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06/07/2014 21:48 BBC News - Russian MPs back law on internet data storage

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5 July 2014 Last updated at 03:22
Russian MPs back law on internet data storage
Russia's lower house of parliament has passed a law requiring internet companies to store Russian citizens' personal
data inside the country.
The Kremlin says the move is for data protection but critics fear it is aimed at muzzling social networks like Twitter and Facebook.
The Russian government is thought to be seeking greater access to user data.
Social networks were widely used by protesters opposing President Vladimir Putin's return to the Kremlin in 2012.
Analysts say there are fears that Russia may be seeking to create a closed and censored version of the internet within its borders.
The new bill must still be approved by the upper chamber and President Putin before it becomes law.
If passed, the new rules will not take effect until September 2016 but will give the government grounds to block sites that do not
"The aim of this law is to create... (another) quasi-legal pretext to close Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all other services," internet
expert and blogger Anton Nossik told Reuters news agency.
"The ultimate goal is to shut mouths, enforce censorship in the country and shape a situation where internet business would not be
able to exist and function properly."
But introducing the bill to parliament, MP Vadim Dengin said "most Russians don't want their data to leave Russia for the United
States, where it can be hacked and given to criminals".
"Our entire lives are stored over there," he said, adding that companies should build data centres within Russia.
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06/07/2014 21:48 BBC News - Russian MPs back law on internet data storage
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