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Fear-of-Intimacy Scale

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Part A Instructions Imagine you are in a close, dating relationshi!" #es!ond to the
follo$ing statements as you $ould if you were in that close relationship. #ate ho$
characteristic each statement is of you on a scale of 1 to 5 as descri%ed %elo$& and !ut
your res!onses on the ans$er sheet"
Note. In each statement '(' refers to the !erson $ho $ould %e in the close relationshi!
$ith you"
I $ould feel uncomforta%le telling ) a%out things in the !ast that I have felt ashamed
2" I $ould feel uneasy tal*ing $ith ) a%out something that has hurt me dee!ly"
+3" I $ould feel comforta%le ex!ressing my true feelings to )"
4" If ) $ere u!set I $ould sometimes %e afraid of sho$ing that I care"
5" I might %e afraid to confide my innermost feelings to )"
+," I $ould feel at ease telling ) that I care a%out him-her"
+." I $ould have a feeling of com!lete togetherness $ith )"
+/" I $ould %e comforta%le discussing significant !ro%lems $ith )"
0" A !art of me $ould %e afraid to ma*e a long-term commitment to )"
+1)" I $ould feel comforta%le telling my ex!eriences& even sad ones& to )"
11" I $ould !ro%a%ly feel nervous sho$ing ) strong feelings of affection"
12" I $ould find it difficult %eing o!en $ith ) a%out my !ersonal thoughts"
13" I $ould feel uneasy $ith ) de!ending on me for emotional su!!ort"
+14" I $ould not %e afraid to share $ith ) $hat I disli*e a%out myself"
I $ould %e afraid to ta*e the ris* of %eing hurt in order to esta%lish a closer
relationshi! $ith )"
1," I $ould feel comforta%le *ee!ing very !ersonal information to myself"
+1." I $ould not %e nervous a%out %eing s!ontaneous $ith )"
+1/" I $ould feel comforta%le telling ) things that I do not tell other !eo!le"
+10" I $ould feel comforta%le trusting ) $ith my dee!est thoughts and feelings"
2)" I $ould sometimes feel uneasy if ) told me a%out very !ersonal matters"
I $ould %e comforta%le revealing to ) $hat I feel are my shortcomings and
+22" I $ould %e comforta%le $ith having a close emotional tie %et$een us"
23" I $ould %e afraid of sharing my !rivate thoughts $ith )"
24" I $ould %e afraid that I might not al$ays feel close to )"
+25" I $ould %e comforta%le telling ) $hat my needs are"
2," I $ould %e afraid that ) $ould %e more invested in the relationshi! than I $ould %e"
+2." I $ould feel comforta%le a%out having o!en and honest communication $ith )"
2/" I $ould sometimes feel uncomforta%le listening to )1s !ersonal !ro%lems"
+20" I $ould feel at ease to com!letely %e myself around )"
+3)" I $ould feel relaxed %eing together and tal*ing a%out our !ersonal goals"
Part 2 Instructions #es!ond to the follo$ing statements as they a!!ly to your !ast
relationships" #ate ho$ characteristic each statement is of you on a scale of 1 to 5 as
descri%ed in the instructions for Part A"
31" I have shied a$ay from o!!ortunities to %e close to someone"
32" I have held %ac* my feelings in !revious relationshi!s"
33" 3here are !eo!le $ho thin* that I am afraid to get close to them"
34" 3here are !eo!le $ho thin* that I am not an easy !erson to get to *no$"
35" I have done things in !revious relationshi!s to *ee! me from develo!ing closeness"
Note. + denotes items reversed for scoring"
4evelo!ment and 5alidation of a Fear-of-Intimacy Scale
Author6s7 8arol 9" 4escutner University of Missouri
:ar* ;" 3helen University of Missouri
Source Psychological Assessment" 5ol" 3 627 9une 1001& !!" 21/-225"
American Psychological Association
ISS< 1)4)350)
4igital (%=ect I4 1)"1)3.--1)4)-350)"3"2"21/
Article 3y!e 9ournal Article
A%stract 3$o inde!endent studies sho$ed the Fear-of-Intimacy Scale 6FIS7
to %e a valid and relia%le measure of individuals1 anxiety a%out
close& dating relationships" Item-total analyses yielded a 35-item
scale $ith high internal consistency and test-retest relia%ility"
8onstruct validity $as esta%lished %y factor analysis and
significant correlations" 3he FIS correlated !ositively $ith a
loneliness measure> it correlated negatively $ith self-disclosure&
social intimacy& and social desira%ility measures" 3hese relations
$ere maintained $hen !artial correlations $ere conducted to
control for social desira%ility" Su%=ects1 FIS scores $ere
significantly related to self-re!ort data 6e" g" & su%=ects $ith higher
scores re!orted %riefer relationships7 and !ositively related to
thera!ists ratings a%out clients1 fear of intimacy" It $as also found
that androgynous su%=ects had less fear of intimacy than
masculine and undifferentiated su%=ects" 3he FIS holds !romise
for use in the assessment of clinical !o!ulations and for use as a
research instrument