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The New Recruitment Process:

The Hotel Pariss competitive strategy is To use

superior guest service to diferentiate the Hotel Paris
properties, and to thereby increase the length of
stay and return rate of guests, and thus boost
revenues and proftability. H manager !isa "ru#
must no$ formulate functional policies and activities
that support this competitive strategy, by eliciting
the re%uired employee behaviors and competencies.
&s a longtime H professional, !isa "ru# $ell a$are
of the importance of efective employee recruitment.
'f the Hotel Paris didnt get enough applicants, it
could not be selective about $ho to hire, it $asnt
li(ely that the hotels $ould en)oy the customer*
oriented employee behaviors that the company
strategy relied on.
+he $as therefore disappointed to discover that the
hotel Paris $as paying virtually no attention to the
)ob of recruitment prospective employees. 'ndividual
Hotel managers slapped together help $anted ads
$hen they had positions to fll, and no one in the
chain had any measurable idea of ho$ many recruits
these ads $ere producing or $hich recruiting
approaches $or(ed the best ,or $or(ed at all-. !isa
(ne$ that it $as time to step bac( and get control of
the Hotel Pariss recruitment function.
&s they revie$ the details of the Hotel Paris .s
current recruitment practicies , !isa "ru# and the
frms "/0 became increasingly concerned. 1hat
they found, basically, $as the recruitment function
$as totally unmanaged. The previous H director
had simple allo$ed the responsibility for recruitment
to remain $ith each separate hotel, and the hotel
managers, not being human resources professionals,
usually too( the path of least resistance $hen a )ob
became available, such as by placing help $anted
ads in their local papers. there $as no sense of
direction from the Hotel Pariss head%uarters
regarding $hat sorts of applicants the company
preferred, $hat media and alternative sources of
recruits its managers should use, no online
recruitment, and no measurement at all of
recruitment process efectiveness. The company
ignored recruitment*source metrics that other frms
used efectively, such as number of %ualifed
applicants per position, percentage of )obs flled from
$ithin, the ofer*to*acceptance ratio, acceptance by
recruiting source, turnover by recruiting source, and
selection test results by recruiting source.
't $as safe to say that achieving the Hotel Pariss
strategic aims depended on the %uality of people
that it attracted to and then selected for
employment at the frm. 1hat $e $ant are
employees $ho $ill put our guests frst, $ho $ill use
initiative to see that our guests are satisfed, and
$ho $ill $or( tirelessly to provide our guests $ith
services that e2ceed their e2pectations said the
"/0. !isa and the "/0 both (ne$ this process had to
start $ith better recruiting. The "/0 gave her the
green light to design a ne$ recruitment process