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6 Degrees of Separation (6DoS) by Saewod

Storyid: 4967380
Name: 6 Degrees of Separation (6DoS)
Author: Saewod
Chapter 1 to 66

Bella goes to New York to go to college and start her life. Along the way she makes friends,
finds lovers, and finds herself. But will she ever find him?

Edward is a genius who graduates high school and college early; however, his passion is
music and his focus is partying and getting a record deal for his band.

Their paths cross frequently, but both are unaware. Will they ever cross or will degrees
keep separating them?

Chapter: 1

Authors Note: 1st Fanfic.so be easy on me. But be honest with me. I know that everyone
wants Bella and Edward.and trust me they are my favorite couple. However, keep in
mind that this is about coming so close, but not quite getting it. Having said that, also
remember that I love Bella/Edward. Soyou will have to read to see if they get together.

Most of this will be in Bellas POV; however, I may do some Edward POV as well. I am
still trying to come up with a band name for Edwards band. So any help is welcome.

I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1 Hugs are better

I am so proud of you Bella! Who would believe that my awkward little girl would turn into an
amazing dancer.and on top of that would be accepted to Julliard. I am so proud of you!

Mom, you already said you were proud of me a million times now. I said as I mocked my
mothers over-the-top performance. If it wasnt for sarcasm and humor, she would definitely
drive me to jump off a cliff.

I kissed both my mom and dad, said my good-byes, promised to call when I landed, and picked
up my bags to board the plane to New York.

I stowed my carryon bags away and got comfortable in my seat. I put my ear buds in to listen to
some old favorites, along with some new songs that I downloaded before I left. As I got caught
up in the music, I went over steps, moves, beat counts, and foot steps in my head. I was working
out a routine in my head when someone tapped me on the arm.

I opened my eyes and was taken aback. She was ridiculously gorgeous. Talk about an instant jolt
to my self-esteem. She was the kind of woman that could bring any man on the plane to his
knees and have every woman envious of her. She had to be at least 6ft tall with most of it from
the length of her legs. Her hair was platinum blonde with black streaks underneath, her body had
the most perfect and precise curves that I had to consider whether or not she had had any surgery
and her eyes were such a blue that they almost looked violet. And dont even get me started on
her faceugh!

Hello? Excuse me please. I didnt realize that I had paused a little too long with my response.

Im sorry about that. I blushed and stood so she could get to the window seat.

No problem, thanks for letting me through. She smiles. Jeeshher smile could stop fucking
traffic! Double ugh!

I laid my head back against the seat and started going over the music and steps again.

I felt a bump and opened my eyes when a tiny woman hopped into the seat to the right of me.
She was another unbelievably attractive woman. I am really starting to feel like the ugly
step-sister at this point. She has short black spiky hair, perfect porcelain skin that would make
snow white jealous, and she was just extremely tiny. There really is no other word for itshe
wasnt eating disorder skinny. She couldnt have been more than 5ft tall.

Hi! Im Alice! she said with a dazzling white smile and sparkling grayish blue eyes.

Bella I said smiling back and held out my hand to her. However, she pulled me into a quick
tight hug instead.

Oh dear lord Alice, you are going to make her think you are crazy! Do we have to have another
talk about personal space?

Hush Rosalie! I like Bella and I think that hugs are much better than a hand shake.

I guess you two know each other? I questioned.

Yes. They both sighed at the same time and all three of us fell into a giggle fit.

As the plane taxied out for takeoff we started talking about how Alice and Rosalie knew each

Oh, we grew up together in Seattle. Alice informed me.

They were both on their way to school in New York. Alice was off to the New York School of
Interior Design and Rosalie was headed off to Julliard.

Oh wowI am headed to Julliard myself. What are you headed for Rosalie? I asked.

Please call me Rose. I am going for theatrical arts. I plan to be an actor someday, preferably on
Broadway, how about you Bella?

I am going for dance. I got a full scholarship; however, my intentions are more for behind the
scenes. Choreography is my preference. Im not a fan of the spotlight. I said blushing a little.

Alice, Rose, and I continued talking during the flight. I learned that Rose had been modeling
since she was 13 years old, big shocker there I thought, and she has always had a feel for the
dramatic since she starred in plays in high school. Alice was completely about fashion and
trends, and she definitely dressed the part of the fashionista.

Alice had a cousin, Edward, who had graduated high school and college early that was living in
New York. Along with Roses brother Jasper who was currently attending NYU. Both Edward
and Jasper were in a band with two other roommates. When Rose would mention Jasper I could
see total infatuation flood Alices face. It was really cute, and I figured that Alice has a crush on

So, Bella, where are you staying in New York..? Alice asked. Before I could answer the
pilot started over the speakers:

*Good afternoon passengers. On behalf of United Airlines I would like to thank you for flying
with us today. We will be landing in about 15 minutes at JFK International.*

After putting away our belongings and having the flight attendant walk the isles to check on seat
belts and trays, we began our decent.

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Chapter: 2

Chapter 2 Designer Baggage

After exiting the plane I headed toward baggage claim to gather my belongings. I noticed that
Rose and Alice were keeping step with me.

So, Bella, where is it that you are staying at? Alice looked at me with a glint in her eyes that I
couldnt quite tell if she was just curious or if she had other interests in my answer.

Ummm.I am supposed to be staying at The Lenox, student housing. I said as I looked
around for baggage claim then headed in the correct direction.

Oh, so you have like roommates and everything already set up? Alices questions seemed to be

Well.No. I mean, I probably have roommates since its student housing, and the rent is
definitely way too low for a private room. But I wont know them until I get there and meet
them. I said while still searching Alices face to figure out where her questions were going.

Rose interrupted our conversation Hey the luggage is coming through now, lets get closer to
the belt. She grabbed my arm and pulled us to the front.

Once I saw my olive green duffle bag I grabbed it and continued to look for my last two
matching bags. Rose reached down and grabbed a very red, designer, rolling luggage case and
then reached for its larger match. Then I noticed Alice grab bright pink and black stripped,
designer, rolling luggage case and its larger mate. Alices cases have her initials monogrammed
on the front in silver metal. Clearly both Rose and Alice liked nice things, and it was that
moment that I examined their clothing. Rose had on designer jeans, a cashmere sweater, heels
that made her even taller, and she had Gucci carryon bags over her shoulders. Alice had on black
leggings with a purple designer dress that landed mid thigh, shiny silver ballet flats, and she
carried Louis Vuitton carryon bags. I was seriously feeling underdressed at the moment in my
only pair of Seven jeans, black turtleneck, and black UGG boots.

Alice pulled out her Iphone and asked me for my cell phone number, which I quickly gave to
her. Rose quickly pulled out her Blackberry and entered my number as well. We said our
goodbyes and headed are separate ways, though Alice promised that we would be getting
together soon before classes began.

As I climbed into my taxi I realized that I didnt get either Rose or Alices numbers. Shit! They
are going to think I am such a jerk. The instant I thought it, I received two text messages.


Now you have my numberdont forget to use it.




We will get together soon.



I quickly saved them to my contacts and hoped that I would see them again. They had been so
nice to me.

I took a deep breath and called my mom and dad.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 3

Chapter 3 Roomies

After the taxi pulled away, I pulled my luggage into the lobby of the apartment building. I
couldnt help but notice all the couches and computer desks that lined the lobby.

Can I help you? I turned to see a tall, lanky guy with pitch black hair sitting at a desk. As I
walked toward the desk I noticed that he had black fingernail polish, unevenly chopped hair, and
he was wearing a faded black t-shirt.

Hi. Im Isabella Swan.

Hey, welcome to The Lenox. Im EricYorkie. I watched him eye me up and down. Ugh!
So, are you new to New York?

Yeah, I just arrived this afternoon from Washington. I believe that my name is on a list here. I
couldnt help but be a little impatient with the way he was looking at me.

Hold on one second he turned to a computer and keyed in some information. Yep. Weve
got you scheduled to arrive today. Let me get your welcome package. He turned and walked
into a back room. I turned around looking over the lobby again when I noticed a tall thin blonde
and a tall brown haired guy walk in with their faces permanently attached at the lips. I wanted to
tell them to get a room; however, I was pretty sure that they were on their way to one. Neither
one of them noticed my presence as they passed. As they were passing I noticed that the blonde
was actually a strawberry blond with bright pink highlights and the guy actually had unusual
bronze colored hair. Here you go. I jerked around and saw Eric staring off in the direction of
the PDA couple as they rounded a corner. His attention turned back to me with a smirk, This is
your room key, the building map, folder of local shops and restaurants, rules and guideline
policies, also an activities schedule.

Activities schedule? I raised one eyebrow.

Yeah, our building has a committee that puts together social gatherings, mixers, study group
sessions, etc. It really is a great way for everyone to meet and get to know each other better. He
smiled a little too enthusiastically while saying get to know each other.

Oh, was all I could come up with in response.

We also have a large bulletin board on the wall over there to your left where local jobs and
events are posted frequently. You should check over it every couple days.

Thanks. So, which way do I go?

Oh, sorry. Go down that hallway and take the first right. You will come to the elevators. Your
room is 411, 4th floor, room 411. He smiled and pointed to the hallway to my left.

Thanks for all your help Eric. I smiled and grabbed my luggage.

No problem. If you need anything else, just let me know. He smiled and went back to whatever
he was doing before I entered the lobby.

As I rounded the corner to the elevators, I wanted to do an immediate beeline back to the lobby.
Between the elevators on the left the couple that entered earlier was pressed up against the wall
in a heated make-out session. Trying not pull attention to myself, I walked to the elevators on the
right and pushed the up button. The elevator doors opened and I was happy that they did not join

I reached the 4th floor and found my room. As I was about to use my key, the door opened. In
front of me stood a girl with curly brown hair and blue eyes, Hello.. she said. Im Jessica she
propped open the door and helped me bring in my bags.

Hi, Im Bella. I dropped my bags to the floor and took a deep breath.

Its nice to meet you. Your room is over there next to the bathroom. Let me help you out. She
grabbed some bags and helped me roll them over to my room.

Thanks for your help.

No problem Jessica said.

By the waywe have another roommate her name is Angela. She is out getting groceries right
now though. Let me give you a small tour of the apartment. She smiled and led me back out my

This is the living room area, obviously. Your bathroom is right here to the right of your door,
you can also enter the bathroom from your room. Angela and I share a bathroom between our
rooms over their on the opposite side of the living room. The kitchen is right there at the end of
the living room and the small room off to the side is supposed to be a dining room; however, I
think it will be a good study area. She pointed in the direction of each room as she talked about
it. The kitchen is stocked with pots and pans, but we have to supply our own dishes, cups, and
food. Wellits not luxury, but its home for a few years. She turned to me and smiled.

Thanks Jessica. I think that this is going to work out pretty well. She excused herself to go run
some errands and I returned to my room to start setting up and putting things away. At least we
got our own rooms. I was afraid that I would end up sharing a room with someone. Thats all I
would need. Someone to get stuck with me and my sleep talkingUgh! Humiliation.

I unpacked and examined my room. After I finished I laid back on my bed to relax for a few


My eyes shot open and I looked at my cell phone. Ive been asleep for 3 hours! I stood up and
walked groggily to open my door.

Hey Bella. Sorry, I didnt mean to wake you. Did you want to get something to eat with us?
Jessica looked a little unsure as she asked me.

Sure. Sounds great. Give me a minute to freshen up, okay? She nodded and I headed off to the
bathroom. I guess I didnt realize how exhausted I was from the flight and unpacking. Looking
into the mirror I sighed and washed my face, combed my hair, grabbed some chapstick, and
sprayed on some strawberry body spray. I stepped back into my UGG boots and walked into the
living room.

Hi, Im Angela. Its really nice to meet you. Angela had super straight brown hair that was cut
in an angle to the front, making her hair shoulder length in the back and below her shoulders in
the front. She wore golden brown tortoise shell glasses, black skinny jeans, and a green ribbed
sweater. She was very smart looking.

The three of us headed out to a pizza shop around the corner from our apartment. We spent the
night getting to know each other.

I learned that Angela was here to study music, she played the violin and piano, and she hoped to
teach music one day. Jessica was here to study dance and hoped to dance and sing on Broadway.
Jess was completely into musicals.

I told them that I was here on scholarship for dance. That I planned on being a choreographer or
dance teacher. I did not want to be in the spotlight or dance on stage in front of people if I could
avoid it. They found my shyness very amusing for the major I had chosen. I shrugged and
laughed with them.

So Bella, do you already have a job lined up? Angela asked before taking a sip of her Coke.

No. Not yet, but I plan on looking around these next two weeks and hope to find something that
can work around my classes. I had been thinking about this for about a month before I arrived
and getting more nervous about not yet having any prospects. How about you guys?

Angela grinned and said that she had gotten a part time job working at a Museum in the
evenings, playing the piano for people who have dinners and events in a main entertaining room.
It was part time, but it was flexible and in the evening. The job also paid enough that she could
make it work. Jess on the other hand had a couple of interviews lined up with local dance studios
that taught couples and children to dance. She suggested that I make some phone calls to these
places as well to see about being an assistant.

Angela yawned and I noticed that it was almost 11pm. We paid our bills and went back to our
rooms. I took a quick shower, threw on my pajamas, and climbed into bed.

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Chapter: 4

Chapter 4 Reunions and Introductions

I had been in New York for 2 weeks, and was 2 weeks away from the start of my classes. Thanks
to Jessica I had gotten a part time evening job at a local dance studio, Jane Lane Choreography,
that mainly taught couples how to waltz, tango, and to do other choreographed dances for
weddings or special events. I was also lucky enough to be selected by Jane herself to help out
some weekends with a teen girl dance troop that she put together for competitions. It paid me
well enough and wouldnt interfere with my classes.

Jane was about the same height as me, 5 foot 10 inches; however, she was much thinner; a
definitely ballerina body. In fact, Jane was from France and had attended Juilliard about fifteen
years ago. She then danced Ballet for over six years, before she got married, had a baby, and then
opened her own dance studio. Jane and her family lived in a huge apartment above the dance
studio up on the 6th and 7th floor. The studio was on the 1st through the 4th floors, and the 5th
floor was office spaces for her staff.

During the past two weeks I have spent a lot of time with my roommates, more so with Angela
than Jessica. Jessica was a very social person who went out quite a bit. Angela was more
reserved and we could spend evenings in silence watching television without it being

A couple of times Jessica had gotten us to go out on a Friday or a Saturday and that was when
we would let loose. This most recent Saturday night we got dressed to kill and headed to a club
called Twilight. The club was amazing. You entered through a hallway that was covered in
twinkle lights that resembled stars. At the end of the hallway you entered a very chic lounge area
with low lighting that would randomly change color. The dance floor was off to the left of the
lounge area and there was a balcony that went around the whole upper half of the club, except
where the stage was.

It was on this night that we had a few too many drinks and were dancing a little crazy with each
other when I felt a tap on my arm. When I turned I was pulled into a huge hug by tiny little pale
arms. When I pulled back I saw Alice with a huge smile on her face.

Bella! It is so good to see you! Ive meant to call you, but Ive been so busy getting settled at
my apartment. She was beaming her bright white smile at me the whole time she spoke.

Hey Alice, it is great to see you too. I completely understand about being busy. Ive been
getting settled into my routine as well. I smiled back at her and she hugged me again.

Alice, what did we talk about personal space?! Rose giggled as she walked up and hugged me.

I giggled with her, Hey Rose, its great to see you. She smiled.

Alice, Rose. This is Angela and Jessica. Ang, Jess. This is Alice and Rose. I introduced my
two sets of friends. They all said their quick hellos.

Okay ladies. Lets show these people how to do this! Rose yelled and grabbed Alice and me,
while nodding to Ang and Jess to join us in the middle of the dance floor.

We were all grinding and moving around the floor for hours. We finally decided to stop to catch
our breath and grab something to drink.

The five of us found a couch in the lounge area and sat around watching guys and laughing the
night away.

Around 1am we decided to head out of the club. On my way out I felt a touch to my arm and
spun around. In front of me stood a 6 foot 5 inch guy, dark complexion, short black hair and
hazel eyes. He was extremely attractive.

He leaned down and whispered Hi. Im Jake.

Hi, Bella. I answered him with a smile.

I noticed you out on the dance floor, but didnt want to interrupt you and your friends. But I
definitely couldnt let you leave without talking to you. He smiled and winked at me.

I blushed a little and smiled back. Well thats a shame, because now I am leaving.

Can I give you my number, so that maybe we can get together and get to know each other
better? He looked at me with almost pleading eyes.

Sure. Whats your number? I cannot believe I was flirting. I never do this. It has to be the
multiple drinks Ive had tonight.

He wrote his number on a napkin at the bar and handed to me, kissed me on the hand he placed it
in, and then said I would love to hear from you sooner than later. Then he walked back to a
group of guys sitting on some couches. I noticed that one guy had a girl straddling his lap.

I waved bye and walked to meet my friends, they were giggling fiercely, and we all left together.
Alice and Rose caught a taxi back to their place after we hugged goodbye and promised to call
each other soon to make some plans. Jess, Ang, and I walked back to our apartment.

Now its the Monday after our girls night and I was struggling on whether I should call Jake or
not. I was completely nervous. I didnt know him and what if he was a creep. Angela told me to
be careful. Jessica told me to suck it up and just call for Gods sake. He was totally hot were
her exact words.

So I am sitting on my bed with the napkin in one hand and my phone in the other. The number is
dialed, but I have yet to build up the nerve to hit the send button. Just then Jess walked in.

Hey Bella, can I still borrow those black leather stiletto boots? She eyed me curiously then
walked over to me rolling her eyes. She then proceeded to hit the send button with her finger.

I looked up at her in panic JESSICA!

You better put the phone to your ear before he answers she smiled Im gonna just grab these
boots on my way out. Then she walked out my door.

Damn her.

Hello? HELLO?

UmmmheyJake? I sounded so ridiculous.

Yeah this is him. He sounded confused.

Hi, its Bella, from the club on Saturday? I crossed my fingers that he would even remember

Bella. Hey, Im glad that you called me. Phew. I could tell that he was smiling even though I
couldnt see him.

Yeah, wellI have to admit I was a little nervous calling.


Well, I wasnt sure that you would even remember me, ya know? There were a lot of girls there
that night. I laughednervously.

I could never forget you Bella. You were definitely a stand out.

I blushed and was thankful that he couldnt see me.

So, do you want to get together? He started to sound a little nervous now. I was glad that I
wasnt the only one.

Sure. What did you have in mind?

Well, I was thinking maybe we could get together for lunch or something. I am free tomorrow
afternoon, how about you?

That sounds great Jake. I would really like that. I was glad that he picked lunch instead of
dinner or movies. Lunch seemed to be a much better way to get to know each other before

Perfect. How about we meet at east entrance of Central Park? Its supposed to be a pretty decent
afternoon. Not too hot or humid. Lets say around 11:30am?

Ill meet you there at 11:30.

Great. See you then Bella.

Bye Jake. I smiled uncontrollably for about 45 minutes. Then I walked out to the living room
to watch movies with Ang before I had to head out to work.

While I was watching T.V. my phone rang. I looked at it and saw that it was Alice.

Hey Al. What are you up to?

Hey Bells! I was hoping that just maybe you would be up for shopping with me today?

Al, I have to be at work in 1 hour, so I cant today. Im sorry.

No problem. How about tomorrow?



Well, I have a date with that Jake guy that I met on Saturday. We are going to lunch and
meeting around 11:30, and then I have to work at 6pm.

Oh my goodness! Why didnt you call and tell me?! I am so coming over tomorrow to help you
get ready!

Alice, I can get myself readyyou dont have to do that.

No, no, no. I will be over tomorrow around 9am, so be up, showered, and ready to play dress
up! I could already tell that refusing Alice would be almost impossible.

OK, Ok Alice. Ill see you tomorrow.

Angela was trying to hold in laughing the whole time, but when I hung up she couldnt hold it in
any longer.

Hush it Ang, or Ill tell Alice you are available for a shopping trip tomorrow! I gave her an evil

You wouldnt do that! You know I hate shopping. She pouted.

Oh yeahwatch me.

Meanie! she stuck out her tongue and stomped her foot. Then we both laughed.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
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##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 5

Chapter 5 Central Park

Alice arrived at 9am sharp, looking as beautiful as always. I had just stepped out of the shower
when she bound into my room with arms full of bags.

Morning Bella She practically sang it. It is too early for singing.

Good morning Alice. I grumbled. She scoffed at me.

Well arent you just Mary Sunshine this morning. She smiled.

Hush. I ordered, but still smiled. How can you not smile at her?

Okay. Dress up time! She cheered.

She pulled the chair away from my desk and sat me down. She started with my hair, putting it
into huge curlers. Next she had me try on different outfits. We finally settled on a pair of light
gray skinny jeans, dark purple tank-top, and dark purple ballet flats. After the outfit came the

Okay, we are done. You can look in the mirror. Alice beamed with excitement.

I stood up and walked over to the full mirror that hangs on the back of the bathroom door with
my eyes closed. I wasnt sure if I wanted to look to see what Alice had done to me. I slowly
opened my eyes and looked at myself. I could hardly believe what I seeing.

Alice, you are a miracle worker. I dont think that I have ever looked this great. I turned and
smiled at her.

She was practically bouncing up and down. Oh Bella, thank you! But you realize that I hardly
did anything. You dont need a lot of makeup, you have a great figure, and you have gorgeous
hair. It was all too easy to clean you up.

Thanks Alice, you are really great for my ego. I hugged her tightly.

Bella! Its 10:45, youre going to be late if you dont get moving. Alice started pushing toward
the door. She threw my purse at me and shoved me out of the apartment.

Thank you again Alice.

No problem Bells, you owe me a shopping trip.

I reached the park and saw Jake standing there watching me walk toward him. How early did
you get here?

You are right on time Jake said, not answering my question. He held out his hand to me and I
took it.

We walked into the park and up to a hot dog vendor. We ordered hot dogs, grabbed a bag of
chips, and bottled water. I noticed that Jake had a small duffle bag slung over his shoulder.

We walked toward some street musicians where one was playing a guitar and the other a drum.
We headed about 15 feet away from them on an open piece of the park lawn, where Jake took
out a blanket from the duffle bag and laid it out. He pulled me down to sit with him. We sat, ate
and talked.

Jake told me about his parents, where he used to live, and that he was going to NYU studying
business, but his hobby was mechanics. I told him about my family and my plans. We must have
sat there for over an hour talking and listening to music. When it was coming up on 1pm, we got
up and started walking around the park some more. We stopped at a street vendor who was
selling ice cream and walked around with ice cream cones.

As we walked we came across a playground. Come on I yelled and ran for the swings. Jake
laughed and followed. We both jumped on a swing and proceeded to compete as to who could
swing the highest. After the swings, we headed to the boats and took a ride on those. Jake put his
arm around my shoulders and pulled me tight to him. It felt so comfortable so natural, like I had
known him my entire life.

Around 4:30pm we were saying our goodbyes.

Bella, I had an amazing time with you and would love to do it again.

I would like that too. How about you give me call later this week and we can work out a plan
for this weekend? I smiled then pushed up onto my toes, placed my hands on his chest, and
lightly kissed him.

Ummthat would be great Bells. Ill.uhcall you on Wednesday?

Sounds perfect, talk to you soon Jake. I waved and started walking toward my apartment.

Talk to you Bell. I could feel his eyes following me as I walked away, so I figured I should
make it worth his while by swaying my hips a little more than I usually do.

I had such a great time that I barely noticed anything on the way back to my apartment. I
couldnt wipe the smile off my face and couldnt stop thinking about Jake. When I got home I
realized that Jess and Ang werent home, so I just changed into my dance clothes and headed to
Janes studio for work.

When I arrived to work, I was greeted by Alice leaning against the entrance door.

So you have a H-U-G-E smile on your faceI take it you had a good time? she smiled widely
at me. I hadnt even realized that my cheeks actually were hurting from smiling the whole time
since I left Jake.

It was okay I guess I said teasingly. Alice slapped my shoulder. Ouch! Ok..Okay..it was great
Alice. We walked in Central Park, had a hot dog picnic, listened to street musicians, and.Oh
Alice it was just wonderful! I was gushing now.

Alice hugged me quickly and kissed my cheek. I am so happy for you Bella.

Im so happy too, but I have to get in there before Jane flips out. I hugged and waved bye to

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 6

Chapter 6 Wedding Singer

The week had flown by so quickly that when my phone rang Thursday I didnt even think about
the weekend date with Jake, I was just happy to see his number on my phone. We had talked
about every night since our first afternoon together and things were amazing.

Hey Jake. Whats up?

Hey Bells. I wanted to find out if you would be available and willing to accompany me to
dinner Saturday? He sounded so gentlemen like while he asked that I couldnt help but smile
listening to him.

Of course Jake, I would be honored.

Great! How about we go out to dinner Saturday evening? Are you available? he was definitely

Sure Jake. I dont have to work this weekend and would love to go to dinner. What time and
where do you want to go? I was starting to get really excited.

Hmmmhow about I meet you in front of your building around 4:30? And where we are going
is a surprise.

Oh..come one Jake, cant you give me a hint? I really dont like surprises. I was pleading now.
I wasnt lying. I really do not like surprises.

Nope. Ill see you at 4:30 Saturday?


Maybe? Bella?

I laughed. Ill see you Saturday.

That was not nice, Bella. He laughed. Ill see you Saturday.

Bye Jake.


After I hung up I got a shower, pulled on a dark blue cotton baby doll halter dress, combed my
hair, pulled it up into a loose pony tail, and took a look at myself in the mirror. Not bad. Ill have
to thank Alice for making me buy this dress. I slid my messenger bag over my shoulder and
slipped into my silver ballet flats. Another glance into the mirror and I was headed out the door.

I was on my way for orientation at Juilliard when I got a call from Rose.

Hey Rose, you on your way to orientation?

Actually I am already here Bells. I was calling to see if you were on your way and how close
you were.

Ohumm...Im about a block away now. Ill be there shortly.

Okay. Ill wait at the entrance for you, so Hurry Up!

Then there was silence. I put my phone away and started walking quicker. About 5 quick steps in
I bumped into a couple who were walking with their hands wrapped around each others waists.
She had her right hand in his back jeans pocket.

What the hell?! Walk much?! the girl yelled as she steadied herself.

Im so sorryit was completely my fault. Are you okay? I steadied myself as I apologized.

Damn straight its your fault you clumsy BIT she was cut off before she could finish.

Were fine, everythings okay. Its okay. He said looking straight at his girlfriend.

Okayagain I apologize. When he turned to look at me and nod his head I had a sudden
feeling of dj vu. I shook my head and turned to hurry toward where Rose was waiting for me.

Leaning against the doorway of the administration building was Rose in all her 6 foot goddess
glory. I suddenly didnt feel so confident in my dress and my appearance.

Hey Rose.

Hey Bells. Lets get in here and get this done so we can go to lunch or something. She smiled

She wrapped her right arm in my left and we walked into the building to begin our morning of
paperwork, class assignments, and new student orientation.

Oh for all that is holy, will this ever end Rose whispered into my ear during the orientation. I
silently laughed at her.

When it was finally finished, I stuffed all my papers, folders, and laptop into my bag. I stood up
and followed Rose to the exit. Rose quickly turned around after we exited.

Pizza or Chinese? she tilted her head as she asked me.

Chinese, definitely I smiled.

We wrapped arms again and walked to the Chinese restaurant that was a couple blocks down.
While we walked I told her all about Jake. And during our meal we talked about our classes and
future plans. Rose told me that she was leaving this weekend for a modeling job that came up
and that she was shooting in L.A. I was extremely happy for her, but also disappointed because I
wouldnt see her again until right before classes. We made plans to get together and do
something before our classes began.

Rose caught a taxi and I headed back to my apartment.

When I arrived home Ang was practicing her violin in her room and it seemed that Jess was out.

I headed to my room, placed my bag on my floor, and got my laptop out. I plugged my laptop in
and turned it on. While I waited for my laptop to start up I went to the bathroom to freshen up
and changed into some pajamas.

When I was done, I could see that my laptop was all warmed up. I signed in to my email account
and saw that my mom had emailed me about 4 times, even though I talk to her at least once a
week. Most of the emails were random I miss you, I am so proud of you, I love you, and
Dad says hello. I quickly responded to her emails so that she didnt chew me out during our
next phone call.

KnockknockknockI turned around and saw Angela standing in my doorway.

Hey Ang, whats up?

I didnt even hear you get in. How did you enjoy orientation? she giggled, since she knew how
mind numbing it had been. I laughed with her and crossed my eyes at here while sticking out my
tongue. Ang laughed harder. So, what do you say to a little.Wedding Singer? She wiggled
her eye brows and started to sing Do you really want to hurt me? Do you really want to make
me cry?

Sure. You put it in and I will make some popcorn. I closed my laptop and walked into the

When the microwave beeped the movie was just starting. I dumped the popcorn into a large bowl
and went to sit next to Ang.

I was just about to kiss Jake when he opened his mouth and the tango started to play out of it.

I woke up to hear my phone ringing, the tango. Oh Shit! Thats Jane! What time is it?? I guess I
fell asleep.


Bella? Are you okay? Jane sounded panicked. I noticed that it was already 10 past 6. Shit, shit,
shitIm late.

Jane, I am so so sorry! I accidentally fell asleep. I am on my way now, let me grab my bag. Im
so sorry!

Oh sweetie, its okay. I was just so worried that something happened to you. You are usually
early when you have to work. Ill see you when you get in. Dont rush okay she sounded more
relieved than angry. I was overly happy about that.

I threw on my yoga pants, my racer back dance shirt, threw on a t-shirt, and grabbed my dance
bag before running out the door.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 7

Chapter 7 Please Come Again

Mary Alice Brandon! I am not trying that on! why oh why did I give in to a shopping trip with
Alice? She shoved me into a dressing room, stole my clothes, and was throwing me some of the
most ridiculous outfits to try on.

Oh yes you are! Unless you want to walk out in your bra and underwear?! I actually heard her
giggle while she said that. That evil little.UGH!!!

FINE! But I wont like it! I put on the skin tight mini dress and skin tight leather pants, and
walked out of the dressing room.

Bella, how can you not love it? You look so hot! And with just the right shoes.. I cut her off
right there.

Alice! I look ridiculous! Maybe if I was as tiny as you or as amazingly built as Rose, but this is
way too much for someone like me. Could she seriously think that I could wear something like
this? This is for the fashionista or the perfect female body, and that was not me. I, by no means,
thought of myself as ugly or having a horrible figure; however, I was simply average especially
compared to Rose and Alice.

Bella, you have to be joking. Look at yourself, turn around. Look in the mirror. I turned and
walked toward the mirror.

Alice, look at me. It is way too much for me. I wasnt feeling comfortable in the outfit, but I
had to admit that it didnt look as bad as I thought that it would. Alice was really good at this.

You know what, you are completely blind. You look amazing, and for you to say that it is too
much for you is unreal. You really do not see how gorgeous you are, do you? She looked at me
with bewildered eyes.

You have to say that, youre one of my best friends I teased.

Nope, as your best friend it is my job to tell you the truth and that is what I just told you. She
smiled and hugged me tight. Okay, we are totally buying this outfit for our back to school girls
night. Now we just need to get shoes and accessories! She pushed me back into the dressing
room and threw my jeans and t-shirt back at me.

After we finally finished shopping and had put the shops behind us, I spotted a coffee shop. Al,
lets grab some caffeine, Please?!

I grabbed her arm and pulled her into the coffee shop. There were a couple of people ahead of us,
so we chatted while we waited. We talked about my upcoming date with Jake and some ideas for
our back to school girls night out. Finally we were up.

Hey, how can I help you? This guy was huge. I mean he looked like he could easily be a
linebacker in the NFL. He had to be at least 6 foot 5 inches tall and was built like a champion
body builder. He was slightly intimidating, but his eyes and his smile could almost make you
melt. He was quite attractive.

Alice answered first, Ill have a large iced cappuccino, please. Then Alice and the guy, whose
name tag said Emmett, looked at me. Ill have a large iced coffee with a shot of French vanilla

Sure, coming right up. He smiled and winked at us. We giggled and of course I blushed. Here
you go ladies. Please, please, come back again. We paid and grabbed a cab.

The cab pulled up to my apartment where Alice and I said goodbye and I got out. I waved to
Alice as the cab took her back to her and Roses apartment.

Ugh! My hair wont do anything. I cant get it right. Why am I so nervous? Its not as if I have
never been out or talked to Jake. Ugh!

Having some problems there Bells? I turned to see Jessica standing in the bathroom doorway.

Problems dont even cover it. Look at this mess as I pointed to my head. She laughed and
walked in.

Let me help you out.

Once my hair was done, I was finished. I grabbed my purse, slid on my shoes, and headed
downstairs to meet Jake. As our prior date, Jake was there waiting. Early again. I smiled and
greeted him with a hug and kiss to the cheek.

Hey Jake. You havent been waiting long have you?

No, I got here a little early. You ready to go? He smiled largely.

Sure am. So.where are we going anyway? I raised an eyebrow at him.

Not so fast sneaky. Its still a surprise. We will be there soon enough. He took his finger and
tapped my nose when he said it. I pretended to pout.

He wrapped his hand around my waist and we started heading down the street.

We stopped in front of an Indian restaurant and he held the door open for me to enter. I walked
in. I was a little nervous; I had never eaten at an Indian restaurant before. He seemed to pick up
on this.

Do you mind eating here? He asked apprehensively.

Yeah. Its fine, Ive just never eaten Indian food before. I smiled sheepishly.

Well, just be honest with me if you dont like it. He smiled and tightened his hold on my waist.

Once we were seated, I had Jake do the ordering. We sat and talked more about our pasts and our
future plans trying to get to know each other better. I discovered that I do like Indian food and
that Jakes favorite color was blue, his favorite band is LifeHouse, and that his heritage in
American Indian.

As we started to head back to my apartment Jake grabbed my hand into his and walked us over
to a horse and carriage parked on the side of the road. Jake no, you dont have to do this.

Bella, I want to do this, as long as you want to. He paused for my response.

I smiled and he took that as permission to continue. We climbed into the carriage and I snuggled
very close to Jake. His left arm was wrapped around my waist and his right hand was holding my
right hand. My head was leaned on his shoulder and our bodies were turned into each other as
close as you could get in a carriage, in public. I was beyond comfortable with Jake. It was as if
we had always known each other. The night had gotten slightly chillier and Jake was perfect for
keeping me warm.


Hmmm Jake?

Would you object if I kissed you? He asked so quietly that I barely heard him.

I turned my head to face him and his lips moved down to mine. I felt his right hand move to cup
my face as his lips moved more urgently against mine. His warm breath became faster and hotter
on my mouth. Suddenly he stopped and looked into my eyes. I pushed forward and crashed my
lips onto his. Sliding my tongue along his mouth letting him know where I wanted to go with this
kiss. His lips parted and our tongues danced fiercely against each other.

His hand moved from my face to my hair, gripping it. My right hand had moved to his chest and
my left hand had moved to the back of his neck, pulling him closer to me.

I could feel a burning lust roll throughout my entire body. There was an urgency to fill a need
that I had not been drawn to for some time. I was very thankful and at the same time
disappointed that we were in public.

The carriage stopped abruptly and we both pulled back from each other and gasped to regain our
normal breathing. He smiled at me and I smiled back at him. I looked over my shoulder and
realized that we were in front of my apartment.

Jake helped me down from the carriage and walked me to the entrance of the building. We held
on tightly to each other, kissed again only softer, and said our goodbyes.

I changed into my pajamas and climbed into bed thinking about the greatest night of my life and
drifted off to wonderful and very detailed dreams.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 8

Okay. So this is the longest chapter so far. It is kind of a filler, but I wanted to work Angela
in there and really play up how Jess is becoming.

I know that we want to get to Edward. Trust me I want to get there too. But keep in mind
that this is about missing each other at various moments. She has already had some
brushes with him and with some of his friends if you haven't figured that out already.

After this chapter I plan on pushing Bella and her friends through college pretty quickly
(with a few more "misses" with Edward). I also plan on working Angela's story line a little
more, pushing through Bella and Jake's relationship as well. She will be with Jake for
awhile. (sorry if you hate that).

I am also currently working on a couple of Edward point of view chapters, so that you get a
glimpse of the "misses" with Bella in his point of view. Some will be almost nothing to him,
others will be a little more than you get from Bella's point of view. It's a really rough draft
so far, so I can't promise it to come too soon. Besides I still have to work the girls through
college and into their real New York life. :o)

I hope you are enjoying the story. Thanks to everyone who reviews and if you have any
questions or suggestions, please let me know.

One last thing...I am still trying to work out a name for Edward's band. I haven't gotten
anything to come to mind that really feels like its perfect. So I'm taking all suggestions.

Of course...I do not own the characters...I only manipulate their lives how I see fit. :o)

Chapter 8 Your Body Is A Temple

I woke up smiling on Sunday. Last night was great, Jake was great, and the kiss was
phenomenal. And on top of my great date, I slept in till 10 this morning. Awesome! I felt great.

I pulled my hair up into a ponytail and sat down to my laptop to check email. I had a few more
emails from my mom; she wanted me to send her some pictures from New York and wanted me
to tell her how my date went.

After responding to mom, I walked out to grab a small breakfast.

Morning Bells Ang greeted me looking over a newspaper.

Morning Ang I replied.

You slept pretty late. I guess you had a pretty good night. She wiggled her eyebrows at me
while grinning widely.

Hmmmmyou could say that. I grinned at her and she giggled.

So is it L-O-V-E?

I dont think I would go that far, yet, but it seems to have potential. Hes great Ang. He is so
nice and its so easy to be with him, so comfortable. And I do believe I could get used to kissing
him frequently. The grin had still not left my face.

Im happy for you. Ang pulled her paper back up to read.

I grabbed some cranberry juice, eggs, and bread. I whipped up some scrambled eggs, popped the
bread in the toaster, and poured my self a glass of juice. After everything was done, I sat next to
Ang and started to eat like I had been denied food for a month.

Are you hungry this morning? Ang teased. I nodded and smiled with a mouthful of food.

So Ang, I noticed that you have been out a lot lately, what have you been up to? And please do
not tell me that you are clubbing with Jess?

She giggled. No, no clubbing with Jess. I actually met a pretty nice guy. I raised my eyebrow
in curiosity. He plays the Cello and we have been practicing together. She had a naughty little
smile on her face.

And? I probed.

And.we went out a couple of nights after playing to get coffee, dinner, and went to a movie.
Its been really nice.

Angela Weber! I cannot believe you havent told me about him until now. Im so excited for
you. I cleaned up my breakfast mess and washed my dishes.

So, what do you have planned today? You gonna see Jake today?

No, he has some things he has to do today. I was thinking of inviting Alice over and having a
movie marathon. You interested in joining us? I turned to look at her face.

Id love to. Im gonna go get showered and throw on some lounging clothes though.

No problem. Im gonna call Alice and do the same thing. I yelled back to her as I walked to
my room to get my phone.

I went to call Alice and saw that I had three text messages.

7am (God who is texting that early in the morning?)


You better call me with date details!!! Did you kiss him? Did you bring back to your place?




I had a great time last and cant stop thinking about how great everything has been. Wish I could
see you today. Let me know if I can give you call later today.



Bella! Where are you? If you dont answer me soon I am going show up at your apartment and
pull you out of bed! I want details.



I called Alice first.

Its about time girl! This is how she answered her phone. Give me details, details, details.

I laughed. Good morning to you today. So what kind of college student is sending text messages
at 7am?

Do not side track me, Bella. Tell me all the naughty details.

I will, but first what do you have planned today? Ang and I are going to lounge and watch
movies this afternoon, you up for it?

Hmmm.throw in popcorn and chocolate and I will be there in an hour.


Okay now spill it! She demanded. Alice was tiny, but I feel bad for the person who dares to
defy her.

I gave Alice every detail of the date, all the way down to the outfit I had worn. After hanging up
I plugged my Ipod into my stereo and jumped in the shower.

I dried off, combed my hair, and threw on a cami, sleep shorts, and I grabbed a sweatshirt to
throw on. I went into the kitchen and started make some brownies. Heres your chocolate Alice. I
smiled while making them.

What movies do you want? I jumped when Ang asked. I hadnt heard her come back in the
room. Did I scare you? She laughed as I nodded and smiled. Sorry.

UmmI dunno. Do we want to totally chick flick it this afternoon or do you want me to
unleash my horror movie collection? Ang shuddered.

Im thinking chick flick. I cant believe that you watch all the gory stuff, uck. I laughed. I
knew that some people thought it was odd that I would be so in love with scary movies, horror
movies, or even just gore. I couldnt help it. I loved it.

Whats this I hear about chick flicks? Jess said groggily as she appeared from her bedroom.

Hey Jess. We are having a movie marathon afternoon. You up for it or do you have plans? Jess
was definitely a social butterfly. Well she was a little more than social. She was definitely trying
to make a mark as a party girl. I often thought that she tried just a little too hard to be liked and
wanted by guys, but its not my place to judge. Shes always been pretty decent to me.

Sure, sure, I think I need a regrouping day. Im beat. She grabbed some juice from the fridge
and reached for the box of pop tarts.

Ang was scanning the videos when there was a knock on the door. Ang went to the door, I heard
her greet Alice.

Alice bounced into the room as cheery and energetic as ever. Hey Bells. Hey Jess.

Hey Al Jess and I said at the same time.

Do I smell brownies? I nodded my head. Yum! You know I love you so much for them
right? I laughed.

Okay so I say we start off with Clueless then Love Actually, 10 Things I Hate About You,
and finally How to lose a guy in 10 Days. What do you think? Ang scanned our faces for

We all nodded in agreement. Jess plopped onto the loveseat with her legs stretched out taking up
the whole couch. Alice sat in the middle of the couch and Ang sat to her right. I took out the
brownies, made the popcorn, and put everything in bowls and on plates.

As I was about to take the food over to the coffee table, Alice appeared by my side. She reached
into a large bag and pulled out Margarita mix. God I love you Alice!

I know. Im the best. She said smiling. Wheres the blender? I pointed above the fridge. She
grabbed it down and started mixing up the drinks.

I decided to grab some vegetables out of the fridge and put a small veggie tray together. Ang
walked in and poured some chips in a bowl.

We all carried the items out and arranged them on the table. We kicked it off with Clueless and
all got comfy.

We had just started 10 Things I Hate About You, when I remembered that I didnt ask Ang
who the guy was that she was seeing. Maybe I knew him.

Hey Ang, so whats the guys name that you are hanging with? I was curious.

What guy?! Alice snapped her head to Ang.

UmmwellI was telling Bella this morning that I have been kind of hanging out with this
guy I met. Alice had definitely made Ang a little apprehensive in answering. Alice has that

So do I know him? I pushed.

WellI think so. Its Eric, Eric Yorkie. She looked nervously down to her hands that were in
her lap.

The guy that is behind the front counter downstairs? The light bulb was shining brightly today
for me.

Yeah she still was looking at her hands.

I smiled warmly and leaned over to her. Thats great Ang. He seems like a really nice guy. She
smiled back when she saw both Alice and I smiling at her.

Yeah, nice if you like geeky losers. Jess spat out. I thought she had fallen asleep.

All three of our heads turned quickly to Jess.

What the hell Jess? I scoffed at her.

Gee thanks Jess Angela said.

No you did not just say that?! Alice yelled at her.

What? Im just being honest. I mean come onhe clearly is a total loser. Everyone knows it.
Jess looked at us like it was just fact. She shrugged and laid back down on the loveseat.

You know Jess, not everyone wants to go and put themselves out there for EVERYONE. Some
people respect themselves and some people respect others enough to not want to just be physical
and then never talk again. Ang was very irritated by Jess.

Whatever. Jess said and she got up and walked to her room and closed the door behind her.

Good riddance. Alice stated.

Ang, dont listen to her. I doubt she knows him more than flirting with him at the front counter
to get something in return. You know him better than any of us. Im sure he is great. I think I
may have been trying to hard to make her feel better.

Thanks. Ang was still upset.

How about some pizza? Lets get some ordered and over her pronto! Alice suggested.

You know Ang loves the pizza place around the corner, why dont we order from there? I

But then dont deliver Bells

Oh thats alright. Ill run over and grab it; its just around the corner. Besides I need to work off
some of these damn brownies. By the time my classes begin I am going to be 15 pounds bigger
and have a hell of a time trying to pirouette I laughed and they joined in.

Alice called the pizza shop. I ran to freshen up in the bathroom, changed into my running shorts
and t-shirt and grabbed my running shoes out of my room. They said 15 minutes Bells Alice
shouted to me.

Okay I answered as I walked back to the living room.

Ill be back in about 30 minutes I said not looking over at them. Dont pause the movie, just
keep watching.

I went out the door and headed to the pizza shop which was about 2 blocks up and around the
corner. I decided to jog to the shop and to walk back, since I would have to carry the pizza.

When I reached the front of the pizza shop I stopped and leaned against the front window. Holy
crap I needed to start working out again. I may dance 3-4 days a week, but I think I need to start
getting my butt in gear. I turned to walk into the pizza shop and saw that they had placed some
tables out front now for people to sit. There were only 3 tables, but a group of guys had
confiscated 2 tables and were laughing loudly.

As I turned to head in I heard a male voice. Hey there sweetheart, if you need a work out I can
think I could help you out for a few hours. The group started to chuckle.

I turned around slowly, not sure if he was referring to me. There stood an averaged size guy with
dirty blonde hair. He looked like he had been out partying all night and had a cigarette hanging
off his lip.

I cocked an eyebrow at him. Oh really?

Oh definitely, clearly your body is a temple that I would gladly worship for a few hours? He
smiled smugly.

Well, as you already know, today is Sunday. So there are no services today. Sorry. I turned on
my heels and went to pick up the pizza. I heard a roar of laughter as I was walking away.

James! You completely got played dude! someone had yelled in a boisterous voice.

Fuck you Emmett! was this James guys response.

When I exited the shop the group was gone. Thank the lord.

I headed back to the girls with the pizza and told them about the asshole named James.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 9

Chapter 9 Belly Dancer and Italian

After we straightened up the apartment and cleaned the dishes, I told Angela goodnight and
headed to my room. I grabbed my pajamas, the ones I had lounged around in earlier, and headed
to the bathroom.

I turned the shower on and as I was about to climb in I heard my phone. I shut the shower off and
went for my phone.

Hello? I answered hesitantly.

Hey there beautiful.

Hey Jake I smiled into the phone. How was your day?

Would have been better if I couldve spent it with you, but at least I have all my books and
classes finished up.

You are such a sweetie arent you?

I try, I try. He laughed. So, can I interest you in dessert?

Huh? I was beyond confused now.


I was thinking that I could offer you some dessert. Ice cream or not?


I was cut off by Angel. Bella are you dressed?!

Hold on Jake. I pulled the phone down from my face. Yeah, Ang, come in.

As my door was opening I put the phone back to my ear, but heard nothing. Jake? Jake? Hello?

I suddenly felt arms wrap around my waist and lips brush my ear. So was that a yes to the ice

I quickly turned and met Jakes eyes. My lips curled up in the corners and developed into a very
wide smile. He smiled back. I pushed up onto my tip toes, put my arms around his neck, and
kissed him gently but passionately.

We pulled away from each other after a few minutes So, thats a yes then? He laughed and I

He walked out of my room and came back in with a bag. He pulled out a pint of chocolate ice
cream and two spoons. Haagen Dazsmy favorite.

We sat and ate on my bed, talking and joking with each other for about an hour.

Hey, do you mind if I get a shower? Ill be right back. I was basically pleading to him with my

Sure, sure. No problem. Ill be here when you get out. He smiled widely.

I ran to the bathroom and hurried through my shower. I combed through my hair and put it into a
loose braid. I threw on the sleep shorts and cami I had on earlier in the day and re-entered my
bedroom. Jake was standing looking over the pictures that I had up on my wall. Pictures of
friends from home, family, and of trips/vacations I had taken.

Find anything interesting?

He turned quickly. I had caught him off guard.

Sorry. I saw the pictures and just started to look. I hope you dont mind. It was a statement, but
he was also looking for reassurance.

Its fine Jake I walked over to my bed and sat down on my bed. He followed and sat down next
to me. We talked awhile longer and Jake asked me a lot about dance and how I got interested in

The next thing I know I opened my eyes to bright sunlight and stretched. I realized that there was
someone next to me and I froze. I turned my head and saw Jake asleep next to me. I shifted
myself so that I could watch him sleep. He looked almost like a little boy. It was so sweet and he
was so cute.

I tried to gently move his arm from around my waist so not to wake him, but his grip tightened.
He pulled me closer to him and shifted his body toward me. I looked at his face and he was
smiling at me, eyes still closed.

Not so fast, I dont think Im ready to let go just yet. He opened his eyes. You know, you are
quite cute when youve just woken up.

I smiled and moved up to kiss him. Good morning. Im so sorry that I fell asleep.

Not a problem. It gave me a reason to stay without having to ask if it was okay. You arent
upset are you? That I stayed? He looked worry.

Of course not Jake, Im glad that you stayed. It was nice to wake up with you.

I second that statement.

So what do you want for breakfast? I sat up and pulled on a sweatshirt. We walked to the

After Jake left, I started to clean up the breakfast mess.

Ang came out of her room yawning. Did I just hear Jake leave? She wiggled her eyebrows at

Yes and no it wasnt like that. I fell asleep while we were talking. I smiled.

Uh huhsure you did. She teased.

I am so glad that I have today off to relax she said yawning again I dont think I slept very

Ang, I am so sorry about what Jess said yesterday. I didnt realize just how insensitive shes
been getting I shook my head. I mean she was so nice when we all first got here a month ago. I
dunno what is going on with her.

Ang sat down at the bar stool across from me with her coffee cup and leaned her head into her
hand. Im not sure Bell, but I think it has to do with the girls shes started to hang out with.
Shes always going out with the party girls. I think they are all kind of bitchy and its really
starting to rub off on her. Oh well. At least we will all be consumed with school and jobs next
week to really have to deal to much with her.

True, about school, but I guess I didnt realize that she was hanging with them, of course I dont
really see or talk to Jess too often. I sighed. Oh well, Jess is a big girl. Shell have to worry
about herself. I took a deep breath and noticed the time. OH SHIT!

Huh? What? Ang sat up straight quickly and looked at me with slight worry.

I have 20 minutes to get to the dance studio. Jane is taking a few of us for dance lessons at
another studio To broaden our dancer horizons. I tried to imitate Janes French accent while I
smiled and laughed a little.

Ang laughed at my horrible attempt. And may I ask how she is broadening that?

I blushed slightly having to admit, Belly dancing. I looked up to see Angs reaction.

HA HA HA HA HA She doubled over in laughter. You do realize that they will make you
show your belly while you dance dont you? She knew that I was not one for showing a lot of

Ughdont remind me I started to huff. At least its all girls, I think.

I rushed to my room grabbed my dance bag and threw it on my bed. I quickly changed into my
dance clothes and decided to just twist the loose braid into a bun at the nape of my neck. Threw
my extra set of clothes and dance shoes into my bag, slipped on my tennis shoes and ran for the

Bye Ang! See you later tonight!? I wasnt sure if she would be home.

Bye Bells. Maybe! I have a date tonight with Eric. She sounded really excited.

I was running out of the building doors, when I almost ran face-on into Jessica, who was with a
blonde hair guy with bright blue eyes, a strawberry blond (who I had come to learn was Tanya),
and a red haired, no wait bronzed colored hair guy walking in. I jumped back out of the way
Sorry, excuse me.

Geez Bella, in a hurry or what? Jessica sneered at me.

Gotta get to Janes. I smiled realizing she had forgotten about the free lesson that Jane had
offered. This meant I wouldnt have to deal with her. Ahthere is a God and She loves me.

Shock hit Jessicas face. Oh I guess you mustve forgotten Jess.

I watched Tanya drag the bronze haired guy out of the door way as I said excuse me and
squeezed past. I couldnt help but briefly notice how great that guy had smelled and that his body
was amazing. UGHwhat am I doing? I am with Jake and that guy is with Tanya, ewww!

I bolted for it once I was free from them. I made it just in time to see Jane walking out of the
dance studio with the other dancers that worked for her.

I. Am. So. Sorry. For. Running. So I was barely able to breath between words.

Bella, dont explain. Youre right on time, dear. We are just walking down to the other studio
now. Come on Love. She smiled and wrapped her arm around mine as we walked in a group
down the street. We talked about France and different dance styles on the way to the other studio
and back to Janes.

Upon our return to Janes she invited a few of us up for an early dinner.

We all dropped our bags and shoes off by the front door and followed Jane into her apartment.

It wasnt the first time that I had been to Janes apartment above the studio, but it never failed to
impress. Large windows, hard wood floors, a massive stainless steel kitchen (which is helpful
when your husband is a chef), and they had completely renovated the 6th and 7th floors to be a
complete open floor plan with a loft/balcony where the bedrooms and personal offices were. It
was amazing.

So how was the belly dancing ladies? Aro, Janes husband, appeared from the kitchen. Jane
had met Aro in Italy as a young woman when she was traveling as a dancer. They now had a 15
year old daughter name Clarice, Clari for short.

We all smiled and shook our hips. He chuckled. So my love have your prepared a feast for my
friends? Jane leaned a placed a kiss upon Aros cheek. His arm twisted around her waist and
pulled her closer to him.

But of course. What else do you have me around for? He winked to Jane.

Oh, I can think of a few other things. She winked back and motioned for us to follower her to
the dining room.

Aro had prepared linguini, clam sauce, seafood alfredo sauce, marinara sauce, meatballs, and
there were baskets full of different breads and dipping oils. It smelled amazing.

Jane, how are we supposed to stay in shape with your husband setting us up on a carb-fest?
Irina (another one of the student assistants) teased.

Oh dears, you are all so young and active. Youll burn it off in no time. No everyone sit and
enjoy! She smiled and motioned for us all to sit.

I arrived home around 8pm. I was so exhausted. I tried to jog the way back from Janes in an
attempt to work off the amazing food we had eaten.

After arriving home, I jumped into the shower and got dressed in pajamas. While combing my
hair I heard my phone beep.

I grabbed my phone and saw that I had a text from Alice.


Call me when you have a chance. Rose is back and we want to plan our Girls Weekend.

Luv ya, Alice.

Weekend? What happened to girls night? Now its the weekend?

I dialed Alices number.

Bella! What took you so long to call me!?

Alice, I just got your message two minutes ago!

It only takes a minute to read a text Bella. She giggled. Okay so lets plan our Girls

I thought we were planning a girls night? I was quite curious now.

Yeah, but we need to do this properly. So Rose and I have an idea to head to Twilight Friday
night. Thats band night. And then Saturday is just a girls night to go out and party at a new club
that just opened this past weekend. What do you think?

Sounds great Alice. Do you care if I invite Jake to Fridays band night? I wasnt sure how she
would respond to this idea, but I wouldnt see him much after school got underway.

Hmmm.it is supposed to be a girls night, but Friday is okay. Not on Saturday though. Thats
just for us! She giggled wildly. Rose says hi by the way.

Tell Rose I said hello back at her.

Oh and Bella, Ive got the outfits covered for the weekend.

Outfits? Alice?

Sorry Bells, gotta go. I need my beauty rest. Night! She laughed and hung up on me.

Crazy little fashion freak I sighed and climbed into my bed exhausted.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 10

Chapter 10 Falling for You

The week had flown by amazingly quickly. I couldnt believe that it was already Friday. I woke
up late in the morning and wandered to the kitchen for something to eat.

I was leaning into the fridge getting some strawberries out to put in my Rice Crispies when I felt
someones eyes on me. I stood and looked over my shoulder. There was a blonde hair, blue eyed
guy behind me, and I was currently catching him in the act of staring at my ass.

Uh Hum! I cleared my throat to get his attention away from my ass.

He looked up quickly. Hey. Good morning.

Yeah, good morning. I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. And you are??

Oh, sorry. Im Mike. I am here with Jessica. He smiled slyly.

O-h-k-a-y is all I could say to this guy. I turned back around to get my breakfast together;
however, I shifted myself around so that my ass was in a different direction.

I heard the TV turn on behind me. Well he just makes himself right at home doesnt he?

Mike? Jesss voice bellowed from her room. Hey, there you are? She walked out with hair in
complete disarray. I had to stuff cereal in my mouth not bust up laughing at her. She climbed
next to him on the couch and cuddled up to him while he ignored her and watched sports
highlights. I hope she wised up soon, because she was becoming pathetic.

I walked back to my room to get a shower and get dressed.

When I left the apartment, Mike and Jess were not on the couch. But I could here muffled noises
from her room. Ick! I rushed to leave as fast as possible.

I arrived to Janes early, so I got my IPod out and started working on some dance steps that I
have been thinking about recently. I know that I will have to come up with different dances for
my classes, so I figure if I start now Ill be that much better off. I had been listening to Uninvited
by Alanis Morrisette on the plane when I started to develop some steps, so I had been working
on those. The routine was basically classic ballet steps with a few modern dance touches.

I was finishing a final spin when I was startled by Jane, Irina, and Maria standing against the
entrance archway watching me. My hand flew to my chest and I started to laugh.

You guys completely scared the crap out of me. I was breathing heavily trying to catch my

Bella, that was beautiful. How long have you been working on it? Jane tilted her head

Well its still a work in progress, but Ive been physically working it out for about a week now.
Before that it was all mentally forming. I could feel myself ready to blush.

You are very good my dear girl. Julliard is not going to know what to do with you. She smiled
fiercely and led the others into the room where we started working on some steps that we would
work on with her students.

After Janes, I called Jake on my way back to the apartment to make sure he wasnt ditching me

Hey baby. This had become my greeting every time I called him now.

Hey you, youre still coming tonight right?

Definitely, but I will have to meet you there. I have to wrap some things up before I can get out
of here. He sounded tired and I started to feel bad for dragging him out with me and my friends.

Jake you know that if you are too tired He cut me off.

If you think for one second that I am going to miss a night out with you, you are crazy. Ill meet
you at the club tonight okay? He was scolding me, but being sweet about it.

Okay, Okay. Im just starting to feel guilty. I can tell you are tired Jake was working as a
student assistant for a mechanical engineering firm. He often had to pull long hours. I dont
know how he is going to handle it with school starting up, though this is his final year; whereas I
was just starting my run. I was starting to wonder how this was going to work out for us.

So Rose and Alice arrived to my apartment dressed to the nines. They looked absolutely
fabulous. Ugh. Im stuck going out with super models again, damn it!

Come on Bells. I have your outfit and the perfect make-up in mind. Alice drug me into my
bedroom, while Rose laughed and sat on the couch to wait.

20 minutes laterThere. All finished. You look great! She beamed.

Alice looking great will be withered away standing by you and Rose I said as I rolled my eyes.

Oh hush and look in the mirror. Then slip on these shoes and we are outta here! Yeah! She
bounced out the door to get with Rose.

I walked over and slipped on the heels that Alice was demanding that I wear. I walked into the
living room to see Alice and Rose pulling Angela into her room. I laughed loudly. She didnt
know what she was in for.

A few moments later Ang appeared behind Alice and Rose with her Ro-Al make over. You
look stunning Ang!

Alice and Rose are miracle workers! She smiled. You look pretty hot yourself. Better not let
Jake catch any other guys checking you out. Everyone laughed.

We headed to Twilight.

The four of us headed down the hallway of twinkle lights and entered the lounge part of the club.
I looked for Jake, but didnt see him around. I noticed that the stage was cleared of all DJ
equipment for the bands that were playing tonight.

Alice sat on one of the couches that were all set up around the stage and the bar. They had
brought in many more couches for people to use instead of chairs.

So Alice, what bands are playing tonight? Would I know any of them?

Ummmaybe. Though I doubt it, they are all new bands really. Its kind of an amateur night
thing, sort of.

Oh. Gotcha. So have you ever heard any of their songs before? I looked at Alice and then at

Yeah. I have. But thats only because my brother, Jasper, is one of the bands Rose answered
And Alices cousin Edward is in the band as well with two other friends of theirs.

Ahh Jasper. There goes Alices face again. I couldnt help but smile at her.

What? she asked.

Nothing. So, you mentioned them on the plane right? I thought I remember the conversation,
but I just wanted to press Alice about Jasper more. I know. I am so bad sometimes.

Yeah. Thats them. Though I really havent talked to my cousin in like years. She looked at me
kind of funny. We were really close when we were younger and I loved him like a brother, but
then my parents moved us to Washington and I didnt see him as often. Though we still tried to
keep in touch, I only talk to him occasionally.

We only knew the band was playing because I talk to Jasper on a weekly basis Rose added.
Jasper and I are pretty close, but we dont get together too often since we both have busy

I was going to press more about Jasper and Alice; however, a man had taken center stage to
begin the band introductions.

*We have a great show set up for you tonight. Three AMAZING bands! To start off the night we
have Black Hole!*

And with that the night kicked off with a band that was slightly punk but they were pretty decent.

Alice, Rose, and I got up in our area and started bobbing our heads and dancing like maniacs.
We laughed and pulled Angela up to dance with us. Irina and Maria arrived then and started
joining in with us. Their last song was slower, so we all sat and caught our breath.

It was at that moment that I felt smooth, warm lips at the back of my neck. I jerked around to see
Jake grinning largely at me. You made it! He climbed over the couch and sat next to me with
his arm around my waist. I kissed him on the cheek. We sat and waited for the next band

*Lets hear it for Black Hole, they were awesome! Up next is another local band that some of
you may knowBlood Lust!*

There were some wild cheers at the back of the club, so apparently they had a bit of a following.
Jake clapped his hands. You know this band? I asked.

A little. I know the last band though, the most. I met them about a month ago and they were
pretty cool and sounded pretty good too. His attention went back to the stage as they began to

This band was much heavier than the prior band, and I had to admit that Black Hole was more
fun to dance around to. When their set finished the last band was up.

*Okay, we have had a great time so far and we are not going to disappoint you with the next
band. A band that many of you know and lovelets hear it for Coven!*

Coven took the stage and the crowd went crazy. Clearly they were a favorite. I looked at Alice.
Her eyes went straight to the base player. He looked tall with blondish hair. It was hard to tell
because he was wearing a baseball cap. He seemed pretty attractive. I glanced back to Alice who
was out of her seat just waiting for the music to start. I looked over at Rose who was looking at
Alice and smiling. I figured then that Rose was well aware of Alices attraction to her brother.

The band started playing and they were great! The started with a song called Hanging by a
Moment, then Addicted, and finished with a song called Broken, they were amazing. The
drummer was a huge guy who looked like he could crush the drums he was playing. The lead
singer was attractive and I think he had brown hair or red hair. It was hard to tell with the lights
and the hat he was wearing on his head. He also held a guitar. There was another guy to the right
of the singer who was also playing a guitar. He looked eerily familiar. Long scraggly dirty-blond
hair and his face seemed creepishly familiar. But I couldnt place it.

After the bands finished up, I turned to Alice to tell her that I was going to head back to my place
with Jake. I knew he was tired and I wanted to get some rest before Alice took me out tomorrow
night till god knows when.

We said our goodbyes and went to get a cab.

I have to admit that the bands were pretty good, especially the last one. I turned to Jake as a
cab pulled up for us.

Are you sure it was the songs or were you checking out the guys? He winked at me.

Jake! Stop it, you know youre the only one Im checking out; at least when you are around. I
winked back.

Oh really he said as his fingers attacked my sides.

STOP, STOP IT, HA HA HA HA HA, AHHH, JAKE QUIT IT! He eased up on his tickling
and let me breath.

Wow Bella, I had no idea that you were that ticklish. Good knowledge for future use. He
smiled and wiggled his fingers at me.

Dont you dare! I gave him a stern look but then burst into laughter.

Jake paid the cab driver after he pulled up to my building; we both got out of the car and walked
in. Upon entering the elevator I felt Jakes arms wrap tightly around my waist. I leaned back into
his chest. His face nuzzled into my hair and then his lips were trailing from my ear down my
neck and back up again. If this elevator didnt hurry up there was going to be a whole lot of
inappropriate behavior going down in here.

When the elevator doors parted, I grabbed Jakes hand and led him to my apartment. Once inside
I closed the door behind us and turned around. Jake placed both hands against the door on both
sides of my head. My back was moving closer to the door as Jakes body was pushing against

Bella, do you realize how hard it is to keep my hands off of you. It sounded more like a
statement than a question and he crushed his lips to mine before I could respond. My hands
wrapped around his neck and pulled his face closer to mine. His hands found my waist and
pulled my body tightly to his closing any gaps of space between us.

I leaned my head back to catch my breath and his lips traveled over my chin and down the front
of my neck to my collarbone. Thats all it took. My body took over and had a mind of its own. A
burning urgent need rolled from my lips to my toes and to the tips of my fingers. I jumped up
and wrapped my legs around his waist. His hands grabbed the back of my thighs to support me
as he carried me to my room and kicked the door shut.

He laid me back across my bed gently while hovering over me. I pulled his mouth back to mine
and pressed my tongue to his lips. He took the hint and our tongues began a passionate dance to
conquer each others mouth.

His left arm supported his weight while is right hand moved to cradle the side of my face then
slide down my neck and his fingers lightly danced across my collar bone. I arched my back to let
him know that I didnt want him to stop. His hand slid further down and his fingers lightly
brushed between my breasts and continued down to my waist.

He gripped my hip firmly with his right hand and then gently slid his hand under my shirt
rubbing the bare skin of my stomach and side. He finally got the nerve to move further up my
shirt till he reached my left breast. He gently rubbed my breast and his kissing became more
urgent on my face and neck. I slightly moaned at his touch and he moved himself between both
of my legs so I could wrap them around him. His hips pushing, rubbing urgently into mine, I
could feel that he was as completely turned on as me.

I moved my hands to his waist, grabbed the hem of his shirt, and pulled his shirt over his head.
Then I grabbed my own shirt and pulled it over my head as well. He looked over my body once,
smiled at me, and softly started kissing me. The kiss became more fevered and urgent.

As he moved his hips in against mine, I slightly lifted my hips creating more friction between my
center and his excitement. He lightly bit the hollow between my neck and shoulder, moaning into
my neck.

I slid my hand down his bare chest to his waist gripping the top of his pants. I brought my other
hand down quickly and unbuttoned his pants. I slid my hand inside his boxers where I could
grasp his excited member and slowly began to rub my hand gently up and down.

You are driving me crazy. He moaned into my neck and my hand motions increased.

His hands grasped my pants unbuttoning my jeans and pushing them down over my feet. He
looped his thumbs into my underwear and tugged at them with hesitation. He looked me in the
eye and I smiled then kissed him. I used my feet to push his pants and boxers off his body which
he then kicked to the floor. My hands slid up around his back as his removed my bra and slid his
mouth over my nipple while still firmly holding my breast. His hand then slid below my
waistline and between my thighs. I felt his fingers dancing lightly across me before slipping
inside of me.

I instantly arched my back and moaned in response. Jakes mouth moved from my breast, kissing
up my neck and over to my ear. Then he whispered I want you Bella, now. Do you want me

I nodded yes and moaned as he entered another finger and motioned quicker. I moaned loudly
Jake and grasped his back with my fingers roughly, trying to pull him closer to me.

He smiled as he crashed his lips back to mine and positioned his body on top of mine. I wrapped
my legs around him and he pulled back his hand from between my thighs and grasped the back
of my left thigh as he eased himself into me. I arched my back involuntarily out of pleasure. He
stopped allowing me to adjust to him, and then began to push further into me. With each
movement I entwined my legs around his body while his arms tangled around my waist and

I could feel the waves of passion slowly breaking over my body from the inside out and they
were increasing rapidly. Jake placed the most of his weight on his left arm and gripped my left
hip with his right hand becoming more forceful with his movements. His breathing was ragged
and hot against my neck.

With rasping breaths he moaned Oh God, you feel so amazing.

I moaned loudly at his words and his movements went into rapid overdrive. That was all it took
for the tidal wave of ecstasy to crash over my body. JAKE. YES. JAKE! My words put him
over his edge as he moaned loudly and shuddered.

We laid still for a couple of minutes catching our breath and calming down.

Jakes lips softly kissed my shoulder, then behind my ear. In a soft whisper he said Isabella, I
am completely falling for you. I smiled and turned to kiss him.

We slowly fell asleep in each others arms.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 11

Chapter 11 So far So Good.

Saturday night had arrived and Alice and Rose showed up bright and early to prepare for our
night out. We did facials and watched some movies while waiting for the afternoon to tick by.

Finally the time came and we all got dressed, put on make up, grabbed some things and headed
out to the new club called Volturi.

When we arrived the line was so long it was ridiculous. I didnt for one second think that we
would be getting in tonight. However, as soon as I finished that thought Rose grabbed my arm
and walked us up to the bouncer. She leaned into his ear and whispered something. He looked us
up an down, smiled and let us through. The people waiting huffed at us.

Rose, what did you say to him to get us in?

She laughed. I told him that if he let us through then he wouldnt have to wait all night to stare
at our phenomenal asses as we walked in.

Are you serious? I couldnt believe how bold she could be. I turned to look over my shoulder
and saw him smiling with his eyes roaming our bodies.

I looked at Rose. She laughed harder Oh Bella, live a little and use what your mommy gave
you. I started laughing with her.

When we entered the club I couldnt believe how huge the place was. It had an old castle type of
motif but it was very modern. It was really hard to describe it without seeing it for yourself.

Alice and Ang came up from behind us and we all decided to head to the bar for something to
drink. Even though I was still underage to drink, it seemed to not be difficult to get served in
New York.

After couple drinks at the bar we headed to the dance floor, dragging Angela with us. We all
started dancing crazily, laughing, spinning each other and having a great time. I was so lucky to
have these girls as my friends. A slow song started and we took that as our cue to head back to
our drinks.

I was about 3 steps behind Alice when I felt someone grab my arm. I spun around to see a blonde
hair, blue eyed guy smiling at me. Mike, Jessicas Mike. The ass checker outer. Ew!

Hey there Bella. You look like your having a good time tonight? He was smiling to creepishly
for my taste.

Umyeah. Nice to see you again Mike. I turned to walk away, but this time he grabbed my
waist and tried to lead me to the dance floor with him. Mike. I really need to get back to my
friends, okay?

Come one Bella, its one dance. I think you will like it. He was now smirking.

No thanks Mike. I tried to pull away but he wouldnt let go of me. Mike! What is your
problem? I said I wasnt interested, besides I dont think that Jess would appreciate this.

Jess is just a friend, with benefits. Id rather make friends with you though he still had that
damn smirk on his face. UGH! Of all nights that I wished Jake were here.

Mike, Im seeing someone and if he saw this or heard about this he would beat the shit out of
you. I was trying to not make a scene.

Lighten up Bella, its just dancing. Youre a dancer arent you, I would think you would want to
be on the dance floor.

Not with you jerk! I slapped his face. That only released one of his hands from my waist and
as I was trying to slip out of his grip he just held on tighter with the other arm. Damn it Mike, I
didnt want to have to do this.

O-Uh, SHIT BELLA! I had kneed Mike in the balls and while he was bent over I punched him
in the face. Hey I didnt grow up as Chief Swans daughter to not learn self defense techniques.

At that moment Alice and Rose ran up behind me. Bella are you okay? The both tried to stifle
giggles when they realized what I had done to Mike. We all walked away together and enjoyed
the rest of our night.

So, here it is the last day of freedom before courses begin. I was sitting in my room going over
my course schedule and trying to put together my availability to work for Jane, when Jess barged
into my room.

What the hell Bella?!

Excuse me? I had no clue what her problem was.

You should be telling me youre sorry! I cant believe you did that to Mike. I mean, just
because he didnt want to dance or make-out with your skanky ass, you didnt have to hurt him!
She glared at me like she wanted me dead.

Are you kidding me Jess?! Youre boy toy couldnt take no for an answer. I didnt want
anything to do with him and had to get his hands off of me! I was beyond shocked that Mike
would make up such a story and then for Jess to actually believe him was horrendous. She knew
I was with Jake.

Whatever Bella! Revenge is a bitch girl. Watch your back?! She turned and stormed out of my
room stopping to look as Angelas bewildered face. And dont think for one second that I dont
know that you were a part of her plan to get with Mike Angela!

Angela slid into my room after Jess left What the hell was that about?

Ang and I talked for about an hour and she was just as surprised as I was with Jessicas behavior.
We decided to head out for an early dinner tonight so that we could get to bed early for classes

We went to the pizza shop and sat together for a couple of hours discussing classes, guys,
Jessica, and we made a promise to help each other through anything.

When we got back to the apartment we could hear movement and moans from Jessicas room.
Ugh! I looked at Angela and she looked at me, we rolled our eyes.

I guess it didnt take long for Mike to get over his war wounds if he can go at it with her like
that I said in a whispered giggle. Angela covered her mouth to stifle her laugh. Then the room
got quiet.

Ang and I hurried to the couch and turned on the T.V. to play it cool. All of a sudden Jesss door
opened and out walkedEric.

I looked from Erics stunned face to Angelas face that was twisted in pain. I could see the tears
forming in her eyes.

Angela? W-what are you d-doing here? No he did not just ask her what she was doing here.
Here we go.

Ang shot up off the couch. What am I doing here? I live here ERIC! You know that! What are
you doing in my skanky roommates bedroom?? HUH?! Her arms were crossed over her chest.
Probably so she wouldnt hit him.

I ummmI was hear to help Jess go over her course schedule and well he stammered and
paused. Big mistake.

Angela slapped his face. Whatever Eric! You are pathetic! I heard every disgusting moan from
behind that door!

Jessica appeared with a large smile on her face and kissed Erics cheek. Thanks baby. I needed
that. She smirked at Angela.

I shot up off the couch and stormed toward Jessica. She fled into her room and slammed her door
shut giggling. That Bitch!

I grabbed Eric and pushed him out the door. Dont come back asshole! I said as I slammed the
door in his face.

I turned as Angela ran into her room slamming the door.

Damn it Jessica!

Angela had stayed in her room all night and I couldnt get to sleep because I was worried about

I called and talked to Jake and made some plans to see him on my only free afternoon
(Wednesday). Ever since that night things have been great. I only hoped that classes and jobs
wouldnt get in our way.

I finally fell asleep thinking about my course schedule and woke to my alarm beeping wildly.

My classes were pretty great. I had some of the main standard classes to take, but mostly they
were dance related, which was so great. Zafrina was my favorite dance coach at the school. She
was so exotic looking and had a deep accent, Im thinking South American, but Im not sure. She
was brilliant and had a great sense of humor. I spent a lot of my classes with her. However, there
was French class. I picked a foreign language elective so that I would have more than just
English and Spanish on my resume. I figured that I could get Jane to help me out with my French
as well.

My days consisted of classes, work, and here and there Jake and I would make time to see each
other or he would spend the night with me.

So far so good.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 12

Chapter 12 Hey Cuz


You're a crazy bitch
But you fuck so good, I'm on top of it
When I dream, I'm doing you all night
Scratches all down my back to keep me right on

Uhshit who is calling me and what time is it? Ah. I know that ring. Tanya.

I reached over and sent the call to voice mail.

What time is it Eddie? Shit I completely forgot about the girl next to me.

No one, dont worry about it. I rolled over onto my back and put my arm over my head.

The next thing I knew, I felt lips on my chest slowly moving down. When she got to my stomach
I looked down at her. Ugh. Alcohol always makes them more attractive than the sober reality.
She smiles up at me, trying to be seductive. Unfortunately for her it is only irritating me at this

Want to do a replay of last nights events? she giggled and started kissing down again. Oh
well, who was I to tell her no if she wanted to. I laid back on the bed and relaxed.

You're a crazy bitch
But you fuck so good, I'm on top of it
When I dream, I'm doing you all night
Scratches all down my back to keep me right on

Damn it Tanya!

Maybe you should turn off your phone she said more like a statement rather than a question.

I sent the call to voicemail again, pushed the girl, who I think her name is Lauren, off of me and
headed to the bathroom. I could hear her huff behind me, clearly irritated that I walked away
from her offer.

EDWARD!! I heard my bedroom door open.

Hey! Lauren yelled.

Well, hello there. Emmett responded back. Sorry, but I need to talk to Edward. Youre gonna
have to go? Well at least Emmett took care of Lauren for me.

Edward!? Lauren was requesting my response to Emmetts demands.

Sorry was all I said to her and followed Emmett out the my bedroom door.

I cant believe you! She screamed.

Well that one has set of lungs on her, doesnt she? Emmett looked at me laughing.

I smirked. So what is this about Emmett?

We all need to talk about our gigs that are coming up. Jasper answered my question from
behind the kitchen bar.

After we had our discussion, Lauren left telling me to call her, and I jumped in the shower to get
dressed for the day.

My phone rang again. Hello?

Hey cuz, Im surprised that you are awake this early in the afternoon. It was Alice, my cousin.
We used to be so close, like brother and sister, but we had distanced since her parents moved to
Washington when we were younger. We didnt keep in touch as much as we used to.

Hey Al. What are you up to? I was genuinely curious. She never called me.

Just wanted to let you know that we are officially back in the same state and city, so dont be a
stranger and save my number. Okay?

Huh? You are in New York?

Yep she said popping the p when she said it.

Are you visiting for the end of the summer or what?

No silly! I am living here and going to college. I just got off my plane. She giggled at my
mistake. I didnt even realize that she would be starting college this year. She was always so tiny
that she always seemed so much younger than me.

Oh shit Al! I didnt even think. Im sorry! I will definitely save your number. Give me a call
and we will get together soon.

You will have to let me know when your band is playing local, okay? Ill bring some friends to
watch. Id love to see you perform again. She still talked fast and seemed to still have unreal
amounts of energy.

Ok. Im glad youre in town Al. Talk to you soon, Bye.

Bye, E ahhmy pet name that she gave to me when we were younger.

I was walking out of our apartment building when I came face to face with Tanya. Shit! I was not
ready to see her yet.

Hey there baby. She wrapped her arms around my waist and squeezed.

Hey Tan, I see you are back in town. I forced a smile and wrapped an arm around her

Yeah. I got back late last night. I tried to call you, to see where you were out at, but I guess you
didnt hear your phone last night or this morning she eyed me questioningly. I knew what she
was really asking me.

I leaned forward and kissed her quickly. She smiled up at me and we started walking down the

So where are you headed?

Well, I was gonna run to get some coffee we were out of it back at in the apartment. I was
being honest with her.

Hey, wanna grab some on the way to my new apartment? You can come see where I will be
staying and where you will be staying the nights that I am not at your place. Plus you can
properly welcome me back to town. She laughed and smiled at me. I internally groaned. I really
needed to do something about this thing that we had.

Sure. Lead the way Tan I gave in to her wishes.

I tossed my coffee cup in the trash can outside her building as we were walking in. As I turned
back to her she slammed her mouth onto mine and forcefully kissed me. As much as I need to
end this thing with Tanya, I am a guy and having a girl worship you and want you so much it
really does get you turned on. We barely broke apart during the walk through the lobby, though I
could hear voices around us.

We stopped at the elevators to wait and Tanya pulled me up against her. Her back against the
wall between the elevators, and I have to admit that the public attention was definitely euphoric.
Tanya was famous for public displays. During our session, I realized that neither of us had
pushed the elevator button. I reached behind Tanya and hit the button.

At that moment I heard footsteps and felt the presence of someone in the hallway with us. Tanya
wasnt fazed and kept going at me with her lips and hands. I heard an elevator and pulled back
slightly to see if it was for us. I turned my head and saw the back of a brunette walking onto the
elevator behind us. For some reason I couldnt pull my eyes from her. Her hair was mahogany
and so silky looking that you couldnt help but wonder what it would feel like to run your fingers
through it, but as she was about to turn around Tanya grabbed my face and turned it back to her.
I turned my head back, but the doors had already closed. Huh. That was strange.

Tanya finally had school and job things to take care of, so I had a few free days to myself
without any distractions. I spent the time rehearsing with the guys. Jasper was a friend that I had
made in high school, he played the bass. James was someone that I was introduced to a few years
back, and though he was often an arrogant asshole he was a great guitarist. Then there was
Emmett. Ah, our drummer Emmett. Emmett and I worked together at a local pizza shop for a few
months when I was in college. Em had moved out here to go to college, but Em just wasnt the
school type and dropped out to try to get into a band. Em was a natural jokester and all around
decent guy, but you didnt wanna piss him off cause he was big. I mean Emmett could easily go
toe to toe with some of the best fighters. Emmett spent a decent amount of time working out,
kick boxing, boxing, weights, you name it Em has tried it. Hes like the brother I never had.

Then there is me. I am the lead singer and I play the guitar and piano. I finished high school right
before I turned 17 and had made it through college by the time I was 21. I graduated with my
Bachelor of Science in Music. School always seemed to come easy to me and some tests in high
school determined that I was some genius; however, if I was such a fucking genius then why is it
that we dont have a solid record deal with a major label yet? Ugh! Being a genius is pointless
if you ask me.

We were finishing up a jam session one afternoon and Emmett decided it was time to eat.
Emmett is always hungry. So we all agreed to head the pizza shop that Em and I used to work at.

After we placed our orders, we carried some tables out onto the sidewalk and each took a seat.
When the pizza arrived we all dug in.

I heard that there will be some music execs at Twilight during band night James stated while
shoving another bite into his mouth.

No fucking way man! Leave it to Em to be so eloquent.

Seriously? Where did you get this information? Is it reliable? Jasper quizzed James.

I was with that red-headed bar tender the other night and she was telling me about it. She
apparently overheard the owners talking to someone in their office. He shrugged.

Regardless, we play like we are playing for our lives and if there is a music exec there then
great, if not, at least we rocked it. Jasper, James, and Em looked up at me.

Fuck ya dude! was Ems response.

My phone rang again. Fuck. I thought Tanya was working today. Why is she calling me?

Uh oh. Eddie, you better answer your girl. Emmett snickered.

I glared at Emmett, She is not my girl and you know it! I snapped.

T O U C H Y was Ems reply while he tried to hide his laugh. He went back to finishing his

Hello Tan, whats up?

Hey Eddie. What are you doing later? I have all my classes squared away, wanna come over
tonight? she tried to sound seductive.

Um..sorry Tanya we are rehearsing tonight. Maybe tomorrow? I hoped that she wouldnt invite
herself to our rehearsal.

Okay, your loss then. Talk to you later. We hung up.

Thats when I noticed that James was talking to a long hair brunette, though her hair looked a
little red with the sun hitting it. It felt familiar in an odd way. As I focused my attention to what
was going on I heard James give the girl some lame pick up line about her body being a temple.
I was surprised because the girl walked seductively up to James and then just when he was about
to give his victory smile, she completely shot him down and walked into the pizza shop.

James! You completely got played dude! Emmett yelled. I burst into laughter.

Fuck you Emmett! I laughed even harder.

While I was laughing I couldnt help but be drawn to the girl walking into the pizza shop. I really
only saw her for a minute, but it was enough time to see her nice curves and her gorgeous hair.
The trace of sweat glistening on her shoulders and neck was unbelievably hot. I could see why
James tried to jump right on that.

Okay guys enough Jasper was usually our enforcer to behave. Lets get back to rehearsing. If
there is going to be a music exec then we really need to focus.

We headed back. I was slightly disappointed that I would get a chance to see the girl come back
out. When we were about half way down the block I turned my head back and saw her emerge
with a pizza box. It looked as if she sighed with relief then headed the opposite direction from us.

I turned back around shaking her image from my head and joined in the conversation with the

The next morning I was awakened by Tanya straddling me and kissing my neck. I jumped.

How did you get in? She had startled me and I checked next to me to make sure that I hadnt
brought someone home last night.

Jasper let me in. Whats wrong with you? Youve been acting a lot different since I got back.
She looked at me oddly.

Theres nothing wrong, you just startled me thats all. I moved her off of me and headed
toward my bathroom.

I looked at myself in the mirror while I leaned over the sink. Shit! I look like hell. Why was I
doing this to myself? Is this what I wanted to be like? At first it was fun and I figured that I
should live like a rocker, but now it was just annoying and I was beginning to disgust myself
sometimes. Did I want to end up like James? Fuck No!

I jumped in the shower and then got dressed.

You wanna head over to my place this afternoon to watch some movies? this may be the most
normal thing that Tanya had ever asked me to do.

Sure. Let me grab something to eat. I walked out of my room toward the kitchen.

I noticed that there was a light brown haired girl and a blonde guy sitting in our living room. The
both looked up at me. UhHey.

Hi. They both said in unison.

This is Jessica and this is Mike. Tanya said from behind me.

Umnice to meet you. Why did Tanya think she could just bring groups to my place.

They are going to join us for the movie. I turned and saw Tanya smiling slyly. Hmmwhat is
she up to?

Ok was all I got out.

After I ate and grabbed some things, we all walked to Tanyas building.

When we were walking in, Tanyas friend Jessica almost got run over another girl rushing to get
out the door. We all stopped.

Geez Bella, in a hurry or what? I heard Jessica spit out at the girl.

Gotta get to Janes was all I heard her say. She closed her eyes and a flash of relief seemed to
cross her face. When she opened them, I couldnt move. She was looking at Jessica, but her eyes
were so, so, captivating. She had brown eyes, but these eyes seemed to have so much depth and
soul behind them. I wanted to stare directly into them and try to discover what was behind those

I was jerked out of my daze by Tanya pulling me into the lobby and away from the girl at the
door. I turned back to watch her run out the door and start sprinting down the sidewalk.

I followed Tayna up to her room for what I thought was to watch a movie. But of course she had
other plans. There was a video camera, but not a movie.

Tanya. I turned to her.

Oh Edward, live a little. Its just for fun. She rolled her eyes and tried to start undressing me.

No Tanya! She didnt stop.

I grabbed her hands. She stopped. Edward? she was definitely surprised by my actions.

Tanya, Ive had enough. This is ridiculous. Whatever this thing is that we have, it needs to

W-What? she stammered.

Tanya, I do not want to make a video and I think that we need to stop seeing each other. I
had finally said it. I didnt want to hurt her, but I couldnt take it anymore with her.

The tears started pouring down her cheeks and I felt like a total dick. I sat on her bed holding her,
trying to calm her down.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 13

Chapter 13 Rock Star


We all arrived at the club and started unloading our equipment. Once we were backstage we all
took a minute to walk out to the stage and check out the set up. We had never played on this
stage before, so its a good idea to kind of map it out before you play.

Demetrius yelled from back stage Guys, come on. Lets finalize your set list and get the lighting
cues set up with the stage personnel. Demetrius was our technically our manager. He saw us
perform less than a year ago and set up a meeting with us to discuss our goals for the band. All in
all, D was a great guy. He had accomplished some great things for us and he was currently trying
to work out some chance meetings with record execs. We all hoped that James was right about
tonight and there was an exec in the audience.

We were held up in a VIP area of the club waiting for us to be announced to the stage. From the
VIP area you could see the crowd and they were really getting into the first group, which was
Black Hole, I think. They were a decent band that we had heard before.

I was eyeing the crowd when I saw a familiar faceAlice. She was dancing crazily with a few
other girls about 4 couches back from the stage. (Twilight used couches and small tables in place
of chair seating.) I was smiling at my energetic little cousin when I noticed a very hot blonde
dancing next to her. It was too dark to see many details, but you could definitely tell that she was
hot. She may even be a model or an actress. Then my attention was caught by long mahogany
hair flipping around to the right of Alice. The blonde and the brunette started dancing seductively
to Alice, who was giggling a lot.

I was about to walk from the VIP area over to Alice and her group, but I paused when a large
dark haired guy came over to the area and slid next to the brunette. At that moment I
feltdisappointment? That couldnt be it.

Jasper grabbed my arm. Edward, we were called to get back stage. Jasper gave me a weird
look. I smiled at him and we headed backstage. I hadnt even heard them call the second act to
the stage, let alone hear them request us to come back stage.

When the second band was off the stage and our equipment was set up, we took the stage. My
eyes had to adjust to the lights, but I was immediately invigorated. My adrenalin started pumping
and we kicked off our first of three songs to be performed that night.

Hanging By A Moment was the first a song that I co-wrote with James. Im the only one who
knows this, but the song was written for James first love his ex girlfriend Victoria.

Desperate for changing
Starving for truth
I'm closer to where I started
Chasing after you
I'm falling even more in love with you
Letting go of all I've held onto
I'm standing here until you make me move
I'm hanging by a moment here with you
Forgetting all I'm lacking
Completely incomplete
I'll take your invitation
You take all of me now...
I'm falling even more in love with you
Letting go of all I've held onto
I'm standing here until you make me move
I'm hanging by a moment here with you
I'm living for the only thing I know
I'm running and not quite sure where to go
And I don't know what I'm diving into
Just hanging by a moment here with you
There's nothing else to lose
There's nothing else to find
There's nothing in the world
That can change my mind
There is nothing else
There is nothing else
There is nothing else
Desperate for changing
Starving for truth
I'm closer to where I started
Chasing after you....
I'm falling even more in love with you
Letting go of all I've held onto
I'm standing here until you make me move
I'm hanging by a moment here with you
I'm living for the only thing I know
I'm running and not quite sure where to go
And I don't know what I'm diving into
Just hanging by a moment here with you
Just hanging by a moment (here with you)
Hanging by a moment (here with you)
Hanging by a moment here with you

Next song up was Addicted. Tanya liked to believe that this song was written for her; however, it
wasnt true. Emmett, Jasper, and I sat down one day and put together the beat for the song and
came up with lyrics that were pulled from different experiences for all of us.

I'm so addicted to
All the things you do
When your going down on me
In between the sheets
All the sounds you make
With every breath you take
Its unlike anything
when you're loving me
oh girl lets take it slow
so as for you well you know where to go
i want to take my love and hate you till the end
its not like you to turn away
from all the bullshit i cant take
it's not like me to walk away
i'm so addicted to all the things
you do when your going down on me
in between the sheets
all the sounds you make with every breathe you take
its unlike anything
when you're loving me
i know when it's getting rough
all the times we spend
when we try to make
this love something better than
just making love again
its not like you to turn away
all the bullshit i cant take
just when i think i can walk away,
i'm so addicted to all the things
you do when your going down on me
in between the sheets
all the sounds you make
with every breathe you take
its unlike anything
i'm so addicted to the things you do
when your going down on me
all the sounds you make with every breath you take
its unlike anything when you're loving me
when you're loving me
and u know rolling wit me in the sheets
get this good lovin in
your system
it to to you hard make
you cum da best in your life
never had it this good before huh
i can not make it through
all the things you do
theres just got to be more to you and me
i'm so addicted to all the things you do
when your going down on me
in between the sheets
all the sounds you make with every breath you take
its unlike anything
its unlike anything
i'm so addicted to
all the things you do
when your going down on me
all the sounds you make with every breath
you take its unlike anything
i'm so addicted to you
addicted to you

Finally it was time to sing Broken which I wrote about my mother, Elizabeth, and how I felt as
we went through a period when she had cancer and was in the hospital a lot.

I wanted you to know I love the way you laugh
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain away
I keep your photograph, I know it serves me well
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain
'Cause I'm broken when I'm open
And I don't feel like I am strong enough
'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome
And I don't feel right when you're gone away
The worst is over now and we can breathe again
I wanna hold you high, you steal my pain away
There's so much left to learn, and no one left to fight
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain
'Cause I'm broken when I'm open
And I don't feel like I am strong enough
'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome
And I don't feel right when you're gone away

The crowd was going crazy. They loved it and I could tell. It really brought into perspective
everything that I wanted and what I needed to do to get there. It wouldnt be simple or easy, but
it would be worth it to feel like this all the time. And if the only place I could find it was my
music and my performances, then it would have to do.

Demetrius led us back to the VIP area where we all caught our breath and chugged bears in
celebration of a great performance.

I glanced over to Alices group and didnt see the brunette. I scoped the room and saw her
walking toward the exit with the dark haired guys arms wrapped around her. I felt a knot in my
stomach. What the fuck dude! What is your problem!

Hey cuz! You were great! I looked down to see Alice beaming that trademark smile. I had
forgotten that she was so damn tiny. She was like a fairy or a pixie.

Thanks! Im glad you came out for the show. I smiled at her.

No thanks to you! If it wasnt for Rose, I wouldnt even have known. Way to keep in touch.
She winked at me.

Sorry Al, Ive been so busy she cut me off.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I knowsex, drugs and rock n roll. She giggled. I laughed.

Hey Edward, Demetrius wants us to come meet some people. Jasper was at my side, but when
I looked at him he was staring at Alice. Uh oh. Seen that look before. I laughed internally,
knowing my buddy for so long. He was completely infatuated with Alice.

Are you going to introduce us E? Alice slightly pouted at me.

Oh yeahsorry I was still trying not to laugh as Jasper. Jasper this is my cousin Alice. Alice
this is my bud Jasper.

Alice gave a small wave, being down to far to reach out and shake hands. Hey Jasper. I heard a
lot about you from Rose. Its nice to meet you in person.

Umyeah. Jasper was rubbing the back of his head. You know Rose?

Of course she does! Rose broke in from behind Alice. I told you I was bringing some friends
out to see you guys.

Yeah, I guess you did. Jasper looked at me. UmEdward this is my sister Rose. Rose this is

Nice to meet you Edward, you guys really were great. She smiled. Definitely a supermodel or

Nice to meet you as well. Jasper talks about you a lot. I smiled back and nodded.

Demetrius broke up the introductions. Come on guys. We have to do this now or it will be

We excused ourselves and headed toward D. I immediately recognized the person we were to
meet with, it was Caius Volterra. He was part owner of the club Volturi that was about to open
up and he was a music exec. Damnlet this be our night. I promise to a good boy from now on if
it is.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 14

Chapter 14 11 months

For the past 11 months it has been mostly school, work, studying, practicing, and spending as
much time with Jake and friends as possible.

Angela never forgave Jessica or Eric, and Im glad that she didnt. She had picked herself up
quickly and moved on from the incident. She was an extremely strong woman. I was impressed.

I would meet Ang for lunch sometimes during the day; however, she tried to spend as little time
as possible at the apartment. She really hated it at the apartment now and I felt bad for that. I
only hoped that Jessica would move out of the apartment at some point. I had over heard some of
her conversations with Tanya about living together with Lauren. I crossed my fingers for it to
come true.

Unfortunately, I saw a lot of Jessica, and her all mighty leader Tanya, since they were both
enrolled in dance majors. Ugh! The plus side was that Rose was in at least a few of my classes.
And she was studying French as well, so I had her to dance and study with, which was great. We
often studied at her and Alices place. This way I could see Alice more often, since she was at

Alice and Roses apartment was nice much nicer than mine, but they were looking for another
place after the year was up. They wanted some more room and they wanted a place that they
could call home while they started their careers. I thought the apartment that they had here in
Manhattan was fine, but not according to them.

Immediately after we started school in September my birthday arrived and I was officially 21. Of
course Alice and Rose made a big deal out of it. We went out to Twilight and the next night to
Volturi. It was a blast and Alice, of course, coordinated our outfits.

I had progressed well during the past 11 months of school. I had great relationships with my
instructors and professors. I was truly lucky to have caught Zafrinas attention; she had me spend
extra time with her to help develop routines for girls and also had me tutoring some girls as
well. By tutoring I mean that I helped them develop on different dance styles and I would even
help them work on their final projects.

The final project was to develop a solo routine that would be judged and scored. Based on the
score you would be graded. This grade made up half of our grade. Since I had been developing a
routine since I flew to New York, I simply had been elaborating on the same routine with the
requirements of the class.

Jane has also been a big help. She often signed us all up for extra classes to learn everything
from gymnastics to pole dancing lessons. I must say that I excelled at pole dancing more than I
would ever admit to anyone but my closest friends. At least I had a back up plan! LOL Rose had
signed on to come to Janes for dance lessons each week, to help her with our dance classes at
school. I often worked with her and we had a ton of fun. When Alice was available, she would
tag along and play around with us. Alice would often break it down with the cabbage patch for
me, Rose would do the sprinkler, and I would do the running man. Jane caught us once and
surprised us by joining in with the moonwalk.

Things with Jake had been going well, but recently we have become so busy with our own lives
that we barely do more than talk over the phone. On top of that, Jake was finishing up his last
year of school and would be planning out his permanent future, where I still had a couple years
of school to go. If he got a job that wasnt near by then could we handle a long distance
relationship? I dont think that either of us thought that a long distance relationship was a good

So, I am finishing my first year and going on a year with my boyfriend. But he may not be my
guy much longer. Ugh!

Rose and I were working on our French assignment at her apartment when Alice burst through
the front door.

Hey Alice I greeted her over my papers.

Welcome home Rose said looking at Alice. Alice seemed a little flustered. Whats up Ali?
You lookI dont knowyou look off.

I absolutely hate my design partner! How can she think that plaid is still a good thing! Rose
and I both laughed.

Calm down Ali Rose said I know exactly what you need.

Alice raised her eyebrow at Rose Oh really, and what is that?

I raised my head up to listen hear what Rose was talking about too.

Well, it just so happens that there will be a little social gathering at Juilliard in two weeks to
celebrate those that are graduating and for everyone finishing up the year.

Alice interrupted But that is for students and friends and families Rose. I dont attend Juilliard.

Let me finish. After that gathering there is one hell of a party scheduled to take place in the
large lecture hall. They are clearing it all out for a DJ, some tables, and a beverage area. Of
course it will be non-alcoholic, but it could still be a good time. Rose continued Besides, it will
give you the perfect opportunity to play dress up with Bella and me.

I cringed at the last sentence. Rose patted my hand on the table You can survive it, and its for
Alice. I nodded and sighed.

Alice immediately perked up. Oh goody! She clapped.

See, now your day has improved. Rose smiled Alice where are you going?

I need my laptop so that I can design our outfits for the night. She rushed into her room and we
didnt hear from her after that.

I looked at the time and realized that I had to get back the apartment, so I could get ready for

Thanks for working with me Rose. I have to get going. I hugged her bye. Bye Alice!

Alice rushed out of her room and almost tackled me with her hug. Bye Bells. Ill see you soon,
okay? And I promise to put together the best outfit ever for the party! She smiled widely.

I have no doubt that you will Alice. I smiled back, said bye to both of them again and headed
for home.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 15

Chapter 15 Angela, Dont do this to me!

I was putting things in my dance bag and finishing getting dressed for work when I heard Angela
in the living room. Hey Ang, whatcha up to?

Oh, Bella! You startled me. I didnt think anyone was home. Jess isnt here is she? She looked
like something was bothering her.

No shes not. Whats up Ang? I was starting to worry.

Wellthe yearly lease is up in a couple of weeks and wellyeah ummIm moving out. She
said it so quickly that I almost didnt hear her.

What?! Youre moving out? Why? I knew why, but I still asked the dumb question.

I just cant take not being comfortable where I live. Im tired of hiding away from Jessica. I hate
looking at her. She dropped her eyes to the floor.

Oh Ang. I am so sorry. I completely understand. I was starting to feel real shitty because I
think she was worried about leaving me behind with Jess I know its been hard with her here.
Im just shocked and I was kind of hoping that Jess would somehow maneuver her way into
Tanyas room then it would be just us and maybe a newbie.

Angs eyes squeezed shut tightly. I just realized there was more. What is it Angela? Yeah,
thats right. I pulled out the full first name on her.

WellseeTanya wanted to live with Jess and I am way to willing to get away from Jess. So I
kind of made a deal that Jolene on the 2nd floor would move into Tanyas room, so I could move
into Jolenes. This means that Tanya would be coming to live here. She looked at me with
heavily apologetic eyes.

Are you fucking kidding me!?! I felt like the wind was knocked out of me. Damn it Ang!
Dont do this to me!

Im sorry Bella. I didnt plan for it to happen this way. Maybe you can put a transfer request in
too. You didnt resign your lease yet did you? Ang was really trying to help me get out of here
too now.

I took a deep breath and blew it out. Dont worry about me Ang. Ill be fine and Ill figure
something out. I hugged her and I convinced her to let me help her move her things in a few

I said goodbye and headed to work.

Jane had become like a mom away from home for me. She really took me under her wing and I
appreciated her for that. I talked to her about Jake, sex, school, friends, and now I wad currently
discussing my living arrangement.

Well, you could always just come and stay with me Bella. You know I have the extra room.
She put her arm around my shoulder.

Jane you are so nice, but I could never impose on you and your family. You are far to kind to
me as it is. I leaned in to her and rested my head on her shoulder.

Non-sense! I love you like a daughter Bella. You are a good girl. She smiled warmly at me.

Ill figure something out. I just know that staying there will not be an option. I shook my head
at the whole situation. I hated that Jess had made Ang feel so uncomfortable that she had to
move, and I hated the thought of living with Jess and Tanya. Tanya had a reputation and through
my own personal encounters with her she definitely was living up to that reputation.

Isabella Marie, if you do not have a new place established by the time your lease is up then you
will come here. Do you hear me?! This is not a request so just shake your head yes! I laughed at
Janes attempt to be stern, nodded yes to her, and then we began the classes.

The week was going by quickly and before I knew it I was helping Ang move to her new
apartment. It sucked! Big time! After we moved everything over we headed to our pizza shop for
dinner. I called Alice and Rose to see if they wanted to meet us there as well.

Rose is prepping for a photo shoot this weekend, but I will meet you there. Alice quickly
replied and then hung up.

Angela and I walked slowly down the sidewalk talking about everything that had happened over
the past year. About halfway there I stopped and hugged Ang. I was gonna miss her company. I
knew that we would see less of each other now.

Stop it Bella or I will cry! she punched me in the arm playfully.

Okay, okay, Ill try to keep my emotional outbursts to a bare minimum I winked at her.

We arrived to the pizza shop to find Alice sitting at a table waiting for us. Damn she was quick!

So, Ang, how are the new roommates? Alice inquired between bites of her salad.

They are pretty nice. I knew Jolene from classes. She plays the piano. I really dont see much of
Vivian. She is an aspiring actor and usually is at school or rehearsing at a local theater. She
smiled when she spoke of them and I was happy that she was getting along with her new
roommates. I still feel really bad Bella, for leaving you behind. Her eyes got sad.

Dont worry about me. Ive been looking around, and hey Jane offered for me to stay with her if
I didnt find anything. I winked at her and smiled.

Wait, waitI am having an epiphany here! Alice shouted loud enough that just about
everyone in the little pizza place turned to stair. I slightly blushed at all the eyes on us. Bella,
you know that Rose and I are looking for a new apartment. Why wouldnt you just move in with
us? I mean, its perfect! Youll get away from those skanks and you will be with me and Rose.
Its perfect if I say so myself. We should start moving you in this weekend and then we can all
look for a newer apartment together.

Whoa Alice, slow down. You guys dont need someone else moving in with you, especially
when you guys are going to be moving into a more elaborate place soon so you can have more
space. I would take up space not create more for you Alice glared at me and cut me off.

Bella Swan, are you seriously trying to use those lame excuses? Give me on good reason, not a
lame one! she challenged me.

Well the biggest one would be that you guys would be looking at a very elaborate apartment,
which equals expensive, which equals out of my budget. I chuckled and rolled my eyes at Alice.

Thats the best you got huh? Alice mused. I could just imagine what she was going to say next.
Bella, Rose and I are spoiled rich kids. You seriously think that we are going to pay for the
place ourselves?! She broke out into laughter. My parents would have a heart attack if I tried to
lease an apartment that I could afford my barely-there-intern salary.

Alice I will not live off of you and Rose, or your parents. You know that. Its just wrong and
full on mooch of a friend behavior. I rolled my eyes at her.

Damn it Bella, dont make me call my mother! She smiled triumphantly. Shit! She was pulling
out the big guns now. She reached for her cell phone and quickly called her mother before I
could even speak. Alices mother Esme was the sweetest person on the planet. I mean she had to
rant up there with Mother Theresa. She came to visit Alice and Rose about 6 months into the
school year and she practically adopted me as her daughter. As much as I would object to things,
she wouldnt listen and there was no crossing Esme. I had found where Alice gets it from.

Alice dont

Too late. She smiled an evil smile. Hi Mom. No everything is fine. I just have to ask your
opinion on a situation I have here with Bella. No shes not pregnant mom. Now listen to this.
Alice went into full detail of the situation and Angela laughed at my expression as I already felt
like a total ass being told on by my 20 year old best friend.

Bella. My mother would like to speak with you. She smiled hugely. She knew she had won.
Alice 1, Bella 0.

Hello Esme. I was very hesitant No, no its not that at all. Of course I know that
you.Yes. I know, butReally it will fine.Okay. Okay. I love you too Esme. Bye.

I threw Alice her phone. Well?? She asked as if she didnt already know.

Ill get some boxes for this weekend. I grumbled and stabbed my salad forcefully. Damn little
evil spiky haired pixie!

Alice smiled triumphantly and finished her salad. When the pizza came we ate as much as we
could before parting ways.

Bella, Ill be over on Saturday morning to help you move your stuff over to our place. Rose is
going to be so excited! I cant wait to tell her! See you Saturday! she waved and hopped into
her cab.

I only had one class on Thursday mornings and I wasnt expected at Janes until later that
evening, so I figured that I would start packing up some of my things. I didnt have a lot of stuff,
but I still had more than I realized. Ugh!

I called Jake to talk to him about the move; it had been a couple of days since we spoke. We
really seemed to be getting really distanced. I tried not to over think it, but it was killing me.

I said shush girl

Shut your lips

I said shush girl

Do the Helen Keller

And Talk with your Hips.

Well that was Alice calling me, why she picked that ring tone I am not sure.

Hey Ali, whats up?

Bella are you dressed? Can you meet us out front of your building in like 10 minutes? she was
sounding rushed.

UmmI think so, why? Where are we going? I was very cautious because you never knew
with Alice.

Rose and I are on our way to an apartment is Soho and from what we saw online it is perfect.
We want you to come with us. Okay? Meet us out front5 minutes! The phone went silent.

I was leaning up against the front of the building with a bottle of water waiting on Alice and
Rose, when I heard someone say something.

Excuse me I turned to see a gorgeous face and amazing green eyes. I couldnt speak.

Um was all that he said next. Then I snapped out of it realizing that he was trying to get to
the garbage can behind me.

Sorry I moved over to the other side of the building to wait closing my eyes and leaning my
head back against the wall. My god those eyes! Ive never seen anything like them. And I stood
there like an idiot just staring at him. Shit Bella, he probably thinks that you are a freak. Im sure
that he went running down the street away from you. I sighed and opened my eyes. It was then
that I realized that he was still standing there near the garbage can. My head turned to look
before I could stop myself and I swear that he had been watching me. His head seemed to have
dropped quickly and then he turned to walk away.

Are you going our way madam?! Rose yelled from out of the cab window. I laughed and went
to jump in the cab with them. And we were off to check out a possible new place to live.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 16

Okay. So I know that everyone wants Bella and Edward. Be patient with me PLEASE. I promise
we are going to get to themI do have a method to my madness.

Im working on Edwards point of view now and will try to post it today or tonight.

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Chapter 16 Moving and Losing

It was Saturday and tonight was the end of year party. I was trying to catch a cab when I started
to think about my new destination.


We had walked into the building in Soho and went to the 3rd floor as directed. When we
stepped off the elevator there were only 3 doors on the floor. There was a door on the right,
the left, and at the end of the hall; the right and left being apartments, and the end of the
hallway being the stairwell.

The realtor for the building was standing next to the door on the left with a smile on her
face. Good afternoon ladies. Are you ready to take a look?

Yes. We said in unison.

She opened the door and motioned us into the apartment. This is an apartment? Shit! The
realtor would consider my apartment a closet compared to this. Rose and I stood in the
entryway in awe. Alice, of course being Alice, walked in and spun around to take it all in.

Upon entrance to the apartment you had a closet on the right and a powder room to the
left. Further entrance led you to a large open floor plan that consisted of the kitchen, living
room, and dining room. Half of the right wall was large windows that L shaped around the
corner of the dining room. It was an amazing view. The kitchen was large and was open to
the living room with an island that separated the kitchen from the living room.

The far left wall of the living room held a door and as we walked further toward that door
you saw that there was a long hallway that led to three more doors.

The doors at the far end of the hallway are the larger of the bedrooms; however, they have
a shared bathroom between them. And these two doors here are also bedrooms that share a
bathroom between them. She smiled to all of us Please feel free to look at each room. Ill
be over at the kitchen counter to give you some time.

We walked to the far end bedrooms. They were ridiculously large and even though the
bathroom was shared it was like have three bathrooms pushed into one. I dont think that
Rose or Alice could smile any bigger. I could tell by the looks on their face that if they could
sign papers tonight then they would.

So what do you think Bella? she looked at me hopeful that I loved it.

Its great Alice, but I honestly think that this is more of a decision for you and Rose to
make. Im just the moocher, remember? I winked at her.

Both Rose and Alice hit me. Ow!

Serves you right, so stop talking like that and it wont happen again Rose scolded me.

Alice basically signed the contract that afternoon after a call to her mother to discuss the

We had decided on the ride back that we would all move to the new apartment that
Sunday, together.

I called Jake to help me move and he gladly accepted the chance to hang out. I had had no
idea that Alice decided to call movers to handle everything until they showed up to collect
my boxes. Jake and I decided to spend some alone time in my old room before I threw my
key on the coffee table and walked out of the apartment for the last time.

*End Flashback*

My memories were interrupted when I felt my phone vibrate in my bag. Hello?

Hey Bells. It was Jake and he sounded awful.

Whats wrong Jake? Are you okay? I was immediately scared.

Yes and no, I guess. I mean, Im okay, but my mom is really sick and my dad had to take her to
the hospital. I heard him try to hide the fact that he was crying.

Jake, Im on my way okay? I was about to hang up.

Bella wait! he yelled.

What is it Jake?

Bell, I have to get to the airport. Im leaving now. I need to see my mom, ya know?

Of course I understand. When is your cab coming? I had a plan.

I am going to call for one after I hang up with youwhy?

Dont call a cab. Ill bring you mine. This way I can at least hug you and tell you goodbye. I
hoped that he wouldnt mind.

Thanks Bella, Ill see you soon. He hung up and I gave that driver new directions.

Jake was standing in front of his building with his bags waiting. I jumped out of the cab and
grabbed the smaller of the bags and handed it to the driver to put in the trunk. Jake loaded the
other bag himself.

Im gonna miss you baby. He leaned down and kissed me. I kissed him back harder and
wrapped my hands around his neck.

Ill miss you too. Let me know how everything goes, okay? I smiled warmly at him and we
kissed goodbye.

I started walking in the direction of where I lived while trying to hail another cab.

Bella, are you ready yet?! Alice yelled from down the hall.

Almost I sighed looking over the clothes that Alice had decided was my outfit for tonight.
Alice do I really have to wear this? You know that this is not my typical style, besides how can
I dance in boots with 3 inch heals?

Alice appeared in my doorway in a hot pink sleeveless mini dress and gray stiletto heals.
Looking as fabulous as ever with her smokey gray eye-shadow and perfectly glossed lips.
Really Bella, you are a dancer. You should have the grace to pull off those heals.

Rose appeared next to Alice in a red mini dress with a swirl cut out pattern that wrapped around
her neck. Great. Ill be standing next to two supermodels all night. Bella, get dressed so we can
go. She rolled her eyes at me.

I guess I should just be happy that I didnt have a mini dress. I pulled on the dark charcoal gray
skinny pants and the dark purple and black polka dotted, sleeveless blouse that wrapped around
my neck and exposed my entire back. I guess a bra is out of the question. Thankfully I wasnt
super-sized in that area. The final touches were black leather boots that zipped up to my knees, a
silver bracelet and silver dangling earrings. My hair was down in the back but swept up away
from my face and pinned. Alice and Rose had gotten to my hair and make-up already for me.

We arrived 20 minutes after the party began. Fashionably late, as Alice had put it. I saw Angela
and headed over to talk with her.

I gave her a big hug Hey you. Hows it going?

She smiled Bells, it is so great. My roommates are great, I hardly see Jess or Tanya, and I got a
new job with an orchestra. I get to travel this summer with them to different locations.

Congratulations Ang! We jumped up and down together.

The music started pumping out Maroon 5s If I never see your face and I winked at Ang. Ang
loved Maroon 5 and since she doesnt have to see Jess, I figured that it was slightly appropriate. I
pulled her to the dance floor with me.

We were dancing for about ten minutes before Alice and Rose appeared with us on the dance
floor. We danced for so long that my feet started to ache in these shoes Alice picked. So when a
slow song came on, I was thankful to grab water and to sit down.

As we were sitting a guy walked up to Ang and asked her to dance. I think that I had seen him
around before, but I didnt know his name. Ang looked over her shoulder to me and I smiled and
gave her thumbs up. She giggled silently and turned back to her dance partner.

Alice, Rose, and I were sitting around talking about the party, our apartment, and some random
things. We were laughing and having a good time when a tall blond guy walked up to our table.
Rose jumped up and hugged him.

Hey Rosie! he smiled widely at her.

Hey Jaz, how did you get in here? she squinted her eyes and smiled at him. AhaRoses
brother Jasper. I turned my eyes to Alice. I dont think that I had ever seen her so quiet before.

I have my connections he laughed and nudged her arm. Hi Alice, its nice to see you again
he smiled shyly. Ahh...so perhaps this attraction is mutual.

Hi was all she said while she looked up at him from her seat.

So who do we have here? he looked at me and smiled.

Oh sorry Jaz, this is Bella. She is our new roomie. Rose gestured to me. I stood up and shook
Jaspers hand.

Nice to meet you Bella.

Nice to finally meet you, Rose talks about you a lot. Its nice to put a real person to it all. I
smiled back to him.

So what are you doing here? Rose pressed again for information Do you have a date or

He shook his head Actually, Im here with my friends, we kind of crashed the party. You know
the guys from the band.. my phone rang interrupting him.

Sorry I apologized and excused myself to the hallway. I saw it was Jake.

Hey, I see you made it safely, every thing okay?

Bella shes gone. He sobbed into the phone. I let him cry for a few before I spoke.

OH Jake. I am so sorry! I didnt know what else to say that wouldnt make it worse.

I got here just in time to tell her I loved her and then she just. He couldnt finish his

Its okay Jake, you dont have to finish. Im so sorry. Ahhow many times can you say youre
sorry to someone? UGH Im an idiot.

Well, I need to get back to my father. Hes a wreck, but I wanted to hear your voice.

Call me if you need anything, anything at all, okay?

Sure, sure. Talk to you soon Bells. With that he hung up.

I felt so emotional at that point that I didnt feel like going back into the party just yet. I started to
wander around the halls of the school. Not really looking at anything, not really thinking either. I
just needed silence. I felt so bad for Jake and couldnt imagine what he was feeling right now,
and his poor father. Its all so horrible.

I realized then that I had walked my way to the auditorium. I entered the auditorium doors and
walked to the stage. I sat in the middle of it just looking out into the darkness. Only the dim
lights were on.

I was almost meditating when I thought I heard a door, but when I looked up I didnt see any
movements and didnt hear anything else after that so I just shook it off and stood up. I needed
an emotional release and at this moment the release would be to dance.

I walked backstage and turned on some of the stage lights. It was still dimmer than usual, but I
would have to travel up to the booth in the balcony to turn on the brighter lights. I found the
stereo that we used during classes back stage and pulled it closer to the stage. Having practiced
here for the past year I knew where just about everything was. I grabbed my Ipod out of my
purse and set it up with the stereo. I found the song that I was using to choreograph my final
dance, which was this Thursday, took off the boots and hit play while I positioned myself on

Uninvited started playing and my movement flowed with ease and grace from my body. I
closed my eyes and let myself go. There were no eyes prying into me that would cause me to
hold back like I usually do. Tonight it was just me, my emotions, the music, and the stage.

Like anyone would be
I am flattered by your fascination with me
Like any hot blooded woman
I have simply wanted an object to crave
But you, you're not allowed
You're uninvited
An unfortunate slide
Must be strangely exciting
To watch the stoic squirm
Must be somewhat heartening
To watch them burn me shepherd
But you, you're not allowed
You're uninvited
An unfortunate child slight
Like any uncharted territory
I must seem greatly intriguing
You speak of my love like
You have experienced love like mine before
But this is not allowed
You're uninvited
An unfortunate slide
I don't think you unworthy
I need a moment to deliberate

The song ended, I stopped on cue, and breathless.

There you are? It was a females voice. Had someone been here the whole time? I didnt see
anyone. Shit! I grabbed my stuff hit the lights and left through the back stage door.

I walked back into the party. Hey where have you been? Ang grabbed my arm and pulled me
toward where we sat earlier.

UmJake called and it wasnt good news about is mom. I just needed to get away for a bit.
She smiled at me and hugged me tightly.

So who was the guy? I asked trying to change the subject.

That was Ben. He is in a couple of my classes and he will travel this summer with the same
group. Her smile was so big that I could tell that she was interested in him and excited to get the
summer with him.

Its great Ang. I hope that it all goes wellthe trip and Ben. I wiggled my eyebrows at her.

She smacked my arm. Behave Isabella! She laughed at me. Rose appeared to my right.

Hey whats up? And where did Alice get off to? I looked around the room but didnt see her.

Oh Im sure Alice is safe within the arms of my brother. Rose giggled. I looked at her a little
surprised and giggled with her.

So weve been ditched for a guy huh? I said laughing.

Pretty much, but thats okay. Id rather have you all to myself. She laughed throwing her head
back. Then she pulled me back to the dance floor where we danced till the end of the night.

The final week of classes flew by quickly. I had my finals all week. Everything went very
smooth. I got a standing ovation for my final dance. Zafrina smiled proudly at me, though Jess
and Tanya rolled their eyes and stared daggers at me. I even passed my French final, though I
had to give credit to Janes daughter Clary for tutoring me. In exchange for help with my French
I would help her friends cheerleading team choreograph routines for their school. Clary was
becoming much like my own little sister. I helped Jane plan an elaborate birthday party for Clary,
though I should really say that I provided Jane with Alice. It was amazing.

I spoke to Jake a couple of times, but he was busy helping his dad adjust to the loss while dealing
with the loss himself. I didnt plan on hearing from him till after the weekend, so I was surprised
when I saw his number come up on my phone.

Hey Jake, this is a pleasant surprise. I didnt.. He cut me off.

Bella. He was very serious.

Uhyeah? I was nervous.

We need to talk about something. Still serious.

Okay. I knew that I had stopped breathing and this was all I could get out.

Bell, you know that I really really care for you, right? he now sounded so sad.

Of course Jake and I care for you deeply. Whats wrong? I could feel tears building already at
the corners of my eyes.

Bella, I am moving back to here, to New Mexico with my father. He isnt adjusting well
without my mom and I cannot leave him here alone. He was starting to cry now I hate to do
this, but I dont think that I am in a good place for you right now. I mean I will be across the
country and will have very limited time.

Of-Of course, I I understand. I was trying to fight the sobs that were aching to rip from my

Bella. I am so sorry to do this to you, but I dont know when I will make it back to New York to
even get the rest of my things. Please dont hate me!? Please. I couldnt handle that. He was
sobbing and begging.

Jake I whispered, trying to control my feelings. I understand. I dont like it and yes it is
crushing me.. the sobbing could be contained no longer. I hate losing you, but how could I
hate you. I continued crying and people walking past me on the street were staring like I was a

Bella, please say that we can still be friends?

Jake, Ill need some time to adjust to all this, but of course we can be friends. Ive gotta go
okay? Talk to you soon. I hung up and quickened my pace to get off the street and into Janes.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 17

Here it is

Edwards point of view. I hope that you arent disappointed. Im still trying to work out how and
when they will finally meet. Though, Im not guaranteeing that they will immediately get

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Chapter 17 Sightings


After our introduction to Caius he gave Demetrius his card to set up a meeting with us. We could
not have been more excited.

We seriously need to celebrate! Bring me a hot chick and a beer! Emmett boisterously yelled

Calm down Em, its just a meeting. It doesnt mean anything is set in stone. Leave it to Jasper
to calm the room and give everyone a reality check.

Demetrius spoke up Jasper, you know you guys should be extremely excited and need to
celebrate. Not only did you pull off an awesome set tonight, but you also scored a meeting with
someone like Caius. That definitely deserves some beers. D turned and stopped a waitress who
was walking by Miss could you please bring a full round of beers over here and keep them
coming. She smiled and nodded her head.

We all sat back and celebrated for the remainder of the night.

Over the past 11 months we have been unbelievably busy. Our meeting with Caius went better
than I could have hoped. We have been rehearsals and in the recording studio for months trying
to work out our first attempt at a record. We were to work out our first studio CD and then a tour
was in the talks.

All of us had been so busy that a social life was basically non-existent. Well that is except for
James who would call up one of his go to girls and Jasper who seemed to always find the time
and energy to see Alice. I still couldnt believe that one of my boys was into my lilcousin. Em
had his hook-ups here an there, but he seemed to be more about getting sleep and playing video
games in between our busy schedule.

As for me, I had pretty much cut off from all the girls I used to get with, even Tanya.
Occasionally Tanya would show up where I was at, she was still trying to stick around, but I was
just too busy with the schedule. And my free time was for sleeping and trying to write new
songs. I had started a few, but not been able to complete them. I have really been struggle with
the writing process lately. It was really stressing me out.

As I sit here with my guitar, my pen, and my song book, I am going over and over what I have
done so far. But I just cant get any further. Maybe I just need to relax a little to take my mind off
of the songs. I lay back on my bed with my arm over my face to clear my head.

You're a crazy bitch
But you fuck so good, I'm on top of it
When I dream, I'm doing you all night
Scratches all down my back to keep me right on

You have to be fucking kidding me. What the hell does Tanya want? I picked up my cell and
answered it.


Hey Eddie she said. She knows I hate that nickname.

Hey Tan

Listen, Im not trying to bother you Yeah sure you arent Tanya. I just wanted to let you
know that I found some of your things while I was packing up my things this afternoon.

Packing? Are you moving or going away for the summer? I was honestly curious. Maybe I
would be free of her for the summer.

Im sort of moving, but only to a different room with a friend of mine. She sounded amused.
Would you miss me if I was leaving Edward?

Um I didnt want to tell her the truth. You can just throw the stuff out or keep it. If I
havent missed it, then its probably not that important.

Are you sure? Because you could just swing by and pick it up this afternoon. Id hate to throw it
out and then it is something important. I could tell that if I didnt go get the stuff she would just
show up here. Ugh!

Ok. Fine. Ill be over in like an hour okay? I finally gave in.

Sounds great baby. See you then. She hung up.

Baby? Shit! Why was I allowing myself to get sucked back into this cycle with her, why couldnt I
just walk away? Why? Ill tell you why. Cause Im a fool. A horny fool who knew that what she
had was good and I could get it. UGH!

I arrived at Tanyas apartment about 1 hours later. I knocked and Tanya answered the door.

Hey there handsome she put on her best seduction voice.

Hey was all I said as she pulled me into her apartment.

From behind me I heard her say The stuff is in my bedroom. You know the way, or has it been
so long that you have forgotten? she giggled.

I walked in to her room and there was a small box on her bed. I looked into it. It was photos of
her and me, some of the guys, a couple of CDs, a box of condoms, a couple of my shirts that I
dont remember lending her and one of my watches. Is this everything then?

Yep, thats it. Unless youd like to relive some old memories before I move out of this room?
She was wrapping her arms around my waist from the back and slipping her hand into my pants.

I groaned. Part out of annoyance and part because, well shit, it felt good. It had been awhile and I
knew that I could go as far as I wanted with her. I grabbed her hand and turned around to look at

Oh you want to be rough? We can do that. She licked her lips, flashed a smile, and pushed her
lips to mine.

I was frozen. I tried to control my instinct to push onto the bed and just relieve myself. But I was
so stressed out over the songs and the possible record deal that I just went with it all. Knowing I
would pay for it later.

That was great Eddie. Im so glad you stopped by to collect your things. She reached to hold
me, but I stood up pulling on my pants.

Tanya, look I really dont want to sound like an asshole and you have every right to hate me
after this, but I did not come here to collect you as a part of things. Do you understand that? I
didnt look at her, I was a coward. I pulled my shirt back over my head and grabbed the box of
my stuff and walked out.

Ill see you later Eddie. She yelled from her bed as I walked out the door. Could she seriously
not care that I didnt want her? Im an idiot.

On my way through the lobby I realized that I didnt want the crap in this box. I grabbed the
pictures of the guys and my watch. I would just throw the rest in the garbage can out front.

I exited the front doors and turned to the trash, but I stopped quickly. There stood this girl
leaning against the building with her head back. I couldnt move and I dont know why. She was
tall and thin, but not too thin. At least from what I could tell in her baggy clothing. Her hair was
down to the middle of her back and was dark mahogany. It was gorgeous. She had bottled water
in her right hand holding the bottom of the bottle to her hip.

I snapped out of my daze, glad that she hadnt realized I was staring at her. Excuse me.

Her head turned and I stared straight into the deepest brown eyes that I had ever seen. It was like
I was drowning into her. The building couldve collapsed around us and I wouldnt have noticed.

Sorry she said as she shook her head and looked at the box in my hands then moved to the
other side of the entrance. She leaned back up against the building, leaned her head back, and
closed her eyes. I tossed the box into the trash without taking my eyes off of her. I wanted to say
something to her, if only to see her eyes again.

She lifted her head and turned my direction again. I quickly dropped my head and turned to walk
down the sidewalk. I turned around to go back to her, but then I saw her run out to some people
in cab and jump in smiling. My god that smile.

I walked for awhile trying to clear my head of everything; the record deal, my writers block,
Tanya, and this mystery girl. It was like she haunted me. If I closed my eyes I saw hers looking
back at me. I was completely infatuated with a stranger who I would probably never see again.

Then I realized that she must live in the building. She was standing outside waiting for people to
come to her. Oh duh, dumb shit! She was the same girl we ran into at the doorway while she was
running out. She had to live there. Maybe Tanya would come in handy for more than one thing.

During the next week I would stop by at Tanyas, mainly when I knew she wouldnt be there, to
see if I would run into this mystery girl again, but no luck. I wouldve thought that she would
have to be living here after the times Ive seen her here and I assume she was at Juilliard like
most of the students in here. Damn it.

As I was walking out of the building I was caught off guard by Tanya.

You looking for me? she wrapped her arms around my waist.

Umactually I was. I was trying to see if you had something of mine that Ive been looking for
lately. Oh please dont ask what Im looking for, cause I will completely be busted in my lie.

I gave you everything I had the other day. She smiled. And there is only one thing that I could
give you if you wanted to come upstairs with me?

Sorry Tan. I have to get back to the guys we have a rehearsal set. I pulled her hands from my
neck and pulled away from her.

Oh. Okay, wellthen maybe you can come visit me at the end of year party. We could always
sneak off somewhere together. She smiled and said bye.

What the hell did I get myself into

I try to make my way to you
but still I feel so lost
I don't know what else I can do
I've seen it all
and it's never enough
it keeps leaving me needing you
take me away
take me away
I've got nothing left to say
just take me away

Ed that was great, dude! Do you have the rest of it written yet? Emmett was standing in my
doorway. I didnt realize that he was listening to me.

No, not yet, its brand new. I kept strumming my guitar.

Emmett sat next to me. A new one? I thought that you were suffering from some block or
something? Did you finish the others you were working on? He raised an eyebrow at me.

Ive got them about done. I shrugged.

Uh huh.so I guess you finally got laid! Emmett laughed loudly.


Oh come on dude. Youve been so stressed out and serious. You had to have gotten laid to relax
you enough to start writing songs again. Emmett leaned back on my bed and lay there.

Dude, you are so off base.

So you didnt get laid?

Thats not the point. Its nothing to do with that. I turned to look at him.

Yeah okay buddy. If you say so He sat up and walked out of the room.

I could hear the guys out in the living room, so I decided to break away and hang with them.

Emmett and Jasper were battling for dominance of a game on our Xbox and they were cussing
each other out for moves used on the other one. I laughed as I threw myself on the couch to
watch. James emerged about 15 minutes later from his room.

Hey who is up for party crashing tonight? I personally think its a brilliant idea, and we all need
to get out and let loose. He scanned the room for other takers on the idea.

Emmett chimed in first Im am game sir!

Jasper was second to respond Since Emmett is no competition for me, I see no reason not to
crash. What say you Edward?

Everyone turned to look at me. What the fuck, lets do it! It had been forever since we all just
went out to a party and let loose.

Give me 15 to get a shower Emmett threw the controller at Jasper as he headed off.

We all followed is example and went to get ready for a night out.

We pulled up to Juilliard and climbed out of the cab.

James what party are we crashing exactly? Emmett inquired.

There is a large end of year party thing going on tonight. I say we crash it, hook up with some
people, and head out to a real place to get shit faced! James walked toward the entrance and

What the hell! Emmett shrugged and followed his lead.

Jasper and I followed behind Emmett with the same what the hell attitude.

We walked in to a very large room and it was fully set up with a ton of people dancing and
laughing. We started making our way around the party, stopping here and there to speak to
people we knew.

Before I realized it I was staring right at Tanya and her friends. I turned around hoping to walk
the other way before she saw me, but it was too late. I felt her hands over my eyes.

Guess who? she whispered into my ear.

Hey Tanya.

Aww you got it. I turned around to see her smiling boldly at me. So did you come looking for
me? I could tell she was hoping.

Actually, James brought us here to crash the party and then we are going to take off. I think that
we are just about to head out, right Jasper? I turned to see that I had been abandoned. Bastards!

Where are you headed, I could always ditch this party and head out with you if it will be more

At that moment I noticed that the girl I woke up with months ago, Lauren I think, was walking
this direction. Oh shit!

You know what Tan, Im not sure where we are headed. Im gonna go see if Jasper knows and
then Ill let you know. Okay? I didnt wait for her to respond. I headed off in the opposite

When I was sure that she couldnt see me and she wasnt following me. I slipped out and started
walking until I found a dark place to hide for awhile. If Tanya and Lauren figured out about the
situation, I did not want to be apart of that fight.

As I was sitting there I noticed that there was someone down on the stage. I stood up and moved
to the lowest row on the balcony, trying to remain as quiet as possible. I had to squint to see her
sitting there, but I was pretty sure that it was a girl and I was pretty sure that it was the
brown-eyed girl.

I pushed the seat down to sit, but it slightly squeaked. I pulled my head up quickly to see if she
heard me. Her head moved and then I saw her figure walk behind the stage. Shit! Way to go
Edward, now shes gone again. Hell maybe she was never there, maybe you imagined the whole
thing. Youre losing it dude.

Just as I finished my self loathing thoughts the stage lights brightened. I slid down into my seat
to hide. When I realized that it was still dark enough I sat back up to watch the stage.

She emerged from back stage and took a stance in the center of the stage, and then the music
started. Uninvited by Alanis Morisette began to play and she moved. Her movement was so
smooth, so fluid. She had taken off her shoes and her hair was pulled up on top of her head.

Her feet glided across the floor like they were on air. Then it seemed as if she just let herself go
into the music. Her dance moves became more passionate, even erotic in a way. Not in the
stripper sense, just very primal. She was beautiful. She was beauty.

With every turn, every sway, every body rolling move she made I realized that I could easy have
gotten a little too excited watching this. I took a few deep breathes to control myself, but my eyes
never left her. I couldnt tear myself away even if I wanted to, and I did want to. I wanted to run
down to the stage and finally figure out who she was. And when she finished with her final
movement to the floor of the stage, I wanted to run down there and pin her under me forever.

I didnt even hear the door open behind me. There you are?! I slightly jumped and turned
around quickly. There was Lauren coming closer to me. I looked back to the stage to see that she
was gone and the lights were back to dim. Fuck!

So are you hiding from that hideous Tanya? she climbed into my lap.

Um. No, I was just trying to get away from the party for awhile.

You know you never called me back after that night, I should be mad at you. She smiled slyly.
However, I may let you make it up to me. She put her hands on the back of my neck and
pulled me up to kiss her.

Look, Lauren, I really am not trying to be a jerk here and I am sorry about that night and never
calling you back. But I think I need to get out of here. I helped her off my lap and stood up
myself. I walked out leaving her behind me.

My thoughts returned to my brown-eyed dancer. Why was it so hard to get her out of my head?
Its not as if Id never seen someone with brown eyes, brown hair and could dance. What the hell
was different about this?

I found the guys and we headed out to a bar. I woke up the next morning, well afternoon, head
ringing and not remembering how we got back home. Then I felt someone move next to me. I
turned to look at who was next to me. Shit!

Hey Edward.good morning. Lauren rolled over and wrapped her arm around my waist.
Double Shit!

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 18

Chapter 18 Confidence


After my phone call from Jake, I arrived to the dance studio and I threw myself into my work. I
caught Jane eyeing my curiously a couple of times and I would force a quick smile. I dont think
that she bought it though. She smiled back, but half heartedly. And when the work day was over
I rushed out before she could question me.

When I had arrived home I knew that I wouldnt be able to keep it from Alice and Rose long.
They could read me too well. So, when I walked in and no one was in my sight, I walked straight
to my room and shut the door. I jumped in the shower letting the hot water melt my tension and
stress, and hoped the noise of the water would drown out my sobs. I felt so hurt, betrayed,
lostso many emotions that I couldnt control.

I curled up into my bed still in my towel and cried myself to sleep. I knew that if Alice and Rose
were home that they could hear me. I was thankful to them for letting me be.

I didnt remember falling asleep. I looked at the clock and it said 5am. I climbed out of my bed
and went back to the showers heat and noise. This time when I emerged from the bathroom I
had two visitors sitting on my bed with chocolate ice cream and spoons. I fell into Alices arms
and cried. I told them everything. We talked, we sang girl hate songs from Alices Ipod, ate ice
cream, and fell asleep on my bed together.

Alice and Rose had helped so much. I felt renewed, even if it took 2 weeks for me to finally get
out of my funk. Jake had called a couple of times, but I wasnt ready to talk to him yet. I just
wasnt able to say friends to him.

I arrived to Janes on time for my shift with a wedding party that wanted to coordinate a group
dance for the reception. Jane and I went over the ideas that the couple had for their wedding
party and then we walked them through some basic steps. They were scheduled to come back
two more times before the wedding day to rehearse.

After they left, Jane turned to me Bella, can you please join us for dinner tonight?

Sure Jane. Let me go clean up and then I will be right up. I headed toward the changing rooms.

Dont be silly Bella. Grab your bag and you can use one of our bathrooms upstairs. She stood
waiting for me to grab my things.

I followed her upstairs and saw Aro in the kitchen, as usual. Ciao mia bella ballerinas. This
was a typical greeting from Aro (Hello my beautiful dancers).

Good evening Aro I said as I headed to the downstairs bathroom. After I was cleaned up, I
walked back out to find Jane and Aro.

Jane was sitting at their dining table talking to Clary. Bella! Clary ran over and hugged me

Hey there little sis! I feel like I havent seen you in forever. We both started to take a seat next
to each other at the table. What have you been up to? Clary and I chatted about school, boys,
her cheer squad, and she asked me about my French final.

Aro brought out an amazing seafood dish. It was beyond amazing and I barely spoke until I was
full. Jane, I do not know how you stay so tiny with a cook like Aro in the house. I smiled at
Aro then to her.

She smiled back slyly Oh we have our ways she winked at Aro who blew her a kiss.

MOM! DAD! Gross! Clary buried her face in her hand. Not while Im in the room please,
Ewww! We all started laughing, except for Clary who said good night and hurried off to her

I stood to help clear the table, but Jane interrupted. Bella, please leave it and come with me.
She poured two glasses of wine and we walked over to her couch and sat down.

She handed me a glass of wine. She took a sip of hers before she spoke. Bella, you know you
are a great dancer, but I dont think that you realize how great you are at teaching others to
dance. She looked into my face full on with so much pride that I felt like I was her child.

Th-Thank you Jane. I never realized how much I would enjoy teaching others to dance. I
appreciate you having given me the opportunity to discover this about myself. I smiled back to

Of course Bella. The minute I saw you dance for the first time I knew that you were special,
more special than the other students that I bring on. She took another sip, and for some reason I
started to get nervous. It felt like something bad was going to come next. I didnt know what, but
I started to get really anxious. She clearly could see it.

Oh Bella, please do not have a panic attack. I have not said anything bad, nor am I going to.
She placed her hand on my knee and patted gently. I tried to smile but my nerves were still going
at me.

What I want to say to you is that Aro and I are planning to take a much needed holiday, for
about a month or a month in a half. We would like to spend some time in France and Italy. And I
would like for you to take charge of my studio while I am away. What do you think?

I stared at her with my mouth open. Thank god I didnt drool. Jane, I dont know what to say.

Say yes Bella She smiled widely and laughed. We will be back before you have to return to
classes, so that it does not interrupt with your schooling.

Oh Jane I embraced her and almost spilled her wine out of her hand. Im sorry, Im just so
honored that you have this much confidence in me.

I think a strong dose of confidence is exactly what you need Bella. She took my wine glass and
sat both of ours on the coffee table in front of us. Listen to me. I am saying this with all the love
and tenderness of a dear friend. She took a deep breath before she began.

Bella, you are a wonderful girl. You are a great dancer. You are a wonderful teacher. Yet,
somehow you seem to lack confidence in yourself. Dont get me wrong, you are by far a push
over; however, I can tell that you hold yourself back. Ive seen you dance when you think that no
one is watching you, its so pure and beautiful. You feel the music flow through you. You are
beautiful. You just need to find that confidence that you radiate when you are dancing alone.
She looked into my face severely. Please Bella. Please do not be offended by my words. I truly
mean the best and I just want to see you at full potential. I think that this opportunity to take over
the studio will help push you into that direction. She dropped her eyes from my face, reached
for our glasses, and handed me mine back.

She held up her glass to me, Heres to my beautiful dancer finding herself this summer!

I left Janes, but didnt want to head straight home. What Jane had said turned over and over in
my head. I was confident, why would she think that I wasnt? Because she right, a small voice
inside me said. I decided to walk a few blocks before hailing a cab. I had walked until I stumbled
into a coffee shop to bury my thoughts into a cup of caf mocha. I stood in a short line, placed
my order, and sat at a corner table. I was pretty much out of it and hadnt realized that the place
was completely empty and was trying to close up. I was brought out of my daze by a deep voice
Miss? Hey you okay?

I looked up at a guy smiling at me, but his eyes seemed worried. Im so sorry! I guess I was out
of it there for awhile. I stood up to go.

You sure you are okay? I mean you have been here for over an hour, barely touching your drink
and youve not moved at all. He wrinkled his forehead.

Im fine, just lost in thought for awhile. I gave a forced smile.

Ya know its kind of late to be walking around out there. Why dont you let me lock up and
walk out with you? He turned to put a few things away and grabbed a bag from behind the

No really, its okay Im just gonna catch a cab. I wouldnt want to be in your way. I really
didnt feel like being hit on and I felt like and idiot already for spacing for over an hour.

Hey. Im leaving anyway and its not going to bother me. I would feel better about it. He
smiled largely and revealed deep adorable dimples Im Emmett by the way, he stuck out his

I shook his hand and smiled, genuinely this time. Nice to meet you Emmett, Im Bella. We
walked out of the shop and he turned to push some buttons on a keypad and pull the door shut. A
dim light came on inside and he turned back to me.

So, which way are you headed? He looked down to me. I hadnt realized just how big he was
until he was right next to me.

I think Ive met you before Emmett I looked up at him with realization I came in here a
couple of weeks ago with a friend and you took our order. I didnt make the connection until just
now. Am I stupid?! Like he would remember me!

I thought you looked familiar, but I wasnt sure he laughed boisterously. I was pretty sure that
he didnt remember. Im sure that I blend in with the many patrons of the coffee shop in New

I started walking down the street looking for an available cab. He followed closely. We talked a
little bit, but not too much.

I had finally hailed a cab and I turned to him So are you close by here?

Actually, I live some ways from here. I just didnt want to leave you on the street by yourself.
Ill catch the next cab that comes along. He smiled and put his hand out to shake.

Nonsense I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the cab with me. We can share a cab. Its the
least I can do. I turned back and smiled at him.

Thanks he said as he climbed into the cab with me. Emmett told the driver where he lived and
it looks like we were only about three blocks from each other.

We were caught in evening traffic, but the cab ride was interesting. Emmett kind of had no
boundaries. I found myself questioning if he had turrets or something like it. I had discovered
that Emmett was in a band, that he was currently single (which he told me while wiggling his
eyebrows, I laughed), and that he had an extensive video game collection. It was odd, but the
video games became our connection. While he had a much larger collection of games, we both
had a passion for shooting and racing games.

I told him about having to fight my roommates to let me hook up the Wii and the Xbox 360 in
our living room, because thats where the largest screen was located. He seemed impressed by
my knowledge of video games, though we disagreed between Resident Evil and House of the
Dead as the best zombie killing game. I was team Resident Evil and Emmett was team House of
the Dead; however we both agreed on Grand Theft Auto for racing games.

We reached his apartment first and we exchanged numbers before he climbed out. He gave me a
fist pound as our goodbye and shut the door. A fist pound, seriously? I laughed as the driver went
three more blocks to my building.

Jane, Aro, and Clary had left for France a week later. I had full control of the studio and was
working more than I had in the past. Jane had given me a crash course in running the studio, but
thank god she had great office help because I wouldve been lost without Kate and Alec. Kate
and Alec worked in the studio as well as in the office. They were great and they helped me
anytime I needed them.

One major project at the studio was the new incoming dance students that applied or signed up
for classes during the summer before classes started. This was typically something Jane would
coordinate and she left me her input on the situation, but left everything basically up to me.
Jessica, who still worked part time at the studio, wasnt very happy about the current situation
and she tried to give me grief for the first week that I was running things.

As the weeks past I felt better and better about myself. Jane was so insightful, so right. I felt a
little ego start to build in me and I didnt do anything to knock it back down to size. Not just yet

I had started to become really good friends with Emmett. We had gone out on a date once, but
when the evening came to an end we both kind of agreed that it was too awkward. It felt like we
were dating our sibling. Though he was bigger than me physically, I still felt like I was the older
sister to him. He was often so childlike with his behavior. We became quick video game buddies
and he had gotten me into kickboxing at a local gym.

I was on my way to a kickboxing class when my phone rang.

Hey Al whats up?

Bella! Guess who gets to go to fashion week?!?! I could imagine her smile and her bouncing
uncontrollably as she spoke.

Al, that is great! Maybe you will get to see Rose while you are there. Rose was already in Paris
for fashion shoots and runway modeling for the new collections.

Oh my god Bella, I am so excited! I cannot believe that they chose me to go. Usually they pick
the second year interns, but Miranda just chose me out of the blue. She was gushing.

We need to celebrate Al. How about Chinese and a movie tonight?

How about shopping, Chinese, and a movie? I groaned at the shopping she proposed. Come
on Bells, I need to get some outfits to pack for my trip.

Okay Al. Can you meet me at the gym in about an hour? I have my kickboxing session now.
Oh, and bring me some decent clothes so I can change at the gym okay?

Sure thing Bells. Ill see you in an hour! she squealed and hung up the phone.

Hey B, you ready to kick some bag? Emmett had taken on it upon himself to nickname me B. I
tried to fight him at first, but just took it as a term of endearment from him.

I am sure am Pappa Bear. Hey he got to nickname me, so I returned the favor.

We went through our workout together, laughing and sweating profusely. We typically had very
superficial conversations. Em didnt talk much about himself or in depth conversations. So when
I realized that we had started talking about our lives, I almost lost my footing.

So B, what dance studio are you working at? He asked while holding the bag for me while I
delivered and off balance kick. Oh come on, you can do better than that. Try again.

Janes studio. Its about 3-4 blocks from the coffee shop. You know it? I delivered a better
kick this time.

Much better! Yeah I know it. Ive passed it a couple of times. I figured that he had passed by
to check out the girls. I laughed and kicked super hard into the bag. I actually caught him off
guard and jolted him for a second. AH! Thats my girl! He laughed.

So Em, tell me about your band. I stood by the bag removing my gloves.

Well the band is called Coven I stopped him.

Oh my god Em, I saw you guys play at Twilight a few months back. You were great! I didnt
even put it together. I smiled like an idiot with a light bulb over their head.

Cool, so you know how awesome I am! He smiled again. Yeah so the band all lives together.
Theres James on guitar, Jasper on base, me on drums of course, and Edward does the vocals and
plays the guitar, oh and he has a piano too.

Em, do you know Alice Cullen? I looked up at him.

Of course, she is the object of Jaspers obsession. You know her?

Pappa BearIm her roommate. We also live with another girl named Rose. We had been
hanging out for a couple weeks and I was only now putting this together with him, it was so

Holy shit B, what a small world huh? He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and we headed
to get a bottle of water then to the changing rooms.

I walked into the changing room to see Alice sitting there waiting. How did you get in here
without being a member?

They are called boobs Bella. She giggled and threw me a bag.

I got cleaned up, changed my clothes, and we headed out. We ran into Em outside and we told
Alice about our afternoon discoveries about each other. She couldnt believe it either. I hugged
Em bye and told him to call me the next time he wanted to get together. He had been pretty busy
with the band lately; he even thinks he is going to have to stop working at the coffee shop. Not
that he would mind that.

Shopping went with the typically Alice flow, million stores and a million dressing rooms. When
she was finally satisfied we headed to eat. We decided that a Japanese restaurant would be great.
We ate then headed home to watch movies and eat ice cream of course. Rose called to check in
with us before we started to clean up for the night.

Bells, are you gonna be alright by yourself while we are gone? I mean, I know you will be safe,
but if you wanted me to stay here instead of leaving you alone for the week I would. She
searched my face for an answer.

Alice, why would you even suggest that? I was shocked and didnt know where it was coming
from. Of course you should go. Its only one week and I dont think that I will get into too much
trouble mom. I promise not to through any parties and to be in bed by 11pm each night. I
winked at her.

She smiled at me and we went to bed.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 19

Chapter 19 Alice & Clary

I hugged Alice goodbye and kissed her on her cheek. Take lots of pictures for me and when you
get back we will have a girls night.

She looked up at me with extreme excitement in her eyes. I promise She giggled and climbed
into the cab. I stood and waved on the side of the street and as she was carried off to the airport.

When the cab was out of sight I went back up to the apartment. I had the day off from the studio
and was currently making some homemade pizza. I was pulling it out of the oven when the
doorbell rang.

I opened the door Right on time.

What can I say, Im punctual Em laughed hard, walked into the living room, and sat down on
the couch. So what smells so good?

Just go ahead and make yourself at home Papa Bear I gave him a fake mad face and walked
over to the kitchen. I made pizza, did you bring the drinks?

Emmett raised a paper bag that I assumed was holding the beer he said he would bring.

Em and I spent the next couple of hours playing video games, eating pizza, drinking beer, and I
spent the time laughing while Emmett sulked about losing to a girl.

Oh, come on Em, its not that bad is it? I looked at him with a sad face.

He stuck his bottom lip out while crossing his arms Yes! Yes its that bad.

We started laughing as we cleaned up the pizza and beer bottles.

Dont worry Em, I wont tell anybody about your pathetic attempts to beat me. I winked at

With that he lifted me on his shoulder and threw me onto the couch. EMMETT!

You may win the video games B, but I got you beat in brute strength He smiled largely and
flexed for me.

You are such a bear! I laughed at him.

Well B, Ive gotta go. I need to get back to the guys. We have rehearsals and meetings, and all
that fun stuff I interrupted him.

Em, you dont have to explain to me. I know you are busy and it was nice to have company this
afternoon. I stood up from the couch to walk him to the door.

Thanks for letting me hang this afternoon. I really didnt want to sit at my apartment by myself
waiting on the guys to get back from their errands. I really appreciate it and it is a complete
blast to hang with you. He gave me a huge hug at the door.

Em..Can..tBr..eath He dropped me back down to the floor. Breathlessly I said goodbye.

I told you B, Brute strength. He laughed See ya later. With that Em left and I was left to

I did my laundry, cleaned my room, but still had time until I was ready for bed. I threw on my
jogging pants, jacket and running shoes and headed for the door. I figure that a short run would
work off the pizza and beer. I grabbed my IPod, cell, and keys before I stepped out closing the
door behind me.

I started an easy jog up the street after I selected my workout playlist. As I was jogging I started
thinking back to my conversation with Jane before she left for her holiday. I think that running
the studio was pushing me into the direction that she was talking about. I mean, I would never
have met and become so close to Emmett if I werent starting to feel more confident.

I was a little too caught up in my own thoughts as I was jogging and I rounded a corner right into
a couple coming from the opposite direction. When we hit, I stumbled back and caught myself
on the building and the woman caught herself before falling to the ground. Unfortunately the guy
that was with her took most of the impact and fell to the ground. The three of us yelled out in
surprise, Shit Fuck Ahh!

The guy yelled Ouch! and started laughing. The girl was still surprised and a little irritated. I
felt like an idiot and a jerk I am so so so sorry! I reached out to grab his hand and help him up.

Its fine really he said wincing in pain while trying to get up. He smiled at me and looked
directly at my face as he grabbed my hand for help up from the ground.

It was that moment that I remembered the eyes. I shook it off quicker than last time, but only
because when his hand touched mine there was a weird sensation. It was like a tingling, electric,
fiery pulse. I withdrew my hand as quickly as I could. I turned to the girl with a huge apologetic
look and my face profusely blushing.

Its alright. Really it is. She looked like she was no longer irritated and she looked to him and
asked Are you alright? You didnt get hurt did you?

I didnt want to look back at him, cause I knew that I would get caught in those eyes, his face, his
hair.ok the hair. It was hair that you wanted to just grab onto while he was . Woah woah
woahRedirect thinking now.

I kept apologizing while averting his eyes, though I could feel his eyes burning into me. I was
sure he was pissed off and was trying to not make any more of a scene than we already had.
After the girl reassured me again that it was okay, I did a quick glance over to him. Youre sure
you arent hurt right?

No. Im fine. His girlfriend wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him closely while
whispering something in his ear. He finally dropped his gaze to look down at her. I took that
moment to excuse myself and continue my way around the corner.

After I rounded the corner I picked up my pace to put as much distance between me and them as
possible. Once I rounded the next corner I leaned against the building to catch my breath. Then I
started walking toward a deli that I knew was down the street. How is it that I can to a pirouette
and move with graceful precision on a dance floor, but the moment I start jogging down a street
I take people out in my path like a tornado?!

After I grabbed a salad at the deli, I headed back to the apartment, this time just walking. When I
got in I jumped into the shower and into my pajamas. I sat down at my laptop to answer some
emails to my mom and dad, and to check on the studio schedules and appointments for the
upcoming week.

I tried to sleep, but couldnt get those eyes, his eyes out of my dreams. I woke up multiple times
and the sleep that I did get was restless. So here I am at 4am sitting at the bar in the kitchen with
a cup of coffee and the student intern applications that I needed to go through. It didnt take long
for me to get through the applications and make a few selections to call this week. So, I decided
to grab one of my favorite books and curled up on the couch with it.

I didnt realize that you could hear my alarm clock in the living room; however, I was very
thankful for it today. I had fallen asleep on the couch, though I dont remember when. My book
was lying on the floor and I could feel cushion imprints on my face. I ran to the bathroom and
jumped into the shower, then started my daily routine to get ready for work.

I arrived to the studio on time, actual early. I opened everything up and decided to leave the
student applications on Kates desk with notes on who we would be calling to meet with then I
posted the schedule on the wall for everyone.

The week went by quickly and I was at home waiting for Alice to return from Paris. She called
when the plane landed, so I made a quick dinner for us to eat while we chatted before she got
herself back into her normal routine.

I heard the door and ran to it. I threw it open before Alice could get her keys out of the door.

Bells! She dropped her bags and I picked her up in a huge hug. She giggled.

We grabbed her bags and brought them in. So how was it? What happened? Give me all the

We chatted over dinner and she told me all about the fashion shows and the parties that her and
Rose were at. I was beyond jealous that they got to go to Paris, but I was happy for them.

Rose will be coming home next week Alice said to me to break me out of my thoughts.

Thats great. We can plan a girl night; sleep over style, when she gets back.Alices face lit up.
I knew she would love the idea. Okay, OkayIm sure you are tired and I have to work
tomorrow, so get your tiny ass in your room. Ill clean up. Let me know if you need any help.

Thanks Bells, for dinner and for just a nice welcome home. She yawned and walked back to
her room.

Today at the studio I had meetings with four students for the internships for first year students. I
walked in to the studio and heard two people arguing. I ran into the changing room and saw
Jessica arguing with Kate.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! What is going on here? I stood between Jess and Kate.

She is a bitch! Jess screamed.

She is impossible Bella! Kate scowled at Jess.

Someone please explain, please. I pleaded. We have clients and students showing up here in
20 minutes.

Kate began, She came into the office to look at the schedule and grab a pen, then she started
going through the applications that you left on my desk. I asked her to put them back on my desk
and she started freaking out and walked out with the applications. I followed her down to here to
get them back.

Wait a minute! I didnt go to your desk to take the applications. I was looking for a pen and a
piece of paper that I could write a note to leave about requesting a schedule change for myself. I
did pick up the applications, I was curious when I realized what they were. Then when Kate
came out accusing me of things I got mad and stormed out. I didnt even realize that I still had
the applications in my hand when I got down here. Jess defended herself.

Okay. Look, Jess, give back the applications please. She handed them over to me and I gave
them to Kate. So, could you please not go through the papers on Kates desk, regardless of

Oh fine Bella! It was a complete misunderstanding, yet you side with Kate. I cant believe you!
Jane was out of her mind to leave you responsible for this place! she glared at me So when
Jane asks you why I am no longer here, you can tell her its because of YOU! With that she
stormed out of the studio and was on her way.

Great. Now I have to figure out how to cover her classes today. I sighed loudly and walked up
to the offices. Kate followed me.

Im so sorry Bella I stopped her before she could go any further.

Kate, just stop, its not your fault and I am not angry with anyone but Jess for walking out on
her responsibilities today. I smiled at her warmly and started going back over the schedule. I
had to quickly rearrange some people as well as schedule myself for some extra classes. Ugh this
week is going to be hell on me.

As I was sitting at Janes desk I got a call.

Hello I answered.

Hey Isabella It was Jane.

Hello Jane, how is your trip? I asked her trying to hide the stress in my voice.

Oh the trip is wonderful, how are things there? I took a deep breath before I answered.

Things are going.pretty good. I knew I was failing miserably, but I didnt want to lie to Jane.

Bella? I think you need to just tell me.

Well Jess kind of walked out today after her and Kate had a small altercation. Im so sorry Jane.
You have to be so disappointed in m. she cut me off.

Bella, Bella, Bella will you please quiet down for a moment. Everything will be fine, what have
you worked out. I told her my plan with rearranging the schedule and pulling extra classes onto
myself. Well then it sounds like you have it under control dear. Why are you so worried about
it? You didnt think that I would be angry did you?

Maybe a little. You arent angry then? I was astounded.

Of course not, you handled the situation and everything is under control. She sighed at me.

So, Im sure you had other things that you wanted to discuss. Ive selected a couple of students
to come in this week. I think that. Cut off again.

Bella, to be completely honest with you Kate called to tell me what happened. She felt guilty
like it was her fault and she wanted to let me know that Jess and her started it.

Damn Kate, she didnt need to get you involved in this Jane. Im sorry, I shouldve talked more
to Kate about the situation so she didnt bother you. My head was now in my hand.

Calm down Bellaplease. You are going to go prematurely gray. Everything is fine, you are
doing great, and Kate loves you or she wouldnt have called me. She took a slowly sighed, I do
have one more thing to ask you though. I was going to wait but since I have you on the phone
already Jane paused.

Jane you can ask me anything. I urged her to continue.

Well, Clary wants to return a couple of weeks early from our trip so that she can prepare for the
next school year and so she can start her cheer squad practices on time instead of late in the
pre-season and I was hoping that you would be willing to take care of her until we return?

Is that it?! Good lord Jane I thought you were going to ask me for a kidney or something,
geesh! I laughed loudly and Jane laughed with me. Of course I wouldnt mind, you know that I
love Clary and she is like family to me. Do you need me to stay here with her?

Oh Bella, you can stay there or she can stay with you, whatever works out best for you two.
Jane sounded more relieved in her tone. Clary will be flying back on Thursday morning, unless
that doesnt work out for you?

No, thats fine. What time is her flight arriving? Ill get pick her up at the airport and bring her
directly to your house.

Her flight arrives at 7am. Ill schedule a car to pick you up at your place and to bring you both
back to the house. No arguments!

Okay, okay. We both said our goodbyes.

I posted the new schedule and then headed downstairs to the studio.

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Chapter: 20

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Chapter 20 Sleepover

So far this week was kicking my butt. The extra classes that I took on, the meetings with possible
student interns, and just the normal daily management of the studio were completely wiping me
out. Then tomorrow morning I need to be at the airport to pick up Clary super early and then get
to the studio to start working with the new interns. At least I could attempt to nap in the car on
the way to and from the airport.

I got home from the studio around 10pm and found Alice on her phone in the living room, with a
ton of magazines spread out around her on the floor, coffee table, and couch. Okay well when
you get here we are definitely going to make the final plans, okay? She finally looked up
realizing that I was home. Hey Bella just got in, let me talk with her and then we will talk again
tomorrow, okay? Okay, I will. Cant wait. Bye.

Rose said hello and she will see you soon. I turned around to look at Alice from the
refrigerator realizing that she was talking to me.

When is she coming back and what plans do you need to talk to me about? I took a drink of
my bottled water that I had pulled out of the fridge and walked toward Alice, sitting on the arm
of the couch and surveying her mess.

She will actually arrive back in New York Friday morning and I told her about your girls night
plan, which she is total game for by the way. So will this weekend work for you? She looked at
me hopefully.

How about Saturday? I looked at her questioningly. I have to pick up Clary tomorrow
morning, I can bring her home with me Saturday after work, and I dont have to work on

Alice perked up instantly Clary is coming too?! This will be perfect. I am going to go shopping
tomorrow after work for sleepover items. Yeah! she was bouncing in her seat.

Sleepover items, Alice, what then I thought about what I was asking, Never mind, I dont
want know. Lets just plan for Saturday and you let me know if I need to get anything. Okay?

Sounds great Alice smiled, but then her face changed to unreadable UmBella?

Hmm Alice? I was headed back toward the kitchen to throw away my empty water bottle.

Lets do a shopping trip on Sundaynow before you freak out, we will do it for Claryya
know for back to school clothes? She smiled largely, knowing that playing the do it for Clary
card was totally a clincher. Clary loved to shop with Alice and I loved them both like sisters, so
she knew she had won this round.

Fine I huffed.

Terrific! Tell Clary all about it tomorrow when you pick her up. Alice got up and starting
cleaning up her magazine mess.

I headed off to get a shower and to get some much needed sleep.

The car arrived on time and I got to nap a little on the way to the airport. Once we pulled up to
the curb for pick ups, I got out of the car and dialed Clarys cell phone number.

Hey Bella I am getting my last bag now, where are you parked?

Hey we are parked at the curb. Do you need help with anything?

Nope, I will be there in about 10 minutes I just saw my last bag come through. See you shortly.

I smiled and put my phone back in my bag. As I was leaning against the car I looked around at
all the people being picked up. Hugs, kisses, exclamations of excitement, it was very heart
warming to see so many people happy to see family, friends, or lovers.

BELLA! I felt two tiny arms wrap around me and squeeze me out of my own thoughts.

Clary Berry! I squeezed back. How was your flight?

It was uneventful and long. She sighed. But I did get to sit next to a group of hot guys
returning from France.

Hot guys huh? And are sure it was uneventful? I raised an eyebrow at her.

She slapped my arm, Bella! How could you even think that I would do anything inappropriate?
She smiled widely.

The driver climbed out of the car and started loading her luggage in the trunk. Wow did she pack
like Alice!

Well, climb in and you can tell me all about Paris and Italy on the way home. You can even tell
me about the hot airplane guys. I laughed and she jumped into the car.

Clary told me all about Paris and Italy, and the hot guys. I talked to her about what she had
planned until her mother and father returned, talked to her about where she would rather stay
(her house or mine), and I went over the sleep over details for this Saturday.

She squealed. My god, could she possibly be Alices daughter some how? Oh Bella, I cant wait.
It will be so much fun, I know it!

It will definitely be a sleep over to remember with Alice running the show. I smiled and let out
a little sigh Alice also wants to take you shopping Sunday. You know, for school and stuff, so
you will need to call your mom to see if she is okay with that. I could see the smile get bigger
on her face. She hugged me tighter.

We pulled up to the studio and I helped her get her bags and my overnight bag, which we lugged
up to the apartment. I put my bag in the spare bedroom while helping Clary unpack her things
and get things sent to the laundry room.

After two hours of helping Clary, I left her to get her self something to eat and then take a nap,
while I headed down to the studio to start the day. I grabbed the largest coffee mug I could find
and started drinking in quickly. Ahcaffeine. It is much needed at this point. After I finished it, I
grabbed a bottle of water and went downstairs to work with the interns, as well as handle a
couple of the days classes.

Saturday came up quickly, which didnt surprise me at all. I was so busy with Clary and work
that it was no wonder that my days went so fast. I got through the Saturday classes; thankfully I
only had morning classes. I left the afternoon to the others, so that Clary and I could get over to
my place for tonights event.

When we walked through the apartment door, Alice ran straight to Clary and wrapped her in a
big hug. I swear Clary you get more gorgeous every time I see you. I may have to put you in an
issue of Vogue some day very soon. Clary smiled at Alice for the compliment.

Hey there Clary Berry. How was your France and Italy holiday? Rose walked up to us. It was
then that I realized that they were already in their pajamas. Its only 2pm and we were starting
already, typical Alice.

It was great, but I just wanted to get home and get ready for school and cheer squad. Plus I think
that mom and dad would like some alone time on their holiday she giggled.

Okay, so lets get this party started! Alice was bouncing again. Clary you have the spare
bedroom for your things, but I have pajamas sitting on the bed waiting for you. Bella the same is
on your bed. She smiled and ushered us into our rooms.

I peaked back at Alice quickly Im gonna shower quickly, okay?

Sure. No problem. Just no arguing about the pajamas. She smiled and pulled my door shut.

I walked straight to the shower, stripping my dance clothes off as I went. The water felt great,
relaxing my tensed muscles. Tonight is going to be a good time. I wont let Alice drive me crazy;
I will just sit back and enjoy the night all to us girls.

I got out of the shower, dried off, and walked over to the pajamas waiting for me on my bed.
What the?!?! Are we pole dancing tonight or something?! Wait, I said that I would just sit back
and enjoy the night. Ill count to 3.1,2,3. Breath in, Breath out. I slid on the tiniest boxer shorts
that I had ever seen along with a tiny tank top that matched. I slid on the big fluffy blue slippers
she left, but I also grabbed my navy blue Juilliard sweatshirt and pulled it on overtop. She cant
yell at me. I have it all on. I smiled inwardly.

I walked out to the living room where Alice had moved all the furniture out of the center of the
floor. There were sleeping bags, bean bag chairs, huge pillows, fingernail polish, buffers, foot
soaksyou name it Alice had bought it for tonight.

Its about time you got out here Alice turned to me and her mouth dropped open, then a stern
look appeared on her face. I hear Rose start to giggle and Clary joined in.

What Alice? I said trying to hold my laugh as I tugged at my sweatshirt.

Bella, I did not have that sweatshirt laid out. It completely throws off the coordination of the
outfits. She was pouting now.

What, its navy blue and so are the pjs. I smiled at her.

She huffed. Fine. Lets get this show on the road.

With that we did manicures, pedicures, and facials, did some crazy dancing around the
apartment, watched movies, and ate pizza and junk food all night. Around 9:30 pm there was a
loud knock on the door. It startled all of us.

Rose got up and walked over to the door. You are not going to believe this Alice!

Alice got up and walked over to Rose What are you do..Dear lord Jasper how much have you
had to drink?!

Looks like a few too many, and he smells like he bathed in it Rose started to roar with

Alllish.I-I h-hasd choo till ewwAlice cut him off.

Jazz you are making absolutely no sense! Get in here and I will get you into bed!

But Allishwweee got itsh, thee deeeel.

You got the record deal?!?! Alice screamed. By this time Clary and I were standing in the hall
behind Alice and Rose watching the scene unfold in front of us.

Rose laughed even more at his slurred speech Jazz thats great, now get your ass in here before
our neighbor comes out here because of all the noise.

WaittEddard ish. Alice stopped him again.

Jazz well take care of Edward. Come with me. Alice put Jaspers arm around her neck, Rose
grabbed the other side of him.

Rose yelled over her shoulder Bell, can you see if Edward is in the hallway or something? We
need to find him if he is here. Hes probably just as bad as Jazz here, if not worse.

Sure I said to Rose. As I walked into the hallway, I realized Clary was behind me. I turned to
her Dont you dare tell your mother that I had you around this! She giggled and crossed her
heart. Good. Now lets go.

Jaspers friend was leaning against the wall next to the elevator. I walked up slowly to him afraid
to startle him, his eyes were closed and he could have easily been asleep.

Ummexcuse me, Edward? His eyes opened slowly and looked at my face.

I-I huv toobee drimin righhhhht I didnt think that he was really asking me the question, but I
couldnt answer him. I was stuck in his eyes, those green eyes. I have seen them before, a couple
times. God his eyes, his face, that haireven drunk and slurring he was unbelievably hot. Clary
started laughing, and he turned to look at her.

I took the break in his gaze as my chance to move Uh...Edward can you walk?

Sshurrr I cun He put one foot out and slumped over. As he was about to hit the wall and slide
to the floor, I tried to catch him. However, he was bigger than me and ended up taking me down
with him, pulling me on top of him. Clary laughed even harder, doubling over.

I couldnt help it, I started laughing too. It was hilarious. I pulled myself up and stood over him.
Sssorreee was all he could get out, he had started laughing too.

I grabbed his arms and Clary grabbed under his shoulders. Together we pulled him up and I put
his arm over my shoulder, carrying his weight. Clary I got him, you go push the door open for
me okay? We are gonna take him to the spare bedroom. You and I can sleep in my room. Clary
ran to the door waiting to open it for us.

Okay Edward, were going to walk to the door now. You ready? I was looking down at his feet
waiting to see if he would start moving them.

Whoooare eww? I looked up to see his face just inches from mine and his eyes were so intense
on my face I could barely answer him.

Uh-mmBella, Im Alices friend.

Bella, booty-full he slurred out.

Bella do you need help? I snapped my head to see Clary taking a step toward us.

Nojust wait to get the door. We are coming, right Edward? I looked back to his feet.

Yeahp he answered and started walking forward. I helped him to the door and after Clary
opened the door, I walked him inside.

Rose appeared from around the corner. Shit Bella.sorrylet me help you with him.

No biggie Rose. I smiled quickly at her. Clary can you get the spare room door please? I
turned toward Rose. Hows Jasper?

Well, Alice forced him into the shower before allowing him in her bed. She laughed and I
joined in with her. But now she is just trying to get him to drink a glass of water before he
passes out in her bed. I was still smiling at the thought of tiny Alice trying to force Jasper, who
was much larger than her, to do anything. Though I had no doubt she would win any battle.

We walked Edward into the spare room and as we sat down on the bed he sat with us. Rose
moved out from his arm first. Bells, hold him for a second while I get his jacket and shoes,

I rolled my eyes. Okay but hurry. He is heavy. I giggled.

Edward started mumbling things that I couldnt really make out. I only heard my shoes,
dancer, and something about brown. Rose, Clary, and I were trying not to laugh, but it was
really hard. Clary went into the bathroom and got a glass of water. She gave it to Rose so she
could try to get him to drink some of it, but she wasnt having any luck at all. So she just set it on
the nightstand next to the bed and had Clary bring some Tylenol to sit there too. Okay Bells,
you can lay him back and I will swing his feet up.

God, why are we doing this Rose? I mean who is he to us? I said sarcastically and we both
started giggling again. We knew we were helping Alice and that we did feel sorry for them,
besides this was kind of entertaining.

Clary went to check on Alice and Jasper, and I started to lie back slightly so he would slump to
the mattress. As I was about to shift out of my seat; Edwards arm wrapped around my waist and
pulled me onto the mattress with him. He then shifted to lay on his right side and pulled himself
against me. His left arm still wrapped around my waist firmly and his left leg hooking up over
my legs. I tried to struggle out of the hold, but between Roses hysterical fits, my own building
laughter, and Edwards steel grip I wasnt having much luck.

Alice showed up in the doorway, obviously she wanted to know what all the laughter was about
in this room. She doubled over in laughter as soon as she saw the sight of Edward and me, along
with Rose and me dying laughing.

In between laughing I playfully yelled at Alice. Damn it Alice, get your beast of a cousin off of
me before I press charges! We burst out laughing even more, Clary joined in on the hysterics at
this point too.

Clary came over and worked on pushing Edwards leg off of me, with Roses help they got it
moved. His steel gripped arm however was another story. I tried to slide down, but as I slid
lower his arm and hand slide higher up towards my chest. When I realized where that was going
I pushed myself back up into original position. Of course the girls were still cracking up at my
failed efforts.

Okay, Okay, enough! Trying hard not to laugh too much I said He cant keep this grip up all
night, once he passes completely out I will shift out of his grip.

All three of them turned to walk out. Hey wait! I didnt mean for you guys to leave me in here
to be molested all by myself! The turned to look at me, got huge grins, and ran out closing the
door behind them. YOU BITCHES! I yelled through the closed door while laughing.

About 10 minutes later Edward was snoring deeply and I felt his grip loosen. I rolled out from
under his arm and was finally free; however, he started feeling around so I threw a pillow under
his arm. I couldnt help it, but this weird feeling came over me and I found myself missing his
arm around me. It was really odd. I shook it off.

I walked out of the room and shut the door behind me. Thanks a lot you jerks! I gave a
mocking glare to Rose, Alice, and Clary who were all smiling like the Cheshire Cat.

No problem Bells, I mean if you wanted to hook up with my cousin then all you had to do was
ask. Alice shrugged and rolled her eyes playfully. Clary and Rose giggled.

I picked up the nearest pillow and threw it at her. Oh its on now sister Alice yelled as she
tossed the pillow back at me, and with that the pillow fight commenced and lasted about 20

Once we cleaned up our mess we all crashed in different places on the floor watching a movie.
As sleepovers go, this was probably the best on of my life. However, what I didnt expect were
my dreams to be filled with Edward.

APOV (Alice)

Everyone was about dressed and ready to go out for our shopping trip. I climbed on my bed next
to Jasper and watched him sleeping. I was so lucky to have met him. He really was the best thing
that couldve happened to me. I felt like we were total soul mates.

I tried to nudge him awake, but that didnt work. So I leaned in and kissed him softly. That
worked! He put his hand behind my head and pulled me closer to kiss him deeper. My hand went
to the side of his face and stroked his cheek.

MmmmAli, that is the best way to wake up. He opened his eyes groggily and smiled at me.

Jasper you know just what to say to almost make me skip the shopping trip and spend the day in
bed with you. I ran my fingers from his cheek to his blond bed head.

Only almost huh? He winked at me.

Dont you dare! I said to him as I got up from the bed. I knew where he was going to take this
if I didnt get off the bed quickly.

Fine, choose shopping over me. He faked anger and then laughed. He stopped his laugh
quickly Hey wheres Edward? I didnt leave hi I cut him off.

Edward is in the spare bedroom. Bella found him by the elevator last night after we drug you in
here. I smiled at him.

Ali, Im sorry that I just showed up like that and to make it worse I was trashed. Forgive me?

Jasper, seriously, I am far from mad at you. Just dont go and make this a habit! I winked at
him. I know you were celebrating. Congratulations by the way! I walked over to his side of the
bed, leaned down, and kissed him again.

He grabbed my waist and pulled me into bed with him. Aha! I got you. Now you will have to
convince me to let you go! He was really laughing now.

Oh, I think I can manage that. I started tickling him and that was all it took. I was free and
standing by the bed triumphantly.

Cheater he pouted. I giggled.

Okay so you know where the food is, help yourself. The girls and I our going to go out
shopping and I doubt you will still be here when I get back, so call me later. I may have to force
you back into bed later. I winked at him and walked out of my bedroom.

My next stop was Edward. I knocked, but got nothing. I turned the door knob and slowly peeked
in, he was still asleep. I went over and sat on the bed to nudge him in his side.

He started stirring. Uhhggghhh.What the hell Emmett, leave me alone! He pulled one of the
pillows over his head.

First of all I dont think that you should talk to your favorite cousin like that and second I am
not Emmett.

Huh? his head popped up from under the pillow he had placed over his head. Alice? How?
When did. I stopped him.

You and Jazz showed up here last night after your celebrating I smiled widely at him.

Shit Al, Im sorry to barge in on you like that. He tried to sit up Owww. He lay back
down on the bed. I feel like shit

You should for how drunk you were.

Thanks for taking us in cuz. He smiled and pulled me down to lay next to him.

Youre welcome, though you should also thank the girls, espec. He cut me off this time.

The girls?! his head turned to me.

Yeah, I was having a sleepover night with some girls. My roommates and a friend of ours, when
you guys showed up last night. He grimaced and I think I noticed partial embarrassment. So as
I was saying, you should thank them for helping with you guys. Clary and Bella brought you out
of the hallway, Rose and Bella got you into bedhowever I couldnt control my laughter any

What Al? What happened? He looked panicked, but he also had a look that I couldnt quite

Umm, yeah well, you kind of pinned Bella to the bed with you for about 20 minutes. It was
quite funny! I started laughing again, only louder than before.

Oh my God, Alice that is not funny. I dont even know her, Im sure she thinks Im a fucking
retard or something. Wow, I didnt think he would get that upset about it.

Edward its fine, Bella is great. She laughed at the whole thing. I just wish you couldve seen her
face and her trying every possible way to get from yourwait what did she call it.Oh yes,
your steel grip. It was priceless.

He looked humiliated.

Seriously its fine. She has a great sense of humor E. No worries about it, okay?

Fine he grumbled.

Look we are going to get going, Jazz knows where everything is. Help yourself, just stay out of
the girls rooms. No panty raids okay? I smiled at him widely.

Damn! My plan is foiled! he smiled back to me He Al where are you heading out to?

I beamed Shopping of course! I bounced with excitement.

Ahh, I shouldve known. Have a good time, and thanks again. Thank the girls for umwell just
thank them for me and tell Bella that I am sorry. I think he just blushed, too funny.

I walked out of the room and shut the door behind me.

Okay Missies, are we ready for some shopping?!?! Bella, dont answer that!

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 21

Chapter 21 1 minute, 2 minute, 3 minute

*Beep.Beep.Beep. Beep.Beep.Beep. Beep.Beep.Beep.

UGH! Damn alarm clock! I hate alarm clocks, whoever invented these things were completely
sick and twisted. I pulled myself out of bed and walked down to the kitchen to make coffee. I
could hear Clary in her room as I passed her door. Is she getting ready so early? She didnt say
she was going anywhere today.

As I was making some eggs Clary appeared at the kitchen bar dressed to go out. Where are you
heading today? I was curious, she usually mentioned everything to me before she went
somewhere, yet she hadnt said anything to me about going out today.

Im just gonna meet some friends from the cheer squad so we can head over to look at possible
outfits for our team this year. We get to pick new ones. She smiled largely and seemed really
excited about it.

Ok. What time are you going to be back? Any ideas? I pressed a little further just to make sure
she wasnt doing anything stupid.

UmmI should be back around 4pm this afternoon. Is that okay? I was scooping some eggs
onto a plate in front of her and she was playing with her fork before she started shoving some
eggs into her mouth. She was not being herself and I could tell that something was up. I really
didnt know what to do about it; I mean I wasnt a mom.

Sure 4pm is fine. We can go out to dinner tonight, where do you want to go? Ill make
reservations if I need to. She still was acting anxious and she didnt answer me. Clary?

Ummmyeahhow about we just head to the Japanese place to eat? She wouldnt meet my

Clary Berry, whats going on? You know you can talk to me right? I know I had concern
written all over my face.

Yeah, nothing is wrong. Im just excited about the uniform thats all and I dont want to be
late. With that she stood up, hugged me, and said she would be back later while she walked out
the door.

I decided to put a call into Jane.

Hey Bella I felt horrible I knew I was waking her. Is everything okay?

Jane I am so sorry. I dont mean to wake you, but Clary is acting really strange this morning
and I am really nervous.

Tell me whats going on. Jane was awake now.

So I went into detail about the morning and about Clarys behavior, stopping about every so
often to apologize for letting Clary leave the house knowing something was up with her.

Bella you need to stop. You tried to offer her a person to talk to and she didnt take it; however,
I am glad that you called me. Im going to give her a quick call just to check in on her. I wont
mention our conversation it will just be a mommy check up call. I could hear the stress in Janes

Please let me know if I can do something Jane. If you need me to track her down and drag her
back by her hair then I will.

Jane laughed lightly I might have you try that. I will talk to you soon Bella and Thank You so
much for everything you have been doing.

My pleasure, call me if you need me to do anything. We both hung up.

I cleaned up the kitchen and headed back up to get ready to go to the studio. As I passed Clarys
room, I couldnt help but walk in and survey the room. It looked like it always did, nothing
seemed out of place. I sighed and headed back to the spare room to get dressed for the day.

I was walking into the 2nd floor Studio offices about an hour later when my cell rang. Thinking
that it might be Jane I answered quickly.

Hello, Jane?

Um, no Bella, its Jake. Insert uncomfortable silence, ugh. Was I ready for this conversation?
Yes! Yes, I was.

H-hello Jake. How have you been? Is your father well? I was trying to keep it to small talk; I
didnt want to get too deep just yet. Just in case I was fooling myself.

I am okay. My father is doing much better, thank you for asking. How have you been? he was
extremely nervous.

To be honest, I have been really good, but at this moment Im not sure what I am. I was trying
to get through this as honestly as possible.

I think I understand, at least I sort of do, from my perspective. Quiet again. Bella I am so
sorry for hurting you. I know I did and I didnt mean to, but I am being selfish by calling and Im
sorry for that too. I hate not being able to talk to you. You were one of my best friends.

I sighed I know Jake. You were one of my best friends as well, and I do miss that. I just needed
time to put the other stuff behind us, to see if I could put it behind me and get over it. I think that
I have, but right now is my true test I guess. I walked into Janes office, closing the door, and
sitting at the desk.

I know and I completely understand. So, do you think that we could be friends? he was
completely sincere.

I think so Jake, but I still need to take this slow okay? So I am not ready to hear how you have
fallen in love with someone already and all that stuff okay? I was a little lighter with the
statement, trying to get passed the sadness.

Bella! I am not in love with anyone else and I definitely would not do that to you! he was
shocked at my comment.


Jake, Im getting another call, can I call you back later?

Sure, sure, just promise you will call me ok?


Sure thing Jake, Bye.

Bye Bella.

I clicked over to the other call.


Bella I am so sorry. It was Clary, sobbing into the cell phone.

What?! Whats wrong? Are you hurt?!!!!! I was beyond panicked Where are you?!

Through her sobbing Clary told me that she was at a coffee shop. Are you okay? Are you safe?
I asked her.

Yes she sobbed.

Stay there I will be there as fast as I can. I slammed my phone shut, grabbed my bag, and ran
past Kate as she was coming in the door. Kate, I have to go, I will be back as soon as I can. Im
sorry.its Clary! I was out the door running down the street and trying to hail a cab at the
same time.

I finally arrived to the coffee shop to see Clary looking horrible as ever at a corner table. I ran to
her and kneeled to the floor in front of her pulling her into my arms.

Clary, what happened? I tried to look at her face, but she wouldnt meet my eyes. Clary
please I begged.

I cant. You will hate me. Hate her? How could I hate someone that was like my own blood?
There was nothing she could do that would make me hate her, ever.

I pulled her face so she looked directly into my eyes. Clary there is nothing you could do that
would ever make that happen. You know that. I love you.

Yes you will. You wont be able to help it. I cant help but hate myself. She started sobbing

Look, we can talk when we get back to the house, lets get you home. I pulled her up and
wrapped my arm around her. We walked out and got a cab back to the studio. I held her as she
cried in the cab.

We arrived back to the studio and I took Clary straight upstairs and into her room. She lay down
on her bed and I sat next to her.

Do you want to talk about this? I asked as I pushed the hair out of her face.

Still crying, I dont know if I can talk about it. Im so sorry Bella. I understand if you call my

To be honest, you scared me this morning, so I called her to ask what I should do. I figured that
your mom would know you best. I looked at her to see her reaction.

Is that why she called me this morning? She still wouldnt look at me.

Yes I paused turning the thoughts and the events around in my head. Listen Clary, I wont
call your mom, for now. I want you to have a chance to calm down and then if you want to talk
to me, I will listen without judgment. But understand that I still have to reserve the right to call
your mom if you do not get any better or if there is a reason she should be called. Is that okay
with you?

I guess.

Think of it this way, if it is something that your mom needs to be brought in about then at least I
can help you talk to her. Ya know? I leaned down and lightly hugged her. I am here for you.
Ill give you your space for now and then we can talk tonight, unless you want to talk earlier then
all you have to do is let me know and I will be right back here. Okay?

Okay she answered flatly. I started to walk out of her room pulling her door shut, but before I
got the door completely closed Bella?

Yes honey? I poked my head back into her room.

Thank you. And there was a small smile on her face.

No problem little sis, you have me forever. You are never alone in anything. I winked at her
and walked down to the studio to help with the classes.

Jane called me twice and I told her that at the moment I didnt have anything to report. She could
tell that I was being vague, but I ensured her that if I did find out something that I would talk
with her immediately.

I checked on Clary routinely, but she hadnt moved from her bed. Once she was asleep and the
other times she was just lying there.

Around 3pm I called the Chinese delivery place and ordered our favorites; chicken and broccoli,
Kung Pao chicken, Lo Mein noodles, egg rolls and fried wontons. I asked them to have it
delivered by 4pm.

At 3:30pm I left the studio for the day and went up to the apartment. I turned on the stereo and
started cleaning up the apartment a little bit, while I was singing (which I dont do well by the
way) Clary appeared at the bottom of the steps. Her eyes were puffy and red.

I ordered Chinese; it should be here in about twenty minutes. Are you hungry?

She looked up at me and shook her head no. Okay was all I said to her. I stood there waiting to
see if she was going to come downstairs completely or go back upstairs.

Bella, can I talk to you now? She stared at the floor and anxiously played with her fingers.

Of course, do you want to go back to your room or sit in the living room? I walked up to her
and embraced her.

I pulled back and say the tears in her eyes again. Living room is fine. She headed over to the
couch and sat Indian style on the middle cushion.

I sat to her right, leaned my back against the arm of the couch and waited for her to speak.

I saw more tears start to run down her cheek, so I wiped her face with my hand and took a hold
of her hands in mine. Its okay. I said trying to reassure her.

No its not. Bella, my life is ruined. She buried her head in my shoulder shaking from her sobs.

What is going on Clary? I promise I will do everything I can to help you? She sobbed harder.

Okaydid you hurt someone? she shook her head no.

Did you commit a crime? she shook her head no.

Um.are you using drugs? she shook her head no.

Can I get a little help hereuh, are you a lesbian? she started to laugh and cry at the same
time. So I hoped that I had made her feel somewhat better. I, of course, knew she wasnt a
lesbian and she knew that that was the last thing that would ruin her life if it were true.

Bells, I-I-I think Im pregnant. She looked quickly to my face for my reaction.

The doorbell rang. Thank god for the delivery guy. I need to wrap my head around what she just

Let me grab that it will give me a second to think I smiled at her reassuring her that it was

After paying for the food I put it in the kitchen and then went back to my spot on the couch.
Clary was sitting with her face in her hands.

I sat and she looked up at me. Okay, so you think you are pregnant. Did you take a test? she
shook her head no. Alright, how late are you?

About a week and a half.

When were your last sexual encounters? Did I really have to hear her answer this? It was like
listening to my own daughter confess her sexual acts. Ugh! I was definitely not having kids.

Ummmthe night before I left from France, 2 weeks before that, and then there was 3 weeks
before I left. She kept her head down. I could tell she was embarrassed and feeling a little

Was it the same guy or different guys? Double Ugh!

Two different guys; one in Italy, on in France. She sighed heavily.

Did you use protection at all? She was a smart girl, she knew about condoms and birth control.
Jane was a very open woman.

With the Italian, but one time with the French guy I didnt. That was the 2 weeks before I left
time. She answered before I could ask.

I sighed. Okay. We can deal with this. Grab your jacket and throw on some shoes. To the
pharmacy we are going.

Huh? she looked up quickly.

I am going to buy some pregnancy tests and we are going to find out what the test has to say
before we talk to your mom. Okay? We want as much information as we can get; unless you
want to just talk to your mom now? I looked in her eyes and awaited her answer.

No. I dont want to tell her at all. She pleaded.

Well, we dont have to talk to her now, but we will have to talk to her eventually Clary. You
know that you will have to talk to her, right? Especially if it is positive, if it is she will obviously
figure it out eventually. I was slipping on my shoes and heading for the door.

Clary walked up next to me. I wrapped her arm with mine and we headed to the corner
pharmacy. We bought what we came to get and headed back to the apartment. Clary headed to
the bathroom and I went to heat up the Chinese food.

Clary appeared behind me at the kitchen bar.

So, how long did the box say we had to wait? She asked me.

I think it was 3 minutes for the one with a plus sign, 1 minute for the digital one, and I think 3
minutes for the smiley face one. We had bought 3 double packs of test.

Okay. She sighed.

Where are the tests? I turned to get the food and put it out.

In the bathroom on the counter.

You hungry yet? I pushed an empty plate toward her and pushed the food to the middle of the
bar for her to pick what she wanted.

She nodded yes and started dishing food onto her plate. I didnt want to push her look at the
results, though I was dying to find out for sure.

She took a few bites and then stood up and pushed away from the table. She looked at me
waiting, so I stood up with her. I followed her to the bathroom.

I cant lookplease you do it. She had her forehead on the wall opposite the counter top.

I took a deep breath and grabbed the first test. I held it to my face.

Well?! Her head was still against the wall.

I let out a breath that I didnt know I was holding. Negative. Its negative Clary. I grabbed the
other tests All negative!!

She spun around with a loud release of breath Are you sure?! She grabbed the tests and a huge
smile plastered her face.

We grasped each other and held on tightly while jumping up and down together singing its
negative over and over.

After we settled down and threw out the used tests I took the unused tests and put them in my

We walked back out to finish dinner. As we ate I decided that we needed to have a conversation.
So our dinner conversation was to talk about birth control, trying to not have multiple partners,
just being smarter overall with sex. We also decided that we would make an appointment with
her doctor for her to get checked out, especially since she is late, while also looking into some
form of birth control. I also informed her that we would need to talk to her mom about the birth
control, because that was something she needed to discuss with her openly. I agreed not to
discuss her sex-capades as I called them and not to discuss the scare, as long as she promised to
always come to me about things.

When we finally said goodnight and I was showered and climbing into bed the exhaustion hit me
hard. I fell into a dreamless sleep quickly.

After the exciting day that Clary and I had, we called Jane to talk to her. You could tell she was
relieved. Then Jane made an appointment for Clary at their doctor for next week.

I was relieved that it was all taken care of and that we didnt have to delivery news that Jane was
a grandma to be. I continued the rest of the week staying close to Clary and keeping her close to
home. Besides her doctor appointment, we stayed at her place most nights. I would call and
check in with Alice and Rosalie, who were coming to stay at Janes apartment this weekend with
us to help with Clarys cheer squad practices. I also talked to Jake a couple of times and we have
started mending our relationship, as friends.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 22

Chapter 22 Hip Hip Hooray! Victory!

Clary had begged me to help with her cheer squad again this year and of course I agreed. So the
varsity team was arriving to the studio this Saturday afternoon, tomorrow. Rose and Alice were
already here staying with us at Janes apartment. They were going to come down to the studio
with me tomorrow until the cheer squad arrived. We had a specialized instructor coming in to
teach pole dancing, thanks to Janes broadening our horizons, to anyone interested at the
studio. So it was a no client Saturday, only staff and interns.

Saturday arrived and I headed down stairs to the studio super early to let the instructors as well
as the staff in the studio. The instructor, Heidi, arrived with two assistants and she had 4 bags
that held poles. I helped set up the poles in the largest studio room we had. After installations
were complete, the instructor and her assistants tested the poles for safety, and I have to admit I
was impressed with their movement on those things.

Staff and interns arrived, some nervous, some beyond excited, and all of us curious. Clary even
came down to participate in the session.

After Heidi was finished, I thanked her and suggested that she come back again for a second
class. I mean I worked more muscles that I normally did with my dance classes. This was a great
workout and it was so much fun. One of the best moments in the class was when Heidi informed
Rosalie and me that we would be much welcomed at any dance club with our quick learning and
the way we could move the pole. Alice busted into hysterics with Clary and Rose and I didnt
know if we should be complimented or insulted. We just said thanks and I slightly blushed at the
image of me in some G string on a stage with a pole. Ugh!

We had everything taken down and cleared out by the time the cheer squad starting arriving.
During the warm-ups my cell phone rang.


Hey little bear, what are you up to? It was Emmett.

Well, I just finished pole dancing I knew he would love that. And now I am working with
some girls on a cheer squad. Whats up?

Well I wanted towait, did you say pole dancing? He laughed while he said it.

Yes I did, and I will have you know the instructor said that I had skillz baby I laughed hard
and he joined in.

After the laughter died down I wanted to know if you wanted to hit the gym with me today, but
I guess youve got some stripping to do. Laughing began again.

Sorry papa bear, how about during this week? You got any openings in that busy schedule of

Well, if you will pole dance for me I can meet you any time any place.

Spoken like a true testosterone ridden male. I giggled.

Why fight what I am...anyway, how about Tuesday, early afternoon, like around 11:30am?

Sounds like a plan, Ill see you then.

Hey B

Yeah Em?

Dont forget your pole! and with that he hung up laughing hysterically. Hell pay for that.

I thought that we were running early, but I had to double check my watch when I saw Emmett
standing in front of the gym pacing. No, I was right, we are running early. Hmm

You are early, whats the occasion? I didnt bring the pole with me I smiled and winked at
him. Clary, who had come along to go to the pool, giggled.

What can I sayI missed you. He winked back and grabbed me into his signature bear hug
then ruffled my hair before turning to bear hug Clary. Hey, Im assuming that you are Clary, its
good to meet you. Clary blushed deeply and said a meek hi.

Dont scare her Em! I playfully punched his shoulder. Lets get our work out on. I turned
and walked into the gym.

Emmett was holding the punching bag for me while I was practicing some kicks when he
decided to begin the teasing session.

So.tell just how you got that pole dancing golden star of approval he wiggled his eyebrows.

I kicked the bag harder causing him to lose his footing and falter just a little; though he stayed
upright I was still smiling with satisfaction. You just cant get over it can you. I shouldve never
told you about it. I put my hands on my hips.

Oh come on B. I cant help it. He batted his eyes at me.

I stuck my tongue out like a kindergarten kid. He laughed.

Hey I want to ask you if you will come over this week end. He let go of the bag.

You mean to your apartment? I was a little thrown, since we usually hung at my apartment.

Yeah, I, uh, kind of made got myself in a game challenge. He looked a little embarrassed.

I still dont understand. Em you are great at gaming, what does this have to do with me?

Well, I challenged Jasper and we decided that we would play in teams. Jasper is probably going
to pick Edward and they are both really good, however, no one knows about my secret weapon.
He looked at me and winked.

You are crazy. So, what game are we playing and when are we having this showdown?

Bella you are the best secret weapon in the world! I was then crushed by his arms.

EmC-cantB-brea..th I was gasping.

Ooh, sorry. I just got so excited cause we are going to crush them! He had a huge smile on his

So, a day and time please? I said while to get my breath back.

Sunday afternoon. Come over anytime after 12pm, everyone should be awake by then and we
are going to do a couple of different games, like 4 of them. We will pick 2 and they will pick 2, a
5th if we need a tiebreaker. He was still smiling.

Okay, sounds good. But dont get too confident Em, just because were a team doesnt mean we
will win. I damn well knew that we would be heavy competition, but I just wanted to mess with

Dont jinx us! He yelled and lightly slapped my shoulder. I laughed at him.

After I said goodbye to Emmett, I went to get Clary, and we headed back to the apartment.

Saturday arrived and by 11am Emmett had called me 3 times to make sure I was coming. I could
tell he was keeping it a secret because of his hushed voice. I reassured him that I would be there.

I had told Alice and Rose about heading to Emmetts apartment hoping that they may tag along
with me. Rose had to be at rehearsals for the musical she was performing in, but Alice was more
than willing to head over. She would get to see Jasper.

I got a shower, dried off, combined my hair out, and got dressed. I threw on a pair of faded and
worn relaxed fit jeans. They were a little baggy, but comfortable. I also grabbed one of my
favorite T-Shirts that Rose had bought me to tease me, but I loved it. It was a little tight, but the
fact that is had the original Super Mario Brothers on it made it an instant favorite. It may sound
juvenile, but I loved Super Mario Brothers. I slid on some black flip flops and a black hooding
off the closet door knob.

When I stepped out of my room Alice gave me the once over and sighed. She was dressed in
tight skinny jeans with a sleeveless dark purple tunic complete with tiny black belt around her
waist. Clearly she didnt approve of my casual choice.

Dont give me that look Alice, its video games, not a fashion show. I smirked at her.

Bella, how will I ever find you a man when you dress like your one of them? She scoffed at

Maybe I dont want you to find me a man, maybe Im just waiting for Jasper to mess up so I can
date you?! I winked and laughed.

Seriously Bells, couldnt you even put on jeans that fit?

These fit, they are just a little baggy, which I like by the way.

Bella they are going to fall off of your waist. Can I at least make some minor adjustments,

Knowing that she would sulk if I didnt I just nodded yes.

She returned with a black belt and she pulled my hair out of my pony tail and spritzed some hair
stuff on me and started scrunching my hair. Thats a little better. At least the T shirt shows a
sliver of skin around your waist. She smiled an evil smile, knowing that the showing of my skin
would irritate me.

You are so evil Alice and why mess with my hair; you know I will have it pulled back up
eventually. I wrapped the hair tie around my wrist and headed toward the door.

Because I can and I will take your hair down every time you try to pull it up into some messy
thing. She winked at me and headed out with me.

Alice knocked on the door when we arrived. I was thankful that she knew where we were going.

Emmett swung the door open. Finally! You made it! He pushed past Alice and grabbed me
into a crushing hug, threw me over his shoulder and carried me into the apartment.

Gee Em, its nice to see you too Alice said to him while she rolled her eyes.

Sorry Ali, Im just excited. Jazz will be out in a minute, he just got out of the shower.

Well then perhaps I should see if he needs help she winked to me as Em was setting back on
my feet and the giggled as she walked back to what I assumed was Jaspers room.

Emmett rolled his eyes , like I need to hear about that.

Jealous? I said to him.

Definitely. I want Jasper all to myself. He said in a higher pitched girlie voice. I laughed at
him. You want something to drink B?

Water would be great. I said while I visually took the place in.

You dont want a beer or something? He looked at me like I was crazy. It is the afternoon you

Just a water please.

Fine. Edward will be back shortly he went to pick up some food and more beer. He plopped
down in a large chair that easily could fit two people, though Em took up most of it.

Oh. Was all I could get out. I was still stuck on the fact that Edward would be herethe
Edward that I have run into multiple times literally embarrassing myself and then who could
forget the drunken mattress pinning a few weeks back. Ugh! This could be embarrassing. I was
hopeful that Emmett didnt know about the other weekend. I was pretty confident that he didnt
since he hadnt said anything to me yet.

Hello? Bella? I turned quickly to see Em staring at me.

Sorry, whats up? I blushed.

You okay? He held a bottle of water out.

Yeah, whats up? I smiled and walked over to grab the bottle. When I did he grabbed my arm
and pulled me to sit with him.

Lets get set up. He started messing around with the Xbox, the controllers, and he started
pulling out games for us to consider as our choices. We were getting our game plan in order.

Jasper emerged with his arm around Alice. Are you trying to cheat already Em? Jasper turned
his eyes to me Uh..hey Bella. I could tell he was confused. He looked at Alice, who smiled,
and then back to Emmett. Emmett smiled knowing that Jasper was completely in the dark about
my video game habit.

Hi Jasper, how have you been?

Uhgood. Do you come over with Alice? He was fishing.

Actually Emmett broke in shes here with me. I smiled knowing what he was implying. It
was all an act to set them up and caught on quickly.

Yeah, Emmett asked me over Jasper. Weve been hanging out for awhile. I smiled and
wrapped my arm around Ems shoulders. Emmett and my actions could easily be misconstrued
as a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, which is what we were hoping Jasper would think until we
started playing. I was internally dying of laughter, I knew that Em was too, and I could see a
gleam in Alices eye too. She was completely playing alongthis is why she is one of best

With confusion still plaguing Jaspers face, the door to the apartment opened and three people
walked in talking. The talking stopped when they entered the awkward silence in the living
room. There were two guys and one of the guys had is arm around a girl. The guy with the girl
was Edward. I remembered him from the night of the sleepover; however, the light brown haired
girl seemed really familiar. Oh god, shes the girl that I ran into with him. Ugh, ugh! I didnt
know the dirty blond haired guy, but he looked oddly familiar and a little creepy.

So what the fuck did we just walk into? The dirty blond guy looked at everyones face. He
stopped on mine. Do I know you from somewhere? He smiled, but his smile was off somehow.

I, uh, I dont think so I answered and slid my arm off Emmett.

Emmett spoke up. James this is Bella, Bella, James. He turned to Edward, Bella this is
Edward and Lauren, Edward Lauren this is Bella. However, I think that Edward and Bella
already know each otheroh waityou were to drunk to remember huh Eddie? I blushed the
reddest I have ever blushed. Clearly Emmett did know about the sleepover night. Since my hand
was still behind him on the oversized chair, I pinched the back of his arm. OW! Shit Bella! That
hurt! Then everyone busted into laughter; everyone except Lauren who was staring daggers into

Jasper caught on to Laurens stares quickly. What Emmett means is that Edward and I showed
up at Alices a few weekends ago completely trashed. Bella is one of Alices roommates, and
they ended up helping us out by taking us in. Alice put us up for the night. I looked at Jasper
thankfully and he winked at me while Lauren was looking up at Edward.

Emmett went to open his mouth, but I interrupted. Its nice to meet you. I turned to look Em in
his face. I gave him the dont do it or say it glare. He just smiled and wrapped his arm around

Alice was the next to speak. So arent you guys supposed to be doing some juvenile bet or
something? Lets get this over with so I can spend time with Jasper before he leaves me. She
climbed up on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek. Emmett had told me that they were leaving
Tuesday for California to record their CD. They would be gone for a month or two.

Are you guys seriously still going with this bet? James looked between Emmett and Jasper.

Yep they both answered at the same time. Emmett nudged my side with his hand.

So Em, where is your teammate? If they do not show up then it will be considered forfeit
remember? Jasper taunted Em.

Well Jazz, where is your teammate? Do you forfeit? Let the testosterone battle begin.

Now Em, you know that my teammate just walked through the door. Jasper smiled largely and
threw his arm around Edward.

Well Jazz, why dont you just set up the game and let us begin. Emmett was really trying to
push his secret to the last second.

Since you seem still intent on losing, lets begin. Jasper started setting up the Xbox, Lauren
and Alice set out the food and beers, Edward sat in another oversized chair that was to the left of
Emmett and me, but it was turned to face the wall on our right where there was a couch. I felt his
eyes on me, but I was terrified to turn my head and get caught in his eyes. James pulled a dining
room chair out and sat in it backwards, Lauren went over to sit with Edward, and after handing
out the controllers Jasper and Alice took seats next to each other on the couch.

Jasper broke the silence So you gonna play both controllers at the same time dude? He started
smirking. Emmett moved his arm from around me, I sat up and grabbed the other controller from
his lap.

Why would he do that when his partner has been here the whole time? I winked at Jasper and
smiled at Em. Emmett smiled back hugely.

Huh? Youre gonna play? James was laughing.

I shot my head around at him. Why is it so funny? I spat at him.

Uh because you have no idea what you have gotten yourself into he was still laughing.

Oh I think Ive been into worse. I gave him an evil glare. I heard Emmett chuckle behind me.

Bella I think it is time for you to put these fools in their place. It surprised me to hear Alice
chime in. I looked at her and she was smiling widely at me. Jasper was staring at Alice.

You knew Bella was Ems partner the whole time and didnt tell me? He faked being hurt. She
smacked his arm and laughed.

Lets go bitches! Emmett yelled. Which game first? We will let you choose first, since you
will need all the advantages you can get. I laughed and then my eyes looked over to Edward
who was looking at me smiling. Oh lord that smile. Why did it have to be so heaven sent? I could
literally jump in his lap and.Whoa whoawhat the hell. Head back in the game Bella!

Edward broke his gaze at me to look at Jasper. How about we start off with Forza Motorsport
2? Jasper smirked as he said it. If only he knew that I had this game myself and that Emmett
and I had played this together.

I kept my face blank as we set up for the race. Once it began, I shifted down to the floor between
Emmetts feet and he remained on the chair. We were all silent until Jasper took a critical hit and
it set him back. I was just about neck and neck with Edward, but I got bumped from behind and
it threw me off. I caught back up with Emmett and Jasper on my ass, Emmett trying to gain
control of Jasper. I gave a crucial bump to Edward and took over first place. The toughest part
for me is getting to first place; once I have it I can usually maintain it. After a couple of rounds
of racing, Emmett and I jumped up and high five each other.

We went on with a few different games. One was call of duty, which I didnt really play so we
did not get a clean sweep win; however, at the end of the day Emmett and I championed Jasper
and Edward. Emmett and I were rubbing it in just a little bit and having drank five beers I was
loosened up enough to do a victory dance with Emmett. Then he yanked me up into a huge bear
hug and I kissed his cheek.

Jasper tossed his controller onto the coffee table I dont believe this! Alice giggled at his
tantrum. He turned to look at her. What are you laughing at? You knew about this. You have
been hiding this video game geek in your apartment and you share her with Emmett! He tackled
her on the couch and started tickling her. Emmett sat me back on my feet and I laughed at Jasper
attacking Alice.

Holy Fuck dude! I would never have thought you could pull that out. I felt James arm go
around my shoulder and his lips to close to the side of my face, even though he was talking to
Em. I slipped out from under his arm and headed toward their kitchen with my empty beer

I was tossing the bottles into the garbage can when I turned and ran right into Edward. I hadnt
heard him enter. That was impressive he smiled at me. Oh that smile. That uneven smileit
really should be illegal.

Thanks. Thats what happens when you are a geek who doesnt do anything but school and
work. I smiled as I started to walk around him.

So, how did you and Em meet? I spun back around to look at him. He was smiling a little, but
there was something else in his eyes that I could figure out.

Ummm Emmett cut me off.

I met her daydreaming in the coffee shop that I used to work at. He wrapped his arm around
my shoulder. Now she is my workout and video game buddy, right little bear?

Yep papa bear, which speaking of maybe we should hit the gym more often. I patted his
stomach. Emmett prided himself on his build, so I knew that this was the best way to tease him.

What?! There is nothing wrong with my stomach. He lifted his shirt to display his sculpted
build. I laughed and he caught on to my teasing. He lifted me up over his shoulder.

EMMETT! PUT ME DOWN! I was smacking his back, but that wasnt getting me anywhere.

Edward followed us out to the living room. Of course everyone was laughing at the display of
Emmett and me. I started pinching the back of his arms.

Okay, Ouch, Okay, Ill put you down. He rubbed the back of arm. I swear woman you get the
same spot every time. Im gonna have bruises.

Good! I said to him and smacked his arm.

Alice and Lauren started cleaning up the food in the living room, so I joined them in picking up
and carrying things to the kitchen. After everything was clean I told Alice that I was going to
head back home, I figured she would just stay with Jasper since he was leaving in a few days.

Oh hell no Bella. Emmett grabbed my arm. We need to celebrate our victory, we are going

Emmett I have to work tomorrow, I am not going out.

Oh please Bella, lets go out. Ill call Rose and see if she will meet us. She gave me the puppy
dog eyes.

Ugh Aliceyou and those damn puppy dog eyes! She cheered and pulled out her cell, she
knew she had won.

Rose said she will meet us there. Alice smiled.

Where exactly are we going, Im not dressed for going to a club or anything. They would never
let me in. I stood waiting for Alice to give me hell again for dressing so casual.

Instead she surprised me Well if you would take off the baggy black hoodie, then I dont think
that the bouncers would mind letting you pass in your teeny t shirt you have on. She giggled
while I gave her a nasty look.

Thats okay, I prefer to keep my clothes on thanks. I looked at Alice You havent given me
enough alcohol for that yet. We smiled at each other.

Lets just head down to the bar on the corner. Emmett said as he grabbed me around my
shoulders and walked me toward the door with him. James was ahead of us, while Jasper and
Alice locked hands and followed.

Then Emmett stopped Edward, arent you guys coming?

I turned around and it looked like Lauren and he were disagreeing about something. I whispered
Em, lets just go. They look like something is going on.

There is always something going on with them he said back to me. Then he yelled to them
again Come the Fuck on!

We headed to a bar a few blocks down. We drank, played pool, darts, and Alice and I danced
around a bit. Alice tried to get Lauren to join us, but she said she was tired. Im thinking that she
didnt want to be here at all.

I was sitting next to Emmett watching James make a shot when Alice ran up and grabbed me by
the arm and pulled me to the dance floor. What are you then I heard it. Alices song Single
Ladies came on and Rose came walking straight from the door to the dance floor to join us.

We were dancing a little crazy and then Rose started our little routine that we had fooled
around with at the studio a couple of times. We started and Alice started giggling loudly, she
loved it. I tried to get her to join us, but then Jasper came up behind her and was dancing with

Rose and I did our spins, moved our hips around, dropped to the floor and came back up. We
were having a blast. Then we went back to being a little crazy with me and Rose dancing with
each other. We started laughing hysterically and then we spun around and I saw that we had an
audience, which I dont do well with. I blushed and started hiding myself behind Jasper and
Alice. Rose knew what I was doing and tried to pull me back out in the center, but the song
ended and I knew I could return to the table though I was still deeply red in the face.

That was so much fun! Alice squealed as she sat across from me.

Bells you really got to get over the stage fright stuff. Its a miracle that you passed your dance
classes with how you get. Rose smiled at me.

James slid into the chair next to me smiling So, youre a dancer huh? Clearly you are full of
surprises arent you? He rubbed my leg with his knee. I wonder what other surprises you are
good at he winked at me.

James! Edward yelled. Everyones head shot up at him, Dude, its your shot. Quit fucking
around and play the game.

I kept my eyes on Edward who was looking straight at me the whole time he was yelling at

Calm down, youre being a real prick tonight. Whats wrong Lauren not putting out anymore?
He said as he stood and walked over to the pool table.

I turned to look at Lauren who was too busy staring at Edward, then to me. I took that as my cue
to head home.

A/N: Edwards point of view will be coming upthough I am also considering doing
someone elses perspective like Jaspers view on Edwards behavior with Bella. Not sure
yet. Just dont hate me if I post someone elses point of view before I post Edwards.

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Chapter: 23

A/N: So I am starting Edwardss point of view. This isnt the last of his point of view and I
will get to that; however the points of views in the next chapter are going to switch between
Edward and someone else.

Big thanks to crzyktyjo for the idea on the point of view idea. I actually really am getting
into writing this new point of view.

Chapter 23 Strawberries


After I had woken up next to Lauren, I tried to avoid her and the attention she was showering on
me. It seemed that I had successfully moved on from Tanya only to now be in the same situation
with Lauren. What the hell was wrong with me? Ugh!

The biggest problem was that Lauren wasnt a total bitch like Tanya. Lauren was actually pretty
decent and when I finally caved in to going out with her I found her to be pretty cool. We ended
up hanging out a lot more and eventually we kind of became a thing.

Over the next few weeks the guys and I focused on rehearsing and writing songs. I was still
trying to work out the song that I had started, yet I felt like I couldnt get the words to go any
further. It was like I was missing something, though I didnt know what.

Emmett had arrived home late after working one night rambling on about some girl he met at the
coffee shop, but I was too busy trying to get our songs together and get us on top of our game for
our final meeting with Caius. Our first meeting with Caius had gone great and he expressed that
he wanted a record with a possible tour. However, we still had contract negotiations to do and
that is what our final meeting would concern.

We had been working so hard on rehearsing and when Demetrius called us to tell us that we had
a final meeting scheduled with Caius, we decided that we needed to decompress from all the
working. So we all took a morning to ourselves to do our own thing.

I woke up next to Lauren, which was pretty typical now. At least I was sticking to at least one
woman, right now. She got up and headed to her place to get dressed for the day and after she
left I got showered and changed myself.

I headed out to the living room where Jasper was playing on the Xbox. James must still be in
bed. I went to the kitchen to grab some coffee then I headed to the piano and started trying to
finish my composition. I kept hitting a blank wall. Something was missing.

Emmett came out of his room fully dressed, which was weird for this time of day. It was
typically not until after 11am that Emmett got showered. I heard him grab a bowl, spoon, cereal,
and milk. Fifteen minutes later he was yelling later and heading out the door. Where the hell is he
going? He usually lounges around the house when he isnt working or rehearsing. Huh.

When I couldnt take my creative block any longer I left my piano and washed out my mug. I
threw on a jacket and some shoes, headed out the door, and called Lauren to see if she wanted to
meet up. Maybe if I killed some tension with her I could get my brain back on track.

I met her at a deli that I liked. We ate a quick brunch and talked for a little bit. Lauren was nice,
but conversation wasnt exactly the greatest. She just didnt really think beyond her own little
world sometimes. By the time we were done eating, I really was rethinking having called her. I
made a couple of attempts to ditch her so to speak, but it was pointless so we headed back to
my place.

I put my hands in my pockets so I could avoid holding hands while we walked. I know it sounds
horrid and I seem like a total asshole, but it just didnt feel right with her that way. I know Im a
sick fucker. I can fuck her, but I cant hold hands with her walking down a street. I am a dick.
She seemed happy to just wrap her arm in mine and walk back in silence.

As we were rounding a corner something slammed into me hard and I fell back to the sidewalk.
There were yells of surprise Shit Fuck Ahh! all said in unison.

Ouch! I partly yelled and partly laughed when I realized that someone had ran into me,
sending me to the ground.

I am so so so sorry! said a glorious voice. I saw a hand extended to me.

I started to take the hand Its fine really I reassured them. And though I winced when I started
to stand up, because my ass was a little sore, I felt the weirdest feeling from touching this hand. I
looked directly at the person, at HER. Oh my god, it was her, from in front of Tanyas apartment
building the other day. She looked flushed from her run and from embarrassment. I couldnt take
my eyes from her. Focus Edward!

She withdrew her hand quickly after I was up, but I was sure that she had to of felt that feeling.
The electric current that passed through us; it was still lingering on my hand without her
touching me. She gave me a look that I couldnt quite figure out then turned to Lauren with a big
apologetic look on her face. She was unbelievable adorable when she was embarrassed. It was
almost enough to get me hotshe was innocently hot. Wow!

I heard Lauren say something about being alright, but I couldnt stop staring at HER. I wanted to
say something, but I didnt know what to say and my mouth wasnt cooperating either. I couldnt
wrap my brain around the fact that she was right here in front of me again. Those large brown
eyes, chocolate eyes, beautifully pale translucent skin, plump pink lips. There was an instant heat
building inside my stomach and a strong pull to touch her skin, touch her lips, to put my
handswhoaend perverted thoughts right there.

Then Lauren came up to me Youre sure you arent hurt right? Then the brown eyes turned to
me. Ughso amazing, so easy to get lost in. I wanted to look into them all the time. I wanted
them to look up from underneath me..again.stop perversions right there. Ugh.

No. Im fine. Lauren wrapped her arms around my waist and I looked down at her. I wanted to
push her back and approach this girl with these eyes to finally know who she was and try to
figure out why her face and her eyes haunted me, but as I turned back to where she was standing
she was excusing herself and heading down the street in the opposite direction from usfrom

Why couldnt I just yell for her? Why did I have to be with Lauren today? Why hadnt I just gone
to the deli alone? Damn it!

Lauren and I continued on to my apartment. I glanced at my watch and realized that the guys
were going to have my head. We were supposed to have a quick meeting this afternoon.

When we got in the door I got what I expected.

Fuck Edward, where were you? James was standing at the kitchen counter. Seriously, we all
have things we want to go to, but we agreed to this meeting before we went on with our

Fuck you James, I lost track of time I rolled my eyes at him.

Plus we got plowed down by some crazy woman Lauren threw in as she went to sit on the

Huh? Jasper arched his eyebrow at me.

There was this girl jogging and we all slammed into each other at one of the corners. No
biggie. I shrugged it off. Yeah, no biggie. Its just the girl that I seem to be obsessing over, not
that I would tell any of them this. To be honest I will probably be picturing Lauren as her later.
JesusI am an asshole!

We all sat around my piano and started to discuss our rehearsal schedules, selected some songs
that we wanted to try to put together and we all started discussing different ideas that we had.

I heard Laurens cell phone ring and her answer it. It sounded as if one of her friends is pissed
about something. Maybe she will have to go help her and then I can just hang with the guys for
awhile. Lauren is a nice girl, so why am I leading her on?

I have to go. Jess just walked out of her job. Apparently the acting manager at the studio is a
real bitch or something. She kissed my cheek and headed out of the apartment.

So our meeting day with Caius came. We were all nervous as hell to take our recordings in.
Caius had heard us play; however, he wanted us to bring some recordings in so he could pass
them along to others.

I dont think Ive ever been so nervous in my life I looked at Jazz, who looked like he might
throw up. Good I wasnt the only one who felt that way. This was it, this was our break or we
were screwed.

James emerged from his room Lets get going pussies! Its time to become rock gods! He
smiled largely and headed for the front door.

Emmett walked up and put his arm around my shoulder. I watched Jazz head out the door too.
Dude, we are going to be so famous! You realize that you will be able to have a girl in every
state right? Em laughed boisterously and pulled me out the door.

Over nine hours later we were all at Volturi night club celebrating our new record contract.

Unbelievable man, I still cant even believe it Jasper was dumbfounded.

We fucking did it!!! Emmett yelled as he motioned for more beer and some shots.

Hell yeah we did! James yelled with Emmett.

I was still in shock. Caius was more than happy to welcome us to the Volturi label. We had
Demetrius and Laraunt, our legal advisor, join us and go over and negotiate the contract.

It was still running through my head; the meeting, the contract, but I still couldnt shake the
brown eyes, the lips, and her face. I couldnt shake her from my thoughts.

We were signed for a one record deal and based on how well our debut was would determine a
future contract. We were going to head out to Los Angeles in less than a month to spend up to
two months recording our official CD. Then we would start doing some small touring and
promotions for the CD. If it took off then we were going to be heading out for our first tour. It
was all so surreal at the moment.

The beers and shots flowed freely and by 10pm we were all trashed. Em and James had met
some girls at the club and headed out with them. Jasper and I grabbed a cab together. I thought
we were heading home, but Jazz was hell bent on telling Alice and it had to be in person. So the
cab dropped us off at her place.

We were having a hard time walking, but I definitely was the worst. Once we got to the elevator
I slumped to the wall. Jasper hit every button because he couldnt tell which one to hit, so we
stopped at every floor.

We finally got to the right floor and he pulled me out of the elevator by my shirt. He leaned me
against a wall and headed to a door. I closed my eyes and swore that I could hear him talking, but
I had no idea where he went. Then it was silent.

It couldve been hours I leaned there, I have no clue. I heard voices suddenly, but it wasnt Jazz.

Ummexcuse me, Edward? That voice, it was so familiar, it was so wonderful. Where did I
know that voice? I opened my eyes slowly and couldnt believe what I was seeing.

I have to be dreaming right? Wait. Did I say that out loud? All I know is that I couldnt take my
eyes away; if I did she would be gone again. Then I heard a giggle and turned my head to see a
young girl standing down the hall.

UhEdward can you walk? the beauty asked me.

Sure I can though I dont think that it sounded as clear as I meant it to. I put my foot out to
walk and slumped over. I was about to hit the wall and slide to the floor when I felt hands grab
me trying to catch me. Instead she ended up on top of me. I am definitely dreaming, there is no
way this is happening. This is an awesome drunken stupor. Sorry. I tried not to laugh, but I
couldnt believe how great this moment was. Her touching me, laying on me was the best
feeling. Nothing compared to it.

I heard laughing but I just wanted to stare at those brown eyes. I felt another set of arms grab me,
so I had two sets of hands helping me up now.

I heard the beauty say something about having me, she had no idea how she had me. As I was
going through my own thoughts she spoke to me again.

Okay Edward, were going to walk to the door now. You ready? She was staring at my feet
and she had my arm slung over her shoulder taking on most of my weight. I wanted her to look
at me and I wanted to know her.

Who are you? I slurred out.

Uh-mmBella, Im Alices friend.

Bella your beautiful at least this is what I thought I was saying; however, I think it came out a
little messed up and not understandable.

I heard another voice again asking if we needed help. Instead the beauty, Bella, was walking me
through Alices door.

Shit Bellasorrylet me help you with him Is that Rose? It sounded like Rose.

I heard Bella brush it all off and ask someone to do something with a spare bedroom. Where the
hell is Jasper?

As if to answer my internal thought, I heard Rose tell Bella what was going on with him.

I could feel myself slipping away more. Why had I drunk so many shots? Im going to pay for
this in the morning.

I felt softness under me, but I could still feel someone helping me, holding on to me. I hoped it
was Bella. I was pretty sure it was. I could smell the same strawberries that I noticed when I first
leaned on her and I could still feel the amazing pulse pumping between our touch.

I could feel someones hands on my ankles and I felt Bella start to lay me backwards and shift
away from me. I didnt want her away from me yet. I could feel the same electricity flowing
through our touch and I wanted it longer. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her with me. I
wanted to ask her more questions, but I couldnt form one word. I couldnt hear anything but a
lot of laughter. I was slipping awayI was passing out, but not without her.

I heard a faint knock, but I ignored it. I felt a nudge in my side.

Uhhggghhh.What the hell Emmett, leave me alone! I grabbed the closest pillow and put it
over my head. Hmmm? Strawberries, god that smells wonderful.

First of all I dont think that you should talk to your favorite cousin like that and second I am
not Emmett. Alice?

Huh? I pulled the pillow off and popped my head up. Alice? How? When did she cut me

She was smiling widely, You and Jazz showed up here last night after your celebrating.

Shit Al, Im sorry to barge in on you like that. I tried to sit up and hug her, but my head had
other plans. Owww I lay back down. I feel like shit

You should for how drunk you were. She giggled at me.

Thanks for taking us in cuz. I smiled and decided that since I couldnt come up to her that I
would pull her down to lay next to me like when we were kids.

Youre welcome, though you should also thank the girls, espec Girls?

The girls?! I turned my head to look her in the face. I dont remember.oh shit! Girls.

Yeah, I was having a sleepover night with some girls. My roommates and a friend of ours, when
you guys showed up last night. God I feel even more like shit. I ruined her sleepover thing. So
as I was saying, you should thank them for helping you guys. Clary and Bella brought you out of
the hallway, Rose and Bella got you into bed.however She burst into laughter. Oh god,
what did I say or do. Shit, shit, shit.

What Al? What happened? I was racking my memory in an attempt to remember anything.

Umm, yeah well, you kind of pinned Bella to the bed with you for about 20 minutes. It was
quite funny! She started laughing again, only louder than before. Bella? Strawberries? My
beauty, the brown eyes in bed with me and I barely can even remember it. Fuck! I had her here.

Panic and embarrassment filled me Oh my God, Alice that is not funny. I dont even know her
(though I want to) Im sure she thinks that Im a fucking retard or something. I cant believe she
thinks this is funny.

Edward its fine, Bella is great. She laughed at the whole thing. I just wish you couldve seen her
face and her trying every possible way to get from yourwait what did she call itOh yes, your
steel grip. It was priceless.

Jesus Christ! I am such and asshole. I pinned the poor girl to the bed and to me. She clearly had
been trying to get away from me and I wouldnt let her. UGH!

Seriously its fine. She has a great sense of humor E. No worries about it, okay?

Fine How could I not be worried about it? How could I face her?

Look we are going to get going, Jazz knows where everything is. Help yourself, just stay out of
the girls rooms. No panty raids okay? She flashed me a wide grin.

Damn! My plan is foiled! I smiled back to her Hey Al, where are you heading out to? Maybe
I could arrange an accidental run in. I smiled internally at the thought of that.

Shopping of course! she bounced as she said it.

Ahh, I shouldve known. Have a good time, and thanks again. Thank the girls for umwell just
thank them for me and tell Bella that Im sorry. I think I just fucking blushed. Im such an ass.
What is wrong with me?

Once I drug my ass out of bed and walked out to Alices kitchen I turned the coffee pot on. I then
walked back into the bedroom and headed to the shower. I stripped off my clothes and climbed
in the shower. While standing in the warm water I could smell strawberry all around me. It was
intoxicating, I closed my eyes and all I could see was her face, her eyes, her smile. It was all so
over powering. I bowed my head down and caught a glimpse of shampoo bottles. I couldnt
resist. I picked it up opened it and inhaled deeply. That was the smell. The most wonderful
fucking smell on the planet; I squeezed it into my hand and rubbed it into my hair and all over
my body. I would smell her all day long. Jesus Edward are you a stalker now or something?

While in the shower, with her scent all around and on me, lyrics poured into my head, songs
poured into me. Holy shit! She wasnt just an obsession, just beautiful, and intriguing; she was a
muse. She was my muse. I started singing in the shower; I started with the song I had been trying
to finish, and the whole song came to me. I was astounded. I mean songs would come to me as I
played and rehearsed, and things would inspire songs, but this was different this was her song.
As I sang the song I could see her dancing on stage again, see her leaning against the building
with her eyes closed, her flush embarrassed face, and the way it felt to touch her. Damn! I think I
am losing it. What the hell is the matter with me? Shes just a girl.

I think every night since that night I have dreamt about Bella. I caught some shit for smelling
like strawberries that day, but I just played it down for the guys. Of course Jasper had to share
my pinning Bella to the mattress story with the group. I was just thankful that Lauren wasnt
around when hed decided to spill that one. Im sure that would go over well, especially with my
strawberry smell I was rocking that day.

In order to change the subject I turned the attention to Jasper and Emmetts battle for ultimate
video game champion. This got them going. Suddenly there was a bet in place and a date was set
for a match; however, they were going to play teams and the second players would be kept secret
till the day of. Though I knew that Jazz was going to pull me into this with the look he gave me
when Em turned his back on him.

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Chapter: 24

A/N: So I previously said that there would be someone elses point of view in this one.
However, once I got into Edwards headI couldnt come out of it. So I gave Edward his
own chapter and will put the other point of view as the next. Sorry.

Chapter 24 My Best Friends Girl


I sat at my piano completely engulfed in her song. I was working out the arrangement like it
had come to me in the shower. I flipped around on the piano bench facing away from the piano,
grabbed my guitar and started playing the finished piece. As I played all I could see behind my
closed eyes where her face, her eyes, hear her voice, and I could feel the electric pulse I felt
when I was close to her, when we touched. They I literally felt a need for her.

this time what I want is you
there is no one else
who can take your place
this time you burn me with your eyes
you see past all the lies
you take it all away
I've seen it all
and it's never enough
it keeps leaving me needing you
take me away
take me away
I've got nothing left to say
just take me away
I try to make my way to you
but still I feel so lost
I don't know what else I can do
I've seen it all
and it's never enough
it keeps leaving me needing you
take me away
take me away
I've got nothing left to say
just take me away
don't give up on me yet
don't forget who I am
I know I'm not there yet
but don't let
me stay here alone
this time what I want is you
there is no one else
who can take your place
I've seen enough and it's never enough
it keeps leaving me needing you
take me away
take me away
I've got nothing left to say
just take me away
take me away
take me away
I've got nothing left to say
just take me away

I sighed sharply after I was finished. Place my guitar back in its stand and headed out to the
living room.

I plopped down onto the couch to try to pull myself from my thoughts, my ridiculous obsession.
I started flipping through the channels to find something to watch for awhile. Then I heard
Emmett enter the room on his cell phone.

..Wait, did you say pole dancing I heard him laugh out. Who the hell was he talking to? Is he
hooking up with some stripper now? Im not sure why, but I kept listening in on his phone
conversation; even if I could only get his side of it.

I wanted to know if you wanted to hit the gym with me today, but I guess youve got some
stripping to do he continued laughing. He must be joking around with someone.

I heard him open the fridge and start rummaging through it for something. Good luck Em, we
have no food in this fucking place. Ha.

Well, if you pole dance for me I can meet you any time any place. Typical Emmett comment.

Why fight what I amanyway, how about Tuesday, early afternoon, like around 11:30am?
Did he convince the person to pole dance or meet him at the gym? I cant believe that I am so
bored that I am eavesdropping on one of Emmetts phone calls. Im pathetic. I turned off the TV
and headed to my room.


WHAT?!?! I screamed at whoever was beating on my door; though I had strong suspicions
that it was Emmett.

Get up fucker! We got shit to do today! He yelled at me.

Fuck off Emmett! Then I heard my door slam open and before I could roll over to look I felt a
crushing slam to my body. Jesus Christ Em! What the hell is with you this morning?! I looked
over to my alarm clock and it said 9am in bright red lighting. Its only 9 in the fucking morning

Yeah well in a few hours we have a competition going down and we need to get shit together.
So get your lazy ass up! He pulled my comforter off of me and my bed and carried it out the
door with him.

Youre a DICK Emmett! I heard his hearty laugh.

So Ive been told was all he yelled back to me.

I sat up and drug my ass to the shower. After I was dressed I headed to the kitchen for some
coffee. Emmett was sitting with his enormous bowl of cereal like a little kid, reading the back of
the cereal box.

Dude, you are in charge of food. He looked over at me.

Huh? I took a swig of my coffee; hoping that it would get my ass in gear.

You. Are. In. Charge. Of. Food. He said to me as if I were mentally challenged. I grabbed the
closest thing I could find, a wet dish rag, and threw it at his face. He blocked it.

Ha bitch! Dont mess with me or I will go Ninja on your ass. Hoowahhhh! He stood and made
a ridiculous ninja move and pose. I almost shot my coffee out of my nose.

So what food do you want me to grab, any preferences?

Well, I was thinking that you could just get some chips, cookies, maybe some pizza, ya know
gaming food. Shit. I forgot that today was the Em and Jasper battle for video game
domination. I smiled slyly to myself knowing that I was Jaspers partner. Now I dont want to
sound cocky, but Jasper and I were a tough team to beat. I really didnt know who Emmett was
going to convince to go against us, and I dont know how Em thought he could win. Em was
good, but he would have to have a partner that was as good or even better. Oh well, his mistake.
This would be too easy.

Alright Em. Ill head out in a few to get some stuff. I walked over to the couch with my coffee
and started flipping through the channels. I settled for the news.

James emerged from his room with not one, but two blondes. Both of them with their clothes
wrinkled and make up smeared all over their faces from sleep and fromwellI think we all
knew from what else. He was walking them to the door to show them out. How the hell he
managed to get one girl, let alone two into his bed at the same time was beyond me. I mean,
dont get me wrong, but James isnt like some supermodel or even a nice guy. He was smooth,
Id give him that, but it was very plain that he was out for one thing. He didnt hide that fact and
yet these women fell right into it. I guess I shouldnt talk shit on him though, since I wasnt that
great of a guy myself.

Jesus, what is with all my self loathing lately; it never bothered me so much before. I had been
content hadnt I? Ugh. Fuck!

James, you are a fucking whore dude! Jasper spoke from the kitchen. I hadnt even seen him
come out of his room.

Jealous much pussy?! Not all of us can handle being with the same girl over and over and
overUgh, how do you do it dude? James practically cringed at the idea.

Its all about the girl. When you find her you can stick with it over and over and over, and it
gets better each time. I spun around to look at Jasper with a look of disgust on my face. He
looked over at me What?!

Seriously Jazz, shes my little cousin can you not go there please. Its just so wrong on so many
levels to hear you talk like that about her and not kick your face in. I turned back to the news.

Sorry Edward, but its still true. I didnt have to look at him to know he was smiling when he
said it.

Whatever, youre pussy whipped! James concluded and headed for the fridge.

James, you need to pick up some beer and shit for this afternoon. So get your ass in gear. Em
said it to him like dont fucking argue with me about it either.

Yeah, yeah, whatever, but please explain to me how I got pulled into being here for this. Why is
it that I have to watch you two battle out a video game like your in junior high?

Cause you do! was all Emmett said.

James Im heading out to grab food and shit, so we can always head out together, up to you
dude? I yelled over my shoulder.

Sounds like a plan. Let me go shower and we can head out before Em gets his panties in a
bunch. He laughed and headed to get dressed.

I was waiting for James when I got a call from Lauren.

Hey there she said, trying to sound seductive.

Hey was all I said in return.

So what are you doing today? Wanna get together or something?

Actually the guys and I are going to hang at the apartment, playing video games and shit this
afternoon. Its kind of something that weve had planned. I was secretly hoping that she
wouldnt be too interested in coming over, since it was video games and all that. However, on
the other hand, I could always take a break and we could head to my room for awhile. And here
comes Edward the whore emerging from deep inside.

Oh, well, umI guess I could just find something else to do; unless you wouldnt mind if I
come over and watch?

Umwell sure, I mean if you wont get bored watching video games. I sighed internally.

I think I can manage, besides if you win I can give you a special prize for being the
champion she giggled.

Here comes my perverted thoughts again, damn the Edward whore. Really? So what kind of
special prize can I earn?

She giggled again Youll have to win to find out.

I told her that I was heading out with James to grab some things for this afternoon and she agreed
to meet us. I hung up and yelled for James to hurry his ass up.

James ran into the liquor store while I grabbed stuff at the corner store. Lauren had met me at the
store and helped get stuff.

We were on our way back to the apartment and I realized that I hadnt said too much to Lauren
and that she wasnt saying too much either. I looked over to her and she was walking with her
head down and had a look on her face like she was deep in thought.

You okay? I asked her as we got on the elevator.

She sighed a little. Yeah, Im fine. I could tell that there was something going on, but she
wasnt telling me. I wrapped my arm around her and we walked into the apartment.

I was not prepared for what was waiting for us behind the apartment door.

We entered the door and stopped looking at an awkwardly silent group in the living room. Jasper
and Alice standing facing Emmett who was on one of the large oversized chairs, and sitting with
Em was Bella with her arm around him. Bella?! With Emmett? What the hell? Was the universe
this cruel to tease me with this girl and then flaunt her all over one of my best friends? I
couldnt take my eyes from her. She was scanning all of faces.

So what the fuck did we just walk into? James said so eloquently, as he looked at everyones
face. He stopped on Bella and I could see the smile spread on his face. Dont even go there
James. I felt my jaw tighten and anger filled my thoughts. What the hell?! Why am I overreacting
like this? Do I know you from somewhere? he directed his question to Bella. Oh God, please
let her say no. Please do not let her have known James. That would just be unbearable.

I, uh, I dont think so I looked back to Bella as she spoke. She slid her arm off of Emmett. Her
voice could seriously hypnotize me, and with those eyes she could bend me to her will. Though
Id really like if she would bend to my will..end those thoughts now. Clearly she is with your
boy Emmett. Just admitting this to myself made my stomach knot.

Emmett started introductions; James this is Bella, Bella, James. He turned toward Lauren and
me; Bella this is Edward and Lauren; Edward, Lauren this is Bella. However, I think that
Edward and Bella already know each otheroh waityou were to drunk to remember huh
Eddie? Fucking Emmett! Then Bella blushed with embarrassment. Someone kill me now cause
that blush was perfect on her face.

Next thing I knew Emmett was yelling, OW! Shit Bella! That hurt! Everyone started laughing.

Jasper spoke up and explained what had happened, though he left out one of the main details and
I was beyond thankful that he had. I could tell that Lauren was about to flip out.

With an evil smile on his face Emmett was about to speak again. Oh Jesus Christ Emmett, shut

Suddenly Bella spoke up Its nice to meet you then I saw her give Em a shut the fuck up
look. I would have to thank her for reining him in. Em smiled, leaned back in the chair, and
wrapped his arm around her. Theres the knot again twisting tighter. Edward get it together,
what the hell! You dont even know her.

Alice brought us all back to the current plans for the day. So arent you guys supposed to be
doing some juvenile bet or something? Lets get this over with so I can spend time with Jasper
before he leaves me. She then pushed up and kissed Jazz on his cheek. Ugh, watching them
together was still hard. My instinct was to push them away from each other and sit between them
so they couldnt touch.

Are you guys seriously still going with this bet? James broke into the moment with a question
to Em and Jazz.

Yep was their answer.

So Em, where is your teammate? If they do not show up then it will be considered forfeit
remember? Jasper taunted Em.

Well Jazz, where is your teammate? Do you forfeit? I smirked knowing that I was Jazzs
partner and I was already here.

Now Em, you know that my teammate just walked through the door. Jasper smiled largely and
threw his arm around me. This is going to be fun! Nothing was better than beating Em and
watching him pout about it like a little kid.

Well Jazz, why dont you just set up the game and let us begin. Emmett was really not giving
any clue to what he was up to; though I could tell it was something.

I couldnt help but to keep glancing at Bella snuggled up against Em. I yearned to be the one in
Emmetts place and now I would sit on the sidelines watching him get to touch her and laugh
with her. She was smiling at Em and looking between Jasper and his face. Her smile was so

Since you still seem intent on losing, lets begin. Jasper started setting up the Xbox, Lauren
and Alice set out the food and beers. I sat in the other oversized chair we had in our living room.
It was to the left of Em and Bella and it faced the couch where Jasper and Alice were going to sit
together. I still kept getting stuck on Bella, staring at her. I had to stop soon before I started to
creep her out, because I was already creeping myself out. I wanted her to look at me for just one
minute, just one look into her eyes, but she didnt look at me. James pulled a dining room chair
out and sat in it backwards leaning his chest against the back of the chair.

Jasper broke the silence So you gonna play both controllers at the same time dude? He started
smirking at Em. Emmett moved his arm from around Bella and I have to admit that my stomach
felt some relief. However, I was shocked when I saw Bella sit up and grab the other controller
from Emmetts lap. What the hell was going on? Was she seriously going to play? This had to be
a joke; Em would never let his girlfriend play just because he was trying to get with her or

Then she spoke Why would he do that when his partner has been here the whole time? She
winked at Jasper and smiled at Em. Emmett was beaming. I still dont get it. I looked at Jasper,
he seemed to be just as confused. What is Em up to?

Huh? Youre gonna play? James asked Bella laughing and sounding very condescending.

Bellas head spun over to him quickly and I could already read the irritation on her face. Why is
it so funny? She spit the words at him.

Uh because you have no idea what you have gotten yourself into he was still laughing.

I was surprised to hear Alice speak up. Bella I think it is time for you to put these fools in their
place. She had as big of a smile as Em had. What the fuck was going on? What were Jazz and I

I saw Jasper staring incredulously at Alice. You knew Bella was Ems partner the whole time
and didnt tell me? He faked to be offended and hurt. Alice smacked his arm and laughed.

Lets go bitches! Em yelled at us. Which game first? We will let you choose first, since you
will need all the advantages you can get. I watched Bella laugh and then her eyes looked over to
me. Of course I was still watching her and I smiled at her. She blushed.

Jasper broke me out of my gaze. How about we start off with Forza Motorsport 2? Jasper
smirked as he proposed this game to everyone. This was Jasper and my favorite racing game.
Jasper started setting up and my eyes fell back to Bella. She had a small smirk on her face for
split second, but then her face went completely blank. She truly was beautiful.

The game started up so I looked to the TV, but then Bella caught my attention when she shifted
down to the floor, sitting Indian style between Emmetts legs. Everyone was silent for awhile
during the beginning of the game. I was holding the lead, like I said this is my game. Then Jasper
took a critical hit and was set back. Bella came up quickly. I have to admit it was difficult to
concentrate on the game when all I wanted was to look at her. I snuck a quick glance at her once
in awhile and noticed her biting her bottom lip with heavy concentration on her face. It was
ridiculously hot. Her mouth became my complete focus in my head. I imagined running my
fingers over her lips and then pressing my lips to hers, her lips moving across my body
downwardThen Bella delivered a crucial bump to my vehicle and spun me out. She moved into
first place. What the?! I heard James make a comment, but I wasnt sure what it was. We
played a few rounds of racing and Bella held her own; damn she was good.

Emmett and Bella jumped up after beating us at racing and high five each other and Emmett
broke out into We are the champions while Bella giggled at him. Why wasnt it me interacting
with her?

We went on to a couple of other games, discovering the Call of Duty was not her strongest
game. However, at the end of the afternoon Jasper and I had been clearly crushed by Em and
Bella. They started rubbing it in by chanting you got beat by a g-i-r-l and singing we are the
champions while doing a victory dance with each other. Then Emmett grabbed Bella off her feet
and into a huge hug and placed a kiss on her cheek. There goes the knot in my stomach again.
Here come my thoughts of where I wanted to place my lips on her body. I felt Lauren stiffen next
to me and I turned to look at her and wrap my arm around her shoulder. She put her head onto
my chest and seemed to relax.

Jasper threw his controller onto the coffee table I dont believe this! he shouted and Alice
started laughing at him, though she was trying to hold it in. What are you laughing at? You
knew about this. You have been hiding this video game geek in your apartment and you share
her with Emmett! Jasper tackled Alice and started tickling her. Out of the corner of my eye I
saw Emmett put Bella down. They both laughed as Jasper tortured Alice before kissing her
forehead and letting her back up.

Holy Fuck dude! I would never have thought you could pull that out. James put his arm around
Bellas shoulder and his lips got too close to the side of her face for my liking, even though his
comment was directed to Em. Bella slipped out of James arm, grabbed some empty bottles from
the coffee table, and headed to the kitchen.

It took me a minute to make up my mind, but I stood and walked slowly to the kitchen with some
empty bottles that were in front of me on the table. She was leaned forward throwing the bottled
in the garbage and her jacket inched up and I could see a sliver of her perfect skin. I bet it felt
like silkI bet her whole body felt like silk. And her center.oh godI bet her center would feel
amazing against my She turned around, and I clearly caught her off guard because she ran into
me. When we touched, I felt the spark again. This just made my situation worse, since I had been
thinking about her body a few minutes ago. I had to adjust the way I was standing or she would
definitely see what was going on in my pants right now, and Im pretty sure that that wouldnt go
over well with her.

That was impressive I smiled at her. She seemed to be unable to speak for minute. I hope that I
make her speechless, cause she makes me so many things and all without doing much of anything
at all.

Thanks. Thats what happens when you are a geek who doesnt do anything but school and
work. She smiled and walked around me. As she passed I inhaled quickly. Strawberries, ahh
yes, the strawberries, but coming off of her skin it was even better.

Before she could walk completely away I asked her a question, because I wanted to figure this
out. So, how did you and Em meet? She spun around and I was smiling at her, I couldnt help
bet smell her when she turned around. It was so fucking intoxicating. I couldve taken her on the
kitchen floor at this point.

Ummm. I hadnt noticed Emmett appear closer to us.

I met her daydreaming in the coffee shop that I used to work at. Emmett said while wrapping
his arm around her shoulder. Now she is my workout and video game buddy, right little bear?
He looked down at her. Little bear? He had a nickname for her? He had his arm around her
againughbye hard on, hello stomach knot.

Yep papa bear, which speaking of maybe we should hit the gym more often. She got a very
straight face and patted his stomach. Oh shit, that would kill Emmett who felt that he had the best
body in the universe.

What?! There is nothing wrong with my stomach. Em then lifted up his shirt to display himself
and Bella started laughing. Ahshe was fucking with him. Too perfect! She is too fucking

Emmett grabbed her and pulled her over his shoulder. EMMETT! PUT ME DOWN! Bella was
smacking the shit out of Ems back. When she realized that it wasnt fazing him she did
something to the back of his arm.

Okay, Ouch, Okay, Ill put you down. Em rubbed the back of arm. I swear woman you get
the same spot every time. Im gonna have bruises. My stomach knotted again. My mind could
not get passed these two together, together in ways I wasnt with her.

Good! she smacked his arm.

Everyone started cleaning up the living room. The girls were taking things into the kitchen and
we were all straightening up the games and the chairs and couches.

Oh hell no Bella. I heard Emmett say and turned to see him grab her arm. We need to
celebrate our victory, we are going out.

Emmett I have to work tomorrow, I am not going out. I wonder where she works.

Oh please Bella, lets go out. Ill call Rose and see if she will meet us. Alice pulled out the big
guns, the puppy dog eyes.

Ugh Aliceyou and those damn puppy dog eyes! Alice cheered and pulled out her cell,
clearly Bella couldnt stand up to those eyes either. No one could.

Rose said she will meet us there. Alice smiled at Bella.

Where exactly are we going, Im not dressed for going to a club or anything. They would never
let me in. Bella said this to Alice like she was trying to find a reason to not go. I personally
thought she looked great.

Well if you would take off the baggy black hoodie, then I dont think that the bouncers would
mind letting you pass in your teeny t shirt you have on. Alice giggled and Bella gave her a nasty
look. Hmmtaking off clothes. Not a good place to take my mind Alice.

Thats okay, I prefer to keep my clothes on thanks. Bella looked at Alice You havent given
me enough alcohol for that yet. I wonder if I can get the bar to keep her drinks coming all night
tonight. Hmmmless clothing on her would be phenomenal; though Id prefer if we were alone
for that.

Lets just head down to the bar on the corner. Emmett said as he grabbed Bella around her
shoulders and walked them toward the door. Theres that fucking knot in my stomach again.
James was already out the door, while Jasper and Alice locked hands and followed Em and

I looked at Lauren who still had a face that I couldnt read. You ready? I said to her quietly.

Edward, are you going to even acknowledge that I am there if we go? Or are you going to stare
at Bella more? she rolled her eyes at me. Shit!

I thought that I knew her from somewhere thats all, I was trying to figure it out, but now I
realize that I was wrong. Its not what you think. I am going to hell for lying.

Cant we just stay here; I want to be alone. I wanted to just hang and talk with you. Her eyes
were pleading with me.

Come on, we wont stay long. Then we will head back here. Okay? She didnt look happy with
that either and it looked like she was about to disagree when Em interrupted.

Edward, arent you guys coming? Bella looked back over Ems shoulder then whispered
something to Emmett.

There is always something going on with them Em said to her. Then he yelled back to Lauren
and I Come the Fuck on! I grabbed Laurens hand and walked her out the door.

Lauren was really quiet the entire way to the bar. Once we got there I headed to the pool table.
Lauren sat at a table, practically sulking for having to be here. I started a game with Jasper. I
looked up and saw Bella and Alice trying to play darts. They clearly didnt know how to play
and just started goofing off and dancing around. Alice tried to get Lauren to participate with
them, but Lauren declined and sat at the table. I pulled myself away from looking at Bella,
because I knew Lauren would be watching me. I focused on the pool game.

I couldnt help but look at Bella though, especially when she was sitting next to Emmett right
next to the pool table watch James take a shot. Out of nowhere Alice appeared and grabbed
Bella, dragging her out to dance. Then I saw Jaspers sister, Rose, appear; she must have just
gotten here. The all were getting a little crazy and then I noticed Rose pull Bella out to the center
with her and they started doing the same dance moves. I looked at Lauren quickly to see if I was
busted for staring, but she was watching the girls too. I looked around and saw James gawking at
them with an all too familiar look on his face. Dick!

Jasper went and got up behind Alice dancing with her. I have to admit that watching Jasper
dance to Single Ladies was quite amusing. The next thing I knew was Bella and Rose were
moving their hips and dropping down to the floor gyrating their hips back up again. I could feel
my dick start to betray me. Calm down Edward, you cannot get a hard on in the middle of the
bar. Deep breaths close your eyes and take deep breaths.

I calmed and opened my eyes to see Bella turn around and realize that her and Rose had an
audience. She blushed and it looked as if she was trying to hide behind Jasper and Alice. Rose
was pulling on her back out, but the song ended and she practically ran back to the table.

That was so much fun! Alice squealed and sat at the table.

Bells you really got to get over the stage fright stuff. Its a miracle you passed your dance
classes with how you get. Rose teased her and smiled.

Then fucking James slid right next to Bella. So, youre a dancer huh? Clearly you are full of
surprises arent you? I saw James shift in his seat and could tell that he was doing something
under the table. Bella looked slightly caught off guard by James behavior. I wonder what other
surprises you are good at I heard his innuendo.

I couldnt take it anymore. James! I yelled a little too loudly, before I could stop myself.
Everyone turned their head to me. Dude, its your shot. Quit fucking around and play the
game. Shit. I did not play that off well at all.

I couldnt help but keep my eyes locked with Bella. It seemed that she couldnt pull away from
me either. She has to feel a little like I do.

Calm down, youre being a real prick tonight. Whats wrong Lauren not putting out anymore?
James walked passed me and grinned at his comment.

Bellas eyes moved to Lauren. Fuck! I turned to face Laurens death glare at me and then she
glared at Bella.

Quickly after that, Bella said good bye and she left with Rose. I wanted to follow after her, but I
knew if I did that it would just create a scene.

Lauren approached me while I was watching Bella leave. Can we get out of here now? she was

After I finish this game with James, okay? she sighed and sat back down.

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Chapter: 25

A/N: This is James point of view after he emerges from the bedroom with the two blondes,
ending at the bar. This was just something I had to write when it was suggested to me as an
idea. Hope you like it.

This will probably be the only time I use James point of view, unless I think it will fit into
the story again.

Chapter 25 Two Blondes and a Brunette

James POV

I turned around from showing Heather and Daisy the door. Ahh..it was a great fucking night. I
was feeling pretty great. I saw Edward acting all weird on the couch; hes been really fucking off
his game lately. He better not fuck up our record deal.

James, you are a fucking whore dude! Jasper yelled at me from across the apartment. He
always has some issue about the women I bring home. He has, or at least had, the same issues
with Edward. Whatever.

Jealous much pussy?! Not all of us can handle being with the same girl over and over and
overUgh, how do you do it dude? Ugh. Just the thought of being with one woman all the
time, now that was just so unappealing. I didnt understand it. I almost shivered thinking about

Its all about the girl. When you find her you can stick with it over and over and over, and it
gets better each time. Jasper smirked up at me over his coffee mug. Ugh! Then Edward and
Jasper started a discussion about Alice.

However, I do need to give Jasper some props on his woman. While I would never want to listen
to her all day and put up with her shit, she was definitely a fine piece of ass. I could easily let her
slip her mouth around me and get me off. Hmmm.if only it werent for her mouth. Ugh!

Whatever, youre pussy whipped! I yelled back to Jazz as I opened the fridge to find
something to eat or even drink. Maybe a beer, I looked at the clock. It was around 10:30am,
thats close enough to noon.

James, you need to pick up some beer and shit for this afternoon. So get your ass in gear.
Emmett gave me his demands. Typically I would tell him to fuck off, but since there is no beer in
the fridge, Ill just get dressed and get some I guess.

Yeah, yeah, whatever, but please explain to me how I got pulled into being here for this. Why is
it that I have to watch you two battle out a video game like your in junior high?

Cause you do! was all Emmett said. Now that wasnt a fucking childish answer at all.

I heard Edward yell from the couch James Im heading out to grab food and shit, so we can
always head out together, up to you dude?

Sounds like a plan. Let me go shower and we can head out before Em gets his panties in a
bunch. I looked at Emmett who was flipping me off. I laughed.

I got showered and dressed then headed out with Edward. We talked a little on the way out. I
was trying to figure out what was up with him. He wouldnt give me any real answers; kept
saying that he didnt know what was wrong. Bullshit! So I figured Id give him a dose of advice.

Look dude, seriously dump that chick you seem to have attached to you and get back to
Edward. I shoved his shoulder. I mean you didnt have these problems beforenot even when
you were fucking Tanya. Go fuck her again and see if it helps. I smiled at him.

I am not getting back involved with Tanya, I finally got her off of my ass, and Lauren isnt bad.
I just dont think that its going to be a permanent thing. He shrugged.

Good! Dump her ass and lets fucking go out and bring some ladies home with us tonight. He
just rolled his eyes at me. I was about to say some more, but then I there she was, Lauren
standing waiting at the store for Edward.

Jesus Christ! I rolled my eyes at Edward. Ill get the alcohol; you and your wife there can get
the other shit. I walked into the liquor store and grabbed a few things. I headed out to wait for
Edward. Lauren came out first, waiting for Edward. I eyed her. She was hot. She had a nice ass,
decent size breasts, and her face was not so bad. Id fuck her.

She caught on to my stares and gave me a look. What? I asked innocently.

Take a picture it will last longer. She rolled her eyes.

Can it be a nude picture? I smiled at her.

She gasped at me and turned around with her back to me.

Thats fine. I prefer you from behind anyhow. I laughed and she gave me a dirty look.

Edward finally came out and we headed back to the apartment.

We walked into something when we got back, but I didnt know what it was.

So what the fuck did we just walk into? I glanced around the room, stopping on a fucking hot
brunette sitting with Emmett. Big props to Emmett for scoring her! Damn!

Do I know you from somewhere? she did look oddly familiar, though I couldnt place it.

I, uh, I dont think so. She answered and even her voice sounded familiar. Hmm.

James this is Bella, Bella, James. Emmett introduced us, then he moved on to Edward and

I was still appraising the hottie when I heard Emmett OW! Shit Bella! That hurt! I couldnt
help but laugh at him. Jasper started talking about something, but I was still checking her out.
Her mouth. Yeah, her lips were perfect. I could easily get carried away with those. Ill have to
see if Emmett minds if I pick her up when hes done with her.

I heard Alice start talking about this video game bet that they had going on, fucking juvenile
boys. Are you guys seriously still going with this bet? I rolled my eyes at them.

Yep was their answer.

Jasper and Emmett taunted each other back and forth. Like we all didnt already know that
Edward would be Jaspers partner in this; the question was who did Emmett get to partner up
with? I hope to God he didnt look to me for help. I played video games an all, but I was not
some game fag. I had other games I like to play and it took a partner, but not another guy;
though I was open to more than one girl.

Then I noticed Bella grab a controller. I almost burst into hysterics right then; you have to be
fucking kidding me. Was Em that desperate to get her in bed?

Huh? Youre gonna play? I asked her, I couldnt hold back any longer and I started laughing.

Bellas head spun over to me quickly and I could already read the irritation on her face. Why is
it so funny? She spit the words at me. Ooohshes feisty. I like that.

Uh because you have no idea what you have gotten yourself into I was still laughing at her and
she did not like it.

I was surprised to hear Alice speak up. Bella I think it is time for you to put these fools in their
place. She had as big of a smile as Em had. What the fuck was going on?

Lets go bitches! I heard Emmett yell and they all began playing.

I was watching them play, but I couldnt help but notice how Edward was acting. He kept
glancing at Bella with a weird look on his face, then his face would go full of lust. Ahhh, I knew
that feeling it was hard not to lust after her, she was an instant hard on walking on two long

Bella hit Edwards car hard and spun him out. You should keep your eyes on the game instead
Edward I leaned to him and said. I dont think he heard me, but Lauren caught on. I smiled.

When it was all over, I couldnt believe that Em and Bella had crushed Jasper and Edward. Jazz
threw a tantrum and attacked Alice on the couch. Pathetic!

Holy Fuck dude! I would never have thought you could pull that out. I put my arm around
Bellas shoulder and put my lips close to the side of her face while I talked to Em. She smelled
really good. I bet she would taste even better. Bella slipped out of my arm, grabbed some
empty bottles from the coffee table, and headed to the kitchen. I smiled as I watched her ass the
whole way out. I hate to see her go, but love to watch her leave.

Then I noticed Edward move over to the kitchen as well. Thats my boy. Drop that Lauren girl
and get back to the man you were. Kid had a gift almost as good as mine. Women flocked to him
with his looks; there wasnt a night at the club that he couldnt bring home whomever he walked
up to. He was like my protg, now look at him.

I heard Em mention hitting the bar, so I went to my room and grabbed some of my stuff before
heading out the door with all of them following.

I went straight to the bar to order a drink, but I was watching little Bella play darts and dance
around with Alice. HmmI could definitely see myself lying back on my bed with the two of them
on me. Alice may be out of the question, but Ill have to find out about little hot Bella.

Emmett appeared next to me at the bar. So dude, how long have you been seeing this one?

Em looked at me confused. Just what I was hoping. Bella? No man, were just friends. We went
out once, but that was it. Shes really cool, cool as hell. I kept my eyes on Bella as she moved
around the bar with Alice. Dude, dont! Emmett put his hand on my chest.

What? I raised my eyebrow.

Leave her alone. Shes too good for you, she is not a little plaything you can use and throw
out. He had the big brother tone. This would make it more difficult, but not impossible.

Okay, okay; Im just admiring her. I patted his shoulder. He gave me a look and walked away.

When Bella sat down to watch Edward and I play pool Emmett was right there to guard her. I
made my shots, then when I looked up the girls were on the dance floor. A super hot blond
appeared with Alice and Bella, and I have to admit that a foursome instantly came to my mind,
especially when Bella and the blonde started dropping down to the floor and moving their hips,
then danced with each other. Id definitely be thinking about this later, with whoever I had home
with me tonight.

Bella returned to the table and before Emmett could get over there I sat next to her. So, youre a
dancer huh? Clearly you are full of surprises arent you? I shifted my leg under the table so that
I was rubbing her leg with my knee. I wonder what other surprises you are good at.

I was going to talk more to her but Edward interrupted me. James! I turned around to look at
the dickhead. Dude, its your shot. Quit fucking around and play the game. Aha, Edward was
jealous. He didnt like me around his little infatuation.

Calm down, youre being a real prick tonight. Whats wrong Lauren not putting out anymore?
I laughed at him while I walked passed him. His eyes were still on Bella. Too bad EddieIll
have other opportunities to talk to her. But for now Ill wait.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 26

Chapter 26 Coney Island

I said my goodbyes to the group and headed for the door. Rose caught up to me to head out with
me. Alice was going to stay with Jasper. I felt someone grab my arm and I spun around.

Bella, hey Im sorry about James Em looked at me apologetically.

Em, Im a big girl. I can handle James. It wasnt a big deal anyways. I leaned up and kissed his
cheek. Have a safe trip papa bear and dont you try to ignore me the whole time you are away. I
expect you to check in with me, you here? I gave him a finger wave and a stern look.

He laughed and nodded. Then his focus shifted. I followed his eyes to Rose and by the look on
his face; I could see the reaction that most men had to her. Hell even some woman had the same

I waved my hand in front of his face. Hello Em, Im still here I teased.

He blinked and turned to me smiling. I heard Rose giggle in the background.

Bye little bear he hugged me and I turned for the door.


Damn the alarm clock and damn Emmett for making me go out with him. I drug myself down to
the kitchen and started some coffee. I went back upstairs and got into the shower. The warm
water felt amazing and sleep finally started to leave my body, slowly.

I got dressed and headed back down to the kitchen. Rose was sitting at the counter when I got
there. Morning she said and I smiled back at her. Rose had decided to come to Janes and stay
with me instead of heading home alone. I was more than happy for the company, since Clary left
for cheer camp Saturday and I was here alone.

So she started Is Emmett your boyfriend? I smiled over my mug.

No, why do you ask?

Well, you guys seem close, but then he was checking out all of these other girls last night. I
didnt know if I needed to kick his ass or not. She laughed and winked at me.

Ahh I wonder if that is all or if she has some interest there. Well, he can look and touch all
he wants. We are just friends. Want me to hook you up? I leaned on the counter in front of her
and made kissy faces at her while wiggling my eyebrows.

Ugh! No! He is completely not my type. She rolled her eyes at me.

Oh Rose, I think he is exactly your type. I was being honest.

How can you say that? He cant keep his eyes to himself and he flirts non-stop with every girl.
Its disgusting. She took a big drink of her coffee. I could see that she really wasnt interested;
however, I still think that I am right about them being a good match.

Okay. Think about this though. You are the epitome of hotness and he couldnt keep his eyes
off of you when we were leaving last night. I think that if anyone can keep his focus, its
definitely you. I smiled largely.

No way Bells. Hes just not for me. She shook her head.

If you say so. I turned to make some toast before I headed down to the studio.

Well I do say so! Rose got up and headed back upstairs. Im going to jump in the shower
really quickly, then I am gonna come down to the studio with you today if thats alright?

Of course it is. I may be down there before you finish getting dress, so just come down
whenever you are ready.

The week was going quickly. Rose had spent the Monday at the studio with me and we had a lot
of fun. Alice showed up Monday night depressed because Jasper was leaving on Tuesday. So, we
all went out to dinner together and then back to Janes apartment for movies and wine. I sent Em
a text good bye before I fell asleep.

A few days passed and Clary was supposed to be back from cheer camp on Friday. I had planned
a Saturday outing for us when she got back. Summer was flying by so quickly and there were
Fourth of July events going on this weekend. I wanted to take her to Coney Island for some
music in the park, ice cream, and fireworks.

While I was thinking about my ideas I heard Kate yell for me from the hallway. I excused myself
from the class and walked over to her. Whats up?

Jane is on the phone. She turned toward the room with the downstairs phone and I followed.
She picked up the receiver and pressed the blinking button while handing it over to me.

Hey Jane! How is your trip?! I was happy to hear from her, but was hoping nothing was

It has been amazing Isabella and I dont even know how to thank you for all you have done to
help us while we took this holiday.

Dont mention it Jane. Its my pleasure.

How are things at the studio?

Things are pretty good. Its actually been really good and the pole dancing class was a hit. I told
Heidi that she needed to come back again. I laughed.

Jane and I talked for about twenty minutes. I told her how Clary was doing and my plans for us
this weekend. Jane told me that they would be home this coming Monday but she wouldnt be
returning to the studio immediately. She would probably resume her schedule next Wednesday.
We said our goodbyes and I went back to my class.

That night I ordered pizza, drank some wine, and turned on an old movie. I decided to call my
mom and dad. I talked to my dad for about fifteen minutes and my mom for about an hour. It was
good to hear their voices and to just talk with them about things.

Clary arrived home Friday night and I had gotten some Italian food from her favorite restaurant.
We talked about cheer camp over dinner and I told her about our plans for tomorrow. She was
excited and we decided to get to bed early so we were well rested for tomorrow.

We got up early in an attempt to beat traffic. Rose and Alice arrived to Janes right on time and
we headed to a little bakery to grab coffee and croissants. We grabbed a cab to Coney Island.

When we arrived we jumped on the Cyclone coaster, the carousel, and every ride we saw. We
stopped for some hot dogs and French fries in the afternoon. Then I had to get my hands on a
funnel cake, Rose was dying for a caramel apple, Alice and Clary wanted cotton candy. It felt
like four little kids running around without any parents.

After eating until our eyes were bugging out, we stopped off to the Aquarium to check out the
aquatic wildlife that they had. Then it was on to the games. Rose won a teddy bear at the
basketball games. Clary won a goldfish in the ping pong toss.

We had our fill of amusement and headed down to the beach. There were people setting up for
the fireworks. There were a group of people still playing beach volleyball so we watched them
until it got dark enough for the show. We all lie back in the sand and watch the fireworks spray
and shimmer through the sky.

There was a double explosion of two bright green light sprays. Green, hmm...green like his eyes,
the eyes that seem to see straight to my soul, to see every part of who I am. Eyes that were on a
face that couldnt be made by man and topped off with the best bedroom hair that my hands
twitch to run their fingers through..WHOA! What the hell am I doing!?

I was trying to shake off my thoughts when Clary nudged me giggling. What? I looked over to

She whispered You said Mmmm green eyes a minute ago. She giggled again.

Alice sat up on her elbow Whats so funny over there?

I nudged Clary and then looked at Alice and Rose, who had both sat all the way up, Nothing.

They both gave me a look that said they didnt believe me. So distract them, I attacked Clary and
started tickling her. Alice and Rose joined in.

We rolled back in to the apartment around midnight, after we dropped Alice and Rose off at our
apartment. Clary and I both headed straight for a shower and then crashed to our beds,

Jane and Aro arrived back home late afternoon on Monday. They said that I could continue to
stay with them, but I needed to get back to my prior routine. Alice and Rose were both happy to
have us back in the same apartment again. My first night back we had an ice cream and movie
night. It was nice to hang with my girls in our place. It was more needed than I realized and we
all crashed in the living room together.

Jane came back down to the studio on Wednesday like she said she would; however, she still had
me doing some of the things that I was handling while she was on holiday. I still managed the
schedule and did some of the daily management. It was Thursday afternoon that she pulled me
out the hallway to talk to me.

Bella Ive decided that you need a vacation. She smiled at me.

Huh? What do you mean? I was getting nervous since I had no clue where she was going with

You have been my nanny, my house sitter, and my studio manager for over a month. I think you
need to get away for awhile before you go back to classes everyday. She smiled even larger and
grabbed my hand pulling toward the elevators.

Jane, really, it wasnt anything big. I didnt mind at all and I dont really know what I would do
with a vacation. I dont have anywhere that I would really go. I bit my lip.

She pulled me into her office, Non-sense Isabella! Have a seat. I sat. So, here is the deal, no
negotiating with me and no saying no to me, you got it? Tell me that you will accept my terms

I hesitated. Bella?!

Okay. I agree. Now tell me before I burst what you are talking about?

Well the deal is that I am giving you a week off from work. Paid. I am also providing you with
my travel agent to arrange a trip to get away.

Jane! You cant possibly expect me.. She cut me off.

Jane stood up quickly Its exactly what I expect you to do Isabella! She calmed down and sat
back into her seat. Listen to me dear. You are like Aro and mines adopted daughter Bella, but
you are also so much more. You are who I lean and depend on at the studio. I want you to be a
full time employee here when you are finished with school. I want you to help me manage this

Tears were welling up in my eyes. I couldnt comprehend what she was saying. No one had ever
been so forward and so nice and giving, besides my parents. I mean Jane had even just outdone
Alice, and that was no easy tasks. I was lost in my thoughts of how unbelievably lucky I was to
have found such great friends and mentors when Jane spoke again.

I know this is a lot to take in and I know that you probably had plans for your future that
werent exactly managing a studio with me; however, you have a year left of school so feel free
to take your time to think and know that I would never be angry if its not what you want.

All I could do was rush to Jane and wrap my arms around her. Well Ill take it that you are
happy about it, at least. She pulled us apart and smiled at me.

I smiled back. Jane you are way too good for me, you know that. She shook her head. No
Jane, you are. As much as I dont want you to do all this because I feel it is too much, I cant lie
and say that it isnt the greatest thing to ever happen to me!

Well, its settled. The job is here for you and we will talk about that later; however, your
vacation needs planned so think about it and I will have my agent come over here tomorrow to
discuss your ideas. She hugged me tightly and we walked back down to the studio.

When I arrived home I found Alice in the middle of her magazines in the living room and Rose
cooking in the kitchen. I huddled them together with me and told them about what Jane had
proposed to me this afternoon. We all screamed loudly and danced around the apartment.

Rose surprisingly beat Alice to speaking first I think we all should go somewhere together!

Alice was shaking her head in agreement.

Oh my god, that would be the fucking best! my eyes darting back and forth between them but

Somewhere fun Alice said.

Somewhere sexy and crazy Rose added.

VEGAS! I shouted. Their eyes opened widely and they shook their heads yes excitedly.

We sat down at my laptop that night and planned out what we would like to do, where we would
like to stay, and our flight arrangements. The decision was that we would fly out on a Monday.
Rose and Alice were flying out Sunday afternoon. I was leaving early Sunday morning, because
I had to make sure I was back for Monday.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 27

Chapter 27 What Happens in Vegas

The three of us were sitting on the plane halfway through our flight to Vegas. The trip was going
well and the first half of the flight was full of excitement. At this time thought both Alice and
Rose had fallen asleep. I had my head laid back and was waiting for sleep to take me as well.

*I was in my bed sleeping when I felt something. I jerked up sitting in the middle of my bed.
There was a figure standing at the end of my bed, but I wasnt scared. I climbed onto my knees
and crawled to the end of the bed. Two hands reached out and cupped my face. I tilted my hand
into the touch. I grabbed onto a shirt and pulled the figure down onto me. My lips pressed
intensely to theirs. My hands slid into the back of their hair gripping and holding them tightly to
my face. Their hands were roughly gripping my sides, my hips, one hand made its way up to my
hair and was gripping as roughly as I was. I licked their bottom lip wanting more from this kiss,
wanting to attach our bodies in every way possible. Their mouth opened and our kiss became
extremely hot and intense; tongues fighting to dominate the other. Pulling away for breath, their
tongue slid down my neck and my hips were grinding into their hips forcefully. I opened my eyes
and looked into his face, his green eyes. His mouth opened*

BELLA! Wake up! I opened my eyes to see Roses face in mine. Finally. We are here, lets

Ohokay. It was all I could get out of my mouth. Alice looked at me funny, but grabbed her
carry-ons and headed down the isle. Holy shit! What was that?! Did I seriously just dream
about.ugh! I needed to find a guy soon before my dreams got anymore vivid!

We headed for baggage claim and waited for the luggage that Alice had basically put together for
us. Since I had gotten out of shopping with her, she insisted that she be allowed to pack my back
then. I was partly scared of what it was that she exactly had packed in the damn bag.

As we were standing Alices cell phone rang. She grabbed it and smiled huge; I knew that it was
Jasper with that kind of smile on her face. She looked at us and walked away so she could better

Rose and I pulled the luggage off of the belt when our things came around. Alice came running
back up to us looking like she was going to explode.

Oh my god, Oh my god. She stopped and looked at all the luggage. Oh shit guys, Im sorry
about leaving you to the entire luggage mountain.

Oh dear lord AliceRose said looking at her like she was crazy. What the hell has you so
wound up that you almost ran over 5 people on your way back over to us?

Oooh Yeah.guess what?

Rose and I rolled our eyes and at the same time said What Alice?

Jasper is coming to Vegas to see me! She bounced up and down.

Thats great Al, when is he coming? I asked her.

Hes still working it out, but I guess that they have a recording break in L.A. on Wednesday, so
his plan is to drive over that morning and he thinks that he can stay until Saturday. Oh my
goodness guys, I am so excited to see him. She was still bouncing.

Really Alice, I couldve never been able to tell. I said sarcastically.

We grabbed our luggage and got transportation to our hotel. We were staying at Caesars Palace
on the strip. The hotel was huge the fountains were gorgeous. At the main lobby desk we
checked in and got some information on shows and different things. I knew that I was definitely
going to the Pussycat Lounge and Boa Steakhouse while we were here. The desk clerk said that
we could make the reservations with her, so we made the reservation for Wednesday night for
Boa and Thursday night for Pussycat Lounge.

The room was amazing. It had two large beds, huge bathroom, a bar, a living room. It was
spectacular. We all freshened up and headed down to the strip.

Over the next two days we gambled, we watched some shows and visited different attractions.
Of course Alice shopped. We tried different restaurants, went to the spa, and spent plenty of time
by the pool.

Wednesday evening while we were at Boa Alice received the call she had been waiting for all
day. She answered her phone as fast as she could.

Hello. She almost shouted into the phone. Rose and I giggled, earning us an evil glare.

You are? All of you? she looked a little surprised.

No, its fine. I just didnt think that.she stopped Where? Really? Of course I am
beyond happy. When?

Just as Alice asked the last question two hands came around and covered her eyes. Now Jasper
whispered into her ear and kissed her head.

Jasper! Alice jumped out of her chair and into his arms. Oh yeah, the whole restaurant is
checking us out now I laughed to myself.

Hey baby He squeezed her tightly and lifted her off the floor. They started kissing wildly.

I looked for the waiter Check please!?! Rose burst out laughing, and Alice and Jasper joined

We paid our bill and left the restaurant. When we got to the lobby I noticed Emmett. Papa

Little bear! He ran up to me and pulled me into a huge hug.

I guess you decided to tag along with Jasper and you didnt even tell me. I mocked being mad.

Sorry Bells. He faked pouting. Then we smiled at each other. Besides we all came, not just

Huh? I looked over his should and saw Edward and James watching us. Oh, thats cool. So
what are your plans while you are here? I looked back at Em.

To beat every guy that tries to take you back their room. He laughed and winked at me.

I laughed too. You wont have to do too much fighting, so calm down. I noticed Edward and
James join our group in the lobby. Maybe Im paranoid but I swear I was being stared at.

Are you crazy!? Look at you in this dress? This is not a papa bear approved dress! I laughed at

Blame the evil little shopping fairy over there. She bought it and she packed it, and she made
me put it on. Alice stuck her tongue out at me. Did you already get into your rooms and stuff?

Yep, we are ready to party! I laughed.

Rose walked up and wrapped her arm in mine. Lets hit the casino she said smiling. I looked at
Emmett who was about to drool over Rose in the Red slinky dress. I pushed his mouth closed
and smiled at him. Rose and I headed in the direction of the casino. The others followed.

The casino was packed, but with a hottie like Rose you got seats pretty easily. We all ended up at
the same black jack table, from left to right it was James, Jasper, Alice, Edward, Rose, me, and
Emmett. It became a huge competition between us all to be the winner. Currently Alice was
beating us all.

I still say that Jasper is helping you cheat somehow! I pretended to be mad at Alice and Jasper.

Its just beginners luck. Alice smiled slyly.

Uh-huhsure, was my response to her.

Alice took the champions spot at black jack and by that time it was extremely late. Rose and I
decided to head back up to the room. We figured that Alice would end up with Jasper.

Alice arrived in our room in the morning to get dressed.

Hey slut? Rose quipped at Alice.

Jealous? was Alices response.

Maybe a little. Rose pouted. Then we all giggled together.

I say we have breakfast and then head to the pool for a few hours. Who is in? I interrupted the
giggle fit.

Im in. Rose said.

Im in too said Alice.

I opened my bag to get my bathing suit and realized that Alice had given me a new one. Alice!
This is not a bathing suit, its dental floss!

She laughed Oh Bella, you have an awesome body, you deserve to show it off a little.

Come on Bells, youre only in Vegas for a short time. Move out of your comfort zone. Rose
added in.

I hate you both! I stormed to the bathroom. I heard them laughing at me so I slammed the

I held the bikini up to my face. It was a dark blue halter top with a large silver circle piece
between the breasts holding the material together. The bottoms were similar, except the silver
circles were on each hip. Ugh!

I put it on, slid on a simple yellow sun dress and flip flops, and headed back out to where Alice
and Rose were waiting. Lets go. But you are still not forgiven!

She smiled at me. You will though. I rolled my eyes at her.

We got downstairs for breakfast and as we were finishing the guys came in.

Good morning ladies Jasper said pulling up a chair, though his eyes were solely on Alice.

Morning Rose and I said. Alice just stared and smiled at him.

Did you sleep well? I felt someone slide up next to me, too closely, when they asked the

Um..yeah. I slept pretty good. How did you sleep? It was James. I was planning my escape as
he answered.

I slept wonderfully, though my bed was a little too big for just one person. Ill have to see how I
can fix that. He smiled at me like it was an invitation.

Yeah, youll have to figure that one out wont you. I nudge Rose inconspicuously. Excuse
me, Rose and I have a date with the pool. Rose stood with me; we grabbed our bags, and headed
to the pool.

He was really creepy Bells. I cant believe the nerve of him. She was shaking her head. You
say the word and Ill kick his ass for you. I laughed a little harder than I meant to, it was just too
funny to hear the supermodel say she was gonna kick a guys ass. What was bad though; she
could do it.

Rose and I were at the pool for about forty-five minutes when Al arrived to the pool with the
guys. We were already in the pool, so we started to splash Alice while she walked passed. Ah,
you bitches. You will pay for that. She threw off her dress and jumped in after us. We swam
away as fast as we could.

Emmett joined our pool nonsense, but the other guys really just sat around. So, Alice, Rose, Em,
and I devised a plan. We continued to act the way we have been, but move closer to them. James
disappeared, following two girls in G-String bikinis around the pool. Jasper and Edward were
left. Once close enough we all turned on them and splashed them non-stop. They screamed like
girls. Em was our biggest asset; his huge arms were perfect for this. It was hilarious.

Eventually we calmed down but they still just sat in the chairs. Rose, Em, and I all climbed out
of the pool. Emmet grabbed Jasper and threw him in. Alice jumped on him to hold him in the
water. Rose and I pulled Edward out of his chair and Em came up from behind trying to push all
three of us in. He got me and Edward in, but Rose turned the tables on him and Emmett ended up
in the pool instead of her. Rose took her bow as Alice and I cheered for her, and then she jumped
in. Emmett swam over and dunked me under for cheering against him. We continued on for
about a half hour, and then we all started drifting into our own things.

I got out of the pool, put my sunglasses on, and lay out on a reclining chair. I could feel someone
staring and I internally hoped that it wasnt James. Then I felt movement in the chair next to me.
Again, I was only hoping it wasnt James. I turned my head and opened my eyes to see who it
was. Please be Rose or Emmett, please.

Hey said a smooth velvety voice Im not bothering you, am I?

No, not at all. I smiled into those lovely green eyes. Those green eyes that were set in that
gorgeous face, that was attached to that amazing body. I am really gonna have to get myself
together. This is pathetic. I turned my head back quickly hoping that he did catch on to the way I
was ogling him; though I dont think I was successful. Im pretty sure I saw him smirking at me.

So you met Em at that coffee shop he worked at huh? I could tell he was trying to make
conversation. It was kind of cute, besides hearing him speak was ridiculously addictive.

Yep, he busted me daydreaming and we started talking and sharing a cab ride home. I think he
may have just frowned. I continued Now he is like the big brother I never had. Now he is
smiling. Did he think that Em and I were together? Of course he did. Em and I act almost like a
couple. So you thought that we were together because of how we are? Or because he made you
think that? I dont know when I got so confident, but maybe Jane was right.

Ummwell, I kind of assumed, with how you guys were at our apartment, but then I noticed
that Em was still hitting on other girls. I was a little confused by that. Sorry to pry. He looked
straight at the pool.

Its no biggie. I appreciate you asking me rather than going behind my back to try to find out. I
smiled at him. He smiled back.

It got awkwardly quiet after that and I couldnt take it anymore. I got my IPod out and started
going through songs.

So what are you listening to? He leaned toward me a little trying to look at the screen of my

Not so fast buddy. He looked at me confused. Thats pretty personal information that you are
trying to look at. I smiled at him and he laughed.

Okay. So do I get to know what youre listening to or not?

HmmI have a better idea. I handed him one of my ear buds. Put it in your ear, Ill play the
song and you have to guess song and artist. Deal?

And if I guess them right, what do I get? He smiled slyly.

I leaned in close to his face about an inch away, smiled seductively, and spoke in a whisper.
You get to know what Im listening to. I pulled back, winked, and started laughing. Edward
joined in. Okay, so are you ready?


Song one I pushed play and waited.

Too easy. Just what I needed The Cars he rolled his eyes.

Dont roll your eyes at me mister! Song two.

Control Metro Station

Good. Song three.

His face twisted and looked at me. What the hell is this? I lost it and started laughing
hysterically. No seriously what is this? It is weird.

Between laughs I told him who it was Its Freaxxx Brokencyde.

He shook his head. Next song.

Okay. Song four.

Again, too too easy. Whats your name Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Okay. Next song.

Hurt Nine Inch Nails he smiled.

You like that song huh?

It is a pretty awesome song, though I will honestly say that I didnt expect you to have it on
your IPod. I cocked my head to the side at him. I mean, youre a dancer right? I nodded yes.
Well I would assume you would have more dance music rather than this stuff.

Ah seethats where you messed up. He smiled a crooked smile at me. Holy shit. That smile
could make my body burst into flames. Look at the pool Bellalook at the pool. Do not look at
that. This is a dance song. I could easily develop a routine around it; you just need to have the
right dance. I kept my eyes out to the pool. I noticed that Rose and Emmett were playing around
an awful lot and I smiled.

Edward followed my eyes and saw them playing around too.

Alice appeared out of nowhere, as she has a habit of doing. Ok. Enough pool lets go out and
about! She grabbed my arm and pulled me up. Come on Rose! she yelled over her shoulder.

What are you guys going to do? he looked at me, but Alice answered.

Dont worry Edward; I already made all our plans. Jasper knows them. Now go get Emmett and
get your asses moving. I smiled and shrugged at him. I followed Alice into the hotel.

Alice picked out all of our outfits and pretty much dressed us all. Rose wore a red mini dress.
Alice had on a black mini skirt with a dark purple tank top. Alice dressed me in black skinny
pants and a dark blue shiny halter top. After we were dressed we all met in the lobby.

So, Alice, are you going to tell us what we are up to? I turned to look at her.

Silly, you made the plans.

Huh? I was confused. I made plans, but they were for later.

Well, I changed the arrangements since we have more people. Now we are all going and we
need to get over there. She started walking with Jasper.

Is any one gonna fill us in on what the hell is going on? James shouted.

Pussycat Lounge I shouted back to him.

Hell yeah! he yelled out loud.

Emmett was walking on my left smiling.

Edward came up quickly on my right side. And this was your plans for later?

Yep, they are dancers, not just eye candy. I wanted to see the show. I smiled.

Eddie, you might as well get used to the unusual behavior of Bella now, cause she will typically
never do what you expect. I smacked his arm and laughed.

Emmett, seriously, quit with the Eddie shit. Edward huffed. I laughed at his pouting.

Awwwyou dont want to be called Eddie?! Poor Eddie. I stuck my bottom lip out, Emmett
burst out laughing, and Edward playfully punched my shoulder.

Thursday night at the lounge was great and Friday was just as much fun; however, it was
Saturday night that had me sitting in an airport full of self loathing.

I cant believe that I did that, its not like me, I dont do that. Just then they called for my flight
and I boarded the plane.

Saturday Night

Come on Bella, loosen up and dont be a downer tonight. Rose pleaded while trying to get me
to order a specialty drink at the bar.

Oh so Im a downer because I dont drink and get wasted? I raised my eyebrow.

What happens in Vegas. She smiled.

Fine, give me the orange one. I took the drink sipped. Wow this is really good, like really
really good!

I told you! Now lets secure our table and hit the dance floor.

There was a table that could fit us all around it and it was close to the dance floor. I was about
four drinks in when Rose grabbed me and pulled me to the dance floor. We danced for about
twenty minutes then we went back to the table. I pulled Alice up, Alice grabbed Jasper, and they
headed to the dance floor. Rose grabbed Edward and pulled him to the dance floor, I grabbed
Emmett to come out with me. James must be off chasing down some girls somewhere.

Alice and Jasper were dancing so close that you could get a piece of thread between them. Rose
and I were swinging our hips, dropping to the floor, and then we turned on the guys. I started
dancing with Emmett, but I was planning to turn him on to Rose. Rose was dancing with
Edward, who looked a little uncomfortable.

Em? he turned to look me in the face. Im going switch with Rose to get her over here with
you, how you use this time is completely up to you and may be the only chance you get. He
smiled widely at me and looked at Rose. I pulled his face back to mine Em, you hurt her in any
way and I will kick your ass! I know where you live and sleep buddy! He nodded, saluted me,
and smiled. Here we go.

I grabbed Rose by the arm and started dancing with her then I spun her into Emmett. I grabbed
Edwards arm, theres that damn tingling feeling again. I pulled him to me and leaned into his
ear Em wants to be with Rose. I pulled back and he nodded. Then I though, What if Edward
wanted to dance with Rose. Shit! Maybe I had just fucked it up for him. I leaned back in to his ear
I didnt just ruin anything between you and Rose did I? I looked back to his face quickly.

He shook his head no and leaned to my ear I think that things worked out in my favor tonight.
He pulled back and smiled at me. Holy shit. That smile when I am this close, can you say

We continued to drink and drink, and dance the rest of the night. A group of drunks was a huge
understatement. Alice and Jasper disappeared. Im sure it was back to Jaspers room. James had
headed out with a red head.

Em and Edward were currently arm wrestling at the table. Edward and I were laughing
hysterically as Rose would distract Emmett by nibbling on his ear or something so Edward could
take advantage of his distraction. Edward was $20 up when Em looked at me and gave me the
look. Now, the look between Em and I meant to intervene on the others behalf whether it was
to be saved from a person who you didnt want hitting on you or to do something to assist the
matter. I sighed and nodded, too drunk to have any confidence issues on this night.

Alright Edward, one more match for all the money. What do you say? Emmett winked at me.

Fine, he said as he looked over to Rose. She nodded lightly. Lets do this.

Arms went up. Roses lips went to Emmetts neck and he faltered, but just when Edward was
about to take advantage I put my hand on the inside of his upper thigh while leaning my entire
body into him. The electricity that pulsating through every part of us that touched was
remarkable. I had to control myself from wrapping myself around him in the middle of the
nightclub. He stiffened and I thought that maybe I went to far, so I started to pull back. Then I
felt his hand on top of mine stopping me from removing it. He turned to look into my eyes. Oh
god. Oh god. Oh shit. I think its time for me exit quickly.

Sorry I said. Then I stood up and headed out of the club. I got to the hotel lobby when I
realized that he was following me.

Bella wait! I turned around quickly, too quickly for the amount of drinks I had and felt myself
lose my footing. I waited to feel my body slam against the cold marble floors. Instead, I felt two
strong arms catching me before I fell to the ground. I didnt have to look to see who it was; I
could feel the electric pulse that the arms made against my body.

Umm..Thanks. I said straightening myself out.

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence. I had to think before I spoke and the alcohol
made that really difficult. Edward, Im sorry if I crossed a line or made you uncomfortable.
Emmett wanted me to distract you for him an.. He put his finger on my mouth. Oh the sparks
that I felt on my lips from his touch, and I wanted to slide his fingers into my mouth andahh,
stop it Bella!

Stop. He looked into my eyes. I couldnt turn away. He seemed to be searching my eyes for
some sort of answer. When his lips crashed to my mouth I assumed he got the answer he was
looking for.

I wasnt sure what to do, but my body had its own ideas. My hands wrapped around his neck and
into his hair. His hands were tight around my waist. I licked his bottom lip wanting him to let me
into his mouth. His lips opened and we started to move.

I wasnt aware of our surroundings, all I was aware of was the electric heat that was flowing
between us and I wanted more of it. I heard elevator doors close and my back press against a

Edwards hands slid behind my thighs and he lifted me up onto the hand railing. My legs
instinctively wrapped around his waist. His hands slid up my body, causing me to moan into his
mouth, resulting in his body pressing closer to mine and his left hand knotting into my hair.

Ding. The elevator doors opened.

Edwards hands gripped under my ass and we were moving again. Our tongues were still battling
for domination of each others mouths. I heard a click and then I heard the door shut. I was
pressed firmly against the back of the door while Edwards body was pressed firmly against me.
I knotted my hands tightly into his hair.

His lips moved from mine, allowing us to catch our breath; except his lips and tongue moved
across my chin, my neck, and my collar bone. It felt like a fiery path was being left where his
lips touched my skin.

His right hand slid up my body, behind my neck, and fisted my hair. He breathed into my neck,
Bella. His hips pressed firmly into my open legs. Through his jeans I could easily feel his erect
penis pressing against me. A moan escaped my mouth as he sucked where my neck and shoulder
meet, Edward.

I have to have you right now! his lips returned to mine with an intense need that I had never
felt from someone before. It was a hot and almost angry kiss. We fell onto a bed, my legs still
firmly wrapped around him, his hips pressing over and over into my center.

We both lost control. I pulled his shirt over his head and reached to unbuckle his jeans. I got his
pants undone and used my feet to shove his jeans down to his ankles. I felt him shift and kick
them to the floor. His hands slid to my thighs and under my dress, pushing the soft blue fabric up
over my stomach. I leaned up so he could pull the dress over my head.

Once the dress was thrown to the floor with his jeans my mouth crashed back to his. He cupped
the side of my face with his hands and his hard dick pressed firmly between my legs. He moved
his hand down over my shoulder pushing the strap of my bra over my shoulder then over my
right breast. He rubbed my right breast before pulling the material away and covering my breast
with his mouth. His tongue glided over my nipple and I bucked my hips into him hard; I wanted
more friction between our bodies.

I slid my right hand into his boxers and grasped him firmly at the base of his shaft and moved
slowly but forcefully up and down. I felt him moan with my nipple still in his mouth, and started
to move my hand faster. Edwards forehead pressed against my shoulder and he breathing
became more erratic.

His hand slid from my breast to my hip. I felt his fingers hook the side of my panties and tug on
them. I lifted my hips as he slid them off of me. I used my feet to pull his boxers down, just as I
had with his jeans and he kicked them to the floor.

There was nothing between us now; no jeans, no boxers, no panties, just his skin against mine. I
pressed myself into him with as much force as I could. He pressed back and I could feel his
entire length slide against me. I instantly shivered. He pulled his head up and looked into my
eyes. Those damn green eyes. As he stared into my eyes I felt his hand slide up my thigh, inside
my thigh, and play at my entrance. I rolled my eyes back and moaned. I raised my hips, hoping
that he would give me what I wanted. He returned his mouth to mine and slid his fingers into me.
He was slowly moving his fingers, driving me crazier by the second. I fisted his hair again and
lightly bit is lower lip. His fingers picked up pace; and I began moaning into his mouth and his
fingers moved even quicker.

He pulled back too soon for my liking and I whined. He smiled down at me; his eyes resuming
their intense gaze into mine. I felt his tip grazing at my entrance; I squirmed and moaned in
anticipation for him to enter me.

Holding his gaze; he entered me inch by inch; very long inch. I gasped at the feeling of us
together. He laid his forehead against mine and heavily breathed Oh god, Bella. Do you have
any ideaI pushed my hips up meeting his movements and he gasped. I moaned and his
thrusting became quicker. I wrapped my legs tighter around his waist pulling him closer to me.
Our mouths were locked together, sucking on tongues and biting lips. His hands firmly gripped
to my hips pulling me closer to him.

The thrusting became rougher and deeper; I never felt such a forceful desire to be with someone
like this. He threw my left leg up over his arm and plunged himself deeper into me. Harder I
said and he complied. He ground into me and I lost my breath with each slam.

I felt my muscles tightening like a spring coiling to its limit. Come for me Bella is all he said,
but with those four words my coil sprang and a tidal wave of sensation rolled throughout my
body over and over again as I dug my nails into his back and as I moaned his name I could feel
Edwards grip tighten on me and his muscles tensing and then he groaned into my neck as he
released and collapsed on top of me; both of us breathing extremely heavy.

I woke up to a vibrating sound. I tried to sit up and froze. Where the hell was I? Then I realized
that there was an arm draped over my side, over my naked side. What the hell did I do?! The
vibrating continued. What if that is Rose or Alice looking for me, Shit! I slowly and gently slid
the arm off of me and started to get up.

Bella the guys whispered. Wait! I know that voice. I turned my head and saw Edward lying
next to me as naked as I was. OH WHAT THE FUCK. I buried my face in my hands. The
vibrating started again.

I slid off the bed quietly collecting my clothes and looking for my phone. I slid my dress on and
grabbed my bra. Where the hell are my underwear?! Fuck it! I can live without them.

Looking under the bed I saw a cell phone light up and vibrate. I heard Edward shift around and I
quickly peeked up over the bed praying that he was still asleep. Whew! I really dont want this

I grabbed the phone and looked at it before realizing that it wasnt my phone.


I didnt want to do this in text, but you wont answer my calls. Im pregnant.

Call me ok. Love, Tanya*

Oh Jesus Christ Bella! Not only do you decide to let loose and sleep with one of your best friends
band mates, you pick the one who has a girlfriend and now one with a baby on the way. SHIT! I
dropped the phone on the floor and headed out to the living room.

I looked at the clock in his room and saw that it was 5:30am. I had to get to my flight in 2 hours.
I thought about leaving him a note, but felt like that was just ridiculous so I just left for my room,
the shower, and my luggage. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Right?

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 28

Chapter 27 Stays in Vegas.

Lauren had been silent the whole way back to my apartment, so it was an uncomfortable silence
all the way back. When I was about to open the door to the building Lauren grabbed my hand to
stop me.

Edward. I turned and she was looking that the ground. I cant do this.

Huh? Lauren you lost me. I wasnt completely sure what was coming, but I was pretty sure it
wasnt good. She had to be still pissed.

I cant play second to everything else Edward. Ive tried and its just not good for me. She
looked me directly in my eyes and I knew what she was saying. She was too decent to be used by

Lauren, I am really sorry I rubbed the back of my head. I never meant for things to get like

I think I know that Edward, but it has happened and I cannot allow it to keep going. She tried
to force a smile, I just cant, and after tonight I cannot become second to another thing.

I understand. I pulled her to me hugging her tightly and kissed her the top of her head.

She sighed, Do you really Edward? Do you realize what happened tonight between you and

Her? I knew she meant Bella, but I didnt quite understand what she thought happened.
Nothing happened.

Thats what I figured. Youre too blind to even see it. She sighed heavily. Bye Edward.

Lauren, what do you mean? She walked away leaving me standing in front of my apartment
building. I paced the front of the building before entering the building. Too blind to see what? I
mean I get that I am extremely attracted to Bella, but its just an infatuation and its not like
anything would happen. She belongs to Emmett.

The trip to L.A. was long and I slept most of the way. I would be lying if I said that I didnt have
one particular person on my mind and in my dreams during the entire trip. She filled my
thoughts. I considered starting a conversation with Emmett about Bella and his relationship, but I
didnt know how without looking like a freak. So I just continued with my private thoughts and

We touched down in L.A. and were greeted by a label representative who rushed us to an
awaiting car. Our immediate destination was to the studio. The studio was definitely and upgrade
to what we were used to. It was huge and had state of the art equipment. We got the tour of the
studio, met with some of the studio staff, and were ushered off to dinner with some of the
executives. By the time we all reached the apartment that we were staying in until we were
finished recording, we were all exhausted and crashed immediately.

The next couple weeks were chaotic and very busy, but so far everything was working out.
Demetrius had told us that we may have a break at the end of the week because the studio was
going to be booked for a few days by some other artists.

We were all sitting around the living room of the studios apartment discussing ideas of things to
do with our 5-6 days of unexpected freedom. Jasper disappeared from the group and I am sure
that he was trying to work out going back to see Alice. The guys were considering some night
clubs, strip clubs, and local Hollywood attractions. I was listening in to their ideas, but my
thoughts kept going back to the things that Lauren said, the events of the Sunday before we left,
and the fact that there was a set of brown eyes that would not stop haunting me day and night.

Jasper reappeared to our group with a large smile on his face. I could tell that his plans were
made for him, but I guess that I was the only one that figured that out.

Night club or strip club, dude? James looked to Jasper for an answer.

Huh? was Jaspers response.

We are trying to make some plans with our free time, and we need another opinion. So what say

Ummwell, I already have some plans that I am going to work on getting made. Jasper
walked out of the room. I think he knew that James wasnt going to let him off that easy.

Jazz are you fucking going back to New York to see your wifey? James spit at him.

No James I am not going to New York he turned to face James But I am going to see Alice.

James rolled his eyes, So what youre gonna have her crash our guy pad!? All I could think
was here we go.

NO JAMES! But even if she was coming here you would just have to fucking suck it up!
Jasper was pissed now.

So wait a secondyou arent going to New York and Alice isnt coming to L.A. How the hell
are you going to see her exactly? Em interrupted the brewing dispute.

Ughif guys must know I am going to drive over to Vegas. Alice is going to Vegas with the
girls for the week, so I will be heading there to spend that time with her. Jasper was pinching
the bridge of his nose now. It was pretty clear that he had preferred not to share the information.

Jazz you are a fucking genius! Emmett yelled out. We all turned to look at Em. Seriously,
Vegas? Screw L.A. lets hit Sin City baby!

I glanced back to Jasper who was shaking his head. He knew this would come about if he let us
know. Poor Jazz.

Maybe Jazz doesnt want tagalongs Em I said turning back to Emmett.

Oh, come on Jazz. Emmett was practically begging Jasper to let us tag along.

FINE! Jasper turned his head to James But no fucking bullshit while we are there and leave
Alice alone!

James raised his hand up Scouts honor.

You were never a scout! Jasper spit at him.

It was decided. We all planned to go to Vegas Wednesday morning. I couldnt help but think
about Bella being there. I knew that she would be spending time with Emmett, but I was more
than happy to get to see her in person; even if the battle to stay away from her and to keep from
touching her would be an ongoing situation for me.

We left extremely early Wednesday. Jazz was so keyed about seeing Alice that he was more than
willing to drive while the rest of us crashed in the car.

Once we arrived to the Caesar Palace, we checked in and had them take our luggage to our room.
Jasper pulled out his cell phone and called Alice.

Hey we are close and when I say close I mean all of us, You dont mind do you? Very
close, He started walking toward the Boa restaurant. We all stayed behind.

About 15 minutes after Jazz disappeared and the rest of us were going to head to the lounge;
Jasper emerged with Alice, Rose, and Bella. Dear god she is even more beautiful than my
memory gives her credit for. I wonder if I can get close enough to smell her strawberry scent.

Papa bear! She yelled out to Emmett who went running toward her, Little bear! Then he
pulled her up into a huge hug that lifted her off her feet. Ugh. Not only do I get to see her
wrapped in Emmetts arms, but his hug has to hike up her dress enough to show her perfectly
creamy thighs that look as though they were made from silk.

I guess you decided to tag along with Jasper and you didnt even tell me. She teased Em.

Sorry Bells. He faked pouting. Besides we all came, not just me.

Huh? She looked over his should and saw us watching them. Oh, thats cool. Her eyes
locked with mine and lingered, how is it possible to feel like this from a look? So what are your
plans while you are here? She looked back at Em.

To beat every guy that tries to take you back their room. Em laughed. I would help him out
with that without being asked to, its bad enough that I would probably also have to suffer
watching them go upstairs together, but just with the way the men walking through this lobby
were looking at her I wanted to pulverize each one of them.

She laughed at Ems comment. You wont have to do too much fighting, so calm down.

As we approached the group I overheard what she said to Em. She had to be crazy, there was
plenty to worry aboutmainly my urge to grab her and take her away to a dark corner were
plenty enough of an issue.

Are you crazy!? Look at you in this dress? This is not a papa bear approved dress! I smiled at
his comment to her and she was laughing at him again. I agree Em, I completely agree. I would
gladly help her out of.whoa settle down dirty Edward; Emmetts girl.

I was too wrapped up in controlling my dirty thoughts to listen to the rest of their conversation,
but I couldnt help but keep my eyes on her. She was too tempting for her own good.

I was broken out of my stare and thoughts when Rose grabbed Bellas arm and said Lets hit the
casino. I watched Emmetts face completely shift into awestruck when he saw Rose in her red
dress. I have to admit she was hot. Bella and Rose headed for the casino and we followed. Look
at her from behind was not doing anything good for me. Her back was completely exposed, her
legs were showing just enough, the fabric of the dress clung perfectly in the prefect places but it
wasnt too tight. She was exquisite!

We sat down to play blackjack for the night. Alice was killing us all and I caught Jasper helping
her cheat a couple of times. Bella began teasing Alice and calling her and Jasper out on cheating.

Everyone except for James departed for their rooms after blackjack.

I got back to my room and threw myself onto my bed. What the fuck am I gonna do? If she
continues to look this good every day I am going to crumble into a million pieces at her feet.

I got up, grabbed my guitar, sat on my balcony and began her song. After I was finished I took a
cool shower and went to bed. Sleeping didnt do much help for me. My dreams were filled with
her, her eyes, her body, and that fucking laugh she has. UGH!

Once everyone was up and moving we decided to head down for breakfast. We arrived when it
seemed that the girls were finishing up. They all seemed to be very casually dressed and I
noticed large bags with towels, so I assume that they were heading to the pool. Oh shitBella in
a bathing suit! Fuck me!

Good morning ladies Jasper greeted them. Morning they responded.

Then James decided he wanted me to kill him, because he slit up next to Bella. Did you sleep
well? He was way too close to her and I clenched my jaw and my fists.

Umyeah. I slept pretty good. How did you sleep? was her response, but I could read the
discomfort on her face.

I slept wonderfully, though my bed was a little too big for just one person. Ill have to see how I
can fix that. He smiled at her and it was a blatant invitation. Oh yes, James may lose his life

Yeah, youll have to figure that one out wont you. I heard her respond, Excuse me, Rose and
I have a date with the pool. Bella and Rose stood and walked out.

So I guess you guys are headed to the pool? Jasper asked Alice.

Yeah, so eat quickly and come swim with us. She smiled huge at Jasper. There two were
almost sickening.

We ate and headed up to the rooms for swim trunks, towels, etc. Alice lead us out to the pool, as
she walked by Rose and Bella attacked her with water. I heard Alice threaten them, discard her
clothing, and jump into the water. I think Jaspers eyes almost exploded when Alice took off her
little dress to reveal the ultra tiny bikini she had on. Emmett, being the big kid that he is, jumped
right in and started messing around with the girls. I saw him lift Bella a few times and throw her
around. It feels like the wind is being knocked out of me watching them together. Ill just stay
here in the chair, if I got anywhere near her all wet and in a bathing suit it would be OVER. I
wouldnt be able to control myself.

It was then that I watched James follow after these two girls in the most ridiculous G-String
bikinis. Granted they were extremely hot, but a girl who wears that out is not exactly the kind of
girl you take home to mom. Not that that is always a bad thing.

I hadnt noticed the group move closer to us, but all of a sudden we were being showered with
water from all of them, especially Emmett, the hulk. The water wasnt freezing, but it was
definitely cooler than the sun that had been beating down on us. Jasper and I were pretty caught
off guard.

They finally concluded their attack on us and it looked as though they were going to get out. Em
climbed out, next Rose, and then I Bella. OH SHIT!! Why does God hate me? There she is in an
amazing bikini held together by only little silver rings. Her body was even better than I imagined
under her clothes. She was thin but not too thin. You could tell by her toned body that she was a
dancer, and God did she have a dancers legs. And her breasts, shit.I need to calm down. If
there was ever a time for cold water it would be NOW!

The next thing I knew Bella and Rose were grabbing my arms and yanking me out of the pool
chair as I heard Em throw Jasper into the pool. Bella and Rose were working me closer to the
edge of the pool, but I was doing pretty well with restraining them from success. That was until
Emmett came up from behind and pushed Bella and I in. He was trying to force Rose in next, but
she totally turned the tables on him and sent him in first. The girls cheered Rose on as she bowed
in victory and jumped in.

Bella was so close to me and so perfectly covered in water that my arms, by their own will,
began moving toward her, but before I got there Emmett came after her and dunked her for
rooting on Rose. I swam away quickly.

I was at the other end of the pool talking to a random girl, when I watched Bella get out of the
pool. Fuck, she was so hot. She sat on a pool chair with her sunglasses on and looked like the
goddess of sun and sex. I swam to the edge of the pool and climbed out, heading for the pool

As I was sitting down, I saw a worried look on her face. Maybe she wanted to be alone, or
maybe she knew it was me and didnt want me to sit near her. I sat anyways. Hey, Im not
bothering you, am I?

No, not at all said the voice of an angel as she unleashed that amazing smile. She didnt say
anything else, but she didnt move her head back to facing forward. I couldnt help but smirk a
little. Please be checking me out. Please want me as much as I want you.

I figured it was time to lay some cards up on the table. So you met Em at that coffee shop he
worked at huh?

Yep, he busted me daydreaming and we started talking and sharing a cab ride home. I couldnt
help but frown a little, and she continued Now he is like the big brother I never had. Now I
couldnt control my smile. Big brother, not love of my life? Hmmm...

I saw an expression cross her face as if she realized something. So you thought that we were
together because of how we are? Or because he made you think that?

Ummwell, I kind of assumed, with how you guys were at our apartment, but then I noticed
that Em was still hitting on other girls. I was a little confused by that. Sorry to pry. I kept my
focus out toward the pool, because if I looked into her eyes I would be on my knees begging her
for anything that she would offer to me.

Its no biggie. I appreciate you asking me rather than going behind my back to try to find out.
She smiled.

After a few minutes she got her IPod out and started going through some music. I couldnt help
myself; I leaned over to try to see what kind of music she listened to So what are you listening

Not so fast buddy. I was a little confused. Had I gone too far? Thats pretty personal
information that you are trying to look at. She smiled teasingly at me and I laughed.

Okay. So do I get to know what youre listening to or not? I liked her teasing me and hoped
she kept it up.

HmmI have a better idea. She handed me one of her ear buds. Put it in your ear, Ill play
the song and you have to guess song and artist. Deal?

And if I guess them right, what do I get? I smiled slyly.

She leaned in so close to my face; about an inch away, smiled seductively, and spoke in a
whisper. You get to know what Im listening to. Then too quickly she pulled back, winked,
and started laughing. I joined in her laugher, but Jesus Christ she is driving me cray. Okay, so
are you ready?


Song one she pushed play and waited.

Too easy. Just what I needed The Cars I rolled his eyes. This is pathetic.

Dont roll your eyes at me mister! Song two.

Control Metro Station

Good. Song three.

I twisted my face and looked at her. What the hell is this?! What the hell is this? she lost it
and started laughing hysterically. No seriously what is this? It is weird.

Between laughs she told him who it was Its Freaxxx Brokencyde.

I shook his head. Next song.

Okay. Song four.

Again, too too easy. Whats your name Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Okay. Next song.

Hurt Nine Inch Nails I smiled. This was excellent taste in music. I would love to get my
hands on her IPod to see what all was on it. Though I would also like to get my hands on.down

You like that song huh?

It is a pretty awesome song, though I will honestly say that I didnt expect you to have it on
your IPod. she cocked her head to the side at me. Talk about fucking adorable. I mean,
youre a dancer right? She nodded yes. Well I would assume you would have more dance
music rather than this stuff.

Ah seethats where you messed up. I smiled a crooked smile at her. Holy shit. That smile
could make my body burst into flames. Look at the pool Bellalook at the pool. Do not look at
that. This is a dance song. I could easily develop a routine around it; you just need to have the
right dance. She kept my eyes out to the pool.

I followed Bellas gaze and saw Emmet and Rose playing around. Looks like Em has found his
focus for the trip.

Alice appeared out of nowhere, as she has a habit of doing. Ok. Enough pool lets go out and
about! She grabbed Bellas arm and pulled her up. Come on Rose! she yelled over her

What are you guys going to do? I looked at Bella, but Alice answered.

Dont worry Edward; I already made all our plans. Jasper knows them. Now go get Emmett and
get your asses moving. I smiled at Alice and Bella shrugged at me. My eyes did not leave her
until she was through the hotel doors.

Come on guys, we are all going out tonight. And with that we followed Jasper back to our
rooms. We all had our own rooms. None of us wanted to walk in on anyone elses private

We met the girls in the lobby and of course Bella had my full attention immediately.

So, Alice, are you going to tell us what we are up to? Bella turned to look at Alice.

Silly, you made the plans.

Huh? She was confused. I made plans, but they were for later.

Well, I changed the arrangements since we have more people. Now we are all going and we
need to get over there. Alice started walking with Jasper.

Is any one gonna fill us in on what the hell is going on? James shouted.

Pussycat Lounge Bella shouted back to him.

Hell yeah! he yelled out loud.

Emmett was walking on Bellas left smiling.

I picked up my pace to walk on her right side. And this was your plans for later?

Yep, they are dancers, not just eye candy. I wanted to see the show. She smiled. I was taken
back. I wouldnt have thought that watching a burlesque/stripper like act would be her thing, but
she pleasantly surprised me with her view on it. Emmett caught on to my surprised expression.

Eddie, you might as well get used to the unusual behavior of Bella now, because she will
typically never do what you expect. She smacked his arm and laughed.

Emmett, seriously, quit with the Eddie shit. I huffed. She laughed at my attempts to be angry
with Em.

Awwwyou dont want to be called Eddie?! Poor Eddie. She stuck that bottom lip out,
Emmett burst out laughing, and I playfully punched her shoulder. Though all I could think of was
that I wanted to suck her bottom lip into my mouth.

Thursday night had been a great time and I maneuvered my seat to be near Bella through the
show. I watched her more than I watched the dancers. They no where near compare. Ive seen
her dance and I know that she is more beautiful than any of them that were on that stage.

We all ended hanging out Friday night as well, having a great time; however, Saturday night was
the beginning of my reasons for being slouched in the backseat of the car with a pair of dark blue
lace panties clenched in my fist that I shoved into the pocket of my jacket and text message
saved to my cell phone in my other pocket.

Saturday Night

We were all waiting in the nightclub for the girls to arrive. When Alice reached our table and sat
on Jaspers lap I looked around for Bella. My eyes found her standing at the bar with Rose and it
seemed like Bella was fighting a losing battle with Rose. Bella had on a deep blue dress that was
perfect against her body and the color of her skin. It had a deep v-neck and it wrapped up around
her neck. It was pure perfection on her and every guy whose head turned to watch her and Rose
move through the crowd toward us was definitely agreeing with me. Fucking perverts!

There was enough room for us all to fit at a table near the dance floor. I noticed that Bella was
drinking much more than I think I had really seen her drink. It was my impression that she didnt
drink a lot or at all. Rose grabbed Bella to the dance floor and I just watched her body move. I
would take a couple drinks of my beer, but I did not want to lose any focus on the way she
moved. There were many moments that I had to take some deep breathing and count back from
10 to calm myself down. They returned to the table to drink a few more and then Rose grabbed
me out to the dance floor, while I turned to see Bella grab Em.

Rose was hot and she definitely could dance, but my body was aching to be Emmett at this point
in time. After the past few days here being around Bella, I was not only lusting after her body,
but I was lusting for her company, her touch, the sound of her, conversation with herit was
something that I had never felt so strong before.

Then she leaned in close to Em and I wanted to vomit there on the floor.

You know that they are just good friends right? I snapped my head to Rose who was smirking
at me, knowingly. I know I blushed and smirked back.

Yeah, I know.

Just making sure she winked at me and then Bella grabbed Rose and starting dancing with her.
Then Bella spun Rose to Em, and walked up to me. She grabbed my arm, theres that damn
electricity she causes in me. She pulled me to her and leaned into my ear Em wants to be with
Rose. She pulled back and I nodded. Then she got a look of panic on her face. She quickly
leaned back in to my ear I didnt just ruin anything between you and Rose did I? She looked
back to my face quickly with fear on her face. I laughed internally. How could she be so blind?!

I shook my head no and leaned to her ear I think that things worked out in my favor tonight. I
pulled back and smiled at her. She blushed.

I watched everyone continued to drink and drink, and dance the rest of the night. A group of
drunks was a huge understatement them. Alice and Jasper disappeared. Im sure it was back to
Jaspers room. James had headed out with a red head. Emmett and I were playing around and
decided that an arm wrestling match was in order. I was hoping to take advantage of his drunken
state, since I seemed to be the only one who wasnt drunk.

I was wrong about taking advantage of Em, he was still strong as usual. So I decided to employ
Rose, promising her half of what I win if she helps distract him. She was working miracles. I was
$20 up, but then Emmett got really ballsy and upped the ante.

Alright Edward, one more match for all the money. What do you say?

Fine, I said as I looked over to Rose. She nodded lightly. Lets do this.

We put our arms went up. Roses lips went to Emmetts neck and he faltered, but just when I
was about to take advantage Bella put her hand on the inside of my upper thigh while leaning her
entire body into me. The electricity that pulsated through every part of my body at her touch was
pure ecstasy; I had to control myself from clearing the table with my arm and taking her right
there. I stiffened up to try to gain control and she started to pull her hand back. I couldnt stand
the thought of her moving from that spot. I placed my hand on top of hers to stop her from
moving. I had to look into her eyes. I saw a brief moment of shock, guilt, and then panic run
across her face.

Sorry she said and then she stood and walked out of the club. It took me a minute to process
that I couldnt let her walk away. I needed to tell her that it was okay.

Bella wait! I shouted to her, hoping that I could catch her before she reached the elevator. She
spun around. Evidently the alcohol had messed with her balance and she lost her footing. I
wrapped my arms around her waist before she fell to the floor. Oh the feeling of her in my arms.
The pulsating heat that flowed between her body and mine was addicting.

Umm..Thanks. she said straightening herself out.

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence.

Edward, Im sorry if I crossed a line or made you uncomfortable. Emmett wanted me to distract
you for him an.. I put my finger on her mouth. Oh how I wanted my lips on and my tongue in
her mouth. I wanted to wrap her back in my arms and hold her for as long as she would let me.

Stop. I looked into her eyes. I couldnt speak anything else. I knew she had had a lot to drink.
What kind of jerk would I be if I took advantage of the fact that she has been heavily drinking?
How could I live with myself if I didnt tell her or show her how I was feeling about her? I
searched her eyes for an extremely long minute debating right and wrong, wants and needs.
When I was completed defeated in my battle to be good Edward and I crashed my lips to her

The best response I could have asked for was what she did next. Her hands wrapped around my
neck and into my hair. My hands were tight around her waist. She licked my bottom lip wanting
access to into my mouth. That one lick sent me into an instant hard on. Her taste sent a fury of
fire through my entire body. I started to move.

Thank God the elevator door was opened. I walked us into the elevator until the wall stopped us.
The heat, the electricity, the passion that was generating between us would have been enough to
melt the glass mirrors in the elevator.

I slid my hands over her hips and down to the back of her thighs. Mmhhmmher legs are soft as
silk, just like I imagined. I lifted her up onto the hand railing and her legs wrapped around my
waist and they felt like they were made especially for my waist alone. I slid my hands up the
sides of her body and she moaned into my mouth causing a throb in my pants that I pressed
closer to her while I knotted my left hand into her hair. All while devouring her mouth.

Ding. The elevator doors opened.

My hands gripped under her ass and we were moving again. Our tongues were still battling for
domination of each others mouths. I slid the card key in the door, entered the room quickly, and
shut the door with my foot. I pressed her firmly against the back of the door so I could feel the
pressure of her entire body against me. Her body feels as if it was made for me. She is so perfect
in every way that I could ask for, her figure, her smell, her tasteFuck her taste!

I moved my lips from her allowing us to catch our breath; except allowing me to taste her chin,
her neck, her collarbone. The taste of her skin in my mouth was like drinking the sweetest fire
water. My lips were aflame and my tongue was overwhelmed by the sweetness of her.

I slid my right hand up her body, behind her neck, and twisted her hair in my fist. Bella I
could barely speak, she had me breathless. The throbbing increased as my very hard dick ached
to get out of my pants, ached to be in her. I pressed my hips firmly into her open legs. My mouth
took in the skin between her neck and shoulder. She moaned, Edward. .God. She moaned my
name. My name came out of her mouth, off of her tongue, through her perfect lips in desire and
want. Fuck!

The sound of my name out of her mouth put me over the line of any control I couldve mustered
within me. I have to have you right now! I returned my lips to hers with an intense need that I
had never felt for someone before. It was a hot and almost angry kiss. I basically threw us onto
my bed, her legs still firmly wrapped around me, my hips pressing over and over into her center.

We both lost control. She pulled my shirt over my head and reached to unbuckle my jeans. She
got my pants undone and used her feet to shove my jeans down to my ankles. I shifted and
kicked them to the floor. I slid my hands to her thighs and under her dress, pushing the soft blue
fabric up over her stomach. She leaned up so I could pull the dress over her head.

Once I threw the dress to the floor with my jeans her mouth crashed back to mine. I cupped the
side of her face with my hand and my hard dick pressing firmly between her legs. I moved my
hand down over her soft silky shoulder pushing the strap of her bra over her shoulder then over
her lace covered breast. I rubbed her breast before pulling the material away and covering her
breast with my mouth. My tongue glided over her nipple and she bucked her hips into me hard;
that only made me want more friction between our bodies.

She slid her right hand into my boxers and grasped me firmly at the base of my shaft and moved
slowly but forcefully up and down. The electric current from her touch to my cock was beyond
ecstasy. I moaned with her nipple still in my mouth, and her hand started to move faster. If she
kept this up for too long then I would never last and I need to last, I need to connect to her
completely. I laid my forehead against her shoulder and my breathing became more erratic,
though I was trying to steady my feelings.

I slid my hands from her breast to her hip. I hooked the side of her panties with my fingers and
tugged. She lifted her hips as I slid them off of her. She used her feet to pull my boxers down and
I kicked those to floor as well.

There was nothing between us now; no jeans, no boxers, no panties, just her skin against mine,
her soft folds against my hardness. She pressed herself into me forcefully. I pressed back and I
could feel the soft moist heat at her center. She shivered. I pulled my head up and looked into her
eyes. Is she sure? Am I sure? Should I stop this now? Will she regret this, cause Im pretty sure I
wont. Bella, I need to know.but how do I know. Looking into those eyes, those perfect brown
eyes, all I could see is everything that I feel. And what do I feel? I know what I feel. Lust,
passion, want, need, ache, longing, and I need to be connected to her. I have to know how we fit.

I slid my hand up and inside her smooth thigh. I could feel the heat radiating from her. She rolled
her eyes back and moaned and raised her hips. I crushed my mouth to hers and slid my fingers
into her slowly. She writhed under my touch and fisted my hair. Then she lightly bit my lower
lip, driving me insane. I picked up the pace of my fingers and she starting moaning into my
mouth. It was almost too much.

I pulled back and she whined. He couldnt help but smile at her. Just hearing her confirm that I
could make her feel this way was the best feeling I had ever experienced. My throbbing tip
grazed at her entrance; she squirmed and moaned.

I held my gaze on her face and kept direct contact with her eyes as I entered her. She gasped and
I laid my forehead against hers and breathless from the feel of her whispered Oh god, Bella. Do
you have any idea Before I could finish she pushed her hips up meeting my movements and I
gasped. She moaned and I moved quicker. She wrapped her legs tighter around me; pulling me
closer. Our mouths were locked together, sucking on tongues and biting lips. I firmly gripped her
hips pulling her into me more.

The thrusting became rougher and deeper; I never felt such a forceful desire to be with someone
like this. I threw her left leg up over my arm and plunged myself deeper into her. Her breathing
her scent, her sounds, and her warm walls around me is like Heaven. Then she moaned
Harder and ground into her, hearing her lose breath with each thrust. How could anyone have
ever been with her and left? Jesus Christ!

I felt her muscles start to tighten around me and her folds become wetter. Come for me Bella
and with those four words she writhed under me digging her nails into my back, and moaned my
name again. I felt the passion and tension in my stomach building up to its boiling point at the
sound of my name from her lips. My hands tightened their grip on her hips, my muscles tensed,
and I groaned into her neck louder than I have ever made any sound during sex as I released into
her. I collapsed on top of her and I could feel her chest rising and falling hard beneath me.

I woke up when the room phone started ringing. I reached over and grabbed the receiver.


UmmIm sorry sir, but this is the wake-up call that you requested. Will you need our services
again sir?

No. Thank you. I hung up and dropped my head back into the pillow. Mmmstrawberries.

I shot up quickly in my bed looking around the room. Bella? No answer. I got up and pulled on
my boxers. Shes gone. I sat at the edge of the bed with my head in my hands. Fuck! What did I
do? She left. She snuck out of the room without saying anything at all. She regrets it.

Then I saw my phone blinking on the floor. I reluctantly lifted it and looked at the screen. You
have to be fucking kidding me!!! I threw myself back onto the bed.

So here I am in the backseat of the rental car with navy blue lace panties and a text message.
Figure this one out Edward, just try! Fuck me!

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right away, so given the circumstances of their hook-up that doesnt mean they will be
together either.

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Chapter: 29

Chapter 29 Little White Wedding Chapel

My plane landed on time and I got back to the apartment around 2pm, so I had time to unpack,
do laundry, and settle back into reality. I had only one problem. Edward Masen.

I tried throughout the whole flight to not think about what happened. I put my IPod in and fought
to fall asleep. I finally won the battle and slept most of the flight. Thankfully!

I was going through my bags creating my laundry pile, if I was being honest I was merely
keeping myself distracted, when my purse fell off the bed and spilled the contents on the floor. I
found that I hadnt turned my cell phone back on after I landed.

I hit the button and turned on my phone. I had two voicemails and five text messages. Alice
called twice; once to tell me to call when I landed and second to ask me why I hadnt called her
yet. Two text messages from Alice and two from Rose, both referring to the same as Alices
voicemails; then the last text was from an unknown number. My heart started pounding and my
stomach almost lurched up through my throat. I took a deep breath, swallowed hard, and hit the
button to open the text: Hey Nikki call me tomorrow to talk about your date. Nikki??!!!
Fucking wrong numbers! Dont they know that I am in the middle of a break down! Ugh!!!

I threw my phone on my bed and finished unpacking.

Unfortunately there wasnt enough laundry to keep me busy, so I grabbed my phone and text
Alice and Rose that I was home and fine, they should be on their way back so I wasnt worried
about having to actual talk to them right now. Then I grabbed my purse and headed to the
grocery store.

I returned home and unloaded the groceries that I had gotten. I hit the couch with my ice cream
and video games. I was two races in when all the memories that I was trying to repress flooded
my mind. It was like a tidal wave of flesh, hair, and saliva. Ugh! Then the moment that he looked
directly into my eyes stuck in my head; his emerald eyes piercing into mine, full of lust, passion,
want, need, and completely unsure. It was the single most intense moment in my life. I have
never felt like that with anyone, never a connection like that. No one elses hands and lips have
every left that kind of feeling on my skin.

Thats it! I need a shower! Clearly I was losing it, now that I was talking aloud to no one but

I threw myself into the shower, but decided that a bath would be better. I soaked in the tub until
the water turned cold. I climbed out, dried off, combed my hair, and threw on a pair of yoga
pants and yoga tank. I walked back out to the living room and decided to hook up the Wii Fit.
Maybe some actual yoga will help me calm down and think.

I had done Wii Fit Yoga so many times that I didnt even need to listen to the TV to follow
along, so I muted it and decided to think this all out once and for all.

Okay, so let me just go through this logically. It was a one night thing. I was drunk, he was
drunk. It was Vegas, things get a little crazy in Vegas. I was in New York, he will be in L.A.
There is really nothing to worry about, right? I mean there is a chance that he wont even
remember who he went to bed with or that he will even remember that he went to bed with
someone. Right?

Then the panic came crashing in on me; SHIT! He lives in New York, with Emmett. Emmett?
Would he tell Emmett? Oh Jesus Christ! Okay, okay, wait, if Em knew then I would definitely
have heard from him by now. There is no way he wouldnt yell at me, make fun of me, or
completely hate me. UGH!

What happens when he comes back, if he comes back? We will eventually have to see each other,
how would that go? This really sucks! Why did I allow this to happen? Why didnt I just leave
the note like I thought of doing; you know, a lets just keep this between us note.

Then the front door opened.

Damn it Alice, why did we take so many bags?! I heard Alice giggle. This is ridiculous!

My head shot to the time and it was almost 10pm. Holy crap, Ive been doing this forever
without realizing it. I had planned on being in bed when they got in and I have now just ruined
that plan.

Oh get out of your moodMrs. McCarthy! Alice roared with laughter.

Shut up Alice Rose hissed at her.

Arent you two just happy little travelers this evening? I smirked at them.

BELLA! Alice ran and almost tackled me to the floor. Ewwhave you been working out?
You are all sweaty, yuck!

I laughed. Hey Bells Rose said. She seemed off somehow.

You okay? I grabbed Roses shoulder as she tried to walk passed.

Yeah, Im just beat. She sighed, which was almost in defeat and in embarrassment at the same

Oh, shes a happy newlywed! Alice chirped behind me. Rose dropped her face into her hands.

Huh?! I turned to Alice. Am I missing something?

Oh Bella, please dont ask. I heard Rose moan from behind me.

Alice started laughing even harder. I am really feeling left out right now. I fake pouted.

Rose do you want to tell her or should I? Alice leaned around me to look at Rose.

ALICE! Alice rolled her eyes.

Fine, Ill tell her. Alice turned to me smiling largely. Guess who decided to have a shotgun
wedding in Vegas? She couldnt control her laughter any longer and fell back onto the couch in

Rose! You didnt?!?! I spun around quickly to look at her. Though who was I to judge anyone
about what they did in Vegas. When I saw her face I couldnt help but bust out in loudest laugh I
had in me.

SHUT UP you two! Its not funny at all! Rose pouted. This is a disaster, a mistakeugh!
Rose threw herself down next to Alice.

So how did this actually happen? I raised my eyebrow at Rose.

It all started with those orange drinks Bella! They were evil! Rose buried her face again. We
started dancing when you switched partners with me I broke in.

Oh Rose, Im sorry, I feel like this is partly my fault nowI switched partners with you.

Oh please Bella, this is all my faultwell mine and Emmetts fault.

But if I wouldnt have put you together on the dance floor then maybe. She cut me off.

Bella, if you wouldnt then I would have.

Oh That was all I could get out.

Edward was practically drooling on me because he was staring at you the whole night. She
took a deep breath. Besides I was attracted to Emmett, but too many drinks and one brilliant
idea later. UGH! Now I am married to the gorilla!

So..umm what does Em say about this? I was asking about Emmett, but I was really thinking
about what she said about Edward staring at me and drooling. Was he really? He couldnt have
been I would have noticed that.

You know Em. He shrugged and said at least I got a hottie for a wifey Rose looked at me and
she was pissed. I mean seriously, I was trying to come to terms with what we did and he was
laughing it off. I was trying to talk to him about correcting this situation and he just didnt
concern himself with it really. She seemed to be talking more to herself than to either Alice or
me. I mean does he think that we are not having this annulled immediately when he returns to
New York? HELL, Im gonna look to see if we can take care of this even while he is out of

Calm down Rose, we all know that it will get taken care of, but who knows maybe you will
want to stay Mrs. McCarthy?

Damn it Alice will you stop! She stood up and without turning back to look at us she stormed
to her room and yelled Im going to bed!

I think I am going to head to bed as well, I have to work tomorrow. I offered Alice a hand off
the couch.

Bells? She said softly as she got up.

Yeah Al?

Are you okay? You seem off somehow. She tilted her head at me.

Yeah, it was just a long flight. I forced a smile.


Hmmm I looked up to her face. I hadnt even realized that I had dropped my face to the

When you are ready to talk, you know I am here right? She wrapped me into a hug and I
couldnt help but let tears fall down my cheeks. She hugged me tighter and we sat together on
the couch until I dont even know when.

I woke before my alarm went off, not remembering when I finally left Alice and got into bed. I
turned my alarm off and sat up. It was then I realized that Alice was in bed with me. God. How
did I get such a great friend, but would she still be so kind to me if she knew what happened in
Vegas with her cousin? Ugh.

I quietly collected my dance things and headed to the bathroom. I got showered and dressed for
work then tiptoed back into my room, kissed Alice on the top of her head, and headed to work

I opened the studio and headed straight to the great room. I pulled out my IPod and started
searching through my songs, when I found what I was looking for; I plugged my IPod in, hit the
play button and began moving.

This was my release

Said there'd be no going back
Promised myself I'd never be that sad
Maybe that's why you've come along
To show me, it's not always bad

This is what I needed
Coz I can feel it, baby
I feel like I'm falling for you
But I'm scared to, let go
I'm scared coz my heart has been hurt so

This is how I cleared my thoughts
It's true I've become a skeptic
How many couples really love
Just wish I had a crystal ball
To show me, if it's worth it all

This is the way that I exhausted the millions of emotions that I have trapped
Coz I can feel it, baby
I feel like I'm falling for you
But I'm scared to, let go
I'm scared coz my heart has been hurt so
Yeah I can feel it, baby
I feel like I'm falling for you
But I'm scared to, let go
I'm scared coz my heart has been hurt so

I spun, kicked, twisted and turned.
And I've got to be sure
Coz it's been so long
And I cannot take the pain again
If it all goes wrong

Each movement made me feel lighter.
Coz I can feel it, baby
I feel like I'm falling for you
But I'm scared to, let go
I'm scared coz my heart has been hurt so
Yeah I can feel it, baby
I feel like I'm falling for you
But I'm scared to, let go
I'm scared coz my heart has been hurt so
I want you so much
I need you so much
I want you so much
I need you so much
(believe me my love
Believe me my love)

Once I finished I felt a lot clearer. I could actually think better and knew what I was ready to do;
talk to Alice.

When I arrived home Alice was once again in the middle of a million magazines; from Vogue to

So, Alice, what exactly do you do with all these magazines? I stood with my arms crossed and
head tilted.

Without looking up she answered me. Well, I like to stay on top of what the other magazines
are doing. This helps me stay on top of them as well as make sure that I keep myself up to date
with newest trends in each magazine.

Gotcha. I sat Indian style on the one spot of the floor that wasnt covered in magazine and just
watched her. I didnt think that it was the best time to bother her.

So, you ready to talk to me now? Let me know what the hell happened? She raised her head
and smiled at me.

How did you know that I wanted to talk? I was completely puzzled by her knowledge of what
my intentions were.

Girl, dont you know that I know all. I am the mighty all knowing Alice Cullen. She winked at
me. I just had a feeling thats all, I know you better than you think I do. So?

I launched directly into what happened Saturday night in Vegas through to Sunday when I fell
into her arms on the couch.

Please dont think badly of me. I honestly am not like that Alice. I have never she cut me

Jesus Bella, why would I think badly of you? She gave me a look of irritation mixed with
shock. Seriously, things happen. Besides with the way that Edward was ogling you all night

Why does everyone keep saying that? I buried my hands in my face. I mean I wouldve
noticed someone staring at me. Its like I have a sense for when I am being watched, because I
hate it.

Then you arent as good as you think at picking up on it then, cause he was definitely eyeing
you from the minute we all were in the lobby the night they arrived. She looked at me with a
smirk. Then there was the video game competition, where he was paying more attention to you
and Emmett than the game. She winked at me.

Butwait I didnt even know what to say to her. Ugh!

She laughed. Bella just except the fact that it happened and get over it She rolled her eyes.
Now, you asked what to doas far as the fact that you will eventually see each other again,
well, I cant say what his reaction will be. Youve met Edward, but I dont think that you know
about Edward. She sighed. He kind of gets around, you know what I mean?

I sighed heavily and nodded. So great, I was a conquest for the night on top of everything else.

Alice continued. He may not even act as if anything happened or he may think that he can just
make a move on you whenever he wants. However, there is always the option that he likes you
Bella. I have to admit that Edward didnt usually go after the girls; they flocked to him. I mean
youve seen the way he looks, but I know that you didnt go to him. Im wondering if you have
actually caught his interest.

Oh come on Alice! I highly doubt on him liking me or having his interest. Im actually hoping
for the first option, acting as if it never happened. I made a gesture like I was praying to God.
Please let it be the first, then I can just go on. Then I looked up at Alice. What if he said
something to Em or the others?

Alice shook her head Do you think that he wants Em to kill him? she laughed If he made you
a conquest Em would beat the shit out of him, and if he was into you Em would more than likely
have already called you. Trust me, Jasper doesnt know or I would know.

I looked at her curiously. I didnt even have to ask, she answered Jasper and I tell each other
everything. So I should warn you that this may come up between us; however, we keep it
between each other okay?

ALICE! You cannot tell Jasper! I was appalled.

You have nothing to worry about Bella. With the look she gave me I felt like she was telling
me the truth, but at the same time I would now never be able to look at Jasper again.

At least I felt a little better after talking to Alice and I knew that it would be awhile before I had
to see Edward again.


My mind was racing the whole ride back to L.A. What was I going to do? I have never felt the
way I felt with her, it was like she was made for me, made to fit me perfectly. I unintentionally
sighed loudly.

Calm down dude, we will be back in a few hours. Youre like a little impatient kid back there
pouting. Em said laughing.

Shut up ! I didnt mean to say it with that much venom in my voice.

Emmett turned around to look at me What the hell has youre panties in a knot?! Youve been
sulking since the moment I saw you this morning.

I looked up and saw Jasper eyeing me curiously in the review.

Im not sulking. Im hung over and tired thats all. I threw my head back on the seat and closed
my eyes. Then I spit out at Em At least I didnt end up with a fucking wife like YOU!

No one said anything else. I could feel Em shift to turn back around in his seat and I could feel
Jaspers stare burning into me, and I heard James stifle a laugh.

We finally got back extremely late and I headed straight to my room. I threw my cell phone on
my bed and heard it smack the headboard. I jumped into the shower and tried to let the hot water
relax my muscles and relieve my stress. What the fuck was I gonna do? Ive never felt this way
for someone and the one person that I was trying to get out of my life could be a permanent
fixture. Shit! I thought that we had always been safe. I could swear that she was on birth control.
I mean we really never discussed it, but I knew Tanya would never risk having a kid, she hated
kids. And what if she didnt want this one, what if she wanted to get rid of it? Could I go along
with that? I would be a horrid father, but could I really let her just get rid of my child? When the
water went cold I threw on my boxers and threw myself into bed.

I woke up only after a few hours. My mind wasnt able to stop turning thoughts and memories,
amazing memories of Saturday night when she was mine; even if it was only for one short
moment. But what would happen when we saw each other again? Would she pretend like
nothing happened? Is that what she would want? Probably. Could I be around her and not touch
her? I dont know if I could, not after knowing how she feels, how her touch sparked so much in
me that I never knew was there.

FUCK! I yelled to my empty room. I got out of bed threw on a pair of jeans and went to the
studio room that we had here.

I sat down with my guitar and decided to play whatever came to me. As soon as I started
strumming the song just poured out of me. I grabbed my composition book and started marking
chords and notes. Then my thoughts turned completely to Bella, to that night; her smell, her
taste, the feel of her skin on mine, her breath on mine.I started to play the song but this time it
was more intense, faster. I easily found the words to match my feelings.

Don't run away

'Cuz I can't live without you

Please stay

And I'll learn to love you right

'Cuz I was waiting for you

Waiting for all my life

And I've been crying for you

Dying for you all this time, yeah

'Cuz I was waiting for you

Waiting for all my life

And I'm not going to lose you tonight

Don't run away

I never wanted to hurt you

Please stay

And I'll learn to treat you right

'Cuz I was waiting for you

Waiting for all my life

And I've been crying for you

Dying for you all this time, yeah

'Cuz I was waiting for you

Waiting for all my life

And I'm not going to lose you tonight

'Cuz I was waiting for you

Waiting for all my life

And I've been crying for you

Dying for you all this time, yeah

I was waiting for you

Waiting for all my life

And I ain't gonna lose you tonight

I was waiting for you

Waiting for all my life

And I've been crying for you

Dying for you all this time, yeah

'Cuz I was waiting for you

Waiting for all my life, yeah

And I ain't gonna lose you tonight

I was waiting for you

Waiting for all my life

I've been crying for you

Dying for you all this time

I was waiting for you

Waiting for all my life

I've been crying for you

Dying for you all this time

I was waiting for you

Waiting for all my life

I knew what I needed to do. I needed to talk to the one person who knew me, but knew me
beyond just the rock music, the parties, and the girls. Jasper. Though talking to Jasper was like
talking to Alice too. I knew she would find out, they told each other everything, so I would have
to talk with her to. Shes going to be pissed at me. I know what she will think.

I left the studio room and headed to the kitchen to make coffee.

Morning I was surprised to see Jasper up already. I figured that everyone would be sleeping
extra late today.

I noticed that he already made coffee. Morning Jazz

We sat in silence at the kitchen bar while I worked up the nerve to talk to Jazz.

So you gonna spit it out or can I head to the shower? He looked at me over his mug.


Clearly you have something on your mind He smiled and youve had something going on
since yesterday. God he knew me too well.

I took a deep breath and spilled everything; from time I saw her dance, the day she was standing
outside the Lenox, and up till my text message Sunday morning. I dropped my head staring into
my empty coffee mug.

Jasper sighed deeply. Sowhat are you thinking?

I snorted I dont even know what to really think at this point. I have to talk with Tanya, but I
need to know what I feel about it before I do. Then on top of that I need to figure out what I am
going to do about Bella.

Well, its obvious that you actually like Bella. He shrugged.

H-how can you tell that? I was sure that everyone would automatically assume it was just
another hook up for me.

Shit Edward, you are completely consumed by her the moment she is around you. He smirked
knowingly. The day she was here to play video games you couldnt keep your eyes off of her,
and when she would leave the room it was like you were completely pulled to get close to her
again. And in Vegas you kept an eye on her every move with a look on your face that I dont
think Ive seen on you before.

Oh was all I could get out. Did this mean that she knew how I felt about her and she ran
because of that? Shit! Did I scare her off? But still how could she just fucking disappear without
saying anything. I mean did she just use me for the night or what? JesusIm turning into a
freaking teenage girl.

Look Edward, I think you need to figure out things with Tanya and then you should probably
talk to Bella. Talk about what happened Saturday night and find out why she bolted on you.
Then you will know if she was scared, regretted it, hates you, or whatever it is thats going on.

I guess youre right. I shrugged.

Dude, I dont think she hates you. I think that you barely know each other and she freaked when
she realized what happened. He waited for me to look at his face. She isnt exactly the kind of
girl that hooks-up for a night, you know that right?

Yeah, I know shes not. But why do I feel so angry for her just leaving?

Hmmmy guess would be that you are more angry with yourself than with her. He could
definitely see my confusion. You have a history of one nighters Edward and I dont believe that
that is what you want or wanted from her, so you are pissed at yourself for letting it happen.

I dont deserve her Jazz I dropped my head into my hands How could I deserve her and how
could I even think of trying to have her in my life with the Tanya situation?

Well my brotherI have to say that you have shocked me this morning; thinking about
someone else before you this may be a first, at least with a woman. He smiled part teasing part

I huffed and went for the coffee pot.

So, when are you going to talk to Tanya?

I dont think I can do that over the phone Jazz. I think I need to take a trip to New York to get
things straightened out with her.

I understand. When do you plan on doing that?

Soon, but first I want to resolve the situation with Bella. I had both hands on the counter and
my forehead against the cabinet. I had to resolve things with Bella. Ugh. I didnt want them
resolved, I wanted her.

You can call Alice you know to help you know. I could tell by the way he said it that she
already knew what happened and that Bella had obviously told her. Shit!

Does she hate me?

Of course Alice doesnt hate you. She saw what we all saw happen with you around Bella.

Not Alice, though Im glad she doesnt hate me. I inhaled and held my breath waiting for his

I think you should talk to Alice or directly to Bella. He stood up, put his mug in the sink,
patted my back and headed to his room.

I gave one good head butt to the cabinet. Fuck!

I woke up the morning after my talk with Jazz. It was almost nine thirty in the morning; I needed
to make a call. I would call Alice first at least to get Bellas cell number.

Hey cuz, its about time you called me. You ready to talk? She was always so straight forward
that sometimes it drove me crazy.

Umm..yeah, I guess. I paused So I assume you know everything right?

Well, I know what Jazz has told me about Bella and about TanyaI am so sorry about Tanya
E. Are you okay? What have you decided you wanted to do?

I dunno Al. I mean I have to come back to New York and talk to her still; to figure it all out. To
see what she wants as well. I mean I guess my choices are limited by what she wants, ya know?
I was sick to my stomach just thinking about being a father but also about the other option Tanya
had, the one that I really didnt have any say about. It was her body and all that shit.

Hmmwell let me first ease your mind that Bella does not hate you. She hates herself, but not
you. She knows that the alcohol caused just about everything, so you dont have to worry about
her freaking out on you. I think that she would just prefer that you ignored that it ever
happened. She got very quiet while I processed that. Could I pretend that it never happened?
Did she really want to forget it, forget me, and forget that night of us?

After a long silence. I cant pretend Alice. I-I dont want to. I like her maybe more than like
her I told myself.

I figured that much Edward. You want her number? I think that it should be talked about to
avoid it being more uncomfortable than it already is and will be for awhile.

When do you think I should call her Al? I ran my hand through my hair and rubbed the back of
my neck realizing that I would have to do this.

I think the sooner the better E. She is at work right now, but you can still try it. Ill text you her

Thanks Al. I think that Alice and I were gonna definitely need to get closer again. I had
complete forgotten how much I loved being able to talk to her.

No problem, and Edward?


Call me for anything okay? You can talk to me anytime about anything.

I think that I needed that reminder Al. Thanks We said goodbye and I headed for the shower
and to internally pep talk myself.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
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Chapter: 30

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Chapter 30 Sleepover Part 2


I felt better after talking to Alice. I still was unsure of what was going to happen in the end but at
least it didnt consume every thought; however, he consumed my dreams way too much.

The activities at the studio had been running their normal course and Jane had me stay for dinner
tonight so I could tell her about the trip.

Bells I think I hear your phone ringing Clary yelled back to me as she headed to her room.

Its probably just one of the girls, Ill call them back later. I kept talk to Jane, though I left a
few details out of the conversation. I have to admit that Jane knew me too well, because she
could totally see that there was more that I wasnt willing to share. Thankfully she didnt press
for the information.

I was standing outside the studio waiting to get a cab when I remembered the earlier call. I pulled
my phone out; one voicemail message. I hit the button and waited for the message. It was an
unfamiliar number. Probably for Nikki again. So I was completely frozen when I heard the
velvety smooth and nervous voice.

*UhhBella this is umm, Edward. I-ICould you call me back? I, um, would like to-to talk.

Oh god.Oh god.Oh god! I paced the sidewalk. What do I do? Do I call? I cant call back,
but he asked me to call him back. Shit.shit.shit. Why did he have to call? Why couldnt he
just forget about it? Was he as consumed with thoughts and dream as I was? YEAH RIGHT
BELLA! AHHHH!!! Suck it up and just fucking make the call. Get it over with and then maybe
you could get completely back to normal.

I took a deep, deep breath and made the call.

H-hello? His voice was even better than I remembered it being. Shit Bella, stop! Get this over

Um. You called? Was all I could come up with.

Yeah. Okay look, I am so sorry about Saturday night So he did regret it. I cut him off there
before I was made to feel like a complete idiot.

Edward, seriously dont worry about it okay? It was an alcohol induced situation. We were
drunk and it was a crazy night. I shouldnt have drank so much and put myself into the situation
to begin with; I dont blame you for what happened I blame myself. I sighed realizing that I was
now rambling.

Ohum.. Is that disappointment in his voice? Thats impossible. Well, I just wanted to let
you know that I was sorry and I really dont want this to cause any problems for you. He paused
it was an uncomfortable silence. Bella its not you that should take the blame. Honestly. It was
something that happened, and I just hoped that you didnt have me for it

Edward, I dont hate you Far from it actually, do you know that I dream about your eyes? Stop
Bella! Ugh. Pathetic.

Good, cause I would at least like to be your friend, eventually. I smiled because at least he
wasnt just using me and dumping off, and I could tell that it wasnt easy for him to say this that
he was just as nervous about the whole thing. That relieved me.

That sounds good, and Edward?

Uh, yeah?

Thanks for calling me and being honest.

Sure and thanks for calling me back and not ignoring my call. We said our goodbyes and I
hailed a cab.


After my internal prep talk and about four beers later, I grabbed my cell phone and made the call.
It went to voicemail, so I hung up. Damn it Edward, just do this! I called again and this time I
left a message.

UhhBella this is umm, Edward. I-ICould you call me back? I, um, would like to-to talk.
Please. Jesus I sounded like a fucking idiot.

I tried to keep myself busy. I rehearsed with the guys for about an hour; the whole time trying
not to think about the fact that she had not called back. What if she doesnt call back? Should I
call again or just leave it alone?

In the middle of my thoughts my cell rang. I had programmed the number into my phone; it was
Bella. My stomach knotted and my palms started to sweat. I took a deep breath.

H-hello? Could I sound any more nervous?

Um. You called? At least I wasnt the only one nervous, and she didnt sound pissed.

Yeah. Okay look, I am so sorry about Saturday night She didnt let me finish.

Edward, seriously dont worry about it okay? It was an alcohol induced situation. We were
drunk and it was a crazy night. I shouldnt have drank so much and put myself into the situation
to begin with; I dont blame you for what happened I blame myself. So she did regret what
happened. She couldnt have felt what I feltfor her it was just the alcohol that put us together.
Even though I wasnt drunk at all; I was only intoxicated by her. Its probably better anyhow. I
dont deserve someone like her and she doesnt deserve a guy like me with a baby on the way.

Ohum.. I couldnt help but be somewhat disappointed. Well, I just wanted to let you know
that I was sorry and I really dont want this to cause any problems for you. I paused, trying to
figure out if I was going to cut everything off. Could I cut off being around her? No. There was
no way I could do that. Bella its not you that should take the blame. Honestly. It was
something that happened, and I just hoped that you didnt have me for it

Edward, I dont hate you Thank god she didnt hate me, but I selfishly wished that she could
feel what I felt. Even just a small amount of it would be enough for me.

Good, cause I would at least like to be your friend, eventually. I paused there and was more
than panicking about how she would respond. What is she said that it wouldnt be possible?
What if she didnt want to be around me? What if..Then she spoke.

That sounds good, and Edward? Whew. Instantly relief and even a little hope spread across me.

Uh, yeah?

Thanks for calling me and being honest. Honest? Yeah right, if I was being honest I would tell
you that I wasnt drunk, that I had wanted you since the first time I met you, and that I will
always want you and only you. No one would ever compare to what I felt with you.

Sure and thanks for calling me back and not ignoring my call. That was all I said. Way to go
coward! We said our goodbyes and hung up.

I threw my phone down on my bed and slouched over my knees. Why couldnt I really be honest
with her? Oh maybe because she totally regretted being with me. Oh maybe because she didnt
feel anything that I felt. I was just that guy that a drunk woke up to and thought Oh Shit! I was
the drunken mistake.

I picked my phone up and called Demetrius to tell him that I needed to make a trip next
weekend, back to New York. We arranged our schedule around my trip. Now I needed to go see
Tanya. Ugh!

I left Friday morning for New York and arrived at JFK around 5pm. I grabbed a cab and headed
straight to Tanyas apartment. I called her along the way and got her voicemail. I didnt leave a
message. I figured I would just try her apartment.

I arrived to her door around 7pm and knocked. No one answered. I leaned against her door and
slid down to the floor. What the fuck am I going to say or do? Can I be a father? What good
would I be at it when I would be traveling so much? At least I could now afford a child without
asking my parents for help. Then I heard a guys voice and a girl giggling. I knew the giggle.

Tanya came walking down the hallway with a dark haired guy whos arms were wrapped around
her waist.

What the fuck is going on Tanya?! I threw my bag to the floor.

Her face was contorted in shock, amusement, and even fear.

E-Ed-Edward, what are you doing here? I thought you were in L.A.? She slid out from the
guys arms and I think she whispered something to him, cause he turned and left.

Well I think that when I get a text message from you saying there you are pregnant that I would
think we needed to talkwouldnt you? I was angry but I couldnt help but feel like an asshole
at the same time. I have left her right, we werent together, but she was pregnant. She couldnt
still be fucking around when she was pregnant. Was I too late? Had she??????

Eddie, I didnt think that you would come back to New York because of that. She

What? What is that supposed to mean? Why was she acting like this?!

Edward, look, you wouldnt answer m-my calls and I-I just said that to get you to call me. Im
not really pregnant; it was kind of a joke. She started to put her arms around my waist and gave
me her seductive look. So see you have nothing to worry about. She smiled. She smiled! She
fucking thought this was funny! Ive been fucking losing it and she thinks this is funny!!!!!

I shoved her off of me a little too roughly because she stumbled back into the wall and almost
lost her balance.

E-Eddie? She was shocked.

Dont Tanya! Dont fucking Eddie me! You think that this is funny? That the whole thing was a
joke?! I was beyond pissed off, though it wasnt entirely at Tanyas sick joke. Deep down I was
pissed because I wanted what I couldnt have. Tanya you are sick and you need help! Dont call
me, dont talk about me, dont think about me. You make me sick!

But Edd-Edward, I didnt mean for any of this. I was just trying to get you to call me back
she put her hands on her hips. I mean you knew I was on birth control, why would you even
think I was serious?!

Why would I think you were serious!?! Is she serious? She is a fucking psycho and I am
completely exhausted by this whole fucking situation. Fuck you Tanya!

I grabbed my bag and I left Tanya staring at me in shock. I started walking down the street trying
to walk off my anger and my frustration. When I saw the open sign on the bar, I didnt think
twice. I entered and ordered drink after drink.

It was almost 10pm when I finally pulled myself away from the bar. I paid the bill and started
walking the streets. My walking was a bit hazardous after all the drinking so I got a cab. When I
climbed into the cab he asked me where I wanted to go. I gave him Alices address. I needed to
talk to her.

I knew I shouldve called first; she was going to kill me, or Rose probably would for waking her
up. I knocked on the door. I tried not to knock too loud, but I wanted someone to hear me. I was
about to knock again louder when the door opened.

Bella? I was in shock. I didnt expect her to answer, but there she stood in yoga pants and a
small tank top. Ughthis wasnt going to be comfortable at all. I shouldve gone home.

Edward? Um, what are you doing here?

Im sorry. Im gonna go. I started to walk away but she grabbed my arm.

Edward, are you okay? Have you been drinking? She eyed me curiously.

Just a little, but I can get home.

Just come in. She was irritated.

Is Al home?

Yeah, but shes in bed. Let me go get her for you. She walked away down a hallway. I heard a
knock and I heard Alices groggy voice. Al is going to kill me.

Alice appeared in the living room rubbing her eyes. E, whats wrong? What are you doing

Bella didnt reappear. I was kind of disappointed.

Al I threw myself on the couch and started to yank on my hair.

Edward, did you go see Tanya? What happened? She was on the floor, on her knees, with her
hand on my arm.

Yeah. She lied Al, she wasnt pregnant. It was some sick thing she came up with to get me to
call her. Do you believe that?! I was beating myself up and freaking over it and she thought it
was funny. She didnt even care what she had done.

That sick BITCH! How could anyone think that was funny?! Alice huffed. Im gonna kick
her ass!

I started laughing. The thought of tiny Alice was funny, though I would never put anything past
Alice. She was a force when she wanted to be.

Im sorry for barging in on you Al, and tell Bella that I am sorry for waking her up. I stood to

What are you doing? Alice almost shrieked at me.

Im gonna head home. I just needed someone to vent to and after we talked the other day I
couldnt think of anyone else to go to after the alcohol didnt work.

Oh hell no buddy. If you are going anywhere it is straight to the guest room, so haul your shit in
there. Do you want anything to eat or.. I stopped her.

Al, Im not going to barge in and bother everyone even more. It was her turn to cut me off.

Look here mister. You are staying here. Dont think about leaving. She was on her tip toes
now trying to get closer to my face with her finger. You are not barging in, and dont worry
about Bella. She was worried about you too. Bella was worried about me?

Okay their evil one. Ill go crash in the guest room, but I dont want anything else. Im fine, just
go back to bed before I feel even worse about waking you up and barging in on you. I hugged
her tightly.

She walked me to the guest room told me goodnight and then headed to her room. I walked into
the guest room and threw my bag on the floor. I figured I would hit the shower and then go to

I walked into the bathroom and remembered that it was attached to Bellas room and her stuff
was in here. I got closer to the door to her room. I could tell that the lights were off, but I could
hear music faintly. Id never heard the song before but it was a very pretty song. I placed my
hand on the door and sighed. The alcohol was really taken its effects and I was getting dizzy. I
took a quick shower and went straight to bed.

I woke the next morning and looked at the clock on the nightstand. It was blaring 9:34am at me.
I rolled out of bed, pulled on some jeans and a gray t-shirt. I slowly opened the door and walked
out. I headed toward the kitchen looking around for Alice or someone.

When I arrived to the living room I saw Rose sitting in front of the TV fully dressed and ready to
leave, but going through her purse on the coffee table.

Good morning sleepy head. She winked at me.

Hey Rose.

There is coffee in the kitchen and help yourself to whatever. Alice left for work, but said to not
take off on her she wants to stay until you fly back.

So everyone is gone then?

Hmm? Oh yeah Bella usually leaves really early for work on Saturday and I will be taking off
here shortly for rehearsals and some other stuff that I have to do for the agency. So make
yourself at home and if you decide to go out, there is an extra key hanging in the kitchen. With
that she said goodbye and headed out.

I grabbed some coffee, some food, cleaned up, grabbed the extra key and decided to get out for


I woke up to get ready for work and I tried to be as quiet as possible. I knew that Alice had put
Edward in the guest room and I didnt want to wake him. I quietly rushed to get ready and
headed to work.

I only had to work until about noon today, so I was going to do some much needed cleaning to
my room and just around the apartment in general today.

Last night played in my head on my way to the studio. Seeing Edward at the door last night was
a little of a shock and I almost panicked thinking that he had shown up there for me for some
reason. I know, stupid to think that, but I did; until he asked for Alice.

After I got Alice for him I went to my room so that they would have some privacy, plus I needed
to get some sleep. I turned some music on low, I had chosen Falling for You by Jem; it was the
song that I had used to clear my head and that I had also decided to do my original dance to for
the upcoming year. I heard Edward and saw his shadow around the bathroom last night, but I
rolled over and forced myself to sleep; though that didnt stop my dreams that I regularly had at

I arrived back at home and the place was empty. I knew that Alice and Rose would be at work,
but I wasnt sure about Edward. I assumed that he left. I cleaned up my room, put some close
away, and gathered my dirty laundry. I put my IPod in the docking station of the living room and
turned on the surround sound, selected my housework playlist and got to work on the kitchen
and living room.

First up was the Police Every little thing she does is magic. I was sweeping the floors and
dancing around the rooms. Second up was The Veronicas Take me on the floor. I wiped down
the coffee tables, side tables, brushed off the couches, wiped down the TVs and dusted, and of
coursed danced around the living room. While I was still dusting the third song kicked on, Blue
Oyster Cult Ballroom Blitz. A few more songs played while I cleaned.

After the cleaning was finished up I was starving, so I went to the kitchen and started chopping
up lettuce, veggies, and cooked some chicken. I had decided that I was gonna make a chicken
ceasar salad. I had tossed the salad and was finishing the chicken, and I was dancing around to
The White Stripes Fell in Love with the Girl when I turned around to dump the chicken in with
the salad.

SHIT! I jumped and almost dropped the chicken on the floor. I took a deep breath and grabbed
the remote for the stereo turning the music down. Jesus Edward! I didnt know you were still
here. I thought you left. I was clutching my chest and still trying to catch my breath. I could also
feel the blush invading my face.

He was laughing Sorry. I had left, but Rose told me to grab the extra key. You had the music
loud so clearly you didnt hear me come in. He put the key back and was still smiling. Does he
have any idea how perfect his smile it? Stop Bella! Friends only. I am sorry though, I didnt
mean to scare you.

Scare me? I almost had a heart attack! I started laughing. Um, are you hungry? I made
chicken ceasar salad, if you want some. I grabbed a plate filled it up, grabbed a bottle water and
plopped down at the kitchen bar with my back to him. Ugh. This is going to be beyond

My IPod was still playing in the background. Sure, if you dont mind.

Huhoh yeah, no of course not. He was asking about the salad. He grabbed a plate, put some
food on it, and sat next to me. We ate in silence; uncomfortable silence.

I stood and washed my plate when I was done. Well, Im going to go get cleaned up. Im sure
Alice already told you, but help yourself to whatever. He nodded and I walked to the bathroom
to get a shower.

When I came out of the shower I pulled my hair up into a ponytail and got dressed in some
lounge clothes; a pair of gray sweats and white tank top. I fiddled around in my room for awhile.
The idea of going back out to uncomfortable silence was not appealing. I took a breath and
walked out of my room.

He was nowhere to be seen. Maybe he left, but the key was still in the kitchen. He must be in the
guest room.

I grabbed my remote control and started playing Punch Out on the Wii. I was in the middle of
my match when Edward appeared. He was standing there watching the screen.

Is this Punch Out? He cocked his head at me.

Yep. It was all I could say since I was in the middle of punching the computer player. I
knocked him out and did my victory hop with my arms in the air Yes! I heard Edward laugh
and turned around to look at him.

Want some real competition? He said as he walked over and grabbed the other Wii controllers.

Why do you know where I can find some? I said and winked at him.

He pretended to be hurt by my words then gave me a dirty look. Get ready Swan, game on!

We ended up playing five matches. We were tied 2 to 2 when we got to the fifth match. I was
doing really well, until he decided to cheat. He shoved my arm with his shoulder and then
punched my character while I was trying not to fall over.

You Cheater! I yelled at him and got back into position to unleash my fury on his character.
He was laughing loudly at me. Then when I saw him trying to set me up for a knock out, I played
on his terms. I took my leg and kicked behind his knees. He fell back to the couch and I knocked
him out.

HAH! Take that Masen!!!! TKO Cheater! I was doing my victory dance and laughing.

Hey, you cheated! He laughed getting up I think there should be a rematch.

No way! I win! I was kind of surprised at how comfortable we had gotten with each other. It
was almost like hanging with Em. Except with Em I didnt have to fight the naughty thoughts
that would sometimes pass through my head.

Thats not very fair. He pouted. I laughed at him.

You pout almost as well as Emmett. Has he been giving you pointers? I giggled and put my
controller back. I looked at the time and realized that we had been playing for hours. Alice
should be rolling in soon. Alice should be home soon.

I headed to the fridge to get something to drink, You want anything? I looked over my
shoulder and jumped again. Shit Edward! Quit scaring the shit out of me! He had been
standing right behind me. I hadnt heard him come up behind me.

He laughed. Sorry. You need to pay better attention. And there is that damn crooked smile.
Jesus he has to know what the smile does to women. Damn him! Friends Bella, Friends!

You need to not sneak up on me. Do you want anything or not?

Sure. Can you grab me a water? I threw him a bottled water and headed to the couch.

I grabbed the remote control and went through the channels. Nothing.

Alice walked in.

Hey Al. Edward said as he sat in one of the chairs at the kitchen bar.

Hey E. then she saw me on the couch and smiled. Hey Bells I knew that smile. Dont get any
ideas Alice.

So who wants to go out for dinner? Alice chirped.

Alice, you just got home. I can cook something, what do you want? I stood and walked toward
the kitchen.

No no no. I think we should head to our restaurant. I turned around and saw her smiling at me

Your restaurant? Edward would obviously have no idea what she was talking about.

Come on Bells, you know I have won now. You cant resist Japanese. She teased.

I shrugged. Okay fine. You win! I laughed and walked to my room to get dressed.

Alice appeared in my room. So is this what you are wearing? She had her disapproving look
on her face.

Yes Alice and No you cannot dress me up. I gave her my serious look, though if she wanted to
she could easily force me to let her. I dont see anything wrong with what I have laid out.

I started combing my hair out. Bella, the baggy jeans are okay, but can we please swap the
raggedy old band T out for something else, please? Im begging you!

Alice will you just stop with the clothes already, its only dinner, and its not like I am going on
a date. What is your problem?!

I think that you should let me be your personal stylist and just let it go. I emerged from the
bathroom to see a whole new outfit picked out for me.

Alice, honest to god, you have serious problems. I huffed at her.

She just walked out of the room. Just hurry and get dressed so we can go.

I heard Edward chucking in the living room. Its not funny jerk!

Then I heard Alice You think you are going out like that? Come on, what do you have in your

What? Alice all I brought were jeans and Tshirts. I didnt have any special plans for my
wardrobe sorry. Did he think he was going to get out of it that easy? Hah!

Thats okay, I have plenty of guys clothes that I get for Jasper, come on E. I laughed loudly to
make sure he heard me.

All I got back was Shut up Swan! I laughed even louder.

I pulled on the faded jean skirt, which was a little shorter than I like, and a white layered T shirt.
I slid on my white ballet flats and headed to the living room. Alice and Edward were waiting,
and Edward was still pouting. Alice was hanging up when I walked into the living room.

See how much better that is. Lets go. I rolled my eyes at her. Rose is gonna meet us there.

I turned to grab my wallet and keys and could swear that I caught Edward staring at me. I shook
it off and followed Alice. Edward followed behind me.

Rose was waiting for us at the restaurant; she had gotten our seats already. So we walked straight
in and sat down. Alice hurried next to Rose and whispered something in her ear. Dear god what
was the tiny demon up to nowugh! I sat next to Rose and Edward sat on the right of me. Then
Alice got up and moved over to the other side of Edward. Is she playing musical chairs or
something? Rose giggled.

I turned to Rose and leaned to her ear What is she up to? Rose shrugged. Yeah right Mrs.
McCarthy Im sure you dont know. Rose glared at me and smacked my arm.

OUCH! Even though it hurt I laughed. Edward and Alice were looking at us curiously. I just
shrugged and made a circle motion beside my temple then pointed to Rose like she was crazy.
They laughed.

Other peopled joined around the large table and the cook appeared with all the items to put on
their cooking show for us. We all had a few drinks, ate a ton of food, talked and laughed, and
then we all headed back to the apartment.

Once home, Rose and I excused ourselves, and left Alice and Edward in the living room to talk
by themselves. I could hear them laughing quietly and talking low. I turned on the shower and
jumped in. When I was finished I combed out my hair and put on some boxer shorts and a tank
top. I searched around my room for my IPod, and then I remembered that it was in the living

I listened at my door, but there was no noise in the living room. So I headed out. It was empty. I
grabbed my IPod and went back to my room.

Once back inside I docked my IPod in my radio and turned it on. I was about to sit down on my
bed with my laptop when I heard a knock. I went to my door and opened, but no one was there.

Ahem! I turned and saw Edward at the bathroom door.

Hey. Whats up? I walked over and sat on my bed.

Nothing really. Alice went to her room, there is nothing on TV, and Im really not that tired.

So you decided to bug me huh? I smiled at him.

If youre busy, I can um I cut him off.

Im just teasing. Come on in, though you wont find anything too interesting in here either. I
was just going to check my email. I had pushed the laptop away from me and motioned for him
to sit.

You can still check it; I dont want to bother you, besides there is something that I have wanted
to get my hands on. I swallowed.

And that would be?? I looked at him extremely curious. Please say me, please say me! Damn
it BellaFriends!

Your IPod! He laughed and started going through my lists. Damn!

So the interest in my IPod is what?

Well with the brief encounters Ive had with your music it has really intrigued me. You have
such a random or rather eclectic collection. He smiled crooked It fascinates me.

That fucking smile! I pulled my laptop to me and signed in to my email account.

Does it bother you if I go through it? He looked up from the floor. He was sitting with his back
against my bed and his feet stretched out and crossed on the floor.

Nope, not at all, have at it. I didnt look away from my laptop.

I had a couple of emails from my mom, so I replied to those because I know she would be
relentless if I didnt. Then there was an email from Jake. I was completely caught off guard. I
mean we had been getting along and talking more frequently, but this time he mentioned a girl
named Leah. It was slightly awkward for me. It bothered me more than I thought it would.

You okay? I had completely forgotten about Edward for a moment.

Huh..oh yeah, Im fine. He didnt look like he believed me.

You sure? He pressed.

Yeah Im fine. I changed the subject and it was the first thing I could think of, So how about a

He hesitated. Sure, what do you want to watch? He stood off the floor and followed me out of
my room.

Im gonna throw some popcorn in the microwave, you can pick any movie out of the cabinet.

He walked over and knelt down to the cabinets. Okay Im gonna take a wild guess that all these
gory horror flicks are yours?

How did you guess? I said sarcastically.

Well lets see, I know my cousin, and well Rose doesnt look the type. He laughed.

Hey dont sell Rose short, the Fast and the Furious movies are hers and basically anything that
has cars racing around in it. I turned to look and he was still digging through the cabinet.

Well I am at a loss for what to choose, can you give me some hints.

I grabbed the popcorn poured it into a large bowl and headed to the cabinet. I reached down in
front of him and grabbed the Resident Evil trilogy that I owned.

Resident Evil? he looked at me funny.

Hey I let you pick and you passed, so now I get to pick. I guess I could have warned you that I
have an obsession with Resident Evil, but too bad for you. I smiled. Lets go.

What? Where are we watching the movie? He stared as I walked into my room.

I turned around in the doorway We can watch it out here, but Rose will eventual come out and
yell because the DVD player is hooked up to the surround sound, so it will get loud. So I figure
that we avoid that and just watch it in my room. Unless you dont want to, I mean we can he
cut me off.

No, no, thats fine. He walked quickly to my door.

Alright, make yourself comfortable. I put the movie in and climbed to the top of my bed. I sat
with my back against the headboard Indian style. Edward lay on his stomach with his head at the
end of the bed.

I woke up the next morning realizing that something was weird, but I couldnt place it. The taste
of popcorn was still in my mouth. Yuck! The TV in my room was sitting on the menu screen for
Resident Evil, so I reached for the remote but my arm hit something, no someone, hard.

Oww, Fuck! I turned over quickly to see the back of Edwards head. The first thing I did was
look at my body. Whew. Clothes still on, thank god!

Oh shit, Edward I am so sorry! I didnt realize that you were still here. He rolled onto his back
holding the left side of his head. I got him good with my elbow. Are you okay? I am so sorry.

He started laughing, Its fine. I started laughing too.


I was dreaming of Bella as I usually do. Typically it is a complete redo of the night in Vegas;
however, in my dream she didnt leave. It was my favorite part, where I would wake up and she
was still there. I was almost to that point when I felt this horribly pain in the left side of my head.

Oww, Fuck! Holy shit that hurts! What the fuck?

Oh shit, Edward I am so sorry! I didnt realize that you were still here. I rolled over. Whoa
wait a second that is Bella. Oh please tell me that I didnt do it again. Are you okay? I am so
sorry. She didnt sound pissed so it couldnt have happened again.

I started laughing, Its fine. She started laughing too. She was so beautiful, but waking up next
to her was even better. Shitneed to calm down. I cant believe that waking up next to her is
getting me this excited. Friends Edward, Friends.

My flight was leaving this afternoon, so after I got a shower, dressed and got my things together.
I hung with Alice for awhile. Bella had left to run some errands. She had told me bye before she

I started to think that maybe I would be able to talk to her again, soon. Maybe I could find out
what sent her fleeing the morning after. Maybe I could be friends with her. Even if I wanted

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
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##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 31

Chapter 31 - Homecoming


Edward had left five days ago and if I am being totally honest with myself, I would admit that it
was weird for the first couple of days with him missing. Things have gotten back to about as
normal as they can get in the apartment with Rose and Alice.

Rose was sending Emmett annulment papers this week; though Alice and I still were calling her
Mrs. McCarthy. She didnt like it too much, but she finally stopped getting really pissed off
about it.

Alice was her normal cheery self; however, I could tell when she was thinking about Jasper and
missing him. I had to keep reassuring her that it wouldnt be too much longer until he was back.

Since I was a returning student to Juilliard I got to register for my classes early and get things
situated for myself. I was still waiting on my class schedules so that I could get them to Jane, but
she wasnt too worried about it. I knew that she would be as flexible as I needed and I was
beyond grateful to her.

I was on my home from the studio when I heard my cell phone beep. I checked it and saw a text
from Edward.


One to add to your eclectic play lists .

The Reason Hoobastank


I smiled and sent a message back.


Thanks, but already have that one. Try again.


It wasnt more than a minute later and I got a reply.

Damn it! Im gonna keep trying!

I laughed. I dont know what the obsession was with my taste in music, but it was kind of fun to
text like this with him.

I walked into the apartment and was met by three guys sitting in the living room. The three of
them all turned to look at me when I came in and one eyed me up and down, twice. PERVE!

Hello I walked around them and went straight to my room closing the door behind me. I heard
Rose start talking to the guys. They must be friends of hers.

I got a shower and had just put on some sweats when Alice barged into my room.

Step away from the sweat pants Bella Swan! She smiled huge and pointed at me.

What? Why?

Because we are going out. She headed straight for my closet and started rummaging through
my clothes. Jesus Bella, we seriously need to go shopping and get you some new things.

Alice. I just got home and Im tired. Do we have to go out tonight? I knew I was whining,
but I didnt care.

Yes, it will only be for a couple of hours then we will head back she turned to me with an
outfit complete with shoes Look Bells, I need to get out of this apartment for something other
than work. With Edward here last weekend its making it harder for me to not be with Jasper.

Fine, but only 2 hours. 3 hours tops! You got me!

Sure, if you promise to go shopping tomorrow. It wasnt really a request it was the ultimatum.


I got dressed, combed my hair, applied a little makeup and headed to the living room. The guys
were still seated, but now Rose and Alice were seated with them talking. Great we are going out
with them I suppose.

Bella. Rose stood. Bella this is Royce, he is a photographer for the agency. Rose pointed to a
light brown haired guy. When he stood up he looked to be just as tall as Rose would be without
heals. He wasnt unattractive, but he looked too smug and arrogant. I could see though that Rose
apparently was very into him by the way she was looking at him.

Nice to meet you Bella. Royce held his hand out.

Nice to meet you I shook his hand.

These two gentlemen are my friends Tyler and Felix. Royce motioned to the two men that
were still sitting. Tyler had a dark complexion, a slight body, and really short dark hair, while
Felix was similar to Emmett however he was much shorter than Em and had Red hair.

Nice to meet you I nodded to both of them.

Good to meet you Felix said while looking me up and down, again. Ick!

Its very nice to meet you Bella Tyler said and stood to greet me.

Okay, lets all head out Alice said from the door.

We had gone out to the Volturi night club. The place was nice and we were all dancing. Rose
seemed really into Royce, I danced mostly with Alice, though Tyler was really nice. I talked to
Tyler for a little while at the bar and I found that he was a model for the same agency as Rose.
Felix was actually Royces cousin.

Alice was true to her word and we headed back to the apartment after about 2 hours at the
club. Rose stayed behind with Royce.

I fell into bed exhausted. I didnt even bother taking my clothes off.

Alice woke me the next morning with her usually overly happy antics.

Come on Bells! Time to get upTime to get upits morning! I groaned and hid my head
under my pillow.

Bella, you promised. Now get up, I want to leave in an hour.

Leave, what? It was too early for her to understand.

Bella! I watched her spin out of my closet and stomp back to me You promised to go
shopping with me last night. I got you home on time, so now we are going shopping.

Cant Rose go? I put the pillow back over my face again.

NO! Rose has a photo shoot, now get your ass up! I threw my pillow at her.


I was up, showered, and dressed within the hour. I grabbed a granola bar and a bottle of water.
We headed out for a day of shopping. Whoo Hoough!


I had returned on Sunday to L.A. I have to admit that I had gotten comfortable at Alices,
especially with being around Bella. She was better than I imagined, but it was good to get away
from her. Being around her just made me want her more and that was out of the question, at least
for now.

I spent the week getting caught up on things I missed and then we spent so many hours in the
studio that I hadnt seen daylight in 4 days. I felt like a vampire.

Friday afternoon we were all sitting around the studio going over some things. I was on my
laptop while we all talked. I stopped listening to James and Jasper argue over the timing of one
of our songs and starting cruising through my play lists for my IPod. This made me think of
Bella and her random play lists that had so much different types of music.

I had wanted to call her the first night I returned, just to talk with her. Instead I sent Alice a text
telling her I made it. I also had been spending a lot more time talking with Alice. I wanted to talk
to Al, but it was also a way for me to get close to Bella. Sometimes Alice would talk about the
things they all were doing or had done.

I finally got some balls and sent Bella text with a song I found for her. I didnt even care if she
already had it, this was going to be my excuse to at least text her. So I typed it up and hit send.


One to add to your eclectic play lists .

The Reason Hoobastank


After I hit send, I almost had a panic attack. Maybe she would be freaked from me just sending
some random text message. Maybe she would just ignore it. I wasnt sure. But then my phone


Thanks, but already have that one. Try again.


Try again. So she didnt mind the message or any future messages. I had already sent the next
message while my thoughts still were buzzing around in my head.

Damn it! Im gonna keep trying!

EDWARD! HELLO?! I looked up to see Jazz waving his hands in my face.


Have you heard anything we said, anything at all? Jasper was frowning at me.

About what? You guys have been arguing for so long that I just started tuning you out. I

Damn it Edward. We are trying to work the arrangement out and you are just day dreaming over
there. Jazz was seriously pissed, I could tell.

Okay, Okaysorry. Where were we?

We were finally out of the studio and of course it was dark. We decided to hit a pizzeria for
dinner on the way back to the apartment.

We ordered our food and drinks, all of us sitting in silence for what felt like forever.

So Em, get your divorce papers yet? James smirked at him.

Not yet dude, but she said they are coming by the middle of next week. Em shrugged.

I cant believe that you got married. I mean, come on Emmett, what were you thinking? Jasper

I wasnt thinking, I was just having fun and Rose was willing so we went for it. I guess getting
completely trashed in Vegas is not such a good idea for me. He smiled and laughed.

We were all laughing with him when the food arrived. Do any of you need anything else?

No I think we are good sweetheart, unless youd like to give me your number. I might think of
something later that I may need from you. James smiled smugly and winked at here. The
waitress blushed and walked away from the table.

James you are horrible. Jasper looked at him with part disgust.

Dont get jealous that I can do what I want with whomever I want and you have a ball and
diamond studded chain stuck to your ankle. James smiled and shoved his pizza into his mouth.

Jasper just shook his head.

We all ate in silence for a few, until James broke the silence again.

So, I was thinking that since we have been signed and we got our money that I am going to get
my own apartment. Everyone froze at his comment. No one knew what to say, we just looked at
him. What? You guys want to live together forever? I like you guys and all, but I think that I
want my own space. James went back to his food.

I guess I just never though about any of us moving to a different place. Em said and just sat
there staring off into nothing.

Honestly Em, I hadnt thought about it either. Though you know that we could get rid of the
apartment in New York, especially while we are out touring, I mean, we will hardly be there. I
threw out on the table to all of them.

What about our stuff Edward? Em asked me.

They have storage places Em. We would just have rent one and put our stuff in there until we
all got a new place or our own places. I responded to him.

Everyone kind of thought on it for awhile. The more I thought about it, the more sense it made to

We were on our way back to the apartment in LA when Jazz brought it back up.

I think we should do it. You know, the apartment thing. We should let it go, it makes sense. He
looked around to all of us.

Where will we stay when we go back? Emmett posed a pretty good question.

We dont have to get rid of the apartment immediately Em, well just try to time it so that it is
around the time we live for touring. Jasper answered him. Jazz was right, but I was pretty sure
that our apartment would go very quickly. It was a nice place in a decent area and it wasnt too
expensive for New York.

We talked a little more about it and planned to call the building manager next week to let him
know about our plans.


I survived! I yelled as I collapsed on the couch with my head landing in Roses lap. Rose

Oh shush it! Alice yelled at me with a million bags on her arms. I had dropped the others as
soon as I had entered the door. I laughed at her. Then I heard her phone ring.

Hello? Jazz? I miss you so much Al headed toward her room giving Rose and I a glare
because we were making loud kissing noises at her.

Dont ever let me agree to shop with her again. I sat up on the couch. You can be her
shopping buddy.

Ah, poor Bella cant hang with us shoppers? Rose smiled.

Hell no I cant, not for almost eight hours of pure shopping. I mean clothes are disposable,
doesnt she realize that she can wear things more than once? I laughed and headed to the
kitchen for food.

Huh, you can where clothes more than just one time? Rose looked at me like she was stupid
and did her dumb blonde head bob. I cracked up. Hey did you guys eat? I was thinking of
ordering some delivery, Chinese perhaps?

Mmmmthat sounds good Rose. Ill call, what do you want? I pulled my cell phone out and
started to walk back to ask Alice if she wanted anything.

Ill have the Mu Shu Pork and noodles Rose said as I walked past.

When I reached Alices door I over heard her say something about staying with her until they
found a place. Huh? I knocked and heard her tell Jazz to hold on.

I popped my head into her room, Hey Rose and I are ordering Chinese, you want? And if you
do, what do you want?

Ummm.get me the steamed dumplings and noodles, please.

Okay I started to walk away.

Bells! I turned around and leaned back into her room.

Whats up? she had the phone back to her ear again.

Will you please tell Jasper that they can stay with us until they find an apartment I looked at
her confused, cause I was. The guys are going to let their apartment go, since they will be
touring. I said that when they are in town they can stay here until they find another place or
whatever, ya know?

Yeah sure, whatever; we are all hardly ever home anyways. I started back toward the living
room and dialing the Chinese place. Did that mean that all of them would be living here? Even

A few weeks have gone by and classes would be starting up again soon. I guess that guys had
sold their apartment off pretty quickly and they had to have their things out in a week. Luckily
they were due back this weekend from their extended stay, so they had the week to get
everything packed up and moved out. James had already found his own place and Jasper,
Emmett, and Edward were going to stay here; though they would really only be here for about a
month or so before heading off on tours and such.

Edward had continued sending me songs to check out and I started sending some to him, it kind
of became a challenge between us. We ended up talking one time on the phone about a song that
I called crap and he was completely upset that I had called it that.

I was working with Clary and a couple of her friends at the studio when my cell phone rang.

I answered it slightly out of breath, Hhello? I took a deep breath.

Bells, want to go out tonight? Rose asked me.

UmmI dont know

Come on Bella, we are celebrating my annulment! Its final!!! Rose cheered.

I laughed. Are you really that happy to be a divorcee Rose?

Damn straight I am! Its better than being married to a stranger.

Okay. So where and when are we going?

I was thinking to head to Twilight. Royce and Tyler will be there and you know I think that
Tyler really likes you.

What? Shut up Rose, he does not. I knew I was blushing and I was so thankful that no one was
watching me right now.

Oh yes he does. He wouldnt stop asking about you after the night we all went out. Rose was

Shut up! Ill be home around 6, what time do you want to leave by? I have to shower and all
that fun stuff before we go.

We can head out around 8, is that okay? she was extremely excited.

Sure, is Alice coming with?

Nah, she is going to wait for Jasper to get home. He is coming straight here to see her after he

Oh, okay. Well, I will see you in a couple of hours.

I arrived home around 6 like I said and was ready to go by 7:30; however, I had to wait on Rose
to finish primping. Alice helped me get dressed, of course, since she doesnt think I know how to
do it properly. We gave Alice a hug, said goodnight and headed out to meet Royce and Tyler.


As I had predicted, our apartment was a hot commodity and went quicker than they all thought.
James was already prepared; however, the rest of us were not. That is until Alice offered to put
us up until we needed. Em and I would have to share the guest room for awhile, but all in all
thats not too bad.

I had been texting with Bella a lot and it was nice to be so friendly with each other. Time away
had been good. I wasnt so obsessed with thoughts of her as before, so it felt more like friends
and less infatuation.

The recordings went great. The CD was complete and we picked out our cover art. We were all
excited about the CD and couldnt wait until the approval from the executives for it to be
released. We already had some dates set that we had to travel and play some shows, and we were
all excited for that.

Our flight home was long, but it was nice to be getting back to New York. I had missed it. We
landed very late in the evening Friday and grabbed a taxi to Alices.

Alice was there to meet us when we got there.

Guys she squealed with excitement she hugged Em and I, but leaped into Jaspers arms Jazz!
She planted a huge kiss on him. I dont think he couldve smiled wider.

Al, we were trying to not wake anyone up. Emmett tried to scold her.

Why? Im the only one here. She shot back at him and then kissed Jasper again. He carried her
into the living room and sat on the couch with her in his lap.

Where is Bells? Em asked as he fell into the couch. I sat down next to him and lounged back.

Rose and her went out with Royce and Tyler I felt my body stiffen a little. Bella was out with a
guy? Maybe it was just a friend.

What? Bells had a guy and she didnt tell me about it? Emmett looked hurt.

Well, I guess she isnt really with him I felt my body relax until she finished Yet. Rose was
saying how much he liked her and she set it up so that they would go out tonight. And if you ask
me its about time that she gets another guy in her life. I stiffened again. Why is this bothering
me so much? I mean I wasnt with her, we were friends. Just friends.

Then I was aware that Alice was watching me and when I looked up she had a strange look on
her face; like she was confused. I hope that my thoughts werent easily flashing across my face. I
smiled at her.

And did you say that my wife was out on a date? Isnt that illegal? Em smiled.

Ex-Wife Em, your annulment was finalized today Alice rolled her eyes at him.

It was? Em shrugged. Shell want me back, just wait. He laughed boisterously.

The three of us talked for a little while longer and then we all went off to bed. Bella and Rose
still hadnt gotten home, and I seemed to only get more and more anxious that she wasnt back

I took the couch and Em took the guest bed for the night. We would have to get an air mattress
tomorrow for the guest room.

Around 3am I heard the front door and some laughing, one of the laughs was not female. Shhh!
Dont wake everyone up! Damn it! Do I seriously have to lying her listening to her bring
someone home with her?

Sorry the guy said.

I kept my eyes closed. I didnt want the image burned into my head. I heard doors open and
close. I peeked through my eyelashes and realized that it was clear. I sat up on the couch. So
much for being able to sleep now.

I turned on the TV and then I heard a guy and girl laugh. I got up and walked over to Bellas
door. I heard the laugh again, but it wasnt Bellas room. I sighed in relief. What the hell
Edward? I thought I got over this.

I went back to the couch to watch TV. I mustve passed out because I woke with my feet on the
coffee table and lounged back in the couch with my arms crossed on my chest. However it was
the screaming that woke me up. Shit that was Bella!

I jumped up from the couch and ran to her door.

DAMN IT EMMETT! That is not funny! Then I heard her laugh and him laugh loudly.

I knocked and in between laughs I heard come in. It was Em trying to sound like a girl.

I entered seeing Emmett on top of Bella tickling her.

S- s sorrrrrreeeey Edd.. EM! STOP IT! Bella seemed to be trying to apologize for being
loud but Emmett was relentless.

Oh come on Bells, I missed you, your laugh, and your tickle spots then he started tickling her

She looked at me pleadingly. SOME HELP PLEASE!

Ok Em, I think that she gets what you are trying to convey. I grabbed Ems arm.

Ah fine. I turned and winked at Emmett. He knew what I was planning and smiled.

Emmett that was totally uncalled for, its too early for that and I was sleeping. She glared at
him while still trying to catch her breath.

So are you better now? I asked her.

Yeah, I think so, but Thats when I pounced and started tickling her.

OH MY GOD!!! she screamed SO UNFAIR! Emmett was dying of laughter behind me.

Sorry Bells, no can do, you wanted me to get off of your bed remember.

I finally let her go and she stood up on her bed and started throwing pillows at both of us. This
turned into a pillow fight that got carried out to the living room.

Alice came down the hall fully dressed and laughing at all the excitement. Good morning guys.
Rose is going to kill you for being so loud; she doesnt like to woken up. She headed to the
kitchen counter and started coffee.

Em threw himself down on a chair, and Bella and I plopped onto the couch at opposite ends.
Then we heard it.

What the Hell is going on?! Rose had emerged and she was pissed.

Huh? What are you talking about Rose? Bella put on the biggest innocent face that I had every
seen someone do.

Dont try it Bella, its too early for that, what is with all the noise? She looked at all of us and
then stopped on Emmett. She looked away quickly and went back to her room.

Em, go calm your wife down! Bella said to him and threw the pillow from her lap at him. It
was then that I noticed her pajamas. It was a tiny light pink t-shirt that didnt cover her
midsection completely and a pair of super small boxer shorts with pink hearts on them. Those
were definitely some kind of girl boxers. That outfit was enough to make me throw a blanket
over her so no one could see her. Maybe it was a big brother thing that made me want to cover
her and protect her from being barely clothed. No, that wasnt true and I knew it, cause a big
brother would not also be thinking about ripping those same clothes off of her and throwing her
onto her bed.

You mean ex-wife dont you? Em winked at her.

True and its a good thing too.

Huh? Why? Em looked at her confused.

Cause if not youd definitely be getting divorced after this Bella nodded her head to the right
and then reached for the remote to change the TV channel.

Emmett and I turned our head to see Rose walk out, now with a robe around her, and
accompanied by a guy who evidently stayed the night. I looked over to Em, who seemed to be
okay, but he wouldnt stop glaring at the guy. I looked over to Bella and she was looking at Em
silently laughing. Rose walked the guy to the door and saw him out. From there, Rose walked
straight to the kitchen. Bella got up shortly after that; collecting pillows on the way to her room.
Of course she still looks good; like she would not look that tempting after a few weeks.

I got up and grabbed some coffee. This was going to be interesting to say the very least.


Around 3am we had arrived back from the club, we were giggling and Royce was laughing at
our feeble attempts to unlock the door. Shhh! Dont wake everyone up! I hush yelled.

Sorry Royce said.

We entered the apartment and it was dark. Rose and Royce headed to her room quietly. I tried to
tip toe the best that I could to my room. Then I saw him, Edward. He was sleeping on the couch.
I guess they got in safely, Em must be in the spare room. He looks so good even when he is
sleeping. I could just slide behind him on the couch...AH! Too many drinks! Alcohol and Edward
was really really bad for me. I silently ran to my room, shut the door behind me, changed clothes
and crashed into bed.

I having a glorious dream about Edward and a couch, but then I felt this huge weight on me and I
felt fingers all over my body. What! Oh my god.that tickles!

DAMN IT EMMETT! That is not funny! I yelled and laughed at Emmett.

I heard a knock but I couldnt answer, so Em answered like he was a girl.

Edward entered and I tried to apologize for the noise, Im sure we woke him up. S- s
sorrrrrreeeey Edd.. EM! STOP IT!

Oh come on Bells, I missed you, your laugh, and your tickle spots then Em started tickling me

I looked to Edward for help, SOME HELP PLEASE!

Ok Em, I think that she gets what you are trying to convey. He grabbed Em and pulled him

Ah fine. Em said, but he also smiled to big for being made stop.

Emmett that was totally uncalled for, its too early for that and I was sleeping. I glared at him
while still trying to catch my breath.

So are you better now? Edward asked me.

I started to answer him but then he jumped me and started to tickle attack me.

OH MY GOD!!! I screamed SO UNFAIR! Emmett was dying of laughter behind Edward.

Sorry Bells, no can do, you wanted me to get off of your bed remember. The damn traitor!

Finally he let me go and I stood up on my bed and started throwing pillows at both of them. It
turned into a pillow battle that spilled out into the living room. Rose was going to kill us.

Alice came down the hall fully dressed and laughing at all the excitement. Good morning guys.
Rose is going to kill you for being so loud; she doesnt like to woken up. She headed to the
kitchen counter and started coffee.

Em threw himself down on a chair, and Edward and I plopped onto the couch at opposite ends.
Then I heard Roses door. Uh oh!

What the Hell is going on?! Rose had emerged and she was pissed.

Huh? What are you talking about Rose? I put on my biggest innocent face.

Dont try it Bella, its too early for that, what is with all the noise? She looked at all of us and
then stopped on Emmett. She looked away quickly and went back to her room.

Em, go calm your wife down! I said to him and threw a pillow at him.

You mean ex-wife dont you? Em winked at me.

True and its a good thing too.

Huh? Why? Em looked at me confused.

Cause if not youd definitely be getting divorced after this I nodded my head to the right and
then reached for the remote to change the TV channel.

Emmett and Edward both turned their heads to see Rose walk out, now with a robe around her,
and accompanied by Royce. I looked over to Em, who seemed to be okay, but he was eyeing
down Royce, I was silently laughing. Rose walked the Royce out and then walked straight to the

I got up collecting pillows on the way to my room. I kind of realized that I way to underdressed
to sitting around with an apartment full of guys.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 32

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Chapter 32 Moving Day

After the tickle attack and the pillow battle everyone ate breakfast and got dressed. We all
headed over to the guys apartment, well except for Rose she had to work, to help them pack up
their stuff and have most of it moved to the storage unit they were renting. They technically had
a week left in their apartment, but they would be busy working so they thought that if we could
get most of the stuff out this Saturday it would be best.

I was helping Emmett pack up his stuff in his room and I seemed to be doing most of the work.

Emmett, quit playing with stuff and start helping or I swear to God I will throw away all the
Playboy and Hustler magazines that I found under your bed! I stood over him with my hands on
my hips, as he sat on his bedroom floor playing around with a baseball and his glove tossing it up
in the air and catching.

Calm down B, dont get your panties in a bunch. He smiled up at me like a little kid. I havent
tossed a baseball in so long who could help me from wanting to toss it around a bit?

Sure I understand. Wheres the bat that goes with ball and glove?

UmmmIm not sur.ErrrWhy? He looked very confused.

I smiled big Who could blame me for taking a few swings at your head?

Ha, Ha, Isabella! I smacked his arm. Owe! Damn it woman I raised my hand again. Okay,
okay, Im packing just dont hit me anymore. Geesh! I could hear Alice and Jasper chuckle
from the other room.

We all decided to work through lunch so that we could get everything packed up by the end of
the day. Alice was cleaning the kitchen when Emmett and I came out of his room with boxes to
add to the storage pile. I helped Alice while the guys carried furniture down to the truck; there
was also van to put boxes and bags of things that the guys would be bringing with them.

After the furniture was loaded they started taking boxes down. Since Alice had the kitchen under
control, I grabbed a couple of boxes and started helping to load the truck.I was waiting for the
elevator with two large boxes. When I heard the doors open I entered the elevator and pushed the
button to the first floor; the doors were closing.

Ouch. I heard a familiar voice. Shit.

I put the boxes on the floor of the elevator and saw Edward with two boxes stuck in the door. I
hit the button to open the doors completely.

Sorry, I thought you were down loading the truck. I didnt hear or see you coming.

He smiled. No problem. I didnt take the elevator when I came back up; I took the stairs.

I gave him a nod.

The elevator opened to the first floor and we collected our boxes and headed toward the truck.

Bells, why are you carrying boxes? Emmett grabbed them off of me and put them on the truck.
Let the guys handle the boxes.

So you think that the girls should stay up in the apartment and clean?

Of course he smiled.

So then why do you get to stay down here and load boxes, hmmm?

Edward and Jasper burst into laughter. Emmett bounded up to me and threw me over his
shoulder as he headed back to the elevator.

Emmett, put me down right now!

We finished everything up around 7pm. Edward, Em, and Jasper took the truck to the storage
unit they were renting, and Alice and I had the van. We decided that while the guys were
unloaded to storage that we would go pick up some drinks, food and some movies for tonight.
We knew that we would all be tired and just want to vegetate on the couches.

So what food do we want to get? Alice asked me from the drivers seat.

Alice, watch the other cars! I dropped my head into my hands. Why did I agree to let you
behind the wheel? I sighed.

Oh stop it Bells! She shook her head. Now, about the food; how about our favorite diner? We
could get burgers, fries, ice cream, and the works?!

Sounds good Al. You can drop me off at the diner and Ill order the food. While I do that you
can get movies and some beer and whatever else. She shook her head in agreement.

After we collected everything and loaded the food, drinks, and movies into the van we headed to
our building. When we arrived upstairs the guys were still not back, but Rose was. We put the
food into the oven to keep it warm and Rose helped us make some trips to the van to bring some
things up.

I was leaning into the van when I felt two arms wrap around my waist. I flipped around and
jabbed my fist as quickly as I could.

Shit Bells! Why are you always hitting me? I finally took a breath. I hadnt even realized that I
had stopped breathing.

Jesus Em! What the hell do you think would happen!? I stood there trying to get my heart to
stop racing. I had no idea it was you, jerk!

It was then that I heard the roar of laughter from over Ems shoulders. Alice, Rose, Jazz and
Edward were almost in tears from laughter.

I dont think that its funny at all. Em pouted and rubbed the spot on his chest that I hit him.
And I am definitely not practicing kick boxing with you anymore.

Oh Em if you couldve only watched Bella kick your ass! Alice was dying.

She did not! Em grabbed some bags out of the van and marched inside.

All of the items brought over by the guys were put into the correct rooms and we all sat down to
eat in the living room. We were all absolutely starving.

After we ate and everything was cleaned up and cleared away Alice decided that we needed to
get pajamas on. Everyone drifted off to shower and change clothes.

Around 9pm we all came back to the living room. I had brought my pillow and favorite blanket
with me.

Ohgood idea Bells! Alice jumped up off of the couch and ran to her room. She emerged a
few minutes later with blankets and pillows for her and Jasper.

Jasper and Alice had staked claim to the couch. I had claimed the love seat. Rose had taken
control of the oversized chair that we have. Emmett and Edward emerged from the guest room
showered and changed.

Oh dear lord please keep my thoughts under control. Edward had walked out with navy and gray
flannel pants along with a dark gray t shirt that fit him oh oh too well. Ugh! Think friends! As I
was pulling myself together he plopped down on the floor with his back against the loveseat. Oh
god, he smells like sweet, spicy lust. Shitfriends, friends, friends.

Emmett finally helped me to snap out of it when he looked around for somewhere to sit and
pouted because everyone had taken up the most desirable spots.

Well if you hadnt spent all your time trying to look pretty you would have a place to sit would
you? Jasper teased.

Oh I have the best seat in the house. He looked mischievously at me and I knew what was
coming. I pulled my legs up under me before he could crush them as he sat on the loveseat next
to me. I gave him a glare and Alice started the movie.

After the first movie I thought that everyone was asleep, but suddenly Rose stood quickly. My
head shot over to her.

What? Im gonna go make some popcorn. She said.

Mmmpopcorn, make a bunch. Alice chimed in.

I guess everyone isnt asleep.

While Rose was busy in the kitchen with the popcorn I felt Em move from beside me. I looked
over and watched him steal Roses seat. I shook my head at him.

Heymove your feet lose your seat he chuckled when he said it to me.

Excuse me, I think you are in my seat Uh oh, Rose isnt happy.

Rose give me the popcorn before you kill him, okay? Alice stood and grabbed the bowls she
had putting them on the coffee table in front of us all.

Emmett, get up! Rose yelled at him.

Hush down baby, Im trying to watch the movie. He hid his laughter as he said it. She smacked
his head.


Well, get out of my seat. Rose stood there with her arms crossed. I stretched my legs out on the
loveseat and leaned back on the armrest.

Its big enough for us to share. He smiled at her.

No way, I am not sitting with you!

Oh you want to, I mean hell we were married ya know? And with that he grabbed Rose and
pulled into the chair with him. She fought to get out of the chair, but Em kept her pinned to the
chair and partially his lap. Alice finally convinced her to shut up and just sit there so we could
watch the movie.

Alice was starting the next movie and Edward started fidgeting on the floor. Alice turned to him
Whats your problem down there?

Just sore from all the moving stuff I guess and spending almost 2 hours on the floor is starting
to take its toll. He smiled at Alice.

Do you want me to get you a pillow or some blankets? She started to walk down the hallway
to get some.

No Al! Dont worry about it, please. Just go back and sit, the movie is starting. Edward
pleaded with her.

Okay, but let me know if you want them. Alice resumed her place on the couch cuddled up
with Jasper.

Psstt.. I said lowly since the movie had started. Edward? I whispered.

Hmm? He turned his head to me.

I curled my feet back up and patted the seat next to me for him to sit.

Its okay, dont worry about it. He started to turn back to the movie.

Last chance. I wont offer again I whispered and acted like I was putting my legs back across
the seat.

He laughed quietly and hopped up from the floor. Thanks. He whispered.

I just nodded and turned my attention back to the movie.

Thats when it all changed. Alice turned off all the lights.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 33

Chapter 33 Rise and Shine


I was packing up my room when I heard Bella yelling at Em, and then I heard Em scream about
her hitting him. I sat on my bed just laughing while listening to them. They really were like
brother and sister, but there was not blood relation. He gets to joke with her, flirt, touch her, and
just be completely casual and relaxed around her. Am I jeaous?

Once the rooms were cleared out Jasper, Em, and I started taking furniture down to the moving
truck. Then we would start taking the boxes that were being put into storage down and load those
up as well.

I was about to walk onto the elevator with two boxes when the damn doors decided to close on

Ouch Thats going to leave a mark. Shit

Then I saw Bella putting down boxes and opening the doors for me. I didnt know she was there
and all I could do was associate this situation with her pressed up against the wall sitting on the
hand railing of the elevator in Vegas. Ugh, not the thoughts that I should be having right now.

Sorry, I thought you were down loading the truck. I didnt hear or see you coming.

I smiled at her. No problem. I didnt take the elevator when I came back up; I took the stairs.

She only nodded at my statement, so I took that as she wasnt into talking anymore.

The elevator opened to the first floor and we collected our boxes and headed toward the truck.

After we had finished loading everything Jazz, Em, and I took the truck to the storage unit to
unload before we returned the truck to the rental place.

So anybody found any places to even start looking at yet? We all turned around and saw James
standing there at the unit. We really hadnt expected him so we all looked a little confused.

Sorry James we didnt realize that you were going to be here thats all. Jazz extended his hand
out to him. Hows the new apartment brother?

Its cool, though a little quiet. He laughed. Its gonna take some getting used to, but I like it.
You guys didnt think that I would help you out with the moving?

Well, we just figured that. Jazz was cut off by Em.

Fuck no dude; since when are you the big helper outer? Em laughed while shoving a box into
James arms.

We finished unloading and said goodbye to James.

After the truck was returned it was time to head back to the girls place.

I am starving! Em threw his head back on the seat of the cab.

You are always starving Jasper rolled his eyes.

The cab pulled up to the building and we got out. Em was out first and walking ahead of us on
the sidewalk. Then he almost crouched down as he was walking and quickly moved up to a van.
It was just as he grabbed her by the waist that I realized what was going on.

Bella turned around jabbed Em so fast into his chest. Nice hit!

Shit Bells! Why are you always hitting me? I was laughing and watching Bella catch her

Jesus Em! What the hell do you think would happen!? She was glaring at him. I had no idea it
was you, jerk!

All of us were almost in tears from laughing so hard.

I dont think that its funny at all. Em pouted and rubbed the spot on his chest that Bella hit
him. And I am definitely not practicing kick boxing with you anymore. He shouted at Bella.

Oh Em if you couldve only watched Bella kick your ass! Alice was dying.

She did not! Em grabbed some bags out of the van and marched inside.

All of us were thankful that the girls had grabbed food and brought it back with them we were all
hungry and basically ate in silence while watching TV. Then we all started cleaning up and
getting ready lounge in the living room to watch some movies that Alice had picked out.
However, Alice being her usual self demanded that everyone get ready for bed first and get
pajamas on.

I walked into the steamy bathroom. Bella must have been here. It was definitely her I could smell
the strawberries. I took my shower but couldnt stop thinking about her having just been in this
shower with her head back in the warm spray of the shower, which would slightly arch her back
and push her chest outStop, time to turn on the cold water.

Around 9pm everyone had started to return to the living room and claim their spots. When I
walked out of the bedroom I saw Bella on the loveseat with a blanket and pillows. Her hair was
still wet so it looked almost like dark chocolate which really framed the porcelain skin of her
face. She was wearing dark gray yoga pants that folded down at her waist and that only came
down mid-calf on her legs. Her top was a bright blue t-shirt that just fit her; all she would have to
do is raise one arm and it would expose her midsection. She looked at me when she realized I
had come out of the room .I diverted my eyes quickly and sat on the floor with my back against
the loveseat.

Emmett finally followed me out from the bedroom and started looking around for somewhere to
sit. He pouted because everyone had taken his most desirable spots.

Well if you hadnt spent all your time trying to look pretty you would have a place to sit would
you? Jasper teased.

Oh I have the best seat in the house. He looked mischievously at Bella and I knew what was
coming. He sat on the loveseat next to her making her move her legs away. Alice started the

After the first movie I heard Rose move.

What? Im gonna go make some popcorn. She said to Bella who had turned to look at her
when she got up.

Mmmpopcorn, make a bunch. Alice chimed in.

Em, being the big kid that he is, got up and took Roses seat. Shes gonna kill him.

Heymove your feet lose your seat he chuckled to Bella when she had given him a warning

Excuse me, I think you are in my seat I knew she would be pissed.

Rose give me the popcorn before you kill him, okay? Alice stood and grabbed the bowls she
had putting them on the coffee table in front of us all.

Emmett, get up! Rose yelled at him.

Hush down baby, Im trying to watch the movie. He hid his laughter as he said it. She smacked
his head. Does he enjoy women hitting him or something?

Ouch! Em yelled.

Well, get out of my seat. Rose stood there with her arms crossed.

I felt Bella shift around on the loveseat behind me and turned to look at her quickly before
looking back to Em and Rose battle over the chair.

Its big enough for us to share. He smiled at her.

No way, I am not sitting with you! She crossed her arms over chest.

Oh you want to, I mean hell we were married ya know? And with that he grabbed Rose and
pulled into the chair with him. She fought to get out of the chair, but Em kept her pinned to the
chair and partially his lap. Alice finally convinced her to shut up and just sit there so we could
watch the movie. HmmI think Em may have a little crush.

Alice was starting the next movie and I couldnt help but move around trying to get comfortable.
Alice turned to me Whats your problem down there?

Just sore from all the moving stuff I guess and spending almost 2 hours on the floor is starting
to take its toll. I smiled at Alice hoping she would just drop it.

Do you want me to get you a pillow or some blankets? She started to walk down the hallway
to get some.

No Al! Dont worry about it, please. Just go back and sit, the movie is starting. Please just let
her sit down and start the movie.

Okay, but let me know if you want them. Alice resumed her place on the couch cuddled up
with Jasper. Holy shit, she actually dropped the topic. She must really want back on that couch
with Jasper.

PssttEdward? I heard Bella whispered when the movie was starting.

Hmm? I turned to her.

She shifted her position on the loveseat and patted the cushion next to her. As much as the floor
is killing me I dont want to take up her space.

Its okay, dont worry about it. I turned back to the movie.

Last chance. I wont offer again She whispered and acted like she was putting her legs back
across the seat.

I laughed quietly and hopped up from the floor. Thanks. I whispered.

She just nodded and turned her attention back to the movie.

Thats when it got weird. Alice turned off all the lights.

At first it felt like static electricity, but then I realized it something else and it was practically
radiating between Bella and me. I couldnt explain it, but it was like it took all my concentration
and strength to keep my hands to myself. I had to cross my arms and put my hands under my
arms tightly and try to focus on the movie.

Out of the corner of my eye I think I saw her fidgeting and putting herself in the same position
that I was in. I wonder if she feels it too.

I dont remember falling asleep during the movie, but clearly I had. I was still lying with my eyes
closed, so comfy, warm, and relaxed that I didnt want to open my eyes or move. In the moment
that I had those thoughts I felt the bed move; must be Emmett. Then I heard the soft sigh. Thats
not Em!

I opened my eyes and all I saw was brown. I lifted myself up slowly onto my right arm and
realized that it was Bella. She was lying on her stomach on the love seat facing the coffee table.
Her legs were partially hanging off of the seat with mine.

As I was noticing her position, I realized mine. Our legs were slightly tangled in each others;
however, my left leg was bent and hooked around her right leg. My left hand was currently on
the lowest part of her back; almost on her ass. Her shirt was inched up and some of my fingers
were touching the bare skin on her back. Her skin is just as perfect as the last time I touched her
and her smell; strawberries. Ugh. This was not good for a guy who just woke up.

I looked around the room and saw Rose curled up on Ems chest asleep. Ems legs were kicked
up on the coffee table and his right arm was snuggly wrapped around Rose. Alice and Jasper
must have made their way to the bedroom, because the couch was empty.

I knew I should pull myself away; that this was going to uncomfortable when she woke up.
However, I couldnt do it. I put my head back down where it was and closed my eyes. I absorbed
the strawberry scent and lightly placed more of my hand on the bare skin of her back. This was
not a smart move. My thoughts instantly went to flashbacks of Vegas; her in my arms, her lips
against mine, my length deep inside of her; it was too much and my body was letting me know it.
I was trying to shift my hips away from her so she didnt think that I was some sex obsessed 13
year old boy.

Then she did it. Bella shifted her body to her right side pressing the whole back of herself against
me. I could feel her back pressed firmly against my chest, my hand was now on her stomach, and
her ass...oh god her ass was pressed against me. It just made my hard on intensify. Shit! Shit!
Shit! What the fuck am I going to do? Okay Edward think of gross things. My great aunt naked,
catching mom and dad making out one night when I was littleDamn it nothing was working.

She moved again. I was somewhat relieved because she had shifted her weight forward and was
not completely pressed against me. I moved as quickly as I could without waking her to get off
the couch. Once I was up, I headed to the bathroom to take care of my situation.


I couldnt believe the feeling that was pulsing between us in the dark. I noticed Edward fidgeting
a little and then tightly folding his arms up to chest. I wonder if he feels this too. I immediately
crossed my arms to my chest as well and focused my attention to the movie we were watching.

I started to realize that it was morning, but I didnt want to get up. I shifted myself to my right
side and was about to stretch when I realized that someone was on the couch with me and based
on the smell of them it was Edward. I peeked out through one eye and realized that I was still on
the loveseat. We must have passed out during the movie.

Then I became aware of how pressed against him I was and I became aware of everything. His
hand was on my stomach. His chest was moving rapidly against my back. My ass was basically
cradled into his hips and I could feel his length against me. Oh my god! Could this get any worse
for me? I pressed myself against him and no he probably thinks Im a freak. Then his morning
friend down there is just a whole other issue that would be way to embarrassing. There is no way
that I am waking up right now.

I moved my body again, like I was still sleeping. The move allowed some space between us. I
heard him take a deep breath and then felt him start to move; trying not to wake me up. I kept my
eyes securely closed until I heard the guest room door close and I heard the shower turn on.

I rolled to my back and threw my arm over my face. Ugh! Fuck me! Ugh! That could have just
been one of the weirdest and most embarrassing moments of my life.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 34

Chapter 34 Special Delivery

The weekend passed and it was back to work. I arrived to the studio early to go over the
schedules. Since my classes would start up in about month I wanted to get things as organized as
I could. I wasnt expecting Jane to arrive in the office while I was sitting there.

Isabella, you are here early today Jane smiled as she entered the office.

Morning Jane, I just wanted to go over some things. I raised my head and smiled up at her.

Well, Im glad that you are here early because I have an idea that I want to discuss with you.
She sat in the chair across from the desk I was sitting at.

Really? Well, whats the idea? I was really curious.

Im thinking of putting on a Christmas Recital this year. I want to for the younger dancers, but I
also want to incorporate you older girls as well. I knew she could see the partial worry on my
face. Why do you look like you are going to have a panic attack?

Well, I mean thats only about 3 months or so away. Thats cutting it a little close isnt it? I
didnt pause long enough for her to answer, I mean you have to find a venue, figure out what
songs to use, choreograph the dances and teach them.

Calm down Bella. Do you think I havent thought this out? Jane smirked at me. I already
have the venue and its available, we would obviously use Christmas or Holiday music, we
wouldnt do anything too complicated for the younger dancers, the older dances will be fine and
can help put their routines together. Plus I have you to help me choreograph.

I guess that you have thought about this havent you? She nodded. So when are you thinking
about having the recital?

Im thinking that I would like to do it December 12th, which is like 2 weeks before Christmas.
Though I want us to get together this week to go over song, costume, and routine ideas; are you
available an evening this week?

Of course I am, maybe we could get Kate and Geoffrey to join us for brainstorming?

That sounds great. Ill talk with them today and then we can all decide on the best day.

The days passed like they normally do; though the apartment had more people in it we all were
are different work schedules, so we seemed to only pass each other in short time frames. It was
Thursday and the day that Jane had set up for Kate, Geoff and myself to get together about the
Christmas recital she wanted to put together.

We all went back and forth with ideas. We decided on the groups we would put together, as well
as a few solo dances. Music choices were pretty simple, though we did have some disagreements
about particular versions of the songs that we thought we should use. Costumes were something
that we researched some ideas on, but would wait until we had started building the routines
before deciding on the final outfits to order.

After we had made our initial plan for the recital we ate dinner with Jane, Aro, and Clary. Clary
wanted together with some of her friends to do one of the routines for the recital.

Clary, get together how many people will be in your group and then we will figure out a routine
for you ok dear? Jane looked lovingly at her daughter.

Really? Clarys eyes were wide and round with joy.

Hey Clary Berry, Ill even personally work with you guys to make sure that you guys are
awesome! I winked at her.

Seriously, you will? That would be so great. Clary stood and took her plate to the kitchen sink.
Im gonna go call Beth, Amy, and Josephine about it now. I heard her run up the stairs to her

Thank you Bella that was very sweet. Jane smiled at me. She loves you like a sister and I am
thankful for that. Jane put her hand on mine.

It is definitely my pleasure and honor that she feels that way about me. I placed my other hand
on Janes.

My cell phone rang as I was walking out of Janes building.


Bells, hey when are you heading home? It was Alice.

I just left Jane now and am heading home. Why, do I need to stop and get something?

No. I just got home and there was a delivery for you She was almost squealing.

A delivery, for me? But I am not expecting anything, is it from my parents? I was completely

I doubt ityour parents dont typically send flowers to you. At least not that I have ever
noticed. I could picture her now, bouncing with excitement.

Flowers?!?! For me??? But who would send me flowers? I had to catch my voice, since it was
going up an octave.

I dont know, but I could open the envelope to find out for you? Can I, can I, can I?

What?! No, I hardly ever get flowers, you are not going to be the one to open the card! I
laughed at her cause I knew she would start pouting.

Fine, but hurry home. I am dying here!!! She hung up. She hung up on methat little.brat.

I practically ran from the cab to the elevator to get home. I swear that the elevator was moving
extra slow tonight. When I got through the door, Alice and Rose were both sitting on the couch
with the flowers on the coffee table in front of them. They both wore huge smiles on their faces.

The flower arrangement was beautiful; not your ordinary roses or carnations. There were birds of
paradise, orange and yellow roses, and a few other tropical looking flowers that I didnt know the
names of; however, they smelled wonderful.

Oh my. I said breathlessly as I sat in between the both of them.

Oh my?! Bella, please just open the card and hurry! I am dying here! Alice was bouncing in
her seat.

I picked up the card and the front door of the apartment opened with loud voices spilling in. The
three of us looked up.

Jasper was first to enter, then Em and Edward. They looked at us on the couch and then stopped
in their tracks. Um, did we interrupt something? Jasper looked at us, then to the flowers while
he asked.

YES! Rose yelled and turned back to me. Come on, Bella, open it. Its killing us.

I started pretending to move in slow motion and Alice slapped my arm. Ow! I yelled.

Then hurry up before I open it for you! She glared at me.

I opened the card, realizing that I had an audience while I did it. I read it to myself first, then I
read it aloud to the girls; even though the guys were still lingering around too.


Just a thank you for your time on Friday night. I would really like it if you would consider going
out with me this Friday.

Please give me a call.

Yours, Tyler.

Its from Tyler! Alice yelled and smiled huge.

Oh Bella, you have to say yes. This is so romantic. Alice and I will totally help you get ready.
It seemed that Rose and Alice were more excited than I was.

I mean, Tyler was nice, but did I really want to start dating him.

Hello?! Bella?! Alice waved a hand in her face.

Huh? Oh, sorry Al.

Are you already daydreaming about Tyler? Rose teased.

I was not; I was just considering the invitation. Im not sure what I want to do yet. I looked up
to see Roses confused face. What?

Bella would you seriously say no? I mean hes a nice guy and hes attractive. Why wouldnt
you give him a shot?

Alice chimed in her thoughts next. Bells it will be good for you to go out again, say yes. She

She was right, why was I so hesitant. I stood up placing the card back on the table. Well, let me
just go call Tyler. I smiled and they both cheered. I turned and headed to my room.

Once in my room I called Tyler to set up Friday night.


Tyler, its Bella.

Bella, Im glad you called. He sounded happy.

I wanted to thank you for the flowers, they are truly beautiful. You didnt have to send them
Tyler; you could have just called me. I wanted to sound thankfully, but didnt want him to think
that he had to buy things for me.

Bella, I would send you flowers everyday if you would let me. Okay that was a bit much, a
little corny, but nice. So, about tomorrow night, is this a yes?

Yes. What time did you want to go out? I get off of work around 2pm tomorrow, so its up to

How about I come by around 5pm?

Sounds great, so what did you have planned?

Im thinking dinner and movie? How does that sound to you?

That sounds like a good time. Ill see you tomorrow and thank you again.

It was my pleasure, really. Goodnight Bella.

Night. I hung up my phone and headed to the bathroom for a shower.

I emerged out of my room about 20 minutes later to get a drink. The first thing I noticed was that
the apartment felt empty. Maybe they all decided to go out or something. I headed for the fridge.

As I was pulling out a bottle of water I felt someone elses movement in the room. I spun around
quickly slightly surprised since I thought everyone had gone out.

Sorry, I tried to make some noise so you would hear me. It was Edward.

Its alright. I just thought everyone had gone out. I shut the fridge door and started to walk past
him. I stopped and turned back Where is everyone, by the way?

They all headed to grab something to eat. Edward leaned into the refrigerator.

Why didnt you go?

Im kind of tired and I think Im just going to go to bed. He smiled and leaned back into the

I just nodded and headed to my room.

I checked my email; responded to my moms email and sent an email to Jake to see how he was
doing. I had talked to Jake about a week ago on the phone. We try to talk at least once a week to
keep up on things. I closed my laptop, grabbed my IPod, and placed the ear buds in my ears. I lie
down across my bed stomach down, feet on my pillows, and head down on my crossed arms.

I hadnt realized that I was so tired, but the next thing I knew I woke up and when I looked at my
clock it was 3am. Shit, its 3 in the morning and I am now wide awake. Ugh!

I rolled over and headed to the bathroom. When I walked in I could hear loud snoring, which I
knew was Em. He must have drunk a lot. Thats typically when Em would snore. How the hell
can anyone sleep in a room with him when he makes this much noise?! I went to the bathroom
and I splashed some water on my face.

I plopped myself back onto my bed and turned on my TV. There was nothing on so I went out to
the living room to get a movie.

I walked out to the movie cabinet and found a movie that sounded good Team America World
Police. I was walking back to my room when I stubbed my toe on the coffee table. Shit! I
tried not to yell too loudly.

What the hell? Em is that you?

No. Sorry Edward, I didnt know you were out here. I could tell I was blushing. Thank god the
lights were out. I was trying to be quiet. Im sorry.

Its alright, are you okay? He motioned to the foot I was rubbing.

Yeah, just stubbed it. Ill live. I went back to my room, put the movie in, and threw myself
back onto my bed.

The movie had just started when I heard a knock on my door. Come in. I tried to just loud
enough that they would hear me, but not too loud.

Edward leaned in Hey.

Is the movie too loud? I grabbed for the remote.

No, its fine. I just cant sleep.

Im sorry. Really I tried to be quiet. I swear.

Well you can make it up to me He smirked.

H-how? Please say by being my sex slave for a year. Oh god Bella, stop it!

By letting me hang out in here and watch the movie. I patted the bed for him to sit.

If you dont mind the movie that I am watching, have a seat. I smiled.

In my opinion this is a classic. He smiled at me and leaned back onto one of my pillows.

Well just make yourself at home I teased.

Im sorry, if you mind He started to sit back up.

I pushed him back down and his face looked a little shocked; I laughed. Im just messing with
you, but if you fall asleep you had better watch out for flying elbows in the morning. He
laughed remembering the last morning he woke up in my bed.

So, I take it that Em was keeping you awake tonight?

Yeah, its rough to sleep in the same room with him when hes sober, let alone when hes been
drinking. He chuckled.

We both started watching the movie and were laughing hysterically. We kept shushing each
other so we wouldnt wake anyone up, but that seemed to only make us laugh more.

After we quieted down, I was sitting Indian style on the left side of the bed and Edward was still
lying on his back on the right side of the bed.


I turned to Edward thinking he was talking to me, but he was asleep. Maybe I am hearing things.

But then I heard him mumble again Bella. It was very low, but he said it while he was asleep.
Was he dreaming about me? No, of course not. He had just spent most of the hour with me, of
course my name could slip out.

The movie was over so I got up and brushed my teeth, turned off the lights, and slid under the
covers on the left side of the bed. I rolled to my side to face away from Edward when I felt a
heavy weight on me. I froze for a second not sure if I should move his arm from my waist. I
slowly and very gently picked up his arm and as I was about to move it, but he pushed his arm
back down on my waist and pulled me closer to him. Oh hell.fuck it. Good night Edward. I
have laid with Em in bed before, maybe not this close, but still we had slept in the same bed and
were just friends.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 35

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Here is Edward's point of view and the next chapter will be a Bella and Edward mixture of
point of views.

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Chapter 35 Fucking Tyler.


It wasnt a proud moment having to handle my situation in the shower; however, it was better
than walking around all morning with a hard on.

The weekend passed by and it was back to work. With all the different work schedules we hardly
saw the girls. Our schedule was brutal. We had to do some photo shoots for the CD and for
promotional shots. We took pictures as a group and then we had to take some solo shots; it was
all pretty weird. We took most of the pictures around New York City in famous places and we
had drawn a small crowd at each place.

When we were in the studio working on our performances I would often head to the producer in
order to work with him on the CD. Luckily we had an awesome producer and I was completely
gratuitous that he was willing to let me learn and contribute to the production. The guys would
take off for the night, but I will stay back with him most nights.

Thursday night we all left the studio together; exhausted from the week. Jasper entered the
apartment first and then stopped abruptly. I was about to ask him what was up but I looked
where he was looking and then he spoke first.

Um, did we interrupt something? Jasper looked between the girls and a huge flower

YES! Rose yelled and turned back to look at Bella, who was sitting between her and Alice.
Come on, Bella, open it. Its killing us. The flowers were for Bella? Someone sent her flowers?
Maybe they were from her parents.

Bella teasingly went into slow motion and Alice slapped her arm. Ow!

Then hurry up before I open it for you! She glared at Alice. Yeah Alice let her open the damn

Its from Tyler! Alice yelled and smiled huge. Tyler? Who the fuck is this Tyler?

Oh Bella, you have to say yes. This is so romantic. Alice and I will totally help you get ready.
She doesnt have to say yes. I headed to the kitchen to get a drink.

I grabbed a beer out of the fridge and leaned against the counter looking toward the living room.
Why was I soI dont knowangry?

Hello?! Bella?! Alice waved a hand in Bellas face trying to get her attention.

Huh? Oh, sorry Al.

Are you already daydreaming about Tyler? Rose teased. Fucking Tyler.

I was not; I was just considering the invitation. Im not sure what I want to do yet. What? Bella
was looking at Rose.

Bella would you seriously say no? I mean hes a nice guy and hes attractive. Why wouldnt
you give him a shot? Shut up Rose, let her make up her own damn mind.

Alice chimed in her thoughts next. Bells it will be good for you to go out again, say yes. She

Well, let me just go call Tyler. She and headed to her room. Ugh!

Alice stood up and turned to us. So who wants to go get something to eat?

Let me go change my clothes real quick. Rose stood and headed to her room.

Fuck yeahlets get our grub on. Emmett walked and put his arm around Alice.

Jasper turned around and looked at me when I hadnt moved. You not coming with us?

Nah, Im tired. You guys go ahead. I walked into the guest room to change into some sweats
and a t-shirt.

After I changed my clothes I walked out to the kitchen to grab a drink before I headed to bed.
Thats when I saw Bella leaning into the fridge. I tried to make some noise so that I didnt
frighten her, but she still jumped. Sorry, I tried to make some noise so you would hear me.

Its alright. I just thought everyone had gone out. She shut the fridge door and started to walk
past me. God that strawberry smell is addictive. She turned back to me Where is everyone, by
the way?

They all headed to grab something to eat. I was about to lean into the refrigerator.

Why didnt you go?

Im kind of tired and I think Im just going to go to bed. I smiled and leaned back into the

When I stood back up she had gone back to her room.

I headed to the couch to watch some TV. There really wasnt anything on, so after about an hour
I just headed to bed.

I was sleeping soundly when I felt a massive bounce on the bed. I rolled over and saw that
Emmett had plopped himself down onto the bed next to me.

Em, get the air mattress out dude. I shoved his arm.

Dude, I love you dude. His breath was toxic. He is so wasted. This is going to be a long night.

I rolled back over to sleep. About one hour later the famous drunken Emmett snore kicked in full
force. Jesus Emmett, Shut up! I tried to push him out of bed, but it was basically a pointless
attempt to try and move anyone of his size. I grabbed a pillow and blanket, and I made sure to
punch Em on my way out. Ha! He will feel that in the morning.

After about an hour I was finally back to sleep on the couch; to only be woken up again.

I hear a noise and then Shit!

What the hell? Em is that you? If his drunken ass came out here I will kill him.

No. Sorry Edward, I didnt know you were out here. It was Bella. I was trying to be quiet. Im

Its alright, are you okay? I motioned to her foot.

Yeah, just stubbed it; Ill live. She went back to her room and I heard her start a movie.

There was no way I could get back to sleep. Should I bother her? I mean we are friends. I got up
and knocked on her door. She answered in a hushed voice Come in.

I leaned into her room Hey.

Is the movie too loud? She grabbed for the remote to turn it down.

No, its fine. I just cant sleep.

Im sorry. Really I tried to be quiet. I swear.

Well you can make it up to me I smirked thinking of the ways I could have her make it up to
me, and none of them were decent thoughts.

H-how? Well we could start with me crawling over you andStop Edward before you get into
another situation.

By letting me hang out in here and watch the movie.

She patted the bed for me to sit. If you dont mind the movie that I am watching, have a seat.

I walked over to her bed, In my opinion this is a classic. I smiled at her and leaned back onto
one of her pillows.

Well just make yourself at home she said.

Shit, maybe I overstepped. Im sorry, if you mind I started to sit back up, but she pushed me
back to the bed; which resulted in more naughty thoughts going through my head.

She laughed, Im just messing with you, but if you fall asleep you had better watch out for
flying elbows in the morning.

Thinking about the morning she elbowed me in the head I started to laugh.

So, I take it that Em was keeping you awake tonight?

Yeah, its rough to sleep in the same room with him when hes sober, let alone when hes been

We both started watching the movie and were laughing hysterically. We kept shushing each
other so we wouldnt wake anyone up, but that seemed to only make us laugh more. Her laugh
was amazing; and mixed with her smell it was hard to not grab her and pull her to me.

After we quieted down, I started to get really tired and I couldnt keep my eyes open. Soon it
went dark.

I had never slept so great in my life. I didnt want to get up; I was so comfortable.


I opened my eyes quickly. I looked down at my chest and realized that Bella was lying on me,
my arm wrapped around her. Did she just say my name? She couldnt have, shes still sleeping.

MmmEdward. Holy shit! She did say my name. The way she said it sounded so intimate. I
wish I could know what she was thinking or dreaming; was it about me? Shit Edward you just
crashed in her bed last night thats why she would be dreaming about you. Get over yourself.
She made it perfectly clear that you guys were friends only and shes got some Tyler guy.
Fucking Tyler.

I decided to stay like this until she woke up.

Thirty minutes later, as I was laying there with my eyes closed, I felt her breathing change and
she started to move. She stretched out; rolling to her back. It was then she realized her
surroundings and mainly that she realized that I was there.

Oh, Im so sorry. I didnt mean to use you as a body pillow. She blushed.

Its fine, no big deal right? I smiled at her and moved my arm out from under her. I sat up and
ran my hand through my hair. She started laughing at me.


Your hair is even messier than usual she giggled.

Hey, women like my messy hair Ill have you know. I smiled crookedly at her.

She laughed more, Keep telling yourself that Masen.

I hit her with one of her pillows.

Hey! Quit hitting! She shoved me and sent me off the bed to the floor. We both started
laughing hysterically.

Geez, use me as a pillow and then throw me out of your bed! I winked at her.

Well, since you used me as a teddy bear last night, its only fair that I got to use you as a
pillow. She smirked at me. I did what?

Huh? What did I do? I was getting paranoid now.

Nothing. She shook her head and smiled. I need to get ready for work. She stood and headed
to her closet.

Bella, Im sorry if I did anything to make you uncomfortable last night. I stood waiting for her
to turn around from her closet. She didnt.

Its not a big deal. Now get out of here so I can get changed.

I turned and headed back to the living room couch closing her door behind me.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 36

Chapter 36 The Date


I got home from work and the apartment was empty. I headed straight to the shower to get
cleaned up. When I walked into my room Alice was standing there looking at me smiling. Rose
was sitting on my bed with bags which I assumed held clothing.

Can I help you Alice? I smiled at her and crossed my arms over my chest.

Dont play dumb with me little miss. We told you that we were going to help get you ready for
your date tonight. She grabbed my arm and dragged me over to the middle of the room. Im
just glad that you already showered so we can get started.

Get started? Alice I have like 3 hours before I have to be ready. I looked at her incredulously.

Rose chimed in Bella, Bella, Bella, you know that we have a lot of prep work to do.

Exactly Alice added.

Gee thanks guys, I didnt realize that I was that bad to begin with. I rolled my eyes and smiled
at them.

Oh hush Bells. You know you are beautiful, we are just going to make you a hottie for the
night, and that means we need to find the perfect outfit. So, we want you to try on a few different
ones that we picked out. She smiled largely and before I could argue they both had me moving
according to their plan.

I stood in front of the mirror amazed once again at the abilities of Rose and Alice. You two
really could rule the world you know that?

Oh, we know. Rose said as she left my room.

Bella, you are so hot! He will never be able to keep his hands to himself. She smiled teasingly.

Alice, its our first date. Dont go getting ahead of yourself.

Ahwith a little alcohol he could get you. She started laughing hysterically.

Oh, you got jokes now? I swear Mary Alice Cullen! She laughed even harder as I chased her
out of my room yelling at her. She ran out and climbed on the couch behind Jasper to hide.

Holy shit Bella! I knew you were hot, but d-a-m-n girl! Leave it to Em to be so poetic. Then
just as you would expect from him; he slapped me on the ass.

Em! I glared at him.

What? He tried to play the innocent route. Who could blame me for wanting to touch a piece
of that with the way you have it all dressed up to show off? He smiled widely.

You are such a pervert Emmett! Alice shook her head at him.

As I turned to go get my purse I caught sight of Edward. He was sitting on the oversized chair
with his mouth open staring at me. Then he turned his head and hardness took over his
expression. What the hell is his problem?

I got my purse off of my bed and looked in the mirror one more time. They had finally decided
that I should wear a pair of dark super low rise skinny jeans, a light pink and gray cami, a light
gray cropped short sleeve sweater, and with a pair of pink strappy flat sandals. I slid my arms
into the sweater and put the pink purse over my shoulder when I heard the doorbell. He was here.

I walked out to the living room and greeted Tyler, said goodbye to everyone, and headed out on
my date.


When Alice came running for her life out of Bellas room I wasnt expecting Bella to emerge
looking like she did. I mean she is beautiful, but Alice and Rose had really accentuated her
features and her curves. Fuck!

I barely heard a word that Em or the others was saying; all I could do was look at her. All my
thoughts went back once again to the only night that she was mine. Then I remembered her date
was tonight. I pulled my eyes off of her and tried to keep from staring any longer. Fucking Tyler!
She is going to be out with that guy looking like that; there is no way that he wont have his
hands all over her. Or at least he will be trying to have his hands all over her. Ugh! Fuck, stop!
Youre friends, nothing else. You dont get to be jealous orwaitam I jealous? No, I just need
to go out; its been too long.

The doorbell rang and Bella walked straight to the door to greet Tyler, fucking Tyler, and say
goodbye to us. When she was out the door I turned to Emmett, Em are you up to going out

Hellz-yeah dude! Wanna hit the club?

Sounds like a plan, lets go! I was about to stand up and head for the door.

Let me change my shirt first then well head out. Emmett walked into the room to change.

I had a weird feeling that someone was staring at me. I turned to look and I saw Alice giving me
a weird look. What?

Nothing really She still had a weird look of amusement and curiosity on her face.

Then why the fuck are you looking at me like that? I was getting annoyed.

Im just impressed that you didnt attack Tyler when he got here, thats all. She smiled, stood,
and walked to her room.

I rolled my eyes at her I have no idea what you are talking about Alice.

Alright bitch, lets get this party started! Em started toward the door. I followed.

Time to get my mind back to normal.


Tyler had been great all night. Dinner was great and the conversation was good between us; I did
feel like we had a connection. The movie was good and we talked as we walked through the
blocks headed back toward my place. We couldve gotten a cab, but I found that I wanted the
time to walk and chat with him to try to get to know him better. My phone rang.

Sorry Tyler, its Rose. He shook his head and nodded for me to get it.

Hey Rose, whats up?

Bells, where are you guys at? Are you still with Tyler? I could hear the slight intoxication in
her tone.

Yeah hes still here. We are just walking why?

You guys need to come to Twilight and meet up with us. Alice and Jasper are here with Royce
and I; I also saw Angela and Ben around here somewhere. What do you say?

Well, let me talk to Tyler, hold on a sec I pulled the phone away from my face and turned to
Tyler. They want us to meet them over at Twilight?

Tell them we are on our way, Ill get the cab. He walked out into the street for the cab and I
got back on my phone.

We will be there in a few. See you soon!

YEAH! AL, BELLA AND TY ARE ON THEIR WAY TOO! See you soon. Then she hung
up. I laughed lightly and joined Tyler in a cab. Tyler grabbed my hand into his.

We entered the club hand in hand. I looked around for Rose or Alice, but couldnt find them.

There they are Tyler said and pulled me in the direction of the dance floor.

Bells! Rose and Alice shouted. They grabbed my hand and we went to the dance floor.

The DJ came on announcing that he was going to take us threw a flashback; and with that he
started blaring Boom I got your boyfriend. Rose squealed and pulled Alice and I into the center
of the dance floor. We started laughing and dancing around seductively with each other. Tyler
and Royce joined us all on the floor. Then he switched the song to Break It Off.

We were having a great time, but I was getting thirsty so I told Al that I was going to head to the
bar for a drink; she wanted to come with. Tyler and Royce kept dancing with Rose. When we got
to the bar we both ordered drinks, and then I felt someone put their arm around my waist and
grinding into the back of me. I turned quickly ready to slap someone in the face.

Emmett! I took a breath. You almost got hit again! I smiled at him.

Hey keep those fists down tonight. He smiled largely. Come dance with me B!

Alice motioned that she would get the drinks and pushed me out with Emmett.

Emmett and I were out on the floor dancing like fools; we were going a little overboard with the
grinding but it was hilarious. It was then that I saw Edward off to the side of the dance floor with
two girls dancing on him. Literally one was in front and the other was behind him and they might
as well be wearing dental floss. Was he seriously into that? I mean they werent ugly, but they
looked like sluts. It was getting disgusting. These girls are only out for one thing tonight and I
guess that he is too. What a fucking idiot.waitwhy am I so worried about what he is doing?

I turned my focus back to Emmett just when Alice walked up with my drink. I basically drank it
in one gulp and then went back to Tyler and decided it was time to really let loose. I wrapped my
arm around Tylers neck and slide myself so that I was straddling one of his legs while we
ground into each other.

When the music changed to a slower song we all moved to the lounge area. Everyone sat down
at a couch, but I headed to the bar to get some drinks for everyone. I was standing and waiting on
some drinks when he approached me.

You look like you were having fun out there Edward said as he leaned with his back against
the bar. He wasnt even looking at me.

Umm, yeah. He was acting weird.

So, you going to head to the nearest hotel with him too? He was smirking now. What the fuck!

Excuse me Masen?! What the fuck is that supposed to mean? I was pissed.

Oh, I think we both know what that means. He was starting to slump on the bar. He was
wasted and being a dick.

The drinks arrived at the moment. It couldnt have been better timing. Go to hell Edward!
Then I dumped my drink over his head. I smirked at his shocked expression, grabbed the others
drinks and headed back to the couch.

What the hell happened with Edward? Alice was wide eyed and still had shock in her voice.

Hes drunk and he is being a total dickhead! I swear to god Alice I shouldve punched him in
the face. I sat on the couch and crossed my arms over my chest. Hey where is Rose? I got her
drink. And where is Tyler?

Oh, she was wasted, so Royce said that he and Tyler would take her home. Alice shrugged.
You can have her drink.

Nah, I think I am going to just head home. Im really no longer in the mood anymore. I hugged
Alice and headed to the door.

Bella! Bella! I turned to see Emmett running up to me. Where are you going?

Im heading home. Im just tired. Ill see ya later.

Hey wait. Ill head out with you.

Em, you dont have to, its fine really. I patted his shoulder. Besides I can tell that you hardly
are drunk yet. I laughed lightly.

Im not letting you head home by yourself. Just then I saw Edward stumbling toward us. Fuck!

Okay Em, lets go. I grabbed his arm and we headed out before Edward could get to close to

I decided to convince Em to walk with me a little before we caught a cab. This was mainly so
that I wasnt standing out front of the club too long; which would give Edward opportunity to
catch up to us and I did not want to see him at the moment.

We were about three blocks down when we were passing an alley. Once passed Emmett stopped

Did you hear that?

Hear what Em? I dont hear anything. Just then there was a sound like rummaging from the
alley. I wanted to start running for our lives, but then I heard a muffled yell. What the hell is
that Em?

Before I could finish my question, Emmett took off down the alley. When I caught up to Em I
heard a fight and saw Emmett punching Royce in the face with Tyler jumping on his back.
Emmett threw Tyler off his back and launched back at Royce.

You fucking asshole, what the fuck is wrong with you! It really wasnt a question. Then I saw
movement out of the corner of my eye; and I saw herRose. OH MY GOD!

I ran to her. She had been hit in the face a few times and her dress was ripped off of her body. I
grabbed my cell and called 911. I gave them the information and tried to stay on the line with
them while I held Rose in my arms, but Tyler saw what I was doing and ran over to me. He
grabbed my arm and yanked me away from Rose trying to take my cell phone. I screamed.

Get off of me Prick! Then my kickboxing came in to my mind. I sucker punched him with my
left fist and kneed him in the balls, which sent him to the ground moaning. I was on my way
back to Rose when felt arms wrap around my thighs and pull me over. I rolled over to see Tyler
crouched over me with his fist pulled back. I tried to struggle away from him, but he had me
pinned. I brought my hands up over my face to brace myself for his hit. You stupid fucking
cunt! You shouldve minded your own business and just been thankful that we didnt bring you
as originally planned.

Then he was gone. I looked up and he wasnt there anymore. I heard more fighting. Emmett
beating the shit out of Royce and now there was another person beating Tyler. I ran to Rose.

Finally the blue and red lights started flashing. Down here! I screamed to them. They arrived
and handcuffed all four men. It was then that I realized the fourth person was Edward.

The EMTs were with Rose so I ran up to the cops. NO! Not them! I pointed to Emmett and
Edward. They were trying to help. It was those two fucking assholes. I gestured to Tyler and

Alright mam, calm down. Lets all get to the cars and let the EMTs look everyone over. Then
we will get your statement. A female officer wrapped her arm around me and took me to a
cruiser at the entrance of the alley.

Once we had all given our statements, they released Emmett and Edward. I jumped in the
ambulance with Rose who was still unconscious. I rode with her to the hospital where they
examined her.

Turns out she had been slipped a drug and they had beaten her up pretty bad, but they didnt
seem to get any further than that. Thank God.

Rose was awake and I was lying in bed with her. She asked me what happened and I told her
without too many details. She cried and I cried with her. Alice came running in the room and
climbed into bed with us.

Oh Rose honey. Oh Rose Im so sorry. She cried with us and we all laid there embracing.

Emmett came barreling through the hospital hall. I could hear him yelling for me and Rose,
while nurses kept trying to force him back to the waiting room. Hell no I wont wait out there. I
want to make sure she is ok. Then he found us.

He stopped at the doorway when he saw us all in tears and in bed together. I-Im so sorry Rose
His head was bowed and his arms were crossed. I could swear that he was going to cry. If I had
heard sooner Then Rose spoke.

Em. He looked up at her. Thank you. She started crying again.

Emmett hurried to the bed and wrapped her in an embrace. You dont have to thank me. You
just need to be ok, you understand me? I need you to be safe. In that moment I slid from the bed
and Emmett took my place.

Alice and I moved to doorway and turned to see Rose lying without crying, for the first time, in
Emmetts arms. She was finally asleep with a large teddy bear to keep her safe.

We headed to the waiting room. When we entered Jasper pulled Alice into a large hug and kiss.
They whispered between each other. I started to head to the door behind them when I noticed an
arm wrap around my shoulder.

Bella, I cannot apologize enough for what I said tonight. I was.. I cut him off.

Edward you were drunk and well, well I dont know what else was wrong but it was clearly
something. I sighed. You saved me tonight from Tyler. I think that I can try to forgive you. I
leaned my head on his shoulder.

Still Bella, I am truly sorry. I guess part of it was that I just didnt like that Tyler guy too
much. He held me a little tighter and we all got a cab home.

When we arrived home I went straight for the shower. I grabbed my pajamas and tried to fall
asleep, but I couldnt. I tried the TV, but it didnt work. Finally, I got up, walked through the
bathroom, and there was Edward lying face down in the guestroom. I climbed into bed next to
him and laid my head on his back. Ten minutes passed and I was fast asleep.

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Chapter: 37

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Chapter 37 UNO


I felt a weight across my hips and opened my eyes. Bella? Before I could say another word
her fingers were on my mouth shushing me.

Shh she whispered, and placed her mouth to mine. I groaned into her mouth. Her hands
knotted into my hair as she pressed her entire body against me. There was no controlling me.

I flipped her onto her back and greedily took her mouth; forcing my tongue between her lips. I
ran my right hand down her body; grazing the side of her breast until I came to her hip. I
grabbed her hip tightly with my hand and pulled her hips to mine as I ground my throbbing
erection into her. She moaned and I ground into her faster.

Bella I moaned into her ear. I want you now.

Edward She moaned. Edward! She yelled. EDWARD! You WaitHuh? She was
hitting me?

I jolted awake in my bed with Bella shoving my chest; pushing away from me. What the

Edward you are crushing me Bella said breathlessly. I realized then that I had been dreaming
and that I had Bella in a death grip in bed with me. Wait, in my bed? When did she get into bed
with me?

Im so sorry Bella. I was dreaming about, er, I was dreaming and I guess I didnt realize you
were next to me. I had released her from my arms and lay back running my hand through my

She started laughing. Thank god she wasnt pissed. Its okay. Mustve been some dream. I
looked and saw her smiling at me sheepishly. Oh, you have no idea Bella.

Yeah, I guess so. I forced a quick smile.

Im sorry I surprised you, I just couldnt sleep, alone. Sorry to impose on you. She looked
sheepish again as she sat up.

No, no, its fine. I just was a little caught off guard. I sighed.

She stood, Thanks Edward. And with that she walked through the bathroom closing the door
behind her.

Fuck Edward! What the hell was that about? Dude, you seriously need to get a girl and stop
obsessing over someone who just wants to be your friend.


I am such an idiot! Why the hell did I climb into bed with him last night? He probably things that
I am a fucking freak! I leaned on the counter top and looked into the mirror. Jesus Christ Bella,
you look like shit and you just freaked the hell out of him. Ugh!

I climbed into the shower. Right away I noticed that I could still feel his arms around me, but I
could also feel how much my body missed that his arms werent there. This was agony.

I got out of the shower and decided to dress for the gym. I needed to let off some steam and
frustration. I packed some extra clothes for the dance studio, as well as clothes to change into to
visit Rose tonight.

The gym was a welcome release and it felt good to work out all the stress. It was a normal
Saturday at the studio; though we did discuss that we would start working on the recital routines
during the upcoming week. I quickly changed and headed for the hospital to see Rose.

When I walked in I would have thought that Emmett had never left if it werent for his clothes
being different. He still lay next to her in bed, holding he; though Rose was awake.

Hey Bells she smiled weakly at me.

Hey Rose I smiled back. It was hard because she looked so broken. How are you feeling

Alright You could easily tell that she did not feel alright. I saw Emmetts arms flex around her
almost protectively. Em, why dont you go get something to eat.

Rosie I am not gonna leave you... Rose interrupted him.

Ill be fine, Bella is here. She looked up at him pleading in her eyes You need to get some air
and get out of this room. I may be trapped here, but you are not. She tried to smile again, and I
forced myself not to let my tears break through.

Thats right Em, beat it! She wants me over you, now move it! I walked around the bed
grabbed his arm and pulled him to his feet.

Ar-Are you sure Rose? I dont have to go anywhere. He looked like someone who was being
punished. I felt bad for him.

Em, please. Ill be fine.

Emmett turned to me, I have my cell, call me if Im not back before you leave. He looked
down like a bashful little kid I dont want her to be alone.

Dont worry Papa Bear; Ill take care of Mama Bear while you are away. I winked and he

I lay down and wrapped my arms around Rose. Rose?

Bella please dont. I could hear the sadness.

What? I was just gonna ask if you minded being Mama Bear? I smiled. She lightly laughed.

Aww, thats what I want to hear. I squeezed her carefully but tighter. So when do we get to
spring you from this place?

Not soon enough. She sighed deeply. The night nurse is horrid. I thought Em was going to
knock her out. She chuckled a little.

Oh lord. So Im going to have to bail out Emmett from jail soon huh? I rolled my eyes

Bella. She got very serious suddenly.


Thank you.

Dont you thank me. Dont you ever thank me. There is nothing to thank me for; you would
have done the same, probably even more. I hugged her.

I made a huge mistake didnt I? She shifted in her bed.

Mistake? What are you talking about? You could never have known that Roy-Erthat they
were such fucking miserable bastards. I was getting angry about the whole thing again.

Not just that. Look at him. Do you see how he treats me? He would even leave to get clothes.
Alice had to bring his clothes to him. Thats when I realized she wasnt talking about those
creeps, she was talking about Emmett. He doesnt even really say anything. I mean, we talk, but
its like he knows when to not talk.

Rose, I dont think any of us wouldve guessed the Emmett cared so much about you. It wasnt
a mistake, you were being practical. Who knew? I looked at her and smiled small.

I guess so. I dont know what I did for him to be so kind to me. She sighed and we lay in
silence for awhile longer.

Emmett appeared almost an hour later. Ummmcan I come back in now?

Rose smiled. Of course, did you get something to eat and get some air?

Look at you, worried about me when you are the one in the hospital bed. Em teased her as I
got up and he approached the bed again. He replaced where I had been lying.

Well, correct me if I am wrong, but you have been in here just about as much as I have. She
smiled much larger this time while she looked at Em. I felt like I was intruding on a private
moment, so I hugged and kissed them both goodbye and headed home.

It was really quiet when I woke up Sunday morning. I looked at my clock and realized that
everyone was probably still asleep. Alice had gone with Jasper, Edward, and James to the New
York studio that they were working in, and they werent home when I went to bed last night; so
they mustve gotten in late.

I got up threw on some yoga pants and a cross-back yoga shirt that I usually wear at the studio
and headed out for a jog. I decided to jog a couple of blocks then I was going stop and pick up
some croissants, donuts, and muffins from the bakery near the apartment.

When I arrived back home it was still quiet, so I put my IPod back in my ears and headed to the
kitchen. I started making coffee, grabbed a glass of orange juice, and starting putting the baked
goods out on.

I hadnt realized that I was dancing around the kitchen when I felt someone grab my arm and
swing me around. I jumped startled as Alice started laughing hysterically. She reached up and
grabbed one of the ear buds and placed it in her ear. Then we started dancing around the kitchen
together. We danced to the entire song, I believe in a thing called love, before we realized our
audience. Jasper sat at the kitchen barstool leaning on the counter and Edward was leaning
against the wall with his crooked smile.

Hell Ill get up this early every day if there are donuts and a show. Jasper smirked.

Alice went over and kissed him on the cheek. Ill give you a personal show later. She winked
and headed back to her room.

Ewww.gross! Alice keep those things to yourself. Edward cringed. I dont think I can eat

Shut up Edward! Youre just jealous cause Im getting some and you arent! I heard her giggle
from her room. Jasper smiled largely and took a bite of a doughnut. I laughed hard at Edwards
disgusted expression.

You think that its funny? He looked at me and there was definitely some mischief in his face.

Who me? I tried to play the innocent route.

I wasnt successful. He started throwing sprinkles from his doughnut at me. I launched a muffin
at his head and took off for my room. I slammed the door behind me and hit the shower. Though
I did hear him yell something about a payback as I shut the bathroom door.

After my shower I threw on some terry shorts and an old band t-shirt. I checked my email;
responding to both my mom and to Jake. Things with Jake had gotten much easier, and I was
even able to discuss his and my dates; though I wasnt sure if I wanted to share about Tyler. I
decided to skip on that, but I had noticed that most of his dating had started to revolve around a
girl named Leah. After the emails I lay across my bed with a book that Clary suggested I started
reading, so I started on it.

I must have been tired and not realized just how tired I was, because I had fallen asleep. I stood
up off the bed tried to take one step and hit the floor. What the hell?! Thats when I heard an
evil laugh from the living room. I looked down at my feel and saw that they had been tied
together with a tie or something. You jerk! I shouted trying not to laugh loud enough for him
to hear me. I wanted to pretend I was mad.

I kept shouting stupid remarks while I snuck into the bathroom and filled my water bottle from
under the sink with cold water.

He was still laughing on the couch when I threw my bedroom door open; water bottle hidden
behind my back of course. You think that its funny that someone could bust their face off the

Oh come on! You know it was funny! He was still trying to hold his hysterics at bay.

Oh no, not far near as funny as this! He didnt even have time to comprehend what I said
before I pulled out the water bottle and started squirting away.

HEY! Thats so not fairand its cold! He jumped up and started chasing me around the
apartment. I ran back through my room, shutting doors as I went; though I heard them opening
behind me and him getting closer. Then through the guest room, through the living roomYou
are so gonna get it! I heard him yell. Mid living room I turned as he busted through the guest
room door and I sprayed him in the face. I was partially through the kitchen when he grabbed the
sink sprayer and full blasted me with cold water.

Oh my god thats cold! I reached back and turned the sprayer on Edward and before he could
fight it back over on to me I took off back to the bathroom. Thats where he caught me as he
came through my room instead of his. Ahhh!! He, of course, laughed hysterically and grabbed
my water bottle off me.

Now what are you going to do? He had his arms wrapped around me so that my arms were
pinned to my sides. I pushed him backwards; moving us both back and sliding into the
shower/tub behind us.

Ow! He said as his butt hit the tub.

I used my foot to kick on the water on. He let me go to try to get himself out of the way of the
water spraying down on us. I pushed him down and got myself out. I couldnt run because I was
laughing too hard. He turned the water off but was laughing so hard that he couldnt get out of
the tub.

I finally gained my composure and helped pull him out of the tub then throwing him a towel.

Well played Swan, well played. I took a bow and headed to my room to change into dry

I emerged into the living room first, so I started cleaning up all the water. Edward appeared a few
minutes later in dry clothes. I just cleaned up the bathroom before Alice kills us for the mess.
He smiled largely.

Speaking of Alice, where is she? I was finished with cleaning up so I headed to the kitchen
phone and grabbed the menu in the kitchen drawer to order some Chinese delivery.

She and Jasper said they were going to go see Rose and take Em some more stuff. He saw the
menu that I had in my hand, Hey are you ordering food?

Yep, you want anything? I handed the menu over to him.

He looked it over and told me what he wanted. I placed the order and then headed to the large
living room chair.

So what do you want to do now? He asked as he lay down on the couch.

Hmmdunno, movie or game?

Didnt I see some board games or something in the guest room closet? He said as he got up
and headed to the guestroom. Ahathis is perfect. He threw down some UNO cards on the
table and smiled. You up for an ass beating?

Please, I am the UNO master. I grabbed the cards and got them out. I wasnt really the UNO
master, but I like to talk shitit makes the game more fun.

We shall see. He replied while he put in a movie.

Halfway through our first game when the food arrived; Edward got the food and brought it to the
table. We ate and finished the game. He was taking a large Emmett sized bite when I screamed.

UNO! Cue my victory dance.

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Chapter: 38

Chapter 38 Best Movie Buddy


The weekend was over and Rose was being released from the hospital Wednesday. I was
planning on taking Wednesday off to be with her while Alice was at work, but Emmett said he
would be there. The guys were preparing for their departure for their promotional tour and I
could tell that Em was struggling with leaving Rose. They would be leaving in about a week to
do some touring then they would be back here for about a week before taking off for their longer
travels across the country.

Monday was going about the same as it usually does, though I was starting to prepare myself for
classes that were about to start in a couple of weeks. I was practicing my original dance when
Jane arrived downstairs.

Is this your original dance this year dear? She sat on a bench against the wall.

M-hmm. I answered as I was working out a few more steps.

What is this song? Jane inquired.

Hmm? I stopped and looked over at her while catching my breath. Its called Falling for You
by Jem. I was pretty sure that she had never heard the song before.

Its very pretty. She walked to the stereo. Start from the beginning so I can see what you have
so far. I nodded.

The song began and from my starting position I began to move. I spun, swayed, and did all the
steps up to the final ending. I was torn on what I wanted to do.

Beautiful. Jane walked toward me with the remote for the stereo in her hand. Would you like
for some critiquing and suggestions? I nodded one again. I truly appreciated how much Jane
took interest in helping me. She showed me a few moves and followed her. Now, Bella, take
those and make them your own. Im not showing you to copy me; I want you to put your own
spin on them. She smiled and started the song over. I started again and this time with Janes
suggestions and my own personalization I finished out my last steps.

Thank you so much I ran and hugged her. I was so blocked mentally that I just couldnt figure
it out.

She smiled at me. So you have your original solo done already; have you started thinking about
the group dance?

A little; however, I guess Ill have to wait to see who I am partnered with and discuss ideas with
them. I walked with Jane to the water cooler to get a drink. I took a big gulp of water. So, are
we going to start working on the Christmas routines today?

Yes. Once Kate and Geoff have arrived we will work in the last studio room. Did we get all the
music onto a play list?

Yes, Geoff has it.

Kate and Geoff arrived a few minutes later and we headed to the last studio room to work on the
recital routines. We split up the different groups we were going to put together and figured who
would get what song. Then we discussed who the solo dances should be and decided to wait a
couple of weeks to see what the new dancers had to offer.

Wednesday rolled around and I couldnt wait to get home from work. I knew that Rose was
home and I wanted to see her home again. I rushed into the building and up to the apartment.
When I came in Rose was in her room. I knocked on the door.

Come in.

I walked in and she was sitting on her bed watching TV. She was alone.

What? How long have you been alone? I was surprised that Em let her be by herself; he has
been so protective of her.

Im not really alone. I made Emmett go take a shower before letting him on my bed. She
laughed. I have never been so happy to hear someone laugh. I let out a breath that I hadnt
realized I was holding and walked to sit on her bed with her.

Ewwyou need to shower too. You just got home from sweating all day. She wrinkled her

Hey! Be nice! I fake pouted at her. She laughed again.

Out! And dont return until your clean!

Fine. I fake stormed out of her room. At least she seemed to be dealing and healing well;
thanks to Emmett Im sure.

The week passed quickly with all of us having a dinner night at the apartment on Thursday night
and playing some cards; mainly poker. The guys were leaving Saturday morning for a 3 week
tour schedule.

Alice was a little sad that Jazz was leaving, but she had big plans for her and Jasper on Friday.
Rose and Emmett were going to a movie and dinner Friday night. I had to work Friday, so when
I returned home I was exhausted and planned to do nothing but shower and read.

When I got out of the shower I heard two voices in the living room. On my way to the kitchen to
grab something to eat I saw that it was Edward and James hanging out in the living room with
beer, pizza, and guitar hero. Hey I greeted them.

Hey they greeted back.

I was grabbing some salad ingredients when I heard Edward yell We have pizza if you want

Thanks, but I think I need to eat something healthier than pizza tonight. I answered with my
back to them. I made my salad and headed back to my room.

I ate at my desk and went through my emails. I answered my moms email wanting to know
about how I was doing and what had happened to Tyler and Royce.

Tyler and Royce were both in some trouble; though only Royce was still in jail. Rose had
pressed charges. Royce was being held in jail while Tyler was confined to his apartment. I was
pretty confident that they would both get into some serious trouble.

Then there was an email from Jake. When I opened it, I was a little surprised.


I cant believe that I am going to say this after only a couple of months, but I am in love with
Leah. I think that I am going to ask her to marry me. Not today or tomorrow, but soon. What do
you think? What should I do? How should I do it? Help


Surprisingly Jake and I had transitioned to friends very well and faster than I thought. This news
actually didnt cause any feelings other than happiness for them. I emailed him back how happy I
was for him and told him to call me when he had a chance so we could talk about ideas for him
to propose, etc.

I was reading on my bed when I heard a knock on my door. Come in.

It was Edward. What are you up to? You didnt want to play guitar hero with us?

Sorry. Clary suggested this book, so I was reading. You guys finished already?

Yeah, James just left. He has a date, so he took off. He leaned against the door frame.

What no big date for you? I teased him.

No, not tonight, I couldnt decide between all the women, so I just decided to stay in. He said
with apparent sarcasm. I laughed.

What are you reading? He walked in and sat on the edge of my bed.

City of Bones I held up the book. Clary really liked it and she is reading the second book, so
she gave me her copy of the first book.

Ahh that was all he said.

Are you bored Edward? He smirked.

Maybe a little I chuckled at him. But I dont want to bother your reading.

Its alright, Ill just tell Clary that I fell asleep or something. I put the book on my stand.

No go ahead and read, but do you care if I just hang and watch TV?

I grabbed the remote and threw it to him.

He smiled and lounged back. Thanks! Youre the best.

I know its an off day when I dont hear that from someone I winked and smiled at him. He
chuckled and went through the channels.

I really tried to read, but its not easy when you have the epitome of gorgeous lying next to you
and the electric pulse that seemed to always flow between us when we were close. I swear I had
to read paragraphs twice. I finally got fed up and tossed the book onto the night stand and
lounged back to watch TV.

Finished already? His head tilted up from the pillow at me.

My eyes are just tired I guess. I cant focus on the book. I shrugged and kept my eyes on the
TV. Out of the corner of my eye I swore I saw him smile before he turned back to the TV.

I woke up the next morning in my bed alone. I picked up my cell phone and saw I had a text

You are my lifesaver Bells. Ill call you later today. I love ya. Jake.

I heard some noise in the living room and went to see what was going on.

Jazzy, I am so gonna miss you. Alice was on her tiptoes kissing him.

Rose, if you need anything you call me okay? Emmett hugged her and kissed the top of her

I promise Em. She smiled large, but I could tell that she was gonna miss him a lot.

Edward appeared with his bag from the guest room. He wrapped an arm around my shoulder.
Just make sure that when I get back my spot is still open in your bed; for movies and TV

Oh I dunno if any of my boyfriends will like that I said teasing, but I felt his arm tense around

Well boyfriends or not, you better tell them that you best movie buddy has that spot for movie
nights. He slightly one arm hugged me and headed to tell Alice goodbye.

After they left, the apartment was eerily quiet and the girls were depressing.

Thats it! I will not be able to take this for 3 weeks! I marched to the kitchen, grabbed 3
spoons, and all the ice cream I could scrounge from the freezer. I put everything on the coffee
table and went straight for the big guns.

Sit down I ordered them and then I put in the first chick flick in. We started with Pretty
Woman, then The Wedding Singer, and finally The Devil Wears Prada. We did nothing but
eat and watch movies. I know they were still going to miss the guys, but at least they were a little


James asked me to go with him tonight but I really wasnt in the mood. I was hoping that Bella
wouldve come out and hung-out with us, but she stayed in her room.

After James left I knocked on her door to see what she was up to.

Come in she answered.

What are you up to? You didnt want to play guitar hero with us? I sound like a bored little

Sorry. Clary suggested this book, so I was reading. You guys finished already?

Yeah, James just left. He has a date, so he took off. I leaned against the door frame just
looking at her.

What no big date for you? She started teasing me.

No, not tonight, I couldnt decide between all the women, so I just decided to stay in. I made
sure to be very sarcastic and then she laughed.

What are you reading? I sat down on her bed. I truly am pathetic. I am totally maneuvering
myself to hang out with her, without her really asking.

City of Bones She held up the book. Clary really liked it and she is reading the second book,
so she gave me her copy of the first book.

Ahh I was still trying to figure out how to play this out so I could just hang.

Are you bored Edward? I smirked. Busted.

Maybe a little She chuckled at him. But I dont want to bother your reading.

Its alright, Ill just tell Clary that I fell asleep or something. She put the book on my stand.

No go ahead and read, but do you care if I just hang and watch TV? I really didnt want to
bother her, but I didnt want to hang out alone either.

She tossed me the remote and when back to her book.

I lounged back onto the bed, in what has seemed to become my movie and TV watching spot.
Thanks! Youre the best. I smiled.

I know its an off day when I dont hear that from someone She winked and smiled at me. Is it
wrong or perverted that I am totally turned on by just a wink and smile. I chuckled and went
through the channels.

She was fidgeting a little and then finally got fed up and tossed the book onto the night stand and
lounged back to watch TV.

Finished already? I asked her.

My eyes are just tired I guess. I cant focus on the book. She shrugged and kept her eyes on the
TV. I smiled and turned back to the TV.

I woke up the next morning next to Bella. It was early and I realized that it was her cell phone
that woke me up. It was on her nightstand on my side of the bed. I sat up and glanced down. I
know it was wrong, but I couldnt help myself. I picked up her phone and read the message on
the screen.

You are my lifesaver Bells. Ill call you later today. I love ya. Jake.

Jake. Who is Jake? Is Bella seeing someone? Shit, why am I letting this bother me? We are
friends. You are friends Edward.

I put her phone down and stood up. I turned back and looked at her. If its just friends then why
do I feel such a strong draw to be with her? Ugh. I stalked off to the guestroom to get ready to
leave for our touring.

I emerged from the guest room with my bag when I saw Bella watching Alice, Jazz, Em, and
Rose say their goodbyes. God I wanted to kiss her goodbye. I wrapped an arm around her
shoulder. Just make sure that when I get back my spot is still open in your bed; for movies and
TV watching. I smiled and deeply inhaled her smell; though she couldnt see what I was doing.
Then she responded.

Oh I dunno if any of my boyfriends will like that She said with a teasing tone, but I couldnt
help but think of this Jake guy. I couldnt help but feel frustrated and angry about it.

I tried to brush it off quickly, hoping that she wouldnt notice anything. Well boyfriends or not,
you better tell them that you best movie buddy has that spot for movie nights. I gave her a one
arm hug and headed to tell my cuz goodbye and thank you.

After we left, I couldnt help but think about the text. He told her he loved her. Why couldnt I
tell her that? I mean, if I loved her. I like her and am attracted to her, but lovewaitdo I?

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 39

Chapter 39 13 Again

Weeks passed by and things started to return to normal. Rose was back to work and seemed to be
pushing herself into more acting work. Alice had been promoted again at work and was keeping
extreme hours to help get the magazine out on time each month. I was spending most of my days
and nights at the studio teaching classes and preparing for the recital.

The recital had been set up in order of age groups. We had decided to completely choreograph
the younger girls; however, we wanted to let the older girls help in the choreography. So ages 5
through 10 were split into three groups. Group One 5 6 yrs; Group Two; 7 8 yrs; Group
Three; 9-10 yrs. The older girls, 10 and up were separated into groups as well. Group Four - 11
14 yrs; Group Five 15 18 yrs; and Group Six 15 18 yrs. Eighteen and older were put into
two groups; however, we were going to choose some soloists.

Our recital play list was also established:

Group One 5 6 yrs; would do a jazz performance to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.
Reindeer costumes of course.

Group Two; 7 8 yrs; would do a tap performance to Frosty the Snowman. Snowman
costumes of course.

Group Three; 9-10 yrs; would do a ballet performance to Where are You Christmas by Faith
Hill. They had very ballet oriented costumes; they were wearing gold or silver leotards and tutus.

Group Four - 11 14 yrs; would do a tap performance to Rocking around the Christmas Tree in
candy cane striped outfits.

Group Five 15 18 yrs; would perform in Santa Clause inspired costumes to Santa Baby by

Group Six 15 18 yrs; would perform a hip hop inspired dance to the 8 Days of Christmas by
Destinys Child. They would all be wearing shirt and short leotards in either red or green.

The solo performances we were still deciding on the songs and we wanted the help of those we
chose to do the solos to pick out their music.

Things were going well.

I had talked to Jake a few times he was proposing to Leah this weekend. I was excited for them
both. I had only talked to Leah over the phone, but I knew she would say yes.

Edward and I text a lot to each other and I talked to him and Em a couple of times; they have
been pretty overwhelmed with everything. They would be arriving back Saturday morning and
Alice had plans scheduled for Saturday night; though she was mad because I didnt know if I
would be done at the studio in time to join her plans at the club.

Saturday had arrived and I was at the studio working on recital routines throughout the day. I had
eaten dinner with Jane and Aro then returned back downstairs to work with Clary and four of the
other girls that were in her group. They were performing the Santa Baby routine and we were
all working out different ideas.

We had all agreed on the first half of the routine, so we ran through it one more time. Kate and
Geoff were still there with us to help work it out. While we were going through an idea for the
second half of the routine we all started getting a little goofy.

Well I see that everyone is getting a little tired and crazy down here. Jane spoke from the
doorway. We all chuckled. Come on girls lets see that again. She smiled at us and sat on the
floor against the wall length mirrors.

Geoff restarted Santa Baby while Kate and I went through the dance with the five girls. Once
we got to the undecided portion of the routine Kate and I started goofing off and playing off of
each other a little bit. She would do a portion of the song and then I would do a portion of the
song. We were exaggerating our moves and trying to be seductive in our dancing; being silly.
Jane, Clary, Geoff and the others were laughing at us. During a spin I noticed our audience had
grown. Standing in the doorway were Rose and Emmett, Alice and Jasper, and Edward.

Kate stopped short and starting laughing with total embarrassment. I danced up to Alice and drug
her out to dance with me. When the song was finished Jane clapped along with the others. Alice
and I took a bow.

So what brings you here? I turned to Alice in between breaths.

I came to force you to come out with us. She smiled huge.

Alice, I am exhausted she was prepared to argue with me but I cut her off. Plus I dont have
clothes to go out. I smiled at her.

Oh Bella, will you never learn Rose sighed at me.

Alice beamed I brought you clothes. You can go change and get ready in Janes apartment.
She smiled victoriously.

Damn you Al! Ive been dancing all day, Im tired. I just want to go home and relax.

One hour, give me one hour at the club then I will personally call you a cab. Okay? She

Ugh! Fine Alice, but you owe me! I grabbed the bag she bought and headed up to Janes to
shower and change. Alice tagged along.

After Alice got me ready I thanked Jane and headed out with them. We grabbed a cab to Volturi,
the night club. The guys got us into VIP seating since they were now with Caius record label.

I was sitting on one of the love seats with Alice talking to her about the recital stuff when Jasper
pulled her up to dance with him. Rose and Emmett soon followed.

Edward sat down next to me. So, you kept my movie spot available right?

I dont know Ill have to check my schedule I joked.

Well, I think that I should see this schedule to see if I approve of these spot fillers he winked.

What makes you think you arent the spot filler? I laughed.

Ah, Im hurt Bella. He smiled.

My cell phone rang. Jake flashed across the screen. Ill be right back I said to Edward as I
stood to walk to a quiet place to answer. I knew he was calling me with proposal news and I
couldnt wait to hear.


I couldnt help but look at her phone when she picked it up. Jake. Fucking Jake. I guess this is
who I am the spot filler for.

Ill be right back she said as she walked away to answer his call. Shit. Get over it Edward.

Thats it. I got up and headed over to the bar. I ordered a couple of shots. Then I noticed a very
hot blonde standing at the end of the bar and she was definitely staring at me. She smiled, so I
smiled back. This is what I need. I need to get laid. After I downed my shots, I walked up to her.


Hey yourself. She was cute; light blond hair, light freckles across her nose, not pale but not too
tan, hot body. She stood up, grabbed my hand and took me to the dance floor.

While we were grinding on dance floor together she leaned in close to my ear My name is

Edward I smiled down to her.

Edward, you are way to hot to be here alone. How does that possibly happen? She moved
extremely close to me and I could feel every curve against me. This is what I need.

I dont know, but it is a problem that I am working to fix. I wrapped an arm around her waist
to keep her close; to keep anything or anyone else off of my mind.

She smiled, I think I can help with that. I smiled back.

As she leaned into me I looked over Maggies shoulder and noticed Bella returning back to the
VIP area. God, why do I have to have such a reaction to her? She clearly is with this guy. Look
at the smile on her face, its pure joy. Maggie pulled me from my thoughts.

Want to get out of here? She ran her hand up and down my thigh.

Yes was all I could choke out. She grabbed my hand and led me out the door. This is what you
need Edward. This is what you need.

When I returned back to Alices apartment, I realized that I didnt have the key to get in. Shit! I
tried to call Em and Jazz, but no answer. So I really had no other choice, I called Alice. She


Al, can you let me in I dont have a key. She hesitated.

Um, were not at the apartment E, but Bella should be there. Let me call her. Shit.

No Al, Ill call or something. Thanks. I hung up and knocked on the door. Great so I am going
to roll in at three in the morning after being with a girl I picked up at the bar and now have to
face Bella. Shit, shit, shit. Why is this bothering me? I shouldnt be worried about what she
thinks. No answer to my knock. I called her cell.

After a couple of rings, Hello. I woke her up. Shit.

Hey Bella can you let me in, I dont have my key. I felt like an ass.

Hmm..oh..yeahhold on a minute. The phone went dead. I hung up and waited.

I heard her unlocking the door and then the door opened. At that moment I thanked every god
that there may be that she was still half asleep and it wasnt well lit in the apartment at the time.
She had on the shortest boxer shorts I have ever seen made with a very thin, very small white
tank top. I heard my breathing hitch and I turned quickly to look at the door and lock it, while I
got myself under control. God hates me! Her long legs were so perfect all the way up to her
perfect round ass that was barely covered. Im sure that if there was any stronger light in the
room that I would be able to see her breasts through her shirt. And oh dear lord that very small
shirt; it showed just a sliver of her stomach and back. I wanted to grab her and throw her to the
couch and just take her there. Get a hold of yourself Edward. I shouldve stayed with Maggie.

I turned back around, thankful that she was in her room now, and headed to the guest room. I
climbed into bed, but with a throbbing hard on there was no way I could sleep. I did what I
needed to do. I grasped my own erection and put myself at ease with the memory of Bella
answering the door in her barely there pajamas. Goodbye grown-up Edward, hello thirteen year
old horny punk.


I had returned to the VIP seats and everyone was on the dance floor. I waited for Alice or Rose
to come back so I could tell them about Jake getting engaged to Leah. Then I noticed Edward
walking hand in hand with a blonde on their way to the exit. Im not sure why it bothered me, it
really shouldnt. We are friends, that is it. I decided to go tell Alice that I was heading home. I
was tired anyhow.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 40

Chapter 40 Time Flies Things Change

The week passed by quickly and the guys were gone again. We had all gone out to dinner one
night, had a couple of video game nights, as well as a couple of movie nights. Edward and I,
being the odd people out, typically hung out during those times. One night James joined us, so it
was Edward, James, and I pretty much hanging out; though, I think that Edward wasnt
comfortable with James as a part of our group. I cant say that I was comfortable with James

Work went the same and classes started back up. I had been talking with Jake and Leah a lot.
They had asked me to be a part of the wedding; which they had decided would be this
November. I thought it was really fast, but Jake and Leah said they had no reason to wait. They
were going to have medicine man officiate a part of the wedding, so I thought that it was going
to be really interesting.

Rose and Emmett got closer and closer to each other; though they never said anything about
being officially together. They really danced around it. Alice and Jasper were still perfect as
ever. I honestly believed that Jasper was never moving out. Alice would rather kick us all out
rather than lose him and he was way to happy to be with her at any time he was in town.

Edward and Emmett were a different story though; they had been looking at different places
around New York to live together. I even went to look at a place and take picture for them, since
they werent in town to look at it themselves.

My classes were even hard than last year; though I expected that. What I did not expect was that
I would get put into a group with Jessica, Rose, and Tanya. I was happy about Rose, but come
on, how the hell did I end up with the other two tramps. Ick. It was not a pleasant working
environment to put together a group routine. They were all about dancing like a stripper
throughout the routine. Please lord, give me the strength. I though Rose was going to push them
off the stage at one practice.

Edward and I used to talk regularly, but I guess he had gotten busy during the touring because I
hadnt heard from him and he didnt return any of my messages; besides a couple of text
messages to apologize for not calling and to tell me he was really busy. I figured if he wanted to
talk then he would call. I kept in touch with Emmett; though most of his spare time was spent
talking to Rose. It was really adorable; I had to admit it.

My birthday had come and passed. Alice made sure that we went out for a crazy night of too
much alcohol and too many clubs. I think I came home with like ten different phone numbers
nine guys and one girl. I was so drunk that I really dont remember what completely went on, but
there was no guy in my bed, my clothes were still on, and I had my underwear on; so I decided to
just laugh it off and pretend to be mad at Alice for getting me all crazy.

Next thing I knew it was November and here I am packing my luggage to head to Jake and
Leahs wedding. I am flying down Friday morning, tomorrow, since the wedding is on Saturday
and not coming back until Monday afternoon.

Do you need help packing Bells? Alice yelled from the living room.

No, I think I am good. I rolled my eyes. I love her but I swear that she didnt trust me to pick
out my own clothes.

Okay, but let me know if you need my assistance she practically sang the words to me.

I was about to respond to her, but my phone rang. It was Em.

Hey Papa Bear whats up? Are you trying to get a hold of Rose? I giggled.

Well I did try to call her, but she didnt answer. Is she working?

Yeah Em, she is at rehearsal for her play.

Cool. Well did you hear that we are invading you guys this weekend? I could hear the
excitement in his voice.

No I didnt hear, but I wont be here. I am going to Jakes wedding, hes marrying Leah this
he cut me off.

You mean the same Jake that you used to be with like a year ago?

Yes Em, the very same I knew what was coming next. Em didnt care for Jake.

Bells I cant believe you are going to go to New Mexico to see him, you shouldve just let him

Emmett, Im going to his wedding to Leah. Not to see him. Now shut it!

Whatever B. He was pouting.

Ill tell Rose to call you okay?

Okay He was happy now. And Little Bear, have a safe trip okay?

Ill will Em. Take care of the girls for me while Im away. I guess Ill see you around
Christmas, hopefully.

Sure will. Later Gator.

Later We hung up.

I put my luggage by my door and got ready for bed. Tomorrow I fly to New Mexico.


Emmett and I were sitting in a cab when he got his phone out to make a call. Probably to Rose.

*Hey Rosie, its Em, give me a call. We are coming home this weekend. Cant wait to see you.

Then he dialed again, I could only hear his side of the conversation.

Well I did try to call her, but she didnt answer. Is she working? Cool. Well did you hear that
we are invading you guys this weekend? He was extremely excited about going home.

You mean the same Jake that you used to be with like a year ago? he was getting pretty short
with whoeverWait, Jake?

Bells I cant believe you are going to go to New Mexico to see him, you shouldve just let him
go. Ah, its Bella. I have been doing so well with trying to not have her on my mind all the time.

Whatever B. He was pouting.

Okay He was happy now. And Little Bear, have a safe trip okay? Talk about mood swings.

Sure will. Later Gator. Who the hell says that?*

Hey Eddie, you excited to head back to New York for the weekend?

I guess. I shrugged.

You guess? Are you thinking about not coming back with us? His eyebrow was lifted up.

I dont know, Ive been thinking about staying at the studio. True I thought about it, but now
that Bella was going on some trip with Jake. I sure as hell didnt want to hang at the apartment
in New York thinking about what she was doing with him. Fucking Jake.

Really? he seemed to not totally believe my story, but he let it drop for the moment. I think
that you just want to get your hands on Carmen. He started wiggling his eyebrows at me.

Who is Carmen? he looked shocked. I knew who Carmen was; she was too hot to not notice
her. She was one of our background vocalist at the studio.

Oh nice try Eddie. Carmen had been so hot for you and you checked her out a few times. We all
have. He laughed. James even tried to get her to go out with him, but she turned him down. I
think she is waiting on you by dear boy. He then ruffled my hair.

Em stop, and quit with the Eddie stuff. I scowled. Hmmperhaps Carmen could be a good
distraction for me this weekend. Im staying here this weekend Em. He started laughing.

I ended up having an amazing weekend, and I can honestly say that Carmen definitely kept me
distracted. We had a lot in common. Music was both our jobs, we had common musical taste,
and sex with this Latino woman was amazing. Carmen was tall, about 59, dark tan complexion,
long dark black hair, very curvy, and amazing red lips. Finally, something that is working in my


The wedding was beautiful. Leah and Jake were so happy. It was amazing outdoor ceremony and
the reception was spectacular. I was partnered in the wedding with Garrett. Garrett is a friend of
Jakes from New York, so we hit it off. We realized that we didnt live to far from each other;
about 15 20 minute cab ride.

We were currently flying back on the same flight, though our seats were not together. When we
arrived back in New York we exchanged numbers and made a date for the following weekend.

I arrived back to the apartment with Alice and Rose waiting full of questions about the wedding,
wanting to see pictures, and they wanted to hear all about Garrett. I filled them in on everything;
they filled me in on their weekend with the guys. Thats when I learned that Edward had stayed
behind with a new girlfriend or something. I unpacked my clothes, did some laundry, and
prepared for classes the next day.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 41

Chapter 41 Its Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas

Classes really seemed to be tougher than I remembered; however, school was a great distraction
for me, a distraction from Edward. He had become much more distant; we barely spoke like we
used to and he really never came out and told me about his girlfriend. I didnt understand, I mean
it really was bothering me. I guess I just thought that we were closer, as friends, and that he
would tell me about his girlfriend. I mean I had to find out about Carmen from Em. Edward
didnt even really mention her; though, Alice had mentioned that he was bringing her with him
for Christmas. So I guess I would get to actually meet this girl that he didnt seem to want to tell
me about.

Emmett and Edward had found an apartment. They had Rose and Alice coordinate the move for
their stuff out of storage and into their apartment. Some things were left in storage until they
decided what to do with it all. Alice had moved some of Jaspers things into the apartment and
began some redecorating of her and the guestroom to give Jasper his own space.

Garrett has been a great guy. Weve talked regularly since we got back from the wedding. He
was a lot of fun. I would never have thought him to be a lawyer; well he was going to be a
lawyer. He was a law student who was interning at a law firm while going to school. We had
gone on a couple of date since the wedding. He was originally from North Carolina, so he was a
southern gentleman with an attractive southern accent.

At the studio we were fully engulfed in the recital; practicing, costume issues, last minute nerves,
but with it all it was great. Clary and her group were fully prepared, and the other groups were
coming along nicely. We had our solo dancers selected, five to be exact, and they had all worked
endlessly with Kate, Jane, or myself on their routines. The recital was only a couple weeks away
everyone was excited.

I was finishing getting dressed for my date tonight with Garrett when I heard a knock on my
door. I opened the door to Alices appraising glance at my outfit.

Hmmnot bad. She smiled and followed me into my room. I was wearing low rise wide leg
pants and a creamy colored turtleneck cashmere sweater.

Whats up? I went back into the bathroom to look myself over one more time and do last
minute touch ups.

Did you figure out your final plans for Christmas? She plopped onto my bed.

I walked back into my room. Yeah, I am going to fly to Seattle with you guys, but then I am
going to drive to Forks with a rental car. I told you I was going home to my parents.

Well duh Bella. I am not that stupid. I mean, is Garrett going to come?

Umm..we are gonna talk about it more tonight.

Okay, well what about coming to my house? Have you thought at all about coming to my house
the day after Christmas to spend a couple days with us? Esme would be disappointed if you
didnt come see her. She gave me the pleading pout look that she was famous for.

You are just evil with that look, you know that? I smiled at her. Okay, Ill drive up the day
after Christmas for a couple of days before we fly back on Monday. Your parents wont mind if
Garrett comes with me?

Of course not Bella, trust me, we have plenty of spare bedrooms. You guys will have own.

Alice we can stay at a hotel she cut me off.

Yeah, like Esme would let that happen! she snorted and headed out of my room. Have a good
time tonight. She shouted back over her shoulder.

Thanks. I replied.

I put my shoes on, grabbed my purse, and walked into the living room. As I was taking a drink of
water there was a knock at the front door.

Rose walked out of her room and answered the door. Hey Garrett. Hold on one second, Ill get
Bells. She turned around took about three steps and saw me walking toward her. Nevermind
she smiled and walked back into her room. Have a good time Bells.

Thanks Rose. I headed out the door and took Garretts arm.

Hey there I said to him.

Hey there gorgeous he smiled and kissed my cheek.

We walked arm and arm until we got a cab to take us to dinner. After dinner we went to a corner
coffee house. There was a poetry reading that night, so we sat, drank coffee, listened to poetry,
and talked. It was a very pleasant evening.

While we were in the can ride home, we talked about Christmas plans and I was excited that he
was going to join me for the holiday. We started kissing in the cab and I was feeling bold, so I
told the cab driver to skip the first address which was my apartment and head straight to the
second. Garrett looked at me, smiled, and took my lips into his mouth; this would be my first
night with Garrett.


Jane, Kate, Geoff, Alec, Aro, and, well hell, we all were running around like crazy backstage
trying to get everything organized for the show. We had a packed house of students families and
friends, Juilliard students, as well as our own friends and families.

I knew that Jasper and Emmett had come in for the weekend and they would be in the audience
with Alice and Rose. Garrett was helping backstage with things; props, stage decorations, etc.

When the lights went down we got our groups on one by one; we tried to keep it youngest to
oldest, so the younger kids could leave before it got too late if their families felt they wanted to
though most stayed. We did have a few of the solo performances between the groups. First solo
was Silent Night, second was Baby its Cold Outside, third was This Christmas, fourth was Let it
Snow, and the final solo that would be last for the night was All I want for Christmas is You.
The last was a solo; however, we had one person from each group that would join in at the end
for the finale.

While the fourth solo dancer was on, I was getting the last group to go on together. Thats when
Kate came bounding up to me and clearly she was stressed out.

Bella! she was breathless. Layna is hurt.

What? What happened? I started to follow her to the back dressing room. Layna was the last
performer of the night for the finale.

She missed a step and twisted her ankle. We entered the room and I saw Layna in tears with an
ice pack on her ankle.

Layna are you okay? I knelt beside her.

Oh Bella, Ive ruined the show she started to sob.

No, no, its okay. How is your ankle? Can you stand on it at all? I wasnt sure what we were
going to do, but I did know that her ankle was the first thing that needed to be concentrated on.

I tried and it-it-it just hurts to much more sobbing.

Layna, it will be okay, we will figure out something and we should probably get you to the
hospital to have your ankle looked at. I stood up next to Kate. We looked at each other.

What are we going to do? Kate whispered to me.

Then, out of nowhere, Bella will do it. I turned quickly to see Jane bringing Laynas friends in,
probably to take her to the hospital.

I will? Panic ran through me and I heard the music change for the last group to go on. Shit. Oh
Jane please dont do this.

Yes, you will. You can fit the outfit and you worked with Layna on the routine. So get your ass
into the booth over there and put on the costume. Jane turned to Kate. Kate, you work on her
hair, just clean it up into a bun. She paused. Bella, hurry up so you have time to stretch. Kate
and I will coordinate the other girls so that they join you on cue.

Jane was smiling and I was about to have a panic attack. Okay, so I was a dancer; however, I
liked to choreograph and teach dance. I didnt like to be on the stage with a crowd of eyes on me

I walked out of the booth and headed back stage. Laynas outfit was a little snug, but it fit. It was
a green metallic leotard with ribbons of gold and red charmeuse flowing from under my breasts
to almost the middle of my thighs.

Jane, I dont think I can do this. I looked at her and tried to control the flips in my stomach.

Bella, you are a wonderful dancer and you look beautiful. You are going to be perfect. Just
forget about the crowd and feel it. Jane hugged me, smiled and left me at the side of the stage.

The curtains closed and I took my position at center stage. I drew in a deep breath, exhaled and
closed my eyes to wait for my cue.

I heard Aros voice to the crowd explaining the change in dancer due to Laynas injury. I swear I
could hear Alice cheer way too loud about it.

The curtain started to ruffle and I felt the warm spot light hit my back. Then the music started.
On cue, I began the routine. The routine started slowly with the music and then when the music
picked up the dance became less ballet and more modern. Third section of the song, the other
dancers started to enter on cue. Above everything it the routine was going perfectly as planned.
My nerves subsided and by the end I felt great. The crowd applauded and we all took our bows.

Backstage after the show was a little chaotic; helping people find people, find lost items, etc.
When it was just down to mostly studio staff I heard a shriek that could only come from my pint
sized best friend.

Oh my god Bella She ran and jumped on me wrapping herself around my waist; thank god for
me having some balance and her only weighing about as much as a toddler. You were amazing!
So beautiful! She jumped down and ran to Clary to hug her. I smiled after her and I felt two
arms wrap my shoulders. Who knew you had the guts to do it! Jasper laughed in my ear.

Ha Ha brat. I playfully punched his arm as he walked to Alice.

Rose and Em were next in the line of my friends. Rose kissed my cheek and Em crushed me with
his bear hug. Angela was there with Ben. She hugged me Bella it was wonderful. The whole
show was amazing, and I am definitely glad that I didnt miss your performance. Its a rare
occasion to get to see that. She smiled.

Thank you Ang! I turned to Ben, thanks for letting her drag you out here tonight.

It was worth it you were great. He smiled.

Thank you. I went back to finishing the clean up.

Okay Alice shouted Lets all go out for something to eat! Im thinking Italian, what does
everyone else think?

Everyone nodded in agreement. Let me go change I yelled to them as I headed to the changing
room that had my clothes.

Bella? I know that voice. I turned slowlyEdward? I couldnt say anything; I didnt think he
was here. You were really great, honestly. You were definitely the highlight of the show.

Umm..thanks. I smiled and headed to change.

After I changed I walked out to meet up with everyone but saw Edward leaning outside the
dressing room; waiting for me, I think. Hey was all I could think of to say.

Hey he seemed different. Bell

Bella, there you are. Garrett ran up and hugged me. You were absolutely amazing. He kissed
me quickly, and then he looked at Edward.

Thanks I smiled as he put his arm around my waist. Garrett this is Edward, Edward this is

Ah, Bellas friend Edward, Ive heard about you. Good to meet you. Garrett put his hand out to

Yeah, its nice to meet you as wellits Garret right? He took Garretts hand. I gave Edward a
confused look. Why is he being an ass?

Um..yeah. Garrett responded, I could tell that he hadnt missed Edwards tone either. I put my
arm around Garretts waist and started moving us toward the rest of the group.

We all headed to the nearby Italian restaurant. We ate, talked about the recital, drank, and
laughed. Well, most of us did. Edward seemed to be sulking half of the time. After spending over
two hours at the restaurant Garrett and I excused ourselves from the group and left. As we
walked away I felt like someone was staring at me, so I turned around. There was Edward with
his arms across his chest staring me down. It wasnt an expression of anger; it looked almost like
devastation. What is wrong with him? Garrett and I headed to his place.


The curtain started to move and the song began. With the spotlight on her she was shining. She
was beautiful. As she danced it took my memory back to the day I sat in the balcony watching
her personal dance moment. With the feelings brought on by that memory and the vision that she
was in front of me, it was hard to not be captivated by her. She was amazing.

Everyone had rushed back stage to see her, I hung behind a little. What am I going to say? Sorry
that Ive been basically ignoring you lately, its just that I am trying to forget about you. That
would go over real well asshole. Fuck. Maybe I could just tell her the way I feel when Im
around her and if she doesnt feel the same I will leaving anyhow, so it wont hurt anything.
What about Carmen? I mean, she has been great and I really like her. I dont want to hurt her in
this process, but I dont feel the same things like I do by just seeing or thinking of Bella.

Then Bella appeared before me. God that tiny outfit. Ugh!

Bella? I hoped she would turn around. She turned slowly obviously surprised to see me. You
were really great, honestly. You were definitely the highlight of the show. You were at least the
highlight of my night and my day.

Umm..thanks. She smiled and walked away. I guess I deserve the cold shoulder for being an
ass lately, but it still hurt. I had to talk to her, to get the balls to tell her.

She walked out of the dressing room and looked up, shocked again. Hey was all she said.

Hey I paused, trying to get the nerve to just say it. Bell I tried, but was cut off by some
guy running up to Bella.

Bella, there you are. You were absolutely amazing. He hugged and kissed my Bella. Fucker!
Then he noticed my presence.

Thanks She smiled at him as he put his arm around her waist. Fucker! Garrett this is Edward,
Edward this is Garrett.

Ah, Bellas friend Edward, Ive heard about you. Good to meet you. He put his hand out to
me. FunnyI never heard anything about you fucker.

Yeah, its nice to meet you as wellits Garret right? I shook Garretts hand. I know that I
was being an asshole, but I couldnt help it. Shes fucking with someone! Of course she is dumb
shit, like she would wait around for you to make a move. She only wants to be your friend and
you know that. I saw the look on Bellas face and knew she wasnt happy with my behavior.

Um..yeah. he responded, and she put her arm around his waist and started moving toward the
rest of the group. Fucking Garrett!

We all headed to the nearby Italian restaurant. Everyone ate, talked about the recital, drank, and
laughed. I could barely keep up. All I could think about was his arm around her, her hand was
probably on his leg under the table, and then I realized that I would be able to talk to her when
we all got home tonight. However, fate wanted to fuck me over again; because Bella and him
got up, said their goodbye, and left together. Fuck me!

I know that I was pouting like a little kid with my arms crossed over my chest and staring them
down as they left. I was devastated. I watched my Bella walk out of the door in the arms of
another man. It was gone, she was gone.

Twenty minutes after they left, the rest of us headed back to the girls apartment. We were
walking down the sidewalk while Emmett and Jasper were betting who could get a cab first.
Alice looped her arm around mine and started to walk with her head leaning against my arm.

You okay E? She kept looking straight ahead.

Yep I didnt feel like talking.

HmmI dont believe you. She still kept her face looking straight ahead. You shouldve told
her a long time ago, ya know?

Huh? What? Did she know?

Dont play stupid. Ive known it since you stared her down at your old apartment. You
remember, when you obviously thought she was with Em? She giggled.

I dont know what you are

Nice try E, but it wont work with me. Just know that I know, and if you want to talk, well, Im
here. She leaned up and kissed my cheek.

I WIN Bitch! Pay up! Emmett yelled to Jazz as he helped Rose into a cab. I followed them and
we all climbed in to head to the Alices.

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Chapter: 42

A/N: So I know that the last few chapters were sort of fillers; however, I have been building
up to the next chapters to come. Trust me when I say that Edward and Bella are going to
have a pretty good New Years. I won't say any more than that.


Chapter 42 Happy Holidays

The Holidays could not have come any faster and I was relieved to finally have them here. If I
had to go shopping one more time with Alice I might have lost my holiday spirit and hung her
with tinsel.

Bella I felt a nudge to my side Bella honey.

Hmm?? I curled up to Garretts arm a little closer.

Honey we are about to land. You need to wake up. He started to chuckle at my reluctance to
wake up.

BELLA, get upwe are here!! YEAH! That did it. Alices shriek could bring General Patton
to surrender his army.

Im up. Im up. I stretched and sat upright in the chair. Garrett stifled his laugh. I stuck my
tongue out at him and crossed my eyes at him. He laughed again.

As we were departing from the plane Alice was bouncing with excitement. We headed over to
baggage claim to wait on our luggage. Alice had just hung up her phone.

Our car will be here in a few minutes Alice yelled to Rose.

Your car? I looked at her with wide eyes.

Yep. Mom and Dad sent Ralph to pick us up. She was digging through her purse. Okay I
realize that Alice came from money, but I think it was starting to sink in just how much money
she came from.

Ralph? I questioned her.

She looked up at me confused with my questions. Yeah, Ralph, he is our driver. When she saw
my face she giggled. Bella, Ive never kept it a secret that my parents have money. She rolled
her eyes at me.

Yeah, I guess I just didnt realize you had a driver. Sorry Miss Thang. I laughed and bumped
her with my hip. She laughed with me.

We all walked together until Garrett and I had to take the escalator up to where the rental car
desks were.

Okay dont forget to call me the day after Christmas and let me know when you are heading up.
Ill text you the directions to my house once you get close to Seattle. Alice hugged me tightly.
Merry Christmas Bella, Merry Christmas Garrett.

Merry Christmas Garrett and I said at the same time.

Dont you back out on us either Rose threatened. You know I will drive down there and get
you if I have to.

Okay, okay, now I want you two to get your asses home and ready for your men to come home
to you for the holidays. I smiled at them both. Hugged both Alice and Rose again then went our
separate ways.

Garrett and I talked most of the way to my childhood home; mainly about my childhood and
about his. We both grew up near a beach; however, my beach was the often rainy beach in
Washington while his was is sunny North Carolina.

When we pulled up my mom ran from out of the house and tackled us. My dad was still at work,
but would be home soon. We spent the evening with introductions and interrogations of Garrett;
mainly my fathers doing. The rest of the night was catching up with them about what was going
on in town as well as my life in New York.

The days flew by, way too quickly for my taste, and it was Christmas Eve. I drove Garrett to the
la Push beach and we started a fire on the beach while staying wrapped up in blankets that I
brought to keep us warm. We only stayed for about forty-five minutes, but it was nice. Back at
the house we had a family dinner and then we played some board games till past midnight.

Christmas morning arrived and we all got up together, opened gifts, ate breakfast, and then we
headed over to a couple of neighbors houses. Later Christmas night I got my first call from

Hello Alice.

BellaMerry Christmas! I smiled.

Merry Christmas Alice.

You are never going to guess what I am calling you for. She teased.

Ummyou saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus? I chuckled.

Ha Ha smartass she laughed Youre still coming tomorrow right? What time?

Well, I think that we will leave after lunch, why?

I wanted to make sure you would be here for dinner, we are going to plan family night and I
wand you to be here.

What time do plan on starting all this family fun?

Oh we will start as soon as you arrive.

We said goodbye and hung up.

Saturday arrived and we were preparing all of our things to travel back to Seattle to Alices
parents house. Mom was crying of course and Dad was going over safety, speed traps, and
speed limits. We said our farewells and headed back to Seattle.

Alice had sent me the directions to her home and I was giving them to Garrett as he drove. When
we finally found the much hidden driveway and finally made it down the very long drive; we
pulled up to a massive house. Okay I take it back. I was now fully aware of how much money
Alices family.

Jesus, I guess Alice wasnt joking when she said that her family had money. Garrett said as we
both stared in awe at the house, no wait, the mansion in front of us. It was a large white house, at
least three stories tall, a million large windows, and a porch that wrapped around the house. The
trees and bushes that lined the driveway and house were perfectly kept; even with the snow and
covered in lights you could see they were perfectly sculpted. All I could do was nod in

We carried our bags to the door, but before I could even knock the door flew open.

Bella, Garrett, Youre here! Alice yelled over her shoulder They are finally here! Then she
grabbed me into a hug, wrapped her arm in mine and pulled me into the house. Garrett quietly
followed behind.

If I had thought that the outside was impressive it was nothing compared to the inside of the
house. The large staircase, the large open rooms; it was amazing.

Bells Rose ran up and hugged me tightly.

Little bear Emmett wrapped an arm around my shoulder. This house is fucking awesome,
isnt it? He obviously realized my expression of awe. I simply smiled at him and raised my
eyebrows. He then moved on to Garrett. Hey Garrett my man, how has the trip been?

Oh Bella dear I am so glad that you could join us Esme pulled me into a hug. The pictures
Alice has of her mother and father do not do them justice; they were ridiculously attractive.

Merry Christmas Esme I smiled to her.

Welcome Carlisle spoke from behind Esme. Your rooms are on the third floor. Im sure that
Alice will show you where they are at.

Your house is amazing I turned to Esme and Carlisle.

Thank you, but Esme deserves all the credit. She found the place, did all the renovations, as
well as the decorating. Carlisle kissed his wife on the forehead. It was unbelievably sweet.

Merry Christmas Bella said a familiar voice from behind me.

Merry Christmas Edward I replied and saw that he was standing with a gorgeous woman. She
was tall, dark skin, dark hair, and just ridiculously hot. Between her and Rose I was going to
definitely feel insecure this weekend. I felt a twang of jealousy.

Bella this is Carmen, Carmen this is Bella he introduced us and this is Garrett.

Its nice to meet you Carmen. Garrett replied first.

Yes, its nice to meet you I noticed that Edwards hand was on her lower back.

Its good to meet you Bella. Ive heard a lot about you from these guys she smiled back largely
and put her arm around Edwards waist; another jealousy pang. I sucked it up to being jealous of
how attractive she is, and then Alice got my attention.

Bella, this is my Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Edward, obviously they are Edwards parents she

Its very nice to meet you dear Edwards mother said as his father smiled and nodded to me.

Thank you, its nice to meet you also. Merry Christmas.

Bella, follow me. Ill take you guys to your room and you can put your stuff in there. Alice
started up the stairs Then we will all meet back down here for dinner.

After we took two flights of stairs we reached a long hallway with 4 doors. This is the music
room, though its large enough that you could probably practice dancing if you wanted to she
smiled back at me. Then she gestured to the door across from the music room This is your
room. Edward and Carmen and Emmet and Rose have the other rooms down the hall.

We took our things in; it was an amazing room. It was a beautiful blue and white, with a large
bed that looked so comfy that I could curl up on right now. After our things were put away and
we had both freshened up, we headed back downstairs.

Lets see if we can make it back without getting lost I quietly laughed as I spoke to Garrett. He
laughed with me.

We reached the first floor and walked into a large room with large soft couches and chairs. Rose
and Em were cuddled up on a loveseat. Jasper was sitting in a chair by himself.

Jazz, where is Alice?

He turned his head to me, Shes helping Esme in the kitchen.

I turned to Garrett and kissed his cheek. Im gonna go see if they need any help okay?

He nodded and sat in the chair next to Jasper. They were watching football. I wonder where
Edward is?

During dinner we all talked a great deal about Christmas traditions, things that everyone got this
year, Garrett and I explained how we met, then Edward and Carmen were explaining how they
met. I noticed that Edward had a strange expression on his face during the discussion of how we
met the people we were with.

After dinner I tried to help clean up, but Esme shooed us away to begin Alices family fun night.
She had decided that we were going to play some different games. We started with Pictionary;
which we played in teams of two: Em, Rose, Garrett, and I on one team, Al, Jazz, Edward, and
Carmen on the other; the parents merely watched on and laughed at us. Em and I were almost

Em grabbed me by my waist and lifted me up while bouncing and cheering at our victory. Yeah
Baby! Then he turned to the other team Losers! He laughed loudly and did a victory dance. I
thought that Esme and Carlisle were going to fall off their chairs laughing at Em.

Next on Alices list was Charades; this time the parents joined after Alice basically threw a
tantrum. Esme and Carlisle joined our group; Edwards parents joined his group. It was a tough
game, both groups doing well, but Esme and Carlisle were ridiculously good at this game. They
are truly the reason we won, but Em still had to do the victory dance like he was the reason.

Esme, Carlisle, Elizabeth, and Edward Sr. excused themselves for the night and headed upstairs.
We started playing poker. We played in partners instead of teams; each couple played together.
Alice and Jasper had poke in the bag; they kicked everyones ass. Jasper, surprisingly out of
character for him, got up and did Ems victory dance. It had to be all the wine we were drinking,
but it was getting a little silly.

Then Alice pulled out Twister and we all declined. Oh no you dont; we are all playing and that
the end of it. I laughed and started helping her set it up, cause I knew that she would win the

I think that the girls should play and us guys can spin for you Emmett said with a mischief

Youre always letting your lesbian fantasy take over everything arent you Em? I giggled at

He smiled large maybe. Then he shrugged. We all started laughing at him. In the end we
decided that we would play all girls, then the guys; the winner from each would battle each

Alice was ridiculously good at twister; if she just had longer legs, she would have dominated.
However, this time my dancer skills paid off for more than dance; they were actually and
awesome advantage in Twister.

The guys had a rougher time with Twister; Em was just too large, Jasper was just not too into
playing it, so they dropped out quick. Garrett and Edward were similar in build, but Edward
seemed to have more flexibility. Edward came out as the victor in the game.

So that is how I ended up entwined on a Twister mat with Edward Masen. He was face up
leaning back on his two hands with his feet spread out, I was face down leaning forward on my
two hands, one foot directly under me and the other was over Edwards waist; basically the side
of my stomach was almost shoved into his face. It didnt help that whenever we were this close
that same static shock pulsated, when we would bump and touch the shock was almost like being
electrocuted, and then he smelled amazing. I was contemplating just forcing myself to fall and
give up the game when Alice called out Edwards next move.

Seriously Alice, are you even spinning or are you just giving me the most impossible moves?
Alice giggled. I was laughing but trying to keep my balance at the same time. Shit he
whispered. It was then that I realized what he was going to have to do. I braced myself for the
connection of our touch. He brought his left leg over my leg with his hands shifting so that he
was face down to the mat, but now hovering over my back. Then, he lost his balance and fell;
pulling me down with him and landing on me.

Holy shit Edward, how much did you eat tonight? I was laughing hysterically as he rolled off
me laughing as well. I looked over to see everyone dying laughing except Garrett. He didnt look
amused, he looked upset. What is going on here? Its just a game.

Sorry. Its Alices fault! He laughed as Carmen helped him up from the floor.

I got up and walked over to him and sat on his lap. If he is feeling insecure, then maybe I can
help him feel a little less. He smiled and put his arms around my waist.

Okay Alice, I think weve been tortured with enough games. Im heading to bed. Rose
announced then turned and winked at Em.

Thats my cue Em said as he picked Rose up bridal style and carried her upstairs. We all
laughed and Rose waved to us from over Ems shoulder.

Yeah Al, we had a long drive we are going to head up too. I hugged her goodnight and said
goodnight to everyone else. Garrett and I headed to our room.


I knew that she would be coming with Garrett and I was with Carmen, but it still was hard to be
here and not be able to even hang out like we used to; everything was different. It was my fault.
However, I did not plan on having to discuss how we met our significant others at dinner.

When I heard that she had met Garrett at Jakes wedding I felt like an idiot. Jake was just a
friend and she was there for his wedding. Ugh! Im a dumbass. Then I had to discuss how
Carmen and I met, it was not a comfortable moment.

Alice decided on the games that we would play; this was a similar tradition that we had every
Christmas. Watching Em and Bella was funny as always; it was so hilarious to see how well
Bella could play it all up with Em. Though I did notice that Garrett didnt look happy about
them; he often scowled when Em would pick her up or do anything physical with her. Pictionary
and charades are not necessarily my forte, but it was good fun. We split into partners to play
poker and I didnt want to warn everyone about Alice and Jasper; those two were insanely in
sync with each other when it came to poker.

Did Alice just seriously bust out Twister? Oh god help us all.

We played girls then guys, winners play last. I was surprised that I was the last one standing. I
honestly thought that Garrett or Jasper would take me out. However, here I was with Bella
partially hovering over me while trying to concentrate on what Alice is telling me to do next. To
make things even harder on me Bellas strawberry scent seemed to be intensified tonight and
with that added to the constant electric-like flow that would build between us I was doomed to

Alice called out my move. Seriously Alice, are you even spinning or are you just giving me the
most impossible moves? She giggled and Bella was laughing.

I whispered Shit and she seemed to tense up.

I shifted my hands as I brought my left leg over Bellas leg; now I was face down hovering over
Bellas back. Keep clean thoughts Edward. Clean thoughts. While trying to keep myself under
control mentally, I lost my balance and fell on her. God she feels so amazing!

Holy shit Edward, how much did you eat tonight? She was laughing hysterically as I rolled off
her. I started laughing.

Sorry. Its Alices fault! I laughed as Carmen helped me up from the floor. I noticed Bella
walk to Garrett who didnt look very happy. Dude is seriously jealous, wow. I probably would be
too. She sat on his lap and I had to look away.

Okay Alice, I think weve been tortured with enough games. Im heading to bed. Rose
announced then turned and winked at Em.

Thats my cue Em said as he picked Rose up bridal style and carried her upstairs. Rose waved
to us from over Ems shoulder. Those two are just ridiculous. Married, divorced, and now
hooking up.

Then Bella and Garrett excused themselves for the night.

Edward? Carmen put her head against my chest.

Hhmm? I said watching Bella walk upstairs.

Are you listening to me? her head came up. I watched her look at my face and then turn to
where I was looking. Ready for bed? She asked, but she seemed to get distant really quickly.

I had been lying in bed for about an hour, but I couldnt sleep. I tried to get up as quietly as

Edward? Whats wrong? Carmen asked sleepily.

I cant sleep. Its alright, Im just gonna head to the music room for a few. She lay back down
and I headed down the hallway; maybe the piano would help me.

The music room was sound proofed, so I knew that I wouldnt wake anyone. I shut the door
behind me and started playing. After I had played for about forty-five minutes I decided to head
back to my room. I walked out of the music room and saw that Bella and Garretts door was
partially open. I tried to walk passed and not look, but I couldnt control myself.

I walked closer to the door and leaning on the doorframe I looked in. I could only faintly see;
with only Christmas lights shining in from outside, but there she was; lying with her head on his
chest. He was in my spot; the spot I have laid many times. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness
I could see that he was without a shirt and so was she. Oh god. This is why I shouldve kept
walking. My stomach did a flip and all I could do to save myself was walk away quickly.

Flashes of her face, her body, her smell, her laugh kept playing over and over in my head as I
climbed back into bed. How was I ever going to sleep now? Shit, shit, fuck. Fuck? Yes, fuck. I
rolled over to Carmen to begin what would hopefully take my mind off of Bella.

Carmen lay curled up next to me catching her breath, while I internally cursed myself for what
just happened. The whole time I did nothing but think of her, strawberries, Vegas; I had
gorgeous Carmen in my arms and all I did was imagine she was Bella. Im completely fucked!


The next morning Alice had us all out sled riding and even had someone bring horse and sleigh
to her house for us all. It was a very amazing day and I could only imagine what she had grown
up with at her disposal.

I was standing at the top of a large hill out back of Alices house when Em grabbed me by my
waist and threw me onto a sled with him then pushed off. I screamed and hollered and we flew to
the bottom and into a tree, sending us flying into snow banks. I heard Garrett yelling.

Bella! Are you okay? I rolled over laughing.

Yes, Im fine. It must have looked worse than it had been, but no one else seemed to be
worried about what happened.

Geez Dude, it wasnt that bad. Em stood up and put his hand on Garretts shoulder.

Garrett pushed his hand off of him You could have seriously hurt her jack ass! Garrett yelled
and Em looked taken aback by him. I was a little taken back myself.

Garrett, its fine, come on. I grabbed his arm and walked him away from everyone else. What
is going on? I stopped walking and looked up at him.

What? Nothing, you couldve been hurt. He glared at me.

I understand that, but dont you think you are getting a little worked up about it. I let go of his

Bella, he wasnt thinking and it could have gotten you hurt. Im sorry if that bothers me he
crossed his arms over his chest.

I dont think that that is what is bothering you and when you are ready to tell me what it really
is please do I walked away from him.

Everyone was leaving the next morning to fly back to their destinations; Alice, Rose, Garrett,
and I were headed to New York and Em, Jazz, Edward, and Carmen were headed to Florida.
Alice had arranged dinner for us and then had us all go to the music room for the evening.
Garrett never said much about the sledding incident and we were okay, but it wasnt the same
between us like when we first arrived.

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Chapter: 43

A/N: So here it is. Its not exactly what everyone wants, but trust me its coming. Just
remember that Edward is still on tour so its not like he can just leave everything. We are
moving in the right direction.

Now if only I could bring in my New Year like this. Hmmmm???!!!!

Chapter 43 3..2..1..Oh My God!

The flight home with Garrett was quiet and uncomfortable. Rose was the one who had brought to
my attention his jealous nature; I dont know how I had missed it, but I did. She had come in
while I was packing and was asking me if everything was okay and told me her concerns. Now
all I could think about was all the stuff that I never noticed until now. He was almost possessive
and that scared me. He definitely felt the difference in us; when we separated at JFK airport he
simply kissed the side of my head and got in his cab.

That was Monday and it had been 2 days since I had talked to him. Tomorrow was New Years
Eve and we were going to Times Square to watch the guys perform on the stage; then we were
heading to Volturi night club to bring in the New Year. The guys would arrive tonight and Alice
couldnt wait for Jasper to be home; she had been keeping herself busy by coordinating our New
Years wardrobes.

I grabbed my cell and decided to find out if Garrett was still going with me tomorrow night or
not. I called but got his voicemail. I left a message and only hoped that he would call me back.

Jasper arrived about an hour later and Alice was keeping him busy in their room. I decided to
head out to the gym. I didnt bother calling Em; knowing that he was probably showing Rose
around his new bedroom.

I headed to the treadmill first; hoping that it would help with my current stressing out. I was
about three miles in when I felt someone take the treadmill beside me. I couldnt hear them,
because of my IPod, but I could feel that they were there. I didnt want to seem creepy so I didnt
look over.

After five miles I still felt tense, so I decided to find the punching bags. I stepped down from the
treadmill and headed to the punching bags. While I was securing my gloves I felt a tap on my
shoulder. I turned and saw a familiar face.

I pulled my earbuds out Hey what are you doing here? I smiled; smiled into the face of
perfection that wrapped around beautiful green eyes.

I came to get my hair done he rolled his eyes. What else would I be here for?

I lightly punched his arm Okay smartass. Ive never seen you here before, only Emmett, thats
why I was asking.

It was Em who told me about this place. I needed to find a new gym since we moved to the new
place. He smiled at me and walked behind the bag to hold it for me. Try to keep all the blows
to the bag and not to me, okay? I have to perform tomorrow.

I laughed as he pretended to be afraid of my first kick. We joked around and worked out together
for the afternoon. It was a great time and there was no denying how amazing he looked in a
sweaty t-shirt; it was ridiculously hot. And then there was the electrical current that seemed to
generate from his body. Between the sweat and the electricity it took every ounce of my
willpower to not sweep his legs and pin him to the floor. Hmm

I told him goodbye and good luck; I couldnt wait to see them perform in Time Square. I headed
into the locker room to shower and change my clothes. When I walked out of the gym he was
standing there waiting for me.

I thought you might like to see the new apartment. Its not far from here. It was a question, but
he said it as a statement.

Sure, lead the way. I didnt have anything else planned and I really was trying to give Jasper
and Alice some time alone.

We walked a few blocks, stopping to get some food and drinks on the way. After entering their
apartment I was impressed. It was large and open. They had three large bedrooms, each with
their own bathroom. It was really nice. Rose and Emmett were there when we got in, but they
were hanging in Ems room.

Edward motioned for me to grab a spot on the couch; I sat. We ate and watched TV. After the
food was cleared away we played Mario Cart for awhile; we ended up tying in races. Then he
popped the movie 300 in and we lounged and watched the movie.

Clearly our workouts had exhausted us; I woke up early the next morning still on the couch. I
was lying on my left side with my legs bent up like the fetal position. Edward was using my leg
like a pillow; his head on my thigh with his right arm wrapped around my lower legs. As I
started shifting around I then realized where his right hand was; it was snuggly between my
thighs. I could feel my body react as it started to wake up. His touch was like fire on my skin,
even through my clothes. I shifted again hoping that he would start waking up too. He didnt
move. I finally just moved and his hand slid through my thighs to wrap around my leg tightly. I
was comfortable he mumbled.

Oh poor you, I need to get up I need to get up before I jump you. Bad Bella!

Its early, why are you getting up? He finally let go of my leg.

Because I need to get home; I wasnt exactly planning on staying last night. I stood up and

Quicker than I could react he grabbed my waist and pulled me back down to the couch.

Shh..youll wake up Emmett and Rose. He quietly laughed.

I smacked him. Let me go punk!

Never I heard him whisper so low that I dont think I was supposed to hear him or that he
didnt mean to say it out loud. He let go of me.

I stood and ruffled his hair. Thanks for letting me hang out. Ill see you later tonight after you
show. You better be good! I laughed quietly and headed to the door.

As I was sliding on my shoes I heard his voice again. Bella

Yeah? I yell whispered. There was no response. Edward? Nothing. Maybe he went back to
sleep or maybe I was hearing things. I hated to go, but it was slightly awkward so I headed

New Years Eve

Alice will you please be careful?! I dont want to lose an eye tonight! I yelled at her as she
maneuvered the eyeliner pencil around my lid.

Bella Ive been using eyeliner since I was seven, I dont think Im gonna take your eye out.
She huffed at me. Rose do you still need help with your hair? she called over her shoulder.

Yeah, I need you to take care of the back. Please. Rose came into the bathroom looking more
glorious than ever. She had on a tight red halter top and a pair of dark blue skinny jeans. Alice
was wearing a silver strapless mini dress with dark gray leggings underneath. She had dressed
me in a pair of black skinny jeans and navy blue silk sleeveless top. These were the concert
outfits; Alice had dresses ready for the New Years party at Volturi. Since we had connections
with the Volturis VIP guests Coven; Alice had gotten a spare room at the club for us to change
in. Garrett had never returned my call, so I assumed he was now blowing me off for some
reason; like I had done something wrong.

Once we were ready we all headed out the door. It was 8:30pm when we left and with all the
traffic and then the walking into Time Square we didnt get near the stage until 9:45pm; 10pm
was show time. Thank god it wasnt freezing tonight; it was chilly but warm coats, scarvesn and
gloves were all we needed.

The guys Coven - would be performing two songs tonight and we all had the passes to get
extremely close to the stage. Hell we could be on the stage if we wanted toits good to have

We saw Emmett come on stage first; he looked amazingly hot and by the look on Rosies face
she thought so too. Jasper and James walked out together; I had to admit that they even made
James look good tonight. Then Edward graced the stage and I almost melted. I mean Edward is
gorgeous of course, but he looked hot; no more than hot. He looked like the sexiest person on the
Earth. His hair was disheveled to perfection; he had on perfect low rise jeans, black leather
boots, and a black turtleneck sweater that looked almost like second skin. He was the epitome of
every womans fantasy.

Rose yelled loudly and then she and Alice screamed together. Jasper must know his woman well,
because he looked right over to her and winked. Alice beamed. Then Jazz pointed out where we
were to the rest of them and we all waved to them.

Ryan Seacrest came out on the stage to introduce the band; after his introductions Edward was
left in the spotlight.

Edward stepped forward with his guitar hung low on him and grabbed the mike. The way he
moved on stage and the way he took control of the microphone sent shivers through me.

Happy New Years New York! He yelled out to the crowd. First we are going to give you a
song off of our current CD then we are going to give you a song that will be on our upcoming
CD. We hope you like it. With that he winked at the crowd turned his back to the crowd and
Emmett tapped out the timing.

The first song started:

I wanted you to know I love the way you laugh
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain away
I keep your photograph, I know it serves me well
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain

'Cause I'm broken when I'm open
And I don't feel like I am strong enough
'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome
And I don't feel right when you're gone away

The worst is over now and we can breathe again
I wanna hold you high, you steal my pain away
There's so much left to learn, and no one left to fight
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain

'Cause I'm broken when I'm open
And I don't feel like I am strong enough
'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome
And I don't feel right when you're gone away

'Cause I'm broken when I'm open
And I don't feel like I am strong enough
'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome
And I don't feel right when you're gone away

They finished the first song and the crowd went crazy. Alice, Rose, and I were cheering wildly.
Then the guys started into their second song, the new song:

This song is written for someone very special Edward spoke before they kicked the song into
full gear.

Its easier not to be wise
And measure these things by your brains
I sank into Eden with you
Alone in the church by and by

I swear he just looked straight to me.

Ill read to you here, save your eyes
Youll need them, your boat is at sea
Your anchor is up, youve been swept away
And the greatest of teachers wont hesitate
To leave you there, by yourself,
Chained to fate

Edwards eyes turned directly on to me and the intensity in his face while looking at me took my
breath away.

I alone love you
I alone tempt you
I alone love you
Fear is not the end of this!

Its easier not to be great
And measure these things by your eyes
We long to be here by his resolve
Alone in the church by and by
To cradle the baby in space
And leave you there by yourself
Chained to fate

Oh, now, we took it back too far,
Only love can save us now, all these riddles that you burn
All come runnin back to you, all these rhythms that you hide
Only love can save us now, all these riddles that you burn
Yeah, yeah, yeah

He didnt take his eyes from me for more than a couple of minutes to look at the crowd. What the
hell was that?

Bella, did he just do what I think he did? Alice pulled my face to look at hers. I was still in
shock, but clearly I was not the only one to notice Edwards behavior. Did he just sing that song
to you?

I think he did Rose said with the same shocked tone.

Oh my god! Bella this is the best thing.. I cut her off quickly.

Look I dont know what that was about, but I think that we should all remember that I am with
someone and so is he. I grabbed their arms. Lets head to the club Im getting cold. That was
a lie. I am far from cold. I dont think I have ever felt so much heat pulsate through my body. Did
he just sing that to me? Was I that someone special? What, was he declaring himself to me or
something? All it did was leave me confused. Well, turned on and confused.

We changed quickly and headed out to the large New Years crowd that filled the place. Alice
had kept us in our original colors; Alice had a silver mini dress with spaghetti straps and silver
strappy stilettos, Rose was wearing a red satin halter dress that was biased cut at the bottom with
black strappy stilettos, and I was in a navy blue dress that had a mandarin collar that hit mid
thigh, had a three inch slit up my left leg, with silver high heels I had convinced Alice to not
torture me with stilettos.

Rose led us straight to the VIP area; we all grabbed a drink and sat on the couch. Two girls
showed up and were let in; we discovered that they were invited by James. The guys entered the
VIP area with some men in suits. We stayed in our seats discussing New Years resolutions. We
were laughing about the resolutions when Jasper walked over and pulled Alice up off of the

Hello my love. She leaned down and kissed the top of her head.

Hi was all she said but the intimate gaze between the two of them made me look away like I
was intruding on a personal moment.

Ladies, Im glad you could make it. James plopped himself down between the two girls on the
couch across from us. He looked up at Rose and I Feel free to join us over here at any time he

I think theyll pass brother, besides you look like you have your hands full enough. Emmett sat
between Rose and I. Rose nuzzled up to him.

Suit yourselves. James stood with his two girls and walked out to the dance floor with them.

Edward walked over and sat on the couch that James just left from. I didnt have the nerve to
really look at him yet, though I could feel his stare boring into me. Then Rose and Em left me to
go out to the dance floor. Those bastards! Next thing I knew he was next to me.


When I saw her standing in the crowd it was difficult keep my eyes off of her, and when I started
singing the song that I recently wrote for her I couldnt help myself. I needed her to know. I
couldnt stay away from her any longer.

She was sitting on the couch with Em and Rose when I got away from the music executives. My
god that dress, that slit on the dress, and those legs. Ughvery difficult to be good. However, I
did notice that she was definitely avoiding looking at me; I wanted to know why. Thankfully
Rose pulled Em out to dance floor. Perfect timing.

I moved over to her. Hey

Hey I smiled small and looked out to the floor. I knew if I looked him in the eye that I would
get lost there.

So are you having a good time? I shifted closer to her.

Yeah, you guys were really great by the way She still tried to avoid my eyes.

Thanks. I hope you liked the song. I moved my arm to lay on the back of the couch behind her.
She shifted uncomfortably. I didnt want her to be uncomfortable, so I moved my arm away.

They were really good. You wrote them huh? She was trying for small talk, but I wanted her to
be more comfortable with me.

I grabbed her hand to take her to the dance floor. Edward, I dont I put my fingers to her
lips. ShhBella.

We got to the floor and I wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her close to me. I buried my
face in her neck and hair; inhaling deeply wanting to savor the smell of her, the feel of her
against me.

Edward, what are you doing? I mean, what is this? Youre really confusing me right now. I
pulled my face back and looked at her face. I could read the confusion and frustration all over
her face.

Bella, Im tired ofI cant stay away from you anymore. I looked deep into her beautiful
brown eyes. Her breathing caught in her throat and she bit her lower lip. God when she did that
itmore nasty thoughts.

I dont understand that was all she said and then she looked away over my shoulder.

I refuse to let her go.

I took her hand and pulled her behind me, leading the way. Edward? Edward! What..?

I found the room that we had been in with the executives earlier; it was empty and dark. I pulled
her in, closed the door and locked it behind us.

Edward please, whats wrong? Where.What are you doing?

Nothing I moved closer to her I needI want.

You want what? You are starting to freak me out?

I grabbed her by the waist with one arm cupping her face with my other hand. I hesitated for one
second then I crashed my lips to hers. She stood frozen for a second; I didnt give up. I moved
her back until her back was pressed against the wall firmly; she wasnt going anywhere.

My lips moved over her jaw and down her neck. My god her taste was even better than I
remembered. It was like summer strawberries.

Edwardwecant Her breathing was as erratic as mine.

You know what I want Bella.

I dont.

Yes. You. Do.

Please. Please stop she said faintly.

I pulled back to look into her face again. You know what I want Isabella, so just say it.

Edward, youve been drinking. Im going to get Jasper

No Bella. I want you. I crashed my lips to hers again wanting her, needing her to feel how
much I wanted her. I. Want. You.

Edward, you dont

ShhhI want you. Do you want me Bella? Do you? I nuzzled kisses into her neck, kissing and
sucking on her collar bone.

We. Cant. Her body had starting shivering and writhing under my touch.

Say it. Out loud. I started kissing her shoulder and moving back up to her neck, chin, lips.
Against her lips I said For me. I heard her breath catch again. I smiled onto her lips and
consumed her mouth, sucking her lower lip. When she gasped I took the advantage I had and slid
my tongue into her mouth. Her hands moved from my shoulders up around to my neck. Say it.

I-I-I want you Edward. Thank you god!

I took her mouth again with my hand moving to the back of her head knotting into her hair. Bella
laced her fingers into my hair and then gripped fistfuls in her hands. I slid my hands down her
body to the back of her thighs. She moaned into my mouth; and that just set me off.

I pulled her legs up around my waist and ground into her while trailing forceful kisses down her
neck; alternating licking and sucking on her skin. She whimpered and I ground into her
repeatedly and harder.

My hands moved to her cupping her ass and I squeezed. I inched the fabric of her dress up and
looped my fingers into her panties. She groaned louder as she pulled me tighter to her body. I
couldnt take it anymore; I ripped her panties from her and threw them to the floor. Her hands
slid down my chest to my pants; never breaking the battle that was wagering between our

I moved hand from her perfect soft round ass and slid my finger across her slit lightly. She had
my pants off of me much quicker. I parted her lips with my finger running slowly and lightly up
and down. She was definitely ready for me; she was as turned on as I was.

I inserted my finger moving slowly. She gasped and clenched my hair again, roughly pulling me
closer and closer until there was no space left between us. Her toes sought out my boxers and she
used her feet to push them down; they pooled at my feet with my jeans.

I pumped my finger in and out faster; inserting another finger while using my thumb to rub her
clit. She threw her head back against the wall and I moved my mouth and tongue along her neck
and collar bone.

I felt my dick stiffen and twitch at the moans that were coming from her perfect lips. I couldnt
wait any longer. I grabbed her by her ass and lifted her higher against the wall. Our eyes locked
with each other and I eased her down onto me; wrapping me in the hot wetness of her walls. Her
body shuddered and she pushed her hips into mine.

I tightened my grip on her ass and began thrusting into her over and over. The electric current
that pulsated between us was only intensified a million times being inside her; my body felt like
it was on fire. On fire for her.

She caught onto the rhythm we had started and she pushed her hips into me with every thrust of
my dick into her wetness. I felt my stomach knot and knew that she was about to push me over
the edge.

Bella.muhmBella..oh god Bella I couldnt believe how this felt. It was as if it got better
each time I was with her.

Then she said the words that sent my hips crashing into her at an animalistic rate. Edward, I
want you. Fuck me. That was it. She was mine.

I pumped into her center harder and sucked on her neck Mine. You. Are. Mine. She moaned
loudly and screamed my name; her hands clenching into my back while she released. I moaned
her name as her moans and clenching gave me my final push over the edge.

I collapsed my body against hers; my head against her shoulder trying to catch my breath. I was
also listening to her try to regain her breathing. I brought my hand to cup her face and kiss her


Oh god, what have we done Edward?

Bella, calm down, its okay.

No. No its not okay Edward. She moved away from me smoothing her dress and fixing her
hair. Garrett? Carmen? What about them Edward? Then she took off for the door.

Bella stop! Please.

She turned briefly at the door. I am the worst kind of person right now. She bowed her head
for a moment and then looked back to me This never happened. Then she was gone.

I pulled my pants on, ran my hand through my hair, and ran after her. I needed her to understand,
I needed her.

I got back to the VIP area, but she wasnt there. I tried to find her, but she was lost to the
oversized crowd. Fuck Edward. What are you going to do? I want her. I am going to get her. She
said she wanted me to, I will have her. She is mine!

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Chapter: 44

Chapter 44 Dangerous Creature

What did I do? Why did I let that happen? Duh Bella you wanted him. You still want him. What
about Garrett? We are technically still together. Ugh. Why does he have to make me feel like
this, why does being with him have to be so perfect, and does he really want me? He said I was

In the middle of my cab ride breakdown my phone rang. I pulled it out of my bag; Edward. I
cant talk to him, not yet. I cant. I silenced my phone and a few tears escaped my eyes. I was
ashamed of myself; I was a cheater. We both were with other people. Ugh!

I finally arrived home and threw myself onto my bed. I heard muffled voices from all around as
they screamed and cheered in the new year. I cried myself to sleep; though my sleep was filled
with Edward.


Damn it, why wont she answer me? I am not letting her go, I cant; I need her.

Edward? I looked up to see Alices curious face. Whats wrong? She looked around. Where
is Bella?

Al I ran both hands threw my hair.

What happened Edward? She was way too perceptive.

I told her about Bella and me, all of it; our actions, my actions, and how I felt about her. Al, I
think she feels the same way. It feels like she does when Im with her; but she always leaves me.

Edward, how do you think she feels right now? I shrugged and she sighed. She just cheated
on her boyfriend and she feels like an accessory in your indiscretion.

My indiscretion? What is she talking about?

What about Carmen E? Do you think that Bella had forgotten about her? Oh shit, of course
they dont know.

Al, there is no Carmen. She split with me after Christmas. She is part of my realization of how I
feel for Bella. I grabbed Alices hand in mine. When we got back she said that she couldnt be
with me; that she needed someone to look at her the way I looked at Bella. I smirked a little.
Can you believe that I fought so long and so hard to stay away from Bella and I just fell more in
love with her? Im a god damn fool.

We will figure it out E. Just leave her alone for tonight, she is struggling. Ill take care of her.
She hugged me Im happy for you. You better start figuring out what you are going to do next.
She smiled at me and winked.

Thanks Al.

We were flying out tomorrow night for our next scheduled destination. I needed to talk to her
before I left. I needed to figure out what to do. Then the plan formed in my head. I quickly
headed to Alice.

Al, give me your apartment key. She turned to me confused at first then a smile spread across
her face. I dropped my key into her hand. You guys can use my apartment tonight if you want.
I hugged her and headed for the exit.


I dont know how long I had been sleeping or how many different dreams I had of Edward; and I
was definitely not prepared to hear someone enter my room. I quickly sat up prepared for the
scream that was clawing up my throat when I saw a dark shadow.

Bella, its me. It was his velvety voice. He came after me, why? We cant do this. Oh god.
Tears started to sneak out and roll down my cheeks again. He moved to me quicker and wrapped
his arms around me. Bella, its okay.please dont cry.

I felt anger start to boil in my gut. What are you doing here Edward? I spat out at him while I
pushed his arms away from me. I knew that I had no reason to really be angry with him; I was
angry at myself and taking it out on him.

I know you are upset and I dont want you to be. He moved closer to me as I moved away
from him.

Edward.it was wrong for so many reasons. He stopped me.

I am not with Carmen. We split up after we returned from Washington. She left me because she
could see how I felt about you; even before I was truly sure how I felt. His hands came up to
cradle my face.

I am still with Garrett, what about him? He used his thumb to wipe the tears that were rolling
over my cheeks. I am horrible for what Ive done. I have never done something like this to
anyone and even if I dont love him he didnt do anything to deserve what I have done.

He didnt say anything at first; he only pulled me to his chest and lay us down on my bed. I
curled up to his chest. Bella, it was my fault. I initiated the entire thing. I really didnt give you
an option to think it over and Im sorry.

I am a big girl, its my own fault.

Im so sorry for putting you in this situation. If I wouldve just been honest with myself from
the start then it wouldnt have gotten as far as it has. I looked up at him.

From the start? His eyebrows furrowed.

I felt a pull and a yearning for you from the first time I saw you. Ive wanted you for longer
than you know and Im sorry that I was too ashamed to tell you. He sighed deeply. When we
were in Vegas, I thought that I was showing you how I felt that night

We had both been drinking, you dont have to

No. Well, yes I had been drinking; however, I wasnt drunk as you seem to think that I was. Im
sorry for not being totally up front with you about it, but I wasnt drunk Bella. I wanted you then
and I want you now. He tightened his hold on my waist almost as if he were afraid I would push
away from him. It was a good assumption because a part of me wanted to, but the part of me that
wanted his touch was stronger.

Oh was all I could muster out while I collected my thoughts. Then why did you let me think
that you were?

You left. You just disappeared the next morning. I figured you regretted it and possibly hated
me for it. I honestly didnt know what to think. He rolled us so that both of us were on our side
looking at each other.

I was scared. I didnt mean to.I mean, I never thought that you wanted to be with me. I just
assumed that alcohol was the factor. We both propped our heads up on our hand. Im sorry.

You dont need to apologize; you just need to be mine. Be mine Bella. Mine. His eyes were
pleading and I felt like every ounce of his being was pouring out of his eyes into mine. He was
laying it all out on the line.

Edward, I cant. He looked defeated. Not yet. I need to resolve things with Garrett before I
make any decision about you and me. A smile played on his lips. I started to smile a little
myself. What?

He rolled onto his back and put his arms behind his head. Youre mine. His smile widened.

You seem to be pretty confident Masen I playfully scowled at him.

Say whatever you want Swan, but you know it. He rolled back to me wrapping his arms
around me tightly. Mine. My Bella. He gently but firmly placed his lips to mine.

My hands wrapped around his head and fisted his hair. His tongue slipped between my lips and I
willingly opened my mouth to allow him access. He tasted amazing; he always did. I felt his
hand slide up my body to hold the side of my face and he shifted his body on top of mine. I could
feel the weight of him against me. His mouth moved to my jaw and down my neck; where his
tongue and teeth grazed my skin. The heat of his breath sent tingling sensations down my spine;
his tongue lit a fire under my skin. He moved his hand to my hair where he gripped tightly as he
returned passionately and greedily to my mouth. My body desired his touch to the extent that it
was almost painful.

As painful as it was I had to stop this before it got out of control; I had to resolve my relationship
with Garrett first. Edward I said against his lips. He moved them to my neck again. Edward
we have to stop.

He growled and rolled back from me, I know. He took a deep breath trying to calm himself.
Im sorry.

Dont be. I enjoyed it. He rolled back to me and ran his fingers across my cheek.

You are a dangerous creature Swan; my dangerous creature.

I woke up to Edwards arms wrapped around me. It was definitely the best way to wake up.

After he left, I jumped in the shower and got dressed. I went to my phone and tried to call Garrett



Bella he was being very short.

Garrett I need to tell you something I could jus