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Improve Your English Pronunciation-3

Practice 1: Dont let added sounds in.

In uneducated speech, sounds may be added to words because of their similarity to
other words or because of a mistaken idea of their spelling.
acid across attack attacked
aureomycin column drowned escape
film grievous height mischievous
once streptomycin wash Washington
Practice 2: Dont let sounds leave out.
When two vowels occur together in a word, one is sometimes left out so that a
syllable is lost. This sounds careless.
A syllable is sometimes left out in words of three or more syllables.
Consonants are often left out in careless speech, especially those in conjuncts.
all right arctic cruel diamond
diary district exactly flaccid
gentlemen help hound hundred
jewel poem president probably
recognize regularly ruin success`
succinct thousand told valuable
Practice 3: Test Yoursel !ith amiliar !ords"
ague awry bade blackguard
breeches comely comfort comfortable
comptroller culinary cupboard disheveled
doughty faucet fiend flaccid
forehead grievous heroine hiccough
ignoramus indict longevity mayor
misled museum often orgy
parliamentary piquant prayer quay
raspberry said says solace
subtle suite vehement vehicle
verbatim victuals whooping cough women
Improve Your English Pronunciation-3
Practice #: $%-sounds
ch! is usually pronounced as
Words taken from "reek may have
Words taken from #rench may have
anarchist arch archaeology archangel
archbishop archdeacon arched archenemy
archery archipelago architect archives
archway cache chagrin chaise
chalice chamaign chameleon chamois
champagne chancre chandelier chaperon
charade chariot charlatan charm
chartreuse chartulay chasm chassis
chateau chauffeur chauvinism chevy
chic chicanery chicory chiffron
chimer chimera chimpanzee chintz
chirography chiropodist chiropractor choir
chord chore chorister chorus
chotic chromium echo inchoate
machinations machine matriarch monarch
monarchial monarchy moustache oligarchy
patriarch schedule schism schizophrenic
Practice &: 'oiced or 'oiceless(
average because college electricity
gas his is pagoda
Practice ): Dont retain archaic or uneducated pronunciations.
deaf drama faucet genuine
ignoramus length pincers radiator
radio rather rinse strength
tremendous wrestle
Practice *: E+-sounds
In words beginning with e$%, which have the stress on the first syllable, the e$! is
The e$! is pronounced if the stress falls on the second syllable and the second
syllable begins with a consonant.
If the second and stressed syllable begins with a vowel, then the e$! is pronounced
either or.
Improve Your English Pronunciation-3
exact exercise exist explanation
exile exit luxurious luxury
Practice -: .imilar spelling /ut dierent pronunciation and meaning
adjoin adjourn aural oral
coral corral crochet crotchet
croquet croquette era err error
viola Viola precedents precedence
slough slough slough lineament liniment
Practice 0: .tress on the right s1lla/le
acumen alias brigand cabal
cement clematis condolence contribute
decade demonstrate disciple elixir
episcopal exigency exponent gondola
grimace horizon hyperbole impious
impotent incognito influence integral
lyceum municipal museum police
robust sepulcher theatre vagary
Practice 12: 3ords ending in 4a/le
admirable amicable applicable comparable
despicable equitable formidable hospitable
indefatigable irreparable irrevocable lamentable
preferable reputable
Practice 11: .ome 5earned 3ords
aborigines abstemious aggrandizement bestial
congeries Deity the demise demoniacal
egregious epitome harbinger heinous
inveigle lugubrious malinger phlegmatic
promulgate recluse spontaneity squalor
unguent zealot
Practice 12: Pronounce in t!o !a1s.
abdomen adult advertisement almond
alternate !n"adj# alternate !v# amenable apparatus
aspirant banal betroth betrothal
Improve Your English Pronunciation-3
brusque calliope cerebral chastisement
chauffeur coadjutor combatant conduit
contractor dais decadent defect
detail !n# diocesan exquisite extant
extraordinary finance financier gala
gladiolus grovel harass hovel
illustrate indissolubly inquiry isolate
jocund obligatory patronize penalize
persist pianist quinine ration
reservoir resource route sacrilegious
vaudeville version
Practice 13: Proper names
$achen $donis $eschylus $ix%la%&hapelle
$lbuquerque $phrodite $rab $rkansas
$rkansas 'iver (alzac (artok (ayreuth
(eauchamp (eethoven (erlioz (occaccio
(oise (uenos $ires (utte &aen
&airo !)gypt# &airo !*ll+# &alais &annes
&aribbean &ellini &eltic &ervantes
&heyenne &hicago &hisholm &hopin
&zech de ,alla Debussy Delhi !*ndia#
Delhi !-.# Derby !(r# Derby !-.# Des /oines
Don 0uan Don 1uixote Dostoevsky Dumas
Dvorak 2oethe 2reenwich Village 2uadalajara
3aydn 3imalaya 3iroshima 3ouston !4ex+#
3ouston .treet *owa *talian 5iev
5nopf 6ima !7hio# 6ima !8eru# 6os $ngeles
6ourdes 6yons /ac6eod /adras
/aeterlinck /agi /aori /arseilles
/augham /c6ean /ilan /issouri
/onroe /ontana /onte Video /oscow
9ice 9ike 7dysseus 7edipus
8eiping 8epys".amuel 8epys 8ierce 8rague
8urcell 'eagan 'heimes 'io decoits+ 0aneiro
'oosevelt .aint%.aens .chuyler .chuylkill
.hostakovitch .pokane .puyten Duyvil .t+ 6ouis
4hames !(r# 4hames !-.# 4ransvaal 4rieste
4urre 3aute Van Wyck Versailles Villa%6obos
Wagner :avier ;eats ;pres
Improve Your English Pronunciation-3
Practice 1#: 5atin 3ords
a fortiori a posteriori a priori ad infinitum
ad libitum alma mater alumnus anno Domini
bona fide carpe diem corpus delicti data
de facto de jure dramatis personae ex cathedra
ex officio ex post facto extempore finis
gratis habeus corpus imprimatur in absentia
in extremis in toto non sequitur obiter dictum
per diem persona non grata prima facie pro rata
pro tempore quasi re sine die
status status quo stratum subpoena
ultimatum verbatim via viva voce
vox populi