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Jai Hind Sir,

This is the Radio Frequency Identifiction based Vehicle tracking system. It works on the
principle of Radio Frequency Identification which is quite a matured technology and being
used commercially. The tracking system can be used in all places where tracking of vehs have
to be done for Eg Regtl Gates, TCPs, Br Sites, etc. The software helps in collecting the details
of vehicles crossing the bridge at a faster rate and avoids human error in data collation and

The system consist of a Canteen Smart Card size RFID Tag which is used to store information
about the vehicle. The details are fed in the Tags well in advance and the same is handed over
to the respective vehs. We have encorporated Active RFIDs which generates its own signals
and hence have larger range.

The First part of the system consists of a laptop based capture station at the crossing site
which has an antenna connected to the laptop which reads the data tags and makes a
consolidated report of the vehs crossing the site. The laptop with an additional battery gives a
power backup of around 6 - 8 Hrs. External battery along with compact invertor is being used
for the antenna, charging of laptop and printer. This battery gives a power backup of around
24 Hrs which is quite sufficient.

The second portion is PC based system deployed at the OCCO HQ which is co located with the
Div HQ. These two systems during battle will be separated by around 8-10 Kms. The
connectivity between the two is established by the data link of the Radio Set Stars V which is
a secure link. All the data that is captured by the base site, is transmitted by this Radio set to
the OCCO Hq . For redundancy, a handheld thermal printer is also installed at the bridge site
from which various reports can be printed and can be sent with the DR in case of Radio link

Each vehicle is handed over the respective tags in which data is written prior to the start of
the Op. This Tag is carried by the Driver in their pocket or in the veh Dashboard or it can be
stuck on the veh windscreen. Once the vehicle with the tag reaches the bridge where
antenna of the tracking system is erected, data is automatically captured by the system,
which is then readily available in the laptop in the software. From the laptop, the information
is transferred over the radio net to the OCCO Hq.
Now I will give you the demonstration.