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Health benefits of Apples

1. Diabetes
2. Reducing the frequency of Asthma
3. Control stomach disorders
4. Boosts Memory
. Dealing !ith De"ression # An$iety
%. Reduce the ris& of Diabetes
'. (re)ent breast cancer
Improve Eyesight:
*ating a""les on a daily basis can hel" in im"ro)ing your eyesight. +hey also
hel" in treating night blindness because a""les are loaded !ith antio$idant
(hytonutrients and ,la)onoid com"ounds. Both of them are im"ortant
com"ounds of the fruit and they are res"onsible to cut the im"act of free radicals
on the eyes- !hile "re)enting greater ris& for conditions li&e macular
degeneration- cataracts and glaucoma.
Great for Teeth:
*ating A""les are not only beneficial for e$ce"tional health but also highly
)aluable for oral health as !ell. A""les- ha)ing astringent qualities and mild
acidic nature- hel" in cleaning both the teeth and gums. Moreo)er- it lessens the
occurrence of decay in the teeth. .hen you eat a""les- the fiber in it rinses the
teeth- !hile the antibacterial "ro"erties of the fruit &ee" bacteria and )iruses from
infecting the body.
Weight loss:
A""les are ideal diet fruits because they not only hel" reduce fat- but also
"ro)ide the essential nutrition that the body needs. Additionally- !ith its rich fiber
content- it &ee"s you fuller for a longer "eriod of time and act as natural a""etite
su""ressant. Consuming 3 a""les a day hel"s to reduce your o)erall body fat.
Provides you Great-looking skin
+he "aste of a""le and honey is beneficial for the s&in as it increase the shine
and glo! of the s&in !hen a""lied to"ically. Red a""les ha)e more content of
collagen and elastic- !hich hel"s your s&in to loo& young and radiant.
Improves ardiovas!ular Health:
/eart disease is the main reason of death and as "er a re"ort each year more
!omen die as com"ared to the men. An a""le is one of the fruits that reduce the
"ossibility of death from both coronary heart and cardio)ascular disease.
A""le is one the fruits that is &no!n to remo)e !ea&ness and add energy #
strength to !ea& "eo"le. 0t is often gi)en to the "atients to hel" them get !ell
from their illnesses.
Anemia1 A""les are rich in iron- !hich are hel"ful in treating anemia. By eating
a""les- it raises the quantity of red blood cells in the body- you not only sto"
anemia- but also ensure "ro"er o$ygenation of necessary organ systems to &ee"
them functioning !ell.