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At Risk With Lena

Installment I
by J. Edwins

Copyright 2000 by J. Edwins. All rights reserved.
My stories may not be used for any commercial purposes without my
express permission.

Published with permission from the author by TYGER.



About three and-a-half years ago I felt the need to change gardeners.
The man who had been doing my small property didn't want to do it my
way, no matter how I tried. A couple of weeks had gone buy since his
final visit and the grass was scraggly and the bushes going wild.
Like most people who work the hours I do and who have no lawn care
equipment, I needed help. A man and his family did a yard about six
houses west of me and their yard always looked great. I caught him
driving away from that job one day and asked him if he could possibly
do my yards. Almost immediately that I approached his truck I had
misgivings. He spoke limited English and was sharing a very crowded
little half-ton Toyota truck with his wife, three kids and a baby of
about two years. But he said he could do the yards right then, and I
was sort of desperate.

He walked around the property with me while I gave him an idea of
what I wished. He said $20.00 and I agreed. Well, his wife and
oldest daughter got out of the truck, followed by a slightly younger
sister, a younger boy and the 2 year old. They hit my place like a
herd of ants. In about 40 minutes everything was done perfectly and
the place had never looked so good! I gratefully paid him $30.00
(everything had been so overgrown that I knew it was way worse than
normal) and asked if he could possibly take care of the property
weekly. He gave me a dynamite price and I gladly accepted.

Over the next few months I paid more attention to Juan and his
family. Juan and I talked some and I got to where I could more
easily understand him, and I found that the daughters and son spoke
English well and could translate anything Juan and I had difficulty
with. This interaction caused me to more carefully notice the
daughters, who I took to be about 12 and 10, and were actually about
a year older each. Lena, the oldest, was a very nice looking early
teen, as was her younger brother. Maria, the one somewhat younger
than Lena, was plainer looking, but was coming along. And the two
year old was a little doll who was bashful one moment and owned the
whole world the next. I also learned that they lived about fifteen
blocks west and north of me, incidentally.

Each week when they arrived to do the yards there was a little ritual
performed. Juan got the heavier equipment out of the truck while the
son got the lighter stuff out. Mrs. Juan took the clippers and
started on the bushes. The baby ran errands and played in the grass.
Juan began edging. And Lena opened the gate to the back yard to get
the "green stuff" plastic barrel to take out front. But! she always
looked in the blue recycle barrel on her way to the green one. Only
the gray trash barrel was ignored, usually. Every now and again I
put some old appliance or magazines in the blue one and she culled
through them. One day I had put a couple of old Penthouse Letters
magazines out there, mixed with the previous Sunday's paper and other
recyclable trash. I know she took one because I passed the window by
the washer/dryer just as she lowered the blue lid and I immediately
remembered the magazines in there. As soon as she went out front
with the green barrel I went to retrieve them from harms way and one
was missing. Probably on that day, at that time, the germ of an idea
began percolating in my head.

Two years later, one night while sitting in front of this very
computer, browsing through some of the many offerings of the Persian
Kitty web site, the idea drifted back into my consciousness. As a
(now) somewhat older teen of 15 or 15 1/2, in a tightly controlled
family (they were, after all, always together, working, when the kids
weren't in school) she probably would have a natural interest in her
own sexuality with limited resources for inquiry. Where my
involvement might lead was neither clear to me nor was I willing, at
that specific time, to explore my long term motives and objectives.

Using a graphics package and the Persian Kitty adult site references
I created a page of reduced pictures selected from various web sites.
All of the pictures were in color and I managed to get seven of them
on one page in readily viewable form. They were: 1) a teenage girl
holding an older man's erect cock while looking up at him with
passion on her face (I felt it important that all of the pictures
should clearly show joy or contentment or pleasure on the females
face in each picture, as opposed to a face in apparent orgasm that
might have been construed as painful or unpleasurable by a young
girl), 2) a young woman masturbating with one hand and holding her
left breast with the other, eyes closed in content concentration, 3)
a "69" scene with the man (on the bottom) clearly having his tongue
inside his partner's vagina while she was clearly sucking his cock,
4) a teen masturbating while she's looking at a "nudie" magazine that
we can clearly see, 5) a very young woman lying sort of on her side,
legs spread, with a large male cock clearly entering her pussy which
she is holding open, 6) a picture of a woman with her tongue well
into the upturned pussy of another woman, and, 7) a young girl
happily sitting on the cock of the guy under her, while she is
holding it inside her. The first picture was 3" by 4" and they
ranged from there down to the lesbian picture (#6) at about 1 3/4" by

The color was okay. The distinctness of the pictures was sufficient
as to leave no doubt about what each picture communicated. They
were, however, all taken from full screen, excellently scanned
pictures which lost some resolution in being reduced and then printed
on a DeskJet that probably needed new cartridges.

The plan was to sort of crumble up the picture, making sure that an
easily identifiable section was clearly visible and then place it
strategically in the blue recycle can on Saturday when they came to
do the lawns. A last minute addition to the plan was for me to set
up my camera on the dryer, looking out of the window at the blue can,
pre-focused, to record her holding the paper in her hand (before she
hid it in her clothes, I hoped, as opposed to running to her parents
screaming hysterically).

It was two more weeks before I was even home on a Saturday to try my
plan. Of course, she wasn't the first one to the back yard that day,
her brother was, and he opened the blue lid and I charged out of the
back door to interrupt him. Which I did. I kept watch all the while
they were here that day but Lena never opened the blue barrel. Then
I was gone for the next three Saturdays. The following one my fianc
was here and I had to wait again. It took eleven weeks and five
tries before Lena opened the blue lid, looked in the barrel, saw the
"crumpled" pictures, and pulled the paper out to look at it closer.
I was so excited I was shaking. I got ready to push the cable
release on the camera as she looked toward the front to see if anyone
was watching her, and smoothed out the paper. Click. Got her!

Lena looked at the paper for quite a while; about a minute. Then she
folded it up and put it in her jeans back pocket. YES!!

For the next two weeks she rushed to the back and looked in the
barrel. On the third Saturday following her initial discovery there
was a piece of paper there that said, "Want to see more? If so, put
this note in the gray trash can, otherwise leave it in the blue can."
That startled her and she looked toward the house, but I knew she
couldn't see in through the reflection across the window. She put
the paper back in the blue barrel and went about her work. At first
I was disappointed. But about twenty minutes later she came back to
the blue barrel. She opened it, took out the note and put it in the
gray barrel. My bluff had been called. Now I had to figure out what
to do next.

The following week I was sitting on the back porch when she opened
the gate and went to the blue barrel. I greeted her, startling her,
and she greeted me back. I asked her what she would like to see.
When she feigned ignorance I held out the picture of her standing in
front of the blue barrel holding the pictures and looking toward the
front of the property. Finally she said that she would like to see
more pictures. What kind, I asked. When she didn't say anything I
said, "Lena, sex is millions of years old for humans and hundreds of
millions of years old for animals. There is nothing new, except to
young people like you. Sex is great, necessary, fun and part of life
for everyone. Now would you like to see pictures of masturbation,
intercourse, cunnilingus, fellatio, what?" She just stared at me,
then at the ground. Finally I said, "I'll tell you what. Next week
you bring back the pictures you have and circle the ones you want to
see more of. Put it in the gray trash can. I'll get it and give you
more pictures of those types. Okay?"

She said, quietly, "I have it with me."

I took a pen out of my shirt pocket, laid it on the porch near where
she was standing, and said, "If you decide you want to talk to
someone about sex, Lena, and you can't talk to your parents, you can
talk to me. Kids your age have the weirdest ideas about sex and they
usually think that adults don't know much about sex. We all do. We
were teens once, too. We had questions and wrong ideas. The lucky
ones had someone they could talk to and trust. The unlucky ones got
half of the story, half of that story was wrong, and they are still
trying to figure out what went wrong with their lives. Of course,
none of them will admit that. And that is the ultimate stupidity.
Not knowing about their own sex, or the opposite sex, or about making
love. So if you want to talk to someone, I promise you I will never
lie to you." Then I turned and went into the house.

When they left, the paper was in the gray barrel. There were four
circles. One around each of the masturbation pictures. One around
the teen holding the older man's cock. And one around the whole
paper. As they say, 'In for a penny, in for a pound.' I was now
having very active thoughts about what lay under Lena's clothes. How
much pubic hair did she have at 15 or so? How stiff could her
nipples get as they perched there on the tips of her developing
breasts. She still looked quite young to me. Did they grow girls
like that when I was her age? If they did, I was certainly too
stupid to know it at the time.


Two weeks later I gave her two pages, with pictures on both sides,
printed with new cartridges so they were clearer, folded up to go in
her pocket. Many were female masturbation pictures, including some
with orgasmic facial expressions. Two showed men jacking off, one of
them ejaculating. One was a close-up of an open pussy with obvious
honey-colored liquid strung out to a finger tip. Two lesbian shots,
four more 69's, and the rest were various intercourse poses. She
took them with obvious embarrassment and put them away. I said that
the last four digits of my phone number were printed on one of the
pages and that the first three numbers were the same as hers. Then I
suggested that she might be more comfortable talking to me over the
phone at first; that is, if she wanted to talk to someone about sex.
She nodded and walked away. I didn't know if she nodded because she
was acknowledging she heard me, or if it was because she did want to
talk to someone, or if she wanted to talk to me. Oh, well. I was
getting quite used to waiting.

Monday at about 4:15 she called. She was at a friend's house and the
friend's parents weren't home. The friend was there, but not
listening. I asked her what she wanted to talk about. She hummed
and hawed but never picked a subject. To help her out, I suggested I
just start talking and she could interrupt me with questions. She
said that was okay.

For about 20 minutes I talked about the differences between boys and
girls. Not just physically, but also emotionally. After emphasizing
erogenous zones I started into masturbation. "Everyone masturbates,
Lena. Some people say that they don't, but everyone does. Boys are
more famous for it than girls are, but every boy and every girl
masturbates. The reason is that it feels good. Men do it and women
do it. And there are many reasons to do it. Curiosity is the first
reason because we hear stories when we are young about sex and we
want to find out if 'it' works for us. But there are also times when
we know we need to relieve the nervous tension we feel in our bodies,
and that does it. Of course we usually do it while imagining some
sexy situation and try to time our imaginary sexual peak with our
orgasm. People who don't know how to pleasure themselves don't know
how they should be pleasured by a lover, so they miss a lot of
satisfaction from sex. We sometimes masturbate when we are sexually
frustrated. For example, some men get so excited that they either
can't hold back or are too mentally lazy to hold back their orgasm.
They come, but their lover or wife didn't come yet. The guy rolls
over and falls asleep and the lover/wife lays there and quietly
fingers herself to orgasm. How sad that is, if it happens very
often, for both of them. He doesn't even understand the tremendous
joy his woman will provide for him if he waits and really makes love
to her for her benefit, and she gets no real sense of having
participated in a joining that should have turned her every way but
loose. She feels incomplete with a lover like that and he may be too
stupid to know what he is causing both of them to miss."

Very quietly Lena said, "I think that's how it is with my mom and

"We can talk about that more later, if you want, but I have one more
example of why people masturbate. Sometimes people either masturbate
each other or for each other. Either one is very exciting, very
pleasurable, and can help avoid a bad situation like pregnancy. In
fact, that's why oral sex is popular with many people. No babies.
Lots of pleasure."

"You use a lot of words I don't understand, Mr. Ken."

"Just call me 'Ken', Lena. Like what?"

"Like 'oral sex' and 'cunn-something'".

"I'm sorry, Lena. I'm trying to use polite words. For every sex act
there are tons of other terms that are far more popular than the
words I'm using, but I don't know if you want to use that language.
Do you happen to have the first pictures I gave you with you?"

"Yes, I have them all here."

"Well, the top left picture of the girl holding the man's penis, or
cock, may be a situation where she is going to masturbate him until
he comes. Or you could say she is going to 'jack him off'. The
picture just below that is oral sex. That specific one is called
'69' or 'eating each other out'. He licks her vagina or pussy and
sucks on her clitoris or 'clit' until she comes and she licks and
sucks on his cock until he comes. Of course he could suck her off
first and then she could suck him off, but some people like to do
each other at the same time. And many people, like me, like to do it
either way. The bottom picture on the left shows a woman licking and
sucking off another woman. That is also oral sex and is considered a
'lesbian' act. Women who love other women are called lesbians. Men
who love other men are called 'gay'. People who love people of their
same sex are called 'homosexuals' if they don't also love people of
the opposite sex. If a woman loves both men and women she is called
'bisexual' or two sexes. Same if a man loves both women and other
men. There are more words and phrases for sexual things than
anything else in the world because there is nothing else in the world
that is so important to all people as is sex."

Lena was quiet for a while, then said, "I have to go now."

"Next time you masturbate, Lena, don't feel guilty about it. Enjoy
it. Love how it makes you feel. Love the touch of your hand on your
sex and imagine it's someone else's hand touching you. And love how
you feel after you come. Please call me again when you feel like it.
Bye, Lena." There was only a click from her phone. But the seeds
were planted. Seeds take time.

She called again on Thursday, during the morning. She was not
feeling well so her parents left her home from school when they went
out to work on whatever lawns they do on Thursdays. "Are you really
not feeling well, Lena?" I asked.

"I'm okay. I guess I just felt lazy."

"So, are you really in bed, now?"

"Yes. I've been reading."

"Penthouse Letters, Lena?"

"How did you know? I mean, why did you ask me that, Mr. - - Ken?"

"Well, I asked because if I was curious about sex, and if I found a
magazine in the trash, and it had all kinds of sexy stories and
pictures in it, I'd be in bed, naked or close to it, reading the
stories and looking at the pictures, and wanting to come."

"That makes me feel like you can see me."

"In my minds eye, I can. Even though I've never seen you without
clothes on, I still sort of know what you look like. After all,
there are over five billion people in the world. A little over half
of them are women. All of them have breasts and vaginas. I've seen
thousands of naked women in every possible pose; real or pictures,
magazines, movies and the Internet, white, black, Asian, Hispanic,
you name it. I know you have a slim build. You're about 5' 3" tall
and about 95 pounds. You have dark hair on your head and a dusting
of hair on your arms. Your eyebrows are lush. From that evidence I
would presume that you have a healthy growth of pubic hair. Of
course I don't know how far under you it extends, or if you shave it
into a shape that you like, but I doubt that part. From the little
difference in the color of your lips versus your facial skin I would
guess that your nipples are not dark, nor are your labia. How am I
doing so far?"

"What's a 'labia'?"

"Your vagina is made up of several parts, created the way they are
for enjoyable sex, first, and then the passage of a baby from your
womb. So your outer labia or vagina lips can stretch a lot, which is
why they are puffy, especially when you are excited.

Your inner labia extend from just below your clit to the base of your
pussy. They also can stretch a lot but they are normally protected
by your outer lips which keep water or dirt out of your pussy when
you walked around without clothes for a million years."

"Wow. You really know a lot. And, uh, umm, I don't shave down
there. I didn't know anyone shaved there. And, and my hair goes
down, um, both sides."

"Thanks," I said, "Now I can see you better in my mind." Then I
asked her, "Do you use your left hand, your right, or both, Lena?"

"You mean, when I . . . when . . . my right, most of the time."

"So you're using your right hand on your pussy now?" A shot in the
dark, but a safe one, considering the situation from her perspective.

"I'm not . . . well . . . How do you know? How can you tell .
. . I'm doing that?"

"I would be if I were you. I would like to see you touching
yourself. I would really like to see you when you come. Or, since I
can't see you, I'd like to hear you when you come."

"I could never make any noise. Someone would hear me," Lena

"Maybe usually, but you're there all alone, today. No one would hear
you and trying to keep quiet when you come sort of diminishes the
feeling. When you come you should be able to let loose and say or
mumble or moan at any volume you like. Don't you agree?"

"I guess so. But it usually feels pretty good. Why would you like
to see me?"

"You must know that guys like to see girls naked. Girls your age
like to see guys, also. It's part of learning about each other. But
after you're a grown woman you'll learn to hide feelings like that
and become very practiced at controlling when a guy sees you doing
various things to get or keep him excited about you."

She paused for a while, then said, "You never told me what
'cunn-something' meant,"

"Cunnilingus means the oral sex performed on a woman's vagina or
pussy or cunt. Licking it and poking the tongue into the vaginal
passage as if it were a little penis or cock or prick."

"And does that feel good?"

"A tongue is soft or hard, is warm and wet, and can make little tiny
movements or long, slow licks. It feels fantastic to either a woman
or a man."

"But if boys are supposed to put their, uh, things in a girl, why
would they want to put their, umm, tongue there?"

"Because they want to make their girl feel really good, get her
really excited, maybe even make her come on their mouth. And really
smart guys know that the more excited they get their girl, the better
the sex will be for them." At this point I clearly heard little
sounds coming from Lena. She must be jacking herself off pretty
well. I felt like doing it myself. I continued, "When you dip your
finger just inside your cunt you feel the wetness there. That's your
lubrication. When you are excited it starts accumulating there to
make you slick for intercourse, or fucking. You can spread that nice
pussy cream around your clit when you're rubbing it and it feels
better. The same thing is true for a guy's cock. You make it
slippery so that it is comfortable for both of you when you're
fucking." More sounds all through this talk.

"Tell me more." Her voice was husky and I felt she was probably
going to come soon. This was great! If only I could see her.

When I didn't say anything for a while she said, "Please. Tell me

"Okay, but you have to promise me something, Lena."


"Promise me that when you come you won't try to be quiet. Make
sounds. Moan or cry out or say what ever you feel like saying.

A simple, strained, "Yes", was good enough for me.


Okay, Ken! "A man's come is like a thick cream, it's kind of salty,
and leaves an after-taste in your mouth. It's not bad, and many
women like it. Some like it a lot. It comes out of his cock in
spurts because it is being pumped out. Altogether there is about a
tablespoon full. When a guy comes he pushes his cock as far into his
girl as he can so that his pumping come gets as close to her uterus
as possible. That's where the baby will grow if she gets pregnant.
His cock swells even larger than it was while they were just fucking
when he comes. The girl can feel that swelling and the pumping of
his come into her and that will often set off her own orgasm. More?
Are you close to coming, Lena?"

"Yes, more." Gasping sounds. "I've never ... felt like this. I'm
going to explode. Tell me more. I want to hear more, unhhhh"

Here goes the planting of the long distance seed! "If I was there
with you, Lena, I would be lying on my stomach with my face between
your warm thighs. It wouldn't be your finger on your clit, it would
be my tongue. Tasting you. Making little licks around your clit and
over the tip." She was getting more verbal. Now I had my cock out
and was stroking it as I listened to the effect my words were having
on her. "Once in a while I would stiffen my tongue and push it into
your hole and fuck it in and out of you a bit. My arms would be
around the outsides of your thighs so that my hands could reach your
breasts and play with your nipples." She was talking now, not to me,
but for herself. Damn, this was good. "Your pussy cream would be
all over my tongue when I went back to licking your clit." More
sounds from Lena, but with more desperation. "You taste so good,
Lena. Your pussy is so hot. I bring my hands back down, lift your
ass up off of the bed so that I can eat your pussy better, and suck
on you until you orgasm on my face."

That did it. All of the sounds and crying any man could wish to hear
from his woman issued from her young mouth. Gasping, crying, moaning
and then, slowly, silence.

"Lena? Lena, are you still there?"

". . . I never felt like that before. I didn't know. I thought I
was going to die, explode!" Then a long pause, followed by a quiet,
"Is it supposed to be like that? I mean, is every time supposed to
be like that? I never believed I could feel that way." Her voice
trailed off at the end.

"In my mind, Lena, I watched you through all of that. You were
beautiful. I could feel your breasts and your nipples in my hands.
I could feel the heat of your pussy on my face. I could almost taste
your excitement as I licked your pussy and your clit. I enjoyed it,

"Did you, ummmm, were you, uh, touching yourself, too, Ken?"

"Not at first. But you were so exciting, and I could see you so
clearly in my mind, that I finally began stroking my cock and I came
when you did."

Silence for a while, then, "I think I'd better go, now. Um, thanks
for, um, everything. Uh, bye, Ken."

"Lena? I have lots more to tell you about. Call again, if you want
to. Okay?"

"Yes." Click.

Lena did call again, and more.



Lena didn't call again for a couple of weeks. When I saw her during
lawn cutting days she was still shy, but would smile. I didn't have
any more pictures prepared for her but I was collecting some. I did,
however, have another Penthouse Letters that disappeared from the
'blue' can in the back yard about a week before. At about 6:30 on a
Thursday evening she called.

"Hi, Lena."

"Hello, Ken. I can call another time if you're busy." Was she
hoping I'd be busy or hoping I wasn't?

"Now is fine. I've been thinking about you lately. You found the
magazine?" I certainly hoped it was her, and not her Mom.

"Yes. I found it. Well, actually Maria found it. My sister. She
looked because she found my other magazine in our bedroom and she
wanted to know where I found it and wouldn't leave me alone until I
told her and then she started running to the blue can before I could
whenever we got there and last week it was there and she took it."
Was I ever young enough to get that many words in one sentence?

"Well, what did she think of the stuff she had found?"

"She was really interested and asked me all kinds of questions and
stuff. She also said that she knew that I did 'stuff' at night in
bed and wanted to know what it was. If Mom and Dad find out they'll
kill me."

"They won't 'kill' you, Lena, but there is a way you can make sure
that Maria doesn't tell them."

"How?" she asked simply.

"Let her in on it. Then it's her secret, too, and she won't want to
tell anyone. And she is probably just as curious about sex as you
were. You can help her understand what is right and what is just the
bullshit that many kids come up with because they really don't know
about sex, either."

"Well, I did tell her some stuff. But I don't know how to explain
the pictures you gave me."

"Does she know about them?"

"Yes! She found everything under the mattress of my bed!"

"Just tell her that you found them in my trash, too. If I throw
something away, and you find it, and you take it, it's not my fault
even though I was careless about how I got rid of the stuff. See?"

"Okay, but that doesn't help with her wanting to know what I do after
we go to bed! I can't show her that! I'm no les . . lespian! I'm
her sister."

"You may not want to 'show' her on yourself, but you could show her
on her. And even if you did show her on yourself, that doesn't mean
that you're a lesbian."

"I couldn't do that." And after a pause, "Why wouldn't that make me
a lesbian or weird or something?"

"Remember I said that Homosexuals 'only' make love to their same sex.
Guys with guys and girls with girls. Homosexual guys don't think of
girls as sex mates and Homosexual girls don't think of guys as sex
mates. Never. But 'bisexual' people (and there are a lot more of
them than Homosexual people) think of either as sex mates, though
they normally have a preference for the opposite sex. See?"

"I guess so. But, Ken, it would be really weird to talk to my sister
about touching herself, and I could never show her."

"Okay, Lena. Keep what you know to yourself and let Maria learn from
other kids who don't give a shit about her and will just want to use
her for their own pleasure without caring if she ever feels what you
felt the last time we talked. Do you remember how that felt?"

Little voice. "Yes, I remember."

"Well, although you found the things I was telling you exciting, and
that's why it was so much better than when you touch yourself alone,
everything I said to you was also the truth. Don't you want Maria to
know the truth about sex instead of some stupid version her friends
might tell her?"

"Well, yes, but then I could just tell her, not show her like a

"Lena. You have to decide what you want to do. You love your
sister. She loves you. She obviously is intent on learning about
sex. If you answer her questions, and you somehow show her how to
please herself, that will be loving her. If you got to where you two
masturbated together, it would be more exciting for each of you,
because you would be sharing the pleasure. Just like it was so much
better for you to share with me on the phone than to just do it by
yourself. It hasn't been as good for you since that day, has it? Do
you see what I mean?"

"Yeah, I see. But it's still good. I mean, when I ... um ... do

"Yes, of course. But it's not anywhere near as good as when I was on
the phone with you. Right?"

"No. That was awesome!"

"There are two reasons for that 'awsomeness', Lena. One, is that you
were imagining what I was saying to you, experiencing yourself
through me, my words to you, the images that my words created in your
mind. Two, is the fact that I care about you so I didn't tell you
things that weren't real, and I was totally honest with you about
every word I spoke. Only caring people do that for each other.
Strangers don't give a damn about anything except their own pleasure.
Who cares about your sister more than you do? Who wants good things
for her more than you do? How many teenage boys do you think there
are in the world who know all that they should know about the
realities of sex, with an understanding of what a girl needs to
satisfy her?"

"Well . . . I guess I know what you're saying. I know she wants
to know everything."

"So did you at her age. How much would you have appreciated a big
sister who could have helped you back then?" Youth and enthusiasm
will always be outdone by age and (treachery) wisdom. I was playing
all of the cards a man my age could think of with a young teen girl.
Hopefully, she would learn to think my way and do things the way I
wanted. Her gain would be the correct knowledge about sex from
someone who really wanted her to learn it right.


"By the way, Lena, where are you? I forgot to ask."

"I'm at my same friend's house as when I called you the first time.
She loaned me a key while they were all at her Aunts house in
Sacramento for a week."

"How old is your friend and why would she loan you a key?"

"Oh, she's the same age as me. She loaned me the key so I could use
her room and have some privacy."



"Privacy for what, Lena?"

"You know."

"Yes, I do. But does she know?"

"Well, sort of. I mean she doesn't know about you, but she knows
about wanting to be able to, you know, um, masturbate. And she knows
I'm getting my "stuff" from an older guy."

"What's her name, Lena?"


"Sometime I'd like you to tell me about Yolanda."


"Lean, are you 'masturbating' now?"

"No, I'm still sort of dressed."

"In what?"

"Why do you need to know that?"

"Don't play games, Lena. How can I see you in my mind if I don't
know how you're dressed."

"Why do you have to see me in your mind?"

"Are you the only one who is supposed to get pleasure out of our
conversations? Are you the only one who gets to jack-off and have an
orgasm? I want those things, too, and I have to do most of the work,
here. Help me and I help you. What are you wearing and where are

"I'm lying on her bed. I have my bra and panties on."

"And what do you want to talk about?"

"Ummmm, why did you give me pictures of girls, uh, doing each other,
but none of boys doing each other?"

"Good question. I gave you pictures of guys eating girls because I
really like that, like doing it I mean. And I gave you pictures of
couples in a 69, eating each other, because I really like that. I
will get you pictures of guys sucking each other off, if you want,
but I'm not interested in them myself. Most men aren't. But! Most
men relish seeing two girls making love to each other. That is a
real turn on. Very few men probably ever get to see it in person; I
certainly never have. But most men want to see it, and take looking
at pictures of it as a remote second to actually being there."

"Okay, so why did you give me those pictures, Ken?"

"That's a good question, but one that will be difficult to answer
without possibly upsetting you."

"But I want to know, and so does Yolanda." Really! So they share
that level of intimacies. Wonder how far that's gotten? Probably
not far, yet.

"Okay. Well, Lena, the answer in a nutshell is that two girls can't
make each other pregnant. There is a longer answer but that is the
short version. By the way, have you started playing with yourself

"Yes, but just through my panties."

"Has it started to feel good yet?"

"Yes. Some. Will you tell me the long answer?"

"Yes. Or at least a longer answer. Some other time I'll tell you
the Long answer. Put your hand inside your panties while you touch
yourself. Okay?"

"I did."

"It's perfectly normal for you, or your friend Yolanda, to want to
experiment with sex. Everyone has for low these millions of years.
For most of those millions of years there was, for a curious girl,
only her hand or another girl or a real guys cock. And almost every
cock is dangerous to a curious girl. But now in addition to your own
hand or another girl (and on rare occasions, a rare male friend)
there are 'dildos' for the curious girl. Although not as good as a
cock, or at least an educated cock, they do provide a lot of the same
sensations as a cock in your pussy during intercourse. So a smart
girl, who doesn't want to get pregnant just to have some fun, turns
to either her hand, not bad but not great, or her dildo, if she has
one but they're hard for kids to get and harder to hide, or a helpful
girl friend. A helpful girlfriend can jack off with you so that the
sharing of jacking off makes you both more excited and you orgasm
much better. And neither of you can get pregnant. A girlfriend
could also jack you off and you her. That is even more exciting
because we never really get used to the touch of someone else on our
body. And neither of you can get the other pregnant. Finally,
another girl can perform cunnilingus on you, and you on her. Now
this is a whole new realm of orgasm. No hand or finger or cock can
touch your clit in all of the ways and with all of the sensations
that a tongue and lips can. There is no equal. Not that it should
replace intercourse! No way. But you show me a girl who has been
eaten by her guy to her first orgasm and then fucked to her second
orgasm and I'll show you a happy, happy girl. A close second is to
be eaten by another girl to two orgasms. And, no pregnancy risk.
That's the longer answer."

"Wow! You don't hold nothing back, do you, Ken?"

"Not much. Well, what did you think of my answer and what are you
doing now?"

"I'm fingering my, my clit. My hand is inside my panties, and I'm
very wet down there. Um, I see what you're saying but I don't know
if I could do any of that stuff. Not that last bit, for sure. No

"Well, I'll tell you what. When you care about someone, and
especially when you love someone, you'll find that you want to do
whatever it takes to make that person happy. And they want to make
you happy, too. That could be true of you and your friend. You just
never know, sometimes. It's certainly not true for everybody, but
you maybe shouldn't knock it if you haven't tried it."

"Oh, yuck!"

"Don't be so quick to jump to wrong conclusions, my sweet Lena. Your
pussy cream, lubricant, is mostly glucose. Do you know what that
is?" She went, un unh. I continued, "That's the sugar produced in
our bodies when we eat food. Our body turns it into glucose and our
blood carries it to our cells to nourish us. And when you
concentrate glucose it becomes thick and slippery. Sort of like
honey, only not as sweet. So if a girl keeps herself clean (which is
a whole other subject for someday) then she tastes good. Sort of
sweet. Got it?"

"Sure, but that doesn't mean I would ever want to lick another girl,
or even touch her."

"True, true. But how do you feel about another girl doing that to
you? Touching you with her soft fingers, opening your pussy lips and
stroking you inside, inserting a finger in you and moving it around
inside you in a way she knows will feel good to you because she knows
how it feels to her; which no boy can ever know. Delicately touching
your clit as no boy can really know how to do because he doesn't have
a clit to practice on. Bending down so that her warm breath is so
close to your pussy that you want to beg her to lick you. Delicately
pulling on your pussy lips with her lips, teasing them. Putting the
point of her tongue just under your clit in that little hollow that
you can feel with your finger and then slowly licking up to the tip
of your clit." My God, she was moaning. She was getting off on my
words about girl-sex. This was almost too good to be true. I went
on with, "My fingers and tongue can do almost the same thing because
I've learned over the years how to do it pretty right. I could
nibble on your pussy and lick and suck your clit almost as good as a
girl can. That's what I'm imagining right now. Lovingly sucking on
your cunt to make you come on my mouth." Louder moaning from Lena.
Damn but hers must be a great age. I can't remember that far back.
"Now she would reach up to play with your nipples the same way she
would want you to play with hers. You would be rubbing your pussy
all over her face and she would be licking up all of your cream so
that none was wasted. Then she would pull one hand back and insert
her middle finger up in your cunt like a small cock and fuck it in
and out of you while her lips had your clit trapped and her tongue
was lashing back and forth over the tip of your clit. Loving it.
Loving you. Making you come hard. Your hands in her hair to pull
her even closer to your hot cunt."

"Oh, Jesus, yes," cried Lena in my ear. "Oh, it's so good. Oh! Oh,
Jesus. Oh. Ohhhhhhh." Then 2 or 3 minutes of silence and breathing
that slowly calmed down.

"Was that good for you, Lena?"

"It was better than last time, if that's possible. And faster, too.
Oh. Wow. I can't move."

"See, Lena? The thought of another girl sucking on you got you off
big time," I said, hoping for a favorable response.

"Well ... yes, but only to think about. I wouldn't really want that
to happen. It ain't right." Then, after a pause, she continued
with, "I'll bet it's nice, just like you say, but I don't feel right
about it. But a guy licking me ... well ... that would be great!"

Oh well, you can't win them all, Can you? "I wish I could really see
you, Lena. See you sweating and flushed with sexual heat. In fact I
wish I could taste your pussy for real to see if we did a good job of
making you come."

"How could you tell by that?"

"There is a change in the way a woman tastes before her orgasm and
how she tastes after. I like that change."

"You would really want to, to lick me?"

"Yes. If me talking about it makes you come like you just did,
imagine how much better it would be if I could really see and touch
your naked body. Kiss your breasts and suck on your nipples. Run my
hands all over you. Put my mouth on your pussy and give you
pleasure. Can you imagine that, sweet Lena?"


Very quietly, almost too quietly to even hear, she said, "I'd like

"Where does your girlfriend live; by you or toward me?"

"Three blocks from you. I come here on my bike."

"Well, you pedal three more blocks and you can find out how it feels
to be licked and loved."

"I couldn't now. I just came."

Noticing, as you probably did, that she didn't say 'no', I just sat
there waiting for her to say whatever came to her mind next.

"You wouldn't, um, try to, you know, um, want to, uh, um, put your,
um, cock in me?"

"No, Lena. It would be just for your pleasure. I promise you that I
will not put my cock in your pussy and fuck you. Say that, Lena."

"Uh, you won't try to, um, fuck me."

"That's right. I won't. I'm not a teenage boy who can't control
himself when he's with a beautiful girl. Even when she's naked."

"Well, maybe. Just for a little while, maybe. We'll see. Maybe."

"It's up to you, Lena. The woman should always get to decide about
sexual matters because they have the most to lose or gain. Bye,
Lena." And I hung up the phone without waiting for her response.
Hot, Damn!


She was here at my house within 20 minutes. I had opened one of the
big wooden gates to the back yard so she could ride right in if she
actually came. She laid down the bike and stood there looking at me
sitting on the back porch. Looking like she would bolt away any
second, I started with things she would hopefully want to hear more

"You are so beautiful in my mind's eye when we talk on the phone, but
standing there you are even more exciting and sexy than my
imagination. Do you know that?"

"No. These are old school clothes, and, um, do you really think I'm

"And exciting and sexy. Yes. All of those. Your sister will be
too, in another year or two, when she matures as you have. If I were
an artist I would want to paint you in your glorious youth. I'm glad
you came. Would you like to come in?"

Hesitatingly, but then in as adult a voice as she could muster, she
responded as she walked around the bike toward the porch, "Sure."

I showed her into the living room and sat down without offering her a
seat and said, "I want this to be as exciting for you as possible,
Lena, and since I'm the more experienced of us I think that you
should let me direct you and you just watch and feel things as they
happen. I won't touch you without your permission. But I'll tell
you what I want to do and then you agree or nod or something. Okay?"

"Okay." And as an afterthought added, "Ken."

"I won't even get undressed so that you'll know that you're safe and
in control of everything. Okay?"


"Stand here in front of me, Lena." She moved to about 3 feet away.
"Closer. I need to be able to reach you when you let me." She moved
to within a foot of my knees. I spread my knees and said, "Closer."

Moving within the 'V' shape of my knees she asked, "Is this okay?"

"That's fine. Now unzip your jacket and put it on the couch, here."
She did so, slowly. I continued with, "I would like to touch your
breasts through your shirt. Is that okay?" She nodded and watched
my hands as I moved them up to her chest. She flinched a bit when I
made contact with her. I held them still for a short while to let
her get used to being touched. Then I molded her tits in my hands
softly. Her nipples erected almost immediately. Ah, youth. Using
just my thumbs and index fingers I tried to manipulate her nipples
through her shirt and bra. She closed her eyes for a bit so I
presumed it felt good to her. I rubbed and molded and tweaked her
some more and then put my hands back in my lap. She opened her eyes
and looked down at me. "Did that feel nice to you?"

"Yes. No one has ever touched me like that before. Except me."

"I liked it too, Lena. Now unbutton your shirt, please and put it
with your jacket." She started to do so fairly quickly, so I added,
"Always go slowly to tease your lover. Remember that you are
unwrapping the package that your lover views as a precious gift."

"That makes it sound really nice."

"It is really nice and you are one hell of a package, Lena."

She continued unbuttoning her shirt and slowly took it off, looking
quite embarrassed. I told her that she had such a great body that
she should not feel the way she did. When the shirt joined the
jacket her light brown skin made such a sharp contrast with her snow
white bra that it was all I could do to keep from hugging her to me.
Instead I said that I wanted to touch her breasts again. She nodded
again and watched my hands approach her delicate young tits. Again I
molded and plied and tweaked with her watching one, then the other of
my hands on her virgin breasts.

"Now I want to move my hands around to your back and down to your ass
so that I can feel your firm ass cheeks. Is that okay with you?"


She shivered as my hands slowly moved around from her tits to the
center of her back, then slowly down to the small of her back, and
finally on to her ass. I molded and felt her ass while watching her
face. She was now standing with her hips slightly thrust toward me
and her back arched, eyes closed, and a slight smile on her lips.
Finally I said that I wanted to move one of my hands around to the
front of her. She didn't say anything but opened her eyes and bent
her head down to see exactly the movement of my left hand. Slowly I
moved it around front, without breaking contact with her hip, and as
my left hand slid in between her upper thighs to cup her pussy my
right hand slid down to enter the space between the backs of her
thighs. She made some sort of sound and I kept moving my hands
around as if I was trying to touch her ass hole and massage her clit
at the same time. She made it obvious that she liked what I was
doing, sometimes looking down at my hand and sometimes closing her
eyes and moving her head about. It was while her eyes were closed
that I said, "Take your bra off for me, Lena. I want to see your
breasts." In what seemed like a dreamlike state, with me still
manipulating her crotch with both of my questing hands, she reached
behind herself and unhooked her bra, shrugged it from her shoulders,
caught it and dropped it on the couch.

I had never seen such young breasts in my life. Certainly not as a
bashful and awkward teenager. Lena might someday have breasts as
large as her mother, but now they were "B" cup suckable and more than
enough for this old man. "Touch your breasts for me." She complied,
gladly it seemed, as I continued to manipulate her groin and she
ground her groin into my hands.

"Would you lean forward a little so I can kiss your lovely nipples?"
She bent forward and watched my mouth fasten onto her left nipple as
she continued to gyrate on my hands. Her nipple was small but hard.
We both enjoyed my sucking action, her because she was moaning again.
Just as I switched to her other nipple I asked, "Would you unbutton
your jeans and lower the zipper for me?" She would and she did.

The instant my left hand left off pushing up into her clothed pussy
and started sliding down inside her jeans to rub her pussy through
her panties she started coming. To say I was surprised would be an
understatement. I had to help her support herself and she still
almost fell on top of me. Now I had to move faster to keep the
momentum going. When she seemed in some control again I moved her to
sit beside me on the couch and pulled her jeans down to her ankles
(but not off). She was making sounds and blurred words and rolling
her head like she was still in the throes of orgasm. The panties
followed the jeans to be bunched up at her ankles. I didn't know if
she could come three times in an hour but the time to find out was
now before she got back on earth. I slid her forward so that her
butt was on the edge of the couch, lifted her legs up high, forced
her knees apart and knelt at her hot crotch.

Looking up at her face between her bent legs I said to her unfocused
eyes, "Lena. Look at me. Watch what I'm going to do. Do you know
what I'm going to do?"

She nodded and croaked a weak, "Yes".

"What am I going to do? Lena?"

Looking up from her pussy to my face she said, "You're going to lick
my pussy." Good for her. She said it without pause.

"Yes, I'm going to put my warm mouth on your hot pussy and lick and
suck you until you come again. Watch me. Feel my mouth on your
cunt, Lena."

And I lowered my face into young teen heaven. She started moaning
right away and her hands flew to the sides of my head. I tried to
avoid her clit for a while but it was difficult because she was
fucking my face with spasmodic movements. Pausing for a moment I wet
my right thumb and my left middle finger. I pushed the thumb into
her passage and started fucking her with it and started touching her
ass hole with the finger. Off she went. She came for a long time
and I tried to stay with her, keeping my face buried in her snatch,
my thumb up her passage and my finger on her ass hole while she
bopped and bounced all over. Finally she began calming. She looked
like she had just come in from the shipwrecked Titanic. And, of
course, she looked like a totally beautiful, totally fucked out young
woman. Surely one of the most appealing sights in the world.


Finally, redressed, face washed, flush mostly gone, Lena took her
leave. Yes, she thanked me; profusely. And I thanked her; equally
profusely. She said she would call in a couple of days unless she
saw me Saturday.

She didn't call until the following week. But then it was to tell me
that she had "showed" her sister, Maria, how to please herself. And,
she said that she and Yolanda had masturbated together. I'll tell
you more about that some other time. But for now, I had to ask
myself why it had to take so many years to get to this part of my
life? Oh, well.

Lena's next call led to much more.



Lena has called a number of times since she told me about
masturbating with her friend Yolanda. That was very exciting for me
to hear about, and I'll tell you some of how it came about in a
while. But every phone call now was a clear and open invitation for
me to help her get off over the phone, while I only saw her on Lawn
Days in the company of her whole family. But . . . it came to
pass . . . that she called two Wednesdays ago in the early
morning. I was sitting here in front of the computer working on a
picture file I've been building over the past couple of years. When
the phone rang right next to me I jumped as if I'd been shocked by
electricity. I said, "Hello," and Lena said, "It's me." Innocent
enough beginning. Then she asked if she was interrupting anything.
"No," I replied, "I'm just organizing some files on my computer."

"We haven't got a computer, but I use one at school a lot," she
informed me. Then continued with, "Daddy says that we will get one
before the next semester starts for all of us to use for our

"I'm sure you will find it a lot of help." Then added, "It will be
especially helpful if you have access to the Internet. The whole
world is out there just waiting to show itself."

"Are you on the Internet now, Ken?"

"No, but the files I'm working with came from various places around
the world via the Internet."

Now came the first interesting question from Lena. "Did you find all
of those pictures you gave me on the Internet?"

"Yup. Those and hundreds and hundreds more. The ones I liked I
download into various files by type. Today I'm making Thumbnail
access to them. It's really neat." It was quiet for a while, while
I waited to hear what part of all of that she would hook in to.

"Hundreds and hundreds?"

"Easily. That's why I've had to organize them into files by the type
of pictures they are, and now I'm making Thumbnails of them."

"Wait, wait," Lena said. "I don't understand. What are types and
what are Thumbnails?"

"You know what 'types' are, Lena. Just like the various types I
printed for you: Straight, Lesbian, Masturbation, Nudes, like that,"
I told her, and waited.

"How many types are there?" she asked. I just happened to have the
answer to hopefully whet her appetite.

"Well, I started out with just a few types, but the number grew to
where now I have 18 different folders with about 2,200 pictures which
I'm culling; and adding to, sometimes. Anyway, so today I've started
making the Thumbnails so that it's easier to see the pictures."

"But what does that mean?"

"Well, Lena, if you have a couple of minutes it would be a lot easier
to show you than to try to describe it over the phone," said I with
only a slight tinge of lechery in my voice.

"Okay," she said, and hung up. Was she coming over now? Eventually?
Was it that easy? I was showered and dressed but I had been going
to brush my teeth after I had breakfast. I had better brush now in
case Lena WAS to be breakfast.


Either I brush slowly or she really pedaled fast because I had just
sat back down at the computer when I heard the back gate close. Lena
was just putting down the kick stand on her bike when I opened the
slider to let her in.

"Hi, Ken."

"Hi, yourself, Lena. That was a fast trip."

"Well, I was at my friends house."

"You mean Yolanda's?"

"Yeah. She really wants to know who I know. I kept looking back to
see if she was following me."

"My, my!" was my thought to myself.

"Okay, pull up that other chair and I'll show you what Thumbnails

I shifted windows to show the directory of picture folders plus the
folder that was titled "Thumbs." Then I said, "These are the folders
of all of the pictures I told you about. When I open a folder,"
click-click on the Hetro folder, "the view changes to show a line for
each picture in the folder. Then when I click on a picture line, a
new window comes up and creates the picture represented by that
line." The particular picture I brought up was one showing a woman
sitting in a man's lap, hiding all of him except his legs and his
cock half way in her pussy.

"Wow, that's really clear," Lena exclaimed. Then she continued with,
"She's smiling like she likes it."

"Yeah, sex is supposed to be nice. Of course all of this type of
picture are posed for the best lighting, camera angle, scene and
effect. But you're not supposed to think about that part, just enjoy
the picture," I told her while watching how she was reacting to what
she was seeing. I X'ed out of that picture and clicked on another
one, then another and another before I said anything else. She was
definitely interested in what she was seeing, and I was definitely
interested in her being as interested as possible.

Finally I said, "The problem is that when you get a list of the
pictures you don't really know if you'll like the one that comes up,
and it does take a while for each to come up. So there is this
program I bought that lets you make little images of each picture so
that you can sort of see if you want to see the real picture: like a
preview. That's what a Thumbnail is. They look like this. . ."
and I opened the !Thumbs folder, clicked on the Index file named
Hetro, and Netscape soon showed us the link pages of 25 Thumbnails
each. I clicked on the first one and watched her as 25 little
pictures popped on to the screen. I clicked on the first one and up
came the full-sized picture. In great detail was a close-up of a
woman's ass, lower back and upper thighs lowered about half way down
a guy's cock, and we only saw about the same amount of his body.
Mostly just the really important parts. Lena leaned quite close to
the screen. She smelled good.

I showed her how to scroll down the page, how to click on the Next
Page/Previous Page and how to X out of a picture. Then I got up and
told her to look at any pictures she wanted to and I'd be back
shortly. I stood in the doorway behind her for a while before I went
into the kitchen. She was clicking away. With any luck her clit was
growing and her sweet pussy cream was flowing. I'd be glad to help
her clean up any mess that made. Yes!


When I returned she was five Thumbnail pages along, totally engrossed
in her viewing, didn't even realize I was about 4 feet behind her,
and she was rubbing her clit through her jeans! I could do better
for her than that.

"How are you doing?" She jerked her hand away and got totally
red-faced. "You don't have to stop rubbing yourself, Lena. It's
perfectly natural. In fact it would be easier if you unzipped your
jeans," I continued, as I sat back in my chair next to her. Taking
the mouse from her right hand I exited back to the index of thumbs
and went on as if there were nothing unusual about an almost 16 year
old girl pleasuring herself in front of me. "You asked what the
different categories were. I'll give you an idea of each."

Opening "All Alone" I showed her some of the pictures of girls using
their fingers, dildos, veggies, etc. And of course she recognized
the few I had printed for her. "A lot better pictures than the ones
I printed, aren't they?"

"Uh huh. Just like photographs."

Then on to "Bushy", showing women and girls with a lot of pubic hair.
"See? This girl has a really nice bush like yours. Makes me want
to nuzzle her and lick her to orgasm." She was rubbing herself again.

"Does her, um, pussy, um really look like mine?" She was obviously
enjoying her rubbing, and not trying to hide it from me. Then she
went on, "I don't have that much hair, but it's the same color, isn't

"Yes, Lena, but she doesn't taste as good as you do. Why don't you
undo your zipper and reach inside?" I went on to the next set of
pictures as if I didn't care whether she followed my suggestion or
not. But we know I cared.

"These I call Classical because they are old, old pictures from the
early 1900's." After a few of those we got to "Close Ups". "These
are all really good pictures of breasts and pussies and cocks up real
close." I moved the monitor around a bit so that it was more square
to her. The second shot was of a woman holding her lips open for the
camera and was such a close and detailed shot that you could see
small globules of lubricant forming in the entrance to her cunt.
"See her pussy cream starting to form?" I said and pointed at the
vaginal opening in the pic. "When she starts to get excited she
lubricates to make intercourse easier on both she and her lover.
That's what tastes so good. Reach in with your finger and let me
taste you."

Without taking her eyes from the pictures I kept bringing up, Lena
unzipped her jeans (finally) and reached in with her right hand. She
was having trouble, so I told her to stand up for a moment. I pulled
her jeans down past her knees and went back to clicking pictures.
She was digging around in her panties quite nicely when I came to one
of my all time favorite pictures. The guy with his tongue stuck well
into the cunt of a gal, with the camera mere inches away. You could
see the taste buds on his tongue and the tiniest little hairs on the
pussy lips of his paramour. Lena was really fingering herself now.
I asked, "What about my taste?"

Lena pulled her hand out of her panties and turned her hand over for
me to lick; not easy because I was on her right side just inches
away. She watched as I licked her finger and then sucked it into my

"I'd like more of that, you sweet thing," I told her.

Back went her hand inside her panties. She was still standing but
had widened the space between her knees to make her hand work easier.
After another picture I reached around her and pulled her panties
down to her jeans, and both of them down to her ankles. Now I could
see her better. She was looking at me looking at her, frigging
herself. I jumped way ahead to the folder marked "Sixty9". As soon
as the thumbs showed on the screen Lena moaned a little. "Which ones
do you want to see?" I asked her. She pointed with her left hand at
one where all we see is a guy's head on the bottom and a gal's ass
above his face with his tongue licking her deep between the labia.
The full-sized picture filled the whole terminal screen. "Do you
like that one?" I asked my teen love, quietly. She was pushing her
finger up into her own cunt now with abandon.

"Ohhh, yessss. This one." I clicked on the one she directed and put
my left hand on her ass, kneading her cheeks. Putting my left
shoulder against her thigh to balance her in her pre-orgasmic
posture, I ran my left hand down her thighs and back up in the center
so that my fingers were right next to her finger going in and out of
her sweet young pussy. I clicked to another picture without waiting
for her to tell me which. This was one of the few that really nicely
showed the whole sixty nine, with his face deep in her crotch and her
ardently sucking his stiff cock.

"Give me another taste," I told her and as her finger withdrew from
her hole I slid some of my finger in. I sucked her finger and then
moved the mouse over to her more and began rubbing her clit with my
right hand; my face moved right into her hair. Just as I was
sticking out my tongue to lick her Lena started coming, moaning and
making all kinds of guttural sounds and having a lot of trouble
standing unaided. It took a while before she opened her eyes again
and looked like she was back with the rest of us. "Good?" I asked,
knowing from the evidence that it had been very good for her.

"God, yes! I need to sit down." I removed my left hand from between
her young thighs, my fingers wet from her, and let her sink onto the
chair. Then I offered her my fingers. She licked them without
hesitation. I was really surprised. "Surprised you, didn't I?" she
asked me with a shit-eating grin supposedly past her years. I
nodded. She said, "Well you convinced me that it didn't taste bad
and I tried it a couple of times on myself." Then, almost as an
afterthought she added, "Even Yolanda has tried it."

"On herself or on you?" Shock value or thought implantation.

"No! On herself. I, uh, showed her."

Of course I said, "I'd like to hear more about that, but I feel the
need to ask you how long you can stay. I don't want you to get in
trouble and I don't need to go to jail just now."

"Oh, I've still got time." When she paused I knew she was going to
go on with something, and I was content to just sit there and look at
her bush and her legs and her still flushed face. Eventually she
continued. "Don't you get . . . sort of . . . excited by those

Great lead-in question, eh? "Sure I do, honey, but not anywhere as
excited as I do looking at you, touching you and tasting your sweet

"Can, um, can I see?"

Can she see? She can do a lot more than see! "Sure," I said. "Do
you want to see for yourself or do you want me to show you?"

"Can I?"

"Absolutely." I stood up facing her, moved her chair out a little,
moved her knees apart as far as the jeans would allow and stepped
between her legs, waiting. She reached out and opened my belt. She
had trouble with the button on my Dockers until I sucked in my breath
a bit (got to do something about my little pot.) The feel of her
little hands trying to pull my zipper down was nice. Then she tugged
my pants down and immediately saw the bulge in my jockey shorts. She
touched it a little and of course 'it' jumped at her touch.

"Wow. It's hard."

"You make it that way." I leaned a little forward and started
unbuttoning her shirt while she was tracing the outline of my cock in
my shorts. Ah, those nice little breasts, each in their white bra
cup. "Wait a minute, Lena. You take off your shirt and bra and I'll
help you off with your jeans while you still have blood flow in your
feet." Bending down I unlaced her shoes and pulled her jeans off of
her feet, looking at her sweet young cunt. Then I stood up again and
took off my shoes and pants. Now I stepped back in between her knees
with just my shorts on and her totally and gloriously naked.

"I can feel the heat of your, your cock. It seems big," she said as
she looked up at me.

"Ah, Lena, you already know the words to make a man happy."

Pulling my shorts down over a very strong hard-on was not an easy
task, but she persevered. Out I popped, cut and just at 7" from base
to tip on a good day, downhill, with a tail wind. I've read
descriptions of how close contact is when a sitting woman bends down
to remove the shorts of a man standing right in front of her. She
bumped it with her face on the way down and her head on the way back
up. Yeah! She looked kind of shocked, sort of embarrassed, and
intrigued enough to look at it closely. Then . . . she touched
it. And petted it. And finally wrapped a hand around it. I was
feeling GOOD!

"I can't believe how hard it is. It's like it was really made out of
bone," she said wonderingly.

"That's why it is sometimes referred to as a 'bone' or 'boner'" I
told her. "But if you were to throw a bucket of ice cold water on me
it would shrivel up and almost disappear. And, of course, after I
come it usually gets very limp within minutes and has a satisfied
smile on its little face."

She was stroking it nicely and finally used her other hand to touch
and then cup my balls. I could stand like this for a long time.

"I've got an idea, honey. Lets put our chairs side by side, so we're
facing each other. I'll play with your pussy and you play with my

"Okay. Can I make you come?" Can she make me come? Is the sun warm
on Tuesdays?

"I'd really like that. Maybe you can come again, too." Then, "Scoot
your cute little ass out to the edge of the chair for me and keep
your legs spread."

She did that quite willingly and never stopped moving her hand on my
cock. I would come quickly if she did me right, and I wanted her to
come again, so I wouldn't show her how to get me off until I knew she
was well on her way to another orgasm. I started playing with her
pussy and leaned over her enough to suck on her pretty nipple. It
wasn't soft but got hard real quick when my lips got hold of it.
Once my middle finger was wet I slid it up into her cunt and rubbed
her clit with my palm. Being right down at her chest while still
sucking on her nipple I could hear little sounds she was making as my
hand moved in and on her love nest. She was so delightfully
responsive. And her hand on my hard cock felt really good.
Fortunately she wasn't actually jacking me off yet. I could never
have lasted. Her skin scent was so nice and the excited smell of her
almost 16 year old pussy was really getting to me.

"What's it like when you come, Ken? Will I know it like you do with
me?" she asked.

I let go of her nipple, which was so nice tasting and hard, and sat
back up. Taking the mouse I went back to the Hetro(sexual, as in
male and female couples, only, pictures) and looked for a come shot.
I clicked on a few of them until I found one of a woman holding a
guy's cock straight up from his prone body and the ejaculate flowing
down over her hand. "Like that."

She looked at the picture and then said, "That looks nice. Does it
feel good, too?"

"A guy's orgasm is just as good for him as a girl's are for her. We
just don't usually get to have two or three in a row like a woman

"What does it taste like?"

"Kind of salty, with an aftertaste that some like and some don't.
Certainly it doesn't taste as good as a girl tastes. No glucose to
make it sweet."


I told her to rub her clit with her other hand while I finger-fucked
her. She was really getting into it now. I brought up a folder with
some snippets of movies. All of them were lesbian, some with sound,
all of them clear videos of lots of tongue action and each about 15
seconds or so long. Lena started moaning while watching each one and
rubbing her clit faster. I wanted to come just before she did so she
could concentrate on herself, and she was getting close. "Honey.
Wrap your hand all the way around my cock and move it up and down so
that your hand goes up over the head of my cock on each stroke. It's
just exactly like your clit. The majority of my pleasure comes from
there." Once she got the hang of it, it felt really, really good. I
kept showing her the short videos, two or three times each. Mostly I
was looking at her face, her tits, her legs and her finger rubbing
her clit. My left middle finger was busy moving in and out of her
cunt and making circles inside her as much as I could. We were both
close. I had to tip myself over the edge, so I pulled my finger out
of her and sucked her juices off of it and my first pumping action

After putting my finger back in her sweet cunt I said, "I'm going to
come now, honey. Keep moving your hand even while I'm coming. Don't
stop until I tell you. Ohhhhhh, Yesssssssssss. Ohhhh." I watched
as my spewing cock poured come out and over her hand. She looked
fascinated and then started coming herself.

"Oh, Ken. That's so neat. Ahhhhhhhhhh. And it's so warm! Oh, God.

I didn't have to tell her to stop jacking on me because she was now
only concentrating on herself. That was good because I get real
sensitive after I come. Well, just like she or anyone else does. I
was back down enough to be able to enjoy watching her orgasm and feel
her cunt clenching my finger. She fell back in the chair and I
slowly removed my finger. I reached for a couple of tissues from the
box on my desk and started to clean off her hand. She pulled her
hand away when she realized what I was going to do and lifted her
hand to her mouth. Her tongue came out and she licked a little of my
come and tasted it.

"It's not that bad," she said, looking at her hand and then at me.
"But it does taste funny," and she smiled. Then she handed me back
her hand and I cleaned it up for her, then grabbed some more tissue
to clean myself.

We got dressed and it took only seconds for me to start to miss the
sight of her healthy young body exposed for my eyes. "So tell me how
Yolanda tasted herself," I said.

"I really need to go, but I'll tell you about it when I call you next

Reluctantly, "Okay, Lena."

"Ken?" she said as she was nearing the sliding door.


"Would you kiss me like you would kiss a woman?"

"Of course. But remember, everything takes practice," I cautioned.
I didn't want her to maybe go away feeling there was something wrong
with her.

The kiss was nice, but of course her body didn't quite know how to
hold itself and her lips were not used to all of the subtleties of a
lovers kiss. But it was nice, and I told her so.

As she rode off on her bike I asked myself how long I thought this
could go on without a neighbor wondering what a young chick was doing
in a house alone with an old guy like me. I'd probably pushed the
limit, and needed to come up with Plan B. Hmmmm. This would take
some thought.

What I figured out wasn't the most clever idea in the world, but it
keeps the story going. And don't forget Yolanda.

Kennie 03/99

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