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Vegitel Tour Ltd.

23 A, Shchelkovskoe shosse, Moscow, 107241 Russia

Phone +7 495 506 3223
Phone/Fax +7 495 662 45 99
e-mail: info@vegitel.ru

With our general excursion you will learn some interesting facts
about Star City, the history of Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre
creation and have a chance to visit its technical territory and see
unique facilities where real space trainings are performed.
The program includes Soyuz spaceship simulators hall where you will
learn a lot about the creation of Soyuz spaceships and its technical
features, about Sokol spacesuit, space food and cosmonauts
spaceflight preparation programs.
During this excursion you will see the world biggest and unique
Centrifuge TsF-18. This outstanding facility is used for simulating g-
loads during all the stages of space flight in cosmonauts trainings and
for cosmonauts selection.
You will be surely impressed by scale of Hydrolaboratory which is
used for extravehicular activities trainings in
spacesuit Orlan under
simulated weightlessness condition.

Then on the training with spacesuits Sokol youll learn the
system of SOKOL KV-2 lightweight spacesuit with flexible
unremovable helmet. The suit weighs around 10 kg. Its purpose
is to keep the wearer alive in case of an accidental
depressurization of the spacecraft during the most dangerous
periods of flight: launch, docking and landing. Youll learn how to
wear this spacesuit properly and to work in a special logement.
Besides, the program includes the Visit to Cosmonautics
museum in Star city. Nowadays it has one of the largest collections
of documents and materials on the history of manned
cosmonautics. Four halls of the museum contain the unique exhibits
reflecting all stages of the manned space flights from the legendary
Vostok to Mir orbital complex.
+ 7 (495) 506-32-23
+7 (495) 662-45-99

Spacesuit Sokol, Museum of

Arrival in Star City
Sightseeing in Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Centre
Training with spacesuit Sokol
Visit to Cosmonautics museum in Star city
Presentation of certificates about the visit to GCTC
Departure from Star city

The program may also include additional elements: meeting
with a cosmonaut, Space Station Mir inside, dressing the
spacesuit Sokol, training with medical simulators, space
The timing of the program may be changed
The program can also include lunch in Star city caf