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April, May & June 2014 Vol. 27 No.

First Class Presidents celebrate District accomplishments in RY 2013-14
District 3780
District Governors Message 2

Editors Page 4

2014 District Awards Night 6

2014 District Conference 10

Accomplishments in 2013-14 12

Community Service Projects 19

2014 District Training Assembly 24
Messages from RI President 26
and TRF Trustee Chair

The Rotarian Magazine online 27

Complete list of Awards 28
and Recognition from District
Governor and RI President

130-Page Souvenir Magazine 55
for the 2014 District Awards &
Recognition Night online

Governors Message
356 days ago, when i stood be-
fore you to receive the baton of
leadership, I was nervous be-
cause I was uncertain as to
what lies ahead in my governor-
ship. Tonight, its a totally differ-
ent feeling.

There is happiness all over me
because just about everything
that I needed to do as Governor
for our beloved District has
been done

And I would like to believe
weve done beautifully, and I
succeeded in doing it because
of you.


My friends, the time has come for me to hand over
the governorship to my worthy successor who will
continue to build on our dream of a beautiful and
peaceful world. That's the beauty of Rotary. Leaders
come and go but they leave behind the unrelenting
spirit that has driven our great worldwide organiza-
tion to success for the last 109 years. That' s the
beauty of shared vision and ideal. They dance in
our minds to make us keep the music playing. Even
when times get rough they tickle our minds and
touch our hearts to inspire us to move on and play
our vital role in making the dream come alive.

Our year has not been a perfect one. That I say
with all sincerity and humility. Yes, we have had a
wonderful year together. Gleaned from our goals for
last year, we made great inroads into our dreams. In
membership, we made a net gain of 8% from 2,273
to 2,446, an increase of 173 which does not include
the 25 new members of RC of QC Royale, some-
thing that would have been impossible under trau-
matic situations that could have deterred us from
reaching for our goal of 300 new members.
In service projects, our greatest
challenge was meeting the de-
mands of rebuilding the lives of
the unfortunate victims of the
worst calamities that ever hit
our country - the earthquake
that cut across and devastated
Bohol and the super typhoon
"Yolanda" which claimed the
lives of some 7000 people and
wiped out homes, buildings,
farms, and other sources of

In the face of this great chal-
lenge we stood our ground and
did what was humanly possible
to reach out to the victims and
carry out our projects that were
most needed to rebuild lives
and help people leave behind
the trauma of pain and suffering . This we did as we
continued to engage Rotary programs and projects
and change people's lives in our communities. We
effectively served on two fronts - here at home and
in calamity- stricken areas of the country.

Tonight, I need no mention of our achievements for
we dreamed together, planned together and labored
together to achieve them. Those accomplishments
were the meat of my state of the District Address
during our District Conference and were the basis
for the many awards that we gave during our District
Awards and Recognition Night. I know therefore
that every little gain we made is etched in your heart
and mind. Every one of those gains is now part of
our district's history and of our lives.

Looking back to our year, I see tremendous success
in most of our dreams. For this we paid tribute to
God for his unquestioning love, guidance, and sup-
port and we recognized the good work that each of
us did for love.
Valedictory address delivered by District Governor Francisco A. Rivera of D3780 during the District Induction & Turnover Rites last June 21, 2014 at
the Sofitel Hotel Manila.
District 3780

In some of our dreams however, we encountered
difficulties - even personal differences. The truth is
that while we had towering achievements to be
proud of in our year of service, there were unpleas-
ant issues that crossed our path and left wounded
hearts that somehow affected many of us in the dis-
trict. The tremendous success of our year together
was like a rose but not without thorns that sprang
out of its stem. One among several was the elec-
tion via ballot-by-mail last June 16 for DGND 2016-
2017 which pitted candidates from two of our dis-
trict's titan clubs.

These thorns have left a marked division among us
in our district - something that demands our aware-
ness and concern. In light of this development, I
wish to make this impassioned plea for reconcilia-
tion and unity. Democracy provides us with a di-
vine right to follow the dictates of our hearts and
make choices on our own. We made our choice. It
is time to untangle ourselves from the chains of di-
vision, leave behind hurt feelings, and move on to
face the challenges that awaits us. I believe it is
only through reconciliation that we can forge a
stronger district that can face the challenge of our

My friends, reconciliation may not be
easy. Oftentimes the heart and mind of man are
adamant about reaching for the hand of friendship
and reconciliation. But I believe this is the best time
for such a gesture of peace. We are in the busi-
ness of promoting friendship and peace in the
world. Let peace begin right here in our district. In
making peace, let us remember the words of Thich
Nhat Hann: "The practice of peace and reconcilia-
tion is one of the most vital and artistic of human
actions". Indeed, blessed are those who make
peace for they shall live with serenity and happi-

Tonight, as I turned over the reins of leadership to
DG Sammy and begin to embark on a new year of
challenges let us hold hands and work more closely
together. Let our success in the past year inspire
us more to achieve even greater success in 2014-
2015. And to make this year a more colorful page
in the history of our district, let us learn our lessons
from the past and make our wisdom guide us in the
pursuit of our dreams in the coming year and be-

As I end, I want to thank you deeply not only for the
great honor and privilege but also for the trust and
confidence you gave me through the mandate to
serve as D3780 governor for 2013-2014. With your
inspiration and great helping hands, it was a won-
derful year of triumphs over difficulties. I want to
thank our "First Class" Presidents and "First Class"
district officers for their awesome job of truly engag-
ing Rotary to change lives. You have been my pil-
lars of strength and support. I want to thank our
Council of Governors. They have been my great
sources of wisdom and counsel. I want to thank the
most those who have shared more of their time, tal-
ent and treasure in making 2013-2014 a year that
we can all proudly write in the colorful history of our

To Peth and I, our memories of 2013-2014 will for-
ever be etched in our hearts and minds. To you all
we give our highest praise and most profound grati-
tude. For, as George Colman said , " Praise the
bridge that carried you over". My friends, you were
that bridge. We shall forever treasure our friend-
ship . And together, we shall continue to "Engage
Rotary, Change Lives".
District 3780
Governors Message

District 3780
The Governors Monthly Letter is published by the Gov-
ernor of Rotary International District 3780 with offices
at the Rotary Center Building, Roces Avenue, Quezon
City, Philippines. Contributions for publication may be
sent to Ric Salvador at rp_salvador@yahoo.com, to Bor
to Marcia Salvador at mdcsalvador@yahoo.com

From the Editor in Chief
In behalf of the editorial team, I thank District Governor
Francis Rivera for the opportunity to have served in the
2013-14 editorial board of the Governors Monthly Letter
and for having given the editors full editorial independ-
ence in producing the publication. Indeed, it has been a
privilege to have observed at close range and to report
on the districts accomplishments and the First Class
Presidents service above self community projects and
activities during year.

We also thank the other members of the GML editorial
board District Secretary Mar Cancio, Chief of Staff
Francis Paderna, and District Information & Communica-
tions officer Winston Sia - for providing guidance and
support in the course of the work to produce and dis-
tribute the publication.

We also acknowledge the contributors of editorial con-
tent - timely, relevant and interesting stories and pic-
tures about Rotary in the district - that have been pub-
lished in the GML. District officers and officers of nearly
50 clubs have shared more than130 articles this year.
Along with competent editors, contributors of content
constitute the backbone of all respectable publications.

Thanks, too, to the patronage by our readers. An elec-
tronic publication, the eGML of District 3780 is sent free
to over 1,000 addressees via e-mail, including to First
Class Presidents, their club secretaries, district officers
and Rotarians in D3780 plus an undetermined number
of forwards. The publication is also shared with Rotari-
ans in other districts here and abroad, and with Rotary
International staff including General Secretary John
Hewko. It is posted in social networks like Facebook,
flipsnack.com, and scribd.com, a global library.

Its been both an honor and pleasure to have worked
with two of the most talented, hard-working and reliable
Rotarians and senior editors in the District: Most Out-
standing Peace President Beth Directo of RC Camp Agui-
naldo and Outstanding Peace President Marcia of RC
Holy Spirit, during this GML year. Peace President Doris
Sanchez of RC Diliman North, Peace President Cris
Bacho of RC Cubao Edsa, and Rtn Bernard de San Jose
of RC Timog have been with us, too, in the editorial
staff. With them I sincerely share the recognition re-
ceived during the District Awards Night as The Out-
standing Rotarian of the Year (TORY) for service to Ro-
tary largely through the GML and partly as District Gov-
ernor Representative to the Philippine Rotary Magazine.

Ric Salvador
Editor in Chief 2013-14

District Governor Francis A. Rivera

District Secretary Amable Mar Cancio
District Chief of Staff Francis Paderna

Ricardo Ric P. Salvador
Editor in Chief

IPP Elizaberth Beth Directo (RC Camp Aguinaldo)
Associate Editor - District

IPP Marcia Marcia C. Salvador (RC Holy Spirit)
Associate Editor - Clubs

CP Winston Winston Sia (RC VisMin)
Associate Editor-Webmaster
Editorial Staff
IPP Rhodora Doris Sanchez (RC Diliman North)
IPP Cresencio Cris Bacho Jr (RC Cubao Edsa)
Bernard De San Jose (RC Timog)

The Governors Monthly Letter is published by the Gov-
ernor of Rotary International District 3780 with offices
at the Rotary Center Building, Roces Avenue, Quezon
City, Philippines. Contributions for publication may be
sent to Ric Salvador at rp_salvador@yahoo.com, to
Beth Directo at betchie@728@gmail.com, or to Marcia
Salvador at mdcsalvador@yahoo.com
Beth Directo, Associate Editor
IPP of RC Camp Aguinaldo
Marcia Salvador, Associate Editor
IPP of RC Holy Spirit

Members of the Editorial Board of the 2013-2014 Governors Monthly Letter pose for a photo: From left IPP
Cris Bacho, DS Mar Cancio, Associate Editor IPP Beth Directo, GML Publisher DG Francis Rivera, Associate
Editor IPP Marcia Salvador, IDG Sammy Pagdilao, Editor in Chief/DGR-PRM Ric Salvador, and Chief of Staff
Francis Paderna. Photo taken during the birthday celebration of DG Francis last February 21, 2014.

The Editorial Board of the 2013-2014 Governors Monthly Letter
July 2013
August 2013
September 2013
October 2013
November 2013
December 2013 January-February 2014
March 2014
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RI District 3780 Recognition and Awards: A night of success for
incredible achievements
By District Awards Night Co-chair Romeo Romy Sangalang, Past President of RC Greenmeadows
Every District Governors Recognition and Awards Night is
meant to recognize incredible achievements every Rotary
year. Our 27
District Recognition and Awards Night once
again showed how these accomplishments together with
smaller scale projects define the essence of our Rotary
even beyond our district. Last May 23 at the Manila Hotel
Centennial Hall, District Governor Francis Rivera acknowl-
edged our Rotarians, District Officers, Past District Gover-
nors, our Rotary Clubs and First Class Presidents for eve-
ryones profound love for Rotary and to serve.

At the start of his term, DG Francis ably supported RI
President Ron Burtons theme. He said, When we En-
gage Rotary and Change Lives, we build better homes,
better communities, and a better world. We bring happi-
ness to others as we derive happiness from helping
them. As we close the year, he sincerely expressed his
appreciation for all the work through a formal recognition.
Though what is most important is service itself, recogni-
tion has always been a powerful tool for reinforcing de-
sired behavior.

Amongst the many Rotary Clubs recognized with deserve
wins across many categories culminating in the most out-
standing clubs, RC Loyola Heights and RC Cubao West
shared the Most Outstanding Club award in Group A
(clubs with at least 25 members); RC Holy Spirit was the
Most Outstanding Club in Group B (clubs with less than
25 members). RC QC Central, RC Timog, RC New Manila
East and RC Commonwealth were honorable mentions in
Group A while same distinction went to RC Cubao East,
RC Kagitingan Cubao, RC New Manila Heights and RC
Cosmopolitan Timog in Group B. Meanwhile, FCP Raul
Adatu of RC Loyola Heights and FCP Josie Garcia of RC
Cubao West were judged as Most Outstanding Presidents
for Group A. FCP Grace Vinarao of RC Acropolis and
FCP Cecile Rodriguez were Most Outstanding Presidents
for Group B. For a recap of each award that went out on
Saturday night, scroll through the complete list of all
winners in a separate section of this GML or the sou-
venir magazine published by the host clubs..

Awards were also bestowed to outstanding Rotarians and
club projects. During the first part of the affair, DG Francis
honored recipients of his Governors Awards which in-
cluded Exemplary Leadership and Achievement Awards,
Excellence Awards for Clubs with Continuing Signature
Projects, Special Awards on Rotarys Areas of Focus, Ex-
cellence in Membership Awards, Rotary Cares Awards
and Rotary Foundation Awards.
Keeping the use of resources modest enough, it was a
challenge to come up with a differentiating show. Inde-
pendently assessed, the event was clearly the outcome of
superb conceptualization, rigorous planning, production,
and execution of the programme and hosting of the event
albeit the limited preparation time!

An array of entertaining videos opened the evening with
our Prayer of Gratitude highlighting our districts contribu-
tion for Typhoon Yolanda victims and the National Anthem
showing our Rotarians activities to serve our district and
our country.

The First Class Presidents captured the audience atten-
tion with their theme song and medley. Tap or click on the
photo above and the one on the front page cover for ap-
preciation of these videos in You Tube.

During the programme, we honored and thanked PDG
Danny Reyes and PDG Bobby Viray for their leadership
and service through our In Memoriam.

It was another night of true inspiration. Congratulations to
all our hardworking Rotarians especially our First Class
Presidents. Our warmest thanks to everyone for making
event another night of success for incredible achieve-

Outstanding Rotary Club Presidents (Group A clubs with at least 25 members) stand on the stage with DG Francis
Rivera. The Most Outstanding Rotary Club Presidents are FCP Raul Raul Addatu of RC Loyola Heights (6th from
left) and FCP Jocelyn Josie Garcia of RC Cubao West (4th from right.)
Outstanding Rotary Club Presidents (Group B) stand on the stage with DG Francis Rivera. The Most Outstanding
Rotary Club Presidents in this group are FCP Ma. Cecilia Cecile Rodriguez of RC West Triangle (6th from left)
and FCP Ma. Grace Asela Grace Vinarao of RC Acropolis (5th from right.)
Photos of some of the key events during District Awards & Recognition Night
Pictures on Pages 5 and 6 have been provided by FC Secretary Rick Bugayong of RC Metro Sta. Mesa. Text from the editors.

The Outstanding Rotarians of the Year (TORY): District Membership Chair LG Dwight M.
Ramos of RC Quezon City; District Community Service Chair Ma. Elisa Allado, PP of RC New
Manila Heights; District TRF Annual Giving Chair AG Rebecca Dela Cruz of RC Batasan Hills;
and DG Representative to PRM & GML Editor-in-Chief Ricardo Salvador of RC Holy Spirit.
The Most Outstanding Rotary Clubs: Rotary Club of Loyola Heights and Rotary Club of Cu-
bao West for Group A and Rotary Club of Holy Spirit for Group B clubs. Photo shows FCP
Raul Addatu of RC Loyola Heights, FCP Josie Garcia of RC Cubao West, and FCP Eui Bong
Jung of RC Holy Spirit holding the trophy awards for their respective clubs.

Most Outstanding District Officers
LG Jose Pepito Murao - RC Cubao Central
LG Emelinda C. Palattao - RC Holy Spirit
LG Angel Gahol - RC Neopolitan Fairview
PP Edgardo Ayento - RC New Manila East
Photos of some of the key events during District Awards & Recognition Night

District Governors and their spouses flank the spouses of the late DG Danny Reyes and DG Bobby Viray as RI
District 3780 recognized the contributions of the two governors who passed away in Rotary Year 2013-14.
Photos of some of the key events during District Awards & Recognition Night

Discon 2014 marks culminating point for a year of first-class Rotary service
The 2014 District Conference of RID 3780 was held at
the world-class Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay City on April
11-12, 2014. The conference proper was preceded by a
golf tournament held at the Splendido Taal Golf and
Country Club on April 10, 2014 and by a District Leader-
ship Seminar, opening of club exhibits, House of Friend-
ship and Family of Rotary in the morning of April 11.

Discon attendees listened intently as DG Francis Rivera
gave his comprehensive State of the District Address, as
they did with the State of Rotary Worldwide message of
RIPR Dr Deepak Purohit who came with his wife Dr
Veena. Dr Deepak reminded everyone to engage our-
selves in Rotary and be an instrument of change. The
Hallili-Cruz Ballet dancers entertained the audience with
their graceful rendition of entertainment numbers. The
fellowship night on April 11 had retro 70s as motif. It
was interesting to see how the attendees went out of
their way to dress up in unique retro attire.

The second and third plenary sessions on April 12 had
the following distinguished speakers: former Senator
Joey Lina who spoke on Ako Rotarian Sagot Ko Yan;
PDG Perok Rodriguez of District 3800 (Building Commu-
nity); Director Mario Marasigan of the Department of En-
ergy (The Importance of Renewable Energy to Mitigate
the Effect of Climate Change); and CP Bienvenido Poli-
carpio (Integrity).

The afternoon of April 12 was dedicated to business mat-
ters: The District Nomination Committee selected PP
Joel Guillermo of RC Cubao West as District Governor
Nominee Designate; the First Class Presidents voted to
designate PDG Ambo Gancayco of RC New Manila East
to represent D3780 at the 2016 Council on Legislation;
and the First Class Presidents voted to defer the pro-
posal to change the manner of choosing the DGND from
the present District Nomination Committee system to di-
rect voting by the clubs.

The Governors Ball saw the First Class Presidents and
District Officers performing a Rigodon de Honor. Incom-
ing District Governor Sammy Pagdilao and his family
were presented during the ball, after which the Best
Class Presidents rendered song numbers.

The Rotary Club of Cubao Central led by FCP Nestor
Andal and DISCON Chairman LG Pete Murao hosted
this RI-mandated district event. It was co-hosted by RC
North Edsa, RC Roces, RC West Triangle, RC Biak na
Bato, RC Acropolis, RC Cubao Business Center, RC
New Manila East and RC Quezon City

First Class Presidents and DG Francis Rivera in their Retro 70s costume during the Fellowship Night on April 11
Best Class Presidents and IDG Sammy Pagdilao render special presentation during the Governors Ball on April 12

Birds Eye-View of Accomplishments during the First Class Year
Highlights of the State of the District Address delivered by DG Francis Rivera at the 3780 DISCON April 11, 2014
When we started our year on July 1, 2013, we had won-
derful dreams and we put them together in our 2013-2014
District Strategic Plan with the aim of giving meaning to
the theme, Engage Rotary, Change Lives. Let us now
walk back the trail we have blazed through the five ave-
nues of service as we worked together to build strong and
effective clubs.

Club Service

To prepare our First Class presidents and their teams,
we embarked on a comprehensive training program which

4 Pre-PETS sessions
Presidents-elect Training Seminar
Secretaries-elect Training Seminar
District Assembly
Membership Development Summit
Club Administration Training Seminar (CATS)
TRF Seminar

We also trained our assistant governors, assistant gover-
nors representatives and our other district officers and
committees through two separate seminars: the Assistant
Governors/Assistant Governors Representatives Training
Seminar and the District Team Training Seminar. At this
conference we also held our District Leadership Seminar
to prepare club leaders for leadership roles in the district.

We held our Mid-year Review and Conference in Hong
Kong. Attended by most of our First Class Presidents,
the conference was a perfect get-together to look back to
our first six months and evaluate our performance.

In membership, the admission of 173 members, which
constitute an increase of about 8% over our total member-
ship beginning July 1, 2013, or increase from 2,273 to
2,446, has been highlighted by the recruitment of young
businessmen and professionals with ages ranging from
30 to 40 years old. It is inspiring to note that some are
even younger, with ages ranging from 28 to 30. We have
truly taken the right move to shed our senior citizen image
and lower the average age of Rotarians to help secure the
future of Rotary.

In Rotary, fellowship and service go together as insepara-
ble partners in building our dream of a better world. This
is why other than the usual fellowship in club and district
meetings, we have made every service project a wonder-
ful venue for building warmer friendships. We have also
organized fellowship activities like basketball, golf, and
Rotabowl tournaments, the District Thanksgiving Dinner,
Annual Rotary Family Day with Rotaractors and Inter-
actors, Past Presidents Fellowship Night & District Christ-
mas Party, and Christmas parties for children and mem-
bers of their community.

In the promotion of Rotarys Public Image, we have made
great strides in creating public awareness on Rotary. We
have continued to promote the idea of branding for Ro-
tary. This is why our projects always carry the name
Rotary to aid in name recall on the part of people in our

The publication of our district and club projects in the
countrys dailies, have contributed much to our promotion
of Rotarys public image. Our great humanitarian projects,
particularly those undertaken in calamity-stricken areas of
the country like Leyte, Samar and Cebu, have been given
special coverage in media. Our very own Public Relations
group has done so much to create awareness through
news releases and radio programs. The TV coverage pro-
vided by the UNTV channel, managed mostly by Rotari-
ans of RC Kamuning and the radio program called
Rotary Hour, aired over DWIZ have played a very impor-
tant part in our promotion of Rotarys public image.

We have also widened our reach to our communities
through LED billboards, the internet websites, Facebook,
and YouTube.

Even our own Governors Monthly Letter is distributed
electronically worldwide and posted in social media chan-
nels like Facebook and scribd.com, a global internet li-

Vocational Service

Vocational service is the Soul of Rotary. This is dem-
onstrated by Rotarys classification principle, which is
the basis for membership in the organization. But while
people see what we do through service projects Rotary
still remains a myth to the majority of people. This is one
reason we create and implement projects under the
avenue of Vocational Service to bring Rotary closer to
the heart of the community.

Our districts Golden Wheel Awards, a joint undertaking
with the Quezon City government, was one of the very
successful projects we have undertaken under Voca-
tional Service this year. The award was conceptualized
three years ago to recognize outstanding individuals in
many fields of endeavor and underscore Rotarys con-
cept of excellence in vocations and high ethical stan-
dards. This year we chose outstanding men and women
in business and professions to receive the awards.

In tandem with the Golden Wheel Awards we also
launched our Paul Harris Vocational Excellence Awards
for Rotarians in our district who stood above the rest in
their fields of endeavor. These two awards for excel-
lence now stand on two noteworthy grounds within
and outside the Rotary organization.

Another outstanding activity that has stirred the imagi-
nation of people in our communities is the district-wide
Four-Way Test Essay Writing Contest among high
school students. This contest has brought the essence
of Rotary closer to the hearts of people and has given
them a better understanding of what Rotary is all about.
Still another is the Lutong Rotarian district activity to
challenge culinary skills of Rotarians as well as build
fellowship and project the public image of Rotary.

Community Service

Let us now take a look at our Service Projects. On the
district level, we began the year with a multi-district
launch of Philippine Rotary initiative to protect the envi-
ronment, started by a nationwide tree planting activity.
This was the second multi-district initiative after the
multi-district PETS held in Cebu City. This was followed
by our Environment Summit to inspire interest in
livelihood from urban wastes. To further promote pro-
tection of the environment, our district initiated the
Flash Night Out run by Rotarians, Rotaractors, and
families for a peaceful, brighter, and cleaner earth.

Having addressed environment issues, we held the
2013 Literacy Summit to strengthen our partnership with
our adopted schools. This was followed by our seminar
on Rotary Community Corps to urge clubs to organize
RCCs to extend their capacity to serve others.

The Philippines, my friends, lies within the Pacific Rim
of Fire. This is one reason our district, in cooperation
with the Philippine Red Cross prepared for risk reduc-
tion, disaster relief and contingencies during a seminar
held in conjunction with a blood-letting activity. In many
ways, this seminar prepared our district and our clubs to
respond quickly to provide relief assistance to victims of
flooding created by typhoon Maring intensified by the
southwest monsoon or habagat.
Birds Eye-View of Accomplishments during the First Class Year

Our disaster preparedness was further dramatized when
super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) hit Leyte, Samar,
Cebu, and other parts of the country. Our district, Rotary
clubs and the International Yachting Fellowship of Ro-
tarians responded to provide immediate relief and reha-
bilitation assistance to survivors of typhoon Yolanda.
Our district initiated donations of food, clothing, and
medicines and conducted a feeding program for more
than 3000 victims of the typhoon, mostly children in Or-
moc and Tacloban, Leyte. This huge feeding program,
which cost some Php50,000 a day or Php1.5 Million a
month for at least three months, was conducted in coop-
eration with RC Ormoc City and RI District 3860 and
with financial assistance in several millions from Japa-
nese Rotarians of D2260. The project has gained the
admiration and praise of international agencies that
have also come to the assistance of the typhoon victims.
The project has also become a big boost in the promo-
tion of Rotarys public image.

My friends, it would be unforgivable if I forget to thank
the many First Class Presidents and district leaders,
past and present, who demonstrated their true colors as
Rotarians by braving the danger and risk to health and
life just to join the massive relief efforts we undertook to
help victims in the devastated areas.
It will also please you to know that the human milk pas-
teurizer we donated to the Fabella Maternity General
Hospital through the Department of Health has played a
very vital role in helping mothers who were victims of
Yolanda feed their children. The human milk pasteurizer
which we obtained through a US$38,000 Global Grant in
partnership with a Korean district allows the storage of
human milk for distribution to different parts of the coun-
try. This time the pasteurized human milk was distrib-
uted to mothers in Leyte, Samar, Cebu, Bohol and other
areas hit by calamities.

Another great news that should please you is that last
March 17 we donated 46 motorized fishing boats to fish-
ermen in Ormoc, Leyte who were victims of super storm
Yolanda. Called the Rotary Fleet, the fishing boats
are equipped with complete accessories including nets
and were given away to help rebuild lives of people in
the devastated Ormoc area. It truly touches our hearts to
realize that we have done what we could to help the vic-
tims with whatever we could give with assistance from
our friends.

International Service

My friends the promotion of world understanding and
peace is Rotarys dream our dream. For this reason,
we imbibe in others the spirit of friendship and peace in
every thing we do, to make our world a better place.
Every handshake, every activity, every service project is
a step toward our goal of a beautiful world. This is why
during our celebration of World Understanding and
Peace Day and Rotarys 109
founding anniversary, we
organized different activities to highlight our goal of
peace. One of these was our TRF Recognition Night
with RI Past Vice President & TRF Trustee Monty Aude-
nart as our guest of honor and speaker.

The promotion of world understanding and peace is a
two-sided undertaking: active participation in the pro-
grams of The Rotary Foundation and contributions to its
fund development efforts. This is why we started our
year with our annual District Rotary Foundation Seminar
with emphasis on issues concerning the new Grant
Model, stewardship, and ways to contribute to the Foun-
dation. My friends, I must declare that despite the efforts
we have made, time and circumstances have prevailed
and much still remains to be done in the area of contri-
butions to the Annual Programs Fund. Our district has
suffered in this area owing to financial difficulties en-
countered by many of our Rotarians whose family mem-
bers and relatives have fallen victim to the devastating
earthquake in Bohol and super typhoon Yolanda in
Leyte, Samar, and Cebu.
Birds Eye-View of Accomplishments during the First Class Year

New Generations

To highlight Service to New Generations, we began our
year with childrens parties sponsored by Rotary clubs
nationwide to usher in the new Rotary year of service.
Then, we launched the 136-day district-sponsored Bu-
sog, Lusog, Talino nutrition program to alleviate malnutri-
tion and improve school performance of malnourished
pupils in 32 schools in Quezon City, in partnership with
the Jolibee Group Foundation.
The New Generations Program now stands as Rotarys
fifth avenue of service. This development has affirmed
our commitment to service to the youth, which we had
already treated as an avenue of service for many years
in the past. This has given impetus to our aim of increas-
ing the number of Interact and Rotaract clubs to become
abundant grounds for leadership training and for a reli-
able source of new members to strengthen our move-

To give substance to this intent, we have invited Interac-
tors and Rotaractors to get involved in club and district
activities, especially to serve in the secretariat and in
other roles most fitting for them. Many of the Rotaractors
have now become new members in our clubs. To lend
support to our youth clubs, we provided assistance they
needed in their Interact Discon and District Assembly,
Rotaract District Assembly as well as in other youth ac-
tivities. These youth organizations have also heightened
active participation in medical-dental missions, preven-
tion of drug abuse, tree planting and other projects that
have contributed to building better lives in our communi-

To further support the programs for the youth, we have
conducted this years

RYLA, jointly with D-3770 in Corregidor Island
ALAY ng Rotary sa Araw ng Kabataan,

With our total commitment to serving the new genera-
tions, we look forward to securing the future of Rotary
and of the world.
Major TRF Donors pose with PRIVP & TRF Trustee Monty Audenart and District 3780 Officers during TRF Recognition Night November 23, 2013
Birds Eye-View of Accomplishments during the First Class Year

Those district-initiated projects are just a part of the nu-
merous service projects we undertook in our year to
change lives by engaging Rotary programs. Our 101
clubs have, on their own initiative, undertaken huge im-
pact projects that have changed lives in our communi-
ties, and consequently helped to define Rotary 2013-
2014 in District 3780. Here are a few for examples.

One time, big time project: combined medical
mission, childrens party, rehabilitation of school
clinic and water supply, and equipment donation for
Integrated health complex to support develop-
ment of resettled community in Montalban, Rizal.
Clean-up of canals and waterways to protect
community from illness.
Sharing of food, joy, and hope with kids and eld-
erly in celebrating Nutrition Month.
Water supply system for community in Angeles,
Continuing awareness drive to ensure ZERO
new incidence of HIV/AIDS affliction in Quezon
Transitioning program for special education
youth (SPED) to help them prepare for productive,
relatively independent life.
Rotagarden to instill mindset for environment
care among elementary school students.
Recognition for excellence of police officers pro-
Joint relief missions of numerous clubs.

Spiritual formation and development designed
and implemented by Rotarian priests.
Libreng Pustiso Program continues to make
people smile.
Gift-giving, feeding, reading session, hair-
trimming to inspire High School students.
Birds Eye-View of Accomplishments during the First Class Year

Creating awareness among youth about climate
change and disaster preparedness.
School on Wheels to accelerate training of youth
in computer literacy.
Weekly tutoring for youth residing in La Loma
Hosting of visit by Singaporean Interactors to
build international understanding.
Worlds largest mural painting to convey Ro-
tarys peace message.
Relief for fire victims in Culiat, Quezon City.

Mobile Surgical Unit which has conducted surgi-
cal operations and other medical treatments
amounting to more than Php100 million in eco-
nomic value since start of its operations in 2007.

Birds Eye-View of Accomplishments during the First Class Year

Livelihood project for single mothers and RCC
Promotion of breast-feeding among mothers to
grow healthy, cute babies.
Donation of 280 wheel chairs to people with dis-
Rainwater harvesting for water supply & sanita-
tion for a village in San Mateo.
Donation of mobile clinic to serve 6,000 baran-
gay residents.
Relief for Bohol earthquake survivors.
Continuing holistic community development pro-
gram including livelihood, outreach programs, value
formation, education and environment projects to
transform Pililla, Rizal into a self-sufficient and self-
reliant community.
Joint medical/dental mission with Korea Cham-
ber of Commerce & Industry to support international
cooperation and understanding.
Sagip Pandinig, Alay ng Rotaryo to remedy im-
paired hearing.
Chess tournament to advance sportsmanship,
fellowship, and project public image of Rotary.
Installation of Four-Way Test markers in private
buildings and school buildings.
Buntis Assembly, or workshop with pregnant
mothers, to demonstrate that Rotarians are con-
cerned not only about maternal health but also
about the development of youth and the New Gen-
erations even before they are born!

These are but a few of the numerous projects that have
kept our 101 clubs in the mainstream of Rotarys thrusts
for the year. And I am very pleased that involvement in
these endeavors has developed in our clubs more dedi-
cated Rotarians who have remained true to the Rotary
spirit despite the challenges of our time.

My friends we have just lifted through the pages of our
years endeavors and achievements that demonstrate
our success in 2013-2014. With these modest gains, I
stand proud to say that we have done the best we could
with what we have and with the help we could get from
well meaning friends and individuals who share in our
ideal of helping others. I am prouder still to believe that
with our oneness in spirit and purpose in engaging Ro-
tary and changing lives, we have built strong and effec-
tive clubs and have created a tighter bond of friendship
that will last as we continue to shape the world that we
have always dreamed. We have proved without doubt
our unbending commitment to the Rotary ideal and the
resilience of the Filipino spirit in coping with difficulties in
our time.
Birds Eye-View of Accomplishments during the First Class Year

On the last week of March, Alaska Milk called the District
for a possible donation of powdered milk through Com-
munity Service Chair Ma. Elisa Baby Allado. A total of
600 cartons were delivered and distributed as follows:
RC Murphy 30 cartons
RC Batasan Hills 20
RC Cubao EDSA 20
RC New Manila East 20
RC Cubao Central 20
RC QC Pearl of the Orient 20
RC Kamuning 20
RC Timog QC 15
RC Southwest 20
RC San Bartolome 40
RC Holy Spirit 20
RC DIliman Heights 20
RC Loyola Heights 40
RC New Manila Heights 22
RC Cubao West 20
RC Acropolis 30
RC Kagitingang Cubao 15
RC Diliman North 5
RC Camp Aguinaldo 30
RC Biak na Bato 15
RC Metro Eastwood 12
RC Cubao Sunrise 10
RC Ayala Heights 10
RC Araneta 10
RC Kamuning East 25
RC Pag-asa 22
RC Kamias 29

The clubs distributed the milk to their respective commu-
nities (as classes have ended), feeding as many as 200
children. It was a welcome summer treat for children aged
3 to 5 years old. We thank Alaska for their generous do-
Alaska Milk donates milk supplement to enhance nutrition of kids in D3780 areas
By District Service Chair Ma. Elisa Baby Allado, Past President of RC New Manila Heights

Sixty-seven elementary schools and thirty-
six high schools in Quezon City and in other
parts of the country have been recipients of
textbooks and reference books provided by
SM Foundation Inc (SMFI). The turn-over
of books to 47 participating Rotary clubs on
May 19, 2014 at the Don Antonio Heights
clubhouse in Barangay Holy Spirit was or-
ganized by RC Holy Spirit which has a his-
tory of partnership and continuing collabora-
tion with SMFI.

It took two truckloads to haul 20,000 books
and pamphlets from the SM warehouse in
Quiapo district to the clubhouse. The tasks
of sorting, batching and tagging the books
for three (3) hot and humid afternoons fell
on the hands of Rotarians, Rotaractors and
Interactors of Holy Spirit.

A very short program was prepared for the
book distribution activity by IPP Marcia Sal-
vador who chaired the event. FCP Dr Bong
welcomed all the FCPs and their represen-
tatives. DG Francis Rivera came to con-
gratulate all the participating clubs in this
literacy improvement initiative.

Present to assist the participating clubs
were PE Marites Nepomuceno, LG/PP
Linda Palattao, Adm Chair Ric Salvador,
and Rtns Percy Zabala, Chin Chin Jurado
and Jerry Sy. To Ms Connie Angeles, Ex-
ecutive Director of SMFI, go our heartfelt
thanks for the usual invaluable support.

In addition to helping raise literacy level of
students in public schools, this project is
considered important by leaders of RC Holy
Spirit because it is part of the clubs continu-
ing relationship with SM Foundation, and
because it provides opportunity to work to-
gether with a large number of clubs in the
district in a meaningful project that reaches
a great number of needy beneficiaries in the
city and far-away towns. By RC Holy Spirit
47 Rotary clubs join hands to distribute 20,000 books to needy schools to help raise
literacy levels of students in those schools
DG Francis Rivera pose in a souvenir photo with First Class Presidents who were at the event venue when this
photo was taken at about 4:00 PM May 19th. A number of FCPs who came earlier had left by this time.
Click or tap a photo to view more photos.
1 Ayala Heights
2 Bagong Silangan
3 Batasan Hills
4 Biak na Bato
5 Broadway
6 Camp Aguinaldo
7 Camp Crame
8 Camp Panopio
9 Central Fairview
10 Cubao East
11 Cubao Edsa
12 Cubao South
13 Cubao West
14 Diliman Heights
15 Diliman North
16 Eastwood
17 Holy Spirit
18 Kagitingang Cubao
19 Kamuning East
20 Loyola Heights
21 Masambong
22 Mega Edsa
23 Metro Eastwood
24 Metro North Centen
25 Metro SFDM
26 Metro Sta Mesa
27 Midtown Cubao
28 Neopolitan Fairview
29 New Manila
30 New Manila South
31 New Manila West
32 North Balintawak
33 North EDSA
34 Pag-asa
35 Paraiso
36 QC Pearl of the Orien
37 QC Southwest
38 Roosevelt
39 Roxas
40 San Bartolome
41 San Roque
43 South Triangle
44 Talipapa
45 Timog
46 West Triangle
47 VisMin

Cubao West mounts campaign to help attain rabies-free District 3780
By FC Secretary Melchor Mel Waje of RC Cubao West
Last Friday, March 29, the Rotary Club of Cubao West
led the anti-rabies vaccination program at Brgy Mariana,
contributing to the City's efforts of a rabies-free city.

The Club purchased the "Defensor" brand of anti-rabies,
a much more effective and a bit more expensive type
than is commonly used in en masse vaccination pro-
grams. At the time of launching zero-rabies program,
more than 9,000 dogs and pets have been vaccinated
already and thus a shortage of vaccines from the Quezon
City Vet Dept.

Organizing the vaccination program is Ms Emmy, district
coordinator at the Mayor's Office and BAI Research Divi-
sion Head, Doc Rose Antegro.

After completing 120-day milk-feeding & nutrition program of Holy Spirit, 94 here-
tofore wasted and severely wasted pupils have gained 5 kilograms each
Weight No. Of Average Ave Wt
kgs Kids Weight Gain
Shortest Tallest kgs kgs Shortest Tallest
8 1 109 15.0 7.0 115
9 9 102 200 17.0 8.0 109 202
10 16 104 201 18.0 8.0 106 207
11 17 104 204 15.8 4.8 106 209
12 16 95 110 16.1 4.1 101 115
13 4 102 105 16.8 3.8 104 122
14 12 95 112 17.7 3.7 106 125
15 9 107 114 17.9 2.9 111 119
16 3 110 117 19.7 3.7 119 125
17 3 112 117 19.7 2.7 120 124
18 2 120 128 21.5 3.5 129 135
19 1 122 21.0 2.0 135
20 1 128 26.0 6.0 133
94 5.0
Impact of 120-days Milk-feeding & Nutrition Program
On Weight & Height of Grade 1 Pupils of Dona Juana Elementary School
Height Range
Height Range
Started on 9/9/2013 Ended on 3/13/2014

Thanks to our international partner the
Voice of the New Generation (VNG) Foun-
dation based in San Francisco, California,
the 3rd milk feeding program for malnour-
ished Grade I pupils of Dona Juana Ele-
mentary School (DJES) rolled out on Sep-
tember 9, 2013 with the delivery of
chocolate-flavoured fresh carabaos milk
by the Talavera Dairy Cooperative. The
students had milk and bread for their
snacks. The bread was provided by
RCHS. Feeding Program Coordinator PP
Beth Sy and IPP Marcia Salvador were
present on Sept 9 to help in feeding the
children who came in four (4) batches.
Mrs Mylin Pagtabunan, DJES teacher-in-
charge and school feeding program coor-
dinator, received the milk delivery and
over-saw the feeding activity from the
start until completion of 120 days.

Congratulations to members of Holy Spirit
who have worked truly hard to ensure
success of the program: Project champion
PP Beth Sy who coordinated with teachers
& parents-in-charge and the children
themselves; PP Ped Condeno who coordi-
nated with leaders of the VNG Foundation
of Ca. USA, the projects main donor this
year; IPP Marcia Salvador who took care
of our relationships with both the school
administration and the milk providers;
and PP Chin Chin Jurado, Rtn Jerry Sy and
other Rotarians and non-Rotarians for
always extending hands-on assistance to
project chair Beth. FC President Dr Bong
lent full support to this project.
By RC Holy Spirit

Interactors of RC Metro Sta Mesa continue to bring joy to less fortunate youth
By FC President Ludivina Ludy Hofer and FC Secretary Ricardo Rick Bugayong of RC Metro Sta Mesa
With full support from RC Metro Sta Mesa led by FCP
Ludy Hofer, the officers and members of the Interact Club
of Ramon Magsaysay Cubao High School conducted a
back-to-school outreach program at the MH Del Pilar Ele-
mentary School. This is part of the Interactors continuing
signature project called Bulilit Akoy Ganado (BULAGA)
which they themselves initiated in December 2012 for
street children. On June 16, 2014, the Interactors
spent fun-filled time with 25 indigent pupils of the MH
Del Pilar Elem School, distributing school supplies and
healthy snacks. Lively parlour games were played and
winning participants were given prizes. The children thor-
oughly enjoyed the book-reading and story-telling ses-
sions led by the Interactors who also performed song and
dance entertainment numbers.

Distas Chair LG Dwight Ramos wel-
comes guests and attendees
District Governor Francis Rivera delivers his mes-
sage for the assembly.
Samuel Sammy Pagdilao, District Governor, RY
2014-15, delivers his address focusing on RI
theme, district vision & mission, and district goals
Guest Speaker Atty Darlene Berberabe, President & CEO of Pag-IBIG Fund
D3780 ushers in Best Class Presidents & district officers during 2014 DISTAS
The 2014 District Training Assembly (DISTAS) gath-
ered some 500 club officers and committee chairs led
by the Best Class Presidents to complete preparation
for their designated roles in RY 2014-2015.

Held at the new SM Aura Convention Center in Taguig
City on May 3, 2014, the DISTAS programme centered
on Incoming District Governor Sammy Pagdilaos ar-
ticulation of the RI Theme, District Vision and Mission,
and the District Goals. IDG Sammy stressed the im-
portance of preparing thoroughly to achieve a
successful year of service together.

Inspirational guest speaker Atty Darlene Berberabe,
President & CEO of Pag-IBIG Fund, kept the audience
alive with her down-to-earth and witty discourse of her
personal life experiences that prepared her for difficult,
life-changing decisions. Atty Berberabe also mentioned
that in making decisions, preparation is key.

Break-out sessions were held in the afternoon for the
different functional areas of club leadership. These
were led by PDGs from other districts and by IPDG
Penny Policarpio and DGN Rey David of D3780. There
was also a Spouses Program organized by IDG
Spouse Chay Pagdilao and chaired by Spouse Chit

Distas 2014 was hosted by the Rotary Club of Quezon
City and chaired by LG Dwight Ramos.

Turnover of DISTAS proceedings from DG Francis Rivera to IDG Sammy Pagdilao
The Best Class Presidents with Incoming District Governor Sammy Pagdilao

Dear fellow Rotarians,

We have a saying in Oklahoma that you
need to leave the woodpile just a little
higher than you found it. To do that, I
needed to ask you to get involved. Involve-
ment is what our theme this year Engage
Rotary, Change Lives is all about. And, as
each of us has done that as each of us has gotten up out of
our chairs and truly engaged Rotary we have changed lives.

This year, I asked each one of you to bring in one new member.
The Board has laid a foundation for strengthening membership
around the globe: Sixteen regional membership plans are now in
place. They are built around making sure that we give people a
reason to be in Rotary. I believe that if we can get prospective
members to help us with a project it could be reading to kids,
or working in a soup kitchen, or picking up trash along the high-
way the rest will take care of itself. They will realize that they
made a difference in someone's life. And they'll also realize that
when you give through Rotary service, you get so much more in

I also asked each one of you to make a gift of some amount to
our Rotary Foundation. All of our governors did that and became
the first class in the history of Rotary to make that commitment.

Sometimes we get comfortable in going to our club and not hav-
ing any responsibility. Maybe it's because we haven't been
asked to be more engaged. And, of course, it's great to go to
your meeting and see your friends. But if you want to get fired
up, you need to be doing projects. Hands-on projects are great
equalizers. When you're unloading boxes off a truck, you're just
like the next person, and that person is just like you. When eve-
ryone's serving together, there's a camaraderie, and that's how
you keep people engaged.

Rotarians sometimes don't realize all that Rotary is doing and is
capable of doing. If they could witness the impact of the projects
I have seen this year, it would change their lives. They would
understand that they belong to an organization whose members
have a common desire to do something good and who, working
together, accomplish incredible things.

I continue to be in awe of the good I see Rotarians doing. I am
firmly convinced that the woodpile is just a little higher because
of your efforts. It is my hope that each one of you will continue to
Engage Rotary, Change Lives.

Ron D. Burton
President, Rotary International 2013-14
RI Presidents June Message
Foundation Chairmans June Message
Messages, news and information from Rotary International
Some of you know the words of actor Chris-
topher Reeve: "So many of our dreams at
first seem impossible, then they seem im-
probable, and then, when we summon the
will, they become inevitable."

I began my year as Rotary Foundation trus-
tee chair with four goals: to eradicate polio,
build ownership and pride in our Founda-
tion, launch our new grant model, and engage in innovative
partnerships and projects. It has been an exciting year of
change, growth, and new achievements, and as I end my term,
I am inexpressibly proud of the work I have seen Rotarians do.

Perhaps one of the most important milestones we have seen
this year was the World Health Organization's certification of
Southeast Asia as polio-free. This was a long-awaited declara-
tion. Just five years ago, India represented nearly half of all po-
lio cases worldwide. The 11 countries in the region Bangla-
desh, Bhutan, the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, India,
Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, North Korea, Sri Lanka,
and Thailand are home to 1.8 billion people and represent the
fourth of six regions worldwide to be officially certified polio-
free. This landmark didn't happen on its own; it embodies a lot
of hard work by many dedicated volunteers.

In my final month of service as trustee chair of our Rotary Foun-
dation, I leave feeling grateful. I'm grateful for the opportunity to
know so many of you hard-working and devoted Rotarians, and
I'm grateful for all your help in making the four goals I set out
with become a reality.

Dong Kurn (D. K.) Lee
Foundation Trustee Chair

The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Ro-
tarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and
peace through the improvement of health, the support
of education, and the alleviation of poverty.

The Rotary Foundation helps fund our humanitarian
activities, from local service projects to global initia-
tives. Your club or district can apply for grants from the
Foundation to invest in projects and provide scholar-
ships. The Foundation also leads the charge on world-
wide Rotary campaigns such
as eradicating polio and promoting
peace. Rotarians and friends of Ro-
tary support the Foundations work
through voluntary contributions.

Read selected articles in the July 2014 issue of The Rotarian magazine.
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