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Chapter 29: Prosperity, Rebellion and Reform

Essential Questions & Focus

Essential Questions
Ch29 Prosperity, Rebellion and Reform
1. How did the economic boom change America in the 1950s? (sec.1)
2. What did African-Americans do to challenge societ!s treatment of blac"s in America? (sec.2)
#. What accom$lishments % fail&res did '()* +,'* -i.on % /arter face in $ost-WW00? (sec.#)
1. How did America change in the 1920s % 1930s beca&se of the /i4il 5ights 6o4ement? (sec.1)
7ection 18 9ostwar 9olicies and 9ros$erit
Focus8 What gi4e WW00 4eterans loans and mone for college?
(or most of the 1950s* this $resident "e$t America in the :middle of the road.;
Wh were $eo$le born after WW00 called the bab boomers?
Where did < of America mo4e to after WW00?
,eca&se of the car* the go4ernment s$ent a lot on b&ilding these across the =7.
0t entertained and informed the co&ntr* b&t more im$ortantl it hel$ed b&siness sell more.
What was the m&sic of the 1950s? Who was the :)ing?;
,efore there were hi$$ies* these o&ng $eo$le were &nha$$ with America.
>0 ,0ll
bab boomers
7ection 28 @he /i4il 5ights 6o4ement
Focus8 How were blac"s still being treated in $ostwar America?
Who did baseball and the militar fight segregation?
What was the -AA/9 doing to hel$ minorities?
Aefine :ci4il rights mo4ement.;
Wh is ,rown 4. ,oard of ?d&cation co&rt case so im$ortant? What changed in America?
What did the +ittle 5oc" -ine do to fight segregation?
What did 5osa 9ar"s do that s$ar"ed a fight for eB&alit?
How did 6artin +&ther )ing* 'r. desegregate b&ses in 6ontgomer* A+?
integration (desegregation)
ci4il rights
@h&rgood 6arshall
ci4il disobedience
7ection #8 9rotest* 5eform* and Ao&bt
Focus8 What made '() a different "ind of $resident?
What did '() want America to do? ($olicies)
What ha$$ened to '() in Aallas in 192#?
What was the >reat 7ociet?
What was the co&nter-c&lt&re li"e?
How did the co&nter-c&lt&re change America?
What did -A7A accom$lish in 1929?
What did -i.on do in the Watergate Affair?
Wh was /arter $o$&lar at first? What "ind of things did he do as $resident?
:new frontier;
7ection 18 @he /r&sade for ?B&al 5ights
Focus8 What did sit-ins do to fight for eB&alit?
Wh did $eo$le go on (reedom 5ides?
What did 6+)* 'r tal" abo&t in his :0 ha4e a dream; s$eech?
Wh wo&ld the Coting 5ights Act scare whites in the 7o&th?
Wh did whites fear the ,lac" 9anthers and $eo$le li"e 6alcolm D?
What did -EW want changed in America?
What did /esar /ha4eF do to hel$ farm wor"ers?

(reedom 5ides 6+)* 'r. non-4iolence
affirmati4e action ?B&al 9a Act migrant wor"er