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Pond Fish


Fish Farming is an age old
activity and in practice from
ancient times. The concept
of composite fsh culture
was developed by ICAR in
late seventies under a
coordinated composite fsh
culture project. This
comprises the culture of
indigenous species of fsh
vi!. rohu" catla and mrigal and e#otic fsh i.e silver carp" grass carp
and common carp" $eeping in view their di%erent food habit and
habitat. This practice has been very well accepted by the farmers of
&aryana as its cultural practices are analogous to agriculture. The
successful fsh culture re'uires ploughing of pond" addition of
manure" stoc$ing of fsh seed( eradication of unwanted a'uatic plants
and animals" watering the pond( harvesting the crop and mar$eting
of the produce. The fsh culture technologies and economics are
simple and understandable to the fsh farmers. To produce one
$ilogram fsh" the re'uirements are)*

- one cubic meter water
- one kilogram manure and 100 gm inorganic fertilizer
- one kilogram supplementary feed
- and one year time

Cost of production of fsh is Rs. +,-$g and the sale price on an
average is Rs../-* per $g. A net proft of Rs.180000 per hectare
per year is obtained" The pond fsh culture practice is being adopted
by farmers in all the districts of the state. There are 18000 sh
culture units having an area of more than 1!"#1.!" hectares in
the state. The ownership of these ponds vested with the panchayats.
0anchayat leases out their ponds to the farmer1s for fsh farming.
These village ponds are generally visited by cattle for drin$ing water.
The cattle refuse dung and urine in the pond. The organic waste
released by the cattle are recycled into manure and help in the
production of plan$ton which is basic food for fsh. Thus all the village
fsh culture ponds in &aryana are the good e#ample of fsh cum cattle
farming. 2ith the passage of time" the farmers have modifed the
technologies as per the need. 3enerally Rohu"catla" mrigal and
common carp are used for culture. The stoc$ing density is $ept at
4//// fsh seed per hectare. Farmers have adopted the techni'ue of
multiple harvesting. which give better returns. 3ovt. provides #0$

subsidy to general category while 4.5 to scheduled caste fsh
farmers for e#cavation of new pond- renovation of old pond and
fsheries inputs.
%conomics of Fish Farming
a& %'penditure Rs.
Construction of 0ond"2ater 6upply Channel"
Installation of Tubewell-Renovation-7ease
8lectricity 9 2ater charges +:.//
Cost of 4./;g 7ime +///
4//// Fish 6eeds +.//
<rganic Fertili!er +////
Inorganic Fertili!er .///
6upplimentry feed ////
=edicine" Fishing" 2atch 9 2ard +////
()(*+ %,P%-./(0R% 100000

b& /ncome
6ale of >/// ;3 Fish ? ./ ;3 at pond site /////

c& -et /ncome 12-*& #00000

-ote3- (he /ncome may 4ary on the producti4ity and market
price of a pond