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Lesson Planning Checklist

What do you want your students to achieve by the end of the lesson?
Are your objectives written in language that is clear to your students?
Are they achievable and specific enough?
Are they in line with the MOE curriculum?
Are they consistent with the objectives of the unit/ previous lessons?
Will they motivate your students?
Do they meet your personal teaching objectives?
Warm Up
Are your warmup activities consistent with the topic of the lesson/ unit?
Are they based on the material that is familiar to your students?
Do they get the students! attention and set a positive tone for the lesson?
"s the material you are going to present relevant to the topic?
consistent with lesson
the previous unit
MOE #urriculum?
appropriate to the level of the
se$uenced logically?
Do you have a sufficient amount of new material?
"s it challenging% yet enjoyable?
Do you provide a natural conte&t when presenting the new material?
Do you provide a variety of logically se$uenced 'controlled practice! activities?
Are they aimed at developing the different language s(ills) *+,-W.?
Do you provide a familiar conte&t when practicing the new material?
Are your activities aimed at developing students! accuracy or fluency?
What ways of correcting errors are you going to use?
Do you provide an optimal variety of logically se$uenced 'free practice!
Do the activities you selected stimulate communication and promote students!
Do the students have the opportunity to use the target language in a variety of
natural yet conte&tuali/ed situations?
Do you maintain balance between the new and already presented material?
0ow are you going to monitor the application stage?
What followup strategies are you going to apply to address typical errors?
Wrap-up Activities
Will your students have a sense of achievement at the end of the lesson? *1hin(
about a few specific e&amples of what they might have achieved2.
0ow are you going to provide feedbac( to your students? *Are you going to
grade them? 0ow did you motivate them?.
Was their homewor( clearly e&plained with the help of e&amples?
Will the homewor( assignment allow the students to practice the target language
in a communicative conte&t?
General Questions:
Are all the stages/ activities of your lesson plan logically se$uenced% naturally
connected and subordinated to the objectives of the lesson?
"s your lesson plan supported by ade$uate visuals and other teaching aids?
Are all the 3 s(ills practiced?
Do you provide appropriate balance between the teacher and student spea(ing
Are all the cases when the native language *vs2 English. is used well justified? "s
it possible to avoid it?
Are your instructions brief% clear% and understandable?
At what stage of the lesson do you review previous homewor(?
Do you provide activities to involve students of language different levels in the
lesson and ensure their individual progress?
0ave you met your personal teaching objectives?