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PHY122 - Physics for Life Sciences II

Sharada Iyer Dutta

Email: iyers@harsha.physics.sunysb.edu,
Room A-139A, Phone 632 4014,
Class Time: 11.45 am - 2.45 pm,
Lecture Room: E 143
(Dated: June 30, 2005)
Primarily for students majoring in biological sciences or in pre-clinical programs. A general introduction to physics,
with applications to biological systems. Topics include mechanics, uid mechanics, electromagnetism, optics, acoustics,
and radiation phenomena. Three hour lectures MWF and associated laboratory component must be taken. A common
grade for the course and the lab will be assigned.
Date Class Schedule HW Open HW Close Lab/Recit Lab/Recit
Sec-A Sec-B
July 11
Chap 16 Electric Charge and elds HW 1 15:00 Hrs
M Chap 16
July 13
Chap 17 Electric Potential HW 2 15:00 Hrs HW 1 15:00 Hrs Oscilloscope
W Chap 17 E. Field Electrocardiogram
July 15
Chap 18 Electric Current HW 3 15:00 Hrs HW 2 15:00 Hrs Oscilloscope
F Chap 18 Electrocardiogram E. Field
July 18
Chap 19 DC Circuits HW 4 15:00 Hrs HW 3 15:00 Hrs
M Chap 19 D.C. circuit D.C. circuit
July 20
Chap 20 Magnetism HW 5 15:00 Hrs HW 4 15:00 Hrs
W Chap 20 Recitation Recitation
July 22
Test - 1 (Chap 16 20) HW 5 15:00 Hrs
F Chap 22 Electromagnetic Waves
July 25
Chap 21 Electromagnetic Induction HW 6 15:00 Hrs
M Chap 21 E.M Induction
July 27
Chap 23 Light Geometric Optics HW 7 15:00 Hrs HW 6 15:00 Hrs
W Chap 23 Induction E.M
July 29
Chap 24 Wave Nature of Light HW 8 15:00 Hrs HW 7 15:00 Hrs
F Chap 24 Recitation Recitation
August 1
Chap 25 Optical Instruments HW 9 15:00 Hrs HW 8 15:00 Hrs
M Chap 26 Relativity Chap 25, 26 A.C. circuits Optics
August 3
Chap 27 Early Quantum theory HW 10 15:00 Hrs HW 9 15:00 Hrs
W Models of Atom Chap 27 Optics A.C. circuits
August 5
Chap 29 Molecules and Solids HW 10 15:00 Hrs
F Review for test Recitation Recitation
August 8
Test - 2 (Chap 21 27)
M Chap 28 Q. Mechanics of Atoms
August 10
Chap 28 Q. Mechanics of Atoms HW 11 15:00 Hrs Interference Interference
W Chap 28 Diraction Diraction
August 12
Chap 30 Nuclear Physics & HW 12 15:00 Hrs HW 11 15:00 Hrs At. Spectra Nuc. Decay
F Radioactivity Chap 30
August 15
Chap 31 Nuclear Energy HW 12 15:00 Hrs Nuc. Decay At. Spectra
August 17
Chap 32, 33 Elementary particle & Recitation Recitation
W Cosmology
August 19
TABLE I: Overview of the PHY 122 Course for Summer 2005
Course webpage - http://www.astro.sunysb.edu/iyers/home/Phy122.html
Course information is also located on BLACKBOARD learning systems. I will post announcements and
updates, get familiar with it. I will have the same information on the webpage too.
Homework is through CAPA. Please do not lose your PIN number for the HWs. They are on the top
of each HW Question sheet, there are 11 of them. Homeworks are worth 10% of the total grade.
Every week you have two labs and one recitation, each for 2 hrs. For schedules and room numbers see the course
webpage or BLACKBOARD. Labs are compulsary and are worth 20% of the total grade. If you fail the lab you
fail the course.
There two midterms (22nd July /8th August) and one nal exam (19th August). Midterms are worth 15% of
the total grade and nals are worth 40%. Academic honesty is expected from each one of you during the exams
and homeworks.
Help hours are scheduled for the students, therefore make the best use of it. For times and location see the
course webpage.
Due to high volume of students there are recitation sections scheduled to help students with solving problems
and getting practice. For times and location see the course webpage.
Lecture Instructor: Sharada Iyer Dutta - iyers@harsha.physics.sunysb.edu
Teaching Assistants:
Diego Trancanelli - trancane@grad.physics.sunysb.edu
Peng Dai - pdai@grad.physics.sunysb.edu
Jeremiah Goodsin - jgoodson@grad.physics.sunysb.edu
Jason Reeves - jreeves@grad.physics.sunysb.edu
Clint Young - cyoung@grad.physics.sunysb.edu