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Lesson 1

VII. The Holy Spirit moves to mission

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A Lay Missionary Up Close (in place of In Love and Gratitude, pp.9-10)

Arlene Villahermosa used to work full time in the bank and did part-time teaching in the

university. She left everything and decided to become a Columban Lay Missionary. The staff

at the Columban Lay Missionary Program (CLM) requested for an interview with her as to how

and what led her to join the CLM.

CLM: How did you get to know the CLM? Arlene: In 1984, I met Fr. Sean Coyle, a Columban priest assigned in Cebu. His witnessing of the Columban way of life, my reading of MISYON magazine and other related magazines on mission paved the way for me to the Columban Lay Mission Program.

CLM: What made you decide to choose CLM among all the other mission programs? Arlene: In 2001, I finally decided to join the Columban Lay Mission Program after searching for a mission program. I can truly say that God's hand was very evident in the events that unfolded in my life leading to my decision. From the orientation/discernment stage up to the formation stage lasting for nine (9) months, I found affirmations of my decision. The journey was indeed beautiful, and everything – from the various modules, courses and immersions, helped me grow psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, sexually, theologically, and also from a mission standpoint. Everything molded me for the mission. It prepared me to be open and discerning to God's will for me in the daily events of my life, in the diversity and uniqueness of each experience.

CLM: Tell us about your first mission assignment. Arlene: I can still vividly remember the day of the mission send-off. It was March 16, 2002. At 10:00 AM, the Parish of Sta. Teresa de Avila in Talisay City, Cebu sent me off on a mission with the Columban Society (Korea). Commitment, prayer, assurance, awareness, and hope marked that day not only for me but also for my family, friends, relatives, parishioners, and the Columban family. God's love was truly present and alive. Although the pain of leaving your loved ones was very real for me, there was something more than the pain that made me go beyond: LOVE! It was time to give back what I received in full – the unconditional and mysterious ways of love I experienced and felt from God through my family, friends, and the Columban Society. Now, it's time to share what has been freely given in love and gratitude.

Arlenne Villahermosa was assigned in Korea from 2002 to 2006. She was recalled to the Philippines in 2006 until 2008 to coordinate the Columban Lay Mission here. In November

2008, Arlenne , together with two Korean LMs were assigned to Myanmar. She is back in the Philippines since May 2012.

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