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Welcome to another jam-packed edition
05 of Slaughterama! In this issue, not only do
we have four great international interviews
ranging from the classics through to today’s
GUN hottest bands, but we also represent what’s
happening locally with our regular Kiwi Metal
interview (this time around it’s Christchurch
sickos Sacrament).
PAGE We also have a wicked Progressive Metal
piece and a bunch of other great stuff to keep
09 you entertained.

Thanks for purchasing the zine; we are

THE proud to be NZ’s only dedicated Heavy Metal
WA EPER! publication, and whether you’re from our great
SLE country or are one of our many overseas
readers, we look forward to your continued
THOR support as we continually work towards
PAGE bringing you as much exclusive, interesting
and goddamn METAL material as possible!
14 Until next time... PLAY IT LOUD, MUTHA!

HE Brendon Williams
w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m

INT ISE! -Editor





JUDAS PRIEST fans are screaming for

vengeance at the recent annoucement
that the Metal Gods will no longer be
playing in New Zealand on their current
tour. Purchased tickets were refunded,
along with a discount offer for people who
wanted to instead go along to... wait for
it... Stevie Wonder’s concert! Yeah right,
promoters... you’ve got another thing

METALLICA’s brand new album is set to come out

w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m
on September 12th. After a string of crap albums,
Death Magnetic is the band’s big chance to redeem
themselves, and prove that they are indeed the
metal militia, not simply disposable heroes.

NEW ZEALAND Heavy Metal fans have begun

to unite their efforts in an attempt to nurture and
encourage the future of Metal music in this country.
See pages 8, 12 and 18 for more information on
how you can be a part of this promising movement.

w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m

RIVIUM are one of the biggest and best back home and starting the US tour.
examples of the New Wave of American
Heavy Metal. They are enjoying Do you play any new tracks from the new
massive popularity right now, both overseas album, ‘Shogun’ and what’s the reaction like
and here in New Zealand. If you don’t own from the audience?
an album yourself, you have probably at
least seen someone in your neighbourhood In Japan we played 3 tracks from the new album
walking around around wearing a Trivium t- and it was amazing! The first night in Japan
shirt. With their modernized Thrash sound, there were about 10,000 people and when the
both young and old fans of Metal are paying intro kicked in, the place just erupted! We put
attention to what the band is doing. up a new song for download and a few hours
after it became available the fans were posting
With the release of Shogun happening later this videos on Youtube covering the song! It’s crazy,
month, we caught up with drummer Travis Smith it’s only been online for a few hours! We got
to find out more... some killer fans!

So you’re happy with the new album?

What’s the latest news there, Trav? You know, we can’t ask for a happier time right
now! There’s so much positivity going around!
Well, we’re in Sydney right now, getting ready We love this record and what we’ve done with it,
to do a show. We just flew in from Japan, which the record label is so, so happy with what we’ve
was killer! delivered and the press around the world
was really killer! Everyone’s enjoying what
So you’re going to Australia, but they’ve heard so far! It’s really
not New Zealand? awesome.

Yeah, man, You’ve

w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m
there’s not been
enough time to
go everywhere, touring
it’s crazy! We w i t h
fly home our mates
from here Dragonforce
and going on your
straight to ‘ B l a c k
London for a Crusade’
week. Then tour. How
we’re did that
going go?

w e n t
really well!

We hang out a lot
and those guys are
really out there in
a good way. Their
antics are some
of the craziest
I’ve ever seen.
Sam [Totman,
guitarist - editor] is
one of a kind guy.
The stuff he says,
it’s like, how the
hell did you think of
it? He should be a
fucking comedian,
he should be on
stand-up comedy

Let’s get back

to Trivium. It’s
been said in
some interviews
that ‘Shogun’ will
have more Thrash
influences and
that you’re
w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m

also bringing
back a bit of

Honestly, this
will definitely be It must be a very satisfying feeling when
the heaviest record we’ve ever written and you’ve got the finished CD in your hands
the screaming is definitely back in action. and you thing, ‘Yeah, I’ve made it out of
When we made ‘The Crusade’ [2006] – we nothing!’
made it intentionally not to be anything like
‘Ascendancy’ [2005]. A lot of people wanted us It’s definitely the great feeling of accomplishment.
to repeat ‘Ascendancy’ but we wanted to do our The four of us are involved in the process every
own thing. ‘The Crusade’ did very well for us, step of the way from creating the songs to the
and now ‘Shogun’ is definitely another step in paintings that are going to be inside the booklet.
the evolution of Trivium. And it feels really great when you finish the
album and get on the road to play the songs

live. what I’ve done on ‘Shogun’.

How much effort do you put in the CD To wind up the interview, when are we gonna
booklet? see you in New Zealand?

You know actually it’s kinda funny that you bring You know, we got a lot of e-mails from Australia
it up. This time we don’t put any lyrics inside the and New Zealand asking this question. We
booklet. Every song has its’ own art segment basically don’t have time to go everywhere we
which sort of explains what song is about, but want right now. Of course we’d love to do much
what we want people to do is interpret the song more shows, because we love being on stage.
for themselves. We want people to use their I just want to say to our fans in New Zealand,
imagination and apply the material to their lives. thank you very much for your support. When
The booklet just got finished last night actually, we played Big Day Out there you guys were
and it’s off to press right now as we speak. amazing and we can’t wait to go back there with
‘Shogun’ and really Metal it up! t
Now, how
is your drum
s e t - u p ?
How do you
choose your
and what sort
of gear do you

I had 5 drum
kits in the studio

w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m
and basically
we took best
drums from
each of those
5 kits and built
a Frankenstein
kit. I’m really-
really happy
with the drum
sound on the
album, I put a
lot of effort into
getting my parts
as perfect as I
could and I’m
really proud of

The Society of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Incorporated
35 Scarborough Terrace

09 366 7392
0211 383 752

Dear Slaughterama readers,

We at SocHMHRinc. have recently set up and incorporated N e w Zealand’s First

National Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Society.

The main focuses of the society are:

1) to raise awareness about Metal and Rock in the eyes of the wider public,
2) to create national and regional infrastructures that will aid in promoting Metal and Rock,
3) to attain public and private funding for our initiatives.
w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m

The Society has nine chapters through out NZ and is constantly growing. If you are interested in
becoming a member please fill out the form on page 12. If you want a copy of our charter please
email: heavymetalincorporated@hotmail.com


Joel Thompson
National Secretary
The Society of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Incorporated

hen you think about classic rock, So, Mick, what have you been doing with
URIAH HEEP is really the secret yourself lately?
option number 4, right after Deep
Purple, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. Well, we’re doing what we do best – we just
Almost 40 years since their formation, they finished the new album, ‘Wake the Sleeper’,
are still going strong with guitarist Mick Box and now we’re in the early stages of promoting
being the only original member left in the it. We’re also getting ready to start the tour and
band. then hopefully we’ll come out to see you guys.
Actually, I’ve got some good friends in Auckland
We caught up with Mick right after the and I’ve had some good holidays there too! I
release of Uriah Heep’s “Wake the Sleeper’ believe your Prime Minister Helen Clark likes
album, and had an awesome conversation! us too! (laughs) I believe she phoned a radio
Mick is a really cool dude, and you could talk station there once, requesting “Easy Livin’’!
to him for ages. So here’s only a few of the
questions we asked. Let’s talk about the new album. It’s been a
while since your last studio record ‘Sonic
Origami’, about 10 years or so...

w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m


Yes, that album was critically acclaimed by fans day. You know we go to the studio and spend
and media alike, but the record company [Eagle thousands trying to get the optimum sound and
Records – editor] failed to support it properly. So then people put it on mp3’s and you don’t get the
we were touring for the album and were getting full value of it. That’s why we released ‘Wake the
really disillusioned with the whole thing, Sleeper’ on vinyl. We’re trying to make a point
since the label didn’t put any money here, you know. (laughs)
into promoting it. So we ripped
up our contract and then Uriah Heep is undoubtedly one of the most
the whole industry went into important influences for today’s Power
free fall because of the whole Metal. How do you feel about that?
Internet thing. And because
of that we couldn’t find a home It’s the highest form of flattery really, isn’t
anywhere, because the record it? People thinking that your music is good
companies were closing d o w n enough to try and emulate. I think we brought
and the industry didn’t know a new dimension to music, because we used
what it was going to do next. harmonies as another instrument. And it could
So it took us all this time to get b e very powerful too, so I think
back on track. that’s what influenced all
these bands. There’s a
You’ve obviously been funny story about that
around for nearly 40 actually. We were in
years now. How has your America in the early
recording process changed 80’s doing an interview
since you started? on the radio. And the
guy said, ‘Hey I love
You know, we’re actually taking your new single!’ I
it back to analog recording. We thought, well that’s
wanted to take the power of great, since we
w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m

what’s happening in the rehearsal haven’t had

room onto the CD, so we found one for a
a converted church in the English while.
countryside, with a studio named ‘The
Chapel’ of course... (laughs) And we
put all the equipment into that big
room, and miked-up and played as
a band.
S o
There’s been a lot of talk about h e
the difference between the p u t
sound on a vinyl record it on...
and that on CDs. Which it was
one do you prefer? ‘Run
to the
Give me vinyl any Hills’

by Iron Maiden! (laughs) I had to tell Steve it when I was on the toilet one day. (laughs)
Harris about it – we had a good laugh. Probably
because of [the harmonies] we got branded with Did you ever spray-painted ‘Uriah Heep’ on
the nickname ‘The Beach Boys of Heavy Metal’. the side of the van?
(laughs) Absolutely! It was a part of the
Gene Simmons [Kiss] and Blackie Lawless cause, you had to do it! Gave you some sort
[W.A.S.P.] who we talked to recently both said of importance! (laughs) We did it all. You had
that there’s not many real rock stars left, and to do it all yourself: posters, fliers, stickers
the classic rock bands are disappearing and – everything. On the cover of ‘Very ‘eavy, Very
not being replaced by any new ones. What ‘umble’, that face of David Byron [the original
do you think about that? vocalist] – it was me with a glue gun. The record
company wanted to do this set with a girl and
I think there’s no real character anymore. David in a top hat, and I thought, ‘Man, this is
There’s no David Bowie to come out anymore really boring.’ So I got that glue gun, tapped
with the Spiders from Mars, y’know. These David on the shoulder and sprayed him in the
people have disappeared and it became a little face. Luckily the camera man was very smart
bit generic. People go out there and strum the and took the pictures and that [shot] became an
guitar. So I can see what they’re saying. A lot of album cover. Of course later the glue wouldn’t
the entertainment side has disappeared. Quite come out of David’s hair and mustache. So me,
often people leave guitar schools playing some David and glue didn’t really go together. (laughs)
fantastic guitar, but the thing that’s missing is We got an album cover out of that though. Don’t
character. The greatest thing I find as a guitarist let me near any glue! t
is when people say ‘I only heard three notes
on the radio and I knew it was you’. A
part of success is finding something that’s
instantly recognizable.

w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m
How did you come up with the name,
Uriah Heep?

Well, everybody was looking for that strong

identity back then and our manager went
to see the film ‘David Copperfield’ in which
Uriah Heep is a character, and he came
back and suggested that. It happened to be
the 100th birthday of Charles Dickens and
all over London there were book clubs, and
films and TV [programs]. So we thought,
it looks good in print and it’s different
from the others like Deep Purple or Black
Sabbath. Plus it gives you something to
talk about when people ask you about your
name. You don’t say, yeah, I thought about

The Society of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Incorporated
Membership Application
Address for Registered Office and Postal Address: 35 Scarborough Terrace Parnell, Auckland.
Email Address for Communication: heavymetalincorporated@hotmail.com

The following application must be filled out truthfully and in full:

Members Details:

NAME: ………………………………………………………………………………………………

ADDRESS: …………………………………………………………………………………………

TELEPHONE: ………………………………………………………………………………………

EMAIL: ……………………………………………………………………………………………….

Witnesses Details: (must be non member)

NAME: ……………………………………………………………………………………………...

ADDRESS: …………………………………………………………………………………………
w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m

Name of Incorporated Society: The Society of HeavyMetal and Hard Rock Incorporated.

I, the person whose name is subscribed hereto, being a member of the above-mentioned society,
hereby make application for the incorporation of the society under the forgoing rules, in
accordance with the Incorporated Societies Act 1908.


Member Signature:

Witness Signature:

EFORE Bathory, Enslaved, Manowar Scepter of Power.
and all of the other Viking inspired Metal Just like warriors of another time and era, its
bands (and in the infancy of Heavy storytelling before and during the battle and
Metal itself), ‘Jon Mikl’ THOR was mixing Norse journey. Picture the Vikings around a campfire
mythology with Rock and muscle. And he’s still with the minstrel playing an instrumental and
doing it four decades later!!! With sounds ranging then the bearded ones belting out a song of
from glitter rock to full-on chest pounding Heavy legend and a tale of great battle and adventures
Metal, THOR has done it all. Now the classic into the unknown. We tried to capture this in
eighties line-up is back, and working harder a more futuristic method on “Into The Noise”.
than ever before! We checked in recently with There are instrumentals featuring Steve Price
the underground legend and little known King of and Mike Kischnick and then there are songs
Viking Rock, THOR himself. that I sing.

What’s it like having Steve Price back? And

as a result, does the latest THOR record
What can THOR fans expect from the new have a similar sound to classic albums like
album, “Into The Noise”? “Only The Strong”?

I feel this album is one of Steve Price is one of the greatest guitarists
our best works. Its a concept in history. That includes Jimmy Page, Randy
album where THOR Rhodes and more. He’s an unsung hero that
and his men travel has not properly been honored in history. Just
“Into The Noise”, look at some of the great live moments of THOR
through dimensions and Steve Price on youtube. Can anyone out
and time in a quest to there defeat him? When I introduced him in San
find the ancient Francisco, Seattle, Portland and Eugene just
recently on tour, The crowds went bererk! Yes,
there are similarities to “Only The Strong” and

w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m
“Into The Noise”.

What is the secret behind putting

on a memorable, theatric
rock show, and why do you

there are so few bands doing a theatric Thanks for the interview THOR!!!! Your
show? message for the NZ fans?

I want to give the crowd their money’s worth. To all the fans and fellow warriors in New
You can hear the songs on the CD or downloads Zealand watch out for “STEAM CLOCK” a
but when you see the band they shouldn’t just new digital album coming soon. I look forward
stand there. If the fans pay their dollar down, to seeing you all on the “THOR-THUNDER IN
ENTERTAINED. I would say that currently we Contact us at www.thorcentral.com
have the “Greatest Show On Earth”. Its not easy www.myspace.com/thorrockwarrior
to put on a theatrical performance. Not just any www.myspace.com/thethorkorr t
band can do it. I have broken ribs and other
injuries because what I do is real. I will give my
all to the fans.

Are there any forms of media you have

yet to make use of? There has been music
and movies, but do you think that a THOR
book of some sort, or anything else may be
released in the future?

I’m working on a book of my career and life.

“LIVE IN DETROIT” has been re-released on
Ektro Records in Europe. We are releasing a
new album on Scratch Records called “STEAM
CLOCK”. I am currently producing a new band
from Britain called “THE GREEN ELOS” which
is a whole new style of music altogether.A new
w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m

biographical movie will be coming out called

“Thunder On The Tundra” which is all about my
four decades of ROCK. Also I will be starring
in a new THOR movie “THOR-The Legend”.
It’s based on the comic book by Mike Hoffman
and Amryl Entertainment called THOR vs. The
BeastWomen From The Center Of The Earth.

What are the chances that you will tour NZ

in the future?

In 2007 and 2008,we have been touring quite

a bit for “Into The Noise” in North America. We
hope to play Australia and New Zealand next

w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m

RAGONFORCE have a new album out we had like eight months solid off the road, so
called ULTRA BEATDOWN. It came we’ve been rehearsing and recording a new
out only a few days ago (August 26 to album, and now we’ve finally finished it! We’re
be precise). We spoke with keyboard player 110% happy with it, it came out even better than
Vadim Pruzhanov just prior to the release... we expected! Can’t wait for people to hear it! It’s
called “Ultra Beatdown”.

Interesting title...
How’s it going down there in the DragonForce
camp? Yeah, we thought it would be a good name, ‘cuz
it’s such a cool mix of songs, futuristic in a way,
Awesome, man, awesome! It’s been over a year so we thought this name would suit the music,
since we played in New Zealand, and after that the songs and the cover.

Is it still the DragonForce the

fans expect?

Yes and no. It’s still got our own

sound, but if you listen to the
whole album, you’ll see that it’s
a bit more balanced out than
the previous one [“Inhuman
Rampage”; 2006 – editor]. It
had so much going on and
it was really chaotic and full-
on; some people found it hard
to listen to. But you’ll have to
listen to the new one to see
w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m

what I mean.

Tell us how you came to

begin playing the keyboard
in the first place.

I started playing guitar when I

was a kid and then switched to
keyboards, because I realized
that you can do so much with
this instrument. I guess I
thought that playing a keyboard
would be less of a cliché for a
Metal musician. When you play
a guitar, it will always be a guitar
sound, but with a keyboard you

can be really creative! ‘br00tal’, but then you could say, ‘Look at that,
full-grown man trying to do a cookie monster
What bands were you into when you got into impression on stage!’ There will always be
Heavy Metal? What influenced you? critics and people who dislike our music, but
that’s absolutely fine.
My father used to spin Helloween’s “Keeper
of the Seven Keys” all the time. Also Black So to wind it up, are we gonna see
Sabbath, Yngwie Malmsteen, Bryan Adams – he DragonForce in New Zealand on the
had a pretty good mixture of music, so I listened upcoming tour?
to whatever he had. I used to be a big fan of
Yngwie, ‘cuz I liked the neo-classical stuff. I think we are going there later this year. So
yeah, definitely come down and hang out with
DragonForce is obviously a Power Metal us!
band, very melodic and ‘singable’, and a lot
of fans of heavier genres, like Death Metal or Anything else you like to add before we
Grindcore, often see Power Metal as “pussy finish?
music”. What do you have to say about
that? I just wanna thank all the fans who stuck with
us through the years and I hope you enjoy the
Yeah that’s correct. (laughs) But people have new album! Also keep an eye on the tour dates.
different opinions about everything, and at the Come down to the show and raise some HELL!
end of the day it’s just music. You see a lot of g
people who are trying to be all
tough a n d

w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m

The SocHMHR has organised the following shows for your entertainment in September:

Venue: Oblivion Auckland Venue: Shadows Auckland

Date: 27th of September Date: 29th of September
Event Lifestyle Features: Event Lifestyle Features:

6pm Guest Speaker: Sam Sheppard Auckland 5pm - 6:30: Feature Film: Metalocalypse.
Regional Co-President will be talking about
his career to date and be giving a drum clinic /
7pm Mixology: a demonstration on how to mix 5pm – 11pm: Poker and Pool Competition
cocktails using commonly accessable spirits
and in aid of our responsible drinking campaign
Oblivion will also teach punters how to make
“mocktails”. These feature drinks will be “on
special” throughout the evening. 9:15 – Bar tab drawn
8pm Bogan BBQ: As part of message about
responsible hosting / drinking we will be
supplying a free BBQ to the punters from 8pm.

Band Entertainment: Band Entertainment:

Reverence 8pm - 8:30 6:30 – 7:00: Initial

Initial 8:45 - 9:15 7:15 – 7:45: Kulus
Kulus 9:30 - 10pm 8:00 – 8:30: Set on End
w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m

BloodLetting 10:15 -10: 45 8:45 – 9:30: Slipping Tongue

Never Repent 11 - 11:30 9:15 – 10:00: Blood Letting
Slipping Tongue 11: 45 - 12: 15
Subtract 12:30 - 1pm

Guest DJs from 1pm include: Guest DJ:

Dale - Hard Fast and Heavy, Dale from Hard Fast and Heavy to play between
Chris - Rockzilla, sets and after ten til close.
Gareth - RW Entertainment.

See you in the pit at the next SocHMHRinc Show!

Joel Thompson
National Secretary
The Society of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Incorporated



Self Titled EP The Baddies Are Coming Something Wicked Where Dreams
2008 2008 This Way Comes Come To Die
N/A N/A 2008 2008
Creepshow Productions Red Empire Media
These nasty buggers Here is an album
from Christchurch which champions This CD impressed The debut album
have unleashed a musical diversity and the hell out of me. I from Australia’s Red
sick EP full of vulgar experimentation. ‘The never thought that Descending was
depravity. The cover Baddies Are Coming’ New Zealand talent difficult to review,
alone is enough to pummels the listener was capable of a mainly because I don’t
make anyone of with so many strange compilation album listen to a lot of Melodic
weak stomach lose and unique twists, of dark music so Death Metal. But here
their lunch. I turned that some people will polished, professional, goes. The symphonic
my CD insert inside undoubtedly turn it catchy, and just down- accompaniments
out so I didn’t have off quickly and run to right excellent. on the CD are
to look at the middle mummy. very original and
aged retarded man in The packaging and well done, and the
lingerie making love But those who listen music production is the overall production

w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m
to a 4x4’s tailpipe. long enough to best I have ever seen is very good for an
The vocals range learn the value of from a New Zealand independent release.
from long belching convention turned release, no contest.
sounds right through on its head should Congratulations The downsides for
to that of a squealing find this release C r e e p s h o w me were that I wasn’t
pig mid-slaughter. noteworthy. Productions! A brilliant partial to the vocals,
compilation. and the songs didn’t
Overall a top effort, I recommend listening hook me in. Hopefully
and did I mention that in a dark room. The If your music on the next release
the boys are willing to lack of visual input collection extends the band will play
send anyone in the should even out the beyond Heavy Metal, some catchier tunes
world a free copy of overdose of audio then definitely check with the same strong
this madness? input. this out. atmosphere.

mmmmmmmmww mmmmmmmmww mmmmmmmmmw mmmmmmmwww

Brendon Williams Brendon Williams Brendon Williams Brendon Williams



Saints of Los Angeles Nostradamus Ultra Beatdown Along Came a Spider
2008 2008 2008 2008
Motley Records Sony BMG Roadrunner SPV / Steamhammer

Great stuff from the Enter Judas Priest I don’t know why but My partner in crime,
world’s baddest with the first concept Dragonforce always Brendon described
rock’n’roll band! Crue’s album in their career. put a smile on my face. this album as ‘all filler
first studio album to There’s undeniably They’re incredibly fast no killer’. Although I
feature the original some great and complex, but wouldn’t go as far as
line-up since 1997’s songwriting on this there’s always some to say that, Alice is
“Generation Swine”. double-CD, but a few sing-alongs and funny obviously having a bit
Kick-ass Motley things surprised me. sounds they chuck of trouble in the hits
Metal with massive The record consists in. The new album is department. Besides
choruses, power riffs mostly of mid-tempo in the same key as three or four tracks,
and everything else stuff (so no ‘Painkiller’ previous ones – ultra like ‘Killed by Love’,
you come to expect here), and is loaded fast Power/Speed ‘The One that Got
from these guys. with an enormous metal with massive Away’ and ‘Wrapped
Admittedly, I do hear symphonic sound and choruses and positive in Silk’ the material
w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m

a couple of filler tracks countless interludes. attitude. Once again, sounds like something
here, but the rest of the Also Halford doesn’t everybody here is at which didn’t make it to
stuff, like ‘Face Down do much of his their best, delivering a the last two albums.
in the Dirt’, ‘Saints of famous high-pitch flawless performance. I suppose that this
Los Angeles’ or ‘MF screaming, which was I hear a little more impression could be
of the Year’ is still up a bit disappointing. It’s experimentation with somehow enhanced
there. The Crue got a very well made, but the synthesizers, but it by Alice’s usually
bit battered over the somehow it reminds only makes the music very high standard
years (and Mick Mars me of every Grave more interesting. Yet of songwriting.
looks like Death itself) Digger album since another great album Personally I find
but there’s still fire left 1996. Hear it for from one of the world’s the ‘Spider’ to be
in ‘em! yourself and make up most promising somehow weaker
your own mind. bands. than I expected.

mmmmmmmmww mmmmmmmwww mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmwwww

Max Thrasher Max Thrasher Max Thrasher Max Thrasher

IRON MAIDEN happened to Eddie on the road, how (and where)
the famous ‘Powerslave’ photo-shoot was done
“Live After Death” (2008) (DVD) and a whole pile of other absolutely incredible
little things. As a matter of fact, I’d recommend
by Max Thrasher

watching the documentary first, before viewing
the actual ‘Live After Death’ video, since it gives
h, this is a beauty of a purchase! you a whole new perspective on the concert.
Every dollar you’ll pay for it will be
worth it! Maiden finally release their The DVD continues with another documentary,
legendary ‘Live After Death’ footage on DVD! A which personally I’ve never seen in its entirety
lot of people have seen it on VHS, I suppose, – the famous ‘Behind the Iron
but there has never been Curtain’ film, documenting
such a package for the fans! Maiden’s journey to the then
The original video contained Communist Eastern Bloc.
simply the performance at This is yet another collection
Long Beach Arena. On DVD of amazing footage, such as
however you get to see how it Maiden’s performance at a
was all done. Polish wedding with a drunken
version of ‘Smoke on the
The first disk of the double Water’. But wait, there’s more!
DVD is the original concert
released on VHS, but the For the next hour or so you will
second disc, packed with witness the legendary ‘Rock
over 3 hours of footage, is in Rio’ festival in 1985 and
what you’re really paying your the ‘’Ello Texas’ doco from the
money for. It starts off with a American leg of the tour with
documentary on the making a performance in San Antonio
of the ‘Powerslave’ album, and further interviews at the

w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m
the following promotion and Alamo.
the 193-date ‘World Slavery
Tour’ around the world. The And if that’s not enough, you’re also getting an
documentary is obviously made as a feature artwork gallery, tour programme, photos and
programme, like the ones you see on TV. It has two official videos for ‘2 Minutes to Midnight’
loads of in-depth stuff – interviews with band and ‘Aces High’.
members, managers, producers, technicians,
stage crew and basically everyone who had any All in all, there’s never been a better time to get
connection to Maiden during this period of time this legendary film. The sheer amount and the
(even the nerdy-looking member of the official quality of stuff you get for your buck makes it
Iron Maiden fan club). It gives you an amazing worth every cent.
amount of information you most likely never
knew, and really adds to the whole experience. Absolutely essential for everybody! t
For example you get to know where Bruce
Dickinson got that feathery mask he’s wearing mmmmmmmmmm
during the performance of ‘Powerslave’, what

By Max Thrasher

rogressive Metal, or simply Prog as it’s often called, is one of those ‘phantom’ genres,
like Speed Metal or Viking Metal. Many bands toy with it, mixing Prog with everything
from Hard Rock (like Royal Hunt or Legion) to Thrash (Watchtower, Savatage), Death
Metal (Atheist, Cynic) and even Alternative (Tool, Opeth). Consequentially it can be broken
down to many sub-genres and traces of it can be found in many albums from many renowned
bands. It’s there, and it’s well-established, but it’s hard to pin-point too many bands that
work exclusively within the borders of the genre. That’s what we’re doing here.

The following is in no way a list of the best Prog-Metal albums. I’m sure everyone will find
something I’ve missed out. But here’s a few records you should definitely listen to if you
want to find out what it’s all about...
w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m

1.Dream Theater - 2.Queensryche - 3.Mekong Delta -

“Images and Words” (1992) “Operation: Mindcrime” (1988) “The Music of Erich Zann” (1988)

Stand out track: Stand out track: Stand out track:

‘Pull Me Under’ ‘Suite Sister Mary’ ‘Age of Agony’

This is the definition of One of the very first ‘Metal Although this German band
Progressive Metal. ‘Images...’ operas’, this is the definitive features some of the best
has put Dream Theater on the Queensryche record every instrumentalists in the land,
map and established the sound Metal fan must hear! This the identities of the members
and the structural scheme of album is widely considered a were not disclosed until late in
the genre. Pretty much Prog in corner stone of Progressive their career. Heavier version of
its’ pure form. Metal. Prog mixed with Thrash.


4.Shadow Gallery - 6. Psychotic Waltz - 8.Symphony X - 10.Fates Warning -

“Carved in Stone” “A Social Grace” “TheDivineWingsofTragedy” “Parallels”
(1995) (1990) (1996) (1991)

Stand out track: Stand out track: Stand out track: Stand out track:
‘Don’t Ever Cry (Just Remember)’ ‘A Psychotic Waltz’ ‘Out of the Ashes’ ‘TheRoadGoesonForever’

A very strange record, This is a version of The definitive version This is one of the
filled with unexpected Prog which is beyond of what they call original Prog bands.
instruments line flute, conventional music. ‘Prog/Power’. Fast Although the earlier
saxophone and cello. ‘Psychotic’ is a very Power Metal tracks works are much
Very catchy and easy good way to describe are split here with long more complex and
to listen to album. it. Progressive numbers. unpredictable,
‘Parallels’ is a very
cool example of the

w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m
5.Conception – 7. Crimson Glory - 9.Royal Hunt -
“Parallel Minds” “Transcendence” “Moving Target”
(1993) (1988) (1995)

Stand out track: Stand out track: Stand out track:

‘Water Confines’ ‘Painted Skies’ ‘1348’

A brilliant example One of the most Although the rest of the

of more melodic and influential Prog band’s discography is
measured Prog. Metal bands, making mostly classic hard CRIMSON
their name by using rock, ‘Moving Target’ GLORY -
stainless steel masks. is a great, complex

w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m

HEN bands use controversy as Your use of imagery and song titles/lyrics
a tool, they often still have some are very extreme. Why do you concentrate
limits. Sacrament, on the other on the controversial subjects such as
hand, have pushed everything as far as their pedophilia and violence?
imagination can take it, and as a result have
known both the positive and negative sides We have calmed down a bit since the free EP we
of artistic expression without consideration give out, we now choose not to focus so much
for society’s etiquette. on those subjects. To be honest all it did was
get us into a lot of trouble, which isn’t always
Check out our interview with New Zealand’s bad, but some people got really offended and
most daring band. well, all I’ll say is threats from the public aren’t
always real cool haha. But it was a big learning
curve; we love to push the boundries about shit
like that, but sometimes things get blown out of
Please give us some general information on the water.
Sacrament for people discovering the band
for the first time Do you think that your songs could be seen
as glorifying or encouraging the subjects
Basically we are a 3 piece Death Metal band you cover, and if so, does that affect you?
from Christchurch, New Zealand. We
have been together around 3 We in no way condone the sorts of
years, been through a couple of behavior we sing about,
bassists but n o n e but I guess with the
that really extreme music that
suited us, so is being made
we decided to around the world
tune real low you’ve really
and ditch gotta push it to

w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m
the bass get attention.
all together. If you read our
We love lyrics they are
to get drunk, writen with a lot of
do stupid shit, humor and not
and have a always offensive
good time We for the sake of
honestly don’t being offensive.
care what It has affected
other people us in ways,
have to say and I think
about us, thats why we
as long as are heading
we are in a slightly
laughing! d i ff e r e n t

with our lyrical content these days. time it pays off with the amount of people who
end up with your material. We have had some
What is happening with the Metal scene in crazy addresses from places I never knew ex-
Christchurch these days? sisted so it’s working out to be a good geogra-
phy lesson as well. Thanks google earth! We are
There’s always heaps of young bands coming currently working on some home recordings to
up around here. It’s great to see. Not so many throw up on the sites to show what we’ve been
gigs have been going down over the winter but up to lately; we have a whole new set and are
hopefully it’ll pick up over the summer. The main really excited to get the songs up. We are also
problem here is a lot of venues aren’t staying looking at recording a full length album late this
open for long, and seem to have a lack of funds year or early next year.
and things like that which sucks because there
are a lot of really talented bands around here. What’s the best way to stay up to date with
Its always good to see bands travelling here and Sacrament?
playing some brutal shows.
I’d say our myspace page, we don’t have a
Looking at the photos on your myspace website at the moment but maybe one day we’ll
page (www.myspace.com/sacramentnz), get one.
in between playing with dead animals
and taking great photos of attractive girls Thanks for the interview. Anything else
bending over, you appear to drink copious you’d like to add?
amounts of Harringtons Vodka. Do you have
any recent booze-fueled stories to share? Leave us your address and we’ll send you a free
EP! you won’t be disappointed with the cover.
Haha we always have booze fueled stories to
share. We have been drinking every weekend Ball, play me some! t
‘til the point of passing out for the last
few years and it’s great. We love our
w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m

Harringtons, it’s cheap and extremely

nasty! Haha. If myspace allowed nudity I
think our albums would be a lot more full!
I could be here all night telling you stories
about what we get up to, but I don’t
wanna offend the readers haha. However
I invite anyone to come drink with us and
become a part of our crazy weekends.

You’re currently offering your EP to

anyone in the world free of charge!
How’s that going for you, and how
is recording going for your next

Well it’s expensive for us, but at the same

100% commercial free

FRIDAY NIGHTS FROM 10:40PM w w w. h o u s e o f n o i z z . c o m

on Auckland’s 104.6 Planet FM

global streaming coming late 2008 / early 2009