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Amazing Maltesers Cake

rozin.abbas from Different Solutions
in Food
Maltesers: why don't more people eat them? More people really should eat them. They're
bite-sized, delicious, and it feels like you're eating 100 chocolate bars when, really, you're
only eating one. Now Maltesers must be taken to the extreme: an entire cake based on and
covered on the little round candies some of us love so dearly. Want to make it? Follow the
instructions below!

8" (20cm) cake pan
parchment paper
stand mixer or electric mixer
balloon whisk
microwave-safe bowls
serrated knife
offset spatula or palette knife, for icing
cooling rack
For the cake:
200g (1 cup, firmly packed) brown sugar
185ml (3/4 cup) milk
125g butter, chopped
115g (3/4 cup) self-raising flour
75g (1/2 cup) plain flour
50g (1/2 cup) cocoa powder
3 eggs, lightly whisked
6.5oz (185g or 13 tbsp) butter, extra, at room temperature
345g (2 1/4 cups) icing sugar mixture
95g (3/4 cup) malted milk powder
1 tbsp milk, extra
465g (approx. 1lb) Maltesers
For ganache:
300g dark cooking chocolate, finely chopped
125ml (1/2 cup) thickened cream
30g butter
1. Preheat your oven to 320F (160C). Grease your entire cake pan then line the bottom
with parchment paper.
2. Put your brown sugar, milk, and butter in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave
until the butter melts and the entire mixture is smooth, approx. 4-5 minutes and
stirring every minute.
3. Whisk the flour and cocoa powder into your butter mixture then mix in the eggs.
Pour the batter into your cake pan and bake until an inserted skewer comes out
clean, approx. 55 minutes. Allow to cool, approx. 5, then transfer cake to a
4. On to the ganache! Place your chocolate, heavy cream, and butter into a microwave-
safe bowl and microwave until the mixture is melted and smooth, approx. 2-3
minutes and stirring every minute. Alternatively, place chocolate and butter at the
bottom of a bowl then heat cream on the stovetop. When the cream scalds (just
below boiling), pour over chocolate and butter and mix until smooth.
5. In your stand mixer or using your electric beater, beat the extra butter (6.5oz or
185g) until it's pale and creamy. Beat icing sugar, malted milk powder, and extra
milk and beat until fluffy. Beat in 1 1/2 tbsp ganache.
6. Set the remaining ganache aside until thick, glossy, and spreadable, approx. 1 hour
and 30 minutes.
7. While the ganache thickens, take your large serrated knife and your cake into four
horizontal layers. Place cake on the platter you'll serve it on. Note: You can do two
or three layers. Some people could not get four total layers.
8. Spread 1/3 of the icing on to the bottom layer. Continue layering and icing until the
cake finished. Cover the cake gently and put in the fridge for an 1 hour and 30
minutes. Spread the ganache evenly over the cake and decorate with the Maltesers.