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In many communities or villages where resources are scarce, community

health practice aims to ensure optimum use of these resources through partnership
between professional health workers or change agents, members of the community
and representatives of organizations involved with the development programs. This
partnership focuses on mutual responsibilities and joint efforts at minimizing or
overcoming risks and health problems to achieve health development goals. Through
partnership, health programs or projects become more effective and relevant because
those who are directly affected by these programs participate in the development,
implementation and evaluation.
Having been stated about family, it is important to be able to recognize its
needs such as addressing health care needs of the family. To be able to do it, we must
undergo family health care process. It is defined as a level community health care
practice directed or focused on the family as the basic unit of care. It utilizes series of
deliberate purposeful and interactive activities performed by both of the health
worker and the family client in a systematic manner. It is geared towards the
achievement of the clients request for health care such as health promotion, health
maintenance, disease prevention and or care and rehabilitation of the eisting ailment.
The family health care process would entail its components! "ssessment, #iagnosis,
$lanning, Implementation and %valuation. It is like the nursing care plan however
more than one person is involved& hence care is generalized not individualized.
'ome $roblems observed during the community immersion were the following!
(Health conditions that needs immediate interventions like hypertension, asthma,
wound infections, thyroid problems, arthritis and post( stroke patients.
()ack of healthcare facilities that are needed to meet the needs of community people.
(*nsanitary health practices like vulgar waste disposal. +amilies still practice open pit
dumping of waste which can be a root to attract rodents and insects that can bring
different kings of deadly diseases.
(*nhygienic comfort rooms like open pit privy that can be a habitation of illness(
producing insects and rodents.
( 'tray dogs, chicken and goat that wander off the road may be carriers of infections
and diseases like rabies, skin problems and etcetera.
( $oor hygiene observed as evident by body odors, unclean clothes, unkempt hair,
uncut dirty nails, and non(use of regular proper hand washing techniques.
( )ack of health equipments for emergency cases like stretchers and other transport
facilities for transporting patients from sitios who are far from the main road.
)ack of health care facilities and supplies especially medications has been observed
during the community immersion. ,ften times the barangay clinic was not open so it
was not being utilized by the community folks. -alakbak covers a wide area, houses
are too far from each other thus making it difficult for the barangay health worker to
conduct home visit aside from the fact that the nurse lacks equipment
.ost of the people lives a very simple thus some especially the elderly has low
salience regarding their health conditions. They have different views on treatments
and interventions& most of them rely on traditional way of healing. "dults and the
young ones are not that very particular with their health status. "side from having no
worries as long as they are asymptomatic their beliefs are also affected by the
teachings passed on through generations. +inancial difficulties and lack of resources
are often the main reason why they neglect regular medical consultations. /hen they
are confronted with such symptoms they find a way to seek medical consultation at
the municipal proper 0),.,12 to get rid of the symptom and prevent complication.
They are aware of the different ways of medicating yet at times they tend to rely on
this knowledge.
'ource of drinking water is the spring. It has been noted that recently consecutive
typhoons and disasters had been eperienced thus may cause alteration on the safety
of the spring for drinking, most household claims that they apply no further
treatments with the water and drink it straight from the faucet.
'ince balakbak has a wide range of forests and trees, insects also reside on the
place. This prompts everybody to observed safety measures with regards with to the
environment. $oor environmental sanitation has been observed, stagnant water near
the houses plus the garbage dumps may lead to the presence of breeding sites wor
insects and rodents causing different illness.
'trengths of the community include willingness to participate and follow
programs being implemented yet still they need assistance and re(evaluation.
3enerally they are nice and accommodating, violence was not observed during the
community immersion. $lanned meetings and seminars were announced verbally by
the officials. .ajority of the community folks who receive the news attends these
major activities. Transportation facilities also developed through times, the villagers
claimed that jitneys and buses are made available during the day and private vehicles
were sometimes available for rent. However, the roads and bridges were destroyed by
the previous typhoons making it difficult for them to travel. 4oads were constructed
lately and some also sloughs off due to the said conflict.
$olitical conflicts and rivalry is not implicated. The leaders have the initiative to
act upon these conflicts only that they also lack funds.
/ith these problems being mentioned, the following are the major concerns and
issues that branched out!
the barangay health workers epresses their concern on the problems
regarding health care needs such as immunization and health care facilities
#istance covered from each sitio and the lack of health personnel to go
around makes it difficult for the community to ascertain health needs
'ince many community folks are asymptomatic and eperience no sign of
being ill they neglect medical consultation
"wareness of their disease condition doesn5t mean full compliance to the
medication due to lack of financial ability
$roblems on proper garbage disposal and other environmental concerns such
as presence of mosquitoes, flies and rodents doesn5t seem to bother the
community folks due to reasons of being used to it, they see no consequences
regarding that matter.
'ummarizaed activities that were conducted by the -'16 7 8 batch 9:;9 student nurses
of 'aint )ouis *niversity in -arangay -alakbak, <apangan, -enguet to the differs sitios
namely! $roper, /estern and %astern )egleg, .angga, -uyot, ,bellan, and Tagpaya
during their community eposure for the first semester of school year 9:;:(9:;; is
presented in this chapter.
The group had their community eposure under the supervision of .s. =anice .asong
and .s. 8ay #aryl Tabugader. #uring the first week, the group had an representation at
he <apangan .unicipal Hall and 4ural Health *nit, courtesy call to -arangay 8aptain
=ames -okilis, =r. and home vistits
The group was able to implement and conduct all activities that were planned despite of
limited time allotted for the rotation in the community. The group evaluated their course
of action in every activity that gave them a sense of achievement and satisfaction.
8ommunity folks acquired supplementary knowledge about health related information.
.ost importantly, they were helped to build trust in their capability to work
independently in planning for effective actions and looking for appropriate solutions.
However, there were also barriers that interfere with their immersions in the community.
The interaction in the community itself was difficult to accomplish due to communication
barriers, behavioral and cultural differences between the community folks and students
but these differences and barriers did not hinder in achieving a good and harmonious
relationship between them.
8ommunity folks were eager to learn something by participating in health seminars
conducted by students. The community people were able to epress their concerns and
voice out their needs which they consider as primary problems that needed to be
The community immersion of section 8 at -alakbak, <apangan, -enguet is in an
enjoying and educational immersion. It was not only a worthwhile eperience that taught
us knowledge, skills and attitudes not only essential for practice of nursing but also to our
lives especially in fulfillments of our aims. The lessons learned and the deeper
understanding of community folks were never possible without the presence of obstacles
that also strengthen that bond of the group.
The common obstacles encountered by group were! pacing activities and distance needed
for travel, language and cultural barriers, shy community folks, weather changes, rough
terrains slippery pathways, wrong perception of roads and activities of nursing students
and nurses in general.
To the -arangay ,fficials!
/e encouraged the barangay official to continue supporting the barabgay health workers
and activities proposed for the improvement and promotion of health services. They
should help in identification of problems of the community and formation of programs
that might help in alleviating those problems. It is highly recommended that they also
coordinate and cooperate with the barangay health workers for the promotion and
maintenance of health and wellness. /e also encourage them to pursue with the income
generating projects in order to start building up funds for etra activities. /e also support
them in their conduct of regular barangay check without the presence of student nurses
and other concerned groups.
To the $rimary Health 8are $roviders!
+urther health teaching and information dissemination and current potential health threats
in the area to follow up new and special cases to address health issues concerned with the
community. #uring health teachings, they should actively participate to gain more
knowledge especially updates on health issues. /e also ask the help of the local
government to provide health facilities to aid the implementation of health. This would
now address the problem on scarcity.
To the community youth!
/e encourage the active participation and involve themselves in community activities or
programs being conducted. /e believe that through your active participation, you can
utilize your leadership.
To the community folks
They will be able to utilize and apply concepts being taught to them such as health
teachings and information being disseminated to them to improve health condition. The
incidence of acquiring diseases will be lessened. They should also participate with health
care providers in the identification of problems and provision of care. "cquiring good
health would mean that you are able to participate in building a better community.
To the student nurse!
/e hope that you pursue teaching and educating the community folks, and as facilitators,
being responsible in organizing activities and programs to improve the community.
Hopefully, after we have rendered our services, they will be able to carry out what we
have taught them and implement these on their own.