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The Concise Na’vi Dictionary v. 11.468

Last updated: December 2 nd , 2010

This is a Na’vi Dictionary, without derivations to help searching. Thank Tuiq for allowing it to be. Bold indicates Na’vi word. Italics indicate English definition. Plain text indicates gram- matical categorisation: parentheses indicate further notes. I have included mid-dots in the IPA to mark where infixes are to be placed, where t«pre-first»«1»ar«2»on are the positions. Proper nouns have been capitalised. Knowledge of lenition processes, including vowel reduction and ellision, will be assumed. Note also that allomorphs, where specified, are subject only to per- sonal preference.


– = morpheme boundary + = leniting morpheme boundary <> = infix morpheme adj. = adjective adp. = adposition adv. = adverb conj. = conjunction c.w. = compound word dem. = demonstrative intj. = interjection

inter. = interrogative

n. = noun

num. = number part. = particle pn. = pronoun prop. n. = proper noun

v. = verb

svin. = stative intransitive verb vtr. = transitive verb vin. = intransitive verb


I have sourced every word as best as I could. This sourcing is placed in a subscript after the IPA transcription, and tells where I, or the source from which I received a word, initially got their word from Frommer. In early March, Frommer sent us a list of words which he had: these are the definitive source now, and not the ASG. Some words are not present in that list, but have been confirmed by Frommer if they are here. Words that are modified by unproductive affixes are included here if Frommer has used them: words that have a modified semantic meaning due to a productive affix have also been included likewise. In order of canonicity, from most to least:

PF = Paul Frommer

M = The Movie

JC = James Cameron

G = the Avatar Games

ASG = The Survival Guide



’a’aw: ["Pa.Paw] PF adj. a few, several (Used with countable nouns in the singular form) ’ampi: ["P·am.p·i] PF v. touch ’ango: ["Pa.No] PF adj. soft (of a sound) ’aw: [Paw] PF num. one ’awkx: [Pawk’] PF n. cliff ’awlie: [Paw."li.E] PF adv. once (in the past) ’awlo: ["Paw.lo] PF adv. once ’awm: [Pawm] PF n. camp ’awpo: ["Paw.po] PF pn. one individual ’awsiteng: [Paw.si."tEN] PF adv. together ’awstengyem: [Paw.stEN."j·Em] PF vtr. join two things together (ii) ’awve: ["Paw.vE] PF adj. first (ordinal) ’änsyem: [Pæn."sjEm] PF adj. complete ’ärìp: ["P·æ.R·Ip^] PF vtr. move ’e’al: ["PE.Pal] PF adj. worst ’efu: ["P·E.f·u] PF vtr. feel, sense, perceive ’eko: ["P·E.k·o] PF v. attack ’ekong: ["PE.koN] PF n. beat (rhythmic) ’em: [P·Em] PF vtr. cook ’emyu: ["PEm.ju] PF n. cook, cooker ’engeng: ["PEN.EN] PF adj. level ’eoio: ["PE.o.i.o] PF adj. ceremonious ’evan: ["PE.van] PF n. boy (colloquial) ’eve: ["PE.vE] PF n. girl (colloquial) ’eveng: ["PE.vEN] PF n. child ’evengan: ["PE.vE.Nan] PF n. boy ’evenge: ["PE.vE.NE] PF n. girl ’evi: ["PE.vi] PF n. kid (affectionate form of ’eveng child)


a: [a] PF sbd. which, that –a–: [a] PF affix adjectival attribution and subordination marker alaksi: [a."lak.si] PF adj. ready alìm: [a."lIm] PF adv. far away, at a distance alo: ["a.lo] PF n. time, turn, instance, one of a number of repeated or recurring actions alu: ["a.lu] PF conj. that is, in other words (Used for adpositions) alunta: [a."lun.ta] PF conj. because, from the rea- son apxa: [a."p’a] PF adj. large asim: [a."sim] PF adv. nearby, at close range


’ewan: ["PE.wan] PF adj. young ’ewll: ["PE.wl " ] PF n. plant ’eylan: ["PEj.lan] PF n. friend ’eyng: [P·EjN] PF v. answer, respond ’eyt: [PEjt^] PF n. the symbol 8 (not the value eight) ’i’a: ["P·iP.·a] PF vin. end, conclude

’ia: ["P·i.·a] PF vin. lose oneself (spiritual sense) ’it: [Pit^] PF n. bit, a small amount ’itan: ["Pi.tan] JC,P F n. son ’ite: ["Pi.tE] JC,P F n. daughter


’itetsyìp: ["Pi.tE. tsjIp^] PF n. little daughter (term

of endearment) ’ì’awn: [P·I."P·awn] PF vin. remain, stay ’ìheyu: [PI."hE.ju] PF n. spiral ’ìn: [P·In] PF vin. be busy, be occupied ’o’: [PoP] PF adj. bringing fun, exciting ’ok: [Pok^] PF n. remembrance ’okrol: [Pok."Rol] PF n. history (ancient) ’okvur: [Pok."vuR] PF n. history (non-ancient) ’om: [Pom] PF adj. violet, purple, magenta ’ompin: ["Pom.pin] PF n. violet, purple, magenta ’ong: [P·oN] PF v. unfold, blossom ’ongokx: ["P·o.N·ok’] PF vin. be born ’opin: ["Po.pin] PF n. color, colour ’ora: ["Po.Ra] PF n. lake ’u: [Pu] PF n. thing (object, fact, abstraction) ’uo: ["Pu.o] PF pn. something ’upe: ["Pu.pE] PF inter. what (thing) ’upxare: [Pu."p’a.RE] PF n. message

atan: [a."tan] JC n. light atanvi: [a."tan.vi] PF n. ray atokirina’: [a.to.ki."Ri.naP] JC n. seeds of the gre- at tree atxkxe: [at’."k’E] PF n. land atxkxerel: [at’."k’E."REl] PF n. map au: ["a.u] JC n. drum (made of skin) au: [a."u] LA intj. exclamation of consternation aungia: [a."u.Ni.a] PF n. sign, omen awnga: [aw."Na] PF pn. we ayfo: [aj."fo] or ["aj.fo] PF pn. they aylaru: [aj."la.Ru] PF pn. to the others (contrac- tion of ay+lahe–ru)

aynga: [aj."Na] PF pn. you all, you (pl.) ayoe: [aj."o.E] PF pn. we, us (exclusive) ayoeng: [aj."wEN] PF pn. we, us (inclusive) (ayoenga– base for suffixes)


äie: [æ."i.E] PF n. vision (spiritual) äo–: ["æ.o] PF adp. below ätxäle: [æ."t’æ.lE] PF n. request


eampin: ["E.am.pin] PF n. blue, green ean: ["E.an] PF adj. blue, green ekxan: [E."k’an] PF n. barricade, obstruction eltu: ["El.tu] PF n. brain eltu lefngap: ["El.tu lE."fNap^] P rr n. computer eltur tìtxen si: ["El.tuR tI."t’En s·i] PF vin. be in- teresting, intriguing eltu si: ["El.tu s·i] PF vin. pay attention, quit goo- fing off


fa–: [fa] PF adp. with, by means of fahew: [fa."hEw] PF n. smell fay+: [faj] f prefix these fäpa: ["fæ.pa] PF n. top fewi: ["f·E.w·i] PF vtr. chase fì–: [fI] PF prefix this fì’u: [fI."Pu] PF pn. this (thing) fìfya: [fI."fja] PF adv. this way, like this fìkem: [fI."kEm] PF pn. this (action)

fìpo: ["fI.po] PF pn. this one (person or thing) fìtrr: [fI."tr " ] PF adv. today

fìtseng(e): [fI." tsEN(E)] PF adv. here, this place

fìtxan: [fI."t’an] PF adv. so, to such an extent fìtxon: [fI."t’on] PF adv. tonight fkarut: ["fk·a.R·ut^] PF v. peel fkay: [fkaj] PF adj. hateful fkew: [fkEw] PF adj. mighty fkip–: [fkip^] PF adp. up among fko: [fko] PF pn. one, they (singular usage) (un- specified agent) fkxake: ["fk’·a.k·E] PF v. itch fkxen: [fk’En] PF n. vegetable (food) flä: [fl·æ] PF vin. succeed flew: [flEw] PF n. throat fmal: [fm·al] PF vtr. sustain



ayu: [a."ju] PF n. things (never plural u)

ätxäle si: [æ."t’æ.lE s·i] PF vin. request (with tsnì clause for object)

emza’u: [Em."z·a.P·u] PF v. pass (a test), over- come eo–: ["E.o] PF adp. before, in front of (place)

etrìp: ["Et.RIp^] PF

adj. favourable, favorable,

auspicious eyawr: [Ej."awR] PF adj. correct, right

eyk: [·Ejk^] JC,P F v. lead eyktan: ["Ejk.tan] JC n. leader

fmawn: [fmawn] PF n. news, something to report fmetok: ["fm·E.t·ok^] PF v. test fmi: [fm·i] PF vtr. try, attempt (with the subjun- ctive) fnan: [fn·an] PF vtr. be good at fnawe’: [fna."wEP] PF adj. cowardly fnawe’tu: [fna."wEP.tu] PF n. coward fne–: [fnE] fnel prefix kind, type fnel: [fnEl] PF n. kind, type fnepe: ["fnE.pE] PF inter. which kind

fngap: [fNap^] PF n. metal

fnu: [fn·u] PF v. quiet, be quiet fo: [fo] PF pn. they fpak: [fp·ak^] PF v. hold off, suspend action fpe’: [fp·EP^] PF vtr. send fpeio: [fpE."i.o] PF n. challenge (ceremonial) fpi+: [fpi] PF adp. for the sake of, for the benefit of fpìl: [fp·Il] PF vtr. think fpìlfya: ["fpIl.fja] PF n. thought pattern, way of thinking fpom: [fpom] PF n. well-being, peace, happiness fpomtokx: [fpom."tok’] PF n. health (physical) fpxäkìm: ["fp’·æ.k·Im] PF v. enter fra’u: ["fRa.Pu] PF pn. everything

frakrr: ["fRa.kr " ] PF adv. always, all the time fralo: ["fRa.lo] PF n. every time, every instance, each time frapo: ["fRa.po] PF pn. everyone frato: ["fRa.to] PF part. superlative marker than all (behaves like an adp.) fratrr: [fRa."tr " ] PF adv. daily, every day


fratseng: ["fRa. tsEN] PF adv. everywhere fratxon: [fRa."t’on] PF adv. every night frawzo: [fRaw."zo] PF intj. all is well, everything is fine or OK frìp: [fR·Ip^] PF vtr. bite frrfen: ["f·r " .f·En] PF vtr. visit frrtu: ["fr " .tu] PF n. guest, visitor ftang: [ft·aN] PF v. stop ftawnemkrr: [ftaw."nEm.kr " ] PF n. past ftär: [ftæR] PF adj. left (not right) fte: [ftE] PF conj. so that, in order to (with subjunctive verb in dependant clause) fteke: ["ftE.kE] PF conj. so that not, lest (with subjunctive verb in dependant clause) ftem: [ft·Em] PF vtr. pass by (something) ftia: [ft·i.·"a] PF vtr. study ftu–: [ftu] PF adp. from (direction)


ha: [ha] PF adv. so, in that case ha’ngir: [haP."NiR] PF n. afternoon hahaw: ["h·a.h·aw] PF vin. sleep ham: [ham] PF adj. previous hamalo: [ha."ma.lo] PF adv. last time hangham: ["h·aN.h·am] PF vin. laugh hapxì: [ha."p’I] PF n. part hapxìtu: [ha."p’I.tu] PF n. member hasey: [ha."sEj] PF adj. done, finished hawl: [h·awl] PF v. prepare hawng: [hawN] PF n. overabundance hawngkrr: ["hawN.kr " ] PF adv. late hawnu: ["h·aw.n·u] PF vtr. protect, shelter hay: [haj] PF adj. next hayalo: [ha."ja.lo] PF adv. next time hek: [h·Ek^] PF vin. be curious, odd, strange, un- expected hewne: ["hEw.nE] PF adj. soft (of an object) heyn: [h·Ejn] PF vin. sit


ftue: ["ftu.E] PF adj. easy, simple ftxavang: ["ft’a.vaN] PF adj. passionate ftxey: [ft’·Ej] PF vtr. choose ftxey: [ft’Ej] PF conj. whether, or ftxì: [ft’I] PF n. tongue ftxìlor: [ft’I."loR] PF adj. delicious, good tasting

ftxìvä’: [ft’I."væP] PF adj. bad tasting

ftxozä: [ft’o."zæ] PF n. celebration, happy occa- sion fu: [fu] PF conj. or fuke: [fu."kE] PF conj. or not fula: ["fu.la] PF pn., sbd. that furia: ["fu.Ri.a] PF pn., sbd. that futa: ["fu.ta] PF pn., sbd. that fwa: [fwa] PF pn., sbd. that (subordinate clause marker) fwel: [fwEl] PF adj. broken fwew: [fw·Ew] PF vtr. look for, seek, search fya’o: ["fja.Po] PF n. path, way, manner fyape: ["fja.pE] PF inter. how fyawìntxu: [fja.w·In."t’·u] PF vin. guide (with dative of thing guided) fyeyn: [fjEjn] PF adj. ripe, mature, adult fyeyntu: ["fjEjn.tu] PF n. adult person

hiyìk: ["hi.jIk^] PF adj. funny, strange hì’ang: ["hI.PaN] PF n. insect hì’i: ["hI.Pi] PF adj. small, little (in size) hìkrr: ["hI.kr " ] PF n. second, very short time hìm: [hIm] PF adj. small (in quantity) hìmtxampe: [hIm."t’am.pE] PF inter. how much hìmtxan: [hIm."t’an] PF n. amount hìno: [hI."no] PF adj. fine, detailed, precise, intri- cate (of things) hìtxoa: [hI."t’o.a] PF intj. excuse me hol: [hol] PF adj. few holpxay: [hol."p’aj] PF n. number holpxaype: [hol."p’aj.pE] PF inter. how many hrrap: ["hr " .ap^] PF n. danger hu–: [hu] PF adp. with (accompaniment) hufwa: [hu."fwa] PF conj. although hufwe: [hu."fwE] PF n. wind


hultstxem: [h·ul." tst’·Em] PF vtr. hinder

hum: [h·um] PF v. leave, depart


i’en: ["iP.En] JC n. stringed instrument io–: ["i.o] PF adp. above ioang: [i."o.aN] PF n. animal, beast


ìlä+: ["I.læ] or [I."læ] PF adp. by, via, following ìley: [I."lEj] LA intj. war cry


ka–: [ka] PF adp. across kakrel: [kak."REl] PF adj. blind kalin: [ka."lin] PF adj. sweet kaltxì: [kal."t’I] PF intj. hello kaltxì si: [kal."t’I s·i] PF v. say hello, greet kame: ["k·a.m·E] PF vtr. see, see into, understand, know (spiritual sense) kan: [k·an] PF v. aim (can take subjunctive modal construction)

kan’ìn: [k·an.P·In] PF vtr. focus on, specialize in, be particularly interested in kangay: [ka."Naj] PF adj. valid (cognate with ngay true) kanu: ["ka.nu] PF adj. smart, intelligent (for a person) kar: [k·aR] PF v. teach karyu: ["kaR.ju] PF n. teacher kato: ["ka.to] PF n. rhythm kavuk: [ka."vuk^] PF n. treachery kavuk si: [ka."vuk^ s·i] PF vin. betray kaw’it: [kaw."Pit^] PF adv. at all, not at all (see


kawkrr: ["kaw.kr " ] PF adv. never kawng: [kawN] PF adj. bad, evil kawtu: ["kaw.tu] PF pn. no-one

kaym: [kajm] PF n. evening (before twilight), late afternoon : [k·æ] PF vin. go kä’ärìp: [kæ."P·æ.R·Ip^] PF vtr. push kämakto: [kæ."m·ak.t·o] PF v. ride out käpxì: [kæ."p’I] PF n. rear (part or section)






käsatseng: [kæ."sa. tsEN] PF adv. out there käteng: ["k·æ.t·EN] PF vin. spend time with, hang out with ke: [kE] PF adv. not ke’aw: [kE."Paw] PF adj. divided, torn apart, strife-ridden


irayo: [i."Raj.o] JC n., intj. thank you, thanks irayo si: [i."Raj.o s·i] PF vin. thank, give thanks

ìpxa: [I."p’a] RL,P F n. fern

ke’u: ["kE.Pu] PF pn., adv. nothing, nothing at all, not at all kea: ["kE.a] PF adj. no (before a noun) keftxo: [kE."ft’o] PF adj., intj. unhappy, upset, ’How sad!’

kefyak: [kE."fjak^] P F,P rr part. isn’t it?, right? kehe: ["kE.hE] PF adv. no kelfpomtokx: [kEl."fpom.tok’] PF adj. unhealt- hy kelku: ["kEl.ku] PF n. home, house kelku si: ["kEl.ku s·i] PF vin. live, dwell


keltsun: [kEl." tsun] PF adj. impossible kem: [kEm] PF n. thing (action), deed kemlì’u: ["kEm.lI.Pu] PF n. verb kemlì’uvi: ["kEm.lI.Pu.vi] PF n. infix kempe: ["kEm.pE] PF inter. what (action) (c.w. from kem action, deed) kem si: [kEm s·i] PF vin. do keng: [kEN] PF adv. even, so much as kenong: ["k·E.n·oN] or ["kE.n·oN] PF v. model, re- present, exemplify (ii) kerusey: ["kE.Ru.sEj] PF adj. dead keteng: ["kE.tEN] PF adj. different ketuwong: ["kE.tu.woN] PF n. alien kew: [kEw] PF num. zero kewong: ["kE.woN] PF adj. alien

key: [kEj] PF n. face keyawr: [kE."jawR] PF adj. incorrect, not right keye’ung: [kE."jE.PuN] PF n. insanity ki: [ki] PF conj. but rather, but instead

kifkey: [ki."fkEj] PF n. world (physical, solid)

kilvan: [kil."van] PF n. river kin: [k·in] PF vtr. need kinam: [ki."nam] PF n. leg kinamtil: [ki."nam.til] PF n. knee kinä: ["ki.næ] PF num. seven kip–: [kip^] PF adp. among

kive: ["ki.vE] PF adj. seventh (ordinal) kì’ong: [kI."PoN] PF adj. slow kìm: [k·Im] PF v. spin kìng: [kIN] PF n. thread kìte’e: [kI.tE."PE] PF n. service kìte’e si: [kI.tE."PE s·i] PF v. serve kllfro’: [kl " ."fR·oP] PF v. be responsible kllkä: [kl " ."k · æ ] v. descend kllkulat: [kl " ."k·u.l·at^] PF v. dig up kllkxem: [kl " ."k’·Em] PF v. stand kllpa: ["kl " .pa] PF n. bottom kllpxìltu: [kl " ."p’Il.tu] PF n. territory kllte: ["kl " .tE] PF n. ground


kxa: [k’a] PF n. mouth kxam: [k’am] PF n. middle, midpoint kxamlä–: ["k’am.læ] PF adp. through (via the middle of) kxamtrr: ["k’am.tr " ] PF n. mid-day, noon

kxamtrrmaw: ["k’am.tr " .maw] PF n. the time im- mediately after noon, early afternoon


kxamtseng: ["k’am. tsEN] PF n. center, place in

the middle kxamtxomaw: ["k’am.t’o.maw] PF n. after mid- night kxamtxon: ["k’am.t’on] PF n. midnight kxangangang: ["k’aN.aN.aN] PF intj. boom (ono- matopoeic)


lahe: ["la.hE] PF adj. other, else

lam: [l·am] PF vin. seem, appear lapo: ["la.po] PF pn. other one (person or thing) laro: ["la.Ro] PF adj. clean latem: ["l·a.t·Em] PF vin. change (l«eyk»atem vtr. change)


latsi: [l·a." ts·i] LA v. keep up with someone law: [law] PF adj. clear, certain lawk: [l·awk^] PF vtr. discourse on, talk about, say something concerning law si: [law s·i] PF vin. make clear layompin: [la."jom.pin] PF n. black layon: [la."jon] PF adj. black le–: [lE] adjective PF lefkrr: [lE.f"kr " ] PF adj. current lefngap: [lE."fNap^] PF adj. metallic



klltseng: ["kl " tsEN] PF n. position

kllvawm: ["kl " .vawm] PF adj. brown ko: [ko] PF part. solicit agreement koak: ["ko.ak^] PF adj. old, aged (for living things) kop: [kop^] PF adv. too, also koren: [ko."REn] PF n. rule, guideline krr: [kr " ] PF n. time krrnekx: [kr " ."n·Ek’] PF v. take/consume time (ii) krrpe: ["kr " .pE] PF inter. when (c.w. from krr ti- me) ku’up: ["ku.Pup^] PF adj. heavy (physical weight) kurakx: [k·u."R·ak’] PF v. drive out


kxanì: ["k’a.nI] PF adj. forbidden

kxawm: [k’awm] PF adv. perhaps, maybe kxayl: [k’ajl] PF adj. high kxener: ["k’E.nER] PF n. smoke


kxetse: ["k’E. tsE] PF n. tail

kxeyey: ["k’E.jEj] PF n. error, mistake

kxitx: [k’it’] PF n. death kxll: [k’l " ] PF n. charge, running attack kxll si: [k’l " s·i] PF vin. charge kxu: [k’u] PF n. harm kxuke: ["k’u.kE] PF adj. safe kxutu: ["k’u.tu] PF n. enemy

lefpom: [lE."fpom] PF adj. happy, peaceful, joy- ous (not for people), pleasant lefpomtokx: [lE."fpom.tok’] PF adj. healthy lehawng: [lE."hawN] PF adj. excessive lehawngkrr: [lE."hawN.kr " ] PF adj. late lehrrap: [lE."hr " .ap^] PF adj. dangerous lek: [l·Ek^] PF v. heed, obey lekin: [lE."kin] PF adj. necessary lekoren: [lE.ko."REn] PF adj. lawlike lekye’ung: [lEk."jE.PuN] PF adj. insane, crazy lemweypey: [lEm."wEj.pEj] PF adj. patient len: [l·En] PF vin. happen, occur leNa’vi: [lE."naP.vi] PF adj. having to do with the Na’vi, the People leno: [lE."no] PF adj. thorough, detail-orientated (of a person)

lenomum: [lE."no.mum] PF adj. curious lerìk: [lE."RIk^] PF adj. leafy lertu: ["lER.tu] PF n. colleague lesar: [lE."saR] PF adj. useful letam: [lE."tam] PF adj. sufficient letokx: [lE."tok’] PF adj. bodily, physical letrr: [lE."tr " ] RL adj. daily letrrtrr: [lE."tr " .tr ] PF adj. ordinary

letsranten: [lE." tsRan.tEn] > " PF adj. important


letsunslu: [lE." tsun.slu] PF adj. possible lew: [lEw] PF n. cover, lid lew si: [lEw s·i] PF vin. cover leye’krr: [lE."jEP.kr " ] PF adj. early leyn: [l·Ejn] PF vtr. repeat, do again lì’fya: ["lIP.fja] PF n. language lì’fyaolo’: ["lIP.fja.o."loP] PF n. language group, language users lì’fyavi: ["lIP.fja.vi] PF n. expression, bit of lan- guage lì’u: ["lI.Pu] PF n. word


ma: [ma] PF part. O (vocative marker) makto: ["m·ak.t·o] PF v. ride maw–: [maw] PF adp. after (time) mawey: [ma."wEj] CM adj. calm

maweypey: [ma."wEj.p·Ej] PF svin. be patient


mawkrr: ["maw.kr " ] PF adv. after, afterwards mäkxu: [m·æ."k’·u] PF vtr. interrupt, throw out of harmonious balance me’em: [mE."PEm] PF adj. harmonious mefo: ["mE.fo] PF pn. they, those two mekre: ["mEk.RE] PF n. supplies melo: ["mE.lo] PF adv. twice menari: [mE."na.Ri] PF n. eyes (two) meoauniaea: [­mE.o.a.u.ni.a."E.a] PF n. harmo- ny, living at one with nature

meuia: [mE."u.i.a] PF n. honor (honour) meyp: [mEjp^] PF adj. weak mi: [mi] PF adv. yet, still, as before mikyun: ["mik.jun] JC n. ear mip: [mip^] PF adj. new mì+: [mI] PF adp. in, on mìfa: ["mI.fa] or [mI."fa] PF n., adv. inside mìkam–: [mI."kam] PF adp. between mìn: [m·In] PF v. turn mìnyu: ["mIn.ju] PF n. turner

lì’upam: ["lI.Pu.pam] PF n. accent, pronuncia- tion lì’upe: [lI."Pu.pE] PF inter. what (word, utteran- ce) lìm: [l·Im] PF svin. far, be far lìng: [l·IN] PF vin. float in the air, hover lok: [l·ok^] PF v. approach lok–: [l·ok^] PF adp. close to

lonu: [l·o."n·u] PF vtr. release, let go lor: [loR] PF adj. beautiful, pleasant to the senses (for things or parts of a person) lrrtok: ["lr " .tok^] PF n. smile lrrtok si: ["lr " .tok^ s·i] PF vin. smile lu: [l·u] PF vin., svin. be, am, is, are (predica- tive copula, existential verb) (signifies pos- session with dative of possessor) luke–: ["lu.kE] PF adp. without lumpe: ["lum.pE] PF inter. why lun: [lun] PF n. reason

mìso: [mI."so] PF adv. away (position) mllte: [m·l " ."t·E] PF v. agree moe: ["mo.E] PF pn. we two, us two (exclusive) mok: [m·ok^] PF vtr. suggest mokri: ["mok.Ri] PF n. voice mowan: [mo."wan] PF adj. pleasing, enjoyable (physically, sexually) mrr: [mr " ] PF num. five mrrve: ["mr " .vE] PF adj. fifth (ordinal) muiä: [mu."i.æ] PF adj. proper, fair, right, justifi- ed mun’i: [m·un."P·i] PF v. cut mune: ["mu.nE] PF num. two munge: ["m·u.N·E] PF vtr. take, bring mungwrr–: [muN."wr " ] PF adp. except muntxa: [mun."t’a] PF adj. mated, married muntxa si: [mun."t’a s·i] PF vin. mate (with so- meone), marry muntxatan: [mun."t’a.tan] PF n. husband, male spouse muntxate: [mun."t’a.tE] PF n. wife, female spouse muntxatu: [mun."t’a.tu] PF n. spouse muve: ["mu.vE] PF adj. second (ordinal) muwìntxu: [mu.w·In."t’·u] PF vtr. introduce, present



na–: [na] PF adp. like, as na’rìng: ["naP.RIN] PF n. forest naer: [na."ER] PF n. drink, something able to be drunk nafì’u: [na.fI."Pu] PF adj. such nang: [naN] PF part. surprise, exclamation, en- couragement (mirative) nari: ["na.Ri] PF n. eye

nari si: ["na.Ri s·i] PF vin. watch out, be careful natkenong: [nat."kE.noN] PF conj. for example, as an example nawm: [nawm] PF adj. great, noble nawmtu: ["nawm.tu] PF n. great person nayn: [najn] PF n. the symbol 9 (not the value nine) näk: [n·æk^] PF vtr. drink ne–: [nE] PF adp. to, towards (direction) ne’ìm: [nE."PIm] PF adv. back (direction) nefä: [nE."fæ] PF adv. up (direction) nekll: [nE."kl " ] PF adv. down (direction) ne kllte: [nE "kl .tE] PF intj. get down


nekx: [n·Ek’] PF vtr. burn, consume nemfa–: ["nEm.fa] PF adp. into, inside neto: [nE."to] PF adv. away (direction) netrìp: ["nEt.RIp^] PF adv. luckily, happily new: [n·Ew] PF vtr. want (with subjunctive verb) newomum: [n·Ew."o.mum] PF vin. be curious, want to know neympin: ["nEjm.pin] PF n. light color neyn: [nEjn] PF adj. light colors, shades of white niä: [n·i.·] PF vtr. grab nikre: ["nik.RE] PF n. hair nitram: [nit."Ram] PF adj. happy (of people) nì–: [nI] adverbial PF nì’aw: [nI."Paw] PF adv. only nì’awtu: [nI."Paw.tu] PF adv. alone (as one per- son) nì’awve: [nI."Paw.vE] PF adv. first nì’eng: [nI."PEN] PF adv. equally, on the same le- vel nì’eoio: [nI."PE.o.i.o] PF adv. ceremoniously nì’eveng: [nI."PE.vEN] PF adv. like a child, imma- turely nì’eyng: [nI."PEjN] PF adv. back, in response, in answer nì’i’a: [nI."PiP.a] PF adv. finally, at long last


nì’it: [nI."Pit^] PF adv. a bit, a small amount (ab- stract) nì’o’: [nI."PoP] PF adv. in a manner which is en- joyable, enjoyably nì’ul: [nI."Pul] PF adv. more nìawnomum: [nI.aw."no.mum] PF adv. as you know, as is known nìayoeng: [naj."wEN] PF adv. like us, as we do nìfkrr: [nI."fkr " ] PF adv. lately, currently nìftue: [nI."ftu.E] PF adv. easily nìftxan: [nI."ft’an] PF adv. so, to such an extent nìftxavang: [nI."ft’a.vaN] PF adv. passionately, with all heart nìfya’o: [nI."fja.Po] PF adv. in a manner nìfyeyntu: [nI."fjEjn.tu] PF adv. like an adult, maturely nìhawng: [nI."hawN] PF adv. too, excessively nìhay: [nI."haj] P rr adv. next nìhek: [nI."hEk^] PF adv. strangely, oddly (sen- tence, not manner, adverbial) nìk’ong: [nIk."PoN] PF adv. slowly

nìkanu: [nI."ka.nu] PF adv. intelligently, in a smart way nìkeftxo: [nI.kE."ft’o] PF adv. unfortunately, sadly nìlaw: [nI."law] PF adv. clearly nìlkeftang: [nIl.kE."ftaN] PF adv. continuously, incessantly, without stopping


nìltsan: [nIl." tsan] PF adv. well nìmun: [nI."mun] PF adv. again nìmwey: [nIm."wEj] PF adv. calmly, peacefully nìmweypey: [nIm."wEj.pEj] PF adv. patiently nìn: [n·In] PF vtr. look at nìNa’vi: [nI."naP.vi] PF adv. like the Na’vi, Na’vi-ly nìnäk: [nI."næk^] PF adv. by drinking, in a liquid way nìngay: [nI."Naj] PF adv. truly nìno: [nI."no] PF adv. in detail, expansively, tho- roughly nìprrte’: [nI."pr " .tEP] PF adv. pleasurably, wel- come (assumed zola’u), gladly, with pleasure

nìpxi: [nI."p’i] PF adv. especially, pointedly, un- ambiguously nìpxim: [nI."p’im] PF adv. erectly, rightly nìrangal: [nI."Ra.Nal] PF adv. wish (contrary to fact, with perfect or imperfective subjunctive)

nìsti: [nI."sti] PF adv. angrily nìsung: [nI."suN] PF adv. besides, additionally, furthermore nìswey: [nI."swEj] PF adv. optimally, best nìsyayvi: [nI."sjaj.vi] PF adv. by chance or coin- cidence nìsyen: [nI."sjEn] PF adv. lastly nìtam: [nI."tam] PF adv. enough (after an adjecti- ve) nìteng: [nI."tEN] PF adv. too, also, as well, likewi- se nìtengfya: [nI."tEN.fja] PF adv. as, same way as (similar action)

nìtrrtrr: [nI."tr " .tr ] PF adv. on a daily basis, regu-

larly nìtut: [nI."tut^] PF adv. continually



nga: [Na] PF pn. you


ngatsyìp: ["Na. tsjIp^] PF pn. little you, you little

ngawng: [NawN] PF n. worm ngay: [Naj] PF adj. true ngaytxoa: [Naj."t’o.a] PF intj. sorry, my apologies (acknowledgment of guilt and regret) ngäng: [NæN] PF n. stomach ngäzìk: ["Næ.zIk^] PF adj. difficult, hard ngenga: [NE."Na] PF pn. you (honorific (honouri- fic) form) ngeyn: [NEjn] PF adj. tired


oe: ["o.E] PF pn. I, me

oeng: ["wEN] PF pn. we two, us two (dual inclu- sive), you and I


oetsyìp: ["wE. tsjIp^] PF pn. little me, little I

oeyk: [o."Ejk^] PF n. cause oeyktìng: [o."Ejk.t·IN] PF v. explain (why) (ii) ohakx: [o."hak’] PF adj. hungry


pa’o: ["pa.Po] PF n. side pak: [pak^] PF part. disparagement pam: [pam] PF n. sound pamrel: [pam."REl] PF n. writing pamrelfya: [pam."REl.fja] PF n. spelling pamrel si: [pam."REl s·i] PF vin. write


nìtxan: [nI."t’an] PF adv. much (abstract), very nìwä: [nI."wæ] PF adv. on the contrary, conver- sely

nìwin: [nI."win] PF adv. fast nìwotx: [nI."wot’] PF adv. all (of), in toto, com- pletely nìzawnong: [nI."zaw.noN] PF adv. safely nokx: [n·ok’] PF vtr. give birth to nong: [n·oN] PF v. follow, proceed after nulkrr: [nul."kr " ] PF adv. longer (time) nulnew: [nul."n·Ew] PF v. prefer (ii) nume: ["n·u.m·E] PF v. learn numeyu: ["nu.mE.ju] PF n. student


numtseng: ["num. tsEN] PF n. school


numtsengvi: ["num. tsEN.vi] PF n. classroom, di-

vision of a school

ngian: [Ni."an] P F,SW adv. however

ngim: [Nim] PF adj. long (physical length) ngop: [N·op^] PF v. create ngopyu: ["Nop.ju] PF n. creator ngrr: [Nr " ] PF n. root ngrrpongu: [Nr " .po.Nu] PF n. grassroots moveme- net ngul: [Nul] PF adj. grey, drab ngulpin: ["Nul.pin] PF n. grey nguway: ["Nu.waj] PF n. howl, viperwolf cry

ohe: ["o.hE] PF pn. I (deferential or ceremonial form) oìsss: [o.I"s:] LA intj. angry snarl, ’watch it!’ olo’: [o."loP] PF n. clan olo’eyktan: [o.lo."PEjk.tan] JC n. clan leader omum: [·o."m·um] PF vtr. know (stress moves to first syllable with infixation) ontu: ["on.tu] JC n. nose


pamtseo: ["pam. tsE.o] PF n. music


pamtseotu: ["pam. tsE.o.tu] PF n. musician pate: ["p·