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Sola Road, Abad-380 061, Gujarat

98252 18145, 94266 80145
BO: 3rd Floor, ’Anjali House, Nr Liberty Garden,
Malad(W), Mumbai - 400 06, Maharashtra4
97689 61974,80975 96949

About Mr. Parikshit Jobanputra

Mr. Parikshit Jobanputra is the originator of Scientific Study
Techniques (SST) and is also the Director of Institute of Brain
Power. In his role as an author, speaker and a guide he has
been benefiting society by giving to it his insights.

For the betterment of student life, he has been giving training

on subjects such as Creative Study Skill, Enjoy Your
Examinations, Vedic Mathematics, Faster Reading and
Interview Techniques. For enrichment of personal life he has
also been taking seminars on topics such as Health
Management, Stress Management Happy Life, Spiritual Science,
Old Age and Childhood. For making family life more meaningful
and enjoyable he has been lecturing on topics such as Tending
Husband-Wife Relationship, Become Successful Parents, and
The Home Becomes Paradise. For making professional life more
successful, he has been conducting training on areas such as
Corporate Solutions, and Leadership Development.

Some 2, 00,000 people have benefited from his insights into

diverse subjects. Basking in his knowledge, people have been
referring to him as “Gyan Guru”.

In addition, his first book - Get More Marks at Examinations –

has been widely acclaimed by a large readership. In a short
span of two years, the fourth edition of this book has been
published. The second edition of the author’s second
publication – Get More Marks at Mathematics – has been
published. His third book – Successful Parents – has too been
widely appreciated in English and Gujarati. His fourth Book –
Bhano Maja Thi- has been published By Navneet Publications &
Many books in pipeline.
Organizations benefited with the Knowledge of Mr
Parikshit Jobanputra :

Corporate – State bank of India ,Swagat Infrastructure Ltd,

Bac-Free, Anjali Kitchenware, Neelam Appliances, Money Care
Securities & financial Sercvices Ltd, Electronics Serivce
association, Ajay Agency, Reema Traders, Arpit Traders, Dass
Services, NRI Panipuri, Hellious Software services, Rajhans
Exports, Amway Distributors, Shilpagya, Gujarat Kidney & Stone

Social Institutions – Indian Red Cross Society,Brahmakumari,

Lions Club, ABVP (Akhil Bhartiya Vidhyarthi Parishd),Rangat
Cultural Group, Koba Jain Samaj, Shree Zalavadi Sthanakvasi
Jain Samaj, Muslims Education & welfare association (MEWA),
Dasha mevada Vanik Gyati (DMVG), Patel Samaj, Samast

Educational Institutions – SGVP international School,Asia

English School (Kalol), Anand niketan School, C.U.Shah
commerce college, C.C.Sheth college of commerce, Nalanda
Vidyalaya, SKUM School,Sheth C N Vidyalaya, Bhagwati
Vidyalaya (Saraswati Education Trust), VIP Institute, Kum kum
School, Horizon Insitute, Chanakya Institute, Socrates Institute,
Step Ahead academy (Porbandar), Saint ann’s School (Nadiad),
Sandipani Vidyalaya (Dhoraji), Kaneria High School (Dhoraji),
Gopal Vidyalaya (Dhoraji)
Corporate Training Solution
Corporate Training Solutions is a complete solution for companies in need of
Leadership Building, Motivation, Sales & Marketing, Increasing Productivity and
Job Satisfaction, Development of Creative Thinking, Professional & Personal
Development, Stress Management, Health Management etc.

Training modules

Module 1: Accelerating Staff Performance & Productivity

• Increase Self-Confidence Discover how past events shape behaviour.
• Put Enthusiasm to Work, Become more enthusiastic in day-to-day
• Unleash Our Full Potential Express beliefs with power and conviction.
• Develop More Flexibility Use flexibility to create positive change.
• Develop a culture that creates trust.
• Create an energetic work environment.

Module 2: Leadership Wisdom

• Be a Human Relations Champion and learn to inspire others to take action.
• Learn how to energize and engage your staff toward outstanding
• Generate ownership and responsibility for change.
• Overcome resistance and barriers to change.
• Create enthusiasm and improve job satisfaction.
• Create processes where employees always do the right thing at the right

Module 3: Customer Success

• Increase sales from your current customer database.

• Develop a world-class customer service image.
• Increase your credibility with customers and your value to your
• Build an emotional bond with your customers.
• Design a pattern of exceptional service and keep customers loyal for life.
• Obtain a high level of involvement from your workforce.

Module 4: Team Building & Communication

• Get lasting results through positive behavioural changes.

• Learn to give and receive constructive criticism without offence.
• Reduce stress and improve performance.
• Get mentally tough to face challenges in life.
• Gain the Willing Co-operation Create a “win-win” environment.
• Learn to handle STRESS before it handles you.

Module 5: Activity to Productivity

• Generate a new vision for your organization that facilitates growth and
• Empower people and make them accountable.
• Make a real difference in the effectiveness and productivity of your team.
• Acquire the skills and know-how to get the very best from every
• Empower people and make them accountable.
• Build powerful teams that go the extra mile.
Module 6: Success Skills

• Develop a ‘CAN DO’ attitude.

• Buying motives & selling opportunities.
• Position yourself for Success.
• Avoid pitfalls and gain customer loyalty.
• Personal action Plan.
• Achieve measurable improvements in leadership performance.

Module 7: Spiritual Laws for Sales Mastery& Business Ethics

• Identify Roles & Goals and become more effective.

• Becoming "Best in the World" at what you do.
• Turn ideas into profits.
• Gain a Winner’s Edge.
• Concepts about Performance and Leadership.
• How to bring Personal Values and Ethics at work.

Module 8: Developing your own resilience to change

• Leadership is about passion (and excellence) versus position.
• The Difference between Success and Failure.
• Acknowledging Oneself and Others.
• Explore Strengths and Weaknesses
• Do right things for the right reason
• How to deal with people – clients, associates and subordinates.

Module 9: Positive pattern of managerial relations & Productivity

• Avoid pitfalls and gain customer loyalty.

• Celebrate Successes.
• Learn From Failures.
• The Science of Persuasion-Why Your Customers Buy?
• Supportive organisational culture.
• Learn the strategies good leaders take to drive performance.
Module 10: Employee as a Merchant of WOW
• Get lasting results through positive behavioural changes.
• Do the Right thing for the right reason.
• Increase revenue by gaining credibility.
• Transform fears into action through an unforgettable empowering
• Benefit from lessons learned from service industry leaders.

Module 11: Big ideas on balancing family with work and creating peak

• Gain the Willing Co-operation Create a “win-win” environment.
• Manage multiple priorities rather than fire-fighting.
• Enjoy life by bringing balance and prioritizing.
• Owning Responsibility.
• Importance of Health & Tips.

Module 12: Success habits of world-class performers

• Design a pattern of exceptional service and keep customers loyal for life.
• Lessons from Leaders life.
• Overcome barriers to effective communications.
• Re-direct your efforts to optimize output.

Module 13: The power of “Absolute Accountability”

• Develop a culture that creates trust.

• Recognize and discover self management.
• Meet and exceed your goals.
• Self-Esteem.
• Decision Making.
• Turn activities into results.
Now, Let us know about you, your company, your staff and your
training requirement and we will Design a customise programme
according to your requirement.

How your Organization will benefited?

Our training programs will provide you with dozens of ideas on how to manage
your department, organization, or company. You will leave with an action plan
that can be immediately implemented once you return to the office.

• Learn a step-by-step strategy for growth and measurable bottom-line

• Learn how to deliver better, faster service increasing customer
• Learn how to gain repeat business and loyalty.
• Understand the groundwork building employee motivation, morale, and
• Learn how to increase sales and profitability.
• Discover new ways to manage employee ideas and suggestions.
• Overcome resistance and barriers to change.
• Determine customer needs and develop new and improved products
and services.
• Create an organizational structure that facilitates change, growth, and

The Salient features of our Core values and ethics are:

• Provide high quality solutions to our clients in most cost effective
• Always strive to fulfil our commitments with clients in terms of time
and quality of product.
• Respect business privacy of our clients.
• To respect individuality of all employees, clients and partners.
• No discrimination based on gender, caste, race, and nationality of
the individual.
• To provide a full range of consulting services in the information
systems field.
• To provide the highest quality performance and reliability.
• To provide our services in the most cost effective way possible.

Thank you.