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Which Windows 7 version isnt available in the United States?

Windows 7 Home Basic.

Which two Windows 7 editions support BitLocker?
Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 7 Enterprise.
How much memory is the minimum requirement for Windows 7 x86?
If youre planning to use a USB storage drive to install Windows 7, how big does it have to be?
At least 4 GB.
Which installation method would be the best for installing Windows 7 on 50 computers at the same time?
Windows Deployment Services (WDS).
What would you use as a boot OS if you were deploying Windows 7 via network share?
Windows PE (Preinstallation Environment).
Which file allows you to run an unattended installation?
Unattend.xml or Autounattend.xml.
What characteristic of a standard installation?
Interactive Q&A.
What does a clean installation mean?
No existing operating system.
Which option should you choose to configure a dual-boot configuration?
Custom (advanced).
Which utility allows you to configure the boot menu from the command line?
Which is the minimum partition size required to install Windows 7?
16 GB.
What is the process to upgrade from Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional?
Upgrade from Windows Vista Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium and then Anytime Upgrade to Win
7 Pro.
How much free disk space is needed to upgrade to Win 7?
10 GB.
Which Win 7 editions allow upgrades from x86 to x64?
None. Youll need to migrate instead.
Which is the minimum number of computers required for a wipe-and-load migration?
What sources can you use to install the latest version of Windows Easy Transfer to an old computer?
External HD, shared folder, USB flash drive.
How can you connect two computers in a side-by-side migration?
Easy transfer USB cable, network connection.
Where can you find the User State Migration Tool?
The Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK).
How do you define the configuration settings for the USMT?
XML files.
Which migration store type allows you to view the migrated data with Windows Explorer?
Which utility allows you to create and modify Windows images?
What utility can you use to update an image with new drivers and patches?
DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management Tool).
Which utility builds a ready-to-use-ISO file?
Which Windows utility can assist with the creation of Autounattend.xml files?
Windows Systems Image Manager.
Which utility prepares a system for the initial out-of-box experience?
Which Windows mode allows you to bypass Windows Welcome so that you can customize a reference
Audit Mode.
Which utility should be included on a Windows PE boot disk to provide image creation?
What should you remember to complete prior to creating an image?
Sysprep the system to enable Windows Welcome (OOBE).
What format is the image created by ImageX?
WIM (Windows Imaging Format).
Which DISM option provides information about a Windows Image file?
- /Get-Wiminfo.
What are two ways to commit your WIM changes?
- Dism /Commit-Wim /MountDir:<target_mount_directory>.
- Dism /Unmount-Wim /MountDir:<target_mount_directory> /Commit.
What can you use to manage tasks after deployment?
Unattend.xml file.
What is needed to provide a ZTI?
Zero Touch Installations: Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 or System Center Configuration
Manager (SCCM) 2007.
When would you use a WDS discover image?
You need a boot disk for a computer that doesnt support PXE.
What software is required to use the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit?
Windows Automated Installation Kit.
Which command-line utility can be used to create a VHD?
Which utility should you use to configure your computer to boot from a VHD?
Which utility allows you to apply a WIM to a VHD?
What must be modified to allow users to install their own drivers?
Group Policy.
Which utility can give you a consolidated view of resource conflicts?
Which program can verify driver signatures?
How can you test your browser-based applications to be sure theyll work in IE8?
Internet Explorer Compatibility Test Tool.
What should you do if an application is designed to run on Windows 2000?
Configure Windows 2000 compatibility mode in the application preferences.
What application allows you to make your own shim?
Compatibility Administrator.
What kind of software restriction policy can control an application using a unique signature?
Hash Rule.
Which two user types can be controlled through an enforcement property?
All users / All users except local administrators.
Which browser is required to take advantage of a network zone rule?
Internet Explorer.
Which Win 7 versions support AppLocker?
Win 7 Ultimate and Win 7 Enterprise.
How can you test your AppLocker configurations?
Run in Audit mode.
Which rule category would allow you to control .cmd files?
Script Rules.
What should you enable to allow older browser apps to run properly?
Compatibility View.
Where can you find a list of IE add-ons?
Tools / Manage Add-ons.
Which InPrivate feature prevents 3rd-party sites from monitoring your browsing patterns?
InPrivate Filtering.
What IPv4 protocol is used to automatically assign IP addresses?
Is a public or private IPv4 address?
Private (
Which IPv6 tunneling protocol is integrated in Win 7 and can support NAT?
Which utility allows you to configure network settings at the command line?
Which utility allows you to view your IP configuration at the command line?
Which troubleshooting utilities can be used to check connectivity and network path details to remote
Ping and tracert.
How can you view all of the IPv6 addresses on your workstation from the command line?
Netsh interface ipv6 show address.
What is the Win 7 built-in method of tunneling IPv6 and IPv4 packets across multiple NATs?
Which command-line flag do you often need to enable for IPv6 support?
What command line option allows you to view the list of available wireless networks?
Netsh wlan show interfaces.
Which wireless network type supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies?
You need to remove a wireless networking profile from a computer. Where can you find the list of profiles?
Control Panel / Network and Sharing Center / Manage wireless networks.
Which rule type allows you to build firewall policies by port number?
Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.
What link provides access to WFAS from the Windows Firewall?
Advanced Settings.
What kind of WFAS rule allows you to set a policy that only applies to certain computers?
Custom rule with Scope.
What methods can be used to invite a user to a Remote Assistance session?
A file, an email, or Easy Connect.
What script configures Remote Management?
WinRM quickconfig.
Which Win 7 editions support incoming Remote Desktop sessions?
Win 7 Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise.
How can you manage print permissions on a shared printer?
Printer properties / Security tab.
Which editions of Win 7 support the creation of a HomeGroup?
Win 7 Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise.
What command line tools should you use to add a new Windows share?
Net share.
Which command line utility allows you to configure NTFS permissions?
What happens to the NTFS permissions of a file you move?
Retains the original permissions.
What is an important item to backup if you need to recover EFS encrypted files?
The EFS Recovery Agents.
How can you start the Local Security Policy from the command line?
Where can you change the UAC notification settings for individual users?
Control Panel / user Accounts / Change User Account Control Settings.
How can you disable the Secure Desktop?
Change the Group Policy.Switch to the secure desktop when prompting for elevation.
Whats the best way to backup the certificates used for the Encrypting File System?
Certificates Console or cipher.exe.
How can you force everyone to use their smart card to login to the domain (multifactor authentication)?
Group Policy settings:
Computer Configuration\Policies\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options.
How can you move stored login information from one computer to another?
Backup and restore the Windows Vault.
What is required at a remote site to support BranchCache in Hosted Mode?
Windows Server 2008 R2.
Which Win 7 editions support BranchCache?
Win 7 Ultimate and Enterprise.
What are the two methods of configuring BranchCache on a Win 7 client computer?
Group Policy or netsh.
Which policy allows BitLocker to be enabled if no TPM is found?
Require additional authentication at startup.
Which BitLocker mode is the most secure?
BitLocker with TPM, a USB startup key, and a PIN.
Which BitLocker feature allows you to recover data from any of your encrypted volumes in your
Data Recovery Agent.
What Win 7 editions support DirectAccess?
Win 7 Ultimate and Enterprise.
What is required on the network to support DirectAccess?
Windows Server 2008 R2, two network interfaces, Internet link has two consecutive IP addresses, trusted
certificates for authentication and encryption.
Which utility can help you troubleshoot any certificate issues on the client computer?
Microsoft Management Console (MMC).
How often does Windows check for connectivity in offline mode?
Every two minutes.
In which power-down modes down Windows 7 write memory contents to disk?
Hybrid Sleep and Hybernate.
Which command line utility allows you to configure power settings?
Which authentication protocol normally sends password information as unencrypted text?
PAP (Password Authentication Protocol).
Which VPN protocol is probably the most compatible with firewalled connections?
SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol).
What is the maximum time that VPN reconnection be configured before requiring a manual reconnect?
8 hours.
How can you restrict users from remotely connection to your network if theyre insecure?
NAP (Network Access Protection).
Where is access log information stored for later auditing?
Event Viewer / Security Log.
Which remote desktop technology allows you to run remote applications seamlessly on your desktop?
True or False: Regular users can install updates.
How can you exclude a certain update from the update process?
Hide the update.
Which Group Policy allows you to specify the location of an internal update server?
Specify Intranet Microsoft Update Service Location.
Which command line utility can be used to manage disks and volumes?
What status should your disks show prior to moving them to another computer?
Can you convert a dynamic disk to a basic disk?
Yes, but the process is destructive. Backup your data.
What additional options are available to administrator using the Disk Cleanup option?
Cleanup system files.
What percentage of hard drive fragmentation does Windows consider a good threshold for defrag?
Are DVDs removable disks in Group Policy?
No. Neither are CDs or floppy disks.
What kind of even subscription sends data from the workstation to the collector without a specific transfer
Source-initiated subscription.
Which Performance Monitor feature saves long-term data to disk for later analysis?
Data Collector Sets.
In which event log would you see information about a problem with Microsoft Word?
Application event log.
Is write caching enabled for USB drives?
No. Too many people yank the removable drive out the computer without warning.
What is the assignment of a process to a specific CPU called?
Where can you find the page file configuration?
Control Panel / System / Advanced System Settings / Performance Section; Settings Button.
Which Services properties tab controls how a service reacts when it fails?
How do most laptops react when temperatures rise?
Their CPUs slow down to prevent heat damage.
Where can you find the configuration options for creating your own power profile?
Control Panel / Power Options.
What kind of format is used by Windows Backup to store system images?
VHD files.
What kind of format is used by Windows Backup to store files and folder?
ZIP files.
What media can be used for Windows Backup?
CD-ROM, DVDs, Hard Disks (NTFS), network.
What function key do you use during the boot process to start the Windows Advanced Boot Options?
When is the Last Known Good Configuration updated?
During the log on process.
Which Windows Utility allows you to roll back a device driver to a previous version?
Device Manager.
How can you recover a file that has been deleted using the shadow copy of the file?
Restore the entire folder that contained the file.
How can you restore a file from a Windows Backup?
Backup and Restore / Restore Files Wizard.
Where is your user profile located?
In the \User folder.

Read View files and subdirectories. Execute applications. No changes can be made.
Change Includes read permissions and the ability to add, delete or change files or subdirectories
Full Control Can perform any and all functions on all files and folders within the share.

Copying, Moving, and Inheritance:

The next table shows what happens to files when they are copied or moved within or across NTFS
Moving within a
Does not create a new file - simply updates location in directory. File keeps its
original permissions.
Moving across a
Creates a new file and deletes the old one. Inherits the target folders permissions.
Copying within a
Creates a new file which inherits permissions of target folder.