
someone PIPED %P.
Pit against Compete or force to compete.
"he war PI""ED nei)hbour A.AI&0"
Pit out .o into the pits 8car racin)9. -e PI""ED $%" in the twentieth lap.
Pitch for
"r! to persuade someone to )ive !our
wor/3 business3 a 4ob3 etc.
-e PI"C-ED '$( the 4ob3 but the! )ave
it to someone else.
Pitch in
Wor/ to)ether to help achieve an
We were behind schedule3 but the others
PI"C-ED I& and we )ot it done in time.
Pitch into Criticise severel! or attac/ someone.
"he shareholders PI"C-ED I&"$ the
mana)ement about their pa! rises at the
Plant out
Put a !oun) plant that has been )rown in a
pot or )reenhouse into the )round.
"he! need to be PLA&"ED $%" in the
Plate up Put food onto a plate to serve. PLA"E %P and dri22le with salsa verde.
Play along
Pretend to a)ree or accept somethin) in
order to /eep someone happ! or to )et
more information.
I disa)reed with the idea but I had to
PLA AL$&. because ever!one else
li/ed it.
Play around Be sill!.
"he children were PLAI&. A($%&D
and bein) anno!in).
Play around Be se#uall! promiscuous or unfaithful. I PLAED A($%&D a lot at colle)e.
Play at Pretend to be somethin).
-e 4ust PLA0 A" bein) a law!er, he
never wins a case.
Play away
Be se#uall! unfaithful when awa! from
-e travels abroad a lot and his wife
thin/s he PLA0 AWA.
Play back
Listen to or watch somethin) !ou+ve
We PLAED the recordin) BAC5 to see
if it was $5.
Play down
"r! to ma/e somethin) seem less
"he .overnment has tried to PLA
D$W& the importance of the minister+s
Play off Pla! a )ame to decide who the winner is.
As both teams had the same points3 the!
PLAED $'' to decide the winner.
Play off
*a/e people compete a)ainst each other
so that !ou benefit.
-e PLAED them $'' a)ainst each
other to )et the best deal.
Play on
Continue pla!in) a sport thou)h there
mi)ht be a reason to stop.
It loo/ed li/e a foul3 but the referee told
them to PLA $&.
Play on Continue pla!in) music. "he band PLAED $& for another hour.
Play on E#ploit a wea/ness.
"he! are 4ust PLAI&. $& our fears to
)et us to do what the! want.
Play on Pun. "he advert PLA0 $& the slo)an
Play out Pro)ress3 often till it finishes. Let+s see how thin)s PLA $%".
Play out
Pretend that somethin) is real and reduce
its effect.
Computer )ames allow people to PLA
$%" their violent ur)es.
Play out Pla! somethin) to the end.
(ain stopped them PLAI&. the )ame
Play out %nwind 8e.).3 fishin) line9.
When he hoo/ed the swordfish3 his line
rapidl! PLAED $%".
Play up Behave badl!.
"he children PLAED %P all evenin)
and drove the bab!sitter mad.
Play up to 'latter someone.
I+m PLAI&. %P "$ m! boss at the
moment because I want the promotion.
Play up to Behave in a wa! e#pected.
-e+s )ot a reputation for bein) trouble
and PLA0 %P "$ it.
Play upon E#ploit a wea/ness.
"he! are PLAI&. %P$& people+s
concerns to )et their wa!.
Play with
"ouch and move somethin) to occup!
!our hands.
-e can+t stop PLAI&. WI"- his beard.
Play with &ot eat much of a meal.
I wasn+t hun)r!3 so I 4ust PLAED WI"-
the food.
Play with Consider somethin)3 but not seriousl!.
We PLAED WI"- the idea3 but decided
a)ainst it.
Plead out
Plead )uilt! to )et a reduced sentence or
"he CE$ PLEADED $%" and blamed
the C'$ for the fraud.
Plough back
(e,invest mone! !ou have made into a
We PL$%.-ED BAC5 all the profits to
)row the compan!.
Plough into Collide into at speed.
"he bus s/idded and PL$%.-ED I&"$
the bus stop.
Plough on
Continue doin) somethin) !ou don+t want
It was reall! borin)3 but we PL$%.-ED
Eat a bi) meal.
We PL$%.-ED "-($%.- all seven
(ead somethin) that is difficult or ta/es a
lot of time.
It too/ me a)es to PL$%.- "-($%.-
*ove throu)h somewhere where there is
little space or there are obstacles.
"he boat had to PL$%.- "-($%.-
the ice.
Plough up Brea/ the surface of soil.
"he tractor PL$%.-ED %P the field so
the! could sow the seed.
Plow back
(e,invest mone! !ou have made into a
We PL$WED BAC5 all the profits to
)row the compan!.
Plow into Collide into at speed.
"he bus s/idded and PL$WED I&"$ the
bus stop.
Plow on
Continue doin) somethin) !ou don+t want
It was reall! borin)3 but we PL$WD $&.
Eat a bi) meal.
We PL$WED "-($%.- all ei)ht
(ead somethin) that is difficult or ta/es a
lot of time.
It ta/es me a)es to PL$W "-($%.-
an! of -enr! 7ames+ novels.
*ove throu)h somewhere where there is
little space or there are obstacles.
"he police car had to PL$W "-($%.-
the crowd.
Plow up Brea/ the surface of soil.
"he tractor PL$WED %P the field so
the! could sow the crop
Pluck at Pull or fiddle with somethin) nervousl!.
-e was PL%C5I&. A" his cuffs durin)
the interview.
Pluck up *uster3 ac6uire3 )ather.
"he! PL%C5ED %P the coura)e to
Plug in Connect machines to the electricit! suppl!.
-e PL%..ED the "V I& and turned it
on full blast.
Put somethin) in a place without ta/in)
-e PL%*PED his ba) D$W& and
/ic/ed his shoes off.
Plump for Choose. I PL%*PED '$( the stea/ frites.
Plump up
*a/e somethin) li/e a cushion bi))er and
softer b! sha/in) it.
I PL%*PED %P the pillow and la!
0it down heavil!.
0he PL%*PED -E(0EL' D$W& ne#t
to me and started as/in) me what had
Point out *a/e someone aware of somethin).
-e P$I&"ED $%" that I onl! had two
wee/s to )et the whole thin) finished.
Poke about
*ove thin)s around or search in a casual
wa! to tr! to find somethin).
I P$5ED AB$%" in m! CD collection
to see if I could find it.
*ove thin)s around or search in a casual
wa! to tr! to find somethin).
I P$5ED A($%&D in m! des/ to see if
the letter was there.
Polish off 'inish3 consume.
0he P$LI0-E0 $'' half a bottle of )in
ever! ni)ht.
Polish up Improve somethin) 6uic/l!.
I need to P$LI0- %P m! 'rench before I
)o to Paris.
Pony up Pa! for somethin).
I had to P$& fift! dollars %P for the
Poop out .et too tired to do somethin).
I was )oin) to write m! essa!3 but I
P$$PED $%" and went to bed instead.
Poop out on 'ail to /eep an appointment.
We were supposed to meet !esterda!3 but
she P$$PED $%" $& me at the last
Pootle along "ravel in a leisurel! wa!.
We were P$$"LI&. AL$&. at thirt!
miles an hour.
Pop in Visit for a short time.
-e P$PPED I& for a coffee on his wa!
Pop off "al/ loudl!3 complain.
-e+s alwa!s P$PPI&. $'' when thin)s
don+t suit him.
Pop off .o out for a short time.
-e+s 4ust P$PPED $'' for a brea/ but
should be bac/ in a few minutes.
Pop out .o out for a short time.
I+m 4ust P$PPI&. $%" to the shops. Do
!ou need an!thin) while I+m out=
Pop up
Appear3 li/e windows and bo#es openin)
on a computer screen..
"he dialo)ue bo# P$PPED %P up when I
pressed Enter.
Pop up Appear une#pectedl!.
I+m )oin) to have to wor/ late toni)ht
because somethin) has P$PPED %P.
Pore over (ead3 loo/ at or stud! carefull!.
0he P$(ED $VE( the report loo/in) for
0pend time doin) little thin)s for pleasure.
$n 0aturda! mornin)s3 I P$""E(
AB$%" the )arden if the weather+s fine.
0pend some time doin) little thin)s for
I P$""E(ED A($%&D3 sortin) out m!
CD0 and a few other thin)s.
Pour down (ain hard.
It P$%(ED D$W& all da! so we had to
remain indoors.
Pour forth Emer)e from a place in lar)e numbers.
%seless statistics P$%( '$("- from
Power down
Cut the electricit! suppl! to a computer or
electronic device.
I P$WE(ED D$W& m! computer and
went for lunch.
Power off
Cut the electricit! to a computer or device
to turn it off.
ou mustn+t P$WE( it $'' while it is
Power up
"urn a computer or electronic device on so
that it is read! to use.
I P$WE(ED %P m! laptop and started
Prattle on "al/ too much.
.eoff 4ust P(A""LED $& instead of
)ivin) a strai)ht answer.
Press ahead Continue with somethin).
"he! P(E00ED A-EAD with the
elections despite the violence.
Press for
Appl! pressure to )et permission or to
obtain somethin).
"he wor/ers are P(E00I&. '$( better
pa! and conditions.
Continue or )o ahead with a pro4ect3
process3 plan3 etc.
"he )overnment are P(E00I&.
'$(WA(D WI"- the new law.
Press into Brin) or force into use.
When the line was breached3 reserve
troops were P(E00ED I&"$ service.
Press on Continue with somethin).
We P(E00ED $& to )et to our
destination before ni)ht fell.
Press upon
Pressure someone to accept somethin)
"he invitations were P(E00ED %P$& us
and it was hard to sa! no.
Prey on Catch and /ill an animal for food. 0piders P(E $& insects.
Prey on E#ploit or harm. "he! P(E $& older people.
Prey upon Catch and /ill an animal for food. Cats P(E %P$& birds and mice.
Prey upon E#ploit or harm.
"he! P(E %P$& people+s fears about
Price in
Include the affects of possible future
events when assessin) the value of
0peculators have P(ICED I& the ris/ of
a war brea/in) out.
Price up Char)e more for somethin).
In rural areas where the! have a
monopol!3 some )ara)es P(ICE %P fuel
because there+s nowhere else to bu! it.
Print out
*a/e a hard cop! of a computer
-e P(I&"ED $%" the letter and
chec/ed throu)h it carefull!.
Prop up
0upport somethin)3 both ph!sicall! and
financiall!3 politicall!3 etc..
"he council have P($PPED %P the
museum for !ears with )rants.
Psych out
Wor/ out or anticipate someone+s
We have to tr! to P0C- $%" our
Psych out *a/e someone less confident.
Bo#ers tr! to P0C- their opponents
$%" before the fi)ht to )ain an
Psych up Prepare someone mentall!. I P0C-ED m!self %P for the e#am.
Pucker up
*ove !our lips into position to receive a
0he P%C5E(ED %P when he leant
forwards to /iss her.
Pull ahead $verta/e3 move in front.
"he lorr! was )oin) slowl! but we
mana)ed to P%LL A-EAD.
Pull apart Destro! an ar)ument3 theor!3 etc. *! tutor P%LLED m! essa! APA(".
Pull apart 0top people or animals fi)htin).
A fi)ht bro/e out in the pub and it was
hard to P%LL the people involved
Pull apart *a/e someone unhapp! or upset. It P%LLED me APA(" to see them
ar)uin) so much.
Pull away When a vehicle moves from a place.
"he car P%LLED AWA from the li)hts
at hi)h speed.
Pull back 0core a )oal or point when losin).
"he! were two,nil down until five
minutes before the end3 when the!
P%LLED BAC5 a )oal.
Pull back
*ove awa! from a place3 especiall! when
tal/in) about soldiers.
"he! have P%LLED the troops BAC5
from the front line.
Pull back *ove awa! from someone.
0he P%LLED BAC5 when he tried to
/iss her.
Pull back
Decide not to do somethin) or not to be
involved with it an! lon)er.
"he! P%LLED BAC5 from the deal.
Pull down Demolish.
"he! P%LLED the old cinema D$W& to
build a new shoppin) mall.
Pull down *a/e someone depressed. Losin) her 4ob P%LLED her D$W&.
Pull down Earn. -e+s P%LLI&. D$W& a fortune.
Pull for 0upport.
Who will !ou be P%LLI&. '$( in the
Pull in When a train arrives at a station.
"he train P%LLED I& and we rushed to
meet her as she )ot off.
Pull in Attract.
"heir last tour P%LLED I& millions of
Pull in 0top a car b! the side of the road. I P%LLED I& to let the passen)ers out.
Pull in
Areest or ta/e someone to a police station
for 6uestionin).
"he police P%LLED them I& after the
Pull off *ana)e to do somethin) difficult or tric/!.
&o,one thou)ht that she would be able to
do it3 but she P%LLED it $'' in the end.
Pull off 0tart movin) 8vehicles9.
When the li)hts turned )reen3 the car
P%LLED $''.
Pull on Put clothes on.
I P%LLED $& a 4umper when the sun
went in.
Pull out 0tart movin) 8train9.
"he train was P%LLI&. $%" when I )ot
Pull out *ove into traffic.
"he traffic was so bad that it too/ me
a)es to P%LL $%".
Pull out Withdraw.
"he pro4ect was )oin) badl! and the!
decided to P%LL $%"
Pull out (emove soldiers from an area.
People want the )overnment to P%LL the
troops $%".
Pull over 0top b! the side of the road. "he police P%LLED the car $VE(
Pull over *a/e a vehicle stop.
"he police P%LLED the car $VE( and
tested the driver for alcohol.
(ecover from and illness or problem.
At one sta)e it loo/ed as if she was )oin)
to die3 but she P%LLED "-($%.- in
the end.
Pull to
Close a door or window that has been left
Could !ou P%LL the door "$3 please=
Wor/ to)ether as a team.
If we all P%LL "$.E"-E(3 we+ll have it
finished in no time.
Pull up 0low and stop a car.
"he cab P%LLED %P outside m! house
and I )ot out.
Pull up Inform someone that the! are wron).
-e P%LLED me %P because I had )ot
m! facts wron).
Become calm or re)ain control of !our
-e was so an)r! that he couldn+t P%LL
-I*0EL' "$.E"-E(.
Push in .et in a 6ueue without waitin).
0he 4ust P%0-ED I& the 6ueue in front
of me at the supermar/et chec/out.
Put across Communicate3 conve! a messa)e.
-e found it difficult to P%" AC($00
what he wanted to sa! at the meetin).
Put away Put somethin) bac/ in the correct place.
-e P%" the dictionar! BAC5 on the
shelf after he+d finished the crossword.
Put away Put someone in prison.
"he 4ud)e P%" him AWA for ten !ears
for robber!.
Put back (earran)e somethin) for a later time.
"he A.* has been P%" BAC5 until
7ul! the seventeenth.
Put by 0ave for the future.
I tr! to P%" some mone! B ever!
month towards our summer holida!.
Put down 5ill an animal because it+s old3 ill3 etc..
-e had his do) P%" D$W& because it
was in a lot of pain from its tumours.
Put down
0top holdin) 8but withdraw support
P%" the )un D$W& slowl! and /eep
!our hands where I can see them.
Put down
Commit to ma/e a pa!ment. P%" me D$W& '$( ?@p per mile.
Put down to .ive as an e#planation.
-e didn+t score man!3 but we can P%"
that D$W& "$ ine#perience
Put in Install.
"he! had to P%" I& a whole new central
heatin) s!stem because the house was so
Put in for *a/e a re6uest.
-e P%" I& '$( a transfer to the new
Put off Postpone.
"he concert+s been P%" $'' until ne#t
month because the sin)er+s )ot a throat
Put off 0top li/in) somethin) or somebod!.
I was reall! P%" $'' b! the wa! he eats
with his mouth open.
Put on .et fat.
-e+s P%" $& a lot of wei)ht since he
)ave up smo/in).
Put on Deceive3 lie. I am not P%""I&. !ou $&.
Put on 0tart wearin). I P%" m! coat $& before we went out.
Put out Broadcast.
0everal charities P%" $%" an appeal on
"V for mone! for the victims of the
floodin) in *o2ambi6ue.
Put out Disturb or trouble someone.
Would it be P%""I&. !ou $%" )reatl!
if I as/ed to chan)e to another da!.
Put out E#tin)uish a ci)arette3 fire3 etc..
-e P%" $%" his ci)arette before
enterin) the buildin).
Put over 0uccessfull! e#ecute 8a scam3 tric/3 etc.9.
"he! P%" $VE( a clever practical 4o/e
on us.
Put through Connect someone b! phone.
Could !ou P%" me "-($%.- to
e#tension E?J please.
Put towards *a/e a financial contribution.
0he P%" OE?@ "$WA(D0 the cost of the
repairs and we had to pa! the rest.
Put up
Allow someone to sta! at !our house for a
ni)ht or a few da!s..
0he P%" me %P for the ni)ht because I+d
missed the last bus and there were no
ni)ht buses runnin).
Put up Increase prices3 ta#es3 duties3 etc..
"he )overnment has P%" tuition fees for
under)raduate students %P a)ain.
Put up
0how s/ill or determination in a contest3
competition3 fi)ht3 etc.
"he! P%" %P a )reat fi)ht but lost.
Put up to Encoura)e someone to do somethin). -is friends P%" him %P "$ stealin) it.
Put up with "olerate.
I can+t P%" %P WI"- m! nei)hbour+s
noise an! lon)er1 it+s drivin) me mad.
0uarrel out
Ar)ue with someone about a specific
"he )irl+s mother was I%A((ELI&.
$%" with her dau)hter about the part!.
Dispute or disa)ree with somethin).
I am not I%A((ELLI&. WI"- their
idea3 but I thin/ there are other
0ueer up *ess up3 ruin. I I%EE(ED the e#am %P.
'all silent.
"he audience I%IE"E&ED D$W&
when the li)hts were switched off in the
auditorium and the pla! was read! to
0uit on
0top wor/in)3 associatin) or bein) friends
with someone3 especiall! when the! need
"he! I%I" $& me 4ust when thin)s )ot
0uit on 0top wor/in) or functionin).
*! phone has I%I" $& me, can I
borrow !ours=
1ace off -urr! awa!3 leave somewhere 6uic/l!.
"he! (ACED $'' when the police
1ack off
%sed to tell someone to )o awa! because
the!+re anno!in) !ou.
-e told her to (AC5 $''.
1ack out 0leep3 ta/e a nap. I+m tired, I+m )oin) to (AC5 $%".
1ack up Ac6uire a lot of somethin).
-e+s (AC5ED %P a number of
convictions for speedin).
1ack up Dama)e.
"he! (AC5ED %P the car in an
1ain down
'all in lar)e numbers.
Bombs (AI&ED D$W& $& the cit! all
1ain off
Be postponed or stopped b! rain 8usuall!
"he match was (AI&ED $''.
1ain out
Be postponed or stopped b! rain 8usuall!
"he )ame was (AI&ED $%".
1ake in Earn3 ma/e mone! easil!. 0he+s (A5I&. I& thousands a da!.
1ake it in *a/e a lot of mone!.
It+s the onl! shop in the area and the!+re
(A5I&. I" I&.
1ake off
Cheat someone b! char)in) them too
"he! (A5E tourists $'' all the time.
1ake over
"al/3 thin/3 etc3 about somethin) ne)ative
in the past.
"he! /eep (A5I&. $VE( the rows we
had last !ear.
1ake up
Brin) somethin) bac/ to people+s
"he press have (A5ED %P some
scandals from her past.
1amble on "al/ at len)th without )ettin) to the point.
Iuit (A*BLI&. $&, I;m tired of
listenin) to !ou.
1amp up
Increase price3 speed or power of
"he compan! has (A*PED its prices %P
because of hi)her oil prices.
1ap out 0a! somethin) firml! and loudl!. 0he (APPED $%" the command.
1at on
Inform authorities about someone+s
0he (A""ED $& her nei)hbours to the
police because the! were smu))lin)
alcohol from 'rance.
1at on 'ail to /eep a promise. -e alwa!s (A"0 $& his promises.
1at out Inform the authorities about someone. -e (A""ED me $%" to the police.
1at through Loo/ for somethin) hurriedl!.
I (A""ED "-($%.- the papers on m!
des/ but couldn+t find the letter.
1atchet up Increase.
"he media are tr!in) to (A"C-E" %P
the pressure on the president.
1attle off Iuote fi)ures rapidl!.
0he (A""LED $'' loads of statistics
which nobod! could understand.
1each out 0tretch !our arm to )et somethin). I (EAC-ED $%" and cau)ht the ball.
1each out
"r! to achieve somethin) difficult.
"he! are (EAC-I&. $%" '$( ma4or
economic reforms.
1each out
As/ for help.
I (EAC-ED $%" "$ !ou when I was in
trouble and !ou were a )reat help.
1each out
$ffer help.
Charities are (EAC-I&. $%" "$ those
who lost their homes in the floods.
1each out
"r! to communicate and establish )ood
relations with people.
"he candidates are (EAC-I&. $%" "$
the poor to )et their votes.
1ead off
(ead a list aloud for someone to write
I (EAD $'' the fi)ures and she wrote
them down in her noteboo/.
1ead out (ead aloud rather than silentl!.
"he teacher (EAD $%" the names of the
students who+d passed.
1ead up on (esearch.
I+ve been (EADI&. %P $& 7apan as I+m
)oin) to live there ne#t !ear.
1eason out
Come to a conclusion or solution after
some thou)ht.
-e (EA0$&ED $%" the answer to the
math problem.
1eckon on "he minimum e#pected.
7eff sa!s we can (EC5$& $& there
bein) at least fift! people there toni)ht.
1eel in
Catch a fish on a line and pull the line to
-e (EELED I& a ten,pound salmon.
1eel in Attract people3 especiall! customers3 to "he! hope the discounts will (EEL
)et them to do what !ou want them to. people I&.
1eel off Iuote statistics or facts rapidl!.
"he minister (EELED $'' a load of
fi)ures to support her position.
1eel off
0core a lot of points or win a lot of )ames
one after the other.
"he! (EELED $'' five victories and
became the champions.
1eel out %nwind.
I (EELED $%" the hose and watered the
1ein in
Control someone or somethin) to stop
them causin) more trouble.
"he! had to (EI& the minister I& after
her dreadful performance on "V.
1ent out
Let3 )rant a service or allow usa)e for a
"he! (E&"ED their house $%" while
the were abroad.
1ide off .o awa! on a bi/e3 horse3 etc.
0he )ot on her motorbi/e and ($DE
1ide on Depend on.
-is reputation is (IDI&. $& this deal
wor/in) out.
1ide out 0urvive a difficult time.
"he! mana)ed to (IDE $%" the
1ide up *ove hi)her on the bod! 8of clothes9. -er s/irt ($DE %P when she sat down.
1ing back (eturn a phonecall.
I phoned and left a messa)e this mornin)
but she still hasn+t (%&. me BAC5.
1ing in
"elephone to inform or confirm
I (A&. I& and told them I would be
1ing off 'inish a phone conversation.
Dave (A&. $'' )uiltil! when he saw
his boss comin).
1ing out *a/e a sudden loud sound.
"wo shots (A&. $%" and then we
heard a scream.
1ing round
"elephone a number of people3 usuall! to
tr! to )et some information.
I (A&. ($%&D to see if an!one /new
where she+d )one.
1ing up "elephone. -elen (A&. me %P earlier.
1ing up Achieve an amount or number. "he! (A&. %P several victories.
1ing up Enter fi)ures into a till or cash re)ister. "he! (A&. %P the bill for the )roceries.
1ing with When a place is full of a loud sound. "he room (A&. WI"- their lau)hter.
1ip off
Char)e e#cessivel! or obtain mone!
"ourists )et (IPPED $'' a lot when the!
don+t spea/ the lan)ua)e.
1oll back (etreat.
"he arm! ($LLED BAC5 when the!
came under attac/.
1oll back (educe or remove.
"he )overnment want to ($LL BAC5
the freedom of the press.
1oll by Pass 8time9. "he !ears ($LLED B.
1oll in Arrive somewhere3 especiall! if late.
"he! ($LLED I& ver! drun/ at three
o+cloc/ in the mornin).
1oll in
Arrive in lar)e numbers3 for militar!
"he tan/s ($LLED I& and too/ control
of the capital cit!.
1oll on When somethin) continues to happen.
"he competition ($LLED $& despite
the administrative problems.
1oll on
0aid when !ou can+t wait for somethin)
nice in the future.
(oll on 'rida!< It+s been a dreadful wee/.
1oll out
Launch or introduce a new product3
initiative3 etc..
"he compan! ($LLED $%" its ta/eover
plans last wee/.
1oll up "o appear in lar)e numbers for an event.
"housands ($LLED %P to see the stars
at the film premiere.
1oll up
An imperative used to attract people to a
public event.
(oll up< Come and see the circus toni)ht.
1omp in Win easil!.
In the first race3 the favourite ($*PED
Do somethin) easil! or 6uic/l!.
We ($*PED "-($%.- the tas/s
because the! were so simple.
1oom in
"o /eep a mother and bab! to)ether after
the birth.
&owada!s3 most hospitals have a polic!
of ($$*I&. I& mothers and their
1oot about Loo/ in a place to tr! to find somethin).
-e ($$"ED AB$%" in his briefcase3
tr!in) to find a pen.
Loo/ in a place to tr! to find somethin).
I ($$"ED A($%&D m! flat tr!in) to
find the letter.
1oot for 0upport.
Ever!one was ($$"I&. '$( Arsenal
to win the Champions Lea)ue.
1oot out Loo/ for and find. "he police ($$"ED $%" the informer.
1oot out
'ind the source of a problem and remove
"he! are tr!in) to ($$" $%" the
1oot up Di) a plant out of the )round.
-e ($$"ED %P the plants and replanted
1ope in .et somebod! to help.
"he teacher ($PED her students I& to
carr! her stuff when she had to chan)e
1ope into
.et someone to help or become involved3
usuall! when the! don+t want to.
I )ot ($PED I&"$ helpin) them set the
stall up.
1ope off
E#tend ropes or barriers across or around
an area.
"he celebrit! entrance was ($PED $''
from the )eneral public.
1ough up Assault.
"he mu))er ($%.-ED him %P when
he refused to hand his wallet over.
1ound off 'inish somethin) in a satisfactor! manner.
Winnin) the 'A Cup ($%&DED $'' a
wonderful season for Arsenal.
1ow back (etreat from a position.
"he prime minister refused to ($W
BAC5 and lost the vote.
1ub along -ave a reasonabl! )ood relationship.
"he!+re not friends3 but we (%B
1ub down Dr! or clean somethin) with a cloth.
0he (%BBED the horse D$W& with a
towel after ridin) it.
1ub down
*assa)e or rub someone to help them
"he trainer (%BBED her D$W& after
the race.
1ub in
Appl! a substance li/e cream or ointment
and rub it until it is absorbed.
-e applied the steroid cream and
(%BBED it I&.
1ub it in
Emphasise how bad a situation is to ma/e
someone feel worse.
Even thou)h the minister had resi)ned3
the press (%BBED I" I& b! publishin)
more details of the scandal.
1ub off on Pass a 6ualit! or characteristic to people.
-is enthusiasm (%B0 $'' $& ever!one
around him.
1ub out Delete in/ or pencil with an eraser.
-e (%BBED $%" the fi)ure and wrote
the correct one in.
1ub out 5ill.
"he )an)sters (%BBED him $%" for
stealin) from them.
1ub up
"ouch someone in a sensual or se#ual wa!.
"he cat (%BBED %P A.AI&0" m! le)
1ub up on (evise.
I need to (%B %P $& m! Portu)uese
before I )o to Bra2il.
1ule out E#clude a possibilit!.
"he police have (%LED $%" suicide
and are treatin) it as a case of murder.
1un across *eet or find accidentall!.
I (A& AC($00 an old friend in the
1un after Chase3 pursue.
"he police (A& A'"E( the )u! who+d
stolen it3 but he was too fast for them.
1un after
"r! to become romanticall! involved with
-e was (%&&I&. A'"E( her for a)es
never mana)ed to )et a date.
1un against $ppose3 ma/e difficulties.
$pinion is (%&&I&. A.AI&0" his
policies and he has ver! little support.
1un along .o awa!3 leave 8often as an imperative9.
"he! /ept disturbin) him3 so he told them
to (%& AL$&. and leave him in peace.
1un around Be ver! bus! doin) man! thin)s.
I+m e#hausted, I+ve been (%&&I&.
A($%&D all da!.
1un away Escape from people chasin) !ou. -e (A& AWA from his attac/ers.
1un away
Leave home because of problems with
other famil! members or to elope.
0he (A& AWA to avoid a forced
1un down -it a pedestrian with a vehicle.
"he minicab (A& him D$W& on the
2ebra crossin).
1un down Lose ener)! or power.
ou should onl! rechar)e the batter!
when it has full! (%& D$W&.
1un down Criticise3 dispara)e.
"he!+re alwa!s (%&&I&. me D$W&
and I am sic/ and tired of it.
1un down 'ind the source or ori)in of somethin).
"he police (A& D$W& all the leads
the! had and cau)ht them.
1un for Campai)n for a position.
0he+s thin/in) about (%&&I&. '$( the
1un in
Arrest3 ta/e to police station for
"he! (A& him I& last ni)ht.
1un in
Drive a new car carefull! in order not to
dama)e the en)ine.
0he (A& the car I& for a thousand miles.
1un in Pa! a casual visit. We (A& I& and chatted for an hour.
1un in Insert. -e (A& a )raph I& ne#t to the te#t.
1un into Cost.
"he pro4ect has (%& I&"$ millions of
dollars without an! prospect of a return
on this investment.
1un into *eet b! accident.
I (A& I&"$ 7ames in a bar in the Cit!
on 'rida!.
1un off *a/e photocopies.
Could !ou (%& $'' two hundred copies
of this report3 please.
1un on Be powered b!. "he van (%&0 $& diesel.
1un out of -ave none left.
We+ve (%& $%" $' su)ar1 I+m )oin) to
the shops for some.
1un over E#plain 6uic/l!.
Could !ou (%& $VE( that point a)ain1
I+m afraid I didn+t 6uite understand it.
1un over -it with a vehicle.
"he driver couldn+t stop in time and (A&
the fo# $VE( when it ran in front of his
1un over E#ceed a time limit.
"he meetin) (A& $VE( b! twent!
Practise a dramatic wor/ li/e a pla!
"he cast (A& "-($%.- the pla! the
da! before it opened to the public.
0tab or wound deepl! with a /nife3 sword3
"he mus/eteer (A& his enem!
"-($%.- with a sword and /illed him.
1un to .o to someone for help.
Whenever he )ets into debt3 he (%&0 "$
his parents for help.
1un to Include in thin)s !ou li/e.
-is musical tastes (%& "$ the
(esidents3 who are hated b! most people.
1un to
-ave enou)h mone! to bu! somethin)3
often ne)ative.
"hin)s are a bit ti)ht and won+t (%& "$
)oin) abroad for a holida!.
1un up *ove 6uic/l! to where someone is.
-e (A& %P ne#t to me and started
1un up -oist3 raise a fla). "he! (A& %P the %nion 7ac/.
1un up Do or ma/e somethin) ver! 6uic/l!.
-e (A& %P a few e#amples for them to
loo/ at.
1un up 0pend a lot of mone! on credit. -e (A& %P a lot of bills at the hotel.
1un up
Encounter problems3 often une#pected.
"he! (A& %P A.AI&0" a lot of
opposition to the construction.
1un up on Approach someone without their /nowin).
(obert was sittin) in his car and a )u!
(A& %P $& him and shot throu)h the
car but missed.
1un with 5eep compan!3 normall! bad.
0he (%&0 WI"- some dod)!
1ush away Leave a place in a hurr!.
"he! (%0-ED AWA when the police
1ush into Do somethin) too 6uic/l!.
"he! don+t want to be (%0-ED I&"$
)ivin) an answer and have as/ed for
more time.
1ush off Depart in a hurr!.
>ac (%0-ED $'' to )et to his medical
1ush out (elease or put somethin) on sale 6uic/l!.
"he! (%0-ED the sin)le $%" after it
started )ettin) airpla!.
1ustle up *a/e somethin) 6uic/l! without much We (%0"LED %P dinner from what was
preparation. in the frid)e.
2addle up
Put a saddle on and prepare an animal to
0he 0ADDLED %P the horse and rode
2addle with
.ive someone a tas/ or responsibilit! that
is difficult or hard wor/.
"he! 0ADDLED me WI"- preparin) the
2ag off
&ot )o to school or wor/3 or leave earl!
when !ou shouldn+t.
I was bored so I 0A..ED $'' wor/
earl! and went home.
2ail into Criticise an)ril!.
-e 0AILED I&"$ me for turnin) up an
hour late.
2ail through Pass easil!3 succeed. -e 0AILED "-($%.- the final test.
2ally forth Leave somewhere safe or comfortable.
"he townspeople 0ALLIED '$("- to
fi)ht the invadin) arm!.
2ally out Leave somewhere safe or comfortable.
"hou)h it was pourin) with rain3 we
0ALLIED $%" to meet her.
2alt away 0ave mone!.
0he+s ma/in) a lot of mone!3 but 0AL"0
it AWA rather than spendin) it.
2ave on (educe or avoid consumption to cut costs. I use 0/!pe to 0AVE $& m! phone bills.
2ave up 'or mone! for a particular purpose. -e+s 0AVI&. %P to bu! a car.
2ave up Collect or store somethin) for future use.
I+m 0AVI&. %P the receipts to claim on
them all at once.
2aw off
"o remove somethin) b! cuttin) it with a
-e 0AWED $'' the le)s of the chair.
2aw up Cut into pieces with a saw.
We 0AWED the plan/ %P to ma/e the
2cale back
*a/e somethin) smaller than ori)inall!
"he! had to 0CALE BAC5 the pro4ect
because of the costs.
2cale down
*a/e somethin) smaller than ori)inall!
"he! have had to 0CALE D$W& the
pro4ect because of the costs.
2cale up Increase3 ma/e bi))er.
"he! are 0CALI&. %P the pro)ramme
because it has been so successful.
2care away
'ri)hten someone some much that the! )o
"he cat 0CA(ED the birds AWA.
2care off
*a/e someone so fri)htened that he or she
"he vicious Doberman )uard,do)
0CA(ED the bur)lars AWA.
2cout about Loo/ in different places for somethin).
"he compan! is 0C$%"I&. AB$%" for
new staff.
Loo/ in different places for somethin).
We 0C$%"ED A($%&D to find the best
2cout out 0earch for somethin).
"he researcher spent months 0C$%"I&.
$%" the answer.
2cout round Loo/ in different places for somethin). I 0C$%"ED ($%&D for a bar)ain.
2cout up
"r! to find someone for a tas/ or
We+d better 0C$%" %P a replacement for
*ana)e with little mone!.
I+ve been 0C(API&. AL$&. on
temporar! wor/ since I lost m! 4ob.
2crape by 7ust mana)e to pass somethin).
I thou)ht I was )oin) to fail3 but
0C(APED B with ?HL.
2crape in
7ust )et enou)h to succeed3 pass or be
"he )overnment 0C(APED I& with ?HL
of the votes cast.
2crape into Be accepted somewhere3 but onl! 4ust.
0he )ot mediocre )rades and 4ust
0C(APED I&"$ universit!.
Pass a test but onl! 4ust.
I did no revision and onl! 4ust 0C(APED
"-($%.- the final e#ams.
*ana)e to collect enou)h of somethin)
!ou need3 usuall! mone!.
I had to search m! flat for mone! to
0C(APE "$.E"-E( what I needed.
2crape up
*ana)e to collect enou)h of somethin)
!ou need3 usuall! mone!.
It too/ me a)es to 0C(APE %P the
mone! for the tic/ets.
2creen off
0eparate a part of a room with somethin)
li/e a curtain3 screen3 etc..
We 0C(EE&ED $'' the area where we
had the discussion from the rest of the
2creen out E#clude.
Applicants without the ri)ht
6ualifications were 0C(EE&ED $%".
2creen out Bloc/ li)ht. "he sun cream 0C(EE&0 $%" %V li)ht.
2creen out 0top noticin) somethin).
"here are so man! notices and si)ns that I
have started 0C(EE&I&. them $%".
Waste time.
-e spent the afternoon 0C(EWI&.
A($%D and )ot nothin) done.
Be se#uall! promiscuous.
-e 0C(EWED A($%&D a lot at
2crew over "reat harshl! or cheat. "he I(0 reall! 0C(EWED him $VE(.
2crew up Do badl! or fail.
David 0C(EWED %P his oral e#am but
still mana)ed to scrape a pass.
2ee about Arran)e3 consider.
I+ll 0EE AB$%" whether we can mana)e
2ee into Accompan! someone into an office. -er secretar! 0AW me I&"$ her office.
2ee off Chase somebod! or somethin) awa!.
A cat came into the bac/ )arden but the
do) soon 0AW it $''.
2ee off
.o to the airport3 station3 etc.3 to sa!
)oodb!e to someone.
I went to the station to 0EE them $''.
2ee out
Accompan! a )uest to !our front door
when the! are leavin) !our house.
Are !ou sure !ou+re )oin)= I+ll )et !our
coats and 0EE !ou $%".
2ee through Continue with somethin) to the end.
"he! had a lot of difficulties in
implementin) the pro4ect3 but the team
0AW it "-($%.- successfull!.
2ee through
(ealise someone is l!in) or bein)
"he police 6uic/l! 0AW "-($%.- her
dis)uise and arrested her.
2ee to Deal with somethin).
-e 0AW "$ the arran)ements and
ever!thin) ran smoothl! and efficientl!.
2ell off 0ell a business or part of it.
"he! 0$LD $'' their research
2ell off
0ell somethin) cheapl! because !ou need
the mone! or don+t need it.
0he 0$LD $'' her furniture before she
2ell on Convince someone.
We mana)ed to 0ELL him $& the
e#pansion plans.
2ell on
Bu! somethin) then sell it to someone
We bu! them wholesale and 0ELL them
$& to the public.
2ell out
-ave no more of somethin) left because it
has been bou)ht.
"he tic/ets for the Primal 0cream concert
at the Bri#ton Academ! 0$LD $%" in a
couple of hours.
2ell out
Lose all artistic inte)rit! in return for
commercial success.
*ost bands 0ELL $%" when the! si)n to
a ma4or record label3 and for)et all their
principles when pursuin) chart success.
2ell up
0ell a house or business to move
somewhere or do somethin) different.
We want to 0ELL %P and move to the
2end back (eturn somethin).
I 0E&" m! food BAC5 because it was
2end for As/ someone to come and help.
I had to 0E&D '$( a plumber because
the radiator was lea/in).
2end in
$rder people into a place to handle a
"he police were 0E&" I& to 6uell the riot
as the protesters had started burnin) cars
and wrec/in) shops.
2end in Write to )et information.
If !ou want to enter the competition3 !ou
have to 0E&D I& for an entr! form.
2end off E#pel a sports pla!er from a match.
"he football stri/er was 0E&" $'' for
ar)uin) with the referee+s decision.
2end off Post a letter.
I must 0E&D this letter $'' toda!
otherwise it won+t )et there in time.
2end off for $rder somethin) b! post.
I 0E&" $'' '$( some 4eans that I li/ed
in the catalo)ue.
2end out 0end somethin) to a lot of people.
"he! 0E&" $%" a mailshot to all their
e#istin) customers.
2end out for $rder ta/eawa! food b! phone.
We couldn+t be bothered to coo/3 so we
0E&" $%" '$( a pi22a.
2end up ImitateFimpersonate for comic effect.
"he mischievous schoolbo! was standin)
at the front of the class3 0E&DI&. the
teacher %P3 when the teacher opened the
door behind him.
2et about 0tart doin) somethin).
We 0E" AB$%" the cleanin) and )ot it
done before lunchtime.
2et about Attac/.
"he )an) 0E" AB$%" her as she left the
2et apart
Distin)uish3 be better than or different
from others.
"he 6ualit! of their wor/ 0E"0 them
APA(" from their rivals.
2et aside $verturn a court verdict or decision.
"he Appeal Court 0E" A0IDE the )uilt!
verdict because the evidence was
unsatisfactor! and declared her not )uilt!.
2et back Cost.
"he car repairs 0E" me BAC5 ei)ht
hundred pounds.
2et back Dela!.
"he accident 0E" the pro4ect BAC5
several months.
2et forth 0tate or outline an opinion.
-e 0E" '$("- his ideas in his
2et forth 0tart a 4ourne!.
We 0E" '$("- at da!brea/ for the
summit of the mountain.
2et in Chan)e season noticeabl!. Winter has 0E" I&1 it+s started snowin).
2et off E#plode a bomb.
"errorists 0E" $'' a car bomb in the cit!
centre last ni)ht. 'ortunatel!3 no,one was
hurt or /illed.
2et off (in) an alarm. "he smo/e 0E" the fire alarm $''.
2et off 0tart a 4ourne!. We 0E" $'' for wor/ at seven,thirt!.
2et off Counterbalance a debt.
"he compan! 0E" $'' its overseas debts
a)ainst it profits at home.
2et off Provide a visual contrast that loo/s )ood.
"he dar/ frame 0E"0 the pale drawin)
$'' well.
2et off Cause3 tri))er events.
"he pa! free2e 0E" $'' a wave of
2et on Attac/. -e was 0E" $& when he left the bar.
2et out Displa!3 show.
"he fi)ures are 0E" $%" in the council+s
annual report.
2et out 0tart a 4ourne!.
"he e#plorers 0E" $%" for the 0outh
Pole !esterda! mornin).
2et out Arran)e3 or)anise.
"he contract 0E"0 $%" all the details of
the a)reement.
2et to Wor/ hard or enthusiasticall!.
If we all 0E" "$3 we should be able to
finish this in a few hours.
2et up Prepare e6uipment3 software3 etc.3 for use.
"he technician 0E" %P the computer
networ/ perfectl!.
2et up 0tart a compan!.
"he! 0E" %P a dot com compan!3 floated
it a couple of !ears later on the 0toc/
E#chan)e and made an absolute fortune.
2et up
Provide someone with the mone! needed
to live.
Winnin) the lotter! 0E" them %P for life.
2et up "ric/3 deceive. "he police 0E" them %P.
2et upon Attac/.
"he! 0E" %P$& her when she was in the
car par/.
2ettle down 0tart livin) a fi#ed and routine life.
After !ears of part!in) and drin/in)3 she
finall! )ot married and 0E""LED
2ettle for Accept whatever is available.
We were upset not to win and had to
0E""LE '$( the second pri2e.
2ettle in .et used to.
It too/ him a while to 0E""LE I& when
he moved to 7apan.
2ettle on A)ree.
"he! couldn+t a)ree at first on a name for
their dau)hter3 but finall! 0E""LED $&
2ettle up Pa! a debt.
Let+s 0E""LE %P for the dinner the other
2ex up Chan)e information to ma/e it more
attractive to the reader or listener.
"he )overnment denied that the! had
0EAED %P the report to ma/e the front
2hack up
Live with someone when !ou are in a
"he! 0-AC5ED %P a few months after
the! started )oin) out.
2hack up Live somewhere temporaril!.
We had to 0-AC5 %P with friends while
our house was bein) decorated.
2hade in *a/e a part of a picture dar/er. 0he 0-ADED I& the area under the tree.
2hake down 0earch.
"he police 0-$$5 the house D$W&
loo/in) for dru)s.
2hake down E#tort or cheat mone! from someone.
-e 0-$$5 the )u! D$W& with some
stor! about needin) the mone! for an
2hake off .et rid of an illness.
It too/ me a)es to 0-A5E $'' the
2hake out
0ha/e clothes3 cloths3 etc to remove dirt or
-e too/ the tablecloth outside and
0-$$5 it $%" after dinner.
2hake up %pset or shoc/.
"he news of her death reall! 0-$$5 me
2hake up
*a/e ma4or chan)es to improve or save a
compan!3 or)anisation3 etc.
"he mana)ement are 0-A5I&. thin)s
%P and )ettin) rid of a lot of wor/ers.
2hake up *i# thin)s in a container b! sha/in) hard.
Pour the in)redients into a container and
0-A5E them %P.
2hape up Develop in a positive wa!.
"hin)s are 0-API&. %P at wor/,
ever!thin)+s )oin) well a)ain.
2hape up Improve to reach an acceptable standard.
If the! don+t start 0-API&. %P3 the!+re
)oin) to lose their 4obs.
2have off 0have completel!.
-e has 0-AVED $'' his moustache and
loo/s much !oun)er.
2have off (educe b! a small amount.
-e 0-AVED a few thousand $'' the
bud)et for the !ear.
2hell out
0pend mone! on somethin)3 especiall!
when !ou thin/ it+s too e#pensive.
I had to 0-ELL $%" a hundred pounds
on the dinner.
2hip off
0end someone awa!3 often because of a
-e was causin) a lot of trouble3 so the!
0-IPPED him $'' to another branch
2hip out 0end )oods to a place.
We 0-IPPED the order $%" two da!s
2hip out Leave a place.
If !ou+ve finished !our wor/3 I+m read! to
0-IP $%".
2hoot away Leave somewhere 6uic/l!.
-e 0-$" AWA as soon as the bell ran)
for the end of the lesson.
2hoot back (eturn 6uic/l!.
I+m 0-$$"I&. BAC5 home to pic/ up
some thin)s I for)ot to brin) with me.
2hoot for -ave as a )oal.
I;m 0-$$"I&. '$( nothin) less than
the presidenc!.
2hoot off Leave promptl! and 6uic/l!.
I+ll have to 0-$$" $'' as soon as the
lesson finishes3 otherwise I+ll miss m!
2hoot out .o out for a short time. I+m 0-$$"I&. $%" to the shops for a
2hoot up Increase 6uic/l!.
"he share prices of internet companies
have been 0-$$"I&. %P latel!.
2hoot up "a/e illicit dru)s intravenousl!..
"he heroin,user would 0-$$" %P in
shop doorwa!s.
2hoot up Dama)e with )un,shots. "he )an)sters 0-$" %P the pub.
2hoot up Increase 6uic/l!3 )row.
7ohnn! has 0-$" %P since I last saw
Loo/ around for the best price3 6ualit!3
If !ou 0-$P A($%&D3 !ou can find
some real bar)ains for air tic/ets.
2hort out 0hort circuit.
"he batter! 0-$("ED $%" when it )ot
2hout down
*a/e so much noise to stop someone
bein) heard.
-is efforts to raise the issue were
0-$%"ED D$W&.
2hout out
0a! somethin) loudl!3 often to attract
someone+s attention.
0he 0-$%"ED $%" m! name.
"a/e someone to a place to show them
certain parts.
"he estate a)ent 0-$WED us A($%&D
the house but we didn+t li/e it much.
2how in
"a/e someone into an office or other
"he secretar! 0-$WED me I& to spea/
to the mana)er.
2how off Behave in a wa! so as to attract attention.
"he children were 0-$WI&. $'' and
irritated me.
2how off Displa! somethin) !ou are proud of.
-e wanted to 0-$W $'' his new sound
2how off
*a/e the 6ualities of another thin) more
"he shirt reall! 0-$WED $'' his new
2how out
"a/e someone to out of a room or
-er secretar! 0-$WED me $%" after
the interview.
2how over "a/e someone around a site.
-e 0-$WED us $VE( the scene of the
2how round
"a/e someone to a place to show them
certain parts.
"he )uide 0-$WED them ($%&D the
historic part of the cit!.
When a feelin) can be seen despite
attempts to conceal it.
-is an)er 0-$WED "-($%.- despite
his smile.
2how up Attend somethin) or arrive somewhere. Ver! few 0-$WED %P at the meetin).
2how up Become clear or apparent.
"he downturn in sales 0-$WED %P in
the compan!+s accounts.
2how up
*a/e someone feel embarrassed or
-e 0-$WED us %P when he arrived
drun/ and started ar)uin).
2hrug off
Disre)ard somethin)3 not consider it
important or harmful.
-e 0-(%..ED $'' the criticism and
carried on the same wa!.
2hut away Imprison or remove someone+s freedom.
*an! people have been 0-%" AWA in
ps!chiatric hospitals for disa)reein) with
the )overnment.
2hut down Close a business3 shop3 etc..
"he shop 0-%" D$W& when the out,of,
town supermar/et opened.
2hut down "urn a computer off. ou should close all pro)rams before !ou
0-%" a computer D$W&.
2hut in Prevent someone from leavin).
I 0-%" the cat I& until it was time to )o
to the vet.
2hut off Close3 prevent access.
"he! 0-%" the water $'' while the!
did the repairs.
2hut out E#clude.
ou have to 0-%" !our feelin)s $%" to
deal with it.
2hut out &ot allow a pla!er or team to score. "he Dod)ers 0-%" $%" the .iants :,@.
2hut out of E#clude someone from an activit!3 etc.
-e+s been 0-%" $%" $' the
2hut up 0top tal/in) or ma/in) noise.
-e told us to 0-%" %P and start
2hut up Close for a period of time.
"he! 0-%" the shop %P for a fortni)ht
while the! were on holida!.
Withdraw from compan!.
0he+s 0-%" herself AWA to revise for
her e#ams.
2hy away
Avoid doin) somethin) because !ou lac/
*an! learners 0- AWA '($* usin)
phrasal verbs.
2ide with 0upport someone.
"he lecturer 0IDED WI"- her students
and )ot sac/ed for her pains.
2idle up to Approach someone discreetl!.
-e 0IDLED %P "$ me and whispered
his name.
2ift through E#amine a lot of thin)s carefull!.
We had to 0I'" "-($%.- thousands of
files before we found what we were
loo/in) for.
2ign away .ive awa! le)al or propert! ri)hts.
-e 0I.&ED AWA his ri)hts to
compensation when he si)ned the
2ign for Write a si)nature on behalf on someone.
*! boss was out for the da!3 so I
0I.&ED her letters '$( her.
2ign in (e)ister in a hotel. We 0I.&ED I& and went strai)ht to bed.
2ign in
$pen a computer pro)ram that re6uires a
name and password.
I 0I.&ED I& and started chattin) online.
2ign in Write !our name when enterin) a place.
ou have to 0I.& I& before !ou can
enter the club.
2ign into
$pen a particular computer pro)ram that
re6uires a name and password.
I 0I.& I&"$ *0& *essen)er
automaticall! when I boot up.
2ign off End a messa)e.
I+ll 0I.& $'' now3 but will write a)ain
ne#t wee/.
2ign off Close a claim for unemplo!ment benefit. I 0I.&ED $'' when I )ot m! new 4ob.
2ign off 0top doin) somethin) to leave.
I+m 0I.&I&. $'' now and )oin) home,
I+m shattered.
2ign off
.ive someone a letter to be awa! from
*! doctor 0I.&ED me $'' for a month
with bac/ problems.
2ign off on .ive official approval.
"he director 0I.&ED $'' $& the plans
to increase sales.
2ign on $pen a claim for unemplo!ment benefit. I had to 0I.& $& when I lost m! 4ob.
2ign on A)ree to participate.
I+ve 0I.&ED $& to help at the villa)e
2ign on 0tart broadcastin). -e 0I.&0 $& the same wa! ever! show.
2ign on Emplo!. We+ve 0I.&ED $& two new teachers.
2ign on with
0i)n a document 4oinin) or a)reein) to
-e+s 0I.&ED $& WI"- *anchester
%nited for the ne#t three !ears.
2ign out
Close a computer pro)ram that re6uires a
name and password.
I 0I.&ED $%" and then shut the
computer down.
2ign out
0i)n somethin) to show !ou have
borrowed somethin).
Could !ou 0I.& those boo/s $%"3
2ign out of
Close a particular computer pro)ram that
re6uires a name and password.
I 0I.&ED $%" $' *0& *essen)er and
shut the computer down.
2ign up .ive !our name to do somethin). I+ve 0I.&ED %P as a volunteer.
2ign up 0ubscribe. I 0I.&ED %P for their newsletter.
2ign with *a/e a contract with.
0he+s 0I.&ED WI"- E*I for the ne#t
few !ears.
Become calmer3 ma/e less noise.
-e told them to 0I**E( D$W&
because the! were disturbin) the class
ne#t door.
2ing along
"o sin) when a piece of music is bein)
pla!ed or performed b! someone else..
I 0A&. AL$&. when the! pla!ed it on
the radio.
2ing out (epl! loudl!. When !ou hear !our name3 0I&. $%"<
2ing out 0in) loudl!. Ever!one 0A&. $%" durin) the chorus.
2ing up 0in) louder. We can+t hear !ou, 0I&. %P.
2ingle out 0elect or choose one from a )roup.
*an! people applied for the 4ob but we
will 0I&.LE $%" the best one.
2ink in 0lowl! come to be understood.
"he truth finall! 0A&5 I& about her
death when it was broadcast on "V.
2it about
0it and do nothin)3 especiall! when !ou
should be wor/in).
We spent the afternoon 0I""I&.
AB$%" chattin) instead of doin) an!
2it around 0it idl!3 doin) nothin).
"he! 4ust 0A" A($%&D while the others
did all the wor/.
2it back
Wait for somethin) to happen without
ma/in) an! effort.
We 0A" BAC5 and waited for them to
ma/e the first mista/e.
2it back (ela# in a chair. I 0A" BAC5 and en4o!ed the show.
2it by &ot tr! to stop somethin).
I can+t 0I" B while the! are punished
2it down -elp someone to sit. "he nurse 0A" me D$W& in a chair.
2it for Pose for an artist or photo)rapher.
"he Iueen 0A" '$( another official
2it for
Loo/ after children while their parents are
0he 0I"0 '$( her nei)hbors when the!
)o out.
2it in
$ccup! a buildin) to protest about
"he students 0A" I& the Librar! as a
protest a)ainst the increase in tuition fees.
2it in for "a/e on someone+s responsibilities while -er deput!+s 0I""I&. I& '$( her while
the! are absent. she+s awa!.
2it in on Attend as an observer.
0he 0A" I& $& the meetin) and too/
notes but said nothin).
2it on Be on a committee.
0he+s 0A" $& the finance committee
from the be)innin).
2it on
"o handle somebod! firml! who behaves
impertinentl!3 conceitedl!.
If his )irlfriend finds out3 she+ll )et mad
and 0I" $& him.
2it on -old information bac/ or /eep it secret.
"he )overnment have been 0I""I&. $&
the report because it was so critical.
2it out &ot ta/e part.
I had to 0I" the )ame $%" because I was
2it over Eat or drin/ slowl!.
WE 0A" $VE( dinner discussin) the
2it through 0ta! till the end of somethin) dull.
I was bored and wanted to leave halfwa!
throu)h3 but we 0A" "-($%.- the
2it with (econcile different positions.
It+s hard to see how their new plan 0I"0
WI"- the promises the! made.
2ize up Assess a situation or person carefull!..
"he doorstaff 0I>ED %P ever!one
enterin) the club.
2ize up
*a/e somethin) bi))er or produce bi))er
0oft drin/s manufacturers have 0I>ED
%P their products in recent !ears.
2kin up *a/e a cannabis 4oint. 0he 05I&&ED %P a fat spliff.
2kin up *a/e a cannabis 4oint. Who+s )oin) to 05I& %P=
2kive off Avoid doin) wor/ or other dut!.
I pretended I was ill and 05IVED $''
on *onda!.
2lack off
(educe one+s effort3 perform with less
enthusiasm and ener)!.
0tudents usuall! be)in the term well3 then
0LAC5 $'' near the end of the
2lacken off Become less bus! or intense.
Wor/ 0LAC5E&0 $'' durin) the
holida! period.
2lag off Criticise heavil!.
"he concert was terrible and all the
papers 0LA..ED the band $''.
'avour one viewpoint3 bias.
"hat travel ma)a2ine is totall!
0LA&"ED "$WA(D the ultra,rich.
2leep in 0leep lon)er than usual.
Let;s 0LEEP I& tomorrow mornin), we
won;t have another chance for wee/s.
2leep off
0leep in order to recover from e#cess
alcohol3 dru)s3 etc..
0he went to bed "$ 0LEEP $'' the
effects of the te6uila.
2leep on "hin/ about somethin).
*! boss said she+d have to 0LEEP $& it
when I as/ed her for a raise.
2leep over 0pend the ni)ht at someone else+s house.
"he au pair made tea for the friends who
were 0LEEPI&. $VE(.
&ot wa/e up.
I 0LEP" "-($%.- the storm even
thou)h the wind blew some slates off the
2lice off Cut3 remove an amount or part of "he! C%" H@L $'' the ori)inal price.
2lice up Cut completel! into pieces or slices.
I 0LICED the ca/e %P and handed it
round to the people there.
2lip away
Lose an opportunit! or the chance of
winnin)3 succeedin)3 etc.
"heir hopes of )ettin) bac/ into the )ame
0LIPPED AWA after the second )oal.
2lip away Pass 6uic/l! 8time9.
"he !ear has 0LIPPED AWA and it is
hard to believe it+s over.
2lip by Pass 6uic/l! 8time9. "he !ears 0LIP B as !ou )et older.
2lip by
Lose an opportunit! or the chance of
winnin)3 succeedin)3 etc.
-e didn+t follow the offer up and let it
2lip down Be en4o!able to drin/ or eat.
"he cold beer 0LIPPED D$W& a treat
after the wal/.
2lip in
"r! to include somethin) discreetl! when
-e 0LIPPED I& a mention of his e#am
results to remind us how well he did.
2lip into Put clothes on 6uic/l!.
I )ot out of m! suit and 0LIPPED I&"$
m! p!4amas.
2lip into
Ac6uire bad habits or fall into a bad or
ne)ative state or condition.
"he econom! 0LIPPED I&"$ recession
and shows no si)ns of recover!.
2lip off Leave a place discreetl!.
It was ver! borin) so we 0LIPPED $''
before it finished.
2lip off (emove clothes.
I 0LIPPED m! shoes $'' when I
2lip off to .o somewhere discreetl!. We 0LIPPED $'' "$ the pub.
2lip on Put clothes on 6uic/l!.
I 0LIPPED m! coat $& and rushed
2lip out Leave discreetl!.
"he part! was reall! dull so we 0LIPPED
$%" and went to the pub instead.
2lip up *a/e an error.
"he waitress 0LIPPED %P and didn+t
brin) us what we had ordered.
2lob about Be la2!3 do nothin).
I 0L$BBED AB$%" all da! as I couldn+t
be bothered to do an! wor/.
2lob around Be la2!3 do nothin).
I spent the da! 0L$BBI&. A($%&D at
2lope off
Leave somewhere without lettin) others
"he lecture sounded reall! borin)3 so I
0L$PED $'' and went to the pub.
2lough off .et rid of3 dispose.
"he )overnment is increasin) its powers
but is 0L$%.-I&. $'' responsibilit!
for its failures.
2lough off Lose or shed outer la!ers of s/in. 0na/es 0L$%.- $'' their old s/in.
2lough off I)nore or triviali2e an in4ur! or insult.
-e 0L$%.-ED $'' the pain and
continued runnin).
2low down (educe speed.
"he car 0L$WED D$W& when the!
saw the police.
2low down Become less active.
It is important to slow down3 rest3 and eat
2low up 0low the pro)ress of somethin).
"he ne)otiations were 0L$WED %P b!
the ar)uments.
2lug it out 'i)ht or ar)ue.
"he! 0L%..ED I" $%" for hours but
never came to an a)reement.
2mack of Appear to have a ne)ative 6ualit!.
"he )overnment+s decision 0*AC50 $'
Demolish or brea/ somethin) down.
"he police 0*A0-ED the door D$W&
to )et into the house.
2mash in Brea/ somethin) b! hittin) it repeatedl!. -e 0*A0-ED the windscreen I&.
2mash up Destro!3 brea/ into man! pieces.
"he bur)lars 0*A0-ED %P the office as
there was no mone! to steal.
2moke out
'orce someone out of a place the!+re
hidin) in.
"he police 0*$5ED the )an) $%" and
arrested them.
2naffle up
Consume3 ta/e3 bu! somethin) other
people ma! want.
"he! 0&A''LED %P all the food before
we )ot there.
2nap off Brea/ a piece off somethin).
-e 0&APPED $'' a bit of chocolate
from the bar and )ave it to me..
2nap out of Control ne)ative emotions.
I was feelin) depressed and /new I had to
0&AP $%" $' it.
2nap to it Do somethin) 6uic/l!.
-e had ta/en a)es so I told him to 0&AP
"$ I" and )et it finished.
2nap up .et3 ac6uire or bu! somethin) 6uic/l!.
Collectors 0&APPED %P ever! cop! the
da! it was released.
2narl up Entan)le.
*! line was all 0&A(LED %P after I
cau)ht that last fish.
2neak out Depart furtivel!.
Althou)h the thieves tried to 0&EA5
$%" after dar/3 we were read! for them.
2neak up on Approach someone furtivel!.
Dave tried to 0&EA5 %P $& the )uard3
but was seen an!wa!.
Loo/ around to see how )ood somethin)
is or to tr! to find somethin) better.
I 0&I''ED A($%&D to see if I could
find a better deal.
2niff at Disapprove or be scornful.
A 4ob opportunit! li/e that is not to be
0&I''ED A".
2niff out
'ind somethin) b! smell 8usuall! for
Customs use do)s to 0&I'' $%" ille)al
dru)s bein) smu))led in.
2niff out
'ind out information3 especiall! when
people don+t want an!one to /now.
$ur rivals are tr!in) to 0&I'' $%" our
plans for e#pansion.
2nitch on
Divul)e secrets3 inform authorities about
(e))ie was cau)ht after someone
0&I"C-ED $& him to the teacher.
2nuff out E#tin)uish a small flame b! coverin) it.
I 0&%''ED $%" the candles before I
went to bed.
2nuff out 5ill. -e )ot 0&%''ED $%" in a )an) war.
2nuff out End somethin) suddenl!.
I messed up the first 6uestion3 which
0&%''ED $%" m! chances of )ettin) a
)ood )rade.
2ober up
0top showin) the effects of alcohol or
5eith 0$BE(ED %P a bit when we left
the pub and wal/ed home.
2often up Wea/en.
"he bombardment 0$'"E&ED %P their
defenses1 I thin/ we can move in
2often up
Do thin)s to please someone in the hope
that the! will do what !ou want.
I paid for ever!thin) to 0$'"E& them
%P before the! made the decision.
2oldier on Continue even when thin)s )et difficult.
Life )ot hard for m! do) when he went
blind3 but he 4ust 0$LDIE(ED $& and
never complained.
2ort out (esolve a problem.
-as the firm 0$("ED $%" its ta#
problems !et=
2ound off "o e#press !our opinions forcefull!.
-e 0$%&DED $'' about the 6ualit! of
the food.
2ound out
Chec/ what someone thin/s about an
issue3 idea3 etc..
ou should 0$%&D her $%" to )et her
opinion before !ou )o ahead with the
2paff away Waste 8mone!3 time3 resources3 etc9.
"he council is 0PA''I&. AWA our
ta#es on bonuses and consultants.
2park off
Cause somethin)3 usuall! unpleasant3 to
"he riot was 0PA(5ED $'' b! the
police raid on the club.
2park up Li)ht a ci)arette or 4oint.
"he! 0PA(5ED %P in a no smo/in)
2peak out "al/ openl! and freel!.
People are afraid to 0PEA5 $%" in
oppressive political re)imes.
2peak up "al/ more loudl!.
"he! couldn+t hear the spea/er and as/ed
him to 0PEA5 %P a bit.
2pell out E#plain somethin) in )reat detail.
-e won+t understand !ou unless !ou
0PELL ever!thin) $%" for him.
2pell out
Write or sa! the individual letters that
ma/e up a word.
I had to 0PELL m! surname $%" to him
as he didn+t /now how to spell it.
2pew out E#pel3 throw out.
"he volcano is 0PEWI&. $%" lava and
hot )ases.
2pew up Vomit. -e 0PEWED %P when he was drun/.
2pill out
When lar)e numbers of people leave a
place at the same time.
"he crowd 0PILLED $%" onto the
streets after the match had ended.
2pill out Come or flow out of a bo#3 container3 etc.
"he container was crac/ed and the
chemicals 0PILLED $%".
2pill out E#press or displa! emotions openl!. I let m! frustration 0PILL $%".
2pill over
When somethin) bad has a wider impact
on other people or situations.
"he protests and demonstrations have
0PILLED $VE( into nei)hbourin)
2pill over 'low over the ed)e or top of a container.
I for)ot to turn the tap off and the water
2pin off Produce an une#pected additional benefit.
"he research 0P%& $'' a number of
new products as well as solvin) the
2pin off
'orm a separate compan! from part of an
e#istin) one.
"he! 0P%& $'' the retail division last
2pin off Create a "V show usin) characters from a "he! 0P%& it $'' from the main show3
popular show. but it didn+t reall! attract man! viewers.
2pin out Lose control 8vehicle9. "he car hit the water and 0P%& $%".
2pin out *a/e somethin) last as lon) as possible.
I 0P%& the wor/ $%" to ma/e as much
mone! from the 4ob as I could.
2pirit away (emove someone secretl! from a place.
"he! 0PI(I"ED her AWA before the
police arrived.
2pirit off (emove someone secretl! from a place.
"he! 0PI(I"ED him $'' before an!
trouble started.
2pit it out
An informal wa! of tellin) someone to sa!
somethin) the! are unwillin) to sa!.
-urr! up3 0PI" I" $%"< I can+t wait all
da! for the truth.
2pit out 0a! somethin) an)ril!.
-e 0PA" her name $%" when he saw her
Land in the sea 8space capsules9.
Apollo H: 0PLA0-ED D$W& after a
harrowin) fli)ht.
2plash out
0pend a lot of mone! on somethin) that is
not essential.
We went to an e#pensive restaurant and
0PLA0-ED $%" to celebrate
2plash out
0pend a lot of mone! on somethin). I 0PLA0-ED $%" $& a new camera.
2plit up Divide into )roups.
"he teacher 0PLI" the class %P into
)roups of four.
2plit up 'inish a relationship.
"he! are alwa!s 0PLI""I&. %P and
then )ettin) bac/ to)ether a)ain.
2poil for (eall! want somethin).
-e+s been 0P$ILI&. '$( an ar)ument
all da!.
Clean somethin) with a spon)e.
I+ll 0P$&.E it D$W& before puttin) it
2ponge off
Accept free food and support without an!
shame or 6ualms.
Let;s )o to &ew or/3 we can alwa!s
0P$&.E $'' m! brother there.
2ponge on
Accept or )et mone! without doin) an!
A lot of people are 0P$&.I&. $& the
state b! claimin) benefits the!+re not
entitled to.
2pring back
(eturn to ori)inal position after bein)
bent3 forced or when pressure is removed.
"he loc/ 0P(I&.0 BAC5 when the /e!
is turned.
2pring for Pa! for3 often )enerousl!.
0he is )oin) to 0P(I&. '$( all their
medical bills.
2pring from Appear suddenl! and une#pectedl!.
-e 0P(A&. '($* the bushes when I
wal/ed past.
2pring from Be the cause of somethin).
-is an)er 0P(I&.0 '($* his feelin)s
of insecurit!.
2pring on 0urprise someone.
"he! 0P(%&. a birthda! part! $& me
at wor/.
2pring up Appear suddenl!.
Charit! shops are 0P(I&.I&. %P in the
2pruce up "o smarten3 ma/e somethin) neat and tid!.
We 0P(%CED the flat %P before we put
it on the mar/et.
2pur on Encoura)e someone to continue.
"he thou)ht of the bonus 0P%((ED her
$& to complete the wor/ on time.
'inish or sort somethin) out.
"here are few thin)s I have to 0I%A(E
AWA before I can leave.
23uare off
Confront someone or prepare to fi)ht
"he two drun/s 0I%A(ED $'' and the
barman had to intervene before a fi)ht
bro/e out.
23uare off
Confront someone or prepare to fi)ht
"he! 0I%A(ED $'' A.AI&0" the
police when the! arrived.
23uare up Pa! bac/ a debt.
Can I 0I%A(E %P with !ou for last
23uare up
Confront someone or prepare to fi)ht
"he companies are 0I%A(I&. %P for a
23uare up
Accept responsibilit! or )uilt.
"he! need to 0I%A(E %P "$ what the!
did wron) if we are to ma/e an! pro)ress.
23uare with *atch3 conform to.
What he said doesn+t 0I%A(E WI"-
what the others said.
23uare with
Chec/ with someone that somethin) is
I+ll have to C-EC5 that WI"- m! boss
before I can confirm it.
23ueeze up
.et more people into a space than normal
or comfortable.
'our of us had to 0I%EE>E %P in the
bac/ of the car.
2tack up Put thin)s in a pile. I 0"AC5ED %P the bo#es.
2tack up Accumulate.
Wor/ 0"AC5ED %P while I was awa!
on holida!.
2tack up Increase3 accumulate somethin).
I+ve been 0"AC5I&. %P a lot of air
2tack up Be lo)ical3 ma/e sense. "he bud)et fi)ures don+t 0"AC5 %P.
2tack up
Build up the number of planes waitin) to
land at an airport.
Planes were 0"AC5I&. %P while the
airport was closed after the bomb threat.
2tack up
Be as )ood as somethin).
"he new model doesn+t 0"AC5 %P
A.AI&0" the old one.
2taff up Emplo! someone for somethin) specific.
"he! haven+t 0"A''ED the pro4ect %P
2tamp out .et rid of somethin).
"he )overnment has started a campai)n
to 0"A*P $%" dru)s in schools.
2tand about
0pend time in a place waitin) or doin)
nothin) or ver! little.
We 0"$$D AB$%" drin/in) coffee
before the lecture.
0pend time in a place waitin) or doin)
nothin) or ver! little.
We 0"$$D A($%&D for an hour
waitin) for them to turn up.
2tand aside
Leave a position so that someone else can
ta/e it.
"he prime minister should 0"A&D
A0IDE and let a new leader head the
2tand back 5eep a distance from somethin).
We 0"$$D BAC5 while he lit the
2tand back
"r! to understand somethin) b! ta/in) a
different perspective.
We need to 0"A&D BAC5 and loo/ at
the problem differentl!.
2tand by 0upport someone.
-e 0"$$D B her throu)hout the trial
as he believed her to be innocent.
2tand by Be read! and waitin) for somethin) to "he emer)enc! services were
0"A&DI&. B waitin) for the plane to
2tand down
Leave a 4ob or position so that someone
else can ta/e it.
"he minister announced her intention to
0"A&D D$W& at the ne#t election.
2tand down 'inish bein) as/ed 6uestions in a court.
"he 4ud)e told the witness to 0"A&D
D$W& after the 6uestionin).
2tand for Accept or tolerate behaviour.
I+m not )oin) to 0"A&D '$( their
rudeness an! lon)er.
2tand for "he words represented b! certain initials.
+W-A" do the letters BBC 0"A&D '$(=
+ +British Broadcastin) Corporation.+
2tand in for 0ubstitute someone temporaril!.
0he had to 0"A&D I& '$( the editor
while he was on holida!.
2tand out Be e#traordinar! and different.
0he 0"$$D $%" from the crowd in
selection and was offered the 4ob.
2tand up
*ove from a sittin) or l!in) down to a
vertical position.
Ever!bod! 0"$$D %P when the 4ud)e
entered the court.
2tand up 'ail to /eep an appointment.
-e a)reed to meet me last ni)ht3 but he
0"$$D me %P.
2tand up
Defend3 support.
-e+s the /ind of mana)er who will alwa!s
0"A&D %P '$( his staff.
2tand up to
5eep !our principles when challen)ed b!
an authorit!.
0he 0"$$D %P "$ the police when the!
tried to corrupt her.
2tand up to (esist dama)e.
"his coat will 0"A&D %P "$ the
rou)hest weather conditions.
2tare down
Loo/ at someone until the! cannot loo/ at
-e was an)r! but I 0"A(ED him D$W&
and he left without sa!in) much.
2tart off *a/e somethin) start.
"he! 0"A("ED $'' the meetin) with
an attac/ on our performance.
2tart off Be)in life3 a career or e#istence.
0he 0"A("ED $'' as a receptionist and
ended up as the CE$.
2tart off Be)in a 4ourne!.
We 0"A("ED $'' earl! because we
/new the 4ourne! would ta/e all da!.
2tart off *a/e someone lau)h.
I was tr!in) to be serious3 but their
comment 0"A("ED me $''.
2tart off on
-elp someone to start a piece or wor/ or
I 0"A("ED her $'' $& the pro4ect then
left her to finish it.
2tart on Be)in to use or consume.
It+s time to 0"A(" $& that bottle of
2tart on Criticise an)ril!.
"he mana)er was furious and 0"A("ED
$& her staff for not tr!in) hard enou)h.
2tart on at Criticise or na). -e 0"A("ED $& A" me for bein) late.
2tart out Be)in a 4ourne!. We 0"A("ED $%" earl! in the mornin).
2tart out as Be)in life3 e#istence or a career.
What had 0"A("ED $%" A0 a protest
6uic/l! turned into a full,blown rebellion.
2tart out to Intend3 plan.
I didn+t 0"A(" $%" "$ become the
boss, it 4ust happened.
2tart over Be)in somethin) a)ain. It+s a mess, I thin/ we should 4ust 0"A("
2tart up $pen a business.
"he firm 0"A("ED %P on a shoestrin)
2tart up Be)in3 especiall! sounds.
"here was a pause3 then the noise
0"A("ED %P a)ain.
2tart up When an en)ine starts wor/in). "he car 0"A("ED %P first time.
2tart up *a/e an en)ine wor/. I 0"A("ED the car %P.
2tart up
0it or stand upri)ht because someone has
surprised !ou.
-e 0"A("ED %P when I entered the
room and tried to hide what he was doin).
2tash away 0tore or hide somethin) in a safe place.
I 0"A0-ED some mone! AWA behind
some boo/s.
2tave in Push or brea/ somethin) inwards.
"he police 0"$VE the front door I& and
arrested them.
2tave off Dela!3 prevent somethin) from happenin).
"he medicine 0"AVED $'' the worst of
the disease.
2tay away &ot come.
-e said he didn+t li/e them comin) and
wanted them to 0"A AWA.
2tay away
Avoid3 not come.
-e told them to 0"A AWA '($*
2tay in &ot )o out.
I+m )oin) to 0"A I& and chill toni)ht1 I
can+t be bothered to )o out.
2tay on (emain lon)er than anticipated.
0he 0"AED $& after she )raduated to
do a *aster+s de)ree.
2tay out &ot )o home. We 0"AED $%" all ni)ht.
2tay over 0ta! overni)ht.
I 0"AED $VE( at a friend+s house last
ni)ht because of the train stri/e.
2tay up &ot )o to bed.
"he children 0"AED %P until wa! past
their bedtime.
2teal away Leave a place 6uietl! or secretl!.
We didn+t want to wa/e them3 so we
0"$LE AWA in the middle of the ni)ht.
2teal out Leave in a stealth! or 6uiet manner.
&ot wantin) to attract attention3 she
0"$LE $%" earl!.
2teal over
Be )raduall! overcome b! an emotion or
A feelin) of pride 0"$LE $VE( me as I
2teal up Approach 6uietl! or secretl!.
"he li)hts were off and ever!thin) was
6uiet so we 0"$LE %P as 6uietl! as we
2teal up on
Approach a place or someone 6uietl! or
We 0"$LE %P $& them so that the!
couldn+t sound the alarm.
2teer clear
-e+s tr!in) to 0"EE( CLEA( $' his
lecturer because he hasn+t finished his
assi)nment !et.
2tem from $ri)inate3 be caused b!.
"he trouble 0"E*0 '($* their refusal
to discuss the matter.
2tep aside
Leave a 4ob or position so that someone
else can ta/e over.
Ever!one thin/s that the prime minister
should 0"EP A0IDE so that someone
new can lead the part! into the election.
2tep back
Loo/ at somethin) from a different
We should 0"EP BAC5 and tr! to see
how our customers will view the scheme.
2tep down
Leave a 4ob or position so that someone
can ta/e over.
"he CE$ 0"EPPED D$W& after the
share price dropped.
2tep down (educe.
Production is bein) 0"EPPED D$W&
because demand has dropped.
$ffer help.
When I had the accident3 a lot of people
0"EPPED '$(WA(D to help me.
2tep in .et involved b! interruptin) somethin).
I had to 0"EP I& when the! started
2tep on it
An imperative used to tell someone to )o
faster3 especiall! when drivin).
I told the ta#i driver to 0"EP $& I" as I
was late for the meetin).
2tep out Leave a place for a ver! short time. "he!+ve 0"EPPED $%" for a ci)arette.
2tep to Confront.
Don+t 0"EP "$ those )u!s1 the!+ll /ill
2tep to Chat3 tal/ to. -e tried to 0"EP "$ her in the bar.
2tep up Increase.
"he police have 0"EPPED %P the
pressure on be))ars wor/in) the
0ta! in a place for some time.
-e+s late3 but I+ll 0"IC5 A($%&D for
another few minutes before I leave.
2tick at
Continue doin) somethin) despite
0he found the course ver! tou)h but she
0"%C5 A" it and did well in the end.
2tick by
0upport someone when the! are havin)
&o one 0"%C5 B him when the
scandal became public.
2tick by 0upport a plan3 opinion or decision. "he! are 0"IC5I&. B their claims.
2tick down
Write somethin) 6uic/l! or without
thin/in) about it.
I couldn+t answer the test so I 4ust
0"%C5 an!thin) D$W& that I could
2tick down 7oin surfaces with )lue. I 0"%C5 the label D$W&.
2tick it to Criticise someone.
0he 0"%C5 I" "$ me for turnin) up half
an hour late.
2tick it to "reat someone badl! or unfairl!.
*! boss alwa!s 0"IC50 I" "$ me when
she+s in a bad mood.
2tick out Be easil! noticed.
-e+s so much better than the others that
he 0"IC50 $%".
2tick out E#tend part of !our bod!. -e 0"%C5 his ton)ue $%" at me.
2tick out
Continue doin) somethin) difficult or
I 0"%C5 it $%" even thou)h I hated
ever! minute of it.
2tick out for Demand a salar! raise.
We+re 0"IC5I&. $%" '$( a ?L
2tick to &ot chan)e.
"he Prime *inister decided to 0"IC5
"$ the ori)inal plan despite the criticism
in the media.
2tick to (estrict or limit and not chan)e.
I 0"%C5 "$ the path and didn+t ta/e the
0upport each other.
If we don+t 0"IC5 "$.E"-E(3 thin)s
will be much worse for all of us, we need
some unit!.
2tick up 0tand on end.
"he static electricit! made m! hair
0"IC5 %P.
2tick up (ob usin) weapons.
"he! 0"%C5 the ban/ %P and stole tens
of thousands.
2tick up for 0upport or defend.
ou have to 0"IC5 %P '$( !ourself
here3 because no one will bac/ !ou.
2tick with &ot chan)e somethin).
We+d better 0"IC5 WI"- our ori)inal
2tick with 0ta! near someone.
-e told the children to 0"IC5 WI"- him
in the station.
2tick with &ot be for)otten.
"he details have 0"%C5 WI"- me ever
2tick with
Continue with somethin) difficult or
I 0"%C5 WI"- the 4ob thou)h I found it
ver! stressful.
2tiffen up Become ri)id. *! bac/ 0"I''E&0 %P in cold weather.
2tiffen up *a/e somethin) ri)id.
"he! used starch to 0"I''E& the collars
2tir up *a/e trouble for someone else.
-e 0"I((ED thin)s %P b! complainin)
to senior mana)ement about his line
2titch up 0ew somethin) so that it is closed. I 0"I"C-ED %P the hole in m! sleeve.
2titch up 'inalise a deal.
We )et the contract 0"I"C-ED %P this
2titch up
Cheat someone or ma/e them loo/ )uilt!
when the! aren+t.
"he police 0"I"C-ED them %P because
the! couldn+t find an! evidence a)ainst
2tomp off Leave somewhere an)ril!.
-e lost his temper and 0"$*PED $''
2tomp on "reat badl! or defeat. "he! 0"$*P $& their competitors.
2top around Visit someone for a short time..
Wh! don+t !ou 0"$P A($%&D m!
place on !our wa! bac/=
2top back (eturn somewhere.
I+ll 0"$P BAC5 this afternoon when
!ou+re free.
2top behind 0ta! somewhere when other people leave.
I 0"$PPED BE-I&D at the end of the
lecture to as/ a couple of 6uestions.
2top by Visit somewhere briefl! or 6uic/l!.
I must 0"$P B the supermar/et and
pic/ up some thin)s for dinner.
2top in 0ta! at home.
I was feelin) tired so I 0"$PPED I& last
2top in Visit briefl!. I 0"$PPED I& at m! aunt+s after wor/.
2top off Brea/ a 4ourne!.
We 0"$PPED $'' for lunch about
halfwa! there3 then carried on drivin).
2top out
Be out late3 especiall! when !ou are
e#pected home.
-er parents were anno!ed because she
0"$PPED $%" all ni)ht.
2top over 0ta! somewhere when on a 4ourne!.
I 0"$PPED $VE( in Ban)/o/ for a
couple of da!s on m! wa! bac/ from
2top up 0ta! up late.
I 0"$PPED %P last ni)ht watchin) the
2top up 'ill or bloc/ somethin). I 0"$PPED %P the bottle with a cor/.
2torm off Leave a place an)ril!. "he! had a row and he 0"$(*ED $''.
2torm out Leave a place an)ril!.
-e lost his temper and 0"$(*ED $%"
$' the bar. 8If !ou don+t mention the
place3 !ou can 4ust sa! +-e stormed out+9
2tow away
-ide in a vehicle to travel without people
0he 0"$WED AWA on the plane but
was cau)ht when it landed.
2tow away 0tore somethin) in a safe place.
We 0"$WED it AWA in the )ara)e to
/eep it dr!.
*a/e somethin) strai)ht.
I+m alwa!s havin) to 0"(AI.-"E&
$%" the wires connected to m!
Deal with a problem.
I had to 0"(AI.-"E& $%" thin)s after
the mess the! had made.
*a/e clear and resolve.
"here are a few issues I+d li/e to
0"(AI.-"E& $%" first.
Improve someone+s behaviour.
0tartin) wor/ has 0"(AI.-"E&ED him
$%" and calmed him down.
0tand strai)ht.
0he 0"(AI.-"E&ED %P when her boss
wal/ed in.
I 0"(AI.-"E&ED %P the room before
the! arrived.
2trike back
Attac/3 ta/e action a)ainst someone who
has hurt !ou.
At first3 he i)nored them3 but when thin)s
)ot ver! serious3 he 0"(%C5 BAC5.
2trike down 5ill.
A hitman 0"(%C5 him D$W& as he
entered the buildin).8"his verb is often
used in the passive, -e was struc/ down
as he entered the buildin).9
2trike down *a/e someone ill.
I was 0"(%C5 D$W& with food
poisonin).8"his verb is mostl! used in the
2trike down Disallow a law3 decision3 etc.
"he Appeal Court 0"(%C5 D$W& the
lower court+s rulin).
2trike off
(emove someone+s professional licence to
"he *edical Council 0"(%C5 him $''
for malpractice.
2trike on -ave a )ood idea.
I 0"(%C5 $& the solution when I was
out with m! do).
2trike out 0tart doin) somethin) new and different.
After doin) the same 4ob for five !ears3 I
decided to 0"(I5E $%" and chan)e
2trike out "r! to hit someone. When he pushed me3 I 0"(%C5 $%".
2trike out 0tart )oin) towards a place.
We )ot up earl! and 0"(%C5 $%" for
our final destination.
2trike out Cross writin) out.
As the! arrived3 I 0"(%C5 their names
$%" on the list I had.
2trike out 'ail.
I tried to )et the )overnment to support us
but I 0"(%C5 $%".
2trike up 0tart 8conversation3 relationship9.
-e 0"(%C5 %P a conversation with me
in the bar.
2trike up 0tart performin) music.
"he band 0"(%C5 %P and ever!one
turned to listen.
2trike upon -ave a )ood idea.
It too/ us a lon) time to 0"(I5E %P$&
a solution.
2tring along Deceive someone for a lon) time.
"he! /ept sa!in) the! were interested3
but the! were 4ust 0"(I&.I&. me
2tring along
Accompan! someone because !ou haven+t
)ot an!thin) better to do.
Is it alri)ht if I 0"(I&. AL$&. with
!ou toni)ht=
2tring out *a/e somethin) last as lon) as possible.
"here was half an hour to )o3 so I
0"(%&. the 6uestions $%" as lon) as I
Put words to)ether into a coherent te#t.
I was so nervous in the interview that I
could hardl! 0"(I&. a sentence
2tring up -an) somebod!.
"he rebels 0"(%&. the soldiers %P after
the! captured them.
2tub out E#tin)uish a ci)arette.
-e 0"%BBED his ci)arette $%" in a
saucer because he couldn+t find an
2tuff up *a/e a mista/e3 do badl!3 spoil. I 0"%''ED the e#am %P.
'ind somethin) accidentall!.
ou+ll never )uess what I 0"%*BLED
AC($00 when I was pac/in) m! stuff.
'ind somethin) accidentall!.
I 0"%*BLED %P$& these photos when
I was clearin) m! room up.
2tump up Pa! for somethin).
-e didn+t want to pa! me bac/3 but I )ot
him to 0"%*P %P in the end.
2uck in
Become involved in somethin)
Ever!one around her was ta/in) dru)s
and she )ot 0%C5ED I&.
2uck into
Become involved in somethin)
"he countr! )ot 0%C5ED I&"$ the war.
2uck up "r! to in)ratiate !ourself.
-e is alwa!s 0%C5I&. %P to tr! to )et
the boss+s approval.
2uck up to In)ratiate !ourself with someone. -e+s alwa!s 0%C5I&. %P "$ our boss.
2uit up
.et dressed or put on a uniform for an
activit! or tas/.
"he! 0%I"ED %P and went to the
2um up 0ummarise.
At the end of the lecture3 she 0%**ED
%P the main points a)ain.
2ummon up
.et the ener)! or coura)e to do
Andrea couldn+t 0%**$& %P the
enthusiasm to appl! for the position.
2uss out Come to understand.
It too/ her a)es to 0%00 $%" what was
)oin) on.
2wan about *ove in a dramatic or affected manner. -e 0WA&&ED AB$%" at the part!.
*ove in a dramatic or affected manner.
0he 0WA&&ED A($%&D tr!in) to
impress people.
2wan in
Enter in a dramatic or attention,see/in)
-e 0WA&&ED I& surrounded b!
2wan off
Leave somewhere in a defiant or pompous
-e didn+t li/e the wa! the spo/e to him so
he 0WA&&ED $'' an)ril!.
2wear by -ave )reat confidence in.
I 0WEA( B their products, the!+re the
best on the mar/et.
2wear down Promise that somethin) is true.
-e 0W$(E D$W& that he hadn+t done
Pass easil!3 succeed. 0he 0WEP" "-($%.- the e#ams.
*ove 6uic/l! throu)h.
"he disease 0WEP" "-($%.- the
Chan)e !our opinion 6uic/l!.
"he! 0W%&. A($%&D to our idea
after readin) the press reports.
"urn around 6uic/l!.
-e 0W%&. ($%&D to see what had
made the noise.
2wing at "r! to hit. -e 0W%&. A" me but missed.
2wing by
Visit a person or place on !our wa!
I will 0WI&. B this afternoon and pic/
!ou up.
Chan)e !our opinion 6uic/l!.
"he! were a)ainst it at first then 0W%&.
($%&D and supported it.
"urn around 6uic/l!. 0he 0W%&. ($%&D and )reeted them.
2yphon off
"a/e business3 support or votes from
"he candidate 0P-$&ED $'' a lot of
votes because of his anti,war stance.
2yphon off Divert mone! ille)all!.
"he minister had been 0P-$&I&.
$'' funds from his department for !ears.
4ack on Add somethin) that wasn+t planned.
"he! "AC5ED $& a new endin) to the
film when the! found that test audiences
didn+t li/e the ori)inal.
4ack onto
Add or attach somethin) that wasn+t
planned to somethin).
I "AC5ED a 6uic/ messa)e $&"$ the
end of the letter after I+d printed it.
4ag along
Accompan! someone3 especiall! if the!
haven+t specificall! invited !ou.
ou+re off to the cinema1 can we "A.
4ag on
Add an additional point to somethin)
written or spo/en.
-e "A..ED $& a few comments after
readin) m! report.
4ag onto
Add an additional point to somethin)
written or spo/en.
-e "A..ED his ideas $&"$ the end of
m! report.
4ag with
Add a /e!word lin/ or boo/mar/ to a blo)
entr! or webpa)e.
"he post was "A..ED WI"- /e!words.
4ail away Become silent or inaudible.
-is voice "AILED AWA when he was
spea/in) about what he+d done wron).
4ail back 'orm a traffic 4am.
"he traffic "AILED BAC5 for several
miles after the accident.
4ail off Become silent or inaudible.
"he voices "AILED $'' when she
4ail off Decrease.
Profits "AILED $'' sharpl! in the last
6uarter of the !ear as a result of the
increase in the price of oil.
4ake after Loo/ li/e3 resemble. -e "A5E0 A'"E( his mother.
4ake apart "a/e somethin) to pieces.
0he "$$5 the photocopier APA(" to see
what had )ot stuc/ in it.
4ake aside .et someone alone to tal/ to them.
"he teacher "$$5 her A0IDE and said
that she+d failed the e#am.
4ake away (emove. "he police "$$5 the protestors AWA.
4ake back *a/e someone nostal)ic.
"hat son) alwa!s "A5E0 me BAC5 to
when I was at universit!.
4ake back
(etract a statement3 admit that somethin)
was wron).
I had to "A5E BAC5 ever!thin) bad I+d
said about them when I learned how
the!+d helped out.
4ake down *a/e notes or write down in full.
"he police "$$5 D$W& his answers to
their 6uestions.
4ake down (emove.
People "A5E D$W& their Christmas
decorations twelve da!s after Christmas.
4ake in Absorb information.
"he lecture was rather borin) and I didn+t
"A5E I& much of what the lecturer said.
4ake in Deceive.
0he "$$5 me I& with her stor! until
someone told me the truth.
4ake in *a/e clothes smaller.
"he 4ac/et was far too bi) around the
shoulders3 so I had it "A5E& I& so that I
could wear it.
4ake in Assume care or support.
"he famil! "$$5 I& the three homeless
4ake it Accept criticism.
-e+s )ood at criticisin) others3 but can+t
"A5E I" himself.
4ake it out
Abuse someone because !ou+re an)r!.
Whenever thin)s )o wron)3 he alwa!s
shouts and "A5E0 I" $%" $& me3 even
if I had nothin) to do with the problem.
4ake it
"a/e responsibilit!3 often without
consultin) other people.
I "$$5 I" %P$& *0EL' to ma/e
sure he )ot up on time.
4ake off *a/e )reat pro)ress.
"he software house reall! "$$5 $''
when the! produced the latest version of
their D"P pac/a)e.
4ake off (educe the price of an item.
"he!+ve "A5E& ten percent $''
desi)ner frames for )lasses.
4ake off
When a plane departs or leaves the
"he fli)ht for Dublin "$$5 $'' on
4ake off (emove. It was hot3 so I "$$5 m! 4ac/et $''.
4ake on Allow passen)ers on a ship or plane.
"he plane stopped at >urich to "A5E $&
some passen)ers.
4ake on Assume a responsibilit!. 0he "$$5 $& the tas/ of inde#in) the
4ake on Emplo!.
"he council has had to "A5E $& twent!
e#tra emplo!ees to handle their increased
4ake out Borrow a librar! boo/.
I "$$5 $%" all the boo/s I needed for
m! essa! from the librar!.
4ake out
Borrow mone! from a ban/ or other
official lender.
7ac/ie and Anil "$$5 $%" a mort)a)e
to bu! a bi))er flat.
4ake out E#tract or remove.
"he dentist "$$5 $%" all of m!
wisdom teeth before the! started causin)
an! problems.
4ake out
.o out sociall! with someone3 especiall! a
-e "$$5 her $%" to a restaurant last
'rida! ni)ht.
4ake out $btain insurance.
I "$$5 $%" some health insurance
before I went bac/pac/in) around Latin
4ake out 5ill3 murder.
"he )an) "$$5 him $%" after he spo/e
to the police.
4ake over
Assume control of a compan! or
"he ban/ was "A5E& $VE( b! a -on)
5on) ban/ that needed to bu! a ban/ to
)et into the British mar/et.
4ake over
0tart a 4ob or position that someone had
occupied before !ou.
0he "$$5 $VE( responsibilit! for the
pro4ect last month.
E#plain somethin) to someone.
-e "$$5 me "-($%.- the procedures
before we started.
4ake to *a/e a habit of somethin).
-e+s "A5E& "$ wearin) a baseball cap
since his hair started thinnin) more
4ake up 'ill or occup! time or space.
An awful lot of m! time at wor/ is
"A5E& %P with pointless bureaucrac!
4ake up *a/e clothes shorter.
"he trousers were too lon) so I "$$5
them %P to ma/e them fit.
4ake up 0tart a new hobb!3 pastime3 etc..
-e "$$5 %P s6uash as he felt he had to
lose some wei)ht.
4alk around Persuade.
-e "AL5ED them A($%&D to
acceptin) his point of view.
4alk around
"al/ about a problem or issue without
reall! dealin) with it.
"he! "AL5ED A($%&D the issue
without reachin) a conclusion.
4alk at
"al/ to someone and not )ive them a
chance to repl! or listen to them.
"here+s no point tr!in) to convince them,
the!+ll 4ust "AL5 A" !ou until !ou )ive
4alk back (espond rudel! to a person in authorit!.
"he teacher was cross because the pupil
"AL5ED BAC5 to her.
4alk down
"r! to ma/e somethin) sound less
"he compan! CE$ "AL5ED D$W& the
recent fall in shares.
4alk down Persuade someone not to 4ump off a hi)h
place to /ill themselves.
A man was threatenin) to 4ump off the
buildin) but the police "AL5ED him
4alk down
"al/ in a wa! to show !our superiorit! not
0he+s a dreadful teacher and "AL50
D$W& "$ her students instead of
teachin) them.
4alk into Persuade someone to do somethin).
0he didn+t want to let me )o3 but I finall!
mana)ed to "AL5 her I&"$ it.
4alk out
Discuss a problem or issue to find a
"he! had a meetin) to "AL5 $%" how
people felt.
4alk out of Persuade someone not to do somethin).
-e was )oin) to drive home after
drin/in) half a bottle of wine3 but his
friends "AL5ED him $%" $' it.
4alk over Discuss.
We "AL5ED $VE( the problems in our
relationship3 but couldn+t sort thin)s out.
4alk round Persuade.
0he "AL5ED them A($%&D to
acceptin) her point of view.
4alk round
"al/ about a problem or issue without
reall! dealin) with it.
WE "AL5ED ($%&D the issue but
didn+t reach a conclusion.
.uide someone throu)h an issue.
"he teacher "AL5ED me "-($%.-
the test so I /new what to e#pect.
4alk up
*a/e somethin) appear more important or
si)nificant than it reall! is.
"he )overnment are tr!in) to "AL5 %P
the effect of their policies.
yourself out
"al/ until !ou have nothin) left to sa!.
-e "AL5ED himself $%" after a couple
of hours and calmed down.
4ap for .et mone! off someone. I "APPED him '$( a loan.
4ap into
%se or e#ploit a plentiful resource for !our
"he compan! is hopin) to "AP I&"$ the
Chinese mar/et.
4ap off with -ave se# with.
-e "APPED $'' WI"- someone at the
part! on 0aturda!.
4ap out Pla! a rh!thm 6uietl!.
-e "APPED $%" the tune with his
pencil while he was thin/in).
4ap out %se all the mone! available.
-ow can we bu! a new house without
"APPI&. $%" our savin)s account.
4ap up
Approach a footballer ille)all! to )et them
to chan)e teams.
Chelsea were accused of "APPI&. him
%P even thou)h he was under contract.
4eam up
Wor/ with someone or a )roup to achieve
"he! "EA*ED %P to publicise the issue.
4ear apart Disturb or upset )reatl!.
People were "$(& APA(" when news
of the train crash came throu)h.
4ear at Pull or tr! to pull somethin) to pieces. "he fi)hters "$(E A" each other.
4ear away
0top someone doin) somethin)
I had to "EA( him AWA from the
office for dinner.
4ear away (emove a surface violentl!.
"he roof was "$(& AWA in the
4ear down Demolish.
"he estate was "$(& D$W& so that
the! could develop the land into lu#ur!
4ear into Criticise stron)l! or an)ril!. 0he "$(E I&"$ me for losin) it.
4ear off
(emove part of a form or letter usin) !our
hands3 not scissors.
0he "$(E the slip $'' the bottom of the
form and sent it with her che6ue.
4ear off Leave at hi)h speed.
"he police "$(E $'' in their car after
arrestin) her.
4ear off (emove with force. "he storm "$(E the roof $''.
4ear out Depart rapidl!.
"he sheriff "$(E $%" after the escapin)
4ear up (ip into pieces.
-e "$(E the fa# %P and threw the bits
of paper in the bin.
4ear up Destro!.
"he! are "EA(I&. %P the old part of
town to build a new shoppin) centre.
4ear up -ave e!es fill with tears.
After hearin) the tra)ic news he
"EA(ED %P and could hardl! spea/.
4ee off 0tart or launch an event.
"he new pro4ect will "EE $'' ne#t
4ee off
Place a )olf ball on a short plastic or
wooden stic/ before hittin) it at the start
of a hole..
-e "EED $'' at the first hole.
4ee off Anno! someone. It "EE0 me $'' when the! turn up late.
4ee off on Criticise.
0he "EED $'' $& me about the wor/ I
)ave her.
4ee up
Place a )olf ball on a short plastic or
wooden stic/ before hittin) it at the start
of a hole..
0he "EED %P two stro/es ahead at the
last hole.
4ee up
*a/e preparations before startin) or
launchin) somethin).
"he! are "EEI&. %P for the conference
4ell apart 0ee a difference between two thin)s.
"he!+re identical twins so I cannot "ELL
them APA(".
4ell off
Chide1 tal/ an)ril! to someone about
somethin) the!+ve done wron)..
-is fiancPe "$LD him $'' for arrivin)
nearl! an hour late.
4ell on (eport someone to an authorit!.
"he pupil "$LD $& the others for
cheatin) and the teacher failed them.
4ext out
Cancel an appointment b! sendin) a te#t
I was feelin) too tired to )o and "EA"ED
4hink over Consider somethin) carefull!.
I+ve "-$%.-" it $VE( and have made
up m! mind1 I+m )oin) to ta/e the 4ob in
Consider all the possibilities and outcomes
of a situation.
"he plan fell throu)h because the! hadn+t
"-$%.-" it "-($%.- properl!.
4hink up
Create or invent somethin)3 especiall!
when l!in).
I+d better "-I&5 %P a )ood reason for
handin) the wor/ in late.
Discard somethin) when no lon)er
I "-(EW the alarm cloc/ AWA
because it had stopped wor/in).
4hrow in 7oin3 accompan!.
*a! I "-($W I& with !ou= *!
companions left me behind.
4hrow in Add somethin) to a deal.
"he! "-(EW I& a printer so I bou)ht it
from them.
4hrow off (emove item of clothin) 6uic/l!.
I "-(EW $'' m! shoes and flopped on
the settee.
4hrow off .et rid of. It too/ me a)es to "-($W $'' the cold.
4hrow off Produce li)ht or heat. "he lamp "-($W0 $'' a lot of heat.
4hrow on Put clothes on 6uic/l!.
I "-(EW $& a 4ac/et and rushed
4hrow out .et rid of.
I "-(EW $%" all m! old clothes to
ma/e some space in m! wardrobe.
4hrow out Dislocate.
Edward slipped on the ice and "-(EW
$%" his shoulder.
4hrow out (e4ect.
"he committee "-(EW the proposal
4hrow out Produce heat3 fumes. "he car "-($W0 $%" a lot of smo/e.
4hrow out E#pel.
"he school "-(EW him $%" for
4hrow over End a relationship with someone. 0he "-(EW me $VE( last !ear.
4hrow over (e4ect3 refuse to accept. "he! "-(EW $VE( the a)reement.
*a/e or arran)e 6uic/l!.
I "-(EW a 6uic/ dinner "$.E"-E(
before we left.
4hrow up Vomit.
"he prawns she ate at lunch made her
"-($W %P and she had to )o home
4hrow up Produce problems3 results3 ideas3 etc.
"he tal/s "-(EW %P some interestin)
4hrow up Leave a 4ob or position suddenl!. 0he "-(EW %P her 4ob to )o travellin).
4hrow up
Create clouds of dust or splash water into
the air.
"he road was bump! and the car in front
was "-($WI&. %P so much dust that
we could hardl! see where we were
yourself at
*a/e it clear !ou are se#uall! attracted to
-e "-(EW -I*0EL' A" her but she
wasn+t interested.
Do somethin) enthusiasticall! or
0he "-(EW herself I&"$ the pro4ect.
4ick along
*a/e reasonable pro)ress without an!
serious problems.
"hin)s are "IC5I&. AL$&. at wor/
while the director+s awa!.
4ick away Pass 8of time9.
"he last few seconds "IC5ED AWA
and the team couldn+t come bac/.
4ick by Pass 8of time9.
"he seconds "IC5ED B and the team
failed to score.
4ick off Anno!.
0he reall! "IC50 me $'' when she
doesn+t repl! to m! emails.
4ick off 0cold. -e "IC5ED me $'' for arrivin) late.
4ick off
Put a mar/ on an item in a list when it has
been dealt with.
0he "IC5ED $'' our names when we
4ick over Continue wor/in)3 but without improvin).
"he compan! "IC5ED $VE( while she
was awa! on holida!.
4ick over $perate but without movin) 8en)ines9.
"he mechanic left the en)ine "IC5I&.
$VE( for a while to see if he could see
what was causin) the problem.
4ide over
%se somethin) carefull! so as not to finish
"his G?@ will have to "IDE me $VE(
until I )et paid.
4idy up Put thin)s in the correct place in a room.
I "IDIED %P m! bedroom because it was
a complete mess.
4ie back 'asten or secure so that it doesn+t obstruct.
0he "IED her hair BAC5 before pla!in)
4ie down 0ecure somethin) to prevent it movin).
"he! "IED him D$W& to stop him
4ie down (emove or restrict freedom. *arria)e "IE0 !ou D$W&.
4ie down
0top people 8often police or militar!9
)oin) where the! are needed.
"he arm! were "IED D$W& with the
rebellion and couldn+t help.
4ie in A)ree3 be connected or support.
"he theor! "IE0 I& with what the police
have been sa!in).
4ie in Associate with.
-e is "IED I& somehow with the crime
4ie in with $ccur at the same time.
"he publication "IE0 I& WI"- the
twentieth anniversar! of the incident.
4ie up "ie or fasten somethin) securel!.
"he! "IED %P the hosta)es so that the!
couldn+t escape.
4ie up 0top someone doin) somethin). Wor/ has "IED me %P all wee/.
4ie up 'asten. I "IED %P m! shoelaces.
4ie up Bloc/ a road3 etc.
"he convo! "IED %P the road for an
4ighten up
*a/e somethin) more secure or function
"he!+re "I.-"E&I&. %P securit! for
the president+s visit.
4ime out End or close because of a time limit.
"he pro)ram "I*ED $%" before I could
4ime out
End or close somethin) because of a time
"he pro)ram "I*ED me $%" after
twent! minutes.
4ip off 0ecretl! inform the police or authorities.
"he police arrested the dru) dealer after
someone "IPPED them $''.
4ip over 0pill3 ma/e somethin) fall on its side.
I "IPPED m! coffee $VE( and ruined
m! /e!board.
4ire of .et bored of somethin).
0he soon "I(ED $' the course and
dropped out.
4ire out *a/e someone e#hausted. Wor/in) so much "I(E0 me $%".
4oddle off Leave3 )o home.
It+s )etin) late3 so I+m )oin) to "$DDLE
$'' home.
4one down *a/e somethin) sound more moderate.
"he *inister tried to "$&E D$W& what
she had said when the press started
attac/in) her.
4ool up Provide e6uipment.
"he compan! spent a lot on "$$LI&.
the factor! %P.
4ool up Arm !ourself or somebod!.
"he )an)sters )ot "$$LED %P before
the! went into the club.
4ootle off Leave3 depart.
It+s )ettin) late3 so we+re )oin) to
"$$"LE $'' home.
4op off 'inish somethin) in a special wa!.
-e complained for an hour and to "$P it
$'' started shoutin) his head off.
4op out 0top increasin)3 reach the hi)hest point.
"he temperature "$PPED $%" at fort!
de)rees !esterda!.
4op up (efill somethin) that isn+t empt! !et.
0hall I "$P %P !our drin/ while I+m
pourin) m!self one=
4oss about
Discuss somethin) freel! and openl!3 but
not ver! seriousl!.
WE "$00ED ideas AB$%" before the
4oss around
Discuss somethin) freel! and openl!3 but
not ver! seriousl!.
We "$00ED their plan A($%&D a bit
and then re4ected it.
4oss back Drin/ 6uic/l!. I "$00ED BAC5 m! beer and left.
4oss down Drin/ 6uic/l!.
I "$00ED a couple of drin/s D$W&
before the! arrived.
4oss for
*a/e a decision b! throwin) a coin and
seein) which side lands face up.
We "$00ED '$( who would start.
4oss off Write somethin) 6uic/l! and carelessl!.
I "$00ED $'' the essa! the ni)ht before
I had to hand it in.
4oss up
Decide somethin) b! throwin) a coin and
seein) which side lands face up..
We "$00ED %P to see who would /ic/
4ouch down Land 8planes9.
"he plane "$%C-ED D$W& at &arita
airport an hour late.
4ouch for Borrow mone!.
I "$%C-ED him '$( some cash as I+d
for)otten m! cards.
4ouch off Cause a problem to occur.
"he )overnment+s decision "$%C-ED
$'' riots in the capital.
4ouch on *ention.
"he tal/ "$%C-ED $& the issue3 but
didn+t )ive an! new information.
4ouch up Improve the appearance of somethin).
I couldn+t be bothered to redecorate3 so I
4ust "$%C-ED %P the bits that needed
paintin) the most.
4ouch up "ouch someone in a se#ual wa!.
0he )ot an)r! when he tried to "$%C-
her %P in the elevator.
4ouch upon *ention.
"he! didn+t "$%C- %P$& the sub4ect
because of the controvers!.
4ow away
(emove a vehicle3 especiall! if par/ed
I par/ed in a no,par/in) 2one and the!
"$WED m! car AWA.
4oy at
Pretend to thin/ about or thin/ about in a
casual wa!.
0he "$ED A" )ettin) them to help her
but then did it alone.
4oy over "hin/ about somethin).
I "$ED $VE( the idea for a while3 but
decided not to )o ahead with it.
4oy with &ot eat much of a meal.
It was horrible3 so I 4ust "$ED WI"-
the food.
4oy with Consider somethin)3 but not ver! We "$ED WI"- the idea of movin) to
seriousl!. the countr!3 but it isn+t reall! practical.
4oy with
*ove or pla! with somethin) to occup!
!our hands.
-e "$ED WI"- his cup.
4oy with "reat insincerel!.
-e thou)ht she loved him but she was
4ust "$I&. WI"- him.
4rack down 'ind after a lon) search.
It too/ me a)es to "(AC5 them D$W&
in the crowd at the football )ame.
4rade down
0ell somethin) and replace it with
somethin) cheaper.
"heir house it too lar)e now that their
children have left home3 so the!+re )oin)
to "(ADE D$W& to somethin) smaller.
4rade in
E#chan)e somethin) old as part of the
price of somethin) new.
0he "(ADED I& her old car for the new
4rade in
Leave !our wife or husband to marr!
someone !oun)er.
-e "(ADED I& his wife when he
became the chairman.
4rade off Bar)ain3 ma/e a deal or compromise.
A lon)er wor/in) wee/ was "(ADED
$'' for a pa! rise.
4rade off
Accept somethin) !ou don+t reall! want to
)et somethin) !ou do want.
We had to "(ADE $'' space for the
location when bu!in) the apartment.
4rade on E#ploit3 use somethin) to !our advanta)e.
-e "(ADE0 $& their insecurit! to )et
his wa!.
4rade up Bu! lar)er or more e#pensive items.
British wine drin/ers have "(ADED %P
over the last few !ears from cheap plon/
to e#pensive wines.
4rade up
Leave !our wife or husband and marr!
someone better loo/in)3 richer3 etc.
0he supported him for !ears while he was
stru))lin)3 but when he hit the bi) time
he left her and "(ADED %P.
4rade upon E#ploit3 use to !our advanta)e.
"he! "(ADE %P$& their reputation to
scare rivals.
4rain up
"each someone the specific s/ills the! will
need to carr! out a 4ob or tas/.
I have been "(AI&I&. m! new assistant
Pass benefits from economic e#pansion
throu)h the econom! to the less fortunate.
Despite the economic boom3 few benefits
have "(IC5LED D$W& to the poor.
4rip out
Be under the influence of ps!choactive
After ta/in) the L0D he "(IPPED $%"
for hours.
4rip over 'all. I "(IPPED $VE( and hurt m! /nee.
4rip over 'all because !ou hit an obstacle.
I "(IPPED $VE( the /erb and bro/e m!
4rip up *a/e a mista/e.
I "(IPPED %P in the interview when
the! as/ed me about what I could offer
the compan!.
4rot off Leave.
"he meetin) was over so I "($""ED
4rot off to .o somewhere. I "($""ED $'' "$ see the dentist.
4rot out *a/e a statement 8meant ne)ativel!9.
"he spo/eswoman "($""ED $%" the
same old unconvincin) e#cuses.
4rump up Char)e or accuse someone falsel!.
"he police "(%*PED %P the char)es
a)ainst him and he ended up in prison
thou)h he hadn+t done it.
4ry back Phone bac/.
I called but the! weren+t in3 so I+ll "(
BAC5 later.
4ry for *a/e an attempt to )et somethin). I+m )oin) to "( '$( the 4ob.
4ry it on
Provo/e someone b! bein) anno!in) or
behavin) badl!.
"he children were "(I&. I" $& all
ni)ht until I lost m! temper.
4ry it on
Attempt to )et somethin)3 usuall! b!
deceit3 without )reat hopes of success.
-e /new I wasn+t )ot to let him do it, he
was 4ust "(I&. I" $&.
4ry on Put clothes on to see if the! fit. I "(IED the 4ac/et $& before I bou)ht it.
4ry out "est.
0cientists are "(I&. $%" a new dru)
in the fi)ht a)ainst the disease.
4ry out
"est somethin) to see if !ou li/e it or want
to bu! it.
I "(IED $%" the pro)ram before I
bou)ht it.
4ry out for Be tested for a sports team. -e "(IED $%" '$( the baseball team.
4uck away Put somethin) in a safe place.
I "%C5ED the mone! AWA in m!
4uck away Eat a lot.
We "%C5ED AWA a hu)e dinner
before we went out.
4uck in
"id! the ends of items of clothin) b!
placin) them inside somethin).
I for)ot to "%C5 m! shirt I&.
4uck in 0tart eatin) enthusiasticall!.
"he dinner smelled so )ood I couldn+t
wait to "%C5 I&.
4uck in
Arran)e the sheets3 duvet or blan/ets to
ma/e someone3 usuall! a child3
comfortable in bed.
-e "%C5ED her I& and read her a stor!.
4uck into 0tart eatin) somethin).
I was starvin) and "%C5ED I&"$ the
4uck up
Arran)e the sheets3 duvet or blan/ets to
ma/e someone3 usuall! a child3
comfortable in bed.
0he "%C5ED her children %P in bed and
switched the li)hts off.
4une in Watch or listen to a "V or radio show.
Be sure to "%&E I& ne#t wee/ for the
ne#t episode.
4une in to
Watch or listen to a "V or radio
*a/e sure !ou "%&E I& "$ ne#t wee/+s
4une out I)nore3 not pa! attention.
I "%&ED him $%" because he was
tal/in) such rubbish.
4une up
Improve the performance of a machine or
-e+s "%&ED his car %P for the race.
4une up "une a musical instrument before pla!in).
"he orchestra "%&ED %P their
instruments before the concert.
0top li/in) and start disli/in).
"he public "%(&ED A.AI&0" the
)overnment when the! became arro)ant
and ceased to listen.
4urn away &ot allow someone to enter a place.
"he doorman "%(&ED him AWA from
the ni)htclub because he was wearin)
4urn down (educe volume3 temperature3 etc..
"he room was too hot3 so she "%(&ED
the heatin) D$W&.
4urn down (e4ect an offer3 invitation3 etc..
"he! offered her the 4ob3 but she
"%(&ED it D$W&.
4urn down
'old the top covers of a bed down to ma/e
it read! for someone to )o to sleep.
"he hotel staff "%(&ED D$W& the bed
and scattered flower petals on it while we
was havin) dinner.
4urn in .o to bed.
I "%(&ED I& at half past eleven because
I had an earl! start the ne#t mornin).
4urn in -and in3 submit. 0he "%(&ED I& her paper.
4urn into Become. "adpoles "%(& I&"$ fro)s.
4urn off 0top a machine. I "%(&ED the "V $'' and went to bed.
4urn on
Cause someone to feel attraction or
-e reall! "%(&0 me $&.
4urn on 0tart a machine.
I "%(&ED the radio $& to )et the
weather forecast.
4urn on Attac/.
"he nei)hbour+s do) "%(&ED $& me
when I tried to stro/e it.
4urn out Produce.
"he factor! "%(&0 $%" three thousand
units a da!.
4urn out Produce an une#pected result.
It loo/ed as if we were )oin) to fail3 but it
"%(&ED $%" well in the end.
4urn out 0top a li)ht.
0he "%(&ED $%" the li)hts and went
to bed.
4urn out Attend.
"housand "%(&ED $%" for the
4urn over .ive to the authorities.
"he court ordered the compan! to "%(&
$VE( their financial records.
4urn to "r! to )et help.
0he had nobod! to "%(& "$ when her
husband died.
4urn to "a/e up a habit.
-e "%(&ED "$ drin/ after he lost his
4urn up Appear. 0he didn+t "%(& %P for class toda!.
4urn up Increase volume3 temperature3 etc.. I "%(&ED the music %P full blast.
4ype in Enter computer data or te#t. -e "PED the te#t I& and printed it off.
4ype out
Write a full or finished version of a te#t on
a computer.
0he "PED her essa! $%" and handed it
in a the last minute.
4ype up "!pe a finished version.
0he "PED %P her lecture notes and
printed them out.
!rge on Encoura)e. "he crowd %(.ED the pla!ers $&.
!rge on Persuade or pressure to accept somethin). "he! %(.ED the deal $& the compan!.
!rge upon Persuade or pressure to accept somethin). "he! %(.ED the contract %P$& us.
!se up 'inish or consume all of somethin). We %0ED %P all the olive oil.
!sher in
Be at3 mar/ or celebrate an important point
in time.
We alwa!s )ive a part! %0-E( I& the
&EW EA(.
!sher in *a/e important chan)es happen.
-er appointment as CE$ %0-E(ED I&
a whole new phase in the compan!+s
Vacuum up Consume. -e VAC%%*ED %P all of the food.
Vamp up
*a/e somethin) more e#citin)3 attractive3
"he place is dull and !ou need to VA*P
it %P.
Vamp up Invent3 ma/er up3 improvise.
I had to VA*P %P a reason for bein) so
Veg out (ela#3 do nothin).
I+m )oin) to VE. $%" in front of the "V
Leave somewhere safe or comfortable.
If the storm has finished3 we could
VE&"%(E '$("-.
5ade in
0tart somethin) or )et involved3 often
without thin/in) or to forcefull!.
-e 4ust WADED I& without listenin) to
what an!one had to sa!.
5ade in Attac/.
"he hooli)ans WADED I& when the!
saw fans from the other team.
5ade into
Become embroiled or involved in a
situation3 without thin/in) or plannin)
"he! WADED I&"$ the ne)otiations and
the deal collapsed.
.et to the end of somethin) with
It too/ me a)es to WADE "-($%.- the
5ait about Wait somewhere doin) nothin).
I WAI"ED AB$%" for an hour3 but the!
didn+t come.
Wait somewhere doin) nothin).
"he! were 4ust WAI"I&. A($%&D to
see if an!thin) was )oin) to happen.
5ait behind
0ta! somewhere after other people have
I WAI"ED BE-I&D to as/ the lecturer a
5ait in
0ta! at home because someone is )oin) to
I WAI"ED I& for the )u! to fi# the "V.
5ait on 0erve people in a restaurant.
"he! have two people WAI"I&. $&
each table.
5ait on 0ell )oods in a shop.
-e WAI"0 $& customers in an
electronics store.
5ait on
Provide someone with ever!thin) the!
need or want.
-e has a butler who WAI"0 $& him.
5ait on
Wait for a result before bein) able to ma/e
a decision.
"he!+re WAI"I&. $& the results of the
vote before ta/in) a final decision.
5ait out
Wait till somethin) has finished3 usuall!
somethin) unpleasant.
We+ll have to WAI" $%" this uncertaint!.
5ait up &ot )o to bed because !ou are waitin).
I was worried and WAI"ED %P until the!
)ot home safe and sound.
5ait up 0top 8imperative9. Wait up< I need to tal/ to !ou.
5ait upon Provide someone with what the! re6uire.
"he! used to have servants WAI"I&.
%P$& them.
5ait upon
Wait for a result before bein) able to ma/e
a decision.
"he! must WAI" %P$& the outcome of
the match before the! /now who the!+ll
be pla!in).
5ake up 0top sleepin). I W$5E %P at half past si# this mornin).
5alk away
Leave somethin) !ou don+t li/e.
ou can+t 4ust WAL5 AWA '($* !our
5alk away Win easil!. 0he WAL5ED AWA WI"- the first
with pri2e.
5alk back
(etract a statement.
"he! declined to WAL5 BAC5 '($*
their comments despite the controvers!.
5alk in on
Enter somewhere une#pectedl! and see
-e WAL5ED I& $& them plannin) to
sac/ him.
5alk into .et wor/ without effort.
-e WAL5ED I&"$ a )reat 4ob strai)ht
after universit!.
5alk into
Be unaware of the presence of somethin)
and either enter it 8a trap9 or bump into it
8an obstruction9.
ou WAL5ED I&"$ that one Qou
became victim to a trap I setRorI
WAL5ED I&"$ a door and bro/e m!
5alk off
.o for a wal/ to reduce the effects of an
illness or bad feelin).
I tried to WAL5 $'' m! han)over.
5alk off
Win easil!. -e WAL5ED $'' WI"- the award.
5alk off
"a/e somethin) without permission or
0omeone WAL5ED $'' WI"- m!
umbrella so I )ot soa/ed.
5alk on Continue wal/in).
I saw the accident but 4ust WAL5ED $&
as I didn+t want to have to )ive a
5alk out
Leave wor/ because of a dispute with the
"he wor/ers WAL5ED $%" because the
felt that safet! wasn+t bein) handled
5alk out
Leave a place an)ril! or because !ou are
not satisfied.
"he film was a bore so I WAL5ED $%"
halfwa! throu)h.
5alk out on Leave somebod! an)ril!. -e WAL5ED $%" $& his wife last !ear.
E#plain or demonstrate somethin)
carefull! to someone.
-e WAL5ED me "-($%.- the
5alk up .o to someone.
A man WAL5ED %P and as/ed me the
Pass or succeed easil!.
0he WAL">ED "-($%.- the tests and
)ot the hi)hest score.
5ander off
Leave a place3 usuall! without tellin)
other people.
0he WA&DE(ED $'' and )ot lost in the
5ander off 0top pa!in) attention.
"he lecture was borin) and m! mind
WA&DE(ED $'' after ten minutes.
5ant out
Want to leave a relationship or
7ac/ie wasn+t happ! with her marria)e
and WA&"ED $%".
5arm up Do e#ercises before a sport.
"he team WA(*ED %P half an hour
before the volle!ball match.
5ash away
When floods or waves completel! remove
a structure3 buildin)3 etc..
"he ice cream stall on the beach was
WA0-ED AWA in the storm last ni)ht.
5ash down Drin/ in order to swallow somethin) solid.
I WA0-ED the antibiotics D$W& with a
)lass of water.
5ash out
(ain so heavil! that an event has to be
"he rain WA0-ED $%" the
championship final.
5ash over 0uddenl! e#perience a stron) emotion.
-e felt numb as )rief WA0-ED $VE(
5ash up
Clean ever!thin) used to prepare food and
eat it.
"he children WA0-ED %P after lunch.
5ash up
When somethin) in the sea or river is left
on the shore or ban/.
After the crash3 several bodies WA0-ED
%P on the beach.
5ash up Wash face and hands.
Be sure !ou and the /ids WA0- %P
before dinner.
5aste away
Become ver! thin and wea/3 usuall! due
to illness.
-e WA0"ED AWA as the cancer )ot
5atch out Be careful 8imperative9. Watch out, there+s ice on the road.
5atch out
Be careful of somethin).
WA"C- $%" '$( bats in the caves1
man! have rabies.
5atch over
5eep an e!e on somethin) or someone to
chec/ that there+s no trouble.
"he lecturer WA"C-ED $VE( the
students as the! did the e#periment.
5ater down
*a/e somethin) wea/er and less
"he 'reedom of Information Act was
WA"E(ED D$W& b! the .overnment
and didn+t )ive ordinar! people much
access to official data files
5ave aside
I)nore or refuse to consider what someone
"he! WAVED A0IDE our ob4ections and
carried on with the plan.
5ave down *a/e a hand si)nal to stop a vehicle.
"he! WAVED the van D$W& and )ot a
lift after the accident.
5ave off
.o to a place where someone is leavin) to
wave )oodb!e.
We WAVED her $'' at the station.
5ave on
*a/e a hand si)nal to tell someone to
/eep movin).
"he accident was bad3 but the police
WAVED us $&.
5ean off 0lowl! stop a dependenc! on somethin).
We will have to WEA& him $'' his
5ear away Erode3 remove )raduall!.
"he lawn has been W$(& AWA b!
people wal/in) across it and it+s 4ust bare
soil now with hardl! a blade of )rass.
5ear down *a/e somethin) wea/er.
"he stress of m! 4ob is WEA(I&. me
5ear off 0top havin) an effect.
"he anaesthetic W$(E $'' and m!
tooth started hurtin).
5ear out %se somethin) until it stops wor/in).
0he pla!ed the video so man! times that
she W$(E the tape $%".
5eed out (emove3 )et rid of.
"he compan! WEEDED $%" the
unsuccessful sales reps.
5eigh down
Burden with responsibilities3 duties3 etc.
"he re6uirements of her new 4ob
WEI.-ED D$W& $& her.
5eigh in
-ave a certain wei)ht 8in sports li/e
"he champion WEI.-ED I& at HE@
5eigh in Enter an ar)ument forcefull!.
-e disli/ed the plan and WEI.-ED I&
with some heav! criticism.
5eigh in on
Enter an ar)ument or discussion to e#press
a stron)l! felt idea.
0he WEI.-ED I& $& their immi)ration
5eigh on *a/e someone consider carefull!.
"he issues raised WEI.-ED $& her
5eigh out
*easure a certain amount of somethin) b!
Could !ou WEI.- $%" E@@ )rammes of
that for me=
5eigh up Assess.
"he! WEI.-ED the pros and cons %P
carefull! before decidin).
5eird out Disturb3 cause concern or worr!.
"he wa! he spo/e was WEI(DI&. me
5ell up 'eel tears startin).
I felt tears WELLI&. %P when I heard
the news.
5ell up 'eel an emotion stron)l!.
An)er WELLED %P inside us when we
saw what the! had done.
5ell up
E#perience an emotion or feelin)3 start to
"ears WELLED %P when I heard the!
had died.
"urn 6uic/l! and face in the opposite
When he heard the whistle3 he
W-EELED A($%&D to see what was
5heel out
%se somethin) li/e an e#planation that has
been used man! times before and has lost
its impact.
"he! W-EELED $%" the same old
e#cuses last time this happened.
"urn 6uic/l! and face in the opposite
0he W-EELED ($%&D when he told
her to stop.
5hile away
0pend time doin) somethin) because !ou
have nothin) better to do.
We W-ILED a couple of hours AWA
pla!in) computer )ames.
5hip into Enter rapidl! 8as for a brief errand9.
Ben W-IPPED I&"$ the convenience
store for a ba) of crisps.
5hip out (emove 6uic/l!.
"he police officer W-IPPED $%" her
radio and called for bac/,up.
5hip out of E#it rapidl!.
Lola W-IPPED $%" $' a side street
without loo/in) and broadsided a police
Do somethin) 6uic/l!. 0he W-IPPED "-($%.- the tas/.
5hip up *a/e food 6uic/l!.
We )ot bac/ late and W-IPPED %P
5hip up
*i# li6uid food 6uic/l! to ma/e it thic/
and cream!.
I W-IPPED %P the e)) whites.
5hip up
*a/e people feel more stron)l! about
"he boss tried to W-IP %P some support
for her new policies.
5hisk away "a/e to another place 6uic/l!.
"he police W-I05ED the minister
AWA when the trouble started.
5hite out
%se correction fluid to cover a mista/e in
a written te#t.
Could !ou pass the "ippe#= I need to
W-I"E this mista/e $%".
5ig out Become e#cited and lose control.
-e WI..ED $%" when he heard that he
had failed.
5iggle out Avoid doin).
-e was supposed to be in char)e but tried
to WI..LE $%".
5iggle out
Avoid doin) somethin).
I WI..LED $%" $' havin) to wor/
5imp out &ot be brave enou)h to do somethin).
I was )oin) to have the hottest curr! on
the menu3 but I WI*PED $%" and had a
mild lamb 5orma instead.
5ind down (ela#.
I+m )oin) to WI&D D$W& in the
countr! this wee/end and do nothin).
5ind down 0lowl! close a business or or)anisation.
"he! W$%&D the committee D$W&
after the in6uir!.
5ind on 'orward a film or tape to a certain point.
-e W$%&D the video $& to show us the
5ind up Close a compan! because it+s unprofitable.
"he compan! was W$%&D %P when the
creditors demanded pa!ment.
5ind up
"i)hten the sprin) in a watch or cloc/ to
ma/e it wor/.
I for)ot to WI&D %P m! alarm cloc/ and
5ind up
Irritate someone or increase their stress
level3 especiall! if done deliberatel!.
"he children are reall! WI&DI&. me %P
5inkle out
'ind or )et somethin) that ta/es a )reat
deal of effort.
It too/ me a while to WI&5LE the truth
$%" of him.
5ipe out *a/e someone ver! tired.
(evisin) for the e#am last ni)ht WIPED
me $%".
5ipe out 5ill all of a population3 ma/e e#tinct.
A meteor crashin) into the planet WIPED
the dinosaurs $%".
5ire up *a/e electrical connections.
0he WI(ED her new stereo s!stem %P as
soon as she )ot home.
5ise up 0top bein) stupid.
-is supervisor told him to WI0E %P and
start followin) the rules or else he+d lose
his 4ob.
5ord up .ive someone information3 advice.
"he solicitor W$(DED her %P client
before the police interview3 so the! )o
ver! little out of him.
5ord up A phrase that was used a )reetin). +Word up< ou $5=+
5ork off E#ercise to remove stress or wei)ht.
0he )oes to the )!m to W$(5 $'' her
5ork on Improve or develop.
0cientists are W$(5I&. $& )eneticall!
modified crops and foods.
5ork out End nicel!.
"hin)s were )oin) wron) for them but
fortunatel! it all W$(5ED $%" in the
5ork out 'ind the answer or solution.
I couldn+t W$(5 $%" all the answers to
the crossword pu22le.
5ork over Assault3 beat up.
"he! W$(5ED him $VE( and robbed
5ork over (epeat3 do a)ain.
"he! W$(5ED it $VE( until the! had
)ot it ri)ht.
5ork over E#amine carefull!.
"he! W$(5ED $VE( the mar/et
loo/in) for bar)ains.
Deal with3 resolve a problem3 often
It too/ him a lon) time to W$(5
"-($%.- his an)er after he lost his
Cover with clothin)3 usuall! to /eep
0he W(APPED a scarf A($%&D her
head because it was so cold.
Cover or encircle with part of !our bod!. -e W(APPED his arms A($%&D her.
5rap round
Cover with clothin)3 usuall! to /eep
-e W(APPED the cloth ($%&D his
fin)ers to /eep warm.
5rap round Cover or encircle with part of !our bod!. 0he W(APPED her arms ($%&D him.
5rap up Cover in paper.
"he! W(APPED %P the presents then
put a ribbon around them.
5rap up Dress warml!.
W(AP %P carefull! or !ou+ll catch !our
death of cold outside in that rain.
5rap up 'inish.
"hat W(AP0 thin)s %P3 so we+ll end this
5riggle out
Avoid doin) somethin) in a wa! other
people don+t li/e.
-e alwa!s mana)es to W(I..LE $%"
$' an! e#tra wor/ we )et.
5rite down *a/e notes.
I W($"E her mobile number D$W& on
a scrap of paper and I+ve lost it.
5rite in 0end a letter to a "V station3 etc..
"he! as/ed viewers to W(I"E I& with
their opinions and su))estions.
5rite off Destro! a car in an accident.
-e W($"E the car $'' in an accident
on the motorwa!.
5rite out Write somethin) completel!.
I W($"E $%" m! notes in full to help
me remember them.
5rite up *a/e complete written version. I W($"E %P the report and submitted it.
6ack on
"al/ continuousl!3 especiall! if it is an
anno!in) wa!.
-e AC5ED $& for an hour.
6ammer on
"al/ continuousl!3 especiall! if it is an
anno!in) wa!.
0he A**E(ED $& for a)es.
6ield to 0urrender.
I tried hard to resist3 but in the end I
IELDED "$ temptation and ate it all.
7ero in on Direct or focus attention on.
"he police have >E($ED I& $& the
man the! believe to be responsible for the
7ero in on -ead for3 move towards.
"he hurricane is >E($I&. I& $&
7ero out Cut off fundin) for a pro4ect.
"he debt was >E($ED $%" b! the
7ero out (educe to 2ero3 cancel3 remove.
"he entr! was >E($ED $%" of the
7ip around *ove 6uic/l!.
We >IPPED A($%&D the supermar/et
to )et the shoppin) done.
7ip by Pass 6uic/l!.
"he motorbi/e >IPPED B the cars stuc/
in the traffic 4am.
7ip it 5eep 6uiet3 sa! nothin). -e told me to >IP I"3 so I said nothin).
7ip up 5eep 6uiet.
-e was bein) stupid in the meetin)3 so
we told him to >IP %P.
7one in Pa! attention after not doin) so. I was bored at first but then >$&ED I&
when thin)s started )ettin) more
7one in on Pa! attention after not doin) so.
I >$&ED I& $& what the! were sa!in)
when the! started )ossipin).
7one out &ot pa! attention.
0he >$&ED $%" durin) the lecture
because it was so borin).
7one out Dissociate !ourself from a situation.
I put some ambient music on and
>$&ED $%".
7onk out 'all asleep.
I >$&5ED $%" durin) the film and
missed most of it.
7oom in 'ocus more closel!.
"he camera >$$*ED I& to show
people+s faces.
7oom in on 'ocus more closel!. "he camera >$$*ED I& $& his face.
7oom off .o somewhere 6uic/l!.
-e rushed out of the buildin) and
>$$*ED $'' in his car.
7oom out 'ocus less closel!.
"he camera >$$*ED $%" to show all
the crowd.