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K. K.

Wagh Polytechnic, Nashik – 3

Preliminary Examination November – 2008
Class :-5/C Branch: - IF Subject Code: - 9113
Duration : - 3 Hours Max. Marks : - 80
Instructions to candidate:-
1) All questions are compulsory.
2) Assume suitable additional data, if necessary.
3) Use proper writing and presentation skill.

Q.1 Attempt any Four of the following: 16

a) Describe the process of garbage collection.
b) Why java is more popular for internet programming?
c) What is inheritance? What are its types? Draw conceptual diagrams of it.
d) Explain how to set and get the priority of threads.
e) Describe how to create a thread by implementing Runnable interface.
f) Differentiate between Applet and application.

Q.2 Attempt any Three of the following: 12

a) What is Java Virtual Machine? Explain meaning of bytecode.
b) Describe do-while loop with an example.
c) How Java achieves run-time polymorphism. Describe with proper example.
d) Write a program which will find the sum of digits of a number entered by user.

Q.3 Attempt any Three of the following: 12

a) Describe the methods of inserting and deleting an element in a Vector.
b) Describe the following Integer class methods:
i. parseInt( )
ii. compareTo( )
c) Explain, how to create multiple inheritance using interface?
d) State and explain different visibility specifiers used in Java.

Q.4 Attempt any Three of the following: 12

a) What is serialization? Describe with appropriate example.
b) How to open the file using FileReader and FileInputStream classes? Illustrate.
c) Elaborate the use of command line arguments. Give suitable example.
d) Is it possible to inherit the interface? How?

Q.5 Attempt any Three of the following: 12

a) What do you mean by thread? How to achieve multithreading?
b) Describe try-catch-finally with its practical applications.
c) Write a program to illustrate the creation of user defined exception.
d) How do we pass parameters to an applet? Describe.

Q.6 Attempt any Two of the following: 16

a) Write a program to create to display 1 to 10 numbers on the applet with an interval of
100 milliseconds.
b) Write a program to create 2 threads, where one thread will print odd numbers and
other will print even numbers. Create your classes by extending Thread class only.
c) Write a program to define a class ‘Person’ having data members: name, age and
qualification. Define appropriate methods or constructors to initialize and display the
values of these data members. Input values for three objects and determine the
qualification of person who is youngest.