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Autumn 2006 / 03
Web: www.marlowcanoeclub.org.uk
Email: j.k.norris@btinternet.com

course programme we offered this

year. Tim Twitchen decided to go for a
WHAT’S IN THIS ISSUE course a month schedule with 8 places
Editor’s Piece 1 on each. In the end we drew heavily
on the clubs coaching members and
5 go mad at the Doggy Paddle 2 took as many as 15 on each course.
It's been an education for me. Even at
A mini Poseidon adventure 3
this level explaining the strokes can be
The Adventure continues. 5 a lot harder than executing them. But
it's been good fun along the way and I
would suggest some of you 2*'s and
Titbit / Thanks 8 above give some thought to coaching
others. Don't forget there is a new
The Marathon! 8 coaching set up being introduced as I
Clubhouse / Clubhouse keys. 9 write, look on the BCU website for
details or maybe have a word with
Little bits to fill up the pages. 10 Andy Maxted.
Events / Diary. 11 For every good time there's a bad time.
This summer has been no exception
Contacts etc. 12 with the usual problem ref. Duty
Officers. Please take time to digest my
item on this thorny subject inside and
EDITORS PIECE think what you can do to help.
And to finish - more good news. At the
It's been a busy, busy summer. For a 3rd attempt I got my 3*. There's no
while it appeared that summer might doubt I wasn't good enough on the 1st
not come at all but then it warmed up try, and perhaps I shouldn't have even
and we all know the rest. Only the taken the 2nd as I had sprained my
other day I noticed a sign on the lock wrist on the way home from work. But
stating that the lock would only operate the 3rd; I needn't have worried.
every 15mins. unless the lock keeper Quality coaching from quality members
was sure he could fill the lock at shorter and a ticket to be proud of.
intervals. Thanks to TT, JP, PC, & Big Dave.
I've been heavily involved in the 1*

Anyone who tells you portaging is fun is either a

liar, or crazy, or maybe both.

Marlow Canoe Club Newsletter Page 1 Autumn 2006 / 03

Now here's a nice little piece to get the the seat but it was very
show on the road. Dave Riverside informative….no, really.
bought this to my attention some years The first stretch took us past the
ago. I've often thought about doing it, remains of a large medieval bridge,
but never did. Maybe next year! which was partly ruined by floodwater
in 1795, pay attention; there could be a
5 GO MAD AT THE 2006 test later, to Warwick Castle which
'DOGGY PADDLE' looks even bigger from water level than
when you walk around the grounds. It
Following the late withdrawal of Mr was a bit of a scrum at the first portage
Cooper from the squad, five of us set but using techniques honed at getting a
off for Leamington Spa to take part in pint from a student bar some years ago
the annual Doggy Paddle from we muscled our way to the front fairly
Leamington to Stratford a distance of easily, if anyone had complained we
19.5 miles. were ready with our ‘sorry, we’re from
Being rather less organised than Dave Marlow Rowing Club’ excuses. After
Goddard, Tim and JP, Susan and I getting back in people spread out quite
arrived on the bank of the River Leam quickly and although there must have
just in time to miss the last shuttle been in excess of a hundred boats on
which at the time didn’t seem much of the river at any one time there were
a deal but later transpired to be a bit of occasions where we felt as if we had
an error which Dave reminded us about the whole river to ourselves.
all day long. Registration on the day We ate our first Mars Bar here and then
was very easy although it is a good idea passed under a big new road which
to at least fill out your form before you wasn’t on Dave’s map and was called
get there as it is likely to be raining - the M40 by people in the know and
because that’s what happens near found ourselves close to Barford which
Birmingham…a lot. We were given is one of the most scenic parts of the
advice on what to do at the Deer trip and also the birthplace of Joseph
fences, which we promptly forgot, and Arch, founder of the first trade union,
also had the opportunity to buy the Agricultural Workers’ Union.
essential things for the day although The weir at the 11 mile mark made a
there was no Kendal mint cake on offer good spot for lunch and there is quite a
which was rather disappointing given nice pool to watch people trying to
the effort about to be expended. negotiate what is more like a 6 foot
One interesting aspect of the vast drop waterslide than anything else. It is
armada of boats taking to the water probably easier to take the drop than
was the impressive array of different portaging as the ‘out’ involves a lot of
types of kayak and canoes on display. ‘cow mud’ which you could fall over in
There was something for anoraks and get it all over you if pushed (sorry
everywhere although we clearly made a Susan) and the ‘in’ wasn’t too pleasant
big impression judging by the fact that either.
the photo of Dave and JP in their open There are four weirs all told and we all
and Susan and me on the big pink successfully negotiated the last one
double kayak made it on to the website. which was basically a simple two foot
I was slightly concerned at JP’s drop. Maybe next year we will try a
knowledge of white water racing kayaks couple more as the portages after the
and what the big bulge was for behind first one were quite tricky and involved

Marlow Canoe Club Newsletter Page 2 Autumn 2006 / 03

combinations of steep banks, ropes – are probably upside down’, ‘you have
and smelly stuff. got a first aid kit with you haven’t you?’
I can’t remember the ‘approved’ and ‘I always take a first aid kit on
technique for crossing the deer fences trips’. (Good, we won’t need one then)
which were really large link chains Finally we reached the start of the
strung across the river either side of navigational part of the river and traffic
some National Trust pile but the John did become a bit of an issue. The event
and Dave method of piling straight at clashed with some Dragon Boat racing
them at full pelt whilst singing the and going by the number of people
Hawaii 5-O tune did the trick and also lining the banks there were quite a lot
had the added benefit of scaring all the of other events taking place too. On
wildlife away. exiting the water we discovered that we
One particularly nice stretch was fairly were the first pink double kayak to
shallow through a sea of silver green complete the course although oddly
reeds which was quite spectacular. there was no trophy for this class.
Plotting a course through was We were met by a man with a guide
interesting and quite fun although we dog who thanked us for taking part and
took the easy option of going a raising money for the Guide Dogs which
different route to the people in front of was a nice way to finish the trip.
us at every turn as they had an Overall a good trip to do and for a very
uncanny knack of finding the shallowest good cause. I would encourage more
piece with the result of grounding more people to do it next year but beware
often than not. They were also trying to the Stratford Car Parks.
look very professional with their
matching outfits and paddles which Paul Griffin July 2006
made us giggle.
Then we ate another Mars Bar.
The next point of interest was the site
of a Second World War airfield
responsible for defending Birmingham
which obviously had a river right
through it which must have made take-
off and landing quite tricky. It is
marked by a four bladed Spitfire
propeller which commemorates the air
force crews who served there.
Interestingly enough the propeller must
have been from a mark VI onwards as Those of you old enough to remember
up until 1942 they were equipped with the film of this title will recall that the
three bladed fixed pitched propellers. plot centres around an upturned boat,
The final stretch was relatively this is how I can best relate my
featureless, apart from a whacking introduction to the sport of Kayaking!
great Obelisk which is quite famous in
the locality, but Dave kept our spirits up Having recently become a ‘rowing’
with an extraordinary performance of widow with half of my family afloat in
common farmyard animals interspersed extremely skinny boats I decided that I
with handy hints and tips such as ‘John, would cross the river, after all isn’t the
if it goes dark and you can’t breathe we grass (river weed) greener on the other

Marlow Canoe Club Newsletter Page 3 Autumn 2006 / 03

side, and learn how to Kayak naively
thinking that it was sure to be much
easier than all that messing about with
long blades. Well how wrong I was!

Having sent off my membership fee I

joined the other eager trainees on the
first one star course on a rather greyish
May morning. We were met by a host
of helpful people ready to kit us out
with boats, buoyancy aids and paddles That all important first dunking!
and following an introduction and
safety talk were finally let loose on the Relieved at getting the capsize over and
river with initial instructions to paddle grateful to have come up to see the
up to Marlow lock. light of day again dry clothes and a
Well why couldn’t I get this craft to go cup of tea now seemed to be the only
straight, all it seemed to want to do important thing on my mind, well apart
was go around in a circle and face the from stressing how I was going to
opposite direction, maybe it had some paddle in a straight line for 100m for
sort of homing device built in??? John the assessment the next day.
remarked that I was a bit of a tentative Sunday morning saw an equally
paddler I began to think I was b*****y enthusiastic bunch of trainees if not
useless. I seemed to consistently be somewhat tired ready to launch and
staring at the back of the group practices our new strokes. We went on
disappearing into the distance. to learn emergency stops, sweep
However not to be daunted when I strokes, I was beginning to get quite
eventually caught up with them I was practiced at these as well as how to
taught how to paddle backwards, prevent a capsize. After lunch followed
sideways and turn around voluntarily! the theory assessment then the all
The day went on with more forward important practical. Would I be able to
paddling or in my case spinning around, stay in a straight line?
(didn’t Kylie sing a song about this?) We duly paddled off to the beach to
past the lock to the beach where we perform the required strokes and then
practiced our new skills. After lunch returned to the club to throw ourselves
came a theory session then we were yet again into the river.
back on the water to learn more strokes
before the day culminated in the
dreaded capsize drill This saw a
nervous set of people bracing
themselves to see the river bottom.
Fortunately the sun had decided to
come out for this momentous occasion
and as you can see my husband turned
up with the camera.

Last one back buys the drinks!

Marlow Canoe Club Newsletter Page 4 Autumn 2006 / 03

I am pleased to say that all the course evening. We split into two groups and
attendees came away duly qualified as I ended up being the only female in a
one star paddlers. I left the club that group of gents feeling somewhat out
night tired, bruised, bedraggled but numbered and out paddled but my
extremely satisfied with the sport of fears were soon forgotten. I couldn’t
Kayaking. have asked for a better bunch as they
were all very helpful and supportive.
We spent the evening learning new
strokes and improving on the ones
already learnt on the one star course
plus we were introduced to those magic

Saturday started off well until I came

across the ‘high brace recovery stroke’
and then went on to see quite a bit of
the river bottom! On the first failed
attempt I was rescued by Paul and was
most impressed at the way he chucked
my kayak over his boat and calmly told
me to get back in not knowing at the
time that this was my first introduction
to the deep water rescue. As the rest
of the group began to fall in at various
stages throughout the day I started to
feel better, sorry lads.
The day finished with yet more
The other half or should I say opposition? orchestrated capsizing as we all got to
grips with the Eskimo and deep water
rescue techniques. This is where you
suddenly learn that a few minutes
bobbing about under a kayak waiting to
be rescued can seem like an eternity.
Having completed the one star course Having been rescued myself and
in May and being a glutton for without a partner I pleaded to the other
punishment I then signed up for the guys that I needed a victim, Andy
two star course the following June. In bravely stepped up to the mark and at
between I ensured that I attended as this point I uttered the quote of the day
many club sessions as I could and “don’t worry I will save you”. It started
slowly my forward paddling started to off well but after initially managing to
become straighter if not faster, a grab my boat I could not hold it in place
personal milestone achieved but little long enough for him to get a firm grip
did I know I was yet to face another so a somewhat breathless Andy
nemesis in the form of the low and high emerged a few minutes later quoting
brace support strokes! the above line to me in triplicate! Sorry
The two star course got off to a wet Andy but I did say I needed the
start but thankfully this was only practice.
because it rained on the Tuesday

Marlow Canoe Club Newsletter Page 5 Autumn 2006 / 03

Sunday ran along the same lines as the assessment and we all paddled
Saturday improving on strokes, back to the club relieved and trunk
remembering trunk rotation, getting rotating all the way. Now my only
wet, getting wet again, followed by question is where do I put these lovely
lunch and yes you guessed it more badges? Clean answers only please!
getting wet. I left with the assessment
to come on Tuesday looming in my
mind and those immortal words ‘TRUNK
ROTATION’ ringing in my ears.
John, JP, Paul, Tim, Dave and Adrian
who freely give their time and expertise
in running and assisting on the many
courses the club runs each year. Also
Monday was spent boring the ‘rowing to my fellow course attendees for
half’ of my family with discussions on making the whole experience fun and
forward, backward and side paddling, sharing the ups and downs of learning
high and low brace strokes, Eskimo to Kayak.
rescues etc. and it gave me great
satisfaction to do so having listened to P.S By the time you read this my son
years and years of rowing blurb. The would have joined the ranks of the
kitchen broom took on a new lease of canoe club therefore making an equal
life as a good implement to practices 50/50 split in the family maybe we can
paddle strokes which is infinitely more stage a take over between us!
interesting than sweeping the floor!
Tuesday came and having a head full of Julie Briggs July 2006
kayaking I missed the turning to take
the kids to school, not that they THE YAHOO GROUP
protested, and had to take a diversion
before arriving at work thinking it was Can I draw your attention to the clubs
going to be a long day. I arrived early Yahoo group? Big Dave, our
that evening at the club and was met webmaster tried to set up a messaging
with an equally set of nervous adults service through the website and
gazing at a very windswept river. although this offered more functionality
Adrian and Dave were assigned to it also registered as chat on a lot of
assess this course and as we stood work pc's, which seriously undermined
huddled waiting to boat up the its undoubted qualities.
conversation centred around who might So the Yahoo group reigns supreme as
be the most lenient. a means of keeping reasonably up to
Adrian took the group I was in and off date with what's going on. It's calmed
we went to Marlow lock to begin. The down a lot now, and the tit for tat stuff
wind was blowing a gale and I soon that manifested itself in the early days
found that a paddle in the air doubles seems to have disappeared. Just the
up quite nicely as a sail. We managed other week Paul Griffin decided to do a
to complete most of the assessment short trip in Oxford as featured in
above the lock and moved to more Canoe focus. A message was placed on
sheltered water below it to perform the yahoo group and all who were
support strokes and rescues. I am members saw this. An enthusiastic
pleased to say that everyone passed response saw Paul's day out snowball
into what became a group trip. All

Marlow Canoe Club Newsletter Page 6 Autumn 2006 / 03

organised through the Yahoo group, in other boats, as well as short boat
pick ups, times & meets, and even the types who could do a little more. We
loan of club boats were agreed and a normally look for 3* / 18+ / responsible
good time was had by all. So much so people but have gone with 2*'s
that a handful went and did it again the previously.
next week. All you need to do is go to Andy Maxted, who has prepared a short
the website and click on the link for the evening course on the roll of the D.O.
Yahoo group and so long as you've not has even gone so far as to say that the
done anything to upset Big Dave he'll D.O. need not go on the water, so long
sign you on. as they are there to open up, able to
Whilst the Yahoo group is of most ensure those that need a watchful eye
benefit to those that paddle in groups, get the care and attention they deserve
I'm sure the fast boat section could and is there to ensure the club is closed
make use of it as well. Join it, try it, at the end of the session.
and if it's of no use at all to you, you If we were to take out the winter
can always rescind your (yahoo group) months, say December - February or
membership. possibly March as the group pretty
much takes care of itself then we are
John Norris August 2006 left with 40 Sundays and 20 Tuesday
evenings. 60 sessions max. out of a
LAST ISSUES QUOTE club membership of some 150+.
Considering that some members are
Believe me, my young friend,…………….. unable to do this for various reasons
was spoken by Water Rat from 'Wind in (moving away from the club and just
the Willows' in case you didn't know! staying in touch seems reasonably valid
to me, new members another) we
DUTY OFFICERS. should, if correctly organised, be able
to limit this to one D.O. role per year.
It's been a nightmare again this year, I've done 4 or 5 so far and a couple of
just scarier than the previous few courses and other committee members
years. The D.O.'s have been mostly have done a fair bit. It's time to ask
made up from those who already give yourself what you can do for the club.
extensively of their time, namely the
committee. On one occasion we had to John Norris August 2006
rely on a couple of under 18's. We
have never had to do this before, and Since composing this Andy Maxted has
despite the skills of the people rescheduled his D.O. course for late
concerned we probably overstepped the August, and we have a no. of people
mark here. I trust that this will never who have expressed interest and
happen again and that more people will committed to attend. But it would be
come forward. This has led the nice to have a pool of people from
committee to consider proposals that which to draw on for a role that is vital
would not have seen the light of day to the clubs continued success.
when I joined the club a few years ago.
Perhaps the most radical was a
compulsory D.O. stint by every key
holder. I know there are a lot of
marathon types who are quite capable

Marlow Canoe Club Newsletter Page 7 Autumn 2006 / 03

The Thames itself, from Lechlade to
Teddington, at 'bank-full' conditions, Ever since Homo sapiens started to
holds about 20,500 million litres (4,500 stand up on two legs he, or she, has
million gallons), so it only holds about aimed to go further or faster than their
as much water as falls on the fellows. Paddlers have been no
catchment area in one day. I suppose exception - constantly looking for new
that excludes this year and any other thrills and ways of racing. Sprint or
'drought' year. marathon kayaking provide plenty of
thrills and action. Long narrow boats -
THANKS both canoes and kayaks - have been
developed specifically for getting from
This past weekend (2/3 Sept.) the clubs A to B as fast and efficiently as
final 1* course commenced. Six people possible. However what has been
completed the course but for one, Lisa gained in speed has been lost in terms
Randall, it seemed nothing was going to of manoeuvrability and stability. They
work. Not wanting to get her hands take some getting used to!!
wet was a major problem along with Sprint racing is incredibly popular in this
generally a slow start. But a change to country. It takes the form of a time trial
a skegged boat and a determination over a fixed distance - ranging from
previously hidden behind a smile that 500m to 10,000m- from a standing
never ceased the whole weekend saw start. Sprint racers usually race on lakes
all that change on Sunday assessment. and travel in straight lines. There are
That evening I got a call from her mum categories for singles, doubles and the
and an e-mail which I've copied here spectacular K4 (four-seater kayak)
John Marathon is also very popular. It differs
Many thanks to all the coaches and from sprint in that the distances are
members concerned with the 1* greater and courses resemble more a
induction course. Our daughter Lisa journey than a dash to the finish line. A
was helped, supported & encouraged typical marathon course will involve
by all concerned. Lisa had a fantastic negotiating bends and getting out to
time learning the basics of canoeing. portage around weirs, rapids or locks.
Many thanks to everybody concerned In some races, such as the British Exe
for this weekend. Descent or the Irish Liffey, competitors
in their tippy boats, tackle, large drops
Me, PC, TT, AH & SH all did what we
over weirs and rapids instead of
could but perhaps the biggest
running around them. The distance for
contribution came from others on the
a marathon can be anything from about
course, notably the 'NYE' family whose
6.5km (4 miles) to the gruelling 200km
encouragement vocal and otherwise
(125 miles) British Devizes to
played a major part in Lisa's success.
Westminster race held each Easter or
Thanks all! even the Arctic Canoe Race that is over
1,000km (620 miles) held in Norway.
On October 22nd we - Marlow CC - will
be running one such marathon as we
have done each year for a long time.
Starting from Longridge, competitors

Marlow Canoe Club Newsletter Page 8 Autumn 2006 / 03

will race on one of three distances - to is labour intensive. Volunteers would
Bourne End, to Cookham Lock or be appreciated for a 'Work Day' when
Boulters Weir and back. Taking part will we will be able to get the shed in some
be some 150 - 200 paddlers from all order. Repairs to the floor and the boat
over the Southern Region racing for racks are essential, there's a load of
points for the prestigious Hasler rubbish to be disposed of and a few
Trophy. Clubs that are bound to figure other tasks. The 'Committee' invite you
in this will be Reading, Wokingham, attend said workday scheduled for 14th
Newbury and Banbury whilst Bourne October. See AC or notices around the
End Junior Sports Club can be relied club for specific job details.
upon to field a large number of
The event is a good opportunity for our CLUBHOUSE KEYS
own paddlers to taste the marathon
game by entering the short race - We've got a functional padlock, a
6.5km - to Bourne End and back. If slightly less reliable version of the
this is what you are planning to do you same, and keys for both dotted all over
really ought to be clocking up the miles the place. Various members have tried
in a "pointed boat". Good Luck to keep track of keys over the years but
But for the rest of you not minded to our most recent list of keyholders
tear down river and back, please give a contains names of people who have not
thought to coming and help run the been seen or heard of for many years.
event. There are a number of jobs that September's committee meeting
need to be done effectively: decided to replace the lock (and keys).
marshalling turns and portages; time The process will be somewhat arduous
keeping; compiling results; car parking but Andy Maxted has agreed to
or being a gofer. coordinate the issue of new keys. If
It cannot happen without at least two you have an existing key and will need
dozen people committing themselves to a replacement, please get in contact
ensuring a good event. with Andy so that a replacement can be
issued and a proper register drawn up.
So, please put the date - Sunday If you do not have a key but would like
October 22nd - in your diary now one, the existing procedures are that an
and when we start asking for application needs to be made to the
volunteers do not hesitate to offer committee in writing for approval. You
your services. Thanks will need to be over 18, three star
standard and deemed by the committee
David Lyddiatt to be sufficiently responsible. If you
Race Organiser are no longer a user of the club but still
have a key it can be returned for your
THE CLUBHOUSE initial deposit. We will announce a date
in a couple of months when the padlock
Wear and tear has made its presence will be changed and when the old keys
felt on the inside of the clubhouse, will be of no further use.
which would benefit greatly from the
kind of attention lavished on the
outside in recent years. Fortunately,
this is not a major financial burden but

Marlow Canoe Club Newsletter Page 9 Autumn 2006 / 03

WELCOME Next year, things are going to be
different. I'm putting ME first, cutting
The club tries to run a social event or back on the D.O. stints and courses as
two, sometimes successfully, well if necessary. The Capella will go to
sometimes not. Amongst those who sea. But I need some help. I'm looking
have had a stab at this post in the past for a few experienced people who are
are Gary Board, myself, others, and prepared to give up a Sunday /
most recently Debs; whose recent Weekend so that we may get a sea trip
endeavours were thwarted by the on the club calendar. I would like to
'World Cup'. That's the football world get the genre re-established as a club
cup - not Rugby (next Winter), or activity. The people I'm looking for are
cricket (sometime in 2007 or possibly 8) those with considerable experience but
even I can't remember them all. able to look after new to sea paddlers,
A new member, Melinda Livett, has some of whom will have sea boats and
offered to give the role a go so if you some who will not. I read an item in an
have any suggestions for activities you old newsletter about a trip out from
think others would enjoy, please let Poole harbour, around a headland for
Melinda know. Details for Melinda will lunch in an otherwise inaccessible bay
be on the contacts page at the end of and return. This sort of trip, or
the newsletter. something similar sounds like a good
introduction. A good day out, an easy
MORE GOOD NEWS paddle, to show us inexperienced types
what it's all about. Looking at some of
Ever since he got his L1 coach award, the boats in the clubhouse some of you
Paul Crichton has done a fair bit took this very seriously indeed and now
toward seeing a large no. of paddlers there's a chance to teach your skills to
get their 1* award, very important as a new generation.
the club no longer takes out paddlers
without a certificate. Now he's gone If you are able to assist in this venture,
and got his L2 coach award so all those or would like to try something different
he taught 1* this year can benefit from and be included, e-mail me with your
his skills when they do their 2* next details at j.k.norris@btinternet.com
THE SEASIDE BECKONS Andy Maxted's D.O. course was
reasonably successful with a strong
showing amongst the new members.
It had been my intention to take the Some 9 people in all attended and as I
Capella out on the briny this year but write one has already done a couple of
sometimes even the best of intentions turns. Perhaps some of the more
can go awry. I had pencilled in a CYM established members should turn back
PENNANT 'Intro to Sea' course, but a a page or two, reread DUTY OFFICERS
combination of 1* courses and a family and enquire as to when another course
problem excluded all available dates. will be held.
Some of the older (more experienced
sounds better) members have said they
would assist but I've been a bit to busy
to benefit from these offers.

Marlow Canoe Club Newsletter Page 10 Autumn 2006 / 03

The complete and authoritive guide to all that the club hopes to do in the
forthcoming months. Please note that at the time of going to press dates cannot
be guaranteed and that the programme is subject to changes.


28-29 10/06 TEIFI TOUR
04-05/11/06 TYNE TOUR - SEE WEB; http://www.tynetour.co.uk/index2.html


AC ADRIAN COOPER 01844 344580 adrian@familycooper.fsnet.co.uk
AM ANDY MAXTED 07730 852760 morven@ukonline.co.uk
DL DAVID LYDIATT 01753 887773 david@lydiatt.plus.com
JN JOHN NORRIS 01494 483833 j.k.norris@btinternet.com
JP JOHN PARKIN 07973 820515 johnnyp@medusamusic.com
MP MARTIN PLAIN 01628 483252 martin@longridge.org.uk
TB TERRY BELCHER 01628 851001 terry@amoffice.co.uk

Marlow Canoe Club Newsletter Page 11 Autumn 2006 / 03

A list of those members who serve on the club's committee, their role and a
contact no. should you need to contact them.

ADRIAN 01844
CHAIRMAN adrian@familycooper.fsnet.co.uk
COOPER 344580
SECRETARY ANDY MAXTED morven@ukonline.co.uk
PAUL 08708
TIM 07833
COACHING timothy.twitchen@btinternet.com
NEWSLETTER JOHN NORRIS j.k.norris@btinternet.com
ROD 01753
EDMONDS 671389
DAVID 01753
MARATHON david@lydiatt.plus.com
LYDIATT 887773
LONGRIDGE MARTIN PLAIN martin@longridge.org.uk
WOMENS REP. DEBS HARDY hippydeborah@hotmail.com
GEORGE 01844
COOPER 344580
WHITEWATER JOHN PARKIN johnnyp@medusamusic.com


RIVERSIDE OXFORD http://www.riversideoxford.co.uk/
MARSPORT READING http://www.marsport.co.uk/
WWC SHEPPERTON http://www.whitewaterthecanoecentre.co.uk/
PADDLESPORT http://www.paddlesport.co.uk/
VERNEY 640573

Please advise the editor if any contact details are wrong or if you wish
to add an alternative no. / e-mail address to the list.

Marlow Canoe Club Newsletter Page 12 Autumn 2006 / 03