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circular loom
circular Loom


s m o ot h in le t fa br ic s u r face
m ec h a nis m w in d e r

mac h i n e c o n t ro lle r c o lo ur s e ns o r
Circular looms of LOHIA STARLINGER
LIMITED with electronic control system
have been developed to make
available high performance machines
for producing fabric of PP/HDPE tapes
with minimum defects (which can also
be considered as zero defect fabric).
higher working speed
lower energy consumption
lower maintenance cost
better space utilisation

LS LENO-4 machine model is designed to weave fabric of latest technology together with other advantages of
with open/semi-dense weave using PP/HDPE tapes. lower energy consumption/lower maintenance etc. thus
Woven bags produced from such leno fabric are ideally making these machines the best choice for the customers
suited for packaging of citrus fruits, vegetables and opting for the flexibility for various requirements.
similar other produces which are perishable like onion/
garlic etc. Unlike knitted material, leno fabric can also be Warp tapes are pulled from creel stands, thus weaving
made from low cost PP tapes and is smooth, with no knots fabric at lowest possible warp tension. Magnetic sensor
to bruise the products. Fabric constructions produced and color sensor used in the machine helps in producing
from this machine with very open, semi-dense or almost quality fabric. Machine controller system is used for
dense circular fabric makes the fabric also suitable for setting various machine parameters as well as for
covering application also in addition to woven bags indicating useful production data. Detailed information
application. This versatile machine is most appropriate for for shift wise as well as cumulative production, machine
the seasonal requirements of leno fabric and on specific efficiency, actual running time with warp/weft breakage
demand of customer, option is available to convert the and weft end incidents can be obtained by the machine
same machine for producing normal woven fabric by evaluation system.
changing some parts. This high speed 4- shuttle circular
loom from Lohia Starlinger Limited is the combination

m agne ti c sensor OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT

• Fabric slitting device

Central / Double sided
• Fabric unfolding device
• Additional fabric surface winder
Standard width for tubular fabric
Wider width for single flat fabric
• Weft pre-exhaust system
Photo sensor
Working width Creel capacity
Double flat 48 to 75 cm Bobbins per machine 576
Special version possible 25 to 48 cm
No. of shuttles 4 Fabric Winder
Max. Roll diameter 1200mm
Weft insertion rate 360 per minute* Electricals
Revolutions per minute 90 per minute* Main motor 3.0kW
Weft density 10-37.5 per 10 cm Fabric winder motor 0.37kW
No. of tapes 576
Space required / machine
Warp bobbin Length x Width x Height 9150 x 2800 x 3105 mm
Internal diameter 35 mm** Centre to centre 2200 mm
Length of core 218 mm** *Depends on fabric size, construction and tape specifications

Max. bobbin diameter 130 mm** **Special versions on request

Length of traverse 200 mm** Specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to continuous developments.

These are indicative and not binding. Extreme values indicated are not achievable

Weft bobbin simultaneously. The pictures may show optional equipment that is not a part of the

Internal diameter 35 mm** standard supply. For details, refer to quotation.

Length of core 218 mm**

Max. bobbin diameter 115 mm
Length of traverse 200 mm

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