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We students taking Additional Mathematics are required to carry out a project work whilewe are in Form 5.
This year the Curriculum Development Division, Ministry of Education hasprepared four tasks for us. We are
to choose and complete only ONE task based on our area of interest. This project can be done in groups or
individually, but each of us are expected tosubmit an individually written report. Upon completion of the
Additional Mathematics ProjectWork, we are to gain valuable experiences and able to:

Apply and adapt a variety of problem solving strategies to solve routine and non-routine problems;

Experience classroom environments which are challenging, interesting and meaningfuland hence improve
their thinking skills.

Experience classroom environments where knowledge and skills are applied inmeaningful ways in
solving real-life problems

Experience classroom environments where expressing ones mathematicalthinking,reasoning
and communication are highly encouraged and expected

Experience classroom environments that stimulates and enhances effective learning.

Acquire effective mathematical communication through oral and writing,and to usethe language of
mathematics to express mathematical ideas correctly and precisely

Enhance acquisition of mathematical knowledge and skills through problem-solving inways that increase
interest and confidence

Prepare ourselves for the demand of our future undertakings and in workplace

Realise that mathematics is an important and powerful tool in solving real-lifeproblems and
hence develop positive attitude towards mathematics.

Train ourselves not only to be independent learners but also to collaborate, tocooperate, and to share
knowledge in an engaging and healthy environment

Use technology especially the ICT appropriately and effectively

Train ourselves to appreciate the intrinsic values of mathematics and to become morecreative and innovative

Realize the importance and the beauty of mathematics

First of all, I would like to say Alhamdulillah, for giving me the strength and health to do thisproject work. Not
forgotten my parents for providing everything, such as money, to buy anythingthat are related to this project
work and their advice, which is the most needed for this project.Internet, books, computers, and etc. They also
supported me and encouraged me to completethis task so that I will not procrastinate in doing it. Then I would
like to thank my teacher, En. NorAzizi Bin Fain for guiding me and my friends throughout this project. We
had some difficulties indoing this task, but she taught us patiently until we knew what to do. She tried and tried
to teachus until we understand what we supposed to do with the project work. Last but not least, myfriends
who were doing this project with me and sharing our ideas. They were helpful that whenwe combined and
discussed together, we had this task done.

Index numbers are meant to study the change in the effects of such factors which cannot be
measured directly. According to Bowley, Index numbers are u
sed to measure the changes in some
quantity which we cannot observe directly. For example, changes in business activity in a country
are not capable of direct measurement but it is possible to study relative changes in businessactivity by
studying the variations in the values of some such factors which affect business activity,and
which are capable of direct measurement.Index numbers are commonly used statistical device for measuring
the combinedfluctuations in a group related variables. If we wish to compare the price level of consumer
itemstoday with that prevalent ten years ago, we are not interested in comparing the prices of only oneitem, but
in comparing some sort of average price levels. We may wish to compare the presentagricultural production or
industrial production with that at the time of independence. Here again,we have to consider all items of
production and each item may have undergone a differentfractional increase (or even a decrease). How do we
obtain a composite measure? This compositemeasure is provided by index numbers which may be defined as
a device for combining thevariations that have come in group of related variables over a period of time, with a
view to obtain
a figure that represents the net result of the
change in the constitute variables.

The concept may be extended well beyond an exchange. The Dow Jones Total StockMarket Index, as its
name implies, represents the stocks of nearly every publicly tradedcompany in theUnited States,including all U.S.
stocks traded on theNew York StockExchange(but notADRs) and most traded on theNASDAQ andAmerican
StockExchange.Russell Investment Groupadded to the family of indices by launching theRussellGlobal
Index. More specialised indices exist tracking the performance of specific sectors of themarket.
TheMorgan Stanley Biotech Index,for example, consists of 36Americanfirms
inthebiotechnologyindustry. Other indices may track companies of a certain size, a certain typeof
management, or even more specialized criteria

one index published byLinux WeeklyNewstracks stocks of companies that sell products and services based
on theLinuxoperatingenvironment.
Index versions
Some indices, such as theS&P 500,have multiple versions.
These versions can differbased on how the index components areweightedand on howdividendsare
accounted for.For example, there are three versions of theS&P 500index: price return, which only considersthe
price of the components, total return, which accounts for dividend reinvestment, and nettotal return, which
accounts for dividend reinvestment after the deduction of a withholdingtax. As another example, theWilshire
4500andWilshire 5000indices have five versions each:full capitalization total return, full
capitalization price, float-adjusted total return, float-adjustedprice, and equal weight. The
difference between the full capitalization, float-adjusted, andequal weight versions is in how index
components are weighted.
Uses and importance of air pollution index and stock market index
As everyone can see,the air pollution index is use by the government to measure the air
quality index and to detect any pollutants in our countrys air.This is to ensure the air is clean
and safe for us to inhale.Besides that,an early warning can be given to us if the air pollution is
tohigh for us to get out of our homes. This warning is given based upon readings andinterpretations of the air
pollution index.As for the stock market index, it is mainly for the business entrepreneurs. This type of index is
used to determine the outcome of a stock market and also the conclusion of a stock
market. The stock market index is important because a countrys economical state sometimes
depend on it.

After doing research, answering questions, drawing graphs and some problem solving, I sawthat the usage of
index number is important in daily life. It is not just widely used in markets butalso in interpreting the condition
of the surrounding like the air or the water. Especially inconducting an air-pollution survey. In
conclusion, statistics is a daily life essecities. Without it,
surveys cant be conducted, the stock market cant be interpret and many more.
So, we shouldbe thankful of the people who contribute in the idea of statistics.

After spending countless hours, days and night to finish this project and also sacrificing my timevideo games
and mangas in this mid year holiday, there are several things that I can say...
Additional Mathematics...From the day I born...From the day I was able to holding
pencil...From the day I start learning...And...From the day I heard your name...I always
thought that you will be my greatestobstacle and rival in excellingi n my l i f e. . . But
after countless of hours...Countless of days...Countless of nights... After sacrificing my
precious time just for you...Sacrificing my Computer Games...Sacrificing my Video
Games...Sacrificing my Facebook...Sacrificing my Internet...Sacrificing
my Anime...Sacrificing my Manga...I realized something really important in you...I really
love you...You are my real friend...You my partner...You are my soul mate...