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Stratford International School

General Santos City

Speech and Oral Communication December
16, 2013
MWF 10:00am 11:00am
Preliminary Eamination
Name:____________________________________ Score:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
General Directions: Write yo"r ans#ers le$ibly an% concisely at a $i&en time'
Goo% l"c()
*' Identifcation +10 ,ts'- Write yo"r ans#ers on t.e s,ace ,ro&i%e%'
1'- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is a %"al or t#o/#ay ,rocess o0 transmittin$ messa$es
0rom one ,erson
to anot.er'
2'- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its ,"r,ose is to ser&e as t.e co%e 0or t.e transmission o0
bet#een an% amon$ ,eo,le'
3'- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a c.aracteristic o0 lan$"a$e #.ic. %e,icts lan$"a$e as a
.i$.ly or$ani1e%
2'- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a c.aracteristic o0 lan$"a$e #.ic. staes t.at t.ere is no
connection bet#een t.e so"n%s ,eo,le "se an%
ob3ects to #.ic. t.ese
so"n%s re0er'
4'- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!t.is is t.e as,ect t.at ma(es "se o0 #or%s' *t may be oral or
0ormal or in0ormal'
6'- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!means t.e lan$"a$e o0 t.e bo%y
5'- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!means t.e lan$"a$e o0 s,ace
6'- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!means t.e lan$"a$e o0 to"c.
7'- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!means lan$"a$e o0 ob3ects
10'- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!is t.e abstract element t.at ta(es ,lace in t.e min%
o0 comm"nication'
11'- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!is a ty,e o0 comm"nication #it.in onesel0'
12'- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!is a ty,e o0 comm"nication amon$ a relati&ely small
n"mber o0 ,eo,le'
13'- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!t.is in&ol&es comm"nication bet#een one an%
se&eral ot.er ,eo,le'
12'- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!is t.e s,ea(er or t.e comm"nicator #.o .as .is8.er
o#n ,"r,ose,
(no#le%$e, interests, attit"%es, s(ills an%
14'- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!is t.e i%ea bein$ transmitte% by t.e sen%er to t.e
**' Enumeration +10 ,ts'- Write yo"r ans#ers at t.e bac( o0 t.is ,a,er'
1-2 W.at are t.e t#o +2- s"bsystems o0 lan$"a$e'
-! Gi&e at least t.ree +3- attrib"tes o0 t.e Paralin$"istic system'
"-1# W.at are t.e 9&e +4- Elements o0 Comm"nication:
***' $rue or %alse +10 ,ts'- Write $rue i0 t.e statement is correct, %alse i0 t.e
statement is #ron$'
1'- !!!!!!!!! Generati&e re0ers to t.e s,ea(er;s ability to "n%erstan% an%
,ro%"ce any n"mber o0
sentences8 "tterances in t.e nati&e ton$"e by rec"rsion or by
2'- !!!!!!!!! <an$"a$e cannot be consi%ere% #it.o"t Comm"nication beca"se it
is t.e &ery
reason o0 its eistence'
3'- !!!!!!!!! Etralin$"istic =s,ect ma(es "se o0 #or%s b"t may en.ance or
c.an$e t.e lin$"istic
2'- !!!!!!!!! C.ronemics is t.e lan$"a$e o0 color'
4'- !!!!!!!!!Dya%ic is t.e comm"nication bet#een 0o"r ,eo,le
6'- !!!!!!!!!>a%io, ?ele&ision an% mo&ies are eam,les o0 Mass Comm"nication'
5'- !!!!!!!!!?rans,ortation is t.e me%i"m or &e.icle t.ro"$. #.ic. t.e messa$e
is sent'
6'- !!!!!!!!!>ecei&er is t.e tar$et o0 t.e comm"nication'
7'- !!!!!!!!!Enco%in$ is #.ere t.e i%eas #.ic. .a&e been or$ani1e% in t.e
i%eation sta$e, are ,"t
into co%e to ma(e transmission ,ossible'
10'- !!!!!!!!!S,eec. Comm"nication consists o0 a #eb o0 e&ents lin(in$ t.e
s,ea(er;s brain #it.
t.e listener;s brain'
*@' Essa& +10 ,ts'- Write yo"r ans#ers brieAy an% concisely'
1'- W.y is BComm"nication; im,ortant to yo"r co"rse:
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!